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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 23, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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streets. colin roads now out of a potentially life saving surgery this morning. the 29-year-old clinging to life after being shot in the head a few blocks away from the detroit campus. a person of interest d'angelo davis taken into custody just before 10:00 last night ending a 3 hour manhunt we are told. working close which with the police department saying officer rose was investigating a string of carob bris. minutes before he radioed in to report a man on the street. his shooting sending shock waves through out the entire city. >> he is a tremendous officer, very young, very proactive. one of the best canine officers in the midwest or in the country. >> last night's shooting coming after a string of very similar attacks one in gladstone, missouri, one in san antonio and a horrific attack in st. louis and sanibel, florida.
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they are now on alert for the copycat shooters. the ambushes reaches a decade high of 20. >> looks at the environment not just here but across the country. this needs to stop. i really believe that a lot of this is fuelling attacks on police officers. >> officer rose is in critical condition. we monitor the story to bring you the latest details as they come here on fox news. >> praying for him and his family as well. thank you. >> to another alert. the nypd three officers for the thanksgiving day parade. in an unprecedented move the forces of the entire counter-terrorism will be working thanksgiving. every crossroad will be barricaded with trucks bomb
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sniffing dogs also out on control. all of this started because of the isis magazine recently pick published a picture of the thanksgiving day urging followers to attack crowds with trucks. >> the mad holiday rush is on predicting the busiest thanksgiving travel season in nearly a decade. nearly 49 million americans a are -- trekking 50 miles or more the reason gas prices. the average price is 2.16. if you were one of the nearly 4 million people who is expected at some of the airports including atlanta which is one of the busiest in the country be warned of that. trains will be packed with tickets selling out since sunday. >> unwelcome guest this thanksgiving. you don't want to see this guy. >> rain, wind, snow all of that making a huge mess for millions of holiday travelers.
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>> janice dean is talking the midwest being a problem. >> are you traveling? >> i am traveling. i understand those delays in a lot of different airports. >> you have some delays in the midwest that will cause delays in the country. pack your patientses as they say. pack your patience. let's take a look at it. warm across the central u.s. warm across the northeast. those winds are starting to taper off. another system moving in the northwest over the next 24 to 48-hours. it is kind of a messy system it is not compact. you will see travel delays.
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it is not a big whopper of a storm. that's good news. still going to have delays heading into wednesday and thursday parts of the midwest and ohio river valley. call ahead check online to see how your flight is doing. on the roadways not too bad. the upper midwest and u.p. of michigan will be affected. the snow mainly confined for t upper midwest. the east coast looks good. what's going to happen for the thanksgiving day parade. i think we are going to be okay. cloudy skies not too bad. mild temperatures. we will take that central u.s. looks clearer then our next system move noose the west coast watching that. if you can believe this, still hurricane season. we have a hurricane that's going to move into nicaragua and costa
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rica tomorrow on thanksgiving. unprecedented for this time of year. it happens. you can have hurricanes any month of the year. but again this is the tail end of the season. this is quite rare. we will be watching this as well. >> hurricane oto? >> hurricane oto already. still tracking these things. >> thank you, janice. >> president elect donald trump. he's waking up in florida for a holiday hiatus of sorts. no rest for the weary. brand new reports breaking overnight mr. trump just tapped south carolina governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador. let's get straight to gary tiny from washington, d.c. standing by with that information. >> good moaning, garrett. >> good morning to you. this report comes from south carolina's own newspaper said an announcement is expected later today naming nikki haley as president trump's pick u.s. ambassador to the united
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nations. if it is accurate, the addition of haley to the trump administration will add a sense of diversity to the cabinet. it will continue to ease concerns among mainstream republicans as well. the 44-year-old governor will be south carolina's first female and minority governor when she was elected six years ago. she has little foreign policy experience she has received a lot of praise of her handling a number of hot button issues in her state including the racially charged charleston church shooting and push to have confederate flag removed from the ground in the state house. mr. trump is still eyeing dr. ben carson to be part of his cabinet. i am seriously considering dr. ben carson as the head of hud. i have got to know him well. he's a greatly talented person who loves people. this would be a change of course for carson who posted on facebook that he would prefer to work outside of government.
