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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  November 27, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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yet in, where is he? in los angeles. the trial's coming up. greg gutfeld's next. i'll be back next week. fidel castro, the communist leader and dictator is dead. tonight, the world reacts and wonders what will become of the troubled nation just 90 miles south of florida. i'm arthel neville in for julie banderas. this is "the fox report". the cuban government declaring nine days of mourning during which castro's ashes will travel the country. the route from havana to santiago reverses the one castro took after he led a rebel army to victory in 1959. fidel of course is considered an idol in communist nations. he led the country to greater social equality. but also decades of devastating economic ruin. the scene in miami's little
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havana neighborhood much more jubilant as generations of cuban americans, many of whom were exiled and terrorized by the castro regime, celebrate in the streets. >> it's short lived victory because there's still oppression in cuba with communism. but this is a step in the right direction. >> i think it's a celebration for freedom for everyone. venezuelans, nicaraguans, all of us together. i've been living in miami for 30 years, my heart's in cuba today. >> being able to be on the streets and wave the cuban flag, wave the american flag, you know, that shows what we have in this country. we should never take it for granted. >> and we have fox team coverage, kristen fisher is live in d.c. with reaction from our nation's leaders. and brian yen -- live in new york with a look at what's ahead for u.s.-cuban relations. but we begin with phil keating in little havana. phil, they've been celebrating since they heard the news, right? >> thousands and thousands of people have been in and out of here throughout the day.
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many of them staying many, many hours. they started partying and celebrating the death of the communist dictator at about 2:00 a.m. and they have been through sunrise, all day and now after sunset. you got banging of pots and pans, there are thousands of cuban national flags. everybody celebrating that the man they consider so vial ale a hated for years and years is finally gone and has died. joining me now is an 87-year-old cuban american woman, yolanda. you got here to florida in 1961. >> in '61. >> tell me, you know, you're down here in little havana celebrating? >> oh, yes. >> how rich is this day for you? >> rich. delicious. >> can you believe it actually has come? >> yes, i'm just glad i was able
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to share this incredible moment with my mom. my father passed away, and he's looking from above. but i'm happy to be here with my mom. >> oh, yeah, well, thank you so much for joining us. then we have very well-dressed cuban american woman here also born on the island. yes, you are. you have your flag. usa dress. so how enthusiastically happy are you today? >> i'm happy because -- donald trump is new president i'm proud of the united states and i'm happy for my country too. >> okay. thank you very much. have a great night. >> thank you. >> it's been a really truly authentic celebration. smiles from ear to ear all day long here on the street. the street's been closed off to cars since 6:00 a.m., which took away all the honking. but as you can hear this crowd is boisterous, they are jubilant and it is a pure joyful celebration here that the
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communist dictator and the man they call a tyrant has died. meanwhile, down in cuba just 90 miles to the south the people there are nine days of state-imposed national mourning. and fidel castro will be cremated. and then on wednesday his ashes will begin that slow journey all the way to santiago to cuba on the eastern side of the island, which is the actual birthplace of fidel castro's revolution which then march across the island. remember, he was greeted in havana with cheers and jubilation because they got rid of batista, the dictator, but within a couple of years, for especially this generation and the generation of cuban americans before them it became a very despised brutal tyrant. >> yeah, and, phil, i see the big celebration behind you, but in the past that location has been the scene of some infighting among the cuban american community. and it's not happening that way today. good for them then.
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>> yeah. recent years have seen as u.s. and cuba have resumed normalized relations and re-establishing diplomacy, you can see this generational difference amongst the older cubans born on the island who hated castro with a passion, and the younger generation of cubans that were born here in florida. the younger generation less inclined to remove the blockade as fidel castro and raul castro call it the trade embargo, while their older parents don't want to see that removed at all. today, not an argument on the street. no division. i've seen violence on the street outside before among the two opposing camps, but today it is just happiness all around. they are absolutely united and feeling spectacular actually that fidel castro has now died. >> okay. i think that's going to be happening all night there, phil, thank you very much for that report.
