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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> thank you so much for watching. >> these jackets are nice. >> you guys are taking the week off? >> oh, you are? >> we'll be sleeping in. >> i'll watch as well. >> have a good weekend. >> "fox & friends" for after the show show. bye! arthel: and we begin with a fox news alt as we watch for news in the transition from the obama administration to president-elect donald trump's team. mr. trump has a number of critical cabinet slots yet to fill, including secretary of state and rumors about his pick are stirring up some opposition. hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville in for martha maccallum -- gregg: good to see you, and i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. some trump loyalists reportedly not very happy at the idea of mitt romney as secretary of state because he was, of course as you know, a very vocal opponent of donald trump during the campaign. it's a working holiday for the
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president-elect in florida where mr. trump and his team are vetting and choosing his top white house advisers as well as looking over some potential cabinet picks. garrett tenney is live in washington following this story. garrett, what's the latest on i hate to call it adivide, maybe it's an understandable disagreement within the trump transition team over mitt romney? >> reporter: that is very generous wording on your part, gregg, a divide certainly would be fitting here. earlier this week we were hearing from some contacts that president-elect trump was leaning towards mitt romney for secretary of state. apparently, mr. trump was so impressed by his former political rival after their meeting last weekend that romney moved to the top of his list. that sparked this internal tug-of-war that we've been seeing playing out over the last few days, and according to "the wall street journal," there are three camps within the transition team; those who support the romney pick, those who prefer rudy giuliani and those who want trump to keep
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searching for other options. much of the opposition to romney goes back to the blistering criticisms he laid against mr. trump in the primaries in a nationally televised speech. he called mr. trump a fraud and said he posed a fundamental threat to american democracy. the concern is how after comments like that romney could be completely loyal to a president trump and entrusted to push mr. trump's agenda. ed henry reports there are talks among the transition team of having romney issue an apology for his previous statements, maybe a letter or public statement of some sort. gregg: yeah. that might seem like groveling for the sake of getting a job. [laughter] apart from secretary of state, could we hear any other announcements today for additional picks? >> reporter: it's certainly a possibility. on wednesday the trump transition team said they would likely be making mom announcements after thanksgiving -- some
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announcements after thanksgiving. we're hearing billionaire investor wilbur ross. bloomberg is reporting that the co-owner of the chicago cubs, todd rickets, is in line to be number two at commerce as deputy secretary. another big one that could also be coming soon is secretary of defense, and we're still hearing retired marine general james mattis is the likely choice there. gregg: garrett tenney live in washington, thanks. arthel: we'll pick up where garrett tenney just left off. so what we'll do here is talk about mr. trump's administration and the fact that it could be the wealthiest in history cabinet. a great many of the people many contention for the top jobs are billionaires or millionaires with politico estimating the group could eventually be worth up to $35 billion all together. so we're going to take a look at the finalists and their merits with more now, here's jamie weinstein, senior writer for "the daily caller." we'll get to the billionaires later, jamie, but let's start
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with the secretary of state position. as you know, there's been a very public battle there between governor romney and former mayor giuliani, lots of cheering and jeering, if you will. so what do you think will prevail in this pick, loyalty or, you know, will mr. trump just choose who he believes is best for the job? >> well, what is interesting is that mitt romney is even under consideration at all. that shows something, i think, positive about donald trump. there was this idea that perhaps that he would only look to loyalists, those who were supportive of him when he was choosing his cabinet. mitt romney was exactly the opposite of that, on the far other spectrum. the fact that he's considering him, i think, speaks well of donald trump. what is interesting x we saw this during the campaign, is that a lot of the people around him seem to be going to television and social media to get their message, their anti-romney message to donald trump. they feel that's a way he'll
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listen, by going on television. we saw that with mike huckabee and newt gingrich and kellyanne conway yesterday on twitter. publicly, hoping that he'll be watching t or looking on twitter and listening to their pleas not to choose mitt romney. arthel: well, mr. trump is known to do that very thing, to watch the shows and watch the twitter feed as well. so let's talk about secretary of health and human services, tom pryce out of georgia, one of the top names being floated for that position. how much do you think, jamie, mr. trump's plans to either overturn or overhaul obamacare will factor in to his choice? >> i think that will be a major pick, reason to pick tom pryce. tom pryce has been someone who's been coming up with an alternative for obamacare for some time. he's a former doctor himself. so i think that is something that probably very much appeals to donald trump, and i wouldn't be surprised if that's one of the crucial reasons, obamacare, he makes any pick for hhs.
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and tom pryce, certainly, would be on the top of that list. arthel: okay. now the big money players, we're talking about betsy devos up for education secretary and mr. wilbur ross up for commerce secretary. i mean, does it mean anything in terms of how they might govern because they are so very wealthy, millionaires and billionaires respectively, or will it just boil down to mr. trump's knowing them, respecting them to trust them and believing that they can do the job? >> you know, i suspect it's the latter. i think a lot of people are trying to make a lot of this, oh, you know, donald trump campaigned on the forgotten man, and now he's putting billionaires in his cabinet. but he himself is a billionaire, he's earned the trust of the people that voted for him. i don't think they're going to be turned off by a cabinet that has several billionaires in it so long as they pursue some of the agenda that donald trump put forward. and in the case of wilbur ross, he has a similar view of trade
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as donald trump, so i don't see the masses that voted for donald trump rebelling because he put billionaires in there so long as they hue to donald trump's agenda. arthel: also keeping in mind that the people who voted for mr. trump, he's wealthy, perhaps he can come and govern this country and make me wealthy as well. let's talk about dr. ben carson, up for hud, housing and urban development. you know, dr. carson has expressed concern. he says, look, i've never governed anything before, and certainly i haven't even run something as large as, you know, a government department of that size. but could dr. carson bring to the table a common sense, practical approach and perhaps be the liaison, if you will, between the common man and government? >> he certainly has the trust of donald trump, he certainly is a remarkable, world class surgeon. he certainly has the way of looking at the world that's different than a lot of other people, but i think that concern
