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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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don't forget to vote on the twitter every night. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget, sean hannity has an exclusive with donald trump tonight at 10 p.m.q( eastern. stay with fox all night for a night of big 2016 coverage. good night from washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor election 2016. let's get straight to the top story. donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski charged with battery in florida. lewandowski is÷x.qç charged with grabbing former breitbart reporter michelle fields in a rough way following a press conference in jupiter, florida on march 8th. police released in previously unseen surveillance video in which lewandowskiu>gdñ makes contact with fields. trump is giving full support for a lewandowski.
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>> cory is a fine person. people are looking and saying how can anybody be charged? she is actually, if you look at her, according to a lot of people she is grabbing at me and he is acting as intermediary. >> trump also tweeted why aren't people looking at this&vs reporter's earlier statement as to what happened that is before she found out the episode was on tape? michelle fieldscelg÷ respond to do trump on twitter writing, quote: because mylj story never changed. seriously, just stop lying. cory lewandowski was booked to be on this show exclusively tonight but has subsequently cancelled. joining from dallas katrina pier son and from houston cruz director. >> very busy day, police in florida said they were going to go ahead and charge him. originally they saidii)qv were arresting lewandowski. he didn't get arrested. tell us what the latest is from the camp. >> mr. lewandowski did go and turn himself in because there was a notice to appear
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in court. there was not an arrest. is he going to plead guilty. the allegation is that cory lewandowski aggressively grabbed a reporter nearly throwing her to the ground knows are her words and original statements. she even wrote a blog about it. can you see that is not what hjláy >> he is going to plead guilty? >> i'm sorry, plead not guilty. cory lewandowski is innocent. donald trump stands by lewandowski as does the rest of the campaign. >> what do they see when they look at this going on in the trump campaign? >> well, a picture paints a thousand words, eric. that picture says it all. look, this is a the consequence of a trump culture and culture of a campaign based on insults, verbal, physical attacks and complete disrespect for people. when you have a candidate that goes out to events and encourages people at his events to punch others in the face and attacks and harasses another candidate's
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spouse and insults your colleague megyn kelly and carly fiorina, this is a campaign that leadership starts at the top. when you have a leader who disrespect, it trickles down. this is a consequences of it and, look, people have a choice. you can side can w. a campaign that is basted on insults and attacks or someone like ted cruz who is bringing the republican party together. and we don't want to talk about this. we want to put this behind us. trump campaign does as well. because, what we are seeing, ted cruz is unifying republicans. had the governor of wisconsin come out today. >> hold on, let me stay on this. go ahead, katrina, can you respond to this alice saying that this starts from the top basically pointing the finger at donald trump for what happened to michelle fields. >> well, that's just not the case. the culture of this campaign as mr. trump mentioned from the very beginning is not politically correct and sometimes telling the truth inherently is belligerent. these are facts.
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mr. trump has been defending himself and members of his campaign for a very long time. he has never once gone on offense. he has always beens on defense. and as he always mentions, he is a counter puncher. there is no culture of anything. if there is a culture of anything in a campaign, it's dirty tricks. that has been the cruz campaign from the beginning. it's undeniable. but to the further point with this specific allegation against cory lewandowski. this is another example of how everyone tries to take advantage of attacking mr. trump. this is a #never trump idea. the incident occurred and it was wasn't until days later when this reporter went to the police after the narrative was shaped on twitter. nothing happened at this event that hasn't happened when you are in the middle of press sacrum. more importantly cross ago secret service threshold to reach out and put your hands on a candidate and can you see donald trump withdraw, when she grabbed his arm,
