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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 13, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> i will see you in an hour with the latest on the pick of reince priebus and steve bannon as the first white house counselors for president trump. >> welcome to identity five," there is big breaking news on this sunday. president-elect donald trump has picked the first members of his administration. in a written announcement released moments ago the president-elect said he selected reince priebus to be his chief of staff. his campaign c.e.o., steve bannon, to be chief strategist and senior counselor to the president. he said and i quote, "i'm thrilled to have my very successful team continue with me in leading our country. they are highly quaffed leader whose worked well together on the campaign and led us to a historic victory. now i will have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again." more now on the news with carl
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on phone. big news today, in time for the show. carl: you are welcome! they put out the statement moments after we got underway, an interesting selection. reince priebus the chairman of the republican national committee since 2011, re-elected to several additional terms after his first chance to do that in 2012 when romney lost. elected separately twice more and the primary author with the senior strategist the rnc as "the romney autopsy," where the republican party was recommending the g.o.p. shift to a more moderate middle. reince priebus as the chairman of the republican national committee is the establishment insider on the right and now he will be running the white house as chief of staff. it signals trump is serious about governing and recognizes there is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be delegated
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with experience notwithstanding his outsider candidacy to bring about great change to go against much of what the establishment norms have been. in the person of steve bannon the c.e.o. of the campaign, the former c.e.o. of breitbart news, himself a one time managing director of goldman sachs, a very experienced news and political and business expert, he was in many ways what kellyanne conway, the pollster and general manager said, the "general," talking to trump quietly, advising him on which direction he could go on a variety of key issues many which now are quite in a state of flux. the senior staffer saying on a number of issues he took clear positions on, they are now in the process of transitioning and there will be deal making and bargaining putting together a government and works with republicans with the house of representatives and senate and democrats in the minority and still are bitter as a
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consequence of the defeat. for trump here's the first two big announcements loyalists, insiders, part of the core team that was the trump campaign's inner circle and they are going to be 4,000, almost 5,000 final appointees to the government political and otherwise jobs that have to be filled showing that loyalists and those with him as he won the incredible upset election, will be part of what guides the government and moves on. kimberly: an exciting additional on breaking news day. we like those around here. this announcement, many speculated. but trying to push back to say, he loves the job he is doing, but, reince was there beside president-elect donald trump the whole time even when he got pressure during tough times to try to put trump aside and he did not.
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>> as of friday everyone is speculateing whether it would be steve bannon the c.e.o. or reince priebus who came on from the rnc or kellyanne conway the general manager of the campaign. she is extremely talented. who would it be, one of the three, two of the three, or --. >> great options. >> great options. what he wanted to do and, again, this is donald trump's decision, soul-searching and talked to the kids, and said this is it. what signals to me is he wants to reach out to house speaker ryan and work with congress because reince priebus, we have many cocktails with reince priebus and house speaker ryan, both wisconsin people and close to each other and have each other's becomes. all the people who are afraid that donald trump would burn the police down purse and rebuild it, maybe you do not have to worry if he reaches out works with at least the congress, with the house speaker ryan. steve bannon, senior strategist, love this idea because he has been behind the scenes, the one
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who they tapped into the outsider, this voice, the left is not listening to us, it is time, our and bannon did that and he will be senior strategist and that leaves kellyanne out there, what will happen? some form of senior advisor roles or even possibly press secretary. kellyanne, the think with press secretary you have to know the policy inside and out, you have to be able to field questions from a hostile press and know what donald trump would say, the president would say governor he were there and in anyones that that ability it would be here, there are names floated but --. >> she would be a phenomenal choice you saw how she navigate ed no matter who was questioning her especially during difficult times when three was under heavy criticism and he likes to have women in the inner circle, smart, stronger than men and she has
