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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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met and discussioned raising children in the white house which is a unique situation and something that michelle obama knows quite a bit about. that's it for tonight. o'reilly is up next "on the record." don't miss the premier of tucker carl son on monday. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> my number one priority is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. >> we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful and some difficult. >> historic meeting between barack obama and donald trump. apparently it came off very well. martha maccallum has the inside story. ♪ we reject the president-elect. >> not my president. [cheers] >> 5, 6, 7, 8. america will never hate. >> anti-trump and anti-american demonstrators crossing trouble all across the country. talking points will deal with them.
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>> do you think that trump is going to knock the hell out of isis? >> no. isis is not a person. isis is an idea. you can't bomb away an idea. >> also ahead, jesse watters asking the folks how they think donald trump will govern. >> i think it will be tremendous interesting. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. we'll get to the obama-trump meeting today in a moment. pretty interesting stuff. but, first, is there a civil war brewing in the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we mentioned last night, the voters rebelled and donald trump won the presidency because of that rebellion. just a few hours after the election was called though, some anti-trump protesters took to the streets. nothing major but the
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spectacle got intense in oakland. [shouting] >> what do we want? >> when do we want it. >> main beef seems to be that left wing protesters don't respect an honest election. by the way, that's a hallmark around the world. every communist and socialist takeover from cuba to venezuela to soviet russia back in the early 20th century featured violence and assaults on freedom. here in the u.s.a. we honor protests, but increasingly we are seeing people who want our system destroyed. >> if we don't fight, who is going to fight for us? people had to dyed die for the freedom we have today. we can't just do rallies. we have to fight back. there will be casualties on both sides. there will be because people have to die to make a change
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in this world. trump, enough with your racism. stop splitting families. don't split my family. >> now do i believe that woman wants to kill people? no, i don't. i think she is simply hysterical. but there are people, agitators who do want to hurt you. who do not believe the way you do. >> a lot of us, especially, i think as young people, are really shocked and not okay with this decision, not okay with our system. >> we're here to speak out. we're here to really create the revolution that we know is possible. >> now, that woman is a moron. the revolution is going the other way as we saw when almost 60 million americans voted for trump. a man with no political experience. that ballot box protest was peaceful. it's the way our republic works. no one was hurt. no one terrorized. no one killed. unfortunately, our system is not being respected in many
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american public schools. more than 1,000 students walked out of berkeley high school in california. >> love trumps hate. [chanting] >> not our president. not our president. >> that's disgraceful. in san francisco, there is talk that the state of california should succeed from the union. >> i would love to see us become our own country in a wait a minute the republic of california because it's just -- it feels so surreal. it feels unreal. >> that sounds like the south before the civil war, does it not? finally, the race hustlers are very angry. chief among them al sharpton who despises donald trump. >> but he cannot say he did not run a campaign that has created a lot of racial fear, a lot of divisiveness. and he played to a crowd and he knew what he was playing
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for. >> for sure. >> i knew him. he knew exactly what he was doing was playing to the worse elements. we need to analyze, this man is going to be president. all that many of us have fought for all our life is at stake. we're not going down without a fight. donald needs to know that. >> what kind of fight, al? are you going tone courage violence like you've done in the past? are you going to spout hatred, which is one of your trade marks? are you going to divide americans along racial lines, which has made you a fortune? i would like to see al sharpton run for office and we would find out what kind of constituency he really has not puppets at some cable network. all right. on the racial front, talking points has analyzed the vote on tuesday. we found that more than 1 million african-americans stayed home as compared to 2012. the stats are these. there are about 15.6 million votes cast by blacks. in 2012, that number was
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16.7 million. the effect was devastating on the democrats as trump won wisconsin by just 27,000 votes. in michigan he is ahead by only 12,000 votes and in pennsylvania trump won by 68,000 votes. had black americans vogted the same way they did in 2012, say hello to president hillary clinton. the reason some african-americans did not turn out is that a number of them simply don't trust hillary clinton. on the donald trump front, he got 13% of the black male vote as opposed to romney getting 1 11% in 2012. 4% as opposed to 3 this time around. trump out performed romney by 3 points among black americans. summing up talking points respects sincere protests. if you believe donald trump is not good for america, i have have no problem with you displaying that opinion. however, if you hurt
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someone, destroy some thing, or promote anarchy, you then become a danger to the republic. that kind of stuff needs to be punished and quickly. also, we are living in an amazingly destructive politically correct environment in america. just because something offends you doesn't mean you have the right to hurt or destroy. the new president might want to make that very clear. if you don't like it, canada and mexico are nearby. they might be happy to have you. then again, they might not. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, obama and trump meet in the white house in an amazing display. martha mac cam lump with details. college students are so distraught by the election they can't take their exam. we're not kidding. our report upcoming.
