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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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before ♪ ♪ yes i swear it's the truth ♪ and i owe it all to you ♪ because i had the time of my life ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> what we all saw and heard on friday was donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women. >> bill clinton was abusive to women. hillary clinton attacked those same women, attacked them viciously. >> it was, indeed, a vicious debate. but who won? and where does the presidential race stand right now? >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> that comment has left the left-leaning press outraged. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> where does columbus land? >> new york. >> more south.
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>> boston. >> also ahead, it's columbus day and watters is on it. >> i feel like i'm being tricked. caution. you are about to enter the no-spine zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. the second debate, who won? that is a subject of this evening's talking points memo. hydra ma last night because donald trump was on the ropes. the vulgar tape and wall to wall reporting of it has the republican candidate in a very bad place but trump against all odds won the debate. he won because secretary clinton could not knock him out and after the first 30 minutes trump went on offense, regaining at least some momentum. here's how it went down.
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the debate opened with no hand shake. then, secretary clinton fired the first round. >> what we all saw and heard on friday was donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. but it's not only women and it's not only this video that raises questions about his fitness to be our president. because he has also targeted immigrants, african-americans, latinos, people with disabilities, p.o.w.s, muslims and so many others. >> trump answered with a strategy he has used before. >> bill clinton was abusive to
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women. hillary clinton attacked those same women. and attacked them viciously. four of them here tonight. one of the women who is a wonderful woman, at 12 years old was raped at 12. her client, she represented got him off. >> the story here is that in 1975, an arkansas judge appointed hillary clinton to represent accused child rapist thomas taylor. counselor clinton was successful in raising doubt and taylor pled out to unlawful fondling of a child. serving just one year in jail. the victim, cathy shelldo appeared with donald trump just prior to the debate saying the treatment of clinton damaged her for life and then pounded home the theme that it makes her a hypocrite on the woman abuse
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issue. >> when hillary brings up the point like that and she talks about words i said 11 years ago, i think it's disgraceful and i think she should be ashamed of herself if you want to know the truth. >> mrs. clinton jumped on that saying that trump is never contrite. >> he never apologizes for anything to anyone. he never apologized to mr. and mrs. khan, the gold star family whose son captain khan died in the line of duty in iraq and donald insulted and attacked them for weeks over their religion. and he never apologized for the racist lie that president obama was not born in the united states of america. he owes the president an apology. >> mr. trump seized upon the obama reference to lob this grena grenade. >> michelle obama, i've gotten to see the commercials that they
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did on you. and i've got on the see some of the most vicious commercials i have ever seen of michelle obama talking about you, hillary. >> that reference is to the clinton/obama primary race of 2008 when mrs. obama said this. >> one of the things, the important aspects of this race is role modeling what good families should look like. and my view is that if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the white house. can't do it. >> so after about 30 minutes of personal attacks, trump was still standing, a win for him. then, came more personal attacks. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there's never been so many lies, so much deception.
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there's never been anything like it and we're going to have a special prosecutor. >> it is just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> that quip about the e-mail situation angered some on the left. a cnn reporter compared it to something hitler and stalin might say. hystericals to say the least. we'll show you the clip later on. after about one hour, it was obvious that donald trump had done enough to survive, to live to fight another day. it's not that hillary clinton did anything poorly. but she has a tough road with the chaos overseas, impending collapse of obamacare, the e-mail fiasco and attachment to barack obama's policies with two thirds of the population believing the country is going the wrong direction. >> if she's president of the united states, nothing's going to happen.
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just going to be talk. >> but mrs. clinton does have a record in congress which he pointed out. >> 400 pieces of legislation have my name on it as a sponsor or co-sponsor when i was a senator for eight years. i worked very hard and was very proud to be re-elected in new york by an even bigger margin than i had been elected the first time. >> now, as the debate drew to a close, there were two things apparent to fair minded people. hillary clinton did not hurt herself and will be the front-runner but donald trump in a very difficult spot was able to stand his ground, defend himself and make some policy points that resonated. he's still in it and that in itself after all that happened over the weekend is a major victory for him. and that's the memo. next, reaction, krauthammer, goldberg and luntz and then
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continuing now with the lead story, analyzing last night's debate. joining us from washington, charles krauthammer. where am i going wrong? >> you're mostly right which in and of itself you'is a high poi. the reference to lincoln, that was essentially a play on the lloyd benson line. that was essentially him saying i knew abe lincoln. he was a friend of line and you are not abe lincoln. i thought that was extremely effective and appeared spontaneo spontaneous. >> it was. >> you brush it off as something concerning the left. when you threaten to put your opponent in jail, you have gone way over the line of political decency in this country.
