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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 13, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning to you. it is sunday, november 13th, 2016. i'm abby huntsman. president trump's cabinet is beginning to take shape and now we know one of the most important decisions is imminent. we're live in washington with those details. >> and post -election wrapping p overnight. we now know these folks have big plans for inauguration day and you'll never believe where they're getting all the cash to hold these events. and do you remember this.
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>> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> i so remember that. >> should the president just pardon her. we're debating that this hour. "fox and friends" starts right now. come on in on this sunday morning. >> good morning. happy sunday. >> gather up around the fire and enjoy some coffee. did you guys see the super moon? >> no. >> it ee gigantic. tomorrow it will be the closest the moon has been since 1948 to earth. >> there's been a lot of those. blue moon. >> there have been. but 6:30, go out. >> i love that. it will be beautiful. we've been up dancing this morning. it feels like 6:00, but it's only 10:00 p.m.
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president-elect trump's staff is taking place. >> good morning, garrett. >> there are four jobs to be filled. the chief of staff is likely the most important role. one name we keep hearing about is rnc chairman reince priebus and yesterday at trump tower, kellyanne conway confirmed priebus is a strong possibility. >> i think chairman priebus is being interviewed for the decision. >> she went on to say that that decision was imminent when it was going to be announced. we're told conway is also being considered for several stop decisions including communicator and white house press secretary of state. >> i think she'll be wherever
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she wants to be. i think president-elect very much respects her as a sounding board. >> other top spots include former chairman steve bannon. former mayor rudy giuliani is said to be on the short list for several positions including attorney general and jeff sessions and former campaign manager corey lewandowski are on mr. trump's lifts for several potions. no shortage of jobs to fill or candidates to fill in but the clock is counting down. >> wow. thank you. everyone's speculating this morning. >> we've been hearing it from a lot of our viewers this morning. donald trump had said he wanted to andre the swamp. washington is built on a swamp. he wants to get rid of those washington insider, e those people who have been part of the establishment for so long.
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the reince priebus argument, a lot of people are saying, no, no, no, we want an outsider. >> how do you know where the andre is? it has to be someone from the outside who doesn't care about. >> most importantly you need someone in this position. you're talking about the chief of staff, the most important role of the entire cabinet because they have the most access to the president. when you're dealing with someone like mr. trump, you need someone that he'd listen to. kellyanne conway has been tossed around but she came on board when no one knew where it was going. she stayed stable ups and downs and positive and she's still by his side to this day. >> the last time we had a president that was an outsider was jimmy carter. he came from georgia and wanted outsiders and you know what that was. >> you want someone who can walk the fence. >> send us your thoughts. we'll be talking about it all
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morn. overnight, more protests, more things being looted, smashed, grabbed, and now it seems like we have an idea how how these protests are coming together. the argument -- even donald trump said, these are not spontaneous protests. sthees are organized. they had a lot of these rallies planned anyway for a hillary clinton victory and where are they coming frew? now we have some answers. >> these are riots across the country. i was having dinner right across from my hotel last night and by goes the crowd, hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. peaceful marching. there's some footage of it. in some counts it's literally riots. look at those images. tear gas, objects being thrown, cars being burned. this is lawlessness and it's got to be addressed. we know organizations are funding this.
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international answer is a leftist group started by marx t marxists. they're communists. it's an anti-american group. a lot of these things are being funded by international and leftists who hate donald trump. >> some of those names. >> michael moore going into the trump tower yesterday saying he wanted to cause trouble and george soros and reverend al sharpton. there's talk of that. >> there is. you go online. you go on craigslist and others they're trying to hire activists and they know how to hide the money. >> they've been getting message out about inauguration day. that they're going to be protesting inauguration day, answer and others. >> what i'm trying to get is what are they trying to get out of all of this. whether you like it or not, mr. trump is going to be our next president. that's the reality of it.
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>> i'm going to abdicate. he won michigan overnight. >> he's now up to 306 electoral college votes, so we all looked at the mapped leading into this. here's where he could win. no one had a map that added up to 306. >> i think they're trying to make trump illegitimate from the beginning. they want to continue the protest, keep him out of office. division benefits him. unity benefits trump and the country. their agenda does not move the country forward. they're staying in the muck. >> meanwhile president-elect trump calling for unity. we were saying this is something trump needs to do. he called for unity. and president obama went and played a little golf yesterday after the election. >> i mean that's.
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>> is that him? >> they say he's monitoring the situation very closely. pete, you gave a good suggestion yesterday that it would be really powerful to have president obama and donald trump to stand together to send a message to these protesters to say this is a time we've got to come together, calm down, we've got to support this next movement of our country, which is going to be a president donald trump whether you like it or not. >> it's frustrating. whether it's terrorist attacks, you want the president to be leading and he's playing golf. this is another example. one gesture could go a long way. >> this could be why people got out to vote for someone like donald trump. we've seen it. whether people agree or not, he would get out there in front of it wlrks it was a terrorist attack or whatever. he would say, this is wrong, this is what it is. this is what people want it, someone who's in leadership, being bold, calling it what it
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is. >> how did the pollsters get it wrong? how did hillary clinton lose? how did donald trump get michigan. now they're what led to hillary clinton's demise. she think it's the letter that james comey sent in days before the election. she thinks this blunted the election. i think there's some true to that. even judge jeanine pirro thought it was wrong for fbi to come out and do that. there was momentum and you saw it in some of the polls, so the polls were wrong. the internal polling was also wildly off. if they're saying their momentum was blunted and their polls were way off, they didn't see donald trump running states like pennsylvania and michigan. >> how about running bad campaign with a bad candidate. she came out, hey, we did our best, we lost, donald trump ran a good campaign.
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privately to her donors rather than taking ownership, she said it was james comey and his letter. how about your private server. >> these are things you'd say on a private conference call, very different from the speech she gave saying we need to come together. we've been on the road talking to voters. i do think there's something we call the comey event. for the most part in talking to the voters, that wasn't it so much. they could not survive anymore on obamacare. the economy was not where they want it to be. for a lot of people it came down to what would make their lives better and who would be better. >> you saw the white working class vote shift in trump's direction. let us know your thoughts. >> don't point fingers once you lose. we have an election alert we were just talking about. all the votes in for the state of michigan and president-elect trump is on top, mr. trump
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leading the state with 47.6 of the vote. hillary clinton right behind at 47.3. he pa they would call it once he pass third degree 00 votes. he's at 306. 150 extra border patrol and custom agents will be temporarily reassigned to the rio grande veil val valleys. dave chappelle returning to "saturday night live." the comedian had a message for president-elect donald trump. take a listen. >> all my black friends that have money said the same thing when donald trump was elected.
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that's it. i'm out. are you with us? >> no, i'm good. i'm going to see how this tax break came out. i wish donald trump luck and i'm going to give him a chance and we the historically disenfranchised demand that he give us one too. >> i love that. all the celebrities, they're still here. >> i like seeing dave back. he's a funny dude. coming up on the show, we just told you about the post-election protests -- he's not my president! he's not my president! >> up next we're going to take you to one of the so-called chariti charities. >> remember that mom who said she bumped into hillary clinton. critics say this was staged. was it. (sigh) my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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me. ♪ welcome back. well, protests are continuing across the country in response to tuesday's election. >> but now we are learning that left wing charity organizations, the progress unity fund is providing the funding for many of these protests. here for more editor in chief jenniferburg. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. thanks for having me today. >> thanks for getting up. we've seen thousands across the country in different cities, rioting, protesting. talk about who's behind these protest and ultimately what are they wanting to get out of all of this? >> it's very interesting. the main thing you said, progress unity fund. what's unifying about tearing
3:17 am
apart cities because you don't like a presidential election. they're fujding a group called answer which is a stop war and racism and you look at scenes from portland, oregon, and it looks like a war going on in the streets. so the names of the groups and their messaging really doesn't coincide with what they're actually doing and i believe they just want chaos. >> yeah, that's a great point. i think they do. answer is an organization i learned about in 2007 when i ran an iraq war group. tell the audience a little more about answer. what do they want, who are they and what are they trying to accomplish? >> you know, a few nights ago we were looking on twitter. his account is deactivated now. it was suspended by twitter. but he was exposed as working to create chaos at republican events said if you're going to
3:18 am
have signs, don't have them all look exactly the same like you did in ferguson in baltimore. these people take an event and they use it to create chaos, anarc anarchy, mayhem in america and i think their end result is this fundamental trend in america to create this chaotic state to the likes of their group can take control. they don't want to recognize donald trump as president and i think president obama refusing to take the picture with him is fueling this. >> some is so vulgar, we had to blur it out. you're seeing violence. it's gotten pretty ugly. just outside your window eating dinner, how many of our resources and money? people have all the right to say what they want to say and have free speech, but when it gets so ugly, how much of our money and resources are going toward this? >> you know, this progress unity
3:19 am
fund is a charitable organization. 5 001(c)3 just like the red cro. in the end the cities are going to be on the hook and these businesses and the insurance companies that insure them are going to have to rebuild, recover only to what? have it happen again? this is the fourth night? >> you're right. >> they say they're going to protest inauguration date. thank you, jennifer burke. it's run by communists and left americas who hate america and israel. it's a lot deeper than donald trump, unfortunately. thank you very much. we all know donald trump loves him some twitter as much as he loves a taco bowl. how infamous an account, this photo. once he takes office, what is he going to do with it? if hillary clinton gets
3:20 am
charged with a crime, should president obama pardon her? this is being debated around the left and we're going to debate that next. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers.
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22 minutes after the hour and some quick headlines at this hour. the last wave are cominging from australia and the move is meant to alleviate pressure on australian leaders who have been accused of forcing them to live in poor environmentals. john kerry will continue his efforts on global warming until
3:24 am
the day president obama leaves office in january, this after he wrap up two days in antarctica to bring attention to sea level. back over to you. >> thanks, abby. we remember this heated debate. watch. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temper medicine hat of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> now as president-elect donald trump takes over, he said it's been put on the back burner. so should president obama just pardon her? here to debate, tammy bruce and ohio state senator. >> good morning. >> have you totally recovered from the election? >> oh, yeah. i've been in a little bit of a daze when we hear president trump. i'm a little excited about that. >> it's surreal. >> you heard the question.
3:25 am
he seems to be putting this on the back burner about the idea of setting up a special prosecutor to go after hillary clinton, but the reason the question was asked, this was asked of josh earnest at the white house at the press corps whether president obama should pardon hillary clinton. what do you think, capri? >> it's my understanding back in 1975 there was a case, i believe it was murphy versus ford that actually challenged the constitutionality of ford's pardoning in advance of richard nixon and essentially the ruling in the lower court in michigan said it is constitutional to preemptively pardon. that being said it sends the wrong message. the president obama preemptively pardons hpt, it says a few thing. it basically sends the message that she's guilty. doing know that that's something necessarily that hillary clinton wants. >> right. she hasn't been charged with anything. >> right she hasn't been charged with a crime. >> here's the other issue.
3:26 am
donald trump was elected because of the agencies being politicized, especially the doj, the mess with the fbi. we're looking for law and order, the rule of law being re-established, that the law applies to the elites in the same way. so what donald trump needs to do is actually separate himself frankly from this process. he's going to have a new attorney general. that individual is going to have to operate as we expect the attorney general to operate which is on his or her own making these determinations. >> that's a great point. >> if you have the president pardoning her, once again, it's the elite interfering for the elite once again. my advice as a big trump supporter who advocated for him but not attached to his campaign is more of the same. we want to see an attorney general who's looking at these. remember, the clinton foundation investigation continues. >> right. >> there's a difference certainly between an investigation and an indictment.
3:27 am
and an indictment and a conviction. and i think that's the thing. the average person sitting at home is probably scratching their head, yes, there's the whole nixon thing that sets precedent, but how can you be pardoned. i had this conversation last night with one of my friends talking this topic. she said to me how can you pardon somebody who hasn't been crime. >> what about donald trump? if there is some sort of constitution, could donald trump come in and heal the country and pardon her? >> part of the healing of the country, the selection is the rule of the law is going to act out. i don't think there's any reason to implement this, for him to be involved at any point. this is not something that should be on his agenda. we've got the economy, the immigration. >> but you say, you know, we're going to have a fair attorney general, but if you put in rudy giuliani. attorney general rudy giuliani,
3:28 am
i mean come on. >> here's the de. we shouldn't talk about what trump should do. we should talk about what barack obama should do in his waning days and whether president obama should pardon hillary clinton. >> here's what i predict. considering what just happened because of the attitude of president obama, his politicized doj, if it's going to happen, he will be the one to do it and the reason is any investigation of hillary clinton, especially of her time at the state department, will involve him, material they've tried to keep away from, foia requests, e-mails, it set cetera. he's got a personal agenda. >> it's sending a wrong message. >> there's been many wrong messages in america. and it will save himself. that's what we've rejected. if it's going to happen, it will be him. donald trump should send the message.
