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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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strong women in my life. amanda stoud said, couldn't wait for christmas so gifted myself with #"settle for more" as celebration of finals welcome to "redeye." hello, i'm tom shillue, forbes named vladimir putin the most powerful person in the world for the fourth straight year. plus, is diehard a christmas movie? well, to quote yippie kaya! thank you, andy, let's welcome our guests. a female doctor, now i've seen
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everything. physician and surgeon, and national review institute regional fellow, dr. kelly powers. he was on too broke, girls, comedian and star of nothing is easy on comedy central. david angelo. he has written about north korea. and they say dress for the job you want, and he wants to be an usher. okay, let's start the show. vladimir putin has once again topped forbes magazine's list of the world's most powerful people, i guess exerting your influence on the world and hacking into the dnc is
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powerful, but i've done more. and federal reserve chair, janet yellin, and steve the dell dude, still up there. in picking putin, his reach has magnified in recent years, that reach extended to our election. on wednesday, u.s. officials told nbc news they have a high level of confidence that putin was personally involved in a covert russian campaign to interfere. back to the powerless, it randomly ends at number 74, he explained, we got tired and hungry, pretty interesting, right? michael, i want to talk about this putin thing, apparently they said he interfered in the election. what is your take on this? >> first of all, as someone who is russian, it's just fascinating that we're seeing these decaying old hippies
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saying we should trust the cia. this is just their plan to delegitimatize the new president, and if you're going to ask me to believe something that the cia says, without proof, you're crazy. >> you know what i was going to say? that i thought that this russian thing is the yellow cake of this year. you know what i'm talking about? like really, they're trumpeting it like it's something, but it seems like rumor. >> so we go back to the fact that the kardashians were not on the list, and that was the bigtobig
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story. >> they were not anywhere on the list? >> definitely -- >> i think they have to be above chuck schumer. >> doctor, what do you think about this? i don't know who is down there at the cia, we have the cia, that is why i mentioned the yellow cake thing, remember wilson? you snow, we don't know who is saying this. >> i am obviously against hacking, all of this exposure, but at the end of the day what is it doing? exposing the truth, the truth hurts. it's hillary clinton's campaign exposed. she is out there. >> but did it hurt her? we had david, welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. >> what do you think of this russian situation? the voters say it was like 60% something that they don't think it influenced the election at all. >> how could it influence the election? did you see the trump -- the billy bush tape. if that didn't bring him down, like what were they expecting? like the effect of an e-mail,
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the dnc e-mails is damaging to the media, yeah, very damaging to the media. >> because it showed the cozy relationship with podesta -- >> and hillary was not even in there. >> that is what i keep saying, what the heck was in the dnc leak that hurt hillary? i didn't see anything. a lot of people say this russian hack thing is not something to shake your head at, but if they did hack the investigation, it won't happen soon, what are you going to do? like hack them back? you can't really bring up anything about putin that is going to embarrass him. he is the most powerful man in the world, and what will be said that embarrasses him? he is so manly and rides horses without a shirt on, what if it is revealed that he is not as manly as we thought, michael. >> i would have thought that the person who led the free world for the eighth year in a row, as
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jeb bush. low energy. >> please clap. >> he had an okay name before this thing, trump was really his katrina, wasn't it? >> that is the beautiful thing about trump, he destroyed these people horribly as well as politically. jeb bush, what will he do? work at a wendy's or something, he is done, ted cruz is done, carly fiorina -- >> i don't see much. >> okay, now it's time for paul krugman of "the new york times" is an amazing talent, seems to be able to write magazines while banging his head against his desk. he still can't believe that people voted for donald trump, he thinks they were duped by what he calls right wing media
