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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 30, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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machine and yank it from the store. a wildlife camera metropolitan to watch mountain lions catching pictures of bizarre creatures. prank terse wrestling lions, an old lady with a walker and santa holding a beer. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye bye. it's wednesday, november 30th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. deadly tornadoes sweeping through the south overnight. multiple children injured, damage reports just coming in. as wildfires turn deadly in tennessee, the inferno still raging this morning and we have the breaking details. >> hard to look at. the secretary of state sweepstakes continues. they're down to the final four with more high-profile meetings with the president-elect. including a sit down dinner with mitt romney at a swanky restaurant in midtown manhattan. will we get a big announcement
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later today. stand by. reince gets stuck with the check. imagine called to a companywide meeting at work and hearing this. >> protect the business for long-term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterrey, mexico -- >> remember that about 11 months ago. president-elect made it one of his key campaign promises to stop the business from leaving the country. carrier air conditioners will stay in the united states. at least a thousand jobs will. we have details on that as he makes good on the presidential promise. let me remind you that it is not raining in the east or at least in this building. your mornings are better with friends.
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>> hegseth is drinking coffee in oshkosh, wisconsin. good morning to you peter. >> good morning. we're going to be here all morning long. we are here with a couple of twins. voters out here in which is wichl wisconsin. how about we hear from the people. this ultimately was an election of the people. all morning we're going to talk with people and get the pulse of what they think about the people and we have a special guest. we'll tease you on that one. >> can't hardly wait. >> the recount begins. >> if they're going to pay the 3 million bucks and have a recount there. >> thank you very much. speaking of special guests, new york city, today is gridlock alert day. because they deliver the tree and i think santa is coming tonight. >> avoid the area if you live
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around here. traffic will be a nightmare. >> i think this tree will be tall. >> i really hope so. >> this one. >> meanwhile, talk about things that are big league. it was a big league dinner last night at that restaurant inside a trump building. it was the jean george's, which was a fancy restaurants. you see reince probe us, president-elect donald trump waving there and mitt romney. apparently they had a lovely dinner and talked about a lot of stuff. it didn't look like mr. trump was steamed at mr. romney for saying all those awful things. >> they were eating flog legs and scallops and lamb chops. you know i love them. >> new york is so liberal. they walked in and sat down, the crowd, everyone -- a round of applause for three of them. >> same at the 21 club. i think politico is reporting that romney now is reporting that it would be trump's pick.
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it's astounding to some and aggravating to others. mitt romney afterwards easily could have avoided the cameras, instead walked over to them and said this about his experience. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world and these discussions have been enlightening and interesting engaging. i enjoyed them very very much. the last few weeks, he's been carrying out a transition effort. i've been impressed by what i've seen in the transition effort. the people he's selected as members of his cabinet are solid and effective capable people. all of those things combined give me increasing hope that president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. thank you. >> no one knew he was going to talk because he didn't have a microphone. it was hard to hear. that was in a trump building. everyone was trying to figure out where they would eat.
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there's so many buildings in the city. not so many, ten that have his name on him. that's at columbus circle where a lot of the protesters have been. >> turns out, somebody figured out, somebody blabbed on the trump side or somebody at the restaurant, because there was a cnn guy inside live tweeting sitting one table over and donald trump leaned over and said hi jim. #busted. >> mitt romney secretary of state is going to be -- as loyal a rudy giuliani is -- but if it it's mitt romney, some loyalists are going to be upset, including newt gingrich. >> i think it's a disaster. first of all, romney is not like the team of rivals around abraham lincoln. none of the team of rivals opposed lincoln in general
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election. romney fought against trump every single step of the way. and fought against him with really vicious language. i mean, if you look at the things romney said about trump, you'd have to say to yourself, i don't care how good a schmoozer he is, why would you believe him? >> true. i think the kind words mr. romney had when he was coming out of the restaurant, while a lot of people on the right had said he needs to offer an o apology, i think that's as close as an apology we'll get going into the decision. >> he'll look like a suck-up if he just takes it all back. that was his way of easing into the deep end of the pool. i think he was trying to -- >> remember when this started. it started with then civilian, host of the apprentice, donald trump, saying mitt romney, he choked. that really stuck with mitt romney. >> did he say that after mitt romney made the comment? >> he said it in 2012. he said it almost every monday
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here. mitt romney should have won that. he choked in that last debate and didn't close out strong. and that really obviously got under his skin. steve, i think that you're right, as close as it's going to get. i don't think an apology works. i think an explanation would be better. but i don't think that donald trump is demanding it. although i saw charles lane last night. he thinks this could be mack vallian. he thinks this could be getting back at him, getting him to the doorstep, nobody likes you. >> ultimately, he's the commander in chief. he's going to make the decision. he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. what do you think? let us know. >> nobody has been as loyal as rudy giuliani. nobody worked as hard as rudy giuliani. while we've heard it might be a confirmation fight, i think donald trump would fight for him. go to our facebook page. go to "fox and friends" and weigh in. we'll ask you, among the top
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four who you lieb as secretary of state. look at the lineup. look at the cabinet positions open, the ones filled. today we're going to find out. steve mnuchin is going to be treasury secretary. he's really rich and financed movies like american sniper. >> he'll finance this campaign as well. >> wilbur ross, getting commerce secretary. he's successful. and was once married to betsy mccoy. >> and saved the steel industry. the rust belt area. >> and he's one of donald trump's neighbors down no palm beach. it takes a businessman to figure out how to deal with businesses, right? generally because they do that every day. donald trump on the stump made it clear, i'm a business guy, i know how to deal with businesses. he said he would do everything in his power to make sure that carrier air conditioning, a division of united technology did not relocate as they are
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planning to, to mexico. yesterday it was announced according to the indiana star, it sounds like carrier is going to keep 1400 of the jobs in indiana. about half of 2100 and it sounds like mike pence, who has been working behind the scenes, keep in mind he was governor when carrier announced they were going to close two different plants. >> this is huge. >> asked for clawbacks on some of the incentives they received. >> imagine if you work for carrier and they say we're going to cut in phases. imagine voting for donald trump because he promised to keep jobs in america and hearing from carrier on their twitter account, we're going to stay here in the u.s. imagine how that feels for all the folks that work there. >> he's not even president yet and he's keeping a promise. >> he might have played a role in ford keeping some jobs here. although that's up for debate. some conservatives aren't
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thrilled. they say it's not the president's job to get involved in business. that's to let the free market involved. >> tell that to the people affected. >> if one of the things he's saying is you don't threaten, but you explain. you might not have the credibility or momentum now because you seem to be gaining popularity on a daily basis. if you're saying i'd like you to stay because i'm about to redo the tax code and it's going to be something that's justifiable so be patient and trust me that things are about to come around, call paul ryan and check on the kind of momentum. >> here's the inning about united technology which owns carrier, they're a behemoth organization. $56 billion a year in business. the biggest customer is the federal government at 10%. can you imagine if donald trump says, you know, we're your biggest customer. we're going to stop doing business with you, that's going to turn some heads. >> i like when joe biden did the
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same thing with barack obama, held up wall street and said give me all this money for all the hell you caused at wall street without backing anything up, it was like they were hoemding up these companies. >> nabisco is going to leave, they have nine lines in chicago. they're cutting those lines and they're going to open four lines down in mexico to make oreo's. so donald trump said i'm not eating oreo's anymore, estebaning oreo's. >> america would never give up on saltines. >> you never know. >> the oyster crackers are just as good. >> and tasty. >> the good news is, he's not even president but has he made america great again? he has to probably 1,000 people in indiana. looks like they're going to get their jobs. he's going to be in the state tomorrow as part of his thank you america tour. >> democrat or republican, heather, everyone has to say this is a great --
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>> good morning everybody. a couple of headlines. starting with a serious one. powerful tornado leaves at least three people dead in the state of alabama. a line of powerful storms pounding the south overnight. the twister also reportedly injuring multiple children at a 24-hour daycare center. this photo shows the tornado's incredible power. crumbling a building to its very foundation. in mississippi, storms collapsing the roof of a home into a bedroom. we'll keep you posted on the weather down there. another fox news alert. raging wildfires through the state of tennessee leaving behind an apocalyptic aftermath. hundreds of homes reduced to smoldering piles of rubble. >> i can see the sheets of flame coming down the mountain towards us. >> it ripped through the resorts towns of gatlinburg and pigeon
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forge for a third straight day. a nightmare scenario on board the doomed flight that carried a brazilian soccer team. investigators say the plane may have run out of fuel before it crashed into a colombian mountainside. the pilots reported an electrical failure moments before it disappeared from radar. the black boxes have now been recovered. six on board miraculously survived the crash that killed 71 others, including among the victims, six fox sports journalists. our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families of those victims. those are your headlines. a lot going object today. >> a lot of serious news and a sad day for the fox family. meanwhile, while the secretary of state talk has centered around the dinner between president-elect trump and mitt romney, our next guest is also in the running apparently. congressman dana roar backer is going to talk to brian in a few minutes.
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the top cabinet post, including rudy giuliani, david petraeus and bob corker. now factor in another rival. joining us dana rohrbacher, an early supporter of donald trump and we've read about this. congressman rohrbacher, is this something you're interested in? >> i'd be interested in it because i believe in don trump. he's going to be in the foreign policy arena, a shift in approach, that will be a great service to our country. we've been going down the wrong direction for a long time now. we've had a global elite of people, that's why they call them globalists. they're more interested in what's going on in the world than the united states. it's an exciting time to be involved in foreign policy. >> you were the first one raising that we should be supporting the northern alliance and that there's a problem in
3:19 am
afghanistan. next thing you know 9/11 happens and you were at the forefront of knowing what's going on, on the ground there. you've been morphed into some people say a champion for the kremlin. have you been won over by vladimir putin's foreign policy? >> i think what's important is what course president trump thinks is important as well. we have to prioritize. i worked for ronald reagan and i have credentials that you know he can match as far as i'm concerned. the soviet union was our primary enemy. ronald reagan focused on it and brought it down without a military confrontation between us. trump understands that it's not the soviet union anymore, it's russia. our primary enemy is radical islam. they're killing our kids at ohio state and people massacred near where i live and in france. the radical islamic threat is
3:20 am
what we should be focused on and russia, working with them rather than trying to find every bit of hostility we can aim at them. >> sure they don't take back eastern europe. make sure they don't steamroll the european countries that have worked so hard for their freedom, right? >> i have to tell you this much. i find iterstandable why the baltic countries, for example, hate the russians after all the millions of people and ukrainians and others, the millions of people killed by communism, when communism controlled russia. this is a different era. >> i hear you, congressman. >> defeat the ones who want to kill us. >> congressman, i agree with you and so does donald trump. he seems to have your view of russia which puts you in contention for to top spot. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> you got it. three weeks since the election. what do the wisconsin voters
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time for quick headlines. a pipeline explosion sends a massive fireball into the sky near kansas city international airport overnight. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the gas line to rupture. thankfully, nobody was hurt, no flights affected. you could see it coming in. the walmart truck driver charged in a deadly highway crash involving tracy morgan has pled guilty. kevin roper was driving a semi on the new jersey turnpike two years ago when it crashed into
3:25 am
the van carrying tracy morgan. james mcnair was killed. roper could avoid jail time and have his record wiped clean if he completes 300 hours of community service. speaking of community service, here's ainsley to tell us a great story. >> this is a great story. some towns in new jersey where you live, steve, i think this is your town. they have a blue streak in the middle of the road showing support for law enforcement by painting that thin blue line on the road in between the yellow lines. the next guests came together to make it happen in ma wa, new jersey. joining us now is the mayor and resident susan larson along with ten officers that represent the police department there. thank you all for your service. we love you all and support you all. sue, i'll start with you. how did this come to be in mawa. you're responsible for this, right? >> initially, i was sitting in traffic in wyckoff.