3:29 am
>> i don't think president obama is going to pardon her. i really don't. >> thank you. tell us what you think. go to our facebook page and wwa in . this morning "the new york times" has been slamming trump every chance. this morning they have a new message. we are sorry. remember that mom that said she randomly ran into hillary clinton in the woods? everyone says it was staged. was it? we're diving into it straight ahead.
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track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. well, "the new york times" has been slammed all through the campaign for really being in the tank for hillary clinton. >> now what are they going to do? >> well donald trump has slammed them. he threaten at one point to take way their press credentials because he thought they were being villainous toward him. >> instead they did slam him through the entire campaign and defended hillary clinton. >> and they don't like to apologize. they have come out to issue sort of an apology statement promising to rededicate their paper to fair reporting after trump's historic win. >> here's a part of what they had to say in the letter. they say, as we reflect on this week's momentous result and the
3:34 am
months of reporting that preceded it, we aim to dedicate ourselves to the fundamentals of times journalism, that is to report america and the world honestly. >> you notice the word rededicate. obviously they're admitting they've got to switch gear as little bit. >> this all came out of a times editorial piece slamming their own paper saying, hey, "new york times," you need to come down out of your skyscraper and see what the rest of america saw with this campaign. get out of your skyscraper and go see what the rest of america see. this now apology or arthur sol solsbury says we've got to come back. >> what you point out what america wanted and what the
3:35 am
media was wanting, what they were thinking was going on in the country, they clearly did not get that. >> the perfect example is the cover of the norm times. if you didn't see this, this is literally the headlines. democrats, students, foreign allies face the reality of a trump presidency. both obama win and bush winns were obama wins. here, they face the reality. you can't get more biased than that. >> even the washington post having trump victory. "the new york times," we'll see. >> what do you guys think about all this? we want to hear from the audience. make sure you e-mail us and let us know what you think about the story it's hit their bottom line too. >> that's what it all comes down to that. we do have other headlines. we start with a fox news alert. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan
3:36 am
shut downs after recent attacks against americans. they say it's just a temporary caution after two soldiers and a contractor was killed when a taliban officer was able to get on their air base and explode a vest. and shoppers running for their lives after gunshots ring out in a mall packed with people. [ bleep ]. what the [ bleep ]. >> the gunman fired off multiple wrongs in the upstate new york mall. shoppers bolts for the exits. others getting locked down for hours while police looked for the suspects. luckily no one was hurt. and president-elect donald trump crediting social media for beating hillary clinton but now he tells "60 minutes" he intends to be more presidential.
3:37 am
>> i'm going to be very restrained. it's a modern form of communication. it's nothing you should be ashamed of. it's where it's at. >> and the mom who bumped into hillary clinton while hiking says the photo is not fake, and this after critics accuse margo guster showing a picture of her. they're saying it was no setup saying, quote, it was very random. in a hundred thousand years i would never expect to run into hillary clinton in the woods, this despite both women live in chappaqua. caught between the super moon and new york city. >> that's so true. kind of tonight and tomorrow night, guys, the moon is about 30,000 miles closer to the earth, so it's going look incredibly big, the biggest in
3:38 am
about over 60 years. get ready for a really spectacular sky especially around sunset, get outside to an open field. take a look. it's going to be a chilly morning or it is a chilly morning. it will be another one tonight. you see that coming across the central ohio valley and central appalachians. that's where they're 26th in raleigh. a cool day across the northeast. tons of sunshine. in fact, a little bit better than it was yesterday. down across the southeast, you see a little bit of rain. that's great news, we have the fiers continuing and we have the drought that is really extreme across the southeast this week. we really dry out again and temperatures remain well above average. so any showers today is good. the next chance of rain probably about next friday. toward the northern plains, temps around 20 to 30 degrees above average. finally out across the west, pretty nice conditions. we'll see the rain moving in across the pacific northwest and
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that begins the next series of storms that's going bring a lot of rain and mountain snow. all right, guys. back to you inside. >> officially winter. >> you bet. coming upton show, he was fired by nbc after that trump tape leaked. now billy bush might have a new gig. >> wow. he might be communications director. we'll see. >> president-elect trump says he'll repeal and replace obamacare without leaving people uninsured. >> we're going to do simultaneously. that's what i do. i do a good job. that's how i do this stuff. >> the question is will he be able to keep that promise. we're dinging into it. your insurance company won't replace
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and welcome back. some quick headlines for you. former entertainment reporter billy bushfired. he may be in line for a new job at the conservative website. former president george w. bush spending the last several months painting 98 wounded warriors who cared out his orders. they'll be featured in his new book "portraits of courage" available next month. >> i love that story. there will be an interview that will air tonight on "60
3:44 am
minutes." take a listen. >> there's going to be a period if you repeal it before you replace it when millions of people could lose -- >> we're going to do it simultaneously. we're going to do it just fine. that's what i do. i do a good job. i know how do this stuff. we're going to repeal it or replace it. we're not going have a two-day period or a two-year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know and it will be great health care for much less money. >> so will the next president be able to keep this promise? joining us now weigh in, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> that's the big question now. he has doubled down on repealing obamacare. there are a lot of folks out there that are concerned that they will not have health care, at least for this period of time where you're switching plans or trying to figure out what to do with health care if you, in fact, repeal that law. how does he stick to his promise and make sure americans still have health care. >> obviously if president-elect
3:45 am
trump repeals and replaces at the same time, you don't have that period. but how do they cover the same number of people as the affordable care act, what i would say is you shouldn't be looking to add more subsidies but do what he said, try to fix the system, have the courage to improve the system. obamacare increased costs and subsidized some. we should be trying to lower costs for everybody. >> mr. trump met with president obama this t-- in the white houe this past week. he said,l at his suggestion and out of respect i will do that. either obamacare will be repealed or replaced. what do you think happened in that conversation? how do you think mr. trump is rethinking things as he wants to repeal that law? >> i don't know that he's rethinking per se, but as mayor cuomo said, you campaign in
3:46 am
government and campaign in prose. >> that's so well said. >> that's what the transition team is working on now. what are the details? how do you work with the congress? the congress to their credit worked for years to show how you could potentially repeal obamacare. they got derided by the media and the democrats but now we actually have seen a strategy and we see a mechanism for repealing obamacare and get it to the president's desk. >> here's how president-elect trump has talked about health care. he talks about allowing sales across state lines, and requiring price transparency. those are some of the few things. i'm sure he's going to tweak more of those out as we go. talk about some of those that we do know about. >> yes. what you want to do is reduce the costs overall. over 170 million people get their health care through the employer-based system. obamacare increased costs on that. we should do things that do not
3:47 am
disrupt the employer-based system. help give people more skin in the game and get more people in involved in the health care and also allow them to save long term for health care, so these ideas are aimed at trying to reduce the cost of health care so that everybody can participate and the democrats want to subsidize a lot of people. the republicans shouldn't be looking to outsubsidize them but they should be looking to reduce the costs overall. >> that's what it's all about and why so many are frustrated with obama care. the costs have been so high especially small businesses. we'll see how this plays out. great to see you so early. coming up, she's a muslim woman a muslim, and an immigrant, and she voted for donald trump. that woman is joining us live to explain why. and who will take over for the democratic party's disgraced leaders debby wassermann schultz and donna brazile? up next the battle to take control of the democratic party and its ideology.
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3:51 am
. well, tension is boiling over at the democratic national committee after donald trump win over hillary clinton. many pointing the fingers at donna brazile. a bat sl brewing at the dnc. who is going to come out on top. here to weigh in is lauren shah vey. the author of crossing the thinnest line. lauren, thanks for joining us. thanks for having me. >> give us a sense. where is the dnc going and what is the nexus of this crisis?
3:52 am
>> the fundamental question after the election is really who is the heart of the future of the party and how will democrats win back a larger share of the country? i mean, the blue wall definitely broke. i'm sure they were surprised by that. i believe we had states like pennsylvania fairly locked up and ohio is always a question. it has been a shock for many who have been around for a while. i think this question of moving towards the progressive arm of the party, which i would have said is unlikely is going to be essential if we want to win back more american states. >> the democratic primary was a preview of this battle. you've got the more establishment wing, howard deans, some others running against a candidate backed by the progressive wing. who do the progressives like. folks like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren? >> i think we're going to see strong sanders' supporters
3:53 am
stepping forward to run for chair. i actually the current list i've seen, there are no women on the list, i think is unfortunate. i'd love to see somebody like gabbert, democratic candidate from hawaii. she stepped down. she wanted to support bernie sanders. she's a young member much congress, iraq vet, has her finger on the pulse of a lot of what's happening in the country. i'd love to see more women stepping forward. >> keith ellison, the congressman from -- what do you think about him? he comes with a set of baggage as well. >> it's a really interesting possibility. there's a big quest for him. there's a petition circulating for him to run. it's a fascinating dimension because he's a sanders supporter. but also brings the minority perspective to the race. i really think the democrats have to get a deeper understanding and pulse on white rural voters across the country who used to vote democrat who
3:54 am
have been lost to the party. i don't know if he's the guy. >> that's an interesting challenge. if you're trying to reach white -- do you go with a muslim american congressman who call called -- >> there's two sides to this. voter turnout among minorities in this race was lower than it was in 2012. if democrats can turn out minority votes in larger number, that's another path to victory which many democrats thought was there for this race. there's kind of two spectrums, there's no easy answer here. i personally believe that we have to reach out more significantly to white rural voters who have been lost in the party. >> some might say howard dean is another name. you go backwards to go forwards? >> i don't think so. that's the concern. if we learned anything, if anyone learned anything in this election, it's the future is not the past. americans are desperate for fresh perspective.
