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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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we'll chat some more. "outnumbered overtime" on the web., and. "happening now" starts right now.
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it is all "happening now". it is all "happening now". >> but we begin with efforts to unite and move the country forward under president-elect donald trump. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am genally. president obama holding a news conference at the white house, first since donald trump was elected successor. and house speaker paul ryan calls on republicans to join forces with the new trump administration. this as we start to learn what the trump administration will look like. mr. trump named reince priebus who will be white house chief of staff and steve bannon chief strategist and counsellor. >> carl, priebus and bannon, what does it mean for the trump
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administration? >> it means they are trying to pick two sides of the same coin. in reince priebus, the republican national committee soon to be former chairman who will be the chief of staff and that is the epitome of the establishment from a candidate who promised to break the mold and drain the swamp. and then there is stove bannon, former breitbart execute and i have harvard law graduate and a man who served on goldman sachs and the altright. somebody who has been particularly combative against the republican establishment in steve bannon and somebody who was the leader of the establishment in reince priebus. and kelli ann conway in line for a slot in the white house might choose to be be a senior advisor
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outside of the white house in the mold of john podesta on the hillary clinton side who had their own businesses going and still obviously come pain chairman in wait. kelli ann kanye is defending steve bannon as someone who came from the establishment not withstanding his combativeness with the republican party. watch. >> i worked closely with steve bannon in the campaign and frankly, people need to look at the full resume. i am frankly offended where you would think i would run a campaign with that. and both will have a hand in communication. in my view it is important for president-elect trump to have those around him that were with him to this point.
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>> it is a clever first two picks. in picking reince priebus he reassures establishment republicans he will govern seriously and in appointing steve bannon, he reassures the conservative republican and democrats and independents and swing voters that trump gets it. and that he is prepared to break a little bit of the furniture to bring about role change. >> what about around the trump tower, it was locked down for a while. >> reporter: you can see behind me. last week after the election there were bike racks and jersey. and the dump trucks that had reamed trump tower all the way on 56th and all the way to fourth. there were dump trucks all the way around the building for the first two days. that's been rescinded and the
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foot traffic is more organized. there is plenty of trump lover and haters screaming their guts out. but the business of building the government is taking over the pomp and circumstance and a lot of the elation and victory of last week. they have only two appointmentes and have 4500 to do it. in part the transition team was gutted to win the campaign and slow down the process. they have a lot of important positions. newt gingrich and rudy guiliani and mike flynn. the prom nept names are likely to be getting cabinet positions and that will come out probably before the end of this week. >> thank you. carl.
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and that is a busy day. they arrived we have more from mike. >> reporter: hi, jenna, law makers must extend government spending and get things on things like energy and water on this lame duck session. we are getting a look at new face and looking at last tuesday, they are here for an initial visit before being sworn in. and democrats are working with president trump on infrastructure spending and updating our roads and airports. republicans are talking about repoling and replacing obama care. it will create new dynamics for paul ryan and others on capitol hill. after eight years of president obama they are looking for
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control of white house, senate and house. mr. trump and the gop would keep a couple of popular provisions. >> he would talk about keeping preexisting condition and staying on your parent's health care plan. those are republican's ideas and they are in the replacement plan. >> reporter: the other buzz on capitol hill, which members of the house and senate could be tapped to serve be in a trump administration. there is no lack of ambitious folks who would like to add secretary or other top job to their resumes as they go forward. >> thank you. >> so things could go more smoothly in was year, but there are lingering concerns that president-elect donald trump might face trouble
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working with congress on certain issues. we have more from josh, national editor of the national journal. what areas, of the congress and ng democrats in that. where might they be able to work together with a new president trump? >> one of the areas of agreement that trump agreed on is infrastructure spending and one difference between trump and ryan is that trump is not worried about keeping the budget balanced. he wants to increase defense spending and infrastructure spending on roads and bridge and broken infrastructure in the country. that is one area house democrats have agreement with the trump campaign on. on the other hand, there is health care, and social issues, where there is a big, big gulf. it will be fascinating to see how nancy pelosi and chuck
