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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  November 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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president-elect donald trump mending fences with former foes as he works to building the administration. i am julie banderas p. this is the fox report. mr. trump holding meetings at his gulf club in new jersey with cabinet member and republicans. and one of the high lost anticipated meeting of the day. and mitt romney said when he critized trump openly in the primary and the president-elect gave the camera thumbs up and romney had this to say. >> very thorough and indepth discussion in the time we and i
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appropriate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. right now, we take you there live to bed minster, new jersey where donald trump will arrive for the final meeting of the day. obviously not wasting a second of the time. a doctor walking in i am told. he needs to get administration together and he's making it a busy one and his day starting with meetings with different advisor and trump tower and 58th floor triplex apartment and then here in the new jersey golf club in new jersey. and a look the trip team opponentmentes so far. attorney general, jeff sessions,
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white house chief of staff. reince priebus and white house strategist steve beenon. and assistant to the president on national security and retired lieutenant michael flynn and cia director mike pompeo. and doug, we hear another cabinet pick is imminent and there is one more meeting tonight. do we know with whom? >> we don't know with whom. in fact mike pence and president-elect trump boarded a motorcade. they are going to stay within the confines of the golf course grounds and come back for dinner and more work to it be done after that. they are infatigable in some sense. it would be announced tonight. mr. trump in the brief talk with reporters. said it locks like tomorrow.
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the general mat us to be secretary of defense. and senior transition time that maddis is a strong candidate for a cabinet event and i asked him about p the prohibition between military man. and there is mad dog maddis as he was known in the marine corps and engineered loyalty from the troops. they spent nights in foxholes to get a sense of what they are thinking about and how their life is going around the chain of command. that's engineered all of the loyalty and quick to four subordinates that don't mote his
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high standards and when the meeting ended today with trump. he came out and pointed and said this is the real deal. and when that announcement comes probably tomorrow, we expect in rhine corps general james maddis. >> what is the latest with the romney meeting. >> romney was first meeting that trump and arrived before 1:00 and it went beyond the scheduled time allotment and ended before 2:30. neither men offered a specific rendering of whether or not he will be offered a cabinet position or secretary of state. they were general in the remarks and here's romney's perspective on the talk. >> we had a far- reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interest in the united states and we discussed
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those area and exchanged our views on those topics. >> and then at 6:00 p.m. tonight, trump also met with chicago cub's owner todd rickets who is in keeping with trump's mantran of liking winners, trumpy's response to the entire day, quote, i have a lot of the talent and we have lot of talent. and it all continue its tomorrow. back to tu. >> thank you very much. in know meantime congressional democrats are electing to push back on donald trump. and kristin fisher is there. there are many controversial picks so far. starting with jeff sessions and why democrats are so opposed to him. >> they see him turning back the clock on sieve issil rights and voting right and against
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abortion and same- sex marriage and history of making racially tinged remarks. and democrat gutierrez said no senator worked harder against the latinos than senator sessions. he will set back law enforcement and increased america's mass incarceration and erase 50 years of progress. democrats will oppose him. but unless the republicans defect it may not matter because the republicans have the majority. >> of course, they do and you will get complaints no matter who he puts in the administration. what are democrats saying about the national security advisor? >> one called it deeply alarming. they don't like retired general flynn said it is rational to fear muslip and he supports
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water boarding and so does kansas congressman mike pompeo who graduated top of his class in west point. he is a divisive pick with the democrats, thanks to the benghazi hearings. >> mike will have set aside the role that he played in the congress with the benghazi committee. i am confident he will do that and rely on him to do that. the job of cia director. >> if you are a do i hard trump supporter or like cruz. you are probably thrilled with the selections. but if you are a moderate republican or democrat, you probably have problems, and big problems with all throw of those picks. >> all right, thank you very much. >> president-elect donald trump
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defending the decision to roach a 25 million settlement in lawsuits over trump university. he had previously vowed he would not do. he could have beaten the lawsuits accusing him of fraud but said he opted to it settle so he could focus on the needs of the country. eric snyderman and i am quoting. the settlement agreement is a reversal by donald trump and a major victory for the 6000 victims. i am pleased every victim will receive restitution. >> and president obama meet be with the peruian president as he wrapses up his last foreign trip. trade tops the agenda as he huddles with the leaders who support the tpp. rich is in peru tonight.
