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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 14, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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alive. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i am healtheder childers. thank you for starting your day with us. donald trump taking a major vik victory lap in wisconsin saying thank you to voters. >> this -- two spots left. >> two spots left. after 7 weeks lots of talks. in the two spots there are plenty of names being thrown around, too. you remember back during the campaign wisconsin was one of the big wins for president elect trump on election night. it was the first time a republican presidential candidate won the state since 1984. last night's rally rex tillerson hold a rally.
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while there's alwaready been pu back on republicans, tillerson is going to play a big part in his administration in making america great again. >> people are looking at this resume and honestly they have never seen a resume like this before. rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insight and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. >> fox news has also learned from sources close to the transition. he will announce two other cabinet transitions. rick perry is expected to be secretary of energy a department said he would get rid of if he were president. >> ryan dos see-- dosey will be
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nominated. president elect will be holding a bit of a tech summit at trump tower with some of the biggest names in technology including tesla, elan mask, tim cook of amazon, safra catz of oracle and sheryl sandberg of facebook. >> lots of people in and out yesterday>> a battle may be brewing over mr. trump's pick of tillerson as secretary of state. will marco rubio expressing quote serious concerns ore tillerson's russia. the conflict of interest as a serious sense of america's interests and an advocate for foreign policy goal.
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former secretary of defense bob gates is praising the nominee saying tillerson would bring quote vast knowledge and experience and success in dealing with does dozens of governments and leaders in every corner of the world. >> secretary of state rex tillerson facing the uphill battle. it will be good to bring in a fresh face during the business community to deal with russia. >> i am not sure what a fight it would be. senator corker talks about the flirtation between tillerson and putin. over the bush administration i remember the gauze zee videos with putin and president bush at the ranch and how the cowboy does. the hillary clinton with the sow yet union and of course barack
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obama telling sergei that you would have more flexibility for the 2016 election cycle. the top u.s. spy agency says there's no evidence to back up the cia report. patricia stark is following the latest developments on this. >> this takes counteren tell against to a new level. the fbi agreed with the cia. the office of director of national intelligence is not on the same page. the agency doesn't believe there is conclusive evidence yet that he wanted to help president elect trump win. while the agencies battle democrats want answer.
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it isn't a big deal it is like watergate and 9-11. he is calling for a 9-11 type panel investigation. they also want a full probe. >> it is important for us to have an investigation i have seen bipartisan commission can review it. >> james woolsey a former cia director and senior advisor to mr. trump is firing back. it is not about the source of the hack it is the fact that government systems aren't being hacked, period. the full scandal may have been started with a typo in the clinton camp. >> heartbreak and shock.
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actor allen thicke best known as the iconic dad on the 80's sitcom "growing pains" has died. ♪ push >> thicke reportedly had a heart attack while playing hockey with his son. in addition to acting thicke is also remembered as an accomplished song writer and composer. among his work the theme song for "different strokes" and "facts of life." allen thicke was just 69 years old. we all loved him. didn't we? good actor. >> the dramatic if i am moments from the clue of the june cargo ship el faro. it was headed into the atlantic. the first mate requested several times to divert around that storm. they told him to stay the course. all crew members on board the ship from florida to puerto rico
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were killed. five marines are lucky to be alive. this video showing the naval record in okinawa. what happened during a training exercise. no word on exactly what went wrong there. this comes just one week after a marine pilot died in a crash in that same area. >> congratulations are in order this morning. abby huntsman named the new co host of "fox & friends weekend." now we are making it official. you will join the team "fox & friends weekend" as they celebrate their highest rated year in network history. we will miss you here but glad you are staying in the fox & friends family. >> i love being here but i am excited for a new adventure. >> a big outpouring of support as well. >> we have such a great audience. so many friends out there. thank you so much. the time is almost 10 minutes
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after the hour. six officers shot in georgia in just six days. >> this morning, brand new video of that ambush. >> donald trump is promising to make good on that major campaign promise. but pro immigration forces, they have a plan and it involves you paying to fight the feds. >> plus the pc police strike again. there is more on this one. stick around. (war drums beating)
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. >> 13 minutes after the hour. outrage is boiling over as the largest sank sar recity doubles down on keeping illegal immigrants including convicted criminals in the u.s. guess who is footing the bill?