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meantime, washington responding to the death of fidel castro as well. president obama issuing a statement saying, quote, history will judge castro's impact. critics already slamming it saying it ignores the atrocities castro and his regime committed during his decades long dictatorship. our team coverage continues now with kristen fisher live in washington. and, kristen, what is president obama saying that has some lawmakers quite upset? >> well, it's not so much what he's saying, it's what he's not saying. not once did he use the word dictator in his statement put out a few hours after the news broke. nor does he mention any of castro's human rights abuses. here's the first few sentences of that statement, quote, at this time of fidel castro's passing we extend a hand of friendship to the cuban people. we know that this moment fills cubans in cuba and in the united states with powerful emotions recalling the countless ways in which fidel castro altered the course of individual lives, families and of the cuban nation. history will record and judge the enormous impact of this
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singular figure on the people and world around him. so president obama is really placing the onus on history rather than passing his own judgment. and that is not going over well with many republicans, especially senator marco rubio whose family is from cuba. he said on twitter that, quote, president obama issued a pathetic statement on the death of dictator fidel castro with no mention of thousands he killed and imprisoned. you may remember last march mr. obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in almost 90 years. and on that trip he met with cuban president raul castro, fidel castro's brother. well, today he offered him his condolences. arthel. >> kristen, do we have any word on whether or not president obama or someone else from his administration planning to attend castro's funeral? >> not yet, but that's already a point of contention. senator marco rubio says the u.s. should not send anyone to the funeral because if they do they would be going to the funeral of a man who ordered the execution of american citizens
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less than 20 years ago. but former democratic congressman dennis kucinich sees it differently. >> i've been to funerals of people i did not agree with, but out of respect for those who were mourning, i showed up. the u.s. should be represented there. we can't withdraw from the world community. and we shouldn't be taking a political position just simply by having someone there. we're mourning with those who are mourning for him. >> and the funeral is set for december 4th, just six weeks before mr. trump is sworn-in. arthel. >> all right. kristen fisher, thank you very much. meanwhile, all this raising questions about how the incoming administration will deal with a cuban changing. president-elect donald trump saying today, quote, our administration will do all ican can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty, end quote. brian yennis is here with more. as we know trump won florida big with some very specific campaign
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promises. let's talk about now what the cuban exiles living there in florida are saying in terms of what they want in terms of what mr. trump promised. >> you're exactly right, arthel. president-elect trump won over cuban americans in part by promising on the campaign trail to cancel obama's executive orders. that opened up trade, commerce, travel, diplomatic relations between the two countries. and trump believes like many cuban exiles the obama administration gave up too much without receiving any real democratic reforms for the cuban people. >> but all of the concessions that barack obama has granted the castro regime were done through executive order, which means the next president can reverse them. and that i will do unless the castro regime meets our demands. >> trump campaign saying he demand the castro regime release all political prisoners and restore religious and political freedoms before allowing
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executive orders to continue. in his statement today on fidel castro's death, trump said in part, that while cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long and toward a future in which the wonderful cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve. the question now is how far trump is willing to go for the cuban people. >> i think that president trump would want to have a way to continue having some kind of dialogue with cuba. it is a close neighbor. and what he might do symbolically is not appoint an ambassador. that's an important symbolic symbol that there's tension between the two countries, but we are still willing to have an embassy. >> and, arthel, you know, polling shows about half of cuban americans do actually like obama's reform. so we'll see how he renegotiates this. >> yeah, when we saw the celebration there in little havana in phil's report celebrating tonight, but they
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mean business. and they really want to hear what donald trump -- president-elect trump is going to do when he gets in office. >> exactly right. and part of not only it's not only the cuban exiles but also those on the island, the cuban dissidents. one famous cuban dissident jailed in cuba for human rights activism and held dozens of hunger strikes believes obama's trade and investment reforms should be halted or at least renegotiated until the castro regime meets democratic reform demands. this month he met with senators marco rubio and bob menendez, both cuban americans, and he said obama's reform has only emboldened the regime to be more oppressive against him and other freedom fighters. >> translator: things are worse economically, politically and socially. there has been increased oppression, incarceration, assaults and torture because the government felt it delegitimized their actions. >> and, arthel, raul castro says he will step down some time in 2018, so we shall see how that
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will effect president-elect trump then-president will be handling all of this. >> all right. we'll have more on fidel castro's death and controversial legacy ahead on the "fox report," but first, trump white house coming into focus. the president-elect making two new additions to his staff, what it means for the new administration. plus, we are getting an update on the raging wildfires in israel. how the u.s. is helping to fight the flames. all that and more coming up on the "fox report."