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yesterday he told neil cavuto that the secretary of housing and urban development is one of the number of cabinet positions that have been offered to him. >> has it been offered? >> we have had offers, yes. >> was it the hud position? >> that was one of the options that are on the table. >> you can tell despite the thanksgiving holiday and trump being at his mar-a-lago resort in florida this transition effort is still very much underway. >> clinton's peert switzer says president elect trump should let the fbi continue its investigation. >> i think it is deeply disturbing. he shouldn't be talking about this at all. it is not his job. i was on your program earlier this year talking about how inappropriate it would be for president obama to intervene in an investigation. it is equally inappropriate for
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a elect president trump to do the same. if he the department of justice decides they are not going to prosecute they are fine to do that. the fbi are under going investigation now. the president elect should not be telling them to halt their investigation. >> ann coulter, breitbart news thinking he sold out. what are you thinking about all of this? use the hashtag keep talking. you can weigh in on our "fox & friends first" facebook page and weigh in on the comment thread. >> some of the appointments they think he is selling out as well. >> real life security struggle. no laughing matter for a comedian at the white house. >> ellen degeneres nearly blocked from getting a medal after for getting her id. >> she waited for an hour while officials confirmed her identity. >> tom hanks robert deniro and
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bruce spreng steen. the highest honor a civilian can get. >> crazy day yesterday. from our sister network fox business is here with where the trend is headed. are we going to coast through this thing for the new year? >> i don't know about coasting on wall street and the stock market. but things have been pretty nice. it is fun to be a business reporter these days. we went above 19,000 yesterday. first time in history for the dow jones industrial. you are seeing a lot of those sectors you would expect under a trump administration doing the same telecom, real estate. consumer discretionary. the pull back regulation will he deal with obamacare and put a lot money into infrastructure. that is making folks feel pretty darn good. with the dow up 67 the nasdaq up 17 we can expect this to continue at least for a while. it is volatile i have to say
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that but it has been nice to see these numbers. >> maria bart roma when it first popped up above 19,000 and went back down. definitely up and down. >> let's go for up. we will see what happens today. if you went to see a nicks game and your stolen? >> you get your beer and soda and you get hacked. they stole credit card data from madison square gardens including that. they went for the concession stands. it is not going to see a rangers game or a concert. it's the beacon theater in new york, msg, if you went to the concession stand they hacked credit cards october 19th and october 24th. it is a large scale hack.
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>> i would be more mad i paid 30 for the popcorn. >> dangerous toys to avoid this holiday season. we have this list and another one is out. >> we have to. you want to make sure the kids are safe. consumer products safety commission and others flagging toys through out the year. we have a list as we go into the holiday season and you are looking for the toys. you want to make sure these are not on the christmas list for kids. the tough tread auto carrier, the mbx50 tiny control bicycle. push on motorcycle rider, the peanuts ride on toys and also the buoy bean bag chairs. things like these, these are different reasons but it's an entire list out. choking hazards and batteries ks employing on kid's toys toxic hazards and even noise complaints. you don't want to hurt your kid's ears. >> or the parents.
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going to ask you about people are haangry they spent $6 a cupf coffee now they find out it will be 6.25. >> especially in new york. we went to eagle eye new yorkers to find out starbucks within 48-hours of the election in the united states they were raiding prices. they went to social media and starbucks finally confirming yes, thwe always evaluate certa markets our prices. they did. one women tweeting out she says as starbucks raise their prices starting on election day by almost $0.50. conspiracy theorists around. starbucks is like we raised our prices. >> are they putting more caffeine in it? >> we are talking about black friday all of the deals coming up. >> thanks, cheryl. the time is 12 minutes after the hour. it's an uber outrage. one day after an isis inspired driver is arrested for plotting to attack time's square they are
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allowing ex-cons to get behind the wheel. >> we heard cheryl mention this thanksgiving encouraging family time. is this a good idea? your comments flooding in on our social media this morning. >> are you done with tinder? try cinder. how the vatican is making it easier for you to make a confession. new from david baldacci pursuing a mystery that's haunted him since youth militany investigator john puller is about to cross paths with an ex-con seeking revenge welcome to no man's land on sale now
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p is for privileges.
