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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  December 11, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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anyway, thanks for watching. we'll see you next week. same time, same place, it'll be me. banderas. absolutely. president-elect donald trump may be closer to filling a major piece of his cabinet puzzle. secretary of state. this is the fox report. president-elect trump met again with exxon mobile chief rex tillerson this morning. tillerson is a emerged as a front runner to run the state department. all of that in the background since army faces off with navy. first time in years army won. mr. trump is believed to be very first president-elect to attend the match up. the annual exhibit of military
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and patriotism. mr. trump was humbled to become commander in chief of the men and women on the field and in the stands. >> it's humbling and a great honor but it is a great responsibility. when you see these incredible people p. we want to be strong and they want to be strong. it is beautiful to see and the spirit. you don't see it in many games. you don't see the spirit like this anywhere. they are amazing people. >> we have live team coverage for you. and brian has the latest on the transition from trump tower in new york city. and we begin with leland vitter. and what an exciting day and what is the reaction there? >> reporter: boy, it was tears of joy on the army side. and tors of defeat on the navy side. the midship man of navy or army,
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they vow this game as the entire football season. if you win or lose any other game it doesn't matter. except for this one. this is the final play. army took the victory formation. they had it sewn up. and the players celebrated and the cadets rushed the stand. army broke the 14 year losing streak. mr. trump, donald trump attending in the stands. nine other u.s. presidents attended the army/navy game and mr. trump spent half of his time on the army side and half of his time on the navy side. >> why did you decide to takened it? >> i just love the armed forces and the spirit is incredible. i don't know if it is necessarily the greatest
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football but they have the spirit. >> i assume you are are neutral. >> totally neutral. >> gary? >> we have had a lot of the stars in our boochlth peyton manning and joena math. >> they are great star and people and friends of mine. they are great people. >> reporter: mr. trump may be the only person who truthfully say he was neutral when it came to this game. what united everyone was the cold. by far the most popular person in the stadium was the guy not selling beer but hot cocoan and bailey. >> why did army feel they had a chance, leland? >> reporter: no matter who you asked there was an act. the best answer was tactical patience. after 14 years, the 15th was their year. and a cadet said they are
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looking lighter this year and the the army cadets can tear them down and they stormed the field. it is a tradition that goes back 100 years and we talked to the chief of staff of the army a little bit earlier. >> i think today is the day. >> reporter: you have been here are a long time. >> this is the year of big upset and breaking records. >> reporter: the chief of the staff of the armiy guaranteed me an army win and come back on our show and talk about the future of the army after inauguration. he kept one promise and i will hold him to the success one as well. all right thank you very much. and now to the trump cabinet. exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson is a leading candidate for secretary of state. he is the head of the world's
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largest oil company and if he is nominated, he may face tough scrutiny in the senate over long-standing ties with russia. john mccain call cans them a matter of concern. >> i would have to examine it. you want to give the president of the united states the benefit of the doubt, but vladimar putin is a thug and bully and murderer and if they describe him any other way they are lying. >> why is president-elect trump considering the exxon mobile ceo for secretary of state? >> reporter: it a pores that rex tillerson is a successful businessman and mr. trump a businessman himself appreciates those qualities and tillerson emerged as a leading candidate. and has no diplomatic experience
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and very little is known about the foreign policy view points. they met twice this woke after mr. trump was hugely impressed by the first meeting. now he is ceo of the largest oil and gas company over a decade and in an interview with chris wallace which airs on fox nows tomorrow. president-elect trump said it is tillerson interaction relationships makes him an attractive candidate to be secretary of state. >> let me ask you about rex tillerson head of exxon mobile. why does a business excutive make sense as a chief diplomat? >> he is a world class player. he's in charge of just the largest company in the world and he's in charge of an oil company that doubled the size of the
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nearest competitor. and it is unbelievably managed and to me a great advantage he knows many of the players well. he does massive deals in russia and for the company and not for himself. >> reporter: tillerson offers executive leadership if chosen. the company made over 200 billion. he's 64 years old and never worked for another company other than exxon mobile. and after mayor guiliani, the list of likely sec cand uponida ford cer o, and mitt rom no and poet pete and corker. and bolton. >> what are the democrats are saying about the possibility of tillerson serving as secretary of state. >> they are blasting the pick
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mainly because p of his connection to the billions of business deals of state own the russia p personal relationship with russian president vladimar putin and part of his statement released by the dnc. it is a victory for vladimar putin who interferred in our election and has a close ally. he was awarded the order of friendship by vladimar putin and imposed sanctions with russia after they invaded crimia and we'll see what happened. mr. tillerson said he hasn't made a decision yet and his time said we could expect a decision early as this coming week. >> thank you very much.
