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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: exactly. martha: have a great. we will see you tomorrow. stick around because happening now with john and jenna starts right about now. ♪ ♪ ♪ [music] jenna: it is the battle of the scandals and today's battlefield is florida, both hillary clinton and donald trump head to the sunshine state. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. john: and i'm john scott. florida with 29 electoral votes is the biggest prize of all the battlegrounds. the election day four weeks away to remind florida voters how important they are, former vice president al gore will join hillary clinton in miami. remember those hanging chads in the 2000 election, will polls give clinton a slight lead there as wikileaks releases more emails said to be inside campaign and donald trump also heads to south florida this evening. he is seeing his numbers slide sinced the leaked access
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hollywood tape and fellow republicans are backing further away. we have live fox coverage. mike emmanuel is in florida, we begin with john roberts at trump tower in new york city. john. >> john, good morning to you, donald trump heading for a big week of campaigning across the battleground states as he opens up a new front warfare, basically he's not going to withdraw endorsement but he's basically done with donald trump, not going to campaign him and not defend him. donald trump set off a set of twicer tirades against ryan. had a bad conference call where members went wild against disloyalty and winning debate in a landslide. it is hard to do well when paul ryan and others give zero support.
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the same time he's battling some he's going after hillary clinton. another one in wilksbury where he drilled what happened in the white house in 1990's, bill clinton and infidelities and hillary clinton going after the women who bill clinton had the affairs with and now at fox news exclusive, brand new television ad that is going up later on today which takes them unflattering video of hillary clinton and puts it all together in an add label dangerous. here is a look at that. >> hillary clinton failed every single time as secretary of state, now she wants to be president. hillary clinton doesn't have the strength or stamina to lead in our world. she failed as secretary of state, don't let her fail us again. >> in another tweet just a few minutes ago, donald trump
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indicating that his campaign is going to go in a new direction, perhaps the way it was back in the early days to have primary campaign tweeting out, quote, it's so nice that the shackles have been taken off of me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. i talked with a campaign insider to say, give me an interpretation of what that means, i was told that basically donald trump feels like he is not bound to play the same sort of politically correct football that many in the republican party want him to play. so i would suggest, john, watch for donald trump to sort of go back in time a bit. remember how he was early in the primary campaign, slashing and burning all the way along taking down his opponents, that maybe where that campaign is heading now in the final 29 days, john. john: should we should be prepared for an uglier campaign? >> prepare for nuclear. duck and cover and get out the newspapers.
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>> i remember those drills from childhood. john roberts in trump tower. >> thanks. jenna: hillary clinton will be joined by al gore, 2000 democratic presidential nominee appearing with her in the battleground state of florida. the campaign hoping the former vice president will help clinton with young voters concerned about climate change, senior political correspondent with more. mike. >> well, hi, jenna, hillary clinton just told a predominantly african-american radio station that florida is the key. if she wins the sunshine state based on her read of electoral map, there's no way donald trump will win the white house. so clinton will get some help from former vice president al gore here in miami. he is known for climate change activism and also a reminder for democrats of the risk for voting for a third-party candidate being the difference in an election as democrats believe it was for him in 2000. the real clear politics reveals
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a close race with clinton 45.1 to trump 42.7 when you factor third-party candidates, gary johnson and jill stein. last night clinton was on the road in columbus, ohio, another battleground. her campaign says she drew the largest crowd so far for her and clinton took aim at her opponent, trump. >> on the day that i was in the situation room watching the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice, he was hosting celebrity apprentice. [laughter] >> so if he wants to talk about what we have been doing the last 30 years, bring it on. [cheers and applause] >> so here in miami we will have a clinton-gore reunion with a different clinton at the top of the democratic ticket, jenna. jenna, mike, thank you. carrolls
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having issues with female voters and independents prior to the arrival on the scene of that tape on friday. the tape can't be helping. >> no, certainly not. and, you know, as you said before this tape surfaced on friday he was already -- women, independent voters were moving away from him and the problem for donald trump with that is he can't win without women and independent voters. as you know, he's short up his base. his supporters are very loyal, they are not going anywhere and but in order to get the 270 needed electoral votes, he has to get expand beyond that base and he continues to lose those kinds of voters and, you know, there was a poll that the wall street journal and nbc did immediately after the tape before the second debate over the weekend and it showed that he's -- he lost folks and it's
