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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, fidel castro dead after more than half a century of brutal dictatorship in cuba and shaping america and global foreign policy. >> warming relations with cuba could be in limbo after the election of donald trump. >> mr. trump's transition picks up steam amid apparent split over one key pick. we begin with reactions from across the u.s. and around the world to the death of fidel
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castro. the former president of cuba died friday at the age of 90, beginning several days of mourning in cuba and kicking off celebrations among exiles. he was an icon of the cuban revolution who established a brutal communist regime. he was a symbol of the cold war, allying cuba with the soviet union and frustrating american presidents from both parties. earlier this morning it was a scene of celebration on the streets of miami, where so many cuban exiles settled to build new lives in the u.s. phil keating is live in miami little havana neighborhood where the partying is showing no signs of letting up. phil? >> reporter: we are looking at about 16, 17 hours of a street party that's been happening and take a look around. this is the scene here of celebration in miami's little havana neighborhood. that's the heart of the cuban
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exile community and where generations of cuban americans have now grown up. this is a day they had hoped to see for decades. no more fidel castro. he is now dead at the age of 90. everyone has been coming out with their cuban flags, flying them high. you got castro dead newspapers, you got pots and pans banging and you have got smiles from ear to ear on every face we see here. there is really an authentic celebration. joining me is gilberto, born in cuba? >> yes, i was. >> reporter: you got here in '59? >> july of 1959. >> reporter: your family wanted something like this to happen for a long time, i imagine? >> it's long overdue. this is a spontaneous celebration among the cuban community and a way to exercise all the anguish and pain this murderous tyrant has caused us. it's long overdue. i feel for so many of the cubans that have not been able to celebrate, that passed away
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while this tyrant still remained in power. i feel for them and their souls. >> reporter: you think it's a celebration for a man's death or more of a celebration of an end of a chapter? >> it's both. certainly the end of a chapter, it's a two-headed serpent, him and raul, who basically imprisoned this island of ours and the main head of the serpent now has been cut off and now we are just waiting for the downfall, eventual downfall of raul. hopefully there will be a change in cuba. >> reporter: thank you very much. enjoy your evening. everyone is smiling here, everybody being very nice and friendly to each other. there has been megaphones, there have been big speakers playing cuban music. i even saw a cong aline a half hour ago. the flavor here in miami is unbridled celebration. meanwhile, 90 miles to the south
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in havana, all the cuban people are in a nine-day state-imposed national mourning and on wednesday, castro's ashes because he will be cremated, on wednesday they will begin the journey to santiago, birthplace of the revolution. >> phil keating, thank you very much. >> president obama responding to the death of the leader, issuing a statement saying at this time of fidel castro's passing we extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. it goes on to say history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people of the world around him. lawmakers also weighing in on what castro's death means to cuba and the united states. kristian fisher is live in washington with that part of the story. >> reporter: well, republican lawmakers are using some very strong language to describe fidel castro and none more so than senator tom cotton from
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arkansas. he kept his statement short and to the point. quote, fidel castro created hell on earth for the cuban people. he will now become intimately familiar with what he wrought. florida senator marco rubio whose family is from cuba said the dictator has died but the dictatorship has not. he went on to say that history will remember him as an evil murderous dictator who inflicted misery and suffering on his own people. senator rubio along with other republicans are now urging president-elect donald trump to keep his campaign promise and reverse president obama's effort to normalize diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba and it's not just republicans. some democrats are, too. new jersey senator bob menendez is a cuban american who has been an outspoken critic of obama's policy in cuba. today he said contrary to the romanticized ideas being peddled by some, recent lopsided concessions in u.s. policy toward cuba have not led to an iota of positive changes in the way the regime rules or the union people live.
