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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the retro gift. i understand, i always wanted one. >> i had one of those. >> did you? >> yeah, i'm not very good at it. >> thank you for joining us. >> america's news headquarters. >> starting off with a fox news alert right now. police in berlin say the pakistani resident they arrested in connection with the truck attack has now been released. we're in a state of war. a terrorist drove a truck into the market and that suspect is still at large. a market that is similar to the christmas market there, but first we go to fran who is in berlin with the latest on the investigation there. greg, good afternoon to you.
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do authorities now know anything for the expect they're now looking for? >> that is a big question right now. we have had breaking news on the story. and the news is that there is a mass murderer at loose in berlin, germany. it was exactly 24 hours ago, and it was a scene of carnage, a scene of terror. . we now know that a 25 ton truck, one barren can war doe hit the scene. we know 48 injured, and 18 of them still seriously injured. what we know now is that they
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wanted. they are considered to be the person in that truck. but they do not have the forensic evidence that could link him with this act, and now they're saying their individuvin the loose. the nature that we saw in nice, france, they still don't have earn a statement coming from a growing group that is linked for this. angela merkel on the hot seat
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tonight. it was their policies that allowed like 90,000 refugees and ingrants that came into the country in the last year. she said germany should continue it's life and it's freedom. >> some politicians say they are calling for a chance in that policy. officials across the country are stepping up security around christmas markets like at this one in chicago. >> you can see the market in berlin, and as maybe you could tell, packed with people here
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today. this is the busiest day so far, some just to make the point that life goes on here. as we continue to pan around, i have been coming here for maybe 20 years, and never before the kind of police presence we're seeing, the large police vans blocking the area where any potential vehicle could attempt to make it in the market. as you see, they are high value targets. and it is a place that is wide open. in a city, in the middle of a county town city. >> it makes us think what measures are being taken. >> yeah, not only here, but in
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places like new york in particular. in fact, much more heavily armed in new york and places like bryant park where there is a christmas market as well. columbus circle, union circle, there are a heavy police presence out there, feeling like new york could be an even larger market than this one. number one, the people say they will not be deterred, and this looks just like that berlin scene that we saw, but this one is still happy thus far. >> live for us in chicago, we'll go to a christmas market here in new york city in just a little bit. >> a fellow at the hudson institute, we saw the police vehicles out there trying to protect folks. you say this type of thing will not end any time soon, why? >> thanks for having me, heather. it is becoming too easy for lone
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wolfs, individuals conducting these attacks. you look at the nice attack, it was upwards of 80 attacks. what they're driving for is the 24/7 media coverage, it's becoming easier to do these types of attacks. >> looking back in the recent history, over some of the vehicular attacks, we have seen it in germany and nice, what do you distribute to, simple not not media coverage of it? >> if you look at the attacks, they are formally conducted
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against individuals grouping together. so if you look at they call for their followers to use vehicles to attack crowds. they also asked the driver that once the vehicle it stop to get out and start shooting people. we know the driver was stabbed and shot, so the driver had a weapon, but he flaed the seen. this looks like the attacker or the terrorist wanted to survive this. >> it will keep going wrong, what are we doing so wrong? >> when we get the information in the week or two, there may be a problem with intelligence sharing. it has been a consistent problem with past attacks. we need to share negligence and
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action. >> we have been talking about it since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> we don't want to profile our local law enforcement and intelligence indications with call that's a individual that looks like a middle easterner or someone is doing something that looks funny. so they were seen starting and stroping, if you see big wheel trucks on the road that are starting -- that's an indicator, but that's something that will inundate our local law enforcement if people just call
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in about every suspicious truck. >> but it is something that question do to keep our eyes open. >> a fox news alert right now, the dow jones inching so close to the 20,000 mark. 19970. analysts say the fact that it is doing so well in the middle of all of the global tensions shows just how strong our markets are. volume is expected to drop off closer to christmas, but we will bring you the latest if we reach that mark in the next hour. the taliban releasing new video of a kidnapped american woman and her family. it shows the first images of her two young sons that were born in activity. they abducted kaitlyn coleman and her husband when they were
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hiking in afghanistan at the time. the u.s. has not commented yet. >> who are they talking to now, and how is the timing testing the two countries. more control over the number of refugees coming into his state. will mr. trump do something about it? we'll debate that when we come back.