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o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united. >> the buss was going 30 miles an hour when it smashed into a tree and split in half. >> my baby came home and said the bus driver is cussing on the bus, cussing at them, drinking,
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speeding. >> so sad. police say this man the driver johnthony walker. two months ago he was involved in another collision working for the school district. he had just received his bus license in april. five elementary school children were killed in this crash. this morning 12 remain hospitalized six in critical condition. prostitutes and thieves can now pick you up at the doorstep. uber is loosening the drivers in connecticut and island. it is to help nonviolent offenders to get some work. similar regulations in place in new york city. an uber driver was arrested for planning a terror attack in times square. >> i hadn't heard that. >> not taking any chances the nypd is sending 3,000 officers to the thanksgiving day parade as fears of the terror attack are growing.
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>> sand trucks lining the route and bomb sniffing dogs assure the public everyone will be safe. >> police outline their safety plans. >> in harold square nypd officers from the canine unit are already on patrol on the lookout looking for suspicious packages. >> the parade itself we are going to have a large details out there. we security there. we will have 83 sand trucks out. we will have caurs coming down the road. >> the counter terrorism unity kwipt with long guns will be working on thanksgiving day as a precaution. in another first there will be no through traffic along the parade route. >> nowhere along the entire route will there be any cross streets. everything will be closed at 42nd which hasn't been done in
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the past. there will be no traffic coming across the route this day. >> in addition to what you see on the streets the nypd will be monitoring any potential threats that arrive. >> we have a huge intelligence capacity. we have had that for years and we are adding to it. what is improved upon is the relationship with fbi and federal partners. once upon a time it was fractured now it will be tight. >> i will be here at 10:00 which is start time. >> you have heard him say it time and time again. >> drain the sloth. >> now claiming our president elect famous catch phrase is racist. >> bridging the gap, how police officers in one community are using footballs to keep half of the victory.
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>> right now the focus is on who trump will appoint to his cabinet. they have potential cabinet members going up to meet donald trump. ted cruz is approaching the elevator everyone inside hits the door close button. per roll
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>> even more criminals ready to walk the streets all thanks to president obama. 79 additional sentences cut short as the outgoing president finishes the clemency crusade. the number 1,023 this morning that's more than the last 11
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presidents combined. it is not over. president obama expected to add to this number during his fanl weeks in office. >> if you are looking for a quick confession. a roman catholic church in the u.k. launching a gps powered app called tinder. >> in i one can find confession and find mosques. >> it uses technology similar to the dating app tinder it guides them to the nearest church guiding them to confession. there's an app for that. >> from patrolling the streets to running the relays to keep kids out of kroubl and on the football field. >> bill car has the heartwarming
2:25 am
story. >> the neighborhood still emotionally scarred from anti police riots in the 60's, a group of kids and coaches have come together for football practice on the only grass field seen for miles. >> they aren't just preparing for the next opponent. they are tackling the trust gap between the community and law enforcement. >> to try to change the community you have to get your hands dirty and work on the kids. when they are 15, 16, 17, 18 that relationship they have with law enforcement is completely different. the goal, keep the kid on the field and off the street. the coaches all los angeles police officers that patrol us during the day and traded one uniform for another. mentoring players a game at a time. >> rather than just arresting
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and moving on to the next problem, we are preventing a problem before it even starts. >> for many the police officers have become family. >> they are like another dad. they give us good advice. all cops are not bad. you should just respect the police and you will gain respect back. >> it is working. the three housing developments have seen a 50 percent reduction in homicides since the bears hit the field in 2011. violent crime is up against los angeles. it is so successful it has branched out. officers filling in at father daughter dances, tutoring even going to parent, teacher conferences. >> we are using it as a way to mentor and really be a focal point in these kid's lives where we are helping them out to do better things in their lives. >> players parents tell us if a program like this can make
2:27 am
teenagers respect police police officers in south los angeles it can work anywhere in the country. >> will car there for us this morning. the time is 26 minutes after the hour. the trump transition team taking a holiday hiatus as mr. trump lands to a warm welcome in florida with rumors still swarming about his pick for secretary of state. will it be romney? >> i would be concerned the vast majority of trump's supporters will initially be very unhappy. >> which one of his potential picks, former speaker of the house newt gingrich says he is a little bit concerned about.
