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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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years -- i should say 20 years, until today. russell is down a little bit today. the markets are down just a little bit. oil is way up. lots of volatility out there. should news break out, we'll break in. a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb of west 19th west of college avenue, struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. >> nine people slashed or struck by the suspect's vehicle. the suspect shot dead by police. sources say he's an 18-year-old somali man. the police say it was done on purpose. question, will the authorities call it terror? a news conference is expected at any moment now. we'll bring it to you live. welcome, everyone, i'm stuart varney f for neil cavuto. this is your world. we're learning more about the
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ohio state attacker. garrett tenney is in ohio with the latest. >> reporter: we're learning more minute by minute. law enforcement sources tell us as you mentioned that the attacker was 18-year-old abdul artan. he is a refugee from somalia. we are told that there's no current indication that terrorism was the cause or the motive for these attacks. police say they are looking into it as a possibility, though. we know that the fbi is involved with this investigation and now they are reaching out to artan's family members, his friends, to get a better idea of what could have caused him or led him to carry out this attack today. you mentioned it was right before 10:00 this morning when he took his car, drove it over a curb into a crowd of students. four students at least were hit by the car and injured. when others went over to check on the driver, he got out with a butcher knife and started stabbing and slashing at other students. five others are injured, one in
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critical condition. now, as police try to piece together exactly what happened and more importantly why it happened, at a press conference this afternoon the police chief said they are not ruling out terrorism as a possibility. >> any indication this could be a terror attack? >> it's too early to say. the only thing that you can say based upon common knowledge that this was done on purpose, to go over the curb, strike pedestrians and get out and start striking them with a knife. that was on purpose. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell us at this point there are no indications that artan was on any terrorism watch list and we know it could have been much worse if it weren't for that campus police officer who within a minute of these attacks beginning was on the scene and confronted artan, fatally shot him and took him down. police are not calling it terror, but they say it appears to be a planned attack. david katz is the ceo of the
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global security group. david, welcome to the program. if this was done on purpose, it seems a bit like nice, france, where a vehicle was driven into people on purpose and a butcher's knife was then used to hurt people. the press conference is now beginning in ohio. let's go to it right now. >> before being encountered by one of our campus police officers who commanded the individual to drop his weapon. upon not following those commands, the individual was neutralized by our officer. the original victims were struck by the car at approximately 9:52 this morning. the officer encountered the individual by 9:53 and the subject was neutralized by 9:53. at 9:55 a campus alert went out for people on campus to shelter in place. first to exit and avoid the circumstances or the place where this all happened so they learned where it was and were
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told to run and hide and get away from the circumstances as we've trained for in desktops and other exercises. they did that, they got to secure places and then forces from a variety of local law enforcement from our campus community, from our city and from the state joi and the fbi joined together to sweep the campus and make sure there was no further threat. approximately 90 minutes later the buildings were released. i have here with me the people who were drirectly on the scene and they'll speak in a moment. first we had a chance to speak with the officer who was the first responder and to think him for following his training and being able to neutralize the circumstances within roughly one minute. also i was able to visit three of the people who were injured who are here in the hospital to let them know how much we are praying and supporting them and coming to a complete and speedy recovery.
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the ones who are here in the hospital are in good spirits. a couple of the people are having more work done and i think dr. thomas can give you updates on that, but our thoughts and prayers are with them and we're pleased that no one was more seriously injured and look for them all to recover shortly. i want to give you to our director of public safety. >> just give you a brief timeline of events this morning. that we had at 9:52 the officer involved called out that a car had hit about 7 to 8 pedestrians. this happened at 9:52 called on the radio into the dispatch center. again, just a few seconds later at 9:52, the officer called out a call that indicated officer in trouble, that there was a man with a knife. at 9:53, that same officer called out that there were shots
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fired and that he had one person down. that is when the officer engaged the suspect. and so the suspect drove his vehicle into a group of pedestrians. there were some injuries that resulted from that. the suspect then got out of his vehicle with a knife and began cutting individuals in the area and the officer engaged the suspect and fired shots and used deadly force to stop the threat. the threat to safety was ended at that time. several other law enforcement agencies responded in addition to osu pd and began to surround the area. we also followed up on other possibilities and other leads that were going on. the lane avenue parking garage there was a rumor there might have been another potential threat there. that was thoroughly searched and turned out not to be true. i would like to share with you today the officer's name who we all owe a debt of gratitude to.
