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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> dangerous, dangerous, bear, that hard hitting story and much more. "outnumbered" starts right now. fox news alert, the gloves are off, the escalating war of words between the white house and president-elect trump over russian hacking. this as president obama is now vowing that the u.s. will retaliate. this is "outnumbered". i'm meghan mccain. here today sandra smith, fox business' dagen mcdowell and julie roginsky, tv superman actor dean cain, you are "outnumbered." >> excellent. happy friday. >> we understand you have a special christmas announcement for us? >> i do? >> that's what i was told. [laughter] >> that i'm hosting the hollywood 85th annual holiday christmas parade that airs tonight on the cw, that's a lot of fun. i love christmas, i love the season, i love saying merry christmas, there's a great show
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on the cw. check it out. >> you are as handsome on the inside as you are on the outside. >> say it! preach! >> good to have you. >> great to be here, thank you. >> let's begin, white house press secretary josh earnest stepping up claim that president-elect donald trump knew about the russian hacks aimed at hillary clinton. >> it's not a controversial statement. i'm not trying to be argumentative, i am trying to acknowledge a basic fact. mr. trump was obviously aware of the fact that russia was engaged in malicious cyberactivity and that malicious cyberactivity was having a negative impact on his opponent's campaign and boosting his. >> the president-elect is firing right back. >> this foolish guy, josh earnest, i don't know if he's talking to president obama. [booing] >> having the right press secretary is so important. but the president is very positive, he's not positive, and i mean, maybe he's getting his orders from somebody else?
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>> meantime with five weeks left in office, president obama vowing that the u.s. will retaliate against the hackers. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action, and we will, at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and publicized, some of it may not be. >> and we have hillary clinton also weighing in. multiple reports say she told a gathering of donors that the hacking of democrats all stems from a grudge, russia's vladimir putin has against her. so dean, i'm going to go to you first, this is just getting more escalating, escalating, escalating, what do you make of all of this? >> well, josh, not so earnest, look, i hate to see him do that. only in power for another five weeks, i would like to see a
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peaceful transition of government. i don't like to see the ticky tack going forth. it's not fun to watch as a person that watches the news. i feel they are blaming the russian activity for trump's victory. that is not the case. i've known since before 2010, vladimir putin does not like hillary clinton. that is no secret. i've been wondering when people would talk about that. but he of all politicians, i think he might be -- she might be his least favorite. so perhaps he was trying to embarrass her or the russians trying to embarrass her by showing the wikileaks things or whatever. who knows. i mean there are so many people saying so many different things. look, we're all hacking each other all the time. i feel like it's below the office of the president to be saying that sort of things. >> dagen, to you next, i have the video and the image of president obama making fun of mitt romney for calling it a 1980s foreign policy when he brought up a possible threat of
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vladimir putin in russia. why do democrats worry now? >> they want to delegitimize donald trump's presidency. why get religion now if policy is to kowtow to vladimir putin and step out of the way. a policy of retreat, whether you're talking about ukraine, syria, there's -- russia has been waging cyberwar against the united states for many years but all of a sudden, it's time to do something about it, and vice president biden talked about this in october. he said the u.s. is planning to retaliate against russia after the cyberattacks, but he said the following -- the capacity to fundamentally alter the election is not what people think, he dismissed the fact that the result in november would be hurt by these hacks. >> sandra, this has been, as dagen said an entire eight years of dismissiveness against vladimir putin and pooh-poohing the possibility they could be a threat. again, obama was caught saying
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he would have flexibility after the election, then president medved. >> we all remember that. >> it's frustrating to people like me who have taken this seriously the past eight years. >> fast-forward and look at last few weeks where we've seen kind words exchanged between trump and president obama and president obama has insisted on this peaceful transition of power, a professional one without political bias. donald trump's had kind words, what do you make, though, of donald trump suggesting that josh earnest is getting his orders from somebody else? david axelrod weighs in on this and says it's highly unlikely he's scaling up the hits without the president's approval saying a press secretary doesn't just make statement like that on an unauthorized basis. >> i buy that. if david axelrod is saying that about his own candidate, it's obvious they think the president certainly is aware of what josh earnest is saying and
