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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. thanks for watching us. this is the last night. in about two hours donald trump will deliver the most important speech of his night which i have just read. i have just read the speech. i'm going to tell you what i think about it with dana perino and rudy giuliani. it's very interesting. now, at this point, trump will talk for just under an hour. they will be introduced by his daughter ivanka. after the speech he will be joined by his wife, vice presidential nominee mike pence, his wife, all the trump kids, maybe the osmonds, i mean, though
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knows, anything could happen here, right? this is a political miracle in the making. just one year ago virtually no one thought that donald trump would be the candidate on the republican side for president. now, i have said it before and i will say it again, the rise of donald trump and the assassination of john f. kennedy are the two most stunning political stories of my lifetime. but there is some drama at this convention and it took place last night. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. at 9:32 eastern time senator ted cruz took to the convention stage to give a speech. he was given a standing ovation by the g.o.p. loyalists in the crowd. at first it was standard issue that the country needs to be revitalized. by the end of the speech the republican faithful were wanting an endorsement but it didn't come. >> if you love our country, and love your children as much as i know that you do, stand and speak and vote
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your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. [vote for trump] ♪ we vote trump [chanting] >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegates. >> so the chant was endorse trump. and to make matters worse, trump, himself, enters the convention hall while cruz is still speaking on stage. completely stealing the spotlight. all the cameras went from cruz to trump. so, it didn't take long for the controversy to get white hot. >> tonight is the ted cruz
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that i have known unfortunately. he cannot be trusted and is he not a true republican or conservative self-centered. i have never seen such outrage and anger on the floor. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi that i'm going to none the less come like a servial puppy dog thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father. >> wow. talking points believes that senator cruz was wrong to deliver his speech if he was not going to outwardly support the nominee donald trump. in addition, mr. trump himself was magnanimous to allowing cruz to have a featured spot. the trump campaign says it knew cruz was not going to
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endorse but allowed him to speak anyway. so it looks like donald trump's the good guy here. remember, we did not have to give ted cruz 24 minutes of prime time exposure at this convention. the trump people are in charge. now, i understand the bad blood between cruz and trump. i understand that personal attacks. they are not easy to forget. but, you don't show up if you're not comfortable endorsing the candidate. governor john kasich has taken a lot of heat for not being here at the convention in cleveland. but in his conscience, kasich could not endorse trump so he stayed away. ted cruz should have done the same thing. and that's the memo. now for the story reaction here in the sky box opinion arthur "washington times." where am i going wrong, mr. wilson? >> i think the key difference here between what you said and what went on last night is endorsing trump was never part of this -- was on the table. what the trump campaign and
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what donald trump asked ted cruz to do was come and give a speech. at the very first discussion there, there was no even request for an endorsement. ultimately that request changed and came directly from donald trump and ted cruz and ted told him directly no, i'm not going to endorse him. >> cruz should have said i'm going to r not put myself in front of 3,000, 4,000 fanatical trump followers? come on. he had to know it was going to be a train wreck. >> the question is was it ted cruz's responsibility and we submitted the speech. trump campaign. >> trump was good to let him do it but, again, we go back to your guy, don't you think he looks bad tonight. >> the easy thing to have done was to come out and endorse. >> no. no. i wouldn't expect. >> the crowd would have gone crazy. >> that's not what senator cruz is all about. >> you are right. >> shouldn't have shown up. he didn't need to show up. >> he was asked to come and
