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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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send in your donations. they are doing a fantastic job. they are a small group. they need your help. think about doing that. >> great cause. on that note, merry christmas, happy holidays. whateverp plies. martha: have a great weekend everybody. see you back here on monday. ♪ jenna: a war of words between the white house and president-elect donald trump over alleged russian hacking in the presidential election. hello and welcome to "happening now," everybody, i'm jenna lee. >> nice to be with you at home on this friday i'm leland vittert in for jon scott. imagine this, mr. trump pushing back hard during his thank you tour stop in pennsylvania last night after the white house press secretary accused president-elect knowing about russian election meddling but encouraging the interference. >> mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious
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cyber activity that was helping him and hurting secretary clinton's campaign. again these are all facts that are not in dispute. jenna: last night mr. trump challenged those assertions head on. >> this foolish guy, josh earnest, i don't know if is talking to president obama. having the right press secretary is so important because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. he can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad. jenna: meantime "the wall street journal" is reporting that russian hackers tried to break into the computer networks of the republican national committee using similar techniques that allowed them to hack the dnc but apparently those attempts failed. do to a less aggressive effort by russian intelligence again according to this report. just last night one of the players at the center of the controversy, a name you know well, wikileaks founder julian assange speaking to our own sean
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hannity, denying hi ties between his organization and the kremlin. >> in order to prevent attacks against our publication we had to come out say no, it is not a state party, stop trying to distract in that way, pay attention to the content of the publication. >> when you say a state party, wasn't another state like russia or some other country? >> correct. our source is not the russian government. >> if you believe julian assange. meanwhile president obama is drawing a very public line in the sand. he says president-elect trump, quote, obviously knew about russia's involvement in the hacks. that president vladmir putin had personally authorized them and now the u.s. president is vowing a u.s. response. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that that we need to take action and we will at a
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time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit. and publicized. some of it may not be. jenna: former howard dean campaign manager, fox news contributor, and ed rollins as well, former white house advisor to ronald reagan. long time political analyst. and welcome to you both. flag the first line of the program to our viewers. we said this, a war of words between the white house and president-elect donald trump over alleged russian hacking. we're still in that stage of calling it alleged at this point. it is a very serious story but light on a few fact, ed. meantime we have very serious politics at play as well. try to work through both of those things for our viewers. what do you think of this story? >> normally when an election is over, baton gets passed from one president to another in a more gentle way. because of campaign they're taking baton and trying to beat trump over the head and take it
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back. there is nothing that shows how all this happened. is it good he will try to fix it before he goes out of office? he has very short time span here. the key thing is about the future. trump did not win the election because of leaked information. he won the election because he went on and talked about jobs and candidate of change. you have a close election with 70,000 vote margin in three states that finally made the difference there is a lot of bitter sentiment. jenna: is that what this is about, joe? >> agree with ed, when you have 78,000 votes or so decide an election, every single reason matters from campaign mistakes to candidate flaws to stories if they were looked by the russians and taken by russians had an impact, all those reasons could have had impact on the election obviously but only one of them involved involved whether a foreign nation or not tried to
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influence our election. there is nothing wrong with, i think every american should want to know the answer to that question. it is not a question who won. the electoral college will decide that i think tomorrow or later today. but right now it is, we need to know the answer to these questions whether wikileaks is telling th is going on here. what is it that the cia and intelligence agencies actually believe and it is going to take a while. jenna: sure. >> it should abbey partisan effort to get to the bottom of it. jenna: that is it what the president said, he said it's a bipartisan effort but ed, he went on in the npr interview to go directly after republicans, in the interview when he was asked how do you think the next president should respond to this? sure, if it is a bipartisan issue fine, what do we make of the commander-in-chief making those accusations about one political party and not necessarily the russians? >> he controls the government.
