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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. we have a special expanded edition next wednesday after the election. "on the record" with brit hume starts righ now. >> good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." there is potentially dramatic new information tonight about the fbi investigations into hillary clinton. bret baier will be here momentarily to give us a briefing. this are also new battleground state polls that show the race is tightening in places where both candidates are competing hard. let's first look at the state of the race nationally the real clear politics average of polls show hillary clinton leading donald trump by 1.7 points in a two way race. 1.9 points in a four-way race. the betting odds meanwhile continue to favor her but less than 3 to 1. these numbers represent the closest the race has been since donald trump inched ahead by a point back in late july. we'll take a deeper look at those polls shortly. but, first, let's find out more about what my colleague
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bret baier has learned about the fbi, the justice department, and the investigation of the clinton foundation. bret, good evening. >> hi, brit. >> bring me up to date. >> first of all, just ran right over. >> i appreciate that. >> here's the deal. we talked to two separate sources with intimate knowledge of what's going on with these fbi investigations a couple of things, one, the clinton foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported, i think, so far. >> yeah, because you remember comey last july basically wouldn't comment on it and we kind of believed for a long time there wasn't much of a clinton foundation investigation. >> that was washington influence in that. several offices separately were doing their own investigations. that's one. two, remember the immunity deal that supposedly cheryl mills and heather samuelson, two top aides for hillary clinton got from the justice department in which it was believed that the laptops that they had after a narrow
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review for classification emails were going to be destroyed by the fbi. we have been told that those definitively have not been destroyed. they are at the fbi field office here in washington and are being exploited. three, the clinton foundation investigation is so expansive they have interviewed and reinterviewed many people. they described the evidence that they have as, quote, a lot of it. and there is an avalanche coming every day with wikileaks and the new emails. they're quote actively and aggressively pursuing this case. remember, the foundation case is about the pay for play, the agencies of secretary clinton. >> people made contributions to the clinton foundation and because of that, they were able to extract attention, at least, if not more, from the state department. do i have that right? >> exactly. so they are taking the new information and some of them are going back to interview people for the third time. we, as opposed to what has
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been written about the clinton foundation investigation, it is expansive. the classified information is being run by the national security division of the fbi. they are currently, as catherine herridge has reported combing through anthony weiner's laptop and they are having some success, in other words, finding what they believe to be new emails, not duplicates that have trends -- been transported if you will, emailed through the server, hillary clinton's server. lastly, we have learned that there is a confidence from these sources that her server had been hacked and that it was about a 99% accuracy that it had been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies and they believe that things had been taken from that. >> sounds to me, bret, as if what we have here is a much bigger investigation than we thought. what about the role of the department of justice in terms of what know that the department of justice
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resisted some things that the fbi wanted in the email investigation. how about the department's role in this aspect of the investigation that involving the foundation? >> this source and two sources say it has not been easy. they have not -- it has not been a smooth process. they believe that they're moving forward effectively now. but there has been some angst about attorney general loretta lynch a has done or not done. she obviously did not impanel or go to a grand jury at the beginning. they also have a problem. these sources do, with what president obama said today and back in october of 2015. >> we're going to get to that later on in that he down played it today. he said something that suggested he has changed his tuna bit about director comby. this does not sound like something that's going to be completed any time soon, which suggests that if hillary clinton is elected, she will take office with not one but two serious investigations of her past conduct hanging over her. >> definitely.
