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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  December 3, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PST

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but we're american. not deplorable, just americans. and finally, that means something again. have a great weekend, everybody. of. a deadly fire tears through a warehouse filled with artists in oakland, california. taking at least nine lives. we'll get the very latest on the search for as many as 25 people still unaccounted for. we're live on the ground. >> plus, a single phone call between two leaders ignites a media firestorm. president-elect donald trump responding to critics who say he just broke over 30 years of delegate diplomatic protocol. meanwhile, top defense leaders are meeting today at the reagan library in california. mr. trump's defense secretary is getting a lot of buzz. we're going to be getting reaction from kansas center jay moran who was at the forum.
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welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. i'm elizabeth prann. >> nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert at the white house. 48 days from right now, donald trump takes the oath of office. good saturday to you. >> this is the fox news alert. dozens of firefighters are on the scene in oakland, california, where at least nine people are dead after a fire ripped through a party in the warehouse district. we have the latest developments. claudia, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, good morning, elizabeth. just an incredibly tragic morning here in oakland, after that early-morning three-alarm fire roared through this warehouse, trapping up to possibly 100 people inside. we have some pictures to show you of the fire as it burned overnight. the flames were just roaring.
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apparently what happened is the fire, the cause of the fire is not known, but somehow the second floor, the roof of the second floor collapsed on to the first floor and people who were attending a party here could not get out. now, this warehouse is located in an industrial part of oakland. and this is being described as a live/work building with artist studios and other commercial spaces on the ground floor and living space up above. it's not clear how many people were living here, but what is clear is that there were, again, about 100 people who were at some kind of social gathering. and they could not get out because there was some kind of makeshift staircase. there was just one way in from the second floor. and it's unclear, again, where the fire started. but here is what oakland fire chief had to say a few moments ago. >> right now, we can confirm that there are nine fatalities. about you there's still a large portion of the building that still needs to be searched. the building was a warehouse
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that was kind of like an artist studio, that had, you know, several different partitions where they had various parties. >> reporter: and as you can see, the firefighters still on the scene putting out the hot spots. you can still smell the smoke which was literally put out a few hours ago. they have to go through inch by inch the inside of this facility, and see how many more bodies they can find. we know of nine so far. but the fire chief telling us just a few moments ago that the death toll could go as high as 40. we're just going to have to wait and see. elizabeth, i can tell you that a special task force is being brought in to investigate this. right now, it is not officially being called a crime scene. right now it is just a terrible overnight fire, fatal fire here in oakland at this warehouse you see behind me. we'll be giving you updates all throughout the day. >> if you get any information,
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we'll come straight to you, claudia. thank you very much. very sad. president-elect donald trump taking heat this weekend for speaking directly with the president of taiwan. as you might imagine, the mainline chinese government isn't happy. the u.s. severed diplomatic ties with the island of taiwan back in 1979. critics say trump's move could upset the delicate balance across the straits. this as the presidential transition team debates who will be named america's next top diplomat. more on this outside trump tower, where mr. trump is spending the weekend, hi, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, leland. it is a phone call that flies in the face of current u.s. policy and one that is already rattling a complicated relationship with china. china today lodging a formal complaint, a diplomatic protest over the phone call between president-elect donald trump and the taiwanese leader saying,
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quote, that they usual the u.s. to, quote, act with caution and care to avoid unnecessarily interfering. as you know, china believes taiwan is a part of their territory. taiwan believes it is a sovereign nation. it is a point of contention that almost led to war-the last 60 years. the trump transition team says, simply a congratulatory call. but in taiwan, this call is being propped up as a major, perhaps a major signal that things could change with the new administration in terms of taiwanese and american relations. taiwan's central news agency referring to the call as, quote, a historic conversation. they said the two spoke for roughly ten minutes about establishing a closer cooperative relationship. the news agency even pointed out the trump transition team referred to taiwan's leader as president. mr. trump tweeted last night saying, quote, look, the president of taiwan called me today to wish me congratulations
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on winning the presidency. thank you. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, about but i should not accept a congratulatory call. they sold over $45 billion of weapons to taiwan since 1990, but meantime, mr. trump continues to have transition team meetings out of the trump tower yesterday. including a surprise visit by governor chris christie who is said to be in the running for the rnc chairman position. as well as secretary of defense, former secretary of defense robert gates. he met with him. and former u.s. ambassador and fox news contributor john bolten who defended the president-elect's decision to speak to the taiwanese leader this morning. listen. >> it's ridiculous to think that the phone call upsets decades of anything. but i do think it's important that people understand the president of the united states should talk to whomever he wants if he thinks it's in the interest of the united states. and nobody in beijing gets to
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dictate who we talk to. my view has been for some time that we should be upgrading our relations with taiwan. >> reporter: mr. bolton and mr. trump met yesterday here at trump tower for a couple of hours. bolt on saying they had a very serious meeting. he is one of five people considering possible candidates for secretary of state position. that includes, of course, mitt romney, rudy giuliani, bob corker and david petraeus. as for today, we should be expecting a quiet weekend in terms of meetings. who knows when it comes to trump and his transition team, about surprise announcements and whatnot. and vice president-elect mike pence is in a rally. leland? >> bryan, outside trump tower. back to him as news warrants. bryan, thank you. and now for a little bit of context. as bryan said, president-elect trump's roughly ten-minute call
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with taiwan's president reopens a long-standing political fracture in asia, the one that's been relatively quiet in the recent decades. at the heart of the issue is taiwan's independence. the political conflict has threatened to pull the u.s. in for decades. in 1979, president jimmy carter ended diplomatic ties with taiwan, choosing instead to establish foreign relations with beijing, establishing the u.s.'s, quote, one china policy. but under the taiwan relations act passed by congress that same year, washington is required to help taiwan maintain an adequate defense. since 1990, u.s. arms sales to taiwan have totaled more than $46 billion, which you saw mr. trump referenced in some of his tweets. last december, the u.s. agreed to sell taiwan $1.83 billion for the first sale in four years. more on this throughout the show.
