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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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at awork. this man is tough. bernie. >> we're told bernie just needs some new glasses. bernie still made it through the whole game. see you tomorrow. it's noon on the west coast and 3:00 at trump tower and today's visitors include one of the president-elect former republican rivals and a come cat i can congresswoman that backed bernie sanders. we will look at how sen is nate democrats may have hurt their own chances by blocking nominees at all. the uniform was a target and that's after a shooting in four cities leaves one officer dead. and hundreds of workers about to go on strike in one of the nation's busiest airports. how is that going to affect you? let's get to it. now, shepard smith reporting. happen approximay monday an
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president-elect trump is is holding meetings as the next wave of landing teams arrived at the ground in washington. now a look at the golden elevators at the trump tower and the president-elect today sitting down with big names and the former texas governor rick perry. perry once called the president-elect a cancer on conservatism and a toxic mix of nonsense. president-elect trump accused the texas governor of doing a horrible job of securing a border and wearing glasses so that people think that he is smart. perry endorsed trump. over the weekend the president-elect hosted more meetings at his golf club. visitors were the former nominee mitt romney, vice president-elect mike pence and romney is under consideration to be secretary of the state. the former gop and
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president-elect slammed each other during the campaign but senior trump adviser told cnn that the two men have plenty of common ground. >> what he said about the world in 2012 when he ran against obama has come true. he knows a lot about the world. i thought it was gracious, this is a very very small class of people running for the nominee and they are two of them and both successful job creators. >> and the president elect is willing to forgiver all of the things that were said by romney? >> he is a graceful person and listener. he is the man that's been in control of the ultimate decisions. i am telling you one of the first pieces of characteristic and leadership is that you can listen to other people. >> he met with two of the loyal supporters and former new york mayor rudy ji giuliani and chri
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christie. that's after removing christie from the team and it meant a lot of things. officials with the operation say that they're sending more domestic policy staffers to the white house in an effort to start to work with the agencies and veterans affair and health and human services. they say that the president-elect will head to the resort in florida as early as tomorrow to spend thanksgiving with his family like so many of us. yesterday he revealed that his wife and his son will not move into the white house right away and not until the end of the school year here in new york city. with that as the set up is peter live at the trump tower. peter, what's the latest of the meetings today? >> reporter: well, that's from the congresswoman chelsea and she is saying that she does not think that the rules of politics that dictate who she can meet should have stopped had her from talking syria and isis with the
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president elect. she says i disaagree and i will not hesitate to express it. however, i believe that we can disagree strongly and come together with the issues that matter to the american people and affect the daily lives and we can not allow the continued device of this to destroy the country. congresswoman that's a veteran has broke with the party twice in the last we're and lead when she felt that bernie sanders was the strongest available and criticized both president obama and secretary clinton for not calling america's enemy in certain war zones radical terrorists because she says she thinks it's really important to call the enemy by their name. >> when are we expecting announcements? have they given us any ideas on other cabinet positions? >> yeah, it's going to be at least a couple of days saying
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that the big vacant spot won't be filled until after thanksgiving and before christmas and that's con sis twept a job seeker that we heard from today and that's "october quest" oklahoma governor. >> that's the plan for america and how i can help. it was a wonderful discussion. it was just an initial meeting and discuss a wide range of topics. >> reporter: so no specifics there and that's different than what we heard from senator scott brown. he says that he is the best person to run the va and now waiting to hear back from the man that he hopes will be his new boss. it's not just cabinet seekers here at trump tower today and about two hours ago we did see executives from the five mayor television networks and fox news go up to the 26 floor for a sit down with the president-elect that's been very hostile for
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members to some of the organizations over the last year and a half. >> from time to time thank you. >> kind of normal to speak with the news heads and that's not outside and let's bring approximate in matt and the editor in chief for the wall street and good to the see you. >> you're assessment of the differences as you see them between this transition regarding the appointments and considerations and previous ones. >> well, it's the greatest reality show that we have seen here and then i pose that there's more around this one and then a lot of drama. they're moving fast and everyone david and others ones said that it took weeks to name them. they're moving and trying to show the movement. i think that they're really trying to show that they're reaching out. we will see how that plays out. it's an interesting process to watch. for donald trump he is mysterious and not a lot of leaking happening and it's not
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clear what is happening in a lot of the conversations and it's orchestrated. >> drama and suspense are two of the things that include want when creating television. >> yeah. >> suspension keeps people engaged. he is there. >> yeah, this is something that he knows how to do well and manipulate the media and get them guessing. >> and the people too. >> yeah, it's interesting to see at the end of the day what he is doing. is he going to have a cabinet of loyalis loyalis loyalists? there's a lot of drama on it right now. >> there's some suggestions that the team of rivals is not so unusual. there's a book like that and this idea that you may have a lot of different points of view coming together from different views and then letting donald trump be the divider does not seem outside of his norm. >> yeah, if you talk to people on running the company, he likes to do that.
