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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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dollar store. animal control captured the beaver and released it to a wildlife rehab center. no more to say about this. here is shepard smith. >> it's 3:00 in new york city where the president-elect is meeting with more potential cabinet contenders today. among them, ambassador john bolton, who is getting some buzz as a possible secretary of state. he comes after trump dropped this last night. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> keeping it a secret. everything we know about the retired general, who would soon take the top spot at the pentagon. >> the top priority from the trump administration, from changing tax laws to health care and administration.
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mike pence laying out what to expect. the trump team will have its hands full overseas, know, know, iran, china, all going to require different strategies. ahead, some of the biggest hot spots on the planet. the remarkable story of the parents who ran into a school and disarmed their own son. let's get to it. first, after getting a little secret about his choice for the secretary of defense, the president-elect let it fly. he is back at trump tower today, meeting with more potential cabinet picks. today's guest list includes the former u.s. ambassador to united nations, job bolton and said to be on the short list for secretary of state, and the north dakota democratic senator
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heidi hitecamp. and the president-elect told the wore he is going with retired marine corps general, james "mad dog" mattis to be secretary of defense. >> we're not announcing it until monday. so don't tell anybody. mad dog is great. the say hayes the closest thing to general george alton that we have and it's about time. my people over there are probably saying, you weren't supposed to do that. >> he wasn't. the trump senior adviser, kellyanne conway says she had no idea that was glowing to happen but says it's all good. the decider will decide. general mattis would be the first career officer to head up the pentagon since just after world war ii. more on his background later. the general needs more than just the senate confirmation to get
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the job. under's law a nominee for defense secretary must be owl of the military for at least seven years, the idea-for-civilian control of the military. all been the way. retired general mattis, retired three years ago so congress has to give him a waiver, and then the north dakota senator on the left here. she told reporters she had no idea what the meeting was about but if the senator were to take the job with team trump there would be a special election to replace her. north dakota is a very red state so analysts say her loss would give the republicans a chance to increase their numbers in the senate other. two fer they call it. what's the reaction to the president-elect's pick for secretary of defense. >> we're already hearing from one democrat in senate, which has to con firm trump are
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nominee for defense secretary, and also has to give him the waiver because e was not been retired for seven years, who says she's going too make it hard to get confirmed. that democrat is kristin jill brands. while i deeply respect general mattis' service i will oppose a waiver. it is a fundamental employment -- principle of the question. we larry from paul ryan -- hear from paul ripe who says president-elect trump is serious about rebuilding our military, defeating isis and keeping americans safe. applaud this decision and look forward to looking with general matis, former defense sect was here as well. that is robert 'gates. going to meet with the president-elect today, or i should say in there right now with the president-elect. and he was here yesterday as a guest of michael flynn who asked
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the one-time defense secretary to come by and tell him how to structure his office. >> tell us about the meet can for secretary of state. >> john bolton, and florida tomorrow pam bondi in 0 town as well and so is hidy heitkamp. and the georgia senator different purdue is here. >> i commit it my position in the senate, full support of getting the 100 day plan executed. i'm very optimistic we will getit downtown way frontally. >> there was a thrill moment here when the senator was getting in elevator to go up to the 26th glove and go up to the president-elect. she was joined by the famous new
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york straight performer the naked cowboy. >> thank you very much. let's bring in fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. he just let it slip last night, couldn't contain himself. there's a lot of work to do on that particular one. right? >> yeah. i don't know whether he let is slip or he warranted to do it and -- look, he loafs a crowd. one of the interesting thing about watching yesterday. he has been out -- that was his first public appearance since election night and you can see how much he loved and it had two dual speeches. one hand he was reading a very uplift, officialal speech on the tell prompter and then he would drop down and start ad-libbing some it looked like he was excited at the idea, i have this secret and can share with you, and the joke, we won't let anybody outside of the room know, and he let it drop that it was general mattis as the secretary of defense. he was having a good time.