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defense leaders are holding a meeting of the minds at the reagan national defense forum in simi valley, california, including ash carter. member of the armed services committee, lindsay graham, spoke earlier today and had recommendations for mr. trump about the transpacific partnership which mr. trump has promised to quit. >> i don't care who you call. you need to sit down and think long and hard about the tpp being a better deal, but we need to reengage. >> the tpp just one of the topics at that forum. senator jerry moran is at the reagan defense forum where he is leading a congressional delegation. senator, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> i would be remiss, of course, if i didn't ask you about your reaction to the news that developed overnight, that the president-elect accepted a phone call from taiwan's president. do you feel that's something
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that has any impact? what is your reaction to that? >> i am here at the defense forum. i can tell you the focus of conversations, i've heard little if anything about the topic of the phone call. so it's not reached the magnitude of conversation here that seems to be the story on the news. i just can't imagine, we have a relationship with taiwan, it's long-standing. we have a relationship with the republic of china. it's long-standing. our interests lie in both spheres. i can't imagine a congratulatory phone call has a significant impact on a relationship with one of the largest countries, one of our trading partners and competitors. i think this is a story of the day. and we move on. >> i'm going to ask you about what i assume is a big topic of conversation, and that would be general james mattis. i want to ask you, he's undeniably one of the most flu shabl military leaders of his generation, and generations to
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follow. i want to ask you what you think his immediate impact is going to be? >> well, i came to this defense forum, not knowing that a secretary was going to be nominated by president-elect trump. i was interested -- after that happened, i was interested to find out what the conversation would be, what kind of accolades, what criticism general mattis might receive. i can tell you with uniformity, there is a sense of opportunity and a desire to seep in my view this confirmation confirmed by those involved in the defense of our country. and so that's very pleasing to me. i look forward to having a conversation with general mattis as he goes through the confirmation process. but what i would say is, this sends a strong, clear message that the united states is going to continue to be a world player, that we have an attitude and approach toward our military and defense obligations that we are here to win. at the same time, while we have a 44-year marine veteran, we
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also have an intellectual, a student of military history, a student of military strategy, one of the most known renowned experts on counterintelligence, and importantly, this helps boost the morale of our military men and women and around the globe and here in the united states to have someone so well-known in a sense to be in the foxhole with each of them. i think it sends a clear message that the military is important, the defense of our country matters in this administration. and i think it's, together with the new president, it sends a message that our -- our enemies should fear us and our allies should trust us. >> first and foremost, do you have any worries? because obviously he hasn't met the requirement of retirement from public service for seven years. also, my question for you, because i want to get in the interest of time, that general mattis and president-elect
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donald trump differ in their views on some very hot topics. anything from the muslim ban to the iran nuclear deal, to vladimir putin, to even waterboarding. they have a difference of opinion. what type of impact could that have on the working relationship of those two men? >> well, i actually think surrounding yourself with people who may have disagreements, i think you choose people based upon their character, their integrity, their experience. but you don't necessarily want -- in fact, you don't want to surround yourself with people who automatically agree with you. i think any president needs to be -- be advised by people who have thought that may counter what a president brings to the office, he himself. we want that diversity of opinion. and we want the debate to occur. and then the best result determined. so i think that's a really good thing. and i think the issue that any secretary of defense faces, and it doesn't necessarily matter
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who the president is, or what administration it is, but how do you manage the department of defense. the huge bureaucracy that sometimes seems so difficult, is so difficult to get a handle on, and to make a difference. and i think that's the issue that we'll have an opportunity to discuss with the general as he goes through the confirmation process. and i think that process will occur, as you indicate there's a legal requirement of the separation of time between active service and becoming the secretary of defense. and already, that legislation is in the works in both the house and the senate. and in the house, it seems that that that's a likely outcome. in the senate, it takes 60 votes. in listening to my colleagues, democrat and republican, there seems to be a real willingness to do that. >> all right. senator moran, thank you so much for joining us from a very beautiful, albeit a little windy simi valley. thank you so much. >> all right. there are some southern california winds today. but it's an honor to be with
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you. thanks. >> thank you. probably a lot warmer than here at the white house, where we might be able to hear the work behind me as crews are working through this early december weekend to put the finishing touches on viewing stands for the inaugural parade out front in lafayette park. inside president obama and his staff are working hard to secure a legacy for his signature domestic policy. oba obamacare. the days may be numbered once republicans have power at both ends of pennsylvania avenue. gary live with more on the president's closing pitch to keep obamacare in force. hi, garrett. >> we talked about it throughout the campaign. now it's become a reality for president obama. the closer we get to the inauguration, the closer we are to the dismantling of his top legacy item, repealing and replacing the obamacare come january. between now and then,ment obama is doing everything he can to
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make that goal as politically difficult as possible. in a facebook video posted friday, he urged people to mobilize against republican efforts to overturn the law. >> repealing the aca would take away the protections that millions of americans rely on. it would also raise premiums, and stop our progress towards better quality care. don't let republicans in congress take us back to the days when you could be denied insurance for having a preexisting condition. >> the administration is also touting the 20 million americans who received health insurance under the law, and warning they could be impacted by any changes. congressional republicans have been pushing back on those concerns and saying, there's a lot of support for keeping parts of the aca, such as coverage for those with a preexisting condition and children staying on their parents' insurance until they're 26. >> no one's going to immediately lose their health insurance based on our repeal and replacement plan. that's been pretty clearly outlined by not only congressman
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price, but our leadership on the republican side. >> congressman tom price is president-elect donald trump's nominee for secretary of health and human services. price is a longtime critic of obamacare in his nomination. a clear sign that the next administration has repealing and replacing the act at the top of their list. leland? >> that was a big part of mr. trump's closing arguments on the campaign trail. garrett tenney, live in washington, thanks, garrett. for more insight on the future of obamacare and what it could mean for your family, let's bring in louise, health care policy reporter for the "wall street journal." good to see you today. >> thanks for having me. >> if you think about this and contrast tom price at hhs, assuming he's confirmed, with whoever is the secretary of state, secretary of defense, very different jobs in the sense that 47 days, 23 hours from now, mr. trump becomes the president. he can change american foreign policy like that. a little bit harder to change
9:18 am
something like obamacare. >> there are things that president-elect trump can do when he takes office, force the hands of congressional republicans to repeal large parts of it, and turn over the debate to republicans and democrats to some extent over how they want -- >> give us a sense of some of those things. >> some members of congress who have been advising the trump transition team said could be voided by executive action on day one or day two or day three. that would have an immediate effect on the insurance market. we've heard very strong signals from them over the last few days. and indeed, in the appointee for hhs. this is something that they are prioritizing for early january. >> when you talk about destabilizing the insurance markets, how much does the law of unintended consequences come into play here? >> the individual insurance markets are pretty sensitive to whatever is going on.
9:19 am
the rules of the road right now are that people can get insurance regardless of their medical history, and in exchange they have to buy coverage. you take out one piece of this, you can certainly do it, but there will be an impact that people will feel. so presumably congressional republicans and to some extent democrats will have to dprap pl with that, and put in place alternative measures to stop insurers pulling out on that. ? it seems as though there's this balance here between making health care, whatever that means, overall both cheaper for the taxpayers and then also better for the consumers. all politics is local if all of a sudden as we saw with obamacare, people lose their doctors, lose their plan, they're not going to be very happy with that. no matter what the cost is. >> i think what we've seen with the affordable care act is it's very difficult to simultaneously guarantee low-cost insurance, generous benefits and insurance equally available to everybody. there are tradeoffs. this is true in a democratic administration and it's true in the republican administration.
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they may come to a different conclusion on what they may want to prioritize. >> we'll see if it's easy yooer to be against something than to fix it once they get in power. you'll be there to cover it all, louise. thanks so much for being with us. all the best. >> appreciate it. coming up after the break, we're monitoring all the activity at trump tower in manhattan. you're looking live at the potential candidates meeting with president-elect trump today. the fight for the democratic national committee chair. picking up the pieces after fires ravaged their communities. displaced residents in gatlinburg, tennessee, tour the devastation. >> it's terrible. it's just hard to believe everything that's happened. there are people out there, and it's really sad to see.