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into thinking that liberal elites look down on him. the people i hang out do understand that living the way they do takes a lot more money and time that hard pressed americans have and are not especially judgmental about life-styles. but the blogger at mother jones called it his denial. that rural america looks down on america, the whole column reads like a dr. seussville book, called we sneer at their reading habits, their guns, he was having so much fun but his sneering wasn't done. we sneer at their double wides,
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their supermarket tabloids, we sneer at their leisure activities. the ironic part is where it resides, a tiny apartment on the upper west side. greg? what do you think? >> krugman is high if he thinks that liberals don't look down on conservatives, right? >> well, he says he doesn't, he says he is a man of the people in his ivory tower. >> look, of course conservatives look down on people, just like some of them look down on liberals. krugman is silly if he doesn't see that. the other guy is right. do conservatives really look down on liberals or look up at them shaking their fist? >> that is a good question, i think they look down maybe, because the republicans are in charge. you have given me a lot to think about. it is not just a city country thing, there are a lot of transplants here, we live among a lot of rural people here in
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new york city. >> you're a brooklyn guy, but don't consider yourself a big city guy, do you? >> no, hell no, salt of the earth. michael, what -- think you of this mother jones guy, he is kind of being honest. >> when i was in north korea, a country which was based on glorifying farmers and rural people, i asked my guy, do you look down on guys in the country? she said of course, even in a country like that where the propaganda is for the little guy, there is still that looking down on the rural areas, this country was founded on people looking down and sneering on farmers so this is nothing new. >> there are a lot of people in brooklyn that voted for trump, right? >> sure. >> as a rural brooklyn guy. >> but people in gay ridge. >> you're not a real korean? >> i'm not a real korean, i'm a
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fake korean. you got me there. >> you're kind of a rural girl, right? >> kind of the suburbs in new york city, almost brooklyn. >> where did you grow up? >> what -- >> ye 00 haw. >> back that up again. >> do you think that big city people look down on the -- >> you know, this article, was this a surprise to anyone? raise this hand if this shocked anybody. this is just an example of the out of touch political or liberal elite that exists, this whole northeast, i go to starbucks, i read "the huffington post." i was definitely not surprised by this. >> they better stop doing, politicly what do you think it is david? they mentioned a lot about the guy on mother jones mentioning
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fast food, he said trump eating fast food, just looking at that guy eating a burger, made people identify with him. >> fast food, if somebody lives in new york, is the best. the thing is all of these liberals are like we can't have walmart in new york. you're not allowed. everything is so cheap. so why wouldn't you just cut out -- and people are like well, the small businesses. you go to these stores, it's like they're selling craft foods, nothing is small business. they're just middlemen, we all have to pay nine dollars for peanut butter because they think they're better than walmart. no, walmart is good. >> i bet you they haven't even been in a walmart. >> paul krugman saying they don't look down on country people, he calls them joe six pack. in new york, he is joseph
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chardonnay. >> michael, do you think -- you were talking about north korea, would you compare the elites up here to north korea? >> here is the thing about paul krugman, his job is to tell the liberal elites what to think, they're hearing it like oh, we're bad, we're bad. remember, we're still the good guys, you have the empathy, don't give up the fight, double down on the policies for the last eight years. >> i love the judgments, a year ago, conservatives are like we need our guns and need to protect against tyranny. now that you have the election and trump won, you have rachel maddow on msnbc showing people how to saw a shotgun. >> now, once a school yard staple, see saws are vanishing.
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"the new york times" reported they had been gone in 1981, they were wooden planks that often hit asphalt directly, that occasionally led to splinters and deaths, yes, thousands and thousands died. the cities and schools began to phase them out. by 2004, the number was 11% of schools that had one. and it's not just them, kitty catapaults are disappearing. you shouldn't be using it in that way. but in some places they remain popular, the manufacturer told the times we actually sold some to a group of people in the early 70s, i said oh, is it for your grand kids, she said no, we like to go out there and relive our youth and have cocktails. couldn't agree more. the see saw is worth saving.
