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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, it's a working holiday weekend for president-elect donald trump. he talked ton telephone with president obama for nearly one hour on saturday. and is continuing to work on naming more key advisers to his administration. but the drama continues to surround who will be the next secretary of state. and the two front-runners for the chief diplomat reportedly continue to be not the guy on the right but rudy giuliani and
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mitt romney, on the left. who as you know, had been very critical of mr. trump during the campaign. we are live in palm beach, florida, with the dualing and conflicting giuliani romney camps that seem to be splitting the trump camp. hi, peter. >> hi, eric and that's not all that's going on. of course out in wisconsin, the green part is trying to initiate a recount of votes from the election almost three weeks ago and we're hearing today that the transition team that's been working at mar-a-lago behind us in concert with their colleagues up at trump tower, the transition team thinks that the clinton campaign's participation now in this wisconsin recount is evidence that they broke a promise made on election night when things weren't going so great for their candidate. >> it was their team that cut a deal with their team that said when the ap called the race, they would call within 15 minutes on concede, which they
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did. it is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about president-elect trump not conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in state where is we won by over 68,000 votes. >> the clinton campaign lawyers say they are on the ground in wisconsin as votes are being counted again. with their eyes peeled for signs of outside interference, but they admit, no sign of any funny business at this point. president-elect also weighing in himself now, basically trying remind the green party and democrats cheering them on, hoping swing state results are going to get overturned. what hillary clinton said herself, trump reposted her debate answer about accepting election results with a six-tweet span and he also wrote this. quote, hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. and even though one swing state is being contested, the transition team still moving forward, putting together a
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cabinet this weekend and it seems like the highest profile possible addition, mitt romney has a very high profile tlorn in his side, the top adviser, kellyanne conway, who went on multiple sunday shows this morning to share a very antagonistic view of romney that nobody else from the trump team has come forward to correct. >> i'm all for party unity, but i'm not sure that we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> so, again, we're hearing a lot of that from trump loyalists and members of his staff like kellyanne conway. not a lot of folks jumping to mitt romney's defense. just in the last few minutes here in breezy palm beach, police came and started clearing people out. we understand that the president-elect's motorcade is going to leave for the first time since arriving on tuesday night, heading back to trump tower, which will be his home base until ration and mauve to the white house. >> maybe a third possible candidate could emerge if there is not a consensus on mr.
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giuliani or romney. >> a second night of dell zell bush administrations in miami's little havana. ♪ marking the death of castro. elsewhere, he's being remembered as a revolutionary. steve is live in cuba joining us by phone. steve? >> quiet on the streets right now, many people struggling to determine how they sbed to dweel the loss of the only ruler they've known for the past 50 year. also keep in mind, public behavior in cuba, very because of the nature of dpovt control. it's clear the government will determine when people mourn fidel castro and how they're going to mourn him. it all starts monday morning at 9:00 a.m. at revolution plaza. it's there that people will march by a large photograph of
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castro. monday and tuesday, they'll mark his pass ng havana and then fid fidel's ashes will take root across the country to santiago. really going to retrace the route he made in 1959, took his band of revolutionaries to cape tower, over the dictator -- fidel castro leaves in power, his brother, raul, who is 85 years old and he said he's going to step down. in 2018 sochlt with the departing in fidel, we could see a real generational change in the cuban leadership in the next few years. the mood here is somber. people not allowed to have any festivities. one grandfather telling me his 1-year-old grandson's birthday was canceled. it shows you the reach of this
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day here. the other question, where will relss with with the u.s. go from here. under the obama administration, with we saw a real thaw, the u.s. embassy reopened. diplomatic ties established. that could change dramatically under president-elect trump, who is saying he will reverse the concessioning made and demand political and religious freedom with the current cuban leadership, those would be nonstarters. back to you. >> reporting live from cuba. >> now to washington, d.c., fidel castro was a unique historical figure. but to many other, he was a brutal hard line marxist communist, a tater, who imprisoned his people and murdered americans in cold blood, but with president obama having open diplomatic relations with havana, that could change under a donald trump administration. more on the future of cuban u.s. policy. >> in the short-term, the future of u.s. cuba relations will be
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decided by republicans and particularly, president-elect donald trump. with we've seen over the last few years, the obama administration has taken steps to reopen both political and economic relations with cuba. but morning on fox news sunday, reince priebus said mr. trump plans to renegotiate the u.s. agreements with cuba once he takes office. >> what that deal is is is yet to be determined, but there is beginning to be to be some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. >> marco rubio is another harsh critic of the castro regime and says he does not expect to see dramatic changes. zwl the bottom line is that as far as the practical day -to-da affairs, that transition happened about a decade ago, so his death is an historical milestone and i imagine a psychological one for a lot of people, but for a practical stapt, cuba today is governed same as it was 48 hours ago. >> on the other side, bernie sander argued it's important for
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the u.s. to work with those it disagrees with. >> the united states of america has relations with china, with brutal dictate ir ships all over the world. the goal is to see if we can improve relationships with the people of cuba, to do what we can to improve their economy and make sure u the younger generation does better than the older generation. >> the funeral is scheduled for december 4th and we're still waiting to hear who, if anyone, the u.s. will send as an official representative. >> all right, thanks so much. here's more from reince priebus on how cuba's communist regime must change for the u.s. to continue president obama's efforts to normalize religions. >> president-elect trump has been pretty clear, there's nothing wrong with talking to people. he's been willing to talk to anybody, but we've got to have a better deal. talk iing is fine.