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is a real one. he's never really run a large cabinet post which makes you wonder why he would, he thought he was qualified for president but unsure about running a cabinet post. but i think that he's probably thinking over whether he want to, you know, he's recently retired, he lives down this florida -- in florida, has a nice life. does he really want to go to washington, d.c., try to run a cabinet post with all the problems that come with that? or does he want to be an adviser kind of like newt gingrich is crafting for himself for donald trump, part of his kitchen cabinet that doesn't come with the type of responsibility running a cabinet post does? i think those are serious questions that dr. carson has to consider. arthel: okay. we'll be definitely watching out for that as well as the other nominations that mr. trump will be filing hopefully sometime today or in the days and weeks to come. jamie weinstein, good to see you. >> good to see you, thank you. arthel: gregg? gregg: while some americans are
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content just enjoying leftovers, others are fighting the crowds and shopping. black friday is on, of course, and consumers are in search of the best deals with the average shopper spending somewhere between $3-400. as usual, electron ings and big screen tv z are very high on a lot of wish lists. fox business' cheryl casone is live at the galleria in white plains, new york, there's a macy's there. looks like you may be standing in front of the macy's. so, cheryl, i notice that online sales have topped a billion dollars. i wonder if that's making a dent in, you know, brick and mortar appearance of customers today. >> reporter: it certainly has. i was just looking at some numbers from adobe, and 23% of shopping is being done on smartphones and tablets, and that is a big jump from last year. overall, americans going to spend about $27 billion today on black friday, and 23% of
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americans are going to be in a mall somewhere in the united states out and about, if you will. toys is the big ticket item right now, gregg. i want to show you a couple of things that are hot sellers, and i want to wring in jarrett -- bring in jarrett from rc toys, and he's got the drone. you're saying these are hot. >> big seller. >> reporter: all right. let's give it a little whirl. now, we're indoors, we're going to be as careful as we can. these, of course, gregg, are for outside, but for the purpose of television, just for you, we're going to show you how the drones -- and this is one of the last ones he's got. >> i have the transformer car. >> reporter: this is another hot ticket item, right? >> yeah. you have here, it dances -- >> reporter: it does dance. you've got drones, you've got esther telling me she's got the transformers, and the hot ticket items. one thing that you can do in a mall that you can't do online, you get to meet santa cause, and
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i've got santa and mrs. claus. they actually decided to come to the galleria today, gregg. i know you're busy, thank you for your time today and for all the kids, what are the kids asking you for, santa? >> cars, trucks, drones, computers, tablet, cell phones, tablets are 25% off this year. most of the hydraulic stuff. >> reporter: they want the electronics. and, mrs. claus, i know you're busy today, how's everything at the north pole? >> oh, busy, busy, busy, making cookies. and if you to come see santa, you get a candy cane. >> reporter: i'm glad you know the mall so well. folks are shopping online, but some of the folks wanted to touch it, to feel it, they want to actually see things before they make that purchase. do they make it online? that's the big question. gregg: yeah, i mean, i don't get it. i mean, in terms of clothes, you've got to try stuff on, so you can't do that online, then you've got to send it back if it
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doesn't fit, so go in to macy's and buy me some stuff. cheryl casone, thanks very much. arthel: as cheryl pointed out, black friday is all about the deals, but in chicago once again protesters have another idea. we're going to tell you what they're planning there. gregg: and we're remembering a tv icon this morning as we learn that brady bunch mom, florence henderson, has passed away. arthel: and more on mitt romney apparently making the short list for secretary of state. why some trump supporters are furious about that.
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find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. ♪ here's a story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls -- arthel: ah, that music certainly makes us smile, but sad to say that florence henderson, best known for playing carol brady on the brady bunch has died. her publicist saying she died of heart failure at a los angeles hospital last night surrounded by family and friends. henderson got her start on broadway in the 1950s. she went on to become the first woman to host the tonight show, filling in for johnny carson. and in 1969, she became one of america's most iconic tv moms on "the brady bunch," the popular sitcom sparking spin-off shows well into the 1990s. florence henderson was 82 years old.
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♪ ♪ gregg: former governor mitt romney reportedly landing a spot on the short list for secretary of state in the trump administration, but some of the president-elect's closest supporters are expressing deep concerns about romney, pointing to his sharp criticism of mr. trump during the course of the election. kellyanne conway weighing in online, tweeting: receiving deluge of social media and private communications regarding romney. some trump loyalists warning against romney as secretary of state. also she tweeted: kissinger and schultz as secretaries of state flew around the world less, counseled potus close to home more and were loyal. good checklist. let's bring in fred bowman, partner at pastorem group and the former executive director of the progressive caucus. also with us, susan crabtree, white house correspondent for
6:18 am
the washington examiner. susan, let me start with you. if you look closely at conway's tweets, she does seem to be questioning the suitability and compatibility of romney with president trump, and, you know, look, that's the sentiment echoed by newt gingrich, mike huckabee. huckabee said, you know, it would be an insult to trump's supporters to appoint mitt romney. fair point? >> i think it's time to go back to the drawing board to find a secretary of state for the trump team. you really need a hoylist in this job -- loyalist in this job. mitt romney is a great, squeaky clean guy, he has wonderful relations internationally from his work on the olympics, but is this spun who when trump decides to take aggressive military action somewhere in the middle east or otherwise, is this someone who's going to be able to be the face of that military policy? or is he going to just resign and have it be a big, embarrassing slap to donald
6:19 am
trump? this is the thing, these are the elements that he needs to be considering. we had this with john kerry. there was a little bit of public be difference, even -- he's very mild-mannered, so he sort of sucked it up, but on the syria policy when it came to enforcing the red line during a critical moment during the obama administration, he made this huge speech advocating the enforcement of the red line, and then he had to suck it up and back up and say, okay, we're not doing that. gregg: right, okay. >> so that was something, you know, you see -- you have to be the face of the president's foreign policy. can romney do that. gregg: sure you do. fred, famously president lincoln appointed all his most vigorous opponentses, people who said awful things about him. he appointed them to top positions in his cabinet under the notion, you know, you keep your enemies really, really close. [laughter] and there's a point to that, isn't it, that romney might be
6:20 am
less apt to be out there criticizing president trump if he's part of the team. >> you know, there is. and i do think that you're absolutely right. i mean, in terms of if donald trump is trying to build a team of rivals, then i think mitt romney may be the perfect person to put on your cabinet. but the truth is, is that donald trump -- as part of running for president -- identified and laid out a vision that was decidedly anti-interventionist. and mitt romney is the consummate interventionist. i just do not see a situation where donald trump can look at the american people after what he laid out as part of his foreign policy and say mitt romney is in line with that. it's going to be very, very difficult to sell. gregg: you know, conway's tweet is, susan, i think interesting where she says, look, schultz and kissinger didn't fly around a lot. and if you extend that to hillary clinton as secretary of state, she flew around a lot.