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impact segment tonight, president obama meeting president-elect trump. the two got together earlier today and martha maccallum has been following this historic situation. so, i want the dish. i don't want all the phony stuff. they get along these two? recommendation i mean it looks like they did okay. they were in there for 90 minutes. originally it was scheduled for an hour and donald trump said it was supposed to be 15 -- >> just the two. >> just the two of them. no reporters or staff in the room. when they finally did come out, the segment you are looking at right now they weren't looking at each other all that much. >> remember the body language? remember we used to do body language. >> i do. we became experts. trump is leanin barack obama is leaning trard trump but is he not leaning toward him. there is he back. leaning toward the fireplace. >> we were all coverage this
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live in america's newsroom. no moment when melania and donald trump and mr. and mrs. obama stood together which typically does happen. josh earnest came out and said don't make a big deal out of this. nothing cancelled this morning. but the fact of the matter is it did not happen. it has happened in the past. >> the president has made it and to his credit, no doubt, clear that he wants to a smooth transition and is rooting for donald trump, whether that's true or not we don't know. trump said together something interesting that some of the conversation was cordial but some of it was not. but we don't have any idea on the not part, right? >> no. clearly these two men have very different perspectives on how the country should be run and nobody expected that they were going to resolve those in the middle of this moment. they had never met each other before. despite the fact they were in the room together for the white house correspondents dinner which we all remember which was incredibly icy. the president went after donald trump. a lot of people think it was
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one of the impettuses that donald trump wanted to be in the white house for himself. a picture of the long faces of the white house staff as they stood outside the building waiting for the motorcade to pull up, valerie jarrett, jen psaki. >> 8 years. you couldn't have a bigger run than you had. >> they were expecting to be open arm embracing hillary when she walked in those doors. >> one of the things i noticed at the very end of the dog and pony show, all right? president obama said something interesting to trump. roll it. >> mr. president. >> thank you, everybody. we are not going to be taking any questions. thank you, guys. thank you. >> good rule don't answer questions when they just. >> last one. >> come on guys. >> come on, guys. >> let's go. >> thank you, guys. >> good man. >> appreciate it. >> all right. that was good. i liked that. >> pretty nice moment, too. if you couldn't hear everything. don't answer the question
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when they start quelling at you. he said it's always the last one, which is true. if you say i will just take one and you turn around and then you are sucked in and the reporters, of course, love it but not always a great situation for the president. >> hoping to get donald trump. i think he has forgotten about me. come on, man. but we're hoping to get him on next week so we can debrief him about all this stuff. look, i have interviewed president obama, is he very cautious in what he does. very disciplined and donald trump is more of a throw it on out there. all right. so that's that. now, we had -- you guys may need this supervision, particularly some of you who were rooting for hillary clinton. this legalized pot more now. here's the package from fox. go. >> voters in eight states approved pro-marijuana ballot measures including votes for legalization in california, massachusetts and nevada. marijuana advocates say this is just the latest in a string of victories for their cause.