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that's not hitler, stalin. that's banana rebubbpublic. >> i disagree. >> i have a thought. i want to finish it. we have had 250 years of miraculous transfer of power peaceab peacefully and consensually. the one thing we don't do is to put people in jail or execute them. in other countries, your life can be on the line in elections. and we had a long history you don't talk about that. the breach of that etiquette, of talking about personally order a special prosecutor, incidentally, the law wouldn't allow that. but nonetheless, you would be in jail, as if he's pre-judging it, is something that should never be done and another example of trump lowering the level of the discourse. >> i disagree because, number one, he has to play to a certain voter. all right? who does believe that mrs.
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clinton got away with a national security violation that no one else would have gotten away with. millions of those vote earls out there. so, yeah. you're right. he can't put anybody in jail if he's president. can't just sign an executive order but certainly would have the power to justice department would to reopen an investigation that the government deemed to be not credible. he does have the power to do that and i wasn't offended by that so much in the sense that i knew it was a quip off the top of his head which, you know, and i think it helped me. i really believe that helped him. >> you always defend trump saying he said "x." perhaps it was not the right thing to do. maybe it was -- >> you didn't believe he literally would put him in jail, did you? >> appealing and it's works for him. it's different than saying it's the right thing to do. >> charles. >> low point of the convention was the crowd saying, lock her up. >> okay. >> that's not the peace
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civility. >> we as you well know stayed out of the swamp. but you can't tell me that you thought that donald trump was saying, if i'm elected, i'm going to incarcerate this woman like i would do in an inquisition. he was making a point that there would be a special prosecutor, e-mail thing would be reopened because, again, many, many millions of americans feel that this was the fix was in. that another president, barack obama, made sure it wasn't an honest investigation did not take place. i hope we have a tradition in this country of honest investigations and that's how i took it. >> look. one of the presidents that we retroactively revere is gerald ford. in a situation with nixon who was clearly guilty and he understood it would heal the country and in america you don't put ex-presidents in jail.
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but here we can agree there's obviously way overstepping the line. he would have been impeached and all that and he probably would have been convicted. >> but there's a difference. >> it's understood in this country that you don't put the political losers in jail. >> it's a difference. it's more than political losers. in the watergate situation, the system worked. all right? the investigation led to wrongdoing on the part of richard milhouse nixon. what ford did and i support that as a historian, you're absolutely right. he said it doesn't get us any further as a nation to punish this man. so i'm going to pardon him. but this is different because this investigation and there's a lot of evidence to point to this was a fraud. it was a fraud because of politics. so if trump's going to go in and say i want an honest investigation, if i'm elected i will see it happens, i don't think that's a cheap shot thing. >> it's worse than a cheap shot thing and you're probably right
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it works and in one sense you could say, yes, this is allowing the justice to go ahead but the idea that you threaten your opponent with jail and he used the word jail, i didn't. it to me is a breach of the decency of our system where we don't do that -- >> all right. >> -- even where it might be warranted as in the nixon case. >> i will cede that already two sides to this story and i'm glad we had this debate because you'll see this nowhere else on television. >> that's right. that's why i'm here. >> you'll never see it. i stick to my guns. i don't believe that was an honest investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails and as an american citizen i do not want the highest levels of our government, the president, the attorney general and the fbi, to be in the tank on an investigation of this import. if i was president, i'd do the exact same thing. last word. >> look.
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i understand the will to do that. i simply believe that there are certain limits to political discourse. and to what you do to your opponent. and in this case, it was something that you -- have you ever heard a presidential candidate ever threatening another with that kind of legal -- he's done it with others. he said to the guy, owner of chicago white sox putting money -- >> cubs. >> he said he's got business things. he better watch out if i'm president. i don't like the threats either. >> that is not unique to him. that's what he is doing and that's a misuse of the powers of the presidency. >> all right. charles krauthammer. hysteria on the left. more hysteria of goldberg and watters. right back. 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort.
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looking at the world, the way it is. not the way you want it to be. the way it is. opinions divided over how well clinton and trump did last night. that's fine as long as the analysis is grounded in reality. as reported in talking points memo and discussed with charles krauthammer, after mr. trump quipped to put hillary clinton in jail if elected, one reporter said this. >> not to sound too corny but what makes this country different from countries with dictators in africa or stalin or hitler or any of those countries with dictators and totalitarian leaders is that when they took over they put their opponents in jail. >> no. they shot them. jail was -- not even in the equation. stalin, hitler? like this.
