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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 29, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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conditions and a 15 an hour wage. we'll continue to follow the wildfires in tennessee. >> you want strike at o'hare now. that's right. >> "fox and friends" starts now. bye bye. it's tuesday, november 29th, i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. a muslim refugee attacks an american college campus running down people with his car before jumping out and slashing them with a knife. his anti-american post just minutes before that massacre. what we're learning now about the hero cop who likely saved many lives. we're live there in columbus. even more breaking news overnight. raging wildfires turning tennessee into a tinderbox. an inferno burning up popular tourist attractions around around dollywood. the trouble not over yet. the price appears to be right for president-elect trump. set to name obamacare critic
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congressman/dr. tom price to his cabinet as we learn of a private dinner planned tonight with mitt romney and donald trump. it is a sign -- is this the sign of an announcement ahead or a big letdown when he says pass the salt and by the way, you're out or in as secretary of state. a lot of intrigue and reason to watch. we're just about out of music. it's time for me to say, get dressed, your mornings are better with friends. we start our telecast today with a fox news alert. the ohio state university student who rammed his car into a crowd, pulled out a butcher's knife and slashed everybody he could may have been motivated by terror. >> this morning we have brand new information about the attacker's past, as investigators are trying to piece together the motive here. >> garrett tenney is live in columbus, ohio, with the latest.
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garrett, fill us in. >> reporter: hey, good morning y'all. one senior lawmaker says that this attack bears all the hallmarks of terrorism but before investigators can say that definitively, they need to find out exactly what the motivation was behind it for 18-year-old abdul artan. do that, they're searching, tracking down and talking to his family members, his friends. they're going through his phone, his communications and his social media profiles. already investigators have found a facebook post that they believe belongs to artan which was made minutes befor his attack. one law enforcement source described it as a declaration against unfair treatment of muslim and appeared to condemn u.s. military action in muslim countries. another concerning indicator for investigators is the methods that artan used. the car and the knife. as recently as this past weekend, isis was encouraging supporters to use knives in
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attacks. it even gave instructions on how to do this. earlier this month it posted in its magazine, the instructions on how to carry out mass casualty attacks using vehicles such as the truck used in the nice, france, attack. we're also hearing more from students that were here at this scene. the chaos that ensued as he ran over the curb and then pulled out a butcher knife and ghana tacking those students. >> the car appeared on the sidewalk. it just like hit everybody who was in front. i saw one guy was going back. after that, like everybody was shouting run, run, run. >> hear a wild noise. i heard a bang. i saw a huge cloud of like dust. people really running and really screaming. i'm like this is something going on. then i heard the three gunshots. from about that same area. >> reporter: in total, 11 people
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were injured in this attack, one of them seriously and it could have been much worse if it weren't for the quick action of the officer, 28-year-old allen ha ruk a, being praised as a hero. he was a graduate of ohio state university answered joined the police department in january of 2015. students returning to classes again today after being canceled yesterday. folks here still very much in shock. brian? >> thanks, garrett tenney with the latest. we're going to find out more maybe even within our show. more background or abdul razak ali artan. he was featured in the humans of ohio in this article. he talked about transferring from columbus state to ohio state and his frustration with not finding prayer rooms when he wanted to pray because the place is so huge. a lot of times you could find that out by looking online before you register for that
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college. but maybe that's old-fashioned. here's a quote. >> he wrote, i wanted to pray in the open but i was scared with everything going on in the media. i'm a muslim. it's not what the media portrays me to be. as people look at me, i don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen. >> the image of this guy starting to emerge. he and his family obviously went to columbus. columbus, ohio. i didn't realize this until yesterday, the number 2, second biggest population of somalis in the united states. >> behind minneapolis. >> only behind minneapolis. they have 38,000. somalis are -- they're not few and far between in columbus, ohio. obviously, he felt like he didn't fit in because it was three minutes before the rampage when he rammed his -- a family member's honda civic into the crowd of people that he posted a rant online. you could tell that he was warning people that he had reached a boiling point because
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he told the united states to stop interfering with other countries if you want u.s. muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks. that clearly is what this was according to adam shif, congressman from california. >> they have not ruled out terror in this. >> no. >> he also wrote, we are not weak, we are not weak, talking about muslims. remember that. i can't take it anymore, america. >> fantastic. a guy who owns the hometown market near his house said he had a bunch of brothers. he was a really nice guy, friendly. no craziness. he was respectful. look at this timeline. in 2007 he leaves somalia. it's fun to get around. pakistan. i'll go to pakistan for a while and then i'll come to america where i'll go to college, virtually for free and then i'll transfer to ohio state, one of the most prestigious, sought after universities in the country and amazed he can't find a prayer room during the middle of the day.
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ohio state is like a city. it might be the biggest college campus in the country. nobody begged him to go there. instead of getting -- maybe seeing a counselor. he used his car as a weapon. when he realized he hit five kids and see how the kids were, someone went to the car to see how he was and then he emerges with a machete. >> people are checking to make sure he's okay and he jumps out with a butcher knife. >> you don't feel comfortable praying in comfortable, you're going to run people over, is that sane? >> a couple weeks earlier that isis told their people all around the world to do just that. to use knives and in some cases run people over on campuses. meanwhile, let's talk politics for a little bit. president-elect donald trump is going to call up to the 26th floor of his sky rise here in this city, the former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney.
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he's coming in for another chat. the big question is, will it be a hey, how would you like to be my secretary of state chat or a thanks for stopping by, this looks like the party is united because you're behind me now chat. >> this dinner was leaked to the media. it was supposed to be a secret. they are having a private dinner tonight. also on the left, many people wondering what's going on with rudy giuliani. i'm reading that senator rand paul is threatening to block giuliani's nomination. he's under a lot of scrutiny because of international business interests and consulting work for foreign -- >> michael mccall will be someone respect north dakota the intelligence community, maybe national intelligence director. blackburn, if she's not on -- i'll be shocked by that. we'll find out if either romney is offered the job or be told you're runner-up or see if we
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can work something else out. let's talk about somebody else we can confirm. it's a virtually done deal. tom price will be the health and human services. he was a former orthopedic surgeon. this is a man we've interviewed a number of times, i've done him on radio too. he's one of the few people who doesn't say repeal and replace obamacare. he's drawn up a detailed plan on how we do it and it's a lot of it is reflected in highlights on what paul ryan wanted to do as speaker when he talks about a better way program. >> mike pence said there would be a number of very important announcements today. at least two it sounded like. fox has confirmed it's going to be tom price as hhs. there's rumors that perhaps the other name in that spot shadow there could be ben carson from h.u.d. to get h.u.d. nomination. which would make sense. he said over the holiday he was going to pray on whether or not
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to do it or perhaps someone suggested general james mattis might get defense secretary or seema burma, the ceo of svc, a national health policy company, she would get, it sounds like, the administrator for the centers for medicare and medicaid. she has been on the radar of mike pence because when he was the governor of indiana, she got an award from him recently, he saluted her work. >> quick thing on the mystery with kellyanne conway. interesting to see, her leaning over donald trump's shoulder as he reviewed or looked to be on the phone -- or looking at his laptop. if they were on the outs and another network reported that he was app plek particular and upset that she went public and reflected the upset among the base of donald trump support of the prospect of mitt romney being named, if she was that
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upset, do you look over his shoulder or was this intentionally put out there. >> is he mad because she's not for mitt romney. they posted that picture last night, showing them working together. he puts differences aside clearly if he's looking -- >> he put her up to it or she wanted to do it and he said go ahead. >> you're allowed to have your opinion. >> there you go. >> i think they worked it out ahead of time. he said you go on the shows and say whatever you want about mitt romney. >> she is quoted in "the new york times" as saying i gave her permission to go on and essentially blow up mitt romney. it's going to be an interesting dinner tonight we think at trump tower. >> heather has breaking news for us. >> what a day it is, right? >> good morning to aulg of you. we start out with a fox news alert. a dire emergency taking place in tennessee right now. families and tourists forced to evacuate as wildfires now threaten dolly parton's dollywood resort. take a look at this video.
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fast moving flames in gat lins burglary area. it includes this wedding chapel left engulfed in flames. more than a thousand people are in shelters as mandatory evacuation p orders remain in place. a horrific plane crash overnight in colombia. it was a chartered plane carrying 81 people when it crashed in the mountains. also on board a brazilian soccer team seen here checking in for that flight. they were headed to a times match in colombia. as of now, we know that the pilot made an emergency call about an electrical failure shortly after the crash and then in the radar, you can see the plane as it circles before crashing. president obama and vice president biden will skip fidel castro's funeral. the hundreds of thousands are
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paying respects in cuba. president-elect donald trump threatening to freeze a thaw in -- tweeting this. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, i will terminate the deal. those are your headlines. i'll see you back in a little bit. lot going on today. >> no kidding. heather, thank you. more on the top story. the attack on ohio state university. could it have been prevented? our next guest saw this coming and says it's no surprise. then, 1,000 veterans strong protesting after a college lowered the american flag to mourn the loss of hillary clinton. the veterans who started this incredible movement is going to join us live as well. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck.