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give a speech. he was asked to come and give a speech about freedom and liberty and the things he ran on. the reason why he got the. >> he looks bad. what do you say? >> i think last night's speech by senator ted cruz proved something to the american public that he loves himself and his political career more than he does the american populist. >> let me challenge that he says he is being that you to himself and true to his family. >> the republican party needs to come together. it needs to unite. if they are going to have. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. go ahead. >> we cannot afford another four years of democratic. >> i agree. >> leadership. that is something that i firmly believe. in senator ted cruz said is he a constitutionalist. hillary clinton has defied the constitution, she wants to take away the second amendment. >> i don't want to get into that. >> i understand. what makes an endorsement? it doesn't need to be endorsement. he just says we need to come together. >> he did say that. >> and fight against hillary clinton. >> here is the stronger question for you,
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mr. wilson. yeah, everybody saw all the republican nominees at the debate take the pledge to support. couldn't cruz have just said i support donald trump? i'm holding my pledge up and i support him? he didn't have to use the word endorse. >> exactly. >> just say i support him. >> i think he came out. >> wait, wait. answer that question. >> could he have said he supported? >> question you need to ask senator cruz. the point is what he did say and what we submit to do the trump campaign. >> i called cruz. he doesn't want any part of me. i'm asking you. >> right. >> wouldn't that have been, a, the most honest thing to do and b, the most honest thing. >> no he doesn't believe it. >> he took not an oath but they said a pledge that they would support. come on. >> you heard you played senator cruz describing why he didn't feel like he violated. >> senator ted cruz is making a run for 2020. >> if he was doing that he would have endorsed. >> perfectly fine with hillary clinton winning and feels he could rally the base. i don't know where he thinks trump's voters is going to
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government he offended. i was on the floor last night. he offended the delegates. >> it hurt him. >> he had a five minute standing ovation. when he went to the texas breakfast this morning five minute standing ovation. >> if senator ted cruz walked out right now? >> depending who is standing up front. >> throw their has at him that's what would happen. he hurt himself. >> five minutes standing ovation. >> not tonight he wouldn't. >> he got one this morning. >> where? >> i don't know where the political advantage is for him. if donald trump. >> stood up for what was right. >> is he going to be blamed. if donald trump wins he doesn't have any political future. it was political. >> i think he hurt himself badly. >> sometimes it's the better thing to do what's right. >> hillary clinton in the white house. >> he didn't. >> i have to get -- >> -- binary choice here. donald trump or hillary clinton. >> i have to get a couple questions. >> sorry. >> did senator cruz say that no matter who wins this election he is going to run
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next time for president? did he say that? >> no, he has not said that. >> i'm glad you dispelled. >> and you know what's funny about it, bill? this is an important point. at no point, i was involved in all the talk about the speech. at no point was there ever any consideration or any talk about any aspect of it and its impact on 2020. never entered in the conversation. >> lock, i think the bottom line is that cruz hurt himself. it's a long time, four years, he could make a come back. i understand and you must understand. somebody comes after your wife and father, very tough to forgive that you have got to understand that very tough. >> ted cruz ran a pretty difficult campaign himself. attacked marco rubio for misusing the bible. ben carson. before the iowa primary. >> he didn't do that. >> don't justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. >> that's right. i'm just saying -- >> -- i think trump tried to make it up to him. that's what i think. i use the word magnanimous
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wait, wait, i think he tried to make it up to cruz by saying you know what? i probably was a bit harsh on you and your family. i'm going to give you a prime time slot. a agree with you they probably should have massaged the wording before they let him out into this debacle. >> here is what is being left out of all of this. the speech itself. what do you disagree with. what about it was divisive? >> they wanted his support and he wouldn't. >> they knew he wasn't going to. >> it was a surprise. >> if donald trump -- >> -- built it up like he was going to endorse. everyone was waiting for him to endorse. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> next on the rundown, ax the factor continues this evening dana perino on the trump speech. i read it. i gave it to ms. perino.