3:55 am
i'm concerned that we bring back, if the democrats bring back somebody who has been around for decades, that is just not the right message. >> how about march ino'malley -- >> he didn't run a successful campaign himself. i'm not sure he's the right voice. i don't think he has the popular support around the country. if he's a good organizer and can rally people, maybe. i think it's time for fresh faces. really up and down the ballot in every part of the party. >> we have a quick second. the election is slated to happen in march. would you like to see the turn the page sooner? >> i don't know. i think everyone needs some time to digest. we're barely getting through the data. the votes haven't been completely counted. it's going to require time. frankly, for the republicans as wechlt the republicans will continue to ask questions as well about the future of the party. even having one. we all need time to process. >> decisions like trajectory of
3:56 am
the party have huge implications. lauren, thanks for coming in this morning. president-elect donald trump's cabinet is beginning to take shape. speaking of the other side of the aisle, and a decision that's imminent. we're live in washington with the details. plus, one -- no one is safe from the wrath of liberals anymore. not even oprah? why she's being railroaded online for what she said about the election. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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4:00 am
president-elect trump cabinet start to go take shape. one of the most positions is imminent. we're live in washington with the details. >> post-election protests ramping up overnight. tens of thousands of people marching across the country. now we know who is funding niece folks and their big plans for inauguration day. oprah has a message for the angry people. chill out. >> president-elect trump with president obama in the white house. i think everybody can take a deep breath. all about unity. everybody can take a deep breath now. >> a deep breath. how dare she. this morning the backlash that she's receiving on social media. "fox and friends," hour two starts right now. i love that celebrities read
4:01 am
mean tweets. the trolls come out on the internet. boy, do they. >> all i can say it let's love one another. >> how dare you say that. you terrible person. >> come on. >> the producers reason mean tweets in the newsroom. oh, my goodness. wait until we read those tweets. >> good morning. thanks for watching "fox and friends." we have a jam-packed next three years. president-elect trump white house starting to take shape. >> garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. with who may be on the short list. good morning, garrett. >> is it you, garrett? >> not that i know of. very well could be. i'll let you know about that. good morning to y'all. it's interesting, though. when you look at the chief of staff position. after you're deciding who you're going to marry and who your running mate will be, the chief of staff is up there in the most important decision that is a president-elect will make. right now there are two men being considered for the job. not garrett tenney but former campaign chair, steve bannon and
4:02 am
reince priebus. one of the main roles for the chief of staff will be a bridge between the white house and capitol hill and other agencies to advance the president's agenda. all of that would appear to make priebus an ideal candidate with his knowledge of d.c. and connections to gop lawmakers. yesterday at trump tower, trump adviser kellyanne conway confirmed that he's a strong possibility. >> there are several people being considered. >> reporter: look for conway to play a large role in the administration as well. she deserves large credit for navigating his campaign to victory. >> i think she'll be probably wherever she wants to be. i think the president-elect very much respects her counsel and her opinion. not just as a campaign spokesperson but as a sounding board and someone with a lot of ideas. >> i think a lot of allies on
4:03 am
the short list are former new york mayor of rudy giuliani for attorney general and senator jeff sessions for secretary of defense and former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski being considered for senior adviser roles as well. there will be plent incompetent more names being thrown out there as well. we can expect some of the top positions being announced on the sooner side. i will be keeping my ringer on. >> thanks, garrett. >> you never know. >> we asked our viewers earlier this morning, what did they want to see. karen e-mailed and said kellyanne conway should be the chief of staff. if not for her, i do not believe mr. trump would be president-elect. she was calm in a sea of storms. >> william tweeted this. reince priebus,ded and knows washington. >> ben carson would be upon. i'm glad we have a loud strong
4:04 am
leader. now we need a voice of reason in the background. protests overnight again. a fourth night of massive protests across the country. saw everything unfolding in portland. these aren't just spontaneous protest, people coming out of their houses. >> some people putting up money behind it, right? >> they are spreading. this is where they are across the country. you don't just -- they're not spontaneous. they're well-funded. we've had segments. we'll talk about who is funding them. abby, we've talked about this. what are they protesting? honestly. there was a protest outside the restaurant i was at last night. you walk out to talk to them. they want donald trump out. we just had an election. >> where were they before the election? >> delicate snowflakes. they want a revote. >> put up that map again. if you look in the areas where
4:05 am
the map took place. you look in philadelphia, minnesota just voted for donald trump. overnight we got word -- or michigan. >> look at michigan, detroit. philadelphia. the numbers of people that turned out for hillary clinton were down significantly compared to president obama a number of years ago. if they would have voted -- >> that's what i wanted to say, did you vote this time around? what do they want? whether they like it or not, mr. trump is going to be our next president. there have been big names behind the organization here. michael moore for example was seen at a trump tower yesterday. george soros reverend al sharpton. they have been out there trying to rile up the protests which doesn't make the situation any better. >> you're allowed to protest, but not burn police cars and block traffic. it's called law and order. the groups doing this, they want perpetual anarchy. a lot of the groups are based in
4:06 am
that. international answer, funded internationally. a lot from george soros. this is a front group for the marksist, leninist party. they're anarchists anti-semitic. they're not liberals, they're anti-american. they want to foment chaos across american. >> by inauguration day, they're organizing for the protest. >> already. that's january 20th. you think this is going to slow down. it seems like it will continue on. >> we should all take a deep breath. >> remember the comments yesterday. oprah yesterday or the other day saying on entertainment tonight, when she saw that picture of president obama and donald trump, this is what happened. watch. >> i just saw president-elect trump with president obama in the white house and it gave me hope. gave me hope. i mean, i have to say. to hear president-elect trump
4:07 am
say that he had respect for president obama, it felt that he had reached a moment where he would actually humbled by that experience. to hear president obama say that he has renewed confidence in the peaceful transition, i think everybody can take a deep breath. >> all about unity. >> everybody can take a deep breath now. >> that's such a nice message that i think you want to hear. you would think the response would be good for standing up for coming together as a country. >> leadership role. she was a clinton supporter and obama supporter. as you said, not so nice. >> backfired. twitter, social media jumped on her. heather wrote this. oprah take a deep breath while the rest of us fight for our lives. >> this is the mind-set. >> what the blp. this is not one of my favorite things. >> a famous actor.
4:08 am
not one of his. >> i will never forget that you did this, oprah. >> another one. oprah, dead to me. >> i mean, rel really? >> i'm fighting for my life. donald trump was elected. i'm fighting for my life. >> there are folks in iraq and afghanistan fighting for your life. >> that's a great point. all she was saying by the way. take a deep breath. can't we all do that? >> she said, i felt like we had reached a moment where trump was humbled by the experience to hear obama say that he has renewed confidence in a peaceful transition. you don't want a peaceful transition? you want chaos? >> we're better than this? we're better than this, aren't we? >> agitators are not because they benefit from it. we want our headlines. starting with an election alert. the votes in michigan have been
4:09 am
tallied. president-elect trump finishing on top. he leads the state with 47.6% of the vote. 47.3% for hillary clinton. once officially called, the state will propel president to 306 electoral votes. backup to the southern border to stop a surge of illegals. 130 extra border patrol and custom agents will be temporarily assigned to the rio grande valley. an uncontrollable amount of people have been caught trying to cross the border. the move comes as fears swell over president-elect's campaign promise to strengthen the border. shot repeatedly lying on the ground in a shootout. that ended with the gunman shot to death. >> i have watched the video from this situation. it was a clear and intentional ambush. >> officers referring to dashcam video they say police are
4:10 am
responding to a theft when they spotted the suspect on the street. the cops pulling over to be met with a barrage of bullets. the wounded officer needing emergency surng and luckily expected to be okay. president-elect donald trump's first wife celebrating his win by asking for a favor. a new job as, get this, ambassador. the former mrs. trump saying she would like to serve as u.s. ambassador to her home country of the czech republic. she predicted her husband will husband at mar-a-lago and he won't give up his trump tower apartment once in the white house. good information coming from his ex-wife there. >> he may spend weekends in new york city at his high-rise. >> i don't think we're sure whether melania will move full-time to the white house to raise her son. >> let's get more on this. >> do you have the answers, rick? >> amazing for midtown manhattan. >> there's no traffic or issues
4:11 am
getting around manhattan. >> and protests. >> exactly. >> all right, guys. it is chilly out there this morning. we have freeze advisories in effect. there you see the colored areas as parts of delaware stretching back towards parts of oklahoma. a chilly morning to start out. it warms up a little bit tonight. but it will be another chilly one. this where you see the light purple, that's wirts below freegz. 27 in raleigh. it's been incredibly dry. a little bit of rain across parts of georgia and towards south carolina. we desperately need the precipitation, especially in the southern appalachians. not a lot. but the fires are going on right here. this is our last chance to get any rain until the end of this coming week. we'll eek a little bit of it out. no precipitation unless it's the pacific northwest. a calm pattern of weather the last couple of weeks. that's about to change. temperatures well above average, especially across the central plains. temps maybe 25 to 30 degrees
4:12 am
above average. we remain warm kind of all week here across the southeast. get ready though. by midweek, the moisture comes to the west and we might be talking about a blizzard in across the northern plains towards the latter part of this week. get ready. it's coming. >> i got to get the shovel out of the garage, you're telling me? >> minnesota. >> they will be working soon. >> get ready. >> you're sitting there drinking coffee. get out there. that's why we have kids. mow the lawn. labor force. >> for free. >> totally. not free, though. what will president-elect trump do to fight terror. >> an iraq war veteran says when it comes to global threat, he's in for a rude awakening. a new pet project. he's back. ♪ ♪ changes to make things right.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
four americans. two service members and two contractors were unfortunately killed in an explosion that rocked bagram air force base this weekend. the cal ban taking responsibility for this grim reminder of global threats that president-elect trump will inherit come january. joining us with his reaction retired army sergeant and purple heart recipient an iraq war veteran on the advisory council on the united against nuclear iran. good morning, how are you. >> good morning. >> this is unfortunate. we saw that over the weekend. what is donald trump, president-elect trump need do in afghanistan to turn a corner
4:17 am
there? >> i think he needs to reach out to our partners in the region and get a unified mission against stopping these terrorists that are pushing war, a continued war of terrorism or hatred toward a news rim community. until this stops, people will see the association between the terrorists and the muslim community. >> and they see the weakness of our approach there. >> true. >> the centerpiece of what this administration did in trying to believe they could prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. donald trump said he would scrap the deal. one of his advisers said recently that he may take a slightly different approach. i want to play that clip and get your reaction. >> ripping up is too strong a word. he's going to take a agreement in international context and review it. it could be a tense discussion but the agreement is right now
4:18 am
$750 billion to the iranian regime without receiving much -- that is not going to be accepted by the trump administration. >> he wants to tear it up. little bit of a walk back there. what should president-elect trump do about the iranian deal? >> if that's true, that's a big walk back. that's not a little walk back. that's a big walk back. should have torn it up and putting more sanctions on it. it's a terrorist regime. we know that. they not only kill americans, the numbers we're looking at about a thousand american soldiers. that doesn't include the civilians that have been killed, tortured or kept captive. so these are things that we need to think about and he needs to put into a stop process on developing a new deal and putting more sanctioning on iran and putting that pressure on until we can get them to acts like a citizen of the world and not a terrorist of the world. >> i've seen you talk about this before. you were wounded by an iranian
4:19 am
weapon. you understand the nature of this regime. even if it's tearing up or slightly walking back, what is the first thing president-elect trump should do to signal the iranians that we mean business? >> stop the flow of billions of dollars. we just lost four americans. is it the selling of drugs into this country by heroin or is it a direct support from iran? where are they getting the money? from saudi arabia? the money needs to stop. we know that iranians fund terrorism. that's the first place i would stop. stop the funding there and then move forward with a comprehensive plan using some of our allies in the region to really put pressure on and to correct the bad behavior. >> funding, such an important place to start. only a couple of seconds, sergeant. in addition to that, have we seen iran live by the deal so far? >> no. actually just broke it this week with the heavy water. not only that, with the
4:20 am
general -- time and time again, it's not good. >> involvement in iran. when you talk about terrorism, one of the first places is iran. sergeant robert bartlett. thank you for your service to our country. >> thanks for your service too, pete. >> thank you. donald trump wants to cut funding for sanctuary cities. this morning, one mayor says her city will stand up to the president-elect. tearing the country in half. what can we do to heal and find, you know, inner peace. maybe take a deep breath. there he is. he's taking many deep breaths. that is father john. he's next. when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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4:24 am
back with quick headlines. house republicans trying to stop -- trying to cancel the planned sale of a $17 billion worth of commercial aircraft to iran. it's a transaction made possible by president obama controversial iran deal. president-elect trump promises to scrap. turkey, the country that serves as a pit stop to terrorists is concerned about safety of citizens here in the u.s. the country warning citizens with traveling to the u.s. due to potentially violent liberal riots over this election. those are some headlines. >> thank you, abby. protesters still taking to the streets at this hour. >> not our president. not our president. >> despite the uproar over
4:25 am
president-elect donald trump, the hope tweeted this out. he said may we make god's merciful love through dialog, mutual acceptance and fraternal cooperation. >> i like that. >> how can people find inner peace after a contentious election? let's begin in father jonathan morris. never a more important morning than today. we all need help. what is your message this morning? >> first of all, protests will die down. people have to get back to work. most of them do. it will die down. it will pick up again around inauguration day. >> we have lives to get to. >> that's okay. everything is going to be okay. i've been happy with how president obama has handled all of this. excellent for somebody, like me was critical of president obama over the last eight years. he's done a great job. hillary clinton has done a great job of calling an conceding. everything is going to be okay. president-elect trump has done a
4:26 am
great job of saying he's going to be pragmatic. he says he said he's going to keep some things in obamacare. how can he say that? it's called compromise. we haven't heard compromise in eight years. compromise is not a bad idea. >> i like the idea of people working together to get things done. people have lost friends over this. thanksgiving is coming up. families will be coming together. family members aren't talking to other family members they were trump supporters or clinton supporters. they're not talking. how do you, your congregation, how do you -- >> my congregation is predominantly hispanic, i have an italian portion of the parish. a lot of the hispanics are fearful. i'm going to be speaking at all of the masses today and i'm going to say everything is going to be okay. everything is going to be okay. i hope there's going to be some compromise on the whole immigration issue. that would go so far in order to bring our country back together.
