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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 16, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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dishes. >> why would i want to do dishes? why? >> of the 10,000 women surveyed, a walking 73% say they were driven to another's arm who didn't help around the house. >> i don't agree with that study. >> "fox and friends" starts next. have a great day. good morning to you and your family. it is wednesday. november 16th. i'm ainsley air hard. a lot of high-profile people spotted at trump tower. including former rival, ted cruz, senator jeff sessions and tommy hilfiger. >> of course. we have the latest, brian. >> you never know. >> it might be the most outrageous behavior yet from our president-elect. trump leaves behind the press for a steak dinner. >> you mean he ate? >> that's actually news for them
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this morning. those crying about the election. one state lawmaker has a message for you. >> you've got a right to be a brat, a right to protest. but you do not have a right to troe a temper tantrum on interstate 80. >> every single college student, please pay attention to him. that man behind the suck it up buttercup bill here live. >> suck it up buttercup, i love that. >> i said no. >> ainsley, say it. >> get dressed. >> mornings are better with ainsley. ♪ one week after the election and we're having breakfast with friends in the state that delivered it for donald trump. that's abby huntsman sitting with some much her fox friends in pennsylvania.
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>> i recognize her from the poster in the hall. >> good morning, abby. >> gorngs guys. we're at dumont diner in scranton. this is where joe biden was born. donald trump came close, within three points of beating hillary clinton here. we're talking to voters as to why he did so well. some stories here. i'll be drink coffee here. i'm with frank and bob this morning. stick around. come back to us soon. we'll have a lot of fun things to talk about. >> did you ask to sit with them? is this okay? >> i begged them to sit with them? is it okay with i sit with you guys? >> of course. >> you'll take me? >> they're very nice. >> i'm sure abby huntsman had to twist some arms. >> no one can say no to you, abby. >> they said do we have to tip or not? >> it's got to be yuje. discretionary spending.
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let's go straight to the top story. who will donald trump hire. he's holding intense interviews for his cabinet. >> this morning, we're learning the big names spotted at trump tower. >> garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. with the latest on the list. because they come in from washington and go into new york. >> hey, good morning. pretty much there's a giant help wanted sign at trump tower in new york right now. there are lots of folks showing up for it. there are nearly 4,000 position toss fill in this administration. so a lot of names are being thrown out there. yesterday, we saw a lot of those same names going in and out of trump tower along with a couple of new faces as well. here are a few of the folks we saw. senator jeff sessions who has been rumored on the short list for several cabinet positions, including secretary of defense along with retired lieutenant general keith tell og. pam bond i was seen coming in and out. she's been seen as a candidate for attorney general.
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peter thiel, mr. trump's ex-wife marla maples and tommy hilfiger. he has an office in the building. it's not clear if he was there to meet with the trumps. one of the more surprising faces was former trump rival, texas senator ted cruz. he's a potential pick for attorney jess. cruz wouldn't comment but he looks forward to working with mr. trump on his agenda. speculation runs rampant. mr. trump weighed in on twitter saying he's in charge saying very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. throughout the campaign we've heard mr. trump promise to drain the swamp. last night we learned his transition team is making good on that promise and is removing all lobbyists from the transition team efforts. back to y'all. >> thank you very much, good
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job, garrett. i think that's pretty important. the one thing about the trump team, they adjust. it did not look good to have lobbyists on the team. as vice president-elect took over, they said you have to leave. >> he also made a decision, it wasn't going the way he wanted with chris christie. we're going to go with mike pence. "the new york times" as they always do, the headline this morning says firings and discord put trump transition team in a state of utter and complete disarray. i guess that fair and balanced coverage they were shooting for hasn't quite gotten there. disarray on the loaded language there, they're organizing a government, they didn't expect to win and donald trump is in charge, he's going to make these calls. no reason to believe it's in disarray at all. >> i want to know where tommy hilfiger was going. was he going to his office? >> if you want to buy stuff in the lobby, you can buy ties and
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shirts and as cots and maybe he was making a few purchases in trump tower. a few things. some of the rumors out there. number one, bit of a surprise, ben carson said i'm not going o to run anything. i don't want to be part of the cabinet. i've never done that before. i'm surprised he feels that way. he was running for president for a year. the other thing, jeff miller possibly running the v.a. very curious. i know you were quoted in "the new york times" article pete to see if he would be a good choice. >> he's led the charge on capitol hill. you need somebody willing to fight. yeah, a lot of names bubbling to the surface. >> this really cracked me up this morning. nbc news, this is the headline. as trump leaves press behind for state dinner, incoming administration already showing lack of transparency. in the article there's the headline. in the article they're really upset because trump didn't insight the press to eat dinner with his family at the 21 club. >> he decides i'm going to have dinner. i'm going to have a steak dinner. >> he went in the back door of
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the trump tower. >> takes a motorcade over there. there's a video, actually. i don't know if we can play it over. he's greeted by cheering and the crowd there. you know, here's a guy who has lived in new york city, member of that club. wants to go have dinner. the press -- >> you don't have to be a member. anyone can go. it's a very expensive cheeseburger. >> it is, actually. i've been there. in the article, nbc says, and i quote, with his tuesday night action, the trump administration is shaping up to be the least accessible to the public and press in modern history. here we are a week into president-elect and they're the least transparent in modern history. >> if anyone is transparent, you can accuse him of a lot of things, but he's extremely transparent. hillary clinton, she went 200-plus days without a press -- >> if you went to the 21 club, the point was she would have tweeted or texted somebody. he didn't. of course, the 21 club i legendary club and has things hanging from the ceilings and
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the walls. a lot of people go there with extra monday. >> the ceo company would leave a coke truck or the hess truck hanging from the ceiling. it's expensive, but a great experience. >> donald trump, probably can afford it because he's turning down the salary of $400,000. let's talk about the democrats. one of the stories that was not a lot of anxiety there. no doubt about it. speaker is going to be paul ryan. the leadership returns. on the left, a stunning development. the democrats said wait a second, why are we putting leadership back in place. we lost the house and the senate and lost seats and lost the white house and we don't have a clear vision. nancy pelosi expecting to be the minority leader got a rude awakening. you will wait, nancy. >> democratic congressman rueben ga lego said they need to delay the vote. >> we don't want to rush a vote to leadership for them to think everything is business as usual. everything is not good. business as usual is no longer
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going to work. if we have the same leadership, as long as they understand what the purpose other leadership is and where it's coming from a lot of us would feel more comfortable. >> the gentleman speaking is an iraq vet from arizona. next to him is a congressman from massachusetts, another iraq vet. young guys saying, it's been nancyelosi over a decade. she knows how to raise money. if she's not effective and we're losing elections, why would we double down on that. they have problems inside the democratic caucus. >> this is a move because they're concerned about the direction of the party. they want to make changes. >> when you saw -- on the house side, they want to make changes. she said i'll work with donald trump if it's indeed possible. nothing ever gets done. the democrats are paying the price. they think republicans are. if you look at the seats on both sides, they're paying the price. very curious to see if their leader, keith ellison gets the nod as the next dnc head.
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>> interesting, they were all saying donald trump is not going to win. we need the establishment, hillary clinton has the experience. now the democratic party is doing what the republicans did. they're draining the swamp. they've dee latd vote. they're not going to make a decision until after thanksgiving. if they decide she's not the leader anymore. if they put someone with less experience in office, they're draining the swamp too. >> they're having the crisis. instead, paul ryan, mccarthy, everyone there is -- >> we'll see what gets done first. meanwhile, this alert. >> headlines for you. we'll start with a fox news alert. the department of homeland security issuing a new terror warning for the holiday season. the coming weeks could get terrorists opportunities to strike public ee lengths with large crowds. there are no specific credible threats. you don't have to be so concerned. just be vigilant. the warning comes after an isis magazine encountered followers
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to -- encouraged followers of isis to attack using a photo of the macy's thanksgiving day parade encouraging lone wolves to drive vehicles into crowds like this summer's deadly attack we saw in france. the oklahoma city airport is back open this morning after the father of an nfl player is gunned down in what's called a calculated attack. michael winchester, a southwest employee was shot in a parking lot at will rogers airport. the airport was immediately put on lockdown. the suspect shot himself dead in the airport parking lot and police found him after hours of combing the area. james winchester, he's a long snapper for the kansas city chiefs. the election might be over but hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is not. utah congressman jason chaffetz saying there's still work to do. >> we got to get to the truth. it was never about the political targeting of hillary clinton. but she created one of the
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biggest security breaches in the history of the state department. we have tens of thousands of documents we haven't seen. >> hillary clinton is blaming her loss on james comey who reopened the case 11 days before the election. tens of thousands of students are planning to walk out of class today in protest. they're protesting president-elect donald trump, movement is known as #sanctuary campus. it's planned for at least 45 colleges and universities nationwide. students intend to form human walls symbolizing protection for minorities and illegal immigrants against mr. trump's deportation threats. those are the headlines. >> there we go. suck is up, buttercup. we'll talk to him later on, a member proposing the legislation to push back on some of that stuff. the president-elect plans to keep some parts of obamacare in place. >> are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> but can we actually afford do
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that? our next guest is a congressman, veteran and i doctor. he's here live to comment on it. restaurants around the country kick tobacco smokers to the curb. but marijuana, come on in. bring your own bong. my friends think doing this at my age is scary.
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welcome back. president-elect donald trump still vowing to repeal and replace obamacare. maybe not all of it. >> are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. very much try to keep that. adds cost, but it's very much something we're going to try to keep. >> after obamacare, will trump-care look like something we can pay for. can we pay for the popular provisions. let's ask our guest this morning. we keep hearing you guys are ready with this plan. when you heard that question from lesley stahl and the answer from donald trump, what did you think? >> he's on point.
3:18 am
you need to keep -- as i told people, everybody has one or is afraid they're going to have one. we can do that. 27 states did it before the obamacare bill. we can incentivize states to create the high risk pools, get people with preexisting conditions into them and allow them to make those insurance provisions affordable. >> when you say affordability, you mean to other states, right? >> absolutely. the same things that the hip pa law that allows group coverage to continue. you change employers, go to a different state, makes no difference, you're guaranteed insurable. >> the other thing costly is up to 26. there's a mandate, cut at 26. there's a cost to that. how do you deal with that? >> under the affordable care act, the insurers are allowed to charge for those children. it's not free on the policy. there really is no additional cost to the government because those insurance companies are allowed to charge.
3:19 am
but they just allow those children to have access to the policy. >> one thing we saw is a three-year run on obamacare. what everyone thought would work and wouldn't work. 116% increase in arizona, iowa 25%. what did you learn as a physician now a lawmaker from watching obamacare implode that you can apply right now? >> well, the one thing is, the reason why it failed and it had the individual mandate and when it required young healthy people to pay exorbitant premiums to subsidize people with preexisting conditions, you can't do that, distribute the cost among a small exchange group. you have to distribute among a much wider group. that's the way to make it work. obamacare never did that and was doomed to failure. >> are we looking at, hey, donald trump congratulations you're president. are you going to have this replace plan ready to go. >> it depends if the democrats
3:20 am
are willing to work with us and did do it outside the framework. we can do it immediately. if we have to build it in and repeal parts but not other parts, it's a messy bill with a lot of moving parts to it. it will be much easier if we repeal the whole thing and re-established the high-risk, coverage for high risk people and the coverage on page 26. >> of course, congressman, you're worried about the senate where they need 60 votes to rip it out. congressman andy harris, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. coming up straight ahead, for all the people crying over the results of the election, our next guest has a great message, i think, anyway. suck it up, buttercup! >> we asked people in battleground states who they were voting for. are they happy with the results? abby huntsman has been put to work on remote in scranton. getting the voice of the voters.
