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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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anyway, let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left. we hope you'll always set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance and it onlinn two seconds. tonight, on wisconsin. my home state under the political microscope in less than one week from tonight, wisconsin voters will hit the polls. donald trump, senator ted cruz, they are taking their blistering fight to the home of american values. >> protecting the bill of rights, protecting life. protecting marriage. protecting our fundamental liberties. those are women's issues. those are men's issues. those are adult issues. those are children's issues. those were the issues america. >> cruz will never have it he will never be any good at what he does. he can't get anybody in the senate to endorse him. >> enough is enough, we need a president who will keep america safe. >> when i said temporary ban on muslims, i thought that
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was the end of my campaign. i didn't care. i said we have to do something. we have to do something. and my numbers went through the roof. i didn't know that. >> there is not a mom in this country who doesn't worry about the safety of her kids. >> when we see protests and riots and we see politicians siding with the criminals over the police officers. >> we have the geneva conventions. killing the enemy. too tough. they have none. they don't have anys. >> "on the record" has life team coverage throughout the great state of wisconsin. we begin$u:)h(p)l cameron in appleton, wisconsin. >> that poll we talked about last night the marquette university law poll shows ted cruz has a 10 point lead in wisconsin. this is a big deal. donald trump is at 30% and john kasich at 21%. considerably off the pace. this is a very big moment in
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the campaign. we're less than a week away from wisconsin which has the potential to change the shape of the race, potentially the trajectory for cruz and trump. big win here for cruz could significantly slow down trump's quest to get to 1237 before the convention. cruz today held what he called a celebration of women and unveiled the cruz for women initiative which included his wife, his mother, his former rival former ceo hewlett packard ceo carly fiê1ñ now an ally. he went out of his way the need to respect women and the fate of women in american politics. specifically aimed at donald trump. trump today got all tied up in the politics of abortion. he was asked whether or not if abortion was@l banned women should be punished for having an abortion and he said yes, in fact, they should. he was asked if men should be punished and he said no, they should not. nowhere in the conversation did he talk about the idea that if abortion were made illegal it would be abortion
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providers facing legal problems if abortion were to continue. it would be outlawed, obviously. with all that playing out john kasich today was in new york. and he has almost kissed off wisconsin, recognizing he is not competitive in the polls. is he eastern states. he was at howard beach. he thinks he can do much better in eastern states pick up a few delegates and win those. today he was spotted eating pizza with a fork, greta. >> yikes. that's not good in wisconsin. we don't do it that way. anyway, carl, always the sideways between two u.s. senators. senator fine gold and ron johnson the incumbent. do you have any thoughts how the presidential election bears on that? >> well, sure. senators andú house members in both parties are very concerned about what the ballot looks like come fall, particularly on the republican side. there are a number who have expressed concern if trump were to be the nominee at the top of the ticket, his opinions, his policies, his
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rhetoric would redowned against them. it's not at all out of the question that with republicans with far more seats up for grabs in the senate, they are at much greater risk of losing seats. and trump wouldn't help them. that's a major concern there has even been talk on the house side that the house could be in play. which is probably a lot less likely. but, so ron johnson, obviously they are very, very concerned about it and democrats on the other hand, think that hillary clinton compares to a donald trump candidacy would give them an advantage to build their numbers in the capitol. >> carl, thank you. the fierce battle for the badger state is on fire as carl reported. brand new poll of wisconsin republican voters shows senator cruz leapfrogging donald trump leading the pack with a whopping 40%. donald trump is behind with 30% and john kasich 19 point behind donald trump with 21%. real clear politics, caitlin
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huey bernsen. jason, how important is this particular primary? >> it's huge. it's huge. this could be the difference between a contested convention and an uncontested convention. trump could really advance significantly here. it's a state that should play to his strengths. a high!d percentage of blue collar workers. low percentage of evangelical voters. but cruz has been -- has been surging. it's interesting that i think donald trump thinks democratic voters may save him. is he criticizing the governor, scott walker for not raising taxes. and lowering spending. this is someone running for the republican nomination, lodging these criticisms. i think trump is hoping the democrats will save him in wisconsin. >> well, the democrats sure don't like governor scott walker in that state. so maybe that's why he is doing that particular strategy. caitlin, what do you think? >> i think this is an interesting race because it's really the first time that we have a three person race. early voting really played a factor in arizona, for example. marco rubio was still on the ballot, actually beat john kasich in arizona.
