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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 29, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> sound like president-elect trump will name a bunch of names today. we'll have reaction tomorrow. jason miller, his communications guy, joins us live. >> if you have to run from the tv run to the radio. on from 9:00 to noon. bill: breaking news right away. tragedy in the air. a plane carrying 81 people crashing in the mountains of colombia. officials say there were electrical problems reported on board the plane before declaring emergency. dozens are dead. we're told miraculously a few may have survived. a plane care bringing a brazilian soccer team on the way do a tournament. much more on the breaking story on "america's newsroom" today. the price is apparently right for donald trump. mr. trump selecting hardened obamacare critic tom price to run his department of hhs.
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off degrees. martha: how warm it is. we need a good frost to get rid of it. i will take over from here. bill: please. martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha mack. mr. donald trump appears to be doubling down on his promise to repeal obamacare by nominating this person, tom price. who is indeed a staunch opponent of president obama's signature legislation. watch this. >> ever since president obama and the democrat led congress passed obamacare six years ago, the law's failures have been piling up. premiums and deductibles going through the roof. patients losing their doctors. millions of people getting insurance cancellation notices in the mail. this is ridiculous an the american people should not have to put up with it. bill: so he will have a obamacare in the cross-hairs. in the meantime all eyes on the secretary of state position as mr. trump will meet again tonight with mitt romney this time over dinner. martha: over dinner. very interesting. so peter doocy is our man over at trump tower today. so peter, let's start with the
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hhs pick, first. what do we know about tom price? reporter: martha, sounds like price will be the point person for the replace part of repeal and replace once obamacare starts to get dismantled beginning of next year. the president-elect said in a statement about this, quote, he is exceptionally qualified to shepherd our commitment to repeal and replace obamacare and bring affordable and accessible health care to every american. with that said there wasn't anything about the affordable care act in the statement that congressman price put out through his sixth congressional district of georgia press office. he spoke in more general terms. not nearly as specific as highest ranking democrat congress come january, senator chuck schumer is out with words accusing the orthopedic surgeon turned republican lawmaker being too extreme to work at hhs. schumer says this congressman price has proven to be far out of the mainstream of what americans want when it comes to medicare, the affordable care act and planned parenthood and this was not the only cabinet
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level announcement that we expect today. spokesman jason miller said on fox business in the last hour, that today the president-elect also intends to nominate transportation secretary, martha. martha: we'll speak with him shortly as well. there is a dinner date this evening between donald trump and governor mitt romney. what do we expect out of that, peter? >> it is interesting the whole way this played out. because for one thing, martha, it is very hard to get invited back to see the president-elect. our fox news brain room looked at guest list and according to them, rudy giuliani is the only other jobseeker to see mr. trump more than once since the election. mr. romney joins him. this meeting is over dinner. that is very uncommon for the trump transition process. that will be headline today. yesterday's headliner, retired general david petraeus explained how the interview process works and who did not dismiss possibility of joining trump team if he is asked. >> he basically walked us around
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the world. showed a great grasp of a have it roof challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. so, very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here. reporter: also, on the guest list today, senator bob corker, republican from tennessee. he is the senate foreign ryelations committee chairman. he is is one of the only republicans from congress who campaigned alongside donald trump this summer when many were hesitant too. martha: a lot of bus surrounding him. peter, thank you very much. bill: a trump steak? steve hayes, fox news contributor, "weekly standard" writer, good morning to you. tom price, this nomination makes it clear that obamacare will be a top target, agreed? >> absolutely. tom presa staked his reputationy better than just about anybody in congress. as you said, he is a former doctor. having spoken to him repeatedly about obamacare and the problems
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over the years, i can tell you among the members of congress i talked about this i issue with, tom price knows the details of this, really better than just about anybody, if you talked to him about replacement plans, he put forward one of his own. he has been pushing republicans in direction of offering a replacement plan which some in the party have been reluctant to do. he is in many ways the perfect person for donald trump to pick to shepherd the repeal and replace. bill: talk about dinner later tonight. you heard kellyanne conway on sunday and heard newt gingrich with sean hannity when he said this about newt romney. watch. >> it will be a huge mistake to betray that base on behalf of somebody who, this is not like a team of rivals. there was nobody in lincoln's cabinet who was a bitter, unending opponent all the way through the general election, no one. so this is a totally phony comparison.
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bill: what does trump do, steve? take a guess. >> well, it is hard to know what trump is going to do. clearly donald trump is interested enough in mitt romney as secretary of state to have him back and have him for this dinner. some people speculated he is trying to humiliate mitt romney for having opposed him so aggressively during the primaries, then during the general election as well. i think it is more than that i think trump, there is part of trump would like to pit mitt romney looking back at obama administration on a model, having former nominees, presidential nominees serve as the face of the country to the world, like hillary clinton and john kerry have done. i think the trump team wants mitt romney to apologize or at least appear quon trite. they made that clear in public and private conversations. the question seems to me whether there is sort of a happy medium. can mitt romney say something that sort of steps back a little bit from his criticism he made of donald trump during the primaries, during the general
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election, but not go so far as to apologize or say that he didn't mean what he said. bill: my sense you can say a lot of this in a phone call. you don't need a second meeting. so something's up. what that is we await to hear. steve, thank you. stephen hayes, there in washington, d.c. thank you. martha? martha: how about this? the vote count is finally over couple weeks after the election in the state of michigan. state officials there have certified donald trump is the winner and that takes the state's 16 electoral votes into his column. mr. trump defeated clinton in the traditionally blue state by just over 11,000 votes in the end. the president-elect tweeting the great state of michigan was just certified as a trump win, with all our make america great supporters another victory. it brings him as we point out here to 30electoral votes. there is the shakeout for the electoral college in the election, 232 for hillary clinton. 306 for donald trump. the president-elect also retweeting a frenzy last night,
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calling out media coverage of the recount in wisconsin. this is quite an interesting political tale going on here. coming up in the next hour we'll speak with trump's transition communications director jason miller about that, and mr. trump's cabinet picks so far. we'll talk to jill stein who initiated that, or who most people think initiated that. people think hillary clinton may behind it as well. we'll talk about that. bill: blue wall has been bulldozed. pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. wow. eight minutes past the hour. martha: so we're also learning new details about the appaint lone wolf terrorist attack at high state university we watched unfold yesterday morning. abdul alley art town plowed people over with his car. got out of the car and slashed people with a butcher night. we initially thought it was shooting playing out at the ohio
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state university. authorities looking at his facebook posts where he ranted about treatment of muslims around the world. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge looking at this from washington this morning. good morning. >> thank you, martha. fox news confirming there was reference to american-born cleric anwar alaki, in the suspect's postings referring to him as a hero. this is significant and deeply concerning for investigators another piece of evidence suggesting art tan was self-radicalized. alaki is father of the digital jihad and his radical teaches are consumed by those who fall al qaeda as well as isis the. artan d.o.e. a car into a crowd of students and got out with a knife. investigators are told working on the premise it was not a coincidence. last night's vigil students described the moment it went down. >> noise, like a loud bang and
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saw a huge cloud of white dust. people really running and really screaming. i'm like, oh, this is something is going on. then i heard the three gunshots. and from about that same area. reporter: two law enforcement sources also tell fox news that artan came into the united states as a somali refugee and was granted status as a legal permanent resident. in august ohio state's student newspaper, the lantern, this is where the photo was from, ran an interview with artan who identified himself as muslim. he was look fog are a place to pray openly and worried about how it would be received. we were told there is no evidence he had help. the fbi has possession right now of his electronics and they're getting necessary authorities to look through them for any of his social media activity and what he was reading online, martha. martha: disturbing. catherine, thank you. bill: a lot of questions now. was this an isolated matter or another lone wolf attack? we'll talk to a member of the senate homeland security committee what we're learning today out of columbus, ohio.