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3:18 am
throughout the united states and it's basic trend analysis. you can predict these types of things are happening. since hamas popularized the idea and made it the cool thing in the jihadi world to do. >> he's had no track record, a pretty nice guy, lived with his brothers in an apartment. after leaving somalia, he stopped in pakistan. usually not for the luxury. >> pakistan is not known for a luxury country. you have to remember, he was in pakistan from 2007 to 2014 and i suspect as we dig into his background, you're going to see he was talking to people. he may have called himself a loep wolf but the 99% of the time they are talking to people. they get ideas from somewhere. >> the bomber in new york city had a family that was scurrying to get out of the country quickly as he was scooped up
3:19 am
eventually brought to -- he was shot and brought to the hospital and on trial. but we never found out what happened with the family. i wonder if this 18-year-old has brothers around his same age living in tight quarters with might have something to say. do you think we'll find a trail there? >> if we're going based on the studies, that's usually what the case is, a close friend or family member who radicalizes someone. it brings up extreme vetting. not just about those coming into the united states. but what about noncitizens in the united states. we have to start fixing things and say this is a wonderful country for wonderful people. if you are a noncitizen and we catch you spreading anti-semitism or ants american -- we kick your butt out. >> he was fed up on august 25th about not being able to find prayer rooms on the humongous campus of ohio state.
3:20 am
>> he made a facebook post referencing an imam and claiming how evil the u.s. is in the muslim world and he had previously complained about being scared to be a muslim in the united states and so the refrain from some that you will hear from some today is that we provoke it. it is our fault and it is garbage. that is part of the radical islamic mind-set. >> there's a lot of somalis who have blended in. 45,000 in the state. 99% are muslim and most are absolutely no problem. >> right. >> there are a percentage like this who are the problem. not major cities, that's also important. ryan, thank you. >> certainly. come one, come all, the latest call for illegals to come to the united states before president-elect donald trump gets sworn in. why is that? 1,000 veterans strong protesting after a college lowered the american flag to mourn hillary's election loss. the veteran who started this movement joins us next. ♪
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that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. first up, hundreds of workers at one of the country's busiest airports set to walk off the job today at noon. service workers like bag handlers, janitors, service personnel at o'hare airport in chicago are demanding better working conditions and more money. airport officials don't expect any flights to be impacted. the governor of north dakota issuing a stern warning to access pipeline protesters who
3:25 am
refuse to leave. the warning is get out now. governor jack dalrymple dropping the hammer as the protests take a violent turn. they're trying to shut down the $4 billion project. saying it could contaminate the area's water supply. that's some of the news. here's more with ainsley. a massachusetts college we've been talking about for about a week blanketed in red, white and blue in response to a ban on the american flag at the campus. it's hampshire college in massachusetts. they took down the flag after one flag was set on fire, one was stolen in the wake of the president-elect trump's win. now veterans are fighting back with their own protests, sparked by a lawmaker's letter demanding that they fly that flag again. that lawmaker joins us now. his name is john vila. he's a massachusetts state representative for 2 1/2 years and an army reserve captain and served in afghanistan as well. thank you for your service.
3:26 am
>> thank you very much. >> why did you start the protest? >> it's a disgrace what they did. to lower the flag and give a stated reason because you want to focus on lgbtq issues, anti-semitism. those are important issues but not mutually exclusive. you can have the discussions but keep old glory up there, keep the flag up there. that freedom of expression wouldn't even be possible if not for the sacrifice of the service of of the veterans. absolute disgrace. >> they say they lowered it because of the environment of hate-based violence on the campus. it so happened it was lowered the day after the election, after the liberal university, hillary clinton did not win the election. jonathan lash, you sent him a letter. what did you say? >> essentially, put that flag back up. articulated the reasons i just said. too many people have given too much. you can have the conversations about the topics. at the end of the day, the rights that your students, the freedom of expression would not
3:27 am
be possible if it weren't for our service members. you can have that discussion but honor those who have fought for this country. keep that flag up. >> have you heard back from him? >> i haven't heard from him. >> this is what he said publicly. listen to this. >> the symbol was raising the temperature of the controversy, that disagreement in getting us away from the underlying values that we wanted to discuss. >> the president said he lowered the flag to half-staff because students were complaining. first of all, that bothers me a lot. because that's not democratic at all. their person didn't win the election so he's going to lower the flag to half-staff to listen to the students. secondly, more importantly, people died to fly that flag for the freedoms of that flag. are you concerned with the direction of these students and what their mind-set is? >> absolutely. i think they're being cod ld and shielded from the real world. you just said it. people have died and people have come back without limbs and the hundreds of thousands of veterans, friends of mine suffering from tbi, pds because
3:28 am
of that. people have died for that flag. to take that down so the students can have free dialog, again, no veterans, no service members are saying don't have that dialog, we're saying have that dialog, put the flag up. >> what was the turnout like at the protest? >> my count, it was about 1500, it was huge. we're having another one this sunday if it's not back up. >> for folks watching, and want to go. >> sunday 12:00 we'll be there. get there early. there were so many people there last time. bring a flag and just let's do everything we can. a peaceful demonstration. >> met a lady this weekend, a grandchild was born before he had a chance to come back and they named the child after her southern who didn't come back. i said what do you think about this university lowering the flag because hillary lost. >> he doesn't agree with it.
3:29 am
but he fought for the right for them to do that. >> that's what every veteran is saying. you have the right do that. but there's no reason that flag can't be up there. the flag is the reason that we fight and they should honor that. that flag is the symbol of freedom of speech and expression. they should honor that. put that flag back up, mr. president. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. coming up, more on the horrifying attack on ohio state university campus. if you found yourself in that situation, would you know what do? lessons that could save your life coming up next. then, it's billed as a terrorist rehab to help jihadist resist the urge to kill. instead, it might be having the opposite effect. really? art therapy didn't work? details up next. we want to wish happy birthday to howie mandel. the game show host is 61 years old. we're glad you were born. meta appetite control...
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to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. fox news alert. a somali born student attacks fellow students at ohio state university. rams his car into students before getting out and slashing some of the students. the attack raising the question, how can we protect ourselves from a lone wolf attack. you never know when it's going to happen. >> drew burke wis is a former counterterrorism officer himself. it's interesting to see that ohio state had a plan, drew, should something like this happen. >> absolutely. i think that's the most important take away from all of this and what people can take as they move on and these events happen more and more throughout america.
3:34 am
unfortunately, it's being mentally prepared of having a plan. >> the last command was fight. >> that's right. hopefully it doesn't get to that. i think one of the things that we always try to tell folks and we've been taught ourselves is get off the ex -- it's put time and distance between you and the threat. the x is the threat. it can expand and detract. whether it's explosions or in this case, somebody driving a vehicle and hacking people with a knife. >> yes. this is crazy. i can't believe we're having this discussion on the curvy couch. unfortunately, we have to talk about it. we're in a situation like this. what if it happens when we're in a restaurant? >> scenarios change. in a restaurant. when you're going into places like this now, america needs to look at, as they're going in, one, where am i going? is there a threat here? is it a neighborhood under threat? is this a popular place that might be a soft target for someone? when you go in, notice, hey, there's exits here. here's the front, where do i
3:35 am
want to sit so i have a good view of what's going on in and around that place. >> like that picture there. where are the entrances and exits. >> like the mobsters. you sit in the back with your back towards the wall. >> absolutely. you can do that. that's advisable. >> being able to, that's what i'll do. i put my back to the wall. if something happens in the front, i can see what's going on. i know that there's exits in the back. i know i can get out. if something goes wrong, you're not hunkering under a chair or something like that. you're getting out of dodge and doing it quick. >> what about classrooms, they don't have a back essex exits. >> you have big auditoriums. with this, i would do -- be along a row, somewhere with an egress point. in the middle. eye deely in the middle. you don't know if they're coming in the rear exit or the front exit. same thing in a movie theater.
3:36 am
put yourself in a position where you can move freely away from the threat and get to that closest exit. >> here's my fear. i heard about this story overnight. i'm thinking, i would have run over to that car and checked on the person. now if you see a car crash in the middle of the crowd, you run the opposite way. >> unfortunately, you don't know. it's countser intuitive because we're bred and raised to help people. the best thing to do is survive and help. unless you're trained to help with that situation, it's advisable to get out. >> a lot of the military people transitioned to the civilian world were able to guard the door and used the training from afghan and iraq. >> absolutely. if you come from something where you have that kind of training, you absolutely can help. it's the understanding that most average civilians don't know what to do, they're going to go into shock. if you can mentally have trained yourself ahead of time or if the worst happens, i know i'm
3:37 am
getting out of here and getting away from the threat, which by the way, sometimes move. people need to be aware of. people russia way in a mall or wherever they are from where the shooting a curse and not understand that -- not necessarily you as an individual but with you as a trajectory. >> you're saying, be aware and be smart and make choices wherever you go. >> absolutely. it's all about being prepared. again, we get scenario-based training to handle all these different type situations. most people don't get that. you've got to mentally go through the scenarios. what do i do if this happens? that's going o help you and you can lean on that. >> the flight 93 mentality would work. let's roll. let's go at 'em all at once everybody at once rather than separate corners. >> absolutely. with a knife versus a gun or an explosive device, that's something that you can do. that's a totally different scenario than a mass shooter incidents. >> unfortunate we have to have this conversation. thank you for filling us in.