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other democrats like house minority leader nancy pelosi are standing by president obama and his policies. she says after decades under fidel's doctrine of oppression and antagonism, there is hope that a new path for cuba is opening. we are hopeful this progress will continue under the new administration. but this new administration, the trump administration, could easily undo what the current administration views as progress because most of it was accomplished through executive order and that can be reversed with a single signature once mr. trump is in the oval office. >> that is one of the many big questions that remain this hour. thanks. meantime, donald trump is also reacting to the dictator's death as many wonder about u.s. relations with cuba under a trump administration. peter doocy is live from the mar-a-lago club in palm beach, florida. any idea of how mr. trump will proceed? >> reporter: we know he's got
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people in his ear trying to tell him how to proceed. we just got word that this afternoon, the president-elect spoke to this state's governor, rick scott, and the governor's office tells is that phone kaca was about working together to support a pro-democracy movement in cuba now that castro is gone. we still haven't heard officially from the transition team if that is something the incoming administration is willing to do. we do know the incoming president seems happy castro is gone, because this morning the first thing he did was tweet fidel castro is dead with an exclamation mark. >> we know president-elect trump has a lot of work to do choosing people for his cabinet, his cabinet nominations. talk about the search for secretary of state. what's the latest on that? very controversial. >> reporter: the latest is of course, it's broadening out because another republican has come forward to say that he, too, is being vetted for the position of top diplomat, california congressman dana
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rohrabacher, a republican. he's the chairman of the house eurasia and emerging threats subcommittee. on his website, there's a big spotlight on ideas for solving the illegal immigration crisis in this country. congressman rohrabacher is now injecting himself into this secretary of state sweepstakes that was thought to only have two players, rudy giuliani and mitt romney. but in recent days, it has seemed to broaden out and those two early frontrunners have reportedly split the transition team into two camps. that's why we are here. when mr. trump gets back to his office in manhattan, on monday, he has a full schedule. he will meet with eight people, all hoping to get some sort of new job in the administration, and monday is also the next time we need to be back on cabinet announcement watch, because after naming nominees for education secretary and u.n. secretary from his vacation spot here in florida, the transition team told us not to expect any more news from mar-a-lago.
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arthel? >> peter, thank you very much for that report. by the way, you don't want to miss fox news sunday tomorrow. president-elect trump's chief of staff, reince priebus, will be on with the very latest on the transition. check your local listings for times in your area. as the president-elect continues building his white house team his former democratic rival is showing signs she may not be ready to throw in the towel just yet. plus fidel castro's presence in u.s. politics span decades. we take a look at some of the past presidents' struggles to deal with him and examine how that has shaped the future of u.s. foreign policy.
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from the cold war to the war on terror, the shadow of fidel castro fell over u.s. foreign policy for nearly 60 years. he frustrated presidents of all stripes, democrats, republicans, conservatives and liberals, but relations started softening during george w. bush's administration and gained steam under president obama. here to talk about castro's influence on american foreign policy, past and future, is mark dubowitz from the foundation for
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defense of democracy. good to see you. >> thanks, arthel. >> let's start here. in what ways has u.s. foreign policy been dictated pie fidel castro over the past 55 years? and will there be any real changes between now and 2016 when raul castro steps down? 2018. >> yeah. well, fidel castro has been in power for over 50 years, he's bedeviled u.s. presidents and even snubbed barack obama when obama restored diplomatic relations with cuba and visited the island. he's been a thorn in the side of these presidents, he's ruled over cuba 90 miles from florida. he's responsible for almost bringing the u.s. and soviet union to nuclear war in the early 1960s, and he has inspired and supported revolutionary movements and terrorist organizations the world over, all united with one central
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organizing principle and that is anti-americanism. >> you know, as you mentioned, president obama normalized u.s. relations with cuba last july, 2015. a year and some change later, critics say that has proven to be more symbolic. you know, i ask you, do you think that once he gets in office, president trump can he bring about system changes that would better benefit the people of cuba and how might he do it? >> i think he could. the deal that obama struck with raul castro unfortunately was a deal where most of the concessions were given to the castro regime, very little concessions provided to the united states and more importantly, the long-suffering cuban dissidents have been languishing in prisons of castro. trump could come into office and he could keep the embargo lifted, or he could restore the embargo or alternatively, could use targeted sanctions including human rights sanctions to go after the cuban military and