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plus there is this today. >> would like to share with you today the officer's name who we all owe a debt of gratitude to. he did a fabulous job today. he is a 28-year-old officer named alan horujko. martha: he is being called the hero in this situation for his quick thinking in repreventing a bigger tragedy in columbus. also -- bill: fox news alert on some fast-moving wildfires threatening an iconic amusement park. there were hundreds of acrers burning this morning in eastern tennessee. the great smokey mountains are on fire. the mandatory evacuations are being ordered at dollywood and elsewhere. back on that story live in tennessee when we continue. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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martha: new information coming in about the heroic police officer that took down the ohio state university attacker. campus police officer, alan whoa rouge co. the officer shot and killed the suspect. saving multiple lives on the streets in that area. the president of the university thanked the officer for his service. who had only been with the force less than two years. bill: wow, remarkable. was he inspired by isis? was he radicalized? republican senator james
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lankford sits on senate homeland security and government after first committee and homeland security committee as well. based on what you're hearing what do you think? >> shows all the patterns of isis in the past several years we've seen individuals living within the muslim community right before they carry out some act of violence they post on their facebook page or some sort of online media pledge to connection with isis or anwar al-awlaki and carry out a act of violence that was not seen before. the striking thing this individual in a year ago was featured in the an article in the osu student newspaper saying he was concerned how the media portrayed muslims and afraid to pray in public because of the media portrayal. a year later to carry out this act of violence on campus. we don't know a lot about the journey what moved him to a year ago to now but we need to know more about that to see the signs better and engage in the muslim community together. bill: you don't know when
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they're going to flip. here are the strong clues. three minutes before he drove the honda civic on the curb he filed this on facebook. quote, i can't take it anymore. america stop interfering with other countries the muslim huma which could be translated as community. woe are not weak. we are not weak. remember that another one, facebook, if you want us muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks. make peace. we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the muslims. those are strong clues, senator. >> those are strong clues but we don't know what the clues were right before that. this is the reason we have to reach out to the muslim community and be able to hear from them, why did they not report this? what did they not see? what happened in the process? we don't know the journey here between it this is an individual anyone can practice whatever faith they choose to practice in america. every faith is open to practice. this person turned violent and turned violent in a hurry. what the fbi calls going from flash to bang in a hurry. we have to find out what signs were missed in this process and
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how we stop this in the days ahead. this is one of the most difficult cases we've seen in a while. bill: the postings a few minutes before it happens. they learn as they go. he would probably not file this a week in advance, somebody might be on his tail. do you have confirmation that he had praised anwar al-awlaki, the american-born, killed in yemen? >> we have reports of that. we're going to get final confirmation. that is my suspicion where this comes from. a lot of individuals we've seen of late, whether from the attack that happened in orlando or in san bernardino or others were watching some of the anwar al-awlaki videos online and being radicalized in their own homes watching some of thieves videos and slowly turned over. there are other signs that have got to be there. we have to know in the muslim community why it is happening and why it continues to happen this way and individuals facing inspiration. other individuals are persecuted. other individuals have difficult times. they're not turning into this
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kind of violence. we have to find out why this is happening. bill: fair point, point well-taken. isis has been encouraging followers to carry out attacks like we saw near bastille day mid-july in nice, france. one more point. there is another terror group online that was encouraging follow is to attack people with a knife and again, there are two more clues. go ahead. >> just saying if you go back to the al qaeda model, in the past al qaeda was gathering people together, to organize and plan large-scale attacks. isis in the current structure of happening with people being radicalized is not trying to gather and refrain. if you think like us, you should kill like us. here is group of people. go kill them and tell them you're with us. that is different model, self-radicalized lone wolf model even this person allegedly put up before he started to attacking people. saying we're going to be lone wolves and you will not have peace. that is the challenge we face. bill: we're awaiting more information out of columbus as we await for that on a university.
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you're on a tear right now about federal spending. a bit of a difficult turn, you put out a report called, federal fumbles, 100 ways government fumbled ball. we've seen slim on a treadmill right now. what do you find so incestuous the way washington uses money? i would further say you offer solutions for examples you can solve some of these problems. give us a case, senator. >> absolutely we can solve these issues. what i tried to bring forward, not just that we have overspending, we have wrong spending and grants out of control and we have regulators out of control. we're not identifying all of them. we took 100 examples. not intended to be comprehensive of all the issues, we have examples in all the different agencies and entities. missing element is oversight. the missing element is clear boundaries. the missing element no way to handle duplication in government still. real oversight on the grant process. we got all those. here is how to solve it. here is what we're facing.