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and i pressed again and again on this very issue. and these sources said yes. the investigations will continue, there is a lot of evidence. and barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment. >> wow, bret baier, thanks, buddy. thanks for coming across the hall at the end of your show and helping us out here. >> sure. >> it seems tonight that hillary clinton's close personal aide huma abedin who has not been on the campaign you may have noticed for several days now may be in some legal jeopardy of her own. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine, what can you tell us? >> as bret was just mentioning they are going through anthony weiner's computer. this is a computer that was a family computer and they're records from his estranged wife huma abedin. the reason it' it's an issue for her if there are classified records found on that computer, she has real legal jeopardy and it's because she signed this separation agreement in 2013. and what it says is that i
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have given everything back to you. and if i have not given everything back to you, then i understand i can face criminal charges under the espionage act and other legitimate. >> the problem, of course, is that the laptop that belonged to anthony weiner that had all of her emails on it obviously -- that stuff was not turned back, right? >> that's exactly -- yes. and, when you look at the statutes that are listed in the separation agreement, there is nothing about intent. director comey has been very focused on intent in this case but that is not what the separation agreements read, it's not what people agree to. >> so, in other words, she agrees to get this stuff back regardless. >> no matter what, exactly. >> if she didn't know it was on the computer. >> tough luck. >> that may not get her off the hook. >> correct. >> also today as you just mentioned, bret, the president weighed in on fbi director comey's investigation he seemed almost very dismissive. >> we have something -- we will hear a little later of that later on. i wonder what effect that might have. >> the point that's been missing in this discussion
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is that president obama with all due respect really has a horse in this race and has a vested interest in the outcome. he was using an alias, a personal account to communicate with hillary clinton. >> he, president obama, right? >> yes, correct. >> and we know from the state department who spoke "on the record" about this earlier this year that there are about 18 to 24 records that were withheld citing executive branch deliberations. now, here's the important thing that sometimes people miss. president obama's blackberry is a high security blackberry and every address, we talked about this last week, every address has to be cleared. it's like a v.i.p. list. and huma abedin in her fbi interview said to agents every time mrs. clinton changed her address, i had to tell the white house to make sure that his devices would accept it. so this is another admission that the white house understood that she was using this private server for government business and that the president was okay with it and his team was okay with it because they were allowing updates to the
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email to be made. so, he has got a real horse in the race here. is he not speaking as a dispassionate observer to what's happening. >> catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> we have more about all of this with our political panel later in the show. now back to the election and the states which will decide the outcome. first, florida, indispensable to mr. trump. new quinnipiac poll has lindt up by 146 to 45. separate cnn poll out for florida shows clinton doing slightly better but only pulling out a 2.2 lead. a few other states worth noting. the cnn poll has trump up 6. in mid october that same cnn poll had clinton up by 2. did i say clinton up 6? i meant trump. in pennsylvania, clinton is still ahead but her lead has diminished some. clinton is up by 4 points in the historically blue stated. so let's try to make some sense of all of this. i'm joined by fox news contributor karl rove and by the pollster daronn shaw who is responsible for our fox news polls and likewise also a member of the fox news
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decision desk. carl, darron, thank you very much. let me go to you quickly. your thoughts on these poll results, i would assume that donald trump has a path and probably a little wider path than it's been but still not exactly a freeway to the election, right? >> i think that interpretation is right, brit. the thing i would point out is there is a little bit of variation, not a lot a little bit of variation in the point stems is he down 2 points or 3 points. that's meaningful and we want to pay attention to that as you correctly observed it's the trend that people are really ought to pay attention to right here. so even in the polls that have been most generous to mrs. clinton, you know, trump has basically chopped about 3 points off her lead in these set of states. you know, i think all of that has gotten him from a sure loss to a position where he is on the verge of being competitive again. which is something a lot of us didn't think was in the cards about a week and a half ago. >> carl, your thoughts. >> i think darron is absolutely right. there was good news for both
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of these candidates in these polls. for trump arizona is firming up and remaining in the column with 11 heck toler votes. nevada a swing state moving into his column. good news though for her. she is holding pennsylvania, which is 20 electoral votes and more importantly she is doing better in florida than she has in recent polls. think about this. there is the so-called blue wall. these are the 18 states in and the district of columbia that the democrats have won in every one of the last elections. 242 electoral votes she wins florida and the blue wall she is president of the united states. florida is the must-win state for donald trump in order to stay alive. >> he has to have it. >> yeah. >> so, romney got 206 electoral votes. and obama got 332, so clinton -- if she simply holds his states, right, she is president. but she is down in ohio. she is down in ohio. >> and she is down in iowa. >> and she is down in iowa.