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president-elect donald trump filling two more staff positions. tapping k.t. mcfarland for deputy national security advisor and donald mcgahn for white house counsel. peter doocy is live from the mar-a-largo club. peter, what is trump saying about the recount effort underway in wisconsin? let's start there.
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>> he's calling it whole effort ridiculous and calling out the organizer, former green party candidate jill stein, by saying she is going to keep all the money she raises to recount votes in wisconsin to make herself rich. the president-elect is adding now, quote, this is a scam by the green party for an election that has already been conceded and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what jill stein is doing. very notably even though clinton campaign lawyers have linked up with this recount effort in wisconsin and would lend similar support to similar efforts in pennsylvania and michigan, if they ever materialize, the president-elect did not call out hillary clinton with today's statement. but his top advisor kellyanne conway is not ready to let hillary off the hook. she tells bloomberg, quote, what a pack of sore losers. after asking mr. trump and his team a million times on the trail, will he accept the election results, it turns out team hillary and their new bff
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jill stein can't accept reality. this all of course happens just a few days after mr. trump released a thanksgiving address where he was asking people to help him unify after the brutal campaign. doesn't seem like everybody is willing to help him do that yet, arthel. >> peter, let's talk about the search for secretary of state. that search has shifted in the last 24 hours, right? >> it has. and now a california congressman may soon become a household name, that would be republican member dana who put out a statement saying he's being vetted to be the nation's top diplomat. he has some foreign policy experience as chairman of the house europe, yur asia subcommittee and there are reports he would take the job if asked. put him on a list with may accept the job and put mitt romney on the list who hasn't said anything about leading state department. another congressman is said to meet with trump on monday in new
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york. he is one of eight meetings and that would be congressman from pennsylvania, arthel. >> monday is a big day there at trump tower. peter doocy, thank you very much. and we have more on the back story on the story you just heard, how supporters of the wisconsin recount are working to make their case. >> we are not doing this to the benefit of one candidate over the other. we're doing this for the benefit of the american public so that we can trust that our votes are counted. plus, after three harrowing weeks, the family of a missing woman is getting a big reason to be thankful this holiday weekend. that and more still ahead on the "fox report." my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha...
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a u.s. aircraft arriving in israel to help fight a rash of fires burning across the country. the fires breaking out five days ago. since then hundreds of homes have been destroyed. fortunately firefighters are reportedly making some progress. and rain in forecast for later this week. israeli officials say more than 20 people have been arrested for arson. and the clinton campaign now joining an effort started by the green party candidate for a recount in three key states. first up, wisconsin. president-elect donald trump won the state by less than 30,000 votes, breaking a decade's long democratic winning streak. the green party candidate jill stein argues that reports of cyber attacks have cast doubt on the results. and her supporters say it's all about transparency. >> president-elect trump says everything is rigged. i would think that he would be the first one to have the audit take place all across the country to ensure a better democracy. >> garrett tenney has more from
2:23 am
washington. >> hillary clinton could still end up in the white house, depending on the outcome of recounts in several key battleground states. the chances of that happening are slim to none, but still green party candidate jill stein is launching an effort to recount votes in states including wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. all states where donald trump narrowly beat hillary clinton. while stein admits there's no indication that hacking or vote tampering took place in any of those states, a handful of computer science experts are claiming a hacker could have potentially influenced the election. of course there's currently no evidence to support that claim. still, stein says a full recount is needed for voter reassurance. >> we are standing up for a voting system that we deserve that we can have confidence in tharks has integrity and security and that we know is not subject to tampering, malfeasan malfeasance, hacking and so on.