3:26 am
i looked and noticed they were painting a blue line. i said they have a blue line, why don't we have one? i wanted to recognize our police department. i wanted to thank them for their efforts. i sent a call to mayor and the blue line was there. >> what does this mean to you and your community and why did you do this? >> it means a lot to us. in light of the dallas shootings that started all this. we printed ten of these signs for lawns thinking that would be a great show of gesture. >> thank you signs? >> yes. a good show of support for the officers. it's one of the safest communities in jersey t blew up into 650 signs on residents' front lawns. sue's idea about the blue line is a daily reminder to motorists and residents every day about the service that they do every day. >> we have a lieutenant behind you, mayor. what does this mean to you and to the police department. >> every time the police officers pull into the police department, they see the blue line painted right on the
3:27 am
roadway in front of the station. it just shows the police officers the level of appreciation that the community feels towards the police department and police officers in general. the vast majority of police officers and the community get along together and it just shows a level that the residents show their support towards the police department and it's very much appreciated. >> feels good after everything happening in our country. >> what is your response to the critics? some are showing it shows white privilege. you have a town in pennsylvania, residents wanted o do it. d.o.t. is saying wait a minute, it could confusion on the road, we don't want to upset anyone and because of an accident, they'll blame us and sue us. what's your response? >> we haven't had any issues with traffic and as far as confusion with motorists has caused, zero issues. there have been some negative -- has been some negative feedback
3:28 am
towards the police department related to the blue lines, but the vast majority of citizens in our township and throughout the county and state are more than positive for these blue lines. 99% i would say. >> welli mayor, kudos to you for doing that. sometimes you'll have one or two people that don't like it so it ruins it for the entire town. you're not listening to the critics. >> no we're not listening to them. while they enjoy their opportunity to speak. do it from their backyards where these officers provide us the safest community. it can't be forgotten about. it's a changing world. the job they signed up for is vastly different today. credit to them for the job they do and across the nation. police officers and the idea of a safe community is the most valuable component i think. when people leave for work, leave their kids at school, it starts with these officers and what they do. i just don't understand the
3:29 am
criticism. >> sue, what happens next? i was reading that you have a goal now to continue this throughout your entire county. >> yes. i would love to see that happen. unfortunately, i don't have the time do that myself. you know, i encourage anybody to initiate having that done in their town and i'm happy to help. i've had so many facebook messages from people saying how do i get this done in my town. my students at the college. i've had nothing but positive response. it's all about people wanting to get it done. i feel like it's a reasonable goal. >> lieutenant, what's your message on behalf of the officers watching at home and in support? >> continue the support of your police departments, whether local state or county and federal, too. because the positive feedback we've gotten from the citizenry is fantastic. we're out there to protect everybody. be part of the community as well as everybody else. >> thank you so much for wearing that uniform and wearing it
3:30 am
proudly. >> thank you very much. most people are praising the officer who took down the ohio state terrorist. a black lives matter activist is making it a racial issue. >> this is fox news, you guys are the race casino. forget about the race card. you play the race casino. >> wait until you hear tucker carlson's response to that one. they helped donald trump win the white house. peter hegseth is at a diner in wisconsin. we're having breakfast with friends. >> fantastic breakfast here. a couple of twins. couple of republicans and independents. self-described republic-krat. we're going to bring it straight to you. mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime
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display features a portrait of hillary clinton and it's positioned between two snowmen. gave the kids to see old frosty as well as two snowmen. >> i love it when a comedian laughs at his own jokes. so cute. i like him a lot. >> it's also a little risky to talk about a woman's age. he took that risk. >> yes, it is. >> 26 minutes before the top of the hour. it's the heart of the rust belt. until this year, what are wisconsin voters thinking three weeks after the big election. let's talk to pete hegseth. pete it there at the diner at mike's place in oshkosh, wisconsin.
3:35 am
>> pete is that where oshkosh b gosh was made? >> there's some of that. they make a lot of the things for the military. it's a big industry here. absolutely. it's a great place, great folks. as you mentioned, it's a county that went twice for obama in 2008, 2012. but for trump in this cycle. this has been an election of the people from the beginning. voters here in oshkosh, all of which followed this election very closely. we have and i and patrick and, dan and shane. i'm going to ask all of you you've got an independent, a self-described republicrat and a couple of republicans here. what was your take on the election ultimately. did you vote and who did you vote for? >> i did not vote. i could not bring myself to vote for either one of the candidates. hillary, with her track record, with her attorneys and just the
3:36 am
e-mail system and mr. trump with sexual harassment and overall statements rubbed me the wrong way. i could not bring myself to vote for either one. >> what do you do? your background. >> i currently work at a specialized prison in oshkosh. >> how do you feel about how trump is doing so far? >> i like what he's doing so far. i'm a fan of sheriff david clark out of milwaukee. he's in the running for the secretary of home defense. i like -- i would hope he would appoint him. i think he'd be a great hire for him. >> we've got a twin brother here as well. you have a bit of a difference of opinion. who did you vote for and why? >> i definitely voted for donald trump. trump stood for a lot of the things that i thought that we need in this country. we needed to have a jump-start on no longer trying to be politically correct. you get things done better by
3:37 am
telling people straight up how things are. i don't need a trophy for everybody type of thing. participation trophy. i thought he brought a different angle of a noncareer politician to our country. change was a good thing and to have somebody who has been in politics for 30 years, be honest, i think her husband gets mora rah behind him than she did. i couldn't get past the fact -- so blatantly obvious that some of the people are so obtuse to the things she was involved with and her dealings. i don't know how you get over that. >> sure. andy, what do you do for a living? >> i work for a beer company. >> what what do you make of a recount in the state? >> i think honestly that money the group has raised should be and could be used for a lot of different things. she's raised more money for the recount for our state than her whole campaign. that's a travesty. >> let me ask you.
3:38 am
you're two twins with difference of opinions. not always on the same page. i asked you about the flag burning question. you had slightly different questions. what's your take on the flag burning and the president's statement there? >> i actually think flag burning is a did he say kregs. i think it should be outlawed. i think anybody should ticketed and fined or jailed. it's a farce that somebody would desecrate our american flag which represents us, freedom, what our troops have done for us. it should not be allowed. >> interesting am that's the take that donald trump has had in the last day. to go to you. what's your background? >> i'm in medical sales. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for donald trump. the reason really was that was the lawlessness going on in the country and the lack of response from the current president and essentially seeing that at the
3:39 am
dnc where the democrats brought the blm movement into the picture. you know, really nothing regarding police and what they do for us and i think that just doesn't get enough press. >> absolutely. >> dan, i want to go to you too. >> i'm in health insurance. >> obamacare must affect a lot of what you do. who did you vote for? >> i voted for donald trump. obamacare was one of many issues going on. we knew what we were going to get with hillary and the baggage coming into the white house. there's an unknown element with donald trump. there's no question about it. i guess it came down to i'll take my chances on the unknown. got to be better than what we were going to have. >> you made an interesting point about the timing of obamacare, too. quickly, what happened that -- >> november 1st is when the increases had to come out. i work with employers and get a chance to see plans all over the country. this is the year where they got
3:40 am
it handed to them. a lot of the employers had to send home to their employees, this is why your rates under our group insurance is going up, because of the affordable care act. >> absolutely. we'll be here all morning asking and answering these questions. we have a special guest coming so stick around who we're going to ask as well. thumbs up, thumbs down. how is trump doing so far from your view? >> we even got the 12-year-old thumbs up. family affair here at mike's restaurant. >> eating great food. we'll be here all morning. good stuff. thank you guys. >> pete hegseth live on the road at a diner in wisconsin. >> we were just talking about what they were having. heather filled us in on the fact that there was a delicious cheese kurd omelette that is widely consumed in wisconsin. >> that's my mom's hometown. >> you're probably related. hello to the rasmussens in oshkosh, wisconsin. i have serious news to bring
3:41 am
you. an update out of california. beaten, bruised and branded. the husband of a kidnapped california mother revealing horrific details about his wife's 22-day nightmare. keith papini says his wife was found chained up on the side of the road on thanksgiving day 150 miles from her shasta county, california home. she weighed 87 pounds. her body covered in burns and her haircut off. police are now searching for two hispanic females as the papini family slams rumors that the kidnapping was part of a race war. there was a racial charged -- signed by someone claiming to be sherri. in washington, could it be bye bye nancy pelosi, at least for her senior house position. house democrats holding a pivotal leadership meeting today. tim ryan is within striking distance of winning the minority leader post. ryan stunning the party by
3:42 am
challenging pelosi. she has held that job for 14 years. pelosi, a fundraising powerhouse, is still widely expected to win. do you remember, of course you do, the police officer who shot and killed a terror suspect at ohio state university on campus this week. he's been hailed a hero across the country except one black lives matter activist. he tweets this. for the white officer who killed a stabbing suspect in ohio paraded as a hero, that's interesting. tucker carlson interviewed that activist last night. listen to this. >> when you tweet out that this is a story of a white man killing a black man, that is misleading. that's not what happened. there was no racial motive. >> i didn't say there was. >> of course you did. you said -- >> i didn't say that. >> shot a black suspect. >> you guys are the race casino.