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if he would have known this back in september and clapper first came through and said there was suspicions it is his government he should have svelted and obviously didn't. say i will fix it if a few weeks, as joe said we have to find the bottom line and find out it all happened and stop it in the future. the election is over. trump is putting his cabinet together and administration moving forward. this charges he nude he was involved in this is absurd and detrimental to the presidency. jenna: joe, sounds like you wanted to weigh in. >> no. what i was going to say the reason, part of the reason we need to know there are elections happening in places likes france and germany. if russia is trying to influence ours and now are using same tactics to try to push and influence thedown faull of nato and anything going on by influencing who wins and who
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loses in these races and we don't get to the bottom what happened here and work with allies to fight back, and that is something that president-elect trump is going to have to do so one of the disconcerting things on both sides his automatic, it didn't happen. none of this is true that it is ridiculous. what is going on here, martha. i agree the democrats have a reason to push this but on the other hand there is something wrong with the way trump is reacting to it, not because we're talking about the way the election turned out because there are real implications if we don't take this seriously, get to the bottom of it and try to work with our allies to prevent it happening in the future and take action against russia. i agree with ed, obama should have but we haven't yet. that is part of the problem. jenna: point is well-taken. politics on both sides. we need to acknowledge the issue if there is indeed an issue we
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need to know the information and public needs to know about it and make moves whatever those are. i want to play sound from earlier in the week. we spoke through an expert on russia and cut through a lot of this noise and has an interesting take what russia is truly up to. let's take a listen to the sound now. >> the idea to get us to doubt facts available to us, to look for the conspiracy rather than looking for, looking to where the intelligence takes us and get us so wrapped up in a discussion of whether or not something is true that we're not actually solving the problem. jenna: hmmm. sounds familiar, doesn't it, ed? he goes on to say innuendo, what russians really want to make american public doubt their leader so much that causes instability, not necessarily the hacking itself. >> i think at the end of the day, trump won, trump will be president, choose what is he chooses to do. reality we spent billions and billions and billions of dollars in multiple agencies. we need to get the bottom of this.
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russians will be on the move. russians continue these kind of tactics all over the world. some places we'll be able to effect and some places we aren't. don't diminish the people who went out and voted made trump president. that is part of the strategy. jenna: john podesta, top aide to hillary clinton, he is in "the washington post" talking about what he thinks of fbi overly politicized and the like and taking on agencies. also taking on house republicans. viewers are seeing a little bit of the op-ed on the screen. is this helpful? should john podesta taking this role now all things considered? how does this affect the national conversation? >> no, i don't and part of the reason is because in this environment these kind of things coming from podesta only make it political -- only make partisans on both sides dig in at a time, when this really is, i meant what i said. this has to be bipartisan, we
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have to look what happened across the board and take action. and, by the way, if the russians -- trump's right. if the russians didn't hack this, if it is not what happened, and a bipartisan investigation should prove that, just by the way the wisconsin recount only validated that who actually won wisconsin. i actually think it is important for this to be bipartisan so we don't buy into the chaos that if it is russia they want to promote. somebody else, i don't remember who it was, russian expert seas what putin wants is chaos and the more chaos in the world better it is for the kremlin. i don't think we should play into that. it should be bipartisan and we get to the bottom of this. jenna: are there anymore releases from white house with more information? are classified briefings of our representatives actually happen from the intelligence agencies.
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we've heard there is reluctancy. looks like we're all looking for a little more information, but acknowledgement joe, you point out is well-taken. something we'll take a closer look at. ed, joe, great to have you both. >> thank you very much. happy holidays. >> good to be with you. >> fox news alert. syrian government forces allegedly opened fire on a humanitarian convoy and now the evacuation of the besieged city of aleppo has been suspended of the as of now there are still thousands of people, some trapped inside of aleppo, many who are wounded including women and children. john huddy live from the middle east newsroom with the very latest. hi, john. reporter: hey, leland just as evacuation of thousands of civilians like you were talking about seemed to be gaining speed it then came this morning to a screeching halt. yet again. syrian state tv reported that rebels opened fire this morning on civilian convoys trying to
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cross from eastern aleppo to government-had held western aleppo. trucks and buses loaded with people were roadblocked at ramesh crossing, the main bridge crossing. some of the vehicles were turned around and ordered back to ravaged eastern aleppo. syrian aid groups blame pro-government force, syrian forces in particular, iranian shia militias attacking the aid convoys. the question is these different factions will step back and let the humanitarian aid convoys roll. that said there was progress getting people out of eastern aleppo this morning before everything was halted. turkish foreign officials say at least 7500 people were evacuated. russia's defense ministry puts that number at 9,000. the u.n. and several aid groups saying at least six thousand people have been evacuated so far. still the operation is far from over because an estimated 50,000 people remain strapped in eastern aleppo.