6:21 am
but during the campaign her supporters and even she was hard pressed to identify what good it did, what she accomplished. so maybe flying around a lot as secretary of state is overstated, and at least during the first couple of years foreign policy emanates from the oval office. you've got to be close to the oval office, don't you? >> absolutely right. and that's why i think they should go back to the drawing board. newt gingrich would be a fabulous choice on this. i know he wants to be the karl rove and not be traveling so much. you have to travel a little bit as secretary of state no matter what, a lot actually. not as much as hillary clinton. but he could be, you know, the new ben franklin of the trump team. i could see him. he has great relations internationally, he has a wonderful ability to pivot and sell the trump plan, whatever the president is advocating. i think this would be a great role for him. gregg: yeah. >> i don't see anybody on the national stage they could choose from. gregg: okay. you know, brad, i'm shortchanging you, and i apologize. we're up against a hard break.
6:22 am
susan crabtree, brad bau,mans. art arkansas hillary clinton fans giving thanks for the former democratic nominee. we'll show you how they're showing their support. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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arthel: hillary clinton's supporters showing thanks for the form toker democratic nominee yesterday. her neighbors in westchester, new york, where mrs. clinton lives, displaying signs of admiration. some reading, quote, we are thankful for hillary and i'm with her. secretary clinton showing her appreciation on social media tweeting, quote: i was greeted by this heartwarming display on the corner of my street today. thank you to all of you who did this. happy thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ gregg: protesters planning to get in the way of black friday on chicago's michigan avenue
6:26 am
today. black lives matter and other groups trying to bring attention to the fatal police shooting of laquan mcdonald. officer jason van dyke now charged with murder in the teenager's death. senior correspondent mike tobin is hive in chicago with more -- is live in chicago with more. mike, explain what's going on today in chicago. >> reporter: well, so far it's just a standard holiday setting with people just getting their day started. the demonstration isn't expected to start for about an hour and a half, and the prediction is that thousands of people will descend on chicago's magnificent mile. this is organized by a group called the chicago alliance against racism and political repression, but expect a big pile-on with anti-trump people, even representatives from the chicago teachers union are expected to show up here. now, as you mentioned, this demonstration is about the police-involved shooting of laquan mcdonald which came to light more than a year ago, but there will be a biggie pollution of the message, and what makes this particular demonstration unique is it takes it out of the troubled neighborhood, it brings
6:27 am
the demonstration in front of a new audience. will it impact shopping? informal conversations i've had with people, particularly those the suburbs, say they're not coming anywhere near here, gregg. gregg: beyond voicing displeasure and anger, is there another goal associated with the protests? >> reporter: they'll say the primary goal is to raise awareness of the treatment of minorities here in the united states, not just in chicago. they also want the creation of a civilian police accountability council. but then when you get into the dilution of the message with all of the different groups set to descend on these commonnations -- demonstrations, one chicago columnist says the message doesn't get lost. what you have in these big demonstrations is the galvanizing of the left. >> you've got to step out of the box a little bit and look at what's really going. going on. and what's really going on is the left is organizing these young people to get ready for the next election and moving the
6:28 am
party to the left. >> reporter: as far as the scene out here live on michigan avenue right now, it's cold, it's calm, but thousands are expected, gregg. gregg: all right. mike tobin, miracle mile there in chicago. good to see you. arthel: well, an american service member fighting terror in syria making the ultimate sacrifice. the first american casualty in that bloody war. and several arrests have been made after a series of fires in israel. what the motive might have been. that's coming up next. >> translator: the instruction is to bring to justice everyone that committed such an offense for everyone to see and to enforce the simple rule that those that tried to burn the state of israel will be punished to the fullest extent. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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gregg: fox news alert, we're just getting word out of south carolina in a judge -- from a
6:32 am
judge there in the shooting of nine parishioners a year and a half ago as emanuel a and e church that this man, dylann roof, has been found by the judge to be competent to stand trial. defense attorneys had argued different than insanity that he simply was not competent because of mental disease and defect, but a judge disagrees. he will stand trial in the near future. art? art art lrl -- arthel: all right, gregg, thank you. an american service member has been killed in northern syria. this is after suffering injuries from an ied blast. it is the first american casualty in syria since the u.s. joined the fight against isis. joining me now with more on, we have carl hiking by, former u.s. navy seal and author of "enemies; foreign and domestic." thank you for being with us this morning. does this underscore how dangerous it is for our military over there, even if they're in
6:33 am
those advisory positions, and should this change our role and mission in syria? >> well, this should not. it should have been changed from the beginning, and it does underscore how dangerous it is. when you put a small number of troops in a generally hostile area, we don't have the support network to maintain our own security and safety, and we end up overworking to maintain that ourselves. we're seeing the obama administration largely doesn't understand the threat. there's half a dozen or so factions, assad, isis, the kurds, the rebels, turkey, you have iran via russia and then you have us. we need to define a goal, and we don't know what that is yet, we're just there. arthel: convoluted, indeed, as you highlighted the variables, and that's the key, there's so many variable, so many unpredictable aspects of this war, how do you think it will change under a president trump? >> well, i think trump is seen to have better relations with russia than, obviously, our current president. and what we need to do is -- russia is bombing the rebels
6:34 am
because that's where isis came from, they were in the rebels. when we armed them, they took the things, then they started fighting the kurds. trump and putin need to get on the same page, define a measure of success that's going to stable for both us and them and then execute that mission together. arthel: you mentioned putin. do you think russia would be more cooperate i under a president trump, and do you think that president trump would be okay with assad todaying in power? >> well, i think -- that's a tough question and, quite frankly, above my pay grade. i think trump and putin have seemed to have gotten along a lot better than this current administration. we have to define what is best for that nation. the last time we overthrew a dictator, zdan, we had mass -- saddam, we had mass chaos. arthel: but you don't think putin wound stand for overthrowing assed assad. >> right. we failed to recognize the
6:35 am
rebels that we're arming are becoming isis. we need to get on the same page, and once we do, we can figure out an end state. nobody has an end state to this war. we're just indiscriminately bombing certain targets here and there. we need to figure out what is the definition of success there. arthel: does this, in your opinion, carl, represent a new turn in this fight against isis in general as well as there in syria? >> absolutely. and we've been turning new pages and new pages and new pages. we put troops back in iraq, now we're in syria, and eventually what's going to happen is it's going to become a combat role. they said that in iraq, that we were there to advise, and these are things that the administration is unwilling to admit because they ran a campaign on getting out of the region. we are not prepared to get out of that region. we broke it, now we bought it, so we need to go in there and fight an actual war, and if necessary, stand up a new government and equip the necessary resources to make this a long-term solution. arthel: so do you think, you know, as you just mentioned
6:36 am
president obama campaigned on, you know, ending the the war and bringing the troops home. president-elect trump seems to be more hawkish, if you will. i'm not saying just in general, but i think he appears to be more focused on the situation there in syria. >> right. arthel: and you mentioned that there needs to be a combat role. >> yeah. arthel: so all those factors on the table, do you think there might be end -- also, do you feel at this point considering this has gone on for so long now, and now we have, you know, one of our military in an advisory position having been killed, unfortunately, do you think the american public now will be a little more open to a combat role as you just pointed out? >> i think so. and as we see more and more isis people coming over that are influenced by the region, maybe not necessarily from there but have traveled there or influenced by people in that region, we're seeing a lot more american support to say let's fight this war, get it over with, solve the problem so we can keep ourselves safe so we don't have to look over our shoulder every day.
