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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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ross, the daughter of diana ross recorded the scene. heather: diana ross looks fantastic. congratulations to all of them. >> congratulations to those who received that award. heather: happy thanksgiving. happening now starts now. jon: we again the fox news alert. president elect's trump administration shakes shape with another appointment today, the president elect tapping the south carolina nikki haley to be next embassador to united nations, good morning, welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. >> i'm in for jenna lee. first woman and minority selected for cabinet and they have not always seen eye to eye, governor hailey was occasionally critical of mr. trump during the campaign and she was an early supporter of senator marco rubio oas candy but the governor issued a statement says she would be honored to represent america on the world stage. peter ducey joins us in florida
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where the president elect will spend the weekend. >> hi, president elect likes governor hailey which is a cab-level job because she was record of bringing foreign businesses into south carolina but also because he said in a statement this morning, that quote, she's also a proven deal maker and we look to be making plenty of deals. she would be a great leader representing us on the world stage bringing hailey aboard indicates that mr. trump is not only interested in surrounding to people who have supported him from the beginning because hailey said earlier this year, she wasn't sure trump can win an national election and she said that while she was stumping for senator marco rubio. this morning the south carolina governor who says she will stay in her current job until the senate confirms her, explained that, quote, when the president believes you have a major contribution to the welfare of our nation and to our nation's standing in the world, that is a
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calling that is important to heath. we also heard a cabinet from mike huckabee, he wasn't moved by the offer. >> i'm not talking about what it was. i was offered a cabinet slot. i didn't think it was a great fit for me. i didn't do anything i did donald trump because i was e lexer -- elbowin a government job. i'm satisfied not being in a government job. >> ben carson is taking time to mull over donald trump's offer for urban development secretary. carson is close in a decision and just in a few minutes, trump team said there could be another announcement about filled government position.
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>> peter live in florida, thanks. jon: as governor of south carolina, nikki haley brought more than 82,000 jobs to her state largely by negotiating with international companies, other than that, she does not have a wealth of foreign policy experience. many of her positions on military and national sciert are more inline with mainstream republicans s governor hailey a good choice for the president elect? here to debate kristin, republican pollster and democratic strategist and former president of young democrats of america. kristin, you say you have thrilled with this pick, why? >> i'm thrilled because i think that nikki haley is going to be an excellent representative of america on the world stage. i think as somebody who comes to this position with certainly nontraditional dpoarns get there, -- experience and he does
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not himself have a traditional background that would lead one to be president. certainly fits in with his administration. and i'm also sort of grateful as a republican that this is something that can be unifying to the party. this is now, i think, a big healing move to say, look, even those skeptical of me when i was running, i want you to be part of my administration and contribute. jon: forgive me for butchering your name earlier, tell me about your perspective as a democrat. a lot of people thought that donald trump had won world view. isn't the fact that he's appointing somebody who openly opposed him during primary season, she's a woman and a minority, doesn't that say something about the kind of people he's picking? >> i think it says that he is trying to assemble a team of rivals in the sense of those who were opposing him during the
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republican primary. i think when i was thinking about the appointment it surprised me quite a bit, actually, because the foreign policy and those who tend to serve in those roles with the presidents in previous administrations have generally had more experience. it tends to be can -- respected in that line of work to ufns players and history. you know, i see it definitely a sort of assembling of a more diverse republican cabinet if that were the case. jon: president obama's obama samantha was journalist. >> she started the carr sister for human rights at the kennedy school and served in tip dip cri position. she built a resume started as a foreign journalist, actually.
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jon: what about that kristin, do you see a lack of foreign policy expertise in nikki haley? >> i think that nikki haley is going to be fantastic for this job. i'm going to live bipartisan love for my former un embassador who was stevenson who served under president kennedy. had experience in foreign policy but really a democratic nominee for president, governor of illinois came to that role and strong in u.s. history, him going to the un during the cuban missile crisis and showing the soviets the receipts stationed out in cuba. he came in a position from being governor and nikki haley coming from the position of being a governor, she has an opportunity to being strong voice as well. i'm optimistic. i think she's going to be a bright star in this administration.