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>> buddy of mine from chappaqua. >> do you miss the see saw? do you think it is over-regulated? >> no, some things do get over-regulated. but the see saw is a torture device. first of all as a single guy with no kids in new york city, i didn't know they were going away. as somebody that used them as kids, i never thought they were fun i thought they were stupid, you can catapault each other, and hurt your tail bone and break your bones, if you want to sue, i say get out there and sue
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that see saw maker. >> michael, many physical therapists say it's good to learn how to use your legs. >> if somebody jumps off the other side you got to use your legs. >> look, i could not disagree more. see saws are part of those dog obedience trials that the dog has to run at high speed. if your kid can't figure something out something that a dog can do, this is not a function of litigation. and the other thing is they teach you to hate fat people, because the fat person controls the entire see saw when you're on it and you learn it's not fun playing games with that kid. >> that is a positive right there. >> yes, two pluses. >> doctor i want to ask you about this. i read that it helps with coordination, kids have to learn to control themselves going up and down. >> yeah, i would think so kids
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are going to fall off and hurt themselves, what is this. like woosification? how is it more dangerous than jungle gyms? >> that is what they do, they have a nice soft surface for them to play on. but do you blame them? maybe it's not the doctors who are making the rules. it's the lawyers, who are afraid of being sued. >> hey, you fall off the see saw, you get back on. >> it's a metaphor for life in the city. >> that is true, i have a different view on this, my family was actually killed by see saws. >> was -- >> traditional way -- >> they're up, they're down -- >> they fell off the truck. i don't think -- you know, like a see saw, teaches it kids good lessons, life's ups and downs, right? come on. >> bunch of see saw fans on red
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eye tonight. >> look, we had see saws and a jungle gym was nothing but a bunch of bars but again helped with coordination. >> and the wheel that spins around, and teaches you how to walk later when you're drunk. >> and the merry go round, it weighed 3,000 pounds. >> that thing was the worse. >> once you got it spinning, it would not stop. >> that one would not die. you get your arm cut off -- >> like a tetanus shot. >> like a man hole cover, they put the ride on. >> it prepared you for life, and we're all here, we're all here and it's probably because of the playground. okay, coming up, is die hard a christmas movie? and what about diehard's two, three, four and five. we debate after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. north carolina governor-elect roy cooper threatening to sue the state's republican party because he says it stopped his power. the bill signed by north carolina's outgoing republican governor takes away administrative capacity from the newly elected democratic governor. president obama calling out republicans for failing to acknowledge the seriousness of russia's involvement in u.s. elections. in his final end of year press conference, the president said if this continues the u.s. will be vulnerable to foreign influence. obama told reporters that the highest level of the kremlin put together the hacking. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump and his team continue to downplay the theory that russian interference helped
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him win the election? trump tweeted, are we talking about the same cyber attack that revealed that the dnc gave questions to hillary clinton? end quote. weighing in, hillary clinton's campaign never considered she would never actually lose. >> vladimir putin didn't tell hillary clinton to ignore wisconsin and michigan. so this lack of self-awareness is seeping into and talking about our lack of intelligence, and that we don't appreciate. and a bus bombing in turkey leaving multiple people dead. turkey's prime minister said the soldiers were the target. teach turkey has imposed an internal news blackout. i'm patricia stark, now back to fox news. you're watching the most
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powerful name in news channels. there are certain questions humanity has been wondering forever, are we alone in the universe? is there such a thing as absolute truth? and is diehard a christmas movie? this week on twitter, people are debating that. perhaps because netflix listed diehard under the category of festive favorites. movie says yes, giving it a christmas movie an a, basically it's about him saving his marriage. the reason john is in l.a. is to see his kids for christmas, but naysayers note that diehard was released in july, and argue that a setting doesn't make it a christmas movie.
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they gave name to other movies, batman returns, a b, eyes wide shut, a c, and kiss, kiss bang, bang a d. okay, david, what do you think? first of all to the question is diehard a christmas film? >> no, look, a christmas movie is a movie you can only watch christmastime. you can watch diehard in july. but if you got shorts and a t-shirt watching how the grinch stole christmas and it's 90 degrees, people are asking questions. that is a weird thing, you can't do that. >> no, that is interesting, i didn't even think about that, kind of like christmas songs. you wouldn't listen to you know, here comes santa claus in july, what do you think, doctor, does that make the grade? >> all right, unless you're in my house and the hallmark channel is on, which i openly admitted. i love the hallmark channel.