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welcome back an investigation now under way to try to figure out what caused two man home explosions just north of boston over the weekend. one witness says flames were the side of a car. they're trying to figure out why it happened. dozens of people had to evacuate. no one was hurt. thankfully. a man who is shouting don't forget aleppo, don't forget syria. they say karlov was killed, why
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is the timing of this assassination. >> russia and turkey just started to patch over some of their differences, turkey shot down a russian jet engaged in syria last year. president erdogan had only just apologized for that, and the ambassador from russia had been part of that effort. now he is gone and a lot of people are saying this assassination really may have been. and the assassination of an off duty riot policeman. in a meeting today, between leaders of turkey, iran, and syria, it is one in soladidarit
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in place of terrorism. >> russia needs to toughen up measures. it is why our government should take out their people. >> they had been in the russian embassy in ankara. >> turkey has suspicions about who they believe may be behind the assassination and that could get prickly for the united states. >> they rounded up a lot of people, those are largely friends and family members. several officials have pointed the finger at the very inclusive dhash is a bonus contention with turkey and between turkey and the united states, they
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repeatedly asked for an expedition if is hard 20 know to what extent those accusations are valid. he is a typical skapgoat for turkey again. they have denied involvement, who was this off duty gunman. was he a loan wolf? was he involved in a terrorist organization? some turkish officials said it seems very unlikely, heather, that one person could have carried out the assassination alone. >> live in italy. thank you. >> a big boom in gun sales in one of the country's most liberal states. what happened in the election that now has owners zrambling to meet demand. also asking the syrian president for more control over an issue that he says will help fight the
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welcome back, scott walker says he wants more control over how refugees come into his state. he wrote a letter saying we have no idea how many people are tied to the islamic state or ties to former jihadist terrorism. we need to have a say until
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we're comfortable with the vetting process being utilized to screen individuals. we have a former clinton campaign advisor. and collin is the former advisor at america rising pack. does he have a fair point there saying it is a legitimate security concern? >> i don't think it is a surprise after the events of this week that governors are taking actions they think will help keep them safe. they failed miserably. and i think it is a reason that president-elect trump did so well in the primary and he spoke about the importance of keeping our country safe and the failures of the current administration. >> but we have not had a terror attack from a syrian.
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>> donald trump says he is going to change the system. i think we will have a different system in just a few months. just to echo something, far more people were killed my american terrorists. and so the notion that things have gotten out of control -- >> but we have a lot of people coming over the border. that is not true. there are far few er there was huge amount. the numbers are way down. 400,000 immigrants a year. so the immigration system is far safer than it was. can we make it safer still.
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>> we have let in about 10,000 or so refugees from syria alone. president obama trying to encourage us to bring in more. but checking to see if someone as a criminal record at this point, what can be done to vet them in a more efficient way. >> yeah, go to go back to the point, the argument that things are better now than they were is not a argument that most folks outside of washington dc find very compelling. when people went to vote six weeks ago, they voted for a change in direction. one of the big reasons why, in my opinion, is the way that foreign affairs have been handled by the current president in the last eight years, and a reason why they did resonate strongly. they started talking about the areas of immigration and nati
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national security and the general election. >> there is a new poll that just came out. we have it right here. trump's positive numbers have increased f in mid october to now 40%. s he is clearly doing something right. >> i think anyone, after you get elected, your numbers go way up. trump is still in worse shape in terms of the positive ratings than anyone elected in recent american history, but -- >> but it is going in the right direction. >> my assumption is he will get way over 50 pi the time the inauguration comes. will trump reach out, more americans voted against him than for him. will they bid broad bort for his
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agenda. >> folks also said that the economy was busy news day today. thank you for joining us. >> that is exactly the case in california where some store owners describe lines going around the block as buyers are trying to stock up. why this is happening, what's going on? >> the number one selling gun in the united states is the ar as of next week it will be illegal to get in california. but here is the kicker. buyers here at just 36 hours to buy them with an easily detachable magazine. because california has a mandatory ten day waiting heerd,
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buyers need to buy it tomorrow or dealers can't sell them. >> the last couple days have been crazy. 50 or 60 calls a day looking for specific brands of ar, now they're looking for any ar. >>. >> so they're not cheap, they're about 800, but people use them for target practice. >> so how many are we talking about? >> the sales have doubled since they decided on a package of bills to limit sales and access to ammunition. >> any law abiding citizen is not impacted by this whatsoever. it's a simple process of common sense. >> he is talking about the registry. if you buy ammunition in california you need a permit and
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under go a background check. but next year owners of assault style weapons will register those with the state and gun owners are banned from owning any magazine with more than ten rounds. >> i'm here because i believe in love and karma, but to counter balance that if it fails i'm buying an ak-47 today. >> lawmakers say the bills have caused more demand. on a serious note now, american authorities forced to change security at similar marketplaces here at home and the state department briefing under way right now. how the u.s. intelligence is lending help. another announcement of prisoners leaving guantanamo
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bay. is president obama closer to shutting it down? picking up for kyle.