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for whatever you're trying to master. looking at fran tarkenton. is he a very successful businessman. we continue with the factor's coverage of the republican national convention in cleveland. dana perino knows about republican politics. she is a spokesman for
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younger bush the younger crew. i was going to ask you about cruz. i don't care. we have covered that. >> we are moving on. >> going to get to the big deal. >> yes. >> and that's the trump speech. did you read it? i sent it over. >> i read the whole thing. this is what we have been waiting for. >> such a good student. you really are. >> can i get a star? >> i know you were a good student because i'm a teacher and i could tell right away. >> thank you. >> i liked the speech i thought it was very well written, do you agree. >> as a presidential speech was good. i'm curious how the delivery is going to go. it feels flat. his delivery is never flat. >> the reason i liked it is because it is very specific about what trump feels the country is doing poorly and how he is going to address those things and it's like boom, boom, boom, boom. it's designed for television, the speech is designed for television. >> right. oat thing i liked in the speech, is he going to talk about the people that he has
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met on this journey of 13 months as he has been running for president. i think he has been genuinely touched by people he has met. the laid off workers he talks about. talks about the innocence. the code to the pro-life community. >> sure. >> if they're concerned. >> all speeches do that. but trump is going to be watched because trump is a bomb thrower. but here's the headline, ready for the headline? ready, everybody? >> drum roll. >> he does not call his opponent crooked hillary. he does not use the word. he says my opponent. >> that's right. >> he doesn't call anybody any names. not president obama, not hillary clinton, not the democratic party, none of that. it's my opponent. it's much more traditional. >> and presidential. >> i don't know about that because it is a very, very, intense attack on the democratic party. it is an attack.
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>> i don't think that he needs to actually call her crooked hillary because that. >> people are expecting that this crew out here is expecting that because that's what he always does. he doesn't do it tonight. >> if they have been in the hall monday, tuesday, wednesday. they got a lot of that especially tuesday night comparison to lucifer. the attacks against hillary clinton have been severe. >> when i first heard the lucifer thing i was distracted i thought talking about lucille ball. i thought it was lucy. >> that was a compliment? >> trump is going to come out and give this stem winder and going to be about 40 minutes. probably longer because a lot of applause lines. his big headline, his big headline is illegal immigration. that's what he hits the hardest. the wall, the crime caused by people who shouldn't be here, and how is he going to stop it cold. that's the headline of the speech. >> he also said that for those of you concerned about law and order and lawlessness in our
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community. >> that ties in. >> he says that will stop on day one. i'm not sure how he is going to do that. >> yeah, it's rhetoric. certainly bring much tougher establishment tone. >> that's why i'm just not -- i think it's a well written speech. i think the tone will be great. i wonder if he will go off script a little bit. will it be irresistible to him. >> i think he should. >> i absolutely think it's in his best interest to give them a little let meat. >> he mentions kate steinle. >> isn't that amazing. >> he doesn't tell the story. >> so they already know. >> probably this audience does know. but for history, you might want to throw a few more lions in there. he is going to basically say that the country is a mess as it stands now. the united states is a mess, all right? >> yes. >> he as a non-mission is the only one that can straighten it out. >> he has listened to all of these people and says my goodness they need a
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champion and i'm the western that will ride to the occasion. >> the law and order entire i'm becoming the embargo. the best line in the speech is that the democratic party worships at the alter of open borders. i think i have used that line. no, it's close. it's not a michelle obama, melania trump thing. but, anyway, i want to do ask you, this convention, compared to the last convention where george w. bush was at. >> which would have been 2004. >> okay. were you there at that convention? >> yes. i was there. i was volunteering. >> you were volunteering. you were not a salaried person? >> no. i would take people to their interview. rick per. >> is there a difference between the phonings here at this convention and the ones that you saw back in 2004? >> a lot of people -- i see a lot familiar faces many.