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just an early indication of what we might see going forward and if he continues to lose women and lose independent voters it's hard to see how he wins this election. john: let's talk about a potential path for victory for him. >> sure. john: in the electoral college, can he based on the states still out there and competitive, can he still eke out a win? >> he can. it's a very narrow path particularly because pennsylvania appears to be lost for him. you know, he would have to win florida, he would have to win ohio, he would have to win, you know, ohio, nevada and he would also need to win new hampshire where he's not doing well either. hillary clinton is beating him and hillary clinton is ahead in the polls in almost all of those states so it's a really, really narrow path for him. john: he obviously is having another sort of circular firing squad battle with paul ryan and some of the other republicans. he also tweeted out this morning with the exception of cheating
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bernie out of the nomination, the democrats have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the republicans. he's, you know, again taking aim at his own party. is that helping him with his voters? what does that do for him? >> well, it certainly is helping -- the people who are supporting him they like that they agree with him, paul ryan did the conference call yesterday and he heard an ear-full from lawmakers that are saying, this is not okay, how can you not back the the republican nominee, it's going to hurt all of us and you hear that echo among donald trump supporters and -- but the problem, again, to go back to what we were talking about earlier, is that this is something that does not sit well necessarily with moderates or independent voters. and to be -- for donald trump to be tweeting in a twitter war and fighting with the speaker of the
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house, member of his own party in the time where there's weeks to go before the election and people want to hear about his ideas or he's not talking about hillary clinton, you know, it doesn't seem like something that's going to help him again, expand voter base. john: he also said in that tweet that john roberts had just now that he is far and away the winner of most recent debate but a cnn or instant poll after the second debate found hillary clinton. is he looking at an alternate version of reality or he did not see the poll? >> it would be surprise if he said he lost the debate, right? you know, he obviously wants to claim that he won the debate. those polls are a little bit tricky because it doesn't -- they're not necessarily always accurate reflection of how voters feel, you know, a few days out.
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i think we have yet to see the -- how he performed and what the impact was on likely voters, but there was -- you heard a lot of things in debate that core supporters really liked. the thing that is in question is whether people heard anything in the debate, those who were on the fence that might move them toward him. that's the question. john: that's the key to winning any election. >> exactly. john: you don't win it with republican voters and democratic voters, you win it with independents? >> right, right. and, you know, but he's what you're seeing is things come a little full circle where he is the dynamic similar to the primary, you were talking about his twitter feed, the shackles have been taken off and now i'm free. that sounds very much like he
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was in the primary and that voted well well among republican core supporters but it's not something that may go well for him with women, with independents w moderate republicans and those are the people that he needs at this stage. john: that's what i was going to ask. john roberts says the shackles are taken off. is that going to help him? >> it helped him in the primary but it's not clear that it will help him in the general election. if you just take, for instance, this tape, you know, what he said about locker room talk which he's doubling now on, you heard him say yesterday. that's not something that may necessarily resinate with women voter and they are very important. not only that, but even before this tape surfaced he was start to go lose white male voters to hillary clinton which has been his stronghold, and so, you know, being donald trump and saying what he thinks worked for him in primary. he clearly thinks that might work for him in the general
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election, but he's also setting, you'll notice, he's also setting stage for the blame game. he was saying that paul ryan is not supporting him and how that makes it hard, he might be limping in the finish line. it's really a difficult path for donald trump in the next few weeks and, you know, what remains to be seen whether he -- whether his strategy that he used in the primary will be effective in the general election. john: carol lee, wall street white house correspondent. she will be covered a president trump if he gets or a president clinton. >> that's right. john: we also want to hear from you as the gop nominee heads to florida today, what battleground states do you think donald trump will win? our live chat up and running right now go to foxnews foxnews/happeningnow. jenna: the situation could get even worse today. also forces in iraq preparing
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for their most important battle with isis to date. ahead of the fight for mosul, a new documentary on isis gives inside look at the information on the ground. we are going to talk to film maker about that, the challenges our next president will face and strain relations between the united states and russia as the kremlin take targets that caught the pentagon off guard. >> the syrian president bashar al-assad's relentless air campaign had already killed around 200,000 civilians. not so great on the inside. her advice? use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it's uniquely formulated with activestrength technology to strengthen teeth inside and is better at strengthening the outside than colgate total. crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my whole mouth feel amazing. advance to healthier gums and stronger teeth from day one. my check-up was great.