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schummer try to play ball. >> what about the sequester position? they thought republicans would not be able to stomach and loand behold, the sequestration and military is hollowed out by that. >> one area of agreement the republican and democrats, both hate the sequester and military spending is one of the top priorities from the trump administration. there is a desire to increase the pentagon's budget and get more spending on their proprietaries and the military, even though there is wariness in the pentagon, one thing they are looking forward to is their budget will be increased significantly. >> and trump promised tax cuts, is that likely to come soon? >> that will be a polarizing is she that is ahead of us. republicans certainly like that. and notion of corporate tax
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reform. and trump talked about that on the campaign trail and that's where democrats are opposed. and republicans have the vote and have a unified caucus. but do democrats compromise or play ball or use that as a way to oppose the administration. >> what about the supreme court? we have a lame duck session of congress coming up. and i don't suppose any nominee to be considered by the upcoming session of congress or am i wrong about that? >> you will likely see that when trump takes office. the likeliest name that trump put on the list to assure judicial conservatives he was one of them and that's the reason why trump got 90 percent of the republican vote even though he was struggling to consolidate the base through the
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campaign. judicial conservatives came along with trump because of the ooh pointment of judicial conservatives. >> do democrats go along with president-elect trump or fight him tooth and nail? where will it shake out do you think? >> the initial reaction of democrats is opposition and they are shocked over trump's victory. i do think that there is room for compromise and also in senator schummer interest to appeal for the red state democrats that are up for reelection. manchin critized reid. and he had a lot of republicans. and missouri, and montana and indiana, trump friendly states on the ballot in two years, it will be tough to deal with the liberal base and redshirted
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democrats. >> fascinating times. josh, thank you. >> thank you, jon. the president-elect talking about a different prosecutor. is he taking a different tone? >> and the largest generation now in our country. young voter and millennials and what does it mean for the future. we'll lookryts at it next. ♪ he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal. ♪ ♪ better find a way to smooth things over. ♪ ♪ if only harry used some bounce, to dry.♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ he would be less-wrinkly and winning at life. ♪
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the campaign trail. (chanting) >> the crowd chanting lock her up and donald trump said if elected he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. in the post lekdz interview the president-elect took a different tonight. you said to her face going to try to put her in place. >> i will think about it. >> you called her crooked hillary and want her in jail and people in the audience said lock her up. do you want. >> she did some bad things. >> but a special prosecutor. >> i don't want to hurt them. they are good people. i don't want to hurt them. and i will give you a very, very defenative next time we do 60 minutes together.
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>> remember the clintons went to his wedding after all. greg jarret. did he not promise he would have his attorney general look into the clinton mess? >> dozens and dozens of times he told supporters, thousands and thousands, i will order my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. and he said it to her face in the second debate with 66 million viewers watching. and here is a portion of what he said. >> so we are going to get a special prosecutor and look into it. because you know what, people, their lives have been destroyed for doing one- fifth and it is a disgrace and you ought to be ashamed herself. >> promises are like taxes. you are stuck with them. and he created a dilemma for
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himself. if he doesn't pursue it. he will be accused of being insigne sore. and liar. if he does, he will be accused of petty and revenge and he needs democrats in the senate with a 60 vote filibuster and he has to get beyond that. >> could he get around the issue by picking the attorney general and said you do that and i am out of it. >> he can. he was going to order his attorney general to do it, he probably didn't realize he was not legally empowered to do that. >> he can't order an attorney general to do anything but pass the chip and guac amolle. guiliani, on the campaign trail who said, she is the biggest criminal ever to run for the white house and her indictment
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is a no brainer and published felony statutes that he claimed. and guiliani said that is a blatant flip flop. could he pardon anybody. >> a president can pardon somebody and you don't have to be indicted of a crime. and that is the problem for hillary clinton. and that is activities that took place after she took office and unlike nixon. that is potential obstruction of justice destroying e-mails. and congress to the fbi.
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how dew craft a pardon with vast alleged criminal activity. and that is aides that are in legal hot water. >> you have cheryl mills and that is not full and complete. and what about them and jake sullivan who allegedly tried to hide incriminating classified documents and then you have bill clinton lying. what about his alleged conspiracy to personally enrich himself by leveraging the clinton foundation. is it fair to pardon her and not all of the other people? fascinating times ahead. thank you. >> and one of the things that we have been watching, is what is happening in the stock market. and there was a lot of attention on election night. and we are seeing it hitting new record highs.
