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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> president-elect donald trump sounding off on a recount effort, and now claiming that he would have won by more if millions hadn't voted illegally. i'm laura in for harris faulkner, and this is the fox report. mr. trump on had i way back to new york city tonight, after spending the long thanksgiving holiday weekend with his family in florida. but before he left, he unleashed on twitter, saying, "in addition to winning the electoral college in a land slide, i won the popular vote. if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." now, we should note, mr. trump did not elaborate on what illegal voting he was referring to, and there's no indication of
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widespread fraud that could have affected the out come one way or the other. mr. trump also denounced a push for a recount in three states he won, wisconsin, michigan. official will meet tomorrow to determine the time line of the recount that the other two states are still to be determined. ryan live outside trump tower in mid town manhattan. all right, brian, what's the president-elect alleging here? >> reporter: good evening, laura. well, look, it appears that the president-elect is questioning the legitimacy of an election in which he won. the fact of the matter is that hillary clinton is winning the popular vote by over 2 million votes nationwide. but by tweeting he believes there is possibly millions of fraudulent votes out there, he's essentially going back to what he campaigned on. remember he had said during the campaign that he was afraid or at least skeptical of the fact that he thought that there are undocumented immigrants, people who had died that perhaps showed up on voting rolls and that perhaps could have fed into
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fraudulent votes. by tweeting this, he's essentially questioning the legitimacy of the election. the fact of the matter is that president-elect trump and his team are upset over the fact those who support clinton continue to question his legitimacy as president-elect because of the situation. and, so, he tweeted, it would have been much easier for me to win the so-called popular vote than the electoral college and that i would only campaign in three or four states instead of the 15 states that i visited. i would have won even more easily and convincingly, but smaller states are forgotten. again, the president-elect trump here just clearly over the fact that people are saying, well, look, hillary clinton won the popular vote so therefore he isn't legitimate. this is his way of saying, well, i would have won either way. laura? >> all right, brian. trump's team, they're active, too. what are they saying about the recount effort in wisconsin? >> reporter: well, look, trump's chief of staff went on "fox news sunday" and called the whole recount process in
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wisconsin a scam. green party candidate jill stein opted to go with the recount process in wisconsin because she said that there's probably or could be hacking that could have affected that election and she thinks it's important that that is checked. but again, priebus says this is nothing but a fund-raising scam for the green party and for jill stein, notesing that she only one some 33,000 votes in wisconsin. he also went on and went after hillary clinton's team for joining the recount effort, suggesting that they're backing out of a deal brokered by trump and clinton in which they agreed either candidate would concede within 15 minutes of the associated press announcing winner on election night. trump senior advisor kelyanne conway said by going with the recount effort, clinton is essentially undermining president obama. listen. >> this recount by jill stein and now the hillary people is so confounding and disappointing. their president, barack obama is going to be in office for eight more weeks and they have to decide whether they're going to
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interfere with him finishing his business, interfere with the peaceful transition, transfer of power to president-elect trump and vice-president elect pence or be cry babies or sore losers that they can't turn around the election. >> reporter: clinton team lawyers say they haven't found any widespread fraud or hacking, but they believe the public's concern that they've heard over hacking and the fact that russia interfered in this election is inform for them to participate in this recount effort. and really vermont senator bernie sanders says, look, he supports the idea. listen. >> it's a legal right. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else, thinks there are going to be profound changes. we'll see what happens. the focus right now has got to be doing everything that we can to address the real issues facing the working families of the country. >> reporter: clinton's team says, look, if jill stein decides to go with the recount in pennsylvania and michigan, they'll join there as well. laura? >> all right, brian, outside
