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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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i am good. see you tomorrow right here. goodbye, everybody. president-elect donald trump on the transition team in turmoil after some departures. welcome to "happening now". >> the shakeup comes as vice president-elect pens signed formal transition papers allowing the process to move forward, the president-elect last night just a few blocks from trump tower, he gets depressed and caused a kerfuffle because usually the president or president-elect need to tice press pool going with him. jenna: here is more from trump tower.
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>> reporter: it to cause a kerfuffle or a brief to the, it occurred, the word came from the transition office that everybody could go home. any reports from the transition team were done for the day. a few lingering reporters had to see a large motorcade forming here, an ambulance, an indication a very important person is on board, no one had an idea about that bloomberg report, and it will -- they knew what was happening. donald trump and his entourage, the democratic city, they were going to get your taxes down. there have been sightings at trump tower, donald trump walking to the elevator, eric trump appeared in the lobby
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telling a reporter, and the analysis today, more announcements likely, those amounted to cabinet level positions, and a candidate for treasury secretary, much more talkative saying taxes and president-elect trump's economic plan in general. >> looking at creation of infrastructure. there are a lot of things. and regulatory infrastructure. >> they want to have an economic plan executed in the first 100 days. interesting bio steve, and amassed a fortune that goldman
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sachs, $40 million, a hollywood producer, notable films to his credit. and senator jeff sessions walking through the lobby with briefcases and an entourage, repeatedly since trump won this election he will have his pick of jobs here, the first washington establishment insider to do support for donald trump, speculation the secretary of defense job or secretary of state job. trump has eluted the press yet again. nobody knows when he left. he is in washington for the transition office, to joe biden, the vice presidential national -- jenna: he needs one of those gps bracelets to follow him wherever he goes.
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>> reporter: a tracking device. jenna: us news editor for the wall street journal. the transition team is conjecture, opinion about what is going on behind closed doors. you are reflecting on how trump has run his businesses in the past, a way to look at how he might be doing now. >> there are lessons to be learned from the trump organization, always surrounded himself with people with a small inner circle, his children in business so you see that taking shape in his administration, putting together a transition team to build his cabinet so we are seeing the growing influence of his son-in-law, we were doing on the show, you see donald junior and eric having their father's year on many decisions. jenna: we will see who gets an official title.
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there has been a lot said, 4000 positions that need to be filled for a new president. we were wondering how many people in the trump organization, don't have this published, no finance agenda, no details, the number that is most often is 22,000 people are part of the trump organization so what do you think is the crossover from experience in the private sector and how it will apply in the public sector. >> there is a lot of difference. us government is a much bigger organizations with a huge payroll donald trump has to measure, 1200 executive level appointments just to get senate approval on those, this is a much larger scale operation. and in the end you will see donald trump will be drawing on his experience as a business leader and his close circle. talking about who is in or out of the power, there needs to be
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a balance between folks like rines priebus who got the role of chief of staff and someone like steve bannon with the chief strategist role. people who are ideological fits or very useful in terms of bridging the gap to a government that he has been an outsider to. >> a lot of reports we are getting our unnamed sources talking about the transition team, this is something we have to handle as a news organization at the wall street journal. what are we basing this report on what is happening the transition team on? >> this is a normal part of the process, the transition team want to float names and get immediate coverage in the vetting process to vet out possible problems with candidates. all of us working hard to be as close to the source as possible in terms of people advising the president-elect on the
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transition team and the direct sources to learn as much as we can and working with us to float those trial balloons but as donald trump tweet did theed the only one who knows who the finalists are our donald trump. >> great to have you on the program, thank you so much. >> troubling clues in the search for a missing man. and wolice suspect it was this, reports of the chaos in president-elect's transition team, that is not the case. is the process working as smoothly as it should be. someone will tell us karl rove on that coming up next. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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jenna: clues in the search for missing connecticut man and police say there are signs of foul play, last seen on surveillance video in midtown manhattan sunday. now reports police found bloodstains below the sheets and a luggage cart. opening statement in the trial of a convicted sex offender in santa ana, california, acting as his own lawyer. raising and killing four prosecutors. a judge in minnesota dismissed murder and manslaughter charges against a man accused of contributing to his girlfriend's suicide, years of physical and emotional abuse against this woman played a part in her death, facing felony stocking charges. >> take your time. don't -- instant appointments press you in the soon.
