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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 19, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ >> good morning to you. it is saturday, november 19th. i'm abby huntsman and donald trump looking to unify the party by meeting with one of its harshest critics, mitt romney. could the former governor actually end up part of the trump administration? >> and what does the media think about president-elect's trump pick for attorney general? >> i don't know. what do they think, ed? >> i think i have an idea and there is supposed to be a sound bite telling you. it doesn't appear to be there. >> a fringe choice. >> he has been cogged with. >> there are fund mental concerns among democrats about jeff sessions. >> sounds very scary. did anyone bother to check jeff sessions' record?
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>> we did. >> vice president pence goes out on well deserved night on the town tonal get a lecture from hillary's friends on broadway. >> we have a little message for you sir and we hope you hear us out. >> we are a diverse american who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> oh, because that's exactly what he wants and what we need. >> sermons from broadway. >> that happened? >> and kanye. that did happen. thanks for being here. mornings better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ right here, right now ♪ the place i want to be. >> that's our building. usually you can see us all the way out there us little people in here making some morning news? >> indeed. well, good morning. how are you doing? >> good morning, guys.
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happy saturday. >> thanks for coming all the way from washington. >> always look so dapper. >> get you a pocket square for tomorrow. >> why is it that some guys wear them and some don't. >> some people have style and some don't. >> you got to be able to own it and do it. ed can, and i can't. >> i love pocket squares. a lot to talk about this morning. president-elect donald trump keeping up busy schedules continue to fill out his duration. today he has a meeting with former rival mitt romney at his golf course. >> more on are possible aappointments. >> it was certainly a busy friday on the trump transition team after naming throw of the president-elect cabinet picks this week looks just as busy even if the setting will be a bit more comfortable. yesterday afternoon he left new york city for medicinemister, new jersey.
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most high profile meeting of the weekend will be on the golf course with former g.o.p. nominee mitt romney. he was openly against trump throughout the primary but oh how times have changed. now mr. trump is said to be considering his one-time anymor-nemesisfor post as secref state. yesterday evening, the president-elect previewed the weekend on twitter saying we will be working all weekend in choosing the great men and women who had be helping to make america great again. this afternoon's meeting with romney continues a trend really that we have seen over the past two weeks of mr. trump bringing in a whole host of people for advice as well as to be considered for spots in his administration. we are told part of this weekend's meetings will also include discussions with the transition team over another top can be net post that's still vacant, secretary of defense. so a lot of big decisions on tap for this weekend. back to y'all. >> indeed. >> thank you, garrett. >> garrett, thank you. >> you can believe we are here?
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i remember watching the speech that mitt romney gave in my home state of utah. the university of utah where he laid out all the reasons why mr. trump was going to be dangerous for this country. today you have the with it of them breaking bread together. now mr. trump is going to be our next president. mitt romney i think this is actually a really nice moment of coming together. and mr. trump saying, you know what? above all else we can forgive one another. i need your expertise and i want to listen to all the smart people out there and get this right. i think it's pretty induring. >> a pattern fo -- endearing. >> ted cruz famously, infamously maybe at the public convention still would not endorse donald trump and was being booed and heckled basically what are you doing? he is being coronated this week and you won't get on board. he wanted to stick to his guns, ted cruz. then they sat down and ted cruz said he would like to be a member of the team. he came on "fox & friends" a
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few days ago. you got to bury the hatchet. if donald trump wants to spend four years fighting on twitter with mitt romney it's going to be a waste of his time. >> lo to make controversy. >> of course. these folks are coming hat in hand, no doubt. donald trump won this election with the support of the people. but this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. i mean, donald trump, his track record in business and elsewhere is as a consensus builder in reaching out. it's who everyone says in private when he wants to be the type of person that brings people together, this should surprise absolutely nobody. is he doing the right things to bring the type of folks in that he wants. i don't know that it means mitt romney is going to get a position. it means hey, let's have the conversation and move forward. >> i love how everyone speculates. it's going to be secretary of state. we don't know yet. >> media had disarray for the transition not picking everybody. actually picking a whole bunch of people who have strong qualifications and now the narrative is changing to the opposite of what pete was saying about bringing people together.
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now the media is saying it's all about division when you hook at jeff sessions, the senator for alabama picked for attorney general. take a look at what loui louie o say. >> this is a democratic congressman from illinois said and i quote: to be clear it's only been a day and a half since, picked jeff sessions. been in the senate 25 years. well known across the aisle. the only charge t level and they have leveled time and time again is racist. and they are doing it from the rooftops. you are seeing it in the naples pages of the "new york times" today. >> not just democrats. you are hearing it from the
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mainstream media. >> senator jeff sessions has accepted his offer to be a.g. he will face questions on his record on civil rights. >> he has been dogged with decades old allegations of racism. >> there are fundamental concerns among democrats about jeff sessions and sort of how he would tackle some of these issues. racial issues, issues of hate crimes. >> if you are going to get a couple loyalists who have said crackpot things in the past you sure as hell better have some very steady hands at state, at defense or treasury or this goes into a full blown meltdown. >> couple things. when you were reading before jefferson beauregard sessions named after a confederate general. >> did he choose his name? >> no, he didn't. >> but the media is now using his middle name but if you used barack obama's middle name you were being unfair even though that's his name. hussein is his middle name, right? let me go to the next point
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which is yes, jeff sessions, it should be noted he was blocked after ronald reagan nominated him to a federal judgeship because of very controversial statements he made on race. is he going to have it answer for those. >> democrats, that's what you should do. when you have a senate conversation you should be able to ask questions about what you are concerned about. what i'm concerned about is why the media seems to be open to throwing the around the word racist. what you have to look at more than words is actions. when you look at senator sessions and his past of what he actually has done in the state of pame where he is very well liked and very well respected in that state. he worked at desegregating the schools there and for the kkk got the death penalty for the head of the kkk. >> very diverse state as well. to get elected there you have to have the support of multiple kansamulti-multiple. prosecuted a clansman the son of the alabama klan
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lowered for abducting and killing a black teenager at random, insisted on the death penalty. insisted on it. >> i'm not seeing that in the "new york times" story. i don't know. >> i'm sorry. no, i mean, this is a guy who has gone. >> that part is not being mentioned. >> not being mentioned at all. talk to his colleagues and folks on capitol hill. great interviews where they pushed folks calling him a racist. no evidence there. just name calling and confusion. >> one thing he has done for mr. trump. he has been loyal to him. one of the first out of the gate to support mr. trump. he has been helpful in picking mike pence for a vice president. so what mr. trump was looking for, as we have seen a common thread here, is he looking for someone who is loyal to him, someone who has a similar vision of the world and where our place is in the world and also the best person for that job. ultimately it comes down to who is best suited who wants to win. mr. trump wants to win and wants the best person around him. >> you see that with mike flynn the attorney general who has now been picked to be national security advisor. he has made controversial
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statements about muslims. so there was this concern within the transition team he is not going to be able to be confirmed because democrats are going to just go after him. >> you mean the lifelong democrat appointed twice by barack obama who is the won who threw the flag about isis when no one else were? ing my call philip has been clear eyed about'. i think what these picks depict is he serious on what he ran on. the guy was a leader on immigration control. you these guys have said things about it they have been honest about it. they are going -- confirmation hearings will be about it. i think for those who supported trump, a signal that he meant what he said. >> you know what i see this as? democrats got spanked at the polls last week. they did. i mean, that's what happened, right? and so now they are sitting there. they don't have anything to work off of. so when you see these picks coming through, they are
3:11 am
wondering what can we too? what can we do to hit back? what can we find on these people because they have got nothing else. >> they're going to go after some of these nominees. that's in fact why lieutenant general flynn was not nominated for secretary osecretaryof state or secretaryf defense. he appointed national security advisor you avoid that fight. the "new york times" today which you mentioned iraqis and those fighting isis welcome the comments of michael flynn because he will call the enemy what it is. ironic. want someone on the front lines. welcome trump stance on isis fear it may back fire. we will see. >> fast and furious. >> is that the "new york times" being transparent now? wasn't that supposed to happen a week ago? >> they had a special letter that they wrote. >> don't hold your breath, abby. >> we too have headlines to get to this morning. aer from the. at least four people killed instantly when their plane crashes into a parking lot. exploding into a fireball. one of those passengers a heart patient being flown
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from northern nevada to the university of utah hospital. several cars exploding on impact forcing eevacuations. no other injuries reported. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. a dramatic hours long swat standoff developing through the night after a man barricades himself inside a home with his son. police in san diego say the tense scene began when the man opened fire inside the house. we just got word that a little boy was released. police still working to communicate with the suspect through social media. and now to extreme weather, a warning. a deadly blizzard is moving from the midwest toward the northeast. heavy snowfall can you believe we are here and wind gusts creating white out conditions in the dakotas and minnesota. minnesota state patrol responding to more than 340 crashes. >> come on. we know how to drive. >> do you? and live from new york it is alec baldwin. >> i won the debate.
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i saved tom. just like i promised and it is over. good night, hofstra. the actor is returning to snl tonight reprising his role as our future commander-in-chief. baldwin telling vanity fair that his betrayal of the president-elect won't happen all that often. he told the magazine he didn't row prize right after the election because he had family commitments. that makes me happy because is he very good. >> i don't know if he has family commitments or if he was going to cry. >> he has a job for four years. >> coming up, president-elect donald trump is making appointments to a number much high breaking positions. who will finally be named to fill his cabinet. caitlin huey burns from real clear politics is breaking it all down next. >> there she is at the chalkboard. we may not have seen the last of hillary clinton. the new call for president-elect trump to interview her for a job in his administration. is she coming in after romney? >> that's really breaking bread. ♪ i can't get no satisfaction.
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welcome back. potential candidates have roamed the haul halls of trump tower to see flecket donald trump as he filled some high positions in his administration. he still has some hard choices to make for his cabinet. here with a look at some more possible appointments is real clear politics national reporter caitlin huey burns. good morning, caitlin. >> thank you. >> we love, this don't we? >> we have some answers now. that's exciting. >> one weekend we have five of these guys that are -- we know have been asked and agreed to do it. >> right. >> the next big one, secretary of state. there has been a lot of speculation about romney. about others. who is that going to go to? >> exactly. that is the biggest question in washington right now. it's kind of become a parlor game of sorts. mitt romney actually today is going to be meeting with donald trump in new jersey.
3:18 am
and he has been considered a possibility. although people from the trump transition team have told us, look, is he meepght with a lot of different people, some to take their advice and counsel. others to introduce for the position. nikki haley the governor of south carolina has been mentioned, perhaps, for that post. we know she has been critical of trump in the past and ended up voting for him but she might be an interesting choice and a woman because there isn't much diversity on this board yet. >> secretary of state is a big one because you have got to be able to see somewhat eye-to-eye on the big issues. i look at someone like mitt romney and his feelings on russia and how that is quite different from mr. trump. >> a lot of the traditional republican people who are part of past administrations or ran before don't see eye-to-eye on certain things. secretary of defense, petraeus' name came up. general petraeus yesterday. >> exactly. >> donald trump talks about him a lot. , has some controversy of the past.
3:19 am
trump has talked about wringing people in who aren't the conventional picks and petraeus, of course, would have that experience and also james matis is going to be meeting, a former marine general james matis required, of course, also mentioned possibly for that post. he is going to be meeting with trump this weekend as well. and tom cotton, freshman center from arkansas has also been mentioned possibly. >> that's another interesting one. >> interesting choice. >> is he a younger guy. >> sea veteran, of course, freshman senator, harvard law degrees and such. he would be interesting choice and he would be in and out thereof as we have seen too. >> dhs sect. secretary. >> david clarke. >> answered of from us here at "fox & friends." >> he had a prime time spot at the convention. he has been part of the administration -- of the campaign. as you mentioned trump honors loyalty and people who have been there with him from the beginning. that could be a choice. of course, mike mccaul chairman of the house committee and he is also
3:20 am
mentioned as a pick. has been lauded by colleagues very well liked on capitol hill, would be interesting for that choice as well. >> and tom price has been mentioned for hhs. this is really interesting choice chairman of the budget committee, of course, he has been one of the leading opponents of obama care. has proposed alternatives in the house. the architect of the repeal and replace plan. >> that's a big one. >> leading contender. >> a lot of speculation and a lot more to fill on this board. >> we will get back to you this morning. >> thank you so much. >> nancy pelosi's job may be in danger but she just got a huge endorsement from the g.o.p. and liberals are already bashing trump's newest administration members as racist. didn't they learn anything about throwing labels from the election? >> the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it
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find out what is in it. >> that was a doocy. the nrcc officially endorses her saying her leadership would be for democrats after republicans picked up nearly 50 seats in the house in 2010.
3:25 am
she is being challenged by ohio representative tim ryan. interesting endorsement. >> thanks, pete. democrats doubling down doubling down. slamming the most racist picks as racist. urging him to reconsider the appointment of senator jeff sessions. watch. this senator sessions was vetted for a federal judgeship several years ago. and at that time it became quite public that he made jokes about the kkk. that he made racial slurs, used racial slurs. that he said things that caused not just democrats but people in his own party, republicans to say this is a man who is not fit to be a federal judge. >> strong words from senator elizabeth warren. despite that continued criticism, sessions is still getting some bipartisan support from senators like joe manchin the democrat from west virginia.
3:26 am
still expected he will get confirmed though we will have to see how it all plays out. here to discuss is democratic strategist and senior writer for opportunity lives political analyst kerry shelved. kerry -- sheffield. >> what happened in the campaign they had the refrain when they go low, we go high. what happened? >> had you a lot of democrats who got a lot of scars on them. abizade it good a while ago we got our you know what handed to us on an election and a lot of people are mad. as measures we should hold everybody that he appoints accountable. whether they are from the left or right. if he said leftist things in the past it should be brought to the forefront. one of the few republicans who voted for eric holder. in all of the research that you do, you should be out there and talking and looking and this is your government and making schuyler they are held accountable. all the name calling is going to happen no matter who he is going to pick. right now we should be business as usual as far as who we're going to have there. >> kerry, what do you think about all that?
3:27 am
>> i think pete just said it best. the fact that the democrats are hugging nancy pelosi says that they are going to stay in the minority. the fact of the matter is that obamacare is the reason the tea party was created, which is the reason that donald trump will be our president. so if you want to take and keep that hard left going, keep what you are doing folks, i'm giving you free advice. >> now, chuck, obviously, the comments that senator jeff sessions made decades ago, we should point out, when he was in alabama, long before he was in the united states senate is going to come up at his confirmation hearing is he going to have to answer for it. no doubt about it. >> sure. >> look at what happened in the last campaign with hillary clinton. watch. >> >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [ laughter ] right? the racists, the sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. you name it. and, unfortunately, there are people like that. and he has lifted them up.
