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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  December 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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including a piece from singer song writer bob dylan. have a great week. we'll see you next time. n eight months. thank you for joining us live from mt. vernon. we appreciate it. welcome to the welcome. president-elect donald trump rounded out his with hi much anticipated pick for secretary of state. his choice is being met with skepticism from top senate republicans who are questioning the businessman's close ties to russian president's putin. it is over the role in hacking during the 2016 presidential campaign. here is south carolina lindsay gram on fox this week. >> it comes down this this with me. i want you to be briefed by the
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fbi and cia about what russia did and what they are doing all over the world abdomnd i want yo say whether they interfered in our elections and if you say they are not i will be troubled by your judgment. >> joining us today, choice of rex. what do you think of the pick? >> by and large i like the pick. he is a very impressive fellow. that's theme he is doing. he is putting in positions like the secretary of state economic deal makers, not people from the foreign policy establishment. trump wants our negotiations
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whether they are to drop to the bottom line. that's exactly what tillerson did with putin the question that's being raised whether tillerson or donald trump, what price are they willing to pay which is what putin wants. >> that would be something. >> that's what they should ask about. >> it is a part of nato. what do you think? some doubts by republicans about his ties to russia. >> the larger question about tillerson is can he separate from larger american interests. by that i mean it's not the same thing to run a company as it is to run the country's foreign toll pol sis.
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>> you're assuming that. >> well, has he thought about it? what does he think about what china is doing? would he cooperate? that's lot of hard questions to ask of him. hopefully we'll get that during the hearing. >> russia ties are an issue but so are his history. it is the biggest in the world, very successful one. democrats are saying we'll question him on that more than russia. >> it is interesting, exxon endorsed the carbon tax but in a sort of way it is truth in add versaill versaillesing. the tax is collected through -- instead of having a different price for gas and oil? it is a political problem because you're asking congress
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to give up power and give it to the market. >> i'm also talking about the u.s. participation under president obama with the paris climate. >> right. >> it doesn't have a lot of teeth but it's a commitment to reduce carbon emissions over time. the question i would ask if i were over tiller son, you said the u.s. should stay. >> right. >> i would worry as a conservative that tillerson will spend his fleeing his past. that's where he is going to get beat up. >> all executives of oil companies are being by the green lobby all of the time. they try to mollify them. donald trump i believe called for it to be scrapped. >> he is skeptical of it for sure. >> which should, though. not only that it has no enforcement mechanisms but
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because of the run around the institution. if he put it to the senate. >> he didn't put it to the senate. if they can get the secretary of state to support the paris accord that would be a big victory for them. that's one o. bf the big fights. >> one other point about tillerson. you already have the countries moving in. you look at the rhetoric out of france and germany. you look at what's going on in eastern europe. you need american leadership. my bigger concern about tillerson, not just the point about thinking about the strategic interest is can he lead? trump is not a guy who has thought a lot about american foreign policy. i would have preferred to see somebody seasoned, but i think what trump did is he went with somebody he felt colorful with
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rather than someone who has been in the foreign policy for a while. >> how much trouble do you think he could be in? >> i don't think a lot, actually. if you look at leading the world's second most valuable company that's leadership right there. he has been endorsed by people like dick cheney. >> right. >> and condoleeza rice. >> right. i think there might be tie ups but for him to lose his secretary of state, that's that big thing. >> and republicans don't want to be the people who do it. let me ask you about the accusations. barack obama told them he is going to respond to russia some how, retaliate some how, covertly or oh vently. what do you make of this after eight years of doing nothing?