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wisconsin, i think what's interesting about this poll is that we have seen donald trump's numbers stay flat while cruz has certainly surged. and kasich has1 gained mow men tirges too. a bolsters that argument fewer candidates in the race, that would, you know, donald trump wouldn't be doing as well as he is doing. there is also going to be a two-week lull between wisconsin race and the next contest. so beings getting momentum will be key in changing the trajectory of this race. >> all the attention is on the presidential. i asked carl about the wherein senatorial. back to take him on again. is he a very popular figure in wisconsin fine gold. what difference it makes whether wisconsin goes for trump, kasich, or cruz for the two senators in terms of how much enthusiasmvg for either one. >> well, i think that. >> and i should say that the senate could go -- the
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senate could go democrat if a democrat is elected. >> right. johnson is one of several senators from blue states that obama won twice that republicans are very concerned about pat toomey in pennsylvania is another one. rob portman in ohio is another one. and it's not only in terms of the numbers, but we're talking about some very bright, some very capable senators. some of the most capable senators on the republican side of the aisle could go down here. and their concern is if trump is at the top of the ticket it, will increase enthusiasm for democratic voters to come out to ther polls. and it is a legitimate concern. they are also concerned over the supreme court nominee garland could play as well. >> you saw the poll numbers but what are the wisconsin voters saying about the candidates. "on the record" griff jenkins is on the ground getting the pulse of the voters there.
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griff? >> we are at the world famous clios where trump held a rally. we began the dayás3f two hours south of here in kenosha. it is sanders rally. in that same poll you are mentioning, sanders leads. if you consider six months ago he trailed clinton by 53 points. perhaps, part of that revolution senator sanders spoke about. take a look. >> feeling the berne right now. >> why bernie? >> college, man. we are spending money on wars andiy oil subsidies. we have got to educate. knowledge is power, people. >> who are you supporting people for president? >> bernie sanders. i like his vision for the country. i think we are a wall street driven economy that is failing. >> who are you supporting and why? >> i'm voting for bernie sanders. he never voted for a free trade agreement. nafta has ruined this country. >> why are you supporting donald trump? >> because is he going to make america great again. yeah!-l
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>> the more he a tacked, the more people protest over there, does it make you support him even more? >> you betcha. >> why what about you? why trump? >> because, well, like my shirt says. [ laughter ] i think we just -- something big, something major needs to change. >> i just think he is an honest man. i think he means what he says. i think that's a believable thing. >> does trump appeal to the people of appleton? >> oh, i think so, yeah. >> why? >> my brother is from appleton, he lives in california now. he has been a democrat allm%his. is he voting for trump. is he changing his party affiliation so he can vote in the primary in california. >> i worked in wall street my whole life. i -- i know economy. i believe he is the difference. >> and that's the pulse of the voters here in
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wisconsin. we're going to continue to keep taking it live from clio's the world famous bar where they keep the christmas lights on all year long, greta. >> inel deed they do that's what makes them so famous. thank you, griff. remember the loyalty pledge that each g.o.p. candidate signed in september in the rnc asked each to sign a document and support the party's eventual nominee. now, each candidate may be tearing up that pledge. >> i'm no the in the habit of supporting somebody who attacks my wife. >> i'm not asking for support. i want the people's support. >> in the nominee is somebody that i think has really hurtl dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. >> donald is not going to be the g.o.p. nominee. we're going to beat him. >> he doesn't have to support me. i have tremendous support right now from people. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee. >> no, i don't anymore. >> you don't? >> i some of the things that i
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have seen and i have to think about what my word and endorsement would mean. i sure hope they will endorse me for president when i'm the nominee coming out of the convention in cleveland. how's that? >> the "on the record" political panel is back and caitlin, first, to you. the pledge. i mean, that was so important last fall. now everyone is sort of doing the two step. >> right. regrets having that huge event where donald trump signed the pledge here in new york. it has actually turned out to back fire now with the party used to be concerned about donald trump leaving and forming his own, you know, third party or independent bid and now you are seeing now that he is the frontrunner and could clinch the nomination, or get the necessary delegates, his rivals are very reluctant to support him. we have even hjaj$srát romney recently say if donald trump were the nominee, he would write in a candidate that kind of speaks to where the party is right now and raises questions about whether they can unite at the convention in july. >> it also raises a question
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if you can't keep that promise, that seems like the easiest promise in the world to keep. >> i think the republican leadership would have would rather they have not said anything. once one said the others felt obligated. this keeps third party talk alive andq: well. and if you are the rnc, you are very, very worried about that prospect. >> what do you do? >> i don't think. >> what is the rnc to do? >> that's been the problem for the rnc since the start of this race. they are not in control anymore. and that's the problem. they are watching a crackup of the party. and they don't know what to do. i think what they can do is resolve themselves to the fact that the party is not going to be the same after 2016. and they may as well start to deal with what they are going to do in terms of picking up the pieces and putting things back together. >> let's bring the viewers in on this one. it's your turn at home to vote on this. on twitter, do you care if presidential candidates bail on the g.o.p. pledge?