3:43 am
>> i don't know any person on ninette work and said you have a white man killing a black man. you have a police officer, representative of order -- >> black so mal i don't know of -- >> tucker's guest stands behind that tweet. those are your headlines. >> i love the way tucker takes on people that disagree with him all the time on his show and is so good. he doesn't get excited. he just debates. >> calm and he's very succinct. >> that guy is saying it's a racist thing. that's ridiculous. it was a terrorist running through the crowd in a car. don't blame democrats for losing the election. >> if i watched fox news, i wouldn't vote for me either. you've got this screen, this fun house mirror through which people are receiving information. >> does that mean he doesn't watch? the president has a new theory. herman cain here to respond. stand by. you're next.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
with nexium 24hr. according to president obama, the real reason democrats lost the election, fox news. apparently in an interview with rolling stone, he says i think part of it has to do with our ability, our failure to reach those voters effectively. part of it is fox news. in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. here to react is fox news contributor and 2012 republican candidate for president, herman cain. good morning, herman. >> good morning, steve. good to be with you. >> good to have you as well. so on the way out the door, the president takes a slam at fox news. what do you make of that? >> you know, it's sad that the president doesn't want the people to know the truth. he said this several years ago when he said just stop watching
3:48 am
fox news. he does not want the people to know the truth and, quite honestly, by its own admission, cnn has been telling half-truths, giving distorted information and that's what the president doesn't want. if there had been cnn stations in all of these places he claims to have seen, he would have been okay with it. because cnn would have told the people what obama wanted them to hear. fox news does not do that. that's what this is about. >> okay. i mean, the legacy -- you watch the big three nightly newscasts. they were all clearly in the tank for hillary as well. i don't see where -- maybe he would just be happy if all the channels had pro-hillary stuff and that was it. >> that's exactly right, steve. he wants all of the channels to basically mimic what the white house want people to hear so they can control people's perceptions and their thinking and their votes and the american
3:49 am
people said loud and clear, we are not stupid. that's what that boils down to. >> meanwhile, i think the american people, herman cain, are celebrating today, because one of the things that was brought up during the campaign was donald trump made us all aware of the fact that carrier air conditioning was going to take 2,000 jobs down to mexico and pay people $3 an hour. as it tushs ouit turns out, penp have convinced carrier to keep at least 1,000 jobs in indiana. that's great and he's not each president yet. >> yes. i believe -- i wasn't there in that meeting. but knowing donald trump as a businessman, here's how the conversation probably went. what are the barriers that are preventing you from staying here in the united states? that's how a businessman approaches a problem. that conversation probably took place and pence and trump probably said, well, we know we
3:50 am
can do some of these in terms of removing barriers without having to have legislation. so we're going to work on removing those. secondly, it's clear that trump and pence, the trump administration, they're going to go after cutting taxes. you remove barriers that are regulatory and you lower taxes, you have a business's attention. i wasn't there, but that's how a businessman would approach that discussion. >> well, we don't know what was behind the scenes, but they're going to talk about it tomorrow at a big press conference in indiana. all right. herman cain, thank you for joining us today live from stockbridge, georgia. >> thank you, steve. all right. meanwhile, just seconds ago, the president-elect has been tweeting again. he wrote, i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my -- blank. leaving what? we think we've got the answer. we're going to share it with you next. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
3:51 am
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3:54 am
believe it or not, for a change donald trump just put out a tweet addressing one of the most controversial things about him becoming president. many people think it's unprecedented. it's about his business life turning into his political life. f >> he said, on december 15th he's going to hold a news conference to discuss why he's going to be leaving his business. >> leaving his business to his children to run the company. they've been in the company. they know how it works. in the meantime, brian, he's the former vice president of the free world. >> i'm talking about dan quail, telling crowds at trump tower who didn't even know he was dan kwashlgs he was walking into the building. >> here with what's trending it
3:55 am
carly shimkus. so apparently dan quail is not trending today. he visited trump tower yesterday. the press, people in the lobby, nobody recognized him. he was with kellyanne conway. he even had to wait off to the side while she took a selfie with a fan. >> he was not there for a position, right? >> when the press finally came to their sense, he actually told them why he was there. >> all right. that makes sense. >> he was there just to say hi. >> he's from ann. governor pence from indiana. >> he said he wanted to offer his personal congratulations. >> meanwhile, matthew mcconaughey is trending. >> sure is. some university of texas students received a big surprise when matthew mcconaughey rolled up in a golf cart and offered them a ride home. doesn't that look like a scene from one of his movies? he was there for a good reason. he was there for the college's shore walk program, which offers
3:56 am
students safe rides home. he was participating. this is his alma mater, by the way. >> the movie where he made the line famous, all right, all right, all right. wasn't that "free ride"? >> okay. samsung is going to revolutionize selfies. >> it's been a rough year for samsung. they're working on an auto focus front-facing camera that will focus a selfie no matter how far away you are or how many people are in the picture. the phone could come out as early as february. >> smart of them. >> reasonably priced, i'd imagine. chb >> we'll see about that. >> get the protection plan just in case it explodes. >> keep it i proof box. >> that would help. channel 115 on sirius. coming up, a glimpse into the mind of the 9/11 mastermind
3:57 am
from the man who helped invent the enhanced interrogation program. you don't want to miss this interview. plus, president-elect donald trump will name his secretary of treasury today. is this the right pick? stuart's going to tell us.
3:58 am
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> . >> it is wednesday. it's november 30th. i'm ainsley earhardt. president-elect trump announcing he will step aside from his business before he enters the white house. and the secretary of state sweepstakes continues with more high-profile meet wgts president-elect, including a sit-down dinner with mitt romney, as you can see there, screen right, and reince priebus, screen left. and the promise of another huge bigly announcement today. and then, remember this campaign promise mr. trump made about keeping jobs in the united states? >> within 24 hours, they will call and said, sir, we've
4:01 am
decided to stay in the united states. we'll say in indiana. >> well, after getting ford to keep some people here, he's made good on that promise again. we'll give you the details because that's our job. let me remind you, your mornings are better, even if you don't have any clothes on, because you're with friends. ♪ we are having breakfast with friends. there is pete sitting down with some men that live in oshkosh, wisconsin. >> who don't mind getting up early to be with us and give us an idea what life is like in wisconsin. it's a battleground state. >> pete, tell us about who you got today. >> these gentlemen have been meeting here at mike's place for a decade. they meet every single morning and talk politics.
4:02 am
we're invading their breakfast here in oshkosh. a swing district in wisconsin that has gone for obama twice but now flipped to trump. we're going o ask them if they voted for trump and why, how they think he's doing so far, and how he's doing with cabinet picks. the conversation has been going on all morning, across the aisle a bipartisan one. >> very good, peter. delicious. thank you, sir. >> thank you, pete. all right. there was a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump announcing just a few seconds ago we will officially step aside from his business before he enters the white house. the breaking betails and how his children are involved. stuart varney is here to talk about this. this just broke. he just put this on twitter a few minutes ago. >> yes, he did. what you're seeing is draining the swamp in action. he's been harshly criticized for not draining the swamp, for employing a lot of people who have a history in the
4:03 am
establishment, so to speak. but the latest picks that i can see, he is change policy dramatically. he's doing it quickly. he's doing it according to a plan, and things are moving. that, i suggest, is draining the swamp. >> it's going to be tough, unprecedented, how he's going to divorce himself from the business. what do you think he'll announce that day? >> i don't know. i don't know how he'll separate himself from his business interests and his family's interestings. >> he's in 20 countries. >> yes, he is. it's going to be very difficult. if you want a total divorce between the presidency and this business empire and his family's empire, that's something very difficult to achieve. again, i don't know the mechanism. rvelg and historically, it is impossible, ultimately, for the president to have a conflict of interest. the way the laws are written, the president and vice president are not held to the same standard that everybody else is. >> this is politics, steve.
4:04 am
this is how it looks as opposed to how it is legally. there's a difference. >> rather than going the easy way, he's actually doing it. >> okay, okay. whatever you say. >> that's what it looks like. >> traditionally, every president has to step down from their business. >> traditionally. >> jefferson had no problem earning profits on his tobacco farm. >> well, let's not go too far ba back. i don't recall a president who's had extensive business interests and keeps them during presidency. >> we have some stats on king george. >> nobody's ever been this rich with such a vast empire. untangle himself, it was going to be complicated. >> extremely difficult. again, i don't know the mechanism. >> let's talk about the people that have been named and hopefully confirmed. for example, steve mnuchin will
4:05 am
be secretary of treasury. >> let's start there. when was the last time you saw a treasury secretary who had been a movie producer? he produced the movie "avatar." yes, he spent most of his professional life at goldman sachs. that's the swamp, you could say. also, he's coming on board to get rid of many of the financial regulations which saddled wall street. >> he understands it. >> he understands it, and he's going to drain it. again, when was the last time you saw a treasury secretary as a movie producer you ever seen that before? >> we did see a goldman sachs guy run it, hank paulson. >> what i'm saying is this guy is different. he's coming at things in a very different sort of way. >> he's sending out a slew of tweets. he says to do this under the law, i felt if important to have no conflict of interest with my various businesses. hence, legal documents will be
4:06 am
crafted, which take me completely out of business operations. the presidency is a far more important task. >> then that's a very big deal. if you can draft legal documents that do precisely that, separate the presidency from your business empire, i'd like to see it. >> that explains why it's december 15th. i was wondering, why is he tweeting now about something that's going to happen in a few weeks? but that makes sense. >> there's a lot of positive news breaking here. all these nominees for the cabinet. all of them have plans. carrier. before the election, he said, i'm going to bring those jobs back. remember that famous piece of videotape, where the workers are being told your jobs are going to mexico? well, that has been reversed substantially. 1,000 jobs will stay in indiana. the president will go to indiana tomorrow to celebrate. >> you have a problem with the president manipulating businesses. >> manipulating businesses? >> convincing them to stay. >> no, he strong armed them. what's wrong with that?
4:07 am
>> free market guy? >> he's negotiated it. he's won a thousand jobs to stay in indiana. i have no objection to that whatsoever. >> by the way, steve mnuchin and wilbur ross have confirmed officially that they have been offered jobs in the trump administration. of course, they will face the nomination process. >> wilbur ross, by the way, will be in charge of trade policy. that's a radical reversal from what we've had before. wilbur ross is in charge of that. steve mnuchin is going to reverse dodd-frank. tom price is going to reverse obamacare. when you talk about draining the swamp, i put it to you that one of the big things is you've got a plan, you execute that plan, you do it quickly, and it's a reversal of what you've seen before. that's draining the swamp.