3:28 am
>> so, chuck, i just keep hearing now president-elect trump, democrats are saying he has got to change the things he did in the campaign when he won. meanwhile, democrats went to this racist label again and again. losts election, and now it seems to be going right back to it. >> you know, during the campaign, it was a long campaign season, ed, you know i worked for bernie sanders. and there was a lot of name calling on both sides. i remember old crooked hillary and lying ted and all of the above. you get to pick whoever you want to pick when you win the election. for those 46 million americans out there who sat at home mad at crooked miller or crooked dump. when you win you get to pick how want. as americans we get to hold them accountable. but this is how elections work. >> kerry, final thought from you about what obama's administration is going to have to do with the on slot they will be facing. >> i didn't agree with everything donald trump said
3:29 am
he has been a class act the entire time. chuck, again, free advice to you guys, tone it down. realize that everyone who voted for donald trump is not those horrible labels that hillary clinton put on them. fact of the matter is people are upset. people have lost their jobs. obamacare is spiking insurance costs. there are so many problems with democratic governance and the fact of the matter is the party has taken a sharp left turn. if bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are your new faces then you are going to be in the permanent minority. >> we are going to have to see to quote that wise sage abby huntsman to see who has their you know what handed to them in the days ahead. chuck already did. we will you have back. thank you. >> thanks? the broadway hit hamilton welcomed hillary clinton with open arms. so what happened? why is it that when the vice president elect tried to enjoy a night on the town, why did this happen? >> we, sir, we, diverse americans who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.
3:30 am
mike pence wanted a family outing. he got a liberal lecture instead. we have that next. and should you check your bag or carry it on before you travel this thanksgiving? courtney scott has the travel secrets you have not heard yet. and abby is going to learn about it first. ♪ there is a bar in far bombay ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly ♪ let's fly away. ♪ ♪ (whispers rocket)
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all right. welcome back. we started with this story at the top of the show. so, vice president elect mike pence went with his family last night to see. >> just down the street here. >> down the street. the broadway show we have all heard about. i have been to see it, hamilton, which is actually a very good show. >> i haven't seen it either but i would like to. >> got political and got awkward for his family. >> there with his wife and i think his children because there were multiple people and secret service around them and people started booing. some people applauding. people posted video online. can you see the family there and he is waving and that must have been after and people are booing. you hear them yelling at him. >> so the show starts and this happens. take a listen to the clip. this is a member of the crew. >> vice president elect pence we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at hamilton -- we
3:35 am
really do. we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. [boos and cheers] >> u upwe truly hope this show has inspired to you uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. [ applause ] >> so this is awkward. that's leslie odom jr. he plays aaron burr one of the main characters in this play. my first reaction, pete was just how sad is this that here you have mike pence, taking his family. trying to enjoy a friday night and see a great musical and this happens. >> the hypocrisy of the way the left works. and we all want to have fun until the other guy loses and preach to you and tell you are a racist. this is the diverse american in midtown manhattan elites.
3:36 am
>> i will say -- at least it was civil. he did say, look, we appreciate you being here. we respect you. but then it was a litany of we have no respect for you. we don't believe you are going to protect our kids. >> just don't say that. >> mike pence is a father, too. >> i hope this play inspires you to do what's right for the country, that is fine to say. you don't need to go down that road. what i will say hillary clinton went to this play i think a number of times during the campaign. she got a standing ovation. >> i think they had a fundraiser with the cast or something and there they are hanging out. >> a little different reaction. >> you know what might be the best ending to all of this for mike pence is that i believe it was alexander hamilton who was coming up with the idea of the electoral college. >> he wrote about it in the federalist papers. >> i guess that's revenge, huh? >> you know what? they won. >> you could also say this and i'm the vice president. >> i'm the vice president. >> you know what? food for him, he walked out
3:37 am
smiling, but, still, trying to have a good night. >> let him have a good night with his family. >> put politics aside for five minutes. >> no. preach to me more. >> headlines to get to this morning. desperate search for answers this morning after a young mother is shot and killed and her newborn child abducted. police in wichita, kansas now frantically searching for week old daughter and asking the public for help. this little girl has been missing since thursday. father arriving home to find his girlfriend was murdered. so far there are no credible leads. horrible story. and an american pledging support to isis wants his case thrown out because of free speech. mohammed was arrested in december and charged with bureau vigd material support to the terror group. federal prosecutors say he received thousands of dollars from terrorists to carry out an attack in the united states. his lawyer is claiming that he never pledged to carry
3:38 am
out an attack and protected under first amendment rights. federal judge will rule on that case. really? >> i. >> is there space on president-elect's donald trump's team for hillary clinton? at least one new york congresswoman is hoping that is the case. representative carolyn malone whose district includes new york trump tower says clinton should serve as u.n. ambassador for the trump administration. she says clinton will never stop working and that she, quote, will always be a part of the dialogue in a positive way to advance the values of america. the president-elect has not commented yet on that idea. >> after you apologize for calling me a racist and xenophobe. >> where does it end? >> rick reichmuth is outside doing some weather for us. rick, we have been talking about potentially a blizzard this weekend. some people have already received snow like in minnesota. >> we already got snow. >> how was it, pete? >> it didn't hit my house
3:39 am
but outside minnesota got hit. we are loving it. >> kind of northwest of you snow still going on from the same storm most of the energy is pulling off toward the north good news moving into canada. take a look at the weather map show you what is going on. temperaturewise, it is cold behind that 12 degrees right now in rapid city. 21 in denver. it is still mighty warm across parts of the east. one more warm day across areas of the east. take a of this also that we still have snow that's going to be across parts of the and michigan. out in front of that it is rain. behind it, cold air moves in and we are going to be looking at lake-effect snow that we're going to be dealing with. >> especially in across parts of michigan throughout the day and by lacy this afternoon. move in across areas of western new york. over toward the. >> send it back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. [gobbles] ♪
3:40 am
>> i love the "fox & friends" graphics. >> well a possible strike at the nation's busiest airport may mean it's faster to drive over the river and through the woods than fly to grand mother's house this thanksgiving. >> what is the pest way to get to the table in time for turkey? some turkey top. >> joining us is courtney scott who is here with all your thanksgiving travel dos and don'ts. god morning, courtney. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> start with the dos. what should people do to make sure they are prepared and make it on time. >> one of the 43.5 million people driving this year you do need to know when to go. there are days better and days worse. first of all thanksgiving day is a great day to travel especially in the morning hours and black friday another day to get out for a less congestion on the roads and at the airports. worse days? well, sunday, the sloot worse day to get out. ways. >> if you want to come home.
3:41 am
busiest days. 240% increase in traffic jams and 140% increase in traffic accidents. >> don't travel all the days that you would normally think it makes sense to travel. >> unless you work in television or somewhere elsewhere you work holidays and then you can travel like a friday. >> exactly. >> what about the airports? because they can be a zoo. >> it's important to get to the airport with lots of extra time. especially if weather is impacting your area. two hours in advance for domestic flights. three hours in advance for international flights. i recommend taking mass transit rather than driving your car to the airport. if you have to drive your car reserve spot online in advance to save time. >> what about checking luggage? if you have a big family and traveling and a lot of stuff. >> abby travels with like 10 dressers. >> don't spill my secrets. >> three day weekend you don't need to check baggage. baggage drop lines longer and longer. save time use carry on on the tail end end of your
3:42 am
trip not waiting to pick up bag. >> that w45 if i want to put one of my three kids in the bag to save time. >> that's an option, too. >> traveling with kids, i know a lot of folks out there would be traveling with kids get there early it gets out of control. >> speaking of tsa security. precheck. i say this around the year. >> don't tell everyone that then everyone gets tsa precheck then that line. >> $85 for five year membership. you can breeze through. not take off your shoes. leave laptop in the bag. >> if you don't have it yet you won't get it in time. >> thank you, courtney. >> chaos, disarray. we are not talking about airports talking about mainstream media. we'll compare the coverage to this administration incoming to administrations past next. >> and are you one of the millennials protesting our next president?
3:43 am
good chance you will be voting for his re-election in four years. you will have to stick around. we will explain why. ♪ get around ♪
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3:45 am
3:46 am
it started as a media meltdown on election night. >> landslide for hillary. >> hillary clinton is going it win in a landslide. >> is he going to lose in a landslide. >> >> they don't appear to be backing down on the bias from presiden president trumpen. calling it turmoil and a state of disarray. here is kelly riddle. thanks for joining me this morning. >> good morning. >> why can't they hold back
3:47 am
and why are they so he ferocious in calling it disarray? >> i think the mainstream media has a preconceived notion. they want to paint trump out and the trump administration out as being chaotic and disarray. cnn had a headline last night saying it was a roller coaster ride. economists today says most transitions are chaotic but trump's is especially. so they want to drive home this narrative that basically reaffirms their motion that trump -- a trump presidency would be a disaster. >> there have been these mini mea culpa. folks have tried to. can you baptize yourself as independent journalist or can they not help themselves? >> i don't think they can help themselves. so more helpful assessments is comparing this administration to past administrations. >> cnn did this in a brief story. barack obama at this time when he in 200 2008 hadn't named anybody. any cabinet position yet in the first two weeks after he won the election.
3:48 am
the only staff position he named was a chief of staff, rahm emanuel. and then quickly came david axelrod as a chief involve. he did not name a cabinet pick until the end of november and that was the treasury secretary. >> he wool pick david axel rod's tweet up very quickly he tweeted about that. >> by this time we hadn't made any major appointments and i don't remember being criticized at it at all. we are giving him plenty of time but donald trump has got to rush right away. here is the appointment chart. you mentioned historical data. history matters a little bit and should as we look at it look at that from friction son to trump how many positions appointments had been made at certain weeks in to their -- in to being president-elect. doesn't look like donald trump is all that far behind actually he is ahead of the curve. >> ahead of the curve. george h.w. bush was ahead the curve and donald trump is ahead of the curve as well. you go back to 1992 with bill clinton he named a 42 person transitional team and it was a mess.
3:49 am
he made his big cabinet picks the week of christmas. on the 22nd of dose. he made his pick for secretary of defense and secretary of state and then on christmas eve he said who he wanted to be a.g. and commerce secretary. this is the end of december on christmas week is when he made his big picks. >> think about than. christmas eve imagine if donald trump was doing that they would to apoplectic. >> they would go insane. >> they would go insane if he goes out to dinner at the 21 club. they can't help themselves and you are exposing it. thank you for your expertise this morning. >> thank you. >> are you one of the millennials protesting -- that's not protesting by the way. that's rioting. what if you were told though that there is a good chance instead of being a rioter in four years you might be voting for his re-election? stick around and we will explain why. and a big story for the future president. the meetings he will have and some of the surprise names that he is going to be
3:50 am
meeting with today. you are going to want to hear this. ♪ anywhere you go ♪ i'll follow you ♪ any place but those i know by heart. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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3:53 am
[chanting this is what democracy looks like] ♪ chanting] [chanting not my president] ♪ >> this has been going on all over the country. millennials protesting president-elect trump across the country. could his policies actually
3:54 am
benefit them more than they even think? >> the editor of red alert politics ron meyer joining us this morning good morning, ron. >> good morning. >> the millennials were fired up about bernie sanders when you say now donald trump will help them how do you back it up? >> here's the thing. not only did a lot more millennials support donald trump. you can go out there and protest whenever you want. the truth is you probably should be protesting aches not just words that the media is reporting and reporting incorrectly. guess what? the policies are actually going to help these people that are protesting. if you look at every single issue that effects their pocketbook and social issues do. donald trump is going to be with them and helping them especially when it comes to the things helping them most. college costs, or healthcare prices going up the roof for them. >> healthcare is a big one an area that could benefit millennials. remove price controls.
3:55 am
talk about why millennials should care about this. why this could improve their lives. >> yeah. so for healthcare. obamacare actually put price controls that makes young people pay more to subsidize the rest of the system. young people with very little disposable income trying to start their careers. obviously the headlines for the last eight years is a lot of unearned employment. obama put paying everyone else's higher premiums on to them. the individual mandate has a fine on there if you don't get healthcare. poor millennials trying to start and claw their way through life having either pay a gigantic fine or pay for healthcare they can't afford. >> you wonder why they didn't sign up for obamacare. >> get to college costs quickly. i mentioned bernie sanders. he was talking about free college. you are talking about privatizing student loans. federalizing pay cap. some trump policy will help millennials, why? >> that's absolutely right. >> free college doesn't change the cost model. higher education is going to continue rising their
3:56 am
tuition and depends who pays for it the great thing about trump's plan it actually brings cleaning costs down by making higher education accountable. does it by one key way -- there is a few aspects to it. but one big thing it s. it actually puts colleges on the hook for student loans with the students and with the loan institutions. so they have a real incentive to actually make sure their kids have jobs when they graduate. so actually make sure that tuition isn't really through the roof. >> finally ron, taxes. that's a huge one. >> yeah. taxes is totally huge. because, guess what? not only are your taxes going to go down, millennials. person going to hire you their taxes go down more reason to hire you and increase your pay and reinvest in the workforce. >> ron meyer, thanks for all of that we will see whether millennials buy in. >> hopefully they are up early this morning watching. >> donald trump meanwhile looking to unify his party by meeting with one of his harshest critics. mitt romney. could the former governor actually end up being in the trump administration? >> and vice president elect mike pence tries to have a
3:57 am
relaxing night out to see the broadway hit hamilton. instead he gets a lecture. read your comments. they are pouring in. ♪ we ain't going to take it ♪ . i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story, get started for free at i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment.
