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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> so is fox because the ratings are through the roof. they are up 35% all because your husband. >> i know it. i knew that. >> we wish them all the best. >> thank you for watching us. we'll see you tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> so long everybody. america's newsroom starts. bill: just one week from election day. 7 days and counting. it's full steam ahead for the clinton investigation. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: the f.b.i. has the hard drive from anthony weiner's laptop. the focus is said to be work
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related people. >> hillary is the one who lied on so many different occasions to the f.b.i. she broke the law over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those emails is absolutely defend starting. >> why why the world the f.b.i. would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. i'm sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. there is no case here. >> we ask commend the f.b.i. for reopening the case because no one is above the law in the united states of america. >> we are not supposed to talk about ongoing investigations and they are not supposed to put out
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politically sensitive stuff right before an election. >> the president doesn't believe that director comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election. bill: josh earnest had a lot to say about it yesterday. >> f.b.i. forensics computer specialists developed a software and it will allow them to move beyond the metadata to search the content of these messages. law enforcement sources familiar with the process told fox news once the records are identified, they will go into a phase known as eyes on.
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that's physically reading and reviewing the records. the intel agencies that generated the info had final say. they pledged to make never resource available to spf diet the process. but given the number of shared records involved it w before election day. ed the original clinton email case used a multi-agency national security task force. the understanding of whether sources and methods of intelligence have been compromise. an intelligence source tells fox news that same task force was reengaged with a directive to identify classified material. analysts understood the f.b.i.
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director wanted greater clarity. if by monday he faced more pressure congress and the white house to update that letter. so they had been drilling down even before the warrant was obtained sunday. bill: catherine herridge, live in washington. martha: huma abedin missing from the campaign trail as hillary clinton holds events in battleground states. rich, how is clinton addressing the investigation on the road right now? >> she is finally personally starting to address it. she left the reaction to f.b.i. director names comey and not up to her campaign surrogates, and they savaged him over the past weeks.
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minority reader little rock said he wished he never -- minority leader harry reid says he wishes he never supported him. huma abedin has not responds to this. but her attorney says she has complied fully with state department and law enforcement requests. while the f.b.i. has not contacted us about this, miss abedin will be as she always is, forthcoming and cooperative. clinton continues to paint james comey as a partisan operative. martha: where does she go next in terms of states. >> she is in tampa, fro fort
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lauderdale and the florida area. hillary clinton is saying donald trump would be dangerous if he were president of the united states. >> imagine hissed a advisers trying to tell him what he doesn't want to hear, racing against his le general darely short attention span to lay out life and death choices to be reduced to a single tweet. reporter: the real clear politics average of polls, less than a percentage point here and less than a percentage point here in arizona. martha, back to you.
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bill: you can hear from that report with rich, the clint on camp is trying to get back on its feet after his f.b.i. bombshell. >> this knocked them down and they have been coming up with you are in defends. in addition to attacking james comey, they are suggesting comey has had a double standard and investigated alleged trump ties to russia. but that line of defense took a hit from a "times" article saying investigating donald trump, f.b.i. sees no clear link to russia. they are using it as a way to change the subject. bill: this race is still tight, byron, you would agree with that? she has an easier path.
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we about believe. if she were to hold these traditional democratic states like wisconsin and michigan, say she were to do so kay in virginia and west carolina. she is close to getting the 270. if not colorado, look at pence strain yeah. the point is in this scenario, ohio, florida and pennsylvania are still out there. if she were to take one of them, she would get to the number of 270-plus. the daily tracking poll, the abc tracking poll for if the first time shows trump leading. trump at 46, clinton 45, and what that shows you how close this is, byron. it also begs the question in a
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close race like this given the headlines of the last week, these close states that rich hawms discussing, does this story flip any of the states from clinton to trump? >> we know there have been a lot of changes in the last week, the final seven days of an election. abc tracking poll with trump with a 1-points lead. it showed clinton 12 points ahead not long ago. that same abc tracking poll showed mitt romney ahead by 1 points one week ahead of the election and john kerry ahead by 1 point a week before the election. but it also showed changes in the last 7 days so when the final poll was done election eve it predicted the correct winner. this is a fluid race, it is still moving. i think anybody would say the emails there makes it move a
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little more. we have seen a drop in enthusiasm for clinton voters right now. but there is no reason. there is no reason to suggest the surprises have stopped. so we'll see more probably in the next 11 days. you will see it on election night. we are getting ready right now. martha: it's exciting to be in that knew studio. we'll be there over the course of that entire day. 7 days to go. fox news is your election headquarters. one week from today, next tuesday. complete coverage all day throng, all night long as we take you through this. as byron says, the next 7 days could hold more surprise and give you what you have gotten used to. i think that's probably more
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likely than not. bill: donald trump seizing on the clinton seem controversy saying a clinton presidency could lead to a constitutional crisis. dr. ben carson is on deck. he's live next right here. martha: cnn parts ways with dnc chair woman donna brazile over more revelations that she was passing along the debate questions to hillary clinton before the event during these debates. what does the network have to say about that and do they have a bigger problem perhaps on their hands. bill: a malls yaifn deadly explosion -- a massive and deadly explosion seen for miles away. >> a friend of mine said they saw a big smoke cloud. they thoitd was a plane crash. i got online and looked it up. it was behind my property, and it was a pipeline explosion.
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martha: an intense battle is under way in mosul. iraqi forces entering the city limits for the first time in two years after isis took over that city. but thousands of isis fighters are still inside.
