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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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catch a glimpse of the champs. 2.7 million people live in chicago and you have 5 million people showing up. congratulations to the cubs. happy weekend. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in wilmington, ohio, where donald trump is prepare fog speak live this -- preparing to speak live this afternoon because ohio -- we're also expecting to hear from president obama, former president clinton and hillary clinton herself, as their strategy apparently shifts to try to hold democratic territory. so, today from sea to shining sea, campaign coverage as we take you to colorado, california, north carolina, iowa, florida, and nevada. we're also watching the fox news electoral score card for any changes. yesterday we saw some states swing towards trump in this very hour. what will today bring? and remember the election of 2000? when the supreme court decided it all? what would happen if that
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happened again? remember, there are only eight justices on the court. and there could be a tie. we'll get into that. let get to it. first from the fox news deck this at last friday afternoon, 101 hours the first polls close on election day, and hillary clinton is making a last minute push to reinforce her firewall or support. while donald trump tries to put blue states into his column and pull off a campaign comeback. the billionaire just a short time ago wrapped up an event in new hampshire, astate his team claim he mist win to win the white house. new hampshire. for weeks clinton had a steady lead there but trump chipped away at it and the polls now show they're neck and neck. we have a map that shows where the candidates and their surrogaters are campaigning today, and it's all busy in yellow, hillary clinton with the bug beginnings -- big guns making stops in michigan and
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pennsylvania, states have the have gone blue for decades. clinton is in ohio at the end of the day with jay-z. she is trying to rally support from african-american after early voting cat to shows black turnout has been weak. and president obama is campaigning for secretary clinton in north carolina where the analysts say the african-american vote is absolutely critical. hees set to peek in fayetteville. the latest score card from the fox news decision team is complicated. but i shows why carolina, north carolina, is so important. by our map, donald trump needs north carolina, has to have north carolina,-and new hampshire, and every one of these yellow tossup states, all of them, has to have all of that to get to 270 votes. analysts say if clinton can shut down trump in north carolina she should be able to look up the election. in other words, hillary clinton wins north carolina, she is your
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next president. we have team fox coverage, carl cameron is live in hershey p.a. because of chock at, of course, and then jennifer griffin is chilling with jay-z. >> reporter: we'll be there tomorrow. and north carolina is the reason democrats all is the check mate state. now, the clinton campaign has put out today a online video which shows the day after the election, it's a fake news report, showing the day after, if donald trump wins. it then shows, fast forward to a number of headlines they anticipate would come out from news reports during the year and the end they say essentially, you will not get to rewind if you don't vote for hillary clinton on november 8th. here's what he said today. >> this is one of those make or break moments in the united
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states. it is in your hands. and when your kids and your grandkids and what you did in 2016, when everything was on the line, i hope you'll be able to say, i voted for a better, stronger, fairer america. where we don't build walls, we build bridges and where we build a future we want and where we prove once and for al that love trumps hate. >> reporter: with the polls looking so close, it's really an issue of machine versus momentum. donald trump has the momentum right now, but the democrats have the machine on the ground in states like ohio. in fact already in terms of early voting, 38 states have early voting and we're told that 30 million votes have already been cast. >> any update on clinton's top aide, huma abedin?
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>> reporter: well, huma abedin has not been out on the campaign trail cyst lance friday when james comey dropped the bombshell that the investigation was being re-opened other into the e-mails. huma abedin was in georgetown for her first public event as the deputy campaign -- senior campaign staff member. she was taping a fundraiser in georgetownful the for it we have seen of her. reporters shouted questions. she simply smiled. i'm told by sources who are familiar with the investigation into these new e-mails found on anthony weiner's computer that they have not found any classified e-mails as of yet. and then of course you have the state department e-mails that are being released as part of a court order. i'm told that many of those e-mails are in fact duplicated of e-mails that hillary clinton provided months ago. back to you. >> so there's going to be an event there but no parade today. i was hopeful.