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jon: what should change in your view with regard to american -- america's approach to the united nations? >> what should change? i mean, right now trump is definitely trying to put together a group, a team, national security foreign policy team that's really going to be interesting in essentially what the world view is going to be. he said some things in the primary that's given a one perspective of the world view with an appointment like haley, potentially mitt romney, i think the world view is going to be changing, seems comments in "the new york times" interview that he's willing moderate some stances on things he said in the primary and the general election. so i think if anything is going to change it may be suddenly his position in dealing with russia, but who knows since he's fluctuating a bit since even the
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general election a couple of weeks ago. jon: kristin, india is still a culture that's -- kind of where you are born is where you often stay all of your life. the fact that we had nikki haley's parents immigrated from america, one generation, what does that say of embassador? >> nikki haley has been an example of the american dream and how folks can immigrate here from everywhere, bring strength to our country, those families can contribute an enormous amount and in future generations continue to contribute. so i think nikki haley's story has been compelling one and the fact that he's chosen a rival with such a bright story about what makes america special is very important considering, for instance, the un security council where you're going to
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have china, russia, other nations that america may have to stand up to where a lot of poll incomes the gop were concerned about is donald trump too coazy to russia. putting a rival in a role that will deal like russia and china where we need to show why america is exceptional. it's not just nikki haley's personal story but character and comeener. jon: fascinating to watch assuming we get confirmed and we don't expect that to be a problem but you never know. i'm sorry, atima, thanks very much. >> the president elect is one target of recent protests across the country and as some question the effectiveness of the demonstrations, chicago is gearing up for a different kind of protest on black friday. mike joins us life from chicago, hi, mike. >> protestors will once again descend for a big shopping day
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an it's the high-end retail establishment and an organizer wants to let retails know that they will no longer profit from misery. that's their words. one of the things that we have seen the protests particularly post election have been undefined. this was a response, these never-ending demonstrations have become ineffective. >> they may have a message and an agenda, for the most part are young people who don't understand. >> but for the people dismissing the protestors is a bunch of cry babies, that overlooks the reality that the demonstrations are the galvanizing of the left. >> you have to step out of the box a little bit and look at
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what is going on and what's really going on is the left is organizing these young people to get ready for the next election and moving the party to the left. >> failure to take these demonstrators seriously is the mistake that democrats just made when they fail today take the trump supporters seriously and dismissed them as a basket of deplorables. >> live in chicago, thanks. jon: well, some members of the trump transition team reportedly not too pleased with the idea of governor mitt romney as secretary of state. former house speaker newt gringrich warns trump supporters might not be happy with a romney nomination. could it end up working in mr. trump's favor. a fair and balance debate ahead. and record travel predicted for this weekend, how it could impact your holiday plan a little bit later on happening now, behind the scenes look on
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how one major airlines, make sure you get to your destination safe and sound.
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>> right now airports across the country are prepare if or a record number of travelers. that's up from last year. adam shapiro is live at new york liberty international airport in new jersey. hi, adam. adam: hey, bettyanee. united is telling us 1:42:30 they expect the crowds to reemerge. there were crowds this morning obviously. as you take a look at video from airports across the countries, yes, millions of people will be flying, that statistic is a 12-day period. millions of us flying and more
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than say we saw since 2007. in all, 49 million of us, 49 million americans will be traveling over the holiday weekend to get some where and that's by plane, train, boat, car, that's triple a saying that and just to let you know how things are prepared because it's the heaviest travel we have seen since thanksgiving, tsa at the airport, they have 2,000 people that work part time have been transferred to full-time to help speed people through the lines. they also have automated lines as well where you always have to wait for the bin to get reload. that's automated. they have one here at newark. you may want to drive, it's going to be crowded. >> the roads might not be much better.
