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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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as far as cable news goes, 58 quarters number one. this year is a 23% gain in audience. congratulations. >> "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert. good evening. i'm bret baier. donald trump's numbers are slipping a bit following a campaign shakeup this month, as the gop presumptive nominee tries to redirect his campaign towards a win in november. the latest fox news poll and the first national poll completely post brexit vote shows that donald trump is six points behind hillary clinton in the head-to-head matchup. and after pulling ahead of clinton in may, his numbers have slipped seven points from 45% to 38%. when it comes to party unity, clinton does well with 83% of democrats saying they support her. nearly three quarters of
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republicans polled say the same for donald trump. trump is ahead with independents. 39% of them say they prefer the gop candidate and that is news welcome for a candidate sticking to a plan to win over voters in all 50 states, according to him. tonight, he is in bangor, maine, where we find peter doocy. >> reporter: good evening, bret. >> so beautiful. so beautiful to see. >> reporter: donald trump has a ten-point lead with male voters, but faces a 19-point deficit with women, according to the new fox news polls, voters feel trump is more honest, but more hot headed than secretary clinton, and voters see clinton as the more intelligent and experienced candidate, but also the most corrupt. a full 51% of republicans say
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they would rather have someone else as their nominee. the new numbers come hours after a fund-raising request e-mailed to supporters that explains the latest lie from hillary clinton that she is crushing me in fund-raising. so i decided this, if they want to make fund-raising an issue, i will make it an issue. i didn't start this fight but will end it. trump wants to raise $10 million by tomorrow for a campaign that's spent zero for tv ads in battleground states, $140 million less than the clinton campaign has put down for tv time according to smg delta and nbc news data. >> they said donald trump's numbers -- first of all, i don't know why i need so much money. why do i need these commercials? >> reporter: even though terror concerns aren't always associated with the pine tree state, they were front and center in today's program. >> isis is now worse than ever. you see what happened yesterday.
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you see what's going on generally. isis is looking strong. isis is signing up people over the internet. they know how to use the internet better than we do, and we do nothing about anything. >> reporter: trump insists he's running a 50-state strategy, which is why he rallied in maine today, a state where he lost a caucus to ted cruz, but it has one of the slowest growing economies in the country. >> that's what we want, we want our jobs back, we want to have great economic development. we don't want factories and businesses leaving maine and going to mexico and going to other places. >> reporter: we do expect to hear more details about trump's economic plan tomorrow. also in new england, as this 50-state strategy takes him next door to new hampshire for more talk about trade. bret? >> peter doocy live in bangor. thank you. president obama was in canada today and took a shot at donald trump, talking about populism at the end of a news
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conference there. take a listen. >> somebody else who has never shown any regard for workers, has never fought on behalf of social justice issues or making sure that poor kids are getting a decent shot at life or have health care, in fact, have worked against economic opportunity for workers and ordinary people, they don't suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that's not the measure of populism. that's nativism. or xenophobia, or worse. or it's just cynicism. >> donald trump, of course, uses president obama on the trail to rally republicans. meantime, operations are back to normal at turkey's biggest airport, just one day after three suicide bombers killed at least 41 people and injured scores of others outside a security check point. as travelers come and go through
