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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 8, 2016 2:00am-6:01am PST

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keep it here for continuing coverage on the fox news channel. we are live all day and all night with up-to-the-minute results and complete analysis. >> let's keep talking about the election. now on our facebook page #keep talking. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> it is november 8th, the day we make america great again. >> i know my people. you will vote and you will go to, would. >> i am playing the women's card. you know what i say, deal me in. >> probably the most crooked family in american politics. >> between now and the time the polls close tomorrow we are going to be living on a prayer. >> or a man who can transform america. >> it is now officially tuesday,
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november 8th. >> our world headquarters, this is the channel you are going to be watching all day long. we are going to have the results to the big vote 2016. election day officially starts right now. >> the other show will be mostly taped programming. we will carry it live. >> we are live in that building right now an election alert. the first polls just opened in the green mountain state of vermont. that means, brian, the 2016 election is now officially underway. >> that's right. and on this tuesday morning the 8th day of november, what we are going to do to figure out how people are going to be voted rather than exit polling we have put -- the extra poehlers are not awake yet. wither going to take polls from people at dierns all over.
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>> it is called breakfast with friends. >> good morning. dublin, ohio, butler, pa and heather is in wauwatosa. >> heather is out there, clinton morris is out there, and they are all in separate locations. >> peter is drinking coffee and heather is pouring it. >> heather is more of a work horse than peach. >> clayton has been working for an hour. he could be in the work force department. >> abby is in yellow because she is in the sunshine state. >> she just waves. >> clayton, i just hosted the show i am starving. >> he had breakfast while he was in the box. we have the opening shot of the brady bunch. >> we have our first election alert for you on this tuesday morning. you know what happens in new hampshire.
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they have a role with any community of 100 voters, open at midnight and close when all of the registered voters have voted. we have the results. dixville notch and millsville, new hampshire? who wins? take a look at that right there. >> donald trump wins 64 ballots were cast, 32 of those went to donald trump. 25 to hillary clinton. 3 to gary johnson and there were write ins. two for bern nie one for john kasich. >> i don't think john kasich will win tonight. >> 7:00 donald trump will be on for us live first time in a while. 7:00 eastern time. it will be really interesting. this is a man who legitimately does not sleep. he was just on stage an hour ago it seems. >> he covered five states yesterday. >> no, he covered all 57 states
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barack obama was referring to. even though he is probably shot it is a 17 month odyssey for him. both candidates making their final pitches last night to voters well after midnight. they have had their say and now it is time for you the american voter to have his. >> we have fox team coverage on this election day morning. mike emanuel is following hillary clinton who just arrived in westchester county. >> it is not your time to talk. let's speak first to john roberts at the trump campaign location live in new york city where a car or a truck is backing up. >> look to your right quickly. >> if you don't hear a backup alarm in new york city you are no the in new york city. >> good morning to you, brian, ainsley, steve. right after donald trump talks to you he will shower, shave
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have a coup of coffee and come down to ps59 where he will cast his vote at 10:00 this morning. poll workers went in. polls open at 6 :00 a.m. and don't close until 9:00 p.m. the outcome of what happens here in new york state probably won't be much of a surprise. it has been democratic as long as i can remember. there are other battle ground states that may switch back and forth. donald trump returned at 3:00 this morning after being in grand rapids. finished up in grand rapids, michigan t. has been a blue state since 1992. last time they voted for a republican was george h.w. bush in 1988. the trump campaign saw it was tightening up. he talked about bringing auto jobs across michigan. something resinating very well much like mitt romney who said i don't support the auto bailout. there's no early voting other
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than absentee balloting. it is all about getting people out to the polls today. last night in grand rapids donald trump channeling the character from independence day. >> do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class? or do you want america to be ruled by you the people? that that's what it is you the people. today is our independence day. today the american working class is going to strike back finally. >> donald trump's big problem could be hispanic voters. there was a big surge in nevada, florida and north carolina. those states are looking really tight. got to be a lot of people out in the polls today to counter that hispanic surge. this will come full circle in
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june when trump through his hat in the race. brian, steve, ainsley? >> you can see the finish line and it is soon. thanks so much. >> if you look at the fox poll. one thing, he got his highest poll numbers alonmongst his hispanics. much higher than romney or mccain got. >> hillary clinton's final act wrapping up with a three state flip. >> do her surrogates have what it takes to help her fend off donald trump? >> mike emanuel is life in chappaqua where hillary clinton plans to vote in a couple of hours after she grabs a couple hours sleep. right, mike? >> steve, ainsley, brian you are right. election meeting campaigning flipped over into election day with hillary clinton's plane touching down about 3:30 this morning in nearby white plan-- e
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plains. the obama and clinton teams up to try to elect our 45th president. the obama and clintons appeared at a big rally in philadelphia. the first lady told supporters they believe they have a duty to ensure this country is handed over to a loader all americans can trust someone who takes the job seriously and is ready to be commander-in-chief. mr. obama tried passing the baton by paying tribute to the democratic nominee. >> she doesn't complain, she doesn't buckle. she brush it is off like the american people, she is strong and tough but she knows government service is not about her. it is about you, your struggles, your dreams. >> it was the largest crowd of her 2016 run, clinton talked about the faw tour of this
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country. our core values are being tested this election. we know enough about mayo opponent, know who he is. still questions for us what kind of country do we want to be and what kind of future do we want to build for our children? >> hillary clinton got help from lady gaga and john bon jovi. she got home about an hour ago. she is freshening up again about to come down to the school and see the whole process play out. >> last night we were talking how she ordered up a barge of fireworks as a celebration for her party at the javits center a project started by donald trump.
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last week the campaign called the coast guard and canceled the fireworks. >> they got negative publicity about celebrating that could be one thing. >> mitt romney did the same thing spent 25,000 on fireworks display that never went off over boston. >> i saw one of the headlines on the daily mail that said what do they know why did they cancel their fireworks. >> it is so close it would be embarrassing if they had it set up to go off. >> donald trump will find out what happens and go over to the hilton and see where the celebration will take place. >> this is the cover of the new york post reminding people to vote. it shows a woman holding her nose and it says vote for the one you dislike the least. you look at some of the exit
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polls the whole thing has been are you voting for the person you like or against somebody? in mou in most cases it is that you are voting for who you hate the least. >> just charge your phone. it may be a while. >> many are disgusted with the political season. you have never seen consistent enormous crowds like the ones donald trump has gotten. no one has seen what he has put together in terms of live events. they were put together within hours. people flood to that location. >> people like him. they like the antiestablishment message. they want change in washington. >> what you are looking at there is the troops. these are the candidates last night at the 11th hour you have hillary clinton with barack obama who you know according to the ed line book they do not like each other.
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yet you know politics make strange bed fellows. he is there trying to return his legacy and you have donald trump and the entire trump family. the choice is yours. change or more of the same. >> amazing to see the scene found the crowd last night when they had the huge crowd in philadelphia. for 15 months you could not see the crowd. hillary's crowd got visible when you saw john bon jovi and lady gaga. >> wikileaks we will talk more about cnn but it clearly has been the clinton news network. going back to the 90's they joked about cnn standing for hillary clinton more evidence they were in the pank for hillary coming up. >> it is election day. wake up. donald trump's path is clear. win thes toup states and flip a blue state. what it will take for mr. trump
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to win tonight? >> everybody is talking about it this morning. he is in the kitchen cooking. >> he is at butler cafe. who wants some eggs? eggs, bacon? i can't make an omelette. what do i look like? >> put on an apron. >> and a hair net. >> you are watching "fox & frien friends." many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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favor? here to show us how he can do that president of the rasmussen media group, ladies and gentlemen, scott rasmussen. >> can you believe it? it is finally here. >> i can't tell you how many times i have seen this map. what's going on here? >> red states are projected to go for donald trump blue for hillary clinton and the yellow states are the tossups. if the map turns out like this hillary clinton is to have 274 electoral votes and moves into the white house. if she loses the tossups it looks like it did four years ago. over the last week or so they are on the dread lines of changing here. >> it is close. close elections can always be a surprise. if donald trump wins all tlae of the tossups which means new hampshire, north carolina loon gnaw and florida all of a sudden he is in a great continue
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because he is at 204 lector val votes but hillary clinton is still over the top. donald trump needs to do something else. most likely options are going to be somewhere in the midwest. michigan biggest possible state. 's also trying for pennsylvania and minnesota. these have working class white voters that might appeal in michigan we are concerned -- the clinton campaign is concerned about black voter turnout. that's probably the most likely upset. but none of those three states have gone for a rae publican since 1988. minnesota hasn't gone for a republican since 72. if you can't win any of those states, maybe you come out here. colorado and no. are allegedly in play. >> you think so? >> they are tough. they are really tough. these are states that went for george w. bush so at thats not that long ago but the heavy hispanic vote makes it
2:19 am
difficult. regardless of what happens tonight we may be seeing a rae alignment of the electoral college map. republicans are shown by donald trump but if they afeppeal to working class voters rather than the working class they can do those states. >> the pollsters have it wrong this time. sorry. i know this is your business. they have it wrong because they are underestimating the trump voter. you look at the enthusiasm plus they are underestimating the number of democrats who will go for trump. >> pollsters are never as precise as they sound on television. what we know is that in 2012 the polls were off by an average of 3 points. in 2014 in the senate races off by an average of 3 points. the polls show clinton up by 3 or 4 points. if it goes in one direction we could be here all night. if it goes in the other direction it could be a surprise. turnout is the answer. will young voters show up? will minority voters show up and how many white class working
2:20 am
voters show up? >> we have seen a certain demographic just not very interested this time. >> that's correct. >> scott? >> in 24-hours we should know who the big winner is. thank you for the analysis. are you worried the elections could be rigged in so is the feds apparently. we are watching the polls. we will tell you where and it is all abocross the could p tree. we are talking to dierns in the battle ground state of pennsylvania. he's at max rudy fcafe in butle. he's coming up next.
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>> represent 2i6s from the department of justice descending on 28 states this morning amid fresh fears of voter fraud. 500 staffers are going to monitor polling sites in swing states like florida, ohio and pennsylvania. huma abedin is officially out of hiding. hillary clinton's top aid on the trail in the final hours of this crazy campaign. abedin disappeared from public eye after the fbi reopened the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. the feds finding state department messages on a lap top that belongs to abedin's estranged husband the ex democratic representative anthony weiner. >> a few swing states may help decide the presidential election today. what are voters and diners in pennsylvania thinking this morning? let's talk to clayton morris he is talking to some folks at max cued decaf fay.
2:25 am
>> the first thing they are thinking is i hope clinton isn't going to make breakfast. it will taste awful. larry is eating pan takes. are they good? >> very good. did you make them? >> i did not make them. >> this is probably the reddest of the red counties in pennsylvania. what is the mood of the voters looking like right now? >> they are enthused. they are on the move or donald trump. we have this democrats and whatever come in and offer to make phone calls at our office, worker polls. butler county is enthused with donald trump. >> phil is a chiropractor looking at my clouching a bit earlier. what is most important for you? >> healthcare. i have been a chiropractor for 31 years. i have watched healthcare deteriorate. as soon as obama started to come into the picture. >> how bad is obamacare for
2:26 am
pennsylvanians? >> for pennsylvanians it is horrible. the cost of healthcare has been rising every year. these exchanges are very limited and the positio -- physicians t can see. deductibles are high co-pays are high. >> are you losing patients because of this? >> in western pennsylvania specifically whenever they go into the exchange and they go for the tier 1 coverages even though i am a upnc a high mark provider a lot of patients when they pick the tier 1 coverage. >> who are you voting for? >> trump all of the way. >> there is a lot of trump supporters in a heavily republican district. >> this is tom the union guy. >> yes, i am. >> say hi to the folks in new york city. >> tom a long time registered democrat. >> yes, i am. a registered democrat since i was able to vote. >> who are you voting for this time? >> trump. >> why? >> i am tired of the same
2:27 am
rhetoric that goes on in washington, d.c. and the political ties with wall street. i want somebody in there that is going to try to change things, shake things up. >> what do you do for a living? >> i work for a local phone company, verizon. >> okay great, thanks, tom. tom has been waiting for food all morning. i have been standing in his way. >> what's your name? >> dale pinkerton. >> who are you voting for? >> i am voting for trump. >> why is that? >> we need change in our country. in the last eight years we have doubled the amount of -- $10 trillion. we have gone more in debt and i am tired of the same old thing and i think trump is going to put himself with some really great people and i think he will pull this country back to where it should be. what's your name over here. >> what's your name over here? >> millie pinkerton. >> are you going to vote for the first female president?
2:28 am
>> there are no words. i am speechless. heavens, no. >> heavens, no. >> i think that's the word to end on this morning in butler, pennsylvania. what's your name? >> mike english. >> i will get you in here. who are you voting for? >> trump. >> what do you do for a living? >> i am retired, but all the more reason to vote for trump. >> in your retirement age looking to be a part of the system and not have to see your taxes increase while you are enjoying the rest of your life. >> absolutely. it is an integrity factor. got to be for trump. >> max cafe route 8 in butler, pennsylvania one of the reddest of the red counties in pennsylvania, guys. we are looking for some hillary voters. >> how amazing to be retired and still be up at 5:30 in the morning ready for a 16 hour day. >> my dad does that, too.
2:29 am
that's my dad's favorite thing to do to go have breakfast at 4 in the morning. >> sure he doesn't want clayton to put a microphone in his face. >> he would love that. >> what's interesting about the people clayton talked to in particular that democrat union guy who worked for verizon, he is going to vote for trump in pennsylvania. how many people like him in pennsylvania? in michigan? in ohio. those are the people who could change this whole thing. >> you are exactly right. we are watching those states more closely. >> it is your burnt toast and coffee show. vote making sure how important the state of florida is to winning the white house. >> do not let this opportunity slip away. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors. >> we are taking you live to florida coming up next.
2:30 am
>> this time tomorrow morning we should have a new president. who will it be when it is all said and done? our political panel gives us their predicks next. wave political panel. you know who you are. cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die.