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here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. welcome back, the toerch general set to file more charges for the flint water contamination. a two time wimbledon winner
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has injured by a knife wielding inn inher home. and police say the suspect is a former aviation official who may have wrongly given the aircraft a thumbs up to fly. a fox news alert, u.s. state department bereaving under way right now and they're addressing, among other things, the terror attack that took place in berlin germany. we have fox team coverage, let's go to julie in new york city with more on what u.s. authorities are r trying to do to prevent a similar attack here. we'll start with rick at the state department who has been listening in, rich, what's going on there? >> the latest right now is news
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out of germany. they say they have just released a suspect. he informs police custody, and officials say because of a lack of evidence, they have released him. so the man hunt continues. and there are now reports that isis is claiming responsibility, but as usual, there are still questions as to whether or not size directed and helped plan that, if they were inspired by sies, or if there is any size connection at all. they were addressing concerns and criticism that's a withdrawal and criticism from the middle east is lending aid to the attacks that we're seeing. >> we know of now american citizens that were affected by against the presumed terrorist attack or the assassination of
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the russian ambassador in ankara. in the former case, as you might expect, we're in constant touch with german authorities. >> he also said the u.s. is not wraling and remains more engaged around the world. back to you. >> what are we learning today about our response to the assassination of the russian ambassador in turkey. >> right now the u.s. response mostly has to deal with u.s. security in that area. the state department closed their embassy and concentrate lates in turkey. also after a gunman fired shots. as for that assassination, secretary of state john kerry called his to offer his
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condolences. there is germany, turkey, the attack in switzerland, and china finally returning that under water drone. >> and the world that we live in these days, so much going on. thank you, rich. a deadly truck attack at a christmas market in berlin now prompting the nypd to step up security at similar markets around the city sending in specially trained response teams in high profile locations. they say there is no specific threat, the move is just a precaution. jewelly is joining us live from union square, what are things looking like there? >> it's the holidays, and new yorkers don't necessarily get thrown off by much. they are remaining vigilant, and that is what has you in tears. they are involved in any
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terrorist alert. . and copy cat trims as such. no credible threats, but they have deployed their critical response units which means they have teams all over the city surveying these christmas mashts that are getting ready for people. the nypd also ready. they caught some of them this morning if you want to take a look. critical response command teams on control throughout the city. they're rolling from once christmas shop area to another. last month the state department issued a travel alert ahead of all of this on europe urging caution at "holiday festivals, events, and holiday markets. this is no surprise. they continue to investigate this. so the nypd wants to be high on
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alert. they're waiting for more information. until they finally do have a suspect in custody. they're investigating it as a terror attack. no word on if this was an accident or an attack. so they will try to make sure it doesn't happen here. >> jewelry, thank you. >> five terror attacks overseas since last sads alone. that is when a car bomb killed 13 people in kurky. including one at a kas castle president the same day, the terror attack claimed responsibility for a homicide bombing in yemen, and yesterday, a riot cop in turkey shot and killed the russian ambassador before a horrified audience as the ambassador gave a speech. and police are still trying
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to pinpoint the person or persons responsible. joining me now for a look at that, republican congressman adam kingslinger of illinois. >> i think it has been a couple things. number one our intelligence community does a very good job. they are stopping more lots than are getting through. the problem is it took us too long to recognize the threat of isis, and that started to build into the narrative of the jihadist to believe this was, in fact, the comes of the next caliphate, so you build recru recruiters and followers and they believe it, crushing the