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>> do you see him having a difficult time getting the waiver ask then the confirmation or no? >> no. well, i'm just thinking now. certainly not with confirmation if he. get the waiver and that's because -- i was just thinking about this -- because the democrats were in control did the limited nuclear option and said to appoint someone to any position, except the supreme court, all you need asia majority. run -- need a majority. the waiver is a law, so democrats could filibuster that. my guess is they'll be able to get that through. >> that's something that hasn't been done, in my lifetime. do you know how complicated that process is? >> well, they just got to pass a law. it's been done once and not to make too fine a point it has been done in my lifetime. >> there's a difference. >> since 1950. >> i know that. back in 1950 with george marshall, who had been the head of the averagey during world war
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ii -- army during world war ii, already had been secreate and ta waiver. that time it was a ten-year waiver. i remember it well in 1950 at the age of three. they set we don't expect to have this happen again, precisely because of this concern officer a civilian control of the military, but president-elect trump decided he's going to go ahead and my guess is it patrol probably get through. that's who he wants and should have and general mattis has great credentials. he served the country for four decades. >> the lauder toy utter yawnses have been numerous -- utterranses have been numerous. which of the advise years will be the most controversial and the most difficult. >> there's glowing to be -- you're talking about
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confirmation. going to be a fight over jeff sessions, again because republicans have a majority and the democrats changed the rules in 2013, they can get that through but there will a fight over sessions because of his record back in the '80s when he was name nateed for the -- nominated for the federal court by president reagan and his history on race came up some the senate blocked him as a federal job mitchell guess is he -- my guess is he'll get through. >> there's no confirmation next for general flynn but i wonder how much pushback, given the commerces we hear and then the tweets he has sent out and miss more controversial positions. >> that's. you're right about both parts. is controversy and taken some very hardline positions against radicallum islam, calling it a political ideology hiding as a
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religion and also taken a very tough stance on iran, but it's it's all talk but it doesn't be to the senate and they don't have to vote on it. >> chris, thank you. good to see you. >> you bet. >> see you on sunday on "fox news sunday" when chris will talk with kellyanne conway and the green party president, dr. jill stein, leading the fight for recounts. that's this sunday on "fox news sunday" on you local fog station. party affiliation may not anyone much on capitol hill under a trump administration. yes, republicans control both the house and senate in january but if democrats vote altogethers, wouldn't take that many g.o.p. defectors to stop parts of the trump agenda and we're hearing some republican lawmakers might want to do that. who are the and what's their
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game? that's coming up on the fox news deck on a friday afternoon at long last.
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12:14 pm
goals. >> good afternoon. the difference is we're exposed during a very bruising 2016 election cycle with some republicans very vocal about president-elect donald trump others ideas. look for senators like utah's mike lee to be outspoken if mr. trump doesn't select conservatives for the court. southsouth carolina's lindsey gm may question the new president on immigration or foreign policy and ted cruz would be vocal on matters when mr. trump may be more mad rat, and the chairman of the senate armed services committee,. >> have start waterboarding a whole bunch of us would have them in court in a new york minute and there's no judge who would say they're not in violation of the law, it's now prohibited so i don't give a damn what the president of the united states wants to do or anybody else wants to do. we will not waterboard. we will not -- >> reporter: sounds like
12:15 pm
mr. trump's selection for the next defense secretary may have talked him out of the idea of enhances interrogation. if not look for senator mccain to lead the charges. >> what are democrats saying? >> reporter: they were looking at hillary clinton as the likely 45th president and their leader. now you have senators like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders saying the party should move to the left to be more liberal and the top democrat days he sees some common grounds. >> the silver lining and the deep clouds of this election is that on many economic issues, president-elect trump and his campaign was closer to us than to republican leadership, which always seems to wind up in the corner of the special interests. >> reporter: some democrats see themselves also the resistance to donald trump when he becomes president of the united states. others are looking for opportunities to work with him, recognizing that he may have won their districts or their home state. >> thank you, mike.
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president-elect trump will not waste any time getting things done once he is in office. the word from the vp elect. he says the trump administration is planning an ambitious agenda. among the top pry ores, crack down on illegal immigration, repealing and replacing obamacare, nominating a supreme
12:20 pm
court justice and strengthening the u.s. military. when the journal asked what might surprise voters about the trump white house, vp pence said, i think the only thing that will surprise them is that washington, dc is going to get an awful lot done in a short period of time. if it happens that will be a first. ab stoddards with us. i wonder, great big thoughts and ideas. washington is a city that needs more oil or something. >> shep, think everyone is in a state of feverish excitement about breaking gridlock. you see the congress crawl to a recall in recent years. lots of cliffs and broken quadelines, shutdowns, partial shutdowns, very depressing, and the republicans are hoping with all three -- with the congress and the white house they can get going and start passing things immediately. it's really critical for trump to build on the momentum he has right now.