6:21 am
whether that would be for decades now that we've had problems with what is called improper payments in medicaid. usda continues to see improper payments in the food stamp snap program over and over again. we have out of control regulators trying to manage convenience stores and what they can sell and what they can't sell in it. whether it be the study nih put out to study how children's brain develops by allowing people to sneeze on food before they give it to five-year-olds to see if they still eat it. all these things have common ingredient. bill: it is incredible list. james lankford, republican from oklahoma. 20 past. martha: awful story here. a deadly plane crash in colombia. the charter plane was taking a brazilian soccer team to an important tournament. many have been lost in this crash. there are a handful of survivors miraculously, if you look at that the latest on this crash. bill: a car spinning out of
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that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. bill: from iraq, we get this. isis reportedly killing civilians who will not cooperate in mosul. civil rights person saying they will kill those who will not allow rockets or snipers inside their homes or anyone suspected of leaking information or trying to flee. the prime minister says isis fighters lack courage to put up long-term resistance. quote, the success of liberating a huge area that daesh does not have the guts or motivation to fight as they were before. yes i think the operation is on track and i'm hopeful we liberate the city before the end of the year, end quote.
6:26 am
that will be a big job. the battle to take the second largest town started six weeks ago. the prime minister did not say how many iraqi troops have been killed since the operation first began. martha: the brazilian president declaring three days of national mourning after a plane carrying the brazilian soccer team crashed in colombia. 81 people were onboard this flight. a handful have survived. the numbers still unclear at this point but the mourning is deep in the country of brazil. the team was on their way to a tournament final. they were taking off from sao paulo yesterday, stopping in bolivia, crashing near an airport in colombia. phil keating in miami. any preliminary word what caused this plan to go down? reporter: we know this, martha, around 10:00 p.m. the pilots of this charter plane declared an electrical emergency. shortly thereafter, almost immediately all contact was lost.
6:27 am
just a horrible scene in the colombian mountainside. it was in the darkness as rescuers worked through the night struggling to find survivors. 76 people confirmed dead. very difficult just to get to the plane. muddy roads and rain was pouring down. so after finding five survivors initially, the search had to actually stop and wait for morning. the charter plane carrying the soccer club was almost to the airport in colombia. a frantic scene to save their lives after such a heavy impact into the side of that mountain. the medellin mayor said quote, what was supposed to be a celebration has turned into a tragedy. martha? martha: more to come. phil, thank you very much. bill: so mr. trump now faced with a major decision as he is set to meet for a second time with one of his harshest republican critics.
6:28 am
could mr. trump take mitt romney as his secretary of state? we're back on that story in a moment. martha: and mandatory evacuations are underway as wildfires rage in tennessee, threatening dolly parton's beloved theme park. the singer issuing her own early warning. >> this extended drought has resulted in high wildfire danger. as dry as it is, please help firefighters avoid wildfires. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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6:32 am
even a cozy campfire can spark a wildfire. help wildfires keep the smokeys beautiful, right, smokey? yes. bill: there is a lot of concern, for good reason. jonathan serrie live on the story. how bad it is, jonathan? reporter: it is bad. up to this point the wildfires kept the blazes out in wilderness areas but now they're threatening populated areas. the weather is a mixed blessing. it is raining throughout much of the southeast which should bring long-term relief to the drought stricken reason, before the rain arrived, heavy winds spread the flames even further. that is threatening some popular tourist destinations, including pigeon forge, home to dollywood theme park and neighboring gatlin berg where emergency management officials estimate 14,000 residents and visitors have been evacuated from that city alone. >> we were in our cabin and preparing supper and had a knock at the door. it was a policeman and said that
6:33 am
he would recommend that we believe because the fire was getting close to where the cabin was. so we got all of our stuff we could gather up and put in the truck and cale down here. he recommended that we come here. reporter: according to preliminary damage estimates hundreds of structures are lost including vacation cabins. there are currently no reports of fatalities but officials report several people suffered burns. some of the burns are reported to be serious. bill, today emergency management officials are urging residents and visitors in the area to limit the non-emergency use of cell phones. they want to free up the airwaves for firefighters and first-responders to use during this very tense situation. bill: graphics, the video, i mean it is certainly graphic the pictures we're seeing. there is a weather system moving in. it is large. it will drop a lot of rain. how much will that help do they say? reporter: long term it is going to help because this region has
6:34 am
been suffering from the worst drought in a decade. so long term that will help dry things up. the problem is, these heavy winds accompanying rains, the heaviest winds we experienced yesterday and overnight but even today, as more showers are expected to move into the gatlinburg area this afternoon, there will be gusts around 15 miles an hour. that alone is still enough to spread the flames a little further. so firefighters say that they're not in the clear just yet. they have their work cut out for them. even after they saved these populated areas, they expect to be fighting fires in the southeast region through mid-december. bill: holy cow. couple more weeks. jonathan serrie thank you on the story today. reporter: certainly. martha: president-elect donald trump set to have a private dinner meeting with mitt romney tonight. the second sit-down between the two. most people do not get a second meeting we have seen in this transition process. so the president-elect is trying to settle on a secretary of
6:35 am
state. romney is one of several contenders said to be up for the job and mr. trump is taking seriously this decision despite very public opposition from some of his top advisors to the idea of romney as secretary of state. let's bring in guy benson, political editor,, julie roginsky, democratic strategist. both fox news contributors. welcome to both of you. we understand transportation secretary is expected to be announced at noon. we'll have more coming up but the secretary of state spot is one getting all the heat and attention. guy, how do you think this shakes out? >> for now, martha, seems like one of two things is happening. either mitt romney genuinely one of the top front-runners for the job, if not the front-runner or trump's loyalists are sort of setting him up for the spike on mitt romney as retribution if you will for romney's vocal role as a never trump per throughout the entire campaign.