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so international aid groups and foreign officials from the u.s., russia and turkey are calling on resumption of the evacuation process and even more so a sears fire. -- cease-fire. leland, backs to you. >> the secretary of state here in the u.s. accusing the assad regime of carrying out, quote, nothing short of a mass occur as assad is still backed by the russians. john huddy, live in jerusalem. thanks, john. jenna? jenna: two separate air scares this in the skies. what forced two planes to turn around. president-elect looking at larry kudlow for the economic council. why the commentator is different from other republicans and why his views line up with donald trump. president obama is about to hold what is described as his final news conference of 2016 of the what he might say about russian hacking, breaking news of a chinese theft of a u.s. underwater drone.
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jenna: bird strikes forcing two planes to make emergency landings in illinois yesterday. both planes carried more than 160 passengers. the first strike disrupted southwest airlines strike heading from chicago to las vegas causing that plane to head back to the airport. we have pictures of the second flight. the bird flew into the engine of this plane heading from chicago to florida. the captain shutting down the engine and bringing plane back to the airport. the everyone got off safely. a few scary moments there. leland. leland: stock market soaring as president-elect trump is getting closer to the day in office. the dow approaching the 20,000 milestone as investors anticipate more business-friendly policies from the new administration.
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right now, up 41, betting close to 19,900. this amid reports that conservative commentator larry kudlow could become the chair of trump's council of economic advisors. washington post reacting to the stock market surge entitled, investors proving bullish on trump. let's bring in glen hall, u.s. news editor for "wall street journal" always good to see you. we bottom close to 20,000. now we're flirting with it. is that something that is normal or does it matter? >> it is normal. psychological more than anything. you see a little bit of volatility. there a profit-taking and a bit of encouragement. what we're seeing is the general enthusiasm in the market that has taken over since donald trump was elected continues. whether we hit 20-k or not we'll see do you in double digits by end of the year.
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leland: to your point this is psychological. earnings are not way up, companies have not gotten huge tax cuts and promise of mr. trump and if mr. kudlow comes into his economic council vice source what new blood and new thinking might do. >> expectation of regulatory environment and tax cuts that might spur business spending and hiring, generally grow the economy. the other side of it, there is some strength there. when the fed decided it was going to raise interest rates and you signal faster growth, it said explicitly we see this endorsement of the economy. we see job creation of full i am employment. inflation heading right direction. they showed a lot of confidence. leland: conceivably boy how things changed eight years from 2008, 2009 when president obama came in but not everybody is feeling it. look at this "fox news poll." we asked registered voters about their financial situation since president obama took office. 30% say better off. 22% worse off. half say nearly the same.
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as we've been discussing, the dow was half of what it was when president obama took office, roughly in 2009. unemployment is double, was double what it is now, yet half of americans say, it is the same. >> that is exactly what defined this election in so many ways, right? there were two economies and two different feelings about the economy. and it was the trump voters said i'm not feeling it. they came in en masse. i think we'll continue to see that. their expectations are high, you will help me, right, in my rural place, other parts of america that haven't seen recovery. jobs are not there. talk about the opioid crisis of america. this is part of america not yet benefiting from the recovery. leland: great reporting in "the wall street journal" about the issues, opioid crisis and some of these towns in ohio and pennsylvania, counties in michigan that went heavily for donald trump. the question though is, does mr. trump's proposed policies help those people? >> well, you see a lot of return to supply-side econmics coming in.
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the goal that the tax cuts will encourage companies to bring money they have kept offshore back into america, invest perhaps, that could happen. it could also be, they return in dividends or other ways that don't necessarily directly benefit. general deregulatory environment could spur companies to have more confidence in investing in their employees and hiring and growing. all these things are on the table. pretty busy first 100 days are to the president-elect once he gets into office. leland: big question what happens when you raise tariffs with the manufacturing jobs. >> exactly right. leland: glenn, great having you here. thanks for insight and analysis. here's to 20-k. all right, jenna? jenna: california, breaking with a fox news alert. what is happening in richmond, california, by way of sister station kbtu. there is major fire at a junkyard in richmond, california, outside of san francisco. a big you have in fire, according to ktvu, richmond residents are advised to shelter
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in place. there are a lot of toxins, metal and plastic burning. we're looking to find out more information about the cause and what is the impact to the local community, richmond, california. big fire, we're keeping an eye on it. more "happening now."
