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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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goodbye? you kolluded with hillary? we'll see you back here tomorrow night. absolute power to do one thing what would it somebody in have a great night. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> abdul the 18-year-old student who carried out this attack yesterday. he was born in some that i can't and came to the u.s. with his family as a refugee. >> but how exactly did the likely terrorist, who injured 11 at ohio state yesterday get into this country? the factor has been investigating. >> we do break up families here. that's what mass incarceration is. foundation of slavery. so our country has been based on that. >> san francisco 49er quarterback collin kaepernick doubling down on attacking his own country. can anything be done about this? >> you and i, we're puppets in the same sick play.
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>> there is no conscience under the feet. >> can you -- >> like the bones of my enemies. >> also ahead tough guy actor steven seagull has become russian citizen. gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how terrorists are getting into the country. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this man, 18-year-old abdul artan injured 11 people yesterday at ohio state university. their lives will never be the same. there is no question artan is a terrorist. authorities saying his computer has all kinds of rotten stuff on it. but how exactly did he get
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to america? and to ohio state? according to good work by fox and cbs news, artan and his family left somalia in 2007, taking up residence in a refugee camp in pakistan. it's not unusual. somali is a failed state with terrorism everywhere. the family stayed in pakistan for 7 years before the obama administration allowed it to immigrate legally to the u.s.a. since 9/11, about 100,000 somalis have done that. the artan family was flown to dallas, texas where the fox affiliate picks up the story. >> catholic charities contracts with the federal government to help refugees get an apartment, enroll in school and get access to healthcare. catholic charities does not pick the refugees. instead they are vetted by the state department and its office of refugee resettlement. determines where they go. >> we help hundreds of people over the years and thousands throughout america are coming in through all kinds of different agencies
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to seek comfort and aid. and unfortunately bad things can happen in any life. and this is an example of one horrific action. >> the artan family stayed in texas for less than a month. eventually moving to columbus, ohio, where artan graduated from community college and was accepted by ohio state. all along the way, there was little supervision of the family or the 18-year-old. once they got here, they were like every other american, free to move around at will. they also received government financial assistance to help them adjust to america. now, as you know, this was a major campaign issue between clinton and trump over muslim immigration. the democratic party angry that the republican party wants to limit immigration from terrorist states like somalia. thus, donald trump was branded an anti-muslim bigot. but step back for a moment. while most refugees who come to the u.s.a. are good people, a significant number are not. and when you have radicalized countries like
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somalia where isis and al qaeda are widely accepted, shouldn't there be extreme vetting as mr. trump has proposed? chances are the artan family would not have been flagged as their records are clean. however, it's obvious abdul did not assimilate. is he a terrorist by his own statements and there are others like him living here right now. america is a compassionate country. but there is a worldwide islamic juwaad underway. preventing harm from that has to be given priority over humanitarian concerns. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. largest somali community in the u.s.a. is in the twin city area of minnesota. columbus, ohio is second. more than 30,000 somalis live in cold minnesota and that state has the second highest number of isis related prosecutions of all states. maybe there is a problem up there. joining us now from minneapolis, bob fletcher,
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former sheriff of ramsey county and runs the senator for somalia history studies. so do you guys have a somalia problem in minnesota, sheriff, in your opinion? >> we have a radicalization problem that often leads to potential terrorism. so we don't have a somali problem. in fact, crime wise the somali community is probably one of the more law abiding communities. but when it comes to terrorism, you can't take many chances. and we do have a radicalization and terrorism issue. >> okay. have the somalis in the twin city area, have they assimilated or do they all live together and is it the way it was in africa? >> i think we're pretty good in terms of our assimilation. since 1992, thousands have come. i think that figure is probably 80,000, bill. for the most part there has been good assimilation. one of our goals is to help them assimilate because, frankly, success is the best vaccine against terrorism. but having said that there is always going to be a
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number of you youth that are falling between the cracks who they have an identity crisis. they are in poverty. they are not doing well socially. and those kids are very subject to being radicalized. that's what we just saw here. >> get in nice car. ohio state, government assistance. now, in september, as you'll remember, another somali attacked people in the mall of america. >> well, there is -- >> -- go ahead. >> well, no question that there are issues and the saint cloud issue is a great example. regarding the somebody that came from pakistan, he left in 2007 from somalia, which should have been a big red flag for our immigration department because 2007 was when al shabaab was inserting itself ethiopia. he was there in 2007. if he left during that time he was probably part of the islamic courts or his father or parents were part of the
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islamic courts go to pakistan. >> there is no oversight at all. none. zero. >> i agree. i agree. and there is a red flag there. >> go down to the bigger picture. so you have a problem there in minnesota. columbus, ohio, the second largest somali has a problem. you have got a problem. the states can't -- individual cities and states can't vet people in refugee camps in pakistan which are radicalized up to here. those camps are full of al qaeda and the taliban. that's where they recruit in those refugee camps. president obama has this casual thing where if you say we have to be more stringent on who we let in here from these areas you are anti-muslim bigot. >> bill, i'm not going to defend obama's strategy. clearly we have to have better investigating. we need a comprehensive strategy of prevention, intervention. suppression and vetting. it takes everything.