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either condonees it or is trying to put the blinders on. >> i want to get julie into. this the one thing we agree on is don't want national security to be a partisan issue. if there was espionage attacked against the united states, the american public has a right to know, and threats of russia are threats we should take seriously. >> i hate the fact people disagree with the fact that 17 intelligence agencies all agree that the russians hacked. they may disagree about the motive for the hack, but no disagreement of the russians hacked us. so as a result, take our partisan hats off. i will say that to me the real heroes in all of this and not just because you're sitting on the couch next to me. john mccain, lindsey graham, not people that traditionally extol with the democrats. the people saying we as americans need to put our country above party, i think barack obama's record on russia has been woeful. i think that he has fallen down, on doing something about
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this in the summer, not what he needed to do to make it clear that he could never do this again, for president obama to say we're going to pick a time and place of our choosing. i'm sorry, sir, you are out of office soon. you had the opportunity to do that six months ago, did you not as far as we all know. i'm by no means defending him. what i am saying is donald trump has to realize that the reason, as you pointed out, that the reason she got hacked is not because vladimir putin wanted to help donald trump. he hated hillary clinton. and so as a result, he aided donald trump maybe not purposely but he did. donald trump has to understand that the minute he stands up to vladimir putin, if put sin not punished for behavior now, he will get hacked. his offices will get hacked. for anyone here cognizant of the fact this hurt hillary clinton so why not focus on it because we love donald trump, it's going to happen to donald trump unless he goes along with
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everything that vladimir putin wants. if we don't punish putin today. take our partisan hats off and realize what's best for our county is to punish an adversary and a foe, make no mistake, vladimir putin a foe of this country, punish him in a bipartisan manner and make it clear there are things more clear than partisan politics, that is standing up for the values we believe in. foreign governments do not hack us, i don't care who you are or what party you belong to, period. >> we need to go to a clip of kellyanne conway asking the question a lot of people have, why did the white house wait so long? >> did you have person after person from the clinton campaign going on tv? did you have beyonce and jay-z doing a shoutout to warn everybody about the russian hacking interference on hillary's campaigns fortunes? you heard nothing about it, martha. they didn't spend a pen of the $1.2 billion? why? because they thought they were going to win. >> dagen? >> the administration says
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president obama had words with vladimir putin on the issue in september, that he not only complained but warned vladimir putin to his face about the consequences, and we did hear from the intelligence community in october. we heard from vice president biden, who i just quoted, and they're arguing, the white house, they didn't want to interfere with the election. the bigger question is where was the obama administration the last eight years, to paraphrase charles krauthammer, the role of being a superpower is to be so strong that you send a message and structure of deterrence in place to prevent this kind of thing happening. we were talking about bipartisanship on this issue. lindsey graham expects people on the right and the left to hammer rex tillerson to get answers out of him in terms of his relationship with vladimir putin. he was against sanctions against russia. again, he will now be in the role of representing and protecting the united states. he's going to have to prove that and then some when being confirmed. >> let me say this about rex
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tillerson since you brought it up. easy answer for him at confirmation hearing, will you or will you not continue based on sanctions. i would say over the past few weeks, strengthen the sanctions, don't have bilateral agreements which is what i understand you are about to have with the trump administration, no, no. sanction not the russian people but sanction putin's inner circle. it is not hard to do. revoke visas, do not allow them to go to the west, shelter in the money in the city of london, shelter money in the real estate in new york. >> you want him to disclose this in confirmation hearings? >> i want him to tell us he's not going to take away sanctions, i want him to argue stronger sanctions entirely in the purview of the president of the united states to do that. he has to do that. >> i think it can be much simpler than that. do you recognize russia funded terror. is that a problem you have when you have whatever business
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dealings or international dealings as a representative of the united states? do you recognize that? if we get into bed with these people, we're getting into bed with bashar al-assad. >> i want to acknowledge that the democrats are using the hacking issue to basically destroy donald trump's presidency before he's ever inaugurated, and the fact that the president is coming out and being so tough and vocal in an interview is appalling. >> they had a problem with everything, his call to taiwan, everything he does, they're going to have a problem with. >> where would they have learned that from? from the past eight years. moving on, julie. top lawmaker, homeland security officials knew the ohio state attacker was a terrorist recruitment risk but let him in the country anyways. did the obama administration drop the ball? plus fat cat democratic donors demanding answers what went wrong after pouring more
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than a b, billion dollars into hillary clinton's failed campaign. will anyone tell them?