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cuban dictatorship that continues its repressive ways. >> you wonder if other presidents haven't tried the same thing. let's talk about the business part of this. how would the systemic changes in cuba between the u.s. in terms of the economy but also not just that, the impression of this country as it is held by other world leaders, how would that reflect? >> the problem with the deal that we struck with the castro regime is that the castro regime and cuban military are going to be the prime beneficiaries of any economic opening with the united states and the rest of the world. you could restructure that kind of arrangement so that the economic benefits actually go to the cuban people and you could combine that with tough financial and human rights sanctions against those who continue to oppress the cuban people. i think that would be a fundamental shift in the obama strategy and i think it would also be a signal to the rest of the world that we can't just believe because castro is gone that raul castro and the cuban
3:17 pm
military will usher in fundamental changes in the cuban political structure and their relationship with the world. it is still a regime that continues to support terrorist organizations and revolutionary movements the world over. >> with that in mind, after raul castro steps down in 2018, can you foresee a democratic election to choose the president of cuba? >> well, i can't foresee it unless the united states and our allies does something to actually advance that. the problem is the cuban regime is as dictatorial as it was under fidel and the military continues to be as repressive as it has ever been. it continues to support revolutionary movements and dictatorial regimes all through latin america. unless the united states under president-elect trump and then president trump actually begins to speak forcefully for civil liberties, for gay rights, for freedom in cuba, my fear is that the lifting of the embargo is just going to fortify the regime under castro, under raul castro
3:18 pm
and his successors. >> donald trump on the campaign trail did say that he wants to have religious freedom for the people of cuba. so he does seem to have a pretty strong stance on that and of course, he had so many of the ex-pats living in miami in his ear as well, in president-elect trump's ear as well. >> that's exactly right. to reinforce the importance of religious freedom, sexual freedom, of human rights and also the cuban americans who were forced out of that country, their property was taken away, billions of dollars taken, none of that was addressed in the deal that was struck between president obama and raul castro. that's a deal that's a deeply flawed deal that needs to be rectified, needs to be renegotiated under president trump. >> you think he can do it? >> i think president trump has said he's a deal maker. he's going to reexamine a number of different agreements and treaties the united states has entered into and will negotiate
3:19 pm
them on better terms. i think this would be a good place to start. >> thank you very much, mark. >> thanks, arthel. hillary clinton is formally joining green party presidential nominee jill stein's push to force recounts in three states that were pivotal to donald trump's election victory. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton could still end up in the white house depending on the outcome of recounts in several key battleground states. the chances of that happening are slim to none, but still, green party candidate jill stein is launching an effort to recount votes in states including wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan, all states where donald trump narrowly beat hillary clinton. while stein admits there's no indication that hacking or vote tampering took place in any of those states, a handful of computer science experts are claiming a hacker could have potentially influenced the election. of course, there's currently no evidence to support that claim. still, stein says a full recount
3:20 pm
is needed for voter reassurance. >> we are standing up for a voting system that we deserve, that we can have confidence in, that has integrity and security and that we know is not subject to tampering, malfeasance, hacking and so on. >> reporter: stein has already raised more than $5 million in this effort, well on its way to the goal of $7 million. following the election, the clinton campaign said it looked into every report of hacking or voting irregularities as we and found nothing but late yesterday when the wisconsin election commission received stein's request and agreed to move forward with the recount, the clinton team jumped on board. clinton attorney wrote now that a recount is under way, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million americans who cast ballots for hillary clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings, to assure that an accurate vote count will be reported. the official recount effort in wisconsin is expected to get
3:21 pm
under way stimulate next week. the filing deadline for pennsylvania is on monday and in michigan, on wednesday. meantime, president-elect donald trump is condemning the effort to revisit vote totals in those three states. mr. trump writing in a statement, here's a quote, the people have spoken and the election is over and as hillary clinton herself said on election night, in addition to her conceding by congratulating me, we must accept this result and then look to the future. he goes on to claim that the recount is simply green party leader jill stein's way of filling her coffers with money which he says she will never actually spend on the recount. well, the dow jones setting records this week as businesses celebrate the potential for friendly policies from a donald trump white house. can it continue or will they take the money and run? we take a look at the sustainability of the markets. plus, mr. trump has promised
3:22 pm
to reverse the obama administration's friendly stance toward cuba. will the death of fidel castro affect those plans? and this. >> what we're celebrating is really the end of a dictatorship, god willing. that's what we're celebrating. not the death of a person but the end of dictatorship. 'we love cuba! >> cuban americans celebrate tp end of an era and the death of a man they say forced them from their homes to new lives in america. see me.
