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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 1, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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duty. >> another one his accused killer barricaded in a home in tacoma. the standoff beginning just after the officer was shot responding to a domestic disturbance call that was around 5:30 last night. he was shot multiple times by the suspect who then turned the gun on his partner. >> my partner is down inside the residence. >> copy. inside the residents. >> 4-5 shots in the house. >> i was able to return fire but i don't know if i hit him. >> a woman and two children in the house at the time have been safely evacuated by officers as the gunman remains hold up inside. the officer not yet identified. nearly 100 people came to honor the fallen officer during a procession as his body left the
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hospital. >> in charlotte north carolina a decision not to charge a police officer who shot and killed a black man. oo the da says officer brint lee was defending himself in a confrontation against lee scott. evidence backs up the story that scott was armed and ready to fire. >> it is my opinion officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> scott's family has insisted he was not armed. a gun with his dna on it was found at the scene. cocked with a round in the chamber. >> families desperately searching now for loved ones as the death tole rises to 7 since the fires exploded sunday night.
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the original blaze appears to have been started by a human. rain is exhausting little relief to exhausted firefighters. they are seen on the concrete taking their first break in 36 hours. gatlinburg is expected to reopen tomorrow giving thousands of ee evacuees the first look at the aftermath. >> even more destruction down south. alabama is under a state of emergency as storms rip across the street. a man walking whthrough what us to be his church now all that stands are the pews. the ef2 storm which packed wind speeds of 110 miles per hour. severe weather reported in mississippi, georgia and florida. a powerful tornado killing two people downing power lines and leaving homes in ruins.
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>> president elect donald trump back on the campaign trail kicking off a thank you tour. it is a victory lap as he and mike pence are celebrating a major win for american workers. garrett tenney is live for us while we are on the trail. the trump transition team is hard at work building his cabinet, right, garrett? >> they are. a lot of seats left to fill. one of the most talked about has been secretary of state. president elect trump narrowed the list to mitt romney, rudy giuliani, retired general david petraeus and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton was on the list as well. he was at a number of meetings vice president elect mike pence had in dc yesterday and he is scheduled to meet with mr. trump again in new york friday. yesterday mr. trump met with indiana senator dan coats who is
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in the running for director of national intelligence. goldman sachs president is being considered for the office of management and budget, linda mcmahon is top contender to lead the small business administration and sarah palin is being considered to head the department of veteraningen fairs. tonight he kicks off a thank you tour. before that he holds an event in indianapolis at carrier to announce a deal he reached with the company to keep more than 1,000 jobs there instead of them being shipped to mexico as promised this year. back on the campaign trail even those with the plan who didn't support him they are looking forward to the visit today. >> i wasn't a huge trump supporter. i didn't know how to take mr. trump, but i am glad that he actually lived up to a promise and stuck with it and i will
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gladly throw some support to him. if i get a chance to shake his hand tomorrow to thank him for saving my job, i will gladly do that. >> his thank you tour will continue over the next month or so and the details of when and where that will be are still being worked out. it will be in both states that he won and states that he didn't win. spreading the love there. >> don't forget he's bringing jab or jobs as well. >> while the administration takes the reigns nancy pelosi is keeping huz leadership role among the democrats. challenge from ohio representative tim ryan to remain the house ma minority leader. taking off the election recount spearheaded by jill stein of the green party candidate on a role after filing
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another recount request in michigan. the clinton camp wants all hands on deck in that battle ground state begging volunteers to help oversee the recount. president elect donald trump beat her by 11,000 votes. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business with what we need to know. >> if you have an android operating system on your phone you may have a problem. 1.3 million google accounts were hacked. hackers used that information to access devices. what they are doing is getting into apps. those apps are causing havoc and sending out your information to advertisers and hackers as well. they are selling your information. 86 apps possibly affected. checkpoint software, they found this. if you go to gulligan dot
2:07 am use google play to get apps. don't go outside of that store. >> what did you say that was called? >> googligan. >> next one i was watching the remake of ghoirl. you can get them on netflix. there is no cost. if you go to the details page on show, this is just a start. orange is the new black, new york cnorcos and the crowd all f those are being offered. they are going to be adding more. it is only on your phone not your tablet, not your computer
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something netflix haven't done. >> i haven't gotten into netflix yet. >> move on to christmas. the cost may be more. >> trees may be more expensive depending on where you live especially because of the kro drought in california. if you live out west it may be more. even up in oregon and tennessee because of the fires, guys, they are going to be paying more for christmas trees. the state of hawaii, they imported 20,000 fewer christmas trees. in particular if you live in hawaii expect to pay more than you have before for the christmas tree. >> dry christmas tree is a fire hazard as well. >> worth it. you have to get a christmas tree. >> thousands crowded into a rainy rockefeller plaza to see the 94 foot tall norway spruce
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switched on. the 14 ton tree has 50,000 multi colored lights. can you imagine putting all of those lates on. on topskros ski star. >> a deal that could make all of the difference. brand new help for thousands of soldiers ordered to pay back millions in enlistment bonuses. >> the man starking out rauj across the country confronted. >> president elect why did you remove the flag? >> i don't want to talk to you about it. >> don't you think you owe it to the veterans to explain yourself. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> college president refusing to fly the american flag on the spot. >> and forget the circus, this might just be the greatest show on earth depending who you talk
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>> the violent kidnapping of a california mom. her husband breaking his silent in an emotional interview. the latest on that and the search for the kidnapers. this is such a bizarre story. >> a young mother held hostage and tortured for weeks. this morning her husband is speaking out for the first time about his wife's nightmare ordeal. >> she was bound. she had a chain around her waste. that was correct. she had a bag over her head.
