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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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back. "tucker carlson tonight" starts in 8 seconds. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that the is sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and group think. in a minute we're going to tackle all of those things. but, first, was it an isis-inspired attack? what was it exactly? tonight agents and officers are investigating an ohio state university student's potential ties to terrorism. 11 people are injured on campus today. the attacker was shot dead by a campus cop and another person has died, unfortunately. fox news correspondent mike tobin is gathering more information about this dynamic story about what exactly happened and why. mike, what do you know? >> well, tucker, the attacker has now been identified as 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan, a
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somali immigrant. while the motive remains a mystery law enforcement tells fox news they are looking into a recent facebook post that could have very welcome from artan himself which makes a declaration against what is described described as unfair treatment of muslims in this particular facebook post. that is being looked into as a possible motive. happened just before 10:00 a.m. jumped a curb, lost control and got stuck. according to witnesses, as people gathered around the car some of them asked artan if he was okay when he suddenniblely lunged out of the car with a knife and began hacking people with the knife. now, the attack itself followed an alarm for a chemical leak at a nearby building. that is why 28-year-old officer alan was on the scene so quickly and able to fire the shots which stopped the attack. >> we believe the threat was ended when the officer engaged the suspect, very fortunate that an osu ph.d. officer was there and took
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quick action. and we believe that injuries were in minimized as a result of that. >> many students learned about the attack when they received buckeye alerts on their phones. their smart phones. many of them thought it was a hoax or a hacking. as they were told to run, hide, or fight due to an active shooter. we now know that the active shooter claim or declaration was inaccurate. generated in the heat of the moment. the attack was very real. >> i knew it before i got the buckeye alert i had been in the first floor of the building here when a couple girls and guys came in and they were out of breath completely panicked. they said they had seen somebody drive up and basically run over a crowd of people and somebody jumped out and i heard there was like a machete or something happened and he started flashing at people and there was also a shooter. i didn't believe it at first. i mean, not something you kind of expect to run into
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today. >> the attack follow as november 26th release on isis video channel which encourages attacks, revenge attacks as it's outlined in the video. and encourages or recommends different weapons. simplest weapons being the knife, ied, homemade bomb. video goes as far as giving tips for selected knife for the attack. follows publication in isis propaganda magazine encouraging the use of vehicles in attacks to mirror the attack that we saw in niche, none of this can be linked to the attack here in ohio but all of it has to be considered. most of the injuries came from impact with the car. some of the people were injured by the knife. tucker? >> thanks a lot, mike. what an awful story but not necessarily surprising one. during the 2016 campaign, donald trump repeatedly warned about attacks just like this one from refugees. part of what he said on the trail. watch. >> as soon as i enter office, i am going to ask
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the department of state, which has been brutalized by hillary clinton, brutalized. homeland security and the department of justice to begin a comprehensive review of these cases in order to develop a list of regions and countries from which immigration must be suspended until proven and effective vetting mechanisms can be put in place. i call it extreme vetting, right? extreme vetting. i want extreme. >> trump, of course, was mocked as hysterical as a bigot. he was attacked by everyone from the press to his republican opponent. but could it be that he might have been on to something when he said that? joining us now is from the hill newspaper and katie schlapp from the "washington times" newspaper. great to see you both. thanks a lot. >> good to see you. >> this detail jumped out at me because it was so familiar. this guy artan arrived from
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somsomalia as refugee presumably on government aid. presumably having his tuition paid for him. gave interview to the lantern ohio state newspaper complained about the fact that there were no muslim prayer rooms on campus and said. this it's the media, he said. it's the media that put that picture into their heads so they, the other students are going to have that picture and it's going to make them feel uncomfortable. so here's a guy who has been in this country two years on public expense and already is he manipulating identity politics to his own benefit. that seems to be to be the lesson we are teaching refugees. >> completely unfortunate. what you are substantiating to see with donald trump is that is he pushing forward this idea of the extreme vetting. >> right. >> gets a lot of push back. at the same time we need -- we know that our process the way it works right now with the refugees coming, in without them being vetted appropriately is a problem. that's in essence not solving the situation we are seeing. have these refugees coming. in apparently is he on some sort of public aid. there is just this entitlement mentality where they are saying well, if the