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it's in chicago. >> reporter: no parade. >> that all right. lebron won. it's like minititle town in cleveland. donald trump stumping in new hampshire and pennsylvania today. as in the race for the white house enters the final stretch, and carl cameron tagging along in hershey, trump went after the new job number today as if they were horrible. >> reporter: well, sure. elections past, today's jobs report, which is to say the unemployment rate, has been one thing that reporters are in e last report on the economy before the actual election date. folks have been waiting on this for weeks and the numbers show up employment has come down to 4.9%. a tenth of a drop in october. the upside it that 125,000 jobs were created. the downside is that about
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400 -- over 400,000 people left the work force, and that is what donald trump is complaining about. watch. >> the terrible jobs report that just came out, shows they number of people not in the work force increased by another 425,000 people last month. that it why you see the offendy numbered about five percent unemployed. people are not looking for work anymore but a they can't get a job and they take them off the rolls. these nurses are a disaster. >> reporter: trump went on to say they're taking our jobs, referring to mexico. that it's a one-way highway, only into mexico, and what we get in return are drugs and unemployment. and as it happens, that is not accurate in this particular case. 4.9% unemployment is the lowest national unemployment that the country has had in the last 40 years. this last report, right ahead of the election, never been a jobs report five days ahead of the
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election with the rip employment rate at 4.9%. so he is finding himself arguing against what the good benchmark is considering the upcoming election. he was doing it in new hampshire, where they have the lowest unemployment rate in country at 2.9%. of the 50 states and plus territories no where is there lower up employment hand in new hampshire at 2.9%. so not a particularly bad economy up there. he'll be coming here to pennsylvania where it's 5.9 parts, higher than the national. a and you can bet he will be ranging that bell tonight. >> yaw have to have florida as well, and robby mook says in florida they believe they have 1 0,000 vote advantage right now, which obama didn't have. if that it the case -- you can't lose florida and win the presidentsive if you're donald trump, can you? >> reporter: trump and his aides eave said for a year they expected to have four bat ground states, florida, ohio, north carolina, and pennsylvania inch history trump is doing better in
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florida, particularly with the early vote and with latinos, clinton has the potential to keep the state in the blue column, and north carolina is a problem. pennsylvania is a big tough. hereafter more than anywhere else, clinton has been ahead more often than not. the polls are tightening in at the last few days. i've been telling you for the last six months. this one -- the extent that trump has had some momentum in the last few days the question is -- we'll know this in the folks day or two -- blonder the momentum i growing, static, or whether it's stalled. and there have been some polls showing clinton perhaps rebounding a little bit. the last three days are going to be absolutely straight out. trump is going to hit 11 states, going to campaign multiple times in all of them. going as far as colorado to the west. going from florida in the south and all the way up to new hampshire again to get into the northeast. >> a gorgeous day there, too. enjoy. there's a new pom that shows
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hillary clinton leading among latino voters, and that could be especially critical in fierce battle for florida. we'll take you there for a look at exactly who has voted so far early. how huge the numbers are and what the influence difference could be. that coming from the fox news deck. saturday, sunday, monday, four days to go.
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but dad, you've got...tes are probably gonna double. plus less major bleeding. allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. hillary clinton is leading donald trump by almost 50 percentagage opinions mook hispanic voters. the polls show secretary clinton has 60're of the hispanic vote and donald trump has 19% in florida the hispanic population
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manges up almost 16% of all voters and most of them think cuban have historically voted republican but this year they believe could be different. steve harriganes is in miami. magic pence is there. >> reporter: this is clearly democratic territory here. miami-dade county. 67% hispanic. it's a place where democratic candidates come to try to run up a huge marvin of votes to carry the state of florida. that's gallon what president obama did four years ago. he carried miami-dade county by 200,000 votes and the state by 75,000, less than one percent. so needed that big advantage last time around. that what pence is going to try to cut into tonight. >> we reed these stats on early voters and have seen the reports that hispanics are voting early across the country in florida, never seen numbers like this, steve. >> reporter: it is shocking when you look at the numbers. the one that really stands out is early voting among hispanics.