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it looks flat right now. and medicine is not the only way to treat illness. how the brain plays a role in healing. we'll have that in just a few minutes.
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>> looking at wall street and the dow, hitting a new record. and you can see it issine right now. and the new york stock exchange. adam what is going on today? >> it is good nows that has us in negative territory. and we have fallen back and that is expectations that the economy will get a lot better and you will have more choices as to where investmentes and bonds and
10:25 am
interest rates go up. it is a better return. and take a look at the winners and losers, united health group is up. and apple is a good day and also down and text talk. net flix and google and facebook down a percent. >> adam, thank you. >> president obama set to hold the first new's conference since meeting with president-elect trump. a preview of what we can expect coming up. >> and young voters who sided with democrats. but what can democrats.
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>> president obama getting ready to update us on white house transition plans. mr. obama holds a new's conference before flying to greece. doug has more. >> reporter: hi, john, it is poignant that the president is making the last foreign trip to
10:30 am
greece where he will make a case for easing the debt burden on the country's debt. greece is become the poster child are for the problems of globalism. every since it was a democracy in 1974, greece spends more than it earns x. pensions that allows the workers to retire in the 50s or 60 and low birth rates to pay for the benefits and led to the debt crisis that force more productive members of the eu, especially germany to bail them out. we have seen one back lash with globalism with brexit vote in the uk and you have seen it with the election of donald trump. even democrats acknowledge there are problems with globalism. >> a lot of people are left
10:31 am
behind and including in america and those are the donald trump voters. >> mr. obama will hold a press conference today and face the soul- searching questions of his legacy. he enjoys tremendous popularity. almost a celebrity. but his policies stand doing wiped away in the next 90 days or so. including his signature domestic policy. and obama policy and iran nuclear deal and tpp and hundreds of excutive orders all wiped away with a stroke of a pen by president trump when he takes office. the press conference, jon, we'll be there. >> change in the wind in the white house. thank you, doug. >> yeah. >> it is young sproerts are indoctrineated to vote
10:32 am
democrats, i think they will go down compared to 2012. look being in the rust belt. they are all tied. liberal policies led to the deindustrialation. and they are living in poverty. >> how did that play out? hillary clinton did win 55 percent of the youth vote compareed to president obama. we have our visit. he is a community activity and hillary clinton supporters and chris is president of good america noun frockused on voter education. nice to have you back together. >> excited to be here. >> i love "happening now". >> thank you, malcolm, we appreciate that. saturday before the election day we talked about the millennial. and saul, it looks in line.
10:33 am
what worked and what have we learned from the election. >> exactly what i said. i think the millennial were tired of the democratic liberal policies that killed their economy and opportunity for a better future. millennials were tieded with hillary clinton and donald. and even in minnesota, a blue state. donald trump went up by five points. they are looking for someone to bring back job and low are the cost of edoccasion and health care. >> malkoment is that what you get as a hillary clinton supporter. >> absolutely not. what is important for all of us to remember as we have the conversation. secretary clinton won the popular vote. it is true that donald trump willing the next president of the united states. i don't think we should over learn them.
10:34 am
millennial want to have policys that raise wages and protect obama care and getting rid of obama care and saying that wages are too high. that's what donald trump has said and that they are talking about doing right now. and i think has happened on our side of the aisle, this election and outcome inspired a now generation of leaders that are going to hold him accountable be and hold democratic leaders to hold the line against his policies combh which will be a disaster for america. >> chris, as a nonpartisan voice. what is the take away? >> it is one thing to be inspired, but if you don't cast your vote, it doesn't matter how inspired you are. malcam, she may have won the popular vote over all. but when you break down the specific states, mr. trump did
10:35 am
better. and he is the president of the united states now. and everybody should respect that. and we should be looking for solutions to move forward. we can't talk about the past and secretary clinton and how she should have won. he is president-elect and now time to come together. mr. trump, has now stated he has a major african-american agenda which is reduction in crime. and criminal justice reform is a number one priority for millennials and he stated that on the plan in media take out. major reduction of crime. how do we actually solve and fix problems. >> what do you think about that, saul? how does the gop continue to engage the millennial voter as they age and remain the largest generation in our nation.