6:37 am
arthel: is there any way for you to describe to us, you know, average people, how difficult this fight is? >> yeah. arthel: from the military perspective? >> well, i mean, the fight's are difficult because it's not a uniformed enemy. we haven't defined, like i said, a clear goal, and we're fighting so many factions with is so many variables. we need to get on the same page. turkey is doing one thing, russia's doing one thin, we're doing another thing, and these rebels that are turning into isis in some cases. i mean, it's a mess. but nobody's defining what the desired end state is. arthel: you've got turkey, russia, all these leaders. do you think that president trump's first order would be get these guys together and say this is what our agenda has to be, how do we fix this horrible civil war in syria? >> right. this world, the globe cannot afford a proxy war in syria, iraq, afghanistan, iran. we cannot afford a proxy war against russia. it's just going to go badly for everybody, and it could escalate much like we almost had with the
6:38 am
cold war. we don't want that. what we do want is some way to say, look, this is better for our nations if we get together and do this whether we agree 100% or not, but we need to point in the right direction to get rid of what we all know is isis and is definitely causing problems globally. arthel: carl higbie, thank you so much. >> thank you. gregg: fox news alert, israeli fighters battling massive fires across that country including one in the country's third largest city of high that. tens of thousands were evacuated and just now getting back to look at the damage as firefighters try to get it under control. john huddy has the latest from our middle east bureau in jerusalem. john? >> reporter: well, gregg, the fires there at this point are largely under control, but security officials say they appear to have been started by arson, and that's one of the big headlines here. before i get to that, let me walk you through and give you what we call the nuts and bolts
6:39 am
of what's been happening. at this point the 70,000 residents that were evacuated from their homes in israel's third largest city north of tel aviv have been allowed home, unfortunately, to burned-out apartments and some burned-out buildings. again, with the exceptions of some flare-ups and hot spots, those fires are largely under control. about a half a dozen other fires, however, are burning in israel. in particular, the jerusalem mountains which are in the distance behind me. some small villages, according to officials, have been evacuated, and the estimate now is that about 2,000 acres have burned. i know it doesn't sound like a lot compared to the fires that, wildfires that burn in the western part of the u.s., but for israel, that is a lot. the other main headline today is about arson. many security and political officials including prime minister netanyahu say that these fires are terrorism in the form of arson, specifically that politically motivated
6:40 am
palestinians are setting some if not all the fires. some of the headlines have called in the arson intifada. and so far israeli security officials say that about a dozen people have been detained. that number could be higher. we're waiting on more information as far as that goes. but the palestinian authority in the west bank has sent, actually, help or at least resources and crews to help israel out. the good news, another piece of good news in all of this is the help that israel's getting from its neighbors and allies; egypt and jordan have sent resources over, also greece, turkey, russia, italy and cyprus have sent aerial support and crews as well, and the u.s. says it's sent about 50 firefighters to help as well. and another final point, gregg, the weather seems to be cooperating. while it's dry, it's not as winty as we've seen this past week -- windy as we've seen this past week, and wednesday it's
6:41 am
supposed to rain, so that will be a big help. gregg: it surely will. john huddy live in the middle east, thanks very much. arthel: well, a mystery in california turns even more mysterious after a mother turns up a alive. sherry had not been seen for more than three weeks. why would someone kidnap and hold her captive all that time? gregg: and the annual battle against holiday weight gain, well, it's already begun. it doesn't have to be that way. we're going to talk about how you can navigate the buffets, the the bars and avoid all that great temptation out there. ♪ ♪ (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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6:44 am
the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. arthel: a fox news alert, a man is now charged with the first-degree murder in the shooting death of a police officer in detroit and
6:45 am
is due in court today. officer colin rose with wayne state university's police force was shot in the head tuesday evening while patrolling the campus. he died a day later. police arrested the 31-year-old deangelo davis shortly after the shooting a few blocks from the shooting scene. rose was a five-year veteran of wayne state's police department. just before the shooting, he had radioed in about speaking to someone on a bike regarding the theft of vehicle navigation systems. ♪ ♪ gregg: so the turkey's been carved, the table cleared, the dishes done. hopefully. now for the bad news. the extra pounds that always seem to appear this time of year. doesn't have to be that way. you can enjoy the holidays, hold onto your figure and avoid the annual new year's diet resolution. here now to talk about it, dr. earnest patty from st.