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that airport, eyewitnesss to the terror give us insight into that attack. correspondent john huddy has the latest. a warning here, if you have children in the room, some of this video is graphic. >> reporter: cleanup and repairs started this morning not even 24 hours after the terror attack in which 42 people lost their lives and 239 others were wounded. and while the airport was busy once again after reopening, signs of the chaos remain. >> there are still parts of the terminal where the glass is shattered or blown out. >> reporter: turkey's prime minister said the three attackers took a taxi to the airport. one of the three blew himself up outside. the other two blew themselves up inside after engaging in a firefight with police. in the surveillance video, you see the blast from one of the attackers inside the terminal, and then the third being shot
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before detonating his explosive device. this woman says her brother is in critical condition, his body covered with shrapnel. most of the dead are turkish nationals, no americans are on the list of dead according to officials. while no particular group has claimed responsibility, turkey's prime minister said all signs lead to isis. >> translator: findings by our security forces indicate that this attack was carried out by daesh, even though the findings point to daesh, the probe is still under way. >> reporter: turkey at one time allowed isis militants to flow freely across its border, sharing a common enemy, president assad.s has carried o several other recent suicide attacks in the country and vowed to launch even more. despite this latest attack, president obama reaffirmed today that isis is losing ground and
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will be defeated. >> it's an indication of how little these vicious organizations have to offer. that beyond killing innocents, they are continually losing ground, unable to govern those areas that they have taken over. >> reporter: now, turkey's president said that turkey will fight terrorism until the very end. but that doesn't necessarily ease concerns of those who fear that the attacks here may be the start of something worse to come. bret? >> john, thank you. a new poll shows americans are feeling less confident about whether the u.s. is winning the war on terror. this poll, 44% of respondents said the u.s. and its allies are winning against terror, down
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five points from 2010. americans are also feeling less confidence about our ability to prevent terrorist attacks. 84% of voters said they feel nervous, up significantly from just 50% in 2005. turkish officials blamed tuesday's attack on isis, but the terror group has not officially claimed responsibility. today, cia director john brennan said today's attacks has the hallmarks of isis. he believes the fight is far from over. >> isis' ability to continue to propagate its narrative, as well as to incite and carry out these attacks, i think we still have a ways to go before we're able to say that we have made some significant progress against them. >> chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins me now with more on what the cia director shared today. what are your sources saying about all this? >> my contacts say the sophistication of this attack in istanbul is at a level they have not seen before. we had three suicide bombers
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working in concert. and we got a piece of video that may tell us more about their motives and objectives. we've seen this video a lot. this is a guy on the ground, he had come in guns ablazing, then blows himself up. one of my contacts suggested the true intention was to take hostages first. if he simply wanted to blow himself up, he would have gone into the airport and hit the most congested area and then detonated. >> the cia director went on to say and describe the isis threat to the u.s. as this. >> the united states, as we well know, is leading the coalition to try to destroy as much of this poison as possible. so it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region, as well
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as in our homeland. >> we know that they are, right? >> that's right. i had a conversation recently within the last two weeks with a government official who was briefed on the intelligence who said to me they believe there are six isis entities whose sole responsibility is to train operatives to launch attacks outside of the region. so specifically europe. and there is intelligence that they sent armed operatives into europe prior to ramadan. remember, with the visa waiver program, europe is just one flight into the united states. >> and we have seen some of these terrorists try to get into those syrian migrant groups, the refugees. what about the bombs? >> look, based on what we've seen just with the photographs and the video, this looks to be a weapons grade explosive. that's important, because when those bombers ran into the airport in turkey, they did so with relative ease. the vests were relatively light. when we think about what happened in brussels, we saw the same kind of damage, the kind of tiles coming down from the ceiling of the airport.