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>> the market has been there. but it's time for it to be legit and it's time for -- we're very regulated and it's time for that to be standard for this product. >> some officials disagree citing concerns about a possible rise in auto accidents and deeper drug addiction among young people. they say the movement needs to take a step back and find ways to make marijuana available more safely. >> okay. so california is the big one. >> yeah. >> you know, they had quasilegalized marijuana in california. >> they look the other way policy. >> you know, they had that big medical moon ruse. >> good for a cold or bum toe. >> if you haven't been out to california i love this. they have a doctor named dr. lenny. he is on premise. >> i know dr. lenny. >> you hand lenny 200 in cash. lenny doesn't want any trace. lenny writes you a prescription. then you just go to the next place over. the next room over and they sell it to you. that was the medical marijuana cruz in california. and there were 50,000 lennys
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they were on every corner. >> not good for business in lenny. california, massachusetts, nevada all passed measure now. 677% approval rating of were legalizing marijuana in the country according to gallup. >> if you want to gamble you really want to be high when you do that especially when you are playing blackjack. you lose. >> slows you down. the thing i saw of all the studies, no doubt that kids use it more. no doubt that there is more traffic accidents. but the minority community, poor minorities in this country use legalized marijuana far more than anyone else. and that's going to hurt those folks. last word? >> well, you know, one other ballot thing that got shut down in massachusetts they approved marijuana but they rejected the charter school expansion. >> of course, why? because they don't want stoned kids going into the charter schools. >> they want them in the public schools because it's so much better for them. exactly. >> thank you, martha.
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factor follow-up segment tonight. national press still very upset about the trump victory. >> assuming, and that's what we're talking about, that he does win, people i'm speaking to think it's absolutely catastrophic. that it's catastrophic for the united states. catastrophic for our position in the world. it emboldens our enemies and adversaries, makes our allies terrified that we're not going to be their allies anymore. most people think that this type of accep scenario happens.
5:21 pm
>> richard engel nbc news correspondent not a commentator. joining us from washington associate editor of "the washington post bob woodward. i know you are an old school guy and you don't think that hard news reporters should comment with their opinion but we saw that with martha raddatz to some extent on abc news. we saw it with ingle on nbc news. i could give you 20 other examples. so what do you think is going on? >> well, i think in the case of richard engel, who is really one of the best foreign correspondents anywhere in the world for any u.s. or even foreign broadcast service, it seems like he might, when he said people he was talking to presumably those would be foreign government officials who are officials here. so i don't think that particular segment crossed the line at all. >> all right. well, i disagree with you because if is he going to do that, he has to put a name on it, number one. you don't do anonymous sources because anybody can
5:22 pm
make that up. number two, he has a history, you know mr. ingle of left wing utterances. number three he should be a commentator. he could still be a reporter and still send people into the field if they have a commentator label. best example on this network is geraldo. geraldo gets sent to all the war zones but is he a commentator and we let everybody know that wouldn't that be a fair solution to this kind of stuff? >> well, i don't -- listen, this guy goes on the scene in places that are very dangerous, you and i are sitting in our chairs, so i have watched him and i think he is really terrific reporter, one of the best. but the larger point, there are people who were respondent in the dumps about trump winning and i think it showed it did no doubt it showed. i said that about martha
5:23 pm
raddatz whom i have known for years ebbs lent reporter. she is on there. ticking off. hey, if you are a trump voter this is what you are voting for and ends up with the access hollywood tape. come on. you can't do that unless you do it to both sides. >> yes. i think you have got to get in the middle. >> got to do it to both sides. what i'm trying to get at with you is when you came up and young reporter at "the washington post" under ben bradley there were strict rules woodward. cbs and abc, i couldn't give my opinion in the piece, which killed me but i didn't all right? those rules are gone. >> were under rule one was don't go on television. in rule 2 was no gloating. and he had it right. and i think we need to get back to. >> it's not going to happen. newspapers are dying.