5:22 pm
joining us now, you know, whenever i get the hitler, stalin business, i know edia means comes in soon. i roll my eyes, katie. come on. i mean, trump -- it was all
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.k&bc y!4i÷ . .j=d" . 8n . . )!4 .pwhne (w÷ .s2tid .s2tid dñd
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>> directly, directly"zh,y that don't believe that this was a - this did, dren's yourú"hbç second point? the department ofxi)bx justice. dhs. all say that's a fact. he is tryinghsi/v6p>uz overthro ).x
5:25 pm
go. >> hillary clinton went front-runner. came out the front-runner.b at this stage of theññ game, if you'red:p not losing votes, you losing. ÷ friday. he's down 11 points. gan âr*j?l
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. is debate moderators, they did okay. except >> i know that sequence of reporter martha raddatz in the role of hillary clinton because she was debatingéps wnñ:ptrump. she was. joining us now from north carolina, bernie goldberg. i do that. that's what i do. i mean, when we don't interview people traditionally, we say, hey, hey, come on. the army asked to get the civilians out of there. you should know better. in a debate, that's supposed to beez >> yeah. that jumped out at me, too.
5:31 pm
martha raddatz sounded not like a moderator when she did that but like a debater who was challenging donald trump. donald trump had just said he thought it was a bad idea to announce in advance that there's imminent attack on mosul, to rid the city of may7,c!t right. may be wrong. it is not a crazy idea. it's his opinion. and that it's not up to the by the way, if he made a factual mistake, she could challenge him and correct him. i have no problem with that.m zn it's not up to martha raddatz, the moderator, to challenge trump's opinion with white house opinions on the subject or pentagon opinions or both. she#ñqzk÷ shouldn't be channelle obama administration. >> i think she was channelling herself. she's an expert in this kind of thing. i work with her. i want everybody to know.
5:32 pm
>> hold on. hold on. she gave the opinions of the obama administration. whether it's the pentagon, the white house, whatever. she could have found or quoted non-partisan vé15uexperts who t that donald trump is right but she only chose -- >> i got it. i think she was speaking for herself and not channelling the opposition. but be that as it may, she should n't have done it. unless you change the debate÷da rules and much better, by the way, to have both political candidates challexar what they say rather than blatherring all day long about god knows what and then fact checked after the debate. i didn't think other than that, though, i didn't think they were -- you know, sometimes they cut trump off too quick len higfidu+hr guess and wasn't egregious, was íoeit? >> i agree with uf%syou.d as a matter of fact, let's stay on with martha raddatz for a second. she asked some tough questions of hillary clinton in the
5:33 pm
debate. she asked her if she was two faced because she had one opinion on certain issues privately which was different from her public position. so i didn't have a problem with that. here's what i did have a problem with. there was one questionv= that not asked that would have been a huge help for donald trump. because of the leaks, the wikileaks, it turns out that hillary clinton told some bankers that she has a dream, her words, of open borders in the hemisphere. well, you know what? >> and security. i mean, you know? terrorists. >> security. >> danced across.>hcf÷
5:34 pm
>> right. >> that was trump's responsibility and -- >> well -- >> he should have been on that. >> he blew it. he blew;)v he blew it. but that was in the news. and the moderators chose not to ask it. >> i know. >> if anybody in the audience wanted to ask it, i don't know. but it didn't come out. >> should have. absolutely. >> trump ultimately had the opportunity. and whatever reason -- >> he didn't remember. >> he had a lot of other stuff an f" we can try to get him on tomorrow and he'll say i can't remember everything. >> ?"nu that's true. the first half hour all about the trump tape and, you know, that was what the drama was. that people were going to see if he could stand up to the fire. do you think he did? >> well, he said the same thing over and over again. which was it was locker room talk. that's the only thing he could say. he said, i'm sorry. it wasnuy locker room talk. people are either going to buy that or they're not going to buy that. you know?