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he did a fabulous job today. he is a 28-year-old officer named alan harujko. he has been with osu pd since january of 2015, so not quite two years. and the suspect's name we can confirm that the suspect was an osu student named abdul, rozak ali artan. we do not have any information on motive. the investigation is ongoing in that regard. some information or updates about the patients. >> i also want to say to several people who are joining me on stage, i wanted to say the support we've received from the city and the city is represented here by the mayor, support from the state and our governor kasich is with us and also our representative from congress, joyce beatty, is here this afternoon. so just wanted to mention those
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people and maybe have andy come and give us an update on the status of our patients. >> thank you, good afternoon. my name is andrew thomas, i'm chief medical officer here at the osu medical center. a brief update on the individuals involved in this situation that were both brought here as well as to two other hospitals in the city. we had -- we've had six total individuals that have either been brought here by ems or have come in on their own. earlier today that number was five. since our press conference earlier today we've had one additional victim who was hit by the car who came in with some mu musculoskeletal injuries. beyond that there were two other victims hit by the car and one other victim with some lacerations that we are working on. there are two patients that were taken to riverside methodist hospital just north of campus. both of those individuals were
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struck by the car. one has orthopedic injury and the other actually has a minor neurologic injury with a skull fracture, is being observed but is awake and talking and appears to be stable from what i'm told by my colleagues there. there are two individuals that were taken to grant that i mentioned earlier today with lacerations and one additional patient that has shown up at grant hospital who was a victim of being hit by the car, who had an orthopedic injury and has since been discharged from their emergency department. with that, i'll turn things back over -- >> i think maybe chief stone has some more specific information about the incident. chief stone. >> thanks, president drake. we have a very elaborate camera system on the campus. we went back and checked video and were able to pick up the
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vehicle, suspect vehicle entering the campus on kenny road and woody hayes drive. we were able to back track and follow that vehicle all the way to the crime scene. so we actually have the vehicle on woodruff and we also have the vehicle on 19th before the incident occurred. so i just want to thank all of our officers for the fine job that they do. also our communications people. and by tracking this vehicle down, we could tell that the suspect was in the car by himself. and also i appreciate the response by the city, county, the state and our federal partners who are assisting us in this ongoing situation. thank you. >> i think that's the information. if there is a question or two. >> are you convinced right now that he was acting aleaned nonet in concert with anyone else?
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>> i'll let law enforcement answer that. >> this is an ongoing investigation. i can tell you today that we can prove to you that the suspect was by himself in the vehicle and committed this act by himself today. it's an ongoing investigation to determine motive and if anybody else was involved in this act. [ inaudible question ] >> the suspect's name, first name is spelled a as in adam, b as in boy, d as in dog, u as in union, l as in lincoln. abdul razak, that's r as in robert, a as in adam, z as in zebra, a as in adam, k. ali is the next name, a as in adam, l as in lincoln, i as in
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i ida. and the final name is artan. a as in adam, r, t, a, n. [ inaudible question ] >> we can tell you the suspect is an osu student. [ inaudible question ] >> ongoing investigation. >> let me also take this. i appreciate that. let me just ask for a moment, we have the governor and the mayor here, if you would like to say just a word. also congresswoman beatty. >> governor, what do you have to say to the people of ohio? >> well, look, this morning i talked to dr. drake obviously. i want to thank our first responders who did a remarkable job. when you think about this timeline, i think from was it 9:52 to 9:54 it shows how much
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practice, how much training, how much expertise, how much coordination has existed with campus police, the columbus police, the fbi, the srt, which is our special unit at the highway patrol, the county sheriff. i mean there was amazing coordinati coordination. and the speed at which these folks were able to come together, think about what this incident, what this tragedy could havement. a man with a butcher knife and who knows what else. i don't know what else he may have. think about driving a car into a bunch of people. think if you were standing out there, the terrible stuff you would see. unfortunately from what i'm understanding from both doctors here, that they expect a full
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recovery. so when you think about the students, when you think about the parents, many of whom were of course texting and snapchatting their kids, you know, it is remarkable what these first responders did. there will be a lesson all across america on all the campuses across america about what you do when things like this happen. as dr. drake mentioned, these tabletop exercises are not to be taken lightly. it's the same way we feel about our high schools, our k through 12 schools. all of which need to be taken more seriously by everybody in the field. you know, the other thing i would tell you is i thought about this early this morning and actually have a god-daughter who goes to school here, who got off the plane, heard the situation and came to my home.