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4:00 am
good morning to you, saturday, november 19th. i'm abby hunt abby huntsman: lg to unify the party. what does the media think of president-elect trump's pick for attorney general jeff sessions? >> he is a fringe choice. >> he has been dogged with decades old allegations of racism. >> so there are fundamental concerns among democrats about jeff sessions. >> sure sounds scary. but did anyone bother to check the senator's record? they talked about when they go low we go high. >> maybe they should check that. >> vice president elect mike pence goes out for a
4:01 am
well-deserved night on the town only to get a lecture from hillary's friends on broadway. >> we have a little message for you, sir. we hope that you will hear us out. we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> your emails are pouring in on this. it's 7:00 in manhattan. we're trying to make 7:00 in manhattan great a mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> we ever trying position make 7:00 great again. >> you better believe it. >> this show flies by. >> everybody is talking about this hamilton story. we are going to get to that in just moments. the audience sent in a lot of the comments. i still can't believe what happened mike pence trying to have a nice night out with his family. a lot going on with politics. ed henry is here good to see you. from washington. >> president-elect donald trump pick keeping up busy
4:02 am
schedule as he continues to fill out administration today he has a meeting with formal rival mitt romney at his golf course in new jersey. garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. with more on romney's possible aappointment. >> good morning, abby, ed, and pete. one of the never trump movement even after mr. trump had won the nomination. now he could become president-elect's trump secretary of state. sources close to the transition team tell us the two men will meet this afternoon at the trump national golf course which is fitting considering how over the years both men have worked out hundreds of business deals on the greens. romney is one of a number of people being considered for that high profile position. but we have been told he does command a lot of respect from the trump team for the predictions he made during the 2012 presidential race about the world stage, particularly about the growing threat of russia at the time. this meeting, which has come as a bit of a surprise to many, is what the trump team
4:03 am
says this new administration will be about. working with and receiving counsel from allies, rivals and those on the other side of the aisle. apart from romney, mr. trump has seven other meetings today as he looks at candidates to fill out the rest of his cabinet. abby, ed, and pete. >> thank you, garrett. >> a lot of people seem surprised if you look at donald trump's track record we shouldn't be all that surprised he is meeting with mitt romney. he wants consensus and behind the scenes he wants to hear from divergent viewpoints. it's good to see. >> good to see them breaking bread together. mitt romney did lay out that big speech. not only did he not endorse mr. trump, but he actively campaigned to make sure he wasn't the nominee. i mean, he called him dangerous for this country. had no doubt that mr. trump, knowing his style a little bit, ed, he is probably going to make him squirm remind him of the things he said and he called him. and i'm sure they will make amends and come together.
4:04 am
ultimately hear some of the things he feels mitt romney feels needs to happen for the country. >> some team in transition team i have spoken to who feel that mitt romney getting secretary of state is exaggeration. let's break bread. let's make peace but not actually secretary of state. another interesting bit of speculation that's out there is could romney head the v.a. because is he somebody who is known for fixing things. look at what he did with the olympics. you know all about that in salt lake city. if you think about what a mess the v.a. is right now. pete has been documenting this as well or better than anyone. the bottom line is what a legacy for mitt romney and for donald trump if their duration could finally fix the v.a. >> yeah. exactly. you need someone that's willing to take on the bureaucracy, speak honestly. >> business aspect. >> know how to turn it around. accountability. give them choice. >> someone that represents a veteran more than anything else that's what's most important. >> donald trump ran on that. he ran on the v.a. in the way no one else has. a way to around an
4:05 am
institution. >> jeff sessions is someone who was nominated. senator to stick his neck throughout for donald trump. you knew he would get something big. immediately labeled a racist. >> so he has been asked to to be the attorney general. >> he has been loyal to him from the very beginning. helping advising from behind the scenes. >> "new york times" has a blistering editorial. he will not protect voting rights. worse thing for african-americans. luis gutierrez, the democratic congressman from illinois said quote if you have nostalgia for the days blacks kept quiet. guys were in the closet and immigrants were invincible and women stayed in the kitchen, senator jeff sessions beauregard sessions is your man. >> you are a good reader, ed. >> i didn't read it as well last time. beauregard. >> it is not just.
4:06 am
it's the media. >> if you don't want to have that discussion you have to make him a racist and yell it from the roof top. that's exactly what the media is doing. take a listen to this montage. >> senator jeff sessions has accepted trump's offer to be his a.g. he will now face questions about his record on civil rights. >> but he has been dogged with decades old allegations of racism. >> so there are fundamental concerns among democrats about jeff sessions. and sort of how he would tackle some of these issues. racial issues. issues of hate crimes. >> if you are going to get a couple loyalists who have said crackpot things in the past, you sure as hell have some very steady hands at state, at defense,and at treasury or this goes into a full blown meltdown. >> a meltdown? talk about a meltdown. the front page of the "new york times." trump selects loyalist. oh my god loyalists. these people loyal. we were talking about this before. >> fox news alert. >> what president has not picked people not loyal to him? i'm going to pick all the people who oppose me and put them in my cabinet and
4:07 am
implement my policy. >> if you are a conservative and believe in the border. you love this pick by jeff sessions and media going nuts. what they are not talking about. as u.s. attorney general in alabama he filed several cases to deseeing gri grey gait alabama schools. racist jeff sessions as well as prosecuting the son of a clansman who killed black teenager and he made sure he got the death penalty. made sure. this is not a racist man. >> i think the democrats got spanked last week in the polls. >> do you think? >> they got nowhere else to turn. when they see something that they can hammer on with one of his appointees, they will run on that and media say we will go with that too. sounds like a good headline. >> jonathan allen a journalist at washington. now at "roll call" where i used to work years ago. he wrote a column before sessions was picked. >> it's a preemptive assault. >> basically saying is he a racist. he said if he was picked for pentagon secretary. he might decide. might decide to resegregate the military. even though that was
4:08 am
overturned by harry truman, 48 or something like that. >> resegregate the military. this is what -- >> he decides to go up against our own tucker carlson may not want to do that. is he a tough debater. take a listen thousand played out. >> take a look at the his if i have and pattern of jeff sessions he said things over the course of time. >> you said something really specific. you said he was endorsed by storm front. i'm sure he would disavow that immediately. why is that fair to write that? >> he hasn't disavowed it, that i know of. >> so you think he agrees with storm front. >> i don't know. >> you can name in the 20 years he has served, 19 as senator, a single instance where he has mistreated someone on the bailiffs of his race? one? ever? >> he was complaining that the state of alabama was going to have to feed and clothe children. >> okay. do you think that makes him a racist? is that your example of a racism? >> in 1986 he called the naacp unamerican. >> really? >> i'm just glad to find out where that guy works now
4:09 am
last sunday i tuned. in i was looking for tucker. i saw this beautiful anchor. and then abby was here, too. [ laughter ] >> clarify. >> abby a beautiful anchor along with pete. and tucker is now doing the 7:00 show and he is doing what journalist do best. saying you wrote a column saying the senator is a racist. give me one example. it was painful for because for seven or eight minutes jonathan allen could not name one thing where is he racist. jeff sessions said controversial things. 70's and 80's. he is going to have to account for that this n. these confirmation hearings but to call someone a racist and not have a specific example is outrage just. >> speaking of calling people a racist. another thing that happened that we talked about at the top of the show was the cast and crew of the broadway show, a very famous broadway show hamilton, it's been very successful. i think you have seen it. i have not. i would love to. >> it's a great show. that's why the reason why vice president elect wanted to go with his family spending a nice friday night out. maybe an hour or away from
4:10 am
politics and enjoy life. guess what? it got political and it got awkward and they, you know, went on stage. you have aaron burr. there he is one of the main characters. one of the most talented people on stage. take a listen to what he said on that stage. >> vice president elect pence, we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at hamilton and america newsroom. we do. we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. [boos and cheers] >> our children, our parents, defend us and uphold our inalienable rights. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of us. [cheers and applause] >> oh my goodness. that sanctimonious dripping self-righteousness is exactly why donald trump got
4:11 am
elected. >> hillary clinton went to that play a number of times when she was running for the presidency. she got standing ovations. when she was there she was getting hugs behind stage. see the reaction to both of these folks showing up. great play and story about alexander hamilton's life. so i do think there are a lot of positives to be learned from going to the show. it's frustrating that they had to go down that path and say some of those things. >> emails pouring in. sherry: i find it distasteful that anyone would take a mike on broadway to disparage a man they do not know. they don't appreciate the journey to democracy they sing about. i have had tickets for months now i don't want to go. >> i think the treatment of the vp elect was unprofessional and out of line. elitist mentality that got everyone sick and tired of the norm. >> email from bart saying get over yourselves, actors, your job was to perform in order to entertain not to lecture. i'm sure the new administration will perform your jobs a lot better than did you your job last night. you can't wonder if it were
4:12 am
president obama sitting in that crowd that never would have happened. >> oh my god what a disrespect. how could you disrespect the president? here is our vice president elect. >> everyone's vice president elect. >> no, not theirs. not theirs. >> ed, you worked in washington for a long time. isn't there a certain level of respect, regardless of what party you associate with. >> there should be. >> that when you are elected president or vice president here. isn't there that level of respect that everyone. >> a lot of democrats who feel that president obama did not get that respect and so maybe they are going to fire back now. i think it's going to be pressure on the president-elect and the vice president elect to bring people together. go to a broadway show. you don't expect a lecture. >> no. just like all the celebrities that try to release all those videos and tell us all how to vote. >> a lot of celebrities endorse hillary clinton and she didn't win. >> keep singing and acting and jumping around in tights. not politics. >> sometimes the best revenge is nothing you can say to that. >> just think about i remember wil lebron james
4:13 am
endorsing her at a big event in ohio she lost ohio. bruce springsteen big concert the last night of the campaign she lost pennsylvania. the celebrity factor in the end. just let people enjoy themselves. >> celebrity factor? >> mainstream media pouncing on michael flynn's new position on the trump team. tony shaffer is here to set the record straight next. >> i'm sure he will. more bad news for hillary clinton. santa says she is on the naughty list? did santa say that? we'll find out ♪ i'm bad. i'm bad ♪ i'm bad ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
you now know that president-elect trump has offered retired lieutenant general michael flynn the post of national security advisor inside the white house. there is rampant speculation over the mainstream media who he is and what he stands for. what do people who actually worked with general flynn have to say about him. >> here to weigh in, a man who knows flynn lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. you do know him personally what we have heard about him and what we sort of know. he is disruptive. especially when it comes to the most important issue that we faced arguably going forward is isis. even getting fired for speaking to congress about it. >> well, that's the issue, abby. thank you for putting it in that term. yeah, he was asked to leave by a man named jim clapper who was resigning rather than do the right thing and do an overlap. jim clapper lied to the american people on multiple occasions. he politicized the intelligent system. think about this.
4:18 am
a man who is disruptive against the very thing that which is going to damage our country is not disruptive. it's actually designed to fix things. let's be clear on this. mike flynn was actually confirmed twice for senior intelligence to include director of dia. i have got to tell you, abby, i have been completely appalled and fascinated in a sick sort of way about him being portrayed as a racist and all these vile things by people by people faceless, not willing to gotten record. those of us who have worked with him are looking at this what is going on. >> interesting because some of his comments have been all about radical islam. he has made no bones about taking that on. >> he wrote a book about it that'that's right. >> absolutely. democrats are going to be looking at his nomination, obviously. it would have been looking, i should say, at his nomination. they went instead to an spoiment to they don't have a confirmation hearing. they will be dogging him every step of the way. one of those senators is ron
4:19 am
wyden who said quote his statements about muslims are profoundly unamerican as well as damaging to the fight against terror and national security. his financial intanglements with russia and other foreign governments are also cause for concern. look, i get you're standing up for him. you have to admit that since leaving government he has had some lobbying things where is he making big money and some of his clients have been controversial. >> let's be clear on this. he has not lob idea. that's one of the things that the folks out there on the left on team hillary has been putting out. he had relationships to advise and assist. he is an advisor. let's be clear on this again. >> making money forting. >> absolutely. schroll. and then the other issue is russia. look, he is a freaking intelligence officer. what good would an intelligence officer be if he doesn't actually go out and do intelligence stuff to figure things out? >> sure. >> so you have got to be out and engaged. mike flynn's job before he left government was to actually understand the map of the earth and how things function. that's not changed. one of the things about a
4:20 am
trump's foreign policy have credibility and credibility especially with the eyes of world leaders. mike has that. that's where this is all going. you know, this is where i have been appalled about the complete slander, i would say, and i'm sorry, senator wyden, maybe you ought to read more carefully what general flynn said about radical islam. not about every person who has the islamic faith being bad. it's about the fact that you have elements within islam using religion as a vector to 5 tack us. if we don't actually accept that as a fact, we will see ourselves attacked more and more. >> boy, abby, this is why we wanted tony shaffer is to get the real skinny, when he says is he a freaking intelligence officer, i think that's what we wanted. we wanted to know what is he and you told us who he is. >> there you go. >> lieutenant colonel shaffer, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> brushing off policy on sanctuary cities. >> to all those who are after tuesday's election very nervous, you are safe
4:21 am
in chicago. you are secure in chicago. and you are supported in chicago. >> what about the legal residents? are these mayors making their cities less safe for them? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
now creating whiteout conditions in minnesota south dakota. 340 crashes. at least two of them have been deadly. and researchers finding disturbing health patterns among thousands of colorado residents living near a controversial nuclear plant. nearly half of people surveyed claimed to have had
4:25 am
specific cancers linked to specific poshes four decades. peta, over to you. >> all right. the democratic mayors of major u.s. cities say they will do all they can to protect their illegal immigrants residents from deportation. despite president-elect donald trump's vow to withhold federal fund going they do not cooperate. >> to all those who are after tuesday's election very nervous, you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago. and you are supported in chicago. >> i reiterated to him, this city and so many cities around the country, will do all we can to protect our residents and to make sure that families are not torn apart. >> well, there you have it. but as these officials defend their sanctuary status are they ignoring the safety of those who reside in their cities legally? joining me now for a fair and balanced debate democratic strategist fen
4:26 am
tase. general knees, i want to go straight to you. >> thank you. you heard rahm emanuel claim he wants safe in highest murder in the state status. >> let's start with the century name. i think it's really bad name to give to a city who is doing this policy. >> that's what they call it. >> i know. and i'm telling you that i think it misleadsed to the misunderstanding -- people misunderstand what this means. this is really about resources on community safety. the responsibility of enforcing immigration law is the federal government. so what this really means is that the cop on the beat does not have to go around to hunt down people because of the immigration status. this is what it really means. if i witness a crime, i do not have to be scared to come forward because i'm going to be deported simply by saying listen, i witnessed a crime being perpetrated this is what
4:27 am
this is all about. >> rachel, she claims it's about hunting down illegals. is that what this debate is all about. >> i didn't say that. >> you didn't -- you used the phrase hunting down in your answer. >> i said that is the responsibility of the federal government. >> well,. >> go ahead, rachel. >> listen, donald trump has been very clear that what he is focused on is securing the border and deporting illegals who are felons. and so unless you're a felon, don't worry about it right now. he launched his campaign on this issue. he is not going to back down. he is going to withhold federal funds from those cities that are harboring felons, illegal felons. and is he going to go after them if they don't cooperate. so, listen, this is going to happen. they need to adjust to this new political reality. and the truth is, jennice, if you care about the undocumented people in chicago or any other city who are working hard, then get behind donald trump, secure the border, get rid of the felons and then we can have a real conversation
4:28 am
about how to deal fairly and compassionately with those who are here without documentation. >> or jennice the irony 80% of the drugs come from cartel in mexico because our border is wide open. i want to ask you this about the budget because it can hit in the wallet really hard budget 7.8 billion. 1.2 billion of that are federal grants. that's a huge chunk of the budget. would rahm emanuel really be prepared to look donald trump in the eye and say we won't take your money in order to preserve our sanctuary city? >> what is really ironic to use your own words is that rudy giuliani, when he was mayor of new york, actually defended the policies of the sanctuary city that new york uses. back then and uses still today. >> things can change. >> listen, what rachel says is true. i want every undocumented criminal immigrant to be key ported, absolutely. anyone in their sane mind would agree with this. we are not safe with undocumented i will
4:29 am
locallies walking around. i wanted to make the distinction about being a criminal who is also undocumented and just being undocumented immigrant there is a distinction and we all agree. >> undocumented doesn't make you illegal. >> rachel and i agree there is a big difference. she just called it. there is a segment of the population that obviously is criminal. woe all agree they need to be deported, correct? >> but rahm emanuel is not making that distinction. the bottom line is this: we are a country of laws. our country works because we all agree to abide by the law. and we can't have mayors like rahm emanuel deciding they don't want to follow the law. and, by the way, be careful, liberals, this goes both ways. do you want red states or red cities deciding they don't want to follow the e.p.a. standards or they don't want to protect an endangered species a that the federal government has declared endangered? we are a country of laws. and we have-to-ad by by them. >> correct i know, rachel, i just want to make sure the mayors of the country do know we trust them to make
4:30 am
the decisions best for the city. i trust law enforcement to also make that decision as well. >> donald trump is serious about enforcing the rule of law. this is going to be a money where your mouth is type moment. if $1.25 billion is at stake in chicago rahm emanuel is going to have to make his choice. rachel and jennice, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you, pete. >> you got it one lawmakers plan to prosecute the protests. coming up next. plus, more bad news for hillary clinton. is she on santa's naughty list? i don't know. we will find out. before santa comes. we are cooking up a thanksgiving feast. oh, look at that of course rick is out there. getting a jump start on the plaza that's going to make you say dag gum, that's good.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
♪ i'm taking a greyhound on the hudson river line. >> oh, yes, billy joel. >> who is that? can you make it out? >> that is mitt romney waiting in the taxi line at jfk airport enroute to go see mr. trump at his gulf course in new jersey. a photo we thought we would never see. >> i recognized that immediately. that is the taxi line at jfk airport. >> we all know that line. >> i have been in it many times. >> it's mitt romney. on one hand kind of sad.