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but those were suitcase bombs, 20 or 30 pounds. so this tells us there's a level of sophistication of weapons grade material. >> sometimes these cells in areas have one bombmaker, and they do all of the bomb making in that region. >> that's right. we understood that brussels was directed by isis in syria, at least the evidence so far shows that this well may have been directed by isis and syria. the question is whether the bombmaker is in turkey and isis is reluctant to accept responsibility. >> catherine, thank you. up next, a crisis potentially in confidence for the democratic front-runner. we'll explain. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. amarillo, texas, the investigation continues into a fiery crash of two freight trains in the texas panhandle. the horrific scene tuesday showed rail cars piled up and
3:12 pm
smoke billowing out of that crash site. the bodies of two crew members have been found in the wreckage. one remains missing. the two trains were on the same track when they collide, but why has not been disclosed. fox 40 in sacramento, where firefighters are braving triple digit heat to fight a wildfire. at least 100 homes were evacuated tuesday as the fire grew to about 300 acres. this is a live hook at cleveland, from fox 8, the big story there tonight, an agreement reached between the city of cleveland and the aclu over the right to protest during the republican national convention next month. the two sides had been working on changes after a federal judge decided the existing rules were too strict. so a new protest route has been mapped out and the hours for protesting are also being extended. we can probably expect a lot, as you look live outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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hillary clinton is on the money trail tonight, making a west coast swing to pad her campaign coffers, this as a new fox news poll shows voters will
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split what clinton would take the country in the right direction. mike emanuel has this report from san francisco. >> reporter: since hillary clinton launched her campaign, she's held at least 30 fund-raising events in the los angeles area. today she's in san francisco. last night at a hollywood town hall, clinton said she understood where donald trump supporters are frustrated but even fearful. but then took this swipe. >> i am not sympathetic to the homophobia, the xenophobia, the islamaphobia, and all of the other sort of dog whistles that trump uses to create that fervor among some of his supporters. >> reporter: in the latest fox news poll, clinton is at 48%, while trump is at 42%. today in "the new york times,"
3:18 pm
bernie sanders issued a warning, drawing a comparison between this election and the brexit vote writing -- >> clinton will have more democrat star power out on the trail with her next week, with president obama expected to campaign for her tuesday. an rnc spokesperson responded -- >> reporter: after several days of working on behalf of clinton, senat senator elizabeth warren returned to her message. >> concentration will suck the last vestiges of economic security out of our middle class, and left unchecked, concentration will pervert our democracy into one more rigged game.
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>> reporter: there's also the lingering clinton e-mail controversy. in a deposition in a judicial watch lawsuit regarding the e-mail issue, uma abedin testified there were frustrating issues. under oath, she said, there were times when clinton couldn't do her job or do what she needed to do. >> mike emanuel, thank you. a meeting in phoenix between former president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch is raising questions about a potential conflict of interest. she confirmed she spoke with clinton at the airport in phoenix but said it was not a planned meeting. she insisted they spoke about grandchildren and golf, and current news events but did not discuss the benghazi or the e-mail investigations. as you know, if the fbi finds evidence that hillary clinton or one of her top aides mishandled
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classified information or lied under oath, and then the fbi referred an indictment, by all accounts, it will be lynch who will have to decide whether to move forward with a prosecution. as we mentioned before, president obama headed way up north today to reaffirm trade ties with his counterparts from canada and mexico during his final north american leader summit. the president's visit comes amid a contentious 2016 election where both of his potential successors say they would bid adieu to the transpacific partnership. kevin cork reports from canada tonight about what could be the president's last stand on the tpp. >> reporter: for the leaders of the united states, canada, and mexico, this is a picture of cooperation, and in sharp contrast to what many here at the north american leader summit in ottawa fear is a growing global wave of economic isolation. >> in an integrated global economy, the goal is not for us to try to shut ourselves off
3:21 pm
from the world, but rather to work together to raise standards around the world for workers and for the environment. >> reporter: unlike the uk's brexit from the european union, president obama, the canadian prime minister and mexican president continued to build on their model of political and economic unity, announcing today for example, a goal to achieve 50% clean power generation across north america by 2025. it's the latest deal bolstered by nafta, which aimed to reduce trade barriers between the u.s., canada, and mexico, but it's the pending trade deal that president obama backs that's getting a lot of attention. >> the transpacific partnership is another disaster. done and pushed by special interests, who want to rape our country. >> reporter: in his most explicit attack yet on big trade deals, donald trump this week called for a new era of economic americanism. threatening to opt out of tpp and renegotiate nafta.