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jenna: talking a lot about hacking today. the fbi is investigating the largest known data breach in history. more than a billion yahoo! email accounts impacted. yahoo! warning users to change their passwords. the data breach may affect plans to by the company's internet business. verizon agreed earlier this year to a $4.8 billion tag for the yahoo!. but there might be reneges of that. verizon reading a statement quote, as we said all along we'll evaluate the situation as yahoo! continues its investigation.
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we'll review the impact of this new development before we come to any final conclusion. that is the business sphere. we'll talk about security though. david kennedy, a former white hakobyaner which is something we want to focus on. david, great to have you back on the program. tell our viewers is what is white hakobyaner? >> white hacker hacks for good. try to prevent people from getting into the united states and our companies and steal data. jenna: you have a background in military. >> it was in intelligence agencies doing more of the hacking things. jenna: more of the hacking things. i will leave it vague. it sounds mysterious and powerful, david. i want to talk about yahoo! and russians as well. yahoo! breach, what do you make of this? what do you make of the largest breach in history? >> it is. we've never seen a billion records ever stolen and publicly disclosed. the scary part about it, it wasn't just your email address and your password. it was your martie's maiden
8:27 am
name, date of birth, phone number, everything we use essentially to verify ourselves trying to get access to our bank accounts or trying to get access to twitter or facebook. really a lot of core secrets to bypass our authentication and passwords in those systems. very, very big deal. happened back in 2013 and yahoo!'s just announcing that one billion mark right now. hackers had a long time to have access to the information. jenna: is that negligence by yahoo!? >> that is pretty bad. i have actually never seen a breach go this far where they haven't disclosed since it has been happening since 2013, three, almost four years of a breach undisclosed. that is pretty massive and unprecedented. it doesn't look good. that's for sure. jenna: looking at interview that was underscoring why someone having your mother's maiden name such a big deal, because after security question so often used. let's face it. your mother has likely one maiden name. even though you think you might be only one to know it, good security question, if somebody else knows it, along where you
8:28 am
went to elementary school and street you grew up on you're wondering what about my security? what shut our viewers do, whether they have a yahoo! account or not, how should we better protect ourselves? >> interestingly enough, a lot of people get hacked because of challenge questions super simple. what was my dog's first name. can iterate so many different dog types you get buddy or something like that, right? i recommend signing up for the accounts in those challenge questions, put a fake, really complex question in there. usually still recover based off of your phone number, so could have text message sent to you, more secure than answering those security questions. one thing i also want to emphasize, for yahoo! users, your password is compromised. using password anywhere else bank, gmail, anywhere else, change immediately across all of them. we recommend using separate passwords for each system. harder to break into your accounts anyway.