4:08 am
>> and you look at just what he's doing is in his cabinet, putting specialists, people who are exforgperts at stuff. who's he got in immigration? mr. sessions. >> they know what they're talking about. >> they don't need on-the-job training. >> tom price really sticks out to me. he does have plan in place to replace obamacare. that's a very big deal. that's what's going to happen. >> you know what also rings true is he's so tight. he took over the budget process from paul ryan. tom price and paul ryan are very close. if you're wondering if paul ryan and donald trump can work together, that's your answer. tom price is representing a lot of paul ryan's views. >> and also paul ryan's views on tax changes. the president has to negotiate with congress what kind of tax reform plan he's going to get. they're pretty close. they're negotiating it as we speak. you will have a tax reform plan by the spring, implemented by
4:09 am
the spring. that's a very big deal. >> what about mitt romney? do you think he's going to get secretary of state ? what did you make of his comments last night? >> conciliatory. >> but he can't really come out gushing immediately. >> well, i don't know who's going to be the secretary of state. i have no input on that whatsoever. but that meeting that, dinner was intriguing. what i liked was that they got a round of applause when they walked in the restaurant. >> in new york city. >> this is new york city, for hec heaven's sake. >> we have another fox news alert. apparently they've just named the co-owner of the chicago cubs, tom ricketts, as deputy commerce secretary. >> i'm not sure what to make of that. just happening as we speak. >> a business guy. >> it is another top position that is being filled by people who have a business orientation, a negotiating oriented position. it's taking shape.
4:10 am
it's a very different cabinet from what we've been used to. >> if the cubs don't win the world series, he does not get this job. that's my opinion. >> you think he can clean up chicago? >> just going with my gut instinct on that. here's the other thing. these two mention, mitt romney and donald trump, have to be so hungry today. they had frog's legs for dinner. there's nothing in frog's legs. what do you chew on, the thighs? do they have thighs? >> that was the soup. actually, mitt romney had lamb chops. >> donald trump had sirloin. >> they had steak. must have been a thousand bucks. >> why am i part of this conversation? >> i know. why are we talking about? >> it's breakfast time. we've been watching pete eat. ultimately what these picks show us is it's no longer business as usual, and he's bringing people who know how to work with business into his business, which is now running the country. >> he's embracing a broad cross section of opinions, sometimes from the other side, to bring them into his cabinet and to listen to them and get this country moving forward. >> yeah, we spoke to carrier
4:11 am
earlier. elaine chow will be in charge of infrastructure. what i think is interesting is as much as he loves rudy giuliani and seemed to have a personal relationship with governor christie, i think he's also worried about people getting confirmed. he doesn't want to know how much capital he can spend in doing that. do you think that's playing into the fact he's naming loyalists to key positions, but in some cases, he's not. >> i think he wants to avoid big fights with the nominating process going before the senate. i think he wants to avoid that. whether that's a really big factor in who he chooses, that's another story. i think donald trump's the kind of guy who says, i want him. or her. >> rudy giuliani, if he's chosen, do you think that's -- >> well that, would be a problem. there are more conflict of interest problems with his dealings in the past. that could be an issue, yes. >> but there's no suggestion rudy broke any laws. >> no, none whatsoever. >> and nobody fought harder in
4:12 am
the run up to the election for mr. trump than rudy giuliani. >> odds are that rudy giuliani would be confirmed for any position that donald trump nominates him to. but there would be a fight. maybe mr. trump wants to avoid that. >> here's something you can relate to. he went into the real world, went into business, international business. that's a plus for somebody who's going to be working on the international stage. he didn't do anything wrong. he got experience. >> when was the last time you saw president obama break bread with or talk to or confer with anybody in business? when was the last time you ever saw that? it's been a hostile relationship with business all the way through. that's really changing rapidly as we speak. >> you didn't build that business. remember that guy? >> wasn't that elizabeth warren? >> now she's taking over that mantle. we're going to watch you from 9:00 to noon because we can't get enough of you. >> i've been on five or six
4:13 am
minutes. that's pretty good. see you at 9:00, everybody. >> it is a very, very busy wednesday morning. a number of fox news alerts already. we're only 72 minutes into the program. >> deadly tornadoes are sweeping through the south overnight. multiple children injured, damage reports are just coming in. the wildfires down there in tennessee are turning deadly. the inferno still raging this morning. and is hillary clinton really off the hook for all of her scandals? congressman jim jordan in oversight says congress is obligated to finish the job, see if she's guilty of anything. he's here with the plan coming up next. including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, this is big. a chance to live longer with opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life and is the most prescribed immunotherapy for these patients.
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4:17 am
plek donald trump has all but ruled out getting hillary clinton prosecuted over her private e-mail server, telling "the new york times" in a lengthy interview, it's not something that i just feel that strongly about. but our next guest says congress still has an obligation to press on. joining us now is a member of the house oversight and government reform committee, ohio representative jim jordan, a republican. mr. jordan, good morning to you. rv >> morning to you, steve. >> you say congress has got an obligation to investigate whether hillary clinton or the clinton foundation did anything wrong. if the top guy had your party is saying, you know, i don't know
4:18 am
if i feel that strongly about it, why would you forward with it? >> well, we do have an obligation. it's a constitutional obligation. she obviously broke federal records law, at least i think she did. i come back do the basic standard. equal treatment under the law in this country. that's the standard. if anyone else would be investigated, to should the form e secretary of state. i think that's the right position for the house to take. as far as the administration goes, that's going to be a call for senator sessions when he becomes the attorney general. if he thinks it warrants further pursuit, further activity, further investigation, he can move in that direction. i certainly respect president-elect trump's statement, but we have a job in the house and should do that regardless of who's in the white house, regardless of what party it is. we should do our constitutional duty. that's what the american people expect. >> sure. congressman, over the last couple years, the department of justice, which was supposed to be completely neutral, has looked like a political wing of the white house. how does that change with the new administration? >> i think jeff sessions is a
4:19 am
tremendous individual who's going to change that very thing. that's one of the things i believe was an important issue, particularly in the last few months of this campaign. this idea that the justice department is supposed to be about justice and rightly was focused on politics. just think about the clinton example. when have you ever see the subject of the investigation's husband interviewed -- or visited with the attorney general gijust a few days befor the subject of the investigation is interviewed. when have you ever seen five people get immunity and no one gets prosecuted? five get immunity, three don't even bother to testify. they take the fifth in front of congress. one of them doesn't even bother to show up. >> you can't make it up. >> when have you seen the attorney general announce beforehand, i'm going to follow the recommendation of the f burks even though we don't know what the recommendations are. when you see this play out, it's why i think our job in the house, our job as the members of the legislative branch is to do
4:20 am
our constitutional duty and make sure we provide the right oversight. >> real quickly, before you go, now that the administration is switching parties, would this be easier for you to get your hands on irs records? a lot of people are still steamed about that. >> yeah, i think so. never forget, it was just two weeks ago the irs announced that albuquerque tea party wasn't going to get their tax exempt status, even though they've waited seven years for that. still looks like targeting is going on. i think we'll have a better opportunity o get deep down into these agencies, not just the irs, but all these agencies where so many on the left kind of hang out and are part of the bureaucracy. i think that will make it an easier thing. >> congressman jim jordan of ohio. sir, thank you very much for joining us. you're going to be the first one in the office today. >> all right. >> thank you, sir. 7:20 now here in new york city. coming up, are democrats about to say is a long to nancy pelosi later today many a big vote? wait until you hear what her opponent for minority leader just said. and new cabinet picks from
4:21 am
president-elect donald trump moments ago. pete and rachel campos duffy are in wisconsin to get their take about the picks from the donald. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends." 24 minutes after the hour, a fox news alert. a powerful tornado leaves at least three people dead in alabama overnight as a line of powerful storms pound the south. that twister also reportedly injuring multiple children at a day care center. we'll follow this story. and another fox news alert. rage wildfires tearing through the state of tennessee, leaving behind an apocalyptic aftermath. three people are now dead and hundreds of homes reduced to smoldering piles of rubble.
4:25 am
>> running for their lives. >> people basically running for their live, he said. high winds fueling hot spots overnight, ripping through the resort towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge for a third straight day. i'll see you back here shortly with more headlines. all right. a fox news alert now. donald trump announcing on twitter a few moments ago he'll be leaving his chirbusiness to children officially when he takes the white house. >> here to react are pete and rachel campos-duffy in oshkosh, wisconsin. >> reporter: that's right. excited to be here. rachel campos duffy and her husband showed up. she chose the table of democrats. gentlemen, thank you very much. good morning. >> they're democrats, but they're all duffy supporters.
4:26 am
>> reporter: that's right. is donald trump just tweeting recently he's going to leave his businesses to focus on the presidency. what's your take on that? >> it's a really smart move. he doesn't need anymore controversy. i think this is the right thing for him to do. i think these guys agree. >> reporter: would you agree, gentlemen? yeah. so if you're president, you're president all in. >> we elected him to do the job of president. >> reporter: indeed. our current president yesterday made some news. we have fox news up here in the diner. we're watching it. his comment was part of the reason states like wisconsin slipped is that you had folks watching fox news in bars and restaurants, being indoctrinated. is that what happened? or did wisconsin see the world a little differently? >> listen, it was about policy. it was not about that obama didn't sell his message right or that fox news is playing in mike's diner. this sis an airea about manufacturing. they want someone who's going to go out and fight for jobs. ic this president and hillary showed they care more about and
4:27 am
have more passion for bathroom rules than about rules and regulation killing jobs here in wisconsin. >> reporter: very briefly, what are you hearing from constituents about what trump is doing? >> so far they love it. the thing going on with carrier, saving jobs, the jobs with ford in kentucky, these are all huge wins and show he's got some wind on his back. he's fighting for us. >> reporter: absolutely. there's big industries here if oshkosh, including oshkosh trucking and defense. i'm here at a table of republicans. all voted for trump, correct? >> correct. >> reporter: you discuss politics here every morning for the last decade. for one hour every morning. i love it. what do you do here if oshkosh? >> i'm retired. >> reporter: you were a small business owner before that. sir, you ran for the sheriff here. >> yeah, for eight years i was. >> reporter: and you were in law enforcement. >> right. >> reporter: how do you feel -- first of all, why did trump win wisconsin? what's the secret sauce? >> i think people just wanted change.
4:28 am
they wanted something that was different from what we had. they saw some things in him that they didn't see with the current administration. ic they just wanted change. >> reporter: any other themes that hit this area? >> i think change was the big thing too. i think people were tired of all the problems with hillary and her past. i think they just wanted something different and something removed from washington. hopefully we got it now. >> reporter: you had some advice for the president-elect trump as he goes forward. >> i think he needs to not judge and take in a bunch of people that are already in the system, bring in some new people with new ideas. >> reporter: so outsiders. >> and drain the swamp a little bit, like he says. just get a new idea on how we're going to do things. we need to get back, like he said, not to be cliche, but make america great again. i believe we're not looked upon like we should be.