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taxpayers. resisting the president elect plan the city wants to set up a slush fund to help illegals stay in the con he true. that is sparking controversy nationwide. >> we have seen through the past two administrations at least encouragement of illegal immigrants. we need to send a message of discouragement to reduce the flow to our border. that will make the border easier. >> there are 34,000 illegals in san francisco right now. >> the pcp police painting the baseball diamond. an age-old ritual of dressing up rookies as women is now banned. they are creating a new anti hazing and anti bullying policy prohibiting players from wearing costumes who may offend people. they dressed up like the cast of "a league of their own." the vp says the new rules are a result of outrage on social media saying the outfits are
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insensitive. >> one of my favorite movies of all time. >> the children's voices silenced by atheists in north carolina. a school district forced to ban their choirs from performing at a church nativity after the freedom of religious freedom complained it is unconstitutional. they have been sending choirs to the competition for years but the atheists got involved after one parent complained. a federal appeals court upholding the law that requires voters to show their id's before casting ballots in vur vir. virginia was challenged democrats who said the law makes it harder for minorities and young people to vote. there are no facts or specific circumstances to support the case on that. one major app may be spying on its users. you may be one of them. >> cheryl casone is here with what you need to know. >> celebrities are included in
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the story, ladies. yes, both of you could. >> i tell you what, this is interesting. these revelations came out in a lawsuit by a former employee of uber. he was a security expert. he followed diskrcrimination lawsuits. he was retaliated against after he was at the company for a little less than one year. a thousand employees at uber can access ride data. they relate it to track their ex girlfriends, boyfriend maybe current relationships. it was rampant and used it all of the time. they tracked ride data using the app. it fired around 10 employees because of this. they say their site is secure and data is secure. >> beyonce was performing at the last super bowl last year. you remember covering that. been lucky enough to be to several of them. there are some commercials we won't see. at least one this time around.
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>> me, too. the years i have been working with the folks at frito-lay for the crash the super bowl commercials. they are fan based commercials for the super bowl. they have the regularly produce the doritos. they are going to be getting rid of these ads for the super bowl. this is a big decision. pepsico is still going to sponsor the half time show which is lady gaga as we all know. other companies say it may not be worth the money. go daddy pulled out they are yao. toyota says this year they are not going to be running ads in the super bowl. they are rethinking how they spend the money. >> how much is it for a 30 second ad. >> we don't know yet. but usually half a million to a million or 2 million depending where you are at during the game. especially if it's not a great game you want to be in the first half. >> if you don't want to spend any mown, dunkin' doughnuts, you can get free coffee.
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>> i am a little cheap. free coffee at dunkin' donuts. not all dunkin' donuts participating are involved in this. 15,000 free coffees are going to be handed out at dunkin' donuts through the 23rd. you have to go to the web site and check it out. of course i did. today there are locations in st. louis, nashville and springfield, massachusetts. it changes every day. each location will give out coffee. you have to get there early. >> something we are definitely familiar with on this shift. >> thank you, cheryl. the time is now 18 minutes after the hour. playing the blame game president obama taking aim at donald trump for russia's e-mail hacks. >> the president elect said to the russians, hack hillary's e-mails. >> but was it really the clinton camp's fault how just one typo exposed them to the hackers. >> trying to cut down your
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cooking time? how about the one second, we promise one second cooker. >> introducing one second slicer. >> does it really work? we will put it to the test. we will find out up next live. stay tuned. push when it comes to healthcare,
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>> all week long we have been putting the as seen on tv products to the test. >> are you tired of slicing and dicing by hand and mull cany slicers that clutter your counter top.
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introducing the one second slicer. the amazing food preparation station that slices, dices, chops, minuteses and juliennes. >> we have all seen this but does the one second slicer really work? here to put it to the test a anna life and style director. >> slices, dices an chops. >> it claims it does all of this, and technically speaking, it does take one second. however you have to do a little bit of the prep work ahead of time. >> you have to do some work. >> you have to do some work. let's give it a try here. you can try with this little cucumber. >> you have to cut it in half. >> you can't put the whole thing in there. you have to cut your vegetables and prep them so it is almost like into a 3 inch piece. so you can go ahead, put it in. >> you put it whatever direction you want the slices to be. >> right.
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so you can even go like this. >> go ahead. ready, 1, 2, 3. >> so it does work. >> cucumbers are a little softer. >> greatest try the carrots. >> i will even cut this a little more. >> that's the trick. the thing is if you tend to chop your vegetables like this and you can close your eyes this is probably a good tool for you. >> it is nice because it doesn't move once you put it in there. >> what i love is it cuts everything in a uniform shape. so when you are cooking everything is going to cook in the same way. >> or you are making a salad for example everything is even. >> onions bring tears to our eyes. how do we cut it? >> this is the game changer farce the onion is concerned.