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quick headlines. green light the green in bars and i restaurants.
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denver is now allowing tourists and residents to get high anywhere that they want basically from nightclubs to yoga studios. there are a few catches. you can't smoke it. you have to eat it. a neighborhood association has to approve every permit. krispy kreme facing a class action lawsuit accused of falsely advertising ingredients. a california man wants $5 million after he found out the blueberry and raspberry fillings do not contain fruit. >> he thought they did? to all the people across the nation, protesting the trump presidency. canceling exams, bringing in therapy dogs and hosting, yes, a cry-in. one iowa lawmaker has a message for you. suck it up, buttercup. that's the name of his new bill in the iowa statehouse that would cut funding to schools spending money on safe spaces. here to explain more is the chairman of the iowa house
3:26 am
committee. bobby kaufman. thanks for joining us. tell us about the suck it up buttercup bill. where did the idea come from and whdo? >> thanks for having me. the bill was inspired by what i saw across the nation. i saw school with rising, skyrocketing tuition costs where also finding new moneys and expenditures for cry rooms, rooms where you could play with play-doh and color on books and talk about your feelings. i was even hearing reports of schools bringing in ponies to be able to get students through the election. for me, that's a waste of taxpayer dollars and doesn't prepare kids for life. in life, there's winners and losers. in life, when your car breaks down, your kids get sick, you have to take a second job to pay your mortgage, you don't get a cry zone, pet a poen, you have to deal with it. i came up with the bill and inspired suck it up buttercup. >> i don't mean to laugh. you laugh because you want to cry as they are doing in these cry rooms.
3:27 am
there's another aspect of this bill, though, that you talked about protesting. we've seen a lot of protesting that descends into rioting. what's the other aspect of it? >> that's truly the inspiration was protecting my constituents. what really inspired me to push this forward was there was an actual blockade of my constituents on interstate 80 last week. that's dangerous. incredibly dangerous. what if someone was trying to get to the hospital, in an emergency and you had these kids, you had people acting like spoiled brats, call it what it is. blocking interstate 80. i have no problem with dissent and protesting. i encourage dissent and protesting. but you don't have a constitutional right to impede on the rights of others. when you're blocking the interstate and putting their lives in danger, i have a big problem with that. i'm proposing to increasing the penalties and giving law enforcement more tools to prevent that from happening in the future. >> something happening in iowa. that happened in my home state
3:28 am
of minnesota. you wonder why more isn't being done from the federal government and others to make sure that lawlessness doesn't rule the day. rutgers wants to declare itself a sanctuary campus. we've heard other campuses doing this. what would you do in iowa if other campuses wanted to declare themselves sanctuary campuses. >> it depends what that means. if it means peaceful protesting. missing class and causing mass exams to be -- >> it would go to immigration peace. like a sanctuary city. they want a sanctuary campus as well. >> well, of course, that's absurd. and police and i.c.e. and law enforcement and immigration officials would have to step in. we can't have lawlessness. this is the ultimate irony. we had all this lawlessness and here you have it. the very folks claim that would be the case for him are actually being the ones that are the ins
3:29 am
at this gags of the case. you can't have them harboring illegal immigrants. that's absurd. bobby, thank you very much for joining us. i think you may have triggered some kids across the country watching this. they may need to retreat to a safe zone and cry. you would say suck it up, buttercup. good luck with your bill. i appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. donald trump said the election would play out like brexit. he was right. but did you know part of the brexit plan was draining the swamp in the uk as well? steve hilton here to explain the obstacles no one saw coming there that could happen here. no one thought donald trump would win the state of pennsylvania. there she is serving coffee. then he did. abby is live talking to voters, the people on the ground at a diner in scranton. good morning, abby. >> good morning. to understand how mr. trump won, you have to come to pennsylvania. i'm in scranton. part of a county that's gone democrat for 30 years. about what may have changed
3:30 am
their vote to mr. trump good morning. you want some coffee? >> yes, please. >> they're putting me to work already this morning. we're going to be talking politics. pouring some coffee. >> a big happy birthday to maggie gyllenhaal. we all know here from the dark knight. happy birthday, maggie. she's 39. mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all mr. clean! tthe whitenessmy wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth. pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that.
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cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die. day two. >> day two. thank y'all so much for buying the book. it's doing so well. >> the power of fox, bill o'reilly, ainsley earhardt and megan kelly have a book out and guess who is selling more?
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ainsley earhardt. >> they're all good. because of you. i really appreciate it. i have great friends helping me with that. >> the folds of honor. >> your father gave i advice and you made it into a book to relate it to the next generation of americans. >> i wanted her to know the advice my parents gave me. dad left us notes next to our cereal bowl. these are words of wisdom i learned from my parents. >> next to the lucky charms. >> you did something special with that. >> brian gave me the idea. >> there's a package on check it out. >> proud of you about this book and you're sharing it with everyone. i want to give you advice my father gave me growing up. be true to yourself and live your life with no regrets. more than anything, love your family and tell them that each and every day. >> be yourself. believe in yourself. and always do your best.
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>> never give up on your dreams. >> never quit. use that fire, don't let it burn you up. >> to always be prepared. >> a door could open to any opportunity at any given time always be ready. >> whatever you're chasing, make sure it's sincerely what could make your heart sing. >> ainsley, the best words of advice i got were from my italian dad, he would tell me neil, stay humble. it will come in handy in your case. >> practice makes perfect. whether baseball season in playing catch in the alleyway by my house or taking notes and creating index cards because we were studying, my parents emphasized that you're never too good for practice. it's something i still use to this day. i practiced this. >> best advice i got for my dad was when i was little, if you want to be in a better mood, act like you are. i remember thinking that's the phoniest thing i can remember hearing. as i aged, it's totally true. tell your kids, be falsely
3:36 am
sche cheery and one day you'll be in a good mood. >> don't give anybody advice. >> don't lie, cheat or steal. anything else is fair game. >> be cool, stay in school. get an education. it really worked for me. >> to read as many books as i could. >> one little problem. this book is for really good children. i was incorrigible as a child. if i had one thing to do over again, i would get in less trouble. if this book was available, i probably would have succeeded. >> good advice. he's having a big problem with -- >> things will turn around for sean. >> that's so cool. thank y'all for doing it. i hadn't seen it. thank you for that idea. >> it was a genius idea, wasn't it? >> it really was. >> my dad said to me, it's not what you do, it's how ou respond. things will happen to you, you'll make mistakes and fail. your character is how you
3:37 am
respond. >> my dad said to me, stop punching your brother. by the way, if you want to see ainsley in person and touch her -- >> wait, rewind. >> see what she's like in person. >> you can hug me. >> november 17th thursday at the book revue. >> sean hannity will be there too. >> november 19 ts in north veil new jersey. and november 26th in columbia, south carolina at barnes and noble. >> you know your way there. >> if you haven't been there already, ainsley earhardt best advice from your parents and we'll read some of those. let's go to the broadcaster. >> i love it. best advice my dad ever gave me was do what you most love and it won't feel like a job. >> be yourself as well and dress warmly that's the advice i give people. you know what, we have a big winter storm moving into the
3:38 am
northwest. that's going to be the weather maker for much of the workweek and into the weekend. let's look at the maps, first of all. weave had above average. 43 in kansas city. 55 in dallas. we're going to set records again today. 47 in new york. changes are coming across the northwest. there's our big storm system or at least one of them. creeping into the rockies, the northern plains and upper midwest. i warned pete we have blizzard watches for parts of minnesota and the dakotas. the travel forecast, the northwest, eyes on you. watch this, guys into the next couple of days. a foot or more of snow, our big first big winter storm of the season on the way. i'm so happy to report it here on "fox and friends." >> that's really great. >> i'm dual warned. >> the shovel is coming out. >> nicely done. >> so pretty. >> frozen eyebrow season is straight ahead. one of those swing states that sealed donald trump's improbable white house victory. republican candidate winning
3:39 am
pennsylvania for the first time in nearly 30 years. >> that's right. what are those voters thinking a full week later? let's ask abby huntsman. she's talking to them live in scranton. >> hi, abby. >> good morning, guys. there's a lot of history to scranton, pennsylvania. for one, hillary clinton's dad was born here. it's gone democrat for over 30 years. mitt romney lost four years ago by, what, 27 points. this time around, though, mr. trump lost by just three points. the big question is, why did so many democrats turn to vote for president-elect trump. that's what we're talking about this morning. i'm here with bob an frank. truckdrivers their whole life. you voted for mr. trump. you say it's all about cleaning house. >> get the house clean. washington. we need to go back to basics. you need a leader. that's why we have donald trump in there now. what we had in the past were not
3:40 am
leaders, they were takers and used the american people to their own benefits. they played games. we have a leader now who is done playing games. he knows how to make a buck and he knows how to save a buck. that's the big difference. that's why it took my tractor-trailers, put his name on them. put hillary's name on hers. the truth is out there. to me, a picture speaks a thousand words. we're trying to get to the american people. go home, relax, take america back. that's what this is all about. >> what can mr. trump do to impact scranton? >> he could clean the house, bring jobs back here, which we're going to do. deal with the unions, the issues we had. look at the reasons why jobs left here. that's the most important thing. go back to history, why we lost our jobs. change that policy. change what it is. he's the kind of guy to make the change. bring the jobs and industry back to scranton. scranton is the hub of the northeast. all the roads cross us. we're therossads of the
3:41 am
northeast. we can grow so much more here if we deal with the tax base and the tax structure here. >> he's the guy to do it. >> i want to talk to frank about that. you've been a democrat your entire life until voting for mr. trump. why? >> just because of his -- like what he says you know about immigration, about make america great again. we need to take our country back. we need to bring our jobs back and our factories. support our middle class, abby. we need to do something for our middle class. >> what about your democratic friends? as i just mentioned, this is an area that has long been democratic. that changed. >> there was very little chatter. nobody wanted to really step up to the plate and say i'm voting for this person or i'm voting for that person. myself, though, i wasn't afraid. i spoke up for mr. trump. i supported him from the first time he came down to trump tower. >> you want him to build a wall? >> i want him to build a wall. i want the wall to be as high
3:42 am
as -- from new york city, you can see it. that's what i want. >> are you going to be upset if he doesn't build that wall? >> i think i will be disappointed because we need to do something about immigration. it's just part of the disaster that's going on in this country. nothing against people. but let's do it the right way. come to the country, pay your taxes, be a good person. >> i want to bring judy in here. working hard all morning serving us coffee. >> good morning. >> you guys have known each other since you were 15 years old. sit right here. take a break for a moment. i'll serve you coffee. you voted for hillary clinton. >> i did. >> her platform worked better for my family. i did not support trump and his -- the way he spoke to people and degraded people. >> are you upset? >> i am upset. but i'm very, very accepting of his position. i respect his position. i hope that he earns my respect. >> as i said, you guys have been friends for a very long time.