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as brian just mentioned, you can't miss chris wallace's interview with president trump. it airs tomorrow on sunday. check your local listings for times. right now tis it a couple of hours of going of voting in louisiana and the last chance for the republicans to it -- democrats to narrow the republican advantage. if kennedy wins the gop will be up four seats in the senate in the new term. will carr is following this. how important is a win in louisiana for are president- elect trump? >> reporter: good evening, julie. it is important for the president-elect to take time to stump for john kennedy in louisiana on friday. kennedy is trying to be the pond
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republican senator. and the margin is thin and trump needs every vote possible to repeal and replace obama care and building a border wall. listen to trump in baton rouge. >> if you go to at this time polls, he will win f. you don't go he will not win. and if he doesn't win with, i have a problem in washington. it is pretty close. >> reporter: kennedy is serving his fifth term as louisiana state treasurer and getting support from mike pence whos said a run off win in louisiana will put an exclamation point in a great american victory in 2016. >> i can't believe this. vice-president elect pence was here and now president-elect donald trump and this is way above my pay grade, folks.
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>> it helped that donald trump won louisiana with 51 percent. >> and what do we know about the opponent. >> campbell put up a fight. he's been a member of the public service commission and raised money and gone after kepd kenned for being a democrat turned republican. >> i know mr. trump knows that kennedy was a liberal democrat for a long time before he asked him to come down to help him as new conservative. >> and listen to it this adwith the governor. >> i am supporting foster campbell for the senate. he will stand with the new president when he's right and no when he's wrong. >> polls close in louisiana at 8:00 p.m., jowly. >> thank you very much.
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the growing heroin epidemic in the united states reaching a grim milestone. death linked to the drug is higher than the gun homicides. those alarming figures coming up. more american troops are heading to it syria as fight nothing the islamic state escalates. what does that mean? it is all ahead on the fox report.
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or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> a fox urgent now. a pair of bombings killed 15 people and hurt one skoin outside of a soccer stadium in istan bull, turkey. it happened two hours after the match. one of those was a car bomb and turkish officials say the other may have been a suicide bombing and there were reports of hearing shots fired and aimed at
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police. the target of the attack may have been a police bus to be exact. we'll bring more on the story as it breaks. >> the u.s. is sending more troops to syria. they will help them retake the strong hold of raqqa. and the syrian army dissolving was the report. john hutti has more. >> and militants storm a city in syria after being pushed out nine months ago. defense secretary carter said an additional u.s. troops will join the troops on the ground in syria. and help nothing the fight against isis. and defense secretary carter
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made the announce nment barain as part of the trip. it will add to training and advising and equipping forces fighting isis and gearing up to help with raqqa. and as they do, there are reports that iowa sis militant reentered the city. of palmrya. and this is the count reap's vicious and bleed civil war and continues long with the humanitarian croisis with thousands of people trying to escape the horror in eastern a leppo. and 20 thnt people fleeing eastern a leppo today. and syria's military halted operations to it allow people to escape. >> after the civilians leave the city and the syrian army will
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continue. and the militants will be pushed away and eliminated. >> secretary of state john kerry met to discuss the crisis with syrian opposition leaders. >> russia and assad have a moment where they are in a dom napt position. they have an ability to fill. >> and now syria military control 93 percent p of east a leppo. and even if assad's regime retakeses aleppo it will not end the verbs and horrive syrian civil war. >> america faceses a crisis. first time ever, fatal heroin overdoses out number the gun
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homicides. that because of a 23 percent increase in heroin deaths last year alone. and if you include all drug overdoses. it outpaces the people killed by guns or car crashes. these figures are from the cvc's annual report. and what investigate issors have ruled out and what they have not in a search for a cause. >> republicans pledging to it repole the affordable care act ever since president obama signed the law. that is near the top of the list for president trump's first 100 days and can can they repeal and what replaces it. >> we have to get it done quickly. obama care is failing. remiums are are sky rocketing.