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>> it's impossible to vet terrorism because it's all underground. that loads me to my next question. in your area are their radicalized mosques teaching hate? >> well, the general sills of our problem goes back to 2000 7. >> no, sheriff. in your ghear are there radicalized mosques teaching haiti moment yes or no? >> there are radicalized individuals that work with our youth that are teaching hate and encouraging them to go to isis. most of our mosque leaders have been tuned up by the fbi to change their message. but it's the underlying problem of youth workers that work with kids and encourage them to go. >> individual ice tis recruiters but there isn't a radical mosque operating now where of th imman is riling this up. >> they know they are sung to fbi investigation if their extremist message is responsible for kids to go. >> all right, sheriff. we appreciate it very much. thank you.
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factor follow-up segment tonight. the national football league has a major problem now with san francisco 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick. two days before fidel castro died he was talking to the media before the 49ers played the dolphins. >> what fidel castro did do had the highest literacy rate because they invest more in education system than they do in prison system which we do not here even though we are fully capable of doing that. >> he also did something that we do not do here he broke up families and took over a country without any justice and without any election.
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>> we do break up families here. that's what mass incarceration is. that is the foundation of slavery. so our country has been based on that as well as the genocide of native americans. >> are you equating the breaking up of cuban families with people going to jail in the united states of america? >> i'm equating the breaking up of families with breaking up of families. >> wow. amazing. >> joining us now from miami are a mannearmando how just head questioning mr. kaepernick. >> no question while in my opinion is he the most radical athlete i have seen in my lifetime even more radical than the athletes in mexico city at the limps. he is off the chart. should the league now do something about his public statements? >> well, you know, the league is obviously a private enterprise. they can do anything they
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very well wish. and they do with many of their employees. they limit coaches from expressing their opinions about referees. they limit players from expressing themselves in their touchdown dances and what shoes they wear. they can do it if they want to. >> should they do it in your opinion? i mean, what did you, armando was a service. you did a service. you asked kaepernick and i understand he got your attention on the matter because he wore a malcolm x t-shirt and on that t-shirt was a picture of malcolm and fidel castro and that caught your attention as a cuban american. so you followed up with him. that this was and i want to reiterate before fidel castro died. so you did a service. but kaepernick basically is saying to america, look, i'm a radical leftist guy, all right. and i have a right to be a radical leftist guy and in my interviews i'm going to say what i want. i think he does have the
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right to do that. >> he has a right to do that. the nfl has the right as we just discussed to shut it down if they want do i agree with that? no. understand, i'm a journalist and i'm a guy whose parents brought me here so that i could express myself. so it would be kind of hip hypocritical for me to be anti-expression or anti-first amendment or bill of rights. i'm all for america and for expressing yourself in america and, yeah, unfortunately sometimes people go off the deep end but that doesn't mean they don't have the right to do it. >> okay. there is a solution i will give new a moment. the irony is that two days after your interview castro dies and then we dealt with this last night there are a bunch of leftist praising the man and all this kind of crazy stuff. in kaepernick's situation, if he said what he said to
8:16 pm
you to the havana press of which i think there are three of them and they are all related to the castro brothers, they throw them in jail. you know, if he said hey cuba is a bad country, fidel is a dictator and done x, y, and z, he is out of there. and i was just wondering is it so ironic i don't even know if kaepernick understands that. >> well, i don't know of too many people who praise fidel. >> there were a bunch. >> and sing applauded who have ever lived under fidel. >> you don't have to live under him. i don't live under him. i know who he is. you had the prime minister of canada, jesse jackson. a bunch of far left politicians in the u.s.a. come on, i mean, the stats are the stats. the human rights watch is the human rights watch. everybody knows who he is. but what shocked me and i think it's a shock to you with the kaepernick situation he equates that because we put heroin dealers in jail, he octobers to that. that's what the mass incarceration is all about.