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it's on, it's backdrop in my house. >> do you drink wine when you watch it? >> well, i'm not going to admit that on national television. yeah. so -- >> what are your holiday films? >> really, i'm serious, it has to have a good message, blowing people up and crazy terrorist movies, i don't know, doesn't seem like a good christmas spirit to me. >> christ should be in the christmas movie, right? >> for me, let's talk about christmas and the meaning of christmas, for the movie to really be about christmas, the main character has to be nailed to wood. like the passion of the christ and the soft films. >> he almost got me to agree with him. like right, right, exactly. >> that is what i say, a christmas movie should be about jesus, what do you think? >> somewhere between where you and david are saying, i can agree with you guys, but my
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definition is it has to be about christmas themes, you're not going to huddle with your family and watch eyes wide shut. there is a christmas reference, and if you watch it because you think it's a christmas movie, you're either tom cruz or you're crazy or both. >> national lampoon, it's an excellent film. you can watch that in july, and it's as good as ever. >> no, you can't, you can barely watch it at christmas. >> that is -- >> any movie, pre-1960, it's like you might as well be an ambient. >> year never going to be invited back to tom shillue's show again. >> i think it's wrong. >> sitting next to the grinch over here. >> rudolph is my favorite
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christmas movie. >> only around the holiday, you know, they were only on for a half hour, i got them for my kids, charlie brown? the grinch, 30 minutes. coming up, a brand-new episode of the red eye pod cast is available now. subscribe to fox news and fox news radio. complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple. what's in your wallet?
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welcome back, time to find
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out what we got wrong and what we missed. hey, tom, how are you? >> excellent. >> forbes says putin is the most powerful person in the world. by the way, this is how you know trump is a putin fan, he has not tweeted anything nasty for forbes putting him second. you said putin's version of hacking, is that obama was born in kenya. greg, you said if the russians were behind the hack it is a big deal and there also should be an investigation. i agree with that. if the cia or nsa or whomever, it needs to be presented to the american people. to the voters. >> absolutely, andy, i love you, all of these guys are sweating about half time. >> i'm not worried about half time, it's ridiculous. by the way, nbc news says according to high level officials, the obama government
12:32 am
didn't respond more forcefully to the hacking about the election because they thought hillary was going to win. they thought a potential cyber war with russia was not worth it. they thought she was going to win, so they kicked the can down the road. our government, ladies and gentlemen. kelly, i don't believe any of the kardashians made the list. >> really? thank you for the fact checking. >> and i think you could argue both of those guys are more powerful than almost anyone else on the list, like including angela merkel and people like that. >> possibly, and not the kardashians. >> by the way, mike pence was number 69, i don't know how he feels about that. what kevin wrote in mother jones, he said they also sneer at us, fair enough, but as all
12:33 am
good liberals know, there is a difference of sneering at a power group and vice versa, so basically he said you should never sneer down. >> i got it andy, i love it. thank you. >> cleared that up, yeah, that's interesting. >> yeah, you don't really think that. and you said even in north korea, where the city looks down on the farmers, of course north korea is not really based on making them glorified. >> david you said walmart is the best, everything is so kmecheap but liberals hate it because they say it hurts small businesses. if you don't want to hurt small businesses and want to pay more for something, go to a small
12:34 am
business. >> okay, i want to pay less. >> so you will go to walmart. >> but it's not walmart hurting the small businesses, it's consumers making the decision that they would rather pay less. >> but the small businesses, they sell coke, craft, philip morris. it's not like they're hand-crafting it. >> except in brooklyn. >> all right, i support that. death of the see saw, tom you quoted the new york times article where it said that the older see saws were wooden planks and often hit asphalt, falls and pinched fingers, and then you added, thousands and thousands died. i believe you were referring there to the texas see saw massacre. >> that is what it was, i knew there was something. >> we should not laugh about it, because david's family was there. >> no, still hurts. >> yeah. greg, you said as a single guy with no kids you didn't notice
12:35 am
there were no see saws because you don't visit playgrounds, you seemed a little defensive there. >> it's true, i don't go to playgrounds. >> your honor. >> you can go if you want, but some have signs that say no greg johnson. >> they do have families, but i think you should be able to go. >> i'll test that. >> i don't think the sign says no greg johnsons. >> tom, you brought up the jungle gym, there is absolutely no way those things are not a hell of a lot more dangerous than a little see saw. >> absolutely, right? jungle gym. now they don't even have the jungle part, like it's not just gyms -- it's just monkey bars so you go hand over hand, but there is no one down in the bottom. we have the whole cube. that is the way to do it. >> all right, the most important story of the night is die hard a christmas movie?