3:38 am
author of the maverick experiment. thank you. we're going to hand it over to heather with more headlines. >> good morning. good morning to all of you. >> it is known as the betty ford center for terrorists of sorts. but it turns out that saudi arabia's terror rehab, that's where some former gitmo detainees after being released from gitmo is really a five-star training factory for jihad and al qaeda operatives dropping that bombshell on the gitmo parole board. they've previously praised that program in saudi arabia. when the guys go there, they do this. art therapy. they also have an olympic-sized swimming pool, playstation and gourmet meals. but now we're -- >> >> he helped clear casey anthony of the murder charges and the horrific death of her baby daughter. now her former lawyer faces big legal troubles of his own charged in an international drug
3:39 am
smuggling scheme. todd macaluso to fly 2 tons of cocaine from ecuador to honduras and smuggle them into the united states. he's a licensed pilot. he was arrested in haiti before the deal went down. he could spend his life in prison. come home before it's too late. that warning from california state university system to undocumented students who were studying abroad. the largest four-year public university system in the entire country, school officials say they're worried president-elect donald trump won't let the students back into the country after inauguration day. writing the study abroad, unless they return by january, 19, 2017, there's no assurance they'll be allowed to return to the united states. there's a realistic possibility that they will be denied entry. if you're illegal -- huge fail in the final seconds of a college basketball game. he hits the layup to go up with
3:40 am
less than four seconds left. this is bryant university for the first time last drive when this happens. look at this. no shot. gets a shot off. the bears win it. >> that player quickly realizing his team did not have the lead after he purposely ran out the clock. the mistake cementing a 91-90 loss. >> basketball team. what's up, brian? >> did i not convince you on that one? >> you did it right. i can understand not knowing how many time-outs are left. >> you did great. >> i'm botching this, take it away. >> i remember that. >> you did great, heather. meanwhile, coming up, this muslim refugee used a car and a butcher's knife in an attempt to kill as many innocent college students as he could. but it wasn't long before democrats found a reason to
3:41 am
blame the guns. keep in mind he did not have a gun. president-elect donald trump quickly filling up his cabinet. our next guest just interviewed on monday at trump tower. he's here to tell us approximate that meeting coming up next. i have asthma...
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test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. time for hollywood headlines. first up. sorry, america, you won't be keeping up with the kardashians any time soon. production is halted when kim was robbed in paris a few months back and tmz reports there's no plans to resume any time soon. especially since kim's husband, kanye west, has been
3:45 am
hospitalized. us weekly reports she hasn't left his bedside and has even been feeding him. really? how is lamar odom doing? maybe he could step in. a platinum bmw smashed over a selfie. >> [ bleep ]. >> wow. a youtube star learns the hard way not to hold up traffic to take pictures. an impatient driver takes a swing at the gaudy car smashing the windshield. the driver has not been charged. no word on the size of the bat. >> what about the guy with the bat? brian, thank you. the price is right for hhs secretary, that is. sources say, tell fox that president-elect donald trump is expected to nam nate georgia congressman and fierce obamacare
3:46 am
critic to head up the health and human services. our next guest, north carolina businessman john allison is said to be a possible contender for u.s. treasury secretary. he met with mr. trump yesterday. you know what, through the magic of television right now, he's joining us from winston-salem, north carolina. john, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start at the very beginning. we've been watching the elevators, the doors open, people disappear. you got on the elevator yesterday, you went up to the 26th floor. you go into the corner office. who is there and what happens? >> well, it's a very similar, i think, to a lot of job interviews. of course, president-elect trump was there, vice president-elect pence was there. steve bannon was there. it looked like a job interview and also, i think, sincere effort to get a little advice.
3:47 am
>> sure. when it comes to advice, you have plenty of it. as a guy who has been in business for a very long time. among other things, you would like to abolish the federal reserve. i understand you would like to replace dodd/frank with copies of atlas shrug. which i think is funny and return to the gold standard. yesterday when the president-elect of the united states says john, what do you think we should do? what was your advice to him? >> in regards to monetary policy, while my long-term ambition would be to get rid of the federal reserve and get back to a private banking system that we had and that canada had and scotland had, we're not going to get there in my lifetime. that's not going to happen. the main thing in the federal reserve to focus is monetary policy, we've got to have discipline. we need some kind of rule. i like the taylor rule, i like gdp indexing rule so the fed can't do what it wants do and create what i believe is a
3:48 am
difficult mess that's done what it's done. effectively taking away a lot of its power. it's a scary organization because there's no contrno cont. i'd like to see the repeal of dodd/frank. it can be radically revised and i believe that dodd/frank has played the biggest single role. a lot of other factors. but the biggest single role in the lack of economic growth, particularly the creation of new businesses because commercial banks, like my old bank, bbt used to be venture capital small business lenders. we can't do that anymore. >> sure. >> it's really hurting the economy. >> we might be hearing your name one of these days very soon as somebody on the cabinet. john allison, former chairman and ceo of bb&t. sir, thank you very much for sharing a little of what went on yesterday at 57th and 5th avenue. >> thank you very much. have a great day.
3:49 am
>> you as well. meanwhile, straight ahead on this tuesday, refugee who tried to murder college students with his car and a butcher's knife was in the country as a permanent legal resident. what does that mean? judge napolitano here with a closer look at what he was doing here in the first place. gorg good morning judge. we've seen what hillary clinton has been doing out in the woods. i can't wait. my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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3:52 am
fox news alert. as terror is high in the ohio state attack yesterday morning,
3:53 am
we're learning more about the suspect. >> his name was abdul artan. he was a legal permanent resident. what does that mean? >> fox news senior legal analyst judge napolitano. how do you get this? >> you apply it. if you are a refugee from an inhospitable case, in his case, somewhere in the middle east. you have a very, very unique tal he want. -- talent. that's not his case which you bring to the united states, or you have extraordinary family ties here whereby it would be a hardship. he fits into the first category. they have the same rights as the rest of us, except they can't hold office and can't vote. if he doesn't commit a crime, he
3:54 am
can stay here for the rest of his life. if he had survived this, he then would have been deported. what good is that? if a permanent legal resident commits a felony, basis for deportation. >> he was a permanent legal resident but apparently according to the stuff we're seeing in facebook and everywhere else, he didn't feel like he fit in. ultimately he self-radicalized. >> is what he did terrifying? absolutely. was he connected to a foreign terror organization? they have to look for that. >> he had a stop in pakistan. >> yes, the technical definition of terror is two or more acts of violence intended to disrupt or change the policy of the government. do we have acts of violence? yeah. we have the car plowing into people and each one of those slashes is a separate act of violence.
3:55 am
the question is, we don't know this because he's dead, we have to infer it from the evidence about him, what was his intent? >> 11 people injured. one in critical condition this morning. it's a different world. should students be able to carry guns? we hear gun control from liberals. >> in my view short answer is yes if they qualify for the use of them. i was appalled but not surprised at the left yesterday using this incident, which did not involve guns. the only gun involved saved lives. >> here it is tim kaine tweeted out immediately, deeply saddened by this gun violence. others, when will we have gun control in this country? next thing you know, it's a knife and a car. >> a friend of mine is going to be on the show in a little bit,
3:56 am
governor greg abbott. this guy would have been stopped before the police got there. >> the people understand this is islamic extremism, and you should not blame the gun or the knife or the car. it's the ideology and the person. >> but you can blame a government that doesn't let you protect yourself. >> exactly. i say that with great respect to john kasich, the governor of ohio, our former colleague. it's not his fault, but it's part of the system. >> judge, thank you very much. coming up on tuesday, fast-moving wild fires surrounding popular tourists spots in tennessee, including dolly par tonight's -- dolly parton's theme park. >> and more on this ohio state
3:57 am
attacker, what we can learn about his facebook posts? and rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden, will be here to talk about that next. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue,
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4:00 am
-by revealing their ethnic mix. you'll save 10%-and they'll have a new story to tell. order now at and save 10%. good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, november 29th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. a terror investigation is under way after a somali born student goes on a slashing spree. his chilling anti-american message three minutes before that massacre. how a quick thinking cop prevented things from getting a lot worse. we're live from columbus. and another fox news alert just moments ago, it became official, president-elect donald trump announcing who will fill one of most important cabinet positions on his cabinet and apparently he's not done yet for today. and mystery solved. we now know what hillary clinton
4:01 am
has really been doing out in the woods. >> hmm. >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ we start this hour with a fox news alert. the ohio state university student who rammed his car into a crowd, then pulled out a butcher knife and slashed as many people as he could may have been motivated by terror. >> you think so? fwrand new information about the attackers past as investigators try to piece together a motive. i'm really scratching my head on this. >> what do we know this morning? >> reporter: good morning. as this investigation continues, we're also learning more about abdul artan, the 18-year-old student who carried out this attack yesterday. law enforcement sources tell us that he was born in somalia and came to the u.s. with his family as a refugee. in may he graduated from the
4:02 am
columbus state community college and this was his first semester at ohio state university and neighbors told the columbus dispatch he attended daily prayer services at a local mosque and as we often hear in these situations they said that they were shocked artan would do this and he was always very kind and polite. in his investigators go through the 18-year-old's electronic devices and communications, we're told they have already found a facebook post that they believe he made only a few minutes before his attack. one law enforcement source described it as a declaration against unfair treatment of muslims and said it appeared to condemn u.s. military action in muslim countries. artan injured 11 people in his attack and we're expecting to receive an update on their condition later this morning and for the students here at ohio state university, later this morning, they will return to classes for the first time since yesterday's attack. back to you all in new york.