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>> over the weekend the city's tradition in america of heavy drinking on election day. people used to get drunk like st. patrick's day and they passed all sorts of laws to prevent that from happening. i think this is the year to bring that tradition back. >> the election is finally here. tomorrow people who cast their vote will get one of the i voted stickers. they are going with a different
2:34 am
sticker this year, so that happened. >> funny stuff. >> it has been quite the election year. >> they will miss the election more than anybody else. >> the jokes, the fallout. >> let's talk about florida. the fight down there shaping up to be vicious as voters are heading to the polls in less than two hours. >> the race between donald trump and hillary clinton tighter than ever in the sunshine state. >> phil keating knew when he got the gig in florida every four years they are going to be staring at him. he is in hollywood, florida. why it could come down to the sunshine state again, phil. >> that and the palm trees and the beaches. it will go down in in election's history as enormous. 6.4 million votes already in the can. that is half of the entire florida electorate. for the other half this is the day and voter precincts like
2:35 am
this one now have the lights on. they are getting ready and in 90 minutes, they open the door to get election day underway. this means that for the very first time in florida in weeks, there will not be a single sxan campaign event happening. can you believe it? yesterday we had a couple of campaign events. we had joe biden saint petersburg, florida. he was joined on stage by mr. margaritaville, jimmy buffet. we had donald trump in person pumping up his supporters and each offering hope. >> the african american community. if you turnout the same percentages we absolutely positively win. number three, it is up to your generation. you are the millennial generation. >> do not let this opportunity slip away. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the
2:36 am
people, not the donors. >> brian is the trivial pursuit master there on the couch, this one is for you. since 1936 there have been 20 presidential elections, 18 of the 20 winners who went on to the white house won the state of florida. florida 18 of 20. back to you. >> you know what that means? you are going to be up until like 3 in the morning. we are going to cope going back to you over and over. five hour energy search times. sthooivengs. hey here to weigh in our po will cal panel. real clear politics. democratic pollster jeff has been here a while and ed martin. what does it mean to you in your experience that 6.4 million early voters in florida in that key state. there's not much of a gmar agai of difference between democrats and republicans. >> i was waiting in line for
2:37 am
hours. that's unheard. initially it was quiet. mostly trump people. i think the intensity, anybody that has ever run a race the intensity of the voters needs to be on your side. hillary's mechanics it is real. the intensity is on trump's side where they are in michigan and pennsylvania where there's no early voting. they know the intensity is on trump's side and they are trying to stop it. it is pushing philadelphia they want african americans to get out the vote because they know the intensity. that's why we will see it tonight. >> you live there and you know a lot about pennsylvania and most of the state of pennsylvania wants trump, it is all about philadelphia. >> it will come down to philadelphia. it will come down to the suburbs. african americans are not turning out for hillary. they don't like hillary like they like obama. >> yes. i mean hillary is not as popular with african americans. it is the first black president.
2:38 am
we can agree on that. the lack of enthusiasm amongst black voters is being over blown. if you listen to barack obama about it he has gone to north carolina -- >> they are kind of screaming about it. >> we know hillary is thrill let's leave obama out. leave him alone. no, listen, the hillary coalition i believe is going to be latino voters and women whereas the obama coalition was african americans and young people. i am not disappointed with the early numbers. >> kayla, what is interesting is i saw the fox poll which is a four-point margin overall for hillary clinton. but with hispanics he's about 10 points above where romney was despite all of the controversy. >> i would couldn't be surprised if he did better with hispanic voter that is romney did. he has to run the table tonight if he has a shot. that means even if he wins
2:39 am
florida still, even if he wins ohio. even if he wins north carolina he still has to flip a blue state. when you look at the polling, yes, it has tightend in certain areas but she has the advantage going into tonight. the fox news poll is consistent with polls we have seen over the past couple of days that pour point margin. this time in 2012 obama was a percentage point ahead of mitt romney now it is two points. >> let's take the challenge. where could republicans slip? >> i think you will see with which is, michigan. >> which one do you believe? michigan or wisconsin? >> all of them. i think what we are seeing is under reported. this is not accurate what you just said. hispanics and blacks will vote for donald trump. >> where are you getting that? >> because of the message. >> we have not seen those
2:40 am
numbers in the polls yet. we will wait to see what the final result is just to be clear we have not seen those numbers. >> i have never seen an effort where mitt romney and john mccain ignored. >> we are talking about the closing argument. the argument has been things aren't going in the right direction for you and if you are an african american in the city you feel that you hear school of choice. the hispanics you will see this. >> as intriguing as the presidential will election it. >> the battle ground states matter for that. i can't believe the senate, it is going to be 1, 2? >> we will be watching that into the early hours of tomorrow morning perhaps even later. that's the real focus here especially for whoever wins needs congress to govern it. >> thank you for not getting along. coming up, no, seriously great job. the all important independents have a few more hours to decide
2:41 am
on the candidate. could donald trump have the edge there or not? and next four of america's finest continues with abby huntsman. she is talking at hill mel's diner in fort myers, florida. hey, abby. >> good morning guys. we are in fort myers, beautiful florida. it all comes down to florida. we bought our orange juice, our coffee. who here is voting for hillary clinton? how about donald trump? how come? >> i want america to be great then again and this is a horrible administration. trump will do it. >> he stands for everything i believe in. not hillary. >> change. we have to get rid of the career politicians. >> we have much more here. i am going to be serving coffee
2:42 am
all morning long at mel's diner. we will be back after this, guys. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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what's in your wallet? >> diehard republicans and democrats know who they are voting for of course but what about the all too critical block of independent voters. good morning, lee. >> good morning. we made it to the end. you have been covering these dials the entire election. what surprises you the most? we are talking a lot about independents. we know where the diehard are going to go. >> independents this entire election cycle outside of a couple of controversial times have been tracking with donald trump. if you are an independent you are saying i don't like the way things are, i am going to go with the flow i want change. >> that fits the narrative of doth. >> it does.
2:46 am
what has happened they have said i want change i want they will to be working for me but there have been moments where they question whether or not donald trump is a changing jim that is going to work for them. their intensity for donald trump, his hess sandaling resinated the whole time. over the last week of the dials we have seen independent continue to track with donald trump but with some less intensity. the question is what is going to happen? i think it comes down to voter turnout. if we look at the vote everybody is talking about the hispanic turnout in florida saying that is a record high. it is. it does not play to donald trump. but we have seen an increase of 20 percent in the white voter. the white voter is really turning to donald trump. in the end what's going to happen i am not sure. we have said if there's a huge turnout huge turnout means there is people wanting change.
2:47 am
we had as many people vote in florida as the 2016 election. >> after the billy bush thing independents separated themselves. >> they did. >> after the last few weeks after the open investigation of hillary clinton that was reopened around halloween and more wikileaks e-mails have been released. then i have seen, have you seen this more independents gelling with republicans? >> we want change. we don't want the establishment. we certainly don't want our politicians beholden to big business or wall street. they want that off the table. we have seen evidence hillary clinton and the clinton foundation has been in the pockets of big business. their influence has been for sale. let's put it that way. then they go to doth. they see a moment with gt where
2:48 am
everybody would say is ridiculous. then they say i am not sure i can do that then they come back. they haven't gone totally to hillary clinton. at this moment they haven't left them. they are fatigued ired of the whole thing and ready to make a decision. it will come down to a few votes. florida, north carolina, ohio. >> michigan. pennsylvania. >> that's what everyone is saying. >> pennsylvania is closer than ever expected. it is unbelievable. >> brand new wikileaks surfacing that hillary clinton might not like and she has her husband to blame. governor mike huckabee is ready to weigh in on those and donald trump's final push in the next hour. >> we are having breakfast with a side of politics. talking with abby huntsman at mel's diner in fort myers, florida coming up next.
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we've got an election alert. in eight minutes the polls will open in richmond, virginia. you're looking at a live image inside the hermitage retirement center there in richmond. tim kaine and his wife are expected to come through those doors any minute now and cast their votes. >> i wonder if they have to wait in line? did i see his face? it looked like i saw it on the other side of that partition. >> it was a reliable red state at one time. the military vote hasn't necessarily gone to the republican as of late. we'll see where it goes now when tim kaine was named number two on the ticket. a people said donald
2:53 am
trump should say goodbye to virginia. i never want today say goodbye to virginia. >> polls in this battleground state open in less than one hour. >> what are florida voters thinking this morning? let's ask abby. she's talking to them at mel's diner in fort myers. hey, abby. >> good morning, guysment it could all come down to the state of florida. we're at mel's diner. everyone was here when i showed up excited for election day. i'm sitting with dave and vj. they come to mel's diner all the time. you already voted? >> who did you vote for? >> i'm afraid to say. i saw the vote earlier. i had to vote for clinton. then i switched to gary johnson. i've been a switcher. i actually did the thing for hillary. >> how come? >> i just -- donald is a little crazy for me. that's all i can say. he started to scare me. that's why i did it. >> you've been friends with dave
2:54 am
for 30 years. who did you vote for? >> i voted for trump. >> you guys are still friends? >> we are. >> i know a lot of dirt on this guy. ultimately, he'll do what i tell him to. >> you voted for trump. how come? >> back when there was 17 republicans, i decided i would vote for whoever the party nominated. i honestly never thought it would be trump. that's the way the party spoke. that's the way i voted. >> obamacare is a huge issue for me. it's called the affordable care act. not so much for me. every year i get to notice the plan you're on won't be available and we're down to one in florida and that's a big issue. >> you voted for trump? >> i voted for trump. >> what do you do for a living? >> i do social media for an ad agency. >> i love that. you work where? >> i do kids shows on saturday. i do kids magic shows. >> yes.
2:55 am
>> you're like a comedian as well. i've done everything at least once. i will not take a real job, people. that's what i'm saying here at mel's. >> what about national security, is that -- >> it is. >> things are crazy out there. super crazy. i think a lot of people are worried about it. i just hope no matter what happens, we wake up in the morning and all be friends again and friends on facebook. hug each other again. >> i love that. you guys argue politics all the time? >> you've already voted for different people. >> yeah. >> i still love you, dave. >> >> what about you guys? >> all in for trump. all in for trump. >> we've got -- we've got to bring back honesty to government. it's not right that the clinton is doing america's justice. you can't lose 65,000 e-mails at one time. she's not honest. >> did you already vote? >> yes, i voted early.
2:56 am
voted, of course, for mr. trump. >> what about you sure? >> we got to have, like he says, we got to make america great again. >> it could all come down to this state. >> i don't know. it's going to be a wild ride tonight. i don't think anybody will dw to bed until very, very late. >> don't tell us that. >> i think it's going to be real close. it could go either way, especially here in florida. >> no hanging chads. >> no hanging chads, please. >> we'll leave it there, guys. we're having too much fun here. >> abby, promise me we'll get kids magic tricks before the morning is done. >> they want some kids magic tricks before the show is over today, okay? >> we'll bring it all around the country amongst our guests. mike huckabee, donald trump. >>
2:57 am
2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:01 am
>> crooked hillary clinton. >> what he is saying is dangerous and divisive. >> you think she looks presidential? i don't. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> a roller coaster ride. >> i am your voice. >> donald, i know you live in your own reality. >> you're telling the enemy everything. >> a campaign based on issues not insults. >> you should be ashamed much yourself. >> we wouldn't have it any other way. >> unafraid, fair, balanced and no one covered it all like fox newschannel. >> it was a pretty rough week. >> going to be there -- donald trump spent the weekend campaigning. >> between the clinton and the trump camp. >> donald trump and hillary clinton appear to be close to tied. >> we do it because we love politics and journalism. >> what makes it great is that now america decides. >> we will unify our party to win this election. >> i love to win. we're going to win for the country. >> election day, 2016.
3:02 am
it all starts now. 6:00 a.m. here on the east coast. we begin with an election alert. the polls have just opened in kentucky, in connecticut, indiana, maine, new hampshire, new jersey, new york and virginia. >> out there along the mississippi river is the state of missouri. we're going to start in virginia. richmond, virginia. moments ago, tim kaine cast his ballot at the hermitage retirement center there in richmond where he used to be the mayor of that city. i got a feeling we know who he cast a vote for he and hillary clinton. >> it's got to be such a thrill to be on a presidential ticket. a once in a lifetime thing. a true american dream. meanwhile, we're having breakfast with friends across the battleground states. we have some names to brag. >> clayton morris in pennsylvania.
3:03 am
abby huntsman in florida. pete hegseth is in ohio. >> it's exit issues. pundits and pancakes on this final day. today is the day we go vote, folks. >> clayton is making food in the shape of an f, an o and an x. >> i did see that. >> that was pete. i just saw a guy. there it is. >> fantastic. >> that pancake is x-rated. >> by the way, who ordered the x? is that on the menu. >> after 575 days of relentless campaigning. it's election day. donald trump and hillary clinton making the final pitches after midnight and throughout today. it's time for the american people to have their say. >> we have fox team coverage. mike emanuel is covering the clinton camp in chappaqua, new york. >> john roberts is covering donald trump here in new york
3:04 am
city. good morning. >> reporter: ainsley, steve, brian, good morning to you. the polls open here at ps 59 a couple of seconds ago. people are filing in to cast their ballots. donald trump will be here about 10:00 this morning to vote for himself. it's got to be -- cast a vote for yourself for president really has to be an awesome thing, particularly after this long and torturous journey everybody has been on. donald trump's journey the last few days. let's put up the map and show you. he had 14 events in ten states. florida, north carolina, minnesota, iowa, michigan, pennsylvania, nevada, colorado, virginia and new hampshire. winding up with a rally that began after midnight in grand rapids, michigan. it's been a blue state since 1992. last time they voted for a republican, george h.w. bush. they saw information in some of the counties that the race was tightening. they wanted to get there and see if they could flip that state. don't forget, michigan doesn't have early voting. it's all getting out people on
3:05 am
the day that donald trump believes his message about bringing the auto jobs back is a strong one for him in michigan. imploring people last night to get out to the polls and turn things over. here he is from grand rapids last night. >> do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political -- or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? that's what it is. >> by the people. >> today is our independence day. today the american working class is going to strike back finally. >> really what donald trump needs and would love to have michigan 16 electoral votes, that would give him a good buffer, he really needs nevada and ohio and north carolina and florida and new hampshire. congressional district up there in maine. the early votes in florida suggest he might be a little difficulty there. they were keeping it pretty close between republican and
3:06 am
democratic returns. as of this morning, democrats returned 88,000 more ballots than republicans have. less than the deficit that the republicans had in 2012 and fewer people voted. he's still got to get a lot of people out to the polls in the sunshine state today if he hopes to pull off a win there with his 29 electoral votes. ainsley, brian, steve. >> john roberts live in new york city where they're already lined up to do voting. our guests have already lined up. first one on the couch today is the former governor of the great state of arkansas, mike huckabee. >> somebody has to show up and do this show at 6:00 in the morning. >> help us through this. what are the candidates feeling today? >> anxiety, nervous, tension. they're exhausted. you got to realize how hard they've worked. >> you could see it in his face yesterday? >> you could see he's tired. unbelievable energy. i've never seen anything like it. if donald trump was 30 years old, i'd be amazed at his stamina and energy. he's 70. he's been like the most amazing work horse. he's not a guy who called it in.