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president obama in the final meeting with the chinese president. tell us about it. >> reporter: it is ongoing right now. and essentially the president obama and the chinese president will be the last meeting of president obama's term. before p that meeting started, president obama addressed the topecs including the provocations by north korea and ways to fight climate change and expansion of china sea. and as it wraps up, president obama did acknowledged that there are plenty of difference and still remain. >> we'll have a candid conversation including the creation of a more level playing field for our businesseses to compete and invasion policy and you hanp rights. >> with a dramatic shift in u.s. foreign relayings particularly
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on issues relating to china. donald trump labelled china has a currency manipultor. and the president of china noteded it is a hinge point. and he hopes it will grow. >> has the president addressed his successor? >> reporter: he has. he said to the counterparts here in the summit we have to give donald trump a chance as he's filling out his cabinet and sometimes they campaign and change their moaned or rhetoric once they are in office. one of those issues are free-trade. a number of the nations are trying to get the transpacific partnership. it is held up in the congress. the president said perhaps
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donald trump might change his mind on the issue and points to nato for example, as one where donald trump changed his rhetoric ands said essentially he is supportive of that alliance. thank you very much. right now. all eyes on president obama's private golf course. following a at an of marathon meetings. and one guest meeting with trump. the doctor who founded and folded two drug companieses. we'll tell you more and keep you posted on when that happens. and will the trump administration overturn a victory for the dakota pipeline protestors. the latest in that stand off coming up. plus this.
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[ cougshh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! donald trump's final meeting of the day. apologiys for the satellite image going up and down there. this time he will sit down with the man's richest doctor. he founded two drug companies. and he sold them for $9 billion.
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what will they talk about and what appointment will he potentially be exploring for the doctor and the list goes on as he is working in the entire day trying to get his administration in time. and we'll bring it to you just in time. and mike pence seen leaving that golf club. and they are expected to come back be in the next 30 minutes or so. we'll watch it for you. that is upholding our american value and work on behalf of all of us. that was the cast of award- winning "hamilton" to mike pence. they made a speech after curtain
4:17 pm
call. vice-president elect pence responded. >> no, mr. pence did not say anything and he handled it graciously despite he didn't get a warm welcome from the audience when he arrived. the cast of equal hamitton" 30 minutes before showtime he will be. the actor pled for the trump administration to be fair and inclusive. >> we are the divorce america who are alarmed and anxious that the new administration will not protect him. and that is upholding our america value and work on behalf of all of us. >> pence heard it from the
4:18 pm
theater hallway and met with protestors outside of they theater. and president-elect donald trump said mike pence was harassed. he was harassed and cameras blazing this should not happen. the cast of hamilton was rowd to mike pence. apologize. >> and so how is the cast responding. >> hamilton prides itself on show casing diversity. they are honored mr. pence attended the show and they needed to express the feelings knowing that the cast was devastated after the election. and trump, conversation is not harrassment, sir. and i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen. >> and the only way we find
4:19 pm
a common ground is empathize with one another. and it was important to do this. >> critics are wondering figure it was a effort to distract such as the 25 million trump university lawsuit or you news that ivanka trump was sitting in on the japanese prime minister. >> we know his family comes along with them x. they are talking about where his family will stay in washington d.c. they are going to be around four years. thank you very much. >> and well, mayors of biggie cities vowing to protect undocumented immigrants ahead the fears of what will happen in a trump administration and why it causes major problems between local and federal governments. and iraqi forces clashing in iraq and the fight for mosul rages on.