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jenna: the evenings of hurricane matthew with rising rivers a major concern in north and south carolina where hundreds of dramatic rescues are underway as emergency crews and it isn't over yet. we should note a drive inland from the coastal areas that we were focusing on, steve. >> that's right, jenna.
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despite the sunshine here keep getting worse, we are about 80 miles inland. we heard warnings about flooding here. that's exactly what we have been seeing. flood waters coming in where i'm standing from three different direction t. the town becoming a lake. they told us to point the cars in the far direction. the water is coming up here quickly. what we have been watching throughout the morning are water rescues performed by a team in pennsylvania. they have been going out in small boats, metal boats or rafts something motors and pulling people out trapped in houses. three to four at a time. many of the people visibly shaken carrying belongs or pet really shaking up saying they haven't had electricity or water in some time. the storm has killed 14 people here so far. still 300,000 people without water and the rivers here are at record levels.
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the lumbar river 23 feet now so it could be bad for three to four days to come and a lot of help from the people in pennsylvania who have been saving very nervous poem who have been stuck in their house for days now. jenna, back to you. jenna: very scary. we are seeing damaging impact of hurricane matthew. john john the nation of haiti was devastated a week ago. millions of people affected. now frustration is growing as seaside wait for basic aid, food, medicine and clean water. health conditions are getting worst as well. hospitals are running out of antibiotics. doctors fear an increase in cholera cases and more death ifs they do not get supplies soon. and the un's humanitarian agency made an emergency appeal for $120 million to aid haiti.
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jenna: new revelations from hacking, wikileaks emails that show biggest concerns as well as conversations between aides and donors, how they could impact the 2016 race. our panel will weigh in on that and you might want to think twice before your next big workout. why is that? pushing limbs could increase risk or heart attack. another excuse not to work out. we will get into it then. (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones)
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john: right now new research linking heart attacks to your mood while exercising, an intense workout when you're angry or stressed triples having
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a heart attack within an hour and the greatest risk comes between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. it's known that regular exercise can reduce stress and the risk for heart attacks but the new study shines some light on times that you might want to avoid pushing yourself too hard. jenna: wikileaks releasing emails that claims from the clinton campaign and remind you the information may have come to light from unreliable sources. some are pointing at the russians, either way the emails are out there. they appear to show hillary clinton was worried that gop would not nominate donald trump and that some campaign aides worried that bill clinton would be a liability and former clinton right-hand man allegedly called chelsea a spoiled brat. plus the clinton team was worried early on about threats from senator bernie sanders in a potential run by vice president joe biden. democratic strategist, kevin
8:24 am
mccullough, great to have you both as we enjoy your company so much. we just want to share this with you. we just got this from the fox department from the electoral map. we have now changed florida and the state of nevada from toss-up states to leaning democrat. i want to bring that into the conversation, brad, because i'm curious whether or not there's anything game-changing in the wikileaks emails that you think could impair clinton's campaign. >> i think this falls into the bucket of just gossip, gossip, nothing tangible, nothing hard-core, nothing condemning, of course, nothing great for her but that said, i don't think it's going to change the map. as far as the map is concerned, i would say that what trump has done in the last couple of days since, you know, all the hoopla is embolden major core of supporters but he hasn't done anything to pull the moderate republicans or independents at
8:25 am
all in my estimation. jenna: let's ask kevin about that. what do you think from wikileaks and recent one everyone is going through emails, whether or not there's anything that would be game-changing for clinton. >> i haven't seen anything yet. i don't think -- it was interesting that the one activist is saying what a lot of people what hillary clinton's circle have said for years that she's dishonest and not nice and these people behave in this way and it's kind of what the -- it mirrors the general perception that the public has 67% says she's not trust worthy but in terms of the math and the map, i'm not sure that we are at the final stage even four weeks out. jenna: why that? >> i think that there are other events that may happen, if there's a terrorist attack, lealt scare, another revelation of trump that's not good. i just think that we have -- even though we are down to 28 days, we still have a long bit of road to go. jenna: i can't help to think about rallies that donald trump continue to gather in states. there's still huge. you have line outside.
8:26 am
what about that? >> it goes back to his supporters. there's a difference between his supporters and republicans. the trump supporters are a subsection of the republicans, they are fired up. enthusiastic, they will show up anywhere to see donald trump. they will travel in vans, walk, row, whatever they have to do to get to a trump event. that's different. regular republicans, let's call moderate republicans, ones that, for instance, i could get along with, those individuals, they are scared, frightened, don't know what the next 28 days will be. jenna: to get out and vote for hillary clinton, also for democrats are they nervous enough about donald trump that they're willing to disregard some of their concerns about hillary clinton? >> i don't think that clinton has overcome her enthusiasm gap yet and i agree with simon, the rallies demonstrate something.