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adam shapiro, live in new york. happy thanksgiving. jon: ever wonder how the astronauts on board, the international space station celebrate thanksgiving. we know they will be enjoying some of the same fixings, turkey, turkey, their food prepared differently, 210 miles up. it comes in dehydrated pacts, yummy. between premade food thanks giving in space does seem a bit different but there is one tradition everybody needs to make turkey day complete. >> of course, thanks giving in my world is not complete without some football, so we are going to have mission control send live football games for us to watch to complete the experience of thanksgiving. jon: that sounds good. so that's what the astronauts on board the space station will be doing as they spend their thanksgiving holiday. i wonder what the russians think about thanksgiving.
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>> yeah, probably to have a little bit of different food even though dehydrated. jon: my turkey is dehydrated anyway at least when i make it. [laughter] >> kim jong un has showed no signs and warn president elect that north korea should be priority. transition could complicate things. he will explain why, coming right up
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>> right now some foreign affairs advise for president president-elect trump from current commander in chief. barack obama warns donald trump
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on north korea threat. the exclusive report goes onto say, quote, the obama administration considers north korea to be the top national security priority for the incoming administration. it has conveyed to president elect trump's transition team. according to people familiar with the conversations. jerry of washington bureau chief for the wall street journal is one of the authors of that piece and he joins us. so president obama north korea policy is known as strategic patience, basically waiting kim jong un to show he's ready to abandon nuclear arsenal. obama former chair chief of staff say it is incoming trump administration has to adopt a much more aggressive strategy. we can't sit back and let kim evolve, do you agree with that? >> the point is that the idea of not engaging diplomatic with north koreans has been a pretty bipartisan point of view. both the bush administration and the obama administration tried
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and disappointed at the attempts to get north koreans to engage seriously and make moves through diplomatic channels. the current pos sure -- posture is to sit back and not engage and it's clear they are willing to move. what everybody agrees now and it's a bipartisan view that the north korea program is moving forward. you may have to take further actions because there will be red lines. >> indeed. north korea's nuclear arsenal believed to have as many as 40 bombs. in addition the country is making huge progress putting ballistic missile that could hit u.s. mainland, so you agree that this should be the top u.s.-foreign policy priority. now what would you guess it's
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reaction to election? >> it's almost impossible to guess what goes on in north korea. i don't think anybody has a good idea. the reality is that the key player is probably not north korea in some ways but china, the question is really what's the north korean attitude towards china and vice versa. they are basically the lifeline for north korea, one of the frustrating things for the last few years has been china's unwillingness to engage in creating a lot more pressure on north koreans, that's going to have to change as well. that'll be complicated because both chinese are focused on their own internal economic issues and likely to be somewhat annoyed at the new trump administration because there appear to be trade fights glooming. >> yeah. that being the case, the u.s. needs china to effectively fight
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this threat as you mentioned, mr. trump has had harsh words for china on trade and other issues. do you believe, though, that president-elect trump can work with china against the north korean threat? >> well, you know, ultimately countries do what's in their own interest and the chinese have to see that it's in their interest not to be a nuclear armed north korea that actually is a threat to others. the question is can it become a nuclear north korea that extends that threat around the world and even reaching the u.s., destabilizing force and i can't imagine the chinese want that to happen, the question is how do you create a situation in which there's a change in north korea without there also destabilize korean peninsula which view as a different threat which would produce chaos in southern border and economic crisis.
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>> all right, pitfalls to all of the strategies but we are going to do what we can do. thank you very much so much jerry from the wall street journal for joining us. >> sure. jon: former republican candidate mitt romney leading contender to be donald trump's secretary of state. but some of the president-elect's key supporter warns that would be a bad idea. would a romney appointment alienate voters. millions are taking to the skies and takes more than a flight crew to get you, it takes a team, a behind the scenes look of the invisible army attention: are you eligible for medicare?