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tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. you know, it's sort of amazing though that something like the pledge has ended up to be almost the -- i mean, the lightning rod. >> and it's not worth anything either, right? it's just -- it's not a binding contract. >> an earth to corral them to keep them inside the tent. >> it turns out not to be at this point. and you have several candidates or these candidates, you know, talking about how they couldn't support someone like donald trump, then even a couple weeks ago ted cruz had said he would support the eventual nominee.-f in intervening weeks donald trump had gone after his wife and all of that. he said he couldn't support them. >> getting back to that romney apparently sought trump's endorsement four years ago. and now he doesn't -- now he is running from trump. >> that's because. >> ingrate disloyal. >> no.
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is he rewriting what is politically acceptable behavior. and so we're in a new era here. and for better or worse, we are in a new era. what you see are more establishment trying to protect their party. they see donald trump as someone who has infiltrated their party. >> and donald trump would say he is trying to break up their game and they don't like him. >> that's what he would say. >> all right, caitlin, jason, thank you both. we are less than a week out from theos wisconsin primary and governor john kasich just scooped up a major endorsement from the state's largest newspaper, the milwaukee journal sentinel editorial page editor goes "on the record." good evening, sir, why did your paper endorse john kasich? he is not likely to win your state and if you listen to sort of the conventional wisdom is he not likely to become the nominee of the party. >> hi, greta. thanks for having me on. is he not likely to win wisconsin. but we thought that john kasich was, one, a conservative. is he progun, pro-life, fiscally conservative, against obamacare, if that's
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not conservative, i don't know what is. but he is also independent-minded. is he willing to work with the other side when he needs to. and we like that about him. >> boy do you think governor scott walker -- i was actually sort of surprised governor to governor that he would have endorsed fellow governor john kasich. he endorsed instead senator ted cruz. why do you think that happened? >> well, i think it's a couple of things. one is i think that there is this understanding among some conservatives that cruz has the best chance of beating kasich. we personally don't buy that woe think that kasich is the second choice of many trump vox5j quiteurem one who is vote. the talk radio culture here in the state also has been very much behind cruz. and so i think walker was influenced partially by that >> and right now this poll out of marquette university has ted cruz from donald trump. do you think that's what we're likely to see next tuesday? >> well, it's hard to say. trump is not a good finisher
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as we know. trump late deciding voters tend not to vote for him. kasich, on the other hand, might do a bit better in the coming days. so, we'll have to wait and see. kasich is pretty far behind. again, not likely to overtake cruz at this point. >> how interested are you and i imagine you are pretty interested and i am in particular the former senator russ feingold race against ron johnson which could tip democrat or republican. what's the status on that race? >> right. very much so. it's a very close race. it's within throw percentage points now. feingold has led from the beginning it's tightened up a lot in the last poll. as one of your guests earlier pointed out, whoever is at the top of the ticket will have a fall. if it's donald trump, that could mean one thing. and i suspect not a good thing for senator johnson. if it's either ted cruz or john kasich, it could mean quite another thing. >> you know, i seen to see a conflict. when they answer the phones they all say ted cruz in
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this marquette when i listen to everybody the enthusiasm factor seems to be behind donald trump. one thing to answer the phone and say yeah that's who i'm going to vote for. it's the other to have that robust feeling, drive to go vote. do you sense that cruz has that enthusiasm factor that donald trump does or not? >> well, i think there is a couple of different things. i was at a trump valley yesterday in janesville home of house speaker paul ryan. massive crowd. several thousand inside, several thousand outside. i didn't get there in time so i didn't get in. there is a lot of on-the-ground enthusiasm on the ground in this state for trump as there is everywhere. cruz i'm told from the rock county chair woman there has a great ground game. like in iowa where did he quite well where he had a good ground game he could do quite well here as well. i thinkqa it's two different games and we don't know how many trump supporters are actually republicans do we. >> no we don't. one guy says his brother is a democrat in california is
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changing his party he grew up in wisconsin. it will be a big surprise. >> i heard that. >> david, thank you. >> you bet. >> frightening new clues about how the brussels terrorists may have been targeting. plus ambassador john bolton is here. secretary hillary clinton is taking aim at donald trump. the trump campaign, you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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belgian prime minister may have been targeted by the wherein terrorists. scouring a laptop bumped by one ever the bowlers, building plans of prime minister's office a:ñ and