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america doesn't abide by my rules then it doesn't work. i think that's a big problem of assimilation is there the opportunity for these refugees to accept american values, number one. and, nuclear two assimilate to our society. >> or the mandate to accept american values. instead the expectation is everyone here will adopt to their views. >> their life. >> i wonder if extreme vetting would have solved. this this kid was young when he got here. seen this in a number of cases. people who grew up here somehow all of the sudden transform into terrorists who kill people. so maybe v fully the answer to this. >> it may not be. particularly in this case. he depose to columbus, ohio, which is the third largest community of somalians in the united states after minnesota and washington, d.c. so, he can be vetted clearly before he comes. in then once you get into the environment where there is other people show have been radicalized. >> exactly. >> you find the problems the investigating is yesterday and today he gave that interview to the lantern in august about the same time
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as donald trump was making his speech. he also said in an interview how afraid he was to be on campus and that he needed to protect himself. >> see, it just seems to me that most people who come to this country are good and decent people. you always have to start there because it's true. but you also have to look at the examples of western europe and scandinavia and ask yourself what did they do wrong to wind up with the disasters they are living through through that we cannot repeat. are there any lessons or conversation with that. >> donald trump you will start seeing the adult conversation. there is the reality that exist. we saw it with the paris attackers where they slipped through, came into europe, using fake passports. so, there is that sense of the vetting process not being effective enough. we know, for example, representative mccaul came out and said -- they have being a knowledged the fact that, for example, militants can come through, slip through the refugee process into the nation. that's why the idea of donald trump pushing forward this temporary halt, let's take a step back.
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let's see what's the best way to control the migrant situation. those are the lessons that i think we need to take from europe and apply here in the united states. >> maybe there is an ideology that ties these together. i wonder why so few in the press are willing to say that? i don't know if it's the guilt of the successful or what it is. why not say what is obvious which is clearly there is a world view that sometimes winds up in mass murder like this? >> i think the guilt of the press extends beyond this. and as we all look for new ways to vet, i think the media itself will look at new ways to do its job. again, going back to columbus and minneapolis and here in washington, d.c. where you have large groups of immigrants it leads people who don't have any other connections to find a wrong seed. i think it's pretty interesting, tucker, governor kasich, one of mr. donald trump's critics had the campaign is going to be honeyinhoning the hymn on thn
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the investigation. we found this guy went to these people. >> will it be believable though? kasich is, you know, the guy who on his moral high horse lectured trump about how unamerican he was for saying this in the first place. >> that's why i think it will be believable. if kasich said, this he can't say he is an anti-trump person. >> unfortunately a lot of people got hurt today because of those adjectives. thank you for joining us both mercedes and thank you, tom. >> of course, we will continue to monitor developments in that investigation in ohio into the attack today. now, another headline whose effects we are just now sorting out, the death of fidel castro. he passed on friday. he ruled cuba by fault and cultive personality. death rejoiced by many who fled prison. rejoice was miewlted some bittersweet. some seemed to mourn him. what could you say that's positive about a man like fidel castro? joining us now is renee, a professor at pernicious
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college. thank you for joining us tonight. >> good to be out. >> some on the left said he raised literacy rates and trained a bunch of doctors from. my perspective as a human, this is a guy who imprisoned people who criticized him and wouldn't allow his citizens to leave the country, thereby, turning the entire island into a prison. why would literacy rates mean anything in the face of human rights abuses like that? >> >> well, let me correct you briefly, tucker. now cubans can leave any time they want the island. they just have to find a country that will receive them with visas. now the burden is on the other side there. >> i mean for the past 50 years. okay. >flee the island. 50 years. >> put yourself in the place of the cuban government. they spent a lot of money educating a doctor. and then when he is ready to practice, well, i will just go to the u.s. and earn those high salaries there. so you can see the attempt to restrict there were some economic reasons for that. >> come on, professor, why
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are you making -- look, that's monitor russ. he put people in prison for criticizing them. he sent a lot of his awful an awful lot to places like angola to help other revolutions in process. here is my medical question. why does the left make excuses for monsters like fidel castro. >> because he has become a symbol not just in cuba but throughout the world for people who have believe it or not seeking freedom and seeking opportunities. remember, he ahe abolished segregation in cuba. he supported national movements across the world in age where there were colonies and empires. that made him very attractive to loot of people. for me it's difficult to say this because i'm really not the extreme left. all my life i have been caught between those who hate castro and those who worship him. and all of my life i have been trying to bring a little bit of the cuban people together there. it doesn't hurt anything to recognize.