4:27 am
seal the border. it's not good for immigrants to come across the border as it is now. it's bad for them and the country. ts also bad for those coming in illegally and help those who have been here for many, many years have who have not committed any crimes. not necessarily amnesty but to have a path towards legal status so they can work and go back and -- i hope that president-elect trump is pragmatic and he seeks a common good. >> what's your message to individuals today? the leaders have set a good tone like you said. individuals who have fractured relationships with friends and family. >> i sat with several people who had the same core values, one or two of them was crying, the other one was super happy. >> how can we be on such different pages, right? >> while at the same time having a lot of the same values. we have to say i'm going to hold
4:28 am
back. i'm not going to be gloating or doing the craziest things some of the protesters have done. those who say he's not my president. well, he will be your president. >> unless you're leaving. >> that's the reality. we have to walk in the other person's shoes and say i'm not going to gloat. maybe there's a personal reason why they're so sad. why they're so angry. maybe there's a very personal reason. it's not because those who voted trump were all racist. that's a narrative -- if you believe that, that's wrong. look at all the swing states that voted for president obama once twice and now voted for donald trump. are they racist because they voted for donald trump? no. >> we have to walk in the other person's shoes. >> we needed you hear this morning, father john. always good to have you on the couch. coming up, she's a muslim american, a liberal and immigrant and voted for donald trump. she joins us live to explain why. next. remember him, disgraced
4:29 am
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4:33 am
back with quick headlines. form ir attorney general eric holder on a personal crusade against the electoral college saying it's outrageous that one candidate can win the popular vote but not the electoral college. listen. >> that is some heavy lifting. >> so it involves heavy lifting. >> let's do it. >> you got to do it. >> another great idea. holder wants to see elections move to the weekends or made into national holidays. >> i like the weekend. >> wants to harbor illegal aliens no matter what donald trump decides to do. mayor betsy hodges threatening to keep it as a sanctuary city even though mr. trump promised to deny federal funding. the mayor releasing this statement saying i will continue to stand by and fight for immigrants in minneapolis regardless of president-elect trump's threats. >> of course. >> paper or plastic. now a question of the past in
4:34 am
california along with voting heavily for hillary clinton. the state voting to uphold its ban on plastic carry-out bags. shoppers must continue to bring in their own bags or pay ten cents for plastic. this story. advice for president-elect donald trump. students at a washington state school making a list for issues they want trump to work on once he's officially sworn into office. one is study iing about being a president and one working on his speech. tackling terrorism and creating jobs. i love that. that is so cute. >> be nice. >> i love all the mayors racing to the bottom to keep their sanctuary cities. we'll see how that goes. it's freezing outside this morning. rick. >> when can i start doing the weather inside. it's winter. >> half in, half out. how about that? >> still not ready to throw on a coat. i always resist.
4:35 am
>> until january. >> it's about to happen. it's a chilly morning. especially across the south and towards the central area of the mid-atlant mid-atlantic. look at the map. it's cold but dry. this is the drought monitor. we've talked for years about the drought in california. we've not given as much attention to the drought building this summer across the southeast. especially in the darker red area. parts of alabama and tennessee and georgia. towards south carolina. incredible drought going on there. because of that, we have wildfires and no real relief in sight unfortunately. hate to say that. a lot of smoke going on. people with respiratory issues, it's going to be a problem. the northeast and the mid-atlantic today, nicer day than yesterday. temps will warm up 8 to 10 degrees from yesterday. in the southeast, you see a little bit of showers this morning across parts of georgia and in towards south carolina. not enough to help that drought. not enough to help the fires. at least a little bit in there and we'll take it. pete, to you in inside. >> thanks, rick.
4:36 am
appreciate it. some muslim leaders are expressing concern over the election results. >> i'm concerned about a candidate who is now going to be president who said on the campaign trail he wants to ban all muslims on maps just because they're muslims. this election cycle was as much about race as anything else. >> just to note that's the executive director of care, the arm of the muslim brotherhood here in the united states. one muslim woman is defying that notion. her "washington post" essay quote being, i'm a muslim woman, immigrant, and i voted for trump. that's gone viral. here is the author of standing along, an american woman's struggle for the soul of islam. we're joined by her this morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> what do you make of the reaction of muslim groups and why yourself did you step out and say i'm a liberal, muslim
4:37 am
and vote for trump? >> i'm also a mother. i sat here in milwaukee at a fencing tournament. he had some fear, he had some tension and i sat there and i told him, sit up straight, take a deep breath and release your fears and i found it interesting that oprah told this to the country and she is being trashed. i just sent her my love because i do believe that we all have to stop and see the humanity in each other. i have policy problems with the obama administration. as a muslim, i believe that the left has sadly lost our fight by refusing to talk about the islam in islamic state. as a single mother, i don't have health care insurance. i have not had any help on my mortgage refinancing under the eight years that we've had a democratic administration. i believe that we need serious
4:38 am
policy change. i'll tell you finally, the thing that i could not take anymore as a liberal was the dehumanizing of those who dare to support trump. ultimately, i felt that it's a betrayal of liberal values. i literally wear a heart over my chest right now. i do believe that we have to take a deep breath, see the humanity in each other and what is it that we're seeing out in the streets right now? we're seeing an extension of the protest vote that is paid and funded by the same people who wanted hillary clinton elected. >> sure there's a lot of evidence of that. no doubt. for you -- there's a lot of talk of the silent trump voter. you call yourself one of those. you've come out publicly writing this article saying here's why i backed him. what's the reaction been to you? >> well, as you can tell, i don't have horns on my head, right? nonetheless, i am now being chastised as a traitor to my own
4:39 am
liberals as an idiot, names that i can't each repeat on air. i've had my fellow muslims that they hope allah sends me to the gates of hell. i'm getting more responses from people in journalism saying thank you because they, too, are fed up with the polarization. what i hope is that my friends on the left will come to the middle and i would urge my friends on the right to come to the middle so we can walk on the middle path. >> sure. the critics of president-elect trump has said he's islamaphobic, he wants to ban all muslims from this country. what would you say about his stance against radical islam and islam generally? >> we've had this liberal honor for days that has emerged over the last eight years. they want to silence anybody with a dissenting opinion with trash talk, calling them bigots, racist, islam foebs. this is a movement that's
4:40 am
supported by the government of qatar and saudi arabia. they don't want us to talk about the real issue, which is the extremism that they export to the world. i know that donald trump is not islamaphobic or racist. he is not a bigot. he is he is insensitive at times with what he says, his proposals are tough. they reflect a reality of concern that people have. >> absolutely. the anniversary of those paris attacks is upon us. what do you say briefly to those who say i'm afraid and scared. protesters saying i don't know what to do. what's your message to them? >> well, i say that exactly the same thing that i said to my son. they are standing ready to overcome his own fears. take that breath. walk and let it flow through your body and emerge as a transcendent overcoming a fear.
4:41 am
fear is what we make it. we can overcome it if we also make an intention to overcome it. love can overcome fear. >> thank you for your message this morning. sounds similar to what we heard from oprah. take a deep breath and drive on. >> little did you know you'd be fans of oprah. here we are today. >> politics makes, no doubt. >> it's humanity. >> that's right. >> have a great day. appreciate it. >> thank you. the president-elect shattered the blue wall. the democratic blue wall to win the presidential election. what do democrats who voted trump, what do they want in return? one of the dems joins us next. what kind of a first lady will melania be? compare her to other first ladies like jackie o and well all of them next.
4:42 am
4:43 am
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4:45 am
in order to win the election, president-elect donald trump bleached a blue wall and got states like wisconsin, ohio, michigan with his pro-working class message. what do democrats want in return? >> a democrat who voted for donald trump joins us this morning. christian rick erts joins us. good to see you. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> because of folks like you, president-elect trump surprised a lot of people winning the presidency last week. ultimately, what do you want him to accomplish, especially in the first 100 days in office? >> i think it would be a great idea to start off on a positive note and do things like loosening the tourniquet on the coal industry and putting a lot of the coal miners back to work
4:46 am
instead of closing their companies down. i think we need to start with the trade agreements, putting people back to work, bringing our jobs back from other countries and also, i think that donald trump needs to focus on an infrastructure bill, one rebuilding roads, airports, schools around the country. everybody can agree we need to do that. >> he may be ahead of the game on that, christian. that's what donald trump has been talking about on the infrastructure issue. take a listen. >> we are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. we're going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none. and we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it. >> that's a tall order, christian. do you think he can get it done?
4:47 am
a lot of presidents have paid lip service to this, but they're still crumbling. >> i think there's a consensus now, even with the folks in washington that we need to focus on these issues. another thing i think that everybody can agree on is draining the swamp in washington and he's going to go ahead and pull the plug on that, i think, in his first 100 days i'm hoping. >> christian, what message do you have for the thousands of protesters across the country, many democrats, saying that mr. trump is not our president, some even -- terrible things happening. what is your message to them as a democrat who switched parties to vote for mr. trump? >> the people around this country need to get behind him. he's won the election. do something positive, productive, instead of destructive. give him a chance. >> christian rickers, one of the many who voted for trump, switched parties. certainly in the rust belt states as well. great to see you this morning.
4:48 am
>> thanks, christian. post-election -- we know who is funding these people and big plans for inauguration day. >> what kind of first lady will melania trump be? our next guest compares her to other first ladies like jackie kennedy. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing,
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4:51 am
welcome back, melania trump is the next first lady and the
4:52 am
white house is a far cry from her childhood. she met with michelle obama at the white house. discussed what goes in the job of first lady. kate anderson brauer is author of "first women" and "the residence." >> thanks for having me. >> you could argue this may be the most dramatic most interesting story of any first lady we have seen yet in the white house. >> it really is. it's a fairytale story on a mammoth stage. she was born in communist yugoslavia and grew up in a soviet block concrete building in a third floor apartment and she and her childhood friend would talk through a can and string set up through apartment buildings. it was a fairly humble childhood. her father was a member of
4:53 am
communist party. and she moved to new york, embarked on this big modeling career, met donald trump through a modeling agent at the kit cat club. and they had this million dollar wedding. she wore a $100,000 christian dior wedding gown. i don't think we've seen anything this dramatic, even going back to someone like jackie. >> she'll bring a ton of glamour and beauty and class in the white house. she said she would like to be like a betty ford or jackie kennedy type of first lady. who do you think she'll be like having studied the history of first ladies in the white house. >> i think she'll be more like an eisenhower. there's some jackie in there. she's a style icon and jackie was criticized in 1960 for spending too much money. she apologized to president kennedy before he was elected and said i'm sorry for you that i'm such a dud.
4:54 am
and of course when she became first lady, she was a style icon that women around the country idolized. i could see something with melania with the tweets at the beginning, i'm off to my summer residence and this is back when he announced back in june of 2015. they were taken down. she didn't go on twitter very often because the campaign didn't want this privileged life to put voters off. she's also like mamie, talks about not nagging her husband and being a wife and mother. in a way that's like michelle obama as a mom in chief. >> i'm sure that's what they talked about this past week. also big part of the first lady's role is the issues they care about an went to bring forward. michelle obama on nutrition in young kids and it sounds like melania is wanting to focus on
4:55 am
bullying, particularly cyber bullying. >> that kind of later opened to criticism that her husband engages on twitter a lot too. i think she would be wise to pick an apolitical issue. children's charity, maybe cyber bullying if she announces that's something she's interested in. history dictates what these women do. laura bush came in the white house and then 9/11 happened. she was first first lady to deliver the presidential radio address. people forget that and history will determine what issue she takes up. >> michelle obama is everywhere, we see her speaking all the time. will we see that as much with mel melania? >> i don't think so. she's even more private than michelle obama is. i don't anticipate that. the focus is really her focus is transitioning baron, the
4:56 am
youngest son in the white house since jfk jr. >> and family first always. we'll see a new chapter for melania trump. thanks for being here. >> donald trump is very close to spilling pa filling part of his cabinet. plus, hillary clinton doesn't blame herself for losing the election. she says it's all james comey's fault. more on that coming up. it was always just a hobby something he did for fun until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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5:00 am
beginning to take shape. a decision reportedly imminent on one of his most important posts. we're going to go live to washington, d.c. to discuss how it might play out. >> i took the orders and have the coffee going. >> and cream. >> always lots of cream. more anarchy in america as anty trump protesters spread to cities across the country. >> not my president! not my president! >> yes, he is your president but there's something these protesters may not know. a new report suggests it's all a stunt run by the left wing el e elite. >> donald trump loves twitter almost as much as he loves taco bowl. the president elect is revealing his twitter plans, we'll tell you what they are. hour three starts right now. ♪ >> good sunday morning.
5:01 am
>> didn't it feel like first day of fall almost. >> yeah, rick has been explaining because -- can i do the weather inside? >> i want to go outside. >> it's cold out there and windy. >> call you out about your coffee, would you like a little coffee with your milk? >> i know. >> there's no coffee in that. >> what is that? >> when you drink -- guys in the military know, you drink so much bad black army coffee, the only way to get it down your throat is pour stuff in it. lots of sugar and cream. america, don't judge, it tastes good, it's like candy. >> send us your coffee recipes this morning. >> i love that. we have a big two hours to go in this show starting with president elect donald trump's white house cabinet starting to take shape. the pick for chief of staff could come at any moment. >> garrett is live. good morning. >> good morning. this is the first and likely
5:02 am
most important decision of many for president-elect donald tr p trump. his list for chief is staff is down two two men. one of the roles is to serve as a bridge between the white house and capitol hill and other agencies to advance the president's agenda, which is why priebus, with his connection to the gop lawmakers is thought to be a strong running mate. kellyanne conway confirmed he's in the running. >> i think chairman priebus is in a position. there are several people being considered and trump's decision ultimately. >> conway, has received a lot of credit for turning the campaign around when she took over as manager. >> i think she'll be wherever she wants to be.