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what do you expect to happen? so, of course reporters are always moved around in these types of scrum. >> is it possible that this incident is being somewhat politicized? >> absolutely not. like i said, the picture paints a thousand words. what we are seeing with our own two eyes and for donald trump and the campaign to say that this didn't happen, i heard another trump person earlier today say this is the new normal. well, i certainly hope not. i think the people of this country deserve much better. reporters deserve much better and the political process deserves much better. look, it is absolutely plane and simple what happened here. >> well, what did happen, alice. i'm watching. >> played out in a court of law. >> this reporter was not thrown to the ground. >> here's the question. m7dtpá they have to pass is i believe, there has to be some sort of intent on one hand or some malice by cory lewandowski. do you think that was there, alice? >> well, that's what will be
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decided in a court of law. and, look, the picture says a lot. and i encourage everyone to take a look at this. i take michelle's words for what she says. and as well as the local law enforcement officers that brought these charges forth. look, this is a situation that trump has to deal with. this is another case of actions have consequences. and the actions throughout the culture of this campaign have been those of and physical abuse, and let them deal with that look, what we are doing today, we started out today with phenomenal news of the endorsement of wisconsin governor scott walker. he stands behind ted cruz. >> allegations -- allegations. >> let's stay on, this guys. stay on this, the topic is this corrie corey lewandowski showing up at police headquarters in florida. listen to ted cruz john kasich responding to what happened today. >> this is a sad development
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and consequence of the culture of the trump campaign. the abusive culture when you have a campaign that is built on personal insults, an attacks, and now physical violence. >> can i only talk about what i would do. we probably would suspend somebody. you know, it would depend on what it is and what the evidence7d was. when we see things that we think are inappropriate, we take action. >> now, katrina, the donald trump campaign, donald trump himself has tweeted as we showed earlier in the segment, his support for cory lewandowski. >> sure. well, i mean in these two candidates, kasich and cruz both are also two candidates that took the side of domestic terrorist bill ace and black lives matter at a trump rally. what they're talking about is more politicization. so alice's point i will say, this allegations also have consequences. this is a man that has four small children being accused of battering a woman.
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i am very confident that mr. lewandowski is going to beat these charges. the only thing this is going to do is change the way the press is handled at these events. because, again, this was in scrum. i personally have been knocked around by cameras for reporters trying to get in front of my boss' face even slashed with a camera. you don't go and sue the network. that's insane. >> alice, do you hold the secret service accountable for this? if they were able to keep the reporters away, lewandowski wouldn't have lewandowski wouldn't have been there to don campaign in these secret service bubble, and they do tremendous work. believe me, if there was a threat to a candidate, the secret service would be the first ones to jump in and take action. they were right there, right by donald trump when this happened. and for corrie to step in and do, this clearly the local law enforcement authority, after reviewing the case and talking to people felt there was a concern. look, and as we continue to say, this is not the first
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time there has been violent activity at a campaign event and this is all part of the trump culture ands that is why he isckñ-ñ having difficult. >> taking the side of bill ayers and, move that's your choice, america. >> president obama slams the state of the republican presidential race and blames the media for the rise of donald trump. that debate coming up. dinary ofs on the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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in the impact segment tonight, president obama and the 2016 campaign. the president echoing some controversial remarks made by secretary of state john kerry over the weekend 'how people overseas about viewing the election right here in america. >> the number one question i'm getting as i travel around the world or talk to world leaders right now is what is happening in america? about our politics. it is about they understand
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america is the place where you can't afford completely crazy politics. >> joining us now from washington with reaction republican strategist lisa booth and here in studio democratic strategist harlen. let's start with you harlen, it's the media's fault. blame everything on the media by the way what's wrong with american politics? >> so, let's be honest, this is a problem that's existed it's getting progressively worse. >> which is? >> that the media is trying to perpetuate this animosity between both parties. we saw it in the mid 2,000s with the iraq war. democrats were the mirror image of republicans right now. upset with the current president. calling for revolution. this is very little difference. this isn't anything new. being amplified by social media. >> lisa, that's politics, right? it's been going on for ages. going on for 230, 40ro years, i think. >> eric, what we're seeing shear a classic example of righteous indignation.