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9:25 am
evacuate with no time to gather belongings or find temporary shelter. and as you can tell, most came home to find none of their belongings left. the death toll from the fires increased to 13. and the tennessee bureau of investigation has now opened a hotline to report possibly other folks who are missing. back to political news. the race to lead the democratic party is turning contentious. the democratic front-runner keith ellison is in colorado to make the case for the lead role to the -- of the state party leader. but he's not the only one vying for the job. i'm joined now with more on the current state of the democratic party. hi, kristin. >> hey, liz. the democrats lost the house, senate and white house, there's now a leadership vacuum within the party. nowhere is that more apparent than the ongoing fight for the next chairman of the dnc. now, yesterday one of the top contenders, howard dean, dropped
9:26 am
out. the former chair of the dnc said he's stepping aside to make room for a fresh face, as the party tries to rebuild. but the three remaining candidates are either not that well-known on the national stage or they're meyered in controversy. jamie harrison, ray buckley and keith ellison from minnesota. ellison is the front-runner. but he's also a sitting congressman which would mean that he couldn't run the dnc full-time. yesterday howard dean said that, quote, i don't support keith as long as he has the congressional seat. i do not believe the two-chair system works. we tried that for eight years, it didn't work. some of the people involved will tell you that. i do not believe you can do this job and another job in congress at the same time. now, ellison is now saying that he would consider giving up his seat for congress -- in congress, but his troubles don't end there. an audiotape from 2010 just surfaced in which he said israel is running american foreign policy.
9:27 am
listen to this. >> the united states foreign policy in the middle east is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. 350 million, a country of 7 million. does that make sense? >> in response, the anti-defamation league put out this blistering statement. quote, representative ellison's words raised age-old stereotype of jewish control of our government. ellison rejected all forms of anti-semitism, but that statement has certainly put his candidacy for dnc chair in jeopardy. liz? >> kristin, thank you so much. >> thanks. a warehouse fire in oakland, california, you can see the flames shooting into the sky. nine dead we know and the search
9:28 am
for more goes on. remembering the victims of the san bernardino shooting that left 14 dead, if you can believe it, a year ago. how they're remembering their friends and co-workers as well. >> we will never forget that day, or the victims of this senseless act of violence. we strive to move forward and search for the good that is in us all. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. ensure enlive. always be you.
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or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. fox news alert. at least nine people are dead after a fire at an electronic dance music party at a warehouse in oakland, california. the building houses a group of artists and their studios. there were about 50 people inside when the fire ripped through. >> it collapsed, and so there's a lot of large timber and debris that's going to need to be
9:33 am
removed. and it's going to have to be removed in a slow and methodical way. not only to preserve in regards to looking for additional bodies, but also to preserve the scene. >> firefighters say they saw no evidence of a working smoke detector or sprinkler system. as you heard there, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. live pictures right now at trump tower, where we are keeping a close eye on the lobby, and particularly on those elevators to see if any potential administration picks show up, especially possible contenders for the job of secretary of state. many likened the job for america's top diplomat to a realtime addition of the "apprentic "apprentice," as the open warfare of last week gave way to trump tower intrigue. this week, washington examiner white house correspondent sarah westwood now with us. sarah, pretty incredible when
9:34 am
you think about what happened last week in terms of people sort of openly vying for the job. and some of the trump officials trashing others who are in the running. now this week, we kind of have this weird detente. >> right, you don't normally see this process taking place in public. it's usually something kept very quiet by the incoming administration as they make this decision. the secretary of state decision is arguably the most prestigious in the cabinet. but you do see a lot of trump's inner circle bashing mitt romney. they say the pushback from trump core supporters is breathtaking, if you ask kellyanne conway, and mike huckabee, and newt gingrich pushing back against the election of mitt romney. a lot of trump supporters see him as someone who went out of his way to bash trump during the
9:35 am
primary and general election. they say mitt romney sort of represents the never-trump wing of the party that rejected trump throughout the race. you have rudy giuliani on the other hand -- >> he called him stupid and called him out on a number of things. put up the baseball cards of the individuals we think are potentials for the job. there are five of them. as you just pointed out, sarah, we've got mitt romney, rudy giuliani on the list as well, who talked publicly about how many countries he's been to and why he thought he would be a good pick. senator bob corker, senate foreign relations committee, being pretty quiet about this. general david petraeus, who some remarked would have to let his probation officer know he's changed jobs. said to have a very good meeting with mr. trump this week. former u.n. ambassador john bolton. sarah, if you can, quickly, break down the camps. who in the trump palace game of thrones is behind each of these people and why? >> we've already mentioned
9:36 am
kellyanne conway and newt gingrich against mitt romney. you have the more conservative firebrand type people in trump's ear, presumably steve bannon is in his ear pushing him toward rudy giuliani, who is unquestionably loyal to donald trump from the beginning. and we don't know exactly who the other two contenders are. transition officials told us this week trump narrowed his selection down to four, rudy giuliani and mitt romney are the only two names they confirm. the other two we don't know. david petraeus is probably the most interesting name in the mix. he's someone by traditional standards his career should be dead. but because he's so smart and so well respected in both parties, politicians and particularly in the senate who will be confirming him say they're willing to potentially give him another look. he's being brought into the mix. john bolton like you mentioned, someone who has a world view that aligns closely with donald trump. and senator bob corker -- >> i just want to ask you
9:37 am
something. you think john bolton's world view and donald trump's is similar. if you think of john bolton, he's as -- >> you could argue mitt romney is someone who has said, pointed to russia as an antagonist, saying he wants to take a harder line against russia, where donald trump said he would de-escalate relations with russia. someone pointed it to a sticking point between mitt romney and donald trump. that would obviously need to be resolved. donald trump wants to look at iran, take a hard line against iran, repeal the iran keel. something that john bolton and donald trump i think would line up on nicely. >> certainly something john bolton has spoken vocally and often on this program, and others. sarah, appreciate you being here. the intrigue happens, we'll come back to you. elizabeth? >> all right. leland, more than 500 people gathering in san bernardino, california, to mark one year
9:38 am
since the mass shooting carried out by islamic extremists at a holiday party for county employees. the ceremony took place outside the building where the attack happened, which has since been closed. a moment of silence was observed for the 14 people who were killed in the attack. it was one of the deadliest attacks of violence in the u.s. since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. >> i would like to call you to attention and ask you all to bow your heads in a moment of silence. as we honor the 14 individuals who were lost, their families and all the victims of the tragic event that occurred here one year ago today. [ bell ringing snflt [ @oyu0x?hy@x@8p boost
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empire could pose unprecedented conflicts of interest for the president-elect. he's never held a public service job before, yet the president-elect vowing this week to leave his businesses behind and focus on the presidency. at this time we do not know the details of that arrangement. mr. trump is planning a press conference on december 15th to address the issue. here now with more insight, kelly torrence, deputy managing editor at the "weekly standard." thauk, kelly, there's so much we can talk about. although there's not been necessarily any leaks about what's going to be laid out on december 15th, i want to ask you if you have any prediction on what you think the president-elect could be planning when it comes to his huge business empire. >> this is really uncharted territory for the united states, elizabeth. we've never had a president who went to office directly with no public service. and the latest fcc filing lists 500 different companies. he's got stuff all around the world. it's very complicated. he's made hints that he's going to get out of business.