6:36 am
seems like romney is in very good position to get this job or trump is getting ready to publicly snub and humiliate him as punishment more or less a year plus of opposition. martha: that would be a highly vindictive sort of move. >> sure. martha: but we have seen so many things that no one expects in the course of this electoral process. so i guess it is a possibility that that may be what he is up to but does seem according to what we've heard that donald trump is seriously considering mitt romney for that spot. julie, what do you make of this. >> first i agree with everything that guy said. it is vindictive we've seen in the past this is out of same playbook that he did with chris christie where he dangled him for quite a bit at end of the day if christie gets anything at all it will not be anything he thought he was getting. guy's theory is possible. i actually floated same theory on friday. mitt romney is out of a different foreign policy playbook than donald trump. put aside their personal disagreementsing talk about the
6:37 am
fact on policy, mitt romney has much more muscular interventionist policy than donald trump has. although donald trump has been somewhat all over the map in terms what he advocates during the course the campaign. first and foremost it is whether romney world view and trump world view align. that may be something they're discussing as well. it may be possible that mitt romney doesn't want to join an administration that bends over backwards to placate putin when he said russia was the greatest geopolitical threat facing the world and he was right about that something that is very out of sync and out of step with what the president-elect believes. that may be part of the question. martha: no doubt some of that will be the subject of this dinner meeting that they're having. which is, you know somewhat unusual, guy, based on what we've seen. >> yeah. martha: what do you think the significance of the dinner invitation for mitt romney? >> it could be that sign of seriousness we were just talking about. i think julie's point is well-taken, gosh, do their world
6:38 am
views really align sufficiently for romney to be able to do this job in this capacity under president trump but, that could be the subject of discussion at dinner tonight. we may not see eye-to-eye on every single issue but can i count on you, this is trump, can i count on you, governor romney, if i select you as secretary of state to carry out my foreign policy based on my vision? i think that is a very important conversation to have. one other very quick point i would say from conservative perspective as we're watching this cabinet shape up the announcement today at hhs, tom price, sensationally good pick by donald trump. i think that is something that the center right, collectively can celebrate. martha: hillary clinton and barack obama weren't exactly cozy, julie, when he picked her to be his secretary of state. it is also a job gets you out of the mix really. sends you out of the white house around the world. you know which is an interesting dynamic for a president and the secretary of state. it is not somebody who is underfoot. >> yeah. the real question for
6:39 am
mitt romney why would he want this job if he espouse as very particular world view which is not aligned with donald trump is he willing to subsume the world in the service of a president who he never supported in first place? and that's a legitimate question because ultimately this is not a job that mitt romney necessarily needs. if he wants to serve the nation, and he feels that serving the nation would be subsume his own views and what is best for our own foreign policy in service of donald trump which every secretary of state must do, that is obviously something he wants to do but it is not clear to me that is in governor romney's own interest to do. martha: remains to see if their views are that far apart. >> right. martha: one thing donald trump focusing on not giving away what he would do. he may be reaching out to bring putin into the conversation and open to talk to him bawls he thinks that is the most effective way to keep russia in line. that is highly possible. i want to get your thoughts, guy, before we go, if you have a thought on that feel free to
6:40 am
share it as well, about giuliani. where does he stand in all this? >> that's a great question. seems like he was up there with romney a long time. we haven't heard his name all that much. he is in and out of trump tower. seems to talk to trump a long time. i'm waiting to see whether or not this is romney show or head fake. i will say one other thing to the previous point. not like mitt romney has to agree with every single thing that donald trump thinks, say i'm going to completely give up my world view to serve the country. he would also have enormous influence helping to shape american foreign policy from position of secretary of state. the question is there kumbayah moment that mitt romney and donald trump get together and aided by mike pence reportedly a big fan and sort of in the romney camp on this one? martha: clearly see the lines here with kellyanne conway and perhaps steve bannon on the giuliani side of all of this and reince priebus and mike pence much more on the mitt romney side it appears. we'll see who wins in this battle.
6:41 am
fascinating to watch. the team of rivals as it is formed. julie, guy, thank you very much. good to see you both. bill: also as we mentioned a recount effort officially underway in wisconsin but there is almost no chance it will change the outcome of the election. so why is it happening? we'll talk to dr. jill stein who is leading the drive behind the recount effort in wisconsin. martha: veterans take a stand. the college under fire for removing the american flag. we're going to speak with a local mayor who joined those vets demanding that the "stars and stripes" be returned. bill: fox news alert from overseas. pair of iranian navy ships coming within a mile of a u.s. naval carrier. one vessel apparently pointing a machine gun at a navy helicopter. the latest on this and how president-elect trump promises to deal with iran during his campaign. >> people are sick and tired of stupidity and deals and look at iran. look at the iran deal.
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martha: so the president-elect weighing in on today's flag debate after several hundred veterans gathered at hampshire college to protest the school's decision to remove the american flag from campus. that decision was made in response to students allegedly burning the flag in protest of donald trump's victory. now trump weighing in tweeting this. nobody should be allowed to turn about the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. he sent out just a little while ago. supreme court ruled on that. the right to burn the flag is protected under the first amendment in the constitution. coming up next hour we'll speak with the mayor near hampshire college and talk to him. he has gotten into this whole protest thing. but donald trump apparently thinks that you don't really have the right to turn burn the
6:46 am
flag and you should be jailed if you do. bill: turnout on sunday was phenomenal. we'll talk to the mayor next hour. fox news alert. new provocations from iran. two small iranian ships got within the mile of the uss dwight eisenhower in the straits of hormuz. one of those ships pointing a machine gun at a u.s. navy helicopter sent to survey the area. what to do. john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n., american enterprise institute fellow, fox news contributor, and start with, on this incident, what do you do? >> pretty clear at the tactical level, any american commander should have, and i hope they do, the right to protect their, their crews and their ships. so if they're in reasonable apprehension somebody is going to fire on them, they can defend themselves and they shouldn't have to wait until the fire actually begins. this particular incident, i think is part of a larger
6:47 am
pattern of iranian behavior that is only gotten worse since the nuclear deal from the summer of 2015. i think that is it really what we have to focus on. it is not simply a military question. it's a larger political question, how do you deal with this rogue regime and it's a rogue regime that continues down the path of deliverable nuclear weapons. continues to supply to terrorists all around the world with arms and finance and it is engaged in hostage-taking, firing on american vessels and a range of other activity. this to me is more evidence that the iranians taken the nuclear deal and put it in their pocket. bill: you framed it very well. small incidents add up to big deals and get international headlines especially here at home. then you have the iran nuclear deal. what would you expect a president trump either to do about the former or the latter? >> i think he made it very clear that the iranian nuclear deal is unacceptable.