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so are unrecognizable thing boneup of the bakers and lineup of the crowd that there are 44% of the hispanic vote. the poll that just came out yesterday that polls is at 12%. >> much more divided country. dana perino. >> thanks for having me. >> let's go to washington where bob woodward of the "the washington post" is standing by. i asked chris wallace last night to grade the convention. he gave it a b. that was before the cruz dust-up. how would you grade the g.o.p. convention as it stands now? >> i think very much incomplete because the whole ballgame is going to be trump's speech. i think they have wasted a lot of time. you have interviewed trump, i have interviewed trump. i think he had an opportunity at this convention to actually say i'm going to sit down for an hour with x, y, and z, and
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i'm going to answer questions. because what's pulsing through the minds of the undecided or confused voter? the issue is who is trump, what might he do in the presidency? there are all kinds of issues, national security i, like what's his theory of how you might use force as president and so forth. what's inside. you know he can be evasive. he can make news. he can let you see who he is at "the washington post," we're doing a book, which will be out next month on him that's got a lot of new information, kind of packages and as best we can says this is what he has done. as we know biography. >> is it going to be fair
5:22 pm
book? because the post is pretty brutal. pretty brutal to him. i hope it's a fair book. >> yeah. it's going to be fair. >> i hope so if it isn't you know i'm coming after you guys. it better be fair. i want to ask you. this trump is running on emotion. you are running on pinheadedness. running on policy. is he not rubbing on that. is he running on pure emotion when you hear his speech tonight almost every single line is designed to get people angry or mobilized or it's all about emotion for him. and, surely you know that. >> yes. of course. but the emotions come from reactions to things like you say he is going to talk about the democratic party and the things he doesn't like about it. the emotion connects to real policy whether you call it at least it's added -- attitude. and i think that he has depleted this opportunity in
5:23 pm
this convention, there is just a lot of stuff, i mean, all this business about cruz. i think it can safely be said nobody is going to vote for or against trump because of what cruz did or didn't do. whether he endorsed or didn't endorse him. a lot of spinning. >> no here is what it is, he has to get, as pointed out here last night. he has to get at least 80% got 80% andican vote. lost. trump has got to probably get 90% this time around. if he has got a thorn in his side like cruz or kasich and we're going to do the polling here in a minute in ohio, if he has got a thorn in his side from his own team it's going to hurt him? no, it's not going to hurt him some conservatives will stay home. people -- trust represents
5:24 pm
the antiestablishment. there is a ruling class out there, he said. it's not just democrats but it's in the republican party. i'm the wrecking pal that's going to come in and knock it down and we're going to fix things and we're going to change things. so, what these other people do or don't do is not that relevant. he is -- and you are absolutely right to land on the emotion, where are the emotions in this for him? we see them in his presentation, a lot of people really don't like it. people who like it and he has got to deliver on that and he has got to, in a plausible way say i can be president. there is a lot of criticism. >> as i said, there is no crooked hillary or lyin' ted or anything like that. final question for you. >> but you don't know.
5:25 pm
>> sure he can slip it in. last question i thinkth debates are going to. >> yes. >> you are right and say surrogates don't matter individual don't matter. if a segment of the republican party stays home that matters. so if mormons in arizona stay home, he might lose arizona. so that's all i'm saying. the depace, the one-on-one, that will tell the tale. 30 seconds, go. >> yes, and that's the coal coal -- coliseum. it's going to get ratings better than the super bowl: how is he going to handle it? how is hillary clinton going to handle it? but, there is a lost opportunity in all of this and, you know, our job is to find out who he is. and i think there is still work to be done on that. >> all right. thanks very much as always.
5:26 pm
we appreciate it. directly ahead as our convention coverage continues here in cleveland. bernie goldberg will react to a another nazi reference voluming the trump campaign. then some new polling is mentioned and it's good news for mr. trump. those reports after these messages.
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congressman marcia blackburn from tennessee on stage right now. in the personal story segment tonight, documentarian ken burns who i know is a good guy he did the civil war series. he got a bit hysterical talking about the trump phenomenon. >> i have never in lie life come forward and spoken as i have. all of my films have been consciously neutral but there comes a time when you have to say we have to wake up. this could be like germany in the early 30's or italy in the early 30's and the world cannot afford that
5:30 pm
again joining me bernie goldberg. burns is a smart guy. i don't know what comes over them. it's not like germany in the 30's. not like italy in the 30's. not like albania in 1812. it's not like anything. it's america. people are angry. so why do you think burns is doing it? >> well, i think i understand this. and it's not just burns. it starts out with the fact that donald trump is unlike anybody who has run for president in our lifetime and way, way before that. he is detested and that's the word i want to use, detested not just by people like liberal democrats like ken burns. he is also detested by more than a few conservative republicans. and it's not simply -- i don't even think it's mainly because of his policies. i think it's largely because
5:31 pm
of his demeanor. donald trump is seen by ken burns and people on the left also, mainly people on the left as a barbarian, as someone who is vulgar, someone who is a narcissist. someone who lies a lot. and they hate that but, most of all, they hate the fact that he is not universally condemned. he says something outlandish and he is cheered by millions and millions of americans. i think that bothers them. >> wait, wait, wait. how does that have to do though, even if that's true, what does it have to do with the third or mussolini. >> i was in the middle of the third system when it comes to the comparisons of the nazis that's almost something entirely a liberal democratic thing. america in 2016 is not germany in the early 30's that led up to hitler.