9:44 am
but as he was during the campaign, these are very vague hints and he's not coming out and saying exactly what he's going to do. there's only three options. he could put his businesses in a blind trust which is what presidents in the past have tended to do. >> jimmy carter. >> exactly. a lot of them got rid of that ir assets, put it in a blind trust. he's also talked about his children running his business. >> conflict of interest there? >> that's the thing. when he met with prime minister abe from japan right after he was elected, there were no state department diplomats, it was his daughter already involved in the business and could take a bigger role. so we're already seeing questions of how easy it is going to be for him to get out of business. keep in mind, these businesses, you know, have got his name on most of his buildings. trump. how does one have a blind trust when the name trump is em blazoned on your real estate. >> some of them are licensed and
9:45 am
some are owned outright. pundits say he needs to liquidate all of his assets. that's not even possible. we're talking about real estate, we're not talking about stocks and bonds, anything that's tangible. how does he do that? >> exactly. anybody who's ef tried to sell their house in a down market knows you can list your house, it might not sell for weeks, months, even years. you're right. it's going to be really hard for him to do that. i should mention that there are -- there is actually -- there's no questions of illegality here. conflict of interest statutes don't apply to the president. they apply to congress, they don't actually apply to the president. but in the past presidents have wanted to avoid even any appearance of conflict of interest. so they have done this. will trump do this? i'm skeptical. the guy would not release his tax returns during the campaign, which nominees have been doing for years now. it's sort of become a tradition. he refused. so i'm skeptical he's going to follow precedent, unwritten
9:46 am
precedent. >> if i'm not mistaking, i know you said there's no conflict of interest as far as a law, but there is a clause in the constitution, if i'm not mistaken, called the annulment. that would pertain particularly, for example, the new trump hotel which is in washington, d.c., that's a leased property, that he is leasing from the federal government. now he is the federal government. will be the federal government as of january 20th. >> exactly. there are bribery laws as i first mentioned. the clause you mentioned, it's not clear what that means. because it hasn't really been tested before. it hasn't been tested in court, what exactly it is. it says you cannot take gifts from foreign governments. remember when obama met the queen and he gave her an ipod with some of the speeches on it. that's a gift. he got the churchill bust in return. so it's that -- that was not as cut-and-dried as it seems. so people really don't know -- i mean, this is unprecedented. it's unclear what we're going to have to do.
9:47 am
the trump international here in d.c., his company has already pitched foreign diplomats on having meetings there. that's after he was elected. it seems pretty clooer to me that he is not necessarily interested in getting rid of all these conflicts of interest. when he was thinking of running in 2000, reform party nomination, he said, i might be the first person that can run for president and actually make money. and we've seen, you know, the secret service has paid him for rent, you know, taking care of people at trump tower. that actually might become a reality. it's kind of incredible to think that -- you sort of think politicians are supposed to sacrifice in terms of public service. but trump, might actually make money off of becoming united states. >> he's not accepting a salary as president of the united states. we can speculate but we don't know until december 15th. thank you, kelly. it's interesting. there is so much more we could have talked about today, so i'm sure we're going to have you
9:48 am
back. thank you. leland? >> well, still ahead, keeping on politics, president-elect trump has a new company in his sights, speaking of sending american jobs to mexico. what will his crusade to keep american jobs on american soil mean for you?
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
welcome back to the white house on this december saturday. the president-elect hit twitter night calling out another company for planning to move jobs to mexico. writing, rexnord of indiana is moving to mexico and rather viciously, firing all of its 300 workers. this is happening all over our country. no more. you didn't know what they did, we had to look it up. they make industrial equipment and they think they can make their ball bearings cheaper with mexican labor. the move comes just as america's ceos ban to dissect president-elect trump's deal with carrier, that involved millions in tax credits. for more on what this means to america workers, "wall street journal" reporter, john miller. nice to see you.
9:53 am
if you are the ceo of rexnord, your weekend just got really bad. >> or really good, i mean, states like indiana as we saw in the case of carrier, have a lot of incentives they can give companies and in the short-term, you're going to see this. you're going to see a lot of companies staying in the united states as states dole out these breaks. the problems is, the savings they're getting pale in comparison to what they can save by moving to mexico. the cost of imemploying a worker is $5 an hour and businesses like to make a profit and they're just responding to incentives. have thought it appropriate and in the interest of shareholders to move companies or jobs because it makes sense for them. so i think this company is going to have to ask the state what they can do for them. >> you bring up this great point though. ask what you can do for me. essentially. is what these ceos are saying.
9:54 am
is this a slippery rope and are ceos you're talking to, well, look, if carrier got x number of millions in tax credit, maybe i can get y million, this, that concession from the epa. >> absolutely at the sate level and states are now competing with each other and the risk is you would have decline in competitiveness as they would be less able to compete on the world market. higher costs and you see companies innovate less because they don't have the competitive pressure on them anymore. >> we're see iing the president-elect carry this out on twitter. the vice president-elect involved, a lot f this soon will fall to will burr ross, your reporting and a cold magnet, you magt sigh, who's going to be secretary of commerce if he is confirm confirm e
9:55 am
confirmed. how does his mind, thoughts on business play into this? >> he's who's spent his lifetime delving into the int ra kwasis of how to make a profit. 15 years ago, a number of steel company wrs going through bankruptcy and were on the verge of o being liquidated. what ross did is bought them and cut their costs down, pensions and laid off workers, so where they could make a profit. repackaged them and sold them to the world's biggest steel maker and that's how he made his billions. so he's credited by many here in pittsburghy i am, for saving the steel industry, but got flak for cutting jobs and you know, rationalizing the business. >> so, you could see a way where the president-elect delegates to mr. ross to be the negotiator in chief if you will, trying to keep these jobs here. >> that's a very likely scenario. >> ross is somebodiensy who
9:56 am
understands how they work. he's been an advocate of tariff protection for american company, which can help in the short-term, but drives up costs for american companies. >> john, john, there are so many aspects to this and you bring up good points. we've got to run, but we'll have you back as mr. ross begins his tenure as commerce secretary. >> thank you so much. >> all right. after the break, include iing t very latest on the deadly fire in oakland, california. firefighters are still try iingo account over a dozen people.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
good saturday to you. nice to be with you at home. welcome to america's news headquarters from as you might have guessed by the backdrop, washington. >> i'm in studio. here's what's making news now. flames tear through a late night warehouse party in oakland, california. we're going to go live to the scene. donald trump's deal with air-conditioning and heating giant, carrier. well, it could have saved 800 jobs, but is it just a band-aid
10:01 am
perhaps? congressman kevin brady here the weigh in on that. >> and changes is in the air as people on both sides of the border prepare for mr. trump in the white house. we're going to look ahead with a.j. delgado. and a news alert to politics in a minute, but we are molearng more about a deadly overnight fire that roared through an oakland, california industrial building. it happeneded late last night. nine are dead. that number could go far. it four hours to douse the blaze and now comes the grim and dangerous task of recovering the bodies. claudia cowen standing by live outside that warehouse oakland. >> a special task force is now being assigned to investigate what happened here this morning.
10:02 am
what cause d this deadly fire. and why so many people became trapped inside and died. now, we are in an industrial area of the city of oakland. as you can see, the area behind me has been closed off. as dozens of fire crews begin to comb through the wreckage of this two story warehouse that had last night, been the scene of a party. it's not known what sparked the fire. crew we're hearing stories of people escaping and then we're overcome by the smoke and had to save themselves. the roof caved in and most of the bodies were found on the second floor. for those who escaped, they were able to gather those who were unaccounted for, but a little while ago, said that number could be as high as 40. oakland's chief said while she did see a couple of extinguishers, there was no evidence of a sping lehr system. sxwl one of the issues getting up to the second floor, there was only one way up and one way
10:03 am
up and down and it's my understanding that that stairwell was kind of like a makeshift that they put it together with palates. >> fire officials are knocking down walls now and making sure it's safe for them to go inside. now, this warehouse, it's an industrial part of o oakland. a work live space with artist studios and other commercial ventures. it's not clear how many people lived here, but there was a lot of debris and furniture inside. a lot of fuel for a fire and crews as you can see, they will likely be out all day long. it is a heartbreak job and of course, does ps o of frantic m families are waiting for word of loved ones. already, a facebook page has set up for the victims and to that end, officials are asking if anyone was here last night and they are safe now, to reach out and let people know. back to you. >> for sure. a terrible way for those families. before we let you go, quickly,
10:04 am
you mentioned no sprinkle ls or smoke detectors. is this becoming a criminal investigation now with so many dead? >> i asked the oakland pd if this is a crime scene and she would not confirm it is being called a crime scene, at least not yet. we are still very early in this investigation. doesn't appear that anybody heard any smoke alarm, doesn't appear at this point there was a sprinkler system that was working. we're going to have to wait and see if it's going to be called an official crime scene. >> the investigation just beginning. 10:00 a.m. out there on the west coast. back to you as news breaks. thank you. china has lodged an official complaint with the u.s. calling president-elect donald trump's call with taiwan's president. both the phone call and the reaction are fuelling trump's critics who say he is unpredictable and could rattle u.s. and asia relations.