3:43 am
>> you didn't agree on who you voted for. >> we did no the. >> you didn't always see eye to eye. >> every morning. >> how do you get along? >> we do. >> your favorite restaurant. >> absolutely. >> what advice do you have for the country trying to come together? >> you see protests all over the place. thanksgiving is around the koern. how do you get along? >> respect one another. come together. don't fight this. the protests are not right. they are not right. it's not going to do any good, what they're doing is not doing any good. i myself am upset. protesting is not going to do anything about that. let's welcome him. open-minded and go forth. hopefully he will do great. >> we're going to keep talking here. i have to pass it back to you guys. we're having real great conversations here this morning at the diner. we'll keep it going all morning. >> people got to pay the bill. got to get going. next on our rundown, he said
3:44 am
the election would play out like brexit. how did he know? steve hilton here to explain the obstacles no one saw coming. if he ever wore a tie, i don't know what i would do. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you have medicare parts a and b, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these let you choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients.
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3:47 am
president-elect donald trump has an ambitious agenda. in the first 100 days of his presidency, he's promised to repeal and re34r5is obamacare, terminate president obama's executive orders. >> plural. >> as well as start plans for the southern border wall to name a few. >> where do you start and what challenges does he face? steve hilton is the ceo of -- former director for former british prime minister david cameron. what should be first? how does he take action and kwie it the critics? >> number one is the economy. you saw it with the folks that abby was talking to in scranton. he's got to get the economy moving, bring back jobs, raise incomes. i thought that was the heart of
3:48 am
with why people put their faith in him. he's got to show he can deliver on that promise. that's got to be number one. number two, i think has to be that whole attitude of shaking up washington. i think, again, that was the real reason that so many people said we're going to go for this guy even though he may say things that we may not like and all the things we saw in the campaign. we're going to trust him because he's an outsider, he's going to shake things up. all the things he said about draining the swamp and more is what he needs to focus on. you know that all those people in washington are going to be sitting there right now, you can already see it, saying he's an amateur, he doesn't know what he's doing. >> chaos. >> we're going to tie him down, run rings around him. >> the swamp is going to fight back. you sthaw that in the uk. >> look what happened after brexit. people voted. they had their say. it was really clear. you see immediately the establishment fighting back saying, well, let's have a soft brexit, not a hard brexit. there's discussion about what
3:49 am
the vote really meant. the legal challenges. the way people are trying to say, well, look they may have had a referendum but in the end we've got to stick with the establishment view. he's going to get all of that and more. because the change that he promised was bigger and so i think that he's got to really take on d.c. and show when he said he was going to be the big outsider disrupter, he's going to change the way business is done, he really meant it. >> he has a huge responsibility. thank you so much. >> we'll see if he sleeps at trump tower and commutes to washington like he was talking about doing. that will be incredible. steve hilton. great job. major american cities vowing to defy president-elect trump on immigration. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. >> well how does the killed by immigrant feel about that? sergeant brandon mendoza's
3:50 am
mother,mendoza's mother, you know her, you've seen her, she's been on fox, her name is mary ann, she's here next. bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem.
3:51 am
because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
3:52 am
3:53 am
to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. >> we are not going to sacrifice a half million people who live amongst us who are part of our community. >> the mayors of major cities pledging theirs will remain sanctuaries for illegals, despite president-elect donald trump's plan to end them. well, here with reaction is the mother of sergeant brandon mendoza. there he is. he was an arizona officer killed by an illegal immigrant driving the wrong way down the highway
3:54 am
and was drunk at the time and killed her son. joining us now is maryann mendoza. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> you were immediately on my mind yesterday when we were playing all these sound bites from these mayors saying that. we wanted to get you on because we wanted to find out what is your message to them. >> these mayors are speaking out and allowing these illegal aliens to assume they have the same rights as legal immigrants in our country. the chicago mayor stated, you know, that chicago was founded on immigrants, and that's a true statement, but what most of them are failing to project out there and let these people know is if you're an illegal alien in our country committing crimes, you don't have the same rights as a legal immigrant who's gone through the process of becoming an american citizen, time, money spent doing it. these legal immigrants can be deported for a lot of the crimes these illegal immigrants are committing and our elected officials in some of these cities and towns are protecting
3:55 am
them for. >> if donald trump's policies were in place, the guy who killed your son, would he be here in the u.s.? >> no, he would not. >> why do you say that? >> he committed fraud. he committed burglary. he assaulted a police officer. those are crimes that should warrant a person to be deported from our country. there's so many things that, you know, rapes, murders, all of these things, and these elected officials -- for the life of me, i don't understand why the residents in these cities don't understand that they're protecting them. they commit crimes. they don't get ahold of our federal officials to come get them and deport them. it's federal immigration laws. you know, where do you draw the line of what's right and what's wrong in this country? when is it going to be important to our politicians that americans come first?
3:56 am
there's so many things that are protecting illegal aliens in our country. the list just goes on and on and on. taxpayer money that provides them the benefits that they come here to get for free. welfare, food stamps, education, health care. all of these things are coming out of our pockets, and people wonder why our taxes have gone up over the years. a lot of these mayors try and claim these sanctuary cities do not have higher crime rates. you know, when you look at a chart of sanctuary cities and crime rates, whether they've risen or gone down, they fail to mention some of them that crimes have increased over 600%. they only want to focus on the ones that have lessened. a lot of times those illegal aliens have moved out of those cities, and the population isn't as great in there. >> you bring up a good point. the illegals have more rights than the citizens. mary ann for here this morning. sorry for your loss. >> thank you. is president trump's
3:57 am
transition really in chaos? mr. jason miller is here to set the record straight. that's in the next hour. ♪ something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed... for the driven. ♪ introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. lease the first-ever infiniti qx30 for $299 a month. visit your local infiniti retailer. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie?
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4:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, november 16th. i'm ainsley earhardt. who is hired for president-elect donald trump's cabinet? is this a hint? one of mr. trump's biggest opponents, ted cruz, caught leaving trump tower. and we are live with the latest. >> interesting developments. and anti-trump protesters did everything from defacing property to burning american flags. but get this. most of them, well, you guessed it, didn't even vote. >> surprising. chaos erupts inside the democratic party as members on a delay vote on their party leadership. wait, does that mean that nancy pelosi might no longer be leader pelosi? >> what? >> think about that.
4:01 am
and while you're on the edge of your seats like me, let me remind you, your mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> i guess abby can hear the music. i see the shoulder sway. >> very cool. abby huntsman is out there talking to voters in pennsylvania. getting the pulse of the people one week after the election. abby, how's it going? >> reporter: we're in scranton, pennsylvania. this is the birthplace of joe biden. it's gone democratic for over 30 years. i'm talking to voters here, many of them like joe over here, who's been a lifelong democrat, voted for mr. trump. now an independent. talking to him about why he changed his mind. also, family over here.
4:02 am
registered republican and independents. a lot of interesting stories. we're going to be here all morning during coffee. you're going to hear those stories coming up. we're also dancing. >> having some fun. we're not worrying. we're being happy. >> the election is over. time to come together. >> i love her checkered shirt. you wear checkered shirts sometimes. love them. >> abby can dress up and dress like the people. that's what i'm getting. >> she is the people. now, what's the breaking news? >> our top story this morning, when is donald trump going to hire? president-elect trump holding intense interviews for his cabinet now. brand new big ning, we are names spotted at trump tower. are they just there for the sights, or do they want a job? >> never know. >> you know who does know? garrett tenney. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen a lot of familiar faces coming in and out of trump tower over the last couple days, but there have been a few surprises as well, including yesterday's visit by texas senator ted cruz. you remember cruz was a bitter
4:03 am
rival of mr. trump throughout the primaries, even calling him a sniveling coward at one time. despite that, he's now rumored to be among those being considered for attorney general. following their meeting, cruz would onlayhat he looks forward toorking with mr. trump to advance conservative principles. now, some other potential cabinet selections were also spotted throughout the day as well, including florida attorney general pam bondy, who's also said to be a potential pick to head the justice department. senator jeff sessions, who's on the short list for several cabinet positions, including secretary of defense, as is retired lieutenant general keith kellogg. paypal co-founder peter thiel also stopped by for meetings with the transition team, along with donald trump jr. and trump's ex-wife marla maples. tommy hilfiger was spotted in the building, although he does have an office there. now, speculation runs rampant. mr. trump weighed in last night on twitter to respond to reports
4:04 am
of infighting among his transition team and to make it che clear he's in charge, writing, very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. mike pence is quickly having an impact on this transition effort. throughout the campaign, we heard mr. trump promise to drain the swamp. last night we learned his transition team is now removing all lobbyists from that transition effort. >> thank you very much, garrett. he says right now that's the only people there, lobbyists. they know their way around. he obviously changed his mind. has a lot to do with mike pence taking over. he said, guys, you're out of here. there's also rums that anybody associated with chris christie was also told to hit the road. >> there were also rumors he was trying to get security clearance for his children so they would
4:05 am
have access to e-mails. he just tweeted out, he said this. i'm not trying to get top-level security clearance for my children. this was a typically false news story. >> there he lays it out, goes over top of the media. he's battled the media from the beginning. "the new york times" has said it supposedly is going to take a hard look at their coverage and do things differently. as it pertains to the transition, look at the headline today in "the new york times." literally top of the fold. "filings and discord put trump transition team in a state of utter disarray." >> look at this one from nbc. "trump leaves press behind for a steak dinner, already showing lack of transparency." because he didn't tell the press he was going to go eat a steak. >> they've made some tough calls in the first week. to call it disarray is absurd. >> but there is something happening. a constant protest, even in the pouring rain yesterday. also, you have people worried about sanctuary cities going away because donald trump has
4:06 am
this idea that if you sneak in here, come here illegally, that's a problem. the sanctuary cities say you can stay if you get here. one of those places illegals can go and feel safe, perhaps, might just be colleges across the country, including one in california. >> well, stanford, very liberal school. that area, that whole state went blue. but there are 500 students, faculty, and staff members at stanford protesting the policies of donald trump. so they're staging a walkout. >> and at rutgers on the east coast, they're staging a -- they're pushing for a sanctuary campus. you have walkouts, sanctuary campuses. we asked earlier, the chairman of the iowa house oversight committee, bobby kauffman, he has an interesting bill in iowa. this is what he had to say earlier. >> rooms where you could play with play-doh and color on books and talk about your feelings. i was even hearing reports of some schools bringing in ponies to be able to get students through the election.