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>> a fire killed 36 neme a warehouse party. and a show of remembrance for the lives that were tragically lost. investigators rowelled out a refrigerator as a potential cause of awe fire and no evidence to undicate arson. tonight, a closer look at first 100 days of the donald trump administration. we start with a campaign promise. affordable care act, and the millions of people who depepped on it. mr. trump pledged to repole and replace obama care. it will happen soon after the new conference takes power. and chris runs an internet
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marketing business from his home in northern virginia. he and his wife have obama care insurance. they bought a midlevel silver plan and receive a subsidy. and some of the related costs are too high and the system is inefficient. >> and the tax credit is not compensating for an increasing for the premium to go up. it is not helping us out in terms of lowering the cost. >> health insurance may change dramatically. and the republicans control the future of health care. they have run on repealing it and congressional leaders say they will secure an appeal. and in the trump's administration first 100 days. >> republicans have written several health proposals.
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and one of the more thorough versions a plan for president trump's to lead the services. price unravels obama care and subsidy program. instead of shopping for are insurance, under price's plan they would receive a tax subsidy and price helped to write a plan released by house republican leadership. and as republicans move to replace obama care, they must decide how to prevent millions from losing insurance. >> republicans in the congress are not going to vote to take health insurance away from 20 million people. they are going to it need a replacement. need to agree on how to pay for the insurance credits. whether to keep or repeal and how much to give states to
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ensure the sickest patient and whether to maintain or scrape all of the insurance forms. >> it is hard on a single plan. they have to decide the subsidies they want. >> and the obama care covered 20 million people and allowing young adults to stay on the insurance plans until age 26. and charged more money for previous illness. days after donald trump won the presidential election. the wall street journal spoke to him and he and he has years of additional coverage on their insurance policies. he said i like those very much. it is a lengthy list of
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questions and it will affect small businesseses. >> and they are you will be more likely to hire people and i think in six months now. costs are going up further, it makes me scared to hire someone. >> and upcertainty. >> the bill usually needs 60 votes in the senate. republicans are several votes shy of that threshold and thanks to a senate budget procedure, they could replace obama care with 51 votes. and the same procedure that democrats passed to use much of obama care. >> the white house defending the investigation of russian hacking of dnc. >> we are taking seriously our
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responsibilities to protect the integrity of the election. >> this as the cia confirms that moscow was looking to undermind moscow was looking to undermind that ♪ if you're going to wish, wish big at the moscow was looking to undermind that lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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>> welcome back. this is the fox report. the cia concluding that russia did meddle in the election.
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hacked e-mails from the dnc and rnc and only leaked the democrat e-mails to wiki leak and hung on to information gathered from the republican files. the president-elect slammed the cia. why doesn't the trump team believe this report? >> the transition staff said the intelligence community is wrong before and again and slamming them for it. >> these are the same people who said osama bin laden had weapons of mass destruction. and the election ended and it is time to move on and make america great again. they do have evidence to suggest that the republican national committee was successfully briefed but the rnc spokesman denied it. the key to the report was the motivation that it was a pro
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trump move. numerous gop aligned officials were targeted and it points to hackers aligned with russia and now they are calling for action saying senate democrats will join to demand a congressional investigation and hearings to get to the bottom of this. it is imperative that they turn over any relative information so that congress can conduct a full investigation. president obama ordered's few review before he leaves next month. >> how did the hackers get in? >> sure the republicans were targeted by way of phishing attacks. the kind that prompt you to click on a link and attachment. when they break in one trusted account they island-hopp.