6:48 am
i think that too needs to be put in larger context what our objectives are. ideally the regime in iran should disappear. that is the only way to get it a point where you could have any belief whatever that the regime would uphold a nuclear deal. i think this deal was a disaster. i think it should be abrogated in the early days of the administration. i think you have got to set up a diplomacy flows from that with respect to our allies and with respect to russia and china which have flown political cover for iran. bill: do you think mr. trump does that in the early days? >> i don't know. i'm saying i would approach this as a grave threat to the united states, to israel, to our arab friends in the region. the iranians have been in the business of killing americans since lebanon in 1983 when a predecessor group of hezbollah under the direction of the iranian revolutionary hery
6:49 am
guards corps blew up the marine barracks. we remember the tragedy that was. that is the nature of the regime. efforts to deal with it are doomed to failure. i don't think they are complying with iran deal. i don't think they had any intention of complying with the iran deal. bill: 34 years ago with lebanon. have you thought about president obama making any decisions by way of executive action or otherwise in the final 60 days? if so, what do you think, what do you think would happen prior to january 20th? >> well i'm very worried about a whole range of things he could do, specifically on the iran deal. we have him out doing everything he can to open the spigots for american trade and investment with iran to the point that speaker paul ryan said that secretary of state john kerry is acting like he is the president of the tehran chamber of commerce. i think the risks are broader even within the region. today in the "new york times," former president jimmy carter calls on obama to recognize the palestinian state. that's within the president's power to do.
6:50 am
so i think the next two months are very dangerous period. i think it could complicate an already complicated world situation when president trump takes the oath. bill: sir, thank you. we wait more news on that, if and when it happens. john bolton in washington, d.c. >> thank you, bill. martha: good samaritans jumping into action. how they turned to save an out of control car with a man who was an down schuss behind the wheel -- unconscious behind the wheel. bill: unbelievable. a strike at one of america's busiest airports. how that might affect your travel plans.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
bill: some terrifying moments in on a highway in australia. the man passed out at the wheel
6:54 am
of s an suv, out of control, slamming into other truck being knocking the driver out. two motorists managed to get the truck's door open and stop it. how did they do that? wow! driver said to be in critical condition, still in the hospital. they got lucky. wow. how do you get that door open? martha: put their lives in danger getting out there. good for them. all right, here is what we've got coming up. service workers at one of the country's busiest airports, walking off the job, this is busy place at o'hare airport. matt finn is live with more. matt, how is it going so far? reporter: martha, so far smooth sailing if you're flying in and out of o'hare, no major interruptions. that could change any moment we expect to see dozens in not hundreds of workers walk off the job and strike at chicago's
6:55 am
o'hare airport in names of $15 an hour minimum pay. these work remembers baggage handlers, janitors and people who help passengers in wheelchairs. these workers have gone on strike before at o'hare with no major interruptions but today could be a little bit different as work remembers expected to strike at 20 airports around the country including dulles and reagan international. it is day of disruption. this is all a part of that nationwide fight for 15 movement which began four years ago today at a mcdonald's in new york city. fasted into workers going on strike demanding $15 an hour. short while ago, workers at a mcdonald's in chicago walked off the job and demonstrating as well. this movement began in the fast-food industry, spread to industries nationwide, including airlines and taxis. martha. martha: does it seem if o'hare is taking this whole thing a bit more seriously than some of the other airports, matt? reporter: martha, the hundreds of outraged workers here are
6:56 am
non-union. however they're being backed by a local chapter of a national union, and the strikes here today has its roots in a 2011 decision by chicago mayor rahm emanuel to award a $99 million maintenance contract to a non-union firm, and that resulted in hundreds of union jobs lost here. that has apparently led to some outrage. these employees now are fighting back for what they consider fair pay, $15 an hour. the minimum wage here in chicago is currently 10.50. martha? martha: matt, thank you. bill: more announcements today from the president-elect donald trump as he holds another round ever meetings today at the tower. we'll speak with his communications director in a moment about what to expect. jason miller is coming up, top of the hour.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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when he showed me the cat scans, i was so amazed. with this treatment, she had a dramatic response. call or go to cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. martha: brand-new announcements
7:00 am
from the transition team as president-elect trump adds to his cab net. calling mitt romney back for a dinner. that will be part of the decision-making process for the secretary of state. welcome, hour two of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: mr. trump giving mr. romney a closer look with plans for a private dinner. mitt romney seen as a top contender along with rudy giuliani and david petraeus. but many trump loyalists finds it hard to forget the attacks from romney. >> folks speaking out, whether mike huckabee or you or kellyanne conway or me, we are speak out on behalf of an amazing number of people who come up to us or email and say
7:01 am
they cannot understand -- i think it would be a huge mistake to portray that base on behalf of somebody who is not only a team of rivals. martha: jason is a director for the trump transition team. the big dinner tonight between mitt romney and donald trump is the second meeting. how is that going? >> well, the transition is going along great. you saw this morning, we announced the president-elect plans to nominate dr. tom price to be hhs secretary. and cms. they will be indicted the dynamic duo for repealing and replacing obamacare.
7:02 am
stay tuned, this afternoon we'll have more -- martha: around noon? >> i think it will be later in the afternoon. when the president-elect says goes for it we'll be ready to go. the president-elect is having dinner with governor romney. they met at bedminster a week or so ago. there are some people coming in meeting with the president-elect and vice president-elect. i think the opportunity tonight with governor romney will be to just let the two men spend a little bit more time together. but ultimately when this all sorts out, it will be the president-elect who makes this decision. whoever he does pick for that secretary of state position, it will be somebody he can have good bond with and shares his world view.
7:03 am
and rudy giuliani could potentially joint administration in a high-level capacity. the president is putting together the best and the brightest from nikki haley to dr. tom price. martha: it sounds like you are setting out a couple of different options. he might be meeting with romney for a position or to advise the administration. >> some folks might be an ally on the outside. but that's one of the great things we have seen from his temperament and judgment following the election. he's trying to bring all these viewpoints together and figure out how to best november forward. martha: are you opening the door for homeland security or something else for rudy giuliani? >> there has been no greater
7:04 am
advocate and ally for this president than rudy giuliani on the campaign trail. he's been fantastic. i'll leave those conversations to the mayor and president-elect march report "washington post" says he doesn't like the fact that he's being pressured about giuliani. >> if you are referring kellyanne's comments, i was on the phone with the president-elect and kellyanne was in his office when i called. we were sharing a laugh about the overblown -- she asked his permission to offer her viewpoint. he should be free to their your opinion. the most important thing, once the president-elect makes his decision we are all on the same team and we'll follow his lead. martha: we saw what newt begin
7:05 am
grip said in the introduction there. he says that's not a team of rivals. he called him a conman, a phoney. would you expect if there would be if mitt romney is chosen, some sort of apologier. >> announcement on the part of mitt romney to say i know him better now, we had time to talk. would that be something that would be expected if that could be announced? >> i describe things from working differently as far as how the president-elect is putting his team together. it's a group with chairman priebus. steve bannon, kellyanne who is a strong team member and a number of other folks. everyone gets along well. there is no divide.
