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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> following the doctor's advice. see you back here in an i don't remember. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert, house minority leader nancy pelosi reelected as leader of the democratic party. the results announced moments ago. the california lawmaker led the party since 2002, fend off a rare challenge by ohio congressman tim ryan. the vote coming despite enchantment by some in the caucus despite the party's disappointing results in the elections. what does this mean for democrats? we'll discuss this later in the show. another fox news alert for you. we're looking live at trump tower in midtown manhattan, two big additions to the incoming trump cabinet and the president-elect hits the town with mitt romney who apparently still is in contention for secretary of state. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith.
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here with meghan mccain, "kennedy," host of "kennedy" on fox business. and melissa francis and today's #oneluckyguy we're happy to have back on the couch, co-host of "fox & friends," brian kilmeade. >> so "outnumbered." sandra: i said it for a second, because i was looking down at the screen for trump tower to see if it is raining out. it has been rain any day. >> worst yesterday. it is a little better today. it has not stoppedded the crowds. they have barricades preventing people living their life. you are allowed to mill about among the general population. you can sit behind the barriers as important people go through the golden doors. this is the best reality show ever because based on a true story, naming our government. melissa: isn't that what reality show is? >> not really. i sense if you listen close there is a plot to the
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housewives shows. sadly the war on terror is fill in the news. it really started back then. kennedy: now in paperback though. >> cheaper for the holidays. sandra: trump administration pieces are coming tooth, for treasury secretary, president-elect donald trump tapping former goldman sachs banker steve mnuchin. served as finance chair for mr. trump's campaign and has been one of his closest economic advisors. to head the commerce department, mr. trump turning to fellow billionaire investor wilbur ross, who made a his fortune rescuing failing companies. everyone watching this one closely. melissa: so romantic. sandra: it was very public sit-down. meeting with mr. trump to discuss the secretary of state job. afterwards the former massachusetts governor and gop presidential nominee had only praise for the incoming president, a sign the two may
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have come a long way in mending fences. watch. >> i think that america's best days are ahead of us. i think you're going to see america continuing to lead the world in this century, and what i've seen through these discussions i have had with president-elect trump as well as what we've seen in his speech at the night of his victory, as well as the people he selected as part of his transition, all of those things combined give me increasing hope that president-elect trump is very man who can lead us to that bert future. sandra: speaking of the secretary of state post, sources say the trump team has narrowed it down to four candidates. dagen: mitt romney, rudy giuliani, general david petraeus and senator bob corker. all the talk about thing from legs that you mentioned at dinner. mitt romney, is he still the top choice we're supposed to assume? >> first off, if i'm donald trump, working literally 20 hours a day, how can you say
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just give me thing from legs? i would like something more substantial especially for appetizers. sandra: you obviously have not had them. >> i find the thighs chew which. what he said at the end, i creasing hope that president-elect donald trump would lead america to better future? are you not sold yet? you have two lengthy interviews with him. you want to be secretary of state. i know you have to be authentic. i'm a mitt romney fan. both great family guys and great parents and both very rich compared to us. i wonder at least you're there yet? i believe he will be a great president for america's future as opposed to increasing hope. i think words matter. sandra: meghan, you the other day saying it's time, he needs to make announcement here as far as secretary of state. meghan: yesterday i said they were going on their one-on-one date like "the bachelor.." rudy giuliani is saying in the wings, i'm been loyal. give me the rose.
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i was belly laughing of picture of mitt romney sitting in front of donald trump. >> why? meghan: looks like deer in the headlights. optically make a decision. i don't care. i do care. >> meghan's comments you brought to you by ups. right behind you. sandra: let me say, melissa, the criticism he and his team are slow making these announcements. if you look at this, the progress they have made on cabinet nominees, showing that right now, president-elect donald trump is, he moving along faster than obama was in 2008 by one pick at week four, postelection. bush 43 hadn't made any announcements yet. as far as progress is concerned, you can't make any -- kennedy: bush wasn't president-elect. it was being challenged. >> mulligan on that.