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>> yes, go ahead. >> there are figures, professor, who are just clarifying. again, if you put dissidence in prison. if people are afraid to speak your name in public. if your secret police keeps orders which his did. i don't think any of those facts are up for dispute. >> yes, they are up for dispute. >> how could anything -- >> -- you're forgetting the factor that the united states has been trying to overthrow castro since august of 1959. so, this has made the government very paranoid there. we try to aassassinate him and try doo all these horrible things to him. nationalism there. keep that in mind there the just government behind all this. >> right, of course, basically what he tapped into was international hatred of the united states. you know the truth which is nobody would defend castro any didn't hate the united states and set himfulself up to the west. >> the united states tried it assassinate him, tucker.
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how you can try to kill him there? they tried to overthrow him lick they did in guatemala. >> guatemala didn't -- that is silly. guatemala didn't become totalitarian dick charityship and cuba did. it serve interest and people on the island. would you go there for a bypass? no, of course not. >> people do fly to cuba for operations because it ask cheaper there. they go from the dominican republic, they come from different parts of latin america because they have such great health service. we just made arrangements here with the rosswell cancer institute. they have all new discoveries vaccine for lung cancer. we have not been able to develop that there. >> they have full employment after vimar that's really not the point. look, if you allowed everyone in cuba who wanted to leave to leave, over the last -- >> -- they can leave right now. they have to find a country that will receive them. >> that's as you know a recent development. >> yes.
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a few years ago, yes. >> die to flee. does that tell you something? why is it only people affluent people in western countries who defend this guy. i never met anybody who left this country defend him. >> ones who g.e.d. for personal reasons. they want to leave their wife behind and start a new life. you don't hear about that in the media there and nationalism. >> you were say gastroabandonning their families. >> want to begin a new life there. some of them -- it's not this huge system of political oppression that is very popular among certain seqsectors there. [speaking at the same time] >> i glad you have me a few minutes there to hear some of these things. there is another side to the picture there and i think your viewers have a right to hear that there. it's not this brutal regime. >> they have been hearing it
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for decades from the left. it's not about the cold war. it's about the impulse on the left to defend totalitarianism and it makes me nervous as an american because these are my fellow citizens who claim to freedom of speech and yet they defend this guy. it tells you everything about how they really feel. >> the more we reach out to cuba the more they will open up there. they have been opening up other communications. more movements there. the more we attack them, the more they close in there i know this sun popular for some people. >> i didn't ask the obvious question, professor, which is cuba is so great why didn't you move there? why are you a tenured professor in the united states? unfortunately we are out of time. i guess the answer is obvious it's a hell hole and no one would want to live there. >>. trump transition continues. president-elect is back in new york city after the long holiday weekend and today he met with some more high profile candidates for office as he works to fill his cabinet. peter doocy live outside the trump tower on fifth avenue in manhattan.