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>> i would be concerned, one, i think the vast majority of trump supporters will initially be very unhappy and will be reminded of all the things that romney said over the year and, two, romney represents a different viewpoint. >> that was former house speaker newt gringrich on reports that mitt romney is the leading contender in the trump administration and gringrich is not alone. wall street journal reporting that president-elect transition are asking not to
8:31 am
choose mitt romney. tom wood is a science professor. welcome to both of you. you heard from gringrich. he mentioned the things that romney said during the campaign, you may recall romney called trump a fraud, phoney, governor nikki haley criticized trump he's now a un embassador. is this a case of politics making strange bed fellows? >> it could be. we have to wait and see if he actually does appoint mitt romney. i would be shocked if he did, but we have to remember this is a win-win for donald trump either way. either way he has told the establishment wing of the republican party that he's willing to consider somebody like a mitt romney if he, indeed, choses them. i disagree with the former speaker of the house. i'm not sure supporters abandon him.
8:32 am
they have enough faith that if he does choose mitt romney, somebody who will go along and tow the line of the administration. >> dr. ben carsons says similar to what you're saying, it's a positive sign that trump is embracing people who criticized earlier. it proves trump is not as thin-skin as people say. tom, what do you think? >> dominant media narrative about the transition to date has been that donald trump has been choosing folks like personal, choosing people who he has a prior relation with, a pick like governor romney would be powerful evidence that he's not choosing people with whom -- against whom he's carried a grudge and choosing from across the breath of the republican and nominating people who can do a good job for the american people.
8:33 am
>> you know, gringrich also saya very different viewpoint on foreign policy, the washington post catherine parker says that's a good thing. they can play good cop, bad cop. is it good for trump to have a secretary of state with whom he disagrees? >> they do disagree substantially on many foreign policy areas. they also agree on some and i have to go back and say, even if he disagrees personally, mitt romney disagrees with donald trump in the same way hillary clinton quite frankly disagreed with barack obama and yet you didn't see her go off on her own as secretary of state representing her own brand. we are not likely to see that with a potential secretary of state mitt romney. that's not mitt romney's style and certainly we have to have faith in donald trump that as president he's not going to appoint a sect -- secretary of state and making policies and pushing for policies for an administration that he doesn't represent. so i have a hard time believing
8:34 am
that either of those things would happen in actuality. i don't think any of the gentlemen are the kind of person that is will do. >> nonetheless, gringrich says he can think of 25 qualified people, he lists carly fiorina, embassador john bolton and also says it's essential that secretary stand up to foreign leaders and putting america first, romney might be too easily wooed like a rudy giuliani. tom, what do you think about that? >> romney was floated as a child balloon and never sincere appointment. instead suggests that -- i mean,
8:35 am
the new trump administration will be full of folks who are loyalists and made appointments that should nullify base concerns. romney has experience in executive and he's not a push-over. i can't imagine that he will do anything but carry the mission of president elect and so for all the good and bad things about a trump presidency would be a loyal soldier. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. jon: well a record number of americans expect today take to the roads and skies this thanksgiving holiday. most of us pretty familiar and comfortable with road trips but statisticically commercial airlines are actually the safer way to travel. for those of you out there who get nervous when you can't hit the brakes put your feet on the ground.