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home. as the search continues for this suspect. the belgian health hundredster because of identification error the death toll has been lowered from 35 to 32. meanwhile, security cabinet meeting today about tighter security in that terrorist hot to the spot. former ambassador to the united nations john woltd ton goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> ambassador, a lot of attention, obviously, is on belgium. what should our president be doing, ifca anything to sort of assist belgium or to help in any way deal with this issue? >> well, obviously, we should be providing whatever intelligence we can and assisting them in the investigation. i think the tragedy in brussels should really underline to us and certainly underline to the europeans that trying to play defense against this is inevitably going to lead to more of these attacks. as long as the radicalized have a privileged sanctuary where weather it's in isis controlled territory or in
11:23 pm
chaos across north africa, we are going to be vulnerable. it's going to be in europe and the united states, too. i think we have to go, really, on the offense and we should have the europeans with us. >> you mentioned playing defense. the frustration in president erdogan of turkey, he said they notified belgium of one of the terrorists and apparently nothing happened. he referred to belgium he used the word incompetent there is a lot of frustration seemed to beb$ focused zeroing in right on belgium and brussels seems to be the fertile breeding ground for a lot of these. we saw that in paris. >> yeah. i think it's endemic throughout the european union. their decisions, principally chancellor merkel's of germany last year to let hundreds of thousands indeed millions of new refugees is just bringing more terrorists into europe. i have to say thatysm ctc&t33gztedí"-v el
11:24 pm
those refugees out. so if we had -- actually if we had headed off at the path at that point we wouldn't have had the refugees on the turkish border going to greece and going into western europe. >> sure, i think if you reel this back farther enough, you can see that the withdrawal of american influence and interest, the utter vacuum where syria policy should have been a broader policy dealing with the threat of terrorism, financed by iran and others,
11:25 pm
we think we are immune from. this. >> especially since 28 nations you don't need visas to come to the united states from gliewrp exactly. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. secretary hillary clinton is doing double duty. she is busy aiming at two targets. senator bernie sanders and donald tru i don't know why my son would ruin himself with alcohol.
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is someone's drinking breaking your heart? you might be surprised at what you can learn in an al-anon family group, from people just like you. call 1-888-4al-anon, or go to
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2016 race taking on a new york state of mind. senator bernie sanders and secretary hillary clinton now have a new battle, the empire state. senator sanders grew up in brooklyn and secretary clinton was senator for 8 years. ed joins us. >> hillary clinton probably thought she would never have this kind of a fight. she represented new york in the senate. this would be a state that she would have wrapped up. there are two things going on. number one wisconsin, bernie sanders has a lead there. she is still contesting it but he has done well in the midwest. hey gone after her votes on trade. is he continuing that now in wisconsin. she might be looking past that a little bit and saying look, new york is not until april 19th. she is already on the airways, spending money in a new york market she should
11:30 pm
spend pretty well. she represented the senate. she also today was in harlem. can you see her with charlie rangel. she went to the apollo theater. she sex plotting her advantage with african-american voters that could be important here in new york city. that's what enabled her to run the table in the deep south. and bernie sanders has not had an answer to that without the african-american vote, sanders probably leading this race right now it's a key part of the democratic battle. clinton has figured out the african-american votes. in that ad a moment ago, she doesn't go after bernie sanders here in new york market. going after donald trump well known in the tabloids and all of that it's been a very divisive democratic battle. when she attacks bernie sanders it blows up with conservatives. she wants to bring them into the tent if she gets the nomination. donald trump right now, he brings sanders and clinton together. is he enough of a lightning rod. is he about the only thing that unites clinton and sanders right now go. after him instead of sanders. >> a letter circulating around. what's the letter. >> clinton supporters
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circulating the letter. when bernie sanders was the mayor of burlington 1988 and somebody asked him if he would go it the democratic convention. he said no i am not going to the convention. i am not a democrat and have no intention of being one. the latest statewide poll had me one point behind the republican. i would love to talk to you. he basically says i'm not a democrat. never intend to be one. >> so why did the -- i bet the chairman debby wasserman schultz probably rouxes the day that she allowed him into the debates and allowed him to be a democrat. >> i spoke to senator sanders today. he skipped most democratic conventions. i think he only attended the 1984 one because is he friends with jesse jackson. in 2008 barack obama convention. he has been a democratic socialist. he has been an independent. the point is why did clinton allies are sir cow late this is that he needs a democratic establishment now. is he part of the democratic apparatus by running as a candidate. at the convention he wants these super delegates.