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. >> fox news alert for you, we are watching the dow, as we have been.
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it is approaching that key 20,000 level. up 22 points in today's session. it has closed at a record 16 times since donald trump was elected president. we'll keep watching this for you. here's a number for you -- this year alone, the dow is up 2,427 points. >> woo-hoo! let's get this done, let's get this done! one trillion dollars in additional market value for the s&p 500 companies since donald trump's election, there you go. >> there you have it. shocking revelation on the ohio state university attack where a somali refugee injured 11 people last month after plowing his car into pedestrians, and then stabbing people with a butcher knife. a top lawmaker says homeland security officials knew the attacker was a possible recruitment target of islamic terrorists but granted asylum anyway. along with his mother and six of his siblings. senator chuck grassley in a letter to the homeland security secretary writing this information should have caused
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the asylum officer to conduct additional questioning of the older children to better understand ties to a group that the united states designated as a foreign terrorist organization in 2008. no additional questioning was conducted. this is a new "fox news poll," shows 43% of people feel less safe since president obama entered the white house nearly eight years ago. julie, that's hard to fathom, that after eight years, we're not feeling better about our safety and situation. >> well, you know, as you have the rise of isis and the destabilization of the world abroad, people are feeling less safe, and not everybody, that polls show a majority don't. when you have constant concern not just about data but gun violence which republicans don't want to talk about. i feel less safe or potentially more scared going into a movie theater that somebody can fire a gun because it's easier to
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purchase a firearm. i understand why people don't feel safe. i think it's relative to the fact that we have violence that has escalated not nationally but specific type of violence, gun violence is something i'm worried about. >> dean, back to the instance of ohio state university. abdul arkan. >> obviously, he didn't slip through the cracks, i think he walked through an open crack and walked right in there. i like president-elect's strong idea on vetting especially on countries known as terrorist havens, that is very important. once you start at the top, the administration takes a different tact and says we're going to vet them very, very hard and closely, you will find less instances of that. as far as feeling less safe, all the things that have happened, i agree people feel less safe. i don't feel less safe because of gun violence, i feel less safe because of the things going on in the world that has happened under this administration.
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>> there is a poll done on this, that is a complete, what you and i are saying is complete partisan bias, they say liberals traditionally feel less safe because of gun violence than terrorists do, it's interesting how you are forming your own by aconfirming our own biases there. >> we had a president who won't talk about radical islamic terrorism and talk about the connective issue of the jihadi ideology, and every time that is a mass death of people, he talks about gun violence. that's what we've been living with the last eight years, and don't forget in that speech he gave recently about terrorism, over the last eight years, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned or executed attack on homeland, but what about all of the attacks that we've seen that were rooted, whether they are lone wolf or not, that were rooted in the radical islamic ideology, the tsarnaev
9:20 am
brothers, nidal hasan, there was 18 e-mails between anwar al-awlaki and the fort hood killer, that's the refusal to acknowledge the world we live in, that we've been living with the last eight years. >> and you go back to this instance, homeland security officials knew the attacker was possible recruitment target of islamic terrorists but granted asylum anyway. what more can we be doing in this country, meghan. >> our own president-elect met with silicon valley, except twitter, day before yesterday, i have said this many times on the show, silicon valley needs to flag the people on facebook, that makes libertarians's heads pop off, this specific suit of the ohio state university shooter. i talked to a security expert who said these are threats he put on facebook page against america, someone should flag that. if you're making threats against the country, you should are pulled aside and called into question.