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welcome back. it's almost bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. the world reacting to the death of long-time cuban dictator fidel castro who died last night at the age of 90. the cuban government declaring nine days of national mourning for castro ending with his funeral december 4th. >> the spokesman for the leader of the united nations releasing this statement about castro's death, saying quote, the secretary general was saddened to learn of the death of fidel castro, former president of cuba, an emblematic figure of the cuban revolution. fidel castro was prominent in latin america and influential in world affairs. the secretary general hopes cuba will continue to advance on a path of reform, greater prosperity and human rights. at this time of national mourning, he offers the support of the united nations to work
3:28 pm
alongside the cuban people. end quote. >> while cuba may be mourning, many in florida are doing the opposite. they are celebrating the death of castro. cuban americans in miami cheering and in fact, opening champagne bottles out on the streets. >> generations of cubans are celebrating the death of a dictator. not the death of a human being, but the death of a dictator. >> many cuban americans of course holding the leader responsible for dividing families during his five decade plus regime. >> even after the death of fidel castro, the architect of the dictatorship in cuba, freedom fighters say they are still afraid his regime will continue with the same oppression. in fact, one well-known activist says things have gotten worse since the u.s. decision to normalize relations with cuba. he's hoping president-elect trump reverses that policy. we have more from the new york
3:29 pm
city newsroom. >> reporter: one of president oh pam's signature legacy pieces was the start of normalizing relations with the castro regime and cuba. by executive order, obama restored diplomatic ties with cuba, opened up travel, commerce and telecommunications. but on the campaign trail, president-elect trump promised to reverse all of that. >> all of the concessions that barack obama has granted the castro regime were done through executive order which means the next president can reverse them, and that i will do unless the castro regime meets our demands. >> reporter: trump won florida and the cuban american vote, promising that he would cancel obama's orders until the authoritarian castro regime granted religious and political freedom to cubans and freed all political prisoners. cuban exile leaders say they don't want to cancel obama's deal all together but rather renegotiate. they like the opening of travel of cuban americans to the island
3:30 pm
but urge the suspension of new trade and investment deals that only serve to enrich the regime. >> any concessions that are going to be given to the castro regime must come with a demand, and the demand must be to respect the rights of the cuban people outside the island. >> reporter: a cuban dissident who has been jailed and has held hundreds of hunger strikes believes obama's biggest error was not consulting the dissident community before negotiating with the castros. earlier this month, he met with senators rubio and menendez, both cuban americans, imploring them to halt obama's deal until more democratic reforms are passed. se economically, politically and socially. there has been increased
3:31 pm
repression, incarceration, assault and torture because the government felt the deal legitimized their actions. >> reporter: castro's death puts the deal in the spotlight in the first days of the president-elect's administration. the question is how far will mr. trump go? >> everyone will be watching. thanks, brian. the countdown is on to the inauguration of donald trump as president of the united states. already we are beginning to see the markets really heat up big-time to record levels, in fact, as companies look forward to business-friendly policies. the dow jones industrials closing yesterday at 19,152. so as we close in on the trump transition, are the gains sustainable or is a sell-off in the making? here to talk about the state of the economy, what might be ahead in a trump administration, the managing partner of chapwood
3:32 pm
investments. ed, great to see you. as we dig into this, is this just temporary exuberance over a trump economy, or the impression of what that might be, or as you look at the companies and the equities that have been going up, is there something more long-term? >> it's a great point. everyone needs to understand there's a difference between the economy and the stock market. the stock market trades based on what is forecasted six to nine months out. it's way ahead of itself at this point. at this very moment the stock market based on expected earnings, gregg, is 19% overvalued. that doesn't mean three or four years from now when we see all the impact of these great changes that are going to happen under donald trump, that this number will be low. we will be over 20,000, but not so quick. we are just really expensive at this point and people need to say to themselves if i had money
3:33 pm
today, would i buy something that's 19% overvalued? if your answer is no, sell down to whatever you're comfortable at. >> typically we see at the end of the year people readjusting their portfolios, selling off for capital gains purposes or deferring selling until after january 1st to defer the capital gains for another taxable year. is that typical practice going to occur this year or is there something different that you see? >> yeah, no, i definitely see that happening this year. this year is no different than any other. the one thing that's happening right now is a lot of the volume in the stock market are big institutions. only 2% of the volume are individuals. i think you are seeing a big push by hedge funds to get profitable because they have had some bad years, and they want to get that carried interest or get a percentage of the profit, so i think you might see this continue but that just means the stock market has become more overvalued because earnings are not in good shape.