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but action is something that will be required under a president trump. >> and for more now, is cal thomas joining us, fox news contributor, hi, cal. >> hi. okay, well, all talk, no action. not the trump way. let's talk about though how president-elect trump will deal with raul castro. what sort of leverage will mr. trump use? >> as you know, the art of the deal wtitle of his best-selling back book and this will be an meetd challenge for him. he had promised to reverse president obama's executive order. we didn't get anything out of this. you used the right word, leverage. all we got is cuban cigars and maybe rum. the cuban people didn't benefit from this too much. there are not fewer prisoners. not more freedom of the press, freedom of religion. none of these things. i like what rubio said earlier on face the nation today. he said he's all for improved religions and a change in u.s. policy, but there must be some reciprocity. bernie sanders said in the
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earlier clip, yeah, we've dealt with brutal dick tart ships from around the world, but at least we were able to free frm political and other prisoners! trump reverses president obama's cuba policy, the two men had a long conversation this afternoon, so, who knows what they talked about. perhaps that. >> russians probably. >> probably definitely. for. but does there need to be a complete redo and what should mr. trump consider considering the affects on the economy? the economic progress where the people of cuba also keeping in mind, the american business community. >> well, as we heard in the report earlier from havana, there is generational change coming. castro has said he will require by 2018, he's 85 years old, but a generational change doesn't mean an idea logical change. i don't think trump is going to
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overthrow the executive order initially. i think he'll probably call up raul castro and say look, we have got to have something in return. what can you give us. that would be i think a good move to have. look, i'm all, i believe in light dispelling darkness, but you've got to have some reciprocity here beyond just more tourism, more flight, more economic advancement that is only going to benefit the raul castro reveiwo jima. >> so back to mr. trump's campaign promise, you mentioned a bit ago, he promised religious and political freedom for the cuban people and the freeing of political prisoners. i mean, the strong cuban american community in miami will hold mr. trump to that and what do you think will be considered movement in the right direction? >> well, look, again, incremental is better than nothing and i think even if
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symbolic release of some prisoners, the women in bhit white down there who demonstrate frequently and are harassed by the government, the report earlier talked about the official mourning for castro's death. everything is controlled. education, medical care. i've got a column coming tuesday where i remind people that there are three tier of care in cuba. the hollywood celebrities and elites get the best stuff. government gets number two, but three is everybody else and they have to bring their own blankets, pillows, even toilet paper to the hospital and then try to even find aspirin, much less antibiotics, this is no paradise on earth. i hope president trump moves in that direction. >> okay. we leave it there. we'll talk to you soon. thank you. >> thank you. there are new worries about the impact of castro's death. russia has been paying tribute to the cuban dictator. this is the russian foreign ministry.