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nobody wants to peel it. we are not going to have a lot of time to take all of the skin off,>> i am going to leave it on. >> are you supposed to take the skin off? >> you should take the skin off. but it works. >> still works better than slicing it yourself for sure. >> i want to see the potato. >> you have to go in sort of slice it a little bit. but what i love is that it does come with apatchments. all of these are going to give you different types of cuts. you can do almost like a french fried cut. >> wow. i am impressed. >> almost. almost. >> i put it in the first one. >> you are supposed to use this side here. >> so the other trick to this which is great it does offer you -- tuz it pushes the vegetables in better.
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>> that was easier. >> the other tiny complaint is that it starts to slide. you want to do it closer to your body. >> we have kids and mealtime can get a little bit messy. this is easy peas zee. it is a silicone class mat and you cannot move it. >> there are corn pops in here which obviously they would go all over the place. the kids can still grab the corn pop and throw it. >> how do you wash this? >> this is dishwasher safe. pile one on top of the other. it is microwave safe, too. i was reading reviews you just can't let your children see how you pick it up. >> because they will learn. >> once they see it they are able to pick it up. >> you still have to take the food out. >> you can take this to restaurants which is really
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nice. >> plus the tables are so dirty. >> appreciate it. it really works. >> tomorrow we are going to try out the my pillow. >> that is what i am die to go try, too. >> half past the top of the hour. bombshell new evidence in a case that has captivated the country for decades with brand new dna testing that uncovered new clues in the unsolved murder of jonbonet ramsey. that is coming up. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it.
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>> it is wednesday, december 14th. high profile candidates in and out of trump tower every day. here's one that you might not
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expec expect. >> just friends. good man. >> that is kanye west. what is he doing with our president elect. >> deep freeze, 100 million americans bracing for sub zero temperatures. a woman and her dog underestimate the weather and ice. >> beware before you belly up to the bar at happy hour. a surprising new warning about wine that may make you change your drink order. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. you made it halfway that you the week. >> it is 30 minutes after the
2:31 am
hour. this is where we begin president trump making a victory lap saying thank you to the voters. >> this as his presidential cabinet is nearly complete. >> 21 down and only 2 to go until president elect trump until he has his tab net. yesterday mr. trump announced the most contested seat of the cabinet naming exxon mobil r ceo rex tillerson as nominee for secretary of state. they are krit sighing the pick because of close fys to russia and vladmir putin. last night they were behind the president elect. mr. trump telling a crowd america is going to start
2:32 am
winning again. >> you are going to go, cann't stand waning this much. they will say, i am sorry. you have to go back and tell them we are going to keep winning and winning and winning whether they like it or not. >> he will announce two other cabinet selections. rick perry expected to be nominated as department of energy. montana republican congressman ryan zinke who serves on house of natural resources is expected to be nominated for secretary of interior. after that he will only have two cabinet seats remaining veterans affairs and agriculture. the president elect will continue outreach efforts among business leaders and will be holding a tech summit of sorts with some of silicon valley's
2:33 am
best names elan musk, sheryl sandberg of facebook and safra catz of oracle. >> maybe an announcement as soon as tad. >> thank you, garrett. >> a surprise guest turning heads at trump tower yesterday. kanye west dropping by for a half hour meeting with the president elect. >> what were you meeting about today. >> just friends. just friends. we have been friends for a long time. >> the rapper staying tight lipped in front of reporters but later tweeted this, i think it's important to have a direct line of communication with our future president if we want change. he reviseded his plan to run for president. if he had voted it would have
2:34 am
been for mr. trump. >> i have seen him stop by trump tower before. >> heartbreak and shock rocking hollywood this morning. actor allen thicke best known as the iconic dad on the 80's sitcom "growing pains" has died. sirius xm 115 is live with us now how the famous family and friends are reacting. shocking news to wake up to. >> sudden and tragic. he was america's dad for years on "growing pains" now actor allen thicke is gone forever. ♪ >> thicke reportedly had a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. according to la times his final words were spent complementing the teen on a nice shot. >> patriarch dr. severe on growing pains for 7 seasons. his co-star joanna kerns tweeted
2:35 am
out i love allen. he was one of the funniest men i have ever known. we shared a life changing effect. >> from fuller how is she has known him since 8 years old. actor rob lowe says allen thicke was one of the fysest guys in our business. he loved his family and hockey and a shocking, sad loss. >> speaking of hock he couldn't, the edmonton oilers with this throw back photo of thicke and hockey legend wayne gretzky. this is heartbreaking. pop singer robin thicke speaking to the la times calling his father the greatest man i ever me met. allan thicke was just 69 years old. back to you guys. >> those team songs and those shows. it brings it all back, doesn't it? >> i watched every episode of "growing pains."