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>> the army corps of engineers delaying the approval for the dakota pipeline. something that the trump administration can over turned. the project sparked months of protest. oppons say it would be a environmental disaster and threatening water supplies and threatening sacred tribal lands. william has more. >> reporter: environmentalist and native americans declared victory after the protest upon helped to stop the dakota access pipeline. the administration's decision not to drank to grant a easement
4:24 pm
under the missouri river is not a surprise. president obama killed it because it would undercut climate change. it is almost done and serves existing domestic production and moves it cleaner. >> they will make their life a living hell if they use fossil fuels. >> reporter: during a day of protest, environment willist attack those until a film maker asked that of them. >> doesn't that make you a hypocrite? >> no, it is not. >> hey, let's go, let go of that, sir.
4:25 pm
>> he's filming this right here. >> and elsewhere protestors complained about p being public. and orgnoisers warned everyone night to speak to the press. >> what we are doing, we are not answering them. >> two weeks, north dakota made arrests for assault and vandalism. >> we can't break the law simply because of your ideology. we don't have the right to trample on other's rights because you believe in something. that's not what america is about. >> twice protestors set fire and destroyed construction vehicles. >> they are trying to kill the poip line through the court or government or rounding the equipment. they are looking for the drill that will go underneath the missouri river. what they don't know.
4:26 pm
that drill is already here. snshg the pipeline is not on indian land but north of it. but the tripe said it disturbs the sights. >> and standing rock souix chairman said the poip line threatens the way of life. it is an existing corridor where bulldozers installed gas line and power line in 19kwo. >> clearly the administration is holding it up. >> the north carolina senator said the president is putting policy in front of politics. they have moved the route to accommodate native american concerns and 433 gas and oil pipe lines cross beneath the
4:27 pm
rivers. >> it is going to make people rich. and aggravate global warming. >> the company is confident that the trump will improve the pipeline. >> in bedminster, new jersey, we are watching and waiting as president-elect donald trump is holding transition meetings this weekend and expecting him to return to the golf club out there in new jersey as he continues the meetings with the appointmentes made so far. we are tracking the latest developments. >> mr. trump making key picks. who are the men? we'll look at some applaud these choices and some say that have reservations.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums >> a fox urge sxent look at international golf club in bed minster, new jersey. and president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike
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pence will enter for the final meeting of the day. which will be a man dubbed america's richest doctor by forbes' magazine. they are working throughout the weekend to build the new administration. and we hope to hear more names tonight, but tomorrow is the day we'll get more names. the following positions are filled so far. attorney general white house chief of staff and chief strategist to the president for national security and cia director. and now, a closer look at the appointments. first of all jeff sessions for attorney generalment it is getting a lot of push back for the democrats. >> senator sessions was vetted for a federal judgeship several yearsing on and at that time it
4:33 pm
was public that he made jokes about the kkk, that he racial slurs. used racial slurs and that he said things that cause the not just democrats, but people in his own party, republicans to say this is a man who is not fit to be a federal judge. >> mike emmanuel takes a closer look at the pick. >> americans can't bring labor and subsidicize those not working. >> reporter: sessions was a tough critic of bipartisan imdpragz reform and concerned about amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants and that was the first senator to back donald trump in the 2016 campaign after trump spoke about building a wall. >> we are going to build a wall
4:34 pm
and mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> sessions defending that for those seeking to come to the united states. >> you have to people and believes in the democratickiy republic and ideology that imposes a narrow view of how the government should be one. why not choose one that is harmonious. >> loyalty to trump ise rewarded and a senator praised the selection. >> jeff sessions is a good friend and an excellent attorney general. he is a strong principleed conserviceative. and wee need a strong attorney general toy restore justice. >> reporter: he was nominated to be on the u.s. district court in alabama. he was accused of calling the
4:35 pm
kkk okay until he found out they smoked marijuana and called the black county missioner in mobile the n word. the next democratic leader said he will not have special treatment. >> he will need a thorough vetting. those are old statementses but troubleing and the idea that jeff sessions is just because he is a senator to get through without a series of toughie questions and given those early things, no way. >> senator mcconnell supports it and calling him principleded and forth right and hard working. the senate will consider them in a thorough and timely manner to ensure a smooth transition between the administrations. >> you can catch the rest of chris wallace's interview and
4:36 pm
sit down with mike pence. check your local listings. >> the trump administration coming in clearer focus with mike pompeo being the next director of the cia. catherine herridge has more. >> reporter: the selection of mike pompeo a west point grad was welcomed by a former ciardirector. >> this is a serious man who takeses it seriously and studied these questions. along with republican senator tom cotton, he exposed side deals. and three term congressman painted a rosiy picture of administration progress when the terror group was expanding its the to the print. he expressed outrage.