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>> and she is down in the real clear averages politics in florida. >> in florida. so if he wins all of those, darron, all three of those, he is still not home though, right? >> that's exactly right. i mean, you know, we have been talking a long time about ohio, north carolina and florida as being the linchpin states to trump income a position to win. i think that's still the case. i think he still needs those and as karl pointed out iowa. he needs to still need to knock off new hampshire or colorado or pennsylvania, one of these other blue states. and even though he has crept within distance here, within striking distance, he is not there yet. so i agree with karl's statement, there is good news for her here. she seems to be holding steady and this is assuming he locks down a state like north carolina or florida. there is no evidence he has done that yet. still in a dogfight. in fact she probably has a slight edge in those states. >> north carolina, everybody is talking about north carolina this week.
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>> north carolina, of course, was carried by mitt romney if i remember correctly. >> correct. >> and she is ahead there. and if he loses that state, his path becomes not quite insurmountable but very tall order. >> yeah, particularly since she has a strong lead in virginia. think about this. the blue wall, plus north carolina, plus virginia lose everything else, she is still president of the united states. >> well, virginia was part -- that was part of the obama combination in 2012 and that's out of reach. >> and 2008 as well. >> that looks out of reach to you, correct? >> i believe. so if you take a look at the real clear politics average it's up there with pennsylvania and ohio. >> i know it's hard to assess at this stage the effect of these revelations in recent days and the reopening of the remail investigation and, of course, we have got what bret was just here talking about, do we have any sense from this polling yet whether this is having a dramatic effect? a mild effect? or was it simply about where you thought does this now lie about where you thought
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it would lie with the kind of late closing that we have seen in so many races? >> well, i think it was late closing. i think it is the friday announcement is having an effect. i don't think we are yet seeing it in the polls. the cnn polls were conducted after friday. i am dubious about polls conducted over the halloween weekend. so i think it may be tomorrow or the next day before woe see it the problem is each side is so intract continuably tied into itself. 95% of clinton supporters and abc "the washington post" had unfavorable opinion of trump, 90% of them strongly unfavorable. 97% of trump supporters had an unfavorable opinion of clinton. 90% of them strongly. and the undecides and third party that were up for grabs 7% or 8%. >> darron, karl, thank you both very much. there are new wikileak emails out today make clear the clinton campaign was worried about those allegations of pay for play involving as we talked about the clinton foundation. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry has
4:14 pm
the story. >> as donald trump continues to hammer his message that he will root out corruption in washington. >> we're going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. >> wikileaks poured gasoline on the flames by releasing its 26 batch of emails from clinton campaign chairman john podesta's hacked email account. in one email campaign spokesman brian fallon laid out what seemed like a routine plan in 2015 to release bill and hillary clinton's income tax returns. but buried in the email are fallon's concerns about how activity at the clinton foundation might spark even more pay for play allegations. quote reporters will also scrutinize the 2013 speech list for overlap between speech hosts and campaign and foundation donors that could fuel pay-to-play story lines wrote fallon. despite these inevitable angles, we will have given ourselves the best possible fighting chance of promoting
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the most helpful story lines. >> thank you. >> fallon was particularly worried about the former president's ties to laureate university a for-profit college which paid him nearly $18 million to be an hahn area honorary chancellor. email trying to tip off the campaign about developments in the clinton email probe last year. in email chain titled heads up assistant attorney general peter cass sick warns poo desthat about a hearing and government filing that could push clinton emails into the 2016 window. forwarded to others in the inner circle with the quote additional chances for mischief. and sis kadzik is now an important player at the justice department when it comes to notifying congress about developments in the fbi's probe of huma abedin's email and clinton server, republican donald trump cried foul on the campaign trail. >> one of the top department
4:16 pm
of justice officials involved in the email investigation, assistant attorney general peter kadzik is a close associate of john podesta. >> podesta's relationship with kadzik goes way back. the two are college buddies and kadzik served as podesta's lawyer in the investigation into the monica lewenski scandal. in a previous wikileaks dump commended him email exchange calling him fantastic lawyer kept me out of jail. the justice department is down playing kadzik's more recent impact with podesta since email focused on public hearing and public filing about the email scandal. and even some republicans like trey gowdy note kadzik has a limited role in the abedin probe. >> peter kadzik is not a decision-maker. he is a messenger. >> and the clinton camp tonight is dumping all over donald trump's charge that there is something improper here. there is two problems though, two stubborn facts for the clinton tamp