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she now i believe has returned to campus. this is where i started. i mean this is where i wandered as an 18-year-old into the president's office. it was a time when i walked in before we even had the stands out there, dr. drake, i remember walking into the horseshoe and standing at the 50 yard line and looking around at this unbelievable place. you know, i served as an orientation leader. my first big meeting in politics came through novice faucet. the oval. there's nothing like the oval. there's nothing like orton hall. this is just an incredible and magnificent place. so when i heard that this morning, of course, i right away thought about the stab wounds, perhaps the gunfire. and it frankly took a piece out of everybody here at our
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beautiful ohio state university that this could have happened here. but we are a strong, tough, resilient community. and when we think about, as we like to say now, the ohio state university, it's just not the students who go to school here that count. it's anybody who ever touched this place, who will think and be affected by what happened today. and we're all going to be extremely, extremely grateful that we're going to have full recovery. there are going to be a lot of questions about who, why, how, when, all of this. i think we have to respect law enforcement and their ability to do their job. the fbi is assisting with local and the campus police, the columbus police are the lead investigators. we're helping at the highway patrol with any of the things that need to be investigated. but the fbi has also a
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partnership. they have not taken over this investigation. they have great respect for the campus police and the columbus police department. so we're not going to rush to try to figure things out. i know that's your job. frankly it's our job to let the investigation take its due course. at the end of the day we will find out what happened. we may never totally find out why this person did what they did or why they snapped. we don't -- we may never find out but we'll have a lot more information. and i think i will be joined by dr. drake in saying we right now have to have patience. the campus will reopen tomorrow. the campus is calm. people are getting their confidence back. and ohio state will be stronger having come through this. we will have learned a lot. and i can promise you from the president of our university to the people that run security
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here, they will even up their game beyond what is really just an unbelievable, amazing and outstanding and heroic performance on the part of our first responders. >> thank you. i'm congresswoman joyce beatty and let me just say my remarks are all the governor has just said. like my colleagues here, i had the opportunity to talk to president drake and to his governmental staff team earlier this morning. i'd be remiss if i did not thank the medical team and also the multi agency police force. but let me also add to that the alert system. what was so incredibly unique and life-saving was the alert system that students got that message and they acted appropriately. those things don't just happen. let's not take that lightly. to this administration, i say thank you for planning and being
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prepared, and that's what happens when you have something as awful as this. the students did not overreact, they called one another. i got calls from students and like the governor, all the places that we saw on tv were very fresh in my mind from spending four years here recently as a senior vice president, going in that garage, going by those buildings. so i say thank you to you, president drake, to you, andy thomas, to you, eric atkins, and certainly to our police chief and to the mayor and all of your fine officers. i'm so proud that i can stand here with chief jacobs and say thank you for your leadership and to you also dr. retchen. thank you. the mayor of the city of columbus. today is one of those days you're grateful for good training and great people.
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across the board. president drake and i had the opportunity to meet with the outstanding young law enforcement officer earlier this afternoon and some of the victims here at the osu medical center. we want to give thanks to outstanding men and women who continue to take on the challenges in our community. it's never been a more dangerous and complicated and challenging time to be a police officer. we had a dynamic, well-trained professional today save the lives of many of our residents and students. and to the outstanding professionals here and at hospitals throughout our city in the first responders. that when difficult, challenging
1:21 pm
tragedies take place in our communities, they're raising and running right into the heart of the danger, and so we say thank you to them. you know, columbus is a very special place and ohio state is a major reason why we are so special. so i ask the people of columbus to continue to lift up those involved in their thoughts and prayers, the victims, their families, for the collective community. this is a diverse, welcoming and warm community where we welcome people from all over the world. and that is what makes us so special. and so i ask for everyone to continue to lean in, to pray for one another, to look out for one another, and make sure that we continue to focus on what brings us together as opposed to what divides us. president drake.