4:35 am
this close to being president. mitt romney has handled all that very well. average guy. you will see him. people will post tweets all the time. >> i have seen these tweets where is he not in first class. i'm in southwest roe 19 with mitt romney. it gets old after a while. he is cool with that he has a lot of money. >> we're not doing the show on location today because i have heard this golf course in new jersey is beautiful. i heard it's one of the best in the country. >> i have a friend who has a home near there. and horse country near new jersey. and his wife rides horses. if you watch the sopranos you would never think there are horses there. beautiful country. >> beautiful. >> pretty cool as a president-elect you can hold your transition meetings wherever you want. including your beautiful golf course in new jersey which is what is happening today. donald trump today meeting with a number of picks across the spectrum. we're hearing about a potential meeting. romney meeting could happen at 1 chock today. also speculation about hhs, department of defense, many different departments.
4:36 am
>> health and human services. congressman from georgia. he is in the mix there david petraeus, i think, is interesting. retired general potentially for state or defense. and, where, during the campaign, donald trump made a big deal about how, look, hillary clinton got a pass on mishandling classified information. petraeus did not it would be interesting if it comes back in the fold. general. >> look at three names mad dog matis. not a member of the service not licking their chops that is he at the top. >> a lot of efforts to draft matis to do different things. tom cotton, matis, petraeus. those are heavy hitters. >> strong on defense. look at choices like that and almost can't go wrong. this meeting with mitt romney today says a lot about the two breaking bread, coming together and for donald trump to say after everything that's been said about me. is he probably going to make anymore squirm in his seat. >> when is he going to break bread with jeff beauregard sessions.
4:37 am
>> i just like saying that. >> other headlines to get to this morning. we start with this. the book is now closed on the trump university lawsuit. the president-elect now agreeing to settle out of court for $25 million over claims that it failed to provide quality real estate and education courses. the settlement includes no admittance of wrongdoing. mr. trump claims is he now happy to focus on his upcoming presidency. there is a desperate search for answers this morning after a young mother shot and killed a newborn child is abducted. police in wichita, kansas now frantically searching for her week old daughter and asking the public for help. the infant's father arriving home thursday to find his girlfriend murdered and the baby gone. police now considering him a suspect. and as the fbi sends a team specializing in child abductions to assis that case, so far there are no credible leads. such a horrible story there. and a woman accused of murdering her twin sister is fighting extradition to
4:38 am
hawaii. alexandria do yoalex andrew vald with driving intentionally off a cliff. her sister died and she suffered serious injuries. she returned to new york after that accident but was indicted by a grand jury for the accident last month. and one of santa's helpers working at a mall in sanford, florida, out in the cold this morning. fired for telling a little girl that hillary clinton was on his naughty list. jolly old saint nic claimed it was only a joke but that little girl's mother, a clinton supporter, wasn't seeing the humor that she complained to mall management. and he is now gone. those are. so headlines this morning. i'm inside. the guys have left me out fry ago turkey. >> we will bring some food, abby. don't worry. are you ready for thanksgiving? it is just a few days away. here to show us how to save time. maximize flavor and stay safe while trying up turkey
4:39 am
dadgum that's good 2 and dadgum that's good 1. >> we love coming to fox. >> it's time. >> you brought your turkey and your fryers. >> we brought our tuckerys and our fryers. we will show folks how to free up their oven and enjoy thanksgiving and fry your turkey safely indoors. we have got a commercial electric turkey fryer that master built has had now for over a decade. come n. here to fox to show you thousand fry turkeys in three easy steps. >> so don't start -- we have seen the videos online don't do in a barrel on your deck in the backyard. >> do it inside your home and i'm telling you with the butter ball turkey fryer it is so easy. because you don't have to worry about overheating your oil. so when you fry a tuckery, it's three simple steps. we're going to inject it, we're going to season it. and we're going to fry it? >> oh boy. >> this is a buttery trio you want to get one ounce per pound. >> i feel like we should give a warning to people.
4:40 am
some might be disturbing. >> it's 90% butter. 10% creole. 100 present goodness. >> we got it injected. now we are going to take -- buttery recoal, one ounce per found and take a kay john season inside the inside of the cavity. >> can't really overseason either, you can. >> cannot. >> how do you actually fry it? >> turkey fryer. this is the butter ball indoor turkey fryer. set at 375 degrees. when that light is on. >> are you guys ready for turkey? >> yes. >> you lower the turkey in very slowly on master >> get it in there people are waiting for turkey they are hungry. >> got a video that shows folks how to take a completely that you would turkey give it a warm bubbling bath. bubbling. take it out of the warm water bath. >> can you get it in there? >> season it. lower it all the way in. it is that easy. go slow. >> don't let it be frozen or
4:41 am
cold. >> never put in a frozen turkey. you want to make sure you go in. >> there you go. >> four minutes per pound. >> john m mcelmore will be back next hour. >> better have a knife for carving. >> i never tried a fried turkey. >> we will carve it up for you. >> yeah. we are carving that one. >> coming up, it is often a lead story in an unassuming midwest neighborhood. >> terror connection leading right back to the twin cities. >> federal authorities say that a man has been arrested on terror related charges. >> major concerns in the somali community over a terror recruitment video that was released by a al shabaab. >> our own pete hegseth hit the ground why it is concerned ground zero isis recruitment inside america. you don't want to miss this. nancy pelosi's job may be in danger, but she just got a
4:42 am
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4:45 am
isis in syria will spend 35 years in prison. 22-year-old omar sobbing before minneapolis judge on friday claiming to be a changed man. well, he is the last of a 9-person terrorist cell to be sentenced. >> earlier this guy named pete hegseth visited an area known as little. >> it has been hot bed for terror recruitment.
4:46 am
why? i hit the streets of minneapolis to check it out. >> terror connection leading right back to the twin cities. >> federal authorities say that a man has been arrested on terror related charges. >> major concerns in the somali community over terror recruitment video released by al shabaab. >> often the lead story in the twin cities, terror recruits coming from minnesota where thousands of somalis relocated after cill war ripped their country apart in 1991. >> we are here in the cider river vide area some people call little mogadishu. very large somali muslim population here in minneapolis. what some would say increasingly insular muslim population. >> pretty much everybody love this country. >> [inaudible] news media all muslims some people are targeting muslims. >> of more than 200 islamic schools in the united states, at least two likely more are located in
4:47 am
minnesota. american government is listed as a subject at one of these schools. >> the islamic schools here in minnesota? >> they teach sharia law. >> yeah, sharia law. >> what do they teach also american law, the u.s. constitution? >> actually, i have no idea about that one. >> while many first generation somalis come to america looking for a better life, we had a hard time finding people in the cedar riverside neighborhood who spoke english. >> we're here with fox news just doing a story about the riverside area. >> no english? any at all? no? just wanted to see if i could ask you a couple quick questions. >> no english. >> would you be willing to chat with us. >> no english. >> no english. >> did you go there and see someone who has been there for like 20 years and he or she doesn't speak a single word of english because they don't interact with people outside that circle. creates an environment to where the lone wolf is going to be easier to hide in. >> outspoken community leader in minneapolis.
4:48 am
>> i raddization still going on right now. are they still being recruited by isis as we speak. >> yes. >> ryan murrow has investigated radical mosques across the country and says terror recruits, most of them second generation immigrants feel isolated from society. >> what are the critical factors in the isis propaganda is saying you belong in the caliphate and your life will be better under the caliphate. you will get free healthcare, social services will be wonderful. we will all treat you as friends and family members. we will hook you up with a husband or a wife. and so they have this allusion that the caliphate is a wonderful thing. and then they go over there and then they see the truth. >> at least two young people who worshipped at the al-faruq mosque in bloomington near minneapolis have attempted to join terror organizations. >> want to see if anybody here i can speak or chat with. [inaudible] just about the mosque here and. >> unfortunately there is nobody. if you can make an appointment. >> there are allegations and evidence of connections to,
4:49 am
you know, folks that have attended this mosque going to fight for isis. do you know anything about that? >> like i said, this is the wrong time. i mean, if you want to major an appointment. you can. >> could you step outside? >> after we were kicked out of the mosque, we called to make an appointment but are still waiting for a response. >> u.s. government, since 9/11, has miserably failed to come up with a strategy to gain the mind and the hearts of the muslim population. until come up with a meaningful ways to engage not only somalis in minnesota but muslim community, i think we are going to have this war on terror for the next generation and the one after. >> we followed up with the dar al farooque to get an interview but have not heard back. cair did issue the following statement the minnesota
4:50 am
muslim city has been working to -- achieved results in that there have not been any known new recruits in the past few years. we urge the federal government to support this minnesota's community based effort treating the community as suspect only harms relationships and stigma that advertising our community. cair has been affiliated with the muslim brotherhood as well. >> actually, prosecute these protests. that's coming up next: you may not have seen the last of hillary clinton. the new call surprising new call for president-elect trump to interview her for a job in his administration. we have to see about that. >> do you think?
4:51 am
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4:54 am
protesting the president-elect like that video you see there. which is actually looting, could soon be a criminal offense. washington state senator doug erickson is proposing a bill that would create a new crime called economic terrorism for those who protest illegally. here with more on the proposal is washington state senator doug irkson. senator, thanks for joining us this morning. tell us about your bill. rioting, looting, all of those things presumably are already illegal. however does this bill go and what does it do? >> thanks for having me on this morning. the first thing to be clear about is have you a right to protest.
4:55 am
and you can protest mr. trump all you want. you can misspell fascism on a sign and carry it around on the streets. that's not what we are going after. we are targeting people who take it to the next level. you have a right to protest. do you not have a right to do harm to people or personal property. this is intended to protect the citizens of my state and people around the country from those who get out of control or from the organizers of these protests that get out of control. >> what has the response been so far to this bill you put forth? >> it's been amazing. we have gotten response from people all over the country. people understand it they think it's an assault on the right to protest. which it's not. it's basically saying you cannot harm other people. in washington state we are seeing organized group forming to abuse the protest system against our energy and infrastructure. and that's really where this bill started from. we're taking the next level. would it apply to a trump protest? if they take it too far it would apply to them. >> what is taking it too far? how would you define that. >> it's economic disruption. i will give you an example. so in 1994, the u.s.
4:56 am
congress passed a bill about health clinics say y to protesth clinics but you cannot bar people from going in to the health clinic. take that same model and put it to these protests. you cannot do harm to other citizens in protest. protest, wave the signs, whatever you want. once you cross that line and harm other people that's where this legislation would come in to play. >> senator, i want to be fair and balanced aclu put out this statement we are already concerned that some of its loose terms appear to be targeting civil disowed by yens as terrorism. that's the that our country and state do not need. i give you 20 seconds to respond. >> not the case. they use the example of the civil rights movement in the south and lunch counters. under my legislation i encourage that people should go and protest in the way they did in the south at the lunch counter. they are not harming people. they are exercising their civil rights in that situation. but what they are doing in washington state now is taking it too far. >> state senator doug erickson thank you for being with us. >> you betcha.
4:57 am
>> massive and violent protests throughout in washington. coming up, is your thanksgiving family gathering about to become a political battlefield? >> yes. >> we're going to show you how to handle it. ♪ i got friends in low places. simulation initiated. ♪ [beeping]
4:58 am
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>> good morning to you. it is 8:00 on the east coast. it's saturday, november 19th. i'm abby huntsman. donald trump looking to unify the party by meeting with one of his harshest critics, mitt romney. could the former governor actually end up as part of the donald trump administration? >> meanwhile already nominated by the next president to be one of the country's top cough. labeled a racist why the left. who is the senator and what will his appointment mean for hillary clinton be in that investigation? >> and vice president elect mike pence goes out for a well deserved night on the town here in new york only to get a lecture from hillary's friends on broadway. >> no. >> we have a message for
5:01 am
you, sir, we would hope that you would hear us out. we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> we are not going to lecture you. it's 8:00 on the east coast. don't get up. just lay in bed and watch and join us. mornings better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ wake me up before you go, go. ♪ don't leave me hanging on the like a yo-yo. >> great picture of the white house there. [ laughter ] >> basically the white house. >> and this morning we would need a shot of new jersey, right? >> or of jfk where we just saw a picture of mitt romney standing in line for a cab at the jfk airport waiting to go meet. >> no entourage no, staff. >> a regular guy. >> man of the people. a friend of mine said it's almost like the apprentice over in bedminister, new jersey at trump golf course. get their interview and find
5:02 am
out whether they are getting a job. >> you are hired or you are fired. everyone including, mitt romney if you remember during the campaign not only didn't support him but really went out on the campaign to get him out of running for president, making sure he wasn't the nominee. now they are sitting down together. they are breaking bread. >> called him a phony and a fraud. >> this says a lot about mr. trump though and his ability to say, you know what? i am now going to be the next president. this is going to be a tough job. you know what? i want to win, i want be to the best at this job. to be the best, have you got to talk to all people even if you don't agree with everything they say. even if they have called me a phony. >> which is why mitt romney today when he shows up is coming hat in hand. donald trump is the president of the united states. mitt romney miscalculated. got wrong and did lose when he rab. now though trump is being gracious. this doesn't surprise anybody when you talk to folks that have known donald trump for a long time. >> did it with ted cruz this week as well. >> he wants to be successful. and that means talking to rivals. >> i would love to be a fly on the wall though, wouldn't you?