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up more than 150% than it was just four years ago. so, it's amazing numbers and hispanic traditionally here in florida have underproofed at the polls. four years ago, less than 50% voted but two key greens you have to keep your eye on. cubans traditionally republican and conservative but the younger generation, the second and third generation cuban americans, twice as more likely to register as democrats than in the past and the biggest, fastest growing dem graphic in in florida is the putter reek -- puerto ricans. the clinton ground machine is trying to lure them in hard. >> it well be key. thank you, sir. the president is to speak shortly. donald trump will speak a little later and we'll have it all on america's choice for news and information on cable. this is fox news channel. and it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers.
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this is the man who has been given the honor of introducing fayetteville, north carolina, as he is about to come out to stump for hillary clinton. chris wallace is here from sun sun. comp -- from "fox news sunday." come on, america moderator. we were playing his walkout music. >> for the president? >> how we like -- >> oh, yes, right. >> our senior producer -- is it okay in today's crime -- she called him hot stuff. >> she has been calling me hot stuff for ten years. >> she is also married and has a child. she popped um from donna summers when you play whenever you come into the studio. >> never heard that before. >> when you're in washington we play a different song but we
12:20 pm
can't talk about that. if you win florida, according to trump's people, you win the presidency. robbie mook, the clinton campaign manager is sounding all kinds of confident down there, up 1 170,000. they seem to think they'll win florida. >> we won't call it until somebody amassed 270 electoral votes. hi doesn't win florida he loses the presidency. we went say that on election night but no way -- the polls close at 8:00. if he loses florida there's no way he gets to 270. that's why he agrees. >> he said that or i wouldn't have made that leap without him. they feel like they have the four batten grounds, there, pennsylvania, ohio, and new hampshire. >> and north carolina. >> they got to sweep that bun. >> they don't have to sweep pennsylvania but if they don't
12:21 pm
get pennsylvania they have to get michigan or wisconsin. they have to win florida and the polls close there at 8:00. they have to win north carolina, 15 electoral votes. the polls close there at 7:30, and have to win ohio and the polls close there at 8:00. so if they don't win any -- one of those states, they might be able to make up some way they can conceivably put the math together but it becomes highly unlikely. >> third this advantage in stumper is noticeable. usually you would have former presidents and stuff. like we have -- he has the current president working for him. there's no bushes out there for him. he doesn't really have the families. >> the surrogate disadvantage or the disparity is enormous. basically trump, and pence, and the trump family. and hillary has not -- >> and rudy and newt and chris christie. not having a good day. >> no, he's not.
12:22 pm
but as compared to the president and michelle obama and their ability to energize young people, and the african-american vote, you have william jefferson clinton, he has some clout. tim kaine with hispanics. there's no question that -- but in the end, i don't in the that it makes a huge difference because in the end you're not going in and saying i like that surrogate speech by michelle obama. >> jay-z was great. >> that's right. you'll vote for the person you think would be the best president. >> bruno mars has a new song. >> i like uptown funk. >> i do too. 24k, shout odd the mgm. the rides jet skis in the bellagio fountain. never seen that done before fran says -- >> are we talking about the election? first of all i've all thought you mad maybe of a little bit of
12:23 pm
attention deficit and with that screen it would be like any six-year-old grandson. no way he could focus. >> we had rudolph there dancing -- riding the jet skis in the fountain. i'm now told i should talk to you about the polls withbe we go to the president. rcp florida, real clear politics average, but he is up -- what is it -- up by 1.2. over her by 1.2%. >> well, win the mar john of error. >> clinton is up. that's what i meant, ithe early votes -- i mean, one thing we have to get used to, and you are more used it to than i too, used to be election day was the day people go to polls. election day is the day americans stop going to the polls and voting, robbie mook, we just talked to him, he expected 40% of all american votes will have been cast before we get to election day 40. %. and right now, there's a huge hispanic turnout in florida, and not unreasonably they think