4:29 am
>> reporter: what's your take, sir? how do you feel like he's doing so far in the transition? >> so far, i think he's doing real good. he's picking people i think that are going to complement his administration. i think he's got people that he didn't even care for or care for him that he's bringing in. it gives you something to think about when you think about what he's doing. >> reporter: you made a comment about something you hope he puts away. >> stay off the internet. quit tweeting stuff. >> reporter: he tweeted this morning he's distancing himself from his business to stay focused on the presidency. what do you think about his decision to do that? >> i think it's a good decision. that's way it's going to remove him from hopefully any conflict of interest he'd have with his business. apparently his children are going to take over and run the business for him. still going to be hard for him to completely remove himself, but at least he'll be probably the best job he can and hopefully there will be no conflict of interest. >> reporter: jim, terry -- two
4:30 am
jims and a terry. you have breakfast every morning. ic that's a lot of what washington, d.c. and new york city missed. people share their ideas every morning as friends, republicans and i cross the aisle. you're usually sitting together, having a conversation. >> no, no, no. there's a line. >> reporter: so like every family, there's a line with politics. we're here with the republicans. a lot of opinions. i think it reinforces the politics as grass roots business. i appreciate the per spect you have you bring to this. thanks for letting me invade your breakfast. >> enjoy your day. >> welcome to oshkosh. >> reporter: i know you're jealous because it's great food, awesome coffee and people. >> that's the trump table. behind you is the hillary table. where's the jill stein table? >> reporter: there is no jill stein table here. what do you make of the recount, anyway? >> it smells. >> reporter: they say the recount smells. no chance of change.
4:31 am
>> i think she was behind it long before they declared she was behind it. >> it's going to be a lot of money wasted. >> reporter: we're just going to keep talking. you take the show. >> pete, jill stein might buy the diner. she has $6 million now. 29 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead, a glimpse into the mind of khalid sheik mohammed. and don't get mad at the people burning the american flag. it's natural. >> people are angry. they sometimes get angry and burn the flag. sometimes they burn a neighborhood. >> all right. and whoopi doesn't stop there. >> oh, boy. >> we refuse to accept a fascist america! we refuse the desecration of
4:32 am
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4:35 am
man, has it been a busy news day. >> yes, it has been. we have more news to tell you about. heather has headlines for us. >> we start out in california, where beaten, bruised, and branded. the husband of a kidnapped california mother now revealing the horrific details about his wife's 22-day nightmare. he says his wife was found chand up on the side of the road thanksgiving day, 150 miles from her shasta county, california, home. she weighed just 87 pounds when she was found. her body was covered in burns and her hair had been cut. police now searching for who hispanic females as the family slams rumors that the kidnapping was part of some sort of race war. investigators are now looking into a racially charged blog post from 2003 there was signed by someone claiming to be
4:36 am
sherry. we'll stay on the story. well, could nancy pelosi be dethroned as house minority leader later today. tim ryan says he's within striking distance of winning that job. house democrats holding their leadership vote behind closed doors just a few hours from now. ryan stunning the party by challenging pelosi. she's had the job for the past 14 years. she's widely expected to win. activists set fire to america's symbol of freedom right outside trump tower in new york city. this display in response to president-elect donald trump's tweet saying, quote, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequence, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. now the ladies of "the view" are weighing in. listen to this. >> anything that's infringing upon our very constitutional right to speak. it wreaks of a dictatorship. >> people are angry. they sometimes get angry and burn the flag. sometimes they burn a
4:37 am
neighborhood, you know. >> and people have just as much right to be offended by it. >> the supreme court has upseld the right to do just that. they forget hillary clinton once called for the exact same thing. >> i hope, mr. president, that we can pass a law that criminalizes flag burning and desecration. >> well, it's protected by the first amendment, freedom of speech. those are your headlines. see you back here in a little bit. brian? >>. >> get ready for this. our next guest spent thousands of hours face to face with the mastermind of 9/11. you're not going to speak to anybody like this again. sharing for the first time these terrifying stories from his days of water boarding khalid sheik h h mohammed. dr. james mitchell is joining us. thanks so much for joining us. great to see you, dr. mitchell. >> thanks for having me on.
4:38 am
>> you describe in this book, you know, you were going to be a private contractor. the cia asked you. you didn't want to take the job. after 9/11, they ask you, and you got take the job. sooner or later, they realize your skills, and they're going to develop enhanced interrogation practices. how would you define that, first off? >> well, one important thing to remember is that it wasn't jim mitchell's enhanced interrogation program. it was america's. the c irs a was trying to protect americans in the face of coming catastrophic attacks, similar to what happened on 9/11. so they asked me to pitch in and help when we were in crisis, and i agreed to do that. sonc sonc >> so you did that. we get the first high-profile target. describe the process of recovering and trying to get him to speak. what ultimately got him to give you information that you needed? >> well, he gave up a few tidbits when the fbi and cia
4:39 am
were interrogating him and i wasn't, but he ultimately shut down. there was still credible evidence there was going to be some kind of catastrophic ait can. we had intelligence that suggested bin laden had met with the pakistanis and was passing out nuclear technology to rogue states that exported terrorism. we had anthrax attacks taking place in the eyes. we had chatter about ksm's people already on the ground here in america attempting to do attacks. so what the cia did was the cia asked me for a list of recommendations, which i gave them. then they asked me to do the interrogations myself. >> so it ends up yielding tremendous results. it enabled you perhaps to capture a man who led you to mohammed. the one thing you describe that broke him was when you had the ability to water board him. you only water boarded him five
4:40 am
times, despite all the rumors. one thing that happened after you did that is you went back to him to try to get his advice on how it handle another high-value target. you said, i don't want to water board this guy, what should i do? he insisted you do. in your book, he's quoted, you must do this for all the brothers. if you don't and he talks, the brothers have sinned. allah will punish him. allah does not expect more of a man than he's capable of. you have to bring a man to his limits. so he was recommending you bring these guys to their limits in order to get them to speak. >> right. to put that in context, what he was saying is everyone is different. in their religion, the one that the islamists follow, if a person helps the enemy without resisting to the best that they can, then it's a sin and allah will punish them. what he was saying is you have to help the brothers so that
4:41 am
they don't get sideways with their god. but he wasn't suggesting that we water board everybody or wasn't suggesting that we use harsh interrogation techniques on everybody. he was saying everybody is different. for some, there won't be any need to use anything at all. for others, nothing you do to them will get them to talk to you. your task is to figure out where they are and provide them with enough coercion or sympathy so that they feel they've done the best of their ability. >> what you're saying, though, it clearly worked. it allowed you to roll up these guys and prevent attacks, some of which we don't know, others which we absolutely do know. when senator feinstein inaccurately portrays your role and others in the fbi inaccurately portray your role, this has been aggravating for you. this is the first time you can make your case.
4:42 am
>> that's true. this is the first time i've been allowed to tell my side of the story. it took a long time to get it out. i thought americans have a right to know what the cia did, the men and women of the cia, many of whom sacrificed their lives to protect them. the sorts of things that we were trying to do. >> and by the way, mohammed actually found a way to get the water out of his nose, out of his mouth. he would fall asleep on the gurney. you ultimately broke him and got invaluable information that helped keep america safe, and you should be proud of that. for those critics, what do you say to them? >> well, what i would say to them is that the question that president-elect trump has to ask himself is what is he going to do when there's credible evidence of another catastrophic attack planned for a city in the united states and think capture a guy like mohammed.
4:43 am
the worst of the worst who wants to protect his secrets but has the information that could stop those attacks. what are they are going to do? i'm telling you, the army field manual is not going to work. >> and they have it, by the way. if you want to know the details about what happened and make your own decision, pick up "enhanced interrogation." you cannot make a decision on enhanced interrogation until you read this book. dr. mitchell, thanks for what you've done for this country and i'm sorry you've been through everything you've been through, but i'm glad you're getting a chance to tell your story. we'll talk more about it on the radio today. >> oh, yes, sir. thank you very much. straight ahead, a fox news alert. donald trump announcing on twitter moments ago he's leaving his business to his children when he takes the white house. sean spicer has been living in new york city for the past few months. he used to smile like that. will he be smiling today? just 3. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines
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4:47 am
donald trump and the trump organization and the presidential transition team. a perfect guest would be sean smies spicer, the rnc chief strategist. sean, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. how are you? >> your boss was busy tweeting this morning. he sent four out in the last hour. one of them says that he's going to be holding a major news conference here in new york city on december 15th. essentially he's going to separate himself from the company, and his kids are going to be in charge. what else can you tell us about that? >> as he said in the tweet, he's going to announce it on december 15th. i'm not going to get ahead of him. in the last 24 hours, you've seen some amazing stuff. not only the picks, the people he continues to meet with, the news on carrier. things are getting done, change is happening. >> how would you describe the news on carrier? a thousand jobs. "the new york times" says, well, some jobs are going away.
4:48 am
they're trying to spin it almost negatively this morning on the front page. what's the truth? what was offer? what was told? what went o on? >> look, you heard mike pence and donald trump talk about this during the campaign. they said they wanted to keep jobs here. he didn't sit around and wait. he's been working the phones. he called the president of united technology. they've been work hard, him and governor pence, to keep carrier here. i think he's going to go to indianapolis on thursday to talk about the details of that plan. but the bottom line is this. exactly what he said was going to happen is happening. he said he was going to fight to keep those jobs here. he picked up the phone. they worked a deal. they got it done. this is the kind of thing that donald trump's going to do as president of the united states. get things done. >> it's great news. my heart went out to all the people who thought they were losing their jobs. when that news was announced yesterday, no matter how you voted, you have to be in favor of this. what else is he going to be doing tomorrow? i know tomorrow kicks off this thank you america tour.
4:49 am
he's thanking folks for voting for him. >> yeah, he's obviously heading to indianapolis where he's going to talk, make that announcement at carrier with governor pence about when they've done. i think as you point out, ainsley, what a season to do this in. between thanksgiving and christmas, for those thousand-plus people whose jobs are going to be kept here and their families, to know that the president-elect and vice president-elect worked so hard. they can spend the season knowing they have a job. no better present that anyone could ask for. i think you're going to continue to see people get rolled out over the next couple weeks that are going to be part of a trump/pence administration that share that vision of bringing change, getting results to the american people. >> will the last job be secretary of state? you said it's going to take a couple of weeks. >> it'll happen when he's ready to announce it. as you saw last night, he a really good dinner with former governor mitt romney. he's going to meet with general kelley today.