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look at president obama's concern of america's world leader's viewpoint of america. the mirror and do self-reflection. even just looking at his actions in the wake of the attack of belgium. brussels experienced the second worst attack they have seen since world war ii and president obama proceed to do do the wave with a communist dictator at a baseball game and danced the tango in argentina. what message does that send other world leaders? not only does it represent a naive viewpoint on the war on terror and the threat we face but also shows a complete and utter lack of empathy. >> let me bring harlan. in and, by the way, when you blame the media, are you suggesting we shouldn't show those pictures of president obama doing the wave? >> well, lisa, you are talking about optics. what's clear is that republicans were out to undermine president obama from day one. since the day he waùhz inaugurated. they were convening in washington. >> piling on. >> i look there is plenty of blame to go around here. but let's not say that these
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optics define the president. sure, maybe he should have, you know, left the baseball game. but we are really talking about here is what the american people are concerned about, which are jobs, the economy, you know, paying. >> hey, harlan, do you know what they're also concerned about? they are concerned about terror. remember when there was a beheading, isis b-wa =jejt an american and president obama left his vacation, came to the podium, talked about7ñ the beheading, six minutes later he was back on the golf course. who is to blame? you can't blame republicans for his decisions. >> this president has kept us safe. it's a fact there have been small incidents but when you compare what's happening in western europe to the streets of new york, e are relatively safe. you can't say that for president george w. bush. >> the problem here is also what kind of message are we sending our allies when you essentially hand over $100 billion if funding to iran who is sayingir death to america. death to israel. what kind of message are we
5:16 pm
seconding our allies like israel and what i find completely laughable is president obama has also talked about the divisiveness in american politics. guess what has happened under his administration? if you look at polling, america and republicans and democrats are more divided than they have ever been in the past two decades alone. you look at how divided we are economically, racially, trusting government is at an all time low. the majority of americans believe we are head not guilty wrong direction. >> president obama ran on many things, income inequality, racial justice, racial fairness and whatnot. and look at the things -- look what's occurred. income inequality has wydened under president obama. the race debate in america is worse than when he took over. >> i'm the first one to concede i á] this make me unpopular in certain democratic circles. this president has been somewhat of a disappointment in many areas. but put this aside, this derision in american politics right now is nothing new. to blame barack obama as
5:17 pm
the, you know, the creator of this environment is crazy to me. republicans deserve just as much blame. >> didn't you open the÷ segment saying this is new because of what is going on with the media the media has perpetrated a lot of the right/left animosity. >> ample phiing it. >> you said this is something new. go ahead, lisa, and, eric, it's president obama who is trying to blame republicans. this is what is just so hypocritical. it's president obama trying to blame republicans for)pv the divisiveness in american politics. if you look at polling, we are suffering the most divisive politically among republican/democrats in the past two decades under president obama. you look at what's going on racially, economically, this has happened under president obama's watch. >> final thoughts, harlan. >> lisa, republicans won't even consider president obama's nominee to the supreme court. don't lecture me on derision. >> based off of the precedent that joe biden has said. >> need to leave it right
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there lisa and harlan. thank you very much. up next on the this o'reilly 2016 special, the nation's homeland security chief lashes out at donald trump and ted cruz for the rhetoric about muslims. let's take a look at that just moments away. i take pictures of sunrises.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, campaign rhetoric in the threat of islamic terrorism. jeh johnson the homeland security secretary delivering a harsh rebuke to donald trump and ted cruz today about their recent comment on muslims. >> do you think ted cruz's comments were destructive to your efforts? >> i believe that inflammatory comments about. >> like ted cruz? >> or donald trump. >> patrolling muslim neighborhoods or barring muslims from entering this country, having an immigration policy ways
5:22 pm
based on religion is counter productive toa our homeland security and national security interests. >> joining us now with reaction from jacksonville, florida, nancy sortieburg deputy national security advisor for president clinton and here in studio ryan morrow national security analyst. nancy, start with you. you know, the american public generally agrees with ted cruz and donald trump on theseuj issues. auto% way higher than the people who disagree saying a temporary ban on muslim travel to the united states is a good idea and there are 49% saying that the muslim neighborhoods should be patrolled and protected. >> well, none of those will keep us safer. and they will feed the narrative that were anti-muslim that helps isis recruit. what we do need to do is mike sure we are very safely surveying those that would do us harm. not the muslim neighborhoods but young people going back there is a good job at that. there is a reason we haven't had terrorist groups here. we need to do a better job ofgi(vthat in europe and it