5:32 pm
it's just not an intelligent comparison. and, i find it to be insulting to the memories of all the people who were slaughtered by real nazis. >> why do you think a smart guy like burns is doing it though? >> it's become cliche. one liberal democrat does it i don't know hot first one was. it's like birds on a telephone wire. one of them hits the wire, they are all on the wire. one of them leaves the wire, they all leave. so i have seen this before and so have you. a professor gets an op-ed in the "the washington post" and says i'm not saying donald trump is hitler, i want to make that clear, but -- and then they make the comparison to nazi germany. and then all the other liberals pile on. in ken burns' case, in an interview with cnn, he specifically said, i heard this myself, he said i am not saying donald trump is hitler, but then in the same interview, he says but this
5:33 pm
could be like germany in the early 30's. that sounds like a nazi comparison to me. >> sure. >> it sounds like if we are not careful. if we are not careful, just as the germans weren't careful, we're going to wind up with a nazi in charge. >> it's more than that hitler was on the ballot in the early 1930s as he worked his way up in to power. >> they would say he is on the ballot now. >> i'm disappointed in ken burns, is he historian, he knows better. this is a smear tactic that we're seeing far too much of in this campaign. that brings me to your column this week about esquire magazine. by the way, you could be in esquire, very dapper, i don't know about the tie tonight. >> what do you mean? >> esquire magazine is morpsd from an entertainment vehicle from men into this far left crazy thing and now they have got guy -- the guys that you wrote about, don't even mention his name. >> okay. >> he says damn everybody.
5:34 pm
everybody who doesn't condemn trump. damn everybody. >> right. and he says damn and he goes down a whole list of people. >> yep. >> okay. look, here's what's troubling about this. he is angry at trump for something trump said that he said wasn't true. maybe it wasn't true. maybe it was. i'm not interested in that. what bothers me is that because he doesn't like what trump said, he goes the nazi route also and now because trump just lied in his view and he may have lied, i'm not sure. now we hear clearly the echos of shiny black boots on german -- >> i know, come on. >> here we go again. >> do you think at the democratic convention they have big swastika flags on the g.o.p. -- i mean a nurnberg replay? let's put that aside. you have been watching the coverage, right, from your
5:35 pm
palace in north carolina. anything beside the brilliance of the factor jumped out at you? >> yeah. actually, there is one theme that jumped out at me. i'm taken by how out of touch so many journalists, liberal journalists especially are with, i think, the people who live between manhattan and malibu. let's take the plagiarism thing. that's wrong. you shouldn't plagiarize. and, when you do, the media should call you out on it let's get that out of the way. but i have seen on two cable networks the coverage go on not only for hours and hours and hours on end, but for several days. it was almost like there was nothing else. but people who live in middle america, they are not in favor of plagiarism, but it doesn't hit them the same way. they say nobody is getting killed here. this isn't like hillary clinton. and benghazi. why are they so upset with this and they give her a pass? and then last night i
5:36 pm
listened to the speech of governor pence. i thought it was a really good speech. some of the cable networks mention the speech briefly and then went on to what granted was the bigger story and that was ted cruz but it was if the speech never happened. i think they find something to pick at, even when it's legitimate and they go with that and they are far, far more concerned about it than the people watching them are concerned about it. i think they are out of touch. they are out of touch with the american people. >> no, no. it's more than that the liberal networks don't want to present the g.o.p. point of view. okay? they don't want to do that. they want to present controversy. they want to present chaos. they want to present irrationality. they don't want to say open borders are bad. they don't want to do that. >> listen, on my website, i run your column, the bill
5:37 pm
o'reilly column. you made a very good point. it doesn't happen often, obviously. you made a very good point in the current column which people can read on my website. that is if they want to do all that, okay. let's accept that they're going to pick at every little thing that they think republican does wrong. okay. are they going to do that they democratic convention? >> no, no. they're not. >> that's the point. >> here's what's going to happen. the democratic convention is going to be look at the poor refugees from honduras and el salvador. look at the poor muslim refugees in syria. and we as the democratic party are going to take -- it's going to be the party of compassion. >> they will cover the democratic convention like a coronation and they are covering the republican convention like an anti-abortion rally. >> bernie, i have got to go. we appreciate it. let's turn to today's polling "l.a. times," the latest national poll available. it has the clinton trump
5:38 pm