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and the internal want to get rid of lobbyists, all the lobbyists, don't have a problem with that. but the media rush you into the decision. >> john sununu is the former white house chief of staff and the transition team, the chaos in disarray, karl rove, president george w. bush's assistant joins us now. good to see you. we have no briefings, and behind closed doors. >> they prepare for that moment, don't be rushed by somebody else's schedule. do have a schedule and some good news and don't be afraid to
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start delivering news once you are able to keep delivering news but don't be rushed. >> how long should it take? >> i aim to start letting down the news after thanksgiving week. sometimes they are in a place that has some names, late year, november 8th, he has a little bit of time. we are going to start. and consider some element of their background. it is before you begin that. >> mister trump tweet did theed
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this process, i am the only one who knows -- dollars palace intrigue, and prosecuted by chris christie, and we got up urgent a push so to speak. others say mike pence wanted to get the lobbyists. >> putting pens in charge of the transition as a smart move. we had an excellent director of the plan, it was a step up supported by johnson, vice president stepping in. on the part of president-elect
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trump. not certain it would have been purged to everybody, you can layer people on top of them and avoid the negative streak and if they were not going to have lobbyists they are in place at the beginning. mike pence has good judgment, we pay a lot of attention to people and ultimately have to confirm this and did a very good job presenting options to the president-elect. >> the president-elect did not go with the press in the white house, went down to 21 for dinner. what do you expect? he is a new yorker, walking in the streets, he will find out when he gets to the white house. >> it is a pain for everyone to have the press following them around but that is part of it, they have to serve a function on the african-american people and the president doesn't have a right to travel privacy.
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there are other things. the rumor is he wants to come home every weekend in new york, fifth avenue would have to be armored up in the middle of downtown come you cannot imagine the expense. taxpayers are unhappy with the cost of moving air force one plus the support personnel that surround the president at any given moment from washington dc to new york every weekend. that idea is early. >> it is already a mess. >> they have to armor up that building which from the perspective of security personnel, insecure right now, they knew he would be in the building and have to make all kinds of security arrangements in the neighborhood, really unacceptable to people in new york. coming to a weekend, he will be there each and every week. >> may not have the oval office. >> my understanding is for the first year of his time in office, president trump will not
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have the oval office. president obama told the secret service i know you want to modernize the oval office with security enhancements, strip it to the bare walls, have bulletproof glass and so forth and so on, my last year in office, why don't you do that with whoever comes next? the president of the united states, president trump will spend most of his first year using richard nixon's office and the old executive office building across executive drive. >> that will be a surprise. who will tell him that? >> he might already know that. >> good to see you, thank you . jenna: republicans control congress, the white house in january, but that poweshift could mean for democratic leader but we will talk about that after the break. and brand-new news, a powerful
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new voice backing pipelined protesters in north dakota. >> it will make a few people billionaires.
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>> the big story on this program protests targeting an oil pipeline in north dakota turning into a fight with police, hundreds of demonstrators blocking a railroad, reportedly cut tires as they arrived leading to some arrests. now they are getting support from robert f kennedy junior. >> they are standing up for america, standing up for american democracy. jenna: if they are slashing tires they are breaking the law, just want to point that.