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jenna: i used not want to give phone number ask you for backup. you realize that might be one of the most secure ways to get the authorization code. >> yeah. jenna: ask you a final question about the russia story. the russia story because we're still calling it alleged hacking by the russians. still a little light on information. you worked in the government. you worked on hacking. how much information do we really know about this? what is your sense of what the government does know versus what is being disclosed to the public? >> well, really hasn't been much disclosed to public aside from either terms like leaked cia documents or leaked information around we have a high confidence level. obviously now the white house is coming out saying there is alleged hacking happening. we don't know to what extent. we don't know if they hacked election systems. dnc is not saying what actually transpired and impact of russian hacking. i want to make clear, everybody is hacking everybody. united states hacked russia. two weeks before the actual election obama said if there is
8:30 am
any disruption to the elections we would directly go on the offense against russia and we have hacked the kremlin. we have hacked key sensitive government areas. we're hacking each other all the time. this is not something surprising but we have no evidence. jenna: david, that doesn't make me feel safe. it makes me feel worried because the president is talking about retaliation publicly. we talked about the weakness of our infrastructure, of our electric grid for example. >> yeah. jenna: can't help but wonder what is the impact of all this back and forth on us? >> that is really the scary part. the reason why we hacked russia and china hacks us and military preparedness. we hack their electric good. they hack our electric good. we hacked their water treatment facilities. they hack our water treatment facilities. the reason we haven't seen any catastrophic failures of financial infrastructure we do the exact same thing to russia. if we do something retaliatory and continues to escalate we could see pretty damaging things to both countries across the board to other allies in the western area. this could definitely escalate
8:31 am
very quickly and very fast. russia is being extremely aggressive right now and they have over the past year both militarywise and cyberwise. this is something we need to be really careful of. i'm not saying we shouldn't show sign of force but we need to be careful what the sign of force is. jenna: we thank you for your background and. thanks for being on. >> thanks, jenna again. leland: from the russians being aggressive to the chinese military. now on the move showing off the new aircraft carrier in a live fire exercise just as our lucas tomlinson exclusive reporting from the pentagon that the chinese navy seized one of our under water drones. how that happened. plus the president-elect making some big promises last night to coal supporters in pennsylvania but can he actually make good on the campaign pledge? >> we're going to eliminate job-killing regulations, cancel
8:32 am
many executives orders, believe me, we'll be canceling a lot. and lift the restrictions on the production of american energy including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal.
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jenna: back with a fox news alert. major fire at an auto yard in richmond, california, has local officials ordering folks in that particular area to shelter in place. it's a major commute area right in the bay area outside of
8:36 am
san francisco. we're continuing to watch the blaze. the cause unknown at this time. you can see by live pictures we have, certainly a force to be reckoned with. we'll certainly watch the story out of california. meantime we turn back to washington, d.c., an another fox news alert, defense officials are he willing fox that chinese navy ship has stolen an american under water drone in the disputed area of the south china sea. lucas thomas from washington with latest. what happened? >> jenna occurred 40 miles west of the philippines in the south china sea, approximately 150 miles from the score borrow shoal, contested island in the south china sea between china and philippines. a chinese ship was shadowing the uss bowdich owned by uss knave and with a -- u.s. navy. chinese ships regular labially
8:37 am
shadow navy vessels in the south china sea for past several months there. are no classified material on the under water drone. china knows sent out a small ship to capture the drone. it is worth about $150,000. the american ship after the drone was stolen called the chinese ship aboard, over radio but to no avail. the chinese stole it. the state department lodged a formal protest. it was delivered by the u.s. ambassador in beijing today. jenna: we'll watch that developing story. tensions are high in the region. we've been covering that, lucas. what else has china been up to lately? reporter: jenna in the last week china phone another long-range bomber h-6 around the south china sea around the contested islands of the first time since president-elect trump's phone call with the taiwan president. the first time the china flown that particular route since march of 2015. a sign of increasing es can is la in the region of the also
8:38 am
this week, csis, a washington-based think tank, released photos, china armed all seven artificial islands in the south china sea. yesterday in the press conference in beijing, the chinese foreign ministry was asked about recent fox news reporting about these bomber flights. china called them routine. china conducted live-fire exercises from the only aircraft carrier in the region in the last few days. jenna? jenna: so much focus on russia and hacking but what is china doing? something that we have to continue to watch. lucas, thank you so much. breaking news at the pentagon. more on that as we get it. leland? leland: right now president-elect donald trump getting ready to take his new tour to orlando tonight. i-4 corridor did well for him. last night he promised to put miners back to work in a rally in coal country. bryan llenas, wains burke, pennsylvania, in the keystone
8:39 am
state with more. hi, brian. reporter: leland. green is the highest coal-producing county in pennsylvania of the for nearly 40 years emerald mines has been beacon of this coal community. less than a month ago, it closed down. slashing 500 jobs. since 2012, green county has lost over a third of its coal jobs. 70% of the greene county voted for president-elect donald trump, and many like jim, a miner and lifelong democrat say it is because trump promised to bring back coal jobs. >> he said he is going to try. you can't fault a man for trying. the ones who lost their jobs, i would say, might be a hard time to get them back but i think ones who are still working we might have a future. reporter: now experts we spoke to say the coal industry is not coming back because rolling back environmental regulations is simply not enough. >> not a promise he will be able
8:40 am
to keep. headwinds aligned against him, low-cost natural gas. low cost renewables. it is geology. the fact that the cheap seams are again and natural concerns about climate change. reporter: but booming natural gas industry promises to revitalize struggling coal communities. encouraged by trump the industry needs infrastructure and more pipelines to move oversupply of gas to more markets and create more jobs. newly discovered gas in marcellus shale has created 70,000 jobs in pennsylvania. marcellus is the largest source of natural gas in the u.s. >> we're encouraged by the fact that under the trump administration a free marketplace will work and we'll have the opportunity to produce all energy sources. we need that. looking across america, we have high demand for energy.