12:21 pm
he has this carrier deal that made so many of his voters happy. he has really great cabinet picks, receiving lots of good reviews, and he is really got to use that to maximize this honeymoon and get as much as he can get done. the more you can get done right away, the more you can do later but when you have intraparty fighting doesn't bodes will for your team but the new election year is the next year. >> quite a lot of momentum right now feels like. feels like the wave we indiana -- we need to ride. >> i think that trump is surprising people by picking people that calm the establishment down, have a lot of experience, and also seem to be pleasing his supporters who are these antielitist, anti-establishment populist republicans so everyone seems happy. he has had a few chaotic
12:22 pm
moments, tweeting things untrue and throwing mitt romney and kellyanne conway under the bus about the secretary of state pick but generally speaking he has assured republicans he's going to put people in they really respect and know the job and challenges ahead, particularly that secretary of defense pick in mattis. people are thrilled. you can see how happy donald trump obviously is about it. and i think that is -- the enthusiasm i'm talking about, the momentary party unity, has to be leveraged so they can get some things out the door right away. >> one thing has to do relatively soon is the secretary of state pick and we have a list of those who are were said to be under consideration. do you think one of these has more of a nod than the others? ambassador bolton was a late ad. >> people close to trump are big fans of ambassador bolton but there are policy differences
12:23 pm
between trump and several people, romney and bolton, about his view of russia and his reset he plans and that puts bolton and romney in the same category but bolton is favored by some of the most important people close to trump. he wasn't given early interviews. got into the process recently, and you he e the petraeus, very attract tonight to trump and there's an issue with him being accused of picking someone who is guilty of the same thing he accused hillary clinton of, who james comey, fbi director said had done worse things than hillary clinton even if knock believes a word that james comey says, and then you have rudy giuliani, even people who are close to trump are worried couldn't get through the vetting because of the overseas football ties. so, i don't really know where he is going with this. i don't think he's going to pick senator bob corker, maybe bolton
12:24 pm
has a better chance and i think you have to be up for surprises with trump and could be someone who comes out of nowhere we are not talking about. >> somebody not on the list wouldn't surprise me. nothing would. it's great to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> more ahead on the man president-elect donald trump bid to run the defense department. james "mad dog" mattis was owns a major most in the rebounds for deck -- marines for decades, and europe's law enforcement agency is warn being the threat of new attacks from isis and officials say terrorists are most likely to target the country taking part in the u.s.-led coalition. details on that warning coming up. before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas.
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-by revealing their ethnic mix. you'll save 10%-and they'll have a new story to tell. order now at and save 10%. >> headlines from the fox news deck. some victims' bodies from the plane crash in colombia on their way back home. crews lined caskets at the airport near where the plane crashed on monday. 71 people died, including the
12:27 pm
soccer players from brazil, and six of our own colleagues from fox sports. preliminary reports indicate the jet ran out of fuel. >> police in new orleans arrested somebody for the shooting on bourbon street. the guy faces charges of second degree murder and the cops are still looking for a second suspect. a 20-year-old went on a 114 mile-an-hour joy ride and live-streamed the whole thing until he crashed. brilliant. police say he hit a garbage truck and concrete barrier. he was badly hurt and state police will charge him next week and use his facebook video as evidence.