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reportically claimed that moscow may reopen a military intelligence base on the island. so, what happens if putin does that? general jack keen on what the trump administration needs to do. >> also, israeli troops ambushed in syria. the military re response to the isis attack. >> and some big shifts in the holiday shopping season this year. coming up, how much we spent and where the changes were. (pop) campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese. (more popping) go together like being late and being grounded. made for real, real life.™ ♪
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isis militants from syria targeting troops in an ambush shooting. they say the forces on the controlled side came under machine gun and mortar fire from the syrian side today. the israeli military responding with an air strike killing four militants in a vehicle with a machine gun mounted to it. no israeli troops were harmed. >> the death of castro, raising concerns about our national security. russia recently said it was considering reclaiming a key military base this cuba. that was abandoned after putin took office. here's a photo of putin with castro. cuba's ties with the old soef
1:18 pm
yeft yun onpushed the ties. will castro's death then be a possible opening for putin now to make a move? a retired four star general, chairman for the institute study of war and fox news military analyst. good to see you. but now, we see a resurgent russia, an aggressive putin and there are reports they may want to open the lord's cuba signal intense jell base. what would be the impact if the russian signalled base was reopened in the wake of castro's death? >> they have other ways to use intelligence against the united states. certainly, they're tau'fo'ou coast of this country on a regular basis and that he can exploit that to a certain degree. just as we do with them. a fixed place like that, would have value to them. they're also talking about when nicaragua may be returning to vietnam and another base in
1:19 pm
singapore. what's happening here eric is putin really wants return russia to the world stage and the global status they have. as a graets country before the collapse of the soviet union. he gets frustrated because he wants to be b treated to the way the united states is treated as a global leader. they're far from that status. in terms of what he's asserting in the middle east and in europe, that has largely to do with his own as he perceives it, security situation and he has been very aggressive and assertive, but no one has pushed back on him at all. >> russian troops upful we've seen what happened in ukraine and the innovation of crimea, to try and keep the base in black
1:20 pm
sea. we see the expansion of the air base in syria. wouldn't it make sense under his global strategy to try and get a footprint again back in cuba? >> it may. it's bb therein there for some time for him. >> more of a psychological one than anything, but i think he's got much larger issues with dealing with our new president-elect. to deal with. frankly, he knows he's deal wg a leader who's got a reputation for being a strong lead tore making decisions and going about things with a sense of con conviction. that's the business portfolio we've seen of president-elect trump and on certain, putin is doing some study and i suspect he'll try to test our new president, also, to determine you know, what his reaction will be. he had his way with president
1:21 pm
obama as we've seen for eight years and never having pushing back on anything that putin has done. when putin always, always respects strength. we'll see this within the first three months. with some kind of negotiation based on what putin is trying to accomplish in a world that will lead to not necessarily a discussion with a president, but between the two countries in terms of where their national interests are going and why they're colliding. >> what type of task? where do you think that will be? especially in light of the allegations of the russian influence as well as what mr. trump said about mr. putin in the past? >> it's syria. because we have an attractable situation. we have russia along with the syrians targeting innocent people, hospital, committing genocide. these are bone fied war crimes
1:22 pm
here that the russia b ben air power is involved in as well. that's a difficult situation. the russians wabt to work with us to defeat isis. the reason syria is because of radical islamist threat to the mother land because there's a false narrative. the syrian civil war will be an issue president-elect trump will have to deal with and certainly coping with that issue, in comes russia in full play p as well as the assad regime. >> they just pulled out of the international criminal court. you think the trump msh will go and seek war crimes against russia an assad? >> i don't know. i suspect not. i suspect, i think what president-elect trump based on the comments he's made so far, he wants to see if there are some common interests, are there some mutual benefits for working together. to revofl this
1:23 pm
difficult situation. i think that's more where he's going to do as opposed to doing something and years later, trying to get the facts ton table and adjudication of that. >> such a horrible catastrophe and tragedy with the barrel bombs an russian military just bombing civilian apartment buildings and hospitals and children's hospitals, too. it is just unimaginable and unspeakable and continues. general jack keen, who urged years ago, a bombing of assad's runways that never happeneded. potentially could have stopped this. general keen, thank you as wells so much. >> good talking to you. >> of course. >> thanks. former gop presidential nominee mitt romney, mitt romney was one of president-elect trump's most vocal opponents during the campaign. but with governor romney now one of the leading candidates for secretary of state, can by gones
1:24 pm
be by gones? some trump loyalists say no way. the latest on the brewing tensions just ahead. this one, not at the white house, but on capitol hill. more from the congressman working to try to replace nancy pelosi as the house minority leader. >> they know that if we don't get the middle of the country, we're never going to be back in the majority.