4:50 am
he met with general petraeus yesterday. there's a lot of amazing, qualified individuals that want to share their ideas, thoughts, and visions with him. he's going to continue to listen. he and governor pence will sit around and ultimately donald trump will make a decision who will represent him best in that position. >> of course, no position will be confirmed unless they check with sean spicer first. we all know that. it goes through the spicer. >> and sean, we're going to interview someone with carrier at 8:15 this morning. i'm sure she's going to tell us what it was like to be a fly on the wall yesterday. thank you for joining us. , thank you. dave ramsey is here with the best financial advice money can buy. first, this is for you. it's free and he's answering your e-mails. he's walking into the studio now. ♪
4:51 am
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can you believe it? tomorrow marks the first day of december. what money moves do you need to make before 2017? let's ask the host of "dave ramsey show" on sirius xm radio. great to see you dave. >> thank you. whanchs are the money moves we need to make? >> one, you'll check your 401(k), make sure your options are doing what they're supposed to be doing. it's open enrollment still for some people. definitely look at your health insurance. health insurance costs have exploded. people who can do math know obamacare is a disaster. you have to really look at that. consider that. the other thing you need to do is realize that 2017 is not going to happen to you. you need to happen to it. that's called setting goals for 20 2017. >> what about donations?
4:55 am
>> of course increase your charitable donations. if you itemize on your tax, take advantage of your charitable gifts. outrageous generosity is part of winning money. >> you brought up open enrollment. this e-mail is from michael in kentucky. >> roth is four imagine i letters that mean tax-free growth. if you start at age 30 and at age 70 you have like a million dollars in your 401(k), almost all of that, like 94% of that is growth. the rest of it is money you put in. the fact that the growth is tax free, say in that example, would save you like $200,000 in taxes. always do roth. >> i'm going to call my guy today and check that out. thank you so much. all right. this is devin in missouri. my wife and i have $45,000 in debt. i net $1500 a month. we have not used the credit card in two months but with christmas, taxes, and insurance coming up, we're in trouble. what do we do from here? my gosh, we have all been there.
4:56 am
i feel his pain. what's your advice? >> been there myself. my grandmother used to say there's great place to go when you're broke. to work. you're going to have to take two, three, four extra jobs, stop retirement at work, stop anything you can at work, except health insurance. do everything you can to tighten up the budget. the written budget will also give you the sense you're winning with money. feels like you got a raise. so put that together. really, it is about income creation here. then christmas may be okay. christmas may be a craft this year. >> i feel sorry for them, though, because retired people, they don't want to go back to work. they've worked their entire lives. they deserve this break. sometimes you don't have a choice. fblgs it's a montana thing. >> thank you, dave. coming up, new cabinet pick, plus the president-elect leaving his business behind. transition spokesman jason miller is here to reak. that's in the next hour. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free
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5:00 am
i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump announcing this morning he will step aside from his business to focus on running our great country. the new details breaking this morning and how his children will be involved. >> terrific. then, imagine being called to a company-wide meeting at work and hearing this awful news. >> and protect the business for long term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. >> and of course everybody in the room will lose their jobs. but the president-elect already make good on a campaign promise, keeping carrier from leaving the united states entirely. we're going to talk to an employee live whose job perhaps has just been saved by donald trump. and they call her the democrat's secret weapon. we now know the political future for first lady michelle obama. we'll reveal it because you are
5:01 am
watching "fox & friends," your morning choice. ♪ i think they did this song here on "fox & friends." right now pete, who should have a hair net, is serving breakfast out at mike's place in oshkosh, wisconsin. pete has a lot of politics along with the pancakes. >> reporter: that's exactly right. here at mike's diner in oshkosh, wisconsin, a city and county that the last two election cycles went for obama. this year it went for trump. we're having lots of conversation, talking to the people, about when donald trump is doing, what he needs to do next. the recount here in wisconsin. we have a special guest in
5:02 am
rachel campos-duffy. we're going to keep the conversation going all morning. dines and politics. >> thanks a lot, pete. >> that represents america. it's the flyover states, good old, hard-working people. meanwhile, this morning, talking about hard-working americans, president-elect donald trump hard at work on twitter again this morning, making some major announcements. he's saying, you want me to have a prez conference, i'll have a press conference. it'll be december 15th, at which i'll announce something specific. what is he going to do with his business once he becomes president? >> it said there at end, i'll be leaving my, dot, dot, dot. leaving my great business in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. while i'm not mandated -- >> to do this under the law, i feel it is very important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. >> so i guess there's some documents that have been crafted, which take me
5:03 am
completely out of the business operations. the presidency is a far more important task. there have been people that said lawyers from the obama administration and maybe his legal team have been working together to find some pathway forward because there's no argument here. everyone wants to make it work. and this is unprecedented. so they could do this without partis partisanship, just try to find a pathway forward. however, if ivanka comes in, they're going to say, are they talking business, are they talking international affairs? they got to somehow get past that. >> i'm sure in addition to legal documents, there will be guidelines they'll have to follow. >> that's why he's saying december 15th. we have guests on this morning saying it will take that long to figure out the paperwork. >> we are in uncharted water. we've never had a chief executive for the united states of america who's got such vast holdings. it takes some untangling. he started that with these twee
5:04 am
tweets. >> when you can't fit it all in one tweet, and i always abbreviate everything, you can just do that. dot, dot, dot, do another tweet. dot, dot, dot, do another tweet. >> he is the christopher columbus of twitter. he'll tell you different ways to do it because he forges his own message. meanwhile, let's talk about how busy he's been filling up his cabinet. secretary of treasury nominee will be steve mnuchin. very steeped in wall street. he's taken a lot of that money to hollywood. >> that's right. then wilbur ross will be the secretary of commerce. this is a guy who saved the steel industry in the rust belt states, saved a lot of jobs. he's also done that with some other industries, including textile. >> he's also a neighbor of donald trump down at mar-a-lago in palm beach. they've known each other for a long time. and then you've got the guy,
5:05 am
screen right, todd ricketts, co-owner of the chicago cubs. he's been named to be the deputy secretary of commerce. >> his parents started t td ameritrade. they're a billion-dollar family. he's since bought the cubs. but his parents said you're not allowed to work for us until you're 30 years old because we want to teach you autonomy. >> then you can go buy the cubs. i promise. don't buy the cubs until you're 30. all right. now let's talk about what happened last night. one of the most intrigue dinners in quite a long time. donald trump is doing a masterful job at creating a lot of intrigue with the naming of his cabinet. last night we heard about a dinner where mitt romney is coming in. i believe this is the second interview. they lit from below. you see reince priebus, donald trump, and mitt romney. >> i think that's a reflection
5:06 am
from being lighted from above. >> everything is gold around donald trump. even the table. they walk into the restaurant and everyone gives them a round of applause, which i really like. i'm from the south. people give new york a bad rap. but everyone praised them. >> they handed him a little thing that said, you'll have your table many 20 minutes. they have to stay a little busy. >> are you serious? >> no. >> this particular spot. people are going, i wonder where he's going to wind up? it's a three-star michelin. when you've got your chief of staff, reince priebus, right there, what are you going to talk about? you're going to talk about business. the business of what? keep in mind mitt romney four years ago had a business plan on how he would run the administration. got to figure donald trump has said, all right, mitt, what were you going to do four years ago?
5:07 am
might have talked about that last week. it was so interesting. he said, come on back, let's talk more about that. i'd like to know. the big question is, is he going to wind up with the secretary of state job, or is he going to wind up with a consolation job? when mr. romney came out of the dinner last night, was this kind of his consolation, i feel pretty bad about saying some things in the past about him, and now i think things are great speech? we have a little of it right here. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world. these discussions i've had with him have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. i've enjoyed them very, very much. last few weeks he's been carrying out a transition effort, and i have to tell you i've been impressed by what i've seen in the transition efforts, the people he's selected as members of his cabinet, solid,
5:08 am
effective, capable people. all of those things combined give me increasing hope that pl president-elect trump is the very man this can lead us to that better future. thank you. >> the microphones weren't really there. he basically said this is hope for our country, kind of look forward to the months ahead. he went on to say donald trump did something i couldn't do. he won. he'll be the next president. >> he did. one thing he said is i hope, instead of i believe. kind of interesting. politico says he's donald trump's pick. he's gotten pushback from everyone, from his family members, to people he respects like newt gingrich and kellyanne conway. mitt romney maybe is winning people over the more you talk to him. he's a very smart guy. he has international relations. i think he's in the prime of his life. he's looking to serve. he's made enough money in his business. his kids are old enough they don't need him every day.
5:09 am
i think this would be a type of thing he might thrive in. >> i was thinking about this last night. is he able to forgive and forget? they said some bad things about each other. america is upset about that. the die-hard trumpers are upset. trump is known for loyalty. mitt romney was not loyal to him as a republican. as long as you don't mess with my family and you say something about me, i could forgive and forget if we sit down and have a dialogue. >> just like james gandolfini. >> maybe i'm italian. >> absolutely. >> so the big question is, is mitt romney his pick, or is it -- keep in mind, donald trump is a showman. he's been a producer ovision sh. is he just stringing us along, thinking, hey, it's going to be mitt romney, it's going to be mitt romney. head fake, it's back to the most loyal guy who went on the campaign trail for hirchs rudy giuliani. we don't know. stay tuned. unless you know something. give us a call.
5:10 am
>> he did speak with mike bloomberg yesterday, too, a guy that ripped him at democratic convention and was very dismiss i have of him. they evidently spoke for 45 minutes yesterday. >> that's good. >> so he's make up with everybody. >> so what do you think? e-mail us or go to our facebook page. we have the final four for secretary of state, we believe. >> but general kelley is going in today. many people think he is a contender. heather, what's the latest? >> a lot going on there. a lot to keep track of. good morning. a couple headlines to bring you right now. we start with a fox news alert. an important story from the south. three people have been killed and several other people hurt overnight after a tornado str e strikes in alabama. among the injured, we are told, four children who were taking shelter at a day care center. and it's hard to believe, but everyone inside this demolished home is alive this morning. a son held up a wall to save his mom as a storm crumbled their house to the ground.