12:24 pm
that's going to heavily for clinton. so you bank votes now, and then you can focus, particularly clinton, who has a great ground machine, you can focus on what is going to happen in getting the rest of the vote out, maybe lower propensity voters to go out on election day. >> north carolina, she is up by two opinions. the real clear politics average so we don't consider there to be a marin of error. we say this is what it is. you're leading by two in north carolina, not much pad. >> it's not much pad but again, this is the must-have tate for donald trump and not a must-have state for clinton. >> arizona, trump up by exactly four points. in arizona. >> well, i think the last time that a democrat won arizona may -- may have been bill clinton in 1996. this is aepublican red state. there's some states, swing states that trump has to win. also has to hold serve, if you
12:25 pm
will, in reliably red states, utah, arizona, georgia. if he loses those he is in a world of trouble. >> in a little trouble to the independent candidate there but trump has surged in utah and has what appears to be a comfortable lead. arizona, though, so many more hispanics living there. 30% more than the last time we voted for the presidency. 30% more. >> the hispanic voters could be the key in this election, and obviously trump's comments starting from the day he announced were very striking std stride when when it comes to hispanics and it could be pay backtime. >> rcp out of pennsylvania, the real clear politics average out of pennsylvania, if you were trump and could pick this off. makes life easier dish. >> 20 electoral votes. >> republicans have a hard time. >> won it six straight elects
12:26 pm
since 1992. >> i meant democrats have a hard time. >> democrats have one it six elections in a row. they've won -- my favorite stat, 18 states, district of columbia, have voted democratic, six elections in a row, 242 electoral votes, both clinton runs, both bush runs, both obama runs, voted democrat. she holds on to those states she is only 28 electoral votes away from the presidency which is why trump has to take all of the swing states, has to hold serve on all the republican states and has to flip, whether it's michigan or pennsylvania, wisconsin, has to flip a reliably blue state. >> this sunday, "fox news sunday" will debut our brand new studio. we have 13 studios. 12 -- we have a lot. but this thing is a the mother load of studios. >> the star ship enterprise. we'll show it off. everybody else thinks we'll be the wins who show it off. we're going to have mike pence
12:27 pm
on, joel benson, the chief strategist for hillary clinton. karl rove, the new studio, you come out of musical humming the set. >> wow. heard there's an elevator in there. there is an elevator. >> is that true? >> and a scoreboard like -- they're going to obama. let go. >> since you have the fanciest studio -- you want to move there. >> no, like this. >> you want the other one. >> you have set envy. >> we're in a corner on the 12th floor north, one can find us. we love it here. >> make you go to studio f. >> no, you go i'll be here, on the fox broadcast network. >> i'll be with you. >> yes, you will. that's exciting, in my layer. mr. president, speak to us. >> and there have been times where we have had setbacks, and there have been times where some of you may have felt discouraged, but i tell you why i didn't get discourage it, because of you.
12:28 pm
i didn't get discouraged because over these eight years, i traveled across all 50 states. went to big cities, went to small towns. i went to suburbs and rural areas. i've met people from every background, and every faith, and every party, and i saw what makes america great. i saw you. [cheering] i saw you. and i saw you working together. in neighborhoods. and in your towns and under cities and your churches. and your congregations. i saw young and old, men and women, black, white, hispanics, caucasian, native american, people with disabilities, gay and straight, pledging allegiance to the red, white and blue. that's the america i know! and there is only one candidate
12:29 pm
in this race in 2016, who has tee-door devoted her life to helping to build that better america. and that's the next president of the united states. hillary rodham clinton. [cheering] >> but we can't take it for granted. we can't be complacent. all the progress that we have made these last eight years goes out the window if we don't win this election. so we've got to work our hearts out this week, these last four days, as if our future depends on it. because our future depends on it. and i know sometimes at the end of campaigns, there's so many negative ads on tv.