2:36 am
>> thank you. >> dna testing could help solve a case that has captivated the country for 20-years. the murder of jonbonet ramsey. an investigation showing serious flaws on testing key things in the past including what she was wearing when she was killed on christmas night. it will be investigated with more sophisticated sensitive kits. >> a jury will try to agree on a murder on a hit man for hire. she is accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband. they set up an under cover sting showing her in a car with a phony killer for hire. >> police staging a fake murder. she was convicted of solicitation of murder back in 2011 but an appeal over turning that conviction. she was acting for a reality tv
2:37 am
show she says. >> a chilling new police body cam video showing the moment two georgia officers are shot. the officers caught off guard as the suspect keri jordan opens fire during a traffic shot. >> shots fired. >> jeffery martin was hit in the hand and 50-year-old michael shoman was shot under the arm. both are expected to be okay. that's the good news. the suspect is behind bars. it has been a violent week for officers for georgia. six officers shot in just the past week. also in georgia dramatic video showing a deputy rushing to rescue a 10-year-old boy trapped under an suv. >> ray rodriguez finding the boy pinned under a vehicle turning blue. the quick thinking deputy grabbing a strap from his car tying it around the atv and slipping slip
2:38 am
flipping it on its wheels. rodriguez was rewarded a medal for his heroic actions. >> lucky for the boy. >> turning now to extreme weather. this dramatic rescue in chicago. a dog pulled from a falling through the ice. then the situation becomes even more urgent when a young mother, the dog's owner goes right in after her. >> honey, you are doing fine. tell her the police said she needs to come back to the shore. >> the rescue comes as a paralyzing deep freeze, 100 million people are bracing for the arctic air with the weather warnings and watches extending across a dozen states from california to florida. >> have you seen the pictures online yet? look up because the meteor shower lighting up the skies. the celestial scene playing out overnight and early this morning. look at the super moon.
2:39 am
>> the super moon happens when a full moon is closest to the earth so close it shines 30 percent brighter. this happening as meteors streak across the sky. >> there were amazing shots. there was some video that retweeted for everyone out there. you saw jets going right by, the shadow of them. >> 40 minutes after the hour. playing the blame game president obama taking aim at donald trump for russia's e-mail hacks. >> the president elect said to the russians hack hillary's e-mails. >> how just one typo exposed them to the hackers. >> saving christmas. frantic effort made by a mail carrier to save his packages. his trunk erupted into flames. >> buying gifts online. there's still times to ship presents. the deadline is coming. what you need to know to make sure your gifts get there on time. >> i need that right now.
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come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago.
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2:44 am
theories. he is blaming voters for obsessing about it. the state of our democracy where the leaks of what were frankly not very interesting e-mails ended up being an obsession. the fact that the russians were doing this was not an obsession. >> listen to this. a typo by clinton may have started all of this. the new york times report an aid warned john podesta and others of a e-mail scam back in march. he wrote this is a legitimate e-mail. john needs to change his pass word immediately. he meant to say illegitimate. >> that's when jill stein's crusade to expose voter
2:45 am
injustice. he blew the lid off major ballot fraud. that's a city where hillary clinton won big. republican lawmakers calling for a comprehensive statewide audit after a shocking discovery in detroit. election officials finding more votes than actual voters in a third of the stays precincts. >> remember when the u.k. asked leadership to name a new ship. people here at home wondered the same thing. a new white house petition wants the next navy ship named uss the deplorables referencing when hillary clinton called trump supporters deplorables. let's check in with steve doocy to see what he this is about that. >> good morning. coming up on fox and friends shawn duffy in wisconsin was on
2:46 am
the stage last night. the president elect has his thank you tour. we are going to ask him when he joins us live. >> jim brown is going to be joining us. along with guest who was on the program yesterday. >> hercules himself dropping by. we had a busy three hours kicks off 14 minutes from right now on the channel you ladies trust for your morning news. >> not kanye west? >> it is early. still working on it. >> ray lewis was there as well. be interesting to see what jim brown has to say. >> thank you so much, steve.