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environmentalists say the project threatens drinking water and land. the company behind the project is denying those claims. >> if there wasn't condemnation about this. >> got a shellacking last tuesday. we got to recalibrate and move forward. eric: pretty stunning moment of candor from a top house democrat. nancy pelosi could face leadership challenge. what will the democrats do next? the president of the democratic network and former bill clinton campaign advisor. welcome, start with you. is mrs. pelosi in danger of being dumped? >> i don't think so. what democrats will do is have a healthy debate about how to do better in future elections. and a discussion about the
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direction the democratic caucus, one thing i hope to happen is to talk of creating a spot in leadershipor another member. democrats have to get purposeful about accelerating fears and younger members give the more powerful and authority. >> when younger member is tim ryan. and challenging nancy pelosi, you think that is the recipe for the democrats to move forward? >> the democrats are past the graveyard. if they don't accept the fact that last week's election results were a repudiation of the progressive agenda, democrats have been forcing down american throats for the past 7 years. the reality is the democratic party is no longer a national party. they are a party that has some
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success in a limited number of states. new york, california, massachusetts, a third of house democrats come from those states and for the democratic party to be relevant again they have to come up with a message that gets beyond the progressive base that is dominating their party right now. >> can the democratic party reshape itself? we saw that during bill clinton's campaign in 1992. that is a challenge. >> of republicans believe they have a hard two years, we won more votes at the national level, picked up seats in the house and senate, the republican party, more votes the international electi, one time for the last 28 years, no question we had a hard time replicating that at the national level going down ballot but i am not worried, we are close in the house and senate, one more vote at the presidential level. there are changes we have to make, we didn't do a good job making the core economic argument in this election but
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the notion we are defeated, partying, look at the favorability of the two parties, republican party is a net negative favorability 30 points, we see it fable -- favorable by the american people, the two parties are more even, this will be an interesting two years. the chance for overreach by the republicans, if they think the public is behind the agenda trump will propose it will be a hard two years. gy was this a blatant rejection by millions of americans in the democratic party? >> we won more votes in the election than republicans did. people voted against us but more people voted against the republicans. the advantage you have is california, new york and massachusetts you have such a dominating -- >> those three things -- saying things dozens may come through. the best thing simon can do to unify his party, to every congressional candidate who won and lost, participation trophy, send one to hillary clinton too.
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if they continue to believe the ideas and forced on the american people the last 7 years and that is why now we have the house, the senate in a year when everyone, everyone on television said republicans were going to lose the senate, we held the senate, we kept the u.s. house, 34, 50 governed, 68 of 99 state legislatures in the chamber do not accept that as a defeat. let democrats do that and they will be a party that is relevant in ten states. >> what about the stats? honored by the children's defense fund. what should she say? be change she will no longer be a part of the future of the democratic party. the campaign, and made many
8:27 am
mistakes at the end. for the democrats it is time for a new generation, that is critical for us. 45 vote in the country overwhelmingly democratic, the future of the country is trending democratic, we have to accelerate our party just the way i want to credit the house republicans, and a generational turn. and the democratic party the next few years, great leaders coming up, i feel good about the future of the democratic party, i agree i am under no illusion, a lot of work to do, we are not in dire straits. >> we have to leave it there because we have breaking news. >> newt gingrich outside the transition office. listen in. >> knowing trump, a strong ceo, knows what he wants to do and make decisions very fast and knowing he will want to think
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through his government, my working assumption was the real transition would begin 10:00 wednesday morning. it was impossible to accelerate. people do studies and papers, here are the 4000 jobs, nobody was going to make any real decisions. i had a great talk with mike, an old friend, great vice president and i am confident that they begin to put things in place in an orderly way but it will take two or three weeks. he would be done to accelerate to make the press happy. they had four years. >> what type of deliberation is there between mike pence and donald trump? >> i can't say anything about who is under consideration.
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the relationship between the president-elect and the vice president-elect is very close, he was assigned to come down it be the head of the transition and a close relationship, the bush cheney relationship was very close, he would not have residents elect doing this. he was given a substantial run of authority to make things work but no one should kid themselves. this will be president trump's administration. he will make all the major decisions, that is how he has run his empire in the private sector. he did after all beat 15 other republicans before beating hillary. probably has some confidence in himself. >> what do you want? >> i want to be chief planner. >> chief planner, say what you want in order to get it. outside again the trump transition office in washington
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dc, doug mc kelly reported earlier no one knew donald trump was heading to washington dc until he arrived there. vice president mike pence is in the office as well as his wife. not only donald trump is there but we are waiting mike pence, vice president-elect visiting with vice president joe biden, that is happening today but some interesting words, newt gingrich calling donald trump a strong ceo who makes business very fast and it is impossible to accelerate the process saying it would be done to accelerate. earlier in the program our guests that you have to that everyone to assume a certain role. if it gets packed through the security process and there is a red flag you have to withdraw that name and that is what karl rove was explaining, causing further volatility as the president-elect gets ready. interesting to hear from newt
8:31 am
gingrich, mike pence, donald trump relationship and the bush/cheney relationship. we are watching for more news from the transition office. president-elect trump and senator john mccain butting heads over russia. is it a good idea for the us to do that with moscow? is it possible? our next guest says it won't work. federal officials shoring up the borders, where they are seeing a spike in illegal immigrants.