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>> she is unfit and unqualified to be the president of the united states. and her election would mire our government and our country in a constitutional crisis that we cannot afford. folks, we have to get back to work. bill: donald trump keeping his foot on the gas. dr. ben carson is a former republican challenger, now a trump supporter. doctor, welcome back here to "america's newsroom." i know you are going to fly the flag for him. if she wins a week from today, what is she up against given the ongoing nature of the investigation in the f.b.i. >> without question we'll be bogged down in a quagmire of litigation. remember what watergate was like? remember what the impeachment of
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bill clinton was like? this will be much more intense than that. bill: more intense and watergate. >> i think it will be more intense, absolutely. we are at a crossroads in our country's history in terms of which direction we are going to be moving in. government of for and by the people or of for and by the government. this is not going away anytime soon. so to have all of this distraction going on at a time when a leader is trying to lead is going to be devastating to our country. the issues are big. we still have isis to deal with, and terrorism. we have the election grid. we have an economy that's languishing. these are huge problems. we can't afford to be mired down in this quagmire. bill: josh earnest was asked by
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the and this is part of what he said yesterday. >> there are a set of institutional responsibilities that officials at the department of justice and the f.b.i. must mull fill. the good news is the president believes director comey is a man of integrity, principle and a man of character. bill: was comey right or were his hands tied because of the actions of secretary clinton. >> it's clear he has been under pressure the justice department. in light of the many things we discovered through the wikileaks and email, we know there are nefarious activities going on behind the scenes. he's caught in the middle. he's in trouble no matter which way he goes. somebody is going to hate him. i have to give him credit for
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taking the heat he's taking now. our young people are growing up and seeing all this stuff and what they are learning is you are powerful enough and you can get away with anything. bill: is it cya for him now. >> i hope that's not what it is. i hope he actually is thinking about what the responsibility is that he has. i am a person who believes that america deep down inside has been -- has the potential to be very good. america is great because america is good. if she ceases to be good, she ceases to be great. our institutions have to be something the american people can trust. bill: in pennsylvania she is up
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6. what do you believe the state of the race is 7 days now? >> i believe donald trump is making a lot of gains. i don't necessarily believe the polls. the enthusiasm gap is tremendous. when i get on an airplane people come up and say keep going. even democrats couple and say i'm a democrat and i'm voting for trump. i'm not sure i believe the polls. martha: he hasn't had a lot of good things to say about donald trump. but another former presidential candidate john kasich revealed who he is voting for in this election. you might find it surprising. bill: donald trump hammering away at obamacare. could the president's signature bill end up swaying the outcome in one week.
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on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. bill: john kasich taking another shot at his former rival. kasich wrote in senator john mccain for president and voted straight republican for the rest of his ohio ballot. martha: we are awaiting donald
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trump to talk about obamacare, which is another huge underlying issue of the dynamic going none the country. the white house is gearing up for the new enrollment season. millions of americans are facing skyrocketing prices and fewer, far fewer insurers to pick from when they open up that page on that computer and take a look at this reality. premiums will go up an average of 2%. state states will see increases of 30% or more. one state in arizona, people will get hit with a 16% premium spike. so everybody is talking about emails and talking about all these scandals and issues. as you point out, the bottom line happens when people hit the open on that screen for their healthcare this week. >> absolutely true.
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i'm hearing from so many of you on twitter and email with the individual stories. one person i was talking to, her premium has gone up to $1,300. she gets a $200 subsidy. she makes $40,000 a year. she doesn't want to go without it because she is tear fired what happens. she wants healthcare, but it's so expensive. martha: you get a subsidy. so this woman $40,000 a year. $200 subsidy in that's not going to make it? >> i think so many people are seeing this and feeling this. that's what's driving this change in numbers. hillary clinton says it's working. we may need to tinker with it. she wanted. the headlines, more than a million people will log on today
6:27 am
for the first time and find out their insurer has left their state. you log on, you do the pull-down menu. lo and behold my provider left the state because they were losing too much money. they are legally obligated to not lose money. so they are forced to leave the state and not provide insurance. it is collapsing. oklahoma, the average increase there, 69%. tennessee, the average increase 63%. minnesota, 59% average. a lot of people are seeing increases way above that. last year the was 7%. this year it has ballooned because the insurance companies are not getting that backup from the government from our tax dollars. so they are saying we are out. we can't afford this. this is where the death spiral takes hold this year.
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martha: we have seen the october surprise, and healthcare when you open that up on your screen. the opt enrollment has begun. small businesses are finds out what it will cost for them to cover their employees. and that will have them make different business decisions. >> bad news, i'm sorry. someone has to bring it to you. bill: iraqi forces making major ghaints fight against isis. we have a live report to see how that battle is unfolding today. martha: sending pictures from iraq and more. the f.b.i. director james comey taking a lot of heat from all sides as this email controversy continues to heat up.
6:29 am
one powerful republican snoirls weighing in. this criticism of director comey is next.
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bill: what we know about the
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battle over mosul. iraqi troops said to be gaining ground. entering the city for the first time in two years. john huddy is in our middle east newsroom. reporter: they are in the city limits. they broke through enemy lines on the eastern side of mosul. this is huge. this just broke. we are hearing from our sources on the ground that they broke through isis lines and are now within mosul city limits. it's the first time since isis took control of the city. some of the straightest video we are getting in, iraqi commandsers confirmed special forces pushed into an neighborhood on the eastern edge of mosul. special forces troops have taken control of. >control -- of a state televisin
6:34 am
student building. we have been getting updates every 20-30 minutes so it remains a fluid situation. bill: how much of a fight is isis putting up inside. >>r. reporter: they have been launching missiles and rpgs. you see iraqi troops running across that barren landscape, getting down. coalition air strikes have been helping. one of the obstacles not only roadblocks, but we have seen this before in the tboolt retake ramadi and tikrit, isis is lining the roads with i.e.d.s and rude eyed bombs along with launching suicide attacks.
6:35 am
there remains the concern whether isis is using people as human shields. a lot of these villages have been cleared by residents. but the objectives is once the troops push through and get closer to the city to link up with the southern offensive which has been an intense battle. bill: thank you, john huddy from our middle east newsroom. martha: f.b.i. director james comey feeling the heat for his decision to publicly notify congress that he needed to reopen the email investigation. chuck grassley telling director comey that he didn't go bar enough in explaining what is going on. saying in the absence of additional authoritative information in the wake of your vague disclosure the american
6:36 am
people are left to sift through various leaking. the american people deserve better than that, says chuck grassley. let's bring in rich lowry. do you agree with grassley? >> that letter friday was almost impossible to understand. but let's be honest, comey was put in an extremely situation by the fact that hillary clinton had the email set up in the first place, and the democrats nominated a cad who is under investigation. i'm open to criticisms that he should have hand this or that differently. but i'm not open to the idea he's a hack and criminal as harry reid suggested the other day.