12:36 am
david you said die hard is not a christmas movie, and a 2015 ppp poll thou poll shows that 15% of people agree with you, this is why it's stupid, die hard is a christmas movie. >> it's clearly a christmas movie, as you draw a hard line. >> what is a ppp -- >> public policy polling. >> all right, i'll take your word for it. and lastly, tom you said a christmas movie should be about jesus, so then later, frosty the snowman, rudolph the red nose rein deer, they're not christmas movies? >> no, but the greatest -- >> it has to be about -- near m-- they're metaphors. >> i do soften my line, because i brought up frosty. just because somebody wears a
12:37 am
christmas hat? really? the family gets together back at the end. sorry, a spoiler. >> i don't like it. i mean, i like it, it's a good movie, hilarious. >> stay tuned.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. a bus bombing in central turkey kills at least 13 people all military personnel. turkey's diplomat prime minister said the soldiers were the targets. 48 people were wounded. and the president and the first lady are starting the last day of his presidency in hawaii, the president talked about russian hacking, syria and donald trump, but also hit upon achievements during his presidency, he was happy about the effect his presidency had had on the stock market. >> and enacted the first sweeping reform to prevent a crisis on wall street from punishing main street ever again. none of these actions stopped
12:42 am
growth as critics predicted. instead, the stock market has nearly tripled. >> president-elect donald trump speaking at another thank you rally friday. this one in orlando, florida, he promised to build up the u.s. armed forces and also touched on foreign policy saying he will crush isis. >> for too long, we have been moving from one reckless intervention to another, countries that most of you have never even heard of before. it's crazy. and it's going to stop. a trump administration will focus on the vital national security interests of the united states. and that means crushing isis quickly and defeating radical islamic terrorism. >> i'm patricia stark, and now back to red eye. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news
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channel channel. gavin ain't having it. with me now, gavin mckinnis, let's talk about the teens that were long wild and rebellious and ready to experiment. but teens are reporting the lowest levels of drinking and drug use in years and even having less sex or fewer sexes, gavin, do you agree with the data? >> i do agree, i was with a 22-year-old male virgin, i was
12:44 am
trying to help him. he was like why do you keep screaming about the next generation? i said it's an apocalypse. >> this is interesting, you said you were there to help him. that seems good, the kid was living a straight life, and maybe when he finally does find the right woman he will have a wonderful intimate relationship. and he will be glad. >> great, beautiful scenario, i agree with you. you rarely see a more happy couple than a 23-year-old happy couple with three kids. but here on earth that doesn't always happen. so we go look, your libido is going insane, you're probably going to have a wild oat sewing, get to the oats, they have been abused so long with the ma masculi masculinity. for three days, they just lined up, waiting for games, and
12:45 am
walked through like these drones. they're beaten men. >> listen, gavin, i don't know if it's less sex because of clean living, i think they're engaging in pornography, and it's causing them to pull away from women. it's bad. so i think -- >> one is not mutually exclusive, though, i don't want them doing porn. i push them, i say you need to get off the couch and talk to girls. i call it five things, say five things to a girl a day. >> some people think that is street harassment, though. >> get back to cat calling and inappropriate behavior. get back to i don't know -- i have heard somewhere before, i'm glad you paused. fake news is a hot topic in post-election america. and everybody is trying to think of ways to keep fake news from
12:46 am
spreading, now, a totally non-partisan website came up with a solution, it slaps a name on the factor news stories and sites and users can get involved in fake news and stories themselves. gavin, what do you think of this? >> sounds like a wonderful plan, we should do it. you know what we should do, there is a problem going on in comedy clubs. i think a comedian show say they're set to a board, and can have different colors coming out. let's regulate all information. it's interesting, comedy has never been done that way, a lot of things are, dance competition, american idol. >> everything should be cleared by the board is what these people are going for and it doesn't work and here is the crazy irony of it. if we opened that pandora's box, i don't want it open. i want everybody to say whatever they want to say, and figure it out. if you told me trump was
12:47 am
murdered i would go check it out. i read news stories before. you know, if they write about your town, you go no, that is calculated a baritone, journalists are lazy, if we're going to start sensor them all for being buffoons, then rolling stones is going to be censors for the story they wrote badly. and we had a woman who lied about her veil being ripped off. and that horrible story, i was on the train. totally made up. >> are you sure about that? >> well, there is no evidence to support it. it's being listed as a hoax. that is part of the news process is the checks and balances as we figure out how true something was. right now we learned that russia was responsible for brexit and the election, which is clearly not true. but the process is hammering that out.