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>> thanks very much. i think we have a few minutes for a couple of questions. [ inaudible question ] >> that's right. >> correct. there were six now total here at ohio state, two at riverside and three at grant. >> officer's name i h as in henry, o as in ocean, r as in robert, u as in union, j as in john, k as in king and o as in ocean. [ inaudible question ] >> since january 11th of 2015. he's an officer, police officer.
1:23 pm
[ inaudible question ] >> can you say why there are police officers outside -- >> there's interviews to be had. talk to anybody that he might have associated with, find out what they knew, waiting on a search warrant to go in and search the property. >> do you have video of the actual event and confrontation? >> at this time i have video of the suspect coming on campus and coming to the scene. i have not looked at that video yet. still being investigated. >> were any other weapons found? >> the case is still being investigated.
1:24 pm
[ inaudible question ] the only information we can share at this time in regards to the suspect, that he was an osu student. >> the press conference continues. some details are emerging. david katz is with me, ceo of global skurlt. now, we know from that press conference that it was done on purpose. a vehicle was deliberately on purpose driven into a crowd of students. he got out with a butcher's knife and slashed and attacked those students and he has a somali background. what is required for authorities to use the word "terror." >> they just need to have some, and it doesn't have to be a lot, some motive. if he said something, if he shouted, if he speaks to somebody. i know you mentioned they did an interview with a publication where he talked about self identifying as a muslim, we know he fits the demographic of islamic terrorists and he's a muslim male 18 to 40.
1:25 pm
we don't know what precipitated the act. >> you can't go out and say this is an act of terror until you know the motivation. >> i would say that it's clearly an act of terror. is it an accident of radical islamic terror. that's the more question. >> why the dancing around? the extreme reluctance to going around that subject. >> the city of columbus has an extremely large somali population. i would presume if he said anything out of the car, they know. so if he made any comments or statements that indicate terror, they have that information already. what they're waiting on now and i'm surprised they haven't gotten a search warrant yet, they're going to go to his house, his cell phone, his computer, talk to everyone that knows him, probably visit the place he worships to see if he has a nexus to islamic terrorism, websites, communication with other people. they're probably waiting for that definitive. >> do you think they will come out and say publicly an active
1:26 pm
islamic terror if they make the connection to it. >> they have do. >> will they do it? >> they have to. there are things they are dancing around. we talked about thank god this officer was there at that moment. this has nothing to do with the system in place, with the alert system they were touting, it has to do with the fact a heroic officer happened to be at the right place at the right time. had he been on the other side of camps, we'd have dead people and a far larger list of victims. >> at 9:52 a.m. local time, the police officer called in and said, look, there are seven to eight pedestrians hit. then he observed someone getting out of the car and slashing people and he shot him 9:53 a.m., just a minute or two later, shot the man dead. he is a 28-year-old police officer alan harojko.
1:27 pm
they got i hate to say lucky but fortunate that officer was there at that time. >> absolutely. that officer was absolutely heroic. he did exactly the right thing. he did exactly what we want our law enforcement officers to do. there's nothing but praise for him. thank god he was there because as we know now, it seemed like he was responding to what he thought was an accident, vehicular issue. he pulls up, he sees the subject get out of the car and start slashing, he takes immediate action. in less than 60 seconds that guy is on the ground. had he been further from the location, had he not seen the incident, now you're talking about more time that the perpetrator had access to potential victims so that's really the issue. they did get lucky, they were lucky that that officer as good as he is was there at that moment. >> it does make you think that almost anything can be a weapon in the hands of someone who's prepared to do this. in nice, france, it was a truck
1:28 pm
that they drove along the sidewalk along the sea and i think nearly 80, 90 people were killed in that event. this is another example of where someone uses a vehicle as a weapon. everything is a weapon in someone's hands like this. >> and if you look at the repeated calls to jihad that are being put out over social media, over the internet every day, they're talking about that. use whatever is necessary, use what you can. use a vehicle, use a knife, use a hatchet. use anything that can harm people and they are doing that. >> let me read to you what isis called for. quote, random knife attacks in alleys, forests, beaches, quiet neighborhoods. that was reported by breitbart on october the 4th of this year, a clear call from isis to do this kind of thing. >> true. we've had it in new york, we have it in london, we have it in france. knives are readily accessible. all it takes is somebody listening to the call.