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♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. >> it is wednesday november 23rdrd. this is a fox news alert. officers under attack. a wayne state university officer shot in the head, the 5th shot
2:31 am
in just three-days. >> i really believe a lot of the fuelling of attacks on police officers (indiscernible). >> new fears about copycat attacks through out the country. >> south carolina governor nikki haley was offered a coveted spot in president elect trump's cabinet. we are live in washington. >> tricky travels. the holiday rush is already on. a wicked storm making the thanksgiving trek a mess for millions of americans. janice dean is tracking the forecast. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> if they moved thanksgiving to july we wouldn't have the travel
2:32 am
problems. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. we have a developing story. fox news alert for you. police officers under attack. the 5th shot in just three-days. >> this time a wayne state university officer in detroit shot in the head the fear of copycat attacks now filtering across law enforcement across the country. >> jackie ibanez is here now with brand new developments. >> good morning. another horrific disturbing reminder how dangerous it is to protect our streets. canine officer colin rose now out of surgery clinging to life after being shot in the head a few blocks from campus. davis taken into custody around 10:00 last night ending a 3 hour manhunt. they are working closely with the department police department. officer rose approached a man after a string of car break ins.
2:33 am
they found the officer shot in the street. >> he is a tremendous officer very young, very proactive. one of the best k-9 officers in the midwest or the country. >> last night's shooting coming after a string of clib brat attacks on the badge. officers shot in sanibel, florida and gladstone, missouri following a horrific attack on a police officer in st. louis. on alert for cop tee cat shootings as the number reaches a decade high of 20. >> you look at the environment not just here but across the country. you have four officers ambushed over the weekend. i really believe that alove us this is fuelling the attacks on police officers. >> he is in critical but stable condition. we will monitor the story to bring you the latest details.
2:34 am
>> to another alert for you. the nypd this morning the 3,000 officers growing fears of a terror attack. the entire counter-terrorism unit will work on thanksgiving. the whole unit every cross street on the parade route will be shut down barricaded with sand trucks bomb sniffing dogs also out of control. they urged followers to attack crowds with trucks. >> the mad holiday travel rush is on predicting the busiest thanksgiving travel season in nearly a decade. nearly 49 tracking 50 miles or more. national average 2.16 cents. expect long security lines. atlanta expected to be the bez iest airport in the country this
2:35 am
t thanksgiving. trains wills packed with tickets selling out since sunday. old man winter an unwelcome guest for the holiday season. we have delta airlines in cincinnati. northern kentucky of course that airport. is that going to be a problem? >> this is not a really strong system but it could cause some travel delays. you know what? twitter is your best friend when it comes to tweeting at the airlines. they respond really quickly. we that happen they say they will help you right away. there are delays looking pretty good. a lot of greens on the map. that is the storm system that will push across the mississippi river rally and not a lot of snow and wind, but it is going to be nuisance weather on the roadways and in the air.
2:36 am
this system will move but we are okay partly cloudy skies which is good news. boston, new york, dc, atlanta, charlotte. but it is chicago and minneapolis and lake city we have to keep an eye on. they have the ripple effect. thanksgiving day looking better than most. snow across the northern plains and northwest. we have a system moving across the eastern sea board. the parade, the forecast looking pretty good for mr. turkey here. cloudy skies 45. the winds will be light. we thought auto is the hurricane. it will make land fall and nicaragua. we will watch that as well. snore sn more snow and we are talking the tropics as well. >> it is a cornucopia. >> very well done.
2:37 am
>> happy thanksgiving may friend. >> president elect donald trump waking up in florida during a holiday hiatus. brand new reports breaking overnight. trump just tapped south carolina nikki haley as u.n. ambassador. get straight to garrett tenney from washington, d.c. is it actually confirmed? >> we are working to confirm this report. so much for taking a break for the holidays. the newspaper is reporting later today president elect trump is expected to name governor nikki haley as his pick for ambassador to the united nations. she has been mentioned as a potential pick as a post in the
2:38 am
administration. the governor has little foreign policy experience she has received praise for her handling of a number of big issues over the last few years including south carolina record flooding, the racially charged church shooting and the confederate flag from the white house. he is looking at ben carson as well. tweeting i am seriously considering dr. ben carson as a head of hud. he is a greatly talented person who loves people. this would be a change of course for carson who posted he would prefer to work outside of government. he told neil cavuto it is one of the cabinet positions he has been offered. >> have you been offered? >> we have had offers. >> is it the had you had position? >> i would say that was one of the offices that's on the table.