3:22 pm
if an effort to restore millions of lost manufacturing jobs here at home, plans that have drawn a heavy dose of political friendly fire from gop business leaders. the u.s. chamber of commerce tweeting, under trump's trade plans, we would see higher prices, fewer jobs, and a weaker economy. >> this tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade. >> reporter: that was hillary clinton, just 3 1/2 years ago, singing the praises of tpp. but in a classic political flip-flop, clinton now says she no longer supports the agreement as is, and expressing a similar opposition to nafta, which she once backed and was proudly promoted by her husband, then president bill clinton. in that piece you saw a bit of political friendly fire and it continued on twitter. the national association of manufacturers tweeted mr. trump by saying, you have it
3:23 pm
backwards. trade is book for manufacturing workers, and jobs, and he added the #makeamericatradeagain. now, for their part, the trump says listen, trade is fine. but america priority has to be the primary objective. i think there are a lot of people, obviously, who would agree with that. >> the battlefield on twitter. kevin, thank you. a plan to help puerto rico get out of its debt situation gets closer to reality, and supporters of puerto rico say just in time. the senate is expected to vote tonight on the bill that will help the u.s. territory address its $70 billion bet. supporters in congress hope to send a bill that is expected to pass to president obama to sign into law by friday. friday is when puerto rico faces a $2 billion debt payment. next up, a former gitmo detainee is now missing. [ tires screech ] ♪
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a black box from egypt air 804 confirms smoke was on board minutes before the plane plunged into the mediterranean sea in may. egyptian investigators say the data recorder showed there was smoke in a bathroom, and then in the avianics area below the cockpit. recovered wreckage also showed signs of heat damage. there's no definitive word whether this is related to terrorism. investigators are working to repair the cockpit voice recorder. european union leaders put forward tough conditions for a new relationship with britain following its planned exit from the eu. no clear plan is in place, but eu leaders warn british business it is they want to keep access to europe's single market, they must also accept free movement of european workers, too. this, despite britain's leave vote that partially hinged on concerns about immigration and
3:29 pm
migration. president obama also weighed in on the brexit vote today, continuing his theme that the logistics and fallout could be rough in the long run. >> the global economy in the short run will hold steady. i think there are some genuine longer term concerns about global growth if, in fact, brexit goes through. >> and the markets here in the u.s. continued to post brexit vote bounceback. the dow jumped 285 today. the s&p 500 rose 35. the nasdaq was up 87. the hunt is on for a former guantanamo bay detainee who has gone missing in south america. he was transferred to uruguay by the obama administration in 2014. but has since vanished and officials say he could be in brazil. the country that also happens to be hosting the olympics in just a little over a month.
3:30 pm
as doug mckelway reports tonight, the circumstances under which he left are sure to escalate a heated battle between republicans and the white house over gitmo. >> reporter: an estimated 30% of enemy combatants at guantanamo bay are suspected of going back to the fight. that's one reason the hunt is on. captured in pakistan in 2002, he was among six detainees transferred to uruguay in 2014. considered high risk, he's now missing. >> he has connections to really high risk guys, guys known to be the worst of the worst of the worst, including a recruiter for al qaeda, who actually helped recruit the 9/11 hijackers for that operation. >> reporter: the former president of uruguay considered the gitmo prison a disgrace, so he allowed him to travel abroad. the pentagon was not able to
3:31 pm
confirm his whereabouts. >> it's something that we're tracking here. the national security of the united states is the most important thing when it comes to these decisions. >> reporter: there are fears that he may have fled to brazil, where preparations for the olympics are under way, or even to syria. his disappearance has illuminated a long running battle between the white house and congressional republicans. in a defense bill, both houses have blocked funding for any gitmo transfers. president obama has vowed a veto. >> it appears to be a campaign promise he made several years ago he's trying to fulfill this notion that somehow there's a location called gitmo that is inciting folks to become terrorists. france doesn't have a guantanamo bay, brussels did not have one. >> reporter: last week, the u.s. transferred one of osama bin laden's bodyguards to montenegro. 79 remain there. 35 more are set to be transferred in the coming weeks. >> doug at the pentagon. thank you. coming up, donald trump
3:32 pm
doubles down on trade. our panel weighs in on that. plus, we discuss those new fox news polls, giving a post brexit vote snapshot how voters feel. the panel is next.