3:07 am
he's been out there every day hitting rally after rally after rally. never stopping. >> one of the things he's talking about is don't believe the polls. but one of the things is a number of people on your side say, look, he should ignore the polls for two good reasons. one of them is this year the number of republicans who have turned out is overwhelming. the other thing is, it's hard to figure out how many democrats are actually going to vote for trump. >> steve, i think that's really true. a lot of people won't go into their union hall and say i'm for trump. they're going to give an -- they're not going to announce they're for trump. because they'll be called a ma soj nis -- >> i don't meet people that are for hillary. when i say that, the one lady came up to me in the pennsylvania airport yesterday and got in my face. a thousand times, it's flight attendants and bellmen and uber
3:08 am
drivers who say, i tell you one thing, img voting for trump. their lives have been shattered. their lives have been shaertd. with hillary, they get more of the same, but it gets worse. politics is always about the dono donors. that's the sad part of politics. this time it's about foreign donors. you think about it. if you want a candidate that basically has been funded by the saudis and qatar and morocco, then hillary is your girl. but what does that mean about your future in america? this is scary. >> on the trump plane, with him just you two or with a handful of people. when he sees the president and sees the vice president and bon jovi and bruce springsteen, what's his reaction? they're big names. >> they are big names. for him, it's like -- hillary is having to pull in celebrities to get a crowd and get them amped up. he doesn't. i think he looks at it as a
3:09 am
badge of honor. >> he doesn't get intimidated? >> no not at all. he's made more confident that the people out there at his rallies, they're not coming to get a free show. they're not coming because they didn't have to buy a ticket to a bon jovi or bruce springsteen concert. no. they're coming because they want to make america great again. that theme, that idea that america is in trouble and they can fix it, look, this is a movement. i know people have said that. but there's no other way to describe what's going on out there. it defies all common reasoning that people would stand in line for hours to go into an arena and still stand on their feet for a couple of hours. >> hollywood doesn't like you. the working class man or woman, beyonce doesn't support donald trump. >> they almost -- it almost makes them want to support donald trump more. here's the thing. they know that the people in this bubble of elites, whether it's the institution of
3:10 am
government, finance entertainment, news, they're people who live very differently than the folks struggling, driving cabs out here on sixth avenue this morning. those folks know their lives are worse, not better. >> you know who else knows it. bill clinton. look at this. bill clinton has the -- he says this. in the middle of all this we learned breathtakingly that the middle-aged noncollege educated life expectancy is going down. 84% of people have not had a raise since the financial crash because they don't have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning because their lives are sort of stuck in neutral. isn't that the -- >> he blames it on that speech in the obama years, brian. >> i think one of the things i hope people understand, hillary is not bill. bill has a true empathy for people who are working class. it's one of the reasons that even in the worst of scandals he still remained popular. i still personally like bill clinton. it's hard not to. i know both of them.
3:11 am
hillary ain't bill. i want to make it as clear as i can. she ain't bill. she does not have that empathy and if working class people think they'll have a friend in the white house with hillary, boy are they in for a rude awakening if god forbid she gets there. >> you said hillary clinton has more baggage. >> than delta airlines. i did. >> it was quite a clip. >> it all comes down to turnout. either one could win today. it's clear. it depends on who shows up to vote. one of the things is going back months is a number of gop elites and the not for trummers said i'm never going to vote for him. it looks like 85 to 90% are on the trump train. we have taken that message -- >> i think they realize whatever miss givings they have about donald trump, a lot of them have many, but when they look at the fundamental changes that hillary would bring in terms of court appointments but who she puts at
3:12 am
the epa and the doj, they see there's no law for everybody, there's a law for the ruling class and there's another law that will be applied to people who aren't in the ruling class. i think some of even the most reluctant republicans are coming around. i'm going to tell you something, the ones that don't come around, i'm going to remember them and i hope every other republican remembers them. don't ever ask me for your vote again. you're done. >> right. >> governor john kasich and jeb bush. >> forget about them. governor, thank you very much. >> did you already vote? >> yes, i did. i voted early, i voted often. >> all right. >> i told you it was rigged. >> hillary clinton using the president as her secret weapon to win the white house. can he actually help her move the needle at all. we're live on the campaign trail next. we're serving up a heaping helping of politics. heather nauert is talking to voters in wisconsin. where are you heather? >> good morning. we are back in waukesha at the
3:13 am
george webb diner. it's been around since 1948. we were out here for the primary in the spring. donald trump, by the way, he lost the primary to ted cruz by 13 points. he's been here six times since he lost that primary hoping to turn this blue state red this year. we'll see if that happens. i'm talking to these guys. two of them haven't voted yet. what's up with that? you're still undecided. >> what could they possibly have to make their decision? we'll talk with them when we come back. we'll see you guys real soon. .
3:14 am
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3:17 am
with sleepiq technology. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. hillary clinton's final act wrapping up with a three-state blitz. >> yep. do they have what it takes to fend off a man named donald trump. >> a man named mike emanuel is our fox senior political correspondent. he's got a million frequent flyer miles that he's going to be using over the next 20 years. he joins us from chappaqua, new york. >> steve, ainsley, brian. good morning to you. hillary clinton did four stops in three states on the final day of campaigning with the largest event in philadelphia last night. the rally in philly featured president obama and the first lady teaming up with the clinton family. mr. obama is trying to pass the baton, making the case for clinton trying to get her elected our 45th president. the reality is his legacy and
3:18 am
continuing his agenda are on the line tonight. clinton talked about healing the country after election night. >> we have to bridge the divide in our country. i regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became. by the way, did any of you see those debates? >> that rally also featured clinton's most popular and likely most effective surrogate in first lady michelle obama. the first lady essentially tried to make the best pitch she could for clinton. >> we believe that we have a duty to ensure that this country is handed over to a leader we all can trust. a leader who takes this job seriously. someone who is truly ready to be commander in chief. >> the clinton came pain's plane
3:19 am
touched down in white place at 3:30 a.m. voting is under way at the school behind me. we expect to see she and her husband the former president this morning. >> thank you very much. the end is near. >> mike emanuel, 18 minutes after the hour. the road to the white house runs through north carolina. many think, what does early voting tell us there? that state's governor, pat mccrory will tell us when he joins us. >> he's in a tough fight himself. everyone is talking about it. including heather nauert. she's serving up eggs at the george webb's restaurant in wawa toes a, wisconsin. talking to voters there. >> say it with me. waugh wa toes a. ♪
3:20 am
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3:23 am
a quick look at headlines for you this morning. slaughter americans. that chilling threat from isis now forcing new york city to ramp up security this election day. voters here in this state should expect or at least the city should expect a heavy police presence at your polling places where officers are going to keep millions of voters safe. it's also the first time in more than 70 years that both presidential nominees will be here in the big apple on election night. representatives from the department of justice, the d.o.j., descending on 28 states this morning amid fresh fears of voter fraud. 500 staffers will be monitoring polling sites in swing states like florida, ohio and pennsylvania. maybe it's time that hillary clinton is getting nervous.
3:24 am
the clinton camp pulling the plug on the pre-planned celebratory fireworks. the two-minute display was supposed to illuminate the election night sky in new york over the hudson river near the site of clinton's results party here in manhattan. in the last minute, she has canceled that. coming around the same time that donald trump is at her hiels. >> does she get a deposit back on that? >> probably if you cancel within 24 hours. >> i think she did do that. it's the heart of the rust belt and hasn't voted republican in nearly 30 years. >> which way wisconsin voters are leaning this morning -- >> are they leaning. >> heather nauert is not leaning. she's standing tall at george webb's restaurant in wauwatosa, wisconsin. >> good morning, gang. i just made these eggs. we're going to dish them out. i like to cook at home. i decided to bring it here. we are talking to voters in
3:25 am
which which is. what's your name sir? >> larry. >> you're from here and the milwaukee area, right? >> yeah. >> did you vote early? >> i did not vote yet. going to save my vote for another hour or two. >> okay. who are you voting for today? >> definitely donald trump. >> why is that? >> because he's the best candidate out there and hillary is somebody i don't want, period. >> okay. what do you do for a living, sir? >> i'm retired right now. i'm 70 years old today. >> happy birthday. >> bring me my birthday present. >> breakfast on me. >> let's talk to these guys. they've been around here for a bit. tell me your names and where you're from. >> i'm originally from milwaukee. >> ben originated from brookfield, wisconsin. >> i'm alex. i'm also from brookfield, wisconsin. >> what do you do? >> we're all emts in the local area. >> great service that you do. have any of you voted already? >> i did, yes. >> who did you vote for?
3:26 am
>> donald trump. >> why is that? >> it was a hard choice. i think hillary has been involved in politics for too long. but i think donald trump offers a new perspective. i don't agree with all his rhetoric. but i think he was the best choice out of the two. >> you two haven't voted yet. you were telling me earlier that you're undecided. explain that. how is that even possible? >> a few hours to go. donald trump, a lot of back and forth with him. hillary clinton, it's a lot of untrustworthiness and who knows? >> what's going to make you make your decision? >> to be honest, i don't know. i'm just going to have to get there and sort of do what feels right. i just at this point can't decide based on what the two have said and what the two have done in the past. it's a very difficult decision to make. >> a big decision to make with these voters here in the state
3:27 am
of wisconsin. wisconsin has not gone for a republican in a presidential election since ronald reagan beat walter mondale back in 1984. but donald trump has spent a lot of time here and has a tough strong republican establishment working this hard. i'll check back with you guys in a little bit. >> donald trump made a decision. he was going to wisconsin. skipped it, went to michigan. went to michigan again. maybe he thought it was a bridge too far where michigan is within three. >> a lot of people are comparing this election with what happened with reagan. we'll see. >> i don't get the three emts that heather talked to. how is it possible, people are still undecided after all of this? how is that possible? >> i'll have to go and see how it feels. eeny, meeny, miny, moe. go on snapchat, that will be the ultimate decision-maker. the white house runs through north carolina. what does early voting tell us there. that state's governor, pat
3:28 am
mccrory will tell us what he thinks next because he's trying to get another four years, too. >> i don't think he's undecided. we heard from voters in wisconsin. we're going to go to florida and talk to abby in the sunshine state at the diner. >> we're at mel's diner in ft. myers. i saw they were serving pancakes in wisconsin and philadelphia. we're doing steak and eggs and grits and bloody marys. who wants one? [ applause ] . i have asthma...
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
another fox election alert. it's 6:0 on the east coast. more places just opened to vote seconds ago. polls opened in the bellwether state of ohio. in west virginia. the must-win state of north
3:32 am
carolina. speaking of north carolina, that state's governor pat mccrory joins us live. good morning, governor. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you're not undecided when it comes to how you're going to vote. for the folks down in north carolina, what are the big issues they'll be choosing today? >> jobs and the economy and education. when i came to office 3 1/2, four years ago, we had the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country. 9.4% unemployment. we've lowered it to 4.7%. we've given teacher pay raises and paid off a 2 poip $6 billion debt. the economic numbers are very much in our advantage. we're very pleased with that. >> i know half the long island has left to go to north carolina. i understand a lot of -- it's desirable and it's an up and coming city. believe it or not, the number one story with you is this whole bathroom bill. even though the percentages say most people agree with you, you've taken a beating on it.
3:33 am
why? >> well, i think that they're trying to take away from the attention from our economic success, our education success. so everything the liberals are trying to do is trying to deflect the tension away to social issues and deflect in a misleading way. because it's the liberals that brought up the social bathroom, restroom issue which changes the basic norms of our country and of north carolina. but i think the economic, the job numbers are coming through and you can tell it by the turnout. right now the early voting turnout is working to our advantage. richard burr's advantage and donald trump's advantage. the passion for hillary clinton is not there in early voting whatsoever in comparison to the barack obama numbers of 2012. >> now, governor, we have a source telling us that there are plans by north carolina democrats to keep the polls open and some of the democratic precincts, the democratic counties past their closing times and they're able to do this through a fema loophole
3:34 am
because if you have flood damage in your area, i know the state of north carolina a lot of your state was underwater. if there was flood damage in that area, they -- >> from the hurricane matthew? >> is that true? was there any truth to this? >> i'm not aware of that. but we did extend voter registration and other early voting in some -- we've had early voting. north carolina has some of the most liberal early voting laws in the state of north carolina. the state of new york for hillary clinton doesn't have early voting. when they came to north carolina and accusing it of having restricted voting. it was not the truth. it was discouraging to hear the president come into our state and mislead the people of the nation and the people of our state. >> early voting benefited hillary in many of the states because people could go to the polls before all this stuff happened with the fbi and with wikileaks. >> actually, it didn't benefit her in north carolina. the turnout models for north carolina are working against hillary clinton at this point in time. so we're very pleased with the turnout.