5:24 pm
they are are going out of business. they got to be provocative. what about -- what about and i'm -- chris wallace was interviewed in the "new york times" today and he said to his credit, and i got wallace on tomorrow, hey, you guys, you didn't cover this trump thing fairly. and you are even -- your editor said you didn't cover it fairly. you were out to get them. that's what you were out to do. what about that? >> i think there is some evidence of that. no question. but if you talk to the hillary clinton people they think as it pertains to the "the washington post" that we were out to get her. >> how and what possible way could you have been out to get her? i read your coverage. all do you is report the facts. >> yes. puff we stuck to the email issue, which is important. there are still up answered questions in all of that. >> how is that unfair? >> no. but i'm telling you people. >> anybody can whine about anything. facts are facts. i'm trying to do this as a journalist even though i'm a commentator with facts.
5:25 pm
you have a wikileaks thing coming out every day and it has provocative stuff about hillary clinton's main guy, john podesta, you have got to report it. you can't say well, we have got too many of them and we are not going to report them anymore. it's ridiculous. >> of course. but you stick to the facts. as we all know what facts are you going to pick? where are you going to do a major story and we stuck on the hillary clinton email story. if you go back even a couple of years, the clinton foundation. >> yeah. reporters did some really -- yes, it is. but people are angry about that. >> i said you guys should have done more on the foundation. i think if you did you would find a hell of a lot more than has already been in print. now, let's look i look ahead. >> i agree with you that. >> you can do it. you are not over the hill yet. you are almost at the summit you should do it?
5:26 pm
>> thank you. it's nice to have another assignment editor in my life. >> sure. any time you need advice you know who to call. i think the post and other newspapers are going to go after trump as president. they are going to be unmerciful. i don't see any difference between the candidate and president. is he still going to hammer them. am i wrong? >> it's a matter of what are the facts and what's going on? what's occurring this love fest between obama and trump is not something you would expect unless you realize. >> they have to. >> sure. well, it's in the interest of both, particularly obama, because he -- the last thing he wants to do is have 10 weeks of fighting and tension with trump and. >> obama -- >> i think trump -- you know, how long this will but i think it's a really important thing. i think what hillary clinton's concession speech.
5:27 pm
>> yeah, yeah. >> the best speech. it was. let's give her credit. even you, i bet. >> look, i'm just glad that secretary clinton can take a break right now. i will tell you what, barack obama is the smoothest, coolest cat there has ever been in the white house. is he going to be classy right until the inauguration. and then is he going to go out and make a gazillion dollars. that's what's going to happen. always good to talk to you. thanks very much. thanks for being a good spartan, too. dennis miller has some thoughts about the tremendous transition in america. also watters sampling opinions on the streets. chaos at some college campuses students are too distraught to go to class. we hope you will stay tune to those reports.
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unresolved problem segment tonight. college campuses in disarray. after donald trump won the presidency, a university of connecticut teacher emailed quote because i know this process has been so difficult for many of you, emotionally and mentally, i wanted to let you know that i am not taking role in class tomorrow, which means can you cut ms. leake's class, no problem. a teacher at the university of rochester this time called moen cancelled all meetings with students because he said he couldn't bear to discuss the outcome of the vote with them. and at yale, an economics
5:32 pm
professor stephen berry even told his students the midterm exam is now optional. with us here in new york city ivana, a student at columbia university of law school and a senior at yale. so are you getting out any of your exams here, kyle or what? >> unfortunately not. but many of my friends are across campus. people are canceling exams. making them optional and letting them take home exams. >> is this surprising to you. >> not very. after four years at yale it's not surprising one bit. >> what is it about yale one of the finest universities in the world not as good as harvard, thank you. but what is it about yale that the sensitivity level of the students is so fragile? >> i think it was a variety of factors. the administrators tend to let this campus culture pros officer. >> what does that mean? >> they don't pass back