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"great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance. why would the chamber, and i have nothing against the chamber, don't know them too well. but why would they complain when all i'm saying is this, that if china doesn't make this horrendous deal that we have with them, which is sort of a non-deal. it's only a one-way, one-sided deal. i want to renegotiate a deal. they're against it. they're saying how can donald do that, and how can he jeopardize free trade. then they say we're going to lose a trade war? we're always losing the trade war. we're getting killed. >> donald trump today talking about the chamber of commerce and their reaction to his positions and comments on trade
3:37 pm
just yesterday, the chamber issuing a statement. donald trump has promised to make america great again, does a recession sound great to you? do 7 million lost jobs sound like winning? no, probably not. and yet that's exactly where our country would be heading under trump's trade policies, according to analysis released last week. remember, this is the republican presumptive nominee. it's hard to believe with that statement from the chamber of commerce. here's the new polls. the first poll head to head, hillary clinton you see taking a six-point lead and how it's changed really since the last couple of months. if you add the split, democrats, republicans, and independents, you have donald trump leading with independents. that's significant in a number of different states he's campaigning in. if you add the libertarian gary johnson in the mix, clinton's lead is down to five.
3:38 pm
johnson at 10%. and remember, 15% is the threshold to get into the general election debate. let's bring in our expanded panel tonight. okay, amy, first, the poll numbers. what we're seeing here, and it matches a trend that we've seen over the past couple of days. >> the trend has not been too good for donald trump. in part, because this last, what has it been, two, three weeks, the entire month of june has been a referendum on donald trump. that's not good for donald trump's numbers. and the other thing that you can see clearly here is there's a bit of good news for him. it's that for people who say they're very interested in this race, the race tightens up. there's an enthusiasm for donald trump that's not there for hillary clinton, at least not as strongly. >> that's interested voters. >> at the end of the day, this
3:39 pm
is the challenge, the challenge for donald trump is make thing race a referendum on hillary clinton, on the obama administration, not letting it be a race about him. >> mercedes, if you or somebody is following trump, you like trump, isn't that interested voters poll kind of heartening, after the couple of weeks that you've watched and the media play out? >> we would say the last month has been very difficult for donald trump between his panic judge comments, his response to the orlando massacre, and to hillary clinton's point of being on the offense and really attacking donald trump. you would think that hillary clinton's numbers would be better than what we're seeing right now. she has a full-blown campaign in place, and you're talking about donald trump, who has a skeleton campaign, who is building a new brain trust in the last two weeks. you would think the poll numbers would be worse for donald trump. so i think that when you look at the numbers for independents, it
3:40 pm
looks good for donald trump. but when it comes to the gop unity, the mere fact that those numbers have dropped from 82% to 74% of republicans supporting donald trump, that is one of his biggest issues. he needs to assure that he's able to build his base and get the republicans to back him up. that's been one of the primary issues for donald trump. >> one of the things we saw yesterday with this speech, he was talking about the tpp here, just take a listen. [ no audio ] >> he wasn't frozen. silence wasn't what we were seeing yesterday. basically he said, both the transpacific partnership is another disaster done, pushed by special interests who want to rape our country.