3:35 am
we've got more independents voting, more republicans voting and fewer democrats voting in early voting. today is the difference between a 6:30 and 7:30 here in north carolina. >> yeah. the polls found that she was actually under-performing barack obama four years ago. governor, i got to ask you. today is the big question across the country who the next president will be. donald trump is your party's standard bearer. has he helped or hurt you in your quest for another term as governor of north carolina? >> i think we're actually seeing another vote come out that typically hasn't voted. i think what you're seeing with hillary, last night she had a rally with lady gaga and bon jovi. she's getting the elite to vote for her, offering free university education. i think mr. trump and myself and richard burr are getting the hard working men and women of north carolina to get out and vote. many of them are voting that haven't in the past. we'll find out late tonight in
3:36 am
north carolina. >> do you believe that in the end, i know you're neck and neck with attorney general roy cooper for another four years of this job. do you believe in the end that paypal not coming with jobs, the ncaa pulling out and the nba all-star game pulling out, ultimately if you are to lose, that would be to blame. if so, does that anger you? >> not whatsoever. the statistic -- that's a blip right now. we've got 300,000 new jobs in north carolina since i've come into office. by the way, lady gaga came last night. she didn't have any problem coming to north carolina. there's a little bit of a hypocrisy there. >> governor pat mccrory running on his record of jobs and benefits to the people of north carolina. sir, thank you very much. >> say hello to all brian's people down there. the long islanders taking over. >> i will do that. thank you. >> they left the traffic. that really ticks me off. thanks, governor for one of the most intriguing races tonight we'll be looking at.
3:37 am
who the next governor of the north carolina is. north carolina and south carolina -- south of north carolina, is the fight for florida. now tighter than ever as polls in this battleground state of florida is less than an hour. >> what are the florida voters thinking this morning? abby huntsman is down there in mel's diner talking to people in ft. myers. >> hey, abby. we're having great conversation about politics. it's election day in the all important state of florida. i'm here with pat, melissa, don and janice. start with you. you're from ohio but you own a construction company. you have five employees. who are you voting for and why? >> we're voting for donald trump and it's for the economy that we're voting for donald trump. we can exceed in our business and the economy has been very slow and we're trying to find another way to make our living besides trump. >> he's a very good businessman.
3:38 am
>> if you could retire, you would retire tomorrow? >> exactly. i would retire tomorrow if i could. i'll probably have to work a good part of rest of my life. >> how come? >> because of the economy. it's been slacking in administration for the last seven or eight years and we need a change. that's why we're voting for trump. >> how old are you? >> i'm 66. >> you said obama care is a big part of that? >> it is a big part of it. for us, to grow our business, we can't even do that. we got to stay below five employees. it's against our policy in our company to try to go any bigger because we can't afford the overhead. >> you work a lot with the company. you are his girlfriend. what are the issues that matter to you? >> national security which is why i voted for donald trump. it would be nice to have a woman president, but she has to be the right woman and hillary is not the right woman. >> you've seen the impact on his company firsthand. every day. >> exactly. i mean, he has to work so hard.
3:39 am
it's hard, it's sad. >> you're a vietnam vet? >> yes, abby. >> this is an important election for you. >> yes. >> i pay attention to the military. i'm concerned about the last eight years. our military is shrinking. i believe that hillary will keep on shrinking it. the only thing that our enemies, people in the middle east recognize is power. if you have the biggest stick in the yard, you're going to be respected. i think donald trump will do that. help build our military back up again. >> you talk about immigration and changing some of the policies. is that a big one for you? >> it is. i'm concerned about -- we have 20,000, 30,000 people coming from the middle east going to be settling here in the united states. who is vetting them? i mean, you just know that some terrorists will be in that middle group. i think our immigration policy is terrible. there's no border on the southern part of our country. they walk across the line and that's not right.
3:40 am
it's illegal. just what i think. >> jan, you're 77 years old. health care is a big one for you. premiums have gone up five times. you've experienced it firsthand. >> i certainly have. i was paying a lot less per month and then all of a sudden when this obamacare thing came in, all of my insurance companies raised everything to the roof. it's hard to get along with that. >> who are you voting for? >> trump of course. >> did you already vote? >> i did. >> you already voted too, sir? >> i did. >> you too, guys. >> you guys are from ohio. >> we'll keep talking politics. we'll be chatting. >> you're missing the big story. there's a woman in a yellow pant suit dressed like you who you refuse to talk to. look over your right shoulder. >> i love it. we're both in our yellow this morning. >> come on. >> abby, she's wearing yellow for florida. >> she has a little more
3:41 am
sunshine than you because she has the pants. >> yep. >> we got to get abby -- >> missing the story. >> i got my journalistic instinct. meanwhile on this election day, polls open in nevada in a couple of hours. and the voters are ready. >> my heart is palpitating right now. >> yeah. >> i think every first timer is a little excited. >> i'm afraid of all that i've heard that hillary is going to win and that scares me. >> does donald trump have the support to win this battleground state? we're live in las vegas, next. >> you just heard from voters in florida. now we're going to the battleground state of ohio. >> look at that. >> the most important day in politics. >> pete, do not charge those people. promise me. >> fox and pancakes. >> we have hungry voters here in columbus, ohio at fritz's old-fashioned diner. who here is supporting donald
3:42 am
trump. >> do we have any undecided voters? we've got undecideds over here. we'll talk to the undecided voters and see if we can change their minds.
3:43 am
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3:45 am
the battleground state of nevada, polls are open in just about three hours from now. >> a record number of early voters there giving democrats an edge, the experts say, but donald trump warns they should not get too comfortable about those numbers. >> dan springer is live in las vegas with the crucial role that nevada is playing today. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, ainsley, steve, brian.
3:46 am
each though there's only six electoral votes, nevada is a state that donald trump really needs to win if he wants to get to the white house. if he doesn't win here, well, he might look back at a business decision that he made here in las vegas about a year ago. early voting was extremely high as you mentioned. they had record turnout in the democratic stronghold of clark county. the clinton ground game strategy was to build up an insurmountingable and coast to victory on election day. the advantage was 14% in clark county as the latino vote climbed 30% over the 2012 election during early voting. a big reason for that, the 57,000-member local culinary union. every day for the last two weeks, 300 paid volunteers have been making voter phone calls and canvassing neighborhoods, urging people to vote for hillary clinton. with this union, it's personal. over a year ago, workers at trump's las vegas hotel voted to join the culinary union. trump called that vote rigged and has refused to negotiate
3:47 am
with the union. >> our opposition to trump really began a year ago when trump workers voted to unionize and trump illegally refused to bargain despite them winning their union election. we learned two things. trump doesn't respect workers and doesn't respect the law. we made a firm decision to make sure he would never be president. >> the trump campaign does have an operation here in nevada. but it is dwarfed by the democratic machine. unions have even bused in illegal workers from california to urge hispanics to vote against trump. polls open, as you said, in a few hours. they close at 7:00 tonight. then we will see if that ground game for the democrats has once again worked here in nevada. back to you guys. >> dan springer live in las vegas. outside one of the trump hotels. given the number, you know it's the number. you don't know how many of the democrats actually may have jumped parties and voted for trump. same thing on the republican side. >> true. >> one thing to keep in mind. every time we bring up something
3:48 am
where the ground game is better on the democratic side. it's better for hillary clinton. if you talk to the rnc, they say they have a pervasive ground game that's getting no credit that donald trump says i'll make it my ground game. >> they pulled out all the stops. they have a better ground game this time than last time around because they came so close in a number of precincts. meanwhile, it started with this escalator ride and it all comes today for donald trump. how is he feeling on election day? we're going to talk to donald trump live 12 minutes from right now on fox newschannel. it could all come down to ohio where steve hegseth is talking to voters this morning. we'll hear what they're thinking that could decide the election. that will be next. >> a lot of fun. >> they are, at that hour.
3:49 am
big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
3:50 am
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3:52 am
it is the crucial battleground state that no republican president has ever lost, so what are voters in ohio saying this morning? let's ask pete hegseth. he's talking to folks that live there at a diner in columbus, ohio. >> we're at 50s diner. we've had a rowdy morning already. this is the battleground state. so goes columbus, so goes the state. we've got one voter who hasn't voted yet. what do you do for a living, kelly? >> i work in the financial industry. >> in the financial industry and you have some in the military. >> who are you voting for? >> i am going to vote for trump. he seems to care about the
3:53 am
veterans and the va, fixing the va hospitals because i think they deserve better care, and so i'm going to go for trump for that reason. >> certainly an issue a lot of people are talking about. mike, have you voted yet? >> not yet, not yet. >> you are going to vote this morning. >> we're mosting you to -- motivating you to go out and vote? >> for trump. i think it's time to change what's going on in the government right now which is kind of an amazing thing for a conservative to say. >> he's talking about draining the swamp. i think he can? >> i think he could do that better than hillary could. yes. >> janet, have you voted today? >> no, today. i'm an election day voter. >> who are you voting for and why? >> trump. small business owner. taxes are killing. i hope he reduces our taxes and we can hire more people and grow. which we haven't been able to do for eight years. >> i asked if there was anyone undecided in the diner. we found a few and they are cubbies fans, they are excited
3:54 am
because they have hit the lucky lottery so far. what's your name? >> heather. >> doug. >> you are both undecided why? >> i guess the problem is that we feel like we're not thrilled about either candidate and so i really don't like choosing someone because they are the lesser of two evils. i would really like to, i guess, have more -- at least, i don't have to think they are the wonderful, but at least, you know, feel that they are not a bad choice. >> so both of you have said we don't know what we're going to do until we get into the ballot box. right now, who are you pulling the lever for? >> right now, i'm feeling like trump but -- >> [ cheers and applause ] >> that was a good response here. >> i need -- i feel like i need someone moral and someone who holds up the constitution and i just need to -- i just got to feel it in there. >> you are both statisticians.
3:55 am
what are you going to do now? >> at the end of the day, which i will regret more. am i going to regret, you know, if ohio goes to hillary, am i going to regret not voting for trump or am i going to feel that -- better about dhoosing -- choosing the libertarian candidate gary johnson because it sends a message that i'm interested in the same views of the libertarians. >> we're going to keep talking. we'll come back to the diner. we'll find out if you changed your mind an hour or two. we've got first time voters here. who are you voting for? >> trump. >> donald trump first. >> are you proud to cast your vote for trump? >> of course, any republican. donald trump is a great candidate. >> trump? >> i'm a union worker and he's going to make america first. >> and it's time for a change. >> time for a change. america first is what you are
3:56 am
hearing, and brian, steve, ainsley, we've got some anchor pancakes for you. i know you are hungry. they are fantastic at 50s diner. here's the o which i think is for ohio and to support ohio going for who today? we're going to motivate. you guys can come out and join us. >> thank you very much. with anchor pancakes. >> such nice folks in that state. >> those people in ohio, they wanted it to end quicker than anybody else, they have been blaenktd by every candidate for the last two years. >> and robo calls. >> "fox & friends" just getting started on this election day. the man of the hour, donald trump, is going to join us live in three minutes. >> that's what he looks like. >> plus, rudy giuliani, newt gingrich, and laura ingraham with how they think it will play out today. we just heard from all those great voters in ohio. what's the next stop? the battleground state of
3:57 am
pennsylvania, where clayton grew up there and he is back home making a trump omelet. >> how disappointed that clayton is cooking for all those people? ♪ pair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance try theraflu expressmax,nd flu hold you back now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? today is our independence day. >> it is november 8th. the day that we make america great again! >> i know my people. you'll vote and you'll go to work. >> i'm playing the woman's card. you know what i say, deal me in! >> this is the difference between probably the most crooked family in american politics. >> between now and the time the polls close tomorrow we're going to be living on a prayer! ♪ >> or a man who can transform america. >> so it's now officially,
4:01 am
tuesday, november 8th. >> whatever happens today on november 8th determines who lives there next. who is moving in in january. >> that's right. change of residency as you look live right there. meanwhile, 7:01 here on the east coast. >> we start with this an election alert. seconds ago the polls opening in 14 more states, including delaware, florida, georgia, kansas, louisiana, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, missouri, pennsylvania, rhode island, tennessee and the great state of south carolina. >> just don't scream like howard dean. >> this morning, we're having breakfast with friends all across the battleground states. >> you've got heather nauert in wisconsin, clayton is in pennsylvania, abby huntsman is in florida, and pete hegseth
4:02 am
talking to the people and serving breakfast in ohio. >> word is donald trump has to win three out of four important states, have to flip one of the blue states and has to get all those toss-up states. >> the polls are now open. can we put 11 hours now on the clock and let's get started. >> the day is here. >> as you can see down in the corner right there, the first polls will close just 12 hours from right now and i've got a feeling if you are watching the fox news channel, you'll be watching tonight. megyn and bret will have that. >> almost all the polls close at 11:00 p.m. >> donald trump joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know it's taken you 17 months. it's been a long odyssey for you. as you cast your vote today, have you decided who are you going to vote for? >> well, i really worked on this hard, but i have made that final decision. >> and? >> i've decided to vote for trump. >> what is going through your
4:03 am
mind right now? out of everything you've accomplished, you've been through in your life. you've been front and center for 40 years. tell me about this day for donald trump. >> well, it's very exciting. it's, you know, i've spoken to you folks for a lot during our very successful primaries. oftentimes every single one. i was speaking to you in the morning and so i'm a little bit superstitious, so when you said please call us and i'll call, but i won many primaries speaking to you first thing in the morning, so i'm going to keep that string going. but it's been an amazing process. it's been about 17 or 18 months since i first really came up with it, and you actually -- june 16th, you know, it's a long time, and it's been a beautiful process. the people of this country are incredible. i've been all over the country. i've met the people at every level. i've met the people at every level, and they are amazing. so that's -- and that's really the thing. i think if people say what have you learned, that's what i've learned.
4:04 am
the people of this country are amazing. >> ivanka said last night to sean hannity, it's changed you. do you agree and if so how would you build on that? in what way? >> i think it has changed me because i see so many hopes and so many dreams out there that didn't happen that could have happened, with leadership, with proper leadership and people are hurt so badly. you look at the veterans, they have been hurt so badly. they are great people. they are our great people and they have been hurt so badly and they are being taken care of so badly. people that want to see a doctor and they wait in line for nine days, and, you know, it's very sad, and at the same time our country has such tremendous potential. it's like you wouldn't believe it. so it's really -- it's really something special. i went last night i ended up with my final speech. we started -- well, you guys covered it. started at 12:45 in the evening, and we had probably 21,000 people. can you imagine that? 21,000 people. >> and you are up early. >> i'm up this early.