8:27 am
she's having a hard time packing room with 3 to 500 people sometimes. they actually make the crowd look bigger by where think -- they put the camera. i would disagree with brad on this point, carl rove won two elections based on enthusiasm, in pockets of where the electorate needed to be and if trump wins nevada and florida and ohio and maybe picks up michigan, he's going to win the election. jenna: the electoral map changes at time. we saw that states are leaning somewhat in democratic way and we have several weeks and worth pointing out the timeline as well. the associated press after video leak, after debate went to swing states and spoke specifically to undecided women voters and here is what some of them had to say to the associated press. many republicans and independents said they already weren't going to support trump but weren't convinced to vote for hillary clinton.
8:28 am
some said they wouldn't vote at all or would choose libertarian candidate gary johnson. brad, does that make you nervous? >> this is the reality. i'm not here to advocate for hillary clinton. i'm just -- you ask questions and i give answers. as far as hillary clinton is concerned, there's a lot of negatives. come on. i think in answer to your question is so what are the moderate republicans going to do, are they going to vote for trump or this, that? you know what they're going to be they're going to be concerned about their own applications locally and poll people in their districts where they want to be and whether they're going to endorse trump or not endorse trump. jenna: kevin, what do you think of what brad had to say? >> i think he's mostly right. it's hard to still still 28 days out what enthusiasm on the day of the election is going to lead to. you have something like what happened friday two days before we go to polls, you're going to depress republican turnout, but there's a core block of voters that aren't just
8:29 am
republicans, they are blue-collar democrats in the production states, the rust belt states that, i think, are largely not noticed in some of these polls. i just don't know how reliable any of them are. jenna: there's element that's completely out of control for both of these candidates. we don't know what los angeles are coming for either of them and perhaps something like that would determine the election. brad, do you think despite all the strategy and money that that is what this is coming down to? >> when unfavorable and negatives are so high for both of them that anything can move this election, very, very quickly. people are predisposed to dislike both of them. keep in mind. that's what the polls are saying. when that's the case, you can get a whole bunch more people on that don't like list and the other guy or gal can win. jenna: you do have early voting as well. something like video and someone angry does that prompt them to cast a ballot early in reaction to either the wikileaks or anything else? >> i actually got an e-mail from
8:30 am
a listener, i already voted, is it too late to resend my vote. he we wanted to take it away because of leaked audiotape. it plays into the math. it's too close and volatile to be able to say, if iran attacked one of our vessels in the gulf, i think that would dramatically impact particularly the discussion of the iran deal and could be favorable for trump. if trump got other skeleton that is are not out there yet, hillary is in a great spot. i think it's way too close. jenna: great to have you both or thoughts. it definitely makes it tough because you don't know what's coming in the next few hours or what to come of it. john. john: texas deadly triangle, the capture of a woman who was in the fbi's most wanted list. our legal panel weighs in. media bias, technology that's proving what is or isn't being
8:31 am
covered from sunday's debate. >> i would like to know anderson, why aren't are you bringing up the emails. >> you brought up the emails. >> it hasn't and it hasn't been finished at all. >> it's nice, one on three
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ john: update of a story we have been following closely since the murder in the third degree first occurred.