3:41 pm
just continuing to rape our country that's what it is, it's a harsh word but it's a rape of our country. what is interesting to see is a republican nominee, going this way on trade, which is clearly playing in some states, pennsylvania, michigan, some of those affected states, but it is riling up and splitting a republican party. >> yes, yes. and it's not -- he's saying things, using words like rape to describe allies to the u.s., like australia. it's not a good thing. but trump's economic protectionism is no real surprise. we've known for a long time he's much closer to bernie sanders and ralph nader than he is to ronald reagan and free market conservatives when it comes to trade. he thinks this populism will play well in michigan, pennsylvania, ohio. but we did not become the richest country in the world by isolating ourselves. we've opened our boarders to the movement of goods and services
3:42 pm
and people and it's made us one of the wealthiest nations ever. i think trump knows this intuitively, which is why his closing line is manufacturing in china and why he hires workers from mexico for his resorts in the u.s. it's made him more wealthy and prosperous and done the same thing for this country. i think he knows it, but he thinks that's a political angle here to pretend otherwise. >> you mentioned australia. the australian ambassador to the u.s. tweeted out, 4 july marks 98 years of fighting side by side in battle. his talk of rape is offensive and dead wrong. there's been reaction to all of this, charles, but on the bigger political picture, is trump seeing something that everyone else is not? >> what he saw for the republican prooimaries is that e traditional ideology, free trade, more reason and open
3:43 pm
border was something that everybody else was supporting, and he saw a real opening and he won the nomination, essentially on that message. the question is, how will it play in the country? i think what's most interesting is the fact that republicans are now abandoning free trade, for the first time ever in our memory, we're having a presidential campaign where neither side is for free trade, which i think bodes really badly for our allies abroad, the australians, canadians, mexicans. imagine the mexicans looking at the cancellation of nafta and the effect on them. they're looking at a race where both parties are turning against free trade. they always assumed the united states would be the one country that would rise above the most narrow economic nationalism, and save the idea of free trade. that's not going to be true come
3:44 pm
january 2017. >> we're going to talk about hillary clinton's troubles on this issue in the next panel, and she's had a couple of interesting things happen over the past couple of weeks. but sticking on trump, the fund-raising and structure that mercedes talked about -- >> is a real problem. it's a real problem in this, which is if you're going to try to drive a message about hillary clinton, even about this bad week we all talked about, you have to do that in part by putting campaign ads up or getting that message out. and there's something called information flow. it's what voters tell pollsters they're getting. are you seeing good or bad things about this person? at this point in 2012, they were getti getting about an equal amount between romney and obama. donald trump's negatives are minus 35 and hillary clinton is minus 11. so all the information flow is negative trump, not as negative on hillary clinton. >> his supporters would say that's the main stream media.
3:45 pm
>> it's going to continue. a lot of it is driven by the fact that her campaign and allies have ads on the air driving this message. >> i want to play this on polls and money to this very question. >> they said, donald trump's numbers -- first of all, i don't know why i need so much money. i go around, i talk to reporters, i don't need commercials. when i was in the primaries, everyone said you can't do that in new hampshire. you can't do that. you have to go and meet little groups. i think if they ever saw me sitting in their living room, they would lose total respect for me. i got trump in my living room, this is weird. >> i mean, trump in the living room. >> we sit around listening to donald trump and he brings humor to the political system. >> can he run a primary in a general election? >> general election is very different than a primary. i would like to say, a conventional campaign is not going to work.
3:46 pm
we're seeing this with hillary clinton where he's throwing millions of dollars in. we're not seeing her poll numbers sway voters. he has an opportunity to have an unconventional campaign, but he needs to raise the money. i do believe in speaking to campaign officials with trump that they are going in the right direction in terms of fund-raising and ensuring the right people are in place in the battleground states. next up, hillary clinton has not had the easiest of runs the last two weeks. we'll dig into it. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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it's ttp sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade. the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field. and when negotiated, this agreement, will cover 40% of the world's total trade and build in strong protections for workers and the environment. we should renegotiate trade deals that aren't working for americans and reject any agreements like the transpacific partnership that don't meet my high bar for raising wages or creating good paying jobs. >> hillary clinton then and
3:51 pm
now. 2012 to now gold standard then and now doesn't meet the bar. the problem on the issue trade as you take a look of polls here fox news 6. head to head experience, cares about you, corrupt. clinton has a big lead in experience, obviously. cares about you, corrupt, honest and trustworthy. 34% trump over clinton 30%. fox news poll 8. there you see the breakdown there. neither one of the candidates getting over 50%. back with the panel. jason, on this issue of trade. it's pretty stark to listen to those two sound bites. you have elizabeth warren and bernie sanders taken the party some place maybe by the convention is opposite where the president of their party is on this issue. >> definitely. it's definitely going to be left of there. and this is a big problem for hillary clinton. that she has still got bernie sanders biting at her ankles here and pulling her to the left. she would rather not be
3:52 pm
talking about these issues but she was force to do do so in the primary to oppose policies that her own husband pushed to demonstrate how far left the party has moved over the past two decades. it's really a problem. if i am looking at hillary clinton and these polls how close they are. i'm a little concerned. she is leading but it's hardly a commanding lead and she may take some comfort in donald trump's high negatives but his negatives could change between now and convention's. hers is unlikely to. she is very much a known quantity. he could improve on his numbers if he runs the right type of campaign. i think that would have team clinton a little worried. >> we went over the details yesterday at the benghazi report. details in there very unflattering to be generous to secretary clinton and what went down. what we haven't seen a lot of coverage on is the email investigation. new set of emails comes out that wasn't turned over.