4:05 am
i had no choice because i'm doing you folks. >> we appreciate that. we appreciate you always interviewing with us. we've always asked hillary clinton to do the same thing. every time we ask you, we ask her and we appreciate you being with us in the morning. >> she's busy. >> so many of your voters are watching and watch fox. back in june of 2015, about a year and a half ago, that's when you made the announcement about a block away, you walk down this escalator in trump tower with your wife. when you see that video, so much has changed. you've experienced a lot of ups and downs. what do you think about? >> well, it just seems like a very long time ago. it was a very incredible day. i talked about trade. i talked about illegal immigration. i took a little heat for bringing up the illegal immigration, but in the end it was the right thing to do because it became a main focus of certainly the primaries and i think to a large exten we just went through with hillary clinton, and we have to do it. we have to have borders. we have to let people in, but we
4:06 am
have to let them in through a legal process. we have to let them in legally. that's what's going to happen. i think we made trade a very important issue also because our country is being absolutely drained of its wealth by bad trade deals and we're not going to have bad trade deals anymore. we're going to lose $800 billion on trade. you talk about how important trade is important. trade is important. when you lose $800 billion, you are just sapping your wealth. those two subjects were right at front and center when i did that on june 16th, and now lo and behold, they are still right up there. very important subjects. along with obamacare. >> we're going to mention the affordable care act. >> we have to terminate it. we have to repeal it and replace it. it's horrible. it's driving people out of business. people, can't afford it. first of all, people can't afford it. second of all, it's no good. it doesn't work. >> i've heard you say that on
4:07 am
the stump. all right, mr. trump, a little less than 12 hours from right now, the first polls are going to be closing. what states in particular are you going to watch for, and how they determine the balance of your night? >> well, i think we've been doing very well in a lot of states that, you know, i was hoping to do well in. i mean, we're doing very well in north carolina. i think we're doing very, very well in florida. >> those are the two most important early states. >> excuse me. >> those are the two most important early states. florida and north carolina. >> we're doing very well there. very well in new hampshire. ohio is incredible. it's a great place. these are -- the people are just amazing in this country. ohio, we're doing incredibly, and we're going to win iowa. iowa likewise, we've had such great experience there, and i think we're going to win iowa and ohio and new hampshire. we're going to win a lot of states. who knows what happens ultimately, but we're going to
4:08 am
win. i think one that's going to be interesting is michigan because it's not a state that's gone republican for many decades, and i spent a lot of time there and people are incredible. their car business has been ripped out. car production has been ripped out of that state and gone to mexico and other places. i think we're going to do well in -- i think we're really going to do well in michigan, and i will tell you we're getting very good reports out of wisconsin. wisconsin is incredible. we're getting great reports. i notice you have some folks interviewing people and they seem to say trump, trump, trump. i want to watch that again. i love it. >> we had heather in wisconsin. >> that's right heather was there and abby was there and everybody is saying trump. good. i think i'm going to watch it a second time. >> you know what, i think you are going to do really well in new england after bill belichick
4:09 am
and tom brady endorsed you. >> that's great. they are friends of mine. they are great people and champions. i got a call from tom yesterday as a friend of mine and he said i'm voting for you, man, and i'm with you, and i said you mind if i announce that. he said nope, you can announce it. i did it last night, of course, in new hampshire, where they are so respected. they are respected all over the country and i got a letter from bill. it was such a beautiful letter. i said you mind if i read this letter tomorrow night, you know, in new hampshire, meaning last night, and he said not at all. you go ahead and read it. and the place went crazy. they love these two people because just, you know, there's something about winning that's awfully nice and our country doesn't win anymore and we're going to start winning again. >> i asked this of governor huckabee. what is it like on your plane as you do other events? you monitor other channels and
4:10 am
what your opponent is doing. when you are getting huge crowds and you are doing it on your own. there's bon jovi, lady gaga, bill clinton, all coming out. does that get intimidating to you? >> no, because she can't fill up the rooms. she was getting very poor prouds. in the case of jay z, the language he used was terrible. she talks about me and the language was unbelievable that jay z and beyonce used and, you know, frankly, a lot of people left and they left because of the language, and then they left when the performance was done, and there weren't too many people in the room. she would have been better off not having them, but she uses that. i could do that too but i'm filling up rooms just on the basis of what i'm saying. i don't need anybody to fill up the room. we fill up -- last night, we had 28,000 people at 1:30, 1:00, practically 1:00 in the morning. 28,000 people in michigan and by
4:11 am
the way, we had 22,000 people in new hampshire. the big arena. it was incredible last night. i will say, i have the best surrogate i have my kids, my family. don, ivanka, eric, tiffany, all of them go around and make speeches. they are better than the people you just said. >> you run again, baron is going to have to be on the clock. >> he's coming along beautifully. >> even hillary clinton said that your family was your best at tribute. closing argument. this is your last day. if you had your day in court, the jury before they go back to make a decision. both of the attorneys can make their closing argument. what is yours today? >> well, i have a lot of things to say. we have to build up our military. it's depleted. we have to take care of our vets. we have to make strong borders, make great trade deals. we have to terminate obamacare. we're going to come up with great health care at a fraction of the cost. much better and much less
4:12 am
expensive. save our second amendment and remember the supreme court. >> you said many times if i don't win this is a total waste of time. here we are election day. we don't know who is going to win. is that still how you feel? >> well, you know, i've been given a lot of credit for having done this because i went through 17 great professionals, you know, very top people and i've been given a lot of credit. they said whether you win or lose, it doesn't matter. there's never been a movement like this. even your friend bill o'reilly said it's the greatest political phenomena in his lifetime. there's never been a movement. even if you don't win -- if i don't win, i will consider it a tremendous waste of time, energy, and money. i will have spent over $100 million on my own campaign. meaning, i don't have to take -- i don't have to take the money from all the fat cats that are going to tell you what to do. i think it's a big asset. it doesn't get talked about much but i think it's a tremendous
4:13 am
asset. no, i will consider it -- i will not consider it great if i don't win. >> a couple of weeks ago, you know, it was revealed that part of hillary clinton's game plan was to talk up the polls and make it seem like, you know, show is over, no way you can win, then of course the polls for the most part right now are too close to call. ultimately, though, do you think the polls that we've seen over the last week or two going back are wrong because the pollsters are not factoring in how many democrats are going to be voting for you? you know, all this early voting stuff, they say, well, this many democrats requested ballots, this many republicans and also just the gigantic number of republicans who have turned out to see you. the enthusiasm level. do you think those things the pollsters are getting wrong? >> i think a lot of polls are purposely wrong. the media is extremely dishonest and i think a lot of polls are
4:14 am
phony. i don't think they interview people. i think they put out phony numbers. i do think this, after the debates, i think my numbers started to go up well, and then i did a series for the last two weeks only of -- only of -- you know, really important speeches, i think, and in 20,000, 25,000 people, 31,000 people were showing up to these speeches. you saw yesterday, you saw the kind of crowds we're getting and i said something is happening here, something incredible is happening here, and i tell you, the enthusiasm and the love in those rooms and those arenas, they are really arenas. in new hampshire last night it was a tremendous, beautiful arena. same thing. we had a big convention center last night in michigan. they are packed. you have thousands of people. we had last night in michigan, we had 10,000 people outside that couldn't get in. 10,000 people. it's been amazing. so i sense something is happening. something is really going on. >> a lot of people love you
4:15 am
because you are not the establishment and you are not the mainstream media. let's talk about what's happening over at cnn. first donna brazile who was a contributor there was giving debate questions to hillary clinton. >> when he was -- she was visiting bernie sanders. >> and cnn was asking dnc for questions. now we find out because of wikileaks, the husband of one of vice presidents over at cnn, his name is thomas nieds, was writing podesta, saying to him we have a good cnn poll that's coming john. john writes back, i look forward to how that is spun. what's your response? >> well, i think it's terrible. it's like i talk about the polls. i understand the business. it's terrible what's going on, and i think more terrible than that is the fact that hillary clinton, through donna brazile, got the questions to -- think of it -- got the questions to the
4:16 am
debates. i mean, three of them now, and probably more. maybe mine too although, i don't know, i didn't think she performed particularly well, but i will tell you this, she got a lot of questions to the debates and if you were in west point and you got the questions like that, they would throw you out of the school if you didn't report yourself. she didn't report it. she didn't give it to an ethic committee or anything. she took the questions. she got the answers to the questions. she was done. >> it's rigged. >> she would have been thrown out of west point or annapolis or the air force academy and here we have her running for president. >> mr. trump, i know they are polling you. you are looking at eric and lara. they are going to vote for you where you live. we think they are going to vote for donald trump. >> that's for correcting me. i have to apologize tomorrow. >> you don't want to assume anything. >> did you look at your son about to vote and your daughter-in-law about to vote, i'm just wondering if you had a
4:17 am
chance to see, look back at anything that you've done or not done and said i regret this, any regrets right now? >> you know, brian, there's always regrets. if you could go back and change things, you can't. you have to learn. sure, there are things i would have done differently but you have to go forward. you do want to learn, but there's nothing you can do. i'm very proud of my children. i'm just looking at them right now as an example on the show. i'm very proud because don and eric and ivanka and to a lesser extent because she just got out of school, out of college, but taen -- taen who has also -- tiffany has also been so terrific. they work so hard. as you know, they have done your show many times. they work so hard. >> mr. trump, we only have a few final seconds with you. we may not hear from you the balance of the day. what would you like to say to the people of america right now? final message. >> that we have a great, great country. we have tremendous potential. definitely good out and vote.
4:18 am
>> absolutely. >> all right. donald trump. >> thank you, mr. trump. >> thank you all. thank you very much. >> if you win tonight, will you call in tomorrow? >> it's been a long time. >> the kids were working so hard. tiffany was walked up and said i just took the bar this morning and it was 8:00. it was when you and i were in the spin room. i don't know what city it was. >> was it hofstra? >> tiffany, she took the bar that morning and she was with her dad at one of debates that afternoon. >> sometimes it tears the family apart, other times it brings the family together. i think you can put this under bringing it together. >> we saw eric trump vote along with his wife and that is inside a polling place in chappaqua, new york. it's at an elementary school. we've been asked to not disclose the location before mr. and mrs.
4:19 am
clinton arrive to cast their votes. they are supposed to arrive 20 minutes ago. given the fact that she arrived at the airport after 1:00 in the morning, she might be taking a little nap. >> very exciting day i'm sure for her. >> straight ahead, one of donald trump's true champions, rudy giuliani joins us in many. >> that little man was so cute. did you see him? polls just opened in pennsylvania. clayton is live there getting the pulse of the people at mac route 8 cafe. >> i'm out here in butler, pennsylvania. good morning, everyone. i'm trying to find some undecided voters. i didn't find one. i did find congressman michaelly. we're going to be chatting. >> he's going to be joining us in a few minutes. that's decalf, do you mind? >> i need high test.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
here's a quick look at some headlines for you. representatives from the department of justice descending on 28 states this morning amid fresh fears of voter fraud. 500 staffers are going to be monitoring polling sites in swing states like florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. and cyber security also taking center stage this election day. the feds monitoring election -- electronic voting systems amid fears of a potential cyber attack. hackers have already successfully infiltrated voter databases which security experts are fearing might have been a dry run for election day. that's scary. and she was fired from cnn for leaking questions from a voter town hall to the clinton campaign, but even with
4:24 am
brand-new evidence against her, dnc chairwoman donna brazile or thing. >> my conscience, as an activist, as a strategist, my conscience is very clear. when i said what i said, i said it, and i'm not going back on it. >> wikileaks first exposing her in october, but now a newly released email shows that she sent even more questions to clinton, bringing the grand total to four. >> wow. >> no regrets. it's one of few swing states that may help decide the presidential election today. so what are voters in pennsylvania thinking this morning? do we have any way of finding out? >> we do. because we've employed clayton morris. he's joined by congressman mike kelly at mac's route 8 cafe in butler, p.a.
4:25 am
that has taken on the atmosphere of a trump rally. >> it turned into a trump rally although a few minutes ago we were talking about football. steelers versus the cowboys. that's one thing we can get united around. steelers, cowboys this week end. >> i'm looking for the steelers. >> first, you got to talk politics before football. over the summer, you were talking about the republican party. saying we need everyone to rally around this candidate. when we come out of cleveland, we better have a united party. that was a big concern of the trump campaign, getting out those republicans who might sit home on their hands. >> people talk about republicans, it's time for all republicans to come home, more importantly, i think it's time for all americans to come home for the state of the union, the way we are right now, we've got to get all hands on deck. republican party is very strong at times and some people couldn't quite commit. to me, a pledge is a pledge. when you come out of the huddle, you call the play and you run it. some people couldn't get there
4:26 am
yet. whether they are there or not, there are so many americans there and if you come through western pennsylvania, there's only one thing you are seeing, and it's all donald trump. >> that's true. you drive down through butler here. you see trump signs in all the store front windows. this is trump country right now. red area. but you've got philadelphia. you've got philadelphia, which you guys sort of concede you can't really play in philadelphia. the rest of the state, though, ground game, republican party, how strong is it going to be tonight? >> i think it's real strong and i think maybe below the line, a lot of volunteers out there. people talk about the ground game. we've had people out for months, canvassing, knocking on doors, making phone calls, places like this, who are you going to vote for and how important this election is. >> what's the issues? >> it's jobs. it's always about jobs. when you don't have a dynamic economy, when you have people that have not seen a raise in their income for years. when you see people who are no longer employed and they keep looking at what is washington going to do and say we don't want eight more years of what
4:27 am
we've just been through this, we got to turn the corner. >> congressman, a few hours ago, sitting here having eggs with tom, a union guy, 30 years union guy, registered democrat. the first time he's voting for a republican. is that what you are hearing among union members you talk to? >> what i'm seeing more than anything else and we're talking about how people are registered, i'm talking about how people think and what's in their hearts. it's no longer about republicans and democrats. what's best for america. if you want to make america great again, you got to do down to the grassroots. they worry about one thing. feeding their kids, putting a roof over their heads. this is blue cla. they love donald trump. i know it's hard for union heads to say we're going to back him. if it's about jobs, getting back to work, about seeing your pay rise, then you have to have a whole different dynamic in washington. >> can we get a wide shot in this room real quick?