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it's a challenge and you have a general let's say as the national security adviser and myth romney is a secretary of the state and it's views on russia and then you get more complicate and there's an appeal of it and then there's a management of the challenge and a certain kind that you have to deal with. >> i was going to ask you about mitt romney -- these discusses with mitt could be a long list of different things. that really means different things. could you give approximate me your thought on that. >> well, i'm not sure exactly what they're talking about and making piece, but i'm sure that donald trump must enjoy having different people who criticized and the rivals come and he wants to come together. >> exactly. >> it's not clear if mitt wants to be the secretary of the state or the demands. it's hard to tell what they're talking about. you have to think to find the parameters and to the nsa and who else would be there. what is the policy on the iran
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deal and that's important to them. >> kellyanne conway want toss hear from them and says that a lot of the things have come true and you want to hear them make sense. >> yeah, people that know trump do say that he has to have. what do you think with everybody that comes in and listening to the opinions and soliciting them, he could have a lot of conversations like that. >> then there's the matter of chris christie. you're in choppy waters there. there's a lot going on outside of donald trump's world regarding the governor of new jersey that meets the initial glance. >> i don't know if i have the appointment of chris dristy and you may have felt the loop and he was the first republican to endorse in the primary and came out right away when he dropped down. he has been devoted to trump on the sum and he just may have helped to sale things with the hand shake there. >> through the reporting of the journal, are you hearing from
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both sides of the aisle as there's a list of special concerns regarding flynn and the national security adviser and not just from the partisan, but all kinds of people. >> yeah, people respect the service but they're concerned on this moscow event and the russian today and the russian tv propaganda channel is what it is and then some of what he said on putin has been over the line. he was a little bit excited for trump too and aggressive and the p president and some of the other assertions. he has people a little bit uneasy. the last thing about him and that job for the day is really to present the president with a full array and then i think that there's some concerns whether general flynn is going show trump the full array of options before him. >> i will personally be
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interested to report on and find out the details of that job and what is and has not. you ask any former president that job is critical. >> yeah, one of the interesting things that i cannot figure out and i am happy to say is that is he trying to o go with the white house is being ran by both parties and do it in a way. we bring them into the job and balance languags the interest. i'm not sure if trump has a way to do it the way that obama, bush and clinton have done it in modern times. >> everything that he signals is that he is not. he is going to bring in the outsiders and do it like outsiders. from our business, it's good to watch. great to see you. >> thanks. president bush 43rd decided to stay silent during the obama years. he said that he did not want to second guess the successor.
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president obama say that is he appreciated that, but he is not offering the same thing after trump is anauj rated. what happened when he ran into putin from russia? you can decide. they said that it did not look like the friendliest ever. that's next on a monday afternoon three days from turkey.