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that is correct. her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something. >> disturbing. telling his story on abc's 20/20 as the flan tick search for his wife's kidnapers intensifies. they have been questioning her trying to find any shred of evidence. keith's interview may have compromised the investigation. >> i didn't know he was going to release this until a short time before i did an immediate interview. with some of the details he has provided it could affect the integrity of the investigation. >> speaking of details, even more chilling details sherri was found 150 ill moos fr -- miles home. >>
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>> police say she was branded by a message before being thrown out of the vehicle by her captors. her hair was chopped off. she wade a shocking 80 pounds. sherri describing one with long krurlly hair and a thick accent. they issued 20 search warrants in the case and are going through sherri's computer looking for any leads at all. >> jackie ibanez, thank you. in response to mr. trump's message to flag burners. >> protestors have been lighting the symbol of american freedom on fire in a disgusting display in response to a tweet by
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mr. trump>> they sparked all of the outrage ordered students not to talk to the press. >> hey hurry up. jesse waters with the o'reilly factor. good to see you. >> not good to see you. >> now that i have you here why did you remove the american flag from campus? don't you realize the whole country is laughing at you right now. >> good-bye. get your foot out of my door. >> president elect why did you remove the flag? >> i don't want to talk about it. >> don't you owe it to the veterans to talk about it. would y >> i don't want to talk about it. get your foot out of my door. you are giving speeches. >> jonathan lash. he has been refuse to go fly the american flag on campus after one was set on fire in the wake
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of president elect's win. >> i think he doesn't want to talk about it. >> the ceo of levi sparking a lot of outrage. the boss of the jean company is asking customers not to bring their concealed weapons inside their stores. why? they shouldn't be concerned about safety while shopping for jeans. what do you think the story generating big buzz on social media. bruce on facebook saying this, he's against saying more law abiding armed citizens make us safer not more gun laws and restrictions. ryan agrees with the move. open carry makes me uncomfortable. i feel like something is about to happen. ben on twitter says no american should be concerned. violence occurs in the least likely places if you say no to the second amendment you won't get my business. >> taylor swift's wildest dreams coming true without releasing any music. she is the highest paid musician
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and celebrity on the planet. >> listen to this. according to forbe swift polls $170 million alone. the second highest on the list. one direction raking in 110 million. coming in third is adelle with $80.5 million pay stub. >> wow. >> well, these angels are heaven sent. the world's top super models earning their wings at the iconic victoria secret fashion show in perry. superstar sisters gigi and bella joining kendall jenner on the catwalk along with performances by lady gaga and bruno mars. also returning veteran angels alessand alessandro. the true stopper, though, this
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is a $3 million en crusted fantasy bra in case you want to pick out what you are buying me for christmas. >> the time is 19 minutes after the hour. a prescription for ecstasy. the controversial plan approved to treat soldiers with ptsd. a oo a race against time as police rush to rescue this driver trapped inside of a burning car moments before it burst into flames. i work 'round the clock.
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>> a prescription for ecstasy? the fda is green lighting a controversial plan just approved to treat soldiers with ptsd. the drug releases hormones that reduce fear and increase trust. more than half of the participants received relief from ptsd. if they are successful it could be available by predescription bay 2021. a christmas miracle. a family of a 1-year-old was told days ago she would not live. the little girl opening her eyes days after doctors plan to take her off life support. they were going to put her into a medically induced coma. she has woke up on her own. they have a page to help pay for her care. >> that is a miracle.