4:28 am
anybody undecided, raise your hand. there's not one undecided voter here. what are the issues that matter to you most? what's your name? >> matt stroia. >> what are you voting on today? >> national security and character in office. >> character in office. a big one for you. >> it's a big deal. >> let's go down the line here. we're talking to a lot of folks this morning. let's see who we haven't spoken to yet. what's your name. >> glenn. >> a veteran? >> yes, sir. >> what issues matter to you most on this election day. >> the security of the nation, and there's a trust issue. we don't trust hillary. anything she says, it's the opposite, you know. >> so democrats would say or hillary clinton would say i've been in the white house fighting those battles. i've been there in the situation room. i'm the right leader at the right time to make this nation safe. what do you say to that? >> no way. i can't trust her. everything she says is a lie. >> this is butler, pennsylvania, one of the reddest areas in all of pennsylvania. let's see if we can find -- i think we have -- i spoke to
4:29 am
robin earlier. >> not that red. >> we have a hillary clinton supporter in here. >> that's correct. >> why? >> think about it. she's going to be the first lady woman president. i think we all want that, right? seriously. >> there's a lot of dissent in here. first woman president. >> no! >> she has the most experience. >> yes. >> we've got two hillary supporters. >> hillary, hillary! >> we can't agree on hillary and trump. can we agree on steelers? >> of course. >> that's how i bring it all back together, steve, brian and ainsley. talk a little football. >> trump, trump, trump, trump, trump. >> it was going so well until the very end. but it's great to see both sides. >> it is, it is. i love that the one lady, all the trump supporters were saying boo to her and her friend finally spoke up, she said okay, i like hillary too. >> a lot of people are going to vote just because she's a woman too.
4:30 am
it's a big moment. what would a president trump look like? more on the headline republican voters trying to make a reality right now. >> plus, trump surrogate rudy giuliani is here on this historic election day, and donald trump has changed the face of politics, but what does it mean for the future? tucker carlson has an idea. he is live to explain that next. >> i keep seeing him walking down our halls. >> hello, tucker. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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i don't want to put whenmy life on hold.he, i've got a big night planned with my friends. and i want to enjoy every moment of it. that's why i use fast-acting excedrin for my headaches. excedrin has two pain fighters plus a booster. and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] win or lose, there is no question donald trump has spurred a political movement in our country like none other in modern politics. >> but what exactly is trump's movement and where does it come from? joining us right now to weigh in is tucker carlson host of the brand new show to start tonight, "tucker carlson" not tonight.
4:34 am
six days. tucker, what is the difference between donald trump winning or losing? what do we walk away with regardless of whether he comes out on top? >> no matter what happens this is a revolt of the middle class against the elites. that's the bottom line. the democratic party used to represent the middle class. now it's a coalition between the rich and the poor. trunk saw -- trump saw the opening, moved in. someone needs to represent the middle of the country which by the way is shrinking. it's become downwardly mobile. its life expectancy has shortened. this is a massive and ominous change and nobody in charge cares and that was trump's opening. >> regardless of who wins the presidency tonight, the republican party is going to be all different tomorrow. >> it's going to be completely different. it's going to reflect the desires and the anxieties and the hopes of that group. it's going to become a middle class party. the key to trump is this -- and
4:35 am
there are some things about trump, win or lose, we're going to reexamine what happened in the campaign, but the key message is the u.s. government ought to -- policy makers ought to act on behalf of the country. like that's not a crazy idea and yet in washington it's greeted like heresy. what? you have a voice. quiet. adults are talking. the contempt, the political power, academia, hollywood, they have total contempt for the average person. >> these people have been returned to power year after year. >> the party in washington has said look get behind this person. you may have qualms, be quiet do it. the one year when they get to pick their own candidate, what do the party leaders in washington say? we're out. we're out. you have no voice. in an oligarchy that would work. you have to listen to the voters. >> folks that don't have a lot
4:36 am
of money, the lower class in this country would support a democratic. middle class i would get why they support a trump or a republican. the ones with a lot of money, it surprises me that they would vote democratic. because the republican parties want to lower taxes, no death tax. why is that? >> it's along class and income lines. that's the truth. we've been covering this. a lot of people are covering this. it's left and right. no. totally false. this is a contest between people who are succeeding under gloelkization and people who have been left out. the rich have succeeded under it and i've been helped by it. i'm not pretending otherwise and the poor are totally dependent on government and democrats want to raise the size of government. i don't know. it's not about left-rite ideology, it's about income and socioeconomic status.
4:37 am
>> i watched you on hand iity -- hannity last night. his argument was how dare you. you are responsible for this. what do you think happens if donald trump loses? are those people going to be ostracized or look at as heroes for standing up to trump? >> there are just two questions. does the republican leadership in washington have more popular support or do trump supporters have more popular support? it's not each close. the program being pushed by the republican leadership does not have a lot of popular support. b, the questions is do they learning anything. disaster just happened in their party from their point of view, a candidate they hated, took control of their party. have they learned anything like that? >> not reince priebus. he's on board. who are you talking about? >> i'm talking about the majority of republican office holders, the republican donors, every republican lobbyist, all the people voting for hillary today who are republicans.
4:38 am
there are ai a lot of them and they are only in d.c. i'm not attacking them. if something unexpected happens, you should stop and examine why it happened. >> for a legitimate path for donald trump today, what does he have to do? >> he's got to win the obvious states. >> he's within the margin of error. >> i've heard that he has to win three of these four, florida, ohio, north carolina, pennsylvania, and he has to flip a blue state. >> it's a tough and narrow path. brexit happened because we didn't understand the res son nance of these issues. that's the power of trump. >> in addition to the republican machine, the establishment in washington, d.c., one of the other things that this particular campaign has revealed along with wikileaks is how in the tank the media are for the democrats. >> yeah, i think you are going to see huge realignment there. news organizations, big famous
4:39 am
news organizations that have existed for generations are totally devalued their credibility in the eyes of their viewers and readers. >> you used to anchor this show. tucker, do you like donald trump's chances better on this day than john mccain's and mitt romney's? >> no matter what happens, trump is going to do better. $20, he will do better with african-american voters than trump or romney did. >> he's already outperforming romney in many dem graphs -- demographics. >> you are the best. ainsley, my favorite. >> the only down fall with you getting your own show is you are not going to be in new york. >> still in the family. trump surrogate rudy giuliani is here to weigh in on this historic election day. >> heather nauert is here dishing out politics at the diner. >> hey, heather.
4:40 am
>> good morning, guys. we're here in waukashau wisconsin. donald has been here six times. he's hoping to turn this blue state red and we're joined by congressman sean duffy and his wife rachel. you know them from our "fox & friends." we'll talk to them when we come back and some of the other voters here as well on election day 2016. cheers! ♪ as they swim out of the path ♪ ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin ♪ ♪ and the rocks on the sand... ♪ it's so peaceful up here. yeah. [ eagle screech ] introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion® all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere.
4:41 am
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add wearable wellness to your wardrobe. call now or go to order 2 or more items and get free shipping. [ boomer ] work, performance, or whatever your day brings, experience the difference of comfortable compression. tommie copper. life hurts, feel better. that place will be the place where hillary clinton will vote. we're waiting for her to show up. we believe she will but she had an extremely late night last night. >> we were getting to work when i saw her plane get in. she and donald trump they were at places, rallies well into the middle of the night after midnight.
4:44 am
>> somebody else who was with donald trump yesterday was rudy giuliani. he's probably exhaustside, but the end is near, mayor. >> i'm quite happy because what i saw yesterday, i think tells me that we have the enthusiasm to win. i was in nevada for a good deal of the weekend. colorado and nevada, and then i spent all day yesterday if pennsylvania, working my way up to scranton. joined the rally. then we went off to new hampshire and michigan. the enthusiasm is over the top, and i think that's going to -- i think that's going to pull them in, the difference in enthusiasm between her and him. she has to manufacture it with beyonce and this one and that one and this one and he has it because the people really want him. >> you are saying it's momentum versus the machine? >> yeah. that's a good way to put it. she's got the machine. the machine can get out a certain number of votes, but there's nothing that beats the fact that somebody wants to come and vote for you and really is
4:45 am
willing to wait in line as these people were. i mean, we had 4, 5, 000 people outside in michigan last night after 12:30 in the morning. i mean, that's crazy. >> when they talk about ground game, the so-called experts say the ground game is not big crowds, it's a willingness to knock on doors and get people out in a big way to get to the polls and actually vote. does it worry you that this unorthodox campaign can't execute on the last day? >> first of all, it's got a much better ground game than people think. every headquarters i was in was overwhelmed with volunteers and it didn't seem like there was a phone that wasn't being manned by someone. so their ground game may be better but it's not as if we don't have a ground game. to me, if i had to pick between ground game and people wildly enthusiastic about me? i would pick people wildly enthusiastic about me because then nobody has to come and call them. nobody has to come and drag them to the polls. if they are going to wait in the
4:46 am
cold for four hours to come and see me, you sure to heck are going to be pretty confident they are going to come out and vote for you. >> that's a good point. let's talk about going forward. win or lose. there are a lot of unhappy americans out there that do want to drain the swamp in d.c. what's the plan to drain the swamp even if he doesn't win? >> well, there is none. hillary clinton is part of the swamp. she has been forever. she's a washington insider. she's been with us so long now we can't remember exactly how many years it is. we're going back to the 90s. the whole number of scandals in the clinton administration. the scandals now that are frightening to me, i mean, the maid, the maid who had classified documents that she was sending back and forth to her. i mean, that's just a straight out and out crime and the fbi
4:47 am
didn't bother to investigate that before comey made his third decision, was it? third decision. >> third 180. >> his third 180, right. and then we have -- they are using the foundation to pay for chelsea's wedding. i mean, how -- you know you know what the expression for that? schnora. >> what does that mean? >> somebody who has the money, a schnora will walk up and take it out of their pocket. >> the clinton foundation is under a grinl investigation. something will happen with that. >> i don't get it. i ran the twin towers fund. i think we distributed about $227 million to the people who lost loved ones. the firefighters and police
4:48 am
officers. our administrative costs kept down to virtually zero. i had a lot of volunteer work, but i had to pay for my accountants. >> sure. >> but even that money i raised separately. so all 227,000 went to -- suppose i had taken, i don't know, half a million or a million of that. >> you would have been ruined in scandal. they would have said the mayor is taking money from the people. >> they would have put me in jail. i think they would have called that stealing. you call that stealing. so how can the american people vote for her? they commit little crimes and then they take hundreds of millions so that she can approve uranium to russia. >> tomorrow or tonight you might find that our good friend that you worked hard for is president of the united states. how important would it be for you to have a role in his administration? >> it would be really important
4:49 am
to make sure he gets the right people around him and to help as much as i can with the transition. >> are you ready to go to washington if he asks you? >> as far as my role is concerned, that has to be a discussion with him. sort of a discussion with my law firm and other business where i'm very, very happy. my security business. >> it's complicated. >> can i do it and with my wife? i'll do everything i can to help him put his administration together and we'll see after that. >> rudy giuliani who i think is thinking donald trump is going to win today because he's got elephants on his neck tie. >> i have my elephants on and i got to see the enthusiasm for months and months up front. hard for me to believe it's not going to show up at the polls. >> we've been watching it on tv. mayor, thank you very much for joining us. a very busy day. >> of course, donald trump has got to be proud of the work you put in for him. coming up, straight ahead, another big hour. eric trump will join us live. he just voted and we caught it
4:50 am
on camera. he will be joining with a message for you from his dad. >> and heather nauert will be joining us from wisconsin. >> look at that! bacon. i am so jealous! ♪ bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
it is the heart of the rust belt and hasn't voted republican in nearly 30 years. >> could that change, though? how are wisconsin voters leaning this morning? let's talk to heather nauert, a wisconsin native and she's joined by wisconsin republican congressman sean duffy, his
4:54 am
wife, fox news contributor, rachel campos duffy. >> and two of their eight beautiful children as well we're feeding this morning. great to have you here. we're talking to voters. donald trump has been here six times since the primary in april. this is a blue state. can he turn this blue state red? >> i would argue it's a purple state. we're always very close. we haven't voted for a republican president since '84. what's unique this cycle in the central, northern part of wisconsin, it is purpose, but dark red in this cycle. it's a rural part of the state. they love trump. that's point number one, but point number two is we have the best republicans in the state of wisconsin. scott walker. we've invested millions of dollars in wisconsin. >> donald trump has been criticized for not having a strong ground game in the south.