8:17 pm
these are drug dealers, hard drug dealers. that's who is in jail. that's the mass incarceration. and he is equating that with some poet in havana who wrote a thing saying gee, i wish we were all free. see ya, you are going. he is equating the two. this is insane. >> well, the hypocrisy to me was that he, you know, kneeled down and protest on nlvet sidelines and then hours later he, you know, he praises an oppressor. so he is against systematic oppression on the one hand and then putting a systematic oppressor on his shirt and proudly doing so. >> well, i think it's reached critical mass. i think the league for his own safety, for kaepernick's own safety is going to have to stop it. in some way. i agree he has a right to say it i wouldn't want him shut counsel because it locks bad for america to do that. but i fear for the guy's safety. i really do at this point. i think he is so far out there he has alienated so many people.
8:18 pm
you heard the boos at dolphin's stadium. it was thundering when he came out there. so i think the league for kaepernick's own protection has got to find a way to mitigate it last word. >> let's put it this way. colin kaepernick is very fortunate that there are not more cuban americans playing in the nfl. >> all right. armando, directly ahead while left wing professors are running wild conservatives are punching back. posting radical left wing on the internet. will are president obama
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>> impact segment tonight. beyond debate that the
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nation's universities and colleges are dominated by left wing faculty members. that is becoming an acute problem as some students are acting out, sometimes infantile ways. now a group called punch tonight u.s.a. set up a website that accuses, accuses nearly 200 college professors of, quote, leftist prop began da in the classroom, unquote. joining us now from san antonio texas. how do you remember what teachers to put on your list. this project was many years in the making. growing this organization to 1100 colleges and high school campuses across the country. we started to doing counter incredible biases some of which you covered some of the university of missouri and all across the country. what troubled me talking to 5 adults and donors and regent members kind of like an urban legend people didn't believe what was happening in our universities. we decided to consolidate all this informations all the different biases and examples of third party verification on a very
8:23 pm
simple easy to use website professor watch every single incident and every single professor that we put on our website is backed up by a third party news source is mentioned many times. look, all we want here is to shine a light of what's been going on in our universities and the response has been incredible by students, by donors and alumni. mostly thanking us for doing this type of work because this really has not existed until right now. >> this is serious thing when you say it's backed up by a third party reportage. so third party reportage is garbage and that's the problem that you really have to know whether the college professor is going in to the classroom because that's a crux of it. when these people go into the classroom and they force the students to think their way. you know, it's a good, healthy thing for college professors to have an opinion and articulate it in a strong way and the kids challenge it that's what college is supposed to be. now, when you put them up there at the website, you know you're putting them in
8:24 pm
a little bit of danger because people, you know, you have to think about that. >> i don't think so. look, if the professors are so scared of what's going on in their lecture hall to be made public then that's their problem and not ours. i think parents have a right to know what's going on in these universities. parents especially are forking over tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and they should know what these professors have been teaching. and it's important to note we are very deliberate wrath in what we put on this website and, in fact that we did not break any news stories. these are all existing on the internet. ago greaggregator shining a lig. >> two of them caught my attention. the first one is mueller young teaches feminist studies in santa barbara. this woman pled guilty to assaulting a 16-year-old pro-life person. >> that's correct. yes. >> tenure? did she pay any price at the university? >> from what i understand
8:25 pm
she is still teaching there. and another example which have you covered extensively is dr. click who is formerly at university of missouri and now teaches and lectures at gonzaga university and she famously said on camera bring in the muscle when a journalist student was simply just filming demonstrations on campus. >> she was dumped and went up to gonzaga. >> she is still there and the other guy is julio cesar pino hot fbi i guess is investigating to some kind of muslim terrorism beef or something? >> that's right. and according to several news sources, he is reportedly being investigated for allegedly having connections with isis and an fbi spokeswoman confirmed this. >> what does kent state say. >> the official statement was somewhat murky in the sense that he is still teaching there and then it's trying to be confirmed to the fbi. look, if i was a donor to kent state or alumni or sending my kids there, that would be a huge concern.