12:48 am
my point is, if we do stop the news, you will be the first to go lefties because you're the most lazy out there. so in a way, we're protecting you from your own fascism. >> wow, pretty good, you want the button or don't want the burn? >> i don't want the button, i don't want any type of regulation. >> let it go, we'll figure it out. one of the hottest things at the beginning and end of 2016. people are sharing how they felt about the first and end of the year in pictures. they are mostly grim. you see that one there. i think a lot of the people are upset, it's a trump thing, gavin, they act like their life is not going as well. i asked you to bring some pictures that show how you felt. how the -- the different gavin. >> opposite reaction. >> i was worried. i mean, i knew that trump would win, but you know you let doubt come in. i thought i don't know if we can bounce back from this.
12:49 am
i mean, we had eight years of catastrophe, eight years of social justice, where he said i think we should change the redskins' name, and nasa is talking about muslim mathemat mathematics. i thought i can't do this for another eight years. i guess november tenth, about 1 a.m.. >> you look so much happier, gavin, but looks like you didn't change your shirt from the beginning of the year. >> well, no, those two pictures were several hours apart. >> okay, i don't feel any different -- >> what are you talking about? aren't you walking on air? >> yeah, but here is me beginning of the year, let's see the next picture. okay, i do look very happy.
12:50 am
>> very stojic. >> i talked to james, he said i just want to touch the ground again. i looked down and his feet are floating. >> mark has got air. thank you, gavin, this is a great segment. >> oh, fun. >> fantastic, coming up, get your swiping fingers ready. coming to your tv.
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coming up on the next red eye, ben kissle, kristen tate, and seth hertzog. >> your dating life is fun for the whole family, yes, tin rk, calls the app the biggest thing to hit family nights since yahtzee, here is one of their ads. >> well, tracy, you have to be honest about the situation. >> what about him? >> mom, he is wearing a fedora. >> yeah, but you could read his bio. >> i'm sorry, she is still
12:55 am
living here, him, too. >> first of all, i want to ask you, michael, why do all commercials look like they were shot in the '70s? did you notice that? >> it's the golden age. >> well, usually in the 70s, people having the crazy board reactions, if some girl is like looking for guys on an app with her mom that is someone who i would want to have a threesome with. it's on the bucket list. >> this is what is happening, i think women want to use this in a wholesome way -- >> no, they don't. >> have you been on tender? i have been on tender, these are not classy ladies. >> wait a minute, greg, those two look like they want to find a relationship. she wants to be out there in the dating world and he is talking about threesomes. >> it looks like it is aimed that way. i don't know why you would want to be on tender, i don't know why you would include your
12:56 am
family in it. what happens if other family members pop up in the room? isn't this is a complicated way to do this, you could see a bunch of women who maybe reject you, and then you look like a loser in front of your family. >> david, did you have to bring your dates home when you were dating with the folks? >> not when i lived at home. >> you didn't. >> what about a one night, would you come in and take a photo? >> no, we stayed at a hotel -- >> did you see that commercial? that was crazy. >> it was. >> that is like a commercial for smith and wesson, you know, shoot yourself in the face. if that is your situation. >> mom, let's go find a date. that's crazy. >> some people have different ways, their families, they relate differently. >> doctor, what do you think?
12:57 am
would you do this with your family? >> me personally? no, but this is every meddling mom. >> thank you everybody, very special thanks, dr. kelly powers, greg johnson, and gavin mckinnis, that does it for me and i'll say good-bye. rodney and his new business.
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he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash
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on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit now. president obama insists russia interfered with the u.s. election and promises retaliation. in his final news conference of the year. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama says not much happens in russia without vladimir putin knowing about it. that is as close as he would come without saying that his russian counterpart was directly behind the hackings that democrats insist contributes to hillary clinton's defeat. it was the topic in the president's end of the year news conference before leaving for vacation in hawaii.


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