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president obama says that he plans to be respectful and he thanked former president george w bush for staying out of politics and president obama say that is he may indeed speak up if he thinks that donald trump is threatening america's values and ideas. >> if i think it's necessary or helpful for me to defend the ideas, then i will exam it. >> he was speaking in peru and wrappi wrapping up a week long over seas trip. yesterday he met face-to-face with putin and the first time that they met in months. they call it a brief conversation about the civil war in syria. president obama say that is he is not optimistic because of russia's continued support. this comes as the wall street journal say that is the
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officials are considering making moves to strengthen the iran nuclear deal. they could be lifting the restrictions and letting more u.s. businesses operate in iran. now as a candidate you may remember that donald trump promised to rip up or renegotiate the terrible nuclear deal. michael is at the white house for us and what else did the president have to say about syria? >> reporter: well, a deep frustration on the bombing of the russian military and aregre in peru. >> it was very hard to see the way in which to see the train and committed modern opposition
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could hold it's ground for long periods of time. >> the president and putin had just a very brief encounter aat that over seas summit and in the end both seemed to agree the relationship was complicated. >> mike, what was the president's explanation nor the democrats not doing well at all in this election? >> reporter: well, a lot of the politics were the support and however he left explain how don don nottoli is t donald trump is the president-elect and the president's argument is that it's a communication issue. >> democrats do have the do some thinking. it's how the message is received affectively and results in winning elections.
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>> the approval ratings are high tonight and says from gun safety to minimum wage to obama care and the american publics sees him as being correct. >> michael at the white house. mike thanks. president obama faces a choice on the next chapter. should they stay silent during the trump presidency or leave the opposition or something in between? plus this year you may not want to stick around with family too long. one of the largest networks are set to go on strike and the ripple affect for flyers across the country is next.
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more on what to expect from president obama when he leaves the white house and president trump moves in. he will give him the chance to govern without someone popping off. and then the national reporter for the press and hi julie. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. sounds like he is talking about very fundamental american sort of thing like our ideas. did you get anything more particular than that? >> no, right now it's very very broad. he just seems to be leaving open the door to potentially stepping in and voicing concerns if the trump administration starts to take certain actions. now he did not say whether there were particular policies or actions that would trigger him speaking up, but you have to remember that he is on the young side. he is going to be living here in
12:23 pm
washington for a while, and also he has got a group that's in place called organizing for action and that's the coampaign and that's weighing and that may continue to do so throughout a trump presidency. a lot of options. >> i wonder julie if he had not given maybe some ideas about this during the campaign. for instance a registry of a particular group might rise. your thoughts on anything else that president obama has signalled during the campaign or otherwise may rise to the level. again, the president has said that he will meet this as it comes if it comes. >> yeah, thinking back to the campaign and not so long ago and seemed like president obama had a problem with everything trump was saying and so there's a lot of different policies on the table here. you're right and really if you think about it the muslim registry and if there was something developing on that
12:24 pm
front and then depending on what a trump administration does with the administration policy and that could rise to the level, and then of course the president is concerned with the climate and that's another issue that i could see him stepping in and signaling if not giving a sit down interview to specifically break with trump on things like that. >> otherwise and matters of treaty and maybe norms for instance torturing, president obama has been very specific about that. >> he has, but you know again sort of there's just a long tradition of president's and ex respects staying out and holding their tongue as much as they can. president bush has barely said anything and you have to think that he disagreed with a bit on what obama was doing with president, and so again obama
12:25 pm
was not getting specific on what if anything he weighed in to and he seemed to be leaving open that door. >> yeah, it would be outside of the norms as we have known them and going back in your lifetime and my lifetime of covering former presidents. usual by they come in and bring the nation's together or pull the nation apart and we sort o bring them along. >> yeah, there's a lot of charted territory here and i don't believe that we have on aught going president with a standing policy like obama. it's easy to fire off the message to millions of supporters and saying that i disagree with trump on the following thing and think of calling the lawmakers. it remains to be seen if he activates that base and in times like this where there's no clear
12:26 pm
democratic leader at this point. maybe the president picks to fill that role. >> yeah, they can step into that void or in the and he left open the possibility and that's honestly fairly new. >> it is now. >> yep. fired up for the holiday? >> i am. i'm very excited and hoping that we have a fairly quiet week. who knows. there's a lot of transition work being done as we speak. >> there's a lot. spend time with somebody that you love with turkey and stuffing would be nice. >> yeah, i'm cooking and hope that i get a little bit of time to prepare the meal. >> or call someone to come and turn the oven off. nice to see you julie. >> thank you. hundreds of workers will get through thank giving at o 'hare but next week they say that they're out. they're demanding higher pay and
12:27 pm