2:39 am
>> another apparent change of course mr. trump says he will not push for the prosecution of hillary clinton with the number of e-mail scandals or the clinton foundation. something he vowed to do at every rally through out the election. last night the incoming chief of staff said mr. trump is focused on moving forward. >> i am sure if something comes around it is some kind of bomb we don't know about we will have to take a look at it. his point is he is looking forward to leading this country. he is not looking to further injure the clintons. he has the right attitude about leading america. >> there were several house investigations led by republicans ongoing. mr. trump will allow those to go forward. >> getting a mixed reaction to some of these appointments. >> especially on the right. thank you, garrett. >> the trump transition team makes a little bit of a break. a lot to talk about who our
2:40 am
president elect will be secretary of state and when he will announce that. he is concerned it might be mitt romney. >> i would be concerned, one, i think the vast majority of trump supporters will initially be very unhappy and will be reminded of all of the things romney said over the years. romney represents a very different viewpoint. i am not sure whose secretary of state he would be. >> what do you mean? >> trump will have to think through romney wanted to be in president elect trump's job. to what degree would romney once he is secretary of state represent himself p around the world? sort of the john kerry tradition of let's go for five star hotel to five star hotel nice gourmet dinners with foreign ministers. to what extent would he
2:41 am
represent the kind of money that america first policies the trump is campaigning on? >> also under serious consideration for secretary of state of course you have heard former new york city mayor rawed de gi -- rudy giuliani. >> adopt several cash phrases on the campaign trail. but this one seemed to stick. >> drain the sloth. >> the phrase was intended to mean eliminating corruption from washington. but a writer from the southern poverty law center he is saying it is racist. >> the people that were spreading the drain the sloth hashtag were racist, white men white supremacists on twitter to harass various ethnic groups. >> they adopted it. it is not like it is racist on its own. the writer also suggests donald trump isn't doing enough to stop them from spreading violence.
2:42 am
he is responsible for all of them? all right. >> everyone is using that phrase. chuck schumer was using it the other day. >> i have used it in my backyard. >> drain the swamp. >> you have a little water down there you have to tradrain it sometimes. >> dozens of stores closing their doors this thanksgiving encouraging family time. good idea? your comments are pouring in next. >> will brad and angelina be spending thanksgiving together? i know you are are willy worried about this. the fbi just put out information on the charges that the actor pit has been facing. we will tell you what they said. >> what do you think before this thanksgiving holiday? >> go to facebook, twitter or instagram or e-mail them to us. we will air some of them tomorrow during our show.
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>> welcome back. major retailers keeping their doors closed on thanksgiving day in the name of family. >> cheryl casone from our sister network is here with the trend. >> it is all about family this year. dozens of stores are closing on thanksgiving this year because of, well, family time. when the mall of america made the announcement several weeks ago it was not going to open on thanksgiving day this year it started a trend in the retail industry. it is a big change from what we have scenery tailors do in the past. ask employers on turkey day. it is good pr to not open for thanksgiving. >> at t.j. maxx and home goods we are closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. bring back the holidays. >> in fact, the list this year they are jumping on the stay at home with your family band wagon. costco, nordstrom, t.j. maxx,
2:47 am
dillards, hobby lobby, staples even sam's club. retailers like wal-mart, target and best buy will be open on thanksgiving day. head to the fox & friends first web site for a complete list of thanksgiving day options. of course we are going to tell you where and when you can hit the ground for black friday. i will be out there right in the middle of it for you friday morning. >> i know you are excited about that. >> tomorrow on "fox & friends" i will have gadgets. hundreds off. >> one the other commercials is be thankful for what you already have. >> you don't node to go buy stuff. right? sure. >> the responses have been pouring in on this one. tony on facebook writes stores should be closed but more importantly people should value the familiar tie lime more than a sale or anything for that matter. make it count. >> jenny on facebook says i work
2:48 am
in retail. more families should do this. it should be more important than the dollar. >> those who need the money may not get paid if the stores are closed. >> the time is 48 minutes past the hour. look at what's coming up on "fox & friends. >> i believe there's somebody cooking in the kitchen. >> jumbos breakfast and lunch house. >> i have never been to north carolina. we are on wilmington. it is the cutest town. i love it here. i am here with jim bow who runs this place. he moved here 40 years ago. he opened this diner. it has been around for 40 years. we will be here from 6-9 talking politics. talking about why this is such an important state and why mr. trump won. we are eating home fries which is what he is famous for. letting him sit around and
2:49 am
serving him coffee. >> hear they don't have a governor in north carolina. >> abby you are fantastic learning all of the skills. >> they already told me to work it is 5:50 in the morning. >> we will see you in about 12 minutes. >> we are not done yet. we will join you after break. stick around.