4:07 am
for me, that's a waste of taxpayer dollars. that also doesn't prepare kids for life. in life, there's winners and losers. in life when your car breaks down, your kids get sick, or you have to take a second job to pay your mortgage, you don't get to a cry zone or to pet a pony. that's why i came up with the bill and the idea of suck it up buttercup. >> pull funds from schools with these safe zones where everyone gets a trophy. that's where these protests come from later on. >> sanctuary campuses. so if you go to the school and you're here illegally, they will protect you. that's the idea. >> also, there's high schools letting their kids out during the day. if one kid slips out during the day at a high school, the mon o monitor is in trouble, teachers are in trouble. now they're opening up their doors, telling the kids to go out in the streets where iphone footage can be seen. they're being pushed out there by their teachers, including that famed school up by lincoln
4:08 am
center. they pushed all their kids out, told them to go protest. >> you mean teachers pushing social agendas in the classroom? this is an infection of our educational institutions that we're now seeing on our streets. some are saying protesting. we're also seeing riots. there's interesting aspects we learned. >> steve doocy has always said, if you're not going to vote, you are not allowed to complain. that's not what's happening with some of these protests. there was a protest where 112 people were arrested. 70% of them weren't even registered or did not vote. that was in portland. >> that's exactly right. >> that's where the worst rioting was. >> the worst rioting in portland, descending from out of town. it's not just locals frustrated about donald trump. an organized effort in portland, oregon. 112 arrests. 70% of them haven't voted. >> but they have an explanation. >> they do. it's hilarious. >> one of the guys who did not vote -- >> kevin grigsby said, i didn't vote and the reason why is
4:09 am
because we know the electoral college is really what matters the most, and i think that we need to change that because your vote doesn't matter if you don't have enough electoral college points. >> so they're complaining because hillary clinton won the popular vote. >> are they college points? >> so welcome to the most frustrating person to debate with. fantastic. it's fun talking to people. it's also interesting to hear everyone say, wow, the electoral college, now that's a problem. senator feinstein says is outdated, it's a problem. everybody knows that the popular vote has nothing to do with the electoral college. it's not, wow, i would have won with the popular vote. that's like saying total yards decides a football game, total hits decides a baseball game. you have a totally different strategy if it's one person, one vote in popularity. >> there's a reason they did this. direct democracy they'd seen fail elsewhere. they said we're going to do the electoral college.
4:10 am
the left was just fine when it was stacked at 248 votes for hillary clinton. >> for everyone who's upset, go to the polls in four more years. you're not going to win every election. all right. let's hand it over to heather. >> you really have a way of picking up their moods. >> we are following other news stories for you this morning. we begin with this nearly 10,000 violent rioters flooding the streets of greece, causing absolute chaos on president obama's final world tour. the angry left-wing mob making it within miles of the u.s. embassy, armed with gas masks, wooden clubs, and molotov cocktails. some even burning american flags. residents of the debt-riddled country blaming the u.s. for economic downfall, rising tensions among neighboring countries. and the oklahoma city airport is back open this morning after the father of an nfl player is gunned down in what's being called a calculated attack. police say michael winchester, a
4:11 am
southwest employee, was shot in a parking lot at will rogers airport. the airport immediately put on lockdown. the suspect shot himself dead in the airport parking lot. police found him after hours of combing the area. he has been identified for you this morning. his name is lloyd boo wee. this is the victim's son, james winchester. he's a long snapper for the kansas city chiefs. and the democrats are facing another crisis. the house leadership vote now delayed until november 30th, which means bad news for minority leader nancy pelosi. >> some people who say, you know, you got beat pretty badly here. >> that speaks to the presidential race more than our race. >> well, senior democratic sources telling fox news that the delay could help pelosi gain momentum or could usher in new blood. tim ryan a clinton surrogate in the rust belt, is rumored to be a possible challenger. and donna brazile firing back at cnn following her divorce from the network.
4:12 am
the interim dnc chair now claiming she was railroaded leading up to her resignation last month after wikileaks revealed she passed multiple debate questions to hillary clinton. brazile says, quote, i wish cnn had given me some other things like the ability to defend myself rather than ripping me a new one. what does that mean? i have no idea. >> no comment. >> i'm not going to tell you what that means. >> i don't know what a new one would be. what would be a new one? i don't know. >> people are eating breakfast this morning. let's move on. the trump transition team is working overtime to fill the cabinet positions. another name on his short list, senator tom cotton maybe. he'll join us xt. and we asked people in battleground states who they were voting for. now we want to know, are they happy with the results? abby huntsman is cooking up breakfast in scranton, getting the voice of the voters. and doctors issue an urgent warning with michelle obama moving out of the white house and donald trump moving in. the obesity epidemic is about to
4:13 am
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4:17 am
the nation's top military job still up for grabs as potential picks for secretary of defense, including jeff sessions and retired general keith kellogg, are spotted at trump tower yesterday. joining us now is another name reportedly on that very same short list, iraq and afghanistan veteran and gop senator tom cotton. thanks for joining us this morning. >> morning, pete. great to be on with you. >> got to go straight to the top line question. is sator tom cotton on that short list, and have you talked to mr. trump about potentially being the next defense secretary? >> pete, the president-elect and i spoke last week, but only to extend my congratulations on behalf of the people of arkansas for his victory. donald trump is going to make all these decisions on his own schedule in due time. i think it's best everyone wait for those decisions. meanwhile, i'm working in the senate for the people of arkansas to help prepare for increased defense spending and holding iran to account for its malign activities and to try to implement donald trump's
4:18 am
immigration agenda. i'm happy to be doing that. >> sure. we're going to put up a list of other folks on that short list, with your name on it as well. senator sessions, lieutenant general kellogg. as you mentioned, you spent your time fighting against the iran deal, fighting for more defense spending and against the sequester. two big elements of what president-elect trump has talked about. if he were to ask you to serve, if he were to come to you, would you accept that position? >> pete, donald trump's going to make all those decisions on his own schedule. i think it's best that we all just wait for him to make those decisions. in the meantime, we need to prepare the ground -- hit the ground running in january with that new agenda, like repealing those dramatic defense cuts and rebuilding our military. >> sure. no, i know it's your job not to answer that question, just as it's mine to ask it. i totally appreciate that and understand it's a decision outside of your control at this point. one other -- there's a lot of ramifications of president-elect trump's election.
4:19 am
one is the future of guantanamo bay, an issue you've talked about a lot. there's been some reports that president obama could try to loosen the standards and push people out now. what do you see happening in the next couple of months? does it stay open? what does the future look like for guantanamo bay? >> i've been struck since the election not only at donald trump's magnanimous tone but barack obama's gracious transfer of power. i would hope that president obama wouldn't take that kind of dramatic action, contrary to the president-elect's wishes. president bush did not do that when president obama was coming into office. guantanamo bay won't be closed. it might be empty or its population might be reduced, but it will remain open and will remain a critical tool in our global war against terror. >> well, here's hoping that deference is given in this transition period and certainly with an ongoing war against an enemy like isis and folks like iran, we're going to need a place to extract information and hold folks. thanks for leading the charge. senator tom cotton, thanks for joining us.
4:20 am
>> thanks, pete. >> you got it. all right. illegal immigrants coming up with a back-up plan if president-elect donald trump builds that wall. maybe pardons from president obama. we'll see. and abby's having breakfast with friends one week after the election. abby, who are you talking to? >> reporter: good morning. we're in scranton, pennsylvania, to understand how trump won last week, you have to understand what happened here in scranton. i'm here with joe, who's a navy vet, life-long democrat. who did you vote for? >> donald trump. >> reporter: i bet you're wondering why. you're going to have to wait around and see what he says after this. what's the best way toet two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair.8. the original way to fuel your day. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora
4:21 am
that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®.
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4:23 am
we are back with some headlines and we start with a fox news alert.
4:24 am
the department of homeland security and fbi issuing a brand new terror warning for the holiday season. officials say the coming weeks could give terrorists opportunities to attack at public events with large crowds. right now they say there are no specific or credible threats. and that didn't last long. a football star ends his anthem protest against president-elect donald trump after just two days. tampa bay's mike evans apologizing for sitting during sunday's game and promising to stand from now on. >> that will be nice. >> evans claims he will find more effective ways to express his frustration with the election. >> fantastic. all right. well, it was one of the swing states that sealed donald trump's white house victory. a republican candidate winning pennsylvania, the spot they'd been trying to win for nearly 30 years. >> so what are those voters thinking about now, a week later? abby huntsman promised to ask them. she's at the view point diner in scranton. hey, abby. who are you bothering now? >> reporter: good morning, guys.
4:25 am
as you said, this has long been a democratic city. president obama won this city by 27 points four years ago. mr. trump lost by just three points. the question is, how did that happen? i'm talking to joe here, who is a navy veteran, a firefighter. a lifelong democrat. why did you vote for mr. trump this time? >> i was tired of the democratic party giving us fake promises, not doing nothing. years ago i became a democrat because of the union perks, the working man. they just weren't moving it. when obama got in, just stalemated more. i was fed up with politicians. then trump came along, gave us a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: what do you like about what mr. trump says? >> the honesty. will he do everything he says? i don't know. but i sure hope he does. i've been getting lies from the democrats for too long. we got to give somebody else a shot. >> reporter: you were talking about about corruption and how frustrated you are. >> i worked in a town years ago with three mayors and a couple
4:26 am
councilmen went to jail. they were all democrats. the corruption was right there. i seen it first hand. it never stops. you got to give up on it sooner or later. so mr. trump is a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: so what do you want him to do? what's your message to him? >> clean house. term limits is big. clean house. two terms is fine. three terms, they become planted there. you see them in the stories, it's all the same. it's the old guard and establishment. he has to clean house. get new people in there. >> reporter: you've seen the protests in the streets all throughout the country. what's your message to them right now? >> learn. learn what you're protesting about and why. just don't listen to somebody and take their advice. learn for yourself. be a leader. don't be followers. this country was built on leaders. these young kids out there are being misled through the schools or whoever it may be. i don't think they know the
4:27 am
facts. >> reporter: all right, joe. i'll come back and talk to you in a bit. i want to get to danny and his son and grandson. you've been a lifelong republican. you voted for mr. trump. how come? >> because i didn't really see him as a far-right republican. i saw him more as a moderate when it came to social issues and a conservative when it came to financial issues. i think he believes and knows the value of a buck probably better than most people walking on this earth. so i don't believe he's going to squander money the way it's spent on the left for the past 16 years. >> reporter: there are a lot of democrats in this city that obviously changed their minds this time and voted for mr. trump. many of them your friends. why do you think that was? why did they vote for him? >> they saw that movie before. they already knew the ending. they wanted to see a different film. he came up, and the trailers
4:28 am
looked pretty good. they switched their vote, actually. a lot of them that i know that would never vote republican switched. >> reporter: and like many families, this is your son here, your grandson. i'm sure you talk politics all the time. mark, were you surprised at what happened here? >> not at all. >> reporter: how come? >> the clinton team and the democrats, they misread the mood of the electorate. they were looking for a populist, they railroaded bernie. you know, they didn't want another establishment. >> reporter: and this is your little guy here. this is your son. >> this is reese. >> reporter: he's such a cutie. what kind of future do you want for him? >> i'd love to see a society run from the bottom up instead of the top down. i don't think trump is going to get us that. i don't think hillary clinton would have gotten us that. i want him to be able to run his own life, not have people at the top dictating his future. >> reporter: we're going to keep talking politics. there are obviously issues that a lot of people in scranton care about. we're going to be here all morning long. real issues. >> that was the state that did it.