benefits or going on strike. they're delaying the strike until after thanksgiving weekend to ease the pay for travellers, but if you strike during thanks giving, how much support do you think you're going to get from peop people? now at o'hare, you strike from thanksgiving and grandmas are going to hate you on, and that's not fun. >> yeah, you're striking and getting to the heart of the issue with the date that they picked if avoid the travel ahead of the big holiday weekend. they're bargaining to increase the wages and they want to get the support of the public. >> o'hare airport workers can properly afford a thanksgiving dinner and know what it's like to miss thanksgiving. however, we respect families traveling to be together and that is why we're holding off the strike until after the thanksgiving holiday. >> now the 500 employees that
12:28 pm
we're talking about from bag gauge handlers to wheel share handlers do not work directly for the airlines but sub contracto contractors. they want to put pressure on the air carrier. >> it starts at the top with the airlines and also continues with the department of aviation here in chicago and working together that these are good jobs for workers and passengers alike. >> and we have a pretty generic statement from united airlines and to do online and safe travel for the publics. >> are workers members of the union? >> no, that's an interesting point. they're not members of that and sdiu was edger to step up and help them organize because the employees in addition to the benefits some of them say what they want is the ability to you
12:29 pm
i don't know niez. trying to recruit james maddox to run for president against donald trump. the general turned down and then the never trump moment and now it appear that is the decision is paying off as the president-elect is saying that he is vetting the general for a possible probation. four police officers targeted in three states over the last 24 hours. a live update coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour at the top of the news.
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and children. at least 15 people died up credible story and the tree pinned the man to the drivers set and that was to the back door. they got both of them out and they're in the hospital and expected to survive. the news continues with shepard smith right after this. as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding
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12:35 pm
four decades. he is fewed to be a warrior among marines and respected by other members of service. he served in obama's first term as the head of the central command and that's when he say that is he became frustrated by the stance on iran and said that he opposed the nuclear deal. if you google him, hundreds of quotes come up including this one. general seems well liked by democrats and republicans. some in the never trump movement tried to get him to run for president against donald trump. as i said, that did not happen.
12:36 pm
maybe this is the pay off time. jennifer on the top stories on the bottom of the hour and how did he get the name mad dog? >> well, he was given the nickname by his marines and called him mad dog, he lead the marines and he served in the first gulf war and the effort to kill al qaeda after 9/11. he is the yogi bear. be po helite and professional a have is a plan. >> when you go into afghanistan and you guys that slapped woman around for five year s because they didn't have a vail. >> he is an avid reader of
12:37 pm
history and a thinker that served as the head and been out at the hoover institute at stanford for the last two years and never been married. >> all of that said and it's unusual to have a former general as the secretary of the defense. >> yeah, he would be the first one to be the secretary of the defense since marshal was asked for harry truman at the start of the korean war to restore corral and the tradition of the civilian control of the military dates back to george washington and the 1947 national security act that instituted a 7 year cooling off period for the generals and congress could make an exception by passing a law and that law could be in the senate arms service committee and they have expressed support for the general maddox. he issued a statement saying that i hope that he has an opportunity to serve america
12:38 pm
gain. the law must be passed before the nomination can be sent and would be suspect to a veto are from president obama if he decides to act before january 20th. it was obama that forced him to retire early. at the time it was thought that he was pushed out because of the opposition of the nuclear iran deal and now it rests in his hands since he would have to sign the law to allow a general that's less than seven years from retirement to serve in a civil position. >> very interesting. thank you. president-elect trump picks could pass through the senate and thanks to senate democrats. back in 2013 when the democrats controlled the senate they allowed the approval of the appointments with a simple majority and not the 60 vote super majority that they needed in the past but a simple one. the new rules apply to all expect supreme court justices
12:39 pm
and some were warned at the time that one day the tables could turn and now with the gop firmly in control of washington, the house, senate and white house, that day has come. the fox network is live in washington. peter? >> yeah, that's right. unless republicans decide to change it back, it's going to take 51 votes to confirm all of the thousand or so appointments after the democrats voted to end it and overcome an objection and the republicans will have a majority of the 52 seat in the senate come the new congress and they have have the incoming and that's going break the tie. that's good news for senator jeff sessions and named last week to be the attorney general. he has a weak record on immigration and civil rights. yesterday the top democrat says that his party is going take a hard look at all of trump's
12:40 pm
nominee. >> for any of these nominees the word is thorough thorough. don't say absolutely not, but they have to answer and satisfy the american people about a whole lot of questions even if you're a senator. >> schumacher says to get his vote, sessions has to pledge to wrong a strong civil rights division at the justice department. the vice president-elect says that he is confident that sessions is going to be confirmed. >> he prosecuted the kkk in his own home state. he demonstrated the personal co courage, and you're going to see the out pouring of support in the african american community in his home state and across the country. >> mr. trump treated i have a good relationship with chuck schumacher. he is far smart i than the exciting leader that's retiring and has the ability to get things done.