4:17 pm
tonight. number one, they have told us for well over a year there was this fire wall between the justice department and clinton camp and they weren't getting any information and this was just public information and not important, you have it wonder by kadzik did not put it on justice department email but g mail. a lot of people use g mail and personal email in the workplace but not when you are at justice. not when you are in white house. >> not at justice communicating with the white house. >> because this is about federal records federal law saying you have to use your official email especially because their story is he was talking about justice department information. hearing a filing. they don't want to hear that tonight. >> thanks very much. right now speed read other news from the world of politics. the republican national committee is now starting to spend a lot of money on tv ads supporting donald trump. that's a change in plans from earlier in this cycle. however, now with the polls tightening, rnc is putting $3 million in tv ads for trump. some of those ads attack clinton over the fbi investigation and will air across the country. both hillary clinton and
4:18 pm
donald trump's comments in the debates were, quote, sufficient for the annihilation of the reputation of the u.s. in a speech today, he also described americans as liars, untrust one way or the other and back stabbers. last month iran's president rouhani described trump and clinton as worse. he didn't describe which was which. remember the white woman who pretended to be black and became head of the naacp chapter out west? now she is coming out with a book about her experiences passing for black. in it she claims she was discriminated against for being black which, of course, she wasn't. news on the upcoming book outrage in some quarters according one real black who said you will never know our struggles and i don't care how much dark spray the tan you put on. the bleach bit software made famous boy hillary clinton is now selling special cloths for your screens featuring clinton herself. cloth or something online and selling out. bleach bit was made famous
4:19 pm
by clinton team's use of that software to scrub emails from hillary's private server. last year when fox's ed henry asked if she wiped her email server she responded with, what, like a cloth or something? remember that? anyway, what effect will the clinton email investigation and the broader than expected clinton foundation have on the campaign? president obama says he knows why the white house race is so close. so what does he think is to blame? we'll tell you that coming up. stay tuned. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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as bret baier told us earlier it appears the fbi
4:22 pm
investigation involving the clinton foundation is more extensive than we knew and it's handling raises fresh questions about how the justice indictment is dealing with the matter. our nightly political panel is here. rick klein political director at abc news and fred barnes, executive editor of "the weekly standard." well, fred, what do you think? this kind of changes the scope of what woe thought we were looking at here. >> yeah. by a lot. this is pretty explosive. if had you a second investigation, which could wind up in an indictment of somebody, i thought bret was hinting that it would be hillary clinton if somebody is indicted. i think the next step isice depg to have to have a grand jury. are they going to go through the same thing they did with the original investigation of hillary and her emails and -- but here's my real question, fox has broken and bret baier has broken an explosive story. this is a huge story. now, what is the rest of the media going to do? they have rushed to
4:23 pm
hillary's defense and attacked jim comey the fbi director on his statement last friday that an investigation had been opened about these new emails. now, this is something much more. are they going to. >> the "wall street journal" over the weekend touched on some of. this it touched on this but this has gone well beyond that the question is whether the rest of the media is going to go after this story and they can get it, i'm sure there are a lot of great reporters out there or, are they going to make the story as the clinton campaign will want to do, comey's leaking. >> well, it does raise this question, rick, about how far or widespread this story will be seen. now, we will report it on fox news, be on it tomorrow. the "wall street journal" may have a story out, i'm told that the same reporter who broke the story over the weekend is working on this story. but, is that enough to project it into the public consciousness in your view in a way that would have an effect on the last few days of the election? >> i think it's going to put a lot of pressure on james comey and the fbi to provide
4:24 pm