2:24 am
>> stein has already raised more than $5 million in this separate well on its way to the goal of $7 million. following the election the clinton campaign said it looked into every report of hacking or voting irregularities as well and found nothing. but late yesterday when the wisconsin election commission received stein's request and agreed to move forward with the recount, the clinton team jumped onboard. in a post on medium, clinton attorney wrote, now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million americans who cast ballots for hillary clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported. the official recount effort in wisconsin is expected to get underway late next week. and the filing deadline for pennsylvania is on monday. michigan is wednesday. arthel. >> okay. garrett tenney, thank you very much. flags waving in havana as cubans and americans mark the death of fidel castro. a look back at the dictator's rise to power and a closer look at the man who's taking his
2:25 am
place. >> i don't like celebrating anybody's death, but i think we're celebrating not the death of a human being, death of a dictatorship and hopefully a change for cuba, step in the
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♪ share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip. fidel castro dead at age 90. the cuban government declaring nine days of mourning in honor of the nation's former leader. castro led a rebel army to victory over the cuban government in 1959, bringing
2:29 am
communism to the island nation. he has clashed with ten u.s. presidents. and the cuban government claims he survived hundreds of assassination attempts. but today fidel is clalargely remembered in the u.s. as a dictator who oppressed his own people for decades. bret baer takes a look back at fidel castro's life. >> in the end his speeches had grown shorter, his appearances more rare, but fidel castro's tone remained defiant as ever. socialism or death, fidel castro loved to hate america at every political turn. his own political stock, albeit small, soared during the international custody fight for elian gonzalez. castro called the moment a moral victory over imperialist
2:30 am
america. the man born fidel alejandro in cu cuba, came to power leading a rag tag band of bearded rebels to overthrow a dictator. ended up becoming one himself. castro stood defiantly against ten u.s. presidents. around the world leftists who hated america's influence and power called castro a hero. but for the u.s. he was the all too close face of the bitter cold war. and while the world could never completely dismiss castro politically, over time to some critics he seemed more like a casework caricature, wiry beard, faded fatigues and six-inch cigars. he was educated by jes priests. 30 of his followers were killed while attacking the barracks.