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trump tower. one thing we know for sure, it's going to be an interesting week coming back from thanksgiving holiday. brian, thanks. president-elect trump, staff hinting today how the incoming administration might handle relations with cuba. cubans now observing the nine days of mourning. in havana, it has turned to reflection. even americans waving flags during a much quieter second day. surging cuban my grants trying to reach u.s. soil after the united states announced it was restoring diplomatic relation with the communist island. today the coast guard said they're not gearing up for any immediate increase. in havana, public events have been canceled during the period of mourning and the government says state radio and television will air patriotic programming. fidel castro's remains will be returned in a week from today. steve has the latest from havana
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cuba. he joins us on the phone. hi, steve. >> reporter: laura, we see some small makeshift memorials in havana. overall it has been very quiet. people here in cuba very guarded about what they will display in public. here the government is going to control this funeral process from beginning to end. when people can mourn and how people can mourn. the official ceremony kicks off tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. that picture of fidel castro will be displayed and revolutionary. people begin to file past that monday and tuesday. castro was creamated on saturda. in the city of santiago is where it started in 1959. that's where he launched the revolution from and that's where he will be returning to. of course, fidel gone from the scene, his younger brother raul castro age 85 is in control. he has vowed to step down in 2018, so we could see a real
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generational change here in the leadership in cuba. of course, the big question is what could that mean with relations with the u.s., the obama administration, normalized relations two years ago. u.s. embassy here shut down 50 years, now open. president-elect trump demanding political and religious freedom for the cuban people so we could see another twist and turn in relations between cuba and the u.s. laura, back to you. >> steve on the phone from cuba. thousands of people took to the streets in miami's little havana after the news of the dictator's death. our team coverage continues with phil keating who is in little havana, miami. all right, phil, it's been active. i've been watching you all weekend. what have you got tonight? >> reporter: yeah, and the flavor of celebration of fidel castro's death continues tonight. however, take a look at the grounds. we have horns honking, people still with their noise makers, pots and pans. a lot of cuban national flags are flying.
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however, i will tell you that yesterday's huge street party where multiple generations hugged each other and greeted each other, there were strangers but they treated each other like family on the news of castro's death. today the crowd significantly smaller, only in the hundreds, but still clearly very enthusiastic. earlier today cuban-american and exile julio shilling visited the street party. he leaves the cuban opposition party in exile, and he has authored three books on castro's cuba. >> i would have rather have him died in jail. i would have rather him have been prosecuted criminally. i would rather have him seen his regime collapse. he didn't live long enough to have to see the capitalists that he criticized walk through the streets of havana in his regime in desperate attempt for money. so, i don't think he died a happy fellow. >> reporter: and this afternoon the miami herald interviewed allen gross who was honored by
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president obama in the 2015 state of the union speech. the american spent five years, lost 100 pounds in cuban prison and was release ed in that controversial prisoner swap which triggered the diplomatic relations between the two countries. he said this about fidel castro's death. quote, he killed many people. he enslaved the entire island for his personal enrichment. people have a lot of anger, a lot of anger not only in south florida, in cuba also. that anger is like an anchor that is weighing us down and if we can let go of that anchor just a little bit, we can start moving forward. so, here is the sunday night party on a thanksgiving weekend two-day celebration, as many of these cuban-americans, some of whom were direct exiles, many of others were sons and daughters of direct exiles. they're telling me, fidel castro to them was hated as the world
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hated adolf hitler in the 130s and '40s. that is why they are celebrating. there is hope this death will trigger faster change and improvement of life in cuba, although the odds of that happening sooner than later probably not so likely, but there is also a great and rich satisfaction, especially among the older exiles here. and i just spoke with a veteran of the invasion who said they're just so happy that they have outlived fidel, and for them that's very rich. back to you. >> all right, phil keating right in the thick of thing. thanks for that report. all right. so, how might all this figure into future u.s. policy on cuba? gary has more on that from washington. >> reporter: in the short term, the future of u.s. cuba relations will largely be decided by republicans, in particularly president-elect donald trump who has seen over the last few years obama administration has tack ensteps to open political and economic relations with cuba.