5:11 am
>> whoa! >> wow. that powerful storm system also pounding parts of mississippi and tennessee. we'll keep watching this storm, and we're praying for the best for all our friends down there. another fox news alert in tennessee, where the rain could help stop those raging wildfires, now tearing through the state. three people are now dead and hundreds of homes reduced to smoldering piles of rubble. >> i can see just sheets of flame coming down the mountain toward us. >> high winds are fueling those hot spots overnight, ripping through the towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge for the third straight day. it's a tourist destination and also the home of dollywood. it's safe, we're told, but more than a dozen cabins were damaged. hillary clinton's long list of star powered surrogates couldn't help her win the e lx issue but he's back out of
5:12 am
hiding, ready to return the favor. clinton surprising katy perry at annual unicef snowflake ball, presenting the sing r with the audrey hepburn humanitarian award. if you're wondering where she'll show up next, keep track of her by following her @hrcinthewild on twitter. maybe you can find her hike somewhere in the woods. she's been doing that a lot with her husband. >> thank you very much. all right. president-elect donald trump demonstrating his most famous skill so far, the art of the deal, after a company plan to move to mexico with a lot of jobs. remember this reaction at carrier. >> and protect the business for long term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. is [ booing ] >> that was a while back.
5:13 am
bad news. well, now that man right there looks like his job may have just been saved by donald trump. we're going to talk to robin maynard next about donald trump and his promise. and they call her the democrats' secret weapon. this morning we now know the political future for first lady michelle obama. that's strag ahead. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz.
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9sds 12ds
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5:20 am
and ooifd like to thank him and mike pence for doing it so quickly. i didn't expect an announcement probably for three or four weeks. we're, what, two days from them meeting with them and they've already made their announcement. i'm very excited about it. i would like to thank both of them personally and shake their hands, hopefully tomorrow, and get to meet them personally. >> well, it's a happy day out in indiana that it's going to happen. robin, thank you very much for joining us, telling us your story. good luck to you and your family. we hope you have a much merrier christmas now. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. great. just can't beat that story. all right. next up, we're switching gears.
5:21 am
a theory about the black lives matter movement and who is really to blame for the violence. our next guest is a black pastor saying what the movement won't tell you. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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5:24 am
got some quick wednesday morning headlines for you right now. jill stein strikes again. michigan's recount spearheaded by the green party candidate could cost taxpayers $12 million. stein promising to file a request to challenge vote tallies in the battleground state by today. could cost $12 million. and michelle obama will not be running for president in 2020. the president himself officially put the rumor to rest in an interview with "rolling stone" magazine, saying the first lady will never run for office. this despite a move by at least
5:25 am
three different super pacs to get her to run. all right. brian, ainsley? >> a black pastor is challenging the black lives matter movement this morning directly. he says don't blame the violence on police, blame the black community itself. >> it is all in his new book called "black self-genocide: what black lives matter won't say." his name is bishop wellington boon. he's the best-selling author. he joins us now. good morning. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. glad to be here. >> you say do not blame the police. who should we blame, and what's the solution? >> all we have to do is look down in the ghetto. i came from the ghetto myself. i clearly know that it's much more dangerous being in baltimore. be more and do more but be careful who you mess with. if i go to east baltimore, i would likely get hurt bad. we're killing them in the womb. we're killing them when they get
5:26 am
out of the womb in the ghetto. we're acting like we're more afraid of white policemen than gangs in the inner cities. that's not even close. >> you say, i'm a black man, american man, if i walk down the street of any inner city in america, i'm in far more danger from people of my own race than of any white policeman. this is not a few phenomenon. so this flies in the face of what black lives matter has been saying. they've had the ear of the president of the united states. >> i mean, listen, tribal warfare in africa relates to gang warfare in america. blacks have issues with each other. they know that. the studies are really clear out there. we don't understand what our destiny is from god. almighty god as ordained this group of people would be a servant people that would know how to call the will of god out to a nation that really needs god right now. here we are running to the government when we should be running to god. actually, the civil rights movement took black people from the steps of the altar of the church and led them to the steps
5:27 am
of the federal government. now they're trying to get us to go back to the federal government, blaming white people for the conditions of the inner city. white people aren't selling drugs to them. white people aren't aborting those babies. listen, i didn't meet my dad for the first time until i was 35 years old. he was a male, but he wasn't a man. a male means you can do the things that bring a child into existence. a man brings you take responsibility for what you did. that's the issue, taking responsibility. >> i was watching tucker carlson's show last night. there was a guy on who is a radio show host, a black lives matter supporter, and he said that what happened yesterday, the terrorist who was shot by a white officer, he's saying that was racism. what's your message to folks that are spreading that kind of rhetoric? >> it is ridiculous. all you have to do is say they're shock jocking, trying to bring attention. until we really i mean, we're leading people to
5:28 am
talk political stuff. we need to lead people to bring revival. there has been a revival. there hasn't been a rerival in black america since 1906. i got to say, that's what changed me. i was ghetto and gutter, but jesus came into my heart and changed me. if some of the pastors would start rallying blacks to get together -- i watched tony evans' feed 20 years ago in a major meeting. why? because i wanted to reconcile with blacks and say, we got to unify. how are we going to bring somebody to the ghetto when ghetto is acting like we don't have any sense. >> so bishop, i think you made your point clear. i think a lot of people are going to run and grab your book. "black self-genocide: what black lives matter won't say." thanks so much for joining us today. >> thank you, bishop. god bless you. coming up straight ahead, big news out of the trump transition team right now. new cabinet picks to relay and analyze. plus, the president-elect leaving his business behind. we'll explain. >> the transition spokesperson and adviser jason miller is
5:29 am
there with steve. he's here to react. and pete is live in wisconsin, getting the pulse of the people, talking to voters who put president-elect in power in wisconsin. >> the diner is packed.
5:30 am
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5:32 am
well, the breaking news last night was that donald trump is going to go out to indiana tomorrow because apparently a deal has been struck to keep at least a thousand of the carrier air-conditioning jobs right here in the united states. just about 15 minutes ago, we had one employee who it sounds like will keep their job on with us. we asked them if they had a message for donald trump.
5:33 am
this is what robin maynard said. >> i would like to tell him thank you for going out of your way and taking your holiday away from your family and working on the carrier employees' deal and sticking to your word and going to bat for all of us at carrier and keeping our jobs here. i'd like to thank him and mike pence for doing it so quickly. i didn't expect an announcement probably for three or four weeks. we're, what, two days from meeting with them and they've already made their announcement. so i'm very excited about it and would like to thank both of them personally and shake their hands, hopefully tomorrow, and get to meet them personally. >> that's awesome. well, the trump transition spokesperson jason miller just walked in and is sitting here on the couch. good morning. how great is that? no matter how you voted in this election, everyone across the country has to be pleased that
5:34 am
more than a thousand jobs are going to stay here in america and help these families. >> well, exactly. as the president-elect and vice president-elect would say on the campaign trail, the three priorities, jobs, jobs, jobs. to think that they're able to work with carrier before they've even been sworn in to make this happen, this is the power of the presidency. this is the power of a team coming in that is so focused on our economy and helping to create and save american jobs, to protect american jobs that are here. this saves a thousand jobs. this is huge. >> so many things happened during the campaign to come donald trump's way. one of the biggest things was february, when that person with an iphone was smart enough to tape that announcement and put that public. exactly what he was saying behind the podium took place in february. i think at the point you didn't even join the trump team yet. he's able to go, see what i'm talking about? >> exactly. this is one of the things the president-elect had talked about on the campaign trail. he is going to go and fight to keep these american jobs. it's not just here with carrier.
5:35 am
we're going to see future announcements as well with other companies that have already been working behind the scenes. and this is really going to fundamentally help our manufacturing industry and so many other industries. we'll talk in a moment about this dream team that the president-elect has announced today for treasury and commerce and really putting the right folks in place who know how to keep american jobs. >> it couldn't hurt to have mike pence on the team though because he's the governor out in indiana, where carrier is. according to the wall street jurm, it sounds like pence has been working behind the scenes. when they announced they were going to close some shops, he started clawing back some of the tax incentives that united technologies, which is one of the world's largest government contractors, got the word. you know, we're the federal government. we have a lot of contracts. we don't have to do business with you. the behind the scenes stuff seems to be working. >> i think this also goes to the president-elect's judgment in picking mike pence to be his vice president. mike pence is a tireless worker,
5:36 am
someone who's led in the halls of congress. he's been a fantastic governor for the state of indiana. this guy never stops. >> the best thing about him is his radio background. let's be honest. let's talk about what's going to happen december 15th. everyone's been speculating on how donald trump is going to separate himself from his business. we got a tweet this morning that says on december 15th i'll give you details. jason, shed some light on this. >> well, i spoke with the president-elect this morning. one of the things he made clear both on twitter and in our conversation, he's so focused on taking over as president. that is his only focus, the only thing he's worried on. he's completely getting out of the business, hand it over to the family, and he's going to be ready to -- he'll be fighting for the american people around the clock. that will be the focus. >> why is it december 15th? >> well, it takes a little bit of time to get everything in place. i think one of the important things to keep in mind is for someone who's been so successful, who has so many different deals, so many properties and so many different investments, it takes a while to move that along. so it really goes to part of the reason why he won, because he's not a politician.
5:37 am
it's complicated to get that done right. >> provide some color to some of these play-by-play picks. steve mnuchin. why did that work? >> steve mnuchin is one of the architects of the president-elect's tax plan. he's the person who knows down to every detail, every aspect of the code. he's the one who understands how the system has been rigged against the american worker. he's the one that can lead that tax reform. we're going to fundamentally change the tax code and bring taxes down for everybody. >> what about wilbur ross? secretary of commerce. >> when you talk about someone wrote "the art of the deal" in mr. trump, here's wilbur ross, the living embodiment of that. he's helped to save and protect american jobs, taking failing companies and turning them around. when we talk to the manufacturing sector in particular, he might be the nation's absolute leader on that issue. this manufacturing sector of our economy is so important. it's been so decimated in recent
5:38 am
decades. >> he'll take apart these trade deals and find out what works and doesn't work? do you think he's going to go inside nafta, recraft tpp? >> well, the president-elect has already said that on day one we're going to get out of tpp. that's happening. that train has already left the station. as far as some of these other deals, we're going to go and negotiate one on one to get better deals for american workers. in addition to wilbur ross as commerce secretary, we have todd ricketts, co-owner of the cubs. he's from the ameritrade company. was there a better comeback than the chicago cubs? todd ricketts really knows the economy as well. >> one of the things donald trump has railed against is wall street. you have steve mnuchin, wilbur ross big on wall street. they're also really, really rich. so when it comes to draining the swamp, how do you have them do it? >> these are the guys who have been successful. these are the guys who have seen under the hood, know how the system works and that makes that work for the american people. that's the difference.