4:37 pm
>> they shouldn't wait 2 or 3 years. >> reporter: pompeo said the benghazi committee and investigated the terror attack. he chided the hillary clinton time for ignoring the rise of the terrorist in libya. >> i find it reprehensible and behavior if it was your son or daughter and you watched the actioning in washington d.c., you'd have every right to be desgusted. >> reporter: the senior democrat praised pompeo as smart and open minded but voiced reservations. >> mike will have to set aside the role he played in the benghazi committee and i am confident he will do that and we
4:38 pm
will rely on him to do that. the role of cia director has to be nonpartisan. >> he favors coping guantanamo key detention camps open. and in a statement the aclu said his position on surveillance and guantanamo bay raise serious civil liberty concerns about privacy and due process. if confirmed pompeo will lead the agency of 20000 employees. over the globe. fox news, the proirt -- priority is rebuilding the agency. >> finally michael flynn. president-elect donald trump selecting the lieutenant general for a role of national security advisor, and james rosen has more. >> reporter: visitses to trump
4:39 pm
tower by general flynn attracted special interest. and word as national white house adviser circulated. >> he is tough. and we need a foreign policy that puts america first. >> reporter: flynn was the top special enteleigence officer and he served under mccrystal and guided delta force and seal team six. he directed u.s. central command. and is credited with revolutionizeing the speed with which intelligence data is exploded. he testified to congress alongside directorses of the fbi and cia and never once did flynn receive a audience with the commander in chief. in the recent book he said he was fired because of his assessment with isis conflicted with the view of the president
4:40 pm
and aides wanted to expect. he spoke at the gop convention. >> i am infuriated when our president bans criticism of our enemies. i am certain, i am deadly certain that we cannot win this war unless we are free to call our enemies by name. radical islamist and failed tyrants. >> this is not only a individual who is intimately familiar with highest level of intelligence gathering in the united states federal government, he is a big picture thinker of if you are looking for a man who established a reputation of talking truth to power, you could do very, very had well by choosing a man who demonstrated that and that is general flynn. >> reporter: flynn's
4:41 pm
appearances on the kremlin controlled network. and flynn's tweets in which he called fear of muslims rational and his business dealings in turkey. his statements on muslims are una american. and damaging to the fight against terrorism. and member of the intelligence member said entanglementes with russia is a concern. >> i think women have to be able to choose what they, you know, a sort of right of choice. >> flynn said jennifer griffin he is a pro-life democrats and he earned the confidence of president-elect through the what president-elect trump leaks loyalty. >> he is a close advisor to
4:42 pm
president trump. >> he will not be subject to testimony demand by congressional committees. >> we are learning tonight about the death of a u.s. marshal fatally shot in a line of duty. and plus, the son of an illinois congressman shot and killed in his own home. what we know about the investigation in to his murder. >> the father had just told me how proud of him that he was. because he was catching on and realizing that all of his life was in front of him. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx,
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>> chicago police say a dispute over basketball shoes led to the shooting death of a grandson of a illinois congressman. the 15-year-old was shot in the head after an argument. congressman dean davis said i grieve for my fam sdpam the young man who pulled the trigger and grieve for his family. chicago has seen a dramatic rise in homicides, with more than 600 this year. >> the u.s. marshals mourning the lot of a deputy patrick. who was shot and killed trying to arrest a suspect who had a history of targeting police. garrett has the story. >> reporter: this suspect has been on the run two months after previously trying to kill police officers in south carolina. police tried to rest 25 year old carter after receiving calls that he had assaulted his
4:47 pm