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incoming chief of staff said trump plans to renegotiate negotiations with cuba once he takes off. >> that deal is to be determined, but there is going to have to be some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio is another harsh critic of the castro regime and he says he does not expect to see any dramatic changes despite castro's death. bottom line is as far as the practical affairs, that transition happened decades ago. it's a historical one and psychological one for people. from a practical standpoint cuba is governed today exactly as it was 48 hours ago. >> reporter: on the other side of the aisle, bernie sanders said it is important to work with those who disagreed and send condoleances. >> the united states of america has relations with china. we've had relations with brutal dictatorships all over the
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world. the goal right now is to see we can improve our relationships with the people of cuba, to do what we can to improve their economy and to make sure that the younger generation does better than their older generation. >> reporter: fidel castro's funeral is scheduled for december 4, and we're still waiting to hear who if anyone the u.s. will send as an official representative. laura? >> all right, gary, thanks for that report. and right now the bitter battle over who will be the next secretary of state. is there room inside a trump administration for one of the president-elect's most vocal critics? plus, it is truly a happy holiday season for retailers as shoppers open their wall et cetera big time to start the christmas shopping season. that and all the day's headlines ahead on the fox report.
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>> well, did you shop this weekend? the holiday shopping season is off to a record-breaking start. black friday shoppers spent more
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than $3.3 billion online just on friday. now, that is up more than what we saw in the last holiday season, that's for sure. we have got a lot to talk about with black friday shoppers spending all of that money. again, more than 20%, that's what we're talking about, from the same day last year and more americans are using their mobile devices to shop. that's according to adobe. it could trend lower cyber sales on monday. we'll keep you updated on that. and still ahead, the fight for syria and israeli troops under attack at the border. isis allegedly having some trouble there. we will talk about that in just a moment, but first we want to get to some other news involving washington. kristen fisher is for us. she's got a report coming up now. hi. >> reporter: hey, laura. so, we're talking about what carl rove called this, kurfuffel
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for the candidate he's considering, specifically mitt romney. now, today, trump's senior advisor and former campaign manager kelyanne conway came out and said that she'd already shared her feelings about mitt romney privately with mr. trump, but today she took them public and in a very big way. on three separate sunday shows, she blasted mitt romney as the wrong man for the job as secretary. she questioned his credentials, his loss in 2012, and most importantly, his loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betreyed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of donald trump now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. and that is a decision that only one man can make, president-elect donald trump. i will respect it and i will support it 1,000%, but i'm reflecting what the grassroots are saying. so, for a senior advisor to a
10:18 pm
president or president-elect to come out and make her personal opinion known in such a public way is highly unusual. david axle rod even called it extraordinary. laura? >> what about the other cabinet position, what are we talking about tonight? >> reporter: the big three are not filled, secretary of state, treasury secretary, secretary of defense. mr. trump has already made four appointments to his cabinet just to review here, bets i devos, cia director, governor nikki haley for u.n. ambassador and jeff sessions for attorney general. all four require senate confirmation and today senator marco rubio gave us a taste of who will likely breeze through the confirmation process and who will likely run into trouble. >> association you're not ready to say if you'll support the confirmation of jeff sessions as attorney general? >> no, i never do until that person works their way through the process. in the came of pompeo and nikki haley, they'll come to our
10:19 pm
committee. >> reporter: at this point back in 2008, president obama had yet to make any appointments to his cabinet. so, despite all those opening, the trump transition team is actually ahead of schedule. laura? >> all right, thanks so much for that report from washington and bearing with us. we had some technical difficulties getting to you. >> no problem. >> thanks for that tonight. still ahead, the fight for syria. israeli troops under attack at the border. isis allegedly the group firing, and now israel is responding. plus the standoff in the dakota access pipeline controversy. protesters now facing a firm deadline from the feds. get out or else. >> we can't break the law simply because of your ideology. you don't have the right to trample on others' rights because you believe so strongly in something. >> just because something is legal doesn't make it right. (vo) where will you find that perfect holiday gift?