11:32 pm
he wants to be invested. if you are out there for many years i'm not a democrat. >> 8 months too late on this one. >> debbie wasserman schultz never should have allowed him in the debates. they allowed him to run as a democrat even though is he not really aá&y3ñ democrat. >> secretary hillary clinton putting bernie sanders on the back burner for the moment and looking ahead to the first. ad first mentioned. secretary clinton does hit hard at donald trump. >> when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion, and turning against each other, well, this is new york. and we know better. >> senior advisor to the donald trump campaign sarah huckabee sanders goes "on the record." good evening. >> hi, greta, how are you doing tonight? >> very well. so secretary clinton has not locked up the democratic nomination yet. maybe she won't be. i don't know. anyway, she is aiming at
11:33 pm
your candidate donald trump in thiso say?do you i think it's because she is scared. the biggest challenge she is going to face in the general election would come from donald trump. she is setting her sights on him early and making him a clear target and trying to chip away at the popularity that he has been building over the last year at these campaigns around the country. and i think frankly it's a good sign for donald trump because it means that hillary clinton is very afraid to face him in the general election. what i would love to see is republicans do the same thing stop fighting amongst each other and start setting our sights8 target and that's hillary clinton. and start chipping away at her. >> do you reasonably think that the republicans are going to stop fighting among themselves? >> i don't think so. i said i would like to see it but i don't think that's going to happen any time soon i do think what is happening is you are starting to see a major movement to coalesce around donald trump among american voters maybe not washington and wall street elite.
11:34 pm
but you are seeing across the country he is winning in a wide range of diverse states and far and away has millions more votes than any other candidate left in the race i think he is going to be the nominee in the general election to face hillary clinton. >> what do you make of the poll out of wisconsin today the marquette university poll? has donald trump 10 points behind ted cruz. >> you know, i think we are still going to do extremely well in wisconsin. >> you got to win this one. >> i don't think we do. i think we can do well. we don't have to win the state to win delegates there. we can still pick up delegates by winning in congressional districts. after wisconsin the map moves the rest of april to be extremely favorable. have you handful of delegates in wisconsin. about a little over 40 delegates in wisconsin. and then after that, close to 260 delegates in the rest of april that are all in states that are favorable to donald trump. i think he does nothing but expands his lead, moving
11:35 pm
forward, and gets closer to that magic 1237, which i personally think he will hit when the convention takes place. >> want to make a prediction when he hits that one? >> i'm not going to say the exact date but i definitely this it will be before the convention takes place this summer. >> it certainly will be interesting what goes on in the next few months and especially next week in wisconsin. sarah, thank you. >> you bet, thank you, greta. >> and wisconsin is the next frontier inx9q016 race. we take you there live next. plus former missíx u.s.a., tears up at a trump rally. why? that's straight ahead.