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how are you doing, peter? >> tucker, i'm doing great. we learned tonight that when the high profile job seekers go up to the 26th floor to see the plengt, they are not just going up to be interviewed by mr. trump. he does a lot of the talking, too. that is what the four star -- retired four star general david petraeus told us on his while out a little while ago. >> the meeting went very well. we met with him about an hour. he basically walked us around the world. showed a great grasp of the variety of the challenges that are out there. some of the opportunities as well. very good conversation. and we will see where it depose from here. >> the president-elect later tweeted this, quote. just met with general petraeus, was very impressed. he was the headliner today. the headlines tomorrow is going to be mitt romney. he with learned evidence is going to have a dinner meeting. rare for two reasons. one company tall members met
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with trump since the election. that is rudy giuliani according 00 fox brain room. another thing is most of these meetings have been during the day at an office, not at a continue are table. so stay tuned for that another visitor to trump tower tomorrow is going to be republican senator bob corker from the senate foreign relations committee. he was one of trump's earliest backer notice u.s. senate this summer when many republicans were weary of the nominee. corker joined him on the stump back when he was rumored to be on the v.p. short list there were no big cabinet level announcements today. that's kind of a surprise because we know of at least one invitation that's been extended. that would be to dr. ben carson to be the hud secretary come january. and it sounds like dr. carson has left the transition team hanging. there was update one way or the other every day is he going to do it. he is not going to do it. this is last week. it's been quiet since the holidays. we are still waiting on the doctor to let us know what he wants to do with next year, tucker? >> dr. carson has his own
4:18 pm
timetable, peter. thank you for the update. great to see you. ♪ ♪ >> and now it's time for this evenings' twitter storm. nightly look at most powerful weather patterns and tonight the forecast takes us to a galaxy far far aweigh with narcotic hammel now lives. known as luke sky quack everywhere. predictable ones, of course. you went believe this but hammel is horrified trump won the election. he says he is in total denial over the rules and calls trump's cabinet a whose who of really despicable people as distinguished from despicable people. joe wrote: that's a confusion that takes place here in washington in the other direction. christopher moore tweeted this:
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and that's it for tonight's twitter storm. guess where your taxpayer dollars are going meanwhile? think you heard it all? pretty sure you are jaded and impossible to shock when it comes to misuse of your money by the feds? i bet we can still horrify you. stay tuned for that. ♪ >> also, president-elect trump claims there was widespread voter fraud during this past election three weeks ago. is he right? we will take a look at some of the evidence. that's next. ♪ ♪
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well, it doesn't take a team of sane tises to conclude that people don't like eating food that has been sneezed on. actually does take a team of scientists at the national institutes of health. the nih spent $2 million of your money on a study to find that children don't like food covered with sneezes. and it gets nuttier from there. here now oklahoma senator james langford who has assembled this year's study of government waste. i actually read your whole book and we could spend the whole show in fact a whole week of shows on it spun me up so completely. the thing that i was left with the residue from reading it is how cynical i left at the end. i like nih. i think they do life saving research. wasting millions of dollars on sneeze research on food. >> on food. that's the painful part about all of this. i look this is grants that
4:23 pm
need oversight and regulators need oversight and agencies that need oversight and just leaning over the edge and asking the question before do you that grant, answer this question, is it better to do cancer research or better to do research to determine if 5-year-olds will still eat food if you sneezed on it. >> by the way, that's exactly right. it actually erodes people's support for research spending when they find that their money is being wasted. here, i also learned a lot from this book. i would recommend to everybody with a strong stomach. the government is spending an awful lot of money to lecture us about things. spending 500 grand a year to text people in rural areas on their phones not to chew tobacco. we are spending more than a million to text moms to urge them not to let their daughters go to tanning salons. when did it become the government's business to hector me how i live my life. >> next step beyond a warning label saying you didn't read the warning label. let me get it to your known multiple times and think when i think you are going to chew tobacco and send you a message or be able to tell moms here is a better way to
4:24 pm
mom. that is the new role of a lot of these agencies. they are trying to engage on the next level. find a new way to be able to nag them. >> if a telemarketer was doing that you could file a complaint and make them stop. how intrusive and orwellian is it. by the way if i live in a rural area where nobody has a jobs and lot of problems in rural areas. they are bugging me about dipping copenhagen, really. >> same thing last year text truck drivers about eating healthier foods as well. same issue that's over and over again. i'm asking the simple question is there better use. we have national defense, freezing rain structure and all these things that need to be done. who this is how some of the money is being spent. >> this is from the national science foundation. i almost didn't believe this but i trust youou are an actual senator $412,000 spent on the following study. glasures, science. feminist glac.