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proofed herself. historic, first woman ever to be lead and win a presidential campaign so kudos. >> can you imagine in hillary clinton had won, what this a block would be, talking about john podesta, while he sacrifices his goat for his sunday spirit dinner so that is a high point. >> written written with a great choice the opposite of a hothead a cool head. when the stuff hads like it was going to hell he was always there, and slow down, lighten up. it is not so bad we will get through this, that kind of thing and the irony, look what happened to chris christie. the bridge-gate took a toll. terrible times. do you know that rinse rip was named wisconsin super lawyer magazine rising star in 2008? back there, there is a magazine
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called "wisconsin super lawyer." i had no idea. he is like an idea voucher. he is an idea bouncer. someone would you trust will tell you it is a bad idea. he is the opposite of a yes man, he is a no man, he say, okay, i'm not, let's not throw bombs, let's bring you in through more disciplined response. >> he understood this was a historic and unique opportunity to bring populist movement into the republican party and broaden the tent. >> against what most of the establishment class looked at and said, reince is the guy you need to push back and he said, no, he is the going nominee this is how we win and get the white house back and the establishment, alienated themselves with reince priebus and donald trump, again, very loyal guy, rewarded reince's loyalty. >> this is continuation of what
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has worked for donald trump in the past. you look at general election, what did he do? steve bannon and kellyanne conway on staff. what steve did was as you mentioned, the outsider, the populist theme that helped donald trump turn states wisconsin that have not gone republican since 1948, turned it red and that is what steve bannon did and kellyanne cone served alongside with governor pence conducting the republicans that donald trump knew he needed to win. he got 90% of republicans which is part of the reason he was able to win the way that he did including turning some of the counties that went for obama, twice, republican as well and that is what reince priebus is going to do, serve as the connection to congress and to the republicans he needs to get the policy initiatives done. you look at senate, those are thin margins republicans have for majorities so he needs to keep the conference in line to
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get these things done. >> what i like like areince thin has the ability to keep different factions of the g.o.p. faction together including establishment and evangelicals, and at some point, those against the going were excited of them killing themself but we find written written steadying the ship, keeping the guys in order, so ultimately they would have a victory in the white house. i like this pick for that reason. >> perhaps the suggestion that in will be additional fantastic picks. who else will president-elect hick to work in the administration? this morning giuliani addressed rumors movies he could be in consideration for. >> is it true, you want to be secretary of state? >> whatever i want to be i will discuss with the president-elect. that is the best we to do it,
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not to create more rumors. >> or potentially attorney general, without like to serve president trump? >> i am happy in my law practice and security firm and work all over the world and i have a very, very full life, would have to be something where i felt he needed me. not that i would be the only one that can do it but i could do it different or better than someone else. >> the campaign manager, kellyanne conway could be in contention for a position. she vowed the president-elect will be sticking to his pledge to drain the swamp in washington, dc. >> this is an administration that is going to run very differently than tropical washington. the gravy train is about to have the engine ripped from its bearings because there is no reason to keep this consultant lobbyist access at such a level where people feel like their interests are not served.
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they do not appreciate the organs and adjuncts of washington, dc, working against them. this is an administration for the forgotten man and the forgotten woman. >> as you mentioned, she did an incredible job. we knew she was talented before, and she was with cruz and she has free reach with the different groups and she stayed on message with donald trump and now echoing the same sentiments. the forgotten men and women. that is the difference with donald trump and why i said it could be different for america, if we are ready for something difficulty. we have been promised change in the past, president obama, and promised change on both sides of the aisle. >> we got clump change. >> we get another politician in washington, dc, nothing changes. the beauty of that, the thing that make me happy about the sound bite he has won and the senior advisor said, everything he talked about prior to winning he will go ahead and perpetrate
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after he won. that means drain the swamp, get rid of the lobbyists, get rid of the connections and the networking and rebuild the police. reaching across the aisle or reaching into congress with paul ryan from a conservative standpoint the i love this. i lost fact they are not back peddling on things they have promised before which we hear time and time again. >> i cannot wait for announcements on epa and i.r.s. >> and people beyond part dan, trump transcended being the g.o.p. nominee but he was something that appealed to people in the middle, some democrats switched pairs in person, and that is part of the reason why. he was able to represent i don't care if you are a g.o.p. member or democrat, i am crane the swamp of the stiff, up tight do nothing people in washington, dc, for 30 plus years and given you no return on their support and that is good. it is go he is sticking with that.