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>> isis militants from syria reportedly targeting israeli troops in an a.m. bush shooting. israeli military says its forces on the israeli controlled side under golden sites came under machine gun and mortar fire from the syrian side. powell has more on this from jerusalem. >> reporter: laura, israel has largely been unaffected by and avoided becoming directly involved in the syrian civil war. only occasionally targeting assad forces when they have tried to transfer weapons to militant groups like hezbollah. but early sunday morning isis affiliated rebels opened fire on an israeli patrol in the golan heights. israeli commander said they successfully repealed the attack and four militants were killed. israel has generally maintained close ties with syrian rebels along its border. and while there have been many cases of errant rockets and
10:24 pm
mortar fired from syrian rebels that have landed in israel, sunday's attack is one of the first time isis affiliated militants have directly attacked israeli troops. it isn't yet clear, though, if this is part of a new strategy by isis to try to draw israel into the syrian civil war. this comes as assad troops backed by russian jets continue to push into the eastern part of aleppo. the government offensive sending thousands of civilians fleeing. in recent weeks, rebels have lost some territory in aleppo as government forces have divided the rebel areas in two. fully capturing lep owe would be a major victory for the assad regime and break the back of the opposition. laura? >> all right, connor, thanks for that. an oil pipeline protesters in north dakota are now vowing to dee identify a federal order to leave the site by december fifth. members of the standing rock soux tribe support hundreds of
10:25 pm
demonstrators have been camping on the site for months. they're opposing the dakota access pipeline that they say could impact drinking water and disturb ancient native american sites. some protests have led to violent confrontations. one woman suffered a serious arm injury last weekend and more than.500 people have been elected since august. president-elect donald trump going off on the recount effort underway in three states and claiming millions of votes were cast illegally. a political panel weighs in on that, plus just how concerned should house minority leader nancy pelosi be about retaining a post. the long-time california congresswoman facing a challenge from an upstart in ohio. why he says it's time for the democratic party to get a new messenger. >> they know that if we don't get the middle of the country, that we're never going to be back in the majority. i noticed it as soon as we moved into the new house.
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sio >> president-elect trump claiming on twitter that millions voted illegally in the
10:30 pm
election, but providing no evidence to back up that claim. he's also sounding off on the green party's efforts to force recounts in at least three states that were pivotal to his win. tammy bruce here to talk about it. she's a radio talk show host, columnist for the washington times and fox news contributor, former 2008 clinton campaign advisor and fox news political analyst. thank you for being here, ladies. great to have you here tonight. we'll start with tammy. do you think that mr. trump is being fair by being so critical of this recount effort for these tweets tonight? twitter is on fire. he did have a bit of a different stance before he won, he may not accept the out come if he didn't win. remember that? >> he added if it appeared there was fraud, like if you've got like a florida situation with bush versus gore, where in florida, remember, it was about 547 votes that separated the two. and that, of course, demands a recount. in philadelphia, though, pennsylvania, i should say, it's
10:31 pm
a 70,000 vote difference. so, it's very different than when you're looking at the nature of what could happen with a recount. i think he's being very fair in being critical because what's happening here, you already have a very emotional, vulnerable voter base for the democrats. they're still upset. this is a manipulative -- it's making people doubt still the nature of the election. that is unfair for everyone in the country. and then, of course, it's typical democrats, though. they make an accusation, they manipulate people emotionally and take all your money. i don't know why this should be any different and that's what it appears to be, a fund-raiser dynamic. the white house has said they've seen no fraud. the clinton campaign said that they didn't engage in this in the beginning because they didn't see any fraud. and, so, everyone is kind of agreeing that there isn't and the only answer here is that it's a fund-raising gimmick. >> i need to get to you here and have you respond to that. go ahead. >> oh, wow, that's a lot to respond to because somehow tammy
10:32 pm
is confusing the green party with the democratic party, and it wasn't just a few weeks ago in this election where dr. jill stein, the green party candidate, was hillary clinton's harsh est opponent. the things she said about secretary clinton were just beyond. look, the clinton campaign joined this recount once the green party and jill stein got wisconsin to do the recount. that's the responsible thing to do. what is irresponsible is for mr. trump to continue his attacks on immigrants. i have no clue what is running through his head, why he would say something as divisive as ill grants votesing in this election. that's irresponsible.