8:26 pm
>> i don't know if i would sign up for the class. >> i wouldn't either. are you kidding me? so all we are doing is shining a light. we are not trying to prevent teachers from saying anything. >> as long as your facts are straight. thank you. >> thank you. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. former play girl model in big trouble for mocking elderly woman on the net. pretty shocking. steven seagal becoming a russian citizen. >citizen. [speaking foreign language] >> or something. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it.
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you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. >> unresolved problem segment tonight. is legalized marijuana good for the u.s.a.? because of the big donald trump upset, voting on pot kind of got lost in the shuffle a few weeks ago. on election night voters in california, massachusetts, nevada, all chose to legalize marijuana for recreational use. maine followed suit. that means you can get blasted, stumble around and nothing is going to happen to you in those states. they join colorado and washington state and washington d.c. eight states have legalized pot. the question being is that a good thing? joining us from washington lisa booth here in new york city juan williams. i'm going to confess to the audience here that i'm not a fair arbiter of this because i feel that all drug use,
8:31 pm
all right, all drug use is pernicious. and once a child gets involved, smokes a joint, drinks gin, anything like that, they lose their childhood that moment. they're not a child any longer. the emotional power of stimulants and depressants can wipe children out for the rest of their lives. i have seen it i was a teacher. i know it so, therefore, i don't use drugs at all. i never have and i think they are terrible. so that's -- i want everybody to know where i'm coming from. legalized pot good for the u.s.a. >> by the way, i agreed with all you just said. you also don't drink. >> well, it's a substance. >> so just to be clear, so in the context, i think it's good for america that we lose this preoccupation with marijuana. what i hear from people is something like what you just said, very sensitive about what happens to children. and also they say, you know, it's a gateway drug to harder stuff. but i don't hear people say,
8:32 pm
bill, marijuana ruined my life. and they can't say that about alcohol. >> i have had many drug rehab people tell me that marijuana ruined a lot of people's lives because it's so potent and powerful now that you can get stoned. what do you say, lisa? >> i tend to disagree with legalization of marijuana. i think there is enough studies out there that show the long-term consequences whether it's a permanent drop in your iq. whether it's over long term usage. building a dependency on it. you look at what's happening in colorado. studies from colorado law enforcement that just since legalization in the state of colorado which i believe was only three years ago they have seen increase in marijuana traffic related deaths by 62%. there is an increase in marijuana hospital visits. >> all kinds of social issues. you are not going to stop people from using marijuana, okay? it's not going to stop them. can you tell them it's not good for them. you can do everything you want to do but if they want to use it, they're going to
8:33 pm
use it. so the question then becomes other people. and that's what i want to present to you. all right. so you're a parent, all right. and then you don't want your kid getting high on marijuana, right? >> right. >> now it's going to be more available when it's legal. much more available. what's happening in colorado and washington is because you can't buy it unless you are 21, that the guys go in. they buy it over 21, they go out and sell it to the teenagers. possible, it's happening. >> here's the thing. my response to you is the fact that we have had law enforcement engaged in trying to stop. >> they can't. >> and they can't. in fact, what we have seen is uptick in the use of marijuana nationally and. >> that doesn't mean because you can't stop it, doesn't mean you surrender to it. >> no. >> so, for example, i favor if somebody in colorado or any of these legalized states sells marijuana to -- underaged person. >> now we can shake hands because i would say that's absolutely right.