5:23 pm
baffles the mind that they weren't doing this after the paris attacks. i think they are doing it now. lastly, we need to get at the safe haven in iraq and syria where isis is sitting, patrolling muslim communities is just a waste of resources, frankly. >> nancy says we haven't had terrorist groups here. but do we know that. >> oh, no, we have them here. >> i thought you said we haven't had them here. you said we haven't had terrorist groups here. >> no, terrorist attacks. >> well -- >> -- the reason that you are not having the paris and the brussels attack here is we are very good at tracking these things, stopping them andpi it's easier to do it in europe. what i'm saying is we shouldn't be diverting resources from tracking the terrorist groups that are here and preventing attacks by7[ broadly surveying random muslim. >> hang on, nancy, i'm going to bring ryan. in ryan, is nancy right that we're doing enough, keeping an eye on the terrorist groups that may be here? >> i didn't say we are too long enough. i said we are doing the right thing. >> he would still debating whether the muslim
5:24 pm
brotherhood should be labeled as a foreign terrorist organization. that's being discussed in congress right now. still having debates about basic points. as with for the issue with ted cruz and surveillance. i don't think he bass calling for just patrolling and conducting surveillance on muslims just for being muslims. a lot of this outrage over what he said is by people who are reflexively assuming the worst of anything that he is going to say. if you look at the greater issue he is touching upon, is he touching upon issues of lack of integration like you are seeing in europe and issues like radical islamic villages across the united states there is a group named faruka they
5:25 pm
general policy. why can't we do both? >> well, first of all, what we're talking about, first of all, ted cruz and donald trump are targeting blanket muslim communities. keep all the muslims out. and survey all the muslim communities. there is not enough resources to do all of that.qmj@ >> why not, nancy? that's a statement that i'm going to push back. what do you mean there are not enough resources? it's not the most important thing in america is for a president to keep us safe. >> what we need to be doing is tracking the communications, shaking the tree, making sure that we are getting every piece of intelligence that can conduct the -- connect the dots on terrorist groups inspired not necessarily directed by isis that are threatening us. >> we agree on that. >> and we do need help on that. >> why not take it one step further and at least try some of the things that frankly the american public is on board with. >> well, first of all, i don't think anybody knows exactly what that means. where are the muslim neighborhoods? why would you be doing that? there are peaceful loving
5:26 pm
american citizens. >> all right. happening on. nancy? we have azx guy who is an expert at this. ryan, where the muslim neighborhoods we need to keep an eye on. >> we have mapma. headquarters called islamburg by this group. islamville in south carolina. they say they have 22 of these places across the country and even internationally. this is something we need to talk about. í>a%l grant the point that isis likes anti-muslim sentiments in their own propaganda they say they want to provoke anti-muslim sentiment but at the same time when 21ieclinton was saying that donald trump is the number one recruiter for isis, that was exaggerated political rhetoric, when you look at isis's propaganda, donald trump was nowhere to be seen at that time. >> i have got to leave it right there, nancy and ryan, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> is the republican national committee trying to change its rules to stop donald trump? stay tuned. hey pal? you ready?
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie i ibanez. we are learning more about attacks in brussels. 90 people reman hospitalized. 49 of them are in intensive care tonight. the blast at brussels airport and subway station killed 32 people. four of them americans. the man accused of setting off a panic at the u.s. capitol was armed with a pellet gun or air gun. that's what police sources tell fox news. capitol police opened fire on the man seen here on the
5:31 pm
stretcher. the suspect is in critical condition. oscar-winning actress patty duke has died. most known for playing identical twins on her sitcom the patty duke show and winning an oscar for her performance at helen keller patty duke was 69 yeerlt old. i'm jackie i banez. log on to for all the latest headlines. >> in the election 2016 segment tonight, will the republican national committee change key rules about the delegates need to do secure the nomination to stop donald trump? i had a spirited discussion with karl rove about it here on the factor last night. and today mr. rove was pressed further on the issue. >> is there any current discussion underway, within the rnc, to change the 1237 rule? >> oh, no, not at all. in fact, that was my point to eric last night, who was a little hyper kinetic about
5:32 pm
it. >> hyperkinetic. plenty of conservatives are worried about it happening. are their concerns warranted. joining us from washington "u.s.a. today" politics editor paul singer and in the studio political. jz huey paul, it's been reported, it's been well reported. it's been discussed. are groups from the rnc meeting with high level republicans to discuss a way to change the rules for the 2016 convention at the convention? >> i think there is a thinking and actually a plan. there is no doubt that there are a lot of high level republicans and conservatives who are concerned about mr. trump's potential winning the nomination. however, keep in mind that convention rules are written by a convention rules committee that has not yet been named. these are delegates who are picked by their states to serve on the rules committee to write the rules for the convention. there are no convention rules at the moments to speak of. >> what's the 1237?