5:35 pm
>> but what's -- >> there was nothing else to do, press. >> right. i know you believe in bad behavior doesn't justify other bad behavior. >> right. >> politically, i don't know if that's a good idea or not. may not have been. you know what? 3ñ about time somebody it. what he did -- i'm notgihñr justifying anything he said. i want to make thateuh6m=1uqe clear. but it is perfectly legitimate in my mind any way to say what i did was wrong but what i did were words which is what he4v$r said. but i am not holding -- what he should have saidk"d is i'm not7 holding you accountable, mrs.vl what y did in a predatory sense. not talking about anything
5:36 pm
consensual and not holding you responsible for anything that he did unwelcome to women but i am holding you responsible because you tried to trash those women. he wasn't as articulate as i think he could have been on that but i think what he did say was a legitimate point, whether or ñ political point, we'll see. >> all right. >> i think it was a+zp point. >> bernie goldberg, %oñeverybod. :m u)u$ the world famous stylin sessions. how the regular folks saw the debate last night. watters trying to help christopher columbus. up ahead. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test testo÷
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test.woañ thanks for staying with us. tonight, 30 uncommitted voters were in st. louis last night to analy?5p debate. i like the sessions because i believe regular folks, you guys, see things in perhaps a cge mo fair way than the pinhead journalists do. frank dialed up the trump apology on videotape. joining us now here in new york city. the first thing we'relgqáç goin see is@át best moment for secretary clinton. correct? >> correct. >> all right. >> not that much to choose from. but we did choose the best we
5:41 pm
could find. >> roll the tape. >> i think we've got to go where the money is and the money is with people who have taken advantage of every single break in the tax code. yes, when.yvk i was a senator,d vote to close corporate loopholes. we have to make up for lost time t you.cñ i want to invest in hard working families and i think it's been unfortunate but it's happened that since the great recession the gains have all gone to the top. and we need tof÷ reverse that. >> okay.y so, even/zs the republicans abo 50%. this was leaners because they're all uncommitted. on the uncommitted side, you ask them if they lean -- which way they lean. whyl qf that a number of times before. right? >> she sounded like bernie sanders and it was a little bit of the class warfare argument we hear in the clatic side.#å1 the reason why it worked is people felt like she was fighting for them.
5:42 pm
there's too much of both political candidates to vote for them. in that clip, she was speaking on behalf of hard workingh)b families. >> okay. resonated. you made a side that there weren't that many good moments for her. i didn't think she did that badly. i just think that trump stepped up his game. >> and yet, he still had some weaknesses. whenever he's defending p&h ñhi, every timevg he goes back to trying to explain manager she said or did. >> doesn't do it well is this. >> herefully. >> okay. we'll get to the apology? a moment. this was trump's best moment according to luntz. >> there's nothing like this like an e-mail, you get a subpoena. you get a subpoena and after getting the subpoena you delete 33,000
5:43 pm
to be ashamed yourself. >> the reason you department see is it was off the chart. right? >> practically breaking my system. >> so because she was -- he was scolding her. he was -- that's what it was. right? >> holding her accountable in a way that the media has not. >> he scolded her. you should be ashamed. you did all this stuff. aqiu5a leaners, that went offe chart. even hillary clinton leaners, above 50%. >> and the reason is aslpñ angrs ta release them which obviously he won't, they're much more upset over donald trump and the e-mails. the tax returns about his life. the e-mails about government and national security. >> right. okay.3!ñ that was trump's best moment in the whole hour and a half? >> it represents accountability which is36( % and hillary clinton because
5:44 pm
she doesn't do a lot of=g÷ interviews and the press áh rooting against donald trump. >> by the way, if i'm her, i actually would go to the tower bridge in london and i would stay there for the next 28 days. >> yeah. she will hide out, i think. here's the trump apology on videotape. go. >> i've never said i'm a perfect nor pretended to be someone i'm not.r anyone who knowsl8hgf mejnows t words don't reflect who i am. i saidd6$he it. i was wrong. and iwñ apologize. i traveled the country talking about change for america. but my travels have also changed me. >> i'd say he d+wh: do bad on that, right? >> not bad but the language so awful. we can't show it here, they're words they won't put on television and so low that the lines below the screen. when voters got a chance and
5:45 pm
very few of our voters, most, very few heard the full words of what he said. >> you had to play that first? >> correct. >> and then play his apology. >> correct. >> that's how you set it up. so when you played the horrendous audio and video off the "access hollywood" bus the lines went below sea level. >> they were the worst of anything we have ever tested. it was even worse than bill clinton trying to define what the word ish
5:46 pm
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♪ the urchins off from school today because of christopher columbus who may have discovered america and sailing under the flg and we moe what happens when you disagree with vikings. anyway, we sent watters out to sample opinion about columbus. ♪ >> in your opinion, who discovered america?