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
29 minutes past the hour. bottom of the hour, top of the news. more now on president-elect donald trump's pick to run the defense department, general james "mad dog" mattis. serving in the marines for more than four decades before
12:30 pm
retiring in 2013. analysts say he played a big partner most significant military operations dating back to the administration of president george h.w. bush. he led an assault battalion into kuwait during the first u.s. war with iraq. a decade later he oversaw marine unit that launched an early assault into afghanistan. two years after that he helped lead a marine invasion in the second u.s. war with iraq. he has served. blake griffin -- jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. >> reporter: morale is way up in the halls. not just marines who love general mattis but i asked the top u.s. commander in afghanistan what he thought the army four star and former ranger. >> he's a soldier's soldier. a marine's marine, and i first
12:31 pm
met him in afghanistan. we were in tough fight in 2006, and he is a very inspirational leader. >> there will now be two marines leading the pentagon if congress approves. mattis, a former marine four star, and the current chairman of the joint chiefs, general joe dunford, is also a marine help served under mattis during the invasion in iraq in 2003. when dunford was a colonel. >> tell us about the nick name, "mad dog"? >> it's a term of endearment from former -- from his young marines who served under him during the second battle of fallujah. how they referred to him behind his back because the lord his colorful patton-like quotes. his good friends and colleagues don't call him that and prefer his raid you cal -- call sign,
12:32 pm
chaos. marines say they would follow him anywhere. >> you go into afghanistan and it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. it's a good fight. >> reporter: mattis is more than a series of colorful comments and known as the warrior monk, unmarried, a scholar of hit, and has a library of 11,000 books, including the book of the roman emperor, a well-known stoic. >> jennifer, thank you. good to see you. isis has launched attacks in europe before and will do it again. that's what the european union police force is warning in a brand new report. it predicts that terror group will specifically go every -- eu members taking part in antes isis combat operations led the united states. five of them. france, the uk, belgium, netherlands and denmark. we have seen major attacks in
12:33 pm
france and belgium. the report says isis is shifting from hard targets like employs to softer targets like the theater and cafes in press. 130 people died in that shooting and bombing rampage last year. senior foreign affairs greg palkot is live in london this evening. what else does this report indicate, greg? >> reporter: at the very least this is a tough new warnings from the european union's police and counterterrorism agency, just in time for the busy christmas season. official says the militants from the isis terror group, i'm quoting, have the ability and will to stage attacks in europe in the near future and could be going for the easier to hit civilian targets. there have been recent warnings about christmas shopping and there have been recent arrests. isis also, according to the officials in this study, say as they suffer losses on the battlefield, in iraq and syria,
12:34 pm
could end up being more dangerous domestically. we kacy a flow of foreign -- could see a flow of fighters coming bag, you refugees from the hot zone and could be using techniques used on the battlefield, including car bombs and truck bombs. >> anymore details about the targeting? any specifics? >> reporter: not specifically geographically but get pretty technical and precise about the number of militants they feel are in europe right now. they put it at several dozen. remember, the nice attack last july, which we saw over 80 people killed. the fellow involved with that, not too islamicly driven. they say religion does not pay a large part, its more likely criminals, small-time thugs who can get their hands on the bad stuff and create harm here in europe. one last point, shep, that's made throughout the report.
12:35 pm
very important. cooperation between agencies, between countries, across borders, critical in dealing with this cross-border threat. >> thank you. the islamic state is one of the many worldwide threats the president-elect and his cabinet have to deal with. last night donald trump promises to stop toppling regimes and overthrowing governments. john bussey compiled a list and is the associate editor of the warm wall street journal. >> here are the ones likely to be front and center. north korea is right up at the top of the his. defied how many presidents, this nuclear program which continues to advance year after year? within a couple of years, three years, intelligence people say that they will be able to strike on the west coast of the united states, and the seattle area if they wish to developing ballistic missiles, sublaunch
12:36 pm
missiles. an issue that is going to at some point need resolution without endangers our relationship with china as well, which does not want to see a u.s. incurse into notion knowinger. >> iran is high on the lest. >> for lots of different reasons. president-elect trump talked about rethinking the iran deal. has a lot of players concerned, including our allies. france, russia, others were involved in getting this deal. they have reduced their uranium stockpiles but it's a matter of time before iran is a nuclear player, ten years, depending on the deal, but separate from that probable problem for the trump administration is what iran is doing in iraq, syria, in yemen, in lebanon, where it's proxies are fighting on behalf of iran.
12:37 pm
>> and its proxies are fights can our proxy. >> exactly right. >> so many mixed messages on russia. donald trump made it clear he wants to be -- have a better working relationship with vladimir putin but just a little bit of checkback into the history, the video archives will tell you, one president looked into this eyes and -- his eyes and never worked out very well. >> saw his soul. right. here's the russia that is feeling it on nationalistic oats and goes over well with the domestic population when putin talks in that way. talks in terms of expanding the russian empire again. >> what russian empire? >> there are crimea for one and perhaps ukraine. ukraine where there's again proxy war going on. and great russian influence in that conflict. russia is setting up antiships -- antiair missile systems close to the baltics can. the u.s. is doing the same. ground-based missile systems in romania, poland.