6:37 am
and until then they were hailing him as a hero. martha: we are dealing with institutions that are so meaningful and crucial. there is so much loose talk going around about the f.b.i. and the department of justice. as we weave through this and figure out what comes next. there is another editorial from william barr who argued comey in his mind did the right thing. he said the failure of the clinton camp to provide all pertinent evidence rendered comey's july announcement misleading. the f.b.i. investigation was not comprehensive or complete and comey's announcement then was premature. he's saying he had to come forward because he knows there is more information than he thought and they have to go through it.
6:38 am
>> here is the problem. thanks for having me in. the larger problem that we have here is this is all against f.b.i. protocol. the f.b.i. never gives status updates on pending investigations. so he tipped his toe in the water the first time and the second tip is problematic. the letter was owe make. it caused -- the letter was opaque. there is leaks all over the place. and the american people are left holding the bag with just 7 days to go before a major election. >> william barr argues that's not true. that it does not go against f.b.i. policy. because this former statement was they had been through everything and now he realize they have not been through everything, he has no choice. he was going influence some things.
6:39 am
whether he did it before the election or right after the election. and it is a tight place. but he's in a tough spot. >> the public was under the impression that the investigation was closed because the director of the f.b.i. told congress that. so that was a misleading impression it was no longer true and he felt an obligation to let the public know was no longer true. you could argue he never should have gone down this road in the beginning. he should have made this recommendations to the justice department, not comment on anything. there is such public interest on this, he felt it couldn't be a black box. martha: the fact witnesses acted as lawyers and sat next todurinr testimony. fact there was a prom is made to them to destroy their laptops.
6:40 am
so there are so many issues with the way that this was handled that it leads people to believe and voters seem be responding to that in the polls that there is something up here. there was too much political influence on this investigation. >> i think the influence goes both ways. judge napolitano said on "the kelly file" that there is too much information being put out there. nobody should have known about the immunity. and that people destroyed laptops. the search warrant did not include hillary clinton at all. the search warrant was involving huma abedin and not hillary clinton. we don't know what these emails are. martha, you don't know, rich, you don't know, and i don't know, now the american voters don't know. whether you are a trump voter or
6:41 am
hillary voter or independent. now that comey has stepped his foot into politics, they deserve to know. >> the democrats nominated someone with legal exposure under investigation. you don't nominate for president someone under f.b.i. investigation because very bad things can happen. martha: now we have another last word. thank you very much. good to see you both. bill: cnn is cutting ties with dnc chair donna brazile. but do the problems at that network run deeper? we'll have a closer look in a moment. martha: we are getting the first opportunity to hear the chilling 911 calls heard b -- made by the killer in the orlando massacre.
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. bill: it was revealed donna brazile leaked questions to the clinton camp during the primary season. a statement from cnn said we are completely uncomfortable about what we have learned about her connections to the clinton campaign while she was a cnn contributor. howie, how deep does a scar like this run when a network is exposed in this manner? >> this whole episode tarnished donna brazile and the tonight work she portrayed and it
6:46 am
tarnishes the media. cnn hasn't helped itself by the way it handled this, which is to say, poorly. bill: a media writer for the hill said this. >> cnn -- i called for this a couple weeks ago, i'm going to do it again. needs to absolutely conduct an internal investigation by an outside firm to see where this cancer exists. bill: is this the right next move, howard? >> yeah. but that's not even enough. it goes to the heart of its credibility as a network. let's review. her story about donna brazile leaking the questions to the clinton campaign. cnn didn't come out and condemn it saying the leak must have come from tv1.
6:47 am
but two weeks ago cnn forced donna brazile out. but didn't say a word publicly about it. more concerned about protecting its image than being transparent. i think cnn president jeff zucker needs to address this publicly. somebody at cnn gave her the questions. and needs to take some steps to explain what happened, who is responsible and why it would happen again. bill: debate prep is often done in a quarantine nature. chris wallace worked with two people on his staff and that was it. and they spoke to no one on the outside. when we were doing our debate prep we worked with the two others and an assistant. we had a group of five in the room two days prior to the
6:48 am
debate happening. it keeps it restricted in terms of information and the topics perhaps and most specifically there is the questions that will be chosen. >> you can't have gossip in the newsroom as part of the process. it has to be off in a separate silo. we are all sort of telling the american people and the viewers that nobody knows the questions in advance. a bunch of politicians, it's a primary debate, and they are all on equal footing. cnn was paying donna brazile as a contributor while she was vice chair of the democratic national committee. that's a built-in conflict of loyalties she decided to resolve in favor of helping the hillary clinton campaign. we all the networks with democratic and republican strategists who we expect to consult with the campaigns. this is very different.
6:49 am
she was given confidential information. and cnn -- and cnn has been unfairly tarnished. bill: this was a town hall. you were involving voters into the process, too. you would not two that at the last minute. the voters and questions would be prearranged. >> the town hall was in flint, michigan, the questions would be about the tainted water supply. but brazile told clinton the woman with a rash was going to make the case. it arms the candidate to have a prepared response. these town halls are well orchestrated so only a select number of people know in advance. there was a leak. bill: howard kurtz. we'll see how it goes.
6:50 am
thank you, sir. seven days to go. martha: the f.b.i. is investigating the clinton foundation. what are they look at? there was a big battle about whether they should be. bill: the cubs hoping for an historic comeback. but will the indians make some history of their own.
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want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55.
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>> i'm excited to be back home in front of our fans. >> we'll go back to what's comfortable and what works for us. with the comfortability of our
6:54 am
own state and we'll get back to what we do. martha: the cubs hope to win their first world series since 1948. jim six is set for tonight back in cleveland. jerry is at progressive field. good morning to you. reporter: i expect to see some more home runs than normally we would expect for a baseball game played in november. this is the first baseball game played on a major league level at progressive field. it's going to hit 70 degrees by game time and that generally translates into more balls
6:55 am
flying out of the park. interestans are one win away from getting their first world series in 68 years. eddie robinson is 95 years old, and he will be at the ballpark tonight. we have seen fans lining up outside the ticket office as early as 5:00 a.m. we have seen that number grow from 5 fans to 10. the teams hold back tickets and put them up the day of the game. i am looking at stubhub. it's $623 for tonight. game 7 tomorrow, it's double that. $1,190. people are banking on game 7 as the one where they want to spend their money.