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>> i think graham and rubio. will we do it in a way no one can see abdomen the american people have to take it on faith that we are fighting back? at the moment they don't think we are fighting back. >> okay. as the world maces the 25th anniversary of the fall of the soviet union we'll talk to gary about putin's end game in the region and around the world and his advice for the incoming trump administration. champion
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catastrophe. as russia continues its influence former world champion gary is here with his advice for the incoming trump administration. he is chairman of the human rights foundation and author of the book winter is coming, why putin and the enmys of the free world must be stopped. welcome. >> thank you. >> so let's talk first about the 25th anniversary. you were there. >> i wrote a book about it. 25 years we were hopeful. we were expecting a bright future. now 25 years later, you know, an influence in events in neighboring countries to russia, in the middle east and even in the united states. in the free world i think is now in disarray. it is a result of 25 years of
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lack of strategy. you know, shooting from one side to another and especially eight years of policy leading from behind. >> why did russia not embrace a more democratic future? other countries that were once behind? >> yeah, i think it's to make it a short version russia is ready to deal with its past. i believe the decision to sort of declare russia as the success of the soviet union was a big mistake. you know, one day it is sooner or later it doesn't add up. you know, this past takes over your future. that's what happened. some how they made in the beginning of reforms. >> right.
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>> it is maybe inevitably to t putin. also, again, i don't want to blame the free world but the administration had no interest in talking about initiating global reforms. it was a unique opportunity. america up to probably mid-90s could come up with a vision of the future. you know, preparing, you know, the framework that could benefit everybody. it is similar to in the 40s. you know, by sort of creating institutions. >> yeah. >> helped end the cold war. >> let's go back for a moment. do you have any doult that putintried to influence the election? >> no doubt. >> why do you think he could get away with that? >> he took a risk.
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you know, it's a question of comfort. i think he knew he would be caught. so what? after obama failed i predicted that putinwould go further. i thought he would do other things, help the american interest. even i didn't think he would go that far. for putin it was matter of survival. you remember when he called regional power? >> yes. >> it is the biggest mistake. you talk big and do nothing. putin believed from that point for him to show his strength inside russia and worldwide he had do something to undermine. >> so it was an insult? >> exactly. and i remember the russian foreign minister was oh, it's so
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flattering for regional power to blame of interference. that's a clear message. putin looks victorious. whether or not trump ben fiefit, putin looks like he could crack into american political systems. >> all right. so new trump administration what would your advice be about how to respond to putin? >> i think trump should stop deanying thd denying this report. many others blamg, not china, not iran. and then i think trump should also accept the investigation. he should saend clear message
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that if putin did it even if trump wasn't beneficial of that they would not let them dictate the terms. >> yes. when you step back on policy it looks like trump thinks he can do a big deal with putin. that is what george bush thought and barack obama thought. the pattern is trump -- the president doesn't deal with putin. >> you know, what kind of deal trump can offer putin. he would like to see it. the moment he sits can putin america lost. you have to negotiation cri. this is one of the knowledgements brought in
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washington. you know, it's reminding people. now trump, you know a chinese leader dividing the wall. this is putin's dream. what it is now is to reenforce commitment, you know, to quiet the panic. ksz when we come back we'll look at the last ditch effort to persuade republicans to dump donald trump. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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the 538 members of the electoral college are set to meet monda they have set to select the next president in a 2040-year-old tradition that is the focus of intense interest in an effort to persuade 37 gop and vote against donald trump. here is the latest pitch to those republicans compliments of hollywood. >> you will make yourself heard due to granted to you by alexander hamilton. >> what is evidence is that donald trump looks more than the qualifications. >> he likes the necessary stability. >> and clearly the respect for the constitution of our great nation. >> you have the authority. >> and the opportunity to go down in the books as an american hero. >> who changed the course of history. >> we are back with dan and joe.
12:22 pm
kate and yam toronto joins the panel. republicans from hollywood. first of all, do is t elector rates actually have the authori authority, the right? >> i think they do but what it is going to mean is that almost all of it are pledged to vote for donald trump. remember, these are people who are closen by the state parties to vote for the party nominee. hollywood did a video like the one in september saying the same things about trump aimed at republican voters. they would need to flip more than one in eight of them. they didn't slip more than one in eight. s sit. >> they did a review and could only find one. >> just one?