5:33 pm
i mean, literally gets to the point where you go well then why have primaries? why don't do it at a convention? >> the real concern i think and the concern where the trump people come in is they are losing out on did he goes in the -- delegates in the state because there are arcane rules in each state for how you pick your did he die delegates and how you select people in those bodies. there may be on the first ballot but may not be bound on the second ballot. they want trump people in there. that's where the trump people need to be worried. >> biggest concern by a lot of conservatives isn't second or third ballot. if he doesn't get the 1237 it's pretty clear they have been saying the delegates become unbound. is there a potential change of the rules prior to the first ballot? >> well, i think the issuea4 here, the big issue here should be transparency. i don't think that they should change the delegate rules. those the 1237 number is the majority of delegates. that has been set.
5:34 pm
all the campaigns have been, you know, angling their campaigns towards achieving that goal. remember, the rule 40 or the rule that you have to win a majority in eight states. that was made before. >> in fact, we are always pointing that's the rule that they could change at the convention but, paul, am i wrong is 1237 that caitlin just points out really is technically is a guideline, not a rule yet, right? >> well, no, i think caitlin is right that the issue here is not the number of delegates. i think the delegate number is pretty well fixed. the issue is. >> by whom, paul? by whom? >> it's a majority of the delegates. >> no, i understand that but the rules you just told me that they don't really apply until they are voted upon at the convention. >>xn correct. but the point is what they would be saying in trump's case, if he is over 1237, i don't think there is any way they change any rules because the majority of the delegates showing up there are trump delegates. >> honestly, paul, that's not what that piece innw politico alluded to, caitlin
5:35 pm
that maybe 1237 wasn't enough. maybe they will move the goal post at the convention. >> i think that would be extremely problematic for them. i don't think they are going to do t you even heard john kasich who is hoping to get to a contested convention and have a shot there. talk about the importance of being transparent, doing everything out of the open. they need to get away from this idea of people. >> quiet meetings. meetings off the record meetings that no one wants to talkbout when you ask karl rove about it he says he doesn't have any idea even though it was in politico. let's move on to the news of the day, cory lewandowski has showed up in the police station and apparently they are going to go forward with this lawsuit that he had a minor battery wish michelle fields. what's the fall-out? >> this is a
5:36 pm
and i think with everything going on, this is just an unneeded distraction from them that they could have prevented. i think they should have apologized earlier. they should have been open to investigating the situation themselves. instead, they dismissed the allegations all together and even tried to kind of smear the reporter. i think it was handled very unprofessionally and all of this could have been avoided. >> paul, what's your response? what do you think is going on here? what's the fall-out? and donald trump has stood by cory lewandowski all day today at least on twitter. good idea or bad idea? >> the fall-out from the trump's campaign discussing people, they are trying to take me down and destroy me to. some degree this plays right into his narrative. a reporter bringing an allegation against his campaign manager for what is honestly not a heavily violent event. it was he grabbed her arm. >> so trump is saying and will continue to say the presser wimps are against me
5:37 pm
and they are proving both of those things simultaneously. >> i don't think this will hurt him in the primary. i think his supporter also stay with him. tie think where this gets problem that the particular, also, when he starts to move towards a general election, is he doing very poorly in polls among women and i think that also plays into this. they have to be careful about. >> we will leave it there hey, paul, i want to sit down with you. right around the rules committee time we have another discussion about this. >> it will be fun. >> it will be fun and interesting, too. caitlin and paul, thank you very much. coming up on this o'reilly factor special. one of the biggest hillary clinton super pac ready to launch an early offense against donald trump. will the strategy back fire? we're coming right back. "[hjk
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corey lewandowski
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thanks for staying with us, on this special edition of the o'reilly factor, election 2016. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, hillary clinton supporters preparing an early assaulted against donald trump. the biggest pro-hillary super pac is reportedly ready to launch a major offensive against trump even while he is still battling for the republican nomination. but, with a strike like this
5:42 pm
come back to bite the clinton campaign? joining us now to analyze from tampa, florida republican communication strategist adam goodman and st. petersburg, florida jessica erhlick. adam, no surprise hillary clinton starting to focus to keep her eye on donald trump, right? she is watching what the g.o.p. and other candidates failed to do. and they are takingç! the pal and running with it first. >> well, you know, after having made commercials for over 35 years, can i tell you that the cardinal rule of politics, first cardinal rule is define yourself before you are defined by anybody else. they will try to do that with donald trump. we have already seen evidence in florida jessica and i saw what happened in the primary here where $15 million of not so nice advertising went right at the temple of donald trump and trump won by a landslide. the track record right now in this cycle, eric, from negative ads from outside groups is pretty lousiy. jeb bush right to rise 12 million to show for it.