6:56 am
we were talking about the television ratings. we hear about sagging rating in the nfl, but major legal baseball continues to trump the nfl. they were averaging 18.4 million people. sundays game five blew out the ratings. if. martha: everyone is loving the says came. it's fun to turn this on and get lost tonight. jared, thank you so much. we'll see how it goes, right? the cubs versus the indians tonight. you can catch all the action. i started with the indians, and everybody said the more sympathetic, chicago because it was longer since they had won. but it's great to watch. bill: we'll see how it goes. good for the game.
6:57 am
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martha: "fox news" alert. donald trump hammering bill clinton renewed fib investigation. it has become the major discussion point on campaign trail for both sides. hour two, warming up here for america as newsroom. i'm martha max. >> i'm bill hemmer. good morning. one week from decision day. the polls are tightening. candidates are in the critical battleground states yet again today. :fon starts in florida. the race there said to be dead heat. trump starts his day in pennsylvania looking to chip away her lead claiming her election could spark a constitutional crisis. >> she set up the illegal server knowing full well that her
7:01 am
actions put our national security at risk, and put the safety and security of your children at risk. >> time for him to stop fear-mongering, stop distracting from what's really at stake and frankly stop disgracing our democracy. we can't let him get away with this. [cheering] bill: senior national correspondent john roberts with the trump team in valley forge, pennsylvania. good morning. reporter: bill, good morning to you. donald trump begins a day on policy speech for obamacare. call to action in the face of double-digit rate increases for many people across america. there is astronomical deductibles many people are facing, sometimes as high as 12, $14,000 before your insurance kicks in. the new abc news tracking poll shows complete reversal in this race, donald trump leading 46-45 points. that is a net swing of 13 points
7:02 am
since they began the tracking poll back on the 23rd of this month. what is really interesting to look at is the enthusiasm number. donald trump has 53 point enthusiasm marker. hillary clinton is down to 43%. just a couple days ago, that was virtually a dead-heat at 53-51. clearly the renewed fbi probe into her email scandal is having some sort of effect how voters are feeling about her. donald trump will go at the fbi investigation again today, perhaps not at this speech. really kind of laying out the idea that if you elect hillary clinton it will be rye run of the movie from the 1990s of the clinton white house and endless litany of visions, even going so far to say this all could provoke a constitutional crisis. listen to what trump said yesterday. >> our country will continue to suffer. she's unfit and unqualified to be the president of the united states, and her election would
7:03 am
mire our government and our country in a constitutional crisis that we can not afford. folks, we have to get back to work. reporter: not likely that any situation like that would provoke a constitutional crisis. certainly would be a leadership crisis but constitution does, bill, lay out very orderly process in the event a president can not serve. bill: the trump team has done an about-face of opinion of the fbi director, that is clear, right? reporter: yeah. that is putting it mildly, bill. truth be told both campaigns have done complete 180s on james comey. you remember after the july decision he wouldn't recommend charges, the trump campaign was jump all over him while democrats praised him as man of courage and integrity for doing what he did. the shoe is on the other foot. some democrats are accusing james comey breaking the law whereas donald trump himself said, he is pretty much come around on james comey.
7:04 am
listen to what he said yesterday. >> i have to give the fbi credit, that was so bad what happened originally and took guts for director comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had. i really disagreed with him. i was not his fan. i will tell you what. what he did, he brought back his reputation. he brought it back. he has got to hang tough because there is a lot of people want him to do the wrong thing. what he did was the right thing. reporter: back today on policy speech on obamacare. mike pence is actually going to take the lead on this today. he will lay out policy he is going to say obamacare is the center piece for republicans to come back home, encouraging all those republicans out there who may be thinking about not voting or not voting for donald trump, everybody has to get on the same page. get together. repeal and replace obamacare, is something that the republican party has to do, and he will
7:05 am
encourage all the republicans to get out to the polls even before election day or on election day. bill. bill: john roberts on the scene there. martha: with more on this news editor for, fox news contributor katie pavlich. good to have you with us today. >> good morning. martha: put up the electoral scorecard on the board here whether or not this email issue has had impact on what we're seeing. you've got 207-174. with hillary clinton still in the lead, 57 toss-up electoral votes out there. what dowhat do you think is thee of the race seven days aways, katie? >> the trump campaign believes he has opening. donald trump visiting states like wisconsin and michigan. they feel they could pick up votes. donald trump has to pick up electoral votes not close polls nationally or states he is not leading. getting closer in colorado. pennsylvania is another state getting closer.
7:06 am
it will be tough for them to win there. they know this is bad news for clinton campaign. the clinton campaign knows it is bad news because they don't have any new arguments necessarily. they're trying to make the same argument making for weeks. why you're seeing former miss universe alicia machado introducing hillary clinton today at at rally i believe in florida. they're trying to bring back old news. you can bet they're desperately and frantically trying to find big opposition dump to try to change the narrative away from this fbi investigation. martha: no doubt. seven days to go. we've seen so many twist and turns in all of this. so to expect there aren't anymore to come i think would be naive at this point given what we have watched. he would have to, appears, katie to win. he has to prove the argument that he made on this whole thing, could turn a place like michigan, colorado, or pennsylvania, blue collars workers identify with him and believe in him, more than they do with the democrat party right now.