2:24 am
unbelievable. >> harry connick junior has worn many hats in the entertainment industry. he has been a singer, a composer, actor and now the host of his own show. let's step into the fox light with michael tammero. who doesn't love him? >> i am wild about harry. i sat down with him he said what it was like going from being the interviewer to the entertainer. harry connick junior is having us onset after watching. i am pumped up. a oo good, man. >> you go home like that every day fired up? >> it is a blessing to come out and perform for these folks ever are i day. it is like having a party in the middle of the day. feels like a party that could be happening at 2 in the morning. >> is it everything you image i ined it to be? >> beyond my expectations. everything i love to do i get to do on the show. i get to sing, write music
2:25 am
arrange for the band. i get to meet incredible people and perform. all of the things i love to do i get to do. what i didn't expect was how incredible the team around me was going to be. i have met some amazing people. it really does feel like a family and feels like we are having a party in our house every dayti >> daytime is a tough field to break into. what do you think separates you from the pack? >> as a host and musician there's a different perspective i have. there's nothing else on television that has the type of party atmosphere that we have during the day. >> finally you have a back it up dance. can you show me some of the moves? >> it is easy. >> you don't need rhythm to back it up. you do this and back it up. >> come on, you ain't got no rhythm. this guy has it going on. >> you guys can move my friend.
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cast your vote for the daytime talk show star. >> you can check out fox news magazine follow me on twitter and intaw >> what a great interview. always good to have you here. >> good to see you. >> still to come the time is now 26 minutes after the top of the hour. agents under attack an alarming spike in border patrol guards being ambushed. the new report being released overnight. the good news for hieshgs who hall a tree to the top of the mountain. ♪ my hygienist said the most random thing.
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or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily ...and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. >> my partner is down.
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>> partner is down inside the residence. >> a fox news alert. breaking overnight an officer killed in the line of duty. this tense standoff underway right now with officers and the accused killer. >> mr. trump making good on one of his campaign promises, keeping jobs in america. his future cabinet members working hard on taxes and negotiations. a closer look at his plans for the economy. >> the high end designer refusing to make anything for melania trump. he has designed a dress for michelle obama. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪
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>> good morning. you are watching "it hafox & fr first" on this thursday. i am abby huntsman. >> thank you for sticking with us. it is half past the hour. we begin with a fox news alert. a police officer in washington state killed in had the line of duty. >> right now his accused killer barricaded inside a home. just after the officer was shot respond will to a doll stick disturbance call. he was shot multiple times by the suspect with a rifle who turned the gun on his partner. >> my partner is down inside the residence. >> cop -- copy. partner down inside the residents. 4 or 5 shots inside the house. >> i was able to fire but i am
2:32 am
not sure if i hit him. >> the woman and children inside the house was safely evacuated from the home. 100 people came to honor the fallen officer during a procession as his body left the hospital. >> the some malian refugee to went on a stabbing spree at ohio state university traveled to washington, d.c. and bought a knife days before his isis inspired attack. agents are trying to get their hands on his cell phone records. abdul artan bought a second knife at wal-mart in columbus on the same day he rammed a car into a crowd. it is unclear if the knife was used in the actual ambush. >> the school bus company reportedly knew about the driver'ser radek behavior. this is according to the local newspaper.