6:46 am
barnabas hospital in the bronx. great to see you. happy holidays to you. >> happy thanksgiving. gregg: so you can go to and see this really terrific article about, you know, seven tips how to keep the weight off during the holidays. originally it was on tip number one, i want you to go through these, limit your treats. short list your treats. >> right. well, just think of those things that you really want to indulge in during the holidays, grandma's pecan pie or maybe that special pasta dish -- gregg: pumpkin pie. >> for me as well with fresh whipped cream. you have to limit it. and you don't want to go into the holidays thinking i'm going to engorge myself with everything. pick those few treats, try to enjoy them, but use common sense. gregg: stick to those. all right. give yourself an early fitness present. this is a great idea. don't wait until january 1st. >> exactly. if you go out and buy yourself a new pair of running shoes or something prior to the holidays, you'll get in that mode of maybe
6:47 am
i should start using them, you know? get the fitbit, start to clock the numbers of steps that you walk during the day, and if you can have a goal during the holidays, you'll keep your metabolism higher, burning more calories. gregg: the place down the street is doing specials on yoga during the holidays. take advantage of that. >> exactly. gregg: number three, pregame with a filling snack. i actually did this last night. >> i do the same thing. high protein is the key. filling snack means a high protein snack -- gregg: so before you go to a party, for example. >> yeah. a nice turkey sandwich or maybe some meat or to vegetables or bean dip, something with a lot of protein in it. it fills you up, burns longer and allows you to stay away from the fried, fat9ty -- gregg: right. so you don't go crazy at the buffet with -- >> even a handful of nuts sometimes works. gregg: there you go. number four. do a party lap first thing. >> the reason they say this is you want to walk through the whole party quickly while you're
6:48 am
saying hello. there might be a high protein station, thing ins you might enjoy that will allow you to stay away from the -- >> yeah. i was at a dinner party, and i ended up talking to so many people, i didn't have any hors d'oeuvres, so that was great for me. number five, keep your hands occupied. [laughter] >> well, obviously, that can be interpreted many different ways. but what they're looking at is maybe you're the person who likes to take photos. gregg: right. >> if you have a camera in your hands and you're engaged that way, you may be apt to put less food in your mouth. if you like to walk around with a drink, have your drink, use spark being water. put a splash of fruit juice in it. it's festive, it looks like a cocktail. and it also keeps you hydrated which many times during the holidays we get dehydrated. gregg: yeah. and pop a listerine strip because it deters your craving for sweets. okay, forget that one. don't walk around -- don't wait around for january 1st.
6:49 am
start your health plan now which is similar to another one we had. >> exactly. what they're trying to say is new year's resolutions are notoriously not kept because it's in the middle of the winter, the weather's bad, it's cold, you don't want to go outside. it's better to keep this in mind in the beginning. if you can go into the holidays fit and maybe a few pounds maybe on the lighter side with these tips in the back of your head, you may come out on the other end ready for the new year. gregg: yeah. remember, what really matter is the is the final tip. >> exactly. why do we get together for the holidays? spend time with family. make it a drama-free zone. stay away from drama and troubles. enjoy yourself. live, laugh. laughter's very important for the heart and the immune system. laugh hearty and remember the focus. gregg: this time last year i lost 10 pounds with the jarrett diet which is fruit and salad and fish and nothing -- and just reduce your intake. i mean, reducing your intake really does it. >> that's the key thing.
6:50 am
throw some nuts into that, you'll find it'll work better. gregg: good to see you as always. >> thanks for having me. arthel: good news for a california family as a missing mother of two is found safe on thanksgiving. who police say they're looking for in connection with her disappearance. plus, a man rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital doesn't quite make it. >> we pulled over, he called 911. they started to walk him through what to do, and we're like, hey, i'm here. i'm over here, i'm here, the baby's coming.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
gregg: a new york couple has a whole lot to be thankful for after the early arrival of their new baby. they were rushing to the hospital to give birth yesterday, quickly realizing the
6:54 am
baby was not going to wait. after pulling over on the highway and calling 911, the father ended up helping the mom deliver little talia in the front seat. >> i saw the baby head. the baby head was out. [laughter] sob so he was saying to me that, listen, the baby's going to be slippery, you've got to catch it, don't let it fall. [laughter] gregg: i guess he caught the baby. the mother and baby girl are both quite healthy and recovering nicely in a nearby hospital. congratulations, mom and dad. ♪ ♪ arthel: meanwhile, loved ones breathing a sigh of relief as the search for a missing mother of two is over. police saying 34-year-old sherri papini has been found safe more than three weeks after she disappeared. papini flagging down a driver yesterday in northern california after she says she was released by her captors. will carr is live from los angeles with the latest. will, do we -- you know, what do
6:55 am
we know about where sherri papini has been for the last three weeks? >> reporter: well, arthel, right now there's still a lot more questions than answers, but what we do know is that this 34-year-old mother of two had a happy thanksgiving reunion with her family. sherri papini was found in yolo county in northern california which was about 140 miles from where she disappeared. >> sherri papini has been located and has been reunited with her family. she was bound with restraints but was able to summon help from a passing motorist who then notified law enforcement. >> reporter: papini was last seen on november 2nd. she's gone for a morning jog when she vanished. she never showed up to pick her kids up from daycare. investors found her cell phone, ear buds and strands of her hair about a mile and a half from her home. there was no indication as to what happened until she showed up yesterday morning.