5:43 pm
i think how important is how candidates handle the pressure of the day-to-day media6( the only thing right now that is tripping up donald trump if anything is donald trump. >> jess, adam points out there is a lot of money floating around for these attack ads. we read somewhere where there is around $50 million waiting for donald trump,rm to tattoo him right there right in the forehead. is it smart though? >> well, the strategy, i mean, as adam said is, to define your opponent early on. i think what they have been doing and the folks that are working in the super pac have been really analyzing all of the different ways that the republicans have been trying to take down donald that have been unsuccessful. and their goal is to not make the same mistakes twice. it will be a very different frame when you move into a general than when you are in the primary situation that you are in now. but it will be yet to be seen all they have done. >> are they not wasting a ton of money? i mean, look, what are you going to say about donald trump that everyone doesn't already know?
5:44 pm
>> well, all they have done is reserved the air time. they have haven't actually cut the ads yet. i think what they are going to be doing is continue to analyze what works and what doesn't with him. we know he is the teflon don, stuff rolls out of off. they want to focus on the things he has done taken advantage of people. they said they reserved this against ted cruz as well. they said they also may do ads that are just simply positive about hillary. there could be a huge mix of things as adam said to really play into the atmosphere here. >> what is the donald trump achilles? i can't even think of it. you know what? establishment. maybe that's the negative attack ad. >> well, i can tell you if it is not already obvious, what you see is what you get with donald trump. he is out there. he is spontaneous. is he not calculated. is he speaking to the frustrations of a country that feels we are going in the wrong direction. at the end of the day, if
5:45 pm
it's donald trump versus hillary clinton, i think trump is going to say i'm not some marion net of billionaires investing in power. i'm not someone who reads off a script. i am who i am. instead of settling for a third termed mediocrity which is what we get continuing with hillary clinton continuing the policies of president obama. how about a first term of winning. >> let's stay on the super pac do they instead say not going to go negative. let's try positive hillary message. er time you attack donald trump he says it he hits back harder. and bush, rubio, they fall. >> that's a great point. you know, most of the people in our field, eric, love to toot negative ads because they tend to be the easiest to produce. easiest to write. positive image on someone personal side of hillary is still is at 52% negative. she still has a lot of
5:46 pm
uphill climbing to do to get her image where it needs to be. it is a way maybe to look at a very unconventional cycle with maybe an unconventional approach. believe it or not, unconventional this year may be the power of positive -- >> --jess, last word, if you don't punch donald trump he may not have anything -- where is all the fighters? come on, let's go. that may actually work. >> he has got his stuff already lined up. he already says he knows how he is going to go after hillary. i think what's interesting, adam said i am what i am. that's the classic popeye line. no one has gone after trump in the hilarity pose than dump trump. are goes in his persona wrestling kind of everything that he does. he could be made to sort of be a laughing stock than someone like hillary who is a very serious states person and that can be a downfall for him. >> i have got to go, adam and jessica. thank you very much. when we come right back, one of the most prominent
5:47 pm
democrats around says she couldn't vote for hillary clinton even if bernie sanders gets out of the race. will other democrats follow suit and deliver a gift to republicans in a moment? . . the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. feel free to be yourself all day....