1:29 pm
>> but a public official cannot use that word "terror" until such time as a connection is established between the perpetrator and some contact in the islamic community or the terror community. you can't use that word "terror" until that moment arrives. >> it clearly was an act of terror. the question is -- although i agree that indicators are suggestive that it was islamic terror, you really do want to take that one step. i do believe they know it and i do believe they have it. he got out of that car and he was saying something. there's a report that he was yelling something, shouting something. those words are going to answer the question that you have. >> david, thanks for being with it. >> my pleasure. reaction from four-star general jack keane. this would appear to put domestic security right back on the front burner of our national politics, doesn't it? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. we've known this for some time now. we've been at war for 15 years.
1:30 pm
certainly protecting the american people at home is how this all got started. all the major changes that have been made in our government and in our intelligence services, the fact that we've got a first class defense here is certainly a credit to those policy changes and the people who are executing it. you also need a first class offense and we have not had that for some time. >> it does terrorize, whether you use the word "terror" or not, an incident of this kinds does terrorize in this case students at ohio state university. you can say that it is an incident designed to. >> reporter:ize the victims and people around that area. you can say that, can't you? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. as it does others, you know, who pay attention to that and who feel a certain vulnerability themselves. millions of students obviously in universities and high schools across this land having just returned from a thanksgiving holiday weekend with family and
1:31 pm
friends and return to a horror like this. yes, that's what this is about. and the terrorists, they have geopolitical ambitions. if this turns out to be islamic radical terrorists, we'll see what the final story is but it has the appearances of it. their final objective has to do with the fact that they absolutely believe that they can break the american people's will. by that, they'll never beat us militarily but force us to give up the fight. >> last question, tell me what would you do if you were in a position of authority to sort of prevent incidents like this happening again? what would you do? >> well, two things. one is ensure we have the best defense here and the best intelligence and work very closely with people in communities to see people who self-radicalize themselves if that's what we have here. and secondly, absolutely go after isis and bring that organization down once and for
1:32 pm
all. >> general jack keane, thank you very much for being with us today. much appreciated, sir. >> good talking to you. we'll take a look at trump tower, white house north some call it. all kinds of meetings going on there. we'll bring you the story in one minute. th the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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ohio state university, was it a terror attack? what really is the definition, the legal definition of terror? so the authorities can use that word. judge napolitano is with us. the legal definition? >> the legal definition of terror, it's a federal statute. two or more acts of violence intended to affect the policy of the government. so one act of violence, driving the vehicle into a crowd. the other act of violence is the slashing. the question is what was his intend. for that reason it probably would have been better had he been disarmed and disabled rather than killed because they could have interrogated him as to his intent. >> but to call it an act of terror, you do not have to have a connection with isis. >> precisely. you do not have to have a connection with any foreign entity, government or group. you only need those requirements, two or more acts of violence intended to affect the policies of the government.
1:37 pm
>> intent. intent to terrorize, intent to intimidate, intent to affect policy by your actions. >> the last of the three is what the statute requires. change the policy or affect the policies of the government. >> the authorities are dancing around the use of that word. >> well, they probably need more investigation to determine what his intent was. it appears that that was his intent but they'll need more investigation. they're carefully not using the word "terror" until they get more data. they're about to execute a search warrant at his apartment and may find more information about what his intent was. >> we should not rush to judgment, we absolutely should not. understood. now, i want to talk about the recounts that have been started in wisconsin, pennsylvania and i believe michigan as well. >> yes. >> now, the wisconsin recount and the other two, they have a final deadline of december the 13th.