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melissa: what i'm most interested in is steve mnuchin. we saw him on "mornings with maria" this morning, on with wilbur ross, they already made plans how they achieve 3 and 4% growth at the least. they have already have a large tax plan in place to get the economy rolling along. this is what really matters a lot to me in terms you have to fire up the economy right away. we saw numbers from third quarter looked really promising in terms of country how we're growing right now. that would be a great springboard to see everything take off. that is what it is all about. cut, bringing money from overseas and putting guys in charge who really understand business, not government. who really understand business the economy, how to motivate, how to incent. i have a lot of hope on that front, i believe it means good things for all americans, every single person out there. this is tremendous. kennedy: if you have
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trillionaires and multibillionaires in those important decisions my big hope they allow businesses to flourish and start up again, we've seen start-ups evaporate in the economy. start-up businesses have gone underwater, i also hope they're not just there to protect their own income but to encourage people to create their own wealth no matter where they are, what station they're at at this point in their lives. for that i think there is great optimism. you know, it is a grand experiment. we'll see if it works. as far as secretary of state, i think this is a giant prank on mitt romney. >> really? kennedy: nope, i think he got from mitt romney what he needed, which was the optic. it was visual, he will be like you know what, thank you so much for coming. you are not getting that rose! let me just say -- >> you've been saying that for a while. meghan: whether he picks him or not ends up being a prank or whatever you're alluded to, i
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think it is disrespectful to mitt romney and a lot of people that support mitt romney. i'm giving donald trump and team benefit the doubt. not kellyanne conway, that is at least a serious consideration. when i hear steve mnuchin, i freely say i don't follow wall street the two of you on fox business, did elizabeth warren, bernie sanders break out in hives, that a big wall street guy is secretary of treasury? >> absolutely. to have a political background, it will be better to have political background, frustrating not be ceo of treasury or commerce department. you have to go behind the scenes, like your dad and others i know how to work the refs here. >> that is why corker will be secretary of state. that is why he tapped tom price as well. therethere will be people in the cabinet with ties to capitol hill and will be able able to
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finesse the necessary areas. melissa: tim geithner were great in those roles. they came from you wall street. tim geithner had federal reserve experience before. he is somebody very well-known on wall street. i do think coming from goldman sachs, mnuchin has a lot of experience with a lot of these different people. he is not protecting his own interests. all these guys you have to remember, would be making a lot more money and a lot better off staying in private sector. meghan: power is ultimate aphrodisiac. everybody with a lot of money wants to be in politics. sandra: accusing trump of surrounding himself with billionaires, now you look at wilbur ross, commerce secretary. you could make the case high net worth is gathering around donald trump. >> there has been a problem over last eight years people admitting their successful. that is a scarlet letter. i like successful people because they leave clues how we are successful. mind set is only something they
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and their family know. i do have idealistic opinion why successful people go into public service, you can give to charities and foundations public service is the word service. if you accomplished everything you can, you can only be on "shark tank" some times. this is my way of giving back to the country. i think i have a idea the way to help anybody. >> i never met a uber wealthy person that didn't have political aspirations for whatever reason. kennedy: maybe they see failures in their own life the impediments government takes. i am almost delusional, paring these things down so other people go out to become successful. meghan: i don't have a problem with it. i'm saying people like elizabeth warren that her head popped off after this. melissa: bonus to that appointment. >> the reason donald trump is president-elect, not because of rich people, but because of blue-collar people. one thing he did for carrier is