4:03 am
>> garrett tinney joining us live in columbus. let's bring in rob o'neill. when you look at this story, it's terrible, and apparently three minutes before the rampage he posted a rant on line. he does not like the country. >> he was angry because he was worried about praying somewhere in public on ohio state campus because he didn't want people to look at him and think he was a violent person, the type of person that would run people over and strab them. it's mind boggling. they are wondering about a motive for this. this is exactly what isis says. it says to beat them. you don't need to be a martial arts expert or own a weapon in order to kill many nonbelievers. >> look at what's happening. you are looking at orlando, san bernardino, and columbus. they are saying we'll hit you
4:04 am
anywhere, america. >> anywhere. >> if you try to hit a suicide bomber in iraq, you know where to put the walls. >> there needs to be profiling. not racial profiling, but behavioral profiling. there's a fine line between privacy and safety, but i bet there's 11 families in ohio right now that don't care about that. they would rather not have their children run over by a mad men. >> a lot of people are sick of this kind of stuff and they want our country to be great again and they want these kind of guys not to be let in our country. what's your message for donald trump? >> the message is, he said it before, we need to have better vetting. these are failed like somalia, syria. >> he took a lot of heat for
4:05 am
that. >> yes, it's nice to help migrants and i can feel bad for them and stuff they are dealing with, but a lot of times it's not our problem. the safety of our country is what it comes down. >> it's hard to forecast what somebody is going to be like in nine years. >> you got to monitor some of these people. it's like an on line stop and frisk. >> you don't all of a sudden run in your car and run people over. >> he's training in his backyard, no one said a woord word, about the guy in new jersey. >> it's that fine line, if you see something, say something, you don't want to be branded an islamaphobe. it's got to come from the ideology from the weapon. as soon as this happened, gun
4:06 am
violence. there was no guns. >> we're lucky we had a gun in campus. he was a minute away. imagine if he got out and started stabbing more people. i don't think terrorism is a right or left side of the aisle. >> it has been for eight years. >> we've seen how the nation responds to by electing mr. trump. he actually takes a hard line. he's not singling anyone out. he just says we're going to make america safe. >> do you think now people are not going to be start as being afraid and say my neighbor is acting crazy? >> i don't know. it's hard to say. look at the college campus. they took down the american flag because that's offensive. we got to get out of this politically correct nonsense before we fail to exist.
4:07 am
>> mr. trump, with former general david petraeus walking in. what do you think about this guy, potential secretary of state? >> i don't know him personally. i worked for him through certain commands and other generals and i like him. he's a four-star general. head of the cia. he's got a ph.d. in foreign affairs from princeton. they are going to bring up the stuff with the classified materials, that's justifiable, bring that up. everyone makes mistakes. will it matter? it's not my decision. i think he's qualified. if he gets in there, he's more -- he will be more about the middle east and getting more involved in places like syria and things like that because he was there for iraq but he did think outside the box and engineer the surge. >> most people know you guys are fighting but there's a lot of diplomacy and interaction that went on to make the surge work. >> win people over. they knew the need for
4:08 am
ambassador crocker to work the political end. >> he was smart enough to know that a lot of peace comes through strength. we were the muscle behind it and he was smart enough to realize the way to defeat some of these enemies is to kill them. >> lieutenant general michael flynn as a key position. >> the military men and women are happy. they understand what's going on in the military. they did get fired by the obama administration. there was a disconnect between the pentagon and the white house. mattis, everybody loves mattis. if you are the type of person that has quotes about a war that you are in, you are doing pretty good. >> he's a tough guy. just the size of the military, it's so tiny now because the resources once upon a time that had gone to the military now are going into other things, so, you
4:09 am
know, one of things that donald trump has said is he will make america strong again, and rebuild the army, which of the armed forces was the least -- or the weakest in -- >> he will put the money where it's supposed to be. i believe he will get rid a lot of the needless redundancy. if we have a strong military and it's a deterrent, a lot of stuff is not going to be happening like it is in china and ukraine and libya. >> and the iranis are on fixed on our helicopters yesterday. that is not a country concerned about that. >> they weren't. they are now. look at the president of iran the day after trump got elected. now this deal we had that was through the united nations and united states. you can't come in and take it -- >> rob, tonight is the private dinner with mitt romney. we're not invited. >> we're busy. >> my invitation got lost in the
4:10 am
mail. >> donald trump could choose him as secretary of state. this is what our viewers are saying. we asked in a poll on facebook. who do you want him to pick? rudy giuliani got 52%. general petraeus, 33%. someone else 9%. mitt romney got 6%. >> a lot of trump supporters because he was leading the never trump things and mr. trump -- it's kind of -- he's showing he can mend fences because he know that romney is qualified regardless. he's had several meetings with him. that says something. >> what does he have to do to win over our viewers? >> that's not for me to say. i would say be charming. but i would never go in there with a never trump attitude. that's probably not going to work out. >> thank you very much. it's about 7:11 here in new york city and time for a fox news alert. good morning, everyone. i hope you are off to a good day.
4:11 am
raging wildfire turning a tennessee tourist spot into a tinter box. fast-moving flames devouring buildings less than 10 miles from the popular dollywood resort. look at the left and screen right up in flames. more than 1,000 people are now in shelters as mandatory evacuation orders in place. another survivor found in the wreckage of a horrific crash in colombia. the flight carried 81 people when it crashed in the mountains just outside the city of medellin. on board that plane, a brazilian soccer team. this chilling selfie was posted just before the deadly accident.
4:12 am
it shows two of the players who are believed to have survived that wreck. the caption telling fans we're coming, colombia. right now, we know the pilot made an emergency call about an electrical failure right before that crash and this light radar, you can see the plane circles before it ultimately crashes. president obama and vice president biden will split castro's funeral. hundreds of thousands paid their respect in cuba. president-elect donald trump threatening to freeze a recent thaw in diplomatic relations in that country. he tweeted this. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban/american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. hillary clinton may be laying the groundwork for a third run in 2020. a former columnist for the national review says her random
4:13 am
viral encounters with so-called average voters may not be so spontaneous after all. the report says that clinton's campaign support for recounts in those three battleground states is aall a part of a bigger plan to keep her options open for 2020. >> can you imagine? >> we'll see how that goes. >> that's never going to happen. never going to happen. i would be shocked. >> bernie sanders would be passed out somewhere. fox news alert, more on our top story, that horrifying attack on ohio state by a muslim immigrant. was it terror? our guest says it has jihad written all over it. he's live next. and a tree carried to the top of the mountain is now banned. >> so tired of this. ♪ think of your fellow man.
4:14 am
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with advil, you'll ask what sinus headache? what stiff joints? what time of the month cramps? what nighttime pain? make all your pains a distant memory with advil the world's #1 choice what pain? advil. fox news alert. chilling new details about the al qaeda worshipping teenager from somalia and his violent rampage that ended yesterday
4:18 am
morning at ohio state university. >> our next guest says the attack has all the sinister marks of isis and here with a look inside the somalia community is author of "defeating jihad" dr. sebastian gorka. you say it has the hallmarks of isis. why do you say that? >> several reasons, ainsley. number one, this is very similar to the jihadi attack in 2013 in london where a british soldier was run down by two jihadis in their vehicle, after words they got out of their car which had been totaled and they proceeded to decapitate him on the sidewalk in the uk. secondly, we've had isis magazines, al qaeda magazines like inspire, how you don't need to build an ied, not a gun, you can simply kill the infidel with your vehicle. that's exactly what we saw in
4:19 am
nice where 80 people were killed in france. this weekend, they talked exactly this. how to attack the infidel using a knife and it was have very, very, very disturbing video. >> this is the only post so far. my sense is there's a lot more. i can't take it anymore. america, stop interfering with other countries, especially muslim, ummah. we are not weak. we are not weak. remember that. of course, he drives his car into a bunch of people three minutes later. i since there was something else in that car but you have 45,000 somalis who live in that state. 99% are muslim. you can't say they are all bad. that's not the case. what do you do? >> this is one of reasons i think donald trump was so successful in the recent presidential election. he talked been extreme vetting, about the fact that we cannot
4:20 am
adequately vet people from war zones or regions of instability under this administration, under president obama. we have let 50,000 refugees from just somalia into the united kingdom and this individual came in as a refugee as well and that's something has to be reappraised, brian. >> all right. dr. gorka joining us to talk about what happened yesterday at osu. called out, colin kaepernick called out for praising fidel castro? >> are you a believer in fidel castro? he was on that shirt. >> he blasted him too. and 1,000 veterans strong protesting after a college lowered the american flag to mourn hillary clinton's loss and took it down. this morning, president-elect trump just tweeted and reacted. we'll talk out loud about it. ♪
4:21 am
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get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. colin kaepernick called out by a cuban born miami based sports reporter during a conference call for wearing a t-shirt with fidel castro on it. listen. >> are you a believer in fidel castro? he was on that shirt. >> one thing that fidel castro did do is they have the highest literacy rates because they invest more in their education system than we do in their prison system, which we do not do here. >> he also broke up family. he took over a country without any justice, and without any
4:25 am
elections. >> we do break up families here. that's what mass incarceration is. >> are you equating the breaking up of cuban families with people going to the jail in the united states of america? >> unbelievable. you heard the outrage. kaepernick was fielding questions ahead of the 49ers game on sunday. he was greeted at the game by a loud chorus of boos, the whole stadium and smashed at the two yard line even though he played very well to end his hope of stopping the losing streak by the son of a cuban immigrant. the reporter joins us live from miami. a lot of people share your outrage about his praising -- giving wrong facts about castro. why does it strike so to home
4:26 am
for you? >> well, it strikes home aside from the fact that it's hippo critical. he's put himself out there as a guy of anti oppression, people of all factions to not be oppressed yet he's donning a shirt with one of the 20th century's all-time oppressors. it strikes home because i'm a victim of fidel castro. i was born in cuba. my family decided that i wasn't going to live under a communist dictator, so they wanted to bring me here, and the three of us were supposed to come here on the day that the three of us were supposed to leave, one of castro's soldiers at the plane said, well, the flee three of you are cleared to leave but i'm making a decision today only two of you can go. to deciding which two are going or if any of you are going? obviously my dad decided to stay. my mom and i came.