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♪ ♪ fitting song as a record number of travelers are hitting the road, the skies. hop on a train. the great escape is under way.
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>> yeah. travel this thanksgiving. expect to be the busiest in nearly a decade. we're live inside laguardia airport. how is it looking this morning so far? >> pretty good. lines are not so bad here at laguardia. a little busier than a normal morning. looking at the american airlines terminal, not too shabby. people coming in rather quickly. a major increase in travel across the country. 48.7 million people will travel 50 miles or more to their holiday destination. that's a high number of travelers. the highest you see since 2007 according to aaa. we're going to see a lot of people taking to the skies this thanksgiving holiday. make sure you're prepared for longer security lines and congestion at the airports. traffic on the roads expected to be heavy this year due to really low gas prices. the average price at the pump is $2.16 per gallon. avoiding the roads altogether
2:54 am
might be the best bet. it could be tough to get your hands-on a train ticket. we're told that amtrak has been selling out to destinations all over the country. aaa put out interesting data earlier this morning. noting the most travel destinations during this thanksgiving holiday. las vegas at number one. new york city trailing to number 5 on that list. that's live from laguardia this morning. back to you in the studio. >> early flight. >> thanks, liz. >> i'll be heading there tomorrow. madonna's 16-year-old son busted with pot. busted in london for having a stash of marijuana. he was seen smoking with a friend outside his house. richie was bailed out and will have to attend workshop since it is his first offense. case closed. brad pitt is cleared in the child abuse allegation. the allegation coming about after an incident with his son
2:55 am
on a jet. they remain in the midst of an ugly legal battle for custody of their six children. the time now is about six minutes until the top of the hour. imagine your door flying wide open as you're driving down the highway. the massive recall you need before you get behind that wheel this morning. the bulls who tried to escape the slaughterhouse. did he make it? ♪
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58 minutes past the hour. here's what you need to know. sentencing day for an ohio man who wanted to behead an american soldier and attack a police station. he faces 25 years behind bars. toyota recalling nearly 750,000 sienna minivans over concerns that doors could open while driving. the recall extending to model years 2011 through 2016. toyota will notify drivers with a fix by mid-january. bad news in the holiday shopping seasons. 250 pilots who deliver for dhl are on strike. they're trying to get a court order. up first the good. fat boy the cat safely on the ground after being stuck on top of a utility pole for nine days. workers in california climbing the 45-foot pole to get him.
3:00 am
the bad. heist in -- crooks walking into a store, pulling a gun on employees. smashing glass cases to steal $300,000 in watches. finally, the ugly. a daring escape. a bull running wild on the streets in philadelphia after breaking free from a slaughterhouse wreaking havoc on a highway. "fox and friends" it up next. bye everybody. bye. oh, my word. it is close to thanksgiving. this is so exciting. we're thankful for that. it is wednesday, november 23rd, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. the trump transition team taking a thanksgiving break after rumors are swirling about a brand new position for south carolina governor nikki haley. you all hear that? >> where will she land? >> two weeks after getting elected, donald trump sends wall street soaring to an all-time high. look at "the new york times" front page. didn't see it there.


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