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get ready to speed read the news. the egypt air pilot whose plane was hijacked saying the hijacker gave a choice of where to land. the suspect who claimed to have a suicide explosive belt told the crew to land in cyprus, turkey, or greece. he chose cyprus because it was closest. the suspect telling investigators he was desperate to see his
11:40 pm
ex-wife. and former toronto mayor rob ford laid to rest today. he served as city council lore and mayor died of cancer at age of 46. he made to national headlines when he admit to smoking crack cocaine while in office. ford leaves behind a wife and two young children. and a very small legal victory for disgraced comedian bill cosby. a los angeles judge delaying cosby's deposition in a civil lawsuit. the judge saying that deposition could interfere with ongoing criminal investigation in pennsylvania. in a legal blow to cosby, a judge ruling yesterday that former supermodel yanice dickinson can continue with her defamation case against cosby. and a massive sinkhole threatening to follow a florida trailer park. a dozen residents evacuated from their homes as a 60-foot wide hole opened up. no injuries have been reported and emergency crews are on the scene to try to fill in the hole and that's tonight's speed read. and back to the campaign trail in my home state of
11:41 pm
wisconsin. on tuesday voters will hit the polls and hand out 42 delegates to republicans and 86 delegates to democrats. wisconsin state junior report is in madison. matt, nice to talk to you. >> greta, thanks for having me on. >> what matt, big news is marquette university poll. i'm curious when you look at the trumpxj supporters they are so enthusiastic and who is going to go to the polls, the one who answers the phone, maybe they will or enthusiastic trump voters? >> well, it will be interesting to see what happens on tuesday. but cruz, ted cruz definitely has the momentum here in wisconsin. and this is a number of reasons for that he has got the support of the movement conservatives, especially in the southeast part of the state. there is a lot of big -- there is some statewide races in milwaukee county and that area that are going to draw a lot of interest. trump is doing better in the more rural parts. northwest part of the state. western parts of the state. but the momentum is on ted
11:42 pm
cruz's side. >> what about secretary clinton and senator bernie sanders? who has got the momentum there? >> well, bernie sanders definitely has the momentum. he has been rallying thousands of people in madison up in the fox valleys where you are from. and he he will definitely -- it is looking like he will crews to the victory as well on tuesday. we will see what happens. both cruz and sanders and trump, we are seeing similarities in the appeal in the state of what people are interested in. they are looking for candidates who are going to be change agents in washington. i think that's a pretty consistent theme among all they of those candidates. we are seeing people in wisconsin who have been, you know, affected by the economy. slowly coming back. but i think that's been an issue in wisconsin. and those are the issues that voters are looking at. >> any likelihood there will be a crossover? used to be you couldé÷
11:43 pm
crossover. if you are a democrat vote for a republican in primary and do political mischief? >> it is an open primary but races are still hot on both sides. it's hard to predict. charles franklin the poll director talked about how that's a hard variable to figure out. you have got hot races on both sides. in this state. so, you would think that democrats and republicans are going to stick to their sides to, you know, make sure that their candidate wins. >> how about the nice factor? do you have to be a nice candidate there? if you are a rough and tumble one, does that play against you? >> well, again, as you know, that american civility definitely is going to come in handy. it's probably hurt donald trump in wisconsin. i know i was talking to one of his supporters from the northern part of the state last week. and she was saying that she support the governor scott walker when he was running back last summer. but after he got out, she was donald trump all the way. but within the last couple of weeks she has been having
11:44 pm
second thoughts. there are others though who he ho are still very supportive of trump. i think cruz is picking up a lot of that anti-trump force and those people who are doubting his -- trump's credentials as commander and chief. >> i think it's safe to say, matt, it's not going to be dull come tuesday. >>. no it's going to be a lot of fun. we are really excited. >> i bet you are. anyway, matt, thank you. and a woman with an incurable disease leaves the hospital to thank donald trump for his kindness that woman is here next. and don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10 chock p.m. former presidential candidate dr. ben carson
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[bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it.