5:50 pm
>> i'm a natural blond. you do know that? >> who discovered america? >> abraham lincoln. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> who discovered america? >> wasn't that christopher columbus? >> the indians? native americans? >> columbus but it was named after who had initially found the continent. >> that is correct. >> what was the ship that lincoln came to america on? >> maybe america. >> the america? >> yeah. >> that was the name of the ship? >> i mean -- >> maybe the ship's name was america. >> i think you might be on to something. >> oh, okay. >> did lincoln free the slaves before or after he discovered america? >> after he discovered america. >> who do you think got here first? >> probably the vikings. >> you think the vikings got here first and christopher columbus has better pr? >> i don't know. i feel like i'm being tricked. >> what was the indian tribe
5:51 pm
that discovered america? >> cherokee. >> it's cherokee and ir quois. >> which indian tribe did columbus deal with when he got here? >> i'm a descent of indian. >> what a woman. >> do you harbor animosity towards columbus since you're native america? >> not at all. you have to forgive to live. >> tell me how columbus got here. >> one of them raft things, right? >> wilson! wilson! >> where did he land, do you think? >> manhattan island. >> what did he do when he got to the island of manhattan? >> formed a colony. >> where did columbus land when he touched down? >> new york. >> more south. >> boston. ♪ >> now, where did he land when he arrived? >> california? >> when he got to california, what was the first thing that he did? >> he put down the flag and
5:52 pm
declared it. >> holy snikes. >> what year did columbus arrive? >> saled the ocean blue in something 1662? i don't know. >> like 1692. >> what year did he discover america? >> 1492. >> would you like to sing song in honor of columbus? ♪ >> shut up down there! people are trying to sleep! ♪ >> now, how did the indians get here to discover america? >> i'm guessing it was before all the tectonic plates moved around. >> we had the tangea thing. >> they wrote mammoths and everything. >> they wrote a mammoth. >> get off my face. >> do you know who i am? >> i'd love to know. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> here you are. why?
5:53 pm
>> all right. here's watters. do you know the three ships that columbus sailed over? >> nina, pointa and santa maria? >> very good. >> do i get anything for that? >> your job. hanging by a thread. who paid for the trip? >> well, they sailed under the spanish crown. >> i just said in the lead. >> ferdinand and isabella? >> putt up the money and land in california? >> that's right. >> would have been hard. >> i said, what flag? she said america. i said did it have the stars? she said just the stripes. >> where did he first land? >> bahamas. >> it was an island, bahamas and he was there. and then he checked in to a hotel and, you know, went back. >> can i quiz you? >> go ahead. >> okay. what was he looking for when he was sailing around on the -- >> pathway to the orient.
5:54 pm
they were all looking to go to asia. >> we'll give it to you. >> because the chinese dynasties were so well think. and they wanted to tap into that wealth so they thought they'd go that way. why couldn't they go the other way? >> africa was in the way? >> because the muslims, okay, the caliphate, so powerful, no europeans could go east so they went west. >> wow. >> how about that? >> learning experience. >> you bet. factor tip of the day. would you like to be on the factor tomorrow? it is possible. the tip, moments away. people always say
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factor tip of the day in a moment. we want you on the program tomorrow night. first, coming sunday night, "killing reagan" on the national
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it's built around my personal opinion, sir. 20 years. thus the name. "the o'reilly factor." cliff mathis, michigan, watching the debate made me sick. neither remotely qualified to lead the country. ken, redding, california, i never comment on politics but i have to say that trump scored in the debate. linda parker, virginia, o'reilly, your interview was telling. does he think bill and hillary clinton possess moral authority? amanda, north carolina, i would love to donate to help the haitian people and don't want my money to be stolen. i wrote a check today to the foundation, amanda. check it out on bill o' it goes right to the folks. thank you for being compassionate. danny, south carolina, just picked up "killing reagan" which one should i read first? doesn't matter. they stand alone, dan. with the movie on sunday, that book will make it more
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enjoyable. very happy 105th birthday to mary in new jersey. way to go, mary. finally tonight, factor tip of the day. listen up. we would like you to be on the factor tomorrow night. we may have trump on. hope so. at the end of the program, i want to answer your direct questions about the campaign, the debate. also, if you believe we're not fair, we want to hear from you. leathers, pithy and not insane. looking for unique vantage point. factor tip of the day. that is it for us. check out the website. different from bill o' spout out about the factor. get on the program. 0 pine, word of the day, do not be mendacious. can't have curse words or any of that. you think we're not doing a fair coverage, we want to hear that. questions, we want to hear them. thank you for watching tonight.
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i'm bill o'reilly. remember that the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. just 24 hours after a con sten shouse debate and less than a full day after each side declares victory, new fallout for each campaign as the stakes grow bigger for the third and final showdown of 2016. i'm megyn kelly. 29 days from now, americans choose their next president. and in just nine days, they'll get the final chance to watch the two square off face to face. today, both candidates have been hitting the campaign trail and each other hard. watch. >> any of you see that debate last night? i'll tell you what. i'm not sure you'll ever see anything like that again.


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