10:36 am
>> one thing on the popular vote. we found out 3 million illegals voted in the election. >> let's just. >> and going into millennials going forward. yes, the gop has a long way to go. nationally we did not win the youth vote. what is pivotal in the trump administration that engages young voter and here are the policy and this is how it is going to help you. they need to cut out the media and celebrity. >> media, wait a. >> libbial media. >> you just want to be clear. malcon, let me ask you about this. i was in north carolina, a swing state and it was very interesting after the election results in the hours that followed, there was a lot of conversation, nonpartisan about
10:37 am
the millennial vote and how they may be be over looked and we are looking too closely at race and it looks like the millennial cast more ballots for donald trump than expected. again, they are sorting through the numbers. i wonder malcolm, is it the policy of the democrats on reflection. is it policy or simply the candidate and whether or not millennials felt connected to the candidate. >> i think it is policies. now, that the election is over, we ought to spend time talking about them. democrats have policies to raise wages and on the president-elect said wages are too high. and democrats will talk about getting the cost of child care under control and making sure we get the cost of college down. and you can see the people in the streets opposed to a lot of
10:38 am
the policies that donald trump has out lined and as president, it is going to be his job to protect the first amendment and i would say that he can look forward throughout the four years to a lot of push back. he talks about te porting two or throw million people. >> and if i can say one more thing. we have seen just in this past six days, we've seen hate crime of people. >> against donald trump supporters. >> they are on the rise and people doing them in his name. and we need to come together with a country. >> let me ask you. your perspective as a nonpartisan voice. only two people that told me. north carolina is very friendly. and only two people who said they would not vote. they were african-american men in their early 20s and very engaged with poll teches and to
10:39 am
talk about the topics and said they didn't feel connected to hillary clinton. and nothing else to do with anything else. they didn't feel cop neglected to donald trump and they simply were not going to vote. how do you engage that person and bring them in to politics so they feel engaged and participate. >> it is it a great question. this is a new generation and a totally different cycle. bernie sanders had a movement and donald trump had a movement and hillary clinton didn't. for him to engage the millennial audience. he has to engage and get down and have an open and understanding to what is important to millennials. criminal justice and education and jobs. if i were president-elect trump
10:40 am
i would open up a special committee that young people can get engaged. and there are protest on the streets, that's not going to change the policy or move the needle. in order to get things done, we have to band together and say he is the president of the united states. stopping him is not have to have a protective city. >> that's what the tea party did for eight years. >> go ahead, chris. >> i was going to say, we are so early and we are looking at the votes and it is interesting to see what are the initial thought and look forward to having the throw of you back. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, malcolm, sal, and chris. >> and a new national geographic cover story reveals how we can heal ourselves. why placebos may improve
10:41 am
a patient's sxhement how faith plays a role. >> and a uber passenger surprised to see who was in the driver seat. who was giving uber are rides over the weekend.
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>> a new national gherks ographic cover story and results as well. the healing power of belief is all around us. regular religious services may improve the system. >> it is called the healing power of faith. eric is the author and a national geographic science writer. and what a timing for. it folks are unsettled with the
10:45 am
results or hopeful. and what is the big headline coming from your piece. what is the bottom line for our viewers? >> i think for a long time belief has been sort of like a placebo affects. and it is sort of the fuzzy, sort of confusing psychological thing. science showed they are chemical reactions and like measurable things happening in your body and related to your faith or related to your faith in a doctor, and the results are are the same. >> can you give us an example in your piece of how it works? >> sure, placebo affects. they are all throughout our lives and we are experiencing them when you take a pill and you feel the headache go away and the drug doesn't kick in for 20 minutes. there is a theater that goes on.