12:30 pm
there is so much noise. so much distraction. a lot of okeydoke out there. they want to bamboozle you. i want you to tune all that out. and i want you to focus on the choice that we actually face in this election, because if you just focus, if you just think about it, the choice could not be simpler or clearer. there's a reason that so many republicans so many conservatives, have denounced the nominee of their party. it's never happened before. you have never seen a situation in which folks are denouncing the person who is nominated as the party leader and it's
12:31 pm
because donald trump is uniquely unqualified. to be president. he has to tempermentally unfate fit to be commander-in-chief. listen, if you want to keep our military the greatest fighting force, that the world has ever known. if you want america to stay strong and respected, then we can't have a commander in chief who suggests that it's okay to torture people. suggests that we should ban entire religions from our country. we can't afford a commander in chief who insults pows or attacks -- wait, wait, hold up, hold up. hold up. hold up. hold up. hey, hold up. hold up.
12:32 pm
hold up. hold up, hold up, hold up. listen, listen, listen. [shouting] [chanting] >> hey, hey, hey. listen up. everybody, everybody, hey! hey! listen up. i told you to be focused and you're not focused right now. listen to what i'm saying. hold up. hold up. hold up. hold up! everybody, sit down and be quiet for a second. everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. now, listen up. i'm serious. listen up.
12:33 pm
you have an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate, he is not doing nothing. you don't have to worry about him. this is what i mean about folks not being focused. first of all, first of all, we let -- hold up. hold up. first of all, we live in a country that respects free speech. so, second of all, it looked like maybe he might have served in our military, and we have to respect that. third of all, he was elderly and we got to respect our elders. and fourth of all, don't boo. >> vote! >> vote! don't boo! vote! come on. now, i want you to pay
12:34 pm
attention. because if we don't -- if we lose focus, we could have problems. this is part of what happened here during this elect season, we get stirred up for all kinds of reasons that are unnecessary. just relax. now, i want to remind you what i was saying. we can't afford a commander in chief who insults pows. who attacks the gold star mother. who actually talked down to our troops. says he knows more than our generals. even a republican senator said we can't afford to give somebody like that the nuclear coded, somebody so erratic. want you to think about that.
12:35 pm
when i was sworn in, as president, the next day i'm siting down -- actual live not the necked day. just right afterwards, i had to sit down with somebody who explained this whole nuclear thing. it will sober you up. it is serious business. we can't have somebody like that handling our nuclear codes. we can't have somebody who gets upasset because saturday night love does a skit about him and starts tweeting at 3:00 in the morning. that not the temperment you want for somebody who has the nuclear codes. so, if you believe that america is stronger when everybodies to their part. you've believe that america is stronger when everyone pays they're fair share, then we can't elect the first candidate in decades who refuses to
12:36 pm
release any tax returns. admits he has not paid federal income tax in years. somebody who stiffs small business people who do work for him 0, wores who do work for him but he owes of them and says i wont pay you because i got more lawyers than you. the notion that somebody like that is going to be the champion of working people, somebody who exploits working people, somebody who probably doesn't know any working people except the person who cleans up and the person who mows the fairway at his golf course, how can that person be a champion for the working people. if you cherish our constitution, we can't elect a president who threatens to shut down the press when they say something he doesn't like. who threatens to to the his opponents in jail. who discriminates against people
12:37 pm
of different faiths. our constitution does not allow that. there are places around the world where that's acceptable but that's not united states of america. if you believe we're stronger together, then we can elect -- can't elect a president would veil identifies -- mocks americans withables, calls immigrants criminals and rapists. we can't elect a president who brag that being famous allows him to to get away with something that qualifies as sexual assault. who calls women pigs and dogs and slobs and grades them on a scale of one to ten. that's not america. and this is not a democrat or republican. that's not american. michelle and i have two magnificent daughters. and they are primarily
12:38 pm
magnificent because michelle is magnificent. [cheering] and they're smart and cute just like their mama. but the thing i am so proud of them is that they're kind, and they're generous, and we have taught them to respect everybody. that nobody is higher than you but nobody is lower than you. and you don't lift yourself up by putting somebody else down. those values that we have taught our children, that you're teaching your children and your grandchildren, we can't have a president who every day seems to violate those basic values and the problem is that he has done it so much, that it's become almost normal.