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more significant than anything else. yesterday he invited vice president-elect combined their forces in order to keep 1000 jobs here. he has to do that. has to do it for miners and others. not winning over mike bloomberg in phone call and hiring a bunch of people. sandra: what about the criticism that the trump transition is divided? when kellyanne conway was out there tweeting against having mitt romney chosen as secretary of state, what message did that send? >> i think that's great point. i think their, i'm naive to the point of being delusional, i'm smart enough to say after the watching trump organization function and dysfunction, i know i don't know for sure. it was very significant kellyanne conway released picture later on in the day said they were on the same page. i thought it was significant that "new york times" said there was no rift between them. they seemed to be source of that disagreement. maybe chichi went further than he thought. i don't think he --
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>> i don't think he was surprised. sandra: kennedy that he would have her out tweeting? kennedy: he knows exactly what she is doing. she will not go rogue, tell you what about mitt romney, i can't stand the guy! donald trump, i really like him. he knows what she is doing. he knows what he is doing. melissa: voices were great. kennedy: i get to do my nancy pelosi. nancy! meghan: she does not have a official role in the trump administration has said she is not looking for one. if she is person for whatever to go out and do his dirty work on cable news that is a different role. sandra: after a showdown on capitol hill between nancy pelosi and ohio congressman tim ryan pelosi keeping her job. what it means for the party. and president-elect donald trump announcing he plans to leave his company to his children before taking office. whether it will quiet the conflict of interest concerns. after the show you can join our live chat by i can considering on the "overtime" tab on
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sandra: fox news alert. nancy pelosi keeping her job after a rare challenge from congressman from ohio, tim ryan. defeating him 134-63 vote. her opponent said today's election proves her party needs a change. congressman ryan speaking moments ago. >> quite frankly we got the message out we wanted to get out. as democrats we talk about economics. issue unites us. many heard me say this million times last few weeks. i believe in my heart if we are to win as democrats we need a economic message that resonates in every corner of this country. sandra: all right. so he had a goal. he was on a mission, but doesn't look like change is coming. >> you know what is happiest? republican leadership.
9:18 am
they have been steamrolling her for last eight years plus. she is the reason she lost the majority for the house. she does a lot of great things to raise money for a lot of members who feel they owe support to her because she does a lot of fund-raising. somebody at her age, at her point in her career, feels necessary to lead a party she helped tank. ryan made a name for himself. came out and said things, republicans are saying. they are a regional party, not national party. kennedy: that is exactly what he is doing. he will run for governor in 2018 in ohio. what does it say your rich great-great-aunt you have to keep continually kissing that musty ring? horrifying for some democrats. >> true. kennedy: especially freshmen class, the few of them. younger generation of democrats who see exactly what ryan is talking about. marcia fudge, we saw take a very big role at dnc this year, also
9:19 am
from ohio, backing ryan's run, said you know, these are our issues that donald trump ran on. melissa: right. kennedy: we haven't abandoned them. they stopped talking about them. why did they stop talking about them? they are led in the wrong direction. west coast elite, nestled firmly in the bosom of silicon valley and continually drinks. melissa: stop. you said bosom. maybe i said bosom. she did. money, money, money. nancy pelosi is all about bringing in rich dollars from everywhere. she is so connected. they're afraid to disconnect from that. but they don't see she is hillary clinton. this is exactly why they lost the election. rich elite out of touch. they don't care about workers. care more about the environment than anything else. workers in middle america have seen that and have felt betrayed. like you said, republicans are thrilled that they have kept
9:20 am
nancy pelosi in charge. keep heading down this road that has been a disaster for you in this last election. meghan: she is hillary clinton but more radical than hillary clinton. you have identity problem if your main leadership comes from san francisco, new york and massachusetts you have a real problem reaching out to the middle. tim ryan was doing it for legitimate reasons. younger generation in the democratic party see nancy pelosi was captain of titanic, and led them into the iceberg and we'll patch it up and everything is fine. she is 76 years old. she is doing this for a long time. tim ryan said she has a real problem giving up power is true. same way in republicans in 2012 had to have an autopsy report. democrat have to do the same. as republican i'm thrilled they're not changing power. it will mean more losses and more of the same. >> you're 100% right. longest time no democrat spoke up against barack obama or nancy pelosi whoever the majority leader was in the senate at time. result has been no bench.