2:31 am
castro was imprisoned then deported but made his way back on an overloaded power boat. after nearly a decade of coups, riots and political rebellion, the people despaired of the government of batista, he stepped down, left the country and castro seized power on january 1st, 159. he held on for nearly 50 years. the most significant u.s. response to castro's communist regime came in 1961 when president john f. kennedy backed the failed bay of pigs invasion where hundreds of cuban exile fighters were captured and sent to prison or killed. the next year american spy planes discovered secret soviet missiles inside cuba. after a 13-day u.s. naval blockade, the soviet union backed down and removed the missiles. castro was enraged. as the world watched, two super powers walk away from a nuclear nightmare. in 1980, castro unleashed an
2:32 am
unprecedented human wave of more than 125,000 cubans on america, mixed in with political prisoners were criminals, murderers, rapists and the insane. the mariel boat lift forever changed south florida's landscape. 14 years later as cuba's economy collapsed further, castro unleashed a second wave of human cargo, this time whether america wanted them or not. 30,000 cubans were coming to her shores, again. in 1998, cuba opened its island doors to pope john paul ii. the holy father, and the man who chained down cuba's churches, shared words before the world. critics would later call the historic meeting little more than a public relations campaign. in the summer of 2006, castro underwent surgery for intestinal bleeding and quietly ceded power to his younger brother, raul. in february 2008, castro
2:33 am
announced he would no longer serve as cuba's president and commander in chief. a surprising move few thought they would live to see. by the end of the month the country's national assembly formally elected raul to succeed his brother fidel. after resigning as the head of cuba's communist party in april 2011, castro remained largely out of the public eye. with one notable exception, in march of 2012 he would welcome a second pontiff, pope benedict. the two met privately at the end of benedict's three-day visit to cuba despite the pope's vocal opposition to cuba's government. the two spoke for roughly 30 minutes with castro asking the holy father, what does a pope do? still, castro's conspicuous absence in later years fueled constant rumors about his health. when president obama announced the softening of u.s. sanctions against cuba in december 2014, president raul castro spoke with the american president by
2:34 am
telephone, welcoming the announcement. but the man who brought communism to cuba, fidel, made no appearances and had no public comment on the ending of the cold war freeze he'd ushered in more than a half century earlier. though often referred to as a tyrant kal dictator, millions on the impoverished island considered castro a charismatic leader who brought education and medicine to the masses. but to america's cuban exiles he was forever hated, responsible for cuba's economic ruin. in washington, bret behr, fox news. florida's lieutenant governor tweeting, quote, has it finallycome? fidel is dead. this is the beginning of a free and democratic cuba. wish my abuelo and abuela were alive to see this. lieutenant governor joins me from miami and by the way first cuban american to hold the
2:35 am
office. good to see you, sir. >> good evening, arthel. thank you for having me. >> absolutely. lieutenant governor, unfortunately your grandparents are not here to see this. if you wouldn't mind though sharing your personal reaction to this news? >> well, you know, for decades it seemed like every three, six, eight months there'd be a rumor that would go around miami of the death of fidel. and within a short time the cuban government would trot him out and prove that he was still alive. i think the news last night caught a lot of folks here in this community and around the world i think by surprise. you know, the dictator's dead, but the dictatorship lives on. and there are people still suffering in cuba right now. >> yeah, people still suffering in cuba right now. and as you know, raul castro is saying that he's not going to step down until 2018. you know, so i ask you with the castro regime still in place, is it possible for a systemic change that would truly benefit the people of cuba? >> well, that's the hope.
2:36 am
unfortunately in late 2014 president obama granted all kinds of concessions to cuba with nothing in return for the cuban people. no democracy, no changes in human rights. as a matter of fact, since the changes obama put in place there have been more oppression, more arrests, more abuse of dissidents, more human right violations. there's been reports i've read today about dissidents being rounded up and taken to undisclosed locations in anticipation of this news being released. >> and how would you like president-elect trump to proceed once he takes office in terms of policy? in terms of diplomacy? and would you want the voices of the cuban americans living in your state to be heard? >> oh, absolutely. and i'd very much like the voices of the dissidents, the pro-democracy movement on the island, their voices to be heard. and whatever president-elect trump pursues in his administration as it relates to cuba, i hope it's with those individuals, the pro-democracy
2:37 am