5:33 pm
dependence the students. >> students are running the show. >> exactly. >> okay. >> then starting around midnight on tuesday. students started asking professors, begging them on various campus platforms, facebook, different groups, asking for exams to be moved for classes to be cancelled. >> because they were so upset. couldn't concentrate. >> exactly. can't handle many of their emotions. >> can't handle it. >> 1 chock a.m. on wednesday morning, they had a big cancel primal scream. >> primal scream at yale. very good. i hope you didn't scare the other people living in new haven. now you are at columbia, another ivy league school here in new york city. is did the same as kyle is describing? >> i wouldn't describe the students as fragile. i would just describe them as so civically minded that when the outcome they are expecting doesn't occur they don't know how to cope. >> so they can't cope with adversity? >> it's just that they are not forced to confront it as frequently as you would at a
5:34 pm
more conservative institution. >> well, there aren't any conservative institutions. maybe a few. but there really aren't. so is basically the ivies, yale and columbia, are creating candy land environments where if it doesn't go your way people fall apart? >> i would say they create like open forums where they want everyone to be able to discuss. >> they don't want me. >> the outcomes. >> they don't want me up there i was born columbia presbyterian never been invited up there or yale. harvard doesn't even invite me and i paid them 100 grand for my degree. i don't know if they want open discussion. they want to hear the things they reinforce. i know you have an american flag on your tie and all that you are on "the o'reilly factor." when you get back to new haven, are they going to give you jazz? are you going to get in trouble? >> i'm sure students will be pushing back. but i'm part of the william f. buckley jr. program at yale we freedom of expression and discourse. i have a strong seeing.
5:35 pm
of friends i know who will be supporting me. >> when you get back and william f. buckley went to yale conservative icon. when you get back you might take some hazing. they may not like what you did. are you going to ask your professor to not take the exam or not to do your homework? are you going to do that? >> no, sir. i will be living my life like i always. >> what's the difference between you and the people who can't show up to take the exam? >> i think maybe the way i was raised. the education that i have. the values that i hold. >> you north going to fall apart when they say oh, reilly, how can you even sit at the same table as him? when you get back to columbia, okay, some people say you legitimize me or this program, how will you answer that? >> they are entitled to their opinion just as i am to mine. it's no secret that i have affiliate with the republican party. i used to be in charge of our club at columbia. >> used to be in charge of the republican club? >> yes. >> now, did you lose friends or were you punished by your
5:36 pm
i object structures in any way for your political believes? >> i had one incident with a professor where i think she clearly could not stand me because she knew i was president of the republican club. >> did she take it out on your grade. >> i don't want to say there is a direct correlation but that was my lowest political science grade. >> i had the same thing with marist college with a woman who is not with us anymore. she is deceased. gave me a bad grade. i can't say it's ideological because i'm so obnoxious. i earned a better grade than that last yes do you think yale is in trouble socially? if they can't handle voting a certain way. >> campus called future of america it's troubling. >> i don't see -- yale is the same place where had you halloween costumes that people fainted or something like that. right? >> with have you 1,000 people protesting that
5:37 pm
email, i don't know what it takes whether you have a president-elect trump. >> all right. thank you very much for coming. in this is serious. if anybody gives you a hard time let me know. i'm serious, all right? not going to happen. when we come right back, it will be miller time. as the election restored the d man's fate. watters asking the folks how trump will govern moments away.