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on kellyanne conway, she would be great as press secretary, her ability to convey donald trump's message, sometimes better than donald trump but she said it, and not raise feelings of hysteria. some things --. >> soothing. >> he will rat it some people, you know, a lot, and intense, and kellyanne is strong and tough but does night a way that does not fan the flames of hysteria. >> she needs to be involved in some capacity because she was the donald trump whisperer and we saw from the time she took over the campaign, we saw a lot of growth with donald trump as a candidate and even his choices today are sort of a reflection of his being a pragmatic individual because he is a able to see what worked for him and this is a continuation of that as i mentioned before, he understands this sort of populous tone and the fact this are so man americans who feel left behind by the elites in washington, dc. they feel left behind bit left.
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if you look, he was able to turn, you look at the 700 counties that want twice for obama in 2008 and 1212 he got a third of them to turn to donald trump because he had the message you talked about, the forgotten man and woman. and reach out to those. this is a continuation of that pragmatic apporach where he recognizes the populist message served him well and he recognizes he needs to get stuff done and have the bridge builders. >> it shows he will get serious business done by the two picks already, you will know what will happen. >> bridge builders not bridge blockers. >> you will need insiders and reince priebus is an insider and the other insider he needs is newt gingrich because newt gingrich, he is establishment but one of the smartest people. >> genius. >> in washington, dc. he is somebody that tells trump
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what's wrong with trump and he needs that. when donald crews up newt gingrich would say so and the in day he would compliment trump and say that is good be you have to have someone that can be blunt with a guy who is running the world. >> pavlov conditioning. >> with president obama no one was say "no." they made a promise and now we will see, fulfillment. coming up, two of president-elect donald trump's biggest campaign promises, securing the border and overhauling obamacare are in focus for the first interview since winning the election. we will hear that next. heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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>> huge breaking news on sunday if you are just tuning in president-elect donald trump has picked the first members of his white house teen, reince priebus the chairman of the rnc is the chief of staff, big job. the campaign c.e.o. steve bannon has been chosen to be senior counselor and chief strategist, we are keeping a close eye to see in anyone else will be announced. the immigration stance was a central part of the run for the white house and in the first sit down interview since the victory he specific to "60 minutes,"
2:20 pm
about the plan to build a border wall and the goal of deporting millions of illegals. >> quickly, some of the promises you made and tell us if you are going to do what you said. or change it. are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> they are talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would but certain areas the wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it is called construction. there could be some fencing. >> what abut the pledge to deport millions and millions of undocumented immigrants. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal , criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, probably two million, we are getting them out of our country or we will incarcerate. we are getting them out of the country. after everything is normalized we will make a determination on
2:21 pm
the people that you talking about who are terrific people, they are terrific people but we are going to make a determination. before we make that determination, it is very important, we want to secure our border. >> along the lines of the campaign promises. >> doesn't it make sense? secure the perimeter, you knee in warfare and then you can revamp, why not honor the people that are coming here and applying and going through the process legally falling the rule of law, i don't think it is fair to reward, they came in and they get to stay? no, do proper vetting, make sure you are taking national security interests at heart, and make you are honoring the people that have been waiting dutifully and lying to be able to come to this great country, i don't think it is an antiimmigration approach, i think it is a pro america and pro immigration approach.
2:22 pm
>> what do you say, greg? greg: i hope this wall does not go into a curtain, it is going from wall to fence to -- he has to build a law because there is intense support. those are the people like the an coulters who came behind him. you created the argument that he has to really do, he has to say, it is about locking bad guys out fought locking them in. before you install the looks you have to get the bad guys out. very common sense. we do not need to import crime. we have enough of it here. >> we are good at it. greg: cast the border security as economic and security issue not a political issue. the metaphor is america is earth's disneyland. everyone wants to come here. you go to disney there is a line
2:23 pm
and there is a gate and in -- some areas are a fence. >> that is what i used to hop. it is true. very, very persuasive rhetoric maybes it easier to get through. >> but it has to be explained well. >> republicans have been say yo. the guy said we will secure the board we are a wall. >> i have had a theory this entire notion that republicans have to embrace comprehensive immigration reform was nonsense and that was proven throughout the election but there is a theory that hillary clinton, there is a protest vote among hispanics against donald trump and it did not turn out because trump was the only one throughout the election that was talking about cracking down on illegal immigration and that is common sense. why shouldn't we be following the laws that are on the books.