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president-elect trump spend iin the weekend at mar-a-lago. we are waying to learn who mr. trump will name as secretary of state. that's what everybody wants to know. a remarkable degree of pushback from some of mr. trump's most loyal supporters against the possible selection of mr. romney, who was a vocal critic of president-elect during the campaign. karl rove who led president bush's transition in the 2000, says mr. trump needs to settle this soon. >> i would say i think this cur fufl l with advocates and different people in the mix, he ought to revolve this issue and move forward. >> kristen fisher has more. >> well kellyanne conway said she shared her feelings about mitt romney privately with mr. trump, but today, took them public in a big way. on three separate sunday show, she blasted mitt romney as the wrong man for the job for secretary of state. she questioned his credentials,
1:30 pm
his loss in 2012 and most importantly, his loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and integrity of donald trump now u our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state, and that is a decision that only one man can make. president-elect donald trump. i will respect it and i will support it 1000%, but i'm reflecting what the grass roots are saying. >> now, some of the other top contenders are former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani, john bolton, tennessee senator, bob corker and retired general, david petraeus. now, mr. trump has made four appointments to his cabinet --
1:31 pm
all four of those require senate confirmation and today, marco rubio gave us a taste of who should sail through the confirmation process and who likely will run into trouble. >> so, you're not ready to say if you'll support the con for information of receijeff sessio? >> i never until until they work through the process. in the process of pompeo and hailey, i think they were a good choice. >> the interview process will continue tomorrow in new york. mr. trump is set to meet with eight people for a variety of roles in his administration. >> big day tomorrow. thank you so much. >> it will be. >> all right. president-elect donald trump is weighing in on the news that hillary clinton's campaign is has now joined jill stein's recount efforts in wisconsin. he tweeted quote, hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech. and after the results were in. nothing will change. what will this effort
1:32 pm
accomplish? millions have been raised for it. welcome to you both. let me start with you. what's the goal here? what do you think they are trying to accomplish, especially when you consider that in the three major state, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, both mr. trump and hillary are about 110 votes apart. that's out of 14 million votes cast. >> everybody's recognizing this election in my ways was an unprecedented sort of election. you u had campaign e-mails being hack. dnc e-mails being hacked. "washington post" put out a report that russia was propagating fake news, so there's just lots of concerns. also, director comey was saying voter registration systems were being hacked and state election boards should be looking at the process and making sure their
1:33 pm
systems were secure, so really, in the interest of transparency, we live in a country where if a candidate asks about a recount, to make sure everything's handled fairly. they get the right to do that. >> is there anything wrong with that? >> all this is is an effort to raise money for the green part aend perhaps the democrats. because their base is so mad they lost. it's a way to get them reved up, make them think the system is rigged. democratic administration said that there was no chance that our relation was going to get hacked. they said donald trump was irresponsible for saying that the election was going to be rigged. that it undermined faith in our democracy and now that they have lost, it is the left saying that our election has been rigged. and that the system is unfair. if the russians attack the election system in wisconsin, it shouldn't be the wisconsin secretary of state looking into
1:34 pm
it. it should be the national security apparatus of the united states because this is a national defense issue. >> since it is a national defense issue and it has been said that's what happened, why hasn't this been taken to a higher level besides just recounting vote sns. >> because it didn't happen. that's why. >> well, i think that's -- >> go ahead. >> i think if that's actually up to say when you have comey saying foreign actors have hacked into voter registration systems and state election -- >> no. the obama administration -- >> that's comey, who is the republican appointee. >> the obama administration is saying that these election systems were not hacked. recounts matter when there are a few hundred votes separating the candidates. in this case, it is tens of thousands of votes and it is particularly ironic that jill stein is the one doing this because her vote totals and the
1:35 pm
state's in question were bigger than the margin of trump's victory. i think she's trying to save face with the left after she potentially caused hillary clinton the election. >> well, there is situation that the feds have confirmed that the systems in illinois and in arizona were hacked. that about 200,000, illinois, were taken. this is jill stein's petition, there it is. see, a lot of pages. let me read you one thing about what happened in wisconsin. in this recount petition, in wisconsin, there is evidence of voting irregularities in the 2016 presidential election. that indicate potential tampering with electronic voting systems. the evidence of foreign interference in the presidential race before the election along with irregularities observed in wisconsin, call into question the results and indicate the possibility that a widespread breach occurred. what if they conduct this investigation, find that most of
1:36 pm