7:07 am
do you believe that is true? >> absolutely. we've seen over the course of past two weeks, trump going back to issues of talking how he is going to bring jobs back to america. talking about how obamacare making people's lives harder. going back to relating to everyday man and woman sitting at kitchen table and family going how are we going to afford a $12,000 deductible and our insurance plan? he is hitting that hard. not only that, he is reminding people that if the fbi doesn't find any type of wrongdoing in these new emails, it brings up the idea that the democrat nominee for president was under criminal fbi investigation. again here we are with the issue coming up again and hillary clinton, not really having an answer other than to attack the fbi director, when this is of course of her own doing. so he has done a good job pointing that out. polls are tightening. he is winning in a lot of swing states now by one point. so if anything, the election will be a very close one, and i
7:08 am
think hillary clinton thought it was going to be a lot more space between the two candidates especially considering she was up by 12 two weeks ago. martha: yeah. i mean she was measuring the drapes as we say and talking about reaching out to republicans, when she is president and that picture is definitely altered within the clinton camp in terms of what we're seeing and hearing from them, trying to get around this story. put up, if we could, in the control room, the full screen about enthusiasm gap in this race because we know that the, this same poll shows him with a one point lead now but when you take a look at erosion in enthusiasm for hillary clinton it went from 51% saying they were enthusiastic about her to 43 in one week, katie. comment on that. >> voter turnout and enthusiasm for hillary clinton for entire year including with the primary with bernie sanders has been issue. at donald trump's rallies, people are enthusiastic on republican side of the ticket
7:09 am
even though the republican party has been split and trump has been beating her in this category consistently throughout the year. she did catch him a couple weeks ago but that lead also completely evaporated. so hillary clinton has to worry about people actually coming out on election day and voting for her. the advantage she has 20 plus million people have already early voted. we've seen some of interviews on fox people saying, man, i issued my vote, i wish with the new news i could redo my vote. so she does have that advantage. in terms of getting people to the polls next week, she will have to rely on democrat machine which is so good getting people out but will it be enough? martha: will it be enough. there are a lot of states that allow you to switch your vote apparently. whether or not anybody actually goes through the process to actually do that i guess is another question. mitt romney was in about same point in abc poll ahead by one point with week to go and he did not win. we'll see. >> not over. it will be close. bill: seven days on the
7:10 am
calendar. make sure you keep it here at america's election headquarters all day long come tuesday election day. we'll have live coverage from across the country and throughout the day. we'll take you deep into the night and make on wednesday. we'll see. that's why we watch. martha: usually does go into the midnight hour. we'll see what happens on tuesday. i can't believe we're one week away. feels like we're doing this for 18 months, now, in anticipation of where we are. so we are watching a lot here this morning as the wikileaks continues to flow. we got another release just about couple of minutes ago. there is julian assange, the man behind all of this. so would this latest round have anything in it? we'll take a look through them. will it influence who is choseen as the american president. bill: national polls tightening. what is happening with early voting? who has their votes fired up and ready to go? check in on that. martha: big story as well. donna brazile denied passing debate questions to hillary
7:11 am
clinton's camp, but now she is is out at cnn should the dnc also take action? we'll be right back. >> by the way could you imagine if i did that? bobby, what would happen to me if i did that, electric chair i think, the electric chair. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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7:14 am
bill: up date on deadly coalition. fox news alert out of baltimore.
7:15 am
school bus, commuter bus colliding. no word what caused this. five people killed on commuter bus. another dead on the school bus but no children were on the school bus at the time. this out of baltimore from earlier today. martha: cnn now confirming that it has parted ways with interim dnc chairwoman donna brazile. this after wikileaks revealed she shared questions with the clinton campaign ahead of a democratic town hall in march. one of those hacked e-mails reading this way, subject, one of the questions directed to hrc tomorrow is from a woman with a rash. her family has lead poisoning and will ask, what if anything will hillary do as president to help the people of flint. here is how that question played out during the town hall. watch. >> i want to do exactly what you said, we will commit to a priority to change the water system, and we will commit within five-years to remove lead from everywhere. martha: later, our own megyn
7:16 am
kelly grilled brazile over a previous question put forth by moderator roland martin. >> how did you get that question, donna? >> i did not receive any questions from cnn. >> when you said from time to time i get the questions in advance, what were you referring to? in that email you of exact question that one of the moderators, roland martin then proposed the next day? >> a lot of those emails i would not give them the time of the day. i seen so many doctored emails. >> okay. martha: joined by congressman javier ba cara, chairman of democratic caucus hillary clinton supporter. thanks for coming in today. >> of course, martha. martha: what is going on here. >> i don't think there is much of anything going on here. the question that apparently these stolen emails show never took place. cnn, my understanding, cnn is reporting that it never shared questions for the debate with donna brazile or anyone else. so since it never happened, cnn
7:17 am
says they never shared, and again we're talking about emails that, from everything we know are coming from a russian criminal hack that wikileaks is letting out. i think this is all a lot of information that goes nowhere. martha: when you look at the questions and the answers they're practically verbatim. we know that cnn and jeff zucker basically said, you know, they find this whole thing very uncomfortable. jake tapper spoke out about it as well. this is a very uncomfortable situation for them. they have not said anywhere that they don't believe that these statements are true. and donna brazile essentially has not been able to say that these statements are false. overwhelming response to the emails across the board has not been, i never said that or that is not my email. and i don't think ramifications would be as dramatic if they are if people believed it was all a hoax written by russia.
7:18 am
>> well, this is what we do know. 17 intelligence agencies told us the russians are trying to influence our election. that they have been criminally hacking, essentially doing espionage on americans to be able to influence this election. they are then dispersing information, much of it which has never been corroborated, to try to influence the election. cnn saying it never shared any of these questions in advance. we know that hillary clinton had been talking about flint and lead poisoning for a long time and so it shouldn't surprise anyone she has been on the attack trying to make sure no american is certainly no child suffers from lead poisoning. she has been out there in flint and out there in america talking about the need to make sure no one has lead poisoning in the 21st century. martha: you know, i guess the problem is from john podesta on down there has been a lot of outrage by the russian element, if that is indeed part of it, that does deserve attention, no one is really saying that is not my email. i never wrote or said that.