race at dead heat 48% reach. look at that here in ohio, sufficient function said the buckeye state 44% 44%. good news for trump. editor of real clear politics. i took that to be a pretty good deal for trump. >> yeah, the polling news for trump is not bad necessarily. as you mentioned the "l.a. times" poll the last three polls one of them has trump up one and one of them the race tried and one clinton up by 4. is he trailing by 2.7% in real clear politics average. four years ago was the race this tight. >> they actually were. romney was trailing by 1.1 on the first day of his convention. >> okay. so, it's pretty much the same. but, with all the demonization of donald trump, with all the attacks on trump, it seems that trump is fending them off. >> you mention that ohio poll, bill, three of the last four polls in ohio have the race tied. if you look at key
5:39 pm
battleground states, trump is running behind romney in a couple of them like colorado and virginia and running ahead of what romney was. >> i see from four years ago. >> from four years ago and running ahead of where romney was in ohio, pennsylvania, and very close to where romney was in florida four years ago. >> all right. the states i said that have to go to trump are florida, number one, has to win. if he loses in florida, it's over. >> correct. >> ohio here. has to go to trump. and then either pennsylvania or new york, which he thinks he can compete in. or, you know, michigan, one of those states. is there anything else vital for trump? >> no. i mean, that's it. it starts and ends with florida as you said. if he doesn't win that you can throw the rest out. >> i don't think is he going to win virginia. >> that's the other state that you would say if he is not going to win pennsylvania he has got to win in michigan. he has got to win in virginia and a couple of other states. at least one other small state like in new hampshire or in iowa to make up the difference for not winning pennsylvania. >> okay. one more question.
5:40 pm
according to the polling, trump doesn't run as strong west of the mississippi as east. you have picked that up? >> yeah. i mean trump runs very well in the rest belt. that's his path white house. you mentioned michigan,. >> his people are teed off. they don't like circumstance in the industrial states. >> that's right. is he running strongest among whites, men in particular, and those without college degrees. >> all right. tom, thanks for come, in we appreciate it now let's go down to the floor where we have watters and maccallum floating around getting us what we call in the news business local color. all right, watters, what do you have for us? >> all right. so we're down here on the floor. i'm going to introduce to you a few people. where are you from? new jersey. >> not quite, i'm from texas. >> that's right. now, texas delegates. how did they take that cruz speech last night? how are you guys reacting? >> it was a little mixed. i will tell you most texans are excite to do have donald
5:41 pm
trump as our nominee. we loved ted cruz. is he a champion for conservative principles and defending our liberties he has made a clear of it and he will continue to do that as texans and republicans we need to rally behind. >> may i borrow your hat for a second. >> as a friend and texan yes you may. >> i got someone else here for you, this is former miss alabama. what's your name? >> catherine long. >> what was your talent in the competition? >> i played the flute. >> i play the flute. >> do you? >> i knew we were a kindred spirit. >> we have a lot in common. trump big time down in alabama sold the house out down at the stadium. why does alabama love trump so much. >>ur language. we are a state focused on manufacturing jobs. companies like boeing and air bus. they make us great. they make america great. when we heard him speak and talk about good trade deals and creating more jobs and
5:42 pm
putting more americans back to work and bringing our companies back to this country, he spoke to us and people that felt like they had not heard people actually speaking what they want to do hear from for way too long. we heard it and supported it and alabama has been on the trump train from day one. >> yes, you have roll tide. >> war eagle. >> oh. now, bill, we have one more person over here. south dakota, what's your name? >> hi, i'm lynn. >> how are you. >> i'm good. how are you? >> you have mount rushmore there. >> we are famous for mount rushmore everybody should come visit us. >> do you think trump should be on mount rushmore. >> i think we have room for him but we would have to get the hair just right. >> a lot more construction there. >> i think we can make it work. >> thank you very much. we have the last personal, bill. rhode island, smallest state in the union, and how tall are you? >> i'm about 4'1 1. tell me what you want to
5:43 pm
hear from trump tonight. how pumped are you. >> i am extremely pumped up about donald trump. i know is he going to bring this party together. americans together. he is a born leader. he creates jobs, he knows how to sign a paycheck. she will identify -- he will be a great, great president. this is a movement. >> all right. remember one thing. i'm and this is my world. >> i think she is going to be secretary of education right there. all right. let's go to martha maccallum a scoop for us. take a look at ivanka trump's speech tonight for her father. what does it say? >> you know, ivanka trump is obviously the last of the trump children to speak here. she will be introducing her dad tonight. and, you know, clearly she has something that the other ones don't, which is that she is his oldest daughter. ivanka trump will speak to the women in the audience.