4:29 am
when that came in, fox news announced donald trump is now the president. it all came down to that one state. 2:45 in the morning. >> that state comes down to those people. it's ultimately the people making that decision. >> i went to a rally in scranton, left the philadelphia convention, and i've never seen a rally as passionate as that. that's when i realized there was something going on there for donald trump. meanwhile, straight ahead, illegal immigrants coming up with a back-up plan to president-elect's plan to build that wall and pardons from president obama, could that be next? and one of president-elect donald trump's toughest oppon t opponen opponents, ted cruz, caught leaving trump tower. we'll ask the adviser to mr. trump, jason miller. come on in, jason.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
this is pretty cool. the new "beauty and the beast" trailer came out yesterday and shows the candlestick, mrs. potts and chip the cup. people are calling them the most likable cabinet members. >> jimmy fallon last night on "the tonight show." as we gradually zoom out, we'll reveal someone else on our couch. jason miller, the senior adviser to president-elect donald trump. one week prior to election day, jason, you were up in radio with me. you said, listen, i'm seeing polls, we're going to win. not many people said you're going to win. you were convinced. were you selling me, or did you believe that? >> i was looking at the numbers. what we saw is heading into election day, these blue states were moving in president-elect trump's direction. this trade message, this jobs message, the overall need for
4:34 am
change, what he had been talking about on the trail was exactly what people wanted. so it may have come as a shock to some of the professional prognosticators, but for us, we saw this coming all along. >> interesting. here we are a week after that and into the transition. decisions have been made. changes have been made. you're trying to pick a cabinet. yet, "the new york times" and others are trying to say it's an utter state of disarray. "the new york times" says fire ing in discord. you're behind the curtain. what's happening? >> the real deal is the president-elect is going to get this right. he's going to make sure that every single appointment and every single person he puts into key leadership is someone who's absolute top-notch leadership who has a good track record, who's going to help him implement his agenda. so you can't always believe what you read in the newspapers. >> really? >> as you know. >> breaking news. >> there's a plan. the president-elect working with vice president-elect pence, they have a very systematic plan to get things put in place. they want to make sure that everything is put together right. we don't want to get in there
4:35 am
and have any false starts or stumbles. going to have it right when we're heading in at the beginning and do some really exciting things. >> jason, there's a list of people in front of us here this morning that have been seen going in and out of trump tower lately. i know you're probably not going to reveal too much. why don't you just smile if any of these people are going to be in cabinet. we've got tommy hilfiger. okay. we have marla maples. there's kind of a half smile there. >> that was a nonreaction. >> ted cruz. >> great guy. >> he's your friend. >> he's a great guy. >> that's one i think america is looking at saying, hey, they were rivals. now he's at trump tower. >> senator cruz came on board during the campaign. we're glad to have his support. he's a great ally. he's offered to help as we're putting things together. i think he's someone that would be a big asset going down the road. >> would you say that more supreme court justice or attorney general? i mean, certainly he's no stranger to the supreme court. he's argued many cases there. would you say that there will be offers to him and see what he's interested in? was it more of a feeling out
4:36 am
process? was it like, ted, i have a job for you in mind, come if you're interested, and he came? >> the president-elect is a very successful businessman. one of the reasons why he's been so successful is he takes in a number of different opinions and puts together his thoughts for how he wants to do this. senator cruz is definitely someone who has some very good ideas for how to structure the government going forward. has some brilliant insight. ultimately, the picks are going to come down to what the president-elect wants to do. >> how do you think it's going to roll out? all at once? two sunday and nothing since. do you see 15 names at one time? do you see one at a time? what's the strategy there? >> i think the strategy is to get it right. ultimately as they go through the list, they want to make sure the people being put in place will implement the president's agenda. keep in mind, we want to come out of the gate strong. we want to repeal and replace obamacare out of the gate. we're going to go after the tax code and get reforms that will help grow jobs. we have to secure the border. this is an absolute key priority. whoever is being put into these
4:37 am
positions have to have the same energy and fire as the president-elect to go and get this done. otherwise, they're not going to be considered. >> sure. you've got to have unapologetic folks in all of these departments willing to make the same case he has and go after the swamp. otherwise, the swamp will quickly absorb you. part of that swamp are executive orders he's issued. president obama recently said it's not going to be that easy. is he standing firm on things like obamacare and regulations on energy are going to be gone on day one? >> this is the great thing. we have something like vice president-elect pence working with this transition team to figure out the best legislative strategy. you've seen some of these congressional leaders coming into the building and the president-elect meeting with some of these leaders in washington. they're already working on these plans. it's already hit the ground running on day one. so some of these might be executive orders. some might be legislation that they bring up right away. some of them might be a little further down the road. they're going to do everything he said on the campaign trail. >> huge responsibility for donald trump. people have voted. he has four years to change this country for the better,
4:38 am
according to the people who voted for him. >> and the thing to keep in mind with all these people that he's putting in place is he has the judgment to make sure that the right people are being put in. i think the american people are going to be very proud with who he picks. >> who's playing the key role in putting the security team together? >> there's a broad group. i would say key leaders are vice president-elect pence as well as our executive director rick deerborn for the transition team. ultimately, it comes down to the president-elect. >> you going to stay with the campaign? >> whatever the president-elect asks me to do. >> go to washington, you would do it if asked? >> whatever he asks me to do, i'm there to help. >> i think that's a yes. >> good answer. >> thanks, jason. >> congratulations. >> let's hand it over to heather for more headlines. >> stories we've been following since "fox & friends" started this morning. they're in the country illegally. now they're demanding president obama issue as many as 750,000
4:39 am
pardons in a last-ditch effort to stop deportation. a massive rally is planned in new york city today over president-elect donald trump's immigration plans. mr. trump wants to cancel an obama administration order that protects young, undocumented adults known as dreamers and grants them taxpayer benefits. and the election may be over, but hillary clinton's legal troubles are not. utah congressman jason chaffetz now vowing to keep her e-mail probe open. >> we got to get to the truth. it was never about the political targeting of hillary clinton, but she did create one of the biggest security breaches in the history of the state department. so we have tens of thousands of documents we still haven't seen. >> clinton blames her loss on fbi director james comey, who reopened the case just 11 days before the election. and a warning from doctors this morning about the health of your children. apparently they're concerned that president-elect trump might overturn michelle obama's school lunch guidelines and ruin all the progress the country has
4:40 am
made against the obesity epidem epidemic. those doctors also concerned their children may ask parents for more fast food because they see donald trump eating it on tv. the school lunch program has come under fire for many years for not appearing as appetizing. what do you think? >> bland looking. >> i don't want salad. pizza? yeah. >> i think the salad looks really good. >> get out of town. >> thank you, heather. all right. i think janice dean is outside. what are we expecting today? >> we are expecting a big winter storm. can you tell i'm excited? i really want to do my first snow angel of the year. let's take a look. it's moving across the northern plains. then into the upper midwest. it's just starting to get its act together. this is i think go to be a big one. we have blizzard watches in effect for parts of minnesota and the dakotas. pete, i hope your family is listening. there it is.
4:41 am
winter storm advisories for millions of folks. there is our blizzard watch that's in effect as this is going to affect the region thursday and friday. up to a foot or more of snow and blizzard conditions. there's the future radar as we get further out in time. thursday, friday. then what's going to happe on the weekend? we actlly could see some measurable snow across the northeast. will my wish come true i can do a snow angel? stay tuned. back inside. >> i have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot of those together. >> yes! you're a snow angel girl too? >> i love it. >> i knew i loved you for a reason. >> look out. i'm a snowball guy. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. it's been on the gop's go-to list and the to-do list for decades. president-elect donald trump plans to tackle taxes in his first hundred days. is it finally possible? the man leading that fight, the chairman of ways and means, kevin brady joins us live. also, he's going to be pushing forward the tpp. how will that go?
4:42 am
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the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at get this. there has not been a major tax overhaul in 30 years in america. not since president reagan was in office. house republicans say they have a plan on president-elect donald trump's desk, in the first hundred days it's ready to go. the question is, what will it look like, and can it pass? joining us now is the man leading the tax reform effort, chairman of the house ways and means committee, congressman kevin brady of texas. people are wondering, we hear
4:46 am
this talk all the time about proposed plans. are you guys ready? >> we will be ready. it is really exciting. we have a president in donald trump who wants to fix this broken tax code, get the economy going. so house republicans, we've had a head start on this for many years. we're going to be ready to go. >> you're speaking in one voice. without getting too caught up, we could easily lose people. in bullet form, tell us what's in your plan. >> first, this is a tax code not designed to wring money from you, which is the one we have today. it's literally built for growth, built for the growth of wages, of jobs, the u.s. economy. and it'll leapfrog america from dead last among our global competitors back in that lead pack. one, we're proposing a tax code so fair and simple, 95% of americans will be able to file using a postcard system. secondly, we lower the rates on our local businesses and redesign how they're taxed so
4:47 am
they can compete and win anywhere in the world, but especially here at home. finally, a fair and simpler tax code demands a fair and simpler tax collector. so we proposed to bust up the irs, redesign it into a much smaller, tailored agency focused on customer service. that's our built for growth tax plan. >> very interesting. so your built for growth tax plan. people say republicans are coming in there, they're going to cut taxes, it's going to hurt revenue, and they're going to promise you growth, but it's going to grow deficits. what do you say to people who are skeptical? >> look, we designed this bill for growth tax code to break even with the budget, knows it's going to grow the economy. we estimate it'll grow the economy by more than 9% and grow wages by almost the same amount. so this revs this economy up because we know one thing. we want to keep these deficits forever, keep this obama, slow, disappointing economy. >> this is where you separate
4:48 am
from donald trump. you want the tpp passed. how many people with you? how do you plan on convincing him? >> i want it fixed, brian, then i want congress to consider it on our timetable. ultimately, congress controls the clock. we control the approval. i think president trump is right on targeting when he says enforcement first, make countries play by the rules in trade. boy, we are backing him all the way. my request on the asia pacific area is look, it's not nearly enough to buy american. we have to sell american around the world. i think he should fix what doesn't work, keep what does work for america in that agreement, and we're ready to work with him. >> very interesting. china would love for the tpp to fall apart. this was a wedge against them. we'll see if he can be won over. chairman, not many people see you every day, but you'll have more impact on their lives than just about anybody else. it will be great to see
4:49 am
democrats on board in some way. >> thank you. next on the rundown, janice and pete have a need for speed this morning. that car goes 0 to 60 in four seconds. we're revealing the best cars to buy in 2017 and why janice wants to buy most of them cash.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
are you in the market for a new car? well, kelly bluebook just released their list of the top cars to buy for 2017. can you believe that? 2017. and we've got some of the winner right here on the plaza. here to tell us more about that is mr. micah with kelley
4:53 am
bluebook. what a big day yesterday. what happened? >> well, we have tested cars for the last year. it's been an intense seven-week testing period. we released our top 12 cars for 2017 that are our best buy. a lot of car for the best ratio of car to money. >> this is your best performance, right? >> this is our performance car. a porsche 718. it's fantastic. go ahead and rev it a little bit. four cylinder. a lot of power. there we go. this is a whole package. ton of fun, 30 miles per gallon on the freeway fuel economy. >> how much? >> if you have $57,000, you can drive it down the plaza. >> i think i'm going to save that money. >> it's not just performance cars, although they are really cool. we have a really great minivan. this is the chrysler pacifica. you look great in it. >> thank you. if i could be any vehicle, it
4:54 am
would be a minivan. >> real innovation. a foot activated side door. a kid in one hand, a bag in the other, it opens right up. second-row seat that folds completely flat into the floor. incredibly practical package. >> how much? >> $30,000. >> ainsley, you're taking over the minivan. >> i should probably move over to the chevy tahoe. i have a buddy with four kids back in california. you can cram everybody in here. up to nine passengers can fit. a front bench seat option. >> i like the seat. >> it's warm. it drives and handles great. can tow more than 8,000 pounds. everybody is revving the engines. keep revving it. it's fine. up to 23 miles per gallon on the freeway. very efficient for a large car like this. and you wear it well, by the
4:55 am
way. >> thank you. i love it. >> moving over to the honda civic. no, no, no. look at me. what have i done? this is a prius prime. >> pretty cool. kind of sporty. >> it does look sporty. the batteries are low. it handles great. check out this. 11.6-inch tablet style screen. if you have tesla envy, this solves that problem. at kbb, we're big into values. $28,000 starting price. there's a $4500 federal tax credit. like it or not, it's a great way to save money. >> i can't even tell if it's on. >> this is a plug-in hybrid. whoa, whoa. we'll never forget the day we drove it. >> it's still going. >> let's put that in park. >> i don't know how to work this thing. >> it's a plug-in hybrid. if i hadn't put that on park, you could have driven 2500
4:56 am
miles. 64 mile per gallon freeway. >> pete's got something really special. >> we're going to keep this one in park. >> yeah, promise not to drive away. >> i can't. >> this is our overall and compact car winner for the third year in a row. this is the honda civic. >> it comes with one of these then, right? >> oh, yeah. you can play baseball with it or defend yourself. >> it also comes with these three lovely ladies. >> it starts at under $20,000. more than 40 miles per gallon on the freeway. one of the great things is compact cars used to be a penalty box. this is where you go when you can't afford something better. this is so fun to drive. >> this is the winner. >> it's like a clown car. >> you want to get in? >> i do. are we squeezing in? >> oh, brian got out.