7:19 am
that is what is disturbing here. watch this exchange with donald trump and bret baier, you know, try to put the shoe on other foot for a moment. if donald trump was accused of being given a question by somebody before one of these you can bet we would be hearing quite a bit bit i would imagine. here is that exchange. >> if reince priebus gave me the answers to a debate or the questions, so he gives me the questions and answers to the debate, and he got caught like donna brazile was caught, it would be the biggest story in the history of the "new york times." okay? donna brazile gets caught, as we discussed. giving her the questions to a debate. hardly anybody talks about it. martha: what do you think about that? do you think it would be true if the shoe were on the other foot? >> everything is biggest and worst and greatest to donald trump and so, one, it is
7:20 am
clear that he is blowing everything out of proportion but two, again, none of this ever happened, but three -- martha: how do you know that? >> dangerous that donald trump is willing to use information that he knows is coming from the russians through criminal hacking, espionage and trying to influence these elections. i think it is very dangerous what donald trump is doing. now there is -- martha: "new york times" says that. >> donald trump in his business has destroyed emails in the past. martha: you don't know that there was never any communication or that she was not given those questions. you can say that you believe that is not the case but you don't know that for a fact. nobody knows that for a fact. >> donna brazile says she never shared any type of questions. cnn is saying they never shared with donna brazile or anyone else questions. so all of this is speculation. but as i said before, martha, what is really disturbing now reports are coming out that donald trump has intentionally destroyed emails of his own and of his business in order to avoid having to report things in different lawsuits where he is subject of litigation. and donald trump apparently,
7:21 am
affirmatively goes after and destroys emails that legal process has asked him to provide during searches and he has been unwilling to. that is what is dangerous. donald trump seems speak from one side of his mouth on one occasion then do something else on another occasion. martha: all right. just last question in terms of dnc. debbie wasserman schultz is already gone. and this is the interim chair. do you believe they should find someone new? >> well the dnc is in the process of trying to find a new leader. we always go through that process when you have a new head of the party and hillary clinton is the head of our party at this stage. so i wouldn't be surprised at some point pretty soon you see a hillary clinton, who i believe will be president clinton decide who should be the leader of the dnc coming forward. martha: we're out of time, javier becerra, thank you very much. good to have you here. bill: huma abedin is one of hillary clinton's top aides, but since the fbi letter to congress
7:22 am
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♪ bill: hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin keeping a low provial since the fbi director notified congress about these newly-discovered emails that were apparently on her estranged husband's laptop that belonged to anthony wiener. here is what we think we know. back in april she was interviewed as part of hillary clinton's server. she claimed she turned over all devices claiming government work at state department. in august she announced her separation from wiener. at some point in september or october, the justice department decided prosecutors in manhattan
7:26 am
would handle weiner's case. stephen hayes, senior writer, "weekly standard," fox news contributor. good morning to you. she has been off the trail since friday. this woman started working for hillary clinton as an intern at age 19? what is going on? >> some people call huma abedin as hillary clinton's second daughter. she was known to travel with hillary clinton throughout the world as secretary of state. also one of her top political aides. basically there when ever hillary clinton needs her. she took some time away from hillary clinton's side, she, huma abedin had her child, took some time away when she was helping to run her husband's mayoral campaign in new york city but otherwise is basically locked, very close to hillary clinton at all times. bill: okay. according to apparently here conversation with the fbi, she said she lost most of her old emails as a result of transition which i guess could happen. perhaps they found them, perhaps they have not. she also said she looked for all the devices that had state
7:27 am
department work on them. and apparently she gave two laptops and blackberry, other files she found in her apartment. is it reasonable to guess that the emails that either belonged to her or hillary clinton are on weiner's laptop. >> there are conflicting reports what is on the laptop. not hard to imagine, emails from her or hillary clinton could be. for instance, if huma abedin signed in and did work from anthony weiner's laptop that they apparently shared there is no question then some of her emails would be stored there, at least the metadata from the emails, if she ever signed in as hillary clinton, when hillary clinton was traveling overseas and couldn't access the clinton email. entirely possible that some of hillary clinton's emails could be on the laptop. in any case i think it is reasonable to conclude, whatever else we don't know about what's on that laptop, we know enough
7:28 am
that james comey thought it important not only to notify congress that he was taking a second look at this, that this was a new source of information for him, and, felt compelled to take that matter public, in a sense by telling members of the congress that what he had told them before, that the investigation in effect was over, was no longer opera i have it. i have a hard time believing when somebody likes james comey does something, that seems on the surface in explicable, that it is in fact inexplicable. bill: her lawyer, care run dunne said this from the beginning. from the beginning miss abedine has complied fully with state department and law enforcement requests. sitting for hours long interviews and providing potential work-related documents. she only heard first time on friday from press reports that a laptop belonging to mr. weiner could contain e! mails from her. the fbi has not contacted us.
7:29 am
miss abedine will always as be forthcoming. you have to go back whether or not you were telling the truth and telling the whole truth. >> yeah i think it is possible that she didn't know she had used this or these emails may have downloaded on to this computer. of course it is also possible that anthony weiner may have gone and accessed those emails given his rather checkered background. we don't know a lot about this case. i think what we do know is that james comey felt compelled because he was pressured from the inside to share more information he had been reluctant to share. or he thought it was important that the public have this information. i don't think he did it without thinking about it a lot first. bill: you wonder why the fbi would not have checked that computer in the first place but as you point out, who knows how they got there. steve hairs, thank you very much for
7:30 am
analysis today. martha: more hits keep coming fromky leaks. how bill clinton may have plannedded to keep the money from the foundation rolling in if his wife becomes president. bill: buried in the reporting of the last few days, will the justice department allow this to go anywhere? >> they were going all-out with five different field offices the foundation for fraud and corruption i used to blame the weather for my frizz.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
turns out my curls needed to be stronger to fight back. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong* they can dry practically frizz free.*á because strong is beautiful. get even stronger results with pantene expert, our most intensely concentrated pro-v formula. martha: here's the latest from wikileaks this morning. apparently reveals that bill clinton's idea to keep foreign contributions rolling in if the, in the clinton foundation if hillary clinton does end up in the white house is revealed in these emails. ed henry joins us now. so what were the possible clinton administration do about those foreign contributions to the clinton foundation, ed?