5:44 pm
it's interesting when you look at trump's tonight. also read he does not make a direct appeal to women voters who he desperately needs because he has 65% unfavorability rating with those voters. but ivanka trump will talk about being a mother. i have it easier than most people but i was always taught to work hard from the time i was a young child. she will talk about how trump female executives are treated at the organization. testimony to the fact that father understands what women in the workplace need get equal pay celebrates that due to hard work needs to be done. female voters, bill. i think that veank trump will be the story tomorrow was when he gave his speech. his children clearest testimony of persuasion for people who have not trump supporters, bill. >> how long is the speech going to be.
5:45 pm
do you know? >> it's probably -- introduction 10 minutes i would say. >> trump's speech is going to run 4550 anyone's. her. in manhattan? >> i do not hang with her, bill. i have met her. but she is a very warm person and i think she is going to come across really well. a lot of people have seen her quite a bit doing interviews and in the media just like donald trump jr. wider country. really getting play a bigger role if there is a trump administration than melania who clearly is much more let isn't a and interesting point. trump's quhirn would do anything officially for the government or not. i don't think so.
5:46 pm
they would have to run the trump empire. all right, martha, thanks very much for your good work as always. we appreciate it and we will be right back from cleveland. and we're going to talk with rudy giuliani who "the view" girls don't like very much. women, i'm sorry. view women they don't like him. we like the rudy giuliani, we like the mayor. we are going to talk about trump's speech in just a few moments ♪ ♪
5:47 pm
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nice shots of cleveland, and the city should be very proud of itself. very professional police corps here. state of ohio did a great job. no problems to speak of outside. everybody treated with respect. very hot today in cleveland. the cops were out there in, you know, 90-degree weather, but they were still pleasant. it really was a credit to the city and people of cleveland, ohio. back of the book segment tonight. donald trump set to give a major address in 90 minutes. it will be good because i read the speech. rudy giuliani, who has written -- not written, per se, but advised some of what should be in his speech, right? >> i have, and i've read it, and it's an excellent speech. >> but you wouldn't say if it was a piece of garbage. you wouldn't say -- >> no, i wouldn't say it was a piece of garbage. i would tell you it's an
5:51 pm
excellent speech. but in this case i don't have to go to confession on saturday. i'm telling you the truth. that italian guilt. the thing that struck me about the speech is its specificity. he's very specific in how he goes after not too much barack obama, but the democratic party and his opponent, not crooked hillary, his opponent. >> i think it is very much the way he's going to win, and i used you in one of my comparisons that i sent to him. insider/outsider. she represents the insiders. >> right. >> the washington power elite that's been ruining this country. he represents the outsider. republican, democrat, independent, the people you call the folks. >> the folks, right. >> and that's who he has to connect with. it doesn't matter about cruz or unit unity in the party. he's got to connect with real people, the common man, the steel worker in pittsburgh who wants his steel plant back. the coal miner in ohio who wants
5:52 pm
to mine coal. i used to run a coal mine. i know coal miners. the guy who wasn't had a raise for the last eight years and the woman who hasn't had a raise for the last eight years. and he's got to support our employees. he's got to stand up for them in a way that this president, i believe, that has created the atmosphere that is creating what is getting close to anarchy with regard to the police. they're being ambushed now. >> right. >> i haven't seen that since the black panthers when i was a young prosecutor. >> i don't know if it's obama's fault, per se, but certainly the message that comes out is that black lives matter should be tolerated, and they were invited to the white house. huge mistake. huge. >> and the police are guilty before they're proven innocent. >> right, right. and that's because of videos. >> and criminals are innocent until proven guilty. >> right, and let them out even if they are guilty. let them out. okay, it's insane. now, giving this speech, you