4:27 am
the next time i saw my dad was three years later. the man was a stranger to me. so clearly, you know, that was something that affected my relationship with my father the rest of my life and i don't say that i'm a victim. it's just that the facts are the facts. >> and his facts are wrong about the literacy rate compared to ours, about the health care compared to ours. but he sits there and spouts that out as if he would rather live there. >> and obviously he would never live there because if colin kaepernick were ever to live in cuba and show any form of dissent as he does here on the sidelines of nfl games every week, he would be jailed, violence would be thrust upon him. he would be spat upon. he would know very quickly that it's a different game over in cuba. >> a -- armando i have total
4:28 am
disdain for his actions. he wore that shirt in august. when he finally -- when castro dies over the weekend, he plays on sunday. describe the scene even though kaepernick played very well every time he took a snap. >> well, obviously, there was a lot of cuban americans in the stands. they are dolphin fans, and they were not happy with colin kaepernick. after the game, kiko alonzo who was in on the final tackle and also played very well. he told me i had bad blood for that guy. there was no -- you know, there was something there for me, and kiko's father felt the same way. his father call kaepernick clueless. kiko called him ignorant. the thing about it is kaepernick had days to study up on fidel castro after that conference call and in the press conference after the game he's talking about how great fidel castro is with literacy rates and health care. it was almost like i expected
4:29 am
him to say next that mousse sus made the trains run on time. >> it's unbelievable how ignorant somebody. it's impossible to get off the island. they strapped together rafts and hoped for the best as they went 90 miles over an ocean. this high profile quarterback has only made things worse. armando, thanks for having the courage to stand up for your heritage and good luck to the dolphins. straight ahead, an airline passenger randomly opens up a door and jumps out of a plane. beat that story. i'm going to talk to pete hegseth soon. i think i'm talking to him next.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
this is a fox news alert. it was yesterday morning that abdul razak al artan drove his family's silver honda civic into a bunch of people. he hopped out with a butchers knife. pete, why did he do it? >> of course it's terror. he's motivated by muslim ideology. i've done numerous reports about the large somali population in minnesota. we bring refugees to this country who are fleeing civil war in their country and that's a good thing but we very rarely
4:34 am
review that policy and look at it and say does it still make sense and once they are here, are we checking radical mosques and they are assimilating properly? all we ask is you invest in america and our social contract. if you are not, that's not okay, especially as a time of war as they wage radical islamic terrorism against us. >> why isn't someone inside the mosque speaking? >> there's a lot of experts pointed out there's plenty of money that comes out of saudi arabia and elsewhere with radical imams that fund mosques in the united states. they have front groups like cair. so not everyone involved is radical but you get enough mosques and enough imams willing to preach the radical
4:35 am
perspective and all you got to do is go on line. he talk about the radical still inspiring people from the grave. >> then you have facebook and google saying listen we're not going to provide you opportunities to go into our social media systems and we're going to go back. >> when they do surveillance inside the mosques, they thwarted an amount of attacks. >> an incredible amount have been thwarted through this great intelligence work. let's have that battle. the american people chose donald trump for a reason. they want a law-and-order candidate. you can do it without
4:36 am
marginalizing the muslim community. if you are prudent with the way you do law enforcement, you don't have to do that. >> the fact that the guy got out of the car with a butcher knife, it was in february in columbus that a somalian got into a restaurant and hacked four people. >> unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me. >> i wonder why they feel as though they are trying to get maximum carnage why they feel as though a knife is the best way. i'm glad it seems like a limited amount of casualties unless you are one of the ten fighting for your lives right now. why would you do that? >> it was the heat of the moment. he talked about the ummah, the community and we're going to stand up and we're going to show we're not afraid. he was afraid to pray in public
4:37 am
because he thought people would attack him and would think he's violent, and he goes out and does violent things. >> i was reading in the wall street journal about mitt romney to get a second audition for the diplomatic job today. it says in addition, pete hegseth is going to meet with mr. trump on tuesday to discuss a position of the va. >> well i -- the last paragraph, romney and everybody. >> what are you telling us? >> i'm grateful and humbled for the opportunity to meet with the president-elect. service is in my blood. if given that opportunity, fantastic. he's the man in charge and i'm just honored to be there. >> you served our country. you went to princeton. you are smart. you are an athlete. are you nervous? >> who wouldn't be. he's the leader of the free world. it it's a tall task for anybody, if anybody has set it up for success, it's donald trump.
4:38 am
you've got to investigate, focus on mental health. put the veteran first. that's the slogan, veteran first. bob mcdonald and said it's my va. he took the wrong approach. you focus on the veteran. >> i know you have your talking points ready when you meet with him, when he asks how are you going to reform the virginia? what would you do? >> he's laid out his ten-point plan. whoever it is, donald trump va secretary is going to be executing a plan. >> fire the people that -- >> fire the managers and others that aren't doing the right job. >> what time do you have to be there? >> 11:00. >> you show up at 11:12, 11:15. >> he doesn't want to leave fox. >> your first question to donald
4:39 am
trump is how long is this going to take? act impatient. >> can we get him a tape of this segment? >> don't be afraid to say listen, i have a lot on my agenda. >> i'll have you to thank. >> what are you going to say if he does offer you that job? >> who wouldn't be humbled to serve, but i'm. >> we'll watch you ride up the eleva elevator. we're so proud of you. congratulations. have a good meeting today. good morning to all of you. a couple of news headlines i want to bring you right now. absolute chaos on the tarmac. a woman bursting from a door and leaping off and taking off for the terminal. it all happened in the moment after landing at bush intercontinental airport in houston that.
4:40 am
woman is being evaluated at a mental health facility. cities protecting illegals are now preparing to be cut off. officials scrambling to readjust their budgets as president-elect donald trump vows to freeze federal funding within his first 100 days in office. those cities still refusing to cooperate with his proposed immigration plan, that includes deporting millions of criminals and following the law. texas governor greg abbott joins "fox & friends" live coming up. the war in christmas hits the desert. after 15 years now, the christmas tree on top of arizona's camelback mountain has been chopped down and banned. the parks department calls it a safety hazard. the club say they have never had an issue before. they are now fighting for their right to celebrate christmas, planning to deliver this
4:41 am
petition tonight at phoenix's city council meeting. we'll watch that story. let you know how it turns out. 1,000 veterans strong after protesting a college that lowered the american flag to mourn hillary clinton's election loss. hampshire college in massachusetts sparking major outrage after taking down the flag after one was set on fire in the wake of president trump's win. a veteran lawmaker joined us earlier and demanding they fly the flag again. >> to take that flag down so these students could have this free dialogue, no veterans, no service members are saying don't have that dialogue. we're saying have that dialogue with the flag up. >> president-elect donald trump just reacting to the ban on twitter, saying nobody should be allowed to american bsh burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of sendship or a year in jail. recent polls show more than half
4:42 am
of americans siding with mr. trump favoring a constitutional amendment. i was there after 9/11 and they blamed america on 9/11. >> we should all have christmas trees in our house and cover them in american flag americas. >> -- or not aments. >> when you good to pick a college, you now instead of talking about campus size and majors, you got to talk about where the anti americanism and where patriotism ranks for your school. it's got to be a decision. >> do me a favor, don't send your daughter there. >> it's off the list. straight ahead, the trump transition team set to name an obamacare critic to its cabinet today. what else do you need to know about tom price the congressman? we're live in washington next. skyscraper in one major u.s. city is sinking right into the ground. how do we know? we can see it from space.
4:43 am
>> but first, the trivia question of the day. on this date, in 1927, the sports caster who spent 67 seasons with the dodgers was born. who is he? be the first to email us, that the friends@foxandfriends with the correct answer. talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. time now for some quick headlines. first, a woman caught on camera using her own baby as a decoy in a disgusting robbery scheme. watch as a woman sits down with the baby before swiping a cell phone from a man putting his shoes on. she then tucks it between her and the toddler and walks off. the cops are looking for her and she's working with an accomplice. brand-new fears surrounding
4:47 am
the leaning tower of san francisco. it's sinking at a faster rate than thought. satellite imagery shows the millennium tower sinking two inches over a one-year period. that's almost double the rate engineers had originally estimated. how are they going to stop it? we'll get back to you. president-elect donald trump's growing team is moving full speed ahead. full steam ahead. the newest cabinet member officially announced a few moments ago. >> kristin fisher is in washington, d.c. is there a doctor about to be in the house? >> congressman tom price for health and human services secretary, and this appointment does not bode well for the future of obamacare. if confirmed, price will become the face of the trump administration's effort to repeal and replace president obama's signature health care law. he didn't shy away from that when he made the appointment official. mr. trump says congressman price
4:48 am
is exceptionally qualified to shepherd our commitment to repeal and replace obamacare. price is an orthopedic surgeon from g. he's now serving his sixth term in congress. he's known for being very studentious and he's been studying how to repeal and replace obamacare for years. many republicans have taken some heat for attacking the affordable care act without offering an alternative. here's what he said about the latest plan last month. >> our first priority is to put you, the patient, in charge. not washington bureaucrats. so we repeal things like the individual mandates and we say that you should be free to pick whatever insurance plan meets your needs. not one washington forces you to buy. >> now, mr. trump also just appointed seema verma.
4:49 am
she worked closely with mike pence. they are working together to form the dream teem to replace and repeal obamacare. the good news is he's got a plan ready to go. he can alter that olympian for -- that plan for donald trump. president-elect donald trump is slamming jill stein's recount as a waste of time. >> she raised more for this than her actual election. where is she going with this? stuart varney came to our hallway, so we feel obligated to put him on tv and talk to him.
4:50 am
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it's time to the answer to the fox and friends trivia question, it's vin scully. 89 years old today. our winner is jay from cape coral, florida. you are going to be getting a copy of brian's newest book, "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates". >> i'll thrown mine in too. stuart, when you are in line getting your coffee, you have to buy coffee for the person behind ux it's give back tuesday. >> who knew? >> he doesn't wait in line. he has people to do that. >> stuart is here. jill stein has raised more than $6 million for her recount effort. nearly twice the amount of money she raised for her entire presidential run.