12:38 pm
you feel a cold-warrish feeling about this. there could be a misstep. one over russian planes going to close to an american flight or british flight as we have seen over the last few years. >> i feel like one area with which none of us has enough knowledge or understanding is the south china sea and how important it's going to be and why. >> yes. so this is china, our relationship with china, which is a long-term competetive one that's going to be problematic now the trump administration. the south china sea is an example of that. china claiming land that the philippines claims and vietnam claims. >> that's about military expansion. >> right. fighter jets on islands they created. why? to could two things, to protect their trade routes but also to extend chinese over land. this is a problem, as countries
12:39 pm
try to resolve this issue, and china feels its oats. its own nationalism has been underway for a lot of years it and it feels its time has arrived. that's a problem for the united states militarily. >> we were in ukraine when the crimea peninsula happened. they took the crimean peninsula and then established a base there, or have a port city now which i guess -- russia all needed but it's not over in this hostility with ain't -- ukraine. >> is a not over at all. it's a festering problem that could spill over, get worse in ukraine and spell over into other borders. at the end of the date has to be something else on president-elect trump's schedule and that is the complete unknown. the crisis that comes up not a china, russia, iran, north korea, that always vexes presidents. it's a big population move. maybe a refugee move as a result of some conflict someplace, like
12:40 pm
what we saw going into europe, overnight a million refugee us, conflict in africa, a disease, a terror attack of a substantial nature. those are the kinds of unknowns they president has to be prepared for, and has to rely on people like michael flynn, national security adviser designate and probably general mattis as well. >> i was listening with great interest last night when the president said he doesn't want to be in the business of nation building and toppling, and he is not into doing it. i know of previous presidents but 9/11 came along. it's refreshing for a lot of people. >> its for those who look at iraq and say, should we have gone into iraq? and it comes -- some hard less jobs learned by the united states -- lessons learned by the united states. one thing to be regime changing and another thing to be coalition building. those involve an extroverted the
12:41 pm
united states, will together participate in interpanelly. if donald trump says it's tike to retrench and focus on within our borders that could be problematic at a time when you need alliances. >> i'm tired just thinking about it. the "wall street journal" came out against the carrier deal. >> saying you should let markets decide this. never been goods when politicians say to a company this is how you should run your business. >> you might like it in concept until the government calls and says get erode of these people. >> or degree of efficiency as a result of bureaucrats telling people what to do. >> carriers has a big defense arm. >> probably happy with this. >> thank you. >> a father says he is desperately sevenning for hills wife and two daughters after the deadly wildfires in tennessee.
12:42 pm
michael reed lives in gatlinburg, south and east of knoxville. last spoke with his wife on monday. >> called me and stayed there are flames across the street from our house and the didn't go what to do. i told her to call nine -- 9-1-1 and that the last time i talked to her. >> hi don't know whether aalive or dead. his story familiar in those parts parts of east tennessee as others such for family and friends missing after the fire. it was incredible what happened in the area. the wildfires killed 13 people officially and destroyed nearly a thousand build little around gatlinburg. 14,000 people had to evacuate. now people are getting back, some of them to see what is left of their lives, this is veronica carney who stands in the middle of what used to be her childhood home.
12:43 pm
when some parents in utah realize their son had stolen their gun and taken them to class, they took action. they raced to the school. found their son who already fired a shot, and with some of his classmates terrifies and in tears. wait until you hear what the parents did next. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds!