12:41 pm
good news. shep? >> interesting. the u.s. navy came to rescue to iran soldiers stranded at sea. navy officials say that one of the destroyers answered the distress call of three fisherman and the battery was dead and they gave them the new one along with fresh water. the rescue comes after the iran navy took a group of sailors to gun point after going into their waters this year. four police officers shot all within 24 hours. now as police mourn the falle r hero, there's a massive man hunt for one shooter that's listed on the run.
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four police officers shot in three states within 24 hours. not suggesting that they were connected by the first of them in texas. mri say that someone shot and
12:45 pm
killed a san antonio officer as he sat in his patrol car yesterday writing out a traffic ticket. the suspect had one goal to kill any cop. >> i think that the uniform was the target:anyone that happened to come along was the person that he targeted. >> again that was san antonio and then in st. louis, someone shot a sergeant in the face. he has critical injuries, but they do expect him to survive. police say that the suspect died in a shot out with police. then there's glad stone, missouri outside of kansas city another one shot and injured aafter a struggle with an armed suspect. the details there are unclear. in florida down just off the coast of ft. myers, someone shot and killed a lee officer as he got into his patrol car there. some officers fired back and the rest of the suspects and look at
12:46 pm
all of this and we're in the texas news room. what are we learning about what happened there? >> well, this is strange. police say that the suspects may have visited the police headquarters hours before the crime. that's why san antonio police have released their own video. something that we do not typically see. it shows the person of interest who appeared agitated about something and officials will not tell us what the man was upset about. he eventually left the police station and afew hours later investigators say that a man pulled up behind the detectives squad car and jumped out and ran up to the vehicle and shot him in the head and killing him. he was with the department for 20 years. authorities do not believe that he knew the gunman, but the city's police chief is vowing to stop at nothing until the person
12:47 pm
is trapped. >> we're working to investigate the case, and we will continue that without stop, without fail until the suspect is in custody. >> mark leaves behind two grown children. >> just a ranch of shooting police officers. not just the deputy in florida or them were not connected in my way. >> yeah, we asked them at a press conference today and when we put that to him, he said that we did not think that the four shootings were connected and calling it an unfortunate set of circumstances and coconvince dens. all of the other officers are expect today make a full recovery. the one that was shot in st. louis, was hit in the face but still managed to radio for help. his fellow officers tracked the suspect, a teen that was shot
12:48 pm
and killed in a stand off. out of the four shootings, only one suspect was caught alive. that's the case in florida. police taking the alleged gun n gunmgunman and the man is well known to law enforcement and the person in custody has a long wrap sheet with authorities. >> awful. our best to all of the families as we go the thanksgiving period. how is the weather looking? >> well, it was snowing as new yorkers were heading to the bus this morning. did not stick here. the first major snowstorm of the season was a foot in the other parts of the northeast and images in the slide show and this is what it looks like and the city this morning and some areas already have up to 18 inches of snow over the weekend and that's the past. in this image you can see people
12:49 pm
trying to clear it off the road and not far from the state p capital. strong wind gusts and leaving 17,000 people were power last night. up to massachusetts where officials say that they had the shut down schools and areas got nearly a foot. one woman say that is she did not expect to see that much snow. here is the storm and the forecasters say that some in new england could see the snow through tomorrow morning, but what a nice warm november it has been. scientists are worried about it, but i don't know. it's kind of nice. a anew website confirms that web pages are tracking us and watching us. well, seems that's true. we will try it out with kennedy next.