4:54 am
>> donald trump is calling it a scam as jill stein's own site that a recount is not guaranteed. >> some democrats are embarrassed. why is she wasting everybody's time? varney and company is on today from noon to nine -- nine to noon. >> it's an attempt to grab money for environmentalists and at the same time attempt to delegitimatize donald trump's election. what do they have so far, $6.3 million? that's about double what jill stein brought in for the entire election. now, it will cost her maybe one or two million to go through this recount in wisconsin, probably more like 1 million. more dollars for michigan or
4:55 am
pennsylvania. if anything left over it will be able to go to her party. >> jill stein says essentially the russians rigged the election, that's what they are suggesting. yesterday, josh earnest said we have absolutely no evidence that any of that stuff happened. get it together. >> it's a bogus challenge. there's no chance whatsoever that the election result will be overturned. nobody is alleging any kind of hacking into our electoral process. >> i hope we stop covering it. by the way, the story too that it was president obama who urge hillary clinton to concede. they had an agreement already, 15 minutes after the a.p. declared it that they would concede to each other. >> hillary clinton does not look in all of this. her campaign is still part of this recount. they are observing it. >> but jill stein doesn't look good either because of her candidacy she vacuumed enough votes away from hillary clinton,
4:56 am
had hillary clinton gotten the jill stein votes, she would probably be president of the united states now. >> it's a win for trump. election integrity depends on you. they have raise the 6.4. >> that's almost double what she raised in the entire election campaign. >> down here on ain't -- ainsley eye phone she's wearing -- iphone, she's buying shoes at noon. >> i came on this show to talk about jill stein, the environmental movement and raising money, delegitimatizing trump and i'm talking about shoes here? >> i was saying it was nice to help her use the iphone to help make your segment better. >> can i say let's talk about
4:57 am
real news on the fox business news channel on varney & company. >> laura ingraham is here next. ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at
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and big savings. like savings of $50 on this sportsman's elite 30" digital electric smoker. plus, visit for daily cyber week specials and free shipping. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, november 29th. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. a muslim refugee attacks an american college campus running down people with his car and jumping out and slashing them with a butcher knife. the latest on the search for a motive and the hero cop who saved many lives. >> he was in the right place at the right time. that's right. another fox news alert just seconds ago it became official, president-elect donald trump announcing who will fill one of his top cabinet spots. we'll tell you who as laura ingraham joins us to react in about 20 seconds. >> one time, we'll toss to laura and she will be in the white
5:01 am
house i have a sense. meanwhile, we all know jill stein wants a recount in wisconsin, we just don't know why. >> we saw the voter database attacked into. >> wouldn't you agree in order to hack into something, you have to be connected to the internet? >> i'm not talking about the election system. >> kennedy did a great job with her last night. so what is she actually talking about? let me just keep that in mind as i do a regurgitate our slogan, mornings are better with friends. >> oow. >> quite a visual, brian. thank you for that. >> we started this hour with another fox news alert. you know what happened yesterday morning. a student at osu by the name of an ash -- abdul ali artan grove
5:02 am
his family's honda civic, run people over and jumped out with a butcher knife and nobody died. we try to figure out what he was thinking. some of his postings are coming to our notice and it sounds like he just wasn't fitting in. >> yeah. the rants that he delivered on the discomfort he felt in praying in public or being an observant muslim were published in that lantern interview that he did. it's pretty ironic and horrifically sad that after a series of statements, he ges on to do exactly what -- so many americans are worried about with bringing in so many people into the country who have a very difficult time oftentimes meshing into the american understanding our views of pleuralism and the way we treat
5:03 am
women and so forth, and, you know, he played into the character tour that he said he was in part protesting against. so there are lots of questions here. we have to remember that, of course, al shabaab has been very successful at recruiting on the internet around the world, but especially in the united states. we have that terrorism trial, of course, in minnesota. we had that american somali who was involved in that suicide bomb attack a few years back in somalia. so this is a problem that we have to confront. it doesn't mean that all somali americans are bad people or they support this, of course not. but if this is a terrorism -- another instance of terrorism, does it not compel us to reexamine how we vet or can vet people coming into the united states? >> you just wonder if the tone
5:04 am
will change in this country. if you say thing like that for the last eight years, people think well, that's just an american being intolerant of the plight of others, but there's something wrong previously to this election to be thinking america first. if you are a mayor, you got to worry about your city. if you are a governor, you worry about your state. if you are the president, you worry about your country first. is that no longer a third rail? >> i think it's a pragmatic thing at this point for americans to think is our government facilitating this problem that we obviously have with recruitment and with radicalization by refusing to reexamine our refugee policy in the united states. meanwhile, we have hundreds of thousands of christian refugees who are capable of being vetted who are languishing in the middle east right now who are not welcome at the u.n. camps because those camps are being
5:05 am
infiltrated, have been infiltrated by isis simil sympathizers. they are brutalized inside the camps and have nowhere to go outside the camps. there's something we got to do that's both constitutional and pragmatic. >> people are banning the christmas tree now. people are banning the american flag. our country is now looking to donald trump to make some changes, some major changes to our country because we don't love the direction that the country is going. he's sitting down with mitt romney today, private dinner tonight. he sat down with general petraeus. >> bob corker today. >> the list goes on and on. and there's also rudy giuliani. what do you think about him meeting with mitt romney? we asked votes. our viewers wrote in on facebook. >> we have a poll. >> rudy by a lot. rudy in the 50s. david petraeus is 30s, somebody
5:06 am
else had 10 and mitt romney had 5 or 6%. >> it's interesting to go back and look at what romney's substantive positions were in 2012 on both china trade and the issue of immigration. on those two issues that are the -- really the tent pole issues for trump's victory and also his anti p.c. stuff which is so great. romney was actually pretty close to trump on some of those -- on the trade and really being tough on these trade agreements and on immigration. he talked about deportation. enforcement was great on that. where he lost a lot of people was coming out as personally as he did as the former republican nominee to so personally attack donald trump, and then being used in campaign commercials, other republicans as well, not just romney, but being used by hillary and her minute i don't knows -- minions and these campaign commercials to ultimately derail trump. it's not that he was mitt romney and he lost. it was that lapse in judgment.
5:07 am
it was a terrible lapse in judgment from a guy who actually has had really pretty good judgment. so that was -- it was mind boggling to me at the time. i expressed my great dissatisfaction is what he was saying, especially on those two issues, trade and immigration, i think they had a lot in common. it really bolinged the mind and i think that sticks in people's craw. trump has an open mind and he's going to do what he thinks is best for america right now. not him personally but for the country. i think that's how he's proceeding. >> i knew you would have an opinion on that. you know others kellyanne conway. laura, do you have an opinion? >> i'm of the view that trump knows what he needs to accomplish in order to be a successful president. he's got to do the things that he said he was going to do. he's going to repeal and replace obamacare. build the wall. tax reform. he's got to do the things -- beef up these trade agreements, get us out of the tpp.
5:08 am
we're not going to do tpp. natfa is going to be changed. he's got to do that all of that. mitt romney has to have his world view if that would work. i don't even know if romney voted for trump. i mean? did he? >> kellyanne conway said that yesterday in the foyer of trump tower. i don't even know if he voted trump. >> i'm not in his shoes, but i think trump campaigned on a very specific world view. it was more pragmatic on foreign policy. strong. it wasn't as interventionist as bush. is that where romney is? what does romney want to do with russia? are we going to invade lithuania? are we prepared to do that? okay. we should talk about that. because i think that would -- that would probably surprise a lot of republican voters who supported donald trump. >> somebody else who has got a different portfolio completely is general david petraeus and he met with the president-elect
5:09 am
yesterday. there he is coming in anthony -- >> saramucci. he got into a lot of trouble because he did something really done. he showed his girlfriend his secret password and all of that stuff. when you look at david pay tree i couldn't say who did something like that. mitt romney came out so against donald trump. if that's your sophie's choice, who do you choose? >> we have to have a clearing of the air. we have to know that trump's secretary of state is going to support his views on the middle east, our dealings with china, our dealings with mexico. our relationship with mexico has to improve and pragmatically so. i don't know what petraeus things about these issues. this is why trump is behind closed doors with all of these men. who knows?
5:10 am
maybe there will be a woman coming along. he's had pretty good judgment when he comes to picking his cabinet. before everybody jum kellyanne was on the outs, that's ridiculous. she's one of his closest and trusted advisers and she was channeling where a lot of trump supporters on romney. trump says he's going to be loyal to supporters, constitution, america, he's going to be the president of the united states and he needs some deference in how he makes these decision. >> you have to listen to this sound bite because jill stein who wants this recount now in those three states, she was on can wendy last night. you have to listen to the sound bite when kennedy asks her why you are doing this? it doesn't make sense. does she even know why she's doing this? take a listen. >> there is no evidence until you look for it. that's the thing about hacking into our voting system. >> the democratic party database hacked into it, right? we saw private emails hacked into, and we saw the voter
5:11 am
database hacked into arizona, illinois. that's proven. that's not conjecture. >> in order to hack into something, you have to be connected to the internet? >> i'm not talking about the election system. >> she's not talking about the -- >> what is she talking about? >> what? >> first of all, that was genius because kennedy made the point these voting machines are not hooked up to the internet. >> yeah. >> the tin foil hats, you know, you have a greater chance of spotting big foot and the loch ness monster today to find any shred of evidence that jill stein was going to be president of the united states or somehow donald trump was not the duly elected president of the united states. this is all a distraction. hold up the shiny object. hope people look at that, and, you know, soros has funded these efforts before. we'll find out more about who is funding these efforts now. not just the private contributions, but this is quite
5:12 am
something from the democratic party who claimed that donald trump wasn't going to accept the election results. totally hip owe critical. >> i got to be with you every morning. >> i give advice all the time. who takes it? come on. the left is looking for an election hail mary, they are going tor a recount like we were just talking about. remember when hillary clinton said this? >> that's horrifying. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them, and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. >> well, coming up, why the effort is anything but legitimate. and more on the horrific attack yesterday morning at ohio state university on the campus there. texas governor greg abbott here to weigh in on that. plus his plan to plan sanctuary
5:13 am
cities in texas. the governor here live. >> wow. attention: are you eligible for medicare?