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12:47 pm
gun off and his dad tackled him and he was freaking out in the classroom, and then he texted me afterwards that they took the gun away and another gun or something like that. >> wow. one student told the salt lake tribune it was terrifying. he said the kids dove under the desk and heard another student tell the suspect you don't want to do this. some images from the scene. you can see police walking in snow. outside there. just got one of their first snowfalls of the year, and here's a cop guiding students down the street after the school went on lockdown. this woman hugging her daughter and the friend, and look at the faces here. another woman giving her daughter a hug after they were reunited. investigators say the 15-year-old suspect now faces charges, including bringing a weapon to school. back to politics politics ae president-elect trump's campaign manager says it is time for the clinton campaign to accept the results results of the election, get
12:48 pm
over it. everybody aides from both teams went after each other at harvard last night. they called it the campaign for president, the manager's look at 2016. and things did get heated at times, including when secretary clinton's chief strategist, joel ben continue, remind the trump team his candidate won the popular vote. >> don't act as if you have some popular mandate for your message the fact of the matter is that more americans voted for hillary clinton than donald trump. >> there was nothing that said the road to popular vote is -- >> kellyanne, i started -- i premised my statement by saying that. >> you -- we won. you don't have to respond. >> the harvard kennedy school hosted this event after every presidential election and observers say they're usually pretty peaceful. there's more sound from this. trace gallagher is with us. knock-down, drag-out at times, trace. >> reporter: the moderator kept reminding the campaigns this is
12:49 pm
minute to be a first draft of history for generations to come. well, future generations will know just how bitter this campaign was. there was no video, to let me paint you the image. to top campaign operatives across from each other at big tables. one of the most contentious back and forths came when general pal mary condemned trump are trump adviser steve banon who was not there for providing a plat former white supremacists. >> do you think i ran a campaign with white supremacist us. >> you did. message for the white working class voters, the i woman who has nothing in common -- >> that's the campaign -- over200 counties that president obama won and donald trump just won, you think that's because of what you just said or because people are voting for a woman president? how be eight conclude conclude -- it's hillary clinton.
12:50 pm
she doesn't connect with people, you have no economic message. >> reporter: both sides said the media did not treat them fairly. >> we never do clinton's campaign manager admitted to make something mistakes. >> reporter: acknowledged there were mistakes and miscalculations saying younger voterred account notes turn out enough or migrated to toward parts and pointed fingers as james comey for reviving the e-mail controversy at the 11th 11th honor. today on fox and friends, kellyanne conway said it's time to move on. >> i just was making the point to them that it's time for them to do what president obama and secretary clinton have done, which is respect the election results, not talk about a rigged system or the popular vote. >> reporter: bernie sanders' campaign manager was on hand for this forum. >> thank you. if you had an extra $20 trillion you could buy 1500 top of the line aircraft
12:51 pm
carriers. or pay off america's national debt. ahead, how the debt actually affects our individual lives. and how high it's set to climb.
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the last up employment flubs are in and they're the best we have seen since before the great recession. this is fantastic. but there's always a catch. according to the labor department the jobless rate fell to 4.6%, the lowest since august of 2007. but analysts say it's mostly because a lot of people have stopped look are for work so the government doesn't count them. this is just good news. the labor department reports the economy added 178,000 jobs with government, health care, construction hiring the most workers. the massive national debt
12:55 pm
keeps growing, and it won't be long until the country is $20 trillion in hole. his is chen i was born. i was born right here, 1964. and this is what you have done to us ever since then. so thank you very much. really appreciate it. this giant, the graphic starts in the 1960s, and some analysts say our debt could hit $20 trillion in the next couple of months because we're spending good. doesn't matter what donald trump does when in office to stop it. it's going up, so says rich edson, oh, yeah? >> that's right. the government has to start spending less or taxing more or both. the national debt is reaching a percentage of the size of the u.s. economy not seen since world war ii. the congressional budget office says higher levels of debt will raise interest payments for the government, giving it less flexibility to respond to election and increases the chances for a fiscal crisis.
12:56 pm
budget experts say that could mean higher interest rates, weaker economic growth, tax increases and government benefit cuts and more americans are retiring, health care costs increasing, and those entitlements, medicare, medicaid, and social security. >> thank you. we'll be back with a look at the downfall of walt what is -- what was ones the most successful company in this country.
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and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. on this day in 2001, enron went broke. at the time it was the biggest bankruptcy in the history of the nation. thousands of people lost their jobs. investors lost billions. top execs ended up in prison for fraud and other charges. the hewitt astros bought back the naming rights to their ballpark, enron field was, well, not so pleasant anymore. after the collapse of a company that has become a synonym for
1:00 pm
corporate crux. happened 15 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on. the dow is down just a little bit. overall kind of flat on the session. "your world" starts next. >> welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. a conundrum for the trump team. 4.6 unemployment in the country. 4.6%, the unemployment rate. now, shep just pointed out you can talk about the asterisk bus that's half what it was when barack obama assumed office, on top of the jobs gained. today a steady stream of improving numbers that will be hard to beat by team trump. the action at the trump tower meeting with advisers but much of his economic team is in place. to gary b. smith who crunches the number, threat going to be very tough for them to top if


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