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>> thanks for staying with us. in the miller time segment tonight. as you may know the sage of southern california has been a bit distraught about the state of the country lately. but now things have changed big time. miller joining us from santa barbara have they changed miller or do you think it's not so dramatic? >> well, bill, let me say. this i remet john dough yesterday. i know a lot of people have been driven into the cat that combs because, quite frankly have you got to watch what you say nowadays. there are a lot of people with love in their heart who wish you dead if you don't have as much love in your heart as they do. dangerous times. i didn't realize it was 5% which it appears to be what
5:42 pm
it was. i remet john doe yesterday. the yield of it will be good for this country. i saw trump go down today and i guess they christened it at the white house today. it was orange lives matter. and he was there 10 minutes earlier. he was there 10 minutes early because time is money. i can't pretend i'm not happy about this i got for not hillary. i have been saying that for two years. i though hillary was deplorable before deplorable was cool i'm not a fan of her. i think trump has to do. this he wants to bring this country together. here is my five points i would do. i would repeal obamacare because it's not working. i would start pricing things out of state and see if the free markets can bring it down. if it doesn't work, i would be a pragmatist and say all right we will go back to whatever obamacare is but i'm going to try. this two things these are in tandem. i would make it hard to get into this country and i
5:43 pm
would make it easy to start a small business in this country. we have those two things screwed up right now. fourthly, i would kill terrorists before they terrorize and not after they terrorize. i would do that in a shot. and as far as the environment goes, i want clean air and i want clean water. anything else, don't let the wind turban hit you in your ass on the way out. i think trump is going to be pragmatist about this stuff and solve some problems. do you know who i feel really happy for those 20 kids getting shot every weekend in chicago. people can talk about caring all they want, but this system is not working for the disenfranchised now. it's like alien where they barely keep somebody going so they can feed on them. it kind of works that way. too many people being shot in chicago innocent every weekend. let's try something else and see if that works. and if that makes me a bad
5:44 pm
guy, so be it. >> should have been the national guard in there three years ago but the mayor of chicago and governor of illinois, they don't care. now,. >> i don't find that as caring as they say it is. >> they don't care. they don't. look, if you understand public policy and you understand crowd control and understand public safety, and you have a situation where thousands of poor people are being slaughtered in the streets you put the national guard there to stop it it's not complicated. and they will not. now, how long are you going to give trump to start to implement throwing out obamacare which is, you know, going to be controversial, how long? >> i'm sick of this country taking stands about how long they are going to give. i even did that with obama. i said i will give him and i shut up for a while. i didn't dig the vote. but when i saw him in grand park that night and the little black kids looking up at him with legit hero, i thought this will be good
5:45 pm
for this country. shut up for a while. after around a half a year when it wasn't working. i said i have got to saying something. i don't hate obama for god's sake. to me is inept civil servant. he is the guy we hired to work the toll booth on the toll bridge and he keeps giving back incorrect change. that's all he is to me. i wish the next guy well, too. but this whole thing about here's what i think -- i don't have a clue. but i hope, i wish god speed to obama. i wish god speed to donald trump. and you know something, billy? this country, all i would say is this, to these kids out there who are marching at night and by the way when you walk up from the village up to 57th street outside trump tower, i saw a lot of fat kids in that thing. maybe we ought to start doing protest jogging instead of protest marching because somebody has got to burn some calories out there in the hinter land. if you are going to continue to march and say this guy
5:46 pm
isn't the president two days after he has been elected. i heard this phrase recently and i know it got a lot of residents in the culture. can i say to you if you are going to continue to march two days after the fact, what difference at this point does it matter? >> ken miss miller, everybody. quick reminder that the spin stops here live shows selling out fast. we have added watters to the mix in 2017. here is where we are going to be. see everybody in tulsa, oklahoma at the bok center friday night june 18th. tickets make fabulous christmas gifts. bill o' will link you to the box offices. on deck, the aforementioned warts asking the folks about the new trump administration. right back with it.
5:47 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. this is a place where the democratic machine rules. we asked watt ter to go it and ask city folks how they think donald trump will govern the nation. ♪ >> president donald trump. going to get used to that? >> i'm very excited for all of the great things she's going to do. >> like a cartoon character winning, like if yosemite sam became president. >> all of you skunks clear out of here.