2:24 pm
what nobody talks about, we are the most generous nation as for as legal immigration. we let a million people come here illegally more than any other nation. why shouldn't we be following the law on the books? >> i want to say to people that are horrified i hard about crime in children and that type of thing, and for some people that is real, but to your point, lisa, about laws on the books, i hear donald trump talking about building a wall and that is new but everything else, that is already stand. >> it is true. >> no, no, no --. >> let me make the point. >> can i push back. >> in a second. i represented criminal defendants, they were detained immediately, i.c.e. came and they were out of here. >> there is, perhaps a problem. the law --. >> a flawed system. >> the problem is sanctuary city. >> absolutely. they are breaking federal law. >> in most cities that are not sanctuary city it is a flawed
2:25 pm
system and president-elect donald trump can be more efficient and clearing up but --. >> say the same thing. >> and enforce the laws on the book. >> obama deported to million and should have done more this is what president-elect donald trump trump can pick up the baton. >> big, big sorry from "new york times" coverage bias coverage of president-elect donald trump, the great lady appears to be doing some soul searching after grossly misreading the pulse of america. that is next. ♪
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2:30 pm
paper blew it on trump and wrote a letter vowing to do better," and saying we aim to reed dead indicate ourselves to the fundamental issue of "new york times" journalism. that is to report america and the world honestly without fear of favor. the next president responded with a couple of tweets of his own. "new york times" sent a letter to their subscribers apologizing for the bad coverage of me. i wonder if it will change? doubt it. >> consult burley, is "new york times" going to regain credibility here? >> listen, i want to be o mystic that, perhaps, they learned something, and this is a teachable moment but if they thought that the campaign donald trump was repealed and replaced ...i am letting them know. to be fair he has reason to be upset because there was tremendous disservice done to
2:31 pm
him, to the campaign, to the followers by the mainstream media and now time for atonement. >> eric is this "new york times" trucking its tail in between its legs because it wants access to donald trump and a relationship? >> no, their bias was so on display for 18 months but they were not alone. remember huffington post said we will not recover him when he should be in entertainment. remember that? the media was not seeing this going into the election, there were network saying there is no chance, no way that donald trump would win. he won. the "wall street journal", they were with pro trump and anti-trump and you would pick and choose and sometime they were above each other and you got both points of view. with the other publications, you were getting a liberal bias media, very left liberal leaning.
2:32 pm
>> do you think some of the negative coverage that donald trump received helped him? >> it did the elite in the country were best represented by the media, better than i have seen in my life in this cycle, the smugness of the media outlets, and elitism and we know better than you, we will tell you what you should be concerned with and who you need to pick on, the membership soundly rejected that and it made them want to root for donald trump even more, and they embarrassed themselves. i'm a subscribe we of "new york times" and i thought the story usually about we show you how horrible donald trump is with women, and it was, like, a woman had to wear a swimsuit at a pool party? it was loveable. further, other things came out that much were more weighty but "new york times" did them self as huge disservice. it can be regained but it will take time. >> greg? greg: the gray lady has a hot
2:33 pm
flash: see what happens when you do not know outside of your own ground of friends. my group of friends were split, half for trump and half not. different points of view like "the five." but one friend does not know a single trump voter and they make incredible misdays, such as on the assumption that he would lose assuming that trump voters would riot, right? they thought, my god, there would be violence, they never not the violence for the last four decades comes from the left. neither ones that throw violent tantrums and break windows in cities where they voted democrats and i love what was said a meeting that would involve soul-searching, a zombie uprising will happen before the media does soul-searching because it has in soul. >> on that note, we are answering your question following the election on this
2:34 pm