12:23 pm
>> just one and he had already written it so we knew about him. >> okay. >> so but the state law there is our state laws that say you must vote for the electorates. we really don't know about the constitutionality. if we are not going to get 37 and trump is going to win what's the other motivation here do you think? >> i think it is designed to fail. the thing is to undermine before the trump presidency supports. it is an outdated but now it's apparently our last hope and the point is to drum up as much support as possible. >> and even joe, you looked into this some. there are misreading alexander hamilton. a strange new respect for the founders here. they usually don't go to an
12:24 pm
interpretati interpretation. >> it will last until the first supreme court nomination. >> how are they misreading? >> they could exercise discernment in an extraordinary case between the general election and when they vote, something that was not known to voters and render someone unfit for the presidency. that's a very high bar and the framers never intended for them to be second guessers to look at this and elect whoever they wanted. >> otherwise the question would be why hold an election at all? let's go to the 538 or the election is merely some advice to the electors who are the real priesthood who will elect the president. >> and one point is the framers designed the electoral college to insulate from political
12:25 pm
pressure. you have the exact opposite of that. you a coordinated lobbying campaign to browbeat and intimidate. some of these electors received tens of thousands of calls and e-mai e-mails. >> i think i'm on the e-mail list. i'm getting a lot of those requests. how about you? >> yeah. i am too. no reply at this end. >> you know, this whole effort would be a laughing stock. if it weren't for the fact that john said on behalf of the clinton campaign that they would support this effort. we have to understand what is going on here. we are attempting to undermind as a part of the largers strategy. the idea that the 50 states have anything to say about electing president, they would prefer a
12:26 pm
national referendum or about public policy. it's very telling donald trump appointed the attorney general of oklahoma as his epa commissioner when pruitt was trying to impose regulations on the state. it's all of a piece to try to demote the states and turn policy in hollywood. >> so what would be is consequence if they denied donald trump 270 votes? >> well, unless they switched over the hillary clinton it would be to send the election to the house with the top three. the house is controlled by republicans mostly from states that trump carried. you know, it would be very likely trump would win the election anyway. >> be you you don't expect this to happen in. >> no. it's something like that wonderful dialogue. this situation calls for a stupid gesture.
12:27 pm
>> so it's really a lot of noise. all right. still ahead, another executive joining donald trump's team. what does it mean? top economic adviser believes and what will be his approach to growing the economy. we'll have ask steve moore next.
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my administration will be my administration will be focused on three very important words, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> donald trump promising to make jobs his top priority when he takes office in january. he continued to roll out his economic team announcing he will amount goldman sachs for the economic council. he is joining steve and steve ban non. steve moore served as a senior to the trump campaign. good to see you again. >> hi, paul. >> so donald trump, i recall, you may too, ran against goldman sachs's ties to hillary clinton in the election campaign. here he is picking goldman sachs
12:32 pm
alumni or one concern member of goldman sachs for his economic adviser. what do you think of that? >> it is interesting how they seemed to infiltrate whether democratics or republicans. they always seem to come out smelling like a rose. i will say this, that when you look at the trump cabinet so far from the perspective of free market people you have to give them high marks. you know, pruitt with the envir environmental groups, these are top people. it was a bit of a surprise when he was named the head of the national economic council. s he is someone i know very little about. i can't tell you much about his
12:33 pm
politics because he is a bit of to a lot of us. >> that's the issue. i know goldman sachs, the economic team, they are economic advisers, that's a hot house of economics. they think government spending is the key driver of both. th -- of growth. they don't think regulation is a real problem. we couldn't find where he had a lot about where he stands on public policy. you're telling us that you don't know either wlachhat about stev? is he somebody you know more about? >> i do. i have gotten to snknow steve. when we were working together he was at the table with us every step of the way. i have a great deal of admiration for steven. he gets it. i believe so. you know, so he is a very smart
12:34 pm
guy. i think where donald trump needs to fill in the gaps at this point, paul, when you talk about his economic team, the senior economic people they are not people who, you know, paul ryan or any of the congressional leaders know very well. you know, they don't know much about him either. i think that trump is going to have to pick someone at his council of kpleconomic values w really does have those relationships with who they trust and have long relationships with to carry the message of how we are going to get this tax bill done. that is the one piece of the puzzle that's missing right now. >> you mentioned at an event in michigan that larry was in the mix. you said, well, maybe it's not settled yet but he is in the mix. are you saying that's a real possibility? >> oh, yeah.