1:38 pm
i'm not sure what happens if they haven't recounted by december 13th. i want to know why did hillary clinton join in this recount effort? what's in it for her? >> you probably should ask her. >> i'm asking you to speculate. >> it's hard for me to imagine what she thinks she will get from this. i would think she has no political future remaining, so maybe she feels she has nothing to lose and she just wants to make donald trump's life miserable. but this is 180 degrees from what she chastised then candidate trump for in answer to a question chris wallace put to the two of them during the presidential debate which is will you respect the outcome. >> well, may i answer my own question? >> yes. >> is it possible that hillary clinton wants to delegitimatize donald trump's presidency? >> that would be a horrible legacy for her to leave to the united states. his presidency will rise or fall on the basis of the decisions he makes while president. it is clear, clear that he was
1:39 pm
elected president. now, there are recounts and there are recounts. they do not have to physically examine every ballot. they can take sample counties. they can take bellwether counties, counties that are truly representative of the state and expect just those carefully. the states are free to determine what their recount procedures are, but the federal law determines that it must be done by december 13th. they must certify which slate of electors they're sending to the electoral college or can't send anybody. >> i would have thought hillary clinton would have needed some positive feelings from donald trump because she's still under investigation and now she's opened up the election again. that would seem to run counter to what is her interests. >> i would think that president trump and his justice department will make a decision whether or not to proceed against hillary clinton on the basis of her criminal behavior not on the basis of her ill advised or not ill advised involvement in this
1:40 pm
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at fidelity, we're available 24/7 to make retirement planning simpler. we let you know where you stand, so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand. after the death of fidel castro, president-elect donald trump threatening to terminate the u.s. opening with cuba if that country doesn't work with him. here's the tweet. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban/american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. our own steve harrigan is there. >> reporter: as huge crowds file by images of fidel castro, there is uncertainty by most cubans. the man who ruled this country
1:44 pm
with an iron fist for 49 years is gone. his successor, his brother, raul castro, is 85 years old and has vowed to go in two more years and now they are hearing a very different tone from the president-elect of the united states, donald trump mincing no words on twitter, referring to fidel castro as a brutal dictator and saying he would demand political justice for the cuban people. on the one sense i think this is disconcerting for the people on the ground in cuba who saw the opening with the u.s. as a point of hope. when that u.s. embassy opened after 50 years, a lot of cubans believed perhaps mistakenly that this could lead to greater economic gains for them, perhaps travel and a rise in their standard of living. but for other cubans, i don't think they expect much help to come from the outside. these are people who have seen fidel castro and this regime weather 11 different presidents without changing the political system on the ground here, so some people basically slugging their shoulders, not expecting much help from the outside, but
1:45 pm
certainly a very different tone from this president-elect than the past administration. >> thank you very much, steve. now let's get reaction from former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban/american people and the yuu.s. as a whol i will terminate the deal. he can do that quite easily, can't he? >> sure. i think the castro regime already broke the deal by every reliable reporting i've seen. there are more cuban dissidents in jail in cuba today than there were before the deal was signed. it was supposed to be the exact opposite. but i think this goes beyond just a deal. this is a potential hinge point in history. all those people who have sort of fawned over castro as an iconic figure actually have one grain of truth in what they're saying. his death is an enormous political event all over latin
1:46 pm
america, particularly in cuba obviously. i think raul castro could be the egon krentz of cuba. it's like a pin puncturing a balloon, this regime has zero legitimacy, has no democratic legitimacy, is not increasing the standard of living for the people. the last shred that it had was the icon of the cuban revolution, that's gone. so i think the policy of the united states government, which i don't expect for two months to happen at least, is to do absolutely nothing that strengthens that regime and power. no economic benefits, whatever. and all american businesses contemplating engaging in trade or investment in cuba, i would advise you to wait for two months and look at this very carefully. >> who should president obama
1:47 pm
send to fidel castro's funeral? could you not make the case that the president himself should go, a former head of state, state funeral? he did a deal with the man just a couple of months ago. who will he send, do you think? >> well, i don't know. i understand that perhaps they ruled out the president and the vice president. i find that surprising, given barack obama's ideology. if i were making the decision, i would send a very low-level staffer from the embassy, somebody so obscure that the entire world press says who's that. we want the american chair filled so they don't put somebody else in it, but we do not want to recognize this government ever had any legitimacy. and i think we've got to recognize as well this is a hemisphere-wide opportunity. castro's death really exposes the maduro regime in venezuela, the morales regime in bolivia, the ortega regime in nicaragua.