4:25 pm
>> ogly. gender power socioecological justifiable science and human ice interaction. i will give you 1,000 feds you can tell me what that means. >> human ice feminist point of view. we had to read the paper to be able to go through it not only paper published and our american taxpayer dollars paid for it that's the painful part of all of this. we have to have a better set of parameters on grants. last year when i published this book i had some of the leaders of the agencies that came to me and went to explain why some of these grants happen. when i actually pointed out tell me why this one happened, they couldn't do it. basically they have so many people that are signing off on the grants and there aren't boundaries around those individuals. these grants just get signed off on because someone knows the person that's in that university or someone knows that situation and they sign off because it's not their money. >> some of them are so ideological. it's not just wasteful but pushing a world's view and
4:26 pm
ideological agenda on helpless jerks that has no recourse. you are not allowed to push your political theories on cynicism. >> we have $600 billion a year just done on grants. 600 billion of federal tax dollars. every agency has a different standard how they choose grants. what they do to oversee them. if they do any follow-up or approval process. i'm asking the simple question if we are going to do grants as a federal government for science and research and such which we should, we should first answer the question is anyone else going to do this? do we really need this research for our national security and economic. and then what is the long-term purpose of this? if we can't accomplish that, no one should ever sign off. >> made me want to dip snuff and go to tanning is a on. >> i will sneeze on youred into before you eat it? >> hillary clinton told us solemn moral duty to accept the election results no matter what they were. that's changed now, of course, now that she is helping push for a recount. details on that ahead.
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tand the alzheimer'sf association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. so what's next? tonight we're asking what's next for the election recount effort which is about to be underway. hillary clinton is now jumping on board. she has joined green party candidate jill stein's effort. remember when she said that not accepting the results was horrifying and unamerican? do you remember that? here now is our a aptly named friend good friend. he served in bill clinton's
4:31 pm
white house. good to see you. >> good to be back, tucker. >> i have been watching the tube all day as is my job. no way reimpact the outcome. conventional wisdom and agree at first why are they doing it? why are we assuming it's not possible to overturn these election results? it might be? >> last time i was on your show, by the way thanks for having me back, i mentioned my older son who voted for the first time in this election the 18-year-old. i want to tell you about 16-year-old taking a government class in his public high school, okay? in that government class they study the constitution and learn about the laws and learn about all the great things that our american system has to offer. and it's very interesting for me to talk to him about what is he learning in class versus what he is seeing in reality. in the textbook it says recounts are normal part of every election. >> right. >> in reality, he, as a teenager, is hearing all kinds of controversy over the act of a recount. he says to me, dad, why does
4:32 pm
it say one thing in the textbook and i see something different on tv? to me, i said the last time we brought up the subject on the show. it just isn't that big a deal to run a recount. republican governor in north carolina is doing the same thing right now. >> i'm not saying immoral or anything like that. i'm saying real stakes here and the rest of us are assuming there aren't. jill stein is doing imageries and raising money off of it but she is. >> i don't buy that. >> she is. hillary clinton is doing it, i don't know, to make a moral statement. there is a possibility they could overturn the results of the election. >> i find that very hard to believe. >> then why are they doing it? >> here's another question. why is the president-elect, who won protesting the election saying legitimate? >> they are related. they are related, tonguer, i will tell you why. both sides have every right to say i want to look at the actual data and see if this is accurate, both sides you have president-elect trump sore loser. this guy is acting like a sore winner. okay.