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>> president obama finding a spending bill. the democrats had been holding out in an effort to stop more than 16000 miners from losing health benefits. but they retreated. and vowing to renew that fight next year. garrett teny ms. hear. >>y we are hour away from the government shutdown and it was senate democrats threatening to block over health benefits for retired coal miners. joe man chin led the effort for miner and widows that are set to expire in the end of the year. they pushed for it to be extended for an additional year. they didn't have the votes to do it and the spending bill passed 63- 36. >> our intention is never to
2:35 am
shut it down, but get the extension to make the necessary correction. >> in addition to the massive spending bill, congress passed a wide- ranging water bill for 10000 water districts. and relief for drought- stricken california and funds to address the water chrises in flint, michigan where the drinking water was toxic when it was contaminated with lead. congress is now on break until january throerd and when they get back, first items are are repealing and replacing the affordable care act care act and confirming president-elect trump's new cabinet. >> and a soldier who fought for the the country overseas under investigation because of what he said to it fox news. genener griffin has the story.
2:36 am
>> reporter: the u.s. army opened a investigation on a greenberet who received the star of valor. but later admitted to killingab an afghan. >> did you kill the bomb maker? >> yes. >> reporter: major matthew gold stein was with in the battle in february 2010. he acknowledged when applying for a job with cia that he killed a taliban member who was suspected of killing two marines. >> you willingly offered up the detail tots cia? >> that's correct. >> that's when it all started. >> gold stein said he killed the
2:37 am
afghan off base and placed the body and burned it. he told fox news, i made a lawful engagement. they were so strict at the time they were only allowed to detain them for drug crimes and following the bomb maker's release he tracked him down and killed him. letting go of the insurgent meant he would target those helping the troops. >> there is a limit of how long we hold them. and they are are empty combatant and they are bad you dudes and we would not have a place to hold them and we would let them back and they would terrorize the community again. >> the senior u.s. defense official said the army's investigation xhabd reopened it based on new evidence and includes the greenberet's public
2:38 am
statement. the inspector general is investigating the army's original evidence in the case. california congressman duncan hunter championed gold stein's case and wrote the following letter to the army secretary quote goldstein is a true warrior and american hero. why he is hell bent on destroying his career is a stoperbing. i am confident they have better things to do than investigate gold steyn 18. >> what is it like to go from war criminal to? >> no tis painful. and very difficult. over the last year or years. everyone who served with me and
2:39 am
stood by me stood by me. and so, kind of it's over. >> and major goldstein told me on the phone tonight that the person he killed was not a detainee, but was under his control and released. he hashed it out a year ago and the army found no evidence of murder. they think it may constitute a war crime. jennifer griffin, fox news. >> legend and lies exploring just how african-american soldiers played a key role in winning american independence. we have a sneak peek. >> we'll be be a free man and you will be back in chains. all men are created equal. be sure to watch legends and
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lies right after the fox report. president-elect donald trump vowed to drain the swamp on the campaign trail. >> drain the swamp. >> but he's not the first to campaign on promises of change in washington. will he really be able to go to keep that pledge? that's still ahead right here. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette.
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>> americans digging out with snows in call the prelude to the polar vortex. >> i don't wait until it is too dope. i will be out here. you start doing it before two foot. >> good lesson to know. they are stretching from washington state to new york. here's what it locks like in buffalo. buffalo gets the snow. and we are even suppose ped to get snow tomorrow afternoon here. why do you have long faces when we talk about snow. it is not fun to drive in. >> president-elect donald trump campaigned on a promise to drain the swamp. questions are raised to whether or not he can make good on that promise. he is not the first candidate to vow to bring change to
2:45 am
washington. >> reporter: if there was a poster card for the revolving dor. 12- term democrat turned republican. he chaired the house committee from 2001 to 4. and medicare bill through congress. it may have made drugs cheaper for senior citizens. >> they will see lower drug expense and many case cans 50 to 70 percent p. >> but cost taxpayers a fortune. 549 billion over nine year and huge profits for the drug company cans. it passed in the we hours of the night and he left congress to be the chief lobbyist for the pharmaceutical will research for america. and that provoked a vow from the president to end it. >> the chairman of the committee who pushed the law through went to work for the pharmaceutical.