12:35 pm
>> it is a very real possibility. i think that donald trump wants him as some kind of economic spokesman. who better than larry to carry that torch? there lab littwill be a little tug of war between the supply site and the more protectionist wing of the trump carmp. i think it's important for him so that he can have the argument about dealing with nafta and the asian trade deal and so on. so the free trade and more protectionist views are presented at the table. >> do you know where they stand on the trade issue? >> i don't know anything about him but i will say this. he is a free trader. no question about it. he gets the importance of comparative advantage and the fact that he benefits there our
12:36 pm
international trade situation. i do think nafta are going to be renegotiated. i think the asian trade deal will be renegotiated as well. it doesn't mean it will be throwing us under. i think it will see tougher negotiating when it comes to the issue of trade. >> all right. and briefly, do you agree that tax reform is going to be the number one priority on economics of fwoet trump administration and house republicans? >> yeah. i do think so. between that tax reform and the repeal of obamacare and i think he can do both. i would love to see a tax bill. i think he can get it done with democrats. we know lower tax rates will bring a lot of capital back to
12:37 pm
the united states and that means jobs. >> i think that's an optimistic timetable. we'll stay ahead. harry reid says good-bye could donald trump's energy secretary say hello to the repository? oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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harry reid delivered his farewell speech last week signaling the end of his 30-year tenure, the fin reid's legacy marked by more than one bare neck l political fight but none hard fought than the nuclear waves in his home state of nevada. could the plan get a second look for president-elect donald trump and his pick for former texas go governor rick perry? we are became. james toronto and joe. joe, what is harry reid's main
12:41 pm
legacy? >> i think he is the most consequential democratic senator since lbj. he pushed through a very ambitious social agenda. unlike lbj his legacy will be essence. he made procedure rule changes that will make it easier to get rid of everything he passed in the first years of the obama administration. >> and the nominees in p particular -- >> and for supreme court justices. >> it will make it easier for donald trump to get his through. >> yes. ironically is to make it measurerable for the next four years. >> what reid did is to make life miserable for chuck shummer.
12:42 pm
the minority leader when the president was with the other party. the senate has a great deal of power to obstruct. reid set precedent by which republicans could take more of it away. it would make it a lot harder for shumer to block president trump's agenda. >> let's talk about yuca mountain. reid and obama, mr. president, i'll represent you and i will block everything and try to get as little as possible that you have to veto on your desk if you amount people that wlo will stop yucca mountain. >> utility companies paid more than $20 million for services that were never rendered and found in court for never taking the nuclear waste.
12:43 pm
>> and those fees were for nuclear waste? >> yes. so rick perry will have an opportunity to look at this for radioactive in nevada. so both senators will surely try to stop it. >> and you still have to do something about nuclear waste, which is still building up in multiple sites around the country. it has been declared a safe spot. so that is the repository there. it is not a threat to the environment. wou what would your recommendation be? >> that he be at the harry reid nuclear waste repository. >> it passed all of the safety tests. >> what about the tone of politics? he was known for his nastiness.
12:44 pm
romney hadn't paid his taxes. it turned out to be total fabrication. he just threw it out there. i think he called president bush a loser. donald trump calls other people losers. reid and trump in a sense share some of that. what do you make of reid's legacy? >> harry reid was whip lashed without the charisma. he was as responsible as anyone for washington becoming into a state of gridlock. what the voters in the last election wanted was change. they wanted washington to function one way or another. he was as responsible for washington turning into a place that accomplished nothing at
12:45 pm
least legislativlegislatively. >> yeah. so he may have been one of the greatest republican leaders of all time. when we come back, a look at president obama's legacy in syria and what the incoming administration can and should do.