5:39 am
you want people who have been successful. you want people who have done this. we've seen whether it's general flynn, whether it's nikki haley, the president-elect is taking the best and brightest and the most successful and putting them in place so they can go to work for the american people. >> and draining the swamp is more about getting the establishment out of d.c., correct? >> absolutely. that's why we have things in place like the lobbying ban, five-year lobbying ban for anyone coming out of the executive branch, a lifetime ban for anyone who wants to lobby for a foreign government. we're going to drain the swamp and take it down. >> jason, if we could put up the graphic once again, it's kind of like a checkerboard. half filled up. one of the jobs that's not been designated yet is secretary of state. you're down to four. it seems like to the public you're down to four. according to politico, mr. trump's favorite is mitt romney. >> when the president-elect is ready to make his decision, he will. it is down to four. he had a very good dinner with governor romney. >> can you bring some color to that? >> i spoke with the president-elect this morning.
5:40 am
he said there was a really good chemistry. he said it was, you know, one of the other things to keep in mind is they hadn't spent that much time together previously. >> ever. >> ever. and look, admittedly, they'd been on opposite sides of some of these political issues and some of the battles in the primary. but that also goes to the president-elect and the fact he's putting together even rivals to put together this team that can go forward. now, there are other fantastic folks who are being considered for that spot. >> you like rudy. >> obviously i'm an abashed rudy supporter. i worked for him on his 2008 presidential race. whoever the president-elect picks, it's going to be someone who he has full confidence that when they're on the other side of the planet representing us as a country and administration, he'll have full confidence they can fight on our behalf. >> is there another place rudy could go if mitt romney does get secretary of state? >> i'll leave that to the mayor an the president-elect. i'm a huge fan of both. regardless of whomever the president-elect picks, whether that's mayor giuliani or governor romney or one of the
5:41 am
other candidates, all of us will be on board and we'll be a unified team going forward. he'll make the best pick. >> there are a lot of people -- we've been doing a nationwide poll on facebook to see who our folks liked. rudy has been the big winner. i think last time i looked it was like 53%. david petraeus at 33%. 10% was somebody else. 6% was mitt romney. a lot of people still have hard feelings about mitt romney's stabbing trump in the back during the campaign. >> and the front. >> well, this is another thing with the president-elect. i think we've seen the temperament, this right tone following the election. i think many in the media who wanted to delegitimize the presidency, or who continue to attack him -- >> that's still going on. >> they're never going to give up. i think one of the biggest surprises to folks in the media is this approach that the president-elect is taking, where he's willing to let political bygones be bygones and figure out what is best for the american people. that's the thing with a successful businessman. you get this collection of
5:42 am
people. you get input from a number of different sources. then you make the final decision. >> and one of those sources has been president obama. i was stunned to find out from kellyanne conway and josh earnest they've been speaking multiple times. there might be a friendship growing there. who knows. >> i think that's the other thing with the president-elect. we can have civil conversations. his core fundamental principles are never going to change. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. we're going to do a number of fantastic things. but that doesn't mean that we can't have a conversation and make sure there's an orderly transfer of power. also, i think the country has been so divided over the past eight years that it really is time for us to start looking forward. the leadership we're seeing from the president-elect, he's only focused on helping the american people. that's why we're seeing him getting out of his business, making the complete transfer to be so focused on this. this carrier deal, he hasn't even been sworn in yet and he's already make things happen. >> and the bigger question, will schwarzenegger be an effective apprentice, replacing donald trump.
5:43 am
>> no one will be able to top mr. trump. >> in your mind. >> good answer. >> come on. he's the terminator. >> jason, thank you very much. >> you're not fired. but we got to go. >> by the way, one quick question. anymore announcements today? >> i'm not expecting anymore announcements today. i think tomorrow's visit to indianapolis will be big. >> the thank you, america, tour. all right. meanwhile, it's president obama's favorite excuse. >> if i watch fox news, i wouldn't vote for me either, right. >> i guess he doesn't watch fox news. this morning he's doubling down on those comments. james rosen is live on fox news at the white house next. and they helped president-elect trump win the white house. now pete is live at a diner in wisconsin, finding out what they think this morning. pete? >> reporter: boy, that's right. we're at mike's place in oshkosh, wisconsin. i may be a minnesotan, but wisconsin is growing on me. i'm here with one of my favorite
5:44 am
wisconsinites, rachel campos-duffy. we're talking about all the election issues. you just heard jason miller mention oshkosh and carrier. we're asking them what they think about what donald trump is doing there, when we come back.
5:45 am
5:46 am
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5:47 am
people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. president obama taking aim at his favorite target, fox news, blaming us for democrats' titanic losses on election day. >> not making it up, folks. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen is live at the white house with details. well, he's right behind you. go ask him about it, would you? >> reporter: right after this segment, indeed. barack obama appears determined into the final hours of his presidency to keep up his assault on fox news. in an exit interview with "rolling stone" magazine, which included a photograph of the outgoing president seated on his
5:48 am
oval office desk, looking pensive, if not exhausted, he was asked if mr. obama regards the united states as a progressive country. that led the president to discuss the large number of working white voters who elected him twice, but voted this time around for mr. trump. he said it has to do with the inability to reach those voters effectively. part of it is fox news in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. but part of it is not working at a grassroots level. that part of the critique of the democratic party is accurate, unquote. still, at various times, president obama's aides have attacked fox news on television, sought unsuccessfully to sever it from the white house press pool. the administration has designated a fox news correspondent a criminal co-conspirator. throughout it all, mr. obama himself has repeat dpli and personally use the bully pulpit of the presidency to disparage this network as just before the election. >> if i watched fox news, i wouldn't vote for me either. because you know, you've got this screen, this fun house
5:49 am
mirror through which people are receiving information. >> reporter: legendary cbs newsman bob shooefr said, when i'm asked what is the most manipulative and secretive administration i've covered, i always say it's the one in office now. jill abramson said the obama administration has had seven criminal leak investigations. this is the most secretive white house i've ever dealt with. glen downey said the administration's war on leaks and efforts to control information are the most aggressive i've seen since the nixon administration. all of this while so much attention is focused on the contentious relationship donald trump has had with the press as a candidate. back to you guys. >> i keep forgetting who that reporter was that was targeted by the white house. it's on the tip of my tongue. james, thanks so much. i'm going to pursue that story. meanwhile, they helped put him in the white house. three weeks later, what do wisconsin voters think about our future president? pete's having breakfast with
5:50 am
friends in wisconsin, next. what did martha have for breakfast? the only way i know how is to ask her directly. can you run with that story? >> egg whites and avocado. lots of protein so i can get ready for radio coming up later today with you. >> martha, i saw you with a pop tart. what are you talking about? >> shhhh! thanks, you guys. good morning. great show this morning. as you have said, mr. trump will officially separate himself from his businesses. that's going to happen on december 15th to avoid any conflict. so what does that mean exactly? we'll speak to the chair of the house oversight committee under whom these issues would fall. jason chaffetz joins us. we'll see what concerns him. and the battle between the loyalists and the rivals heats up. mike huckabee here to talk about that. those who stuck by trump not necessarily getting the top spots in his administration. tucker carlson, karl rove, joe trippi all here on the chess game that's happening on fifth avenue. and the devastation we've watched in tennessee is just
5:51 am
unbelievable. we will take you there live for a report this morning when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. check in then. we'll see you then. when you have a cold, you just want powerful relief. only new alka-seltzer plus free of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels
5:52 am
delivers the powerful cold symptom relief you need without the unnecessary additives you don't. store manager: clean up, aisle 4. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels.
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5:54 am
all right. this morning we're in wisconsin catching up with voters now that the results have finally sunk in, for most. >> that's right. pete is right there at mike's place in oshkosh. good morning. >> reporter: that is right. we've been at mike's place all morning talking to voters. it's been fantastic, great conversation. critical place that went for obama previously, flipped to trump. we're talking to folks who had supported the president-elect. sir, what's your name and what do you do? >> robert, i'm a master electrician and datacoms specialist. >> reporter: you supply parts for carrier, correct? >> we do. one of our plants builds
5:55 am
compressors for them. >> reporter: so you obviously support the president-elect. are you hopeful he can keep those carrier jobs here? >> yes, i do. that's why i voted for him. >> reporter: so you're expecting him to keep that promise. >> yes, i am, and i'm glad he's keeping his word and moving forward, making america great again. >> reporter: awesome. thanks for spending time with us this morning. sir, how you doing? cleaning up over here. what's your name and what do you do? >> paul, industrial gas sales. >> reporter: we've been talking all morning. you're also a marine corps veteran. thank you for your service. as you look at what donald trump has done so far, they're already trying to force a recount here in wisconsin. how does that make you feel, given it's already been certified for trump? >> well, they've been doing a lot of stuff with the voting in wisconsin, with the voter i.d. and stuff. maybe now both sides will work together to clean up the voter rolls and the way the whole system works. i think it might be positive for the community, the state, and really the whole country if the democrats and republicans work together to clean up the voting issues. >> reporter: sure. maybe show an i.d. to vote like everything else. thank you for your service. another table that's been rowdy
5:56 am
all morning. you guys need to quiet down. you're out of control here. sir, you're a small business owner here. what's your name and what business are you? >> garrett gill, a janitorial business here in the valley. >> reporter: very nice. you voted for donald trump, but you had a question for him going forward. >> as of the first of the year, my wife and i who have no pre-existing conditions health-wise, our premiums will go up to about $1300 a month with about a $5,000 deductible. what is donald going to do about helping people, small businesses like us, defray these costs, much less help a small business who's just getting started with a family, make these costs. >> reporter: he said he wanted to do that. do you believe with getting rid of obamacare and replacing it that will be possibility? >> yes, because we'll bring competition back into the field. >> reporter: we got to toss to break in a second. tell the audience what's coming up next. maybe more "fox & friends." >> yes, stay tuned for more "fox & friends." >> reporter: we'll hear from rachel again. ♪ think of your fellow man.
5:57 am
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>> pete hegseth has been in wisconsin all day long. he will finish up in the diner. pete, final thoughts in seven sections. >> final thoughts in mike's place. no whining. i heard no whining all morning. >> no whining. just dining. pete, thanks. bill: nice stuff. a lot of news popping. multiple fronts on the trump transition. the president-elect will cut himself out of his own business to focus full time running the country. broke that news today on twitter. as mr. trump nominates two more to be in his cabinet. a lot of news to get to. midweek wednesday. bill hemmer. martha: good morning, bill hemmer. good morning, i'm martha maccallum. president-elect trump was also out to dinner last night. have you heard about this? with former rival mitt romney and chief of staff reince priebus, in a candle lit table for three uptown. who will be the secretary of state, probably came in how are


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