7:06 am
i think that's overblown. it will be up to the president-elect. martha: he has a lot on his plate. but i want to ask you about the tweets. there was a period during the campaign where he seemed to have more tweet discipline. is that a concern as a communications person for you? that it's not poll tested and focus groups, there aren't, you know, a whole bunch of different things and calculations. i think that's part of his appeal. people are tired of politicians. martha: that will continue from the white house.
7:07 am
>> here is the other thing, too. when we talk about repealing and replacing obamacare which is what dr. price talked to today. when you talk about stopping illegal immigration. we are seeing this terrible attack in ohio. the need to go and truly make our country safe. this is a president who is not going to sit around and wait for advisors to tell him what to do. he's going to do it himself. martha: the thank you tour begins thursday in cincinnati. >> it will be coming up shortly. we'll have more details on that. this will be a great way for the president-elect to let people know how much he appreciates what they did, and what people really want to see is if we are going to do for them. here is how we are going to make america great again. martha: he's not low energy. >> no. good to have you here as always.
7:08 am
bill: got a big fox news alert. take a look at this story. evacuations have been ordered in the great smoky mountain town of gatlinburg, tennessee. wildfires closing in. one visiting family said they had no idea about the danger until they got a knock on the door. >> we were aware of the fires in the area, but we didn't know they were close to where we were. nobody told us. they said they were about a half mile away. there was a wind blowing. bill: fires threatening the town of pigeon ford. about 500 acres plus burned already. also this now. another alert -- the attack on ohio state university connected to terrorism. a driver plowed a car over a curb and attacked people with a butcher knife.
7:09 am
he's been identified as an 18-year-old somali native shot and killed by a campus police officer. the governor praised that quick action. >> think about what this incident with this tragedy could have meant. a man with a butcher knife and who knows what else. i don't know what else he may have. let's think about drying a car toib a bunch of people. think if you were standing out there with the terrible stuff you would see. bill: now the aftermath. garrett, what more are we learning about the attacker? reporter: investigators tell us there is growing evidence to suggest the attacker abdul may have been self-radicalized before this attack. the latest confirmation of that comes from a facebook post investigators believe he made shortly before his attack yesterday morning.
7:10 am
in that post he refers to anwar al-awlaki as a hero. neighbors of the somali refugee say he was very nice and polite and they are shocked he would do this. from the outside, he was just graduating from columbus state community college with honors and heading to ohio state. investigators are contacting family and friends and searching his social media presence and electronic communications. we also have good news on the victims. there were 11 of them. students and a professor. 7 of them have been released from the hospital. we are told they are all in stable condition. bill: thank you, garrett tenney
7:11 am
live on campus. martha: the president-elect meeting with general david petraeus. a stark reminder for the incoming commander-in-chief that we are still at war in iraq. bill: an official recount under way in wisconsin. all sides agree it won't make a continues, so why do it? we'll ask green party candidate jill stein. she is live to make her case today. martha: mr. trump sending a strong message about the fate of obamacare. does his new hss pick make sure an appeal is in the works. >> trump knows what he need to accomplish to be a successful president. he has got to do the things he said he was going to do. this is the goal post. the end zone. the goal of every team.
7:12 am
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seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union. bill: there are new details emerging in the deadly plane crash in colombia. the plane was carrying a brazilian soccer team. apparently electrical problems reported on board before pane emergency was declared. officials say the plane may have run out of fuel.
7:16 am
martha: president-elect trump continues to search for his secretary of state. general petraeus led the surge in iraq. he told reporters that the two had a good conversation. >> the meeting went very well. we were with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world. showed a grasp of some of the challenges out there and opportunities as well. martha: general jack keane, retired four-star general, a fox news contributor. welcome. i just want to pull up a quote from the wall street "journal" today.
7:17 am
the the piece is called the war that dare not say its name. it's have much a clear issue. it says in this piece. perhaps the best thing mr. trump could do in his inaugural address two acknowledge the reality mr. obama has tried to hide. after 8 years an administration that prides itself on getting america out of wars, we are back in. what do you think about that? >> i think he's right on the mark. also largely, i think it's one of the reasons why president-elect trump is talking to so many senior military he has come to grips with something president obama never embraced. that is the fact that the country was at war all during his 8 years of his administration and we have been at war for 15 years. mr. trump clearly knows that.
7:18 am
and he knows the dangers out there and the risks are increasing. so there is discussions here certainly taking place about iraq. about syria, about afghanistan. these are where our soldiers are on the ground right now where there is risk inherent to their lives. so those are uppermost on his mind, i believe, in terms of going forward. >> what about general petraeus. you know him well. do you see him having a role? what role will be best for him. >> i think the secretary of state is the best position for him. he's a warrior scholar. the top of his class at west point. a ph.d in international relations from princeton. he commanded two theaters of war in iraq and afghanistan. both of them successfully in iraq.
7:19 am
i he was pulled out i think sooner than he should have been. there is only one other commander who has done that, and that is douglas macarthur. he went around the world meeting defense ministers and heads of state. he has an incredible network out there, and he's more than just a military practitioner. he knows how to execute military campaigns and put them together. that takes a certain strategic embracing of a campaign plan. but he also understands international relations. he understands the stability and order of what we are trying to achieve as american leaders out there are trying to help stabilize the world. that is i think the experience in all of that lends him well for this position.
7:20 am
martha: i know you respect him greatly. the issue of the classified information he got in trouble for. should that be an issue here? it will be brought up if he is nominated for that position. >> i think it should be brought up. he was charged with a misdemeanor crime that he pled guilty to and paid a price for it. the question on the table is given the experience he has which i just outlined to you and our audience, does that issue in and of itself nullify all those years of experience and deny him again making a contribution to public service? i think that is certainly something mr. trump has to deal with and the senate has to deal with as well. i suspect the reaction to that, they would skirt, understand it, have some explanation about it
7:21 am
and i think they with likely support him. bill: conflict of interest surrounding trump's empire? judge napolitano takes that up. martha: jill stein's recall effort might be getting more attention than her campaign did. so what is she out to prove? >> he needs to create a system voters can be confident in after an election that was so divisive where people felt, according to polls. 80% of voters said they were disgusted by the process of this election. car insurance policy. you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it. you can't even find it.