9:21 am
>> filter, flag and track child pornography, it is the law, why can't they do it with radical islamic terrorism. >> amen! i don't understand why it's different. i don't understand why it's different! >> that's free speech, meghan, they can't mess with that. >> they paid millions and millions to see hillary clinton win the presidency. now some of clinton's top donors want more than a thank you. they want answers from her campaign and the democratic party. and arnold schwarzenegger's message for those clinton supporters who still can't get over the in fact donald trump is the president-elect. mom's got this cold. hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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. >> all right, happy friday everyone. donors who forked over a combined one billion dollars to hillary clinton's presidential campaign want answers. clinton and tim kaine hosted a thank you event for mega donors
9:26 am
in new york city last night. supporters want to know what went wrong with the election and how the democratic party is going to turn things around? this article highlighting the anger. donors recognize that part of the problem is the current fragile state of the party. with the race for its chairmanship raging, the democratic national committee has yet to announce any plans for a full postmortem, and while individual democratic operatives have privately dug into what they think went wrong, no obvious moves from central members of the clinton team to publish a full accounting. julie, go to you first. >> yes, my friend. [laughter] >> where is that full postmortem? where is that internal look that everybody expected after this stunning loss? >> i suspect first of all, when the new dnc chair comes in, i urge them to think seriously about doing a postmortem and link the rnc to follow the recommendations that the rnc
9:27 am
did not do four years ago despite the fact that donald trump got elected. going against everything the rnc recommended four years ago. i will also say, i think we know what went wrong to some extent, a combination of arrogance and inability to listen to people on the ground. when they had people in places like michigan telling them they were a problem, they looked at metrics, i'm a huge believer of metrics, i new understand that metrics aren't always the end all and be all of things as they were for a very long time, something the democratic party should listen to. they think human intelligence is also very important, and i think to some extent we lack the coherent message. donald trump talked about making america great again. everybody could project onto that message whatever they wanted. in 1992, with the economy stupid. in 1984 morning in america. what was it for hillary clinton this year? segmented for every single
9:28 am
community but not one big recommendation. sandra: how can it look like they are taking an internal look are and serious about change dagen when they are putting the same people back in power. nancy pelosi. >> not listening to people outside of their own thought group, and as much of a math nerd as i am, it's not numbers, it's hearts and minds, and these are people who genuinely lack empathy for the people who are clinging to their guns and their bibles in between new york city and los angeles. also think something that hurt her was the fact she expected women to vote for her and told women to vote for her because she was a woman, it was time the woman ran the country. madeleine albright said there is a special place in hell for women who don't support each other and don't support hillary clinton and comes out the very early-morning hours after donald trump won that election and didn't have the guts to stand up in front of her supporters and say thank you. that kind of weakness, that does a disservice to all women,
9:29 am
and i'll say it here, she ran on being a feminist and sure as heck didn't act like one. >> dean, money is not enough, clearly. a billion dollars into hillary clinton's campaign and she lost against somebody who ran on much less that and put nancy pelosi back in power because she brings in the money? what are they understanding? . >> nothing, not understanding any of it. they bought and paid for the presidency. a billion dollars. we got, it we own this thing. here and tim kaine, no relation, by the way. the democratic party doesn't seem to be changing. i thought i was done seeing nancy pelosi on my television screen, she's there. daughter is talking about other stuff. at least harry reid is going to go, that part i can rest easy on. they don't seem to be changing much. >> there is a much larger problem, i was on with nomiki,
9:30 am
there is a generational divide in the democratic party and millennials who are ready to vote for somebody else because they feel this is business as usual, wall street funded, nancy pelosi, there is no change. and there was an ideological shift within the democratic party and not listening to the people. past money, who are you? who do you represent? who is the leader? they're very different people from different sides of the party standing up to this. beyond that, there is an interesting article in "vanity fair" talking about hillary clinton and henchwoman huma were so isolated, they didn't let anyone penetrate their bubble they weren't listening to anyone, that is one giant lesson any candidate running for president. >> what millennials are today, i was that age when ralph nader ran in 2000 and a lot of people my age said we're not going to vote for al gore, we don't like george bush, we're going to vote third party.