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we will start with your questions, and go clockwise. >> great. i can handle it. k.g., what question would you like to ask our new president-elect? >> okay, what one question question...what i care about so much, his plan, to defeat isis so i want to know, but i want him to just tell me because we know how he feels when we telegraph and we tell anyone in advance. i would like to know how many high value targets he will give
2:39 pm
the green light on where they know where they you are but they need the president to pull the trigger. >> and i look to you. >> i would ask president-elect he has stated we know we are a divided country around a last thing including this election, and i would like to know his plan, and a lot of people need to be in charge but his plan specifically around unite the america. >> good. >> mr. eric? >> i not be so nice. i think he got because the situation in america where the middle class has been squeezed and the jobs are part time jobs, and unemployment is vastly understated so what he promised, the tax cuts on individual level, the corporate tax cuts, how soon can we get those the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, the republicans do not like, get
2:40 pm
it going, and even if you cannot dismantle obamacare, allow insurance sold across the state lines and that can happen fast. >> i will go lighter: is it big league? >> big league. you get another. >> the other is, is he going to continue saying big league? >> for the state of the union will he address the nation and put "big league," that is what i would like to know. >> on top of what eric is saying what did you do about artificial intelligence and robots and automation? once those jobs go...i am single minded about and it may not happen for 10 or 20 years when we are enshrined by bart yard intelligence, and i want did
2:41 pm
know how he relaxes that isn't golf. he doesn't drink, and...that is why he has the stamina and work so hard. >> he is not low energy. >> he wants to keep up with that? >> take a look. >> we will go this way. from michael f. is this the end of the clinton's influence? will they ever have any power again? >> it certainly is diminishing it but is talk of the democratic part eyeing chelsea clinton to run for congress. >> what are her qualifications? >> never mind. >> pay to play. >> getting donors to pay for her wedding and she could not give a speech, be honest, that was not good. >> that is honest. >> a terrible speech. >> year and a half ago and everyone did not know who would
2:42 pm
run, and it was down do bush and a clinton. donald trump has buffed open the whole bush and:ton power structure, in one election and they will have power but it will be in the fundraising and in the clinton foundation, a big global initiative. >> but it is being investigated. many democrats i know --. >> not bushy and the clintons are a bad group. >> bushes are nice who do not do but -- they just paint. >> i think of the d nc is halfway smart they have to be done with the clintons. it is now the democratic party of obama and governor they did not learn it in 2008 they need to know it now, hillary clinton is a two time loser and the day of bill clinton and her --. >> three times.
2:43 pm
>> that is good. >> they have to move on. >> what have you done for me lately? >> not much. >> she is bad for the brain and they need to move forward. >> k.? all the clintons, canceled. canceled. canceled. i program so sorry, get out of jail free pass. ashe should go open a bed and breakfast with huma and bill can manage a club med where no one knows and he can get away. >> what are they serving at we bed and breakfast? >> weiners. >> would you rather be a fly on the wall listening in on the president and president-elect donald trump or in the room with milana and michelle? eric? >> clearly, the presidential level, must have been absolutely amazing and this are pictures they were treating as the states were going for trump and they
2:44 pm
were just amazed, shocked, you could see the pride and... >> the meeting. >> i will be on the wall between president and protect, 12 minutes or 15 minutes and it turned into 90. i would love to hear that. >> eric want for the meet increasing. >> yes. >> i would love as much as i was excite ford them to meet, the first lady and the future first lady, i would love to be there to find out what president obama said to president-elect donald trump during the hour and a half meeting especially as it relates to national security and what is going on in the country right now. that is why you saw the reaction from trump, obviously, he was told --. >> he got a box of stuff. >> without his face, president obama and president-elect donald trump -- can you imagine it would have been epic. >> i would like to be on fly of the wall of a fly paper company. to see what they doing. >> is this like the dry cleaning thing to go to the dry cleaner?
2:45 pm
>> you want know what is in the fly paper. >> interesting, greg, as always. >> to make up my mind. >> will president-elect donald trump remain active on social media after he moves into the white house? >> of course. saw that a real question? i know.