8:41 am
reporter: but with natural gas expect controversies though because the process in which natural gas is he can tracked is called fracking, and epa says fracking could cause contaminate water supply in certain circumstances. leland? leland: something to keep and eye on in coal country. bryan llenas live. thanks so much, bryan. jenna. jenna: we count on fedex to deliver christmas presents, don't we? a u.s. army veteran talking about how that country delivering holiday cheer to our troops. ♪
8:42 am
i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union.
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♪ ♪ snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree ♪
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jenna: leland actually singing along. he has a pretty good voice. do it by yourself. leland: just mouthing the words. jenna: binge crosby's classic holiday song, i'll be home for christmas, was recorded in 1943 at height of world war ii as a attribute beauty to american servicemembers overseas and away from their family and home where they lived. that longing continues today for our servicemembers abroad. we want to tell you a terrific program delivering christmas trees to u.s. bases here in america but as far as away as guam. here to tell us more about it, marvin hill. u.s. army veteran and project manager advisor at fedex freight who has the terrific program about delivering real trees. marvin, that is the key to this, isn't it? that is not the fake trees that are getting delivered? >> that is right. that is the key, real christmas trees. jenna: the smell, everything, just not the same. less cleanup but not the same.
8:46 am
marvin, he will us a little bit what fedex does? >> fedex freight and fedex collaborated with the christmas spirit foundation 12 years ago, and that collaboration produced trees for troops organization. the goal for trees for troops and fedex is to deliver christmas is to deliver trees to family members in united states and overseas. we delivered 11,000 real christmas trees to our. jenna: there could be real live christmas trees for military families and it's a real neat idea. marvin you served our country more than 30 years. you've been he deployed multiple times. talk to us a little bit what this means for the military to receive these live trees. >> well, to receive the tree while overseas, it's just a tremendous experience because it
8:47 am
boosts your morale while taking care of the nation's business. you do get to pause for the cause and think about the most wonderful time of the year but during that time, trees are also delivered to your families back home in the united states. and just reassures the servicemembers that their families are being taken care of and they can focus on the mission at hand. so it's a combat multiplier if you will. jenna: that is a great way to put it. i think for a lot of busy families out there, what a relief to have a live tree delivered to your door. you're thinking about so many different things. this takes one thing off your list. this great tree comes to your doorstep, there you go. marvin, our viewers wonder this is great but how do i get involved? what is a way for our viewers to get involved in this? >> there are several ways to get involved. you can go to trees for and make a donation. you can also go to
8:48 am
and make a donation. the tree farmers across the united states. go there and purchase a tree to be donated. they will send it to you at a very low price around make a cash donation. jenna: that is great. marvin, is your tree up because mine is not up. i had to admit that to our viewers. >> my tree is about 75% complete right now. got work to do. jenna: finishing touches, part of the tradition and certainly great. marvin, again, thank you so much for your service to our country. thank you for sharing the story to us. a great thing to put on the radar especially this time of year. we appreciate it very much. >> thank you, jenna. happy holidays to you all. jenna: thank you, merry christmas. leland: absolutely fabulous. speaking of christmastime, "star wars" fans everywhere going crazy with opening of the latest film in the franchise just ahead of the holidays. my next guest says "rogue one" is most intense "star wars" movie ever.
8:49 am
he will tell you why coming up.