9:31 am
people my age don't, they may not have loved hillary clinton, she was not my first choice as candidate. i guarantee you they may not be staying four years. >> they won't vote for someone with fresh ideas. >> the millennials might be happy because they might have a job. >> hope is eternal, my friend. >> and they're rich and they're republican. [ laughter ] moving onto arnold schwarzenegger, mr. schwarzenegger has a message for hillary clinton voters who can't get over the results of the election. >> now, it is very important that we all support the president, that we all come together, and stop whining and it becomes one nation. as obama said many years ago, it's not the blue states and red states, it's the united states of america. >> in october he said he did not vote for president-elect trump. meantime, a group of
9:32 am
celebrities is calling on dozens of gop electors, not to vote for president-elect trump when the members of the electoral college cast their ballots next week. >> what is evidence is that donald trump lacks more than the qualifications to be president. >> he lacks the necessary stability. >> and clearly the respect for the constitution of our great nation. >> you have position. >> the authority. >> and the opportunity to go down in the books as an american hero. >> who changed the course of history. >> and you have my respect. >> wow. >> that'll work. >> dean cain? they have your respect. >> he was physically uncomfortable watching that. >> ace ventura when he almost hurls, where is the camera. on behalf of hollywood, i apologize. >> oh, my god. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. [laughter] >> it's in the constitution, the electors, that whole situation, i disagree whole
9:33 am
heardedly, i'm sorry, i'm so sorry. >> why is their opinion less relevant than arnold schwarzenegger? >> it's not. >> a co-executive producer on "celebrity apprentice" with donald trump. >> he's the new host. >> yeah, but also the new co-executive producer. he might have vested interest. >> oh, please! >> people who understand the writings of alexander hamilton because they saw the musical! i didn't but they probably get tickets. >> maybe bone up on the constitution that the point of the framers believed in the wiffle the people and the choices of people and the choice would be -- donald trump. >> the choice of the people would be hillary clinton by the way the electoral college is set up, it's donald trump, which means that you can have faceless electors as hamilton pointed out. >> we know what the electoral college is set up for and why it was set up. we're not a true democracying are not mob rule. we're a constitution of the republic, that's a great thing. for arnold, one thing real
9:34 am
quick. he has a catch phrase for his new show. i want to go on record as he should say, you're terminated. i want to go with terminated. i think he's right, stop whining, get behind our president. i didn't vote for barack obama either time. once he was elected, i got behind him and wanted him to succeed. that's the way it should be. >> how about you won't be back. >> still like terminated. >> it was shot down. like no. >> the governor of california, a very successful governor, he gets clout talking politics with me. i don't recognize anybody but eydie wong. >> and debra messing. >> and the other guy from the west wing. >> i know a few of the people are extremely vocal on twitter, and i think at a certain point you have to look towards the future instead of the past if you're a democrat right now. what are you going to do to fix the fences? what are you going to do to talk to people in the middle of
9:35 am
the country? only talking to l.a., new york and massachusetts, not working out too well for anybody. all of the people that need to do, this go on a tour, talk to real americans and talk to me why you think you know better than the average coal miner. >> the electoral college was set up to avoid this political tampering and politicking as the "wall street journal" editorial page points out. what did we not know about donald trump when people wept to the polls? that's the point. >> what do your colleagues say when you go back to hollywood after that remark. will they talk to you? >> people don't want to engage in discussing policy and politics. i don't get upset and start screaming at people. i get that on the other side where people won't have the conversation, they start calling me names and then it devolves into nothing. >> scott baio got into a fight with the wife of his neighbor. >> the wife of one of his neighbors? >> apparently. i wasn't there.
9:36 am
>> she was fighting him, not the other way around. allegedly. facebook meantime announcing it's going to take steps to put a stop to fake news stories on your news feed. can their fix really work, or should it be up to the user to decide whether something in their feed is true? 've been makg delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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. >> the suspect accused of opening fire at a d.c. pizza place after becoming outraged over a fac news story is back in court on assault and gun charges. when it comes to the spreading of fake stories, facebook says it is going to start fact checking and bearing stories that aren't true. joining forces with
9:41 am
organizations that to that kind of thing like snopes, claiming, quote -- stories that have been disputed may appear lower in the news feed. so dean, to you first. there was a man open fire on a pizza place, obviously incredibly scary after reading a fake news story. what do you think? >> i think that's kind of ridiculous. i have been accused of retweeting fake news stories, when i retweet fox news. so you guys are like number one, right? so i get told i'm retweeting fake news and that happens all the time. i don't get my news from facebook, a lot of people do. they've buried things they want to bury in the past and i think it's an interesting proposition, i don't want there to be fake news out there.