4:55 am
are the republicans stepping in? are they doing the canvassing for him? >> yes. absolutely. rpw has a great operation. they are out in full force. he's going to benefit with us. also senator johnson, he's got a big race. i think all of that goes hand in hand. >> radio talk show hosts were anti donald trump. have they come around on him? >> there were several anti show hosts right here in the suburbs of milwaukee, but all of them have come to trump. there's one that's left who is still never trump. people don't listen to the conservative talk shows right now. they are listening to donald trump. listening to what happens happening in the campaign. the two different visions each of the candidates have for america. that's why you've seen these republicans in this red part of the state come home, why ron johnson is going to win. it's going to be a nail-biter for donald trump. >> last night, i wanted to ask
4:56 am
you about the tension between paul ryan and donald trump. >> people perceive it as tension. with ryan out there stumping for trump yesterday, they were going to rally together a couple days ago when mr. trump was going to come to wisconsin on sunday. that is a big deal for moderate and conservative republicans to come home and unify and especially right here in the suburbs. >> i want to mention there's a catholic vote that i think is important. the state is 1/4 catholic. it could make a difference. >> all right. it could make a difference. thank you so much. we'll see you in a bit from wisconsin. coming up next hour. >> coming up, we're going live to a diner in ohio with pete hegseth but first we have -- we are off to florida with abby
4:57 am
huntsman. ab abby. ♪ it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free. switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years. offers starting at $50/month.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
so it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> you know, between now and the time the polls closes tomorrow, we're going to be living on a prayer. ♪ >> we don't need jon bon we don't need lady gaga. ♪ >> all we need is great ideas to make america great again. that's all we need. that's all we need. >> there is a clear choice in this election. >> we started a year and a half ago. we started with 17 very talented people and now we have one
5:01 am
flawed candidate left to beat. one flawed candidate. >> because none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more, right? >> today is our independence day. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. you are looking at the white house. >> why? >> it is temporary government housing because a new resident is coming in in january. the question is who will it be? will it be a man or will it be a woman? we're down to two. >> it is 8:01 here on the east coast. the polls have just opened in alabama, arizona, iowa, minnesota, mississippi, north dakota, soud -- south dakota, and wisconsin. >> let's go to chappaqua. the clintons have just arrived. we know who they are going to vote for.
5:02 am
this is just the latest. everyone this time with their iphones. not their blackberries as she looks to turn back the clock. >> that guy was taking three or four pictures in a row before he realized they are not shot. >> mrs. clinton followed by the former president as well. they are at an elementary school in chappaqua not too far from their home there in suburban new york. she had a late night. she arrived at the west chester airport in the 1:00 hour after all sorts of campaign stops yesterday. making her final pitch, the fiem argument why she should be the next president of the united states. >> everyone has got their cell phones. >> we don't know if she's going to win or lose. we know the fireworks have been canceled. >> also, this morning, we're having breakfast with friends all across the battleground states to figure out who people are going to vote for. >> heather is in wisconsin. at least she says she is. clayton morris has been in pennsylvania.
5:03 am
he's exhausted. abby huntsman with her bright yellow top is having a great time, first time in the kitchen and pete hegseth in ohio. we are fanning out across the battleground states but now let's go to the battleground couch. >> we decided to have breakfast with laura ingraham who is sitting here. >> great. sausage links. we got nothing. >> we got pastries. >> is there an election really? >> how are you excited? >> that was a good lsu game. they are going to take us all the way to the national championship. >> the national championship is today. >> oh, okay. we'll talk about the election, that's fine. >> while we're talking to laura. let's put back up the images of mrs. clinton about to vote. what is the choice that america faces today? >> it's time to turn the page. trump calls it drain the swamp, but we've seen what these policies have done for america. open borders, so-called open
5:04 am
markets that are actually off shoring america's wealth. so many of our jobs have been sent overseas. this has become an election mired in personality. he said this 11 years ago and her private email server and in the end it's about the vision of america that you want. do you want a growing economy where america is on the rise and our adversaries are back on their heels or do you want an america that's either flat lining or in decline with toe tal yarn states on the rise like china or russia? . >> you've been in this business for a long time. what do we need as the voters to start looking for. >> i'm looking at a few states. new hampshire, the trump campaign was very confident on sun night. i was at this rally at 1:00 in the morning. brought my daughter 11 years old. we saw thousands of people standing out in the freezing cold. new hampshire and pennsylvania are two states i'm looking at. nevada, i don't believe that nevada is lost for trump.
5:05 am
i think a lot of this narrative that we've heard over the last three or four days especially has been a narrative that hasn't taken into the account not only the momentum that we've seen building for trump but also the people who defeel like they have been forgotten and actually haven't voted. i had so many people calling the radio, i know you do as well, says i'm 60 years old, i'm 40 years old, i've never voted. i was actually shocked. i heard that before but i didn't believe it until the calls starred coming in. they hadn't ever voted and finally a republican who comes along who says i'm actually representing your interests. >> speaking of somebody who just voted. hillary clinton just finished filling out her ballot. she's about to hand it over to the election. >> what difference does it make? >> at this point anyway. one other thing regarding early voting, particularly with nevada, what people have been talking about is more democrats requested ballots than republicans. but that does not take into consideration the number of democrats who are going to vote
5:06 am
for trump. we have some union guy who is a lifelong democrat out in a diner this morning, works for verizon, he's voting for trump. he says the choice is clear. >> they don't account the uptick for the day voting by white voters who don't feel the republican was speaking to them and offering changes in policies that would advance their interests. donald trump had plenty of self-inflicted things along the way. he spoke to the voters. that was refreshing in politics. he's held up the mir railroad to the failures of the establish. >> it's so bizarre. we're not going to look back and analyze. it's about today. when a billionaire can resonate with the every day person and relate better to the middle class, it goes against
5:07 am
everything logical that you would think in politics. >> in a way, it take someone who came from an elite background to do that. it's hard for someone who has very little money to come through. santorum tried it, huckabee tried it and they are much more polished politically than trump. trump had that brash bravado. i'm calling you out. i'm calling the republicans, the democrats, the media. >> my dad gave me a million dollars. you would think that's a disqualifier. instead, he did it -- >> people don't mind wealth. what they don't like is a lack authenticity. romney come out i used to go to the national park with my family. mitt romney, i disagree with what he did in this election. i think there's going to be a lot of recripple nations for represents who didn't come home. romney seemed embarrassed by his
5:08 am
wealth. trump is i'm wealth. i want you to be wealthy too. >> every time i go out and speak, my plane is behind me. >> don't we all want that. >> you mentioned mitt romney, tomorrow morning, regardless of what happens, you know, people like john kasich, the bushes, romney, they got a lot of' splaining to do. we're seeing to see if the millions turn out for trump, if they say gosh, we regret the fact that we fought hard for this guy. there is a movement that's going to continue. win or lose for trump that's going to be a powerful movement for america. it's going to be an america-centered party that believes in a strong national defense and borders and trade deals that work for the average working person. if we have a political system that ceases working for the average working man and woman out there, black, brown, whatever your background is.
5:09 am
that political system will not hold for long. we better see some changes in these policies. >> if you look at the states, well, she's winning, they are all within the margin of error. it be could be an unbelievable upset to the pollsters. the poll sters wouldn't be wrong. they would say i gave you stats that put wisconsin, michigan, ohio, north carolina. >> how about minnesota? >> i gave you stats within the margin of error. >> trump has had much of the gop establishment, the money class against him. he had the clintons, the obamas, hollywood, academia. mainstream media. all these media outlets we now know are in inclusion with the dnc. he's had all of them against them. he's standing and he's fighting. this is going to be a down to the wire. it could be a blow-out either way. i doubt it. i think this is going to show that the people in this country are defiant.
5:10 am
>> it's going to be interesting to see what happens to the republican party. if he doesn't win, there's definitely a division. >> even if he does win. >> i know we're almost out of time. we had in total cruz, trump, and carson. you look alt those -- that voting bloc in the primary. that's about 76% of the electorate. the majority of the republican party is a more populace-centered, strong economic, borders, that is the republican party. the kind of evan mcmuffin -- i'm sorry sorry. that part is over. they are still fighting the old wars. we're moving forward. >> laura, every time you appear on television, you always wear the cross. >> i do. >> i was out at saint pats playing for the -- praying for the country. >> one of the last polls was
5:11 am
running away from catholics. >> romney lost among catholics rng what's going on? >> trump started talking about prayer. erls this interview a couple of weeks where he said what do you pray for? he said it's a very personal question. i pray for my family and my country. on pro life, he said i had a very personal experience with friends of mine who were about to abort their child. they didn't. the young man grew up to be an amazing individual. it was a very personal story. we needed to see more of that early on. people are very forgiving. he's not a politician. he's private about that stuff. we saw that heart come out especially toward the end. >> it shows vulnerability. he's not big into vulnerability. >> no. he's a strong guy. he grew up in a different era. in the end, i think people of faith know that their faith and conscience rights and liberty rights is on the line in this election. supreme court is where it's at. it's coming home for that candidate. thanks for helping us
5:12 am
through it. it's not just donald trump locked in a tight race. ron johnson is trying to hold on to his seat. he had a massive come back. we're live at the diner with the senator. the one thing he says will make all the difference. both of them will be revealed. abby huntsman is down in ft. myers, florida. are you there? how are you doing? >> good morning, guys. we've been talking politics all morning long. who are you voting for? >> mr. trump. we need a strong leader fighting for the american people people. >> firefighter. >> i'm voting for trump. i'm pro life and pro second amendment. >> i'm veet -- voting for trump for stronger military and protect our national anthem and flag. >> nice. we'll be here all morning long at mel's diner. whoo!
5:13 am
we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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5:15 am
5:16 am
. >> it's time to come home and elect donald trump as the next president of the united states. it's time to come home and reelect speaker paul ryan and a strong republican majority in the house of representatives. it's time to dom home -- come home and reelect senator ron
5:17 am
johnson to a republican majority. >> vice presidential nominee mike pence making his argument. >> will this push make a difference in the badger state for donald trump and senator johnson? >> wisconsin senator ron johnson so i can find. he's wearing a sweatshirt right now. >> i wonder what state he represents. >> wisconsin. good morning guys. >> great to have you. thank you very much. do you know, i bet the wisconsin television stations would love to thank you and your opponent because your opponent is spending a lot of money along with outside groups to try to pry you out of your seat, right? >> he sure has, again, it just shows parthypocrisy. stepped up $10 million to set up a money making machine and transfers that to his campaign. raises $14 million, more than
5:18 am
$11 million out of that outside the state. i think senator feingold has been unmasked. i was up at lambeau field. people feel good about donald trump and myself in this election. >> the conservative against the ultimate liberal. i knew when this election season really started, you were about 14 points down and it looks like russ feingold is one of those republican going to lose that seat. what happens in wisconsin that allowed you to close the gap? >> i've been telling the truth. senator feingold who is a 34-year career politician has anything good to show for it. a lot of badff. his campaign has been relentlely negative, false, lies, distortions. class war fare. hillary clinton. he's got his own email scandal.
5:19 am
americans are looking for real change. they realize career politicians like senator feingold and hillary clinton made this mess. they built this swamp. no one is going to look at them to fitch it. we need some change agents. that's me. that's donald trump. >> we saw your numbers went up when donald trump went up. do you credit him for your success? >> i've been telling the truth. i've been laying out ads that are very positive, talking bch reuniting families with their adopted children. the joseph project. we've been telling the truth about myself. but also telling the truth about senator feingold in his own words. how he said people are pretending obamacare is about. now, people are really being harmed as rates have doubled and tripled. he told those lies about obamacare and i believe wisconsinitis is going to hold him accountable for those lies. >> you do not want -- you do not
5:20 am
have to work again. you just want more term. why do you want to go through in? for the last year and a half away from your family, you are up early in the morning again, pushing for this. what about the first six years makes you want another six? >> first of all, i made my money the hard way selling plastic. here's a sample of plastics. a couple cents a pound in a family manufacturing business, but the reason i'm doing this, brian, i was panicked for our country. i'm more concerned after eight years with president obama. we're not addressing the debt and deficit. we need to address social security and medicare. i want to solve these problems. >> ron johnson who like to turn wisconsin red, the color of that sweatshirt right there. thank you very much for joining us today from wauwatosa, wisconsin. >> next rundown, our tour of swing state diners continues.
5:21 am
abby huntsman is in ft. myers, florida, at mel's diner. >> yea! not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number.
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5:24 am
>> welcome back, everyone. we're touring the country because this is election day and the fight for florida now tighter than ever as polls show a dead heat and they are officially open. >> what are florida voters thinking. let's check in with abby huntsman. she's talking to a lot of voters on the west coast of florida as mels diner in ft. myers, florida. abby. >> good morning, guys. i've been here all morning. i've been here with manager bill. he runs this diner. he's here with his charlie's angels this morning. they have been serving us
5:25 am
breakfast and coffee. i said you guys sit. i'm going to serve you coffee. we're going to start with politics. sandra, you are a single mom. this election is very real for you. >> very real. i want the benefits and jobs to be better and i want benefits to be better and i want my son who is a freshman at mit to have a future in this country. >> who did you vote for? >> trump. >> do you get any vacation days, any time off for yourself? >> we can if we want, but it's not affordable for us to take time off for vacation. >> it's very real. who are you voting for? >> i voted for hillary. i'm in the minority. i've been a democrat and i'll stick with her. >> boo! >> i know. >> has health care been an issue for you? >> yes, it is. >> obamacare. do you worry about that? >> it's not affordable. i don't know if we're going to have health care from either one of them, to be honest. >> you've given up on health care? >> right now, yeah. i don't see it happening, of
5:26 am
being affordable for anybody. >> do you have health care for anybody? >> no, no health care. >> no health care? >> no. >> you work pretty much every day at this diner? >> sure, right. >> jack, we were talking earlier about your dreams. you wanted to own your own restaurant? >> yes, i do. i graduated from the cordon bleu in 2006 from las vegas. right after i graduated, the economy went down. it's not feasible at this time. small businesses are struggling for right now. >> who did you vote for? >> trump. >> how come? >> i believe he's going to open up jobs for someone. i believe he's going to help small businesses out and keep the jobs here and help everyone. >> this is so real for so many people. you work in the diner here every day. how are people feeling right now? how are people feeling in florida the all important state that could died decide this election? >> a lot of our business is our snowbirds and retirees coming down here. they are bringing with them their economy up there which doesn't spread to -- actually, it spreads too thin down here.