5:51 pm
>> i'm upset. i'm scared for any future. i don't know if i'm going to be health care or access to birth control. >> it's going to be fine. >> how do you think president trump will govern? >> things are not going to be perfect the next four years. >> kind of like the last four. >> i think it will be very entertaini entertaining. ♪ >> since the senate is republican now, it's more scarier. >> i think he's going to perpetuate hate and we're going to go decades back. i think this is a heartbreaking time and no time for politics. this is a time the stand together and to unify and to see what we can do before anything terrible happens. >> what are you predictions for a trump presidency? >> i think he's going to change the system and make it better for everybody. >> i think that he can keep the economy strong, maybe build a
5:52 pm
wall. >> how long will the john take? >> two weeks. >> it's going to be hard to get mexico to pay for the wall but i think he can do it. >> i don't think he can. >> do you think trump is going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. >> no. >> it's a good plan. >> yeah, i like it. >> do you think trump is going to lock up hillary? >> honestly, i hope so. >> i don't think so. i think trump is going to silently put her back in the corner. >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> she went out of her way to lie to the people and the government and to coffer up the highs as much as she can. corrupt to the bone. >> what is going to happen to obamacare? >> i hope he's going to repeal. >> what do i do if i graduate college? obamacare is gone. >> unconceivable. >> what was the one lesson that you learned from this election? >> america is more racist and section sexist than i thought,
5:53 pm
and ignorant. >> voting is very important for everybody. >> this maniac is running the country and everyone who didn't vote is at home kicking themselves. >> it's not necessarily a disaster but we can work with it. the nation can pull together. >> if there's one lesson that you learned from this election, what would it be? >> i'm very proud of my generation. >> you're proud of the millennials. >> we're one of the most forgiving generations. >> can you forgive me? >> i think you've been privilege your whole life open that's not your fault. >> may i pet your lamb. >> yeah, you may pet him. >> what is that? velvet. >> i carry him around because i'm nervous. >> i'm watters. >> and i'm abraham lincoln. >> and this is my world. >> and you're not. >> all right. watters is on assignment. he'll be back on monday. factor tip of the day, something
5:54 pm
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and find your new one all on you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. factor tip of the day, some very good news for the urchins. first the mall. seattle, krauthammer, goldberg wrong, deplorables right. tommy, new bury park, california, krauthammer acted condescendingly to you but you were right. he owes you an apology. >> i don't see it that way. robust debate is what we do here. i'm glad my analysis won. >> buffalo, montana, why is no one questioning the accuracy of
5:57 pm
them? an excellent question. mary, nevada, bill, your talking points on why hillary lost was electrifying but what is amazing is that 60 million plus voted for her. m.g. gilmore, tucson, arizona, your unbridled loathing for hrc surfaced last night. fair of you to keep that bottled up. no loathing here. honest analysis on why secretary clinton lost. jay, canada, bill, your talking points was the best i ever heard. you went straight for the truth. making you with the best in the business. the pope should know why hillary clinton lost. by the way, about 10 million viewers watched "the factor" last night and we thank each one of you. that's zombie territory. now we're starting to outrate the zm byes.
5:58 pm
even the zombies watched. they put aside whatever the zombies do and they watched. michael burger, germany, o'reilly it took me years to find common ground with you now older and wiser i believe you're a shining light in the biassed media world, tough, straight and informed. thank you. we appreciate that. bob, ontario, canada, bill, my dog wild thing howls when wolt blitzer is on but calms down when the factor is on. maybe he doesn't like beards. "killing the rising sun" is a gut wrenching meaningful book. i thank o'reilly for writing the book. thank you for the reminder that vets day is friday and thank you for reading "killing the rising sun". on tuesday, november 1st there will be another book, a new book but this was one written to help little kids.
5:59 pm
the mega selling fiction author james patterson and i have teamed up to write "give please a chance." the book is aimed at little kids ages 4 to 8, really nice illustrations, fun and it's a great introduction to book reading with a terrific message. you can order it in advance from, amazon and barnes & noble. make a great christmas gift. that is the factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. we'd like for you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a jackanapes when writing to the factor. tomorrow we'll continue our political coverage of the historic presidential election. as i told you, we're hoping donald trump will come on soon.
6:00 pm
hope he hasn't forgotten us. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, just two days after his victory president elect donald trump heads to washington to meet with the current president and congressional leaders. but as lawmakers work for a peaceful transition, streets across mark are anything but serene. protesters insisting that mr. trump is not their president and in some cases calling for violence. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we're keeping our eyes on cities tonight amid calls for more protests. just 24 hours ago on this program we showed you massive demonstrations that were breaking out in major cit


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