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so, you should know by now that websites are tracking your every move. for sales and marketing and other purposes. now there's this website in particular that sort of admitting it. it's called click click click. it keeps track of every move that you make with your mouse. like it doesn't matter what you do. move it to one part of the screen or the other, roll it over something or just like you just hit your mouse by accident while reaching for a diet dr. pepper, for instance, it snknow. anybody want to follow me. my thing over there is all weird. if you -- what's up? >> hey, shep. >> move this thing around, the subject is slowly moving. subject has been the website for 30 seconds. subject has moved to the top right area. like if i push the button i can push the button, subject moved to -- subject is very slow.
12:54 pm
subject moves in a straight direction. in other words, it doesn't just know where you click, it knows everything you're doing. it took 43 seconds to click a button for first time. this is faster than most others. this is insane. >> it is insane. >> the site also encourages users to turn on their computer audio, like turn your audio on so it can listen to a voice command about your behavior. >> kennedy is here. she looks intent today. >> i'm smoldering. >> yeah. >> well -- >> the host of "dkennedy" on th fox business channel on fox business network. what is this for? >> they are trying to show you how your privacy and data are compromised all day long. they're not doing it necessarily to track you. >> don't care. >> this is a website created by a dutch studio. >> called click click click. >> click click because click click apparently -- already taken.
12:55 pm
don't need four clicks. click click and it tells you exactly what compromised -- what data is being mined and compromised every time you visit other websites. they know your ip address and where you live. they know what sites you visited. they know what you are browsing on. if you're browsing on an ipad or iphone, these are gossipy devices and they will tells the big white screen with the big green button everything about you. and it's interesting because for younger people who are browsing the internet, they don't mind. they know there's no such thing for them as actual privacy. but for people who, you know, are fairly new to the digital domain, it's kind of scary and for me, it's no surprise this metadata capture has been capitalized upon by the federal government. >> you can mask your ip address. >> you can. >> one place called -- >> height my a double and
12:56 pm
if you need to a honky or your vpn they will shield you and one writer from a tech blog said his browser thought he was working from england. >> yeah. >> so you can hide this, but if you're just logging on they know everything you're doing. >> everything. if you go from one page to the next or clicking on links to another page they know that that, too. >> just so you know they know. >> oh, do they know. >> we'll be back.
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i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. so in 30 days, my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model?!? yes. no. start the challenge today and notice more beautiful hair, skin & nails or your money back.
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on this day in 1783 a couple of guys flew over paris in an early version of the hot air balloon. the king of france reportedly suggested using prisoners as test subjects. instead the balloon's manufacturers launched farm animals into the sky. they all survived, pafring the way for people to take flight. crowds in paris watched as two men flew more than five miles in a balloon made of cloth. the whole thing lasted a little less than a half an hour.
1:00 pm
as people took to the skies, 233 years ago today. as the dow has done today look how close, all-time high once again. records being broken. why? i don't know. mr. cavuto. all right. you are looking live inside chicago's o'hare airport where they're breathing a sigh of relief because at least there aren't going to be me a immediate disruptions to thanksgiving air travel unless you are coming back a week from tomorrow, because at that point, on tuesday, november 29th, about 500 workers there, everyone from baggage handlers to janitors, wheelchair attendants with will walk off the job and you know how this goes. it could be a lot like it was earlier this year when some of those same workers were letting flyers know we've had it and we want it see higher wages, better benefits. this time they're demanding at least a $15


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