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7:25 am
bill: president-elect trump facing questions how to handle his worldwide business holdings without breaking the law. here to answer us is judge napolitano. our founders had the idea saying if you are going to be president you have to not accept gifts from kings. >> it says you can't accept emoluments. you can't operate the government in a way to benefit your own pocket. we never had a president of the united states with the wealth and financial resources of donald trump. his financial resources are arguably well implanted in 30 foreign countries, and they are substantial resource. hotels, resorts and golf course.
7:26 am
all the laws that prohibit self-dealing and conflicts of interest, from the janitor to a four-star general cover everyone accept the president and vice president. none of the laws that govern senators and members of congress and the cabinet pertain to the president or vice president. bill: you have a head of state come to washington. he's staying at your hotel down the street. is that a conflict of interest on its face? >> that is not a conflict of interest on its face because donald trump does not personally own the hotel as donald trump. he owns shares of stock in the corporation that is one of the owners of the hotel. so the benefit to him is removed by several steps. the rent for that hotel room is not going directly into donald trump's pocket. that takes him out of the emoluments clause.
7:27 am
bill: this could be a political problem but not a legal problem? >> correct. legally he could be on the phone with the president of brazil talking about a trade deal. i'm just making this up. by the way, my kids are trying to build a new trump tower? downtown rio. can you help them out? the answer is there is nothing wrong with that legally, because the law that would pro hib outer members of the government from doing that doesn't apply to ought government. bill: the suggestion the clinton foundation deal would affect trump are null and void. >> mrs. clinton was the secretary of state at the time. it's alleged she made decisions to benefit the foundation. she was covered by the rules that prohibited, these rules that exempt the president. does it look odd for the president to be cutting a trade deal for the country and a hotel
7:28 am
feel for himself? yes. would it be better he put his holdings into a blind truls so he couldn't control it? it would and happier presidency with fewer complaints fan fewer investigation. but all these complaints and investigations will be political, not legal. bill: rudy giuliani said he would be putting his kids out of business if he were to do what they suggest. if david petraeus is nominated as secretary of state and he has the baggage of the misdemeanor. >> at the time of his guilty plea he admitted to taking federal government property. that would bar him from holding
7:29 am
a federal office. so president trump would need to pardon general petraeus before the confirmation hearing began. he can do it with the stroke of a pen. bill: you nominate him, put him name forward. after i'm sworn in i will pardon him before the confirmation hearing begins. has that ever been done? >> no. presidents often pardon at the ends of their terms. something tells knee donald trump doesn't care about the controversy. he wants somebody and he wants him on the cabinet. martha: donald trump tapping a long-time opponent to be the head of health and human services. bill: the american flag removed
7:30 am
from a college campus after students set a flag on fire. >> stands up for something. you don't need to take a flag down to do it. the flag of tour united states of america.
7:31 am
7:32 am
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7:33 am
for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. bill: president-elect trump has selected tom price to be the head of health and human services. you okay with this pick? >> i'm okay in terms of qualify cases. i'm more worried about the affordable care act. i know it should be repealed. but what will come in its place.
7:34 am
we have tax credits and public subsidies for insurance purchases for private individuals and greater coverage for the higher-risk uninsured and competition across state lines. all good ideas. how is it going to work to make sure we don't lose the essence of what obamacare tried to do, stand coverage and hold down costs. bill: you are saying it should be repealed? >> i have been saying that for many years. i say that as a bipartisan democrat. the principle needs to be included. bill: what do you think of the pick on its face? >> price is right for the job. he's a doctor, a legislator. he knows the law inside and out. he was the victim of its passing as a congressperson. he knows the law better than
7:35 am
anybody on the hill. he's probably the only person who read the bill in its entirety. repeal and replace. my prediction is secretary price will be one of the most consequential secretaries of the trump administration. the most sphornt job is repealing and replacing obamacare and dealing with entitlements. so in addition to keeping our country safe, we have to keep our country healthy. bill: among the proposed cuts will be medicaid expansion, middle class subjects does for private policies, tax penalties for refusing coverage. does that fit with what you just talked about? >> i'm concerned medicaid expansion is something that may be necessary. i'm concerned that subsidies that the middle class need might disappear. but let me be clear. obamacare is not work.
7:36 am
the principles behind it holding down costs and expanding coverage are ones we have got to maintain. i hope the price appointment and the legislation that follows accomplishes that goal, keeps preexisting conditions as includable in 26-year-olds up on their parents -- bill: those provisions are in there. bill: preexisting conditions as well. i want to read from they want to address the calls of healthcare spikes and losses against medical professionals. i think it's a baseline. you can probably start there. >> absolutely. that was the problem with obamacare. they jammed it through and like he localsy said we have to pass it before we read it. nobody rated. the 3,000-page bill is about another 30,000 pages.
7:37 am
it was written by lobbyists and cobbled together. nobody understood it, and it is probably one of the most unbelievable failures of legislation and leadership of a president in modern history. and trump is going to reverse that. we need a market-based system that's fair and equitable for all. bill: it's not going to be easy, i think we can all agree on that. >> a war underway of sorts in new york city over the chess board russia versus norway facing off in the world chess championship. the two players including the defending champ are locked in a dead heat. laura ingle has more. >> the tournament has been going on a nail biting three weeks which now heads to this last do or die match. it has gathered crowds here in
7:38 am
manhattan and online. over 6 million people logging on, paying to watch these two master players go head-to-head for the world's top chess title. 25-year-old from norway. he's the highest ranked player in the history of the game. he's being challenged by a russian. it's taking place in the u.s. for the first time in the u.s. since 1999. pass most of the 12 matches have ended in a draw, there is another air of suspense. the political backdrop of these players. the russian is a vocal supporter of vladimir putin. and the british newspaper
7:39 am
reported that he hired people to protect him from hackers who may have been able to spy on his coaching prep. yesterday's 12th game ended in a draw after 30 moves in 3 minutes. carlson talked about the anticipation level. >> we made a draw. that's about it. i apologize to fans who might have wanted a longer game. but it was not to be today. reporter: cool as a cucumber. that will make tomorrow the breaker of an edge of your seat event. the winner will walk away with
7:40 am
$1.1 million in addition to the title. and it takes place right here in new york city. martha: a big push to recount the presidential votes. why do it? and who is paying for it? we'll ask the woman leading that evident. green party candidate jill stein joins us live next. >> i stand up and call for a recount if there were doubts about the reliability of the security of the vote. i always said yes. regardless of who is declared winner. the american people deserve to have a voting system we can trust.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
bill: south korea's embattled president says she'll resign if parliament comes up with a plan for an orderly transition of power.