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well, i don't need to tell you politics is a nasty game but sometimes we get a heart warming moment on the campaign trail. in february, governor kasich hugged a grieving student in
11:49 pm
south carolina. >> i found hope i found in the lord and i found in my friend and now i have found it in my presidential candidate that i support and i would really appreciate one of those hugs you have been talking about. [ applause ] >> and then last night, donald trump had an emotional moment with a tearful supporter. former miss wisconsin u.s.a. melissa young suffering from incurable disease thanked donald trump for his kindness over the years. >> in the hospital, i received from you a handwritten letter that said to the bravest woman i know. and. >> i remember that i remember that such a wonderful, beautiful woman. just an amazing woman. and are you doing -- are you coming along okay? >> no, sir. but that's okay because i'm here right now to thank you
11:50 pm
in person. and that was my biggest dream. >> melissa young joins me from her hospital. nice to talk to you, melissa. >> so nice to talk to you, greta. such a pleasure being fellow wisconsinite. >> i'm very flattered indeed. very proud,6kpú of being from wisconsin. melissa, what did donald trump do forjy you? what led up to this? >> i met donald trump back in 2005 when i was representing the state of wisconsin in miss u.s.a. pageant live in baltimore, maryland. that night i won miss con congenialality which was such an honorable to be voted that pa ward by fellow pageant sisters who i loved so dearly. in that moment when the lights went out and it wasn't live on television anymore, donald trump made his way to the stage with his beautiful life melania, and they walked past the new
11:51 pm
winner my dear friend and up to me and extended his hand and said nice to meet you, miss personality. in that moment i realize that it wasn't for him just about the beauty. that it meant something to him to come to me and shake my hand for the way -- i guess my spirits were during the competition and that that in my heart, something just -- >> and did you then write him a note? is that it? >> >> you know later did i. actually he reached out to me first. later on, years later, i was -- because of a doctor's medical negligence i was stricken with an illness that -- there is no cure for me. and mr. trump heard about this years later. i gave birth to my son in
11:52 pm
2008. i received this in 2014. i was in the hospital really really struggling and fighting hard. and at 8:00 a.m., hand delivered was a message from mr. trump, from new york, and i opened it. it was this beautiful, handwritten letter that said from the office of donald j. trump. and it said to the bravest woman i know. and he had wrote a special note in there for me to keep fighting. and, you know, he is obviously a very busy man. and for him to think of me that many years later in my struggle it touched me in such a way. actually it, gave me fuel to keep fighting, to say that this is -- that somebody out there cared. somebody that is so important that i looked up to as a little girl growing up homelesse poverty, he was -- he is the
11:53 pm
american dream. i mean, i looked up to him since i was a little girl. so to receive that was such an honor. >> well, i certainly appreciate you joining us tonight, melissa. and, you know, i hope that, you can do incredible things and i wish you the best of luck and best of american medicine, melissa. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much, greta. good night. >> and a brand new greta test test. test test miss it. did analysts in the media follow donald trump just shoot themselves in the foot? i
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
let's all go off-the-record. this has gotten way out of hand. a media scrum around a presidential candidate donald trump with pushing and shoving ended with an allegation of a crime. that's a crime. now, whatever happened in the scrum and i don't think statement is convincing, this incident never should have ended up as a crime. it should have ended with an apology. i'm talking about grab gate or pinch gate. whatever you want to call it reporter michelle fields and the scrum around donald trump trying to get a sound bite from him was grabbed, pinched resulting in bruising. she said cory lewandowski did it intentionally. yes grabbing someone accidently or intentionally is not so nice. is this one a crime? plus don't forget court docket are already so overcrowded and now it has been blown up each more. 16 women in the media, some reporters, some analysts, signing a letter calling on trump to fire lewandowski. two things, one, lewandowski hasn't even had a trial and they're calling for his head. yes, they have tried and convicted him. and, second, each of these women has now shot herself in the foot. how can any one of them
11:59 pm
continue to cover the presidential race by not waiting for the d.a.'s decision to try the case or not, or wait for a jury verdict but, instead coming out swinging, taking sides in such a public way? it may be a hard sell for each of these women now covering this election to say she's fair. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and it's time for campaign flash. senator ted cruz rolling out women for cruz. rolling hit his wife heidi and mother in wisconsin. trump held a rally in downtown appleton. secretary clinton in harlem, new york. secretary clinton holding organizing event at the and senator bernie sanders wrapping up a town hall at the orpheum theater. live twitter results on your screen right now do you care if candidates bail on thenatñ g.o.p. pledge no 65%, yes
12:00 am
35%. good night from new york city. see you in washington tomorrow night go. to my facebook page and like it. there is a lot going on there. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stoiters we will be discussing this evening. >> coming up on the big show, all three republicans go back on their pledge for the eventule nominee. regardless of who gets the nomination, they have already lied to you. plus the broadway smash hit hamilton puts up a casting notice looking for nonwhite performers. let's see if the per son gnaw pho -- personificat oi n holds up. and a reporter falls asleep on air. i can only assume he was


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