4:57 am
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good morning to you and your family on this beautiful wednesday. it's november 16th. i'm ainsley earhardt. who is hired and who is fired? president-elect donald trump forming his cabinet now. a lot of high-profile people on the list. some were spotted at trump tower, including former rival ted cruz. senator jeff sessions as well as tommy hilfiger. >> okay. all right. then, it might be the most outrageous behavior we've seen yet from our president-elect. quote, trump leaves press behind for steak dinner, showing an utter lack of transparency. well, that's what nbc has to say. apparently to them, that's actually news. all right. while some were still crying over the election, college kids are walking out of class today,
5:01 am
and some high school kids, in protest of the president-elect's policies. but didn't a lot of these people not even vote? should that prevent them from walking out and demonstrating this election that's over? think about that for a second. let me remind you of our slogan, mornings are better with friends. you're late. ♪ it has been one week since the election. hard to believe that's 17 months behind us now. we're having breakfast with friends back in pennsylvania. that was the state that really turned everything in donald trump's favor, if you were watching at like 2:30 in the morning. >> and you can get enough from pundits here and elsewhere, but we sent abby huntsman out to talk to voters and get a reaction of how they feel about the last week. abby? >> reporter: good morning, guys. here in scranton, pennsylvania, with pat, wayne, and ben, talking about life and
5:02 am
politicingpolitics. pat, you've lived here your entire life. you've been a democrat your entire life. >> i have been. i just turned republican this year when i renewed my driver's license. so i felt that this country was going in the wrong direction. that's why i wanted to vote for trump. >> reporter: a good man who's served in the navy. wayne owns a plumbing company. your whole family are democrats. you voted for mr. trump. >> that's right. my whole family, except for my wife and my children. my mom -- my dad doesn't know this -- but my mom said she was going to vote for trump. he may know now. >> reporter: she didn't want to tell her husband. you come from a big family. a lot of stories here. we're going to keep talking about politics and come back to you soon. a lot of real stories here. you understand why pennsylvania ultimately went to mr. trump at the end of the day. >> indeed. and it's a stunner. if republicans are going to keep it, they have to have the right team together and the right policies together. wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania and ohio all said,
5:03 am
i believe in you, donald trump, which means putting his team together is going to be vitally important. they got to know what they're doing but als have to be somewhat outsiders. >> absolutely. so that's what the task has been over the last week. that means a revolving door through trump tower. that's where the center of power is on this transition. these are a few of nathe names d faces spotted at trump tower. >> tommy hilfiger. i was like, what? >> he has an office there apparently. >> so everyone is labeling this as chaos, things out of control. yeah, there's a little bit of things ramped up. i don't think everyone in the trump organization thought they would win. donald trump tweeted this out after hearing these stories. he said, the transition is very organized. it's an organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows it who the finalists are. very similar to "the
5:04 am
apprentice." some other names we can expect to see. secretary of state , is it goin to be giuliani, bolton? they are evidently struggling, according to a member of the transition team, finding people who will be effective undersecretaries right now. however, that means the top spot, there's a lot of contenders. >> you talked to one earlier, tom cotton. a lot of names being floated. >> 4,000 people to hire, according to his transition website. we had jason miller sitting here. he's an adviser to donald trump. he said this about the transition. >> ultimately, as they go through the list, we want to make sure the people being put in place are going to implement the president's agenda. keep in mind, we want to coming out of the gate strong. we want to repeal and replace obamacare out of the gate. we're going to come after the tax code and get real reforms. and we have to secure the border. this is an absolute key
5:05 am
priority. whoever is being put into these positions have to have the same energy and fire as the president-elect to get this done. otherwise, they're not going to be considered. the thing to keep in mind with all these people he's putting in place is he has the judgment to make sure that the right people are being put in. i think the american people are going to be proud with who he picks. >> we asked jason miller about the process. he said president-elect trump knows what he wants to do, knows he wants to surround himself with good people. it takes time. "the new york times," as they love to do, this morning put out a headline about the transition process saying "firings and discord put trump transition team in an utter state of disarray." that's how the mainstream media is trying to portray the new president, just one week in as they make decisions about who's going to be in the white house with him. >> how about the nbc report? they're all over donald trump because he didn't tell the press he was going to have dinner with his family. he went to the 21 club, which is right over here. great restaurant. a reporter from bloomberg happened to be in the restaurant at the same time last night and
5:06 am
tweeted out that picture. the press got so mad. they're like, he didn't tell us he was going to have a steak dinner. >> that's what they do. that's what white house reporters do. they're supposed to know what's going on. >> he can't just have one dinner without telling the press? >> evidently she said, i didn't know about it. i thought he was done for the night. >> you can't say that's not transparent. they didn't care about the private server. they didn't care about the benghazi e-mails. they didn't harass hillary clinton when she waited 200 days for a press conference. >> you could say a lot of things about donald trump, b he' very transparent. he's very honest. >> he has calmed down on a lot of his press availability because he's going to be president of the united states. it's going to be interesting to see. the one thing that is true is that governor christie is seemingly been demoted severely and the people affiliated with him are not going to be getting the top jobs.
5:07 am
mike pence has gone out of his way to get rid of all the lobbyists on the transition team. that was a question on sunday. donald trump said, well, those are the only people we had to choose from. that, and i think on some level he was surprised by that because he trusted governor christie not to use lobbyists. he did. i don't mind corrections. one thing about donald trump he's shown during the campaign, he'll make corrections, rotate personnel. >> that's what leaders do. >> and chris christie is under investigation for bridgegate. is that investigation still going on? >> i'm not sure where that's at. it does not look good. >> you don't want to muddy the waters. speaking of that "60 minutes" interview, donald trump defended his use of twitter, saying it's a great modern tool for me. i'm able to fight back against the media that's so biased against me. he tweeted this just minutes ago. the failing "new york times" story is so totally wrong on transition. it's going so smoothly. also, i have spoken to many foreign leaders. he's referring to that very headline that i just held up.
5:08 am
>> and what he's talking about with foreign leaders, he said foreign leaders can't get ahold of him. they call trump tower to get connected. that doesn't seem to be the case. >> another tweet he just tweeted out, i have received and taken calls from many foreign leaders despite what the failing "new york times" says. russia, uk, china, saudi arabia, japan, australia, new zealand, and more. i'm always available to them. "new york times" is just upset that they looked like fools in their coverage of me. >> he deserves the benefit of the doubt. everyone that said he's not running a real campaign, he's running a television show, everybody who says he doesn't know what he's doing with the ground game, everyone who said it shows chaos because he was rooting out people in charge. in the end, he rotated until he got the right people at the right time to finish up the back stretch strong. by the way, a leading chinese newspaper yesterday had a great thing to say about donald trump in their editorial section, pretty much run by the government. they came out and say, we really feel optimistic about running with a trump administration that's looking to next
5:09 am
generation of our relationship. i thought to myself, wow, you don't have a state-run newspaper write that in the editorial section unless the government felt that way. >> like they're on notice. that's a reflection of someone who's leading america from a position of strength. >> there's a protest. this was in oregon. 112 students were protesting -- or were arrested. 70% of them did not even go to the polls to vote or are not registered. steve doocy has sat on this curvy couch, said the day of the election, you cannot complain if you don't go to the polls and vote. >> exactly. a protest is no longer a protest when you're rioting and therefore getting arrested. let's be clear, a lot of these folks were rioters from out of town. the 112 agitators arrested, 70% didn't vote. turns out these are not things we say, these are realities on the ground. these are not just frustrated hillary supporters. these are folks who are trying to cause a scene.