4:33 pm
that's fair. >> take this back. the justification for this recount in these three states is the following. apparently, according to people who have analyzed it. the election results were 7% different between counties where the ballots were counted electronically and counties where they were counted by hand. paper ballots, exactly. so the idea is that russia somehow got in to the software that runs the voting machines that manipulated the results. is there any evidence that's true? i mean, you know, i'm always open to evidence. that seems insane to me. we shouldn't suggest it unless we have actual evidence. first of all, i don't think that's the only justification for the recount. a lot of people who want to believe that the voting system works. i'm from wisconsin. remember, i told you that, we wisconsinites take our civil duty very seriously. voter participation raid in wisconsin is through the roof. if this is about making sure that our voting system works, i'm all for it. >> if you really believe that with respect, then you would make certain everything in your power to make certain. >> yeah. >> that nobody voted who
4:34 pm
wasn't qualified to vote. you would purge the voter roles which the justice department has not done. people show proof of citizenship actually qualified to vote in this country. they don't that because they benefit from voter fraud and you know that. >> that's totally false. >> why don't they want it. >> republicans' voter fraud. kick out is unconstitutional. look. that's not the point. the point is. >> republicans are not the cause of gerrymandering. >> oh, wait a second. >> i'm against jerry are man derg. that's no, ma'am the same as voter fraud. >> both of them are bad. >> why wouldn't we ask that people prove that they are eligible to vote? >> we do it all the time. >> no, you don't. >> tucker, why don't you want the recount then? let's -- we are on opposite side of the debate. let's go see data. what's wrong with that. >> i'm not against the recount. i'm arguing for the integrity of our system. only people allowed to vote can. >> all for it? >> argument against that comes exclusively from the
4:35 pm
left. >> in point of fact the right who says there is massive voter fraud as donald trump just did has yet to prove that. donald trump just lied, i believe, i believe just lied to the american public. >> all decent people would want to make sure that there is no question at all. >> brilliant, i agree. and therefore we should let these people who want to do the recounts do the recounts. no problem. >> come on we can agree, tucker. >> your picture on it in the dictionary. >> i'm jealous of your picture because you have such great hair. >> david goodfriend aptly name. thank you. >> recount rolls on, president-elect trump is now warning of possible voter fraud on a massive scale. yesterday afternoon he tweeted this and we're quoting: in addition to winning the electoral college on a landslide i won the popular vote if you detuck the millions who voted illegally. is there any evidence that that is true? here now john fund national affairs columnist for national review magazine. john, it's great to see you. >> pleasure.
4:36 pm
>> dual question. is there any truth to what he said and does he have evidence to back that up claim. >> do i believe donald trump would short change 2.7 million votes by people who voted illegally. stuff on the internet which i think is bad analysis. is illegal voting a problem in america? do we have evidence that we need to have a much more secure system? schroll. and there is data to show there are a lot of people, especially noncitizens who do vote because we have an honor system on registering to vote and voting and a lot of people won't honor that system. >> what exactly i mean, let's get specific about it. are there examples, we are hearing all day in the press there is no evidence that there has ever been anybody not qualified to vote voting. i don't know why the press has such an interest in telling us that, is there countervailing evidence that in fact noncitizens have voted in past elections? >> if no one in the media except for james o'keefe will go looking for this they won't find anything. it was james o'keefe's videos that showed democratic operatives plotting on camera to commit
4:37 pm
voter fraud. we have the congressional survey done by old dominion university and george mason university in 2014, 30,000 population screened, they asked people who had voted are you a noncitizen. if you are a noncitizen, did you vote? 15% of noncitizens in that survey said they were registered to vote illegally. and 6% of them in 2008 said they actually voted. so, we have other surveys, including one. >> just to stop you. that was self-reported? they just asked them. >> yes. >> by the way did you vote illegally and they admitted it? >> well, i don't think the question was phrased did you vote illegally? most people know if you are a noncitizen you are not supposed to vote. presumption is some people answered that question no but actually did vote. so the numbers probably is higher. >> so, very quickly. i mean, how could we stop that? why wouldn't the fastest way to stop that be to require in every state, all 50, that you show evidence that you are a citizen before you register to vote? why wouldn't that fix the problem immediately? >> it would because the
4:38 pm