12:39 pm
it is like suddenly reality tv has entered into the race for the presidency. it's not even survivor. or the bachelorette. it's like some hip-hop stuff. i mean, if you -- it just is some stuff that up until this election, we would have said, is completely disqualifying. and yet, somehow, everybody has gotten accustomed to it. acting like it's normal. and we hear people justifying it. and making excuses about it. and saying, well, you know, he didn't really mean it, or it's locker room talk.
12:40 pm
or, well, maybe he did mean it but, as long as he supports tack cut ford the rich or supports doing the things we want to do, then it's okay. come on, man. that we can't be thinking somehow that just because he agrees with you on some policy issue, or just because you're frustrated with government, that it's okay to display the kind of behavior he displays, because i want to tell you something about this office i've been in for eight years. who you are, what you are, does not change once you become president. it will magnify who you are.
12:41 pm
you have more power, so as a consequence, folks will enable you to be more who you are. it will shine a spotlight on who you are. but if you disrespected women before you were in office, then you will disrespect women once you take office. if you accept the support of klan sympathizer and don't denounce them right away because you're not sure, that's what you're going to do when you're in office. if you disrespect the constitution when you're running for president, then not only will you disrespect it once you become president but you actually might be able to violate the constitution once you're president. and the reason i say all of this is because, yes, i'm a proud democrat.
12:42 pm
but we're not democrats or republicans first. we're children of god first. we are americans first. we are human beings first. i've got republican friends who don't think or act the way donald trump is acting. and as a consequence they're not voting for him. even if they disagree with democratic policies. this is somebody different, our instinctually unqualified to do the job. but the good news is, north carolina, all of you are uniquely qualified to make sure he doesn't get the job. you just have to vote. you just have to vote. and the good news is you don't have to just vote against somebody. you can vote for somebody. because there's somebody who is smart, and who is steady, and who is tested, somebody who i
12:43 pm
believe is as qualified as any person ever to run for this office. she is my fri i trust her. she will be an outstanding president and her name is hillary clinton, and i need you to vote for her. >> president obama stumping for the first lady there, fayetteville, north carolina. with one of the weirder campaign outbursts. we never got to see the guy causing problems but do have been interesting. troubling, we have breaking news on multiple fronts and we -- this is all happening in the last five minutes. somebody has stabbed as many as five people at rutgers university outside new york city in new jersey, according to local news reports here. officials at rutgers do confirm there have been a series of stabbings. they've say that a suspect is now in custody. the official word has not yet come from rutgers, for a while they had a 0 lockdown on campus but brief as the suspect is now custody. authorities are investigating. cbs 2 newses in new york, the cbs owned and operated flagship
12:44 pm
station in new york, reports five victims. we don't know any of their conditions, and here more breaking news. here in new york city, two new york city police sergeants have been shot during a blare gone horribly wrong in the bronx, uptown. this is the manhattan we all know. this is central park right here, the center of manhattan. so going uptown, there's yankee stadium. it's over here, bronx river avenue and noble avenue, just of this big park here. a robbery gone wrong two new york police sergeants the new york daily news is reporting the local blood bank has reported the officer us might need blood tragedy are trans -- france fusions and there are multiple reports in new york city, including from new york 1, our local news service from time warner cable, and their reporting that the suspect here had multiple guns and that the suspect was shot and killed on the scene. one officer, one sergeant, said
12:45 pm
to be critical. and the other sergeant we have no word on his condition. we're expecting updates on the two breaking news stories right after a quick commercial break on fox news. busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> updates on breathing news. this is rutgers university -- breaking news, this is rutgers university outside of new york city. if this sounds like it was a chaotic scene -- the way it's described to us is somebody just started stabbing people, like stabbing one and stabbed another and stabbed another. if anybody is critically ill, we don't know about it. or critically injured. all of them have been taken to hospital put the suspect is in custody. the crime tape is up there. rutgers says the lockdown is over and they're back to business. much more serious, up in the