movement in mind and not the castro government. whether it be fidel or now raul. >> uh-huh. and after raul castro steps down, can you foresee a democratic cuba? >> well, that's what we'd like to see. you know, they have plans in place on the island. they were very prepared for the news that they announced today. and they have an iron fist grip on every neighborhood in that island. and they've got -- that's how they've been able to control it for over 55 years. because of this iron fist grip that they have there. so it's going to take some tough, tough policy decisions on the united states of america's part. i look forward to being part of any conversation and being helpful in any way possible because, you know, i'm the son and grandson of cuban exiles. i grew up in this community in miami listening to the stories from my grandfather and my grandmother and how they escaped the island. and escaped prison actually
2:38 am
because they were able to get out. my grandmother's brothers, two of them were not so lucky. they were political prisoners for many years. >> it's really horrendous and horrible stories and difficult to listen to. quickly, before i let you go, sir, just talk about the economics of it. i mean, already you've got the flights going into cuba. they're going to be adding more flights, daily flights, from the u.s. to cuba in a couple of days. and i'm reading reports of local businesses there actually being able to start -- small businesses being able to start-up. are you hopeful that will continue? >> well, the problem is that the 51% partner of any foreign company that is doing business in cuba is the military and the government. and whatever contract you have with them, there's no due process. so it's not enforceable. it's unfortunate that president obama didn't take a look at history when he put his policies into place because all it did was create an economic stimulus, had tourism dollars for the
2:39 am
island and it's helped them to strengthen their hold. >> do you think -- quickly, do you think donald trump want once becomes president trump can change that? >> i'd like to see it. he said it during the campaign. i was at the event he did at the bay of pigs museum here in little havana. i'm hopeful that he will be pursuing those policies like he talked about during the campaign. i know he's picked some folks for his transition team that are well, well versed on the issue. i'm very happy to see his selection on the transition team. and it gives me hope that the trump administration will pursue a free and democratic cuba. >> lieutenant governor carlos lopez-cantera, i thank you so much for being with us here this evening, sir. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. more next on the other headlines of the day. police near the san francisco bay area frantically searching for two prisoners who escaped earlier this week. we're going to tell you about the huge cash reward now being offered. plus, the emotional story of a
2:40 am
california woman reunited with her family after she says she was abducted for weeks.
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2:43 am
it was just a rush of relief. and a lot of tears. and realizing that it was over and the best possible sense. >> family members celebrating the return of a missing california woman. she was found on thanksgiving and says she was held against her will for three weeks. will carr is live in our los angeles bureau with more. hi, will. >> good evening, arthel. tonight the sacramento beach reporting that sherri panini was found chained up and battered. there's a lot of questions over what happened to her the past three weeks. not many specifics for answers,
2:44 am
but this weekend her family is thanking everyone for their support. >> everyone's tireless efforts has made our family whole again this thanksgiving. thank you for allowing our family time to heal and for getting us our privacy. >> she vanished november 2nd when she was out for a morning jog. investigators say they found her cell phone but no sign as to what happened to her until thanksgiving morning when she flagged down a motorist in yolo county about 140 miles from where she says she was abducted. authorities say they're looking for two hispanic women, they're armed and should be considered dangerous. both were driving a dark suv. >> we remain devoted to this case and will not rest until she sherri's captor or captors are identified and brought to justice. >> leaning out to papini's return, they raised a $6,000
2:45 am
ransom and it's decided to her and her husband what happened to that money down the line. also family and friends started a go fund me page. that page has raised almost $50,000. people are still contributing t. as to what happens to that money, it's unclear. arthel. >> all right. will carr, thank you very much. meanwhile, a massive manhunt intensifying for two inmates who broke out of san jose, a jail there, several days ago. police now calling on the public for help and offering a $20,000 reward. authorities say they think the suspects are still in the bay area. but police say to stay away from the suspects if they see them. the two men along with two other inmates escaped by sawing through metal bars and repelling to freedom. the other prisoners were quickly caught. and coming up next, for some black friday was also a chance to give back. >> here you go. >> thank you, young man. you are awesome little fella. >> how one little boy made a huge difference in his
2:46 am
community. plus, with flights chrrisscrossg the country, an inside look at how one of the biggest airlines keeps track of every last arrival and departure.
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so a record number of americans expected to take to the skies this thanksgiving weekend. and though some of us may be a little more comfortable driving, flying is actually the safer way to travel. and for those of you who get a little nervous in the sky, the folks at southwest airlines gave us a chance to peel back the curtain and show you the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making sure we all get to our destinations safely. happening now, anchor john scott gives us a look. >> traveling by air this week?