5:03 am
>> we are hearing grum bling in the media lack of diversity in addition to mitt romney. michelle rhee going there today. asian american kicked up controversy. she could be education secretary. betsy devos. mad tis. >> you call him mad dog matis. >> a lot of people do. rpg potentially secretary of defense, todd rickets. a lot of people going to that trump new jersey golf course today and tomorrow. he said i'm working all weekend to form this cabinet. it's so interesting to watch the mainstream media call this process disarray. we did a segment earlier. donald trump is ahead of where barack obama was. in fact, david axelrod tweeted by this time in 2008 we hadn't made any aappointments. >> david axelrod is a is aing lay off the president-elect. >> hasn't done this before. getting into the most important job you can have. allergiably in the world.
5:04 am
is he willing to get this right. why not be patient about it and meet with everybody. stick about what works. i have heard my sources in the clinton campaign that she had the whole administration figured out. people knew what their jobs. were people find this row freshing. >> amazing point here there has been this narrative well donald trump failed to prepare for the transition. and what we hear from people inside the trump camp he kept saying is he superstitious and did not want to get ahead of himself. he said we have to win before we actually form a government. the clinton camp was doing opposite canceling poet of them. >> people pout homes in mcclain, virginia thinking this was over. >> jeff sessions -- >> one of the huge picks of attorney general jeff sessions who was a loyalist of donald trump from the very beginning. >> first one to stick his neck out on capitol hill. >> really in on capitol hill in the senate put his name on the line. also a huge proponent of enforcing our immigration laws. a signal to conservatives and those who might be
5:05 am
concerned that he would be hedging on these issues. you put someone lick jeff sessions in there for attorney general and you're setting the tone that we're serious about what we say. >> the democrats are going nuts as they are calling him a racist. and the media is going nuts as well. watch this. senator jeff sessions has accepted trump's offer to be a.g. he will face questions about his record on civil rights. >> he has been dogged with decades old allegations of racism. >> there are fundamental concerns among democrats about jeff sessions and sort of how he would tackle some of these issues. racial issues, issues of hate crimes. >> if you are going to get a couple loyalists that have said crackpot things in the past, you sure as hell have some very steady happened at state at defense or treasury or this goes into full blown meltdown. >> i will say to joe scarborough's point there. we should not sugar coat that jeff sessions said a lot of controversial things many years ago on race.
5:06 am
it contributed to the fact that he was blocked from getting a federal judgeship. >> a long time ago. >> he has been in the senate. he has a record that can be scrutinized. though comments can be scrutinized. >> they will be for sure. >> leaving out a lot of details about what he actually did as attorney general in alabama and what he did as u.s. deeds. he says the u.s. attorney general in alabama he filed several cases to desegregate alabama that schools. diverse state in alabama that. led to prosecution to the son of the senior klansman and not only put him in jail but made sure he got the death penalty for killing a young plaque child. this is someone who when it has mattered has gone to the line in a way that has nothing to do with racism. it's the way the left works. don't deal with policy, impugn the motive. >> when you get spanked at the polls, that's what happened last week on election day when the democrats have nowhere else to turn, they have to nitpick somewhere and find somewhere to attack. >> i heard on the campaign over and over when they go low, we go high. what happened to that? that philosophy has been
5:07 am
turned on its head. >> he wool keep playing that. >> jeff sessions go low low low low. >> there is no such thing. >> it's amazing. will they debate him? what will those sessions look like? will they be name exercises or actually talk about what will your policies be or how will you deal with illegal immigration? that's a conversation worth having a problem that exists. >> you mentioned sessions record? alabama. the west place to look how they are thought of is where they have actually searched and done in the bath. if you b go to alabama he has won by large margins every time he has gone out for office. someone well respected in that state. someone who has worked side by side with mr. trump, helping him pick mike pence who you can argue is probably the best decision that trump has made so far. >> make that change on top the transition team. this is also happening lieutenant general michael flynn not up for nomination in the senate but to call him islamophobe because of clear eyed comments he made
5:08 am
about radical islam. >> jeff sessions, somebody who if he is confirmed by the senate as a attorney general, one of the first big decisions is he going to make is what happens at the fbi? does james comey. >> you know what he said about some of those things. he has been very critical of james comey. he has been very critical of how they have handled that. >> does he move forward with this investigation of the clinton foundation? does he reopen things and say wait a second? what really happened with that server? and the classified information or did they say look, the trump administration is going to turn the page on that and focus on their agenda. >> this is busy time. lots of decisions being made in new york and new jersey. you know what mike pence deserved vice president elect a night on the town with his family. >> maybe a broadway play, maybe. >> hamilton is really good. >> it's from what i hear a fantastic play. >> i have been to this play. it's hard to get into. i don't know how i was able to score tickets. it was a great production though. and the music is fabulous. so vice president elect mike pence as you mentioned pete, went last night with his family just for a nice friday night out on the
5:09 am
town. and it got unpredictably awkward and got political. take a listen to what happened on that stage. vice president elect pence we welcome you and truly thank you for joining us here at hamilton and america newsroom we really do. we, sir, we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious at that your new administration will not protect us. [boos and cheers] >> our families, children, defend us and uphold our inalien nabil rights, sir. we truly hope that this show has inspired to you uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. [cheers and applause] >> look, it's a free country and especially when you are talking about hamilton. >> not when you are paying $1,000 for a ticket. >> you are right as well. you pay several hundred dollars or more to go to
5:10 am
this show. you are not expecting a lecture. >> i paid for a show not a political sermon. >> the other people in the crowd why did they pay -- you are right pay for a lecture. we didn't mention on his way in, there is video online of mike pence being booed. some people cheering we should be fair and point out. some people booing. he is the vice president elect. you are the vice president for all people. >> you mentioned all the people. can i point out that hamilton and as i said it is a great production. they were under fire. i reported this for "fox & friends" a few months ago where they were holding auditions but for anyone that wasn't white. >> oh, so, okay. you can't be white. >> a racial test. >> so you could only audition if you were someone of color because, obviously they promote that on the show but to discriminate apparently against white people which a lot of people found offensive and i just find, you know, you don't want to turn away anybody. honoring alexander hamilton. i mentioned hillary clinton who she went to this production a number of times on the campaign trail and she got a standing ovation and hugging her behind
5:11 am
stage. can you see in this photo here just how dinner they responded. >> people are sending in comments. hook at facebook right now. bill posted this. if they want to make a political statement on their full-time, that is fine. however, why should anyone, especially mr. pence, pay to be lectured? >> and gina tweeted that's pretty sorry if i were going to new york city for the hollywoods, that would be one show i would miss seeing. >> actors need to stick to their make believe world #we don't care what they think. >> that's exactly right that speech as well is exactly why donald trump won the election. people don't want to be preached to by elites in the a distant capital. they are famous because they dance around on stage. you are not going to del me in my politics. >> people are writing us saying they don't want a ticket. i might actually be able to get tickets now. >> be careful, you might get a lecture if you are sighted. >> the best revenge is winning. >> are were it was alexander hamilton who put the electoral college together.
5:12 am
>> we do have other headlines to get to now. starting with a fox news alert. at least four people killed instantly when a medical transport plane crashed right into a parking lot. exploding into a official. one of those passengers. a heart patient, being flown from northern nevada to the university of utah hospital. several cars exploding on impact, forcing evacuations at a nearby senior living complex. no other injuries were reported. the cause of this crash is still being investigated. congressman danny davis and his family are in mourning today after the illinois representative's 15-year-old grandson was killed in a home invasion. two suspects forcing their way into the family of chicago home overnight. people were fighting over sneakers when someone shot the teen in the head, killing him. police are still searching for the suspect. that is so sad. well, i bet you never thought you would hear this. house republicans begging nancy pelosi to remain as minority leader. thanking her for toxic comments that she made like this one about obamacare.
5:13 am
>> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> well the nrcc officially endorsing her saying her leadership would be disastrous for democrats after republicans picked up nearly 15 seats in the house. she is being challenged by ohio representative tim ryan. the saga continues. >> that's right. democrats say they are ready to work with the donald trump administration. can they find issues with common ground. texas congressman a democrat weighs in next. >> we may not have seen the last of hillary clinton. the new call for president-elect trump to interview her for a job. maybe in his administration. >> if you have got an idea at ♪ ♪ i'm going to miss you for the rest of my life ♪ all i need is a miracle ♪ all i need is you
5:14 am
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democrats on capitol hill say they are ready to work with the donald trump administration. >> we're ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with republicans. workinworking with soon to be president trump on issues where we agree. but we will go toe to toe against the president elect whenever our values or the progress we have made is under assault. >> so they want to work with him but they also want to go toe to toe and fight him. what's it going to be and how do you strike that balance? here to weigh is is the democratic texas congressman. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, how are you? >> where do you see that line? because i hear chuck schumer the incoming democratic leader say we want to work with the president-elect i hear he and some of his colleagues suggesting that jeff sessions the potential attorney general is a racist. how is that fair?
5:18 am
>> well, you know, charlie, we have got to give president-elect trump an opportunity to present his priority and then look at the details. i think there is a lot of topics that we can work on, whether it's infrastructure. whether it's tax reform. energy independence, a lot of us have been talking about this for a long time. so it's a matter of can woe sit down and negotiate some of those things? now, on the senate side about the nominee. that's -- i always say, you know you have elections. after the elections we go to. our jobs and that is we represent not only democrats, republicans. but we have got to represent the american public. and that's the number one interest we got to look at. >> congressman, let's get specific for our viewers. you are in laredo joining us live. i wonder in fedex, especially. along with a lot of other states border security is a big issue. president-elect trump talked about the wall. can he get that wall through congress, number one. but do you expect him to have a path to citizenship
5:19 am
or something that he has to give on? >> you know, a lot of us have been working for -- we live on the border. we drink the water. we breathe the air here. so we understand it very well. we understand that we want to have a secured border but it is how you secure the border when you talk about a wall, quite honestly a seawall a 14th century solution to a 21st century problem. look at the great wall of china, the berlin wall. there are so many examples in history. if you put one mile of technology, it will cost about $1 million per while. you put one mile of fence it will be about 6 million and a half dollars of taxpayer dollars. we just got to secure the border. in a correct way. right mixture of personnel, technology. cameras sensors. at the same time, not only play defense on the one yard line. let's work with our neighbors to the south and have them do more to not
5:20 am
only secure our southern border but their border as well. >> give you 30 seconds. what about sanctuary cities? we hear folks like mayor rahm emanuel in chicago saying it's a sanctuary city all is aflaf well. look what happened to kate steinle in san francisco a sanctuary city she was killed by. >> sanctuary cities been talked about since the 1980s. we have to have the right definition. what do we really mean by that criminal aliens they are the persons that should be deported and that's what we need to focus on. priority one persons that are a threat to our security. >> henry, a democratic congressman from texas. we appreciate you joining us. have a nice weekend with your family. >> thank you so much. thank you, mr. henry. >> here is a headline you won't see in the mainstream media could democrats really be ready to say so long nancy pelosi. >> james rosen, chief washington correspondent making a special weekend visit to the big apple.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> we love that "fox & friends" turkey. well, nothing says thanksgiving like a plate of turkey and a heated political conversation. >> that is right. just like the three of us here. families across the country will struggle to put politics aside at the dinner table this holiday season. >> nothing as awkward as a holiday dinner: i'm kidding. here to avoid family chaos
5:25 am
psychotherapist. i feel a lot of people will want to talk to psychotherapist. >> i need wine first. >> paper plates and plastic knives. >> relatives want to rubble it in. >> i have a friend of mine who loves to do that. is he going to his sister-in-law's house who is a hillary supporter. they are already at war she posted something no political talk. we got to find a balance here. >> you know it's going to come up. because you have that uncle or grandparent regardless of the sign no political talk, they're going to start going. >> it's definitely going to come up. we have to keep in mind is the title of the holiday. thanksgiving. right? so we are with family. keep that in mind. sure. i'm all about talking about it and be mature about it. might be somebody go cry sr. >> we all have that uncle is going to say what he wants or aunt who is going to say what she wants. don't you want to have some maturity about it? you don't want to tip toe around people either. >> if you are a trump supporter.
5:26 am
you don't want to go in there rubbing it in people's faces. thanksgiving. do that on social media have some level of respect and make sure our holiday turns out well without people running out the front door. on the ear side of it if you are somebody who is was a hillary supporter. i think it's a good opportunity for you to develop some coping skills. [ laughter ] >> safe space a nap we hear these stories people can't handle it emotionally. only way is to enter the field we don't want to be entering. if somebody is going to be talking to you about something that you disagree with, that's an agood opportunity. >> you could have a situation. i have a huge family. one of seven siblings. >> you never talk politics either. >> politics comes up a lot. sometimes surprisingly not so much can get very, very heated. can you start going at it at the table and the rest of the family is saying when is this going to stop? what do you at those moments. >> self-regulate yourself at those moments. outsider and see this happening? might want to jump in and referee a little bit and
5:27 am
tell everybody can we calm down a little bit? talk like adults? we don't have to talk like adults? >> another glass of wine? >> pour another glass of wine or do you think you end up having side conversations like the trump folks over here talk about the stuff. and clinton people over here. >> i feel like, you know, i have some family members that got other way. i will talk, you know, i voted for trump staching i feel like i have to be quiet about it should i really have to do that it's such a collective moment that we have had. is there any way to avoid it almost? it's going to come up. >> you can't avoid it only thing we can do is control our own emotions. if we are hearing something that we don't like, take a breath of air. self-regulate yourself remember the title of the holiday. >> like oprah said take a deep breath. >> thanks for being here super helpful.