10:46 am
any time you are taking a pill or looking for healing and in the story, i travel with pilgrims that seek healing from god. and i also met shawm ans who are promising to heal you through the magic of their practice. and all of these things, they borrow the same thing as a doctor. he makes a promise and has his own theater that promises healing. it is expectancy in our brain and the brain makes you feel better. >> sort of like television news and you have an expectation and you deliver it. and surgery, guys in white coats, you think they know what they are doing. >> you hope so. >> someone who went in for brain surgery and he didn't have surgery. they poked a round in there and
10:47 am
made him feel like he did. but he had incredible results. i know you wrote a book suggestible you. and how dew put the placebo affect and the power of positive thinking. how dew put that with god as well. and the things we can't explain and miracles? >> uh-huh. that is a great question. one of the placebo science i talked to. science can only go so far. when you study a placebo in the lab. it is a very controlled and you know, you have these suggestions that are muted. and they have marks on the screen or you have been conditioned ten minutes to it feel a certain way. the placebos in the rest of our lives are complex and related to culture and bleechlt i was raised in christian science
10:48 am
where belief and medicine are the same thing. and so that's where i approached this from. and when you look at it. and you are seeing healings. and obviously there are certain healings we can't explain. and especially pain and depression and anxiety and these are the world of placebo and parkinson disease. and autoimmune disorders and all of these things respond to our belief system. and you can see people looking for relief from say chronic pain and they are going to a homeopath. there is a lot that tracks as a relief from pain. and there is no reason we
10:49 am
shouldn't for certain chronic pain is difficult to deal with and doctors have a hard time with it. and if you can find a pathway that works, go for it. >> amen to that. and i like that there is a little bit of a balance. eric we have to leave it there. and we encourage the buildingers to check out a story and gave me a lot to think about. thank you for the time today. >> thank you, jenna. i appreciate it. >> a fox news alert and a update on the story. bismarck, north dakota on lock down. state troopers locked it up as protestors over that pipeline, the dakota access piem line are nearby. we'll be back with a live report.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
breaking news in north dakota. the state capital, bismarck, under shut. >> narrator: down because of protestors. >> i think is about a,000 people here. by and large they're exampled out outside of the capital, per se, down near where the pipeline is supposed to cross the missouri river. we're going to move other here, they're protesting, you see the sign says watt sere life. life is sacred.
10:54 am
from the standing rock to the reservation. the capital is on lock down for now and they will probably start moving from here to another location shortly. >> keep an eye on it for us, william, thank you. >> okay, john, thank you. the super moon is here this week, when it will be the brightest. we'll tell you about it and why it is important, next.
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a donald trump supporter expressing his frustration on facebook about the protestors and it's getting millions and millions of views. take a look. >> now we're protesting? really? i don't understand it. i hope it is not republicans out there causing all of this
10:58 am
destruction. you know, burning up the streets, politicking roblocking liberals, the same people against the second amendment because they want to decrease violence and nobody should have guns. the same people that are anti-abortion because they want to save lives. and you are causing all of this destruction just because your candidate lost. that's the problem with this country. yo you can't always get your way. everyone wants to be politically correct. stop being cry babies. he got 20 million plus hits on that post, and he likes to go live on facebook. we'll be watching what he says next. he could be the next joe the plumber. right now a senator from nebraska involved in a different kind of public service.
10:59 am
he spent his time away from dc moonlighting as an uber driver for charity. he responded to shock twitter followers. protip, if you throw up in an uber, the sir change can be substantial. upside, it's a market incentive to get drivers to agree to work saturday p.m. the brightest moon in decades is lighting up the night sky. it is called the super moon, here it is caught on camera as a plane flies by. it is coming closer to earth. it will be it's brightest on tuesday after midnight if will be like 30% brighter than normal and we'll have to watch another 18 years to see it the same way, so don't miss it. >> it was bright in my backyard
11:00 am
last night. can't wait for wednesday. it's back to business in washington, congress returning to session for the first time since the election. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. the lame duck session getting under way as they gear up for a new era in washington. the g.o.p. will control the house and senate. and house speaker paul ryan already promising that after years of gridlock, the people's work will finally get done saying this in a let tore his colleagues. we need to come together like never before. we start a busy hour with mike emanuel back on capitol hill after a month on the campaign trail, finally taking a deep breath. you have a chance now, mike. what are you hearing from


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