10:33 pm
get on to the business of being what you're going to be when you are in the white house. the president-elect, come on, that's undermining i think in a way that we -- >> how can we have a new low? he said illegal voting, though. is that what he really meant? tammy? >> who knows what donald trump really means. >> well, look, obviously there is jill stein thinks there is some kind of premise for this need for the recount. i can tell you, though, in pennsylvania that the machines that are being used are not even connected to the internet. they're that old. they're just computers. so, if the allegation is that there are cyber attacks, that's not even a factor in philadelphia and pennsylvania and many of the areas in that state. so, it's a very strange dynamic. it's not mr. trump that is also, you know, starting this. i mean, it's jill stein. and frankly, jill stein has nothing to gain. there's no way she can win. the only person this could even
10:34 pm
remotely benefit is hillary clinton, and i think it's somewhat naive to suggest that the democrat party, hillary clinton and that campaign are not involved. i will submit this. she is placating the left. everybody knows that this will go nowhere, and i think it's because she is planning on running for another office, and i would say keep your eye on the mayor of new york. this is a woman who is not going to go away quietly into that night. >> all right. that is, of course, very interesting. i need to move on to another topic because i want to get you guys to weigh in on cuba. so, what will u.s.-cuba relations look like under president trump? it's been talked about all weekend long. incoming chief of staff priebus said communist regime must change before any progress for normalization to continue. listen. >> there is going to have to be some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. and i think the president-elect has been very he clear about that. >> talking about the death of fidel castro. the criticism has been there
10:35 pm
hasn't been a lot in return for the u.s. for the deals made with cuba. so, why shouldn't trump demand more? >> who knows what donald trump is going to do. it was in 1998 when donald trump's business decided to break the cuban embargo and spend around $70,000 trying to sure up a foothold to be able to build casinos in cuba. so, when he talk about making a harder deal with cuba, this is the reason why this conflict of interest with his businesses and what he will be doing as president is really serious because this is a decision a man who has wanted to do business in cuba for decades, and now he's going to be in charge of making the decision on how that happens? i don't think reince priebus understands just how much donald trump wants to build a casino there, and that is why we need to understand his business
10:36 pm
interests. there needs to be a complete separate entity set up. his kid should not be involved in the white house appointments and at the same time trying to build a casino in cuba. all of these things are murky and really scary. >> all right. i want to move on to this voter fraud issue. donald j. trump -- >> i have to address one just very briefly. he didn't say harder deal, it's a better deal. he's a businessman. he does want to help the people of cuba. >> he wants to line his own pockets. >> it's about a better deal for americans. we have an american who is on the fbi's most wanted list who has not been extradited to america. we can start with that. in addition to releasing political prisoners. the end of executing gays, and opening up communication methods like the internet and the ability for the cubanss to hear the news that they want to hear. all things that all of us hear, you and laura and myself and the viewers want every free individual to have. that's not much to ask for.
10:37 pm
>> all right. indeed, that is definitely something we are going to be talking about for days and weeks to come. but we know and we've been talking about this, that president-elect donald trump has been tweeting tonight a lot. he just tweeted again. i want to bring you guy in. he wrote, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california. so, why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problems, exclamation points. like to add that in. i'll throw that to you. >> oh, come on. i mean, just hush up and get on with the business of becoming president. this is beneath the office of the presidency. it's unclear to me why he would be going down this road, what is driving him. maybe it's like what some people have said, the response to dr. jill stein's recount efforts is really overblown from the trump campaign. i don't know what's going on there, but they should be focused on their appointments. they should be focused on bringing the country back
10:38 pm
together. but instead, it's mr. trump. so, what is he doing? continuing to divide us. he's able to do all of that. >> he can walk and chew gum at the same time. this is obviously being brought up because -- excuse me. the argument has been -- started by stein, by liberals and the democrats that there is some kind of fraud. so, if they want to discuss fraud, let's discuss it in its complexity and how broad based it is, and that includes the president of the united states within a week of the election implying that illegal aliens should vote or could vote without being at all at risk of breaking the law. and i think that's the kind of thing that has worried the american people. >> wrong. >> obama thinks so, absolutely. >> sure was. >> we have one topic we want to get to. i want you both to weigh in. house democrats will vote on who will lead their caucus in the next congress beginning in january. the man who hopes to replace nancy pelosi as house minority leader says democrats need a new message, new messenger.