obama administration has blocked for eight years states like arizona and kansas and georgia from doing precisely that and they have also haven't filed a single lawsuit against any state that won't clean up its voter registration roles. the pew research center tucker says one out of eight voter registrations in this country are invalid or inaccurate. that is a potential mine field for future election which is even closer than this one. >> they shut it down every time with the same slur. it's bigoted. it's bigoted. people never trust the system until the people who administer the system make an effort to ensure its integrity. thanks a lot for that that was really interesting. i appreciate it kids aren't just writing letters to santa. some parents are writing letters to donald trump telling him to change. one of those moms is here next to explain why she has gotten her 5-year-old to do that. plus, keep sending us your best examples of news abuse instances of media bias or dumbness. you have been flooding our servers. we will share some with you in just a minute. stay tuned. ♪
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well, how young is too young to get your children involved in politics? well, some parents have taken to facebook to share letters to president-elect trump written by their children. some of them very, very young. one letter from a-year-old in seattle reads this way. dear president-elect trump pleasen be a good president. be kind to all people. some people in my family are a special religion and they're not bad guys. well, joining me now is that child's mother molly hijami. molly thanks for joining us tonight. >> hi. thank you so much. >> i'm not disagreeing with you on the substance of this. by the way. i'm for kindness, of course. but i'm concerned that kids at that age are too young to participate in politics for two reasons. one, to be blunt, they don't know anything about it but also because politics is a tough world. and once you get your child in to that world, you expose him to things that kids shouldn't be exposed to. are you concerned about that? >> well, i am really
4:44 pm
concerned that this election was quite a bit different than all other elections. and i am concerned that kids got exposed to all of this. i think it's naive to think that our kids are in a bubble. and donald trump in particular, he is very charismatic person. hihis face was everywhere and hard to avoid for months and months and months. and he says things in a very simple way that's easy for kids to understand. and he often says things that are easy to identify as unkind and inflammatory. so, to me, this isn't really about politics so much as kids being exposed to this persona and having questions about him. >> but, you know exactly -- i have a ton of children. i watch this firsthand a lot. they go to school and their teachers are 100 percent against trump and a lot of them are emotionally incontinent. they can't control themselves and they expose
4:45 pm
our children to their political views and they scare the hell out of the kids in doing that so shouldn't our anger be directed at them? how irresponsible is it for a teacher to impose this crap on children? >> whatry heard about in this particular election is playground talk. that's so interesting. how unusual is that when i was a kid on the playground we talked about other things that i think could probably use some parental context. but as i started this group and had all of these people joining with kids of different ages, they said my kids would come home and they talked about trump on the playground and they had fears about him. some of them were irrational and they needed some parental context and needed to be calmed down and some were based on things that he actually did say. so, i think that in starting this facebook group that i started, which is dear president trump, letters from kids about kindness,
4:46 pm
it's been a really good opportunity for kids and parents to sit down together and talk about kindness and what that means to them. >> it's not just -- look, i'm totally for kindness. who is against kindness and being positive? here is one of the letters. dear mr. trump, kids in my class are very scared. please don't kick them out. in my school we get sent to the wall when we're in trouble. my kids didn't do anything wrong. don't send them to the wall. love abby, age 6. not about kindness about policy. should 6-year-olds be making policy recommendations? that seems wrong to me. >> to me, that's a moment for some parental context to be given. and so that's a moment where if my child were write that letter and i would see that, i would say wow, let's sit down and talk about this. i mean, i think that whether the letters are right or wrong, is irrelevant here. i think what's interesting to see in these letters is
4:47 pm
this a reflection of what kids are thinking right now. >> yeah, what a shame. >> what does that mean for us as parents? >> it means we ought to put them in a bubble to the extent we can take their stupid phones away. molly, we are out of time. i think your intentions are good. great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, u.s. relations with cuba have been thrown into question after the death of thirsty dictator fidel castro. yes he was a blood thirsty dictator. how could things change under a president trump administration. our old palma lisa francis here next with a preview of our new policy with cuba. st ren. where i can skip the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. on average, four out of every five rentals at national is a free upgrade. getting a full-size and paying for a mid-size? ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted...