3:34 pm
they are coming in much lower and will continue to come in lower. you might find a market that's 25% overvalued within the next two weeks. >> you know, the vast majority of people have been reacting i think positively to the prospect of income taxes going down, corporate taxes going down, regulations being reduced, all of which they perceive to be good for the economy, but something you said a second ago caught my ear. you said when the impact of trump's policies occur three or four years from now. really? in the first 90 days or 100 days he might be able to enact his promises, but it's going to take awhile for the impact to carry out? >> without any question. that's what people are missing. the u.s. economy is the pied piper of the world economy. think about a big cruise ship. it takes a lot to turn it and a lot of effort and a lot of energy and a lot of things to fall in place at the right time. this economy is in rigor mortis
3:35 pm
and it will take a long time to get out of it and then get to the gdp that we need. what he's doing is brilliant. david malpass is my favorite economist in the world and he's behind all of this, basically giving his opinion to trump, and this will work but it's not going to happen overnight or over a month. quite frankly, not even over a year. people need to temper their excitement a little bit. >> you can't hike gdp to above 4% on a dime. it's going to take time for that to happen. want to talk briefly about the death of fidel castro, looking back on the impact on the united states economy during his decades in power. 60 years of a trade embargo before and after the cold war. how has all of this affected americans and their pocketbooks? >> well, for all of these years we never really know what would have happened during the different booms that we have had, but one thing we know is that his policies were basically like a cancer in the middle of
3:36 pm
the caribbean. it really cut off flow really for trade and it also created a negative sentiment so basically everybody that castro spoke to and that's why venezuela is not our friend today. so if he wasn't in power and if that wasn't happening, i believe you would have seen great trade between the countries and you would have seen cuba sort of a combination between cabo, vegas and the south of france. it's a beautiful place and it would probably be one of the richest per capita countries on the planet. but that wasn't the case. >> it may still go on because as marco rubio pointed out, the death of dictator doesn't mean the death of a dictatorship. we'll wait and see what happens. great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thanks, gregg. meanwhile, president obama working to thaw some of the long-held tensions between the u.s. and cuba but will president-elect trump make good on his threat to reverse those
3:37 pm
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the obama administration working over the past few years to reestablish economic ties with cuba, but will president-elect trump reverse some of those policies once he takes office? mr. trump issuing a statement today on the death of long-time cuban leader fidel castro saying quote, while cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long and toward a future in which the wonderful cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve. let's bring in betsy woodruff from the daily beast. we will get to policy in a sec but let's talk players first. president trump can't completely march to the beat of his own drum when considering policy change for cuba. he's going to have to listen to
3:42 pm
the very strong voice of the cuban american ex-pat community in miami, right, and what is it they are expecting? >> right. absolutely. trump himself has promised to republicans and voters in miami that he would roll back all the unilateral moves that president obama has made to thaw u.s. relations with cuba and of course, it's not just trump. mike pence in mid-october, a few weeks before election day, told the miami dade republican party he promised that he and trump would work together to reverse the changes that president obama made to open up cuba and the united states relationship to each other. the miami ex-pat community speaking broadly is very very opposed to many of the changes obama has made. they will have specific expectations from the trump administration. trump and pence are both on the record making those promises and there will be a lot of disappointed florida voters if he doesn't follow through. >> if president-elect trump does reverse president obama's cuba policy, talk about the new replacement policy and
3:43 pm