7:44 am
lawmakers are preparing articles of impeachment. she is suspected of allowing a close friend to use their relationship in a influence peddling scheme. martha: it's been three weeks since donald trump won the presidency. there is a push to recount the votes in three key swing states. jill stein is working on recount in three states. >> to say we didn't couldn't them correctly the first time but it's somehow illegal votes being counted was inappropriate. martha: joining me is dr. jill stein.
7:45 am
he says there is no reason to think they miscounted in any way in wisconsin. he's standing by their system. so why go through this? >> this is not to implicate the election administrators who work very hard. but there is plenty of evidence that these machines do malfunction. they are subject to machine error and human errors. 90,000 votes were recounted in the past. you cannot see the evidence unless you count the paper votes and find out. otherwise you wouldn't know. voters deserve the assurance we can be confident in the vote. we are doing this to help voters restore their confidence in the vote. martha: everyone could understand that if there was evidence that pointed to a problem in this particular election in wisconsin where you
7:46 am
are talking about even hillary clinton's lawyers saying they haven't uncovered any actual evidence there was any hacking or interference. so what's up? >> in all the cases where machine error or human error has been discovered in the past like the 90,000 votes that were uncounted in ohio. you don't know about it in advance. you only know about it when you go back to look. in this moment where we come out of this very divisive and bitter election where there is still such widespread division about the government and economy. he owe it to voters to show we have a voting system we can be confident in. martha: i don't know that there is a ground swell for his to happen outside of the people funding you. here is hillary clinton. >> that's 140,000 people who
7:47 am
came out of the woodwork to fund this over the course of four days on the thanksgiving weekend. all we did was put out a website and press release. there is a huge ground swell to take back our democracy and start by assuring we can have confidence our votes are being counsel. martha: you raised more money to do this than you did during the course your campaign and are you suspicious about where this money is coming from? a lot of people are. >> our donors will all be disclosed. all of the 140,000 of them last i checked. the average donation is $45. wherever the voters are coming from, these are regular people throwing in small donations so that we can have a government that is about us everyday people. there is not some giant thunder here. martha: are you sure about that? >> absolutely. under campaign finance laws, we
7:48 am
are limited to $2,700 to start with, and we have the numbers to show that 99.5% of the donors are all under $1,000 and the average donation is $45. so we'll be disclosing those numbers. they have to be public record. martha: you are confident those numbers aren't being bundled by people like to george soros. there is speculation he's involved in this. and people are saying this is clearly something evening neared by the clinton campaign and they don't want their fingerprints or this and they are using you in their words as the front person on this. >> when i was asked throughout the campaign would i stand up and file for a recount if there was doubt about the credibility of the vote, i always said yes. and it was not contingent on who won.
7:49 am
i was asked many times during the election who did i favor it was very clear i did not favor one candidate over the other. i took incredible heat for standing my ground on that. >> can you certify to your knowledge georg george soros hat made any contributions to this fund? >> he may have made a $45 donation or $2,70 some donation. if he did, we would return it. martha: hillary clinton came out the day after the election. she said it's time to move on. there is no reason to question the outcome of this election. while she was saying those words on this very day, this effort was beginning. why would you negate what she has asked for and why would her people get on board so quickly when she was saying the opposite? >> i don't agree with her.
7:50 am
i don't agree that our priority here is a smooth transition of power if that power is not -- if that transition is not verified. martha: if donald trump did not win would you be trying to do this redmowntd these three states? >> yes, absoluteley. if we find evidence of a systemic problem we'll be pushing to expand this recount intotter states and across the political spectrum. martha: he's ahead 306 electoral votes to 232 and has just been certified the winner in michigan as well. if there were people who thought there would be a difference to do a recounts. there would and lot more support for this effort. but you say you feel confident the money is coming from small donors. >> absolutely. this is not about helping one candidate over another.
7:51 am
this is about assuring the american people that we have a voting system we can trust. we need to start with our votes.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
jenna: high winds on a popular beach are blamed for 8 deaths caused by a new term called thunderstorm asthma *. a new book raises questions on whether steven avery was framed. bill: protests rocking a college in massachusetts after students took count american flag and burned it.
7:55 am
he was part after protest that was held on campus sunday this past week. big turnout, sir. good morning to you. the school made a statement about why they took the flag down after the election. have you been able to change the school's mind to put it back up? >> we are hopeful. they have this opportunity in the united states of america because of what veterans have done. we had a free and democratic process in the presidential election. they can protest if they like and have discussions, but they should do that with the flag up. you have veterans coming back who have been maimed, injured and hurt it's very disrespectful. i know this is a higher education academia, but sometimes common sense needs to prevail. no one is saying they cannot have a discussion. this opportunity is because they are in the united states of america.
7:56 am
if they were in some other country across the world, there is would be handled very differently. >> are they trying to create a safe space there? >> i don't know about that. i think they should show the proper respect to our veterans. the veterans have given blood, sweat and tears to lead the lives they want to lead. that opportunity is not available to them in other countries. show the proper respect to the flag. show the proper respect to our veterans. many of our veterans come back and continue to serve as police officers and firefighters. bill: the president of the school is jonathon lash. are you in contact with him and will he change his minds? >> i have not been in direct contact with him. i am hopele they will change and readjust their position on this.
7:57 am
we are the bekofn hope, democracy and their punts are because of our veterans. bill: i'm sorry to cut you off. i'm well out of time. >> merry christmas. just a few . changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the medicare plan that's right for you. hi, i'm doctor [martin gizzi.] it's a new medicare year. that means more changes ... and more confusion. the key question is: what can you do now, to ensure you get the care you need in the coming year? call healthmarkets today. we have access to thousands of medicare options from leading insurance companies nationwide. plans that may... cost less... cover more ... with more choices... like dental and vision care ... and freedom to choose your own doctors all at a price you can afford. we help find the right plan for you. and we do it at no cost. make sure you have what you need to get the care that's right for you.
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martha: that's all she wrote. bill: happening now starts. ♪ ♪ ♪ jenna: we are awaiting big announcement from trump tower today after president elect made cabinet choice. jon: wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall? i'm jon scott. mike pence predicting that we will get more important announcements today after mr. mr. trump appoints tom price. high drama over who will fill a very prestigious job as secretary of state this as


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