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califate, isis, and others, it will not stop every terrorist attack, but it will pair out the people that want to do it. >> we're crushing them in a sense, taking back some of that territory, but holding and keeping it for the long run is a huge problem, how do you solve that? >> the problem in the long run is ungoverned spaces. this is what we had pre 9/11. >> how do we fix it then? >> you will have to build or help build, establishing governance afterwards. in syria, with the existence of assad, most of them are uncovered and they will never take control again. so we have to have a fall on, a cease fire with a governing opportunity for disaffected
11:39 am
folks and that will take some military muscle to enforce a cease fire. >> that could take a lot of people a lot of troops over there to monitor that and set up those no fly zones. i want to ask you about this, the new york times reporting he plans to transfer 17 or 18 of the 59 remaining detainees before he leaves office, will president obama will on track to clear out and close down before donald trump takes over? >> i think he will release the bad guys, you have 17 of them i think talking about being released. he tries to get congress in the
11:40 am
future if he says we're spending this money for a few folks and that's his way of shut shutting it down. >>. >> we have to keep it going every year, they say you need 200 more additional to keep it just the cost of $100,000 per person per year. they're appealing to congress, what do you think. the other issue is this. it is far bigger than the detention operations. i have seen it. it is a small part of the wider mission. so i think ultimately we need to
11:41 am
come to a conclusion and figure out what that is. like i think the president is doing. >> do you think congress will push to keep it open? >> yeah, we have. we have basically since the war on terror and it continues you have init and as long as that is the case we can continue to do it. >> it is hard to predict how he will come down on doing these things. he also looked at the cost and he said it is awfully expensive. you is a what he did with boeing, threatening to pull out with air force one. congressman, thanks a lot. say hi to my folks out there. and the murder of a navy seal, chris kyle, the american sniper, has now died. he was found dead of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound.
11:42 am
he was under information for cheating on a continuing education course. he was a former marine they were trying to mentor and help at a local gun range. the family of the victims killed in the pulse nightclub in orla filing a lawsuit. why they say the companies are actively helping terrorists. and president-elect donald trump going after a former president today. what started the feud between the two one-time golf buddies. we'll tell you about that, next.
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i'm shepherd smith and we're going to go live to berlin after the christmas market attack. prosecutor says they released the one person they had detained. now what? and where is the driver? we'll break down the investigation with a former intelligence officer for the defense secretary. why he said this kind of attack is nearly impossible to prevent. that is at the top of the hour, shepherd smith reporting, we'll see you then. >> general motors announcing layoffs. the auto giant says they are cutting 3300 jobs. the plant manufacturers the
11:46 am
chevy volt, the impala, and the buick la crosse. gm says they will try to place those employees in or jobs near by. >> this is the president-elect reacting strongly to the deadly attacks in germany and turkey. peter doocy joins us live from palm beach. tell us what is unique about the president-elect's response to the terror attack in berlin. >> the president-elect is blaming the attack on islamic terrorists where the white house is just blaming terrorists. they say isis and other islamic terrorists continue to attack christians. these terrorists and their worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, and that word choice is
11:47 am
not an accident. >> we have to call it what it is and root it out. we cannot be, being politically correct, we have to understand the threat that we face, and attack it straight on. the term radical islamic terrorism also appears in the statement to the russian ambassador to turkey yesterday. >> tell us why the president-elect is getting into it with bill clinton, what's going on with that. >> it started because bill clinton told a update here in new york small town news that mr. trump called him up and he said to a local reporter there he didn't think mr. trump knew much. the president-elect got wind of these remarks, and he took to twitter to say bill clinton stated that i called him after
11:48 am
the election, wrong, he called me with a very nice congratulations. he doesn't know much, especially how to get people, en with an unlimited budget, out to vote in vital swing states. now as it turns out, bill clinton changed his story. he went on twitter himself and said here is one thing donald trump and i can agree on, i called him after the election. the other part of the criticism from bill clinton may be setting a new precedent. for the last eight years we have seen george w bush decline opportunities to criticize his successor, but that may not be the case any more. >> a latest fit for tat is anything to watch. live for us in florida, thank you. fox news now learned the families of the orlando nightclub shooting victims are