more details of what they're looking at and what they're finding now that he broke the seal with what he put out on friday. the pressure comes from both sides. look, if this is a wider investigation than just emails then you should come out and expose that so people have that information. if it's less than that, the clinton camp is saying let's see it. i think this, in any event, whatever this ends up being, it means that there is going to be a cloud over hillary clinton for a good while even beyond the election if she were to win or lose. this is something that doesn't go away. i think the idea of weiner laptop having implications on different sets of investigations, again, i think we need to know more about specifically what they are looking at and what they found. a lot of people want to know before tuesday. >> if we go the regular order, of course, fred, with the justice department doing what the justice department and the fbi normally do, we won't hear anything. >> no, look, everybody was complaining, at least on the hillary clinton side about his statement last friday in which, of course, comey said that he was just doing what he promised he would to
4:25 pm
members of congress. he would tell them if there was a new development in the hillary clinton investigation. >> he is under no such obligation to tell anybody anything about this though, right? >>. no he is not under any obligation but, you know, he looks to me like a liberated man that he has been -- that he is not going -- he is not going to be running up to loretta lynch's office and asking for permission to do anything. >> what is it that you can imagine he would do? he is not going to hold a news conference and say yes we are conducting this big investigation or is he? >> he is certainly going ahead rapidly with the clinton foundation investigation. >> last word, rick. >> we can learn what they have found and what they have not found. they are furiously going through these emails to say this is the scope of it. this is what we are talking about. at least that minimal piece would answer questions from friday. >> rick and fred don't go away. just about every
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as polls tighten less than wuk one week away from the election the candidates and top surrogates are out and about across the country. take a look at this map that shows where republicans are out campaigning for trump today in those states. and this map that shows where democrats are out and campaigning for hillary clinton. some on both sides of the aisle are even making multiple stops on the campaign trail today. earlier today trump himself held a rally in orlando, florida that is where we find fox news campaign carl cameron. hey, carl.
4:30 pm
what you can tell us? >> hey, brit. in florida today three events, miami, orlando and in moments is he going to take the stage in pensacola and donald trump is charging very hard and talking very carefully about the polls. he dismisses the polls and says they are rigged when thethey is not winning. for more than a couple of days he appears to have gained a little bit of momentum and gu begun to close the gap. he told he was winning across the country. while polls don't necessarily indicate that clear he has something going on and the campaign knows it. there is a huge question now beginning to be whispered about whether or not he really spent enough of his own money and whether or not given this momentum, time does well as it appear to be will make up really for the deficit in ground game and for ground troops that he had about three weeks ago. at that point, the clinton campaign had like 5,000 paid staffers across the country. trump had about 1500. at that time the number of ground offices and
4:31 pm
registered volunteers in the battleground states really tilted toward hillary clinton. but when the polls start to suggest that people are more interested more favorable toward him, a lot of times you get volunteers and a lot of times you get ground game at the very last minute. that's a huge question that's sort of bedelving the trump campaign as they close in now on only 50 five days of campaigning as of tomorrow. >> carl, the rnc, of course, has its own get out the vote operation. it is not thought to have been on a scale as hillary clinton has. what is the thinking there about whether their operation will in the end be sufficient? >> right, there is some symmetry and overlap. it drives the republican national committee crazy when people talk about the trump campaign's organization being sort of lesser than hillary clinton's because the rnc has on the independent side offices for the down ballot candidates. the senate, the house, and state legislative and even governors. they are quite eager to talk about how great they have been doing because they have been working on it quite some time. even before the primaries
4:32 pm
they were building up that kind of freezing rain structure. that is something both shared with trump and also consumed by a lot of the other folks. the rnc and the trump campaign both have shared campaign finance coffers and most of that money has really been channeled to the down ballot candidates which is why yesterday we had the announcement that trump was going to infuse some $25 million of new ads in 13 battleground states. he has essentially outlined his map and it does include states like michigan and wisconsin. new mexico that have -- were thought to be probably out of reach. he has reincluded virginia in the mix having sort of closed down operations there for a couple of weeks. they see the momentum and now they are trying to make that organization fit with it. >> okay, carl, good. thanks very much. today on the campaign trail hillary clinton steered clear of the subject of fbi director james comey and his investigations. it fell to others to sow doubts about mr. comey, including president obama who has clearly changed his tune, it seems, about his fbi chief. listen.