12:49 pm
bronx, this is live pictures now from fox 5. wnyw, what new yorkers watch ask their chopper is up over -- just the hardest thing in the world to think about is these two police sergeants, responding to a robbery in the eastern bronx, east of yankee stadium, if you're looking to the map. near the east river. and responded to a sort of a routine robbery call, two sergeants. and a man with an arsenal. multiple weapons begins firing. one over the police officers hey have been hit in the head -- police sergeants and both sergeants according to the reporting of the new york daily news at the hospital, they warned the blood bank there that the sergeants might need blood transfusion so this is a very curious scene. we're led to believe enough that the suspect, who had all the weapons, was shot and killed by police. we don't know whether it was by the two sergeants who were
12:50 pm
victims here, or if other responding officers of some kind may have shot the suspect. at any rate there's one suspect and the one suspect is dead and we're waiting for updates on two of new york city's finest who are not doing well this afternoon at all. breaking news coverage in politics continues in a moment.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> two police sergeants shot in the bronx. now we know one sergeant and one officer were shot. and the details are coming to us now from 11 news and others. the sergeant was -- who was responding was shot in the leg. more than ten times.
12:54 pm
the officer shot in the head. they're not releasing conditions. there's one local -- actually two local reports that the officer who was shot in the head is in extremely critical condition. the one suspect is down and hundreds and hundreds of new york city police officers and plain clothes as well are on scene in the bronx. it like to us like they are interviewing everybody on the street. want to ghetto witnesses while information is fresh in your mind. the mayor of new york city, bill deblasio, is headed to the hospital updown and i did know the hospital a moment doing -- gentleman jacoby hospital where the blood bank has been notified the two could need transfusions. the shooting took place at 1460 beach avenue, which is a residential section of the van
12:55 pm
ness section. neighborhoods wind neighborhoods. this neighborhood is van nest. and as you can see it's a mostly residential neighborhood. though bordering on some multiuse construction, and the details of this are just really horrifying. they were responding to what the nypd is calling a routine robbery call. our understanding of things the two of them at first, and immediately some sort of confrontation with a suspect armed with multiple weapons. there was a shootout, according to the official report. again, the sergeant hit ten times or more. a minimum of ten times in the leg. and the officer who was there as well, shot in the head. very rare to get early conditions reports from the new york city police department. not how they roll. they want to get family --
12:56 pm
everybody -- no matter what the condition, they want to macsure all of the family-in first. and the mayor off to the hospital now, after -- will evenly go to the scene. it's one of those thing that seasons chills up your spine, realizing frankly all it is they do for us every day, and what the next moment can bring. you're ten seconds away on a perfect chamber of commerce afternoon in new york city. from just a horrifying turn of events that happened for the people of new york city and our police force this afternoon in the bronx. so the mayor's off to the hospital. the blood bank has been informed. we'll wait on the conditions of those. never a bad time to say thank you to those who to out and risk their lives for us after day, including the two men who are in such grave danger in the bronx right now.
12:57 pm
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quick update from the bronx.
1:00 pm
who new york city police officers shot. one shot in the leg, nonlife-threatening injuries. the other person shot, in extremely critical condition in the hospital. updates throughout the afternoon. "your world" begins now. >> thank you, shepard. we're keeping our eye on the developments in new york and in wilmington-ohio, a donald trump rally about to begin in a crucial battleground state. to the right fayetteville, north carolina, where president obama is addressing a crowd, and all of this at a time when the candidates are jumping ugly or, well, not so ugly on an employment report that was read two different ways. the last employment report before the big election on tuesday and it showed a gain of 161,000 jobs, a little than thought. and the unemployment rate


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