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♪ >> this is our chance to make a real difference. ♪ are you with me? >> all the way. leland: get excited. the latest "star wars" film open this is weekend, tickle sales are already booming. thursday night's preview raked in upwards of $30 million. the stand alone spin-off is getting rave reviews we're told. joining us for his take on the "star wars" mania sweeping the nation once again, admitted "star wars" geek, megageek perhaps?
8:53 am
>> absolutely. leland: contributing editor of mike able. nice to see you. you were standing in line yesterday, you saw the movie? >> i fortunate enough to see it few days earlier at advanced screening. leland: this is what super geeks get? >> we don't get privileges but perks of the job. i really enjoyed it. it captured a different take on "star wars" universe. it was really intense, more mature i think than any other "star wars" movie. leland: you used interesting word, mature. this is the holidays, everybody's families, nieces, nephews, kids, are going to the movies. is this a kid movie? >> i have a 6 and 3-year-old i wouldn't take them. some people might be different. i have girls. it's a war movie. it is a "star wars" war movie. some scenes i went whoa. you have to be really careful. anybody under 10 might be a little tricky. leland: what is interesting is, under 10 is the demo for this about this time of year for
8:54 am
christmas presents based on movies. >> irony. leland: i wonder how well they hit that? you have toys you brought with you. >> yes, "star wars" merchandising empire is vast and huge like the empire, it is taking over. for example, this holiday season hasbro toys are everywhere. retailers at kmart selling all sorts of different things. last year controversy over lack of action figures for rae, the remay lead in "the force awakens". no such today. fest listty jones. front and center. classic stormtrooper. >> ready for action. >> even though the trooper -- leland: their parents are having nightmares hearing that sound 4,000 times. >> movie is intense but merchandise is still there for kids. there is so much out there. leland: drones as well, right? >> yeah. this is a "star wars" battle drone by propel, flies up to 35 miles an hour. it has low level lasers. when you're competing with
8:55 am
somebody else they will knock the other drone out of it. leland: what could possibly go wrong with that on christmas morning? >> do it in open field. don't do it indoors. leland: snowstorm, i can see those things going right into the christmas trees. as you see the star war movies, for those viewers remembered yesterday, i have never seen a "star wars" movie. >> i can't believe you admitted it. leland: it happens to be true. the question can they go see, if your buddies are going if you come along or such a series are the no going to be able to understand it? >> truthfully some things you will miss out, they tie in a lot to original "star wars." this is direct prequel to the first "star wars" movie. seeing the first one will fill in a lot of the blanks. but as a stand-alone movie it works because of action and characters, engaging, diverse cast. probably the most diverse "star wars" cast ever. leland: incredible special effects. appreciate you being here, breaking it all down for us. >> thanks for having me on. leland: jenna?
8:56 am
jenna: on next hour of "happening now," massive chemical spill threating water supply for tens of thousands in one major city. what officials are doing to contain the crisis. we'll get into that. president in two hours will likely hold his final news conference of the year at the white house. alleged russian hacking that impacted election some way. you have breaking news from the pentagon that china has taken one of our under water drones. the state department issuing a statement about that. so a lot of big international news as well as this being one of the final news conferences for president obama. so we'll be waiting and watching for that. we'll be right back with more "happening now." love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store,
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. >> breaking news with the chinese drone and next hour of happening now, we have an update on the teddy bear the tsa took. >> yes, the giant teddy bear that wasn't able to go through security and be properly screened. >> that happens to teddy bears.
9:00 am
>> dangerous, dangerous, bear, that hard hitting story and much more. "outnumbered" starts right now. fox news alert, the gloves are off, the escalating war of words between the white house and president-elect trump over russian hacking. this as president obama is now vowing that the u.s. will retaliate. this is "outnumbered". i'm meghan mccain. here today sandra smith, fox business' dagen mcdowell and julie roginsky, tv superman actor dean cain, you are "outnumbered." >> excellent. happy friday. >> we understand you have a special christmas announcement for us? >> i do? >> that's what i was told. [laughter] >> that i'm hosting the hollywood 85th annual holiday christmas parade that airs tonight on the cw, that's a lot of fun. i love christmas, i love the season, i love saying merry


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