4:33 pm
>> i do think that there is a norm that, you know, when there are investigations, we don't operate on innuendo. we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. >> i wonder who he was talking about when he was talking about incomplete information and leaks? hillary clinton herself was campaigning in nevada today where we find fox news correspondent jennifer griffin on the clinton campaign bus. hi, jen, this is getting to be a regular thing, reporting on the fly we couldn't do that back in my day. what happened there today? >> well, brit, we just left the event here in nevada. she flew out to nevada from the east coast. a very interesting stop because she is going to be appealing to latino voters out here. as you mentioned, she did not mention the fbi director or the fbi investigation. she is leaving that to surrogates. surrogates like the
4:34 pm
president as well as chuck schumer, the senator chuck schumer says he has lost confidence in james comey. that not coming from the clinton campaign today. hillary clinton preferred to talk about the latino vote and appeal to african-americans, both groups she needs to win this election, particularly here in nevada where the latest real clear politics average of polls shows that donald trump is up by 1.3 percentage points. a new cnn, orc poll, however, shows him up by 6 points here in nevada. that's why she is here today. here is what she said just moments ago. >> >> just think, just think about what life would be like for women and girls. our girls would grow up with a president who proudly ranks women by their looks and imagine how it will effect our boys to grow up
4:35 pm
with a president who talks and acts like that. donald trump has shown us the kind of person he is and the kind of president he would be. >> now, one of the big concerns of the campaign is the african-american vote. african-american voters have not been coming out as strongly as they did in 2012. that's why president obama was in north carolina today. here's what he said. >> there are groups that are not even making secret plans. they are just out in public saying we are going to try and suppress the african-american vote on election day or the youth vote on election day. but if you don't vote, then you've done the work of those who would suppress your vote without them having to lift a finger. your vote matters. young people especially your vote matters. the campaign says that they do not believe that the fbi investigation has hurt them
4:36 pm
in the polls. in fact, they point to record-breaking fundraising online. they say they have raised $11.5 million since last friday, this is as large of an amount as they did during the convention. they plan to spend that on advertising. if you look at florida, they are finding that latino voters are coming out twice as many latino voters are voting in early voting in florida compared to 2012. hillary clinton is on her way now to the airport. she will be heading to arizona. arizona typically red state. but the democrats think that they can flip it right now it is a tight race down in arizona. back to you, brit. thanks, jennifer. great job. great job keeping your balance on a moving bus. thank you. and believe it or not, many young people have no idea what one of our most famous founding fathers actually did. campus craziness is next.
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time now to keep take a look at some of the craziness at campuses across america. a linguistics professor at the university of california berkeley says the investigation into hillary clinton's email server, private email server is a bitch hunt that targets all women published on "time" magazine website dr. robin wrote, the only reason the whole email flap has legs is because the candidate is me mail. can you imagine this happening to a man? clinton is guilty of swf that's speaking while female a spokesperson for the university of california berkeley the you have as that the professor expressed are personal views and do not represent the views of the university. incoming college students overwhelmingly believe that slavery was invented by americans and is exclusively american phenomenon that according to professor duke pesta at the university of oshkosh who spent more than a decade testing first year students at five different colleges. at the website college fix.