2:50 am
you might catch a glimpse of your pilots up front. and of course you always pay close attention to your flight attendant's safety briefing. but you won't see the to the sa briefing. but you may not see all of the employees work for example you. this is how it works in the nation's largest airlines. we got a pass in houston where the unsewn eyes and hands monitor your flight every minute and mile. >> this is the people the flying public never sees. >> there are probably throw hundred people on the floor. >> and the passengers are never going to meet them. >> they did not meet them directly. >> running an airline like southwest, is to put it mildly a complex operation. 3900 departures a day. and 99 destination in the u.s.
2:51 am
and countries. sen hundred aircraft and employees join you and your fellow passengers annually. it is a logestical challenge and when mother nature gets cranky. watch out. >> you are a night it mayor. and we have been watching it the last three hours and look out eight hours in advance and what the models are depicting. >> we had a big thunderstorm in the north in the last hour and half and they talked about potential wind shear with that. >> and they combine to make air travel in the united states the safe issest -- safest means of transportation. >> it is where we deyed deal with a particular event of the day that is out of the norm.
2:52 am
>> reporter: the situation rom was busy last august 20th. the flight from new orleans to orlando forced to make a landing after one of the engines failed in the air. and resulting debris damaged the wing and tail structure as passengers saw smoke billowing past their windows. >> i prayed for the souls of everyone on the phone and myself. >> there was a lot of smoke. >> but the inflight crew worked to divert it is plane to pensacola where the pilot landed the plane with one engine. >> dispatchers are doing what? in the individual aircraft. >> they are responsible for the flight.
2:53 am
and they share the responsibility with the captain. they plan and release the flights and then they watch the flight as it operates. >> reporter: every flight every moment is monitored on several platforms. >> there is a plane waiting to taxi in. this is how we make sure we are on the mark getting our folks in the gate. we have gate cameras. we keep the tv up. a lot of times we get current information through the news than normal channels. >> reporter: we'll do that for you. >> you might be surprised to learn that southwest airline and other airlines monitor social media. >> i have heard that twitter is one of the best ways to reach an airline if you have a problem and you are living proof that you monitor the stuff.
2:54 am
>> there is one stop shot and you need help with a reservation and question about the connection and we can help you out. >> reporter: passengers take to twitter, instagram to report delay and inclement weather and sometimes their own. >> we had a customer who sent in a tweet. if you let me make the connection i will make you a co lime pie. >> hey, if you make it work you will have a co lime pie. >> the pilot held the plane and the customer? >> sent him a pie. >> that was "happening now" anchor jon scott. thank you, jon. as the holiday shopping season gets underway. 110 year old boy is focusing more than on toys.
2:55 am
>> we had 906 this year. >> you think you are getting it? >> no. daniel did it and collecting a thousand blankets for the homeless in downtown kalamazoo, michigan. and he said he couldn't stand the thought of anyone being cold this winter and samuel is making plans to do it again next year. more ahead on our top story. the death of cub an dictator fidel castro. cuban- americans park the death of a man who was despised by those he oppressed. the latest on the death of a dictator, up next.
2:56 am
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>> fidel castro dead at age 90. the cuban government declaring nine days of mourning. they idolize the dog and others decry ruin and depression in his career. president obama said history will be the judge of fidel castro impact. and generations of cuban americans celebrated the dictator's death. >> thank you so much for watching. stay towned. watters' is up next. have a
2:59 am
3:00 am
good morning, everyone. it is sunday, november 27th. i'm sandra smith. a fox news alert as bourbon street erupts in gunfire overnight. at least one person killed in new orleans. nearly a dozen others injured. we'll bring you the very latest. what would hillary clinton say if someone questioned the integrity of democratic elections. >> that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. >> but, wait, things didn't go in her direction and now her campaign that is officially saying it might have been rigged. >> oh, my gosh.


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