8:35 am
a woman in most captured extradited to the u.s. she's charged with the murder of kendra hatcher. here is how police say it all happened, from 2013 to 2015 brenda delgado dated a dermatologist named ricardo, they both lived in dallas, texas. on september 2nd of 2015 ricardo's new girlfriend kendra hatcher was shot to death in the garage of her apartment complex. then on april 6th of this year after delgado fled to méxico, she was placed on the fbi ten most wanted list. she was suspected of hiring a man and a woman to kill hatcher. police say she was jealous of his -- she was jealous of her ex-boyfriend's new relationship. she was then arrested on april 8th in northern méxico where she awaited extradition to the united states and last week she arrived in dallas after five months in a mexican prison. the extradition made possible under the conclusion that
8:36 am
prosecutors will not seek the death penalty, the bond set at $1 million. joining us now liz, legal analysts and bob, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. let's go back to when this case first happened. beloved dentist. not the kind of person that has a whole lot of enemies get shot to death in her garage, generally authorities look for somebody very close as having a motive. >> a pediatric dentist for kids and shot to death in a gated community so it's not a crime of passion. not somebody in the middle of a fight. that's a contract killing. pulling up in a get-away car, somebody waiting for the person, person comes out, shoots her and gets back in the car. they were able to get the get
8:37 am
away driver who apparently confessed to the police that she -- that she's in custody, she thought that she was just going for a robbery, right, so that makes her culpability, she can't be said to say, well, the lowest then of the three people, you have the get away driver and you have to shooter and now you have this woman who has been extradited from méxico to dallas. exactly. i'm the prosecutor, i go for the person who has the least cull ability, i -- culpability. i go for her. john: apparently a murder for hire if authorities have their case put together correctly. it took place in texas in a state that's not afraid to use the death penalty but it's off
8:38 am
the table at least for delgado. >> it's off the table. i agree with liz, i will say one other thing. as a former hock side prosecutor myself i never cut deals with people unless i absolutely had to because of the quality of the evidence was so bad. in term they have the federal murder rule. if you are a participant in a felony which robbery would qualify for and somebody died, you are as culpable as them. these are the best cases for prosecutors to try, john, there's no passion provocation, you can't argue it wasn't purposeful, to me i would be very careful before i give anybody a break. john: under texas law the driver and hitman both could face death penalty here? >> there was no agreement in the extradition. >> because of mexican extradition. >> suspects will not send
8:39 am
criminals back if they face death penalty. >> extradition treaty. >> if you don't seek the death penalty to the person -- >> don't forget. this happened just after the two of them have gone to meet his parents. john: the dead woman and her love. >> the first girlfriend that dated him for two years, that's a long-term to be in a relationship. they've gone to meet the parents in san francisco. that is a trigger motivating factor. you don't have to prove motivation in a prosecution but jurors like to hear that. john john her lawyer says she didn't have a money to hire a lawyer and she ran to méxico. >> the judge needs to think a flight charge basically takes the jury that you can take flight alone as consciousness of
8:40 am
guilt they call it. she fled because the police had just interrogated her. >> no money -- the right of constitution for defense lawyer. she gets a defense lawyer. john: she's back in this country after five months in mexican jail and probably happy to be here after that experience. jenna. jenna: new document exploring how isis came to power and how to defeat them. >> the president was cautious. he didn't want any more americans to die in a messy middle eastern wars. >> i was elected to end wars and not start them. >> there was nothing messier than syria. jenna: making the film ahead to retake iraq, second largest city from islamic state control. a clown arrest in wisconsin, what's up with the clowns? what they found in the suspect's home.
8:41 am
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chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. john: they are accused of leaving 4-year-old at home to participate in a clown prank. police releasing this dash cam video of two men dressed as clowns suspected of chasing cars. a women woman who drove them around was nearby and police say that she and one of the men left child home alone. well, they could not face charges. the creepy clown crazy has spread across the pond. people in central england report being chased by clowns with chain saws and fives.
8:45 am
[inaudible] john: police are warning prank or not, if someone is carrying a knife, they will be arrested. jenna: forces in iraq preparing a long way of defensive to take mosul from isis. the last major stronghold in iraq and would be major blow to the group's -- holding territory right now. all this comes on a new documentary of the rise of terror group. premiers on pbs tonight. here is a small clip. >> i have been covering the middle east for 15 years for the last few i have followed isis closely. earlier this year, i was in northern iraq headed toward the front line. >> this will take you to mosul.
8:46 am
there are no cars coming. jenna: martin smith, i would like to start there. you spent a great deal of time in the middle east. what are your observations now, what makes this situation different compared to others? >> well, actually, you know, the coalition led by the united states is making progress in military terms against isis. as you say, battle to retake mosul is eminent. we don't know if it's going to be go off next week or next month but isis will be pushed back militarily in iraq but what's the focus of our program is looking at the conditions that gave rise to isis in the first place and the failure to really pull together a regional coalition that really has common purpose with the united states. we've defined a very narrow tactical objection. defeat isis.
8:47 am
our partners have other agendas and have other wars going on and other priorities. it's very hard once isis is defeated to see what happens next. jenna: there's so much good footage in the documentary. i want to share a little bit more with viewers where you come upon a town where isis was and you talk about where the front line is and who our partners are. let's go ahead and take a look at that. >> so you pushed them out of this town. how far are they from here now? [speaking in native tongue] >> how far? >> like 1500 meters. >> like a mile? >> yes. [speaking in native tongue] >> you can go with me? [speaking in native tongue] jenna: who were you talking to there and why did they matter?