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>> a quick look at what is coming up in the next hour of "happening now". the white house transition process, what will life feel like for mike pence once the president settled down? a train track in florida crumpling cars, thousands of gallons of fuel, the latest in the investigation to what caused that crash. a san francisco skyscraper get the sinking feeling, scientists say the building is tilting, sinking into the ground. >> donald trump expressing high hopes, one leading republican lawmaker is skeptical. mister trump speaking with vladimir putin by phone for the first time this week, both sides stretching a desire to improve relations between the us and moscow, issuing this morning saying, quote, should
8:36 am
place as much faith in such statements as any other made by a former kgb agent who plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, invaded his neighbors, friend america's allies and undermined american elections. joining me now is the office of naval intelligence and senior fellow of the program on national security at the foreign policy research institute, shared with us former double agent for the fbi who came face-to-face with the russians in an interesting back story. what do you think of what senator john mccain had to say? >> it is harsh but i have to say it is kind of true. when you talk about foreign policy i am excited to see president trump doing foreign policy, that being said, russia still has a vote and i don't see what vladimir putin is saying sticks up to his actions.
8:37 am
and russians have to reset as well. >> temporarily it is news. former speaker newt gingrich speaking live about the trump transition on the phone with us. tell us more about this morning. what happened be change a very good meeting with vice president-elect mike pence. we covered a lot of ground. i feel very comfortable, working similarly with vice president cheney in 2000, he ran the transition for president george w. bush, they are getting their ducks in a row in a rapid way. president-elect trump's ability as a ceo to make decisions will become more and more obvious. the next few weeks we will see this will be a very effective
8:38 am
transition bringing together a lot of talented people doing so in a specific direction, very hands on leader, deeply immersed in this. vice president-elect pence and i go back many years and i'm very comfortable moving forward. >> when you say compare notes what does that mean? >> lessons i learned in the bush/cheney transition, people and things i can't talk about on the air. how to think about the first hundred days, opening day, potential of eliminating a lot of obama's executive orders in a decisive way and how to relate to the house and senate, sensitive to the importance of the republican leadership and republican majority of the house
8:39 am
and senate. as the governor, mike pence found himself the day after the election winning the governorship, 60 days, the government of indiana, that was the background to everything, to think about organizing, in that sense, great experience in indiana, what is now helping president-elect trump. jenna: you mentioned you would like the job as chief planner. and even planner position. we would like a little more. >> one of the great problems is people drowned so much in the daily news and the scandal, whatever this week's problem is, there is little effort to think ahead.
8:40 am
if we get back where you want to be we will make america great again, it takes five or six years. and speaker of the house, the 1984 contract, someone who worked with ronald reagan, some unique ability to do that. and any of those things, bring to bear what i learned over a long time how government and america works. jenna: viewers are hearing a lot of different words to describe the trump transition, we even used it on our program. we have to be sensitive of the words which is because they matter in a time like this. the transition team is in turmoil, turmoil is happening. what words would you use to describe what is happening behind closed doors? >> the trump sandison team is in
8:41 am
transition. president-elect donald trump is in fact a hands-on ceo who knows how to run business and committed to putting together an administration that bears his intrigue and achieved what he set out to do. i would say in that sense it confuses the transitional political thrust because they tried to apply transitional standards. they tried that all through the primaries and he kept winning despite the fact that nobody understood. they tried to apply to him now, the same confusion exists. 's is a very confident manager who runs a very big worldwide system, who has a real knack for organizing and he will do it his way and if that doesn't fit the new york times, it is not
8:42 am
trump's problem. jenna: we appreciate your accessibility. the big stories over the last 24 hours -- >> the same people who thought trump would disappear, they found a new way -- jenna: what do you think is happening in the trump team? >> they are having very serious methodical meetings organizing a range of decisions. they ultimately have to find 4000 people starting with cabinet offices. they are doing it in a methodical way. in the end lots of people held options to president-elect trump, he will make the decision, no one is confused by this. he understands that, and trump world, in effect the ceo of us government and not used to that.