4:42 pm
of his students came to college without the basic rudiments of american history and western culture and their reading level was pretty low. on one quiz 29 out of 32 students knew thomas jefferson was a slave owner but just three out of the 32 correctly identified him as a former president. a separate study shows that nearly one 30 of millennials are people age 18 to 34 think george w. bush killed more people than joseph stalin. historians have estimated that as many as 25 million people died under stalin's rule. the study commissioned by the victims of communism memorial foundation also show that 42% of millennials said they were unfamiliar with -- one third unfamiliar with carl marks. the website the college fix has a running list of universities that seek to purge what they have deemed quote toxic masculinity. dartmouth college. university of chapel hill, gettysburg, clermont and
4:43 pm
vanderbilt university are some the schools that have programs mint to root out toxic masculinity. many college students, faculty members believe mass could you lindt violence body shaming. they set up safe spaces for male students to contemplated the toxicity of manliness. if you have a campus craziness story let us know. email us we would be grateful to hear from you. donald trump is calling on early clinton voters to rethink their choice and change their votes. is that possible? in all early voting states? we'll have word on that next.
4:44 pm
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as donald trump tries to
4:47 pm
capitalize on recent momentum he is not just making a case to voters who still need to vote. there are several states where early voters can, in fact, change their vote. which states allow it? fox news chief legal correspondent shannon bream reports. shannon? >> though the election is still six days away, nearly 30 million americans have already voted. in the midst of the heated battle for those early and absentee votes the hillary clinton twitter account tweeted this thursday night. election night is one week away once it's over it cannot be redone. is everyone you know voting? retweet this. that same night donald trump speaking in wisconsin encouraged anyone who has already voted for his rival to reconsider. >> so if you live here, or in michigan or pennsylvania or minnesota, those four places, you can change your vote to donald trump who will make america great again. okay? [cheers] >> just hours later on early
4:48 pm
wednesday morning donald trump added to that tally tweeting, quote you can change your vote in six states so now that you see that hillary was a big mistake change your vote to make america great again. fact or fiction? well, here's what we found. it's true that in minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin there is a clear mechanism in place for changing an early vote. in wisconsin the law says you can change your vote up to three times. some states that allow the switch require to you get it done in advance of elections day. others require to you show up at the polls to make the change on election day. there has been some debate about whether it's possible to flip your vote in states like connecticut, mississippi, and new york. but, frankly, we couldn't get a straight answer from various elections officials in those states. so the bottom line where it's legal it will require a bit of leg work to change your vote if you have already cast it but with new revelations happening sometimes hourly in this presidential race, it is an option for millions of voters, brit, who may have changed their mind.
4:49 pm
>> that would be fascinating. i don't know will we ever know how many voters changed their vote? >> we're not hearing that election officials are saying it's happening. we're keeping an eye on it. >> thanks, shannon. >> president obama says the only reason hillary clinton is in a close race with donald trump is because she is a woman. >> hillary clinton is is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate i see out there. i want every man out there who is voting to look inside your vote and ask yourself if you are having problems with this stuff how much of it is we are just not used to it so that when a guy's ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard, well, that's okay. but when a woman suddenly does it well, why is she doing that? >> our nightly political panel is back rick klein political director at abc
4:50 pm
news and fred barnes executive editor at the "weekly standard." well, rick, does the president have a point that people are resistant to hillary clinton because just because she is a woman? >> well, last i checked hillary clinton has lost exactly one presidential race in her lifetime and lost it to barack obama. i think he made a different argument in 2008 when he was talking about his own history. this strikes me as motivational tool. this is like a rigged election. this is go out there and vote because we need to overcome this. this is a piece of the key argument for the close that they need to get female voters in particular, democratic base to be engaged in this and i think it helps to have an enemy in this case the enemy is sexism. >> the enemy is men, guys like you and me, rick and fred. we are against her because she is a woman. >> no, i think president obama was right that there is a candidate who has been treated differently. but it's donald trump. it's not -- he is treated differently partly for the right reason. >> he is different. >> is he very, very