girlfriend and fired gunshots in a relative's home when they tried to help upon. carter took off in a car and led officers on a chase until he jumped out and shot at them on foot. yesterday, they tracked him to a mobile home in southeast georgia. when the team went inside to arrest carter he opened fire and the roifl rounds cut through the vest. and others hit the fugitive but too late for the 53-year-old time mate. they both were rushed to the had hospital and they both passed away. loretta lynch said she was deeply satedened bite marshal's death. he served with courage throughout his career and stayed true to the oath laying down his
4:48 pm
life to keep his community safe. >> he leaves behind a wife and five children. our thoughts and prayers are with them. >> mayors of so- called sanctuary cities are bracing for a fight with the president-elect. >> how they are fighting back. >> you are safe in chicago and supported and secure in chicago. >> and an arrest in the bastil day in france. the suspect questioned in connection to a terrorist attack that left dozens of people dead.
4:49 pm
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>> an arrest in connection to the summer deadly attack in nice, france. a judge questioning a 17-year-old in paris in a criminal terrorist association we are told. prosecutors said the teenager communicated with a man who appeared in an isis video claiming responsibility for the attack on bastille day. he is believed to be operating out of iraq and syria. the iraqi freedom prime calling donald trump to congratulate him on winning the election. the prime minister's office said
4:53 pm
they spoke about the recent victory and a mutual desire to expand deliberations. this as the coalition forces are pushing doper in mosul. they are facing strong resistance from snierp ands suicide bombers. >> mayors of sanctuary cities are pushing back on trump's promise to cut back on federal funding and build the wall. >> reporter: for both sideses it is more than principle, but money. with billions at stake, listen to candidate trump talk about saventhuary cities. >> the trump administration will end upon the nightmare of violence and protect american
4:54 pm
lives and cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. 300 cities and cones have sanctuary policies and many allow law enforcement to ignore the immigrants. that allows immigrants to come out of the shadows and report crimes which makes everyone safer. >> americans need to start realize. >> christine, as a protector and not a deporter. we have to respect those rowel and until we do that, we will not be the police department that i want us to be and not be the police department that the city deserves. >> reporter: but that is a hard sell for families who lost loved ones. kate stienel and brend an men dossa. >> americans need to realize our
4:55 pm
politicians need a back bone and stand up for american and stop protecting illegal criminals that are here in our country. >> reporter: the trump administration will have the discretion to move money from sanctuary cities to cities that respect immigration law. >> watch out, a foam blob is taking over. i was excited. i thought it was snow, but no. what caused this. it was not mother nature. there's your hint. ♪ cleared
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>> who doesn't love a good turkey? this one is satisfying folks in an arkansas nursing home. they are not eating it. meet the therapy turkey. most live six months before ending up on the din are table. she hopes to bring smiles. >> and a foam blob takes over the streets of california. it is not snow. but thousands of gallons of fire retardant. first it filled a 60 to the highway airport before spilling out in the street. witnesses say from afar it looked like snow. but up close a bubble bath gone
5:00 pm
wrong. >> i would say fun. that locks like a load of fun. and that is how fox reports who they are. this is "objectified: donald trump." this is gonna be great. i'm harvey levin. you're about to see donald trump like you've never seen him before--in his home, talking about his life, the high points and the low. told through treasured objects he's chosen to keep. i sat down with trump a month and a half ago in his penthouse high above fifth avenue in trump tower. [crowd chanting "usa, usa"] we want you to see the next president of the united states-- the father, the aspiring movie producer, the sports fanatic, the man who still grieves over his brother's death, and the future politician. oprah winfrey: this sounds like political presidential talk. levin:


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