1:48 pm
their icon is gone and i think their days are numbered as well if, if we take advantage of this hinge point. >> mr. ambassador, you know what's coming. what do you make of mitt romney's visit to trump tower tomorrow? >> well, you know, i'm just as old school today as i was the last time you asked me a question on this subject. i just don't think it's the right thing to do to comment on it, so happy to talk about the impending demise of the castro regime in cuba but not beyond that. >> i'm sorry, i'm going to ask you another question. are you still in the running for the secretary of state job? >> i'm just not going to comment on it. you're very persistent, good for you. >> i actually have another question up my sleeve but i know you won't answer it so i won't ask. john bolton, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, sir. >> now, forget about kneeling during the national anthem. san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick stirring up new controversy after apparently praising cuban dictator castro. the fallout from that is next.
1:49 pm
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colin kaepernick is no stranger to controversy. the san francisco quarterback booed in miami after praising cuba's dictator fidel castro while on a call with reporters. this after he wore a t-shirt of castro with malcolm x. welcome to the program. good to see you. there's a time line here. take me back to when you first had contact with kaepernick and you asked him whether or not he was a castro supporter. >> sure. well, there was a phone call obviously. a teleconference with miami reporters. on that phone call he was talking about his cause. you know, protesting oppression and mass incarcerations in the united states and it comes into
1:53 pm
my remembrance that first time he did that, he then two hours later after a shower has a press conference and puts on a t-shirt featuring fidel castro who in my estimation is on the all-time oppressor list of the 20th century. i asked him, don't you think that's a little bit ironic that you would on one hand be talking about oppression and mass incarceration and on the other hand feature a mass incarcerator and oppressor on your chest. he denied it. he said it wasn't about that. >> take us through the time line there. after that conversation that you had with him, then fidel castro died and then mr. kaepernick appears for the 49ers at a football game against the dolphins in miami. he's virtually booed off the field. he plays. in the last play of the game, i get this right here, last play of the game, he's tackled by the
1:54 pm
son of a cuban immigrant to the united states and denied winning the game. and in fact, the 49ers are out guaranteed out of the playoffs. i think you then went and had a conversation with the young man who tackled him. kiko alonzo. is that correct? tell us about that conversation? >> it was a nice conversation with both kiko alonzo and his father who is a cuban exile and, you know, i asked him, did you have certain feelings about kaepernick at all? did you think that your game yesterday it was obviously was indicative of perhaps you being more motivated? he said absolutely. there was definitely bad blood between me and kaepernick and i'm glad that i had the game that he had and he had great game. 12 tackles, interception and fumble recovery. >> you were right in the middle of the whole story from beginning to end. what's your take on kaepernick
1:55 pm
and castro on what happened? give me your take. >> sure. here's my take. colin kaepernick if he's wanting to be the face of a movement, the face of a protest movement no less, he probably should figure out or learn history, figure out that fidel castro was not one that put up with protests. definitely not one that put up with dissidents and so he's taking the side of a guy that probably would jail him if colin kaepernick were ever to take -- >> i'm out of time. you got yourself a real scoop. well done, sir. congratulations. got to go. new details on the ohio state attacker coming for you next.
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
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looking into the background of the 18-year-old somali
1:59 pm
refugee who is the the ohio state university attack. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin with the latest on that. jennifer, what do you have? >> well, we're learning from ohio state university that he was a first-term student at the university. they say they have a video of him arriving on campus in his car. he was at first he took his car over the curb and plowed it into a group of students. then he got out of the car and was wielding a knife. at that point a nearby officer, a police officer who was responding to a separate call for a gas leak, took his weapon and shot and killed the 18-year-old somali who was a legal, permanent resident of the united states. we don't have a lot of details, but we know that the fbi has been brought in and that there is some concern that a november 26th video that was put out by isis may have radicalized this
2:00 pm
youth. >> jennifer griffin, thank you very much indeed. that's it for today. neil will be back tomorrow. i have to tell you "the five" is next. we are closely following developments on a terrifying incident in ohio earlier. be a attacker plowed his car into a group of pedestrians at ohio state university in columbus and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot to death. nine people were hurt. one critically. the dead suspect was identified as a student with permanent legal u.s. status. terrorism has not been ruled out. the fbi has also joined the investigation. more now from live on the scene. >> reporter: you mentioned the suspect has been identified as


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