the votes or all the votes are fair and square and find there wasn't a breach in wisconsin? sfl then the election results are upheld. the council for hillary clinton is one of the top lawyers in this field on election law, saz we looked at it internally and we don't think the results will change, but we want to make sure she's represented. jill stein is no friend of the clinton campaign or supporters. there are some donated, i didn't, to her efforts. i think it is important. i come from a family of immigrants. i have lot of friends whose parents are immigrants or they are immigrants themselves. when we ask for recourse in elections and doubt someone won 90%. we aren't granted that right. if there are irregularities and if people want to believe in tranz parnsy, somebody has the right to request that. there's nothing stopping trump from saying hey, let's look at the process instead now, he's
1:37 pm
ranting on twitter for the last 30 minutes about well, i would have won the popular vote except for people who voted illegally. so now he's questioning the results of o the ones who gave him the victory. >> we don't have a lot of reports yet confirm ed about illegal voting. >> of course. >> brian, the last word. >> yeah, i tell you, i don't want to see him go down that route of questioning the legitimacy of the election because i think it undermines his righteous position he had that the democrats in the green party are wrong to be questioning the outcome of the election. they're wrong to be sewing doubts in the mind of americans because that goes to the heart of our democracy, so i think we are all better serve d in the president-elect and the democrats say the election was fair. this is final. let's move on and start focusing on who donald trump is going to put u on the supreme court. and in his cabinet. what matters now. >> before they do that, they're going to be counting to votes by hand. every one of them.
1:38 pm
they've got to go through the paper ballots and sometime, the measures don't have complete paper trails r, so it will take time, but by the epd of the year, they'll have the final numbers. thank you. for joining us. thank you. well, the man who hopes to replace nancy pelosi as house minority leader says democrats need a new message and a new messenger. congresswoman pelosi says she has the support of f two-thirds of the caucus, but tim ryan says mrs. pelosi must be replaced to get the party back on track. >> i think even our members from the coastal areas recognize that we are not a national party right now. there's, we can't claim to be. this is about having a new message and a new messenger and they know if we don't get the middle of the country, we're never going to be back in the majority. >> house democrats will vote this week on who will lead their caucus in the next congress beginning in january.
1:39 pm
there was a deadly shoot outon bourbon street. coming up, what police are saying about the tragic and shocking violence that rocked the big easy last night. >> and a new stand off. why protesters are defying federal orders to vacate a stretch of the land. >> we can't break the law simply because of youroloideology. you don't have the right to trample on other's rights because you believe so strongly in something. >> just because something's legal doesn't make it right. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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yeah, i'm seeing the latest figures. so basically we have two production options that will impact the p and l that i think... hey guys, i gotta call you back. (phone ringing) hello? hi mom! oh, hi sweetie! how are you? i'm good. i was just thinking of you. how is everything? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday. oil pipeline protesters vying to defy a federal order to leave the site by december 5th. members with support of demonstrators have been camping ton site for months.
1:44 pm
they're opposing the dakota access pipeline they say could impact drinking water as well as disturb ancient native american sites. some protesters have led to violent confrontations there. one woman suffer ued a serious arm injury last weekend and more than 500 people have been arrested since august. >> at least one person was killed and nine wounded last night in a shooting that o occurred right in the middle of new orleans's famed french quarter by bourbon street. shots ringing out despite the increased police presence on the streets for a college football game. two men have been arrested. will carr has the latest from los angeles. >> scary moment ons a weekend when thousands of tourists are in new orleans as part of the b bayou classic, two big football games. when shots rang out, there were a will the of people nearby. witnesses described the scene as pure chaos with some bystanders getting trampled when a stampede
1:45 pm
of people raced to safety. >> you're like shoulder to shoulder, couldn't walk and everybody just started running, pushing each other, screaming. >> ten people were shot. eight men and two women. one man was killed in the process. his friends say he was in town for the classic and was an innocent bystander. video shows officers swarming the scene. two people were arrested including one of the men who had been shot, both now facing gun charge, but it's unclear from the sheert was captured. city leerds say there's not much else they could have done to protect the people in the area. >> i mean, we did everything that would be expected us to do. we had a rbust police presence. the chief and team did a great job. lot of police officers all over the place. ems was on the scene, but you get into these issue, they're so hard to understand and so senseless. >> it's similar to a shooting that was on bourbon street in
1:46 pm
2014 when the same number of people, ten, were shot. one person was killed then. the gunman in that shooting was recently sentenced to 60 years in prison. >> just so sad and as the mayor said, senseless. happened about 1:30 in the morning last night. thanks so much. >> horrible. we move on. online sales. they're up this weekend. as more shoppers avoid holiday crowds in search of deep discounts, a look at what brick and mortar stores are doing to stay competitive. >> and they say there was a sweeping cyber attack and that it hit the subway system in a major u.s. city. what they're trying to do now to make it up to those frustrated riders.