5:28 am
>> >> here's a headline you won't see in a lot of media outlets. should democrats really be ready to say so long nancy pelosi? our own james rosen making a special weekend visit. it can mean only one thing. he misses me and maybe he has a book. he might even have a book. >> what is he running for? >> he looks like a candidate out there. ♪ ride in to the danger zone.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
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5:32 am
>> i heard donald trump's favorability is up 8 points since being elected. hillary clinton said i wouldn't trust a poll that much. trust me. [ laughter ] >> that's pretty good. >> very good. that was very good. good friend james rosen. welcome to the couch. >> thank you for being here. >> how did we get so lucky this morning. >> well, i'm the lucky one let you out of the swamp and come up here. >> drained the swamp. >> leading up to the election there was all this talk about how the were -- you know, helplessly split and donald trump was going to have a landslide loss and then republicans we have to pick up the pieces. now you see the democrats have this heart breaking loss for them. and they have got to pick up the pieces and nancy pelosi has a challenge out of nowhere auto lot of people are not talking about. divided in the democratic party: challenge in the democratic party in the house is not as indangerred as it should be. all top leaders in the democratic house are 76 or 77 years old. she has been a leader for 14
5:33 am
years. the democrats have suffered large losses under that leadership. the challenger, representative tim ryan democrat of ohio ripsz the rust belt region that the democrats need to start reconnecting with. but she comes from california and excellent at fundraising. in ryan is going to have to get 100 out of 198 vote this that closed door session and it's not clear he has that many. >> you brought up a good point. pete and i have been going around some of the diners how people are feeling and how mr. trump won this election. what he did as you mentioned he was able to win every working class americans. i was in scranton, pennsylvania where mr. biden was born. mr. trump did well there. is nancy pelosi a part of that problem. does she need to figure out where they got it wrong and move forward? >> when i go to diners, repetaedly, i gain weight they work us too hard. >> all goes to the hair. democrats ought to be looking very hard at their
5:34 am
leadership because, lock, can you drive for significant stretches across the country now and not enter a blue controlled state and in addition, part of the problem for the house democrats is the republicans now control majorities of the governor's mansion and the state houses and that only worsened in this cycle for the democrats. and that controls redistricting and that controls the house races and that's barack obama was two years out of the illinois state house. when you are not producing that state level bench then i are not going to have a killing can' --a significant fie forward. >> they had their system sufficiently rig sod bernie sanders couldn't be there. where do they break? go hard left for sanders or able to maintain control in the middle. >> i think there is a lot of things you can lock at in this country that tell us that this is a center right nation generally speaking. and i think the democrats are going to have to reconnect as we said with working class folks. whether it's a more aggressive liberal approach that bernie sanders favored,
5:35 am
i'm not sure that's going to work for them. >> interesting. >> well, have you got a book that's been already on the new york best seller's list. >> not a couple, four weeks. >> be accurate. >> how hard is that. >> talk about ungrateful. tell us about the book. >> it's called the torch kept lit. great lives of the 20th century. i edited this volume. it was written by william f. buckley jr. it has eulogies, about 50 of them that he wrote or delivered for the great, the towering and the evil figures of his time. the president, ronald reagan, richard nixon. jfk from whom the title is taken. people like johnny carson, john lennon, jerry garcia. one of the recurring themes in this is friendships. buckley nurtured friendships. those who give a torch kept lit as a gift, whatever the occasion. will find that it actually serves to deepen friendships. you can go to a torch kept a torch kept
5:36 am
>> one of the great lives in the 21st century james rosen. >> far more prolific than anyone knows. you are fantastic. >> james, you are one of our friends. >> can i stay on the couch. >> all morning long. >> congratulations on the book. >> we have other headlines to turn to now. the book is now closed on the trump university lawsuit. the president-elect agreeing to settle out of court for $25 million. this over claims that it failed to provide quality relationship, educational courses. the settlement includes no admittance of wrongdoing. mr. trump claims is he happy now to focus on his upcoming presidency. and a desperate search for answers this morning after a young mother is shot and killed and her newborn child abducted. police in wichita kansas now frantically looking for her week old daughter. can you see her there they are asking the public for help as the fbi sends in specialized child abduction team. the infant's father arriving home thursday to find his girlfriend murdered and the baby gone. police are now considering him a suspect. and have no credible leads
5:37 am
at this hour so sad. a u.s. marshall is murdered while attempting to arrest a violent fugitive. dramatic scene unfolding inspect georgia. attempting to serve a warrant on dontrelle carter when he was shot twice. other marshalls returning fire killing carter. they have been looking for him since september when he opened fire after a high speed chase. [siren] hey. a 26 year veteran of the force. he leaves behind a wife and five children. and is there space on donald trump's team for hillary clinton? at least one new york congresswoman is hoping that's the case. representative carolyn malone whose district includes new york trump tower, she says clinton should serve as u.n. ambassador for the trump administration. she says clinton will never stop working and that she, quote, will always be a part of the dialogue in a positive way to advance the
5:38 am
values of america. the president-elect has not yet commented on this idea. >> 9:00 hour. i have gotten a couple already. they are not really ones we can accomplish yet. i want ones we can actually use. >> typically the new president does not hire a special prosecutor to look for a u.n. ambassador that's a good start. he is now tweeting i settled the trump university lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because, as president, i have to focus on our country. exactly what you were saying. remember. he said he would never settle on principle. things have changed because he is now going to be president of the united states. >> things have changed and also breaking bread with mitt romney today. >> cats and dogs everywhere. >> james rosen is here. all right. moving on. the critics say president-elect trump's picks are racist. but dr. sebastian gorka, he calls them realistic. is he here to explained why only pen for the job next.
5:39 am
there he is. >> tsa adding to the list of banned items that will not be allowed to fly this weekend. mashed potatoes and cranberries are now technically liquids. >> our government at work ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ no, we ain't going to take it ♪ we're not going to take it anymore.
5:40 am
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5:42 am
paragraph of a blizzard is moving from the midwest toward the northeast. heavy snow falls and wind columbus up to 60 miles per hour creating why the outside conditions in the dakotas and my home state of minnesota. >> rick reichmuth is trafficking down the weekend snow storm. is it coming to us, rick? what are we seeing? >> a little of snow especially across the great lakes. kick across the great lakes and cold air is coming in. take a look at the maps. you get the idea. very cold air. first real shot of major cold air of the season moving in across behind the
5:43 am
storm. 15 degrees in rapid city and we are a little bit warmer still out in front of that you can see what's changed over the last 24 hours. very cold air moving in behind it. and that cold air heads in across parts of the northeast. can you see where that storm is. the southern side of that storm we have all those fires going on across southern appalachians. no rain. that storm just kind of fizzles out before it gets there unfortunately. the cold air, however, will come but not the beneficial rain. know moves into canada. the winds move across the great lakes. next couple of days get ready for first big lake-effect snow storm of the season. see it michigan, lower michigan and across parts of western areas of new york. by the time it's done. might see a few snow flurries across parts of the coastal areas and much colder air will move in. so a big storm moving in. and, guys, i guess it's time. right? right for thanksgiving? we're going to expect to see some cold air. john is over here by the way. still passing out wings.
5:44 am
wings for the crowd. >> nothing better than wings. >> exactly. >> tailgate party out there. rick. appreciate it. meanwhile a lot happening with the trump transition team. forming its national security roster with three high profile picks. the president-elect tapping alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. kansas congressman mike pompeo of the cia and retired lieutenant general mike flynn as well. here now to tell us what these choices mean for trump's overall national security vision is the author of " defeating jihad" dr. sebastian gorka. thanks for being here this morning. good to see you. >> thank you for being here. >> big question out of the gate here that people are wondering and most concerned about is what direction do these choices tell you about where we are heading especially when it comes to fighting terrorism something mr. trump has been very strong on throughout his campaign? >> anybody that elected for donald trump because they're concerned about the last seven and a half years and the attacks of orlando, san bernardino, new jersey, new
5:45 am
york. you can rest easy now. the grownups are in charge. the adults are back in the white house. in the cabinet. just look at these amazing picks. we have a general who was the most senior military intelligence officer in the united states. a man who was part of jasoc, a top tier special operators. the joint special operations command. it's lieutenant general mike flynn. a man who is a soldier's soldier. we have the former attorney general of alabama that, a man who has been a staunch supporter much donald trump's vision for secure america from the very beginning. and then we have got representative pompeo, just look at his cv. just google his cv. first in his class at west point, number one. then he is the editor of the harvard law review. and then he goes on to be part of the house intelligence committee and stands up to the plate after the disaster of benghazi that was caused by hillary
5:46 am
clinton. and the feckless policy of the obama administration. so, this is an amazing start tore america. >> dr. gorka. i want to press you on that very point with congressman pompeo. i think you are right. democrats are mad at him not based on his credentials but because is he a partisan republican, is he entitled to. is he a member of the house of representatives. he went after that investigation on benghazi and was very tough but i think fair in a lot of the hearings, impressing hillary clinton. my broader question though, i hear what you're saying that you agree with his questioning and you wanted to get to the bottom of benghazi. fair enough. but what about the idea of a partisan republican or a partisan democrat in a future administration running the cia, which, as you know better than anyone, should be nonpolitical? >> yeah. these are different jobs. so, you know, you remove yourself from the party political activity that you have on the hill and you become a part of the federal government. we have seen this done thousands of times before. or whether it was bill
5:47 am
clinton appointing a director or a cabinet member. whether it's george w. bush. these are, you know, different jobs. and you recuse yourself from party political statements and do you the job of director of ci. >> or the attorney general. this is how we do federal government. >> right. well, you think about national security. you think also secretary of state and how important that pick is going to be for mr. trump. i mean names are come out like mitt romney, for example, if you look at things that have been said in their history they don't really see eye to eye in our role in the world particularly when it comes to russia. how important is it for him to find someone as secretary of state that he is right in line with? >> look, let's -- let me start with this. who in america out of 330 million people, if i said to them last week that donald trump was going to meet with mitt romney for cabinet position, who would have -- i mean, look, this tells you there is no playbook. don't judge donald trump by what prior president-elects have done. i can tell you, having met
5:48 am
with members of the transition team, there is one question. whether you're on the bottom, whether you're a cabinet member. there is one question. do you understand that donald trump isn't here to dicker around the frinks? we are not here for incremental change. this is getting america back on track. and if you share that vision, whether you are the future secretary of state, or whether you are some lowly g.s. 7 employee then you can be part of the team. >> that's why we have enjoy having dr. sebastian gorka on. he cuts right to the heart of it. we appreciate you. have a wonderful weekend. >> you too. happy thanksgiving. >> coming up. geraldo rivera reacts to president-elect trump's team. some of the early picks. >> uh-oh thunderstorm could get spicy. >> why he thinks mitt romney would be a great pick. that might hurt his chances. >> banned mashed potatoes and cranberry banned liquid.
5:49 am
we are not making this up. ♪ ♪ cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours.
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♪ i got the discounts dothat you need ♪l ♪
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♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ♪ savings ♪ oh, yeah welcome back. some quick headlines here. chipotle facing more lawsuits, this time for allegedly miscounting calories by about 300%. that's why i've been gaining weight. several california customers saying burritos marked as only having $500 when likely had about 900. hundreds of customers got sick last year from a food born illness. for me that was good because lines were just shorter.
5:53 am
and maybe have that second or third helping of stuffing at grandma's house this thanksgiving because the tsa may take your leftovers. the airport security agency warning passengers that any foods that can be spilled or spread like cranberry sauce or stuffing needs to be put in your checked luggage or they'll end up in the trash just like all the other liquids. you can see the full list of banned foods at the tsa website. do a lot of people travel with cranberries? >> that cranberry sauce will get you. a man who always travels with his own cranberry sauce -- i don't even really know what that means. [ laughter ] >> what is going on here this morning? >> i don't know why i said that. but harry potter, there's a prequel. >> told me what it was like to bring the magic back to life.
5:54 am
get ready, america, to be transported 70 years before harry potter arrived at hogwarts. and get a look at the wizarding world in new york city. cast talks about what it's like to be a part of that world. >> oh, man, it was insane to be around the level of detail and craftsmanship that i got to be surrounded by daily. >> and the sets were so extraordinary. so you would go in there in makeup and become this character. >> you could get lost in the streets of new york that they built up there in london. it's like you can open up the door and it's a full -- it's a store. >> nothing left like untouched by the art department. every little detail is extraordinary. >> it transported me straight away. i was in a particular world set in a particular time, very particular set of rules. amazing really great character. >> "fantastic beasts" also marks a first for j.k. rawling as she dives into writing her first screenplay. >> amazing. amazing job. she's just so talented and
5:55 am
brilliant, you know? there's no getting around that fact. but what i found astounding about what she's done is this film has thriller elements, sort of dark quality to it. and found it really emotional at the end and yet somehow she's woven all of those genres together with a likeness of touch. >> yeah, you don't feel like you're hit over the head with any of it. i think she's a pretty talented writer. i don't know, i think she's got potential. i think she had -- if she keeps at it. >> don't panic. there's absolutely nothing to worry about. >> join the adventure "fantastic beasts" is where to find them at a theater near you. be sure to check out >> you have the best job ever. >> i can't complain. i can't complain. plus i get to sit here with you guys. >> what do you think about
5:56 am
"hamilton" and the idea of going after the vice president-elect? >> you know, it's outrageous and incredibly disrespectful to him. but that said, the committee really feels deeply, i was telling you really, the media has successfully in spite of all evidence convinced people these are hateful people and a threat to people diversity and that's really sad how they've gotten away with that. they have their work cut out for them. we tried to talk to the cast of "hamilton" multiple times when the show was premiering and they would never return phone calls. >> for the people who haven't followed the story, we're talking about mike pence took his family last night to see "hamilton" and at the end of the show the cast came out -- >> it's ridiculous. >> the president-elect donald trump weighs in on the controversy. >> and geraldo rivera reacted to the new additions to the trump administration. why he says mitt romney is his best bet. >> there he is. >> there's geraldo. ♪
5:57 am
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6:00 am
good morning to you. it is saturday november 19th. i'm abby huntsman. once enemies, now maybe closer than ever. president-elect donald trump now hours away from meeting with mitt romney. could the former governor actually end up part of the trump administration? >> that's right. the mainstream media going after the president-elect's pick for attorney general. but what about the radical democrat who wants to be the head of the dnc? ignoring that one, that hypocrisy, what's happening right now. and vice president-elect mike pence goes out for a well-deserved night out on the town, he goes to broadway only to get a lecture from hillary clinton's friends on broadway. >> we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new and administration will not protect us -- >> just a moment ago the
6:01 am
president-elect himself donald trump decided to respond. he wants an apology from the cast of "hamilton." mornings are better with geraldo. he's coming up next too. he wants an apology maybe. so here we go. big day, mitt romney, all kinds of potential cabinet picks but coming after "hamilton". >> he went last night with his family to have, i don't know, a night away from this crazy schedule maybe away from poll ting ticks, imagine that. he went in and tried to enjoy the show which it's actually a great production. we'll get to that in a few minutes. we also have a fry turkey on the plaza. >> of course we do. >> i saw lobster legs. >> oh, my goodness. i don't know who eats lobsters for thanksgiving. >> separate -- >> we have a big hour to go. >> he's live in washington, d.c. with more on romney's possible appointment and other meetings today inside the president-elect's schedule. >> good morning.