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we havein witnessed not accidents of war, not collateral damage, but frankly purposeful, a cynical policy of terrorizing civilians. >> secretary of state john kerry addressing the unfolding catastrophe in syria as evacuations continue from aleppo. russian backed syrian forces have taken control of the one-time rebel stronghold. in the five-year-old civil war. we are back with dan, bill and m m mary. where does this leave the civil war with the victory? >> it leaves us in a very bad place. this is not leading from behind. this is hiding from behind. we have john kerry talking about the largest humanitarian disaster in the world, admitting
12:50 pm
it -- >> this is for 2013. >> yes. it was give ton avoid taking action then. >> just to rehearse this president obama said if assad uses chemical weapons whether he punish him. >> and you have samantha power at the same time, the woman who wrote the book on general sizog. what act the administration? where have been the principal resignations? not samantha power. i think the ambassador resigned two years ago. this is a disaster that could have been avoided. it is a disaster that would not have been possible without the russians. >> you know, people criticize president bush for intervening and said this is what happens
12:51 pm
when you intervene. syria is the consequence. >> of restreet. >> exactly. >> and the scale is just extraordinary. it is grew some. it is the 23 million people. you more than 12 million displaced. even with assad retaking the city of aleppo with russian help it doesn't mean that the civil war is over. you have curds who are fighting. and you also have the united states pushed out of the way. russia, for instance, doing this evacuation and deal with turkey. they said we don't have to talk to the united states anymore. they just don't matter. so what's the legacy of obama in syria? it's not just the slaughter which is essentially obama's. it is the empowerment of our enmys. it's the abandonment of our
12:52 pm
allies and really a signal to the rest of the world not just to people like assad and putin. you know, america has restreeted and we'll let you do what you may to your population. >> it also lead to the refugee crisis. all syria have flooded into europe and discombobulated that politics. you know, i understand john kerry's fury. i think it's appropriate. basically is admitting we have no leverage because we are not willing to act. >> yeah. that is discrediting of the obama foreign policy model. every presidencies in with an idea how to conduct foreign policy. he would site the iranian nuclear deal as an example.
12:53 pm
he then after establishing that red line over the use of chemical weapons did a diplomatic deal to disarm the chemical weapons. in the eventualty getting them bombing aleppo back to the stonage. it was a result of the failing. we know it is not going to solve that problem in the middle east. >> we have donald trump now coming in. he talked as recently as this week about creating safe sewzon in syria. it would require a deal with russia or the intervention by the united states alone. what do you think -- >> more forces, right? >> he doesn't want to do that. i think this is the challenge for donald trump. i think he projected a policy of strength, that he -- but i think at the same time he some times
12:54 pm
implied it's a matter of isis and we can do this quickly. we shouldn't go around to invade countries. i don't think we are but the challenge will be pretty broad. i'm more hopeful, you know, are pretty steely-eyed about this. look, the thing about syria and the obama policy is that the tiny country has caused so much disstabilization and we want to make sure it doesn't expand to the rest of the middle east. >> all right. thanks. we have to take one more break. hits and misses of the week. p t. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life.
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but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? time now for hits and misses of the week. mary, you're first. >> i'm giving a big miss to time now for hits and misses of the week.
12:58 pm
>> i'm giving a big miss. i guess you can't distinguish fact from fiction. it has to be a i think the more ominous sign sheer some of the media organizations that facebook is pointing to as neutral aren't neutral at all. media out dptslets, they aren't neutral. this is a slippery slope. >> bill. >> a big fat miss to the politically correct officials at the united nations for dropping wonder woman as an honorary ambassador. it did so after they complained she was too white, too curvey. their body shaming wonder woman. this is the most popular somcom super hero of all time. plainly the united nations has
12:59 pm
issues with strong women. >> this is a hit for tom wheeler. this week he announced he is stepping down. he has run one of the most economically destreuctive agencies. i know it's stuff competition but it includes treating the internet like an 1890s railroad. he had been coy about whether or not he would step down. it is great news he is stepping down. >> great. wrap it up for us. >> the big monitor fsh the future sur vie of 50,000 found that elicit drug use is at the lowest level since the 1990s. nobody quite knows. i do recall there was a woman back then that said just say no. maybe it works. >> all right. i don't me if they included boulder and denver in that
1:00 pm
survey, maybe not. if you have your own hit or miss tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul. hope to see you right here next week. we are standing ton eve of a pif toll moment. they meet tomorrow to whether elections in recent his rhode island as america and the world watch the president he elect is in florida continuing to assemble his administration. welcome to inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel ne vpville. >> a thank you stop in mobile, alabama. mr.


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