5:03 am
the president-elect respects her counsel and opinion, not just as a spokesperson but a sounding board as a person with a lot of ideas how to implement this vision. >> loyalty is an extremely important quality to mr. trump so it's not surprising to see many of his close allies being considered, among those are former new york mayor rudy giuliani, on the short list for attorney general. jeff sessions who was the first u.s. senator to endorse mr. trump in the primaries is being considered for secretary of defense. and we're told former trump campaign manager lieu an do you ski is being considered as well. yesterday we were told that announcement is imminent. stay tuned. >> a lot of drama. >> we love this stuff. >> and according to "new york post." the chris christie ouster is interesting, to see how upset he
5:04 am
was -- >> chris christie was surrounding himself with folks that he wanted, ultimately more about chris christie than it was president-elect trump. i know, it's shocking. we have a lot of people tweeting and letting us who they think should be chief of staff. >> karen tweeted, absolutely priebus, great at working with people and being a bridge strong but level. >> dave says, i would like to see newt, he has the d.c. experience to help run the white house. >> and laura says, i think tom brady should be head of the cleanup hollywood committee that way we could deflate their ego. >> i see enough tom brady -- >> i ran into kellkellyanne con she has stamina, she has four kids at home. she has not stopped. >> not enough credit by the mainstream media for being first female to run a successful campaign. what about what she just did?
5:05 am
>> of course. >> she has gone on all of the shows, including the view, she has taken it with class. >> we have to turn attention to the ugliness, more protests four nights in a row now that the protest have been happening and they've been smashing storefronts and cars. look at the map. we saw in portland, different cities, it's spread to florida, boston, up into detroit. >> here's the thing about these, usually protests spread when their legitimacy is growing, if you think about that, legitimacy in the case is growing and this is spreading because it's intentionally being spread. just coming out about the funding from outside organizations, left wing organizations, international organizations of elites that wanted to say the vote dt matter. >> and leaders behind the protests, george zoros, reverend al sharpton, michael moore and
5:06 am
so getting out this message via social media, e-mails out to individuals, donald trump has criticized these protests the days after the election. they are not spontaneous, they are organized. >> george zoros is denying. >> of course he'll deny it. i haven't worked and seen organizations like this work for over a decade. they hide funding and never admit it. the group behind these protests is a group called answer, international answer founded to oppose america after 9/11. it was an anti-war front group for the marxist workers party. these are communists and anti-semitics who believe america is racist. at the heart is anti--americanism. and these are part of the reason why donald trump got elected. people are sick offage taters telling us our country isn't special. >> the democracy, getting out and voting, you see these protests actually a lot of them
5:07 am
stayed home and didn't vote on election day. philadelphia, 12% down in certain sectors, detroit, down. if they had come out and voted, we see michigan win by 11,000 votes. >> and electoral college, 306. no one predicted would happen. i want to ask the protesters, did you get out and vote? you're causing real violence, did you even -- we've been asking this question on the morning feed, usually you're protesting something when you want change. what is this for at the end of the day? as you said, it's a democracy. and whether or not you support mr. trump or not, this was a win for voters. they came out and voted for mr. trump and this is a democracy. he's now going to be the next president. whether you like it or not, this is the reality and this is what it's going to be. >> what is their end state? it's perpetual anarchy, they want to delegitimize donald trump by making it look like
5:08 am
chaos in the streets. they are planning for inauguration date funded by answer and other groups funded by george zoros. this is a plan to delegitimize donald trump. >> you interviewed a really interesting woman this morning. an immigrant came out and said she voted for trump and had interesting things to say. >> you could call her the hidden trump voter. here's what she had to say this morning. >> as you can tell, i don't have -- on my head, right, but nonetheless i'm being cast as a trader to my own liberals as idiots and names i can't repeat on air. i had my own fellow muslims they hope allah will send me to the gates of hell. none of that matters because i'm getting more responses in my 30 years in journalism from people saying, thank you, because they too are fed up of the polarization. and so what i hope is that my friends on the left will come to
5:09 am
the middle and i would generally urge my friends on the right to also come to the middle to walk on a middle path. >> she was also saying also, oprah came out with her message about we all need to take a deep breath. that's exactly what we need to hear. it's really sad that even oprah is being vilified for saying we need to take a deep breath and come together. really? how do you work when your opponent says we want to send you to the gates of hell. >> i talked to a mom with a 14-year-old son drk only 14, do not go to support and publicly admit that because i don't want anything happening to you. how are we here? how are we here? we have other headlines to get to starting with an election alert, all of the votes now in for the state of michigan and president elect donald trump is on top, leading the state with 47.6% of the vote and hillary clinton right behind him with
5:10 am
47.3%. once officially called, it two propel president-elect trump with a total of 306. >> a southern border to stomp out a surge of illegals, 130 extra border patrol and agents will be reassigned to rio grande valley. trying to cross the border there and the move comes as fear swells over president-elect donald trump's campaign promise to strengthen the border. >> we've heard hillary clinton's public stance on her embarrassing election loss. in private she says it is all james comey's fault. the fbi's director's letter to congress were the difference makers. the first reopened her e-mail probe 11 days before the election and the second two days to go. without them, she had the election in the bag. president-elect donald trump is
5:11 am
now tells cbs and 60 minutes intends to treat it more presidentially. >> i'm going to be very restrained, if i use it at all. i find it tremendous. it's a modern form of communication. there should be not you should be ashamed of. it's where it's at. >> the president-elect went on to say how social media has more power than money in politics and that he proved that. i would agree with him there. part of me is sad he won't be running the twitter act. >> but the pot us -- >> he'll be president of the united states, running the potus account. >> we'll see what the staff has to say that. >> give him the keys to the potus account. rick, we sent him out without a jacket, hey, man. >> reporter: it's chilly here across the northeast but it is cold down across parts of the
5:12 am
south. look at the maps and we have freeze advisories in effect. parts of oklahoma through areas of that mid mississippi river valley down across the tennessee valley and over towards areas of north carolina, freeze warnings tonight will not be as cold but it will still be cool. your below freezing in raleigh, you get the idea. 35 in chicago as you're waking up this morning. it's really drive. we've had a calm weather pattern about the last month or so but we have rain some morning and sprinkles across parts of georgia and south carolina. we had the drought going on and fires across the southern ap latchans, out across the west, we're dry but the next system in the pacific northwest, more rain and mountain storms. that will be a series of storms again this week. by wednesday that storm system will pull in across the inner
5:13 am
mountain west. temperaturewise for the next few days, remaining well above average across much of the south and central plains. not feeling much like winter at all. back to you inside. >> thank you. >> donald trump meeting with his transition team to decide who will be in his cabinet. what can we expect in the weeks to come. chris wallace is on deck to discuss that next. >> are democrats ready to give nancy pelosi the boot? the stunning news about the future that won't seem to go away. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
president-elect donald trump
5:17 am
unveiling his official transition team led by mike pence. what can we expect for the weeks to come? >> let's ask host of "fox news sunday "chris wallace. >> good morning. >> let's start with speculations, who he's going to put in these key top positions. it really gives the american people a sense of direction he'll take the country and how he hopes to govern, right? >> absolutely. and it's going to begin right at the beginning with i think the chief of staff and i suspect because kellyanne conway is going to be one of our guests said that that choice will be imminent. chief of staff is very important. it's the person -- some say the second toughest job in washington, the person who really runs the white house staff and decides who gets to see the president and who doesn't, what papers get to him, what doesn't. there seem to be two prime choices although we don't know what's going on alongside the transition, one is reince
5:18 am
priebus, republican party chair, very much an insider, somebody who knows how to make the trains run on time. the other speculative choice is steve bannonfrom breitbart, very much an outsider and anti-establishment kr anti-establishment critic. the choice of the chief of staff is going to go a long way to saying whether he wants somebody on the inside who knows how to change things or whether he wants someone from the outside. >> and chris, we can't go past what happened with chris christie, mike pence heading up the transition team and the "new york post" saying trump was disgusted with chris christie, he didn't like that christie let a soccer mom on his staff take the fall and that he knew everything was going on with bridgegate, so he's out according to "the new york post." >> i can't -- i honestly haven't
5:19 am
seen "new york post" story today but it was clear to me that christie was out because the transition chief is a pretty public person, to a certain degree the face of the transition. you didn't want chris christie after all of the troubles he had with bridgegate and testimony and the trial in which two of his top aides were convicted of conspiracy and fraud, that he knew about it as well, as soon as that came down, you knew he wasn't going to want chris christie around taking questions from reporters about the trump administration. >> chris, you've got your finger on the pulse in washington as well as anybody. the speculation is always how will washington react to a donald trump presidency? we have it settling four or five days later. what are you hearing about how folks are responding? do they want to be part of the administration and holding back? how is the outreach? >> i will say that congressional leaders that we've talked to, paul ryan, house speaker was on
5:20 am
special report this week and i spent a little bit of time with him off camera. he was as excited as a kid in a candy store. whatever you think -- and lord knows there were plenty of tensions between trump and ryan during the campaign, you've got to know that trump is -- ryan is very excited with the idea that all of this agenda he had bottled up and couldn't get past barack obama, now if he can get it to donald trump's desk, he'll get it signed and put into law. >> you've got a big show coming up, kellyanne conway who i just saw in the makeup room. you have questions to ask her. >> senior adviser to the transition and talking to kevin mccarthy, the house majority leader. >> interesting, "fox news sunday" must watch. thanks, chris. >> bye, buys. >> the anti-trump temper tantrums, they grow on the
5:21 am
streets. >> well, wican these liberals really call that freedom of speech? it doesn't look like it to me. a fair and balanced debate is coming up next. you won't want to miss it.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
welcome back, the protests against president-elect trump growing again. can this destructive behavior be called freedom of speech. here to weigh in, an democratic strategist brian benjamin. is this just freedom of speech? >> i think most of it is. trr some folks doing the wrong thing. words have consequences and president trump ran a historic
5:25 am
campaign and what that has led to a lot of people concerned. we have young people around the country, latinos hearing from other kids, build a wall, hi jabs ripped off their heads. there is another side to this that is uncomfortable. >> that is true. there are situations where people are spray painting buildings and commenting against latinos. >> absolutely. >> but freedom of speech, going down and looting buildings and damaging cars, that's not freedom of speech? >> absolutely not. it's not protected under the first amendment. you have the right to peacefully protest and say what you don't like about what's going on in your government. when it turns to violence against your fellow american and turns to violence on the properties of your fellow americans, that is not protected. that requires the intervention of our law enforcement and in my
5:26 am
opinion because so many of them are young, the intervention of their parents. also too, hillary clinton when she did not -- when she conceded did not address her supporters and i think that was not good judgment on her part because she and the president were screaming about smooth transition with donald trump, would he accept a smooth transition and concede. look what's happening when she didn't come in and talk to her people. >> i think donald trump should give a speech to the whole america. obviously he ran a divisive campaign, he should say, i'll be everyone's president and chair fi, does he plan on building a wall? i'm hearing now maybe he might not. >> but he has called -- >> he has already clarified. >> he should come out and give a speech. >> the interview in "60 minutes." he got on social media and said
5:27 am
the protests are unfair. >> where is president obama on this? he's still the president of the united states. >> he's the reigning president and it is his job to talk to americans. quiet in ferguson, quiet in philly when a lot of these things broke out that were un-american as far as i'm concerned and -- >> hold on a second. >> brian, go ahead. >> there were a lot of people who didn't vote. we saw numbers significantly down in philadelphia and michigan and detroit. >> that's true. >> these people out there organized -- >> we don't know that. >> being paid, being paid. >> did they vote? why didn't they vote? >> i believe a lot of them did vote. bottom line was there wasn't enough votes. donald trump won the election fair and square. i don't think anyone is arguing that. >> they are. >> god bless your lips. >> people are making the case the way he runs is inappropriate and there are consequences to his words and that's what people are protesting. >> what i will say is this,
5:28 am
donald trump got the white vote and black votes -- >> i don't know about that. >> chinese votes and arab votes and all kinds of votes. people of all races and nationalities -- i'm sorry, excuse me, sir. excuse me, sir. i'm sorry. >> don't forget who won the popular vote. >> he appealed to all americans. this nonsense about racist and i'm not a racist, i'm not a xen no foeb. >> we have 30 seconds left, how do we turn the page here? >> president-elect comes out and says publicly he's going to protect the rights of all americans and muslims should not be scared and latinos should not be scared and he's going to be a president for the entire country. >> what i will say is this -- what i will say is this, no, the president of the united states who is still living on our tax dollars should address the nation, calm down everything, not only that, hillary clinton also has a duty as her
5:29 am
supporters to let them know hey, he won fair and square, let's heal and not be divided. that's the way it should go. that's their job. >> we'll leave it up to -- >> we appreciate it. i want to hear from our viewers. >> god bless you and god bless america. >> let us know who should come out. does president obama need to or president-elect trump or all three, sort of a joint summit to calm the protests? >> are democrats ready to give nancy pelosi the boot? the stunning news about the future of the speaker. and getting rid of tough regulations hurting small businesses, a panel of business owners here to get specifics, that's next. ♪
5:30 am
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5:34 am
form. >> the debate continues. >> you think the coffee you drink says something about you and your personality? i think it does. >> oh, man, let's get into it. we want to hear from you. we have other headlines to get to, starting with a fox news alert, u.s. embassy in afghanistan is shut down after a deadly attack against americans. the embassy says it's a temporary precaution for americans including two soldiers and two contractors were killed when a taliban soldier was able to get on bagram air field and detonate an explosive vest. a dozen servicemen were also injured. shoppers running for their lives after gunshots ring out in a mall packed with people. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> police still searching for the gunman who fired off multiple rounds in the upstate new york mall. shoppers bolting for the exit and others getting locked down e looked for a suspect.