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a fox news alert.
5:17 am
investigators at this hour searching for answers after somali-born teenager attacked ohio state university sending 11 people to the hospital and that number could have been much higher if not for the quick, heroic actions of that man right there, university police officer alan horujko who took down the attacker using special techniques employed by our next guest, aaron cohen, a former member of the israeli elite, founder of the koirnt terrorism school. good morning to you. >> how can this police officer at ohio state university wind up getting israeli defense training? >> well, steve, originally, about 15 years ago, just after 9/11, i formed a counterterrorism school which specializes in israeli active shooter tactics for law enforcement and it just so happens that a group of instructors who had i had trained about four yoorgs
5:18 am
specifically in israeli response techniques for terrorism had ended up providing the training that i had given them. i trained the trainers, and the group of instructors that i trained several years ago ended up training officer horujko's s.w.a.t. instructors via the ohio tactical officers association so what we saw here was -- and this is confirmed through the officers that i spoke to -- pure israeli-style training which was extremely effective and definitely saved lives of faculty members here. >> he was in the right place at the right time. he was actually within a minute of this particular street corner investigating a gas leak, completely unrelated in one of the engineering school buildings, and apparently, aaron, he ran up to the guy, and said drop it get down or i'll shoot and then he wound up shooting the guy three times. so during that, what was he
5:19 am
doing? >> obviously, he was handling whatever business he was handling. what triggers in my mind and from what i understand from the officers who i spoke to closer to this case, the fact that he ended up sprinting toward the threat, he drew his weapon immediately, he was able to respond on his own, so what he did was he took the initiative, obviously the mus -- muscle memory had kicked in from his course, sprinted up to the threat and ended up stopping extremely quickly, getting the weapon on the threat and was prepared to fire after giving the voice demand and ended up doing so in what we call a point-shooting method. he then from what i've heard ended up actually engaging the suspect and firing one or two shots into his head. that is extremely counterterror focused. the reason why it's not personal, the officer wasn't trying to kill the terrorist, he was trying to keep his hands
5:20 am
from moving. he made the decision to fire the head shot which paralyzed the hands. he treated it like a terrorist and he decided to keep those hands from moving in order to continue to reduce risk throughout the response process and i think what makes this specifically unique to israel is that the training is terrorism focused as opposed to to a traditional active shooter he may take his own life. the terrorist who continues to slaughter which is why the response is designed in israel for a single officer who is very counterintuitive to what we typically see in the u.s., they wait for one or two officers to show up. we don't have time. this officer ended up employing that training and doing a fantastic job and he's definitely the hero of this response. >> no doubt. he couldn't wait for backup because the guy had a knife. aaron cohen, we thank you very much for joining us early this morning from los angeles.
5:21 am
>> thanks for having me. >> you bet. what a story. >> all right. meanwhile, it is billed as a terrorist rehab where swimming, ping-pong are supposed to help jihadists from wanting to kill. what's going on? the final report is coming in.
5:22 am
david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations
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okay. 24 minutes now after the top of the hour. heather joins us with a fox news alert. >> right. >> jumping the gun here. good morning to all of you. we start with a fox news alert and another survivor just found in the wreckage of that horrific colombian plane crash. a man found alive early this morning has died in the hospital. the flight was carrying 81 people on board when it crashed in the mountains just outside the city of medellin.
5:25 am
among the passengers, the brazilian soccer team. you can see some of the selfies they took. they were headed to a finals match in that city. a selfie shows the team goalie on the left who is believed to be one of the victims. we know the pilot made an emergency call about some sort of electrical failure right before the crash left 76 people dead. another alert here in the united states. raging wild fires turning a tennessee spot into a tinter box. heart breaking images. 10,000 animals at ripley's aquarium in gatlinburg now in grave danger as fire closes in around them. guests are trapped inside hotels. at least 30 buildings have been devoured by those fast-moving flames, including this beautiful wedding chapel. those are your headlines.
5:26 am
the left is an elect hail mary to stop president-elect donald trump from taking office. >> their latest play a call for recount in the states of wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. a move started by jill stein and supported by the hillary clinton campaign. are they more or less likely to learn a lesson to -- about electoral politics? let's bring in senior editor. they are focused on the popular vote and they want a recount in the states for the electoral vote. what do they want here? >> i think this is obvious. this is a function of people on the left not willing to deal with the reality of what the election brought forward. they are trying to overturn the election. as crazy this is, this is maybe their best hope. >> they are accusing of jill stein of just wanting this money for the green party. >> well, i think it's pretty obviously a fundraising scheme and she has raised quite a bit
5:27 am
of money. more than $6 million. that's more than she raised during her entire campaign but it's also interesting and i think people should be looking into who is giving this money, is this really just green party supporters? who else is trying to under mine these electoral results? that would be interesting to find out. >> people think that this electoral system is anti american, but it turns out to be just the opposite, correct? >> that's one of things i love about this is you've had people on the left saying that they want to nationalize elections, have national control, have federal agencies running these things and putting it on the internet and whatnot, and each of these states actually has different systems. right now they are pushing for the recount innism with. they also want one in michigan and pennsylvania. each of those states has different systems. some have paper ballots, some don't. some have no paper record of anything. this actually sort helps provide electoral security that you can't easily hack into a nation's electoral systems. that it would take a lot of
5:28 am
effort just even these three states. >> kennedy brought up a great point, these machines that you are saying are hacked by the russians, are not even hooked up to wi-fi or connected to the internet. is there any way that russia could hack into local election voting machines? >> well, this is, you know, this is something that haven't seen reflected in the media coverage just how much of a conspiracy td affect electoral outcomes in this way and it speaks to the larger problem of how the media have covered questions of security. when donald trump was saying the elections were rigged, the media would flip out. that's unacceptable. he's under mining our very democracy. when harry reid would say that russians might be affecting electoral outcome, that was treated very respectfully. when donald trump had the debate answer when he said he wasn't going to certify election results before they happened, we had three days of coverage of how awful it is.
5:29 am
we have actual conspiracy they'rists forcing a recount, the media coverage is very respectful. jill stein is getting 13 times more coverage than she did during her campaign. >> today, michigan came in, he is now over -- he has 306 electoral votes. this was a run away election. it was a definitive election. thank you for spelling it out for us, molly hemingway. they are vowing to defy any order by donald trump cracking down on illegal immigrants. texas governor greg abbott joins us live. and up next, the cuban born journalist who called colin kaepernick out.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
fox news alert. this is our police working to determine if terrorism was the motivating factor for a somali born student to attack other students at ohio state university yesterday morning. >> the attacker, his name is abdul razak ali artan was a legal permanent resident. how do you safeguard against attacks like this? >> texas republican governor greg abbott thinks about that every day. you see what happens to john kasich in ohio. are you thinking what happens if that happens in a university near me? >> it was this very issue that caused me as governor of texas to withdraw texas from the refugee relocation process. i predicted this was going to happen. remember this, brian, and that
5:34 am
is, this refugee from somalia who made the attack on ohio state initially came into the united states to dallas, texas, and because i knew that refugees were coming in from terrorist-based countries, posing problems like this, i could not be an accomplice to importing terrorism into the united states of america. >> of course, he came into the country about nine years ago. there's no evidence that he was radicalized when he came in, but over the course of time, governor, things happen and in fact, adam schiff, a democrat from california, they are going to investigate if he radicalized himself obviously he had a beef with the country. >> the predictability is that when refugees come in from terrorist-based nations, there's a higher probability something like this could happen. there's only a few of them. like somalia, like syria, yemen, iraq. another example that occurred earlier this year, there was a
5:35 am
refugee who came into the united states into texas to houston texas, and he's the one who was arrested earlier this year for plotting to blow up a huge mall inspect houston, texas. listen. this is something we can figure out. this is something we should be on top of. it is insanity that the united states of america will not safeguard our people by bringing in people from terrorist-sponsored nations. >> speaking of safeguarding. judge napolitano wanted us to ask you about this. he said this wouldn't have happened -- guys like this would be stopped on a campus in a college in texas because he said students there, if they have prmts, can carry guns on campus. they can't do that in ohio. >> right. in our last legislative session we passed what's called open carry on campuses so that college kids can carrie guns on campus. it's not all college kids. you have to be i think 21 years old to be able to do it, but for one we've seen no incidents of anybody misusing a gun on campus, but as instances like this, where kids on campus could
5:36 am
have guns where they could have been able to respond initially. fortunately, there is an american hero today and that is that law enforcement officer who was able to so quickly take down this kid. >> with a gun. >> i think -- i think take down the attacker, but i think that on a college campus like here in texas, people will think twice before waging an attack like this knowing they would be gunned down immediately. >> they won't accomplish their goals. let's talk about something that's going to be in your lap. the fact is there's sanctuary cities in this country and this president-elect wants that to come to an end. what action did you take to make sure cities in texas are not sanctuary cities? >> the thing i have already done is i've used my powers as governor of texas to withhold funds to cities or counties that are declaring themselves to be sanctuary cities, but second we're about to have a legislative session here and i've declared that we're going to pass a law banning sanctuary cities in the state of texas.