5:10 am
>> well, steven tweeted us and said, too lazy to work, too lazy to vote. >> another e-mail came about theesz college students. when the parents of these little darlings stop paying for those lower educations, perhaps a reality check may set in. i'll offer the new course, reality 101. >> and patrick tweeted, i wonder how they expected to change things, magic? that's the question. what are you hoping to get out of this? we had an election and somebody won. >> yeah, i think if i was writing a $60,000 tuition check or 30,000 a semester and found out my kid wasn't in school because they were protesting the election, which he or she may or may not have voted in, i would be outraged. >> people are saying, suck it up, buttercup. get a job, go to class, move on. >> the world is not a safe space, unfortunately. >> it is if you're heather. she's in a safe space now. >> she's an exception to every
5:11 am
rule. >> they keep me up. i can hear them protesting from my apartment. >> is that true? >> absolutely. >> do you live near the trump building? >> columbus circle. they were protesting all weekend. until 1:00 in the morning. crazy. >> you're in a safe space right now. >> and we have some headlines, storying we have been following for you. we begin with a fox news alert. the department of homeland security issuing a brand new terror warning for the holiday say. officials say the coming weeks could give terrorists opportunities to strike plic events with large crowds. right now there are no specific or credible threats. the warning coming after an isis magazine encouraged followers to attack using a photo of the macy's thanksgiving day parade, encouraging lone wolves to drive vehicles into crowds. the oklahoma city airport back open this morning after the father of an nfl player is gunned down in what's being called a calculated attack. police say that michael winchester, a southwest employee, was shot in a park manager lot at will rodgers airport. the airport immediately put on
5:12 am
lockdown. travellers taking cover, police combing car to car for hours before they finally found the suspect, who had shot himself to death in the airport parking lot. the victim's son is james winchester, a long snapper for the kansas city chiefs. and a major u.s. city approving a law to green light the green bars in restaurants. denver allowing tourists and residents to get high everywhere from nightclubs to yoga studios. but there are a few catches. you can't smoke it. you have to either eat it or vape. a neighborhood association has to approve every permit. and those are a look at your headlines so far this morning. back to you. >> thank you. >> i was like, eat it? how do you eat it? i was reminded. >> yeah, the crew helped you with that. >> brian, you did. come on. all right. president-elect donald trump's cabinet is coming together. up next, congressman duncan hunter, who's been eyed for one of those key roles will be joining us. >> then we asked people in battleground states who they
5:13 am
were voting for and now we want to know, are they happy with the results? abby huntsman is cooking up breakfast with friends in scranton, getting the voice of the voter. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
well, many of the nation's top military guys, including the top job, still up for grabs right now in the trump administration, as potential picks are having their names front and center, including jeff sessions, retired general keith kellogg. they've all been spotted at trump tower at various times. yesterday another name reportedly on the short list joins us now, congressman duncan hunter. congressman, you were the first lawmakers to stay donald trump, i can get fully behind him. do you feel like the fact that you're the finalist in these prestigious lists is a reward for that? >> it probably has something to do with it, brian, yeah. >> absolutely. what would you be interested in? >> anything where i can touch as many military lives and touch policy the way i do now.
5:18 am
that's it. i just want to be able to make as much of a difference and impact as i can make in the u.s. congress. you know, a lot of times guys get pigeon holed in the administration. it makes it hard for them to actually get things done and be effective. so if i can be effective, then i would take it. if i can't be effective as i am now, then i would probably say no. >> defense secretary, of course, comes to mind. jeff sessions has been there early on like you. tom cotton's name has been brought up. we mentioned general kellogg. all great guys. you would also maybe entertain deputy secretary of defense, given you're so young, even though your name is famous. you're relatively new to the washington scene while still serving. would that be something you'd be interested in? >> yeah, because you could actually get stuff done, i think. you could knock some heads together in the pentagon. you infuse it with the warrior culture and again get us back to fighting and winning wars
5:19 am
instead of playing with the lawyers and bureaucrats. that would be interesting. >> from talking to you offline, you're upset by the politically correct culture that's been infected into our war fighters. has that affected us negatively? >> absolutely. the generals no longer run the show. it's run by lawyers in the pentagon. that needs to end. we have great generals in charge. we have great people there who know how to fight and win wars, protect our allies, kill our enemies. that's what we need to get back to doing. i would love to help out with that, going after the bad guys and making america safe again, not just great again. >> donald trump does watch our show because we watch our viewership spi wn he's on the air. might be the rule there. so in terms of the two or three things you'd like to change right away if you were in charge, and the questions you'd like to ask if you were indeed tapped are? >> number one, put the generals back in charge. get the bureaucrats and lawyers out of the way. when you infuse a warrior
5:20 am
culture back into the department of defense, a lot of other stuff will fall into place. that's it really. that's the number one thing i would do. number two, actually, operations and maintenance funding. you've had a lot of helicopter crashes, plane crashes. that's because we're not putting money into operations and maintenance. need to start training our pilots up to standard again and making sure that the stuff we have is well maintained. i think infusing that military culture, getting the bureaucrats out of the way and saying, listen, we're war fighters. let's win wars. that's what i would do from the top down. >> duncan hunter puts his money where his mouth is. he serves in the military too. congressman duncan hunter, thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead, he may be a famous actor, but he's not part of the hollywood elite who tried to sway the election. dean cain is on deck that talk about the results of this election next. he called it.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
people think it looks like it has donald trump's hair. take a look at this. yeah. that's real. th biggest difference is that bird actually tweets way less than donald trump. >> that's cute. >> jimmy fallon having an easier time than most of the late-night hosts dealing with the fact that donald trump won the election. dean cain is here. >> we're so glad you're here. now that donald trump's won, all you folks in hollywood, are you having a lot of your friends moving, the for sale banners in their yards? >> they're all gone. i can't believe how many went to
5:25 am
canada and mexico and europe. no, nobody left. isn't it amazing? hollywood, so many people said they were going to leave and nobody left. we're not people of our word? i can't -- i'm shocked. >> hypocrisy? >> hypocrisy in hollywood? never, never. what's funny to me, we had that whole get out the vote thing. it was great. back in the day was it like mtv, get out the vote. everybody said, hey, it's really important. it's your civic duty. get out there and vote. they didn't tell you which candidate to support. that's what happened this time. they kept supporting -- not even supporting so much candidate. they were going after another one and just cutting them down and ripping on them and telling everybody, this is what you should do. >> the message from the east coast to west coast is the middle of the country matters. >> yeah, that whole rust belt matters a lot. it always thhas. it's shocking to me. it's rather pompous of us in hollywood to sit there and say, look, we know more than you and do this. it's one thing to say get out there and get informed and vote. it's another thing to say, this is who you should vote for.
5:26 am
>> hollywood has always been hyperactively liberal. it's got to be another level if you're a donald trump support r suppo -- supporter. has it gone to another level? >> are we going to actually have a conversation and discuss what's going on, or are we going to hurl insults? the same ones you always hear. racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigot. look up the word bigot out there. look it up. look up the word and see what that means. if you try to have a conversation with somebody who is so hell bent on saying this person isn't okay, that's the absolute definition of bigotry. >> did you think it hurt her, hillary clinton, to have all these celebrities on stage with her? >> well, there might have been a backlash. when you have miley cyrus out there doing what she does in her concert or jay-z up there, giving a performance and swearing. katy perry doing her thing. i say it's great if you want to support a candidate. it's a double-edged sword
5:27 am
sometimes. >> folks living in the flyover states, they're just trying to put food on the table, going to work. they can't relate to beyonce. >> i can't relate. i'd love to have that lifestyle. >> that's my point. >> it's great if they want to support a candidate. it's great you can support them, but don't just rip on another candidate. >> compare the outrage for trump to bush and mccain and romney. >> it is quite surprising how angry people are. listen, i voted for mccain. i voted for romney. who's protesting out there? i don't have the time to protest for five, six, seven days. whether or not they're getting paid is another question and a big question. i think a lot of them are. how many of them actually went out and voted? how many people who are out there protesting went and voted? i voted. i let my voice be heard. i told people who i was supporting and why. i didn't go ripping on another candidate. >> you're a resident in california. you didn't bring home the state for donald trump. he's going to be mad at you.
5:28 am
>> i will speak to mr. trump, mr. president. i'll have to call him. hopefully he'll forgive me for not bringing in california. >> janice was talking about it's going to snow soon and we're talking about christmas season. we know what that means. i flip over to the hallmark channel when i'm not watching fox news, which is very rare, but only when you're on. those movies you do are incredible. you have a new one coming out, right? >> yeah, i have 374 christmas movies. i have a brand new one coming out called "broadcasting christmas." i play one of you guys. i'm a newscaster with melissa joan hart, who's amazing. we used to be together, now we're not, and we're competing for a job. i don't know if you've ever watched any of those films. we might work it out. >> is it hard getting into the christmas spirit when you're taping this thing in the summer? >> that is difficult. you wear the big jackets and you're all scarved up. we finished this about a month
5:29 am
ago, and it's coming out right now. >> we're doing it live. >> we'll do it live. >> that's awesome. november 23rd. thank you, dean. always a pleasure. >> one day you can host with us. >> i'll do it. >> it's all about money. let me tell you what's coming up. are the democrats about to fire nancy pelosi? ed henry is live in washington with details on the chaos erupting inside the party. >> and abby huntsman is still disturbing out politics in scranton, p.a. what are we dishing out right now? >> reporter: guys, they're putting me to work this morning. looks like we got some yummy eggs benedict. we're here to understand how mr. trump won last week. you have to understand the voters here in scranton. the viewmont diner. everyone has a different story to tell. we're going to tell it when we come back. i have asthma...
5:30 am
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at we got a fox news alert right now. this just coming in. there's a major train derailment right now. heather childress has that story. in fact, we're just getting video in right now, heather. >> yeah, breaking information as it develops. take a look at this. hazmat crews are on the scene in orlando, florida. that's where two trains collided in a head-on crash. you can see several boxcars overturned, derailing like dominos, we're told. firefighters are on the scene at this hour right now. they're working to clean up 15,000 gallons worth of fuel leaking from theed mess. two employees on the train, we're told, were injured. they are expected to be okay. that's good news. no passengers were on the train, which was carrying coal. we'll continue to follow it for you. well, the election may be over, but hillary clinton's legal troubles, they are not. utah congressman jason chaffetz
5:34 am
is vowing to keep her e-mail probe open. >> we got to get to the truth. it was never about the political targeting of hillary clinton, but she did create one of the biggest security breaches in the history of the state department. so we have tens of thousands of documents we still haven't seen. >> now, clinton blames her loss on fbi director james comey, who reopened the case just 11 days before the election. and some brand new fears this morning over islamic extremism spreading behind bars. officials catching six inmates at a boston area prison preaching jihad and pledging allegiance to allah. the group busted listening to dead al qaeda leader anwar al awla awlaki's recordings. officials now investigating if the prisoners spread terror messages outside of the jail walls. and a police officer is nearly crushed by an out of control car. the dramatic moments caught on camera.
5:35 am
whoa, that was close. you can see the kansas police officer scrambling to get out of the way just in time as the car barrels toward him out of control. the cop had been out on the road responding to another call. everyone walked away, but police say this should serve as a reminder to move over for stopped police cars. do that. and from dirty dishes to deceit. a shocking new study revealing why women cheat, and it has everything to do with household chores. >> i'll help you do the damn dishes. >> oh, come on. you know what, no. that's not what i want. >> you just said you want me to help you do the dishes. >> i want you to want to do the dishes. >> why would i want to do dishes? why? >> i want you to want to. well, of the 10,000 women surveyed on a dating website, a whopping 73% say that they were driven into the arms of another because their partners never helped out around the house. and those are a look at your headlines. >> wow. why would i want to do the
5:36 am
dishes? >> because you love your wife. >> how familiar was that argument? other people tell me that happens. to watch that movie, it gets you stressed right away. >> i know. and they fought over the smallest things. they could have been great together. >> i saw that movie because vince vaughn is my idol. he doesn't do anything bad. >> he's awesome. >> but i was stressed at the end of it. meanwhile, there's good news. ainsley earhardt's book is out. it's number two in the country. >> thank you, each of you, for supporting me. >> the theme is about giving advice. we asked some of the fox news anchors the best advice they got. they wanted to share in light of ainsley's book. >> so watch this. it's so cute. >> proud of you about this book and you sharing it with everyone. i want to give you advice my father gave me when i was growing up, which is be true to yourself and live your life with no regrets. more than anything, love your
5:37 am
family and tell them that each and every day. >> be yourself. believe in yourself. and always do your best. >> never give up on your dreams. >> never quit. >> use that fire. don't let it burn you up. >> to always be prepared. a door could open to any opportunity at any given time. so always be ready. >> whatever you're chasing, make sure it's sincerely what will make your heart sing. >> ainsley, the best words of advice i ever got were from my italian dad. he would always tell me, neil, stay humble. in your case, hollywood coit'll handy. stay grounded, stay real. >> practice makes perfect. whether it was baseball season and playing catch in the alleyway by my house or taking notes and creating index cards because we were studying. my parents emphasized you're never too good for practice. in fact, i practiced this. >> best advice i got from my dad was when i was little. he said, if you want to be in a better mood, act like you are. i remember thinking that's the phoniest thing i can ever remember hearing.