10:05 am
this as we wait to see who he will nominate as secretary of state. the list is down to a handful of names. they are hard at work inside trump tower. so, brian, i'm curious as to the reaction. what is china saying today about the particular phone call? >> well, an complicated relationship got rattled over the phone call yesterday. china's foreign ministers calling it a small trick by taiwan and releasing a statement herb essentially telling the u.s. to back off. the statement reading in part, we have already made solemn representations about it to the vant u.s. side. it must be pointed out there is only one china in the world. taiwan is an inailable part of the territory. china believes taiwan is part of china's territory. it has been a conflict for over 60 plus years. now, the trump administration
10:06 am
says look, taiwanese leader called off her congratulations to the president-elect, but in taiwan, they're playing this phone call up as a potential major signal that the u.s. may boost its support of a free and sovereign taiwan. now, taiwan's central news agency referring to the call as quote, historic. they say the two spoke for roughly ten minutes about establishing a closer, cooperative relationship and the news agency reported that the team referred to the leader as president. now, mr. trump last night down playing this phone call, tweeting quote, the president of ta wan called me today wish me congratlaces on winning the presidency. thank you. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of military equipment, but i should not accept a congratulatory call. john bolton, on short list of secretary of state candidates, he said this about the call this morning on fox and friends. >> it's ridiculous to think that
10:07 am
the phone call -- decades of anything, but i think it's important that people understand the president of the united states should talk to whomever hemts. if he thinks it's in the interest of the united states and nobody in beijing gets to dictate who we talk to. my view has been for some time, that we should be upgrading our relations with taiwan. >> this is the first time a president-elect or a president of the united states has spoken to a taiwanese lead eer. >> there are critics and supporters, but i'm curious has there been any other calls this week that have caused controversy? >> no, two other calls this week including a call on monday with the president, sorry, yesterday, on friday, with the philippines president. they spoke yesterday. now, this is man who has criticized the u.s., he has called americans stupid. he called obama the son of a
10:08 am
whore. he has been criticized for his aggressive war on drugs that has left 5,000 dead. in that phone call, trump actually praised his anti drug effort and on monday, mr. trump had a phone call with the pakistani president and he reportedly said he would love to visit pakistan soon and promised to help the country any way he can. when it comes to india and pakistani relation, they're diplomats and others are a concern this may show favoritism towards pakistan and may rattle another contentious relationship with india and pakistan to when it comes to nuclear weapons as well. >> uncharted territory. stay warm. thank you so much. >> and now, for some insight and analysis, jillian turner, fox news contributor, former white house national security adviser
10:09 am
under the p bush and obama administration. nice to see you. >> you, too. you look cold out there. >> it's a little chilly. brisk, but nice. "new york times" reporting this is how trump's calls to world leaders are upsetting decades of diplomacy. really? couple of phone calls upsetting decades of diplomacy or does it need to be upset? >> so, my take on this is that there's nothing wrong with president-elect trump shaking up foreign policy as you know, we've been on the retreat largely on the world stage over the last decade. our influence in many regions around the world has been dimini diminished, but that said, what i fault him for here, i think it was a really bad move, his call with taiwane srkse leader. i think he should absolutely speak to whatever foreign heederers he wants to. the problem for me is that he
10:10 am
inadd ver tant acknowledged their sovereignty, which is not in the united states national security interest and did that when he referred to them as a country and their leader as president. i think that was a bad move. >> because you think he didn't know what he was doing or you think he knew, but doing that was a bad move? if so, why? >> i give him a lot more credit to say this was a gaffe. i think he knows exactly what he's doing at this point. i don't believe the critics who say mr. trump is so ignorant at this point that he would take calls willy-nilly. but i disagree with his decision and i think the problem here. >> why? >> because the problem with acknowledging taiwanese sovereignty is that it deeply angers china. i don't care about china's feelings. i care about our national security interest. we need to chinese spres to
10:11 am
hedge against north korea's nuclear program and to not sell off the billions of u.s. debt they hold because that would precipitate a financial crisis here at home. >> we heard donald trump take aim at the chinese. especially during the election. this was sort of one of his big punching bags about they were taking our jobs, being in negotiations. i am going to negotiate better deals. in a way, could this be sort of the opening solve of trying to undermine a little bit of the chinese take away, the comfort they have found, if you will, with the obama administration that's giving them state visits and not respopded to their high hacking and sib r atabs? >> absolutely. i think that's entirely 100% what president-elect trump was trying to signal with this interaction and he has a lilt l bit more leeway to do this now than in twro months when he's setting policy. at this stage, i went back and forth a lot with people on twitter this morning. does he have more freedom as president-elect versus being president?
10:12 am
i think he does, but he still have to take responsibility for the fact that other foreign nations are going to interpret his actions as u.s. foreign policy. so, there is a little bit of a line to tow. >> you picked up u on this point of other nations and not only are the nations that is happening to taking no, be it the chinese or pakistanis as brian was reporting, but the rest of the world is taking note. whether you're at the president's dense in france. in iran, you're realizing to use the phrase, there's a new slefr in town. or at least will be. >> totally and i think that actually, something that hasn't been talked a lot about this week is that his nomination of general mat is to be the secretary of defense sends a huge signal to the world particularly to the foreign policy community. this is somebody who's steeped in u.s. foreign policy towards the middle east. as publicly said, that's where our focus needs to be as a nation.
10:13 am
and i think that part of his nomination is president trump signalling you know what, i know the obama administration pivoted towards asia, but we're going to pivot back to the middle east because that's where the security threats are imnating from right now. >> john has been incredibly outspoken about just as john bolton has on the short list for secretary of state is iran. >> yeah. absolutely. he's said multiple time over the past couple of years that he believes iran is the number one sort of aside from terrorism, number one national security threat to the united states faces. he was very critical of the iran nuclear deal, but interestingly and i agree with him on this, he doesn't think we should renege on it at this point in time, as bad as the deal was, we've got to live with it. >> what you just said among other things maybe the subject of some discussion on twitter when you get off. she's available anytime. thank you, ma'am. >> thanks. >> all right.