8:36 am
the people at southwest airlines peeled the curtains to making sure you get to your destination safely. you always play attention to briefing. you won't see the other hundreds of airline employees who are also along for the ride working for you even after your plane door is closed. here is how it works. we got on all-access pass to the heart of the southwest operation center in houston where the unseen eyes and hands monitor your flight every minute and mile. >> these are more than a hundred people that are flying public will never see? >> probably around 300 people on the floor any given time of the day. >> all keeping your planes in the air but the passengers are never going to meet them. >> they do not meet them
8:37 am
directly. jon: running an airlines like southwest is to put it mildly a complex operation. 3900 departures a day during peak travel season and more than 700 aircraft and 53,000 employees join to move you and a hundred million of fellow passengers annually where you wanting to. it's a loggist call challenge under the best circumstances and when moar nature gets cranky, watch out. >> this is your nightmare bad weather moving into chicago. >> we have been watching for the last three hours. i can look at hours in advance. >> we had a pretty big thunderstorm that passed to north within the last hour and they were talking about potential winds with that. >> precautions developed at the airlines in concert with federal safety agencies combined to make air travel in the united states the safest means of
8:38 am
transportation ever devised. >> it's a place we call it our situation room because it's where we come if we are dealing with a particular event of the day, something happening out of the norm. jon: the situation room was busy last august 21st. southwest flight 3472 from new orleans to orlando forced to make emergency landing after one of the two engines failed midair. part of a turban blade broke off. passengers saw smoke out window. >> you could see the plane wobbling. >> there was a lot of smoke. jon: during unusual incident the inflight crew worked with the team on the ground to divert the jet to pensacola where the captain safely landed the boeing with only one working engine
8:39 am
it's not just the pilot and crew keeping the passengers safe. >> they are responsible for the flight in coordination with the captain. they share the responsibility of the flight with the captain. they plan the flights, they release the flights and then they watch the flight as it operates. >> every flight at every moment is monitored across several platforms. >> you notice there's an airplane that's been out, waiting taxi in in la. this is a way to getting getting the folks into the gate. we have gate cameras and pretty much look at every gate in the system. >> we do keep tv up because a lot of times we get very current information quicker through the news than our normal chance. jon: we will do that for you, we will take care of that for you. >> you might be surprised that southwest and other airlines monitor social media for signs
8:40 am
of trouble anywhere in their system. >> i have heard that twitter is one of the best ways to reach an airline if you've got a problem and you're a living proof that you actually do monitor this stuff? >> yeah, we are here and here to help, we try to be a one-stop shop. if you have a question about your connection, whatever it may be, we can help you out. jon: passengers take to twitter to report increment weather, delays, sometimes even their own. >> we had a customer contact us, if you make my connection, i will make a key-lime pie. looks like it was going to be close so we sent a message to the pilot, if you can make those work a customer will get you a key-lime pie. jon: the customer made the plane. the pilot -- >> sent him a pie. jon: i happened to be not in the
8:41 am
chair because i was in houston to shoot the report but we were watching happening now. kind of an odd feeling. >> of course, a pilot, how different from your experience, though, flying small plane? jon: very different. in the next hour of happening now, i'm going to take you inside the pilot training simulators which are incredible. a thrill for me but they ought to get comfort to the flying public about the fact that pilots are trained for any emergency. >> sounds great. key-lime pie. i have to remember that one. jon: never hurts. >> dozens of wild fires are burning across the southeast and crews are making progress but we will tell you what's complicating the efforts to tame the fast-moving flames. also iran issuing a warning.
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>> right now some progress in the battle to contain dozen offense wild fires burning across the southeast with crews gaining ground son only of the biggest ones and new fires keep popping up and many of those are suspected arsons. total of 120,000 acres. southern forests are catching fire because of a relentless drought stretching from oklahoma to texas all the way to carolinas to virginia, now high winds and falling leaves are presenting more challenges as crews work to bring those fires under control. jon: new information now. voting to extend sanctions on iran after president elect vowed to tear up the deal in exchange for economic relief. at least that's what the administration says. well, now the country's top leader is saying that extending
8:46 am
sanctions would violate that global pact. he's warning of retaliation. for more on this let's bring in lieutenant colonel mitchell, retired member of the u.s. army special forces, colorado national guardsman and history in the army. mitch, what do you make of this sort of threat from the iranians? >> hay, jon, happy thanksgiving. jon: same to you. >> they've rolled out threat after threat, they have actually done things, you know, they've captured our sailers, provided lethal aid to see militia and this is a threat and we've got a team coming into the u.s. government in a couple of months that iran needs to take seriously. swron jon well, we've already given them so much of the cash that was controversially
8:47 am
delivered but can donald trump backtrack on what president obama is considered achievement of his administration. >> the president elect has said he's in disagreement with this deal. what the president elect is doing and is doing during campaign is something that resinates with tehran. that's a currency well understood in that part of the world and tehran is paying attention to everything what we are doing and specially after what happens after january 20th. jon: the isis forces have drawn so much attention, obviously iran and isis are enemies, so when we go after isis are we helping iran?