5:38 am
as i aged, i realized it's totally true. i would tell your kids, be falsely cheery and one day you'll wake up and actually be in a good mood. >> don't give anybody any advice. >> my parents told me don't lie, cheat, or steal. everything else is fair game. >> be cool, stay in school. get an education. it really worked for me. >> to read as many books as i could. >> all right. there's one little problem. this book is for really good children. i was incorrigible as a child. if i had one thing to do over again, i would get in less trouble. if this book was available, i probably would have succeeded. >> yeah, because he's had a lot of trouble with success, sean hannity. >> yeah, he's going to turn it around soon. congratulations. >> thank you. >> go out and get it, if you have a kid, whether it's a niece, a nephew. >> fantastic. it really is. >> thank you so much. janice wrote a children's book too. i understand awesome friends you're with have some advice. >> absolutely. first of all, where are you
5:39 am
from? >> jacksonville, florida. >> what's the best advice your parents ever game you? >> look out for number one and don't step in number two. >> amazing advice, everybody. okay. what's your name? >> i had great parents. my name is jack. i'm from tampa. just work hard, believe in yourself, be self-responsible, and just care about other people. >> that's awesome. i understand it's a big day for you today. >> today is my 54th birthday. happy birthday to my great nephew. he was born on my birthday. >> nicely done. thanks, everybody. thanks for coming. you guys having fun today? >> yeah. >> how is the weather here in new york? >> cold. >> great. >> all right. very good. let's take a look at the maps real quick. we have a big winter storm on the way. there are your current temperatures. it's going to get cold across the northwest. across the northern plains and upper midwest, a big old winter storm is coming. our first of the season that could bring blizzard conditions to portions of the midwest and the great lakes. blizzard advisories are in effect for parts of the dakotas and minnesota. wave to everybody at home,
5:40 am
everybody. thanks for coming to "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> more enthusiasm. yay! back inside. >> janice, you did not share your best advice. did anyone ever give you advice? >> be yourself. work hard. and don't drive through freezing rain. that's what my mom always told me. >> good to tell a child when will to drive. >> that's right. >> she hung on to that one for 15 years. later you'll get your license. then you'll get rid of your baby teeth. then remember, if it's raining, don't drive. >> then she became a meteorologist. that advice mattered. >> all fitting. moving on. are democrats ready to say is a long to nancy pelosi? ed henry is live with the leadership shake-up. it's happening within the democratic party. that's next. and who let the dogs out on the plaza? some four-legged champs show off their skills here on "fox & friends" exclusively. they're on our turf.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
well, the democrats facing another crisis in the wake of hillary clinton's defeat. >> the house leadership vote now delayed until november 30th, which could mean that's bad news for minority leader nancy pelosi. >> that's right. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry here with the latest democratic chaos on capitol hill. >> it's interesting because remember the context here, which is after the last big presidential election, republicans had this big autopsy, they called it, where they're trying to figure out, how can we win another national election? there's a lot of chatter before this last presidential election that the republicans were headed for the wilderness again. instead, it's been flipped. obviously donald trump won, but democrats are struggling here to figure out a way forward.
5:45 am
so you have got tim ryan, who's from ohio, youngstown in particular. there's a sense among some house democrats. you see him there campaigning in ohio with hillary clinton. she obviously did not carry that state, but the idea is that he's somebody who gets the sort of white working class voters, maybe these trump democrats that the party needs to appeal to. and nancy pelosi really looked on defense yesterday as she pushed back these leadership elections with the potential ryan may get in. watch. >> some people say, you know, you got beat pretty badly here. >> well, that speaks to the presidential race more than our race. >> i think there was some attraction to somebody from youngstown, ohio, who was sent all around the country for hillary clinton to talk to union workers and to try to connect with people that i know how to connect with. >> so ryan is still not officially in, but you can see he's mulling it there. this time pushing the elections until after thanksgiving gives him a chance to mount a campaign. i think the most important thing is yesterday nancy pelosi was
5:46 am
asked about all this. she said, we've been through hell. normally you try and turn the page and say, hey, we're figuring this out. she said, we've been through hell. this was a blunt, honest comment. >> they allowed themselves to be neutralized over the last eight years, those executive orders, they never put out any objection. because of that, people look at them as really invisible figures. why does nancy pelosi still have sway? because her money? >> absolutely comes down to money. she's raised tens of millions, hundreds of millions for the democratic party when she was speaker. now as the house democratic leader. that's what tim ryan would be running for if he challenges her. the upside for democrats is what were people saying if trump lost? the best thing for republicans would be the opposition party to hillary clinton as president. that might be the best hope for nancy pelosi. look, i'm the one to take on donald trump. >> all right. thank you, ed. well, he did not lose. he won, thanks to this one state. it was a swing state that sealed the deal for donald trump in his white house victory. a republican candidate winning
5:47 am
pennsylvania for the very first time in nearly 30 years. >> that's right. so what are the voters thinking a full week later? let's ask abby huntsman. she's talking to them live at the viewmont diner in scranton. >> reporter: good morning. we've been having a great time this morning, talking politics, talking about life, family, and jobs. i'm here with bob, who's run a truck company for 54 years. >> absolutely. i have the trucking company. i have our heavy duty towing hazmat companies. we were able to build our companies here in scranton, pennsylvania. we had a good work force. but we've seen our economy diminish, even at the crossroads of northeast pennsylvania, where all the interstates cross by us. our growth potential here was tremendous. however, we've lost a lot of jobs. we need new leadership in washington. i'm happy to see donald trump is going to be there. >> reporter: you worked hard to get mr. trump elected here. >> absolutely. outside you'll see one of my trailers that has traveled throughout the country. it's one of them.
5:48 am
it's sitting out here. on it, it has various sayings. one is freedom isn't free, and respect is earned, not demanded. and of course, build a wall and all lives matter. those are important issues in this country right now. we needed a builder, a restructurer. we had to house clean washington. >> reporter: oh, that's your flip phone ringing. i haven't seen a flip phone in years. i want to get to pat. your grandparents were immigrants from italy. you've been here your whole life. >> i have been. i work for a real-time pain relief. i've worked for national running center for 23 years and was in the garment industry for over 25 years. so i've traveled all over this great country of ours. i served in the united states navy for six years. loved every minute of it. i'm proud of this country. i voted -- i was democrat all my life. i just turned republican this year, mainly because of the abortion issue, definitely pro-life. i believe that you cannot kill a baby coming out of the womb.
5:49 am
i feel that's an important issue in my life. also because of the supreme court issue. that was one of the reasons why i wanted to vote that way. to me, it's very important what happens in washington. >> reporter: you're a family man, religious. a big family like mine. wendy, you're a retired math teacher, you and your husband. >> we both lived in mayfield all our lives. being a math teacher, i worry about numbers, of course, and that $20 trillion debt, which our debt is approaching in this country bothers me very much. i have two children. they both voted for donald trump as well as my husband and i did. we worry about their safety. we worry about national security. and i think donald trump is going to do a better job on that. >> reporter: wayne, you own a plumbing company. you have your plumbing van outside. great advertising there. you must have learned from mr. trump on the advertising thing.
5:50 am
you voted for him. you come from a big family as well. you're one of nine. you have seven of your own kids. >> yeah, we have seven. my wife is one of ten, actually. so we are -- our family values have changed and caused us to be republican. years ago when i started my own family, my parents are democrat and have always been. a lot of my family has. i appreciate some of the comments made by all lives matter and what's important to me, even the unborn child. that person, that child needs to be heard and to be -- you know, have the ability and the opportunity as we all have. >> reporter: and this is your son ben. you voted for a third time. >> yes, i did. donald trump. i'm a real estate agent in the area. just talking to different people in the area, i knew it was going to be a landslide for trump. >> reporter: it's so interesting what's happened in this city of scrant scranton. all your stories tell that story. i'm going to have to hand it back to you guys. we're going to keep talking. we didn't even get to frank over here.
5:51 am
we're going to keep the conversation going. >> oh, we love you, frank. >> great job, abby. >> we go to the dogs on the plaza in just a second. can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. inside us are trillions of good microflora
5:52 am
that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®.
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5:54 am
the president-elect tweets up a storm, batting down stories about chaos in the transition process. we will get you up to speed on what's really going on, who are the players, who's up, who's down, who's out. and how about the relationship with the press? megyn kelly joins us on that and also on her new book today. and assad speaking out about donald trump. what he's saying and lots more when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. stick around. we'll see you soon. >> all right. thanks a lot, martha. dogs from around the country compete in the purina pro plan's challenge. some of the dogs are here to show us their magical skills.
5:55 am
joining us now is the judge and trainer. that dog to be named later. what's the purina challenge? >> well, it's a premier canine sporting event where the top canine athletes come and compete in events like this. everyone's favorite is the dog diving. >> people are shushing them. >> they're having so much fun doing this. that's the large part of it. it's about building relationships and strengthening bonds between dog and owner. >> what does it take a train a dog? >> they're border collies. this is carol. she won our finals this year. she's been working this dog, who's 5 years old. probably since it was a puppy it's been training. >> i want to see more. can we do that? >> we sure can. we're going to move just out of the way and bring out another
5:56 am
rescue dog. marley is a rescue dog. that's the thing about this event. every dog is capable of amazing things. we're always helping dogs. >> that's amazing. >> a three-time world champion of the freestyle flying disks. he's being judged on all the things you're seeing here, the different types of releases and grips, on how he showcases his dog's ability. >> when is this on? >> february 5th. go on and get information. >> all right. stay with us. more "fox & friends" coming up. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch.
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because the time to think about today. go long. >> i'm going do thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates in daytona be, ohio. and also jacksonville, florida, get the signed copy at
6:00 am we'll close with a dog trick. >> wow. good job! >> i think the dog is impressive. bill: that is skills. question today, are they purging the establishment from team trump. mike pence with trump tower yesterday, kicking d.c. insiders and lobbyists off the transition team as the president-elect says he alone knows who will fill the top white house jobs. i'm bill hemmer. big show today live in "america's newsroom." what's happening? martha: i'm martha maccallum. you too. we have fascinating thing going on couple blocks where we work every day. steady stream of people show upcoming in and out of the trump you tower. a spectator sport watching people coming and going. including mr. rudy giuliani, reportedly a favorite of the next secretary of state of united states of america.


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