11:49 am
suing facebook, twitter, and google. they say they provided material support to isis to help radicalize the gunman. trace gallagher is live with more on that. >> it alleges that the explosive growth of isis would not be possible. the complaint says that omar mateen who open fired in the pulse nightclub was not a member of size, but was radicalized and inspired through social media. the three families that lost loved ones are asking a jury to decide how they should be compensated. one family member told us that i wish we could get regulations put in place. they have to do something to prevent these people from doing things like this. legal experts long held that social media sights are
11:50 am
protected by the decency act that says if you create a place for people to communicate, but you don't communicate on it yourself, you're immune from to don't yourself, you are immune from prosecution, but the lawyer says these social media sites were doing a lot more than allowing people communicate. he allegations they were matching isis postings with advertisements based upon information known about the viewer. in other words, they were tailoring isis content to those vulnerable to radicalization. it also allegations that twitter, facebook and google were helping to finance isis activities by sharing revenue. now, we reached out to all three sites so far, no comment, but facebook, google, microsoft and twitter have said they plan to share a database of terror images and videos to more quickly remove terrorism content from the net. >> all right.
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thank you. ride sharing services such uber are fighting back against cities who want to treat them like a taxi. plus, this. terrifying moment of a driver plows into a police cruiser. but cops think it was no accident.
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welcome back. terrifying video showing the moment an suv slams into a squad car. watch this. that happened in norton, ohio this month. the officer had been pulled over. he was writing a ticket when the suv smashed into his police
11:55 am
cruiser. police believe the driver did it on purpose. fortunately, no one was hurt. terrifying. popular ride sharing companies are trying to put the brakes on new regulations as more cities are passing laws aimed at treating them like taxis. one is seattle and that's where we find dan. he's live with more on that. what's seattle trying to do? >> well, we are witnessing a head on collision between ride share companies in the city governments where they operate. uber and lyft rely on innovation with while these governments fall back regulation. the companies view their drivers as independent contractors who thrive on flexibility. a lesson leaders in seattle see as employees who need protection. seattle became the first to pass an ordnance enabling them to pass a union. only drivers who get given 52
11:56 am
rides in the last three months will be b eligible to vote. yet, everyone who drives for uber and lift will be forced to pay union dues. that would disenfranchise thousand of drivers. we spoke with several who will quit if forced to join the union. >> i'm not sure how much union can help improve the safety or if they assign a schedule, it would defeat the purpose of the uber set up. >> uber and lytf pulled out of austin texas as a result of all drifrs be fincke printed. here in seattle, they sued the companies over the release of trade secrets e locations of where all rides start and end up. city leaders say regular taxi companies are heavily regulated, so companies should have the same rules. >> at the end of the day, they do the same thing. they drive people from point a to b. and it's just the method by which one acquires the ride that
11:57 am
dif wrennuates them. >> and the stakes are high in this battle. uber is valued $66 billion, but they lost because partly due to regulation, they have lost 60 or $800 million in the third quarter of this year. heather. >> dan springer live in seattle. thank you. we'll be right back.
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she was off to celebrate her birthday when someone broke into her mom's van and stole the presents. then cops showed up with a trunk full of presents. thapgs for joining us. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on the east coast, 9:00 p.m. in berlin, where investigators say they released their suspect on an attack in a christmas market. now, the race to find responsible before they strike again. we'll take you live to germany's capital city. within hours of the attack, cities around the world across america began to respond plus, an american woman, the taliban is held hostage for years now appearing in a new video and in her husband's arms, the children they had in captivity. today, detailing their horrifying


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