2:33 am
the school district spoke to the company about complaints against jonathan walker three days before the deadly crash. he is charged with vehicular homicide after speeding down a narrow road losing control of the bus and crashing into a telephone poll and tree. a knockishocking new number tell you about revealing a disgusting surgeon assaults againsts border patrol agents. there were two killed in cold blood in the blood alone. more than 1,000 ages have been attacked in the last decades. >> trump back on the trail kicking off his thank you tour in ohio today. >> it is a two-fold victory lap celebrating a win for american workers. >> the trump transition team still hard at work building his
2:34 am
cabinet. we are live in washington, d.c. with more on his potential picks. >> good morning heather and abby. it was certainly a busy day for the transition team yesterday. vice president elect mike pence was in dc for a number of meetings particularly with house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to talk about the agenda. there was a lot of enthusiasm on capitol hill. >> the american people are ready for change and working with republican majorities in the house and senate and democrats willing to work with us. we are rolling our sleeves up and we are going to move the trump agenda forward and make america great again. >> mr. pence also met with one of the final four candidates for securitily of state former u.s. ambassador dorr to the united natio nations bolton. also up for the job is petraeus
2:35 am
giuliani and romney. yesterday mr. trump met with a number of cabinet picks in new york including indiana senator d dan coats goldman sachs president head of the office of management and linda mcmahon is said to be among the top contenders to lead small business administration and sarah palin is being considered to head department of veterans affairs. this afternoon the trump pence ticket will go to indiana where they said jobs in indiana. it is something workerss are surprised to see happening so quickly. >> i was not a huge trump supporter. i didn't know how to take mr. trump. but i am glad he lived up to a promise and stuck with it, and i
2:36 am
will gladly throw some support to him and if i get a chance to shake his hand tomorrow to thank him for saving my job, i will gladly do that. >> mr. trump kicks off his thank you tour tonight in cincinnati, ohio. this is one of his biggest visited states. >> still working with ford and the two plants planning on moving over to mexico. see what happens with that. which campaign promise would you like to see him fill? log on to facebook page for a live debate #keep talking. a story we told you about earlier this week. a christmas tree will be allowed on the mountain in arizona. park rangers sparked major outrage when they put an end to the 15 year tradition calling it littering they delivered a
2:37 am
petition to the city council. leaders allowing the tree to go up. >> decorations at arlington national cemetery are in jeopardy. they laid wreaths at the graves of our fallen soldiers only have half of the amount they supplied they are yao. you can change all of that. wreaths across america are extending their deadline to sponsor a wreath until december 14th. they cost $15 and can be donated at wreaths across america do.oa. the time is 38 minutes after the hour. brand new help for thousands ordered to pay back millions in enlisted bonuses. >> operation lucky charm searching for a real life pot of gold. how a thief managed to sneak off with more than a million dollars worth of gold. sorry kids looks like you won't be getting in the holiday spirit. the school banning santa claus and christmas decorations.
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>> a deal that could help veterans who are ordered to pay back bonuses. >> good morning. there may be relief in sight for the national guard soldiers in california who were ordered to pay back thousands of dollars in bonuses. they knew or reasonably should have known they were ineligible for that money. defense secretary ash carter
2:42 am
ordered the pentagon to suspend call back efforts after they sparked national outrage as the government was going after our heros for sign up bonuses. soldiers who fulfilled their duties were facing wage garnishments because the pentagon said they were not eligible. under this compromise deal terms were assessed to forgive bonuses and student loan forgiveness and they are required to fund money who paid the money and didn't engage in fraud. about 10,000 soldiers were affected. yeah, some good news after a rough start. >> thank you, cheryl. >> america's confidence in the economy is at a 10 year high. now the president elect cabinet picks are already mapping out
2:43 am
plans for tax cuts, trade and business negotiations. here to weigh in aaron mcpipe. >> thank you for joining us this morning. first let's lack at what we are talking about. steven mnuchin for secretary of treasury, wilbur ross for commerce secretary. they are starting to name some of their plans. mnuchin announcing a big tax cut for middle class. no absolute cut for the upper class and nocredit. >> they want very heavy tax cuts across the board, but not so much for the wealthy. what he is saying while they are going to reduce the tax rate for all americans they don't want as many deductions for the wealthy. they don't want a deduction on mortgage interests for example which would impact wealthy americans and not give offing them that deduction. also talking about the corporate tax rate. they want to lower the corporate
2:44 am
tax rate to 15 percent. that would be very tough. the obama administration looks to do this. they didn't think they could get it below 28 percent. house republicans want to get it to 25 percent. these are lofty goals the trump administration is trying to push. it would be hard to get down to 15 percent. they could go for a cut. >> he is making good on a lot of things he announced. one of them bringing jobs to america. direct intervention is the way he did it with carrier. they are bringing back trade softer than president elect trump plans and also to back away from tpp. we heard about that and back away from high tariffs as well. >> on that specific deal with carrier there in indiana, what they did there was work with soem state officials providing it to the companies so they could keep a thousand jobs in
2:45 am