10:14 am
liz. >> great interview. we'll continue our conversation about the president-elect, donald trump begins his thank you tour in the midwest this week. he's using it as a form to take aim at enemies and talk about his campaign promises. is this a sign of things to come in the trump mrgs? let's bring in our political panel for a fair and balanced debate and insight. sean is a gop strategist and president of american encore and ian, washington director of sean, i want to start with you. thank you tour kicked off. do you think it's effective? codo you like it? >> this is very much like what donald trump is about. i mean, he wants to have the ear of the people. i think this is a good move for him because it gives him the b ability to go out, tell the people he's going to keep the promises that he made and show that he's listening to them. now, one thing we know about donald trump is that he really
10:15 am
does thrive from these types of rallies. i remember when he came to arizona late in campaign, many were saying why is he going to arizona. i said it's the place where he comes to get the recharge. the people loved him here. this is how he feeds the ability to continue to go forward. i think he really gets charged d up when he's in front of crowds and it gives him the energy to continue to go forward. >> all right, i'm going to assume this isn't something you would do as an adviser and you may not think it's best for him, but now that he is the president for all, does he need to change the style of these type of rallies because he's not necessarily catering to his base anymore. >> i think sheez are great for donald trump. biggest fan, he had been reading his briefings. only two since becoming president-elect. the problem is, the old idea was bread and circuses, if you wanted to distract the public.
10:16 am
seems like now, he's going for an all circus, no bread approach. the gop has blocked -- he's talking about canceling health insurance. >> first of all, he's not a -- >> that's why he went to indiana. to deliver op a promise of keeping jobs in the united states. say what you will about whether, what the circumstances were, he said we were going to keep jobs in the u.s. he did it with carrier. >> carrier, the plant stay iing here, that same day that he was in indiana, was the day that 250 indianans were supposeded to get overpay. >> that was a federal judge. a whole other story. >> isn't in office yet. >> we can talk about that, that overtime. that's a whole different topic that president obama proposed, but i want to go back to carrier. that was a big announcement this week and i want to start with you, ben, because this is something that you say that programs you're critical of, but the fact of the matter is that we haven't seen a terrible
10:17 am
amount of democrats that are critical of this because he's keeping 1,000 jobs in the united states. >> no, i love keeping jobs in the united states. i think jobs are great. i think the question is where you put your focus. is it on untilting the playing field so workers have a decent shot and the workers stay here or running across the playing field and swinging your bat at whoever you might see. the challenges that president trump is not going to go factory by factory and even if he dus, that's not the way you set set up an economy. you set up rules. for every one carrier plants that he makes a big show out of, there are a whole lot of other jobs that are disappearing because the rules are rigged by those at the top. >> sean. >> he's not even the president yet and he's being able to have impact on what's happening with the economy and with jobs. that says a a lot. he's doing what he can do. he can't do anything about regulation because he's not in office, doesn't have his team in place, so i think we ought to
10:18 am
have this conversation in april or may and he's had a chance to come in because i think what you're going to find is that there's going to be a lot of policies that come into play that would reduce the regulatory burden on business and we're going to have higher employment and b jobs coming back to the united states. >> all right. i'm going to give you the last word on this. >> sure. he is putting his team in place right now and putting in place people who profited massively off of home fore lotion, plant closures and layoffs. this is a team of billionaires that know how to represent their interests. so, what i'm worry about is that we're going to see a lot of policies that represent those tat top at the education pence of everybody else. we sue the trump universeification of the federal government. i hope that's not what happens. i hope when we talk in may, that he's delivered for working people in america, but who he's pinting really suggests that he wants those ton balance scale against the interest of regular people. >> thank you so much. >> obama's geithner came out of
10:19 am
the t.a.r.p. bailout. >> there are some people in president obama cabinet that are quite wealthy. >> i'm all for cleaning house. bringing in people who have been fighting for working families all their lives. i'd love to see that with a trump mrks. we'll wait and see. >> i hope to have you both back. appreciate it. >> thank you. and we have a lot more news ahead on all the weekend channels. here on the channel. tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern, howie will talk to mike huckabee about the media's coverage of the trump transition and then at 1:00 p.m., we'll talk to john culberson about his fight against sanctuary cities. chris wallace will be sitting down with kellyanne conway and green party nominee, dr. jill stein. fox news alert. as we go, take a look at new video from oakland, california. where at least nine people are dead following a warehouse rave
10:20 am
party. we're going to tell you about how high the body count could go there. the aftermath and investigation. and vice president-elect mike pence back on the campaign trail. he'll be stumping for republican senate candidate in louisiana. live picture rs at the stage in new orleans. back there when he takes the stage and president-elect trump announces an agreement to keep hundreds of jobs in indiana. after the break, house ways and means chair, kevin brady, who is there now, will give us his take on the move and what it could mean for keeping more jobs inside the united states. (vo) your love is purely thoughtful,
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purely natural, purely fancy feast. delicious entrées, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers.
10:23 am
we're going to break in right now. this is an update on the fire in oakland wrrks we know nine lives have been lost. >> hits very close to home for a lot of us. right now, the coroner's bureau, working in conjunction with the police and fire department, we're prepared for a matsz casualty event. not going to throw out numbers here at this point, but we're prepared to deal with several dozen fatalities as a result of the fire. we don't exactly know how many. we have nine deceased at this point. that number, we expect to go up once we go inside and begin o move things and look around inside. so, i can only confirm that there is nine people deceased. here's what we need to do. the message we need to get out.
10:24 am
we have a family notification and assistance center set up at our alameda county building, 2425 east 12th street in the city of oakland. several blocksy fr here. at this time, we are getting our phones up and working because we know we have families that are concerned that live outside the bay area. they live in other states and we have people that live in other countries, so, those folks can call 510-382-3000. we are getting the necessary personnel to staff those phones, so you can call with that. we have a lot of reports of missing people. we have people that may have been here at this building. and then left and then since have not talked to family, so there's family that are worried about them. they may be sleep iing now, haven't had a chance to call a loved one. so, we're trying to make sense
10:25 am
of all that chaos. as we move forward, you'll see a unified command, an organization, in this process. we will brief the media every hour at the top of the hour, so at 11:00, we will be back here at this location to brief you. we will be releasing a joint message with all that pertinent information on it. from the city of oakland. it will have all the numbers and family notification center and what people can do. we will also update you on social media, via twitter. you can follow us on social media, twitter, oakland police department and the alameda county sheriff's office. we'll be doing that as well. we will take some questions now x very briefly. >> great, 25 people initially reporteded missing. nine people confirmed dead. is there overlap, what do you know about the missing so far? >> there could be overlap in our missing calculation at this point. we're not sure. we're prepared to deal with up to you know, 30, 40 deceased
10:26 am
people. i don't, like i said, i'm not here to put a number on that. i can only confirm nine. >> are you still looking for identifying marks? on social media, people have been reporting people what they were wearing, appearance. >> yes. that will be very helpful for us moving forward when we deal with families. this is going to be a very difficult process for us. and for families and doing identifications. >> and you brought up an excellent point. there's a lot of conversation to be b -- >> into the mike. >> you brought up an excellent point. there's a lot of conversation taking place on social media sh where we need those conversations about identification, about some who may or may not be inside this building. is where we need them to funnel that information to the alameda county coroner's office, just as sergeant kelly recommended. we would like to help facilitate the families who are wondering, is their loved one inside there or not.
10:27 am
we want to help bring closure, we want to help bring identification, so please, the social media messaging that's going on, we need to direct that to the phone banks, to the location that the sergeant put out so we can help everyone in this process during a very difficult and trying time. >> is this -- [ inaudible ] >> the oakland police department has not deemed this a crime scene. still very much primarily the oakland fire department we are here in a support role. we are here working together in unity. all of the agencies again, this is a very tragic event. our hearts go out to not only the families, but our community. a lot of people have friends, loved ones, so, we are very sensitive to what is going on. mention we'll keep you updateded every hour on the hour. ooven if we don't have information to update you, we'll certainly come out and let you know and be pushing through media channels.