considerations for the effect on the people of cuba as well as you have got american business people looking to see what might happen. >> right. well, the question of what would happen to americans, this is a really interesting one and of course, has major political implications. it's unclear if trump would simply revert back to george w. bush's policy towards cuba or if he would go farther, if he would try to have even more targeted sanctions singling out the cuban military, cuban government leaders or if he would find himself somewhere in between the more strict policy of george w. bush and the loose policy of president obama. trump will be getting a lot of pressure to not go back to the pre-obama status quo with cuba because so many american businesses are really excited and interested in investing in cuba. of course, cuba's close by and it's really reliant on exports in order for it to just function as a country and given that venezuela has really been declining drastically and dramatically over the past few years, cuba will be relying more
3:44 pm
and more on other suppliers for just basic things like food. that means it's a huge opportunity for american businesses and the businessmen and women will want president-elect, then president trump, to make that opportunity available to them. >> let's talk about u.s. relations with the raul castro regime. he's not stepping down until 2018. are there any unforeseen stonewalls? how obstinate do you think raul castro will be in protecting his brother's rulings, his dictatorship? >> it certainly seems unlikely that raul castro is going to reverse much, if any, of his brother's legacy in cuba. that said, it will be fascinating to see if there are any sort of back channel conversations between the trump/pence administration and raul castro. remember, trump cut his teeth in the business world by doing development and investing in real estate. the fact that so many american hotel companies are salivating to start investing in cuba is something that trump will relate to on a very personal level.
3:45 pm
of course, trump has spent his entire time in the public eye boasting about his ability to make deals where nobody else could. i think it's possible that just on a dispositional level, he will be interested in trying to find a way to see if he can cajole raul castro into being more friendly. of course, it can be extremely challenging for him to do that without appearing to go back on some of the campaign trail promises. the politics here are really messy and fascinating. >> fascinating for sure. betsy, thank you so much. good to see you. take care. so you will take your leave prematurely here. >> i will leave prematurely. you can catch me at the top of the next hour when i will anchor "the fox report" at 7:00 p.m. 15 minutes from now here on the fox news channel. please do not miss me so much. 15 minutes. >> i can get by. it will be tough. a few tears may be shed. stay tuned for that. meantime, a judge ruling that dylann roof is mentally fit to stand trial for last year's
3:46 pm
mass shooting at a charleston church. our legal panel weighs in on why the judge won't release the transcript from his latest hearing. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams
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the white south carolina man accused of gunning down black parishoners inside a church will stand trial for that crime. a federal judge finding on friday that 22-year-old dylann roof is competent to stand trial. that judge declining to release the transcript of the two-day competency hearing saying it could jeopardize roof's chance for a fair trial. roof faces the death penalty, accused of killing nine people inside a charleston church last year in what prosecutors call a hate crime. let's bring in the legal panel, david schwartz defense attorney, former prosecutor, mercedes
3:51 pm
cohen a fox news legal analyst. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> yeah. so, david, let me start with you. competency is completely different than insanity, which may be his eventual defense. >> absolutely. competency to stand trial is the defendant able and competent to stand trial? does he understand the proceedings? can he assist in his own defense? as opposed to insanity which is did he understand the nature and consequences of his actions. >> right. >> at the time the actions were committed. >> you're convinced he's going to invoke an insanity defense when the trial begins in earnest and i think jury selection begins monday. why do you think insanity? >> undoubtedly, the defense is already feathering that nest. they're saying you're going to be managing all these evidentiary rulings, we want you to know, judge, he's not sane. that's why we're setting for this competency proceeding. >> right. >> but the jury is going to have such a difficult time. and frankly how smart of defense attorneys to put it out there in
3:52 pm