8:34 pm
>> 10 years i give them. >> fine, that's fine with me because i think what you said earlier is on point. you are ruining a child's life. but i don't think. >> so the message has to be this isn't a benign substance. what do you think about that, lisa? if you're going to have legalization, recreational use. i love that recreational deal. you know, when i was a kid my father gills me a little pills here, you want a sip of this? i hated it. get the good heineken and i will never get sick. i'm not taking. this but kids get a little sip of beer or wine or this or that. my parents could have a glass of wine or beer and not get blasted. the sole purpose of marijuana is to get stoned. if you are going to legalize it, you have to have a huge, huge program to say we may have legalized it for various reasons but we don't think it's good. we don't think it's a good thing. wouldn't that be sane? >> well, i just don't think it's a good thing, period. and i think you already look
8:35 pm
at all the issues with just alcohol alone, whether it's 31% of, i think, you know, car accidents in america come from alcohol related. i think if you legalize something like marijuana, then you are obviously going to make it a lot easier. >> you are going to add to that. >> going to make it easier for kids to access it. i think that the whole marijuana issue as of late has really been pushed politically as well to try to draw in millennials on the ballot. it's been a political ploy. >> oh, you know, it's so good. >> oh, stop. this reminds me of arguments over prohibition. and we know that was a losing argument. >> there is a difference between -- >> -- i don't want law enforcement wasting time on this when they could be going after violent crime and more substantial in society. >> the left is going to want to legalize all drugs. talk about the slippery slope. >> last word, lisa, quick. >> president obama has not
8:36 pm
really gone after the states that are in violation of federal law so it will be interesting under president trump if that changes and under senator sessions as attorney general if that changes. >> you're going to get a lot of seniors. >> when i interviewed him about it and he wasn't -- >> it will be interesting to see if it changes. >> when we come right back, is it legal? will bowe bergdahl be pardoned? a playboy model in major legal trouble for shaming a elderly woman is it legal is next. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. the next pre-trial hearing in the desertion case of sergeant bowe bergdahl will be held on december 16th. the trial has been delayed and delayed and delayed. now the question becomes will sergeant bergdahl be pardoned by president obama before he leaves office in january? negating the whole thing? with us now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. your prediction, wiehl. >> having stuck his neck out once president obama for this guy bergdahl and after bringing him back, after trading him for five taliban prisoners under very sketchy circumstances in the process, you know, really criticized for this process of doing that, and then
8:41 pm
after bringing him back, seemingly a hero and then finding out about this potentially desertion charges, after he brought him back, obama is not going to stick his neck out again. >> you don't think so? >> i disagree. >> and potentially tarnish his legacy. >> i disagree. yonch h he cares about that legacy. >> he could in fact pardon him. >> but will he? could and will? >> i think that he will. dyou agree with me. >> yes. >> you are predicting that bergdahl is going to get a pardon and i'm predicting it as well. here is my reason. okay? obama feels and they are in sink that bergdahl is out there, okay? and that they -- never should have been in the armed forces anyway. that's the line. the army made a mistake on even putting the man in the
8:42 pm
field. doesn't matter what he did in the field. he wasn't epossiblily equipped. really not his fault. that's a hallmark of the left. it's nobody's fatal. no matter what you do, you are either a nut or your father hit you or you didn't have a nice school experience. and that's where president obama lives that why i think he is going to pardon him. >> the army will get all the information. >> the army made a mistake on accepting this man. that's going to be the resolution. the "new york times" i think it was today editorialized that or yesterday. it's the same thing that it's not a bergdahl's fault because he was emotionally crazy and should have never been there. >> that was president obama's fault. >> the reason that i think he also will do it is because this is going to protect the record. we won't be able to get access to any of that information. >> especially the soldiers who were hurt hunting for him shuts it all down. and that's what they don't want. >> i think obama is going to
8:43 pm
have more respect for the process. >> there is money on the table here. >> no. >> gambling is illegal. we can't do that is it legal. >> every single person in los angeles county. about 8 million people is required to sign up for a gym. you have to go to the gym. if you don't go to the gym, they fine you. all right? now, former model goes to the gym and she is offended by how an elderly woman looks at the gym. okay. there is the model. pick it up from there. >> she is just not a model. she was 2015 playmate of the year for playboy magazine obviously an attractive individual on the outside but not on the inside, bill. because when she was at this l.a. gym. she took a picture of an elderly woman from behind and said, you know, if i can't unsee then you can't either. really and horrible pad taste. violating the statute. the lapd attorney being
8:44 pm
courageous. >> what statute. >> invasion of privacy take as picture from the. >> was the woman name. >> yep. >> it was from the back so you didn't. >> face was not showing. it was from behind. >> she violates the woman's privacy. there is a law in the books in l.a. that says what? >> yes thawvment are not allowed to invade someone's privacy by taking a picture without their consent and then publishing it. so whether this was -- locker rooms, in a place where you have an expectation of privacy. a lot of problems with this things like this. >> what was the woman charged with the model. >> misdemeanor invasion of privacy. and exactly in the statute. i'm looking at the statute right now. it says bathroom, changing room, fitting room, dressing room, tanning room, any of those things. it's directly in violation. >> even though the woman's face wasn't shown, no i.d., the d.a. said i'm charging? >> i am so happy with the city attorney mike feur. >> you are happy. >> absolutely. make this woman an example. >> you are not going to do
8:45 pm
it. >> what is going to happen to her? does she have to work out more. >> that's not a punishment for this woman. >> you were doing so well. >> i was doing well. i apologize. >> that's not funny. >> it's l.a. it's los angeles. >> this is horrible. how are they going to punish her? how? >> she lost her gym privileges. >> oh, there it is. there it is. can't go to the gym. at least this one. >> no. >> horrible. >> thousand dollar fine. >> thousand bucks, that's good. >> six months in jail. >> she had to hire a lawyer. >> that costs money. >> she pleading guilty? >> no. she didn't even -- wiehl is like going crazy. >> wait a second. okay. she is probably not going to go to jail. but there will be a civil lawsuit against her. emotional distress. >> that is going to be harder because there is no i.d. on it. >> they have contacted her. >> what is the plea in the case, please? she pled not guilty. >> all right, ladies, thank you very much. one footnote lis wiehl's new book "the candidate" doing
8:46 pm
well. makes a great christmas gift. the government wasting money on children and steven seagal now a russian citizen. boys moment away.