6:56 am
she tells law enforcement she was abducted by two hispanic women in a dark suv with a handgun. authorities say they're now looking for their suspects. they also say she was treated for injuries at a local hospital. the suspects' motive is unknown at this point. where papini's been for the last three weeks is unclear, but authorities say it's all an open investigation. arthel. arthel: and i can imagine the family must be so happy to have her, have her back home. do we know, have they spoken out? have we heard from them since she was found? >> reporter: yeah. very emotional. the sheriff says that her husband raced to her side at that local hospital, and he has said from the beginning he knew she was abducted. take a listen to an interview he did just a couple weeks ago. >> bring her home. bring her home. just bring her home. bring her home safe. there's a $50,000 reward. bring her home. >> reporter: a family friend also started a gofundme page
6:57 am
which has raised $49,000. unclear what happens to that money now that she's safe. arthel. arthel: will carr, thank you so much. and we'll be right back. for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used
6:58 am
their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at >>
6:59 am
7:00 am
reporter: the trump transition team holding a update later today. reporter: there is anticipation as we await a news conference. there is growing speculation about the choice for secretary of state. mitt romney and rudy giuliani are considered the top
7:01 am
candidates. peter doocy joins us now. what's the latest word on the transition team today. they are highlight what they see as diversity in the trump mo -- inp nominees. kellyanne conway says tt trump respect and promotes women in his corporation, campaign and cabinet. poe said she thinks the next secretary of state must be someone who is loyal. that comment comes as there is a lot of noise from the grassroots on the right. late trump supporters and early trump supporters are not sure how somebody like a romney on
7:02 am
the record of being with the president-elect at any point yet, how he might act if he joins the team. reporter: what are we hearing about the possibility president trump could prosecute hillary clinton after all. >> we are hearing unless there is a pardon, the republicans are hopeful one of trump's first high-profile nominees night take the lead and investigate trump anyway. republican damageman darrell issa. -- republican congressman darryl issa. he has proposed appointing an attorney general who has a long record of doing his job. when we look at jeff sessions in concert with the f.b.i. and other organizations, they have
7:03 am
to do their job. that's where the balance with the next president will come. reporter: donald trump held calls with the prime minister of greece, hungary, panama, slovenia and colombia. so far as we know he has not left the mar-a-lago estate. the family's meal was buffet style. >> trump former rival in the gop primaries jeb bush offering advice. writing this election was more about voting against something than for something. americans voted against the establishment, the changing culture, establishment washington, the privilege of
7:04 am
hillary clinton and against donald trump. bush's argument is neither new or novel when he says people were yearning for change. his argument seeps valid if not obvious except that last line. they voted against donald trump. how does that make sense if trump was the change agent? >> i would only make sense if you were considering 100% of the population. he was the one person who outside of hillary clinton and even outside of certain elements of the republican party which threw the key party into this. if you lump all of those groups
7:05 am
together, those are -- that's one way of look at washington, d.c. the last 8 years. six years of a somewhat dysfunctional congress. in walks donald trump, the outsider. that only holds if you are considering people who voted for hillary clinton. but trump obviously emerged the winner. gregg: i read this thing three times because i couldn't believe it. jeb bush seems to get donald trump absolutely no credit for winning the presidency. did you notice that? >> well, it's a tough pill for him to swallow, if you are looking back to the south krcial primary. gregg: it's sour grapes, isn't it? >> these kind of campaign things linger for a long time. it's really interesting that mitt romney is under consideration for secretary of state, and you have kellyanne
7:06 am
conway throwing up the warning signs wondering if sufficient a stern rival would be part of the bush cabinet. it's a little bit of a different scenario. on top of that, jeb bush in terms of standing opposite of donald trump in terms of personality conflict, also the policy prescriptions jeb bush has don't line up with trump wants to do. gregg: he proposes a constitutional amendment to possible perm the limit, a balanced budget and reduce power of congress regulating. >> has only been one constitutional convention. you have got to get 2/3 of the legislatures to aguy. in terms of ideas isn't that pie in the sky non-starter?
7:07 am
>> it's ultimately thinking outside the box and those types of things where it takes a significant amount of time. donald trump pried to style himself with action. he can maybe start to go after that day won once he gets into the white house and begin to work on congress with ethics reform. there will be a lot of things on his plate. 60s years with voter satisfaction with them not taking through to the policy descriptions they have taken. these are thinking outside the box, inside the box it's going out there. gregg: if you want to pass term the limit or balanced budget. passing a constitutional amendment is easier than a constitutional convention. i want to quote and we'll put it up on the screen. here is what he says toward the end.
7:08 am
jeb bush says our party must be big hearted and opportunistic. we must make it clear there is no room in our tent for racism, misogyny or anti-semitism. who is he talking about? is that a swipe at donald trump? >> i think it's trying to buy into hillary clinton's basket of dough morable's term. and we have to be again we have to be very careful about trying to not just diagnose gregg even describing the voting electorate this time around. are there people on the alt-right backing donald trump and affiliated with a lot of his ride in but again that's for getting the voter in wisconsin, the voter in michigan and ohio and pennsylvania. so it's again walking a very fine line of trying to describe
7:09 am
the people that elevated donald trump to the presidency. if you go wrong in describing them. if you can't diagnose the problem and what it is these voters are after and the reason donald trump did become president, there is no way you will make yourself liable long term from a political perspective because you don't know how to describe the problem correctly. chris, good to see you, thank you very much for being here. reporter: black friday means bill sales for bargain hunters. caroline shively is live from the pentagon city mall in arlington, virginia. a lot of people are shopping online. so what are the brick and mortar stores doing to fight back?
7:10 am
>> they are doing everything in their power. that means the discounts starting the black friday deals, as early as wednesday. this store opened up at 7:00 a.m. not too many crowds we are seeing in virginia. take a look at the rest of the stores that you see here. the people are starting to trickle in. almost 151 million americans intend to spend during the holiday. super saturday weekend before saturday is the biggest shopping opportunity of the year. 81% of holiday shoppers plan to spend their money in a physical store. once you add in the website of
7:11 am
those physical stores it bumped it to 95%. this is an indicator of how well it will be throughout the entire season. iarthel: how well does this too for holiday shoppers. >> the national retail federation said shoppers will spend $655.8 billion. walmart's discounts look to be 4% higher than we have seen in the past years. stores hate those january clearns sales that we all love. so word is, they are keeping
7:12 am
their inventories pretty tight. >> that live shot made me want to go to the mall, especially the else today lay tore ride. >> you go to malls, steve? >> i like going to the malls. >> i do. >> something about it makes we calm and feel kind of comfortable. the american past time. >> authorities stopping a paris terror attack in its tracks. what the suspects were allegedly planning and whether they received any outside help. >> as is trail grapples with raging' fires. gregg: some gop leaders may find themselves at sods with president-elect trump and the speaker of the house paul ryan.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
gregg: a prosecutor revealing sphiefl suspects are? zip in paris. authorities 80s he were going to attack paris as early as december 1, possibly targeting
7:17 am
disneyland. arthel: republicans gearing up for a battle over obamacare. according to analysts speak per paul ryan's plan to replace the snraw would cut funds for medicaid. let's bring in -- sarah flores and adam green, a democratic strategist and co-found early of the progressive change committee. good to see you both. speaker ryan's dislike for government-support the healthcare or throwing a lifeline to republican governors. which position do you think will
7:18 am
prevail in or might there be a a compromise between the two? >> obamacare passed without any support from republicans. and it's been a disaster for democrats. temperature republicans have 31 governors and 23 of the legislatures in the states. they would get 100% of federal dollars in the financial and 85% later. so they are they were getting their tax dollars redistribute. republicans will have to fix this mess. i think speaker ryan has a great plan. but how you roll back some of these expansions, including medicaid and preexisting
7:19 am
conditions. we have a disaster of a healthcare mess on our hands that wasn't going to be sustainable. arthel: republicans have been rallying behind cohesiveness. could it foster division instead? and if that becomes the case, what might be the points of contention? >> first i think we just heard speaker ryan has a great plan, the operative word here. this is not something donald trump barn stormed the campaign on. this is a republican elite plan aimed at shipping money from hard-working people to ship jobs overseas. one of many times he will the likely betray this own voters. people who work one or two jobs whose employers even don't
7:20 am
provide healthcare, now they are on the verge of getting that. it's weird republicans would make this the front burner agenda item for their new administration. arthel: president-elect trump said he would get rid of obamacare, it would be first on his agenda. he has continues noddified that stance saying he would modify if not overturn. what do you think it would end up looking like. >> what happened under obamacare, we put hard working people on government healthcare where doctors were no longer taking medicaid patients. so they weren't having any access. >> it's private healthcare. this proposal would not in any way repeal obamacare. it would take money away from
7:21 am
hard-working families whether it's obamacare or otherwise. >> we need to move to catastrophic plans. a lot of young people don't want a cadillac plan where it covers everything including body parts they don't even have. second of all. we have interstate constitutions. something that would lower prices. something the democrats refuse to acknowledge it would be a solution. we need to lower the cost and increase access. it's something democrats didn't want any help from republicans on. >> it's fun when the republican establishment gives away the game plan. if you don't get hit by a mac truck you are not covered. if you have a cold or flu or illness you are not covered. that's not what trump campaigned on. arthel: thank you very much, guys.