4:51 pm
different. he is from out of left field. and i went and looked at some polls to see whether what we have here is just a normal gender gap. now president obama forgets this but women tend to vote more liberal and more democratic than men. so, i looked at the tracking poll that shows hillary clinton one point ahead and it showed her abc actually "the washington post" tracking poll, it showed that she was ahead by 8 points among women and trump was ahead by 9 points among men. i mean, that's the pretty standard. >> gender gap. >> gender gap whether they are two men or what. >> i think when we kind of think that this claim may be bologna. >> yeah, i do. >> who is it aimed at? was it aimed at getting women to turn out for hillary because of the evil men or was it aimed at men to try to guilt them in to voting for hillary because if they don't they will feel like they are sexist pause mr. obama said so. >> he said he was aiming at
4:52 pm
men. the truth is there has been a change. i think it's true and it showed up in the follow of the some business magazine. it showed that trump has been -- trump has been gaining among women, that that's helped him tighten the race. >> investors business daily poll? >> yeah. >> that's pretty widely respected poll. >> it is. >> if true that's remarkable and might help explain it, rick. >> i think another piece of this is trying to explain why hillary clinton is as unpopular as she is. and this is just historic to have these two candidates that unpopular and it helps to say even to the base, look, this may be part of the reason you don't like her because the coverage around her because there is something inherently unfair about it i think it's about getting that base out. that's really what it strikes me. >> let's one other quick thing we heard earlier president obama without naming him clearly aiming criticism at director comey talking about leaks and incomplete information and the rest of it what effect from that, fred, do you think?
4:53 pm
>> probably none. i mean, the president said i'm reading it here. >> was that base rallying too? >> i'm sorry? >> was that base rallying too? >> yeah most of what he is doing is. he says we don't operate on incomplete information. well, of course you do. when you have an investigation, to get the information. you know, and then he said oh we don't deal with innuendo and we deal with the decisions when they are made. well, there was a decision made and that is to open this investigation of these new emails. >> a decision made last july, too. >> well, that, too. >> that he didn't have any problem with, right, rick? >> this was a brush back -- no question. i think as far as he could possibly go without seriously jeopardizing undermining. i'm not talking about anything -- >> -- his own press secretary saying he thought he was a man of integrity and wouldn't deliberately try to tilt the election. >> the message was clearly delivered to the hillary clinton base and beyond that president obama has certain feelings about this.
4:54 pm
>> okay, rick, fred, thank you both. coming up, i may not be winning over everyone but apparently i have a few fans, at least one down under. i will read some mean tweets next. our eyes...they have a 200-degree range of sight... which is good for me hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever.
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4:59 pm
please keep the feedback coming, folks. we really do like hearing from you. tweet me at @ brit hume or email "on the record" at that is about it for us tonight. stay tuned for o'reilly factor. bill has a special talking points analysis. can either of the candidates solve problems. dennis miller gives election survival tips. we leave you with our political quote of the day which comes from harry truman which says quote: a politician is a man who understands government and take as politician to run a government. a statesman is a politician who has been dead for 15 years. of course, election day is just six days away and have have a full day of coverage planned here on the fox news channel. don't forget to join us throughout the day and the night. we will be back here
5:00 pm
tomorrow at 7:00 eastern we hope you will, too. don't forget "the o'reilly factor." it's coming up next. good night. ♪ ♪ >> the royale factor is on, tonight. >> something is wrong when so many parents live in fear that their child will be hurt or killed. going to the movies, sitting in a first grade classroom, attending a bible study. >> mrs. clinton is right. something is wrong, but will she ever face up to the real problem of gun violence in america? we'll have a special report. >> these people are among the most dishonest people i have ever met, spoken to, done business with. >> donald trump, again, attacking the media, even as a new poll shows americans agree with him. the fix is in. we'll debate it tonight.


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