5:35 am
no one was hurt there. >> and are nancy pelosi's days numbered? some democrats want the california representative to step down after more than a dozen years of leading the caucus, one group of females sticking up for pelosi circulating a letter asking for her to stay on to fight trump. this after pelosi predicted massive wins for democrats in congress during tuesday's election. >> david chappell hosting the first "snl" since the election. he had a message for president-elect donald trump. take a listen. >> all of my black friends who have money think -- that's it, i'm out. i'm leaving the country. you coming with us? no, i'm good, i'm going to get this tax break and see how it works out. i'm wishing donald trump luck and i'm going to give him a
5:36 am
chance and we historically disenfranchised demand that he give us one too. >> love david chappele, he's so right, so many celebrities weren't just joking about it, they were very sincere. we're leaving, we're out of here. no one has left yet. >> ridiculousness -- >> chelsea handler said i need my voice, i'm not going to move. >> rick is stick out there without a jacket. >> i'm starting to shiver, guys, it's getting a little chilly. all right, it's going to be a cool one. it's november. but overall i tell you what, it has not been that bad just yet. we have changes coming by wednesday across the central plains with storminess moving in. taking a look at the maps, pick your city here across the ohio valley mid-atlantic and northeast, mostly clear. we're going to see in fact quite a beautiful day, nice day to get out and enjoy some fall weather. down across the southeast we
5:37 am
have a little bit of rain across eastern georgia and south carolina. mostly just sprinkles for the day. aside from that, a pretty nice day, cool as well. then in towards the northern plains, where temps are 20 degrees to maybe 30 degrees above average, so very, very warm especially in the high plains. tons of sunshine and quite a spectacular day. across the west, southwest you're looking great, temps very warm again, above the 80s and rain moving in the pacific northwest. that's going to be the beginning of a series of storms with us this week. maybe even later on talking about a blizzard, first blizzard we would be talking about this year. >> back to you inside. >> getting the snow blower ready for sure. many of the changes ahead in the donald trump presidency, one is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. cancel every illegal obama
5:38 am
executive order. we're going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. >> that's right, president-elect trump pledging to undo tough business regulations imposed under the obama administration. what changes are small business owners hoping for? it's a big question. let's ask them, barry sloan, president and ceo of new tech business services and stephanie abrams carton, co-founder of social fly and jerry lynch, certifi certified financial planner. thank you for joining us. whats a small business owner -- what regulations are you hoping to get rid of? >> obamacare, my insurance rates went up over 50%. hsa means we get no money back from insurance company. 50% increase can put a lot of businesses out of business. there has to be something makes the medical cost controllable and allows companies to grow with the cost associated with the medical.
5:39 am
>> what else is preventing businesses from flourishing the way they should? >> i would say the current tax rate, we're definitely optimistic and hoping it will be the 15%. for our business it will help us save more money and be able to hire more people and create more jobs and invest in new technology. we're looking forward to that. >> you keep more of your own money, you can pay your people more and hire more. >> love to be able to do that. >> barry, what are your thoughts? >> president-elect trump clearly is connected with small business owners, they can empathize with him being an entrepreneur, regulation created by dodd frank put hon us on the banking industry and created the consumer financial protection board. it's likely that gets eliminated. >> do you think he'll eliminate it? >> federal appeals court said the power of the chair was too powerful and unconstitutional. there's a major issue to free up the banking industry.
5:40 am
also, energy policy, i think he's going to clear up federal land exploration and drilling which will present a vibrant oil -- >> a lot are executive orders that can be done fairly quickly. >> interesting. >> jerry, one of the concerns of so many voters was jobs fleeing overseas and the opportunities aren't there. what can he do or will he do on the regulation side and elsewhere? >> the corporate tax rate, our tax rates goes as high as 30%. we're the third highest taxed nation. if i'm a business and have a successful business? why would i want to have my company in the united states? in other countries the tax rate is a third of what it is right now. i was saying before to barry, we don't need to have the lowest tax rate in the world, if you're being chased by a lion, you can't be the slowest. right now we're the slowest. >> good way to put it.
5:41 am
what are the employees hearing? >> in terms of -- >> regulations, what's honorous for them? >> i think a lot of employees in general don't understand what benefits will come from the reduced tax rate. it's important to share this information and explain to employees what can happen with a reduced tax rate. a lot of people in general are just upset at the outcome of the election but not understanding the benefits that can come from the reduced tax rate for employees. >> very much so. quickly, what's the most important thing you should do? >> i think he really needs to reduce government regulation significantly across the board. aca dodd frank, energy policy and tax rate, to get rid of obamacare tax on paychecks. >> and when you hear overwhelmingly it's regulations that are stifling in, we'll see if washington hears that message coming up. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the "new york times" slammed
5:42 am
president-elect donald trump every chance they could during the campaign. today they have a slightly new message, we're kind of sorry. is it too little too late? we'll talk about it. ted cruz may be the next supreme court justice? is that really a possibility? the list of potential nominees coming up. stick around. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. wearing depend underwear has allowed me to fully engage in my life and i'm meeting people. unlike the bargain brand, depend fit-flex underwear is more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at
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5:46 am
rededicate ourselves to the fundamental issue of times journalism. we cannot deliver the independent journalism for which we are known without the loyalty of our subscribers. >> after turning a blind eye to the reality of the election is, is this too little, too late? >> joining us now to weigh in, nice to see you this morning, rich. we posted this earlier and a lot of people, viewers saying that's not an apology, it's saying we're going to try harder. >> you've got to admit what you've done wrong if you're going to try to get it right in the future. what "the times" did wrong, not just predicting the election wrong but tried to influence it every step of the way with hit piece after hit piece on donald trump. and that was missing the mood of the voters and trying to tamper with the election. >> the big takeaway from this election was the american people giving the middle finger to the establishment, to the media elite as you could call "the new york times," it seems they've
5:47 am
had an attitude, as if they knew better than the american people and knew what was going to happen. much to their surprise, they are wrong. >> right, i think they decided on a narrative early on in this election that donald trump was unfit, unworthy to be president, hillary clinton was the only choice. so all of their coverage was designed to prove their prejudice about their election. when they would interview trump people, trump supporters at these rallies it was to show them being cookie people as aopposed to find out what was motivating them and economic issues unaddressed in the last eight years that would make them go this way. and i think they just choosing the conclusion first and then reporting to fill in the gaps is bias reporting and made them really miss the political story of the decade. >> very much so and doesn't count as an apology if you say we thought we were fair throughout the entire election. they suffer through bottom line and they are not making it. they've been hearing from
5:48 am
readers, here's a letter from a new york times reader, perhaps the election result would not be such a surprise if your reporting acknowledged what ordinary americans care about. please come down from your new york city skyscraper and join the rest of us. i think nick speaks for a lot of people. >> i think he does. it's also not just "the new york times," there's abc, cbs, nbc, a lot of these liberal new york based media outlets were blindsided by the election and tried to influence it in a way to help hillary clinton. and they are all losers in this election. >> tuesday was a huge wake-up call. >> we'll see if it will be. it's a challenge, you can't turn off the progressive switch when you have an agenda. >> good to see you this morning. >> thanks. >> coming up, ted cruz the next supreme court justice? is that a real possibility? we're going to look at the potential nominees. >> plus, oprah has a message for
5:49 am
angry liberal protesters maybe rioters, she says, chill out. >> i think everybody can take a deep breath. all about unity -- everybody can take a deep breath now. >> take a deep breath. the backlash against her for that comment is ugly. a deep breath, how dare she? this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic
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welcome back, a surprising
5:53 am
suggestion, some saying ted cruz, saying there is no stronger constitutional conservative. though presidential-elect trump -- is cruz possibility. here to break down some of mr. trump's possible picks. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with senator ted cruz, that was a name you did not see coming on the list, especially from senator lind si graham. >> they are not exactly friends. >> not exactly. >> compared him to poison and said if he was shot -- i think senator lindsay graham would like it more established, and it would prevent him from ever running from president ever again and ted cruz very much has presidential ambitions in the future. this would be a great win-win for him and get more establishment center out of texas.
5:54 am
it's better benefitting lindsey graham more than ted cruz. >> does ted cruz really want it, want to be president one day or supreme court? i think he really wants to be president one day. i wouldn't be surprised if you saw him run in 2024 or something. >> i would not be surprised either. >> let's look at the more realistic options, mike lee, very close to senator cruz, elected in 2010 from my home state of utah. he would certainly do it -- >> the biggest competition may be thomas lee, also on the short list and the family produces constitutionalists, everyone in the family. so it would be a great choice either one of them and i think thomas lee may have a pick. listening the ldf community was not the biggest supporter of donald trump. i think that donald trump probably will pick one of the two, either thomas or mike lee. >> what about justice don
5:55 am
willett, constitutionalists love him. and i think that he is up on the totem pole as well, he's in his late 40s or early 50s and he would be there for a long time and it would help them change the composition of the court in the decades to come. >> >> it seems mr. trump is willing to put plikolitics asido do what might be best. >> also, i'm not a hillary plant, i'm really not a liberal. i'm going to give you what you want when it comes to supreme court, i'm going to protect the second amendment and limited government. i'm going to make sure we have replacement for scalia -- >> you could have two on there. >> briar, kennedy, all over or about 88 years old. there's plenty of possibilities, wouldn't be surprised if you saw
5:56 am
these names come up. >> for a lot of voters it came down to the supreme court, you've been saying this is a lifelong appointment. >> evangelicals came out heavy for a man who had three marriages and didn't have a conversation with god that much. they cared about the supreme court because the supreme court was going to be their future and i think that's what -- going to show them, listen, i'm on your side. you elected me president. >> they have to get through the senate and get through congress. they don't have the 68% threshold. >> for the -- for the supreme court you need 51 but i think they'll have the 51 because they have 52 republicans right now. i think they'll be okay. i think no matter what -- plus jo manchin, handful of democrats supporting him. >> interesting options on the table. thank you. >> coming up, he predicted the trump shocker and brexit
5:57 am
shocker, getting ready to work with the leader of the uk party. he is here coming up. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at but dad, you've got...tes are probably gonna double. allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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good morning, it is sunday, november 13th, breaking right now, the decision is imminent, president-elect donald trump planning to announce who he's going to appoint to chief of staff. as the first foreign policy meetings are already under way the uk nigel faraj will join us live. >> that will be interesting. >> and outraged college liberals exercising their right to smash windows and set things on fire because they don't like donald trump. it's not protesting when you do that, it's rioting. and the president-elect, not their only target. now they want oprah's head too. we're not kidding.