7:34 am
reporter: martha, this may be yet another example we're seeing from these wikileaks emails what the clintons say in public and what they're really saying in private. so in the summer of 2015 they said, look, if hillary clinton is elected, bill clinton will resign from the clinton foundation and they will stop accepting foreign contributions. they say this past summer, actually. well look at emails from april of 2015. turns out there was conference call, bill, hillary, and chelsea clinton and according to thisais ago, april of 2015, the position of bill clinton in private, the final option would mirror the 2008 memorandum of understanding agreement, what they signed with the obama administration where the foundation submits new foreign government contributions and those of a substantial size increase to an independent body. white house, state department, for review. the obvious challenge with this, there is no independent body to make that review. bill clinton's position in
7:35 am
private, well, let's maybe keep foreign money coming in, send it to independent body and there is not an independent body to review whether ethical or not. maybe we'll keep it going, martha. martha: going back and forth whether or not bill clinton would stay involved or chelsea would stay involved or he would back out of it and she would stay in. one to watch. >> a lot more coming. martha: fbi story is as well is percolating. thank you very much. reporter: you too. >> i didn't realize until yesterday there are five fbi field offices that are investigating the clinton foundation. even when comey was saying we're not going forward on emails, he didn't say anything over here where they decided to go all out with five different field offices investigating the foundation for fraud and corruption. bill: that is newt gingrich on "hannity" last night after a top 2008 memo by a top clinton aide
7:36 am
and the overlap between the foundation and president's for-profit opportunities that aide doug band called bill clinton inc. carl higbie a trump supporter, emily tish sussman, campaign director for center for american progress action fund. good morning to you. you picked up "the wall street journal." seven-page story by devlin barrett about the foundation, about the server. about terry mcauliffe in virginia. the one takeaway there is so much happening with this family right now in an active way, whether it goes anywhere or leads anywhere is difficult to say or conclude right now. but there is so much action surrounding this family as we speak now, carl. >> like a bowl of oatmeal of controversy. the fact is, you look what happens. every single time something new comes out they attacking james comey right now. james comey didn't do anything -- probably more hated from anthony weiner at this
7:37 am
point on both sides. he didn't do anything wrong. he can't let cows of election affect timeline investigation because it is so pertinent right now. had they had all the emails they found on huma's computer during the time hillary said she turned everything over was subpoenaed we wouldn't be here right now. bill: what about that, emily? >> actually very interesting the dynamic between going after comey who is praising him and who is attacking him right now. what i think is very pertinent to the attacks on comey is that from the trump side he has been saying from the beginning he is corrupt. it is part of the rigged system. the clintons have him under his thumb. now he is turning around saying he is a hero. i think for people who are looking at, election, we can get into the day-to-day, 24 hour cycle, very hard to follow all these stories, as many on the clinton side, there is more on the trump side but for anyone to say this election would be rigged, clintons -- >> more controversy on the trump side? >> absolutely is. new stories out about his use of
7:38 am
tack loopholes have now been closed because it was very controversial. there is ongoing investigation -- >> was it still legal when he did it. >> dubious when he did it. his own tax attorney said it was legally dubious when he did it. on going investigations into the trump university. bill: go back to the main point about james comey. >> absolutely. bill: the main point is this, he did not have to do anything if hillary clinton did not make the choice to put a server in her basement of her new york home. >> that was not a good choice. she said from the beginning it is not a good choice. what it created was a smoke storm. what we've seen time and time again, it creates, it does create some questions into the clintons but it is smoke but no fire. there never any fire. bill: i think one story being overlooked in a lot of this, paying so much attention on what fbi is doing or not doing right now, is this clinton foundation investigation that apparently is happening and that was buried over the weekend and again on monday. so this is, this is going on right now, carl.
7:39 am
>> this is going to go on. it will go on past the election whether they make a choice to indict or not. the issue here is, how much of the american people willing to take? the american people right now are making a decision based on voting for donald trump or hillary clinton, forget the independent candidates, whether they're offended enough to not vote for donald trump because he called someone fat or something like that, or they're not offended enough to vote for hillary clinton despite multitude of fraud and potential convictions coming down the line. bill: this is for voters to decide. emily, when you look attracting poll, today we got one from abc, shows trump leading her by a point, i don't know if that ever happened before. if it has it has been several weeks here or many months. is the enthusiasm that you had seen for your candidate now starting to wane in light of the constant drip of these headlines? how concerned are you about that, emily? >> actually most of the polls are showing people are generally unchanged. they're pretty baked in at this point. the difference between the candidates is pretty stark. emails, it is not like, this is
7:40 am
new concept talking about clinton's emails. i think people are paying very close attention in the election. unlike other things we've seen before. bill: do you worry about the middle though? 46%, probably still making up their mind? >> they are still making up their mind. a lot of people started voting already because their mine are made up entirely. trump would need to gain a a lot of ground and show quite a different candidate he has been up to this point to really swing those voters. very hard to say considering voting already started we have just under a week. bill: 42 million voted already. emily do not concede that point. noted. we'll see what happens in seven days. >> -- for trump. bill: martha, what is next? martha: donald trump hitting hillary clinton hard over the latest email controversy as y'all were just discussing saying it is the biggest scandal since watergate. will that strategy help him close the gap? what about the states he is looking at right now? trump supporter general michael flynn joins us coming up next.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
♪ >> this is the biggest scandal since watergate. hillary clinton wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles, but she has brought this situation on to herself. she's got nobody to blame but herself. martha: so donald trump yesterday slamming hillary clinton again and again really on this renewed fbi investigation into the emails. republican nominee hoping this issue is going to be one that can help him turn the tide on election day. joined by lt. general michael flynn, former director of the defense intelligence agency of the defense intelligence agency i should say and donald trump advisor. thank you very much, general. good to have you with us today. >> nice to be here, martha, thanks for having me. thanks for being patient. martha: we were supposed to have
7:45 am
you on earlier in the show and we're glad you made it on time. in terms of early discussion in the campaign right now, what do you think will be the main focus? will we hear about the fbi thing over and over or will it expand to something else? >> martha, i will tell you i've been with donald trump in last week or so, the momentum has shifted, really started last week and then of course with this bombshell report, i think that you're going to see even more momentum. we felt really good at end of last week and as we came into this week even better. very, very positive. i mean here's what the american public has to choose between. does the american public want just more corruption and more scandals or do they want to be unified and given enormous opportunity. that is the kind of stuff that donald trump is talking about. his message is contract that he is talking about, the job opportunities and job he will be creating. all the typical things he has been out there really beating the drum about, on hillary clinton side, what which know,