7:22 am
gregg: awreath are franklin putting football fans on edge, how she stole the show. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks.
7:23 am
i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
7:24 am
7:25 am
arthel: aretha franklin setting social media on fire after kicking off the game with a soul-inspired rendition of the star spangled banner. ♪ o say can you see arthel: the queen of soul was only getting started.
7:26 am
she took 4 1/2 minutes to sing the song. that was twice as long as whitney houston at the 1991 super bowl. gregg: a blast at a gas station 73 people as iraqi forces inch closer and closer to the center of the he city of mosul. benjamin? >> this wassed the deadliest isis attack in over four months. it was constant reminder that isis was launching deadly attacks. around 40 iranian pilgrims were killed. isis claimed the attack saying it was a suicide truck bomb. officials said 65 other people were also wound. isis often uses attacks like
7:27 am
this as a reminder they can strike anywhere in the country. the bombs also killed another 31 people, a particularly bloody day by the standards of the iraqi capital. shiia muslims have been targeted by isis who consider them an apostate. civilians continue to flee from the city of mosul where fears fighting between coalition forces and isis are taking place. the crowds gathered at the evacuation points. footage emerging of several isis drones found in >> house in mosul. they have been using aircraft to scout out attacks. the drones range 5 1/2 miles and can be fitted with explosives.
7:28 am
also this worry after the defeat from mosul they will maintain the insurgent tactics. holiday shoppers look to the stores for deep discounts on black have i day. which items are flying off the shelves. gregg: the prime minister said those fires were set intentionally. >> for us it's terror in every possible way. people can be burnt and it'sls already happening. switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years. offers starting at $50/month.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
arthel: israeli police rounding up several people and arresting them on suspicion of arson as
7:32 am
wildfires rage. israeli's prime minister calling the fires acts of terrorism. >> we are facing arsonist terror. in front much arson youive terror we are also facing terror and arson. to us they are the same. arthel: joining me now, a fmer u.s. navy seal. chris, good to have you with us here this morning. because dozens have already been rounded up, still they were caught relatively quickly. >> this isn't the first time. there was a massive fire unintentionally set in 2010 and that spiraled with intentional arson events.
7:33 am
netanyahu called them now pyroterror events which i think is very, very good term. israel is seeds on all sides by people who wants to wipe them off the map. so it's not outside the realm of possibility to have the arsons in the past, a sons going on and the futures for them as well. out of that 2001 tragedy they were able to institute a fairly robust aerial fire' system. the expression never let a tragedy go to waste. i think other countries are getting involved. greece, turkey, cyprus, italy. israel is in a tough spot. we know that. they have been in a tough to the for a long time.
7:34 am
we have seen the big city haitha as well as the religious farming community that are settlement community. it's not outside the realm of possibility to realize some of those community were in areas once flynn controlled, and it's as tinder box. no pun intended. >> president obama says he would love to make an israel palestine deal to help. what do you think? could the trumps achieve that? >> it is certainly something that i would like to see. and i think many people would like to see. kirshekirshner. his far it was a real estate developer.
7:35 am
and being an american jew, america is looking to america to set a new tone of strength and hem. we send massive aid and relief efforts all over the world. let's make this whole world great again. so i think in keeping with make america greats again. i think for president-elect trump to do that with his son-in-law would be great for everyone. gregg: prime minister netanyahu said he's looking forward to working with president trump when he becomes president. what do you think, there is a possibility president trump could speak to them and bring them to the table of negotiating peace? >> i wholeheartedly believe so. he has hundreds of hotel and business establishments all over the world. he has a nalsive international
7:36 am
presence. and at the ends of the day no matter who you pray to, where you face when you pray, how you pray, everyone wants to be successful for their families, faith, community and country. i think donald trump exudes that's success. i think it will be positively infectious. i'm excited about the upcoming administration for those reasons. arthel: i want to let terveg know what you are up to. chris mckinley is helping other veterans. they run a non-profit providing free business attire to it in members returning to the workforce. over the last four years they helped 2,500 veterans. if you would like to donate, go to suiting a
7:37 am
gregg: millions of americans are ready to shop until they drop. hillary vaughn is keeping tabs on the activity. is black friday turnout lower than it used to be or what's the deal? >> you can see not a lot going on here. in-person shopping is down. but online shopping is way up. they broke a record. they had record-break records. and it's all part of their grano control how and when they shop. >> we have online pickup. what we do is the guest is able to order from the comfort their home and pick it up in their store. once they are in the store we hope they will see all the great deals we have and them continue shopping. >> target says their in-store pickup numbers are up 45% from
7:38 am
last year. >> what are some of the hot items on the shopper's list this year, hillary? >> a lot of tech and a lot of the toys. here is what is selling out fast. the deals are too good to resist. it was a 50-inch tv going for 250 bucks. that's half of its original price. xbox and playstation 4 flew off the shelves. the top toy, a hoverboard sold out in minutes online and back again this christmas and just as popular. the 3-fight giant bear stuffed animal. it sold south? stores and online. the name of the game is get here early and log on early to get the good deals before they are gone.
7:39 am
gregg: i saw the first flat screen tv20 years agocity was a. i'm reading a guy shows up at target and gets a 60-inch flat screen for $300. arthel: when we come back we'll tell you how one college considering an unusual measure to protect undocumented students in the wake of donald trump's election win. can schools defy immigration laws like stink wary cities do? >> what police say happened in a shopping center parking lot you have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night.