6:02 am
i would never supposed to put myself above fried turkey because that is delicious. but i appreciate the effort there. you know shs it's interesting here with mitt romney, the fact he's even in the conversation for part of president-elect trump's cabinet, it's really taken a lot of folks by surprise. you remember after all mitt romney was one of the most prominent members of the never trump movement all the way up until election day. now he's said to be a candidate for one of mr. trump's most high profile positions, secretary of state. we're told the two men will meet this afternoon for a round of golf at the trump national golf course. you can see here in these pictures that are popping up on social media, the former gop nominee is now on his way to bedm bedminster, new jersey, for that meeting. romney is a number of people being considered and one of eight meetings the president-elect has scheduled today with other potential cabinet picks. late yesterday we also learned that mr. trump's legal team had reached a settlement in the lute against trump university.
6:03 am
and this morning mr. trump weighed in on twit tore comment onsetling the lawsuit that throughout the campaign he proudly never settles lawsuits against him. tweeting this morning, the only bad thing about winning the presidency is i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u. too bad. now, with a settlement however, mr. trump is able to avoid appearing in court to testify in the case. and he completely focused on forming his administration. back to you. >> all right. garrett tenney, sorry you can't tried fried turkey. >> enjoy it for me. >> thanks, garrett. >> poor guy. thanks, garrett. interesting we were talking about "hamilton" a moment ago and you've got this play, everybody wants to see it, hottest ticket in town. >> not a cheap ticket. >> that's right. vice president-elect mike pence goes, a whole bunch of other people there. when he first came in there were some cheers but also a lot of boos. you see him waving. and on his way out the door the
6:04 am
actor playing aaron burr decided that it was time for a little lecture, not just for mike pence but for everybody in the crowd. watch. >> vice president-elect pence, we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at "hamilton." we really do. we, sir, we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our children, our parents -- defend us as oppose ourin ail i can't believe rights, but we hope this inspires you to pose our american values and work on behalf of all of us, all of us. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is obviously an awkward, unexpected moment. not something that mike pence was expecting to hear. but also i should point out, pete, hillary clinton went to this play a number of times when she was running for president. she got a standing ovation. she was even seen behind the stage hugging members of the
6:05 am
cast. >> donald trump is not standing for it. >> no, not at all. trump just 15 minutes ago just tweeted in defense of his vice president-elect our wonderful vuch v.p. mike pence was harassed last night, cameras blazing, this should not happen. >> and he says the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of "hamilton" was very rude last night to a very good man, mike pence. apologize. >> apologize he says. we have geraldo. who's bet tore weiter to weigh this. >> seen several times. our 11-year-old knows every lyric, sings and plays it on the piano. >> it's a fabulous production, great music, why did they have to go here? >> abby, you know, it is the epicenter of liberal america. i mean, in the heart of new york which went 87% for hillary clinton by the way, here you have a play that really exalts and celebrates the diversity of america, the cast, aaron burr is an african-american, lynn miguel
6:06 am
miranda who played hamilton and now his understudy plays is p. t >> last time they said you could audition if you're someone of color. >> my point is you go to broadway and you go to that show, the most politically choorjed show, a show that was shepherded by president obama in the white house. they did, you know, they did the initial song staging at the white house. there's been a documentary made about it. i mean, it is the heart of democratic america. to expect them to not respond i think was -- >> president obama booed on broadway would be different. >> did you ever go to a yankee game? everybody gets booed at a yankee game. it's new york tradition. >> why is it baked in that donald trump doesn't celebrate diversity? >> these cranky old white guys he's picked to be in his cabinet. >> oh, come on. >> we do want to get to --
6:07 am
>> what is that chocolate ice cream. >> geraldo, you know how expensive these tickets are. >> major money. >> they're not paying to hear a lecture at the end of this play. >> that audience? i think that audience appreciated it. and i don't think it's that big a deal. i mean, mike pence will soon assume the role as vice president of the united states. people will be dually respectful. but we're still in a very tumultuous transitional period where people are still in shock over the biggest long shot election that ever happened. i mean, they have a right to vent. >> geraldo, going after cranky white guys but i hear you might want mitt romney as secretary of state? >> i was going to say what about me? >> something in new jersey holding me one of which today is with mitt romney. >> i attended a great benefit for st. jude's with eric trump and his wife, really use these properties for public good. and in terms of the people they're meeting with and vetting, let me jump to governor romney. i mean, with mike pompeo, with
6:08 am
general flynn -- >> jeff sessions. >> senator sessions. >> here we go. >> he has to pick mitt romney, a man liked donald trump in his former years, moderate in his policies, different from the hard core other three he's picked i think sends a wonderful signal. i think when you look at mitt romney you see a guy who's got all of the trappings of an international diplomat. he's sophisticated, he knows the score. i think that we're -- and, ed, you know more than i do, but it seems to me with romney's hard line about russia and trump's kind of opening for new detente with russia, there may be substantive conflicts -- >> i can understand them coming together and breaking bread and sort of forgiving what happened because mitt romney said some pretty tough things about mr. trump. he gave a whole speech saying how he should not be the nominee. >> called him a fraud. >> and a misogynist. >> i and hurtful. it's hard to see him putting him
6:09 am
in arguably the top position in his cabinet. >> but wouldn't that make it a brilliant gesture would he, abby, to do that? were he to go to mitt romney, who is the most prominent opponent he had and to say to him, you know, we are colleagues, we are in this together, you will be a great representative of the united states abroad dealing with these foreign governments. i think it would be a grand gesture. >> you mentioned jeff sessions. >> well, you know, i think that -- i go back, i defended trump a lot because of a generational thing. and i think with many southerners there's also a generational thing and there's no doubt that comes from selma, white guy from selma, alabama. he was a very hard core prosecut prosecutor. he did say some hard things about a black prosecutor, called him a boy, that was back in the '80s. that's why he did not get a federal judgeship. that's why he ran for senate. he had the last lap not only when he was elected but became the chairman of the judiciary
6:10 am
committee. would he be a great attorney general? i don't know. has he changed? i certainly hope so. and i give him every benefit of the doubt. what bothers me more about attorney general sessions is his hard core position on immigration. i fear that he'll revoke the dreamer status of the kids who were given a waiver from deportation for now. and i also worry about marijuana. marijuana's now becoming the law in half the country. jeff sessions had said people that smoke pot are bad people. and i worry as an advocate of marijuana reform that he will be -- >> an important discussion to have, but we've got a representative from illinois, luiz gutierrez tweeting out this about jeff sessions yesterday. if you have nostalgia for the days where blacks kept quiet, gays were in the closet and immigrants were invisible and women in the kitchen, senator jefferson beauregard sessions is your man. >> i think you make a good point. i really do.
6:11 am
but it is impossible because people grow and people change. and look at the track that the president-elect has taken. indeed you see this amazing trajectory from queens, new york, an amateur developer to brash billionaire to president-elect of the united states. i think that there is a certain amount of forgiving and forgetting, but i do think it will be incumbent on senator sessions to make clear in public testimony that he's no longer the fellow of 25, 30 years ago who said those things and had that obvious disregard for someone because of their race. i think that to -- you've got to -- i think that right now we want to calm the country. i've started the give trump a chance. i want to give donald trump a chance. i think it's very, very important that all americans regardless of who you voted for we only have one president at a time. and right now that president will soon on january 20th be donald j. trump. i think that we have to give his choices. like general flynn, a lot of people freaked out about general
6:12 am
flynn. i happen to love general flynn. i didn't like that he said, you know, lock her up when they started that chant. >> but he wants to go after isis. >> he does. i think president obama has blown it. the democrats have blown it. the world is in a worse place now than it was eight years ago. the middle east certainly is. syria's a mess because of our ambiguous policy, our confused and conflicted policy. >> geraldo, look at last week and what happened, it was a disaster for democrats. when they thought it was going to be the complete opposite. they thought they were going to have a president of their party. they thought that the senate was going to move democratic. none of that happened, right? i mean, so now they have nowhere to turn but to maybe call some of these appointees a racist. because there's nothing else they can do at this moment. >> i get that, abby. i get where you're coming from. and, yes, indeed, this was a historic victory. biggest upset in modern political history. i can't imagine, i don't know of another upset in modern, ancient or any other political context where a fair democratic election
6:13 am
turned out so differently than most people expected it would. >> dewey-truman. >> this is way more worse and severe than dewey-truman. is it so bad even though he's victor yaus for the president-elect to reassure people of exactly what i said at the beginning, he is president for everybody. >> he has done, you would acknowledge? >> well, with the choices of pompeo, flynn, sessions, steve bannon, i think not so much. i think mitt romney would be a step this that direction. your dad would be a terrific choice, former governor of utah -- >> i'm bias. i think my dad's pretty fabulous. >> give trump a chance. >> give trump a chance. >> geraldo, good to have you here this morning. >> thank you. well, he's making a list and checking it twice. the question this morning, was hillary clinton naughty or nice? meanwhile, the media in hysterics after president-elect donald trump took credit for keeping jobs in america at ford. stewart barney is on deck with what's really happening.
6:14 am
>> there he is.
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
predict bli mainstream media attacking donald trump for taking credit for keeping ford jobs in america. >> lincoln confirmed line staying in louisville, kentucky, instead of moving to mexico. >> donald trump tweeted, i worked hard with bill ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owed it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. stuart varney, democrats tweeting in the last days saying these jobs were not leaving and donald trump hyped it. >> wrong. the plant was never leaving. the plant in kentucky was always going to stay there. what is staying there as well is production of that particular lincoln suv. here's what happened.
6:18 am
before the election donald trump says you build cars in mexico, you try to bring them back here, we will punish you. he wins the election. ford and the other carmakers get kind of worried. bill ford calls up donald trump and says, you know, maybe i've got a little olive branch for you here, we'll keep production of the suv in kentucky, trump turns around and tweets and says, we won. well, you know. >> he's a businessman, varney. >> classic trump. the man negotiates. he sets up a hard line position. i'll punish you if you bring them back in here -- 35% tariff. he waits for the other side to say something. they start to negotiate. the left is classically worried that it might work. >> look at these lines we can show you. i mean, here's "new york times." they say donald trump takes credit for helping to save a ford plant that wasn't closing. this is the "los angeles times" headline, donald trump already saving jobs, not so fast. and finally "the washington post," trump's fake news
6:19 am
presidency. >> they go nuts. >> they're eager to denigrate what just happened because they're worried it might be a pattern for things in the future. this is trump style. maybe it's going to be successful. >> you talk about a pattern for the future. if you broaden the lens, there's talk apple is now thinking about making iphones in america instead of china. do you buy that first of all? >> no. >> okay. you don't buy it. it's just talk. >> i don't think that's going to happen. but i do think apple and the other technology companies and ibm and some of the other manufacturers they are beginning to realize maybe they're in a bind. >> they're thinking twice. >> what is ignored is that the end of ford's statement yesterday where ford says, look, if donald trump's policies make it easier to manufacture in the united states, well, maybe we'll reconsider. that's what they said. and that's a big deal. >> isn't that what could happen? there's a calculation inside these executives say if policies are going to change and become more business friendly, you could see these -- and that's what the left's so scared of. >> if you have energy
6:20 am
deregulation, cheap energy, cheaper electricity, that is a huge incentive to manufacture in the united states. because that brings your cost structure down. you look skeptical, abby. >> no, i'm just thinking -- i'm trying to figure out the plant was staying here already, but donald trump obviously taking advantage of that. >> yes. >> and as you said, he knows what he's doing. he's a businessman. if there's one thing he can do as president by the way, if he can change the tax code, bring more jobs here, you could say that's a success, right? >> if you change the tax code, deregulate and create cheap energy, you'll bring jobs back to america. that will happen. >> stuart, really important stuff. thank you. >> my pleasure. coming up, it's not snow. this is foam flooding a street in california. but where did it come from? that is the mystery. and we are back with that. >> world's largest foam party right there. and liberals already bashing trump's newest administration members as racist. didn't they learn anything about throwing around labels from the election? a fair and balanced debate coming up next.
6:21 am
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6:23 am
6:24 am
-- was vetted for a federal judgeship several years ago. and at that time it became quite public that he made jokes about the kkk, that he made racial slurs -- used racial slurs. that he said things that caused not just democrats but people in his own party, republicans, to say this is a man who is not fit
6:25 am
to be a federal judge. >> that is elizabeth warren. democrats doubling down slamming president-elect donald trump's most recent administration picks as racists. and now urging him to reconsider the appointment of senator jeff sessions. but despite their continued criticism, sessions is still getting bipartisan support from senators like joe manchin from west virginia and likely to get confirmed. here to discuss is ndemocratic strategist and republican strategist. chuck, why is it the automatic approach of the left and folks like elizabeth warren to just call racist as opposed to engaging in the election that just happened and presidents get to make picks? >> well, everybody gets to make their decisions on this. i think what the democrats mistake is going down that path. it's very open record that sessions has said things, but there's also public record where he backed the current attorney general. so i think people need to get all of the information. we should hold all of our government officials accountable, but like you said we just went through an election where there's a lot of rhetoric used on both sides and there are
6:26 am
a lot of voters who voted for obama who turned around and voted for donald trump. the democrats need to figure out how to get those voters back and by not being divisive is the way to do it. when you win an election, you get to pick who is in your cabinet. i worked for bernie sanders, i would have been the secretary of agriculture because i know how to run and drive a tractor. >> kathy, what do you make of that argument? >> i think if democrats continue, you know, slamming people in this way, then they're going to slam the door on their political future. because what they're doing by saying these very, you know, ignorant and unaccepting types of statements about people without getting all of the information is, you know, doing exactly what they're criticizing republicans and campaign of doing and that's very hypocritical. and i think voters as evidenced by the election are seeing through that. so they absolutely need to as chuck said get the information and give these people a chance. these are some of the longest serving and very productively
6:27 am
serving public servants as we have. and as you said there's been a lot of bipartisan support for them over the years, particularly jeff sessions. so i think it's time for democrats to sto and take a look in the mirror and start embracing the administration. >> chuck, cathy mentioned voters, i want to play a clip from the campaign we all know now but we'll see if democrats have learned from it. listen to hillary clinton. >> you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? they're racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. and unfortunately there are people like that. and he has lifted them up. >> chuck, explain that reflex. i think there are a lot of people -- let's have a policy debate. why the reflex to go to the isms? >> i'm not sure. i followed her campaign. i ran a campaign against her for
6:28 am
13 months. i was sitting back thinking about that when we should have been trying to bring people together. i think we never had that policy debate. we had donald trump talking about crooked hillary and lying ted and her talking about baskets of deplorables when there was lots of working class middle class voters who wanted a change election who i think you got the results you got. the real travesty is 46 million people didn't vote because they were fed up with both sides to me that's deplorable. >> now it turns to an actual nomination fight. looking to capitol hill he's already got support from democrat joe manchin and republicans. do you see this as being difficult, or will it be attorney general sessions? >> i think it will be attorney general sessions. you know, washington insiders know how this process works. it's a difficult process. we need to hold people to the highest standards who are going to serve. but these, again, are very long serving individuals. and you do not hear democrats calling out senator sessions before this week. he was a very productive public servant, so where were they then? >> sure. chuck, one of the things discussed are sanctuary cities
6:29 am
and all these mayors coming out saying you're safe in our city, we're going to defy donald trump. is that helpful too for the mayors to come out say we're going to reject the rule of law and reject the sentiment of the people? >> you know, it's always about politics. most of the time in these cities you have large concentrations of african-americans and mexican americans and immigrants. that's who get these people elected. so, a, it's good politics for them. b, there's about 99% of all of those immigrants who mean no harm who we have to figure out a reasonable thing to do to make sure we have an open policy and get rid of the criminals. so i think you see these politicians, these mayors taking care of themselves because they have to take care of their base. >> but when you look at the policy, it's frustrating. reality is 80% of the drugs that are in infecting those streets come from mexico in an unsecure border. how you square that circle, i'm not sure. but you do a great job. chuck, great job. cathy, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. it's a story everybody is talking about this morning. v.p. elect mike pence goes to
6:30 am
broadway just down the street here to see "hamilton" and instead gets a liberal election. >> -- we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> president-elect trump responding this morning on twitter, and so are you. we're going to be reading your comments coming up next. and rick is outside checking on our thanksgiving turkey, probably eating too. is it ready yet, rick? oh is that shrimp? oh, i was expecting turkey and saw shrimp. it's going to be yummy.