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♪ ♪ it is really looking a lot like christmas here in new york city. we're back with this. take a look at this dramatic video. it shows the christmas presents being saved after a postal truck goes up in flames. a gad samaritan frantically saving packages. the fire started and quickly spreading. the driver luckily got out safely. with the help of a passerby managed to save most of the christmas gifts. the damaged ones were wet but not burned. >> folks christmas presents with wet. asking for help, thanking our heroes this christmas for
2:51 am
its 75th anniversary. the uso is setting a goal of 1.4 million messages for every service member worldwide. they received 1 million and celebrated at the top of the empire state building thanking america. ♪ this is america ♪ >> saying thank you at uso 750 million packages will be delivered this holiday season if you're still checking names off of your shopping list, you are again several shipping deliveries. here with the dates that we need to know. cheryl, we need your help. >> there's a lot of them, too. i don't know about you guys. i feel like the month of december is flying by. that means we need a crunch time for last-minute shopping.
2:52 am
more importantly, holiday shipping. if you need to get the packages in the mail with the repeat surge in online holiday shopping, look for monday, december 19th to be the busiest shipping day of the holiday season. luckily this friday which is the 16th is free shipping day for many retailers will offer free shipping with no minimum order size and guaranteed christmas eve arrival. in fact, some retailers are clear if you miss the deadlines, your gifts may miss the christmas tree. amazon is guaranteeing delivery before christmas in select cities if you're waiting until the last minute and you do use amazon there is same day delivery on december 24th. you have f but you have to get the order in by 9:30 a.m. that day. check where you live. the u.s. postal service says if you want a ground shipment to arrive get it out by december 15th. that's tomorrow. if you use first class mail, send it out by the 20th.
2:53 am
no later than the 20th. ups has a deadline of 19th to use the three-day select service. if you use home delivery or ground, december 16th. again, looks like now. >> that is tomorrow. people. >> a busy day today, that's for sure. >> thanks so much, cheryl. >> thanks for the reminder. >> you've warned us. how about this, to your health. new study shows that those diet drinks that help you lose weight actually make you hungrier. artificial sweeteners in calorie-free drinks like diet coke increase your hunger. so people simply then make up the difference by eating more calories. >> i don't love this story. you may want to ease up on the wine this holiday season. a new study from brown university's medical school says wine is linked to cancer. researchers found that one glass a day increases a risk of skin
2:54 am
cancer by 13%. for people who drink two glasses a day, 73% more likely to be diagnosed with the disease. white wine contains higher levels of a chemical compound that can damage dna. >> it's interesting how the studies go back and forth as to whether it's healthy or not. say so long to seesaws. >> what? >> on three. three! >> come on. why the feds are now taking aim at the popular playground toy. >> half of everybody on stage and everyone watching around the world, we say thank you. >> we love the rock. how "the rock" is spreading holiday cheer to military families. >> he's my favorite.
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the holidays should bring joy. so why are you still putting up with complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back
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to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple. what's in your wallet? kanye west showed up to meet with donald trump. they didn't expect them to meet until the first presidential debate of 2020.
2:59 am
>> 2024. >> time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good. bringing holiday cheer to those who fight for our freedom. dwayne "the rock" johnson hosting the first rock the troops event for military families. >> everyone on the stage tonight and everyone watching around the world, we say thank you. >> we love the rock. 50,000 servicemen and women gathering at pearl harbor in hawaii. tons of celebrities taking part in the show, including all right all right all right, matthew mcconaughey. up next, the bad. sorry kids, so long to seesaws. apparently, the feds think something like this could actually happen. strict federal safety guidelines want them to phase out the
3:00 am
playground toys. pierces through an suv as the driver gets out in time. >> it likely flew out in front of the victim or kicked out -- the driver reacted quickly saving her life ziefrkts "fox and friends" starts now. have a good day. >> bye. donald trump is your next president of the united states. because of you. >> together we're going to make washington answer to the people once again. we're going to win a lot. we're going to win so much, you're going to paul ryan and you're going to go, mr. speaker, please, please we can't stand winning this much. we can't take it. we're going to work so hard for you. if you don't mind, we won't be totally politically correct. if you don't m


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