10:39 pm
congresswoman pelosi said she has the support of two third. caucus. ohio congressman tim ryan says she must be replaced to get the party back on track. >> i think even our members from the coastal areas recognize that we are not a national party right now. we can't claim to be. this is about having a new message and a new messenger, and they know that if we don't get the middle of the country, that we're never going to be back in the majority. >> all right. i need to give this to you. does this challenge make sense, some fresh blood may be beneficial for the democrats while people are saying that? >> i have a lot of respect for nancy pelosi. i do agree that fresh blood is necessary. she's not the youngest person out there. i don't necessarily think tim ryan is the future of the democratic party leadership. but, look, we lost in georgia by about the same amount of votes that we lost or percentage that we lost in north carolina. the impact democrats have had in arizona and texas is
10:40 pm
significant. i'm not agreeing with him when it says -- when he's focused on just the coastal areas and middle of the country. i think there is a lot of work and effort that needs to be put in places like arizona, georgia, texas. and we don't need to over compensate because at the end of the day hillary clinton beat donald trump by 2 million votes. >> tammy, i'm going to give you the last word. >> this is not about messages or messenger. it is about an jnd that's destroyed the lives and future of the american people which is why they are weak coastal party. it has been rejected, large swathed of the american people. they lost legislative streets across the country, governor ships. they don control the federal government at all. it's not because there was a younger or an older person. bernie sanders inspired all kind of people. he's not exactly a youngster. this is about an agenda that is failed. it is liberalism that destroys
10:41 pm
the economy and destroys the future and that's why the democratic party is now increasingly irrelevant. >> all right. tammy, we'll leave it there. got to leave it there. thank you guys for being on on this sunday evening. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. and a deadly shooting on new orleans famed bourbon street. what police are saying about the violence rocking the big easy. fox report continues right after this. blue forever, do you?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free.' "credit karma. give yourself some credit." this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box...
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>> at least one person killed and nine others wounded in a shooting in new orleans famed french quarter. shots ringing out despite increased police presence for a college football game. will car has the latest. will, any word on how this could have happened with all the police? >> reporter: well, good evening, laura.
10:45 pm
police say the catalyst for this is two men got into a fight on bourbon street around 1:30 this morning. authorities say those men pulled guns and started shooting. as of tonight both of those men are still on the run. >> i got one sho in my hand and i have another one shot somewhere else, i can't tell right now. and i need an ems asap. >> reporter: there were hundreds of thousands of tourists in new orleans this weekend. when shots were fired, chaos ensued. witnesses said everyone was freddie mac tickly trying to get to safety. in the process some people got trampled. >> you're like shoulder to shoulder, you couldn't walk, and everybody started running and screaming. >> reporter: in the end nine people were shot, one man was killed. authorities say that he was an innocent bystander. they say they did everything possible to try to prevent this violence with a beefed up presence. they also said they made some parts of bourbon street lit. they made 11 arrests for illegal
10:46 pm
firearms over the weekend including one of the men who was shot overnight. the mayor and the police chief are putting full responsibility on the two men who they are looking for who they say are brazen cowards. >> we have some idea of who these guys were. they were not from new orleans, but we will find them and we will go to the end of earth to make sure we bring them to justice. >> reporter: and as investigators continue to pursue leads, they're asking for the public's help to help get those two men behind bars. laura. >> that surveillance video is so scary. you know, looking at the facts here, this is the second time ten people have been shot on burr ban stre bourbon street in recent years. >> reporter: eerily similar to 2014. you have the same number of victims, ten people that were shot. one gunman was sentenced earlier this year to a maximum of 60 years in prison. another gunman was never identified and arrest ed in that case, laura. >> reporter: will in los angeles, thank you. still ahead, an experience that feels like you are preparing for
10:47 pm
take off. inside the cockpit of a passenger plane. but you never have to leave the ground. happening now, john scott checked it out for us. >> i'm not an airline pilot, but i get to play one on tv. coming up, how southwest trains its crews in this state of the art simulator.