6:01 am
apparently oprah is their target also. and should president obama pardon hillary clinton, a very real question being raised at the white house. does she deserve a free pass? it was asked of the press corps. hour four starts right now. >> we have a jam packed hour for you. that is a picture of donald trump and nigel faraj, accurately predicted a trump victory. >> that was yesterday at trump tower. >> it's a great picture, two coming together that have the same implications of all of the people. he'll be on later this hour as is representative chris holland, insight into who they are picking and why and how they are going about the process. >> talking about should hillary clinton be pardoned by president barack obama. could this actually be a real
6:02 am
thing? we've got a big last hour to go here on fox and friends. >> we go big or go home in the fourth hour. >> maria bartiromo will also be here. the markets have been up. we'll see what a trump presidency looks like for your 401(k) and other things. >> we start with of course politics and this new transition team and what is it going to look like. the white house cabinet starting to take shape this morning. his pick for chief of staff, could come at any moment. >> garrett is live in washington, d.c. with who may be on the short list. >> reporter: good morning. 4,000 jobs to fill in the next administration. this transition team has its plate full. first up, it appears will be president-elect trump's chief of staff. right now we're told two men are being considered for the job, campaign former campaign ceo steve bannon and reince priebus, bannon embodies the outsider
6:03 am
establishment mentality and priebus has extensive knowledge of d.c. and relationship with lawmakers. one of the main roles is to serve as a bridge between the white house and capitol hill and other agencies to advance the agenda which would seem to make priebus a choice candidate. kellyanne conway confirmed he's a strong possibility. >> i think chairman priebus is being considered and several people being considered and it's trump's decision ultimately. >> look for kellyanne conway to play a large role as well. she's received a lot of credit for turning the trump campaign around and being considered for several positions, white house press secretary ands a senior adviser. >> i think she'll be in probably wherever she wants to be. i think the president-elect very much respects her counsel and opinion. not just as a campaign spokesperson but i think as a
6:04 am
sounding board as someone who has a lot of ideas how to implement this vision. >> a few other trump allies on the short list for the cabinet include former mayor rudy giuliani -- armed forces secretary of defense and we're told former trump campaign manager corpsy lewandowski. first, chief of staff, yesterday we were told that announcement is quote, imminent. >> it's chris wallace said this morning, chief of staff is arguably the most important role he was going to play. >> he's going to get a chance to ask kellyanne conway himself. >> we had a lot of people e-mailing their thoughts on who they want to see as the chief of staff. tammy e-mailed, i would love to see mr. mike huckabee have a role. he would make a good secretary of state. >> anthony wrote to us on facebook, i think donald trump
6:05 am
should appoint pete hegsseth. >> look at that. >> you planted that, didn't you. >> i get it. reince priebus for chief of staff. put two artificial sweeteners, swiss miss in my coffee, my strong black coffee. >> i do that. >> sweeteners and swiss miss? >> i do put swiss miss in my coffee, it's really good, adds a little chocolate to it. >> whatever you want to put in it. >> nigel faraj is probably rolling his eyes. just have some tea in the morning. he's going to be joining us in a short time here. but he is the guy who accurately predicted everything that would unfold with brexit, he was the spearheading behind the brexit in the uk and he was also predicting trump's massive victory in the united states. >> a lot of people saying -- we did a few segments on fox and friends comparing what could happen to brexit and they were
6:06 am
the mainstream media and they were saying how can you make that comparison? >> nigel faraj, he was representative to brussels, telling brussels, we're going to leave, years later they did and voted and no one expected it. he dropped out of government and has been advising donald trump in real time, saying what happened to the uk is possible with the united states, the convergence was complete yesterday when they met at trump tower. >> they finally met together. >> kellyanne conway made a statement about their meeting. >> they enjoy each other's company and had a chance to talk about what this means to the world. >> it's hard to hear. >> they had the opportunity to talk about freedom and winning and what it all means to the world. >> everyone else got it so
6:07 am
wrong. >> the only thing talked about -- >> winning. >> it's true, right. >> well, if you're a vikings fan. >> why do you got to go there. nigel farage will join us at 9:20. >> we should ask what he puts in his coffee. >> we will. incredibly smart -- >> tea, probably, refined man. >> meanwhile, there's more unrest overnight and not upset about pete's coffee. they are upset about the future of the country and donald trump taking the oval office. there's been protests the fourth night smashing businesses and smashing cars and taking to the streets all over the country and they've expanded, started out in portland and moved now. can you see it all over. >> they might as well be protested. you could potentially change what they are protesting is mr. trump winning the presidency and that's something that's going to happen whether they like it or not. you can see cities on the map where protests have broken out
6:08 am
and we're hearing threats of protests even inauguration day. not until january 20th. you have big names, al sharpton and michael moore spotted at trump tower saying he's fighting for them. >> typical left wing organizations driving this but hard core communist socialist type group, many anti-american. protest is not a fair word. these are riots, riots happening in the streets where cops being attacked and traffic is being blocked. laws are being broken. it's lawlessness. and you watch barack obama go to the golf course and not call for calm, not call for legitimacy more than the one time he did. there's a lot more the leaders could do. >> you made a good point jet, yesterday, it would be powerful if we had president obama and president elect trump come together and make a statement -- >> wait a second. maybe we don't need trump or obama or clinton, maybe all we need -- oprah winfrey.
6:09 am
>> here's oprah. listen. >> i just saw president-elect trump with president obama in the white house and it gave me hope. it gave me hope. i mean, i have to say, to hear president-elect trump say he had respect for president obama, it felt that he had reached a moment where he was actually humbled by that experience, to hear president obama say that he had renewed confidence in the peaceful transition, i think everybody can take a deep breath. >> all about unity -- >> everybody can take a deep breath now! >> because of that she's getting hate mail. >> you remember she was a big supporter of president barack obama and also supporter of hillary clinton but she's saying something we all need to hear this morning, something that we heard from other guests this morning, let's just all take a
6:10 am
moment. >> because the trolls are out on social media. oprah, you can take a deep breath and hold it while the rest of us literally fight for our lives right now. >> the hyperbole is ridiculous. >> oprah, what the bleep ble, t is not one of my favorite things. >> and i'll never forget that you did this, oprah, awful. >> how dare you. >> this one is my favorite. >> raven tweets this, oprah, dead to me. the first tweet says we're fighting for our lives. i'll say it again, there are men in uniform in iraq and afghanistan fighting for our freedom and you're going to look oprah winfrey, i'm fighting for my life because donald trump got elected president. >> when all she's saying, let's come together, time for healing. >> you have to give her credit. >> it was a calming message shlgs she was heartened by the peaceful transition of power in the country.
6:11 am
go to our facebook page and we have a great thread of comments happening on the facebook page. >> there's so many great things to come from that but a lot of terrible things and hateful speech on social media today. we have other headlines to get to this morning starting with an alert, votes in michigan now all been tallied, president elect donald trump finishing on top, leading the state with % of the vote and hillary clinton right behind him with 47.3%. and once officially called, the state will propel trump too 306 electoral votes in all. and a major backup heading to the southern border to stop out a surge of illegals, 130 extra border patrol agents will be temporarily reassigned to the rio grande. uncontrollable amount of people seeking refuge have been caught trying to across the border there and the move comes as fear swells over trump's campaign promise to strengthen the
6:12 am
border. >> then hillary clinton's public stance on her embarrassing election loss, in private she says it is all james comey's fault. on a call with top campaign donors, she said the letters were the difference makers, 11 days before the election and second closed it with just two days to go, she says without them she had this election in the bag. >> you know, whenever you lose something you're quick to point blame at everyone else but yourself. >> they were wildly wrong on all of the internal polling, didn't know western pennsylvania was going to trump and michigan was moving in that direction. how can they then say that the comey letter was the thing that moved the needle for them? the internal polling was wrong to begin with. >> and private e-mail server and lying about it, clinton foundation. benghazi. >> next, an exclusive look inside the trump transition team and decisions they might make today. one of the newest members, chris
6:13 am
collins joins u.s. next. do you remember this guy? remember him. eric holder is back with a new pet project. it may be unconstitutional but of course that hasn't stopped him before. ♪ as a marriott rewards member, i can embrace a world full of surprising moments. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts today.
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vo: introducing the new motoz droid with moto mods - exclusively on verizon. boom! vo: transform your phone in a snap. with the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it, because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a motoz droid and get another one free and $300 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each. why settle when you can have it all on verizon? >> welcome back, the day after president-elect trump announced his transition team, he put them to work. >> what kind of decisions can we expect from them? >> let's ask the newly announced members of the presidential transition executive committee, who was one of the first members of the house to endorse mr. trump, that's new york congressman chris collins, nice to see you this morning.
6:17 am
>> good morning. >> nice to be with you. >> there's a lot of work going on. people are slowing down for the holidays but you are ramping things up. what kind of announcements can we expect over the next few days. >> as you did hear the chief of staff will be announced today and after that what makes is a lot of sense, there are 15 cabinet level positions that need to be filled and thousands of jobs underneath those but it's only fair at the end of the day to make sure that the folks at the cabinet level are going to have input in those people underneath them. so while people have already been working for many, many weeks, you know, with names going through resumes and that's a lot of behind the scenes work, and certainly our job is going to be at some point, final decisions and make recommendations and clearly president trump will have the final say and chief of staff which was so critical to be put in place also very critical in that decision-making. so there's a lot of moving parts
6:18 am
here and in fact the first time we'll get together in d.c. is tomorrow. we're all looking forward to that. i think the country is as well because these first two picks are really going to send a message to america that donald trump is uniting our nation, focused on growth and 4% gdp growth, i think his priorities will be evident when we see these top level picks. >> just a quick clarification, we've heard imminent but you'll say we'll hear an announcement today. >> i would use the word imminent as well but wouldn't be surprised if it's today. >> one thing from the names mentioned, how much mr. trump values loyalty and keeping people around him that have been with him from the beginning. you're one with him for a long time. you're in the congress now. would you take a position there? do you feel you can get more done where you are? >> i did speak with president-elect trump the day after the election and told him in my case i want to stay in congress. there may be a role i can play
6:19 am
between the administration and congress but i serve on energy and commerce, the number one committee. i'm on the health subcommittee where we'll have to replace obamacare. i was very clear, very happy to have been the first member to endorse and stick with him for eight and a half months and at this point i can serve best in congress. >> what advice do you have in negotiating deals with congress? that seems to be a challenge for presidents to be able to get things done with congress. what advice do you have for mr. trump as he starts to do that? >> well, he's already started, in picking mike pence, former congressman mike pence as vice president who has an excellent relationship with speaker ryan and as we move in legislative agenda, i believe what you're going to see in this administration, vice president pence taking a major role in getting the legislative agenda through, but let's remember we have a republican house and republican senate and republican president so we're just ready to
6:20 am
ramp up and we've been passing bills for eight years that dialed in harry reid's desk or vetoed by the president. it's not like we're starting fresh. we know how we're going to make this a smaller less intrusive government to get us back up to 4% gdp. these bills are sitting there. we'll tweak them but it's not like we're starting with zero. >> all right, congressman chris collins, thank you very much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> the mom who said she just happened to bump into hillary clinton in the woods, critics say it was staged. was it? >> the president-elect's first foreign policy meters are already under way, nigel farage will join us live. >> there he is. ♪
6:21 am
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this is going to be interested, he led the uk independence party to a victory party during brexit. >> and supported donald trump in his quest for the white house. >> after meeting with mr. trump just jed president-elect trump, how does nigel farage compare the victories. the leader of the uk party joins us now. i've asked you this before, what is it like to be on cloud nine forever, with brexit and this? >> 2016, it's the year of political revolution. i've been dreaming of this for a couple of decades because i've always known whatever obstacle or friends in the media, whatever they do and say and want is not the same as what
6:25 am
ordinary hard working taxpayers want. what you've seen this year is just ordinary decent people, little people who have said we've had enough, we want change. >> you predicted the brexit and told parliament it was going to happen. they laughed at you. you predicted that donald trump would win, they laughed at all. what did you see that other people didn't see? >> it's all to do with opinion polls, they are wrong. why are they wrong? because they don't measure the nonvoter. the amount of women who never voted in their life, i'm going to go out and vote for trump. they can't measure these people. if they ring them up, join our list, they'll get verbal on the phone before it's slammed down. secondly, because of the way society evolved and the domination of the liberal left media, people are now nervous about expressing conservative views. so they'll say one thing to a pollster and do another thing when it comes to the polling booth. that was one big reason. the other reason was what trump
6:26 am
was offering just like brexit was a once in a lifetime opportunity to change a system that had not been benefitting ordinary people. >> that's so right, the advi advicible voter, people underestimated that. you met with president-elect trump yesterday. what was that conversation like? >> he was thoughtful and reflective and just think, hillary too, just think what they've been through. this has been the most astonishing vicious election campaign. i mean, second debate in st. louis, it was almost hard to watch. it was really, really down there, hard and ambitious. i think he -- for a man of 70, he's unbelievable. last few days of the campaign, doing six rallies. i know from brexit, what it's like to be out there. his stamina is extraordinary and he's not been idling for the last couple of days. he was talking about various
6:27 am
ideas he's got and he's desperate to help ordinary americans. >> when you're leading something like that, you're so full on that at the moment the polls close, you sort of thing to yourself, what's going to happen. your confidence almost goes, it happens to me on the brexit, i just think he's thrilled and when you look at the number of electoral college votes he got actually it was a landslide. >> some people in america are not thrilled and received protests. did you see that after brexit and what do you make of these protests? >> we've seen protests, led by people like various rock stars who haven't got much time for and they've been out protesting. i think looking at the people outside trump tower yesterday, i think they are the same people. >> same people. >> at the brexit protest. >> flying over. >> let's talk about brexit. there was a lot of concern international markets we've been hearing trouble in china, buying
6:28 am
back their own stock and everybody pointing to the european union and brexit will cause international turmoil. how do you decouple the uk from the european union where it doesn't rattle the world. >> i've never heard so much r rubbish in my life. the idea that the urp peen union is good for the world is none ses, highest unemployment rates and lowest growth rates and maddest energy policy. nowhere in history have you had to be in a political union to -- the whole thing is based on a false premise and these arguments that we get and we're getting them from goldman sacks and getting them jp morgan, because they allow mega businesses to effectively write their own rules for the industry which puts out of business small and medium size competitors and gives the customer worse value for money.