9:21 am
no identity. kennedy: no bench. >> george bush will tell you he is watching right now, most ex-presidents watch "outnumbered" a lot of republicans spoke up to me at various times, no big deal. no one spoke up against harry reid. no one spoke up against nancy pelosi. no one spoke up against barack obama. therefore when leaves, not only have the house or senate or white house, he has no next person where there were plenty of next people. melissa: get in in here as far as either -- identifying problem with the party. he did interview with "rolling stone" and published yesterday. he was asked why white working voters voted for trump. it was part of it our failure to reach voters effective and fox news in every bart and restaurant in big chunks of the party and but part of it is democrats not working at grassroots level, making arguments, critique of the democratic party is accurate.
9:22 am
kennedy: one of the criticisms he had for hillary clinton in his postmortem right after the election, was she only went in front of audiences that she knew she already had on lock and she didn't take the time to go to those fish fries and county fairs in front of people that she might not have been as popular with. >> fried food leaves to skin problems. kennedy: coughing fits. >> restaurateurs, put on a show, customers want to watch. not forcing fox news down their throat. they are chooses to watch. don't blame restaurateurs. leave them alone. melissa: wish they would play it more in airports. >> that would be great. kennedy: good luck. sandra: president trump kicking off thank you tour. criticism that this could be a part of same tour that president obama was accused of running. he will put his business into the his kids hands before he takes the oath of office.
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♪ meghan: donald trump announcing on twitter this morning he plans to leave his company to his children in total before accepting the keys to the white house. donald trump, jr., ivanka, and eric are expected to run the company via blind trust for duration of their father's presidency. the president-elect pledging to reveal more details on the transition in an upcoming news conference. the announcement cops on the heels of conflict of interest concerns, read in part i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15th, to discuss the fact i will leave my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. weil i'm not mandated to do this under the law i feel it is visually important as president
9:28 am
no way to have conflict of interest with my various businesses. americans legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. the presidency is far more important task. do you, brian, go to you, did you have any issues at all with him continuing to have any kind of role in his business while being president? >> it would have been a problem. group of people that maybe half the country waiting for him to mess up, this would have been, would have been a gift that keeps on giving. i thought it was interesting "the new york times" said something, get kenneth feinberg who doled out money for 9/11 victims, for those who suffered to try to save people, have him be the monitor. have the trump organization pay him to monitor find out because we made a deal with saudi arabia to fight isis he is not building a hotel here? thought it could be very complicated. he is getting out in front of it. i could see ivanka being in the room when the brazilian president comes to visit, ivanka is selling handbag, licensing,
9:29 am
there will be an issue there. it is good to get ahead of it when it is bipartisan problem. if he waited until february, march or may, that would have been an issue. meghan: kennedy? kennedy: you're absolutely right. it can bring up series of challenges in places like brazil and india. he has properties all over the world. as he said the brand has done really well, president of the united states, now everyone will know your name. if everyone knows your name, they probably want to stay at a hotel with your name out of sheer curiosity. i'm wondering from you, melissa, you have extensive knowledge how the trusts work -- melissa: yeah. kennedy: his kids might have security clearance he asked for it for ivanka and two sons, if he running companies in blind trust how will it work? melissa: that is really dicey. i like ken feinberg idea. i put it out there to couple auditors they mocked me. that is some reasons why it
9:30 am
wouldn't work, there is so much overlap, it could not be sorted out. i'm not totally convinced that is true. he is avoiding probably a tax benefit to this, he is passing on. >> probably is. melissa: always say you want to die with nothing. give away everything to your kids before you die because they don't pay estate tax. probably benefit in there somewhere along the way. there is also idea when you see how the trump things around the world, they don't own that hotel. they own shares in it. a lot of cases they licensed their name. kennedy: like hello kitt at this, they licensed name. melissa: exactly like hello kitty. kennedy: going into a trust and tax shelter, making billions of dollars licensing his name for hotels is that much different from the clinton foundation only people admittedly trying to make money? sandra: this is legal, technical separation but do you think this calms critics who just don't