5:37 am
>> has it worked? >> it has worked with regard to the withholding of funds because it was the sheriff of dallas county who said she was not going to enforce laws against people who were seeking sanctuary and when she saw what my order was, she quickly back tracked on that, but when we pass a strong rebuke to sanctuary cities and ban sanctuary cities here in the state of texas, the consequences will be so extreme for the cities and the counties, they will have to follow the law, and listen, all we're asking them to do is to follow and apply the federal laws of the united states of america. >> governor, your job is going to get a lot of easier because with donald trump he's made it very clear he's anti sanctuary cities. with barack obama, he was very pro sanctuary cities, so he's going to keep the money going to shows sanctuary cities, the federal money, even if they are breaking federal law, but donald trump won't, and you won't either. on the state level. >> right. you are right.
5:38 am
with president obama it's been like us governors having to push a big boulder up a steep hill. now we are a level playing field with a president who believes on enforcing the rule of law in this country. our jobs will be easier. we know the states will act more quickly than the federal government, so we still will move posthaste to get the law passed. >> how does the trump transition look like it's going? >> from here, it looks like it's great. look with regard to the health and human services. this is someone that the state of texas will be able to work very effectively will for one to peel back obamacare and we deal with the department of justice all the time. to see senator sessions as the nominee to be the next attorney general is going to be someone going to be very easy for us to work with. we're pleased with the way it's progressing so far.
5:39 am
>> people who need extreme care, high risk pools, that will help everybody because you can go across state lines with insurance too. governor, look forward to talking to you again. thank so much. >> we're tossing it over to heather with more headlines. good morning to you. a couple other things going on right now. you have perhaps heard of these places. they are sort of known as the betty ford center but just for terrorists. saudi arabia's terror rehab, this is where some former gitmo detainees go after they are released from gitmo, it's a five-star training factory for jihad. an al qaeda operative dropping this bombshell of sorts on the gitmo parole board. the obama administration had previously praised the saudi program, it tries to convert these raledss by featuring art therapy, swim, and play playstation and they also get gourmet meals. one guy is saying huh-uh.
5:40 am
absolute chaos unfolding on the tarmac. a woman bursting lieu the door before leaping 15 feet to the pavement and taking off for the terminal. this happened in the moments after that plane landed at bush intercontinental airport in houston. she's being evaluated at a mental health facility. he helped clear casey anthony of murder charges in the death of her daughter kay lee. he's facing charges himself. the feds say he planned to smuggle drugs into the united states. he's a licensed pilot. he was arrested in haiti before that allege deal went down. he knew could spend his life in prison. a cuban born sports reporter calling out the 49 ers quarterback colin kaepernick for
5:41 am
wearing that fidel castro t-shirt, you can see right here? >> are you a believer in fidel castro? he was on that shirt. >> one thing fidel castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here even though we're fully capable of doing that. >> the reporter who asked him that question he joined us earlier on fox news alert -- "fox & friends" to say what it was like when his family tried to flee cuba and the castro dictatorship. >> on the day the three of us were supposed to leave, one of castro's soldiers at the plane said well the three of you are cleared to leave but i'm making a decision today, only two of you can go, and so decide which two are going or if any of you are going. obviously, my dad decided to stay. my mom and i came. the next time i saw my dad was three years later. the man was a stranger to me.
5:42 am
he also said if kaepernick protested in cuba, he would be in jail. >> he would have been. he wouldn't have gotten the first three words out of hi protest. >> so castro not a hero? >> not think so. 5-4, not a hero. it's close. if you want to be the deciding vote we'll see. the prime minister of canada, he's a huge hero. let me see. we're going to have to get. >> i don't think it's 5-4. >> jimmy carter thinks he's a big hero. more on the jihadi attack on the ohio state university campus. straight ahead. trump transition team set to name an obamacare critic, congressman tom price today. for lower back pain sufferers,
5:43 am
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again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. quick headlines now. angels in flight. victoria secret angels that is. a plane touching down in paris. the girls are getting ready to put on wings and hit the runway show. it airs december 5th. donald trump's top adviser kellyanne conway treated with a performance of her own. ♪ she was serenaded by the naked cowboys. they used to be one just outside
5:47 am
trump tower. she shared a few laughs before she realized she walk away. >> we went from the victoria secret models to nak cowboys. >> even naked cowboys are not naked. speaking of politically correct. president-elect donald trump moving full steam ahead. two new cabinet members just announced a third hours from now. kristin fisher live from washington. you cannot get her to smile. are you listen to go this? >> i really like the naked cowboys and the super models. i need a drum roll please because we've got big appointments. we've got seema verma and congressman tom price. now, if confirmed, price's top
5:48 am
priority is going to be repealing and replacing obamacare. the president-elect believes he's the perfect person to do that. first, he's a doctor. an orthopedic surgeon from georgia. worked in private practice for nearly 20 years before getting into politics. he's now serving his sixth term in congress and he's known for being studious. he has a plan. price has a long history of actually putting forward replacement plans that theoretically could work. here's what mr. trump said about it. he said congressman price is scepgally qualified to shepherd our commitment to repeal and replace obamacare and bring affordable and accessible health care to every american. so it's not even 9:00 yet on the east coast and we've already had two major appointments and we're about to get a third. trump communications director says that transportation secretary will be announced this afternoon. how is that for a tease?
5:49 am
>> very good. meanwhile, we asked you who you thought should be the next secretary of state and we put up on our facebook page a live poll and this is how it's trending right now. because, of course, the president-elect is meeting with mitt romney for supper tonight. mitt romney, only 6% of you think that he should be secretary of state. if we can put it up for just another secretary. rudy is at 52%. david petraeus at 33%. someone else is beating mitt romney. >> we don't know who it is. >> also, we have an idea where they should go for dinner. if a billionaire take out a millionaire, where -- who should pay? fox news alert, protecting yourself during -- >> what can you do if you were in a situation like the rampage that happened on ohio state's
5:50 am
campus. >> drew berkwitt walks us through three specific scenarios. bill hemmer joins us. >> giving us your shoulder, now? you are not square with the camera. >> we're thinking of our friends in tennessee today. breaking news on a horrific plane crash. what we're learning about why this happened overnight. mour announcements from team trump on who will be in the cabinet and who is this 18-year-old who went on the rampage at ohio state. we are stacked today. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising?
5:51 am
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fox news alert, the search is on for a motive after somali-born student attacked the ohio state university.
5:54 am
ramming his car into crowds before splashing -- slashing as many students as he could. attack raising new questions how can we protect ourselves from lone wolf attack here at home? >> you saw this breck down and you are saying to yourself, what are the -- what is the challenge here to stay alive. >> absolutely. when i think for the average civilian the main thing is going into these things prepared and kind of having a mental plan. obviously, you can't prepare for everything and these scenarios all change and are so unique into themselves. the main thing is if you are in that situation is getting off what we call the x, which is the location of the threat, and it's so imperative that you've got that baked in your mind, when something goes down, it's not hunker down, it's not try and help people. it's get out of there. >> for you too? >> well, again, this is for the average joe. you know, but there's a mass shooter, the reality is, you know, even us going through a lot of training and a lot of scenario-based-type drills, if
5:55 am
you are outgunned, times it's better to live to fight another day. >> unfortunately, we have to talk about this. we used to go to restaurants and football games and not have to think about this kind of thing, go to airports before 9/11. we have to be prepared. awhat if we're in a restaurant and someone comes in and suicide bomber or something like that. what do you do? >> you are telling us where to sit in restaurants. >> absolutely. i think the first thing is you nailed it, is being prepared mentally and knowing when you go in, you've got to have that mind set these days. you walk in, hey, wherea are my exits, obviously in new york, it's harder to get a table sometimes. you want to have your back to the corner where you've got a full view of what's going on in the restaurant, you know if something happens in the restaurant, someone comes in with a weapon, knife, gun, whatever it may be, you can get out the back. >> what about a grocery store? because a lot of people find themselves in a grocery store. it's a very easy soft target. >> it is. the unique thing about a congressry store is there's
5:56 am
exits along the back because you've got shipping trucks coming in, food being delivered. so that helps you. obviously that main entrance is probably where they are going to hit people are checking out there. you've got aisles that are not covered. they are more concealment and soft cover. ammunition will penetrate those. you can put more distance. you can use your ears. i got to get out of dodge. go toward the rear. >> this is the alert for ohio state, run, hide, fight. >> getting to that last one is really a bad day, if you are having to fight. it depends on whether or not you are train for that. am i going to -- am i qualified to do this or am i going to run? my plan is to go, if it's a knife, it's a knife attacker, that's certainly based on the individual can we take this guy down. we're going to take a brief
5:57 am
time-out. back in two minutes. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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. .
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6:00 am
>> sound like president-elect trump will name a bunch of names today. we'll have reaction tomorrow. jason miller, his communications guy, joins us live. >> if you have to run from the tv run to the radio. on from 9:00 to noon. bill: breaking news right away. tragedy in the air. a plane carrying 81 people crashing in the mountains of colombia. officials say there were electrical problems reported on board the plane before declaring emergency. dozens are dead. we're told miraculously a few may have survived. a plane care bringing a brazilian soccer team on the way do a tournament. much more on the breaking story on "america's newsroom" today. the price is apparently right for donald trump. mr. trump selecting hardened obamacare critic tom price to run his department of


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