2:46 pm
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>> we know that president-elect donald trump was act i on twitter through the campaign and since he won the white house. the question is, will he tweet as commander in chief? >> you you will be tweeting whatever you are upset about and put it throughout? >> it is a great form of communication. now, do i say i will give it up entirely? i take tremendous -- i am pick up, yesterday, 100,000 people. i'm not saying i love it but it does get the word out. >> you are going to do that as president? >> i will do very restrained if i use it at all. i will restrained. i believe that our win of all of the races where they are
2:50 pm
spending much more money than i spent, and i won, i think that social media has more power than the money they spent and maybe to a certain extent i proved that. >> to the fiscal point, regardless as to how much of a lowibility trump and twitter can be 28 million people in the palm of his hands, do you think it is money well spent? >> if i can put this out, breaking news, a source close to the president-elect donald trump's election said kellyanne conway will like be be offered a senior position, continue to work with the president in the west wing and continue to be face before the administration a deficit news and likely will condition out fairly soon. >> to this --. thank you good news. >> love that idea. she solid. the twitter account, president obama has to turn it over. i think he will continue. he said -- it is a fantastic
2:51 pm
medium for him to reach the people and this is what he has been about. he continues to do it. >> i agree. there is something to be said to the point of doing what was successful in getting you this and it was a big win, but, yes, it is rue, and i have noticed a change in tone from the tweets in the past few days putting out something that is typical trump and modifies it to be more presidential. >> this is the evolution of white house, you get what radio did for presidents getting their message out with the first radio dress. you will get what the television did with the first presidential debate between kennedy and nixon televised. this is the next wave of the future. donald trump needs to find someone who he trusts, who reflects his thoughts, the more rational and restrained element of donald trump to ensure that nothing crazy is said and nothing will get him off message and off on big policy initiatives.
2:52 pm
>> and we are talking about the power of social media and how trump has, in fact, revamped how politics is done and how elections are won and fought in the country with the power of his twitter account and new we see reaction to the announcements with video been talking about for the staff picks with paul ryan tweet using the donald trump playbook, i'm very proud and excited for my friends reince priebus, congratulations so there is instant reaction, really supporting the excellence choices he is making. that is very important. >> greg? greg: trump is us. we talk about the struggle, the siren call of social media like, god, i have to get off because i an getting in trouble and maybe you have a couple of glasses of wine but everyone on twitter has the internal challenge. what it reveals is how much, again, the right has learned from the left. it is not just about twitter, it is about how he used it as a political attack machine against
2:53 pm
the press, against his adversaries. he applied the principles into a modern technology and kept people on their back. >> we got to go. >> i'm not done!
2:54 pm
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>> now, greg? greg: time for...
2:57 pm
>> we head to south africa for the 2016mongoose marathon, the top runners and do you know what it is? half monkey and half goose. it is the mongoose and it tastes delicious. they served all these up in a barbecue. >> can't weight for peta. >> i have no idea what they. little animals running all over. >> year ago today in paris 130 people were killed and 90 were killed at the bataclan concert hall and it was closed until last night. watch this. ♪ cast away
2:58 pm
>> there it is, sting reopened the bataclan after a year and our thoughts and prayers with all of people of paris. >> fantastic! never forget that. george w. bush has taint painted portraits of veterans wounded carrying out his orders, and he thought it was important to do and posted this photo on veterans day and said these are the people that were wounded in service to the united states and over the past several months i painted a portraits of 98 wounded warriors i have getten to know carrying out my orders they were injured and i think of them on veterans day and every day, featured in portraits of courage in a special exhibit in the spring and he will donate the proceeds to the bush center and to our military service initiative work to honor and support. that is very special to do and i am sure very nice for the families, as well. >> i did future necessity he painted. >> he paints. >> it is the weekend and fall so that means football not the cool
2:59 pm
introduction that greg had by tennessee beat kentucky wild cads 49 to 36 yesterday and they are still in play for the eastern division title and joshua dobbs our quarterback set a program record for the most touchdowns run by a quarterback for the school. also, washington redskins beat the viking today. good welcome for football. >> bragging. bragging. >> and? >> this couple gave birth to twin as couple of days ago, or last week, and one twin, there you see, samuel pertson was born at 1:39 a.m. and daylight save ensure time happens at 2:00 a.m. and the other twin, born 30 minutes after him, so because of the change, he will befirst-borr brother. is that is cute? >> he was born after but he will be --. >> yes, because the hospital that to write it down.
3:00 pm
>> a rivalry later. >> that is incredible. >> incredible. >> a paradox. >> see you tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> president-elect donald trump making the choice for what could be the most important job in his administration: the role of white house chief of staff goes to rnc chairman reince reince and naming former campaign c.e.o. steve bannon as chief strategist and senior counselor. i am arthel neville. welcome to brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i am eric shawn. as he fills out the inner circle facing criticism from supporters he is softening on two key campaign issues: immigration and building a full wall on the united


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