9:31 am
feel good about the conflict of interest having his family run the company? melissa: i don't think it will. >> for 15 months we heard the failed businessman will bankrupt the country and bankrupt the country. he never did docudramas how he saved, he is in 15 countries from hotels and buildings, towers and now we're hear what a failed businessman he is. kennedy: goes to show you, never try to make elizabeth warren happy. it is a fool's errand. >> up until this show i was trying. thank you. meghan: got to move on. president-elect donald trump will begin a thank you tour of states he won tomorrow in cincinnati. thursday's nights rally is 17,000 seat arena expected to replicate the huge events that powered mr. trump's surprise campaign. he credited his rallies key to
9:32 am
victory over hillary clinton. marsha blackburn, vice-chair on the trump transition team on why thankingsupporters is so important. >> he won this going to the people and i think this is a way for him to get back out there and to really affirm the choices that he is making, making. it is time for him to say thank you. he is so grateful for the support of the american people and to do this tour i think is well-placed. >> there are concerns among members of mr. trump's own party "washington examiner" david drucker, they are quietly embracing president-elect trump's plan for series of rally to thank voters. even though some worry trump is setting new standard for the campaign. republicans criticized president obama and who are holding campaign style rallies and such events could further divide the country. we both host radio shows. you know how howard stern became
9:33 am
number one, every time he became number one in the market he thanked market. >> and funerals. had funerals for deposed number one morning shows he defeated. meghan: that is how he became king of all media. i think it is brilliant. i changed my mind. he is emulating howard stern. >> i didn't think about that i thought rise of howard stern with the whole indication thing with rush limbaugh. that was good moment. i will be less cynical, for you who are naive and you who are cynical. i think he wants to say thank you. i think he is in awe of the position he got. understands magnitude of what he did. he says i'm comfortable with billionaires but happy with blue-collar men and women. i know you put me here and i will not forget it. melissa: i agree with that. sandra: i'm naive? melissa: he wants to say thank you. this is a great opportunity for him. i hope he takes it to be
9:34 am
magnanimous to bring people together. before these things would degenerate into name-calling, let's be honest, we enjoyed a little bit of that, it was entertaining but he could back away from that, be gracious sure and grateful around still be funny and still be himself but kind of bring people together. look i know this one, isn't it funny mitt romney we're having dinner and before we're at each other throats. i bet there is a mitt romney -- kennedy: people say we're in permanent campaign. we're already in permanent campaign. 20/20, the most success and most unified and energized he felt when he was on the campaign trail at these rallies. that is where intuitively he knew he was doing better than pollsters and press said he was based on people's reactions. that is where he had the most fun. he is going out and bringing peel together he is not running for anything. he already has won. if he wants to throw a rave or a dance party or some sort of a
9:35 am
cotillion or shindig, who cares? sandra: how much is it about him having fun? we knew on campaign trail he loved these moments and adrenaline of these rallies. how much he misses it? >> he outworked his opponent. five or six a day and there has been a lot of people that was the reason. i was in ohio couple days ago or couple weeks ago and they said -- very good point. i was wondering about how nourished he was, can't tell you how many times donald trump came to my area, my town, my family was almost tired of seeing him and lawn signs were everywhere same with pennsylvania. he outworked them. that is where he will do it. that is where he feels most comfortable. he is ahead of the game as you saw on the chart naming people in his cabinet ahead of everybody else. meghan: important to keep candidates and president-elect trump's morale high and something that democrats didn't understand. excitement and enthusiasm obviously breeds momentum. he kept this going since he got elected. so again, i do think he is
9:36 am
taking a page -- kennedy: is he supposed to dismiss them, you filthy voters i'm done with you? no, he is acknowledging they still mean something to him. he is where he is because of them. everyone gets new red hats logo and hopefully with the colt 45 logo. meghan: bring out t-shirt cannons always a favorite. president-elect trump said the somali ref gee should have never been in the united states to begin with. whether he is right and how his administration will deal with the growing threat of lone wolves.