10:28 am
>> hold on. [ inaudible ] >> right now, we have the fire department shoring up u the building, making sure it's safe. shortly, you'll see we're going to put up drones. uavs with thermal imageers. we'll use those to see if that's anymore hot spots. we'll address those. that point, once the building is safe to go in, our coroners will go in and begin the recovery process. after that happens, we'll then need to figure out moving forward, what the cause of this fire is and that will be in the coming days. >> with the known deceased in a common area? >> we're hoping we'll be able to go in here in the next hour or less. >> how the building was laid out and what events were going on last night? more than one any sort of -- >> we would like to describe the landscape to you.
10:29 am
we're not ready to do that yet. the reason why is the roof has caved in to the second floor and there's a lot of interior damage. so, we would really like to leave that to the fire department. as the sergeant said, earlier, we're going to have the city is going to have a press conference and a lot of details and more information as we move throughout the day will be learned, so we'll be happen p pi to provide you with any information that we can, but there is an extensive damage inside the building, difficult to visually see, so we'll have to refer back to city planning map, et cetera. >> that's another thing. part of this, we're going to need to talk to people that were in there that may have seen things. right now, we're not there. right now, we're in a make the scene safe. let's make it secure. let us do our jobs. the roof has collapsed down on to the second floor, so, we have to literally go in there, piece
10:30 am
by piece, and move wood and timbers and debris to even get an assessment, so, there's a lot to be done still. we'll be p back in an hour to talk to you about 11:00, then we'll be putting out a statement from the city and the county. in regards to this. >> can you just tell us what about, what do you know happened -- >> oh, i am sergeant ray kelly. i am the spokesperson for the alameda county sheriff's office, which we're dealing with the coroner as well. which deals with mass fatality events. [ inaudible ] the fire started about 11:30 last night. this fire, we've been here on scene since. the fire has just been extinguished. we're dealing with the hot spots and making the building safe so this we can go inside and begin to recover the deceased people
10:31 am
and begin to establish what occurred inside that building. >> was there a -- >> we don't know. we know that there are people here. a lot of these people are young people. they're from all parts of our community. we believe there's people from outside the bay area. that there may be foreign nationals that are here. so, there's people from this affects throughout the country and throughout the world. >> what do you know about mannequins, an artist colony. >> that has been brought upful we're aware of that. >> were the nine known deceased found together or different parts? >> what's that? >> were the nine known deceased found together or different parts of the building? >> different parts, so, at this point, we're going to cut off this press conference. we'll see you at 11:00 at this location and we'll have more information for you. thank you. >> foreign nationals -- >> i know.
10:32 am
>> thank you for the mike stand. >> you have been listening live to sergeant ray kelly of the alameda sheriff department there. he's the public information officer. he was speaking impromptu press conference about the warehouse party last night in oakland's fruitvale district. you can see the pictures, just catastrophic event there. we don't know what caused this event. what we know is that authorities there are prepared for a mass casualty event. that there could be up to 25 people still missing, but that being said, the sergeant was very careful to say at this moment, they will confirm that nine people have died. he said as of today, the fire department right now is shoring up the building. to make sure that it is safe enough to make it become a recovery effort for them to go inside, assess the damage and of course, assess those whose lives were lost. he did give out a number for family members.
10:33 am
510-382-3000. and as i said, as of right now, we know nine people have died in the warehouse fire that ignited at 11:30 last night in oakland. of course, as we learn more details, we'll bring it to you. in the meantime, we're going to continue our coverage and get to the election. president-elect trump's deal with heating and air-conditioning, carrier. is keeping 800 jobs in the u.s. and out of mexico. in return, carrier will receive tax breaks and incentives, the closed door negotiation is trump's attempt to keep a promise that he made on the campaign trail. his supporters and some lawmakers are calling it a win. critics say the deal is not a long-term policy solution for keeping jobs in america. they believe it encouraging companies to force the government to give tax breaks but threatening overseas moves. plurks more than 1,000 jobs will still be outsourced to mexico, so let's break down the details. joining me now, kevin brady.
10:34 am
first of all, congratulations on your first anniversary of chairman and thank you for joining us today. we very much preeappreciate it. >> thank you for having me. these are exciting times and i'm glad the carrier issue came forward because it really ties into what do we need to do to fix the tax code in america. >> yeah, you have been very outspoken. i listened to you at the heritage foundation this week. you have been wanting to e reform or tax system for a while now. what do you find most appealing, what do you like the most about the new deal? >> well, i think the big thing here is first, i'd imagine there are a lot of workers and families who are glad president trump is a man of action because they are going to sleep better tonight and have a better future because of that, but carrier is really a symptom of a bigger illness, which is our american tax code today. it incentivisies companies like
10:35 am
that to move their jobs and headquarters overseas. the house republican blueprint does the opposite. we eliminate any tax incentive to move jobs or research or headquarters overseas just the opposite. we reestablish america. as a 21st century mag innocent for new jobs and new research and new innovation. and so, carrier really is an example of what we can avoid if we get tax reform right and design the tax code for growth. for wage growth. for job growth, for economic growth. >> okay, i wouldn't be doing my job if i didn't play devil's advocate. i saw a tweet this week by bernie sanders, in part, trump's deal shows corporations they can threaten to outsource jobs, actually outsource jobs and still get a tax cut, so, what do you say to critics who say listen, this impacts the free market. it helps you know, one company and puts competitors at a disadvantage. what do you say to those folks? >> you know, i understand. not senator sanders' criticism. he would have made the tax code
10:36 am
worse. chased more of those businesses overseas, so not sure there's a legitimate critic there, but overall, why don't we make it fair and simple and pro growth for every company in america. let's create incentives to grow more, buy muhao buildings, software and technology to drive mainstream jobs. why don't we make sure that companies where they compete along main streit, around the world, have the most competitive rate on the planet so they can compete and win and bring those earnings back to the united states and make sure there are no incentives tr companies. that's what house republicans propose and i would add president-elect trump's tax plan is about 80% similar as house republicans and we're eager to find common ground of the rest of it. >> break it down for those, our viewers watching. i know you have a blueprint and you can get into some of the int ra kwasis.