indiana. this would be hard to replicate across the board dealing with businesses in every state. that's what we heard mnuchin say yesterday it is important for the government to talk directly with business leaders, ask them what they need so they can keep the jobs in the united states. picking and choosing winners and losers. but i would point to you texas governor rick perry. this isn't exactly apples to apples but it might foreshadow some of what the trump administration will do. rick perry made sure some of the tax rates in the state of texas were much lower and then he went out to states like california to missouri, to illinois where tax rates were much higher and tried to post those businesses by saying move your business to texas to head quarter it there because we have lower pactax ra. that did a lot for the texas economy. donald trump wants to replicate that kind of growth on a
2:46 am
national level. a oo it seems to be working. apple rumored they might come back here to the united states. negotiations underway with ford. open communications. all similar to the carrier deal. you know it's really disappointing to hear the white house yesterday josh earnest saying a thousand jobs were saved but mr. trump would have to do that 806 more times to make a difference. >> we are hearing a lot of analysts say similar things to that. but you have to start somewhere. and i think if they start doing this in state after state and more deals like the carrier deal, they are traying to make the promise after they do some of these deals then they will start to lower the corporate tax rate. there are promises made that in order for these deals to have long-term effects, they have to
2:47 am
have a broader policy to help companies like carrier in the long run. >> making a difference and not even in office yet. we will see what is to come. thank you for joining us. have a great day. >> interesting to what rick perry is doing in texas. >> i wonder if that's what he was talking to romney about as well. >> let's talk with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." we have been trying to figure out what's going on with mick romney and donald trump someone who attacked his character now breaking bread potentially getting the highest job. >> we have the scoop. we are going to tell you who the name is. i am kidding. we don't know. we only know rudy's name and mitt romney's name. they also included david petraeus and senator bob corker and now john bolton as well. we are going to talk to a romney insider to see if he can tell us
2:48 am
what's going on behind the scenes because we are all dying to know. plus the latest from donald trump's thank you america tour. it starts in indiana at kir year 2:00 in the afternoon. we have a live report in 2 minutes on the channel people trust for their morning news. >> we will be there. can't wait to get the scoop. i haven't heard what they had for dinner yet? >> lamb chops. >> important to know. >> and chocolate cake. >> can't forget that. >> thanks, steve. don't go away. we will be right back.
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welcome back to foxes and friends first. police officers making a heroic rescue after a horrific crash,
2:52 am
saving a man who was pinned underneath the steering wheel of his car, seconds before the car burst into flames. >> get him out! let's go! come on! come on! everyone get away from the car! >> i can hear them coughing from the smoke. watch as six connecticut officers put themselves in danger to free the driver. the crash taking place in wilton on thanksgiving eve. the driver has a lot to be thankful for. he was just treated for scrapes and bruises. operation lucky charm police looking for a real lihelp ra co. it weighed nearly 90 pounds, so heavy that the thief had to keep putting it down. there is a $100,000 reward to help find that pot of gold. and a well-dressed public
2:53 am
attorney will now need a lawyer of his own, donning an ascot of rig right there. the man had an expletive-laced comment about the president-elect. police are waiting for more information before taking action. the war on christmas continues. santa claus and decorations now banned from the classroom. the controversial decision coming from a school district in oregon who says their annual door decorating contest is getting out of hand. hillsboro school district saying, we ask that you be sensitive and respectful and refrain from using religious images like santa claus. critics are now saying the school is going overboard. >> santa's religious?
2:54 am
here's good news to wake up to. chocolate might be getting a bit more healthy. nestle says it's reducing sugar in chocolate. >> they have developed a top-secret process to alter the structure of sugar tha makes it taste sweeter in smaller amounts. >> nestle's saying we will barely be able to taste the difference. >> i don't know, changing the structure of sugar. >> if it's chocolate, i love it. six minutes before the top of the hour. and long live king louie. the lobster just given a second chance at life. ♪
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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two minutes before the top of the hour. president-elect trump and mike pence taking a victory lap following a historic election win. the two heading to indiana after negotiating a deal to keep 1,000 carrier jobs in the u.s., then they're off to the state of ohio to kick off a thank you tour for voters. wisconsin is kicking off the recount. and a georgia lawmaker
2:59 am
introducing a bill to block state funding for sanctuary schools. that is in response to one school making their campus a safe space for immigrant students. a vegan bought a 23-pound lobster for a whopping $223 to give him a second chance at life. the woman returned the lobster back to his open water kingdom. next to that, a grinch winning his personal war on christmas. a neighbor complained and bullied the neighbors into taking their display down. this year it will not be up. tom ford refusing to dress melania trump. he says his clothes are too expensive for the first lady, even though in the past he has made a custom gown for amichell
3:00 am
obama. >> who wouldn't want to dress melania trump? she's such a beautiful woman. fox and friends starts right now. >> have a good day. good morning. it is thursday, december 1st. i'm ainsley earhardt. it has happened once again. another officer killed in the line of duty overnight. >> partner down! my partner's down inside the residence. >> copy you. partner's down inside the residence. >> we have breaking details that are just coming in, steve. >> that's stuff. then the vice president and president-elect break out a thank you tour. first stop, indiana where 1,000 jobs will be saved. are other u.s. companies set to follow suit. and freedom set on fire. burning the flag in response to a tweet fromre


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