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in the back of the book segment tonight, hillary clinton's weak support among some democrats. actress susan surrandon making surprising comments she may not back mrs. clinton if sanders fails to secure the democratic nomination. >> what would make you think once she gets in she's going to go against the people that have given her millions of dollars? i think that's incredibly naive to think she's going to see the
5:51 pm
right. i think bernie would encourage people. but i can't bring myself. >> what about you personally? >> i don't know. i'm going to see what happens. >> really? >> really. >> hillary clinton can't even win susan surandon over. won't that give a big boost to donald trump if he's the gop nominee? join us now is richard goodstein, a hillary clinton backer. richard, huh-0. the same thing is going on with the republicans. maybe the same thing is happening with hillary clinton. >> i've been on the losing end of primaries. i was a hillary supporter in 2008 and it took a while for some hillary supporters to warm up to barack obama. but let's look at the issues that motivate liberals like susan surandon. climate change, women's rights,
5:52 pm
lbgt rights, the u.s. standing in the world. you don't think that at the end of the day, if they really care, because they're backing when there's not that much day light where he and hillary are. if they care about those issues, are they going to go for the guy that sees things almost the opposite? that's assuming she's willing to overlook trump's misogyny and racism. >> she says she might not back hillary clinton if she's the nominee. >> i think her comments, the majority of the conversation was about things like environmental justice, increasing minimum wage. so i don't see her backing trump. but i think she was speaking of the frustration and i'm honestly -- it's thor responsibility of the media in assuming that hillary clinton is the nominee as far back as three years ago when there's only a
5:53 pm
200 pledged delate difference right now. he's won six of the seven last primaries, one of which is being investigated right now in arizona. so this is a real race here and i think hillary clinton's campaign is freaking out. they should be more concerned not of trump supporters but of those that don't vote at all. >> we know donald trump is bringing out the votes. we're seeing a 50% increase in the gop side and a decrease in the democratic side. i think they're called ditch and switch. is that a concern? >> first, the big story in "the new york times" where there's been a big uptick on the republican side has not correlated at all with donald trump doing well. a lot of people are coming out to vote against them. historically there's no correlation between voter participation and primaries and
5:54 pm
outcomes in the general election. look at 2000 when there was gore and bradley, democrats sort of voter participation was down. republicans were way up, and al gore won by 500,000 votes. that's been replicated all over. believe me, i understand why donald trump and others need to talk that up, because with him down so much in the polls he -- >> bernie sanders needs those super delegates to jump ship. he needs to win a few states but he's going to come into a rough go in the northeast where the african-american vote is substantial. >> there's a way between the way the democratic party has organized the african-american communities. upstate new york, you have a lot of blue color workers. >> southern african-american voters vote differently than northern african-americans? >> there's just different types of communities.
5:55 pm
northeast is different than california. >> do you bli the voting bloc is different in the north and south among african-americans? >> we heard those same arguments before in illinois and ohio. hillary did very well there. every one of the big states coming up, she's got a big lead in the polls. grant it, she lost one in michigan. she has a lot of non-white voters, and they're close to democrats. a lot of people think the democrats should take the democratic nominee. >> one quick note, super delegates system is a patron age system and she's the queen of patronage. >> thank you very much. up next, geraldo rivera going in to avoid elimination on "dancing with the stars." you don't want to miss this. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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geraldo rivera has been a contestant on "dancing with the stars." he's been giving it his best shot and last night he went full donald in hopes of avoiding elimination. ♪ >> it's donald. that was huge, it was huge. it's like, could you hold on for a second. milania. ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪
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♪ [ applause ] >> sadly, geraldo's performance wasn't enough and he was voted off the show. geraldo, if you need a hug, james the stage manager is waiting for you. a quick reminder, tickets are going fast for the who wants to be president show starring dennis miller and bill o'reilly. big father's day show on father's day june 18. then they'll be in london for a big bash friday night, august 5. also in september, reno, nevada, denver, colorado, and those seats are selling quickly. in october, they'll be in atlanta and then in biloxi, mississippi, as well. that's it for us as well.
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i'm eric boling in for bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. two big things happened today on the campaign trail. wisconsin governor scott walker, one week before the crucial wisconsin primary, endorsed senator ted cruz. and donald trump's campaign manager was slapped with misdemeanor criminal charges for simple battery against a female reporter. whereupon the candidate defended his staff ever and went after the alleged victim in the case. welcome, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we'll get to governor scott walker's endorsement in a bit. but first, dramatic developments in the trump campaign saga began march


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