5:53 pm
gave one which probably was the most talked about speech at the convention, your speech, all right? and you got a little not carried away, but you got a little ramp bunk shus up there. did you plan to be rambunctious. >> i have a passion for the police that goes back to -- >> you wanted to show that. >> yeah, and the ambush of the police officers in baton rouge really got to me and also the women who came up before me whose young men were killed in benghazi, where i believe if john mccain had been president of the united states. >> that never would have happened. >> that wouldn't have happened. i know -- i had an argument with a man tonight at dinner, and i said i guarantee you -- >> that never would have happened. no way. because mccain wouldn't have gone in and removed gaddafi. >> and number two, if i got six requests from my consulate for protection, they would have
5:54 pm
gotten protection. >> but my question is, trump is going to read this on a prompter. it's a lot of words, a lot of words. is he going to lose some of his verve? >> i doubt it. >> how many times would he rehearse something like that on the prompter? >> inside? >> yeah. >> considerable number of times. >> okay. so he's versed upon -- he should know it now because i read the prompter too, but i only read it once because i write it, i write it. now, whoever wrote the speech -- because trump didn't write it, good job. you want to tell me who wrote it? >> a lot of people wrote it. >> who was involved with the process? >> he actually was involved in the process and he circulated it to several people for comments. >> right. >> which i think is a real step in the right direction. >> you got to see it, and you got to say, look, i do -- >> i got to see it, and i got to send back a two-page memo. >> when did that happen? >> last night and early this
5:55 pm
morning. >> okay. so it was right up to game time. >> right. >> that they were putting the speech together? >> yes. >> and how many other people besides you -- >> i don't know. >> he didn't tell you? figure gingrich, right? >> i'm sure newt. i'm sure mike pence. >> pence. christie? >> i know christie saw it. >> any women? >> i don't know. i'm sure ivanka read it. >> his daughter? she's got a lot of power, right. >> she's a very smart young lady. a smart woman. all right, mr. mayor, thanks very much. finally tonight, a few orders of business, this coming sunday, "legends & lies," america's first guerrilla fighter gave the british hell in south carolina. also i will continue my convention analysis in the no-spin news for little
5:56 pm
o' premium members. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. i was lucky enough to get a guy to tour the rock & roll hall of fame here in cleveland this afternoon. very interesting, worth the trip. and they have a politics in rock exposition. all the anti-war protests of the '60s, right up to the present day, how rock performers have made an impact on the political landscape. now, you're going to see that next week. last night i was with the marshall tucker band here in cleveland. good guys. south carolinians. next week, i may be hanging with lady gaga in philadelphia. i think she's made a formal request that i show up and fire a philly cheese steak. i'm not quite sure what lady gaga wants, but we're working on it. so that wraps up the factor's coverage of the convention here in cleveland. as you know, big night, all right? so dond trump going to speak about ten minutes after 10:00.
5:57 pm
martha maccallum reports that his daughter, ivanka, is going to introduce him for about ten minutes. he'll go to about 11:00. so it's a big night. take some notes. everybody will be talking about it tomorrow. i saw the speech, a recap. it's a good speech. it's a good speech. but how he delivers it, that's going to be interesting to watch, all right? fox news will continue the coverage all throughout the evening. i am bill o'reilly reporting from cleveland. please always remember that the spin stops here in ohio because we are definitely looking out for you.
5:58 pm
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