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
>> back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened? tough guy actor steven seagal now a russian citizen. if you don't know him, he kind of beats up people in his movies and now developed lukive commercial portfolio in moscow. >> i have something in my pocket right now that will completely clear up that bruise on your forehead. >> what bruise? >> hey. >> no conscious under the feet. >> like the bones of my enemie
8:50 pm
enemies. >> here now to analyze this very strange occurrence bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. i'm not sure what he was selling. sneakers. >> selling himself because he is a god. steven seagal is our generation's brando. hard to kill. it's our generation's gone with the wind. >> here it. >> is he a tremendous man. it this is part of an exchange program. do you know how america sends food to countries where they have problems with food. russia has a shortage of aging actor stars. >> geraldo has glasses like that. >> they probably are geraldo's. he probably took them from geraldo. >> what was he selling in the commercial? do you know? >> it was an app. some commercial? >> was it a watch? >> it was an app. >> an app. >> some silly app. >> she's a big commercial guy, making money over there. makes sense because his movies are done. he's not going do that here. his career here is over. >> characterize him two days, tough guy actor. as far as being an actor, it's like calling anthony weiner a
8:51 pm
photographer nap's a joke. and the bromance with putin -- >> they're macho guys. >> steven seagal at this point is a flabby old fool. >> you better be careful. >> unlike putin he better keep his shirt on because i'm sure he looks like dick morris for god's sake. i'm begging you. >> dick morris. i think this is a commercial opportunity for steven seagal. >> it's not fair, we get smirnoff and they get seagal. >> if you have a country that you had dual citizenship -- >> i would go to bolivia. >> bolivia? >> the average male height is 5'3". >> you'd be a giant. >> there would be no freaks of nature like you. they wouldn't allow you on the
8:52 pm
street. >> where would you go. >> as a son of immigrants e have it in ireland. for a third choice, thailand and switzerland. >> congressman james lankford of ohm, great guy, puts together a wasted tax money list every year. topping the list this year is a $2 million study paid for by the taxpayer on how children don't like to eat food that's been sneezed upon. >> which is absolutely totally ridiculo ridiculous. >> because you do like to eat food -- >> what are we supposed to do, throw it out? if they sneezed on it, you got to eat it. there are kids starving in india. this was ridiculous. you talk about waste, fraud and abuse. veterans can't get medical treatment but they're spending half a million bucks on what it smelled like during medieval
8:53 pm
times. the bubonic plague. it smelled like the bathroom at penn station. that's how it smelled. >> no indoor plumbing. no good. >> it's a disgrace. >> what about you gutfeld, anything that offended you. >> the $2 million spent on the zme sneezing study is great. cushing childhood obesity. sneezing is free, bill. it's free. unlike diet pills. i would sneeze right now, berty wouldn't eat for a week. >> here's the ironic part about your opinion. they did this study in bolivia, came out the same way. >> exactly. factor tip of the day, are you a selfish person? the tip moments away. ♪ like a human fingerprint,
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factor. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly and please remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for yo you. breaking tonight, president-elect donald trump and governor mitt romney right now wrapping up a dinner that is causing heart burn for millions of trump supporters. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we got pictures of the president-elect having dinner with mitt romney and reince priebus. they're eating at a hotel in manhattan. the romney meeting may be the most controversial yet for the president-elect on a day when he allowanced e chain khou as his pick for transportation secretary and stephen mu


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