8:48 am
>> yeah, this is kind of an unusual proverb, the enemy of my enemy is my friend specially after the president elect decides to disengage from backing antiassad militias in syria, we quite literally are taking some of the pressure off of assad, iran and russia. jon: so what would be your your approach in a new administration to hold iran's feet to the fire but also to -- to, you know, not necessarily let the pressure up on bashar al-assad? >> well, my approach would be to do what they're doing now, the president elect is really pulling in an a-team whether he appoints them to cabinet positions or not, anyone who has previously served the u.s. government specially in the military will be asked for advice certainly flagging general officer, he has the opportunity to talk to generals
8:49 am
mattis, flynn u guys that fought iranian-backed for years, i would implore the incoming u.s. government talked to our smartest people and take their advice. jon: criticism of the obama administration has been one of the criticisms that they have worked so hard to try to do this iran deal. they have ignored some of our mideast allies in the process and actually worsen those relations. do you agree and if so how do you see that changing? >> certainly. that has occurred. throughout sunni countries in the middle east, diplomatically and politically they have taken a step back from the united states because as we have outreached to iran we have showed them we are more interesting in talking to mortal enemy shiite iran. we predict that outreach will increase as pressure is put back on iran, the sunni arab counties
8:50 am
will return to greater cooperation with the u.s. and i do think we will see stronger regional develop. jon: lieutenant colonel from army special forces, mitch, thank you. >> thanks, jon. >> dow passed 19,000 yesterday for the first time. financial markets hitting all-time highs in the wake of donald trump's election. so what else is fueling the rally on wall street and how long will it keep rolling? we will talk about that mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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>> fox business alert. another record-breaker on wall street. the dow hitting another all-time high yesterday for the third day in a row going over 19,000 and it's staying there. right now up 25 at 19,049 and that's the day after it topped the 19,000 mark. nicole petallides live at the new york stock exchange, hey, nicole. nicole: you see 19,000, a psychological level and continues here to the upside today. right now the dow is up about 25 points setting another record today so likely we will see if we close at a record once again. when you talk to traders on wall street, they think they are more likely to see dow 20,000, before dow 28,000. the trend is to the upside. by the way, that russell 2000
8:55 am
hitting a record again today. that being said, how are we doing after the dow dropped 2% last year, this year 2016 has been a winner. dow is up about 9% and nasdaq up 7. s&p 5008% but the russell, small caps are soaring 18%. this as we have the dollar rising, you have donald trump coming in as president and stronger dollar inflation and maybe some rate hikes. that brings it over to janet yellen. but the bet is that we are going to see a rate hike. it's about 95% here that we are going to see a rate hike in december and we haven't seen one since last year, since last december, so likely to see that in action. that being said, i know a lot of people are going to be traveling over 43 million traveling and driving, how are we doing on gasoline? pretty much a bargain, 2.13 a gallon. second cheapest since the year 2008. you can consider maybe you're
8:56 am
getting a bargain. as far as winners today, i like to give you winners, fedex and ups, all ahead of the holiday season. >> all right, nicole petallides. fox business. thanks. jon: new next hour on happening now we are awaiting another announcement from president-elect trump's transition team. who might it be? we will give you a front-row seat of ride of a lifetime, how it keeps commercial pilots at top of their game. >> the incredible device lets crews, one minute you're pushing back from gate c44 in denver, the next minute you're a thousand feet above seattle on short final approach
8:57 am
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jon: new faces announced for the
9:00 am
administration. dr. ben carson just wrote on facebook an announcement on my role. >> we will be back in just an hour. jon: outnumbered starts right now. >> fox news alert, president-elect trump announcing more staffing picks and he may have additional announcements later today as internal battle appears to be growing over who secretary of state should be. this is outnumbered. i'm kennedy, great to have you here today. also joining us on the couch cohost of after the bell, melissa francis, fox news eboni well -- williams and #oneluckyguy, it's david web himself and he is outnumbered. >> and smiling.


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