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time now for the friend zone where we invite one of our friends from inside the building here at fox onto
4:51 pm
the show. people you see on tv but we see them at the coffee machine. things about them that you don't know that we do. one thing that we know about melissa francis. one of the -- maybe the smartest person in the building. she is co-host of after the bell on the fox business network and a great person. great to see you, melissa francis. >> thank you. i will do anything now the way you introduced me. i will agree to anything you say. lay it out there. >> everyone here knows it and everyone watches your show. fidel castro died. president-elect trump is now threatening to terminate the reopened trade and travel agreements between the u.s. and cuba. here is what he tweeted. you saw it and i'm quoting. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate that deal. the deal that obama famously made and is so proud of. what had that mean for our country and economy. >> nobody likes sanctions. every company wants a new place to go in and do business and increase profits. of course, that's what cuba
4:52 pm
and iran for that matter looks like. apple wants to go in, they all want to go in and sell their product. a company like star wood goes. in tourists come by fidel castro makes money. they make $20 a month. do you honestly think that star wood is going to come in. cellular carriers. anyone is going to come in and all of the sudden castro is going to allow their people to then make $20 an hour? $15 an hour? no way. they suppress wages. that's how they have gotten to this point in the first place. and it's going -- it would benefit americans to be there. i think all trump is saying is why do we do these deals that are all give and no get. >> exactly. >> why do we go in and say this hasn't worked for the past 50 years putting sanctions on. the point of sanctions, as you know, make people so unhappy that they throw off the yoke as oppressor. that hasn't worked.
4:53 pm
we can all admit that this isn't the answer either. to just say all right, we're going to go in and pretend like all of this never happened. >> so we do have a real interest in the state of the cuban economy because if the economy continues to be pathetic there. no real economy. >> yeah. >> but the travel restrictions are loosened, cuban citizens who come to this country reach it, get in essence asylum. you can have 11 million poor people moving here tomorrow. that would be very disruptive in this country. we want them to have a reason to stay there, don't we. >> that's a great point. absolutely. i think these are all things that could have been negotiated along the way. >> right. >> to just say okay, here's what we're going to do. we are going to let all of our companies go in and sort of rain economic goodness on an island where the people in charge aren't going to share it with the people who are being oppressed forever, you achieve absolutely nothing. it's the same thing we have done in iran. it just makes schroll no sense. it's easy because you just wave a magic wand and let the companies rush in and
4:54 pm
they are thrilled and they will be furious if he turns it around. this is one of another thing where it's part of a negotiation where he says i'm going to slam the door and turn everything back. everyone gets really scared and probably comes back to the payable and negotiates something more reasonable. i would hope. >> al darks woul ollieoligarchse capsule. nothing is new and, you know, everybody wants to go with this romantic notion. beyonce and jay-z went so it must be fabulous. >> like happy days without the happiness. >> that's right. >> melissa francis, it is great to see you. thanks for joining us recommendation thanks for having me. >> coming up, we ask you for your best examples of news abuse, ludicrous head lions and boy did we get them. that is next. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
4:55 pm
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>> now it's time for news abuse. we asked to you send us the most agreen just examples of bias and dumbness you saw it in the media this week and, of course, there are lots to choose from. first up is for clark who tweeted from us "newsweek" which was once a magazine i guess it still exists here is the headline "a brief encounter with the confidence and charisma of fidel castro." barf. twitter user mrs. love sent us this headline from "the washington post. how long will the white working class realizes trump was just scamming them? well, maybe. didn't hate them though. the other one did. george tweeted us this "new york times" headline quote donald trump the siberian candidate because as you know the russians are in charge of everything. the red scare in progress again. whoa. and finally jeffrey sent us this new republic headline trump's lies destroy logic
5:00 pm
as well as truth. is he like godzilla marching through truth town destroying every truth in its path. send us your crewless. you know the address @ tucker carlson. o'reilly is next. >> >> girls and i in the bathroom were shaken up we are like did this actually really happen. media instinct is kind of that it's not real. >> chaos at ohio state today. looks like some terrorists put some students? real danger. we'll have an update. >> i would die for this flag. i fought for this flag. i live for it. you all live for it. >> another higher education controversy in massachusetts as the american flag has been banned from a campus there. we will tell you all about it. ♪ speaking foreign language] >> fidel castro not of this earth anymore, but the left still loves him.


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