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> ohio state campus there has been, i think some type of terrorist attack. >> why do you think that? >> because the guy ran a car through a crowd of students. he did it purposely. kennedy: that was unof the 911 calls made during the attack later this earlier this week at ohio state university. isis claiming responsibility calling the attacker one of their soldiers. abdul artan rammed through the crowd and went at people with a knife. congressman michael mccaul, contender for homeland security secretary rather, says it is a stark reminder of the danger we face. >> we need to secure our borders
9:42 am
and secure the united states from these terrorists coming into the united states and perpetrating acts of terror like what we saw yesterday. it is a reminder that terror threat is real. that the messages coming out of iraq and syria are to attack, and attack the infidel in the backyard. kennedy: president-elect trump tweeting quote, isis taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at ohio state university by a somali refugee that shouldn't have been in the country. brian, what is the problem here, is it immigration system we have, refugee system we have, or the fact that people are self-radicalizing and being inspired constantly at impressionable age? >> josh earnest says extremist behavior. finally we'll have islamist extremist behavior. james mitchell author enhanced interrogation, talked to the khalid sheikh mohammed and abu
9:43 am
zubaydah, told me this on radio. khalid sheikh mohammed made it clear we'll keep attacking americans until over and over again and use your civil liberties against you until you expose your throat so we can slaughter you. that is the philosophy of people like this clown who is not 18 with a receding hairline who clearly lied to get into this country. until we understand we're not being anti-muslim by saying we have to look out for our own welfare, until we get practical we'll still have san bernardinos, orlandos, and now ohio state universities. ken ken -- kennedy: meghan where do we start? you can't destroy people's civil liberties and assume we're safer. meghan: it is not about destroying civil liberties. you and i have vastly different interviews. i said it before, people on silicon valley need to being able to look at posts and allegiance to, radical islam and ties to --
9:44 am
>> al-awlaki. meghan: al-awlaki yes. i don't have a problem key words triggered and flagged on line. if you have tweeting a leaningance to al qaeda or isis, this should be sent to our national security. >> they won't do it. meghan: people think infringement on personal liability members and infringement on my safety and liberty abouts in this country. put pressure on people that are billionaires, because america is free and great, looking at you mark zuckerberg, come to the terms with the fact reality of world we live in. >> what if you're an idiot, 18-year-old idiot, should be you be hearingsed? meghan: i didn't say arrested. i said flagged. melissa: you have to let people know you can't do this willy-nilly and someone will come after you. you can't threaten people's
9:45 am
lives. kennedy: san bernanadino shooter and orlando shooter and flagged and investigated with background checks? sandra: trump has to talk about a different way to do this. as kennedy mentioned these previous incidents they were flag and let go because there was nothing to arrest them on, nothing unlawful in their past. how do you change that? donald trump needs to start addressing that more specifically? >> number one, if i'm coming from -- kennedy: softening on waterboarding. >> softening on wart boarding using wrong term. waterboarding should be a form of interrogation and punishment. when you see what works, clearly waterboarding was effective getting the worst of the worst to speak because they weren't. you will see that. i say this about this guy, leaves somalia, spends quality time in pakistan and finds is way over to columbus. you can't treat that the same way someone coming from aruba or bermuda coming over here. you have to say, what were you doing in pakistan? got a little problem.
9:46 am
maybe we'll take the other guys or other family that hasn't come from the terror dens. meghan: problem which have president last eight years won't say islamic extremism. the pendulum is gone completely other way, if you go to pakistan, i don't have a problem you're flying back and forth to pakistan and stop and instair gait you why you keep going back and forth to this nation. problem we have a president so obsessed with being politically correct he hasn't dealt with major issues. say it is terrorism and radical extremism. start with there i will be happy. kennedy: would see links of terror acts what happened before hand, who was in contact with them and why those people didn't step forward? columbus has second largest somali population in the country. what is it about this community they are scared to come forward to law enforcement saying this person is changed and radicalized? >> i'm sure financial aid sheet
9:47 am
was paid for education. kennedy: went to community college and graduated cum laude. >> he was much happier there. kennedy: moonwalked across the stage. since the election dozens of cities reaffirming their status as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. one city taking a new level, pushing for a law for help for people there illegally. very logical. we'll debate. that's next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough...
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com.