3:53 pm
one of them where they are talking about we should talk about putting you on the state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam. it's not the phone message system. it's the device delay. hillary to i don't want the transcript of yuma abedin has come out from judicial watch. for all the talk about donald trump having a couple bad weeks. this was not a great couple weeks for hillary clinton. >> no. not at all. and i think with the email issue it's information overload. everybody assumes it's all out there. everybody is waiting for the fbi to decide. the fbi has all the information. they are going to decide one way or the other. people aren't going to dive into the details. but this does confirm how much of a lie it was when she said i chose to have the two iphones or the two
3:54 pm
devices because it was convenient. it was clear from these emails and others she did it to hide her personal stuff. we don't know what's in her personal stuff. does the personal stuff mean the clinton foundation and possible corruption favors, et cetera, there or not? so i think the way this impacts the race is people are not going to decide on one news story here or there. they will wait for the fbi and decide hit by a pretty straight shooter and he will tell me if this was prosecutable or corrupt transaction. >> we talked earlier and the insistence of the attorney general that the meeting with former president bill clinton in phoenix had nothing to do or conversation with email investigation or benghazi. but there is interest in what is going to happen with the fbi or the justice department. that's one of the things that's stirring around with hillary clinton. >> absolutely. i think it was very interesting what hillary clinton said we should move on from benghazi. she is not the one who is going to decide when we move
3:55 pm
on on any of her issues or scandals. the email investigation. the clinton foundation, these are all part of the narrative of why you see the poll numbers showing that her honest, trustworthiness is only at 30%. i think it does impact the fact that individuals are feeling, well, yeah, she might care about me but there is a sense of corruption around hillary clinton. the sense that she is out of touch and plays into the fact that trump has done a good job of saying the elite versus the people. she falls right into the scenario being elite out of touch and doesn't have to follow the rules like the rest of the americans. >> i have to keep it short. thoughts? >> yes, i agree. >> yes, listen, the issue is still dogging hillary clinton right now this idea it's not as much about the flip flopping as not looking honest about the reasons she changed her position on tpp that honest trustworthy thing is going to continue to dog her. i agree. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for an interview that you may not want to miss.
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4:00 pm
have to unplug him and plug him back in. after that they had to change the name of the show to 64 minutes. >> that's it for special reported,fair, balanced and unafraid. online show now. >> okay. what's this? a private meeting on a private plane. talking about former president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch meeting on the ground private plane in phoenix airport. the meeting was yesterday. just hours before the release of the benghazi reported and the local phoenix abc station got a tip that the meeting was going to happen. after the meeting at a news conference, attorney general lynch confirmed the meeting with the president had taken place. >> when i was landing at the airport i did see president clinton at the phoenix airport. as i was leaving and he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane. our conversation was a united states deal about his grandchildren there was no discussion about any matter pending before the departme o


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