8:48 am
>> the kurdish are the best fighters we found. the syrian kurds also. there are ties between the two groups, northern iraq, the syrian kurds in northern syria have been the best fighters and they have -- they're going to participate in the battle to retake mosul and major force in northern syria moving towards raqqa, headquarters of caliphate. jenna: they are not going to mosul without americans. >> well, the americans have been trying to rebuild the decimated iraqi army, regular forces of the iraqi government and he's saying that those forces are never going to be able to do anything without american support and he's not willing with his forces to go it alone without americans. americans provide air support importantly, drones as well as jet bombers and they want that, they won't go up against isis without that support. jenna: a different situation in syria. one we are talking about iraq
8:49 am
and in another way we are talking about syria and one saudi form ermine ster said to you, if you guys are going after terrorist, who is the realtor risk in the regular owned and he said president assad has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, not isis. why would he say that and what does that show us about the complexity of the decisions we are making? >> there are two battle fronts really one in iraq and one much more challenging in syria. you take towns and ally yourself with let's say syrian kurds to help you take those towns, who is going to run the towns after you take it. you don't have a partner in the government and as long as there's a war, a civil war raging in syria, you're going to have ungoverned spaces that isis can take. and exploit, and so people across the middle east say you're not going to defeat isis in syria unless you can get assad to come to the table, to get a cease fire or depots.
8:50 am
-- deposed. jenna: the president says i was elect today end wars and not start them. what do you think is going to be the biggest decision for whoever the next president is. >> the president was extremely cautious. he got elected not to drag american men and women into another messy war and as we say war messier than the syrian war. you have so many different groups fighting there. he's held to that. he's not about to change in the time that he has remaining. both candidates are saying they have solutions for this, they haven't articulated them clearly. mrs. clinton is talking about no-fly zone. are you going to go up against russians? it's a very difficult proposition. mr. trump says it's easy, well, it's not easy as anybody has seen the documentary will see. jenna: all the more reason to watch it tonight because it will
8:51 am
give us an idea of what's at stake. great to have you. thank you. john. john: look at the most popular moments plus the impact they could have
8:52 am
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8:54 am
john: six minutes away from the too much of the hour and outnumbered, sandra and harris, what do you have. harris: donald trump threatens more attacks on bill and hillary clinton if more damaging tapes of him come out. this as many republicans say he should focus on the dmoi not the clintons. who is right? sandra: rnc standing by trump as house speaker paul ryan takes a step back, could this end any party split and what could that mean? harris: hillary clinton's team
8:55 am
appear to go play the women card again as her running mate says she's faced locker room attitudes her whole life. how will that play out with voters? sandra: counting down five minutes. harris: i was just tweeting about him. john: five minutes. the internet archive is using technology to answer questions about media coverage of the showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton. live from our west coast news, william. >> john, you watched the debate. you have your own opinion and you listened to what everybody else is saying, how they see it. that is why many experts say post debate coverage is more important than the debate itself. the conversation largely defined by the moment that is we in the media choose. here are the top five by the internet archive. trump apologizes by his remarks on women, two, bill clinton was
8:56 am
worse and three calls for special prosecutor and hillary on trump's treatment of women and trump on hers. >> not everybody has time to watch a full 90-minute debate. people will turn on the morning news and see what their favorite newscasters said about something and that'll be their take away. >> some moments got zero coverage trump on the chinese steel. hillary on wall street money. the supreme court and epa. here are five clip that is ran once or twice, the candidates, number one complementing each other. trump criticizing obamacare and clinton hitting on minorities, syria. >> the problem that we have as human beings is we want substance, we want to make informed decisions, we want to be serious about what we are doing but it's very hard to look away from the shiny object. >> so in 2004, does it matter people looking at the kerry and
8:57 am
bush debates. back to you. john: thanks. we are back in a moment. ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want - and so does your partner - for the best sleep ever.
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>> see you back here an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: welcome, everyone, this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, fox business network's dagen mcdowell, radio talk show host, meghan mccain and #oneluckyguy, steve hilton, former british prime minister david cameron and a head after silicon valley tech startup. >> great to be back. i wonder if we run out of things to talk about? harris: there is a little event coming up. you know, great to have you back.


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