9:42 am
go to a reputable source and somebody you trust like i trust fox news, i will look at cnn, sorry, but i will look at different organizations they know and trust, i think that's important before you retweet something or go to a pizza parlor and shoot somebody up, which is obviously, ridiculous. >> facebook has been proven they suppress conservative news stories, there is an automatic, what is your impression of a fake news story? a positive story about a conservative, are you going to put it lower on the news feed. i understand the skepticism, when you pr the "pizzagate" story, it raises fear. >> if you are pro-life and you own a gun, that's hate speech, and facebook will target you. facebook has a role in this but ultimately comes down to the individual, as more people use facebook and social media to get their news. pew did a study, 62% of adults get news on social media and facebook, two-thirds of people
9:43 am
on facebook get news on the site. you've got to weed the stuff out. stop posting or sharing information that is clearly spurious, questionable. this is the equivalent of the e-mails that we always used to get that friends pass around that were so kooky, you had to say you cannot e-mail me that at work? it comes down to personal responsibility as well as the responsibility of facebook. >> you like facebook getting this involved? when you dig into it, are they going to be using other signals like algorithms to determine if it should label the story as fake and bury it in people's feeds. a lot of authority and a lot of room for something to go wrong and for real news to be filtered out. >> they're making money off the backs of all of this. it's like if we're going to call on them to crack down on the radical islamic terror talk
9:44 am
and crack down on anything that is questionable that could lead to violence -- >> i wonder how transparent they're going to be with the algorithms. >> i remember complaining rightly so, they are suppressing conservative articles and said we should let an algorithm do this and not have the human element do, it therefore it's not biased. what an algorithm provides you is the fake news. when you have an algorithm do it, the algorithm can't determine whether the "pizzagate" story should be number one story, when clearly nobody is running a sex shop out of a suburban pizza store in suburban washington. i don't know what the answer, is we thought we found a solution to is up pressing certain types of speech and shortly thereafter it comes out what that led to is the pro--
9:45 am
proliferation of fake news stories. i don't know the answer. >> don't get your news from facebook. there's the answer. >> right. >> we use it for looking at photos of kids and dogs in costumes. 'tis the season for the holiday office party. we had it at "outnumbered," now it's not okay to say holiday. they prefer end of semester party so as not to take a chance on offending anyone, whether we're getting a little too concerned with being pc, i say yes, and one school district saying don't mess with charlie brown, featuring a famous line from linus can't stay up, but how did it get to this point? i love charlie brown. ♪
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. >> we're "outnumbered" in just a minute, just jenna lee with what's coming up in the second hour of happening now. >> breaking news on two important regions of asia. first china stealing the u.s. drone further heightening tensions. already at a boiling point and the new president of the philippines is threatening to kick out u.s. forces from that country.
9:50 am
so a lot to focus on in asia, gordon chang joins us top of the hour for the breaking news and more on happening now. >> looking forward to that, jenna. >> all right, forget merry christmas, one college wants to do away with another common phrase, holiday party. that first reported in campus reform texas women's university seems to believe that holiday is no longer inclusive, preferring the term end of semester parties instead. in a media release the school saying -- well, the university also recommends not decorating with santa claus, or red-nosed reindeer or evergreen industry industries, suggesting folks
9:51 am
use snowflakes, snowmen or winter themes. dean cain has his hands on his head. >> seriously. i love when they say decorate with snowflakes, that is hysterical, snowflake is involved with another type of person. holiday, how can that be offensive? i looked up holiday. a day of festivity and recreation when no work is done. how is that offensive in any way, shape, or form? >> unbelievable. >> i don't get it. it's ridiculous. >> we had our lovely "outnumbered" holiday party last evening, and on my facebook page, i put out the picture and i said the "outnumbered" holiday party. i can't tell you how many people responded merry christmas! but there does seem to be pent-up, i guess, people out there about this. >> i'm not kidding, my notes for this was trump one grow a pair. they're making christmas great again.