6:31 am
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6:34 am
vice president-elect pence, we welcome you and truly thank you for joining us here at "hamilton." an american musical. we, sir, we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our children, our parents defend us our rights, sir, but we truly hope this show inspires you to impose our american values and work on behalf of all of us. all of us. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is the lecture given
6:35 am
last night to vice president-elect pence. >> the letters are pouring in. the financial backers of this show should step in and correct this disrespect as the actors' actions will cost them at the box office. hasn't cost them so far, but we'll see. >> this one, maybe someone should explain to the cast what inclusiveness actually means, hypocrisy is rampant. >> and facebook, obviously the writers of this musical knows nothing about hamilton, he would have hated it. >> those booing him are probably those who didn't get their way and don't know how to deal with disappointment. people are pretty fired up. >> as you said these tickets are expensive, i don't know if anyone was asking for a lecture at the end of the show. >> people are turning out, i'm excited. i'm going to get tickets. >> now it might be affordable. >> and won't get a lecture. it will be great. we have some other headlines this morning, starting with a fox news alert. at least four people killed instantly when a medical transport plane crashes right into a parking lot exploding into a fire ball. one of those passengers a heart
6:36 am
patient being flown now from northern nevada to the university of utah hospital. several cars exploding on impact, forcing evacuations at a nearby senior living complex. no other injuries were reported and the cause of that crash is still being investigated. a desperate search for answers this morning after a young mother is shot and killed and her newborn child abducted. police in wichita, kansas, now frantically looking for her week-old daughter. they are asking the public for help as the fbi sends in a specialized child abduction team. you can see the child there. the infant's father arrived home to find the mother murdered and baby gone. police are not considering him a suspect and have no credible leads at this hour. and look at this. that is not snow you are seeing. that is foam. the mysterious substance filling an entire california street, even covering cars. the nontoxic fluff leaking from a building that was testing its emergency fire suppression system and the foam getting as high as ten feet in some places.
6:37 am
people even riding their bikes through that foam. police say the foam was simply will dissipate over time. let's hope so. >> that is awesome. >> looks like snow though, doesn't it? one of santa's helpers out in the cold this morning fired for telling a little girl that hillary clinton was on his naughty list. jolly old st. nick claimed it was only a joke but that little girl's mother a clinton supporter, she was not seeing the humor. she complained and that santa is long gone now. >> oh, wait. so you can rag on mike pence and that's cool, but you can't -- >> nope. >> santa will get back to work though, kids. don't worry. >> maybe they'll give us a lecture on that. rick, let's toss it to you for weather headlines. no foam but maybe snow this weekend? >> well, there's a lot of snow for the great lakes and we had parts of the plains. i have somebody here, tell me your name. >> kathrine. >> and your favorite thing is? >> weather.
6:38 am
>> weather. how amazing is that? i mean, that makes my day to see future weather people. you have a big future ahead of you. there you go. let's talk a little weather and look at the map show you what's going on. it is much colder across parts of the plains behind this front, the front that brought the snow. in front of it is still warm but the cold front is on the move and pull off towards the east unfortunately not bringing any rain across parts of the south. but then we are going to be watching the snow still falling in parts of the far north and down parts in the great lakes. and snow in time for thanksgiving. i have to tell you it's about time we started seeing some of that. and that means we have to be ready for thanksgiving and deep frying your turkey. john, you are here with masterbilt and author of dad gum that's good too. >> show folks how to enjoy thanksgiving, how to fry a turkey, we did that earlier in the segment. and this is the result from the
6:39 am
turkey we fried. so you can do that in about an hour. four minutes per pound. safely fry your turkey indoors. >> that's the big thing. a lot of times it gets really dangerous. >> that's right. >> but this right here is incredibly safe way to do it inside your house. >> yeah, this is the safe way. this is a commercial grade product that is safe to fry a turkey indoors just like we've done here. although we're outside of the plaza here -- >> what you can do with your fryer. >> imagine after thanksgiving more things you can do, going to show folks a low seafood boil. this is recipes that we do when we go to qvs, we fry the turkeys and we do the low country seafood boils, this is called a grab and growl at our house. that is potatoes, corn, sausage, shri
6:40 am
shrimp. so how many of y'all are from the south? [ cheers and applause ] all y'all. so fry your turkey, free up your oven, enjoy thanksgiving. do not only deep fried turkey but low country seafood boil with crab legs. how good is that turkey? >> dipped it in butter. >> butter. so deep frying turkey. >> it is good. >> it is good. >> you deep fried your wings? >> we deep fried our wings, deep fried our turkey, did the low country seafood boil. if y'all want these recipes go to, retailers, y'all have bass pro, home depot, lowe's, walmart, sam's. >> you can get it anywhere. >> anywhere. amazon. >> i feel like we're on qvc right now. >> this is about find your turkey at qvc. >> nobody does it better than john right here. we're going to eat now. >> yeah.
6:41 am
>> people licking their chops, watching this great food. >> salivating. >> i'll be heading outside. >> that's a guy thing. let's go outside and fry the turkey. all y'all let's go fry the turkey. >> all y'all. >> meanwhile, mainstream media quick to go after not the turkey but the president-elect's picks for his administration. but what about the democrats and their seriously radical ideas? >> i mean, 9/11 explains why we're in this war. we could never be in this war but for 9/11. we could never be tolerated torture but for 9/11. >> so interesting comments there. who's keith ellison who actually wants to head the democratic national committee? we'll have that next. and when she was first starting out, her coach told her she wasn't good enough. then she won four olympic gold medals and the hearts of americans across the country. olympic star simone biles is here with how she proved everyone -- >> simone biles. come on. can't get that wrong. >> she's the best.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
yes, hypocrisy alert. while presiump is being critici some of his administration picks, mainstream media ignoring some radical news who could be the next dnc chairman. let's bring in dan with -- we've seen this with jeff sessions now as nominee for attorney general, immediately "new york times" editorial page saying he said horrible things 20, 30 years ago, so he should not be attorney general. but meanwhile keith ellison has said some pretty radical things. >> yeah, this is the media going about their borking.
6:46 am
they've learned nothing. they've gone from borking to banning bannon. no change at all. you look at keith ellison, he got about 120th the coverage that bannon got, little over two minutes, none of it was negative. you played the clip that you can hear he's -- that's where he compares 9/11 to the fire which was set -- basically that's -- >> let's talk about that coverage. see steve bannon and his controversial comments and work at breitbart, 41 minutes of coverage, 74% of it negative on the big three networks. keith ellison, two minutes of coverage, 0% negative, all just saying, hey, he wants to be the dnc chairman. not mentioning what he said in 2007. roll it. >> i mean, 9/11 explains why we're in this war. we could never be in this war but for 9/11. we could never be tolerating torture but for 9/11. >> yeah. and pretty controversial thing
6:47 am
to say there. >> yeah, well, you look there's a whole of things, called israel the antiapartheid state. accused crazy louis farrakhan anti- -- 4% acu rating out of 100. and then you look at this he's got ties to the muslim brotherhood. >> yeah. >> and once you're tied to the muslim brotherhood, that's one step next to hamas. just ask the egyptians how awful that is. >> dan, 30 seconds for you. chuck schumer, the democrat from right here in new york, he's incoming senate democratic leader. he is somebody who is supporting keith ellison for dnc chair. jewish leaders in new york are saying pull that back. do you think he's going to pull it back? >> of course not. we live in -- obviously there's no media push for at all. goes on the "today" show and
6:48 am
says ideal candidate. the media don't want to dig into it because they're too politically correct. >> dan gainor, we appreciate your insights this morning. >> thank you. when she first started out her coach said she wasn't good enough, then she won four olympic medals and hearts of americans all across the country. simone biles here with how she proved everyone wrong. she talks to abby next. so you're a man of culture. or a man of adventure. or a man of culture who's out for adventure. you know when to hit the scene... or get far away from it. because it's all about striking... the perfect form. beat yesterday with fenix 3 hr. from garmin.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
she won hearts across america when she competed as united states gymnastics team.
6:52 am
five medals overall this after becoming a world champion medalist. it wasn't always so golden for simone growing up and she now opens up about it in her new book. she joins me to discuss it. thank you for being with me today. >> thank you. >> you have quite the story. we see you out there just incredible throughout the olympics, but you've got a background and a history that not many people know about. tell us about it. >> so i was adopted at a very young age by my grandparents who are now my mom and my dad. and as well as my sister was with us. so i think that's not what people know about me because i haven't shared it all too much because i thought it was normal growing up. it's all i had known. >> there was a moment in the book where you talk about training for to become, you know, an olympian where you were called fat by one of your coaches. >> yes. >> and you went behind, you know, the set and started crying flt thinking how do i keep going from here. >> yes. i was really sad about it because me being so little and
6:53 am
petite, i never have thought of myself as fat because like what we do you can't be like big for that. so i was a little surprised that he said that. so, yeah, i did dismiss myself and i was crying because even though i know i'm not a bigger build, it still hurt to hear it. >> with you in person, you're so teeny tiny i can't imagine anyone saying that to you. what do you want younger girls to get from reading this book? there are so many that look up to you that want to hear your story and want to know how can i be just like you. >> yes. i hope they take away from my book that all professional athletes are elite athletes that you see on tv. they don't always have such a smooth ride to success. sometimes there's some bumps in the road you just don't know about. >> you think about back in 2011 when you wanted to get to the olympics, didn't work out for you. some people say that's it, i'm done, and you used it as an opportunity to say i'm going to get even better and make it the next round. and you did.
6:54 am
>> yes. >> how did you find that inspiration yourself? >> well, in 2012 i was too young, i didn't think anything of it because it was fine i was too young to go anyway. i just used it as motivation to work harder so whenever i was age eligible to go i would make the team. >> you think about being age, 13, 14, 15, i've got a sister that age where they just want to be with their friends, they want to have a good time and those years you were working your butt off. >> yes. >> were there ever moments where you think i just want to be a young kid? >> there were times here and there where i wanted to be a normal kid and just go to school and go to dances and all that stuff. but then on the other side i was like, you know, not many kids can say they represent their country. and that's something you can never get back. so i thought of it was like, yeah, you can go to school dances, but i get to represent my country. >> right. you think about this past summer, what an incredible summer you had. the women's gymnastics team really became team america,
6:55 am
right? what was that like for you? >> it was super exciting because we had trained for so long and so hard with each other, lifting each other's spirits up in practice and everything. so to have all of our hard work each individually and together as a team finally pay off. it was just such an amazing feeling. >> unbelievable. what did your grandparents think? the people who made you who you are today. >> they just kept crying in the crowd. and i couldn't look at them because it would make me emotional. and i like didn't want to ruin my makeup, so i had to keep it together. >> the makeup, you have to be careful with that, right? >> yes. >> how much credit do you give them for the woman you've become? >> i give all my credit to them because without them i wouldn't be the woman i am today. >> i love that. for younger girls that want to do something in life that want to be great, really seems like it's motivation. it's hard work. >> yes, i would just say to put 100% effort into anything you do and make sure it's your choice. don't let anyone tell you you have to do this or that.
6:56 am
just make sure it comes from your heart. >> yeah. if someone tells you you're not good enough, if you're not skinny enough, you just say, you know what, yes, i am. i'm good enough and i'm going to keep going. >> yes. >> you are a hero to so many people. it's an honor to talk to you this morning. congratulations on your success. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. you can buy her book "courage to soar." highly recommend it. a great book. thank you, simone. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ we're out here on the plaza talking thanksgiving, talking politics, talking family. >> from indiana, the home state of mike pence. and you say you have a brother who's a democrat and might be a difficult thanksgiving. >> well, no, we don't celebrate thanksgiving, just with our children, because our table is 17 people. >> well, have a great tradition family. >> johnny, texas, you got a bipartisan family here, how is it going to go this thanksgiving? >> it could be challenging, a
7:00 am
lot of my family grew up voting democrats, now there are republicans, there's going to be controversy, it's going to be gracious. >> that's a great lesson for america, isn't that great, rick? >> gracious and grateful on thanksgiving. >> thank you for being here. log on for the after "the o'reilly factor." it's great to be here. president-elect trump ramping up his team and plan for the white house and putting taxes at the top of his agenda to ramp up our economy. some here say that should mean slashing individual and corporate taxes at the same time to get the biggest bang for his cuts. hi everybody. i'm in for brenda butner. this is bulls and bears. they are back. gary, john along with hadley heath manning and jessica, welcome to everybody. actually missed you guys. gary b., should the president-elect slash both corporate and individual tes


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