6:29 am
i've helped to get britain out of the european union. i don't want to get europe out of the european you don't know onbut i mean it. we don't need those old men telling us what to do. >> what would you say the future is of u.s./uk alliance. critical alliance. what's possible moving forward? >> when you think two days ago was veterans day and think of the triumphs and tragedies we have shared in the course of 100 years, to get liberty and freedom to much of europe and the world, it's very regrettable that obama took an incredibly negative view about the united kingdom. happy to see us chumped into this new european state. donald trump and team around them, they get what we've done together in the past and want us to have a good relationship in the future. obama came to britain in the referendum and told us we would be at the back of the line. i want to thank president obama, made the people so angry,
6:30 am
probably added 2% to our vote. but no, what team trump had made clear is that we would be at the front of the line. you've got massive investments in the uk and we've got massive investments here, in terms of trade, i'm optimistic. >> and nato too, right. >> trump has been heavily criticized for calling into question the contribution people are making, america is still picking up too much of the bill. he's right about that. the other thing nato, what it was formed for 70 years ago, it was there against the warsaw pact. and we haven't redefined what nato is for. >> you went through a defensive time and i traveled to scotland after that and it seemed there was harmony. what advice do you have for america right now? by the way, scotland didn't vote for it. >> here you have -- i'll tell you the truth, there's a very large percentage of people who
6:31 am
voted for remaining in the european union who say you know what, we're democrats and we lost that, let's accept it and let's get on with it. the only people moaning are the full-time professional student protesters like the lot we saw here. none of them voted, they can't get out of bed and happy to go and protest. you know -- >> it's true. >> it is true. and generally, generally, people in the uk are accepting the result. there are some who are protesting and some who are remaining by. no doubt, we're getting back our independence. >> you were laughed at for a long time. what did you say? >> i went to the european parliament for the first speech after brexit and 400 started booing and yearing as they do. i'm like the villain. and i said when i came here 17 years ago, i said to you i was going to take britain out of the european union. i said you laughed at me but you're not laughing now. >> you're not laughing now.
6:32 am
>> not laughing now either. we love having you here. >> thanks for being with us. >> we'll be right back after this. marie knows that a dutch apple pie can make any occasion feel more special. so she makes her pie crust from scratch. and sprinkles on brown sugar streusel. so that you can spend more time making special moments... ...with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor. she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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6:36 am
>> let's talk about the "new york times," never thought you would see a snowball's chance this morning having what happened "the new york times" release an apology, i guess you could call it an apology for the way they covered the election. they want to rededicate to fair reporting. >> like a rededication ceremony. >> they say to reflect on this momentous result and months of reporting and polling that preceded it, we aim to rededicate ourselves to the fundamental mission of journalism to report honestly and understand and reflect all political perspectives and life experiences in the stories we bring to you. >> later on goes on to say, we feel like we covered it fairly. and they did in the letter it's not really apologizing -- >> why are they redirecting their -- >> i think they are covering their rear end -- >> like apologizing by saying
6:37 am
i'm sorry you felt that way. >> are you not apologizing? >> linda writes, new york times will never recover from this. americans were smart enough to disregard their slanted journalism. >> new york times is so out of touch with the rest of the country, who is doing raging? not trump's people. >> this election was a win for the american people regardless of how you feel about mr. trump winning or not, this was showing that a vote really matters. despite what the immediamedia h telling us, they wanted to tell the american people what was going to happen, what they wanted to happen. this election wasn't about that, a big middle finger to the media. >> overnight coming in, 11,000 votes separates donald trump's victory overnight to hillary clinton. >> to three out of six electoral college votes. no one predicted that.
6:38 am
i looked a bunch of maps saying here are some ways he could win -- no one predicted. >> i think rick may have -- who is outside. rick, what do you got out there? >> did you see my tweet on election day by the way? >> no. >> we get into trouble when our forecasts are wrong. >> right, right. >> we're not that wrong. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> this is a big one. >> 50. >> she said it, not me. i didn't want to call it out. your grandmother is celebrating 100. >> 100th birthday november 20th. >> lots of happy birthdays to her. >> 150 years between the two of you, a lot of wisdom. let's show you what's going on this morning. we have drought across so much of the southeast -- it's really dove into the northeast and southeast this summer and we have fires now and those are going to continue unfortunately. we have a little bit of
6:39 am
sprinkles today across eastern georgia and south carolina. that's not really going to help matters much. after that we dry out again. next chance of rain friday or saturday this coming week. meanwhile, more activities across the west and pacific northwest. more rain and mountain snow inland by wednesday. >> thanks, rick. >> from the attorney general who brought you fast and furious, and spying on fox news, quite a lineup, a brand-new plan to manipulate the rule of law. what eric holder is working on now that might be unconstitutional but let's be honest, that hasn't stopped him before. >> plus, who will sell the economic post to the president-elect cabinet? maria bartiromo has possible picks and will join us next. ♪ i've been working my way back
6:40 am
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and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke, plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. welcome back, it's been in the constitution for 240 years but he says it's wrong. former attorney general eric holder can't deal with the fact that hillary clinton won the popular vote but not electoral college. >> that is heavy lifting. >> lift heavy, let's do it. >> we've got to do it. >> another one of his great idea,s, he wants elections moved to weekends or national holidays. >> they say the photo of the meeting wasn't staged at all, some are skeptical after the photo surfaced showing them
6:44 am
years ago together at the fundraiser. . >> all right, president elect donald trump is expected to appoint key members of his cabinet as soon as this week. >> who will fill his economic posts and what will it mean for his policies? >> we turn to maria bartiromo, always good to have you. >> good to see you. >> a lot of speculation going on this morning. when it comes to the economy and that is something that many people voted for trump on, you're thinking labor secretary, treasury secretary. who do you think is up for this? >> there are a lot of jobs to fill and there's a lot of speculation going on in terms of who gets them. steve mentioned his head of the campaign in terms of funding has been speculated for a long time in terms of getting the treasury secretary job. we'll see about that. we can throw out names and it's all speculation. what you want to do is go back to what the plans are, lower corporate taxes to 15% and
6:45 am
number of people who have been singing that song, obviously congressman tom barak and tom henterling have been mentioned and there are a lot of peoples in terms of that overall job, lowering taxes and rolling back regulations could could fit in. >> jamie dimon. >> i don't know about that conversation. >> look, i think jamie dimon would be an excellent treasury secretary, excellent, but i just they are very different and very different politics. i don't -- i wasn't believing it when i heard that rumor. >> some names popping up for commerce secretary as well. >> obviously dan damico and icenberg were two names that came to mind there. he's probably going to put a lot of business people in these roles to carry out the idea that you want to alleviate the
6:46 am
business stress, like obamacare and this heavy regulatory environment so that businesses will then turn around and create new jobs and hire workers. all of the above, i mean, it's hard to throw out names now when we're going to be hearing the answer either today or tomorrow. i will say this, jared kushner is one person who i've spoken about on the air and speculated perhaps being his chief of staff. that was really criticized by some people because it basically said, look, the white house is not a family business. you don't want someone who is such an important adviser to you in a position where you need that person to be able to navigate and see the blind spots, which will undoubtedly come up. but he trusts jared kushner and i think he's going to be one of his senior advisers, remember, valerie jarrett, what was her position? >> look at the kennedys and bobby kennedy, who is more
6:47 am
trust trusted adviser than bobby. >> who do you think could get chief of staff? >> i think it will either be reince priebus or steve bannon and the reason is because these two people first off steve bannon has experience in washington but reince priebus really knows the playing field. if i had to bet, i would say it's probably going to be reince priebus. >> how about kellyanneconway? >> i'm in awe of that woman. >> talk about stamina and loyalty, unbelievable. she's got four children at home. that's a tough job. i'm sure she would be great at chief of staff but you have to think about your life. >> i don't think she'll get chief of staff but she'll be there. she's in the inner circle, we know that. >> you do marias in the morning and who's on with you? >>ch, we have newt gingrich coming on. i'll ask is he interested in any of these and what the priorities are for the trump administration
6:48 am
and how he's coming up with these ideas? we're talking about jason chaffetz, we want to find out where the investigation of hillary clinton goes now. >> will president obama pardon her? we'll talk about that and also i want to get a level of continuity from jason cheffetz, how will he work with the trump administration. >> he's been critical. >> in terms of what they'll pass. and then from senior adviser at a allianz, mow ham med will tell us if it's going to continue. >> should president obama pardon hillary clinton? it's a very real question being raised at the white house, the legal implications when katie joins us next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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6:52 am
. it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> we all remember that heated exchange between now president-elect donald trump and hillary clinton during that second presidential debate but in an interview when asked about prosecuting clinton, trump said quote it's not something i've given a lot of thought because i want to solve healthcare jobs, tax reform. former prosecutor katie gives us her reaction to that -- that question was asked by the press core to josh ernst the other day, should president obama pardonen hillary clinton. what do you think? >> well, josh ernst on wednesday he said, we really don't talk to the president about who who he's thinking about pardonenning.
6:53 am
that is not true whatsoever. you know they've talked about this. my answer to that question, it is a toxic issue of i'm obama, that is not what i am known for. the presidential pardonen is to be used sparingly. people remember ford for pardonenning nixon. he lost reelection. it's going to be dangerous for him to touch a presidential pardon hillary clinton. >> he ended his political career as a result of that, people say maybe president obama should do that to bring the country together? >> i think it's a great attitude but the reality is we do not know the full extent of the criminality of hillary clinton. and the clinton foundation. as we all know in the months leading up to the presidential
6:54 am
election we didn't get full disclosure from the department of justice or the fbi in terms of what happened so i don't know if that obama's going to feel comfortable issue the pardon. even if obama offers the pardon, clinton can reject the presidential pardon. think about it, it's an admission on guilt on her end to be able to accept that. >> i didn't know you had that option. if someone's going to pardon you, you can say, no, sorry. >> that's true. the actual pardon itself means i'm not admitting guilt. think about what she has said this entire time. >> rudy giuliani said president obama should not pardon hillary clinton. >> i think he should leave it to the system we all believe in to determine is she innocence or guilty. >> his name has been floated
6:55 am
under a trump administration. it possible we might see him point a special prosecutor under the trump administration. >> absolutely. if he ends up being the attorney general, loretta lynch is out, you better believe there's going to be a special prosecutor that's going to be appoint today look into what's going on. >> what about donald trump's commentary. it sounded conciliatory. it sounded as if after that phone call with hillary clinton it didn't sound he wanted to go down that path. he wanted to focus on the american people. >> it's very distracting. if there ends up being a full blown prosecution of hillary clinton, so would it be a better idea for the america public for hillary clinton to be pardoned. that remains to be seen. they still feel like they never got all of the full information and the answers they needed to have to know exactly what happens with hillary clinton and the pay to pay allegation. >> few seconds left. earlier a guest floated the idea
6:56 am
that the reason president obama may pardon her because he's tied to it somehow. we don't have that information but in these freedom of information act requests could there be a lead right to the white house? >> apparently, there's at least 18 e-mails between president obama and hillary clinton allegedly. so if that's the case and he know about this e-mail server and classified information that perhaps could have been hosted some where else, that could implicate president obama himself. >> more intrig, great see you this morning. more fox and friends in just two minutes. we'll be right back.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
when you wake up around 6:00 a.m., newt gingrich, scott walker will be on the show tomorrow. >> have a good weekend everyone. >> good morning. what a week. a republican sweep. president-elect donald trump wasting no time preparing for his move to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. thanks for joining us, everybody. this is sunday morning futures and we're happy your here. mr. trump addressing his priorities with the leaders of house and senate this weekend. plus how will a trump presidency impacted your money. one of the nation's top's economist -- president-elect he will


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