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>> and san francisco is offering free subway rides as trait transit authority is dealing with a cyber attack. the tickets cannot be processed by debit and credit card. the messages read "you are hacked," displayed on the screens. this all started to happen the day before yesterday on friday. right now they are keeping the fare gates open until the problem is fixed as they investigate. >> holiday shoppers taking advantage of black friday deals with a new record. overall, all online purchases
1:51 pm
topped $3 billion. in one day. that is up 20% from a year ago. smartphone purchases topped $1 billion, up 30% from last year. brick and mortar stores saw sales drop 5:00% despite offering big discounts. how can they adjust and compete? we will bring in a c.p.a. who is also a "washington post" columnist. first of all, black friday, cyber monday...why don't they make up a bonanza weekend? >> i was think the same. i'm convinced we will be hanging out a few years from now, and remembering the black friday thing and the cyber monday thing, what was that? it is all coming together. old school back in the days of "crime story," retail stores and you would go in and buy and for
1:52 pm
15 years it is e-commerce but, now, we see convergence. right now black friday doesn't have the same meaning anymore. neither does sigh bird monday. the deals are offered online in advance of thanksgiving and people are making their democrats and buying their stuff even then. retailers, brick and mortar, are responding in quite a few ways. >> what do they do? what are they doing? some of them are send their shoppers to the websites and, also, i was surprised pleasantly, that the retailer had sales down only 5%, down, but 5% compared to last year. how do retailers make in-store shop more of an minutes. >> they are not fighting it. for easier it was trying to bring people in the store and pretending that the internet doesn't exist. many of the major retailers from wal-mart, target, c.v.s. they
1:53 pm
bumped up investments online and converging services. can you buy stuff now online, go into the store and pick that stuff up. make when you are in fort you could buy a few more things offering drive by pickups, right? >> nordstroms at a mall in new jersey is doing that, you order on-line and drive to the door and the elves bring it to you. >> smaller companies, even small and medium sized, they are getting month into e-commerce and there has been an explosion of e-commerce technology, arthel, including big commerce and shop-ify providing inventory and point of sale systems where they immediately integrate with the website, as well and allow you to sell stuff on-line inexpensively. it is not just the big box stores doing this.
1:54 pm
but smaller retailers are picking it up. it is all coming together. what we need do is come up with a new name for the big sales days after thanksgiving, something good. >> i was thinking about wizard weekend...i did not come up with anything clever. if i did come up with something really good i would have saved it and trade marked it before i mentioned it on tv. >> people on madison avenue are trying to think of something brilliant. >> they will. >> something to replace black friday and cyber monday. you know that. >> thank you. take care. >> you can shop, any time, now, 2:00 in the morning. >> do you still have left over turkey? it is looking a lot like christmas even in the desert southwest we will take you to a special event that has the
1:55 pm
entire town involved.
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the holidays should bring joy. so why are you still putting up with complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple. what's in your wallet?
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>> an event in arizona will light up your spirit, the folks west of flagstaff are holding the annual tree lighting and parade starting last night. the employee business owners and residents pitch in to put up the lights and decorations and they take a spin down the historic route 66. kids got to ride on the polar express train and we hear that santa claus appeared. chow he do that with only 27 daze before christmas?
2:00 pm
the elves are working 24/7. >> we are back at 6:00, in an hour. please join us. campaign was un ought campaign because unlike any other. >> when mexico sends its people they are not send their best they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapist. he was written off when he began. all the republican party is not going do nominate donald trump. >> this is a stunt for attention. >> yet, overlooked americans were getting on board. >> i hope he can save my job. we need someone to take a sledgehammer to this whole [ blank ]. >> in the end, donald trump beat the odds. >> it is fought about ideology by insurge answer. all the


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