10:37 am
i'm looking for a broad overview of what you're presenting to the president-elect to the president when the time comes and how do you think that can be accomplished when you say about 80% of what you're looking at. >> yes, so, there are three big reforms. that house republicans proposed and what we call a built for growth. literally built for growth tax code, first, we propose the lowest tax rates on job creators, large or small, in modern history and a redesign of the tax code so we can compete anywhere in the world, especially here at home. that's the first big reform. the second, we're proposing for families, individuals, the tax code so far and simple, most americans will be able to file using a postcard system and thirdly, because we're proposing so much fair, simpler tax code, it demands a fair and simple tax collector. we propose to bust up the irs, redesign it into a singular focused customer service. those are the big reforms we're laying out for the american
10:38 am
public and so far as we do hundred town hall meeting, traveling the country, laying out our ideas to the american public, we're getting a fantastic response. >> well, mr. chairman, first of all, thank you for joining us and as someone who's eyes start the cross when tax time comes along, the thought of a postkaerd is quite appealing s we wish you the best of luck. we appreciate it. >> thank you. live pictures from the new orleans lake front airport. we're waiting for vice president-elect mike pence. he's going to be speaking at a rally for a louisiana senate candidate, john kennedy. the louisiana senate race is still ongoing. john kennedy, the republican, is taking on another man who was there in the run off. and now as we are waiting, it appears as though they're introducing someone else to come on the stage. we'll break in if vice president-elect takes the stage
10:39 am
as we continue to look at new orleans when we come back. people say, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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fox news alert as the war in syria continues, syrian government forces have gained a foothold in the key city of aleppo and that has been a long time rebel stronghold. rebel forces have held that city for the past four years. and they are struggle iing to maintain control of course to the east of there is isis. our own john live in our mideast bureau with the latest as the were there continues. >> yeah, syrian government forces have broken through more rebel lines during fighting overnight and we're hearing those troops are advancing more in eastern aleppo, really making the fall of aleppo now pretty much inevitable within the next few weeks any way.
10:44 am
syrian president assad's regime now controls an estimated 60% of eastern aleppo. the first time in four year, since opposition forces took control there and it's been a vicious and brutal fight as we've seen with several hundred being killed since the government launched its offensive last month. some of the images obviously are too graphic. they're really horrific, but figure out what they should show. now, more than 30,000 people have fled eastern aleppo in the past week alone. half of that number are children according to humanitarian aid groups and that said, when red cross officials say the priority now is setting up winter shelters for the civilians. many escaping eastern aleppo as we continue to see with only really the clothing on their backs and officials have warned that eastern aleppo is becoming a quote unquote giant graveyard. security emergency security council said this week, for the quarter million people that are
10:45 am
still estimated to be living in eastern aleppo or more so trapped there. because many areas have been cut off from humanitarian air add syria's military continues to pound rebel positions with artillery fire and russian backed air strikes. today, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov said moscow and diplomats including himself are willing and ready to meet with u.s. officials next week in geneva to talk about the situation in eastern aleppo, but in particular, the withdrawal of all those rebel fighters, the flow of humanitarian aid into the those hard hit areas and he says quote unquote, return to normal life. if life can ever return to normal there. >> yeah, big question there and also in terms of sincerity of anything coming from the russians as it relates to syria. jo jo john from jerusalem. >> coming up, the latest from
10:46 am
oak bland, california, firefighters are sifting through the massive warehouse. at least nine people are dead. authorities say they're bracing for a mass casualty event. and we're going to show you live pictures of new orleans, lake front airport. vice president-elect mike pence will be peeking at a rally for john kennedy, the vice president-elect is expected to take the stage any minute and when he does, we'll break in. stay with us. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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at least nine people are confirmed dead and many more unaccounted for after a fire at an electronic dance music party warehouse in oakland, california. authorities say they're preparing for a mass casualty event at the warehouse in the city's fruitvale district. in a press conference moments ago, sergeant ray kelly says the death toll could possibly raise to as high as 30 or 40 people. the building where the fire broke out houses a group of artists and their studios. there were about 50 people inside when flames tore through it. >> right now, we're in a make this scene safe. make it secure. let us do our jobs as the roof is collapsed down on to the
10:51 am
second floor, so, we have to literally go in there piece by piece and move wood and timbers and debris to even get an assessment. >> local officials say they're setting up phone lines for family members to call b about missing loved ones. the cause of the fire is still under investigation and i want to provide our viewers with this phone number because he said it a couple of times 510-382-3000. the coroner bureau. you can see it at the bottom of your screen. what they did say is that the fire department right now is shoring up the building. there was going to be a number of drones, people could see if looking at the live feed there, just to make sure it's safe before they go in and really assess the situation. there could be hot spot, even though the fire broke out at 11:30 p.m. local. so, you can see this is obviously taped video that you can see just the extensive damage. >> yeah, it's 10:51 there a.m. in california, so you can imagine people who were out at a
10:52 am
rave party last night, it's already dark inside. there's lights going. music blaring and the chaos that then ensues when a fire starts. rupping through a building like that. claudia cowen was reporting that no one heard smoke alarms and they did not see any evidence of spripg lers having gone off in the building, which would raise all sort of questions in terms of exactly who was responsible for the dead that are inside that building. possibly so buried there inside the building. at times like this, families are pratt, being asked to call the phone number, but searching social media, trying to find out anything they can about their loved ones and it's quite b possible there are families either in the bay or around the country, who are desperate for information. we hope that's the case. rather than them being in the alternative state. >> with he did mention that,
10:53 am
because one of the reporters asked that there were apparently 25 people unaccounted for and the reporter asked if that overlapped with the nine we have confirmed who are dead and at the time, the sergeant could not necessarily answer that, so, answer that, so there are a lot of unknowns at this point and he did say although they are preparing for a mass casualty event, hopefully that is not the case. coming up, we'll be covering much more about this and also, we are waiting for vice president-elect mike pence. we know he's going to be speaking at a rally. for john kennedy. of course, as soon as he takes the stage, we're going to take you there live.
10:54 am
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10:57 am
a moment of peace this holiday season and those are hard to find in the middle east. this is is is holy land, bethlehem, where the bible says jesus christ was born. worshippers gathered for the lighting of the christmas tree outside of the church of the nativity. you can see a pretty large crowd in bethlehem square, manger square, as they call it. looks like there's some fireworks going off around the tree and this year, it's going to be a very, very tough year
10:58 am
possibly for the palestinian tourism industry there that relies so much on people coming to bethlehem, christian pilgrim, coming to israel, then coming into bethlehem. as we have seen the violence increase in the west bank, we've seen a decrease in the amount of tourists that come in. such a life blood for the economy. >> absolutely. i want to let our viewers know this we are await an event in new orleans where vice president-elect mike pence will be b attending a rally. you remember the jungle primary in louisiana. we covered it here on the show and who emerged is treasurer, john kennedy. and we know that the vice president-elect will be campaigning for him. it is the last undecided senate seat. there's some big names that are going to be at this rally. billy nungesser, jeff landry, so
10:59 am
we expect mike pence will be speaking and we'll bring that to you live when he does. but like i said, the last standing senate seat that republicans are vying for. >> there is one more. the senate seat that david vitter, the republican is leaving, so the republicans would tlik keep that, but do not have to to keep control of the senate. all day today, we have been following the sad and increasingly devastating news comie ing oakland, california. these are first ariel pictures we're getting in of a warehouse that was a live work situation. there were some artists there, some studios and then a rave fire last night and that rave happeneded about 11:30, a fire broke out. so far, nine people were killed and as we heard, they are now saying there could be 30 to 40 people that are dead as we watch some firefighters put out hot spots there before they go in and begin the search. >> we heard from sergeant ray kelly of the alameda sheriff's
11:00 am
department and he said that they are preparing for a mass casualty event. that is something we do not want to hear, but what he can confirm is that there are nine deceased. we'll be following that story all day. that's all for us. hello, everybody. this is a fox news alert. we are expegting another update from officials in oakland, california, who now dozen of people may have died after a massive fire at a warehouse last night. the sheriff's department saying they are now preparing for what they're calling a mass casualty event. welcome to a new hour, inside america's headquarters. here's what we know so far this hour. nine people are confirmed dead and many more are unaccounted for. right now, firefighters are trying to make the building safe and putting out additional hot spots. you're looking at live pictures fr


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