9:52 am
i'm saying merry christmas left and right. >> how about one of the events he had in the past week that hinted, i was worried the giant christmas trees behind him were going to fall. it was so much holiday spirit. i just love the irony that this university of texas women's university is a co-ed university and not hung up on changing the name which completely leaves out one entire gender. >> seinfeld provides the answer, a fest vis for the rest of us my friend. >> julie, do you know people that get upset about this? >> i don't. i don't know anybody prevented from saying merry christmas over the last eight years, despite the phony war on christmas that we see as being waged. >> i don't think it's phony. >> i am a liberal and i'm not christian, merry christmas, everybody. >> wow! >> it's not that hard. >> all the lawyers on the prowl
9:53 am
looking for a case, looking for somebody to get upset about, in texas, one school district is learning a valuable lesson, you don't mess with charlie brown. a judge ruling that a homemade decoration featuring a famous line from a charlie brown christmas can stay on display at a middle school. >> for unto you is born in day in the city of david, a savior, jesus christ the lord. >> that was written on a deck tlagz a nurse's aide put up on the door at school. the school board voted to take it down saying it might offend kids who don't share christian believing. a judge ruled it could stay as long as the aide adds the words, ms. shannon's christmas message. dean, what do you think? >> i'm glad that first amendment stood up there and she was able to put it there as free speech.
9:54 am
amazing, how many things are torn down. i played superman who stood for truth, justice and the american way, and i bet you i couldn't say that these days. >> sure you could, it's not a religious statement to make. >> if i showed the american flag, someone is going to get upset. how much of that have we seen? it boggles my mind. two things happening in texas, it's odd. i'm glad this changed. i think texas is where it wouldn't happen. i guess i'm wrong. >> geraldo rivera wouldn't have had a talk show if it weren't for texas and florida. that's an old joke. julie, there are people out there who are looking for a reason to get upset. you say merry christmas, it's charlie brown, are they going to ask that charlie brown's christmas not be aired because it might offend people who happen to walk by the tv with the sound up. >> you can air charlie brown's christmas, the ten commandments, go ahead and air it. my only problem, this is the worst subject ever because i
9:55 am
get more hate mail than anything else. i'm a big believer in the separation of church and state, and not using tax dollars, if the teacher didn't use tax dollars, i'm okay with it. if the school put up a sign, a message, that's very obviously christian, because it refers to the birth of jesus christ, i have a problem with that, that is a separation of church and state issue with me. i've always been strong on that, and no more hate mail on any issue than this particular issue. bring it on, my friend. >> it was a card. >> thousands and thousands of tax dollars were spent on tiny little card from ms. shannon. give me a break! come on! i feel bad for ms. shannon, she was trying to spread a little good cheer during christmastime and, of course, it becomes a pc -- >> sandra making her famous sandra face. >> bring it. >> charlie brown is a big hit in our house, i have two toddlers. if you haven't watched it this christmas season, do it. it's fun. most offensive thing about
9:56 am
charlie brown is the number of times lucy says stupid or calls people stupid. >> lucy is a bully. she's really mean. so are her little friends. >> could do a whole show on lucy. >> slap charlie brown because he gets so bullied by lucy. >> i will do my peanuts dance. i can do all the dances in that scene. more "outnumbered" in just a moment everybody. [laughter]
9:57 am
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10:00 am
[laughter] >> all right, thank you so much dean cain, always a pleasure to have you on the couch. >> thanks for having me here, a great time. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas! >> have a great weekend everyone, back on tv monday at noon. saying a warning to the u.s. >> calling for an end of a long- standing military partnership. >> i anticipate that i will not be standing here tomorrow. >> we are waiting president obama final new's conference as the white house ramps up the rhetoric with russia and the media. >> it was an excellent report makes clear that new's organizations in the united states essentially became the arms of russian intelligence. >> what role did


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