the community that this man may have been so insane he couldn't understand the charges. >> so the defense will be the moment he pulled the trigger that he had a mental disease or defect so severe he didn't understand right from wrong, right? >> right. >> problem is when they caught him, he confessed. >> exactly. >> and he confessed his motivation and reasons he wanted to ignite a race war. so his own convention undermines his insanity. >> oh, undoubtedly. that's what the real difficulty is going to be for the defense. they're going to say where are we going with this? he was so insane he confessed to doing this. it's almost a parade of horribles for the defense, and frankly what the motivation behind the insanity defense, let's just keep him alive. >> right. >> this jury's going to say, wait a minute, so did he know what he was doing when he killed one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine? you're going to tell me you never knew? >> the countervailing argument. >> from a legal standpoint insanity is at the time of the
3:53 pm
crime. >> right. >> and insanity can be turned off five minutes later during the questioning. >> it's a long shot. >> he had his own website, david, a manifesto in which he posed with simple white supremacists and neonazis and he lays out in his manifesto what he's going to do, his view towards blacks and other people. that's deliberation. it's malice aforethought. >> it's a tough call, however you have to be -- you have to be insane to sit there for an hour and pray with people. >> no, no, that's deliberate. that is absolutely deliberate. david, that's deliberate. he even said to the survivors i want you to be alive so you can tell these people what -- >> my statement whether or not it rises to the level of legal insanity is a whole other question. that's all i was going to say here. >> you know, his confession, he lays it out in his website manifesto what he's going to do and the reasons he's going to do
3:54 pm
it. talk about willful with deliberate malice aforethought, that's it. >> exactly. and you've got three survivors that saw the horrible carnage. and he says i'm going to keep you alive so you can go out there and say to these people i killed these individuals because of their race. because they're black. >> why is it sane for him to sit there for an hour before he pulls out his gun? >> take the legal part out of this. that is insane. there isn't a person who wouldn't think that's an insane human being. >> because looking from rational mind. >> anyone who would sit there for an hour and pray with people, that person's insane. >> no. >> whether -- >> sick and twisted, but not insane. >> whether that arises to the legal insanity definition -- >> you're a great lawyer. but you know you're not going to be able to look at this jury and say, oh, don't -- >> jury selection begins on monday. there's no change of venue. can he get a fair trial? >> well, there's definitely going to have jurors that are going to sit in that box and say we'll give him a fair trial. and sure they're going to uphold
3:55 pm
their oath. >> can he get a fair trial? >> no. >> o.j. simpson got a fair trial. >> you know, it's very hard in today's day and age to ever get a fair trial. forgetting about this case, which is the top of -- >> not at all. >> i think some would disagree with you. >> exactly. he was exonerated. >> you have to change jurisdiction. you have to get it out of the jurisdiction. >> no. >> i mean, with social media -- >> i got to go. >> it's getting harder and harder. for any case. very hard. >> we'll continue after the break. >> we'll continue the argument. >> thank you. i want to shift gears now to a happier note. zoo in our nation's capital lighting ul for the holiday season. thousands of people crowding the capital zoo since a big light display kicked off. kids and adults both enjoying the spectacle. >> it was so cool how they mixed them on some trees. i love the white show over there. we were watching it for like five minutes. >> my fafvorite is always the eagles crossing from the street.
3:56 pm
>> zoo lights is the national zoo in washington happening every night from 5:00 to 9:00 through january 1st. check it out if you're down there. that's going to do it for me. thanks for joining us. have a great extended holiday weekend, everyone. bye-bye. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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fidel castro, the communist leader and dictator is dead. tonight, the world reacts and wonders what will become of the troubled nation just 90 miles south of florida. i'm arthel neville in for julie banderas. this is "the fox report". the cuban government declaring nine days of mourning during which castro's ashes will travel the country. the route from havana to santiago reverses the one castro took after he led a rebel army to victory in 1959. fidel of course is considered an idol in communist nations. he led the country to greater social equality. but also decades of devastating


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