7:40 am
hey guys, i'm home! of course no one said it had to be cooked. campbell's one dish recipes, designed around one pan and your schedule. made for real, real life.
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7:43 am
arthel: 74 workers were killed when a ask scaffolding collapsed. some employees say they were pressured to work around the clock to make progress on ought project before winter. gregg: the debate over sanctuary cities spreading to college campuses. emory university is considering a sanctuary campus. senator jeff sessions is planning to take over as attorney general. guys, good to see you. jess he, let me start with you it's against the law to be a sanctuary city. even though the department of justice inspector general said
7:44 am
you can lose federal funds if you are a city that doesn't comply with that law. should college campuses also lose federal ais answer if they become sanctuary campuses? >> we don't know what this means yet. and if they do this, they are in danger of being in violation of federal law. the problem with that is number one, federal statute requires that you cannot harbor illegal immigrants and states and municipalities must comply with immigration requests. we don't know what they are planning on doing yet. if we have a situation where campuses refuse to let agents on campus without warrants. if they ininstruct their university police to not comply with federal law, we have a problem and we don't know what the result might be. gregg: it's a felony under
7:45 am
federal law to be a sanctuary city. any person knowing an alien has come to the u.s. in violation of the slaw con seals, harbors or con seals such alien in any place, including any building may shall imprisons for not more than 5 years. if a city like $san francisco lets an unouts person out of jail as they did in the kate steinle case and somebody dies, she died because of it. you can be prosecuted if usual the sheriff or mayor or board of supervisors with life behind bars. >> gregg, absolutely. in january donald trump will be the quarterback of our team. he's going to run this country. that statute you just put on the screen is the number one tool he has in his play book at our current administration has ignored for 8 years. if you are a city like
7:46 am
san francisco or new york or los angeles, and you want to take the position you are going to harbor illegal immigrants with criminal records or they entered the country illegally and you are not going to enforce this federal law by deporting individuals. you should face criminal consequences. the assailant has 7 felony convictions. you tell me why somebody including local sheriffs who let him go should not have been criminally prosecuted. trump needs to come out of the box and make a statement. gregg: the statute of limit taightss hasn't run. the sheriff who has since lost his job, should he be criminally prosecuted? somebody died. >> there is a strong argument that he should be prosecuted. if we go back to the campuses here, what is the road we want
7:47 am
to end on. the last thing we wanted is violence on our campuses. if we have situations where agents are coming on to the campuses and there is a danger to the students and faculty, that's the last thing we want. so we have to be very careful about the road we take in the trump administration. gregg: stanford university, there are 100 universities that want to be sanctuary campuses. stanford takes it a step further. they are not just talking about undocumented students. they are talk about settings up a refugee camp to harbor and shield undocumented people, people here illegally, including arguably criminals. should the feds if they do that under a president trump shut down the entire campus for violating federal law. >> what you are seeing is a frenzy.
7:48 am
it's politically corrected for mayors of cities and chancellors of universities across the country to be taking the positions, we are going to be a sanctuary campus. we are going to be a sanctuary city. it's a lot of fluff and stuff when you are talking about it. once you fist consequences. federal funding revoked. chancellors being sued. mayors of cities can be sued by the government if they implement what you just talked about. when you start facing those consequences you will hear a different story down the road and this will go away. gregg report irony and hip truth i is apparent to all. these universities, the private ones especially. they charge $60,000 a year for their tuition, room and board. you are talking about a square of a million dollars for an education. why don't they waive all that for undocumented students if
7:49 am
they are sincere about this instead of charging them a quarter million bucks. >> they are in the starting phase of what this might be. it's very premature to say we are going to go around prosecuting people and arresting people. but if we stick to the funding, stick to the programs backed by fed rald funds, that might be a situation where we can put pressure on the campuses that are in violation of federal law. it might be a situation where we look at specific program and talk about situations. >> it's so interesting how idealistic politicians love to stick by their ideals until suddenly you take their wallet away from them. funny how that works. jesse and brian thanks, good to see you. thank you very much. they will will be thanksgiving
7:50 am
arguments spiraling out of control and end in a deadly shooting outside of wal-mart. could the shopping season this holiday give the economy a boost? i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more
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gregg: police say a man was shot and killed after a park lot incident outside a walmart parking lot. authorities located those involved in the shooting, but they say they have not as yet made an arrest. arthel: with millions of americans in full holiday shopping mode, could black friday boost stocks even higher? fox business network's nicole
7:54 am
petallini is on the floor of the stock exchange. reporter: the record is hitting an all-time high. we kick off the holiday shopping season. right now the discounts are on for empeople seeing over 0% off. j.c. pen christmas and kohls. apple giving gift card for future purchases. how much of the average consumer is ready to spend. $935 is likely how much everybody will spend for the holiday season. it's up 4% year over year. they are expecting to see records not only in shopping, but also on the noble shopping. as i toss it back to you. people are feeling confident
7:55 am
about the economy. we have seen consumer confidence jumping. housing on the rise. they will be spending on themselves. 6 in 10 people-be spending on themselves. it's the highest we have seen. they will spend 140. one for you, one for me. >> how is that going to pick retail stocks? >> we are hitting records. everybody has gone the on this trump rally. better for companies and investors. no retailers for the year. names like burlington and children's place have been real winners. deck's sporting goods. best bay has also been a winner. it's been good for the wallet and i guess for the holidays, at
7:56 am
least for the present. arthel: what did you buy for yourself in. >> so far i haven't. but the season hasn't begun. i usually shop the 24th of december. gregg: a grandmother keeps her promise to share her thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings with teenagers she texted by accident. amus will do♪ at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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>> this is fun, happy ending for an accidental text that went viral. arizona grandmother sharing her thanksgiving feast with a teenager she invited by mistake. he text the did the back and said i am not your grandson and jokingly said can i still have a plate? and she said yes. >> really touched my heart. all the people out there, never expected this to happen to me.
8:00 am
>> loved being here, felt we could connect more and bond. >> reporter: now there are plans for both the families, they say they have a lot of things to do. >> i love ending like that, great seeing you, happy holidays. "happening now" begins right now. goodbye. >> new signs of a deep rift in the republican party over spot for mitt romney. recovering from thanksgiving dinner. laura:president-elect trump met with mitt romney and is considering tapping him to be secretary of state but allies of mister trump are worried about a


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