5:27 am
so people want to change. people want something different. people want america to be taken care of. >> what's your biggest concern for this country? >> the future for my child. >> because you raised him by yourself. you are a single mother. >> i raised him -- i did have help, but i'm a seasonal mother now and it's the most important time, getting him on his feet and getting him out there in the real world, so any help is great help. i'm not too proud no ask for it. >> what was the last time you took a vacation with your son? >> oh, with my son, took a whole vacation? last year, probably. yeah. >> it's been very real. bill, you run this place. you talk to voters ever single day, the people that work for you. this is one story of so many. >> we just want to make america great again. that's what everybody that we talk to wants to do. everybody is struggling. economy in florida is one of the hardest in the country. people are afraid to spend money. if we don't have people in the
5:28 am
right positions, we're not going to have nothing. we need to make america great again. >> what are you most concerned about? >> safety for my children. i have two small children and, you know, i don't see a future for them because we're going down very fast. we need to build the economy. we need to boost it up. no matter who is in office, we need to boost it up. >> yeah. guys, you can see here if florida, this is a very big election day but also some very big concerns about the future of this country and where it's headed. you guys have been awesome. thank so much for being here. >> yea! [ cheers and applause ] >> that's fantastic. abby, thank you very much. >> great job. this has been terrific going all across the country, looking at these diners because these are people who are going to go out and vote today, and these are the things they are really concerned about and once again, as ainsley mention, i mentioned yesterday, vote, because if you don't vote today, you can't complain tomorrow. >> i'm firmly against voting, so that's -- >> i have already voted. ainsley is about to go vote. >> i'm about to go vote if you
5:29 am
do go vote and you have a complaint, send it to brian's email. >> our tour of swing state voters continues. pete hegseth is in columbus, ohio. >> newt gingrich joins us next.
5:30 am
big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. i hope you adjusted your clocks because we leapt back, we backwards and it's 28 minutes before the top of hour. this is the deal. we're voting now on the election coast. the polls are open in arkansas. bill and hillary clinton's home is now open in new york and we caught them voting live, which was pretty cool. >> we did. we watched them in chappaqua and
5:33 am
we're pretty sure we know who they voted for just as we're pretty sure we know who newt gingrich is voting for on this election day. good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning. >> the polls are opening all across the country. let's see. 10 1/2 hours from now the first polls are going to be closing. tonight, what are you going to be watching for as the polls close to know whether or not you are having a good night with donald trump? >> well, let me just say, first of all, for a second, i hope everybody who ever they are for will recognize that this last year is something that doesn't occur in cuba, it doesn't occur in china, doesn't occur in russia. this is what freedom is, and so i hope everybody will go out and vote today to whoever you are for. to valley date this american process. i want to look at the northernmost congressional district in maine because if trump picks that up, maine allows each congressional district to cast its electoral
5:34 am
vote desperately. that will be unusual and sign that a conservative republican with blue collar appeal can reach out on a place like maine as opposed to the assumption you have to be a moderate. second, you got to look at new hampshire. if trump carries new hampshire, it's game on. at that point, if i were hillary and her team, i will be very, very worried. obviously, in the south, you are going to look at north carolina, and you are going to look at florida. because if trump carries those two, we're really in for a long night unless, as the poll that came out this morning suggests, he carries michigan. in which case we're in for a very short night because at that point it will be very clear that donald trump is the next president. i want to come from the east coast, looking state by state, west virginia will clearly go for trump. pennsylvania might go for trump although philadelphia is very hard to beat and historically has a lot of voter fraud. ohio is going to go for trump clearly. so the east is going to be better for trump than you would have thought six months ago. >> yeah.
5:35 am
newt, the other thing to think about and just putting this in perspective because you are a walking, breathing, historian, i don't remember how many crucial states ever were within the margin of error everywhere. it doesn't matter if you go for bloomberg or the abc poll. everything is within the margin of error which makes you think we've got 50 separate games to run today or 12 separate games that could go either way. >> part of what i think has led to some confusion is that hillary is carrying for example california which is a big state but a very big margin. if you average that into the national average, she looks great. but if she's that far ahead in california and she's only tied or barely ahead nationally that means shes probably behind in a lot of very tight misstates, missouri, wisconsin, maybe in minnesota where the high school students by the way, 77,000 of them, gave trump the victory over hillary. something you would never have expected in minnesota. so things are changing out
5:36 am
there. the country is talking to itself, and i'll be very curious whether it's actually this close or whether the momentum for trump means that it was this close and say snapshot over the week. you saw what happened with reagan. he gain strength every single day up through election day. >> i want to put up two different pictures because it shows the direction of both of these campaigns. you have hillary campaigning with president obama. if you want more of the same, there's the answer. if you want more of change, anti establishment, then on the left-hand side of the screen is donald trump with his family with the exception of mike pence who has, you know, held a senate seat and now governor, but those are totally different. if you want the same, vote for hillary. if you want different, vote for donald trump. >> this may be the clearest big choice election and certainly in my lifetime, but in a very, very long time. secretary clinton represents the establishment, the whole system, everything we've been watching with the wikileaks, the fbi
5:37 am
it. and she is the legitimate heir to barack obama. donald trump is the most outsider candidate to be nominated in my lifetime. this is a guy who two years ago, you guys have known him a long time. if somebody had walk to you and said to you he's going to beat 16 other guys, become the republican nominee and by elect day, you are not going to know who is going to win, you would have thought they were crazy. >> you are probably right. newt, hours to go before the polls close, what is your message to the lifelong republicans who said i'm going to sit this out and not vote for my person because i don't like either one of them? >> you know, my message is that there are -- i say this as an army brat whose dad spent 27 years in the infantry. there are young men and women all around the world risking their lives to protect your right to be a free citizen and to vote, and i think you
5:38 am
dishonor them if you don't go vote and don't just focus on the presidency. what about the school board? what about the county commission? what about the state legislature? what about congress? i think every american has a moral obligation to renew the trust in our society every time there's an election, and to let those young folks around the world know they are not risking their lives in vein. that we as americans treasure our freedom and we believe that we have an obligation to strengthen and renew that freedom with every election. >> that's a good reason to vote, indeed. >> there's no doubt about it. if he's to win and conservatives needed someone to build off of us, you as a conservative's conservative, going for donald trump kind of led the way. newt gingrich, it's going to be an interesting night. thank you for joining us. meanwhile, you saw it right here live on "fox & friends." eric trump casting his vote for his father, and he has an election day message for you when he joins us live on the couch. good morning to you, eric. you are next. plus our tour of swing state
5:39 am
diners continues. pete hegseth is in columbus, ohio. hey, pete. >> columbus, ohio, bellwether area of the state. did you vote? >> i early voted. >> who did you vote for? >> for trump. >> why? >> because our family. [ inaudible ] >> stick around, we're in columbus. more from a battleground state. i don't want to put life on hold because of a headache. that's why i use excedrin. it has two pain fighters plus a booster and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. now moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat]
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
>> it is a crucial battleground state no republican president has ever lost. >> we're talking about the state of ohio and there you can see some of the voting going on right now. live at a station in columbus, ohio. they are lined up. there is a lot on the line.
5:43 am
what are voters talking about? >> let's check in with pete hegse hegseth. he's talking to a lot of voters. he's at fitzie's diner. >> the polls opened just a couple hours ago so columbus, a bellwether area of a battle ground state, obviously a ton at stake here. i was talking to a family that had to leave. a couple of small kids. he had to to go work. a blue collar democrat says he's voting for trump because he's voting against hillary clinton. we're talking about democrats crossing over to trump. what is your name? >> steve. >> steve, who are you voting for? >> donald trump. >> why? >> well, i think change is what we need. >> change is what we need? >> yes. i think there's been too much construction in this country. >> you got it. sir, how about you? >> i'm voting for donald trump. >> and why? >> change. corruption. >> what do you do? >> i'm a small business owner. >> and how would it affect your
5:44 am
business? >> taxes. allows me to hire more staffing, and profits. >> profits. >> sure. >> profits are a good thing. >> that's a very good thing to stay in business. >> inde. thank you for being in business. ma'am, thanks for joining us this morning. we'll turn around this way. who are you voting for? >> donald trump. and first of all, what do you do? >> i'm a retired teacher. >> why as a teacher are you voting for trump? >> because he holds the values most closely that we have, and i don't -- i wouldn't trust hillary. >> do you like his positions on education, repeeling common core? >> yes. >> educational choice. >> i do, i do. >> absolutely. thanks for being here. sir, we talk to you a little bit earlier. why are you -- why are you voting for donald trump? >> very, very simple. it all comes down to the supreme court, and right now, the supreme court placements are going to be crucial for the next 50 years. the supreme court is the issue why everybody should be out voting for donald trump. >> sir, you voted this morning.
5:45 am
i see the sticker. you are usually the first guy at the polls that's your tradition at your precinct. >> sometimes 2. >> what was it this morning? >> i was number 15, and very disappointed, but -- and the line behind me was going on forever. >> we're hearing that everywhere here. lines out the door. tons of waiting time. no complications necessarily, but a lot of voters and a lot of urgency. sir, i want to you ask a quick question. why are you voting for donald trump? >> god and country. >> explain god and country. >> god and country. the supreme court is going to be one of the most important issues. if we get one more liberal on there, we're down the drain. if we get her in there, we're down the drain. so it's god and country, and i'm a conservative republican by nature, but this is the first time i got up at the crack of down, so to cast that vote for our founders, for everybody that's ever served this country, and remembering what winston
5:46 am
churchill warned us all about. those people who forget their history are sentenced to repeat the worst parts of it. >> that's a fantastic quote. we hear that from a lot of people. this is about the future of our country. we've had two undecided voters with us all morning. one admitted he's probably voting for trump but they are going to leave this diner and go vote. ma'am, you are still undecided? where are you right now? >> the point about god and country. my christian faith is very important to me, and i want -- and that has been what has been pushing me and several of these people have made very good points, especially given pence. i do like pence, so i think i am probably going to pull the trigger on trump. >> there you have. we've got undecided voters. two of them this morning. she's pulling the trigger for trump. a lot of enthusiasm in ohio. obviously an important state. it's been a fun morning here. kind of like a game show. not knowing how the undecided voters are going to vote. >> i understand that.
5:47 am
he's a self-proclaimed evangelical. he was a catholic. his faith is extremely important. >> you saw it riect -- right here on "fox & friends," eric trump casting his vote for his father and he has an election day message for all of us when he joins us on the curvy couch. you made it. >> i haven't made it yet. it has come to this. there are no more arguments. i'll be there tonight. we super sized it. wait until you see this. you are going to love it. there are no more arguments. there are no more speeches. the decision has been put in your hands, america, you the voter, you the viewer. what will you decide? we've assemble some of the greatest minds in american politics and over the next two hours, you will hear from them. charles krauthammer, karl rove, joe trippi. too many to mention. you will hear from all of them as we address where the race
5:48 am
stands on this election day. what a day. martha and i will see you shortly. 12 minutes away here on americas newsroom.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
after more than a year on his father's campaign trail, eric trump cast his ballot moments ago here in new york city. what was it like casting that ballot? i would love to have a chance to talk to eric about this. >> oh, we can make that happen, brian, because he's here now with his election day message to everyone. it had to be surreal to look at the ballot and see your father's name. >> so proud of the man. everybody had written him off. no one gave him any chance. he was fighting the greatest political machine arguably in the united states history maybe the world history. he's fighting special interests monies the likes of which no one has ever seen before and he beat
5:52 am
17 people during the primaries. we accepted the nomination at the convention when he got to the 1237 number and we are on election day. i could not be more proud of the man. he's the greatest father in the world. what he's accomplished is very remarkable. >> he's very optimistic. when you look at the polls, they are dead even for the most part. you think the enthusiasm level and also the number of democrats who are going to cross party lines and independents who are going to go your father's way, it ultimately will break in his favor, it's going to be the next president-elect of the united states. >> no question. i've touched hundreds thousands of people. i have a thousand show up for me and i'm not the candidate. it's incredible. i was with him last night. we were in scranton, pennsylvania. new hampshire. these rallies, people are standing outside six, seven
5:53 am
hours to try and get in so they could be front and center. they are holding signs. they are cheering. they are going crazy. i mean, he's started a movement. this is a movement to take back our country from career politicians, and he's just amazing. he's amazing and what he's created is amazing. >> ivanka says this. she says on a personal level she was probably a little bit naive about what it meant when your dad declared his candidacy. for eric trump -- >> going down that escalator. >> what did you think it meant and now a year and a half later, what did it mean? >> we thought it was going to be obviously big. no one ever would have guessed it would have been this big and the shocking thing to me is having a front row seat to the political system in this country, how corrupt it is. i'm not fan of people stealing emails but one thing wikileaks showed is how bad it is behind the scenes. it has to be cleaned up. the lack of ethics in the system, the amount of corruption in the system is horrible.
5:54 am
as a civilian insist process -- in this process, i've shook my head. drain the swamp the big message these days. no one thinks washington, d.c. is helping this country. people are disenfranchised in so many ways. they want career politicians out of the way. that's lighting the fire. >> no fault of your own. you were born into a wealthy family. what does it like to people who aren't wealth in? >> i saw somebody the other day i said $700 of government assistance. my insulin shots cost me $1,000. i can't survive. i can't afford food. i can't afford anything. i had a woman said obamacare,
5:55 am
increases went up so much i had to opt my entire family out of health care. now i'm playing russian roulette, at the end of year i have to pay a penalty for something for the u.s. government that i didn't want before. you hear thousands of these stories. i walked through factories where they are laying off employee after employee because jobs are going overseas. >> not a stat. it became real. thank you for coming to see us. >> hopefully have you back soon. meanwhile, guess where we're going. back to the diners to wrap things up. this is where we put some of the finest and reporters in the world with some of the finest americans in the world. >> that's right. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin.
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clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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before we go. let's check with our friends across the 1o!'ñcountry. heather nawrth in -- nawrt in wisconsin. >> wisconsin has not voted republican since 1984 with ronald reagann!ñ/a-jkb but dona has spent a lot of time in this state. he's hoping to turn it red. >> clayton morris is in pennsylvania. >> we learned some great food this morning. we didn't see any undecided voters. this is trump country.p#vl overwhelmingly trump. we found two hillary supporters. @7ñrñ abbcçyg is in florida. >> i'm taking a selfie. come on. today? >> yes! 8b@&h(lc% >> florida is a huge state. the biggest issue is obamacare, the economy. some people who haven't voted for years voted today for trump. >> pete hegseth in ohio! >> 5'y>_4'n
6:00 am
>> he was there in ohio. >> that's what happens whenw'w have deafeningqxó


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