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it's back to work for millions of americans tomorrow as the thanksgiving weekend wraps up and the journey home by planes, trains, and yes, automobiles seem to be going smoothly. we like this. the faa reporting most u.s. airports had delays of 15 minutes or less today. well, if you are flying, you want know that your pilots are prepared for any emergency, right? so, how do they stay sharp when actual ints identifies on board are so very rare? well, hang now anchor john scott takes us behind the scenes of pilot training the ultra modern way. >> reporter: less than a decade
10:52 pm
after the wright brothers first flew kitty hawk, pilots were taking to skies in machine like this. in 1911 curtis model v pusher. that was more than 100 years ago and things have changed a lot since then. they look like some kind of exotic landing craft from a "star wars" movie. step inside one, and it's every bit as impressive. for those of us who like airplane. it's a landing craft, but also a take off and cruise craft as well. >> we're going to fly an altitude. >> reporter: this is a state-of-the-art full motion simulator for the boeing 747800 series. i was invited to fry to fly it. a former navy pilot who has had a long career at southwest airlines and is now one of its chief pilots. >> once we wind up straight, you're going to take your handoff the accelerator and put it on the control wheel.
10:53 pm
>> reporter: the computer screens outside the windows are so realistic. it's hard to believe you're not cruising past mount rain ire. >> you're looking at your instruments. >> reporter: or you're not making a night landing in seattle in heavy fog. >> you just landed out of a cat 3 approach. >> reporter: in the presimulator days, pilots who came to the airline with the required hours of experience would have to qualify on a passenger jet by, well, flying a passenger jet with no one on board, burning jet fuel just to get practice time. but these simulators are so realistic, a new trainee can get up to speed and qualify for any potential emergency without burning a drop of jet oil. you might be wondering about flying with a passenger who practiced in a glorified video game. they are trained to handle any kind of emergency, emergencies
10:54 pm
that they will almost never have to handle in real life. >> rotate. we just lost the left engine so we're putting right rudder, easy nose. we have a positive rate, just fly it right into the command bars right there. we're stepping on the good engine. i'm going to bring the bad engine back. you can see it's not working. and you can see we're flying out pretty handsomely. >> reporter: this is wild. yes, i like that. >> that is so cool. i think he had a good time doing that. that was happening now anchor john scott. well, san francisco offering free subway rides as the transit authority copes with a sweeping cyber attack. ticket machines at the bart subway stations now out of order and unable to process credit and debit card payments. the message reading, new hack showed up on some of the screens, not good. the transit authority says the system was targeted friday. they are keeping the fare gates
10:55 pm
open until the problem is fixed and they are investigating. jolly old saint nick showing off his trick in new york city. santa delighting skateers today, even lending a helping hand. ♪ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ the lights were turned way down low let it snow, let it snow ♪ when we finally kiss good night, how i'll hate going out in the storm ♪ but if you hold me tight --
10:56 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year everyone's telling ♪ >> isn't that fun? i can look out our windows at
10:59 pm
new york city. santa is having a wonderful time at rock feller center. he's showing off mad skill. not slowing him down. he's going out some early christmas gifts, helping other skaters with their moves. also posing for plenty of pictures. i have a feeling he's pretty good at selfies, too. and on the other side of the country, one event in arizona will light up your christmas spirit. the folks in williams left of flag staff having lighting. city employees, business owners and residents all pitch in to put up lights and holiday decorations around town. the parade even takes a spin down historic route 66. kid got to ride on the polar express train and we hear that santa made an appearance, too. and that is how fox reports this sunday, november 27th, 2016. i'm laura ingles, in for harris faulkner. thanks for watching.
11:00 pm
kennedy starts right now. -- killing kennedy starts right now. i'm chris wallace. the death of fidel castro ignites a new debate of u.s. relations with cuba. today, the live reports on the celebration in miami. the mourning in havana. and whether donald trump will follow through on the campaign promise to undo efforts by president obama to bring the two nations closer. we'll discuss the breaking news with president-elect trump's new white house chief of staff reince priebus. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then, we'll ask our sunday panel about the latest on the trump transition. the battle over who he'll choose for


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