7:46 am
what which know is we have three investigations going on. we have anthony weiner investigation. we have the clinton foundation investigation, which does not get talked about enough, that is a big one. we have the reopening of the hillary clinton investigation because of this new discovery of 650,000 emails. martha: right. >> many of which i believe are, they are finding out are classified. so we have -- martha: do you know, do you know that for sure? >> here's what i would tell you, what i know. is that the bureau is having to, sort of, rampage through the intelligence community and the investigative community to get cleared personnel to be able to look at these emails. so if they're looking for cleared personnel, that means they have probably discovered, probably discovered classified information in this 650,000. martha: or it could be that is a possibility and want to make sure the wrong eyes don't fall on it? >> i think, from what i'm hearing and what i know, they put the word out to get cleared
7:47 am
people in there to look at these things. we are talking about with elements of extortion. i've been doing these things a long time, intelligence and spies, you have anthony weiner you have elements of extortion, potentially espionage. this all goes back to hillary clinton's decision to have an unclassified server to do government business and then not telling anybody bit and trying to pretend it is not a big deal. she is showing zero accountability. for them to go after director comey, director comey, the guy, say what you, want to say, he is doing what any good law enforcement person would do. they found new evidence. they have got to reopen this investigation. and hillary clinton knows how bad this is. so for them to go around -- martha: i want to jump in. i want to just put up on the screen, around this time every day we start to go through wikileaks emails that are out. we have a brand new one that i want to put on the screen so
7:48 am
people at home can read it. i want to get your reaction to this, see what you think. this is march 2nd, 2015, right around the time that the s&p was out to ask for those emails from congress. john podesta tells cheryl mills, we are going to have to dump all those emails. so better do so sooner than later, and mills replies, think you just got your new nickname with a smiley face. not sure what nickname she is referring to there. what is your reaction to that, sir? >> here is my reaction and i've been involved in a lost investigations, okay? i've been involved in a lot of intelligence operations and let me tell you something, that is so wrong. here is what this is about. this is about lying, dishonesty, deceit of the american public as, at the highest levels of our government. for someone who thinks she should be the next president of the united states, so when donald trump and, sort of new slogan that he didn't really like that much, which is called
7:49 am
drain the swamp, the american people are sick and tired of the deceit and dishonesty. one of the things that donald trump keeps talking about, he keeps talking about we need to change this behavior in washington, d.c. we need to get rid of the corruption. we need honesty and trustworthiness back to the american people. martha: general, before i let you go, i had javier becerra, the congressman said earlier, forget all the emails because they're all coming from the russians and there is link between donald trump and rush insurance wanting to affect this election. you're an intelligence individual. they say 17 agencies say it all came from the russians. quick thought and your take on that question? >> i would use, i would use irish on you here, martha, but i won't for your audience but it is baloney, okay? absolute baloney and absolute distraction to what hillary clinton knows she did and what she did was totally wrong, and she should step down. she should not be running for president of the united states. the american public is not going to have it anyway on the 8th
7:50 am
of november when they elect donald trump to be the next president. martha: no connection between russian effort and affect election and donald trump. >> it is utter nonsense. this is utter nonsense. this is tactic that the, that the democratic and clinton machine are using to try to distract from what they know to be true, which they, there is incredible level of deceit here, martha, incredible level. i'm telling you, i am sick of it. i had enough of it. that is why i'm doing what i'm doing. i know donald trump, in his, you know in his speeches out there and he is talking to tens of thousands of people at these various audiences that he gets around the country and he is talking a lot about this, believe me. the american public is responding in a very, very positive way. martha: thank you. we got to go. >> on 8th of november. yep. he will be elected as the next president. martha: thank you for your time, sir. we'll see you next time, general. >> thanks, martha. bill: donald trump seizing on the emails of hillary clinton with just about a week to go. what are analysts seeing in the numbers out there?
7:51 am
the early voting, it is happening, 22 million voting already. we'll take you inside of the numbers, next.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
♪ bill: polls getting tighter as fbi renewed clinton email investigation having an effect on those polls. trump is up one, 46-45, latest abc news tracking poll out today. enthusiasm among trump voters holding steady. clinton voters seem to be softening. trump is ahead 53-43 on the mark. last week it was 53-51. kyle condit, executive editor saba tote crystal ball, university of virginia. how are you doing? >> good moring. bill: you're looking at early voting, what are you seeing right now as the race ask one week from today? >> with early voting in a lot of
7:55 am
these states it can be choose your own adventure depending who you want to win. i think there are potentially positive signs for clinton and trump in states like north carolina and florida. also it is important to note that a number of the key state, particularly like pennsylvania, don't really have much early voting or early voting that they do have is very scattered in absentee voting f there would be some sort of a late shift in the race, clinton would not have a lead banked in those states. however the poll, at least at state level in a lot of these key states for clinton still looks pretty good in places like michigan, pennsylvania, virginia, according to surveys in the last 24 hours. bill: you moved a lot of races from likely democrat to lean democrat to a toss-up. that is intriguing. this is the scorecard we put together. come on back out here. kyle, do you see possibility of a silent trump vote in all of this tuesday? >> it is possible. mark capito of "politico" wrote something this morning how there
7:56 am
is a sizable block of voters in florida who are not registered with either party and that group, sort of skews older and whiter which might suggest kind of a silent trump vote, but again there are disagreements as to the makeup of those folks and early vote can only tell you so much. bill: if that the is is can, do you think wisconsin or michigan, quickly, could they be a surprise on tuesday night? >> i think if trump, if trump were to pull upset it would come through combination of florida, north carolina, a lost midwest, so maybe you would look at michigan or wisconsin but trump hasn't led a single poll in those states in months. so, it would be a very big surprise. maybe we'll get some sort of an indication of that possibility between now and when the last polls come in sunday, monday. bill: fair enough. back to the map. kyle, check in with you a couple days. thanks. martha: speaking of donald trump, we're expecting to hear from him any moment. delivering a speech on obamacare. chances are we may hear a little bit about clinton email scanned.
7:57 am
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bill: how many trick or treaters did you have? martha: not as many as usual but i made it with the last bit of candy. you don't want to be empty handed when the door opens. bill: i'm right here. [laughter] see you later. martha: see you later. jenna: fox news alert the fbi is using high-tech tools to review in evidence linked to hillary clinton controversy. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. john: and i'm john scott. 650,000 emails found on a laptop belong to go clinton top aide huma abedin using a special program to weed out copies of messages that have already seen from new emails. the program let's analysts check for any emails containing classified information. this as the bureau and its


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