8:43 am
and some level of energy. it will be an instant administration. i got to run. jenna: are you sure you don't want an official rule? thank you. thank you very much on the fly. speaking to us about trump transition, this is real time. he will hear a lot of descriptions. you will hear from someone on the inside who has a point of view. what is happening behind closed doors i want to continue the conversation about russia. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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neil: here is how rumors get started. we saw what happened on the show when we are trying to figure out what is happening behind closed doors. we have reports that donald trump left trump tower and was in washington dc. that is not the case. kelly and conway is setting the record straight. it is not a couple blocks away from us in trump tower. go back to the learning curve on all this for everybody. we have a new person in the role as president-elect. there are questions about press access and what can be done moving forward and you want more information. we will keep it as accurate as possible, that is all we want to do and where president-elect donald trump is is in trump tower. >> a good example about the press pool from the white house. jenna: when there's a representative from the press you know where president-elect trump is every moment. that is part of the reason we have that set up.
8:48 am
we will see what happens from here on. we are 10 minutes to noon eastern, still a lot more to go in the day. the office of naval intelligence, senior fellow national security policy research institute, talking about russia and what needs to happen between our two countries. in the front lines with a relationship by president-elect trump. >> trying to figure out what the new trump administration will look like a. and the russians not so much, they don't have a peaceful transition of power. and very important thing president obama is doing to express unity and show strength in the transition and show president trump will be the
8:49 am
president. that is a foregone conclusion and friend enemy, russia, i will be bold, russia said some nice words, one of the things vladimir putin could do could go a long way in studying relations at a different velocity is return and snowden. whether you are democrat or republican you could agree he broke the law and is essentially a fugitive in russia though not charged and that would go a long way toward attending and restructuring relationship and return him to the united states. jenna: we wrote about the importance of deterrence, a minute or so, tell us what would russia understand? a show of strength with the new
8:50 am
president-elect. >> i am hopeful of the obama administration, syria has not gone away, the humanitarian disaster that evolved, the foothold for russia and the middle east as a result and the only thing the russians understand is if you negotiate, president-elect trump understands this, a position of strength, we do so with a strong military, a military you are not going to use but you are clear that it is there. the russians don't understand peaceful transitions but they do understand strength. their national interests are to expand, that is not going to change. nothing has changed in ukraine. he is bombing aleppo and syria. there is no change. we cannot think we are series until they realize we are a strong country.
8:51 am
you won't see the 10 or a vladimir putin's mouth change his actions tomorrow. >> thanks for rolling with us with the breaking news. eric: not the leaning tower of pisa but the tilting tower of san francisco. more over a sinking building. >> the insurance company won't replace the full value. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> property values on the rise in san francisco but one of the city of most exclusive properties going down. millennium tower is a 58 story skyscraper, the blame game is underway. the city by the bay with that sinking building behind. >> seven years after it opened a luxury high-rise is the focus of a legal blitz and pr disaster
8:55 am
with some 400 residents wondering how long it will be state to stay. a shiny symbol of the building boom the millennium tower is going to infamy. >> it is a preview but it is dangerous. >> reporter: gerri docs and paid $2 million with retirement pad shows the tilt, this golfball doesn't stop rolling. the city is suing the developer for failing to tell buyers the building was moving. it has sunk 60 inches and is tilting two inches in excess of projections. the lawsuit claims the developer knew the building was sinking in 2008 more than a year before condos went on sale. >> buyer beware. someone selling real estate must disclose details about property conditions. the law is clear on that. >> reporter: maintaining the building 100% safe, the settling was within predicted ranges
8:56 am
until the ground was weakened by a government dig across the street. a millennium spokesman called the transit center project reckless and the city's lawsuit a ploy to deflect blame. among the finger-pointing, gerri dotson lives in fear of losing his investment or worse. >> you wonder if you will wake up in the morning because if the earthquake occurs and the building does collapse you may not know it. >> reporter: he is also suing the government and the developers for fraud. along with his fellow neighbors in millennium tower wonders when or even if the building can be fixed. eric: thank you so much. jenna: next on "happening now," isis is putting up a fight with the latest on the front lines was this ancient inscription could be yours from the 10 commandments. all that and more coming at 1:00 pm eastern time.
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endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> all right.
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busy hour. >> what an hour. newt gingrich live. >> remember, he says don't think about turmoil within the trump transition team. he says it is in transition. >> transioning, yes, exactly. >> we'll see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" the starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. president-elect donald trump making some changes to his transition team just two months before taking office. vice president-elect mike pence purging lobbyists and some d.c. insiders. perhaps bringing the team closer to mr. trump's vow to drain the swamp. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, so glad to have back with us today, the ceo of crowd pac and former chief strategist for british prime minister david cameron, steve hilton is here and he is outnumbered. >> great to be here with you


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