2:46 am
>> hauzen denied the interview. but he was diagnosed with stomach chancer. and said i want to work in a industry that saves lives. it is hardly unique. >> many of the top staffers who wrote the affordable care act became health care lobbyist. you saw it from the staffers in the house and senate side when they went ahead and the drug companies lobbied to hire them? it is not illegal or unethical can. and paul miller. said the public benefits from the revolving door. >> you have to understand how it operate and you need them looking out for your interest. if you are not you will lose out.
2:47 am
miller said previous attempts have back fired and cites the lobbyist paying for a congressman's meal and forbidden to it pick ping you up the tab. >> i want to have a one-on-one for an hour over a mole and talk about the issue and push the envelope across the table and say this is your campaign check. >> and the revolving door's affect is insidious and raising the cost of government. and take the pentagon, former high- ranchinging officers are scarved up to preserve their connections and business. >> fewer and fewer companies are involved in the defense business because they play favorite and companies have trouble getting into the process itself. the pentagon has cost overruns from the major defense portfolio something needs to be done.
2:48 am
>> we need to drain the swamp of corruption. >> reporter: three components of president-elect trump's plan to drain the swamp and ban on lobbying. and a lifetime for the behalfful a foreign government and raising money for american elections. it may be easier said than done. of the thousands insurance peddlers. one is only a registered lobbyist if you spend more than 20 percent. >> you have a gray line. and people in the pr arena, i do maybe some lobbying, but most is pr and that is not lobbying and i don't have to register. it is people skirting the system. >> reporter: that allowed the lobbying. and here in the swamp which
2:49 am
operates by a maze of rules so complex it takes a swamp dweller to navigate through them. an inflight tribute to an american hero going viral. ♪ >> the story behind the sky high serenade. plus, it is fisherman versus the feds in a battle over government regulations. that is still ahead on the the fox report. 's
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>> commercial fishermen squaring off to the government. kristina corbin has the story. >> reporter: david earned had his living fishing the cold atlantic waters off new hampshire for 30 years. but now he fears the federal government will put him out of business. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is requiring them to pay to make sure they do not break the rules. >> it is paid for from fishing and we don't have more money to give. we have absorbed the regulatory costs over the years. >> reporter: the third party worker ares board the boors and before the boats. it costs fishermen several
2:54 am
hundred a day. >> i don't think the government should be on the business of putting americans out of business. >> reporter: i watch dog group is suing on behalf of them and others and the judge dismissed the case in august and an appeal is in the works. the monitors are are critical to prevent overfishing and placed on the boats only 14 percent of the time. no a a said they are observing the abundance of fishing species on the decloin. they are not disputing the need for monitors, but say the fishermen shouldn't have to pay for them. it is it a blow to the fishing receive.
2:55 am
>> and a flight from ho noluyendyk in the flight to san diego. nen year old ray richmond is a survivar of the attack on pearl harbor and traveling to take part in the ceremony. the flight attendant knave a touching performance. y he said it was the best part of the trip. robert bush and his wife and three-year-old daughter.
2:56 am
what would it be like if you didn't have this. >> there are other things i don't have to pay for. and being able to have enough money to own my own home. >> we leave you with this. penguins in a holiday spirit with tiny costumes. this is at a bird park in japan. the penguins were all dressed up like santa claus. they were herded around. and one tries to make a run for it. the video now catching millions of views on facebook and many eyeballs here. that is how fox reports this saturday december 10th. 2016. can you believe it is almost 2017.
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where has the time gone. we look forward to next year. and thank you for watching. we'll see you same time, same place, same channel. next weekend on the feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. both made me turn around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to.
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good morning to you. it is sunday, december 11,2016. we have a fox news alert. a terror attack outside a soccer stadium killing nearly 40 people an rattles a nation. twin blasts erupting in turkey and caught on camera in multiple locations. dozens are now dead. more than 150 injured. we'll bring you the latest in moments. one of the world's most influential businessmen emerging as president-elect trump's possible pick for secretary of state. >> he's


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