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sandra: first let's get to jon scott what is coming up next hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hey, sandra. one of primary means president-elect trump uses to communicate with the american people, twitter. is it the newest version of the fire side chat? we'll get into that. fires raging in tennessee. tornadoes across the south. we have the latest on the devastation. british political phrase that holds relevance in the u.s. the jams. those who are just about managing. why they are are the most powerful new voting bloc. we'll tell you more about them, coming up, "happening now." sandra: jon, thank you. >> thanks, sandra. melissa: one sanctuary city ramping up efforts to protect illegal immigrants courtesy of
9:52 am
taxpayer. san francisco's city supervisor proposed funding five million dollars for immigrants facing deportation. the city's policies faced backlash after the deadly shooting of kate steinle in july last year. the suspect was previously deported five times. lawmakers are set to vote on the measure by december 13th, less than six weeks before president-elect trump's inauguration. mr. trump has said he will deport convicted felons in the country illegally and yank federal funding money from cities refusing to enforce federal immigration law. the supervisor says his proposal is meant to send a message. >> we want president-elect donald trump to know that there is nothing more american than immigration. melissa: even when illegal. but opponents say the city should be trying to discourage people from coming to the u.s. illegally, watch. >> we should do what we can to
9:53 am
help people but that doesn't mean we should throw our doors open and throw our common sense out the window. melissa: i mean this is amazing. so he wants to take taxpayer dollars and give $2.6 million additionally to the public defender's office to hire 10 attorneys and five paralegals. he wants to give $400,000 to non-profits to staff a hotline to provide emergency legal representation for people being deported because they're here illegally and have committed crimes. >> what he mr. bow tie forgot to mention, we're open to immigration, but illegal immigration. we want you to fill out a application. we used to say you're one of the huddle masses come on in. but if we have to detect your entrance through night vision glasses that is pretty much the issue. what will public defenders do with people here illegally? how do you defend someone got here illegally? by definition they're already wrong. kennedy: by definition five more times likely to escape deportation if they have some sort of legal representation.
9:54 am
my question is, and biggest issue using government funding for the program. melissa: tax dollars. kennedy: san francisco, next to silicon valley, next topple approximately's home. so many billion dollar startups if they have such a great need for this flavor of labor, then why don't they pony up and create foundations to represent these people? why is government causing and trying to solve all of these problems? melissa: could soeasily raise money from people that hate trump in san francisco. why do they need to use tax dollars? >> go back to the moment of kate steinle and mention of her was. my opponent wants sanctuary cities, back in july, where was the sanctuary for kate steinle? that is very effective message that donald trump won on. he talked about this a lot all threw the campaign process. >> politically to be cynical if
9:55 am
it is possible, listen, you have only finite amount of money. that is not going to social programs, you are your parks. meghan: homeless problem in san francisco is raging. >> as long as you're okay with that, i think average person -- kennedy: not in san francisco. they shut down a sales tax because they have been overtaxed and overregulated to death. it's a great city. love san francisco. beautiful place unlike any other in the country. meghan: i absolutely hate san francisco. >> they have systemic problems. there is a big difference between the kind of person who would shoot a woman in cold blood in broad daylight and someone coming here to try and find a job. >> right. kennedy: if someone deported that many times the country they're going to they don't want them. that is why they catapult them back into this country. the system is not appropriately dealing with the violent felons. meghan: i hate san francisco. i think it's a city filled with people so completely disconnected from reality. this is slap in the face for owl
9:56 am
people like kate steinle and their family. exhausting to sit here after historic win of donald trump won on immigration with liberals smacking it in the face. melissa: with tax dollars. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. (sfx: park rides, music and crowd sounds)
9:57 am
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sandra: say this without looking. thomas jefferson and tripoli pirates, amazing gook. brian kilmeade. out there for a while and doing very well.
10:00 am
>> new after the word. thrilled everyone is getting it. our first war on terror and we win. sandra: you have one big visit coming up. >> jacksonville, december 9th. meet me there. sandra: keep it here for "outnumbered overtime." brian kilmeade will be there. join us. "happening now" starts right now.


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