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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 29, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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it does appear to be a personal issue with an individual, the hijacker, who does remain on board. as abby said, along with seven other passengers still on board. "fox & friends" will continue to follow the story as it develops throughout the day. thank you for joining us. >> bye. excellent job, ladies. this is a fox news alert. a man hijackings an egypt airplane from alexandria to cairo claiming to be wearing a suicide bomb belt. >> that plane now on the runway in cypress with several to four passengers and three crew on board. seven overall, four passengers and three crew on board. there are a lot more when this thing started. >> exactly why was the plane hijacked? we're starting to put some of the details together. john huddy is live in jerusalem. john, the president of the country of cypress says that it's not terrorism. sounds like a personal issue. nonetheless, this guy who
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hijacked the plane had a bomb on his chest, right? >> reporter: again, and let me be very clear about this, steve, ainsley, brian. there have been a lot of conflicting reports. initially it was said according to officials that this guy had an explosive belt. now we're hearing that may or may not be the case. i want to emphasize that. apparently the guy said he had an explosive belt and demanded that the flight go to istanbul. then the captain, according to officials, said there wasn't enough fuel, so they landed in cypress. let me quickly highlight the information that we do -- that is confirmed, and this according to egypt's civil aviation minister who had given a press conference earlier. not sure if that's ongoing. seven people remain on board ms-181, the egypt air flight. he said four staff, three passengers. among the staff, the captain, flight attendants -- captains or
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pilots, rather, the captain, first officer, the flight attendants and an air marshal. as far as the passengers on board, we don't know their identities, and the civil aviation minister there in egypt would not give their nationalities. we know there are a number of american and brits on board. we don't know the nationalities of the three passengers and why they in particular were kept on board. we've seen the video, the images of most of the passengers getting off the plane, walking calmly, seemingly on the tarmac to the terminal there in larnaca at the airport on the ground. as far as the identity of the hijacker, there have been, again -- and i want to be clear about this because i don't want to speculate. we have to be careful, there have been conflicting reports about his name. earlier, egyptian officials said that he's 27-year-old ibrahim
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samaha. we're hearing now that may not be the right person again. i want to be clear about that. earlier, also egyptian officials said he had dual egyptian/american citizenship. we're waiting for some more concrete information about that. again, this guy said that he had an explosive belt on, demanded to go istanbul. instead, landed in larnaca. >> we know the egyptian airlines and the airport it flew out of has been under increased scrutiny after the russian plane blew up en route to russia. the egyptian officials said there's no way someone could get a bomb past our screening process. however, they're treating it like it is a bomb. do you think this is some cyi situation overall, or do you think there might be something here that the guy has a bomb because it wouldn't have got then far since it happened at 1:45 eastern time and still going on now, if he actually
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didn't prove to the seven left that he has a bomb? >> reporter: well, that's a great question, brian. that's certainly the concern. i don't want to speak for egyptian officials. i don't want to speculate too much. again, this guy said that he had an explosive belt on. so in a situation like it, obviously as we've seen in the past, they have to take it very, very seriously, particularly when you have a plane full of passengers. negotiations, we know that egypt air has been negotiating with him, and he released most of the passengers. still, seven people, four staff, three passengers, remain on board. >> okay. and just to be clear, the plane took off, and it was -- once it was flying somewhere, that's when the guy approached and said, okay, i've got a bomb. let's go to -- first wanted istanbul, but the captain said, we don't have the gas for that. high about cypress? -- how about cypress? it was mid flight when the hijacking took place.
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>> reporter: that's correct. it was mid flight. it took off around 8:15 local time on the ground in egypt. it left from the alexandria airport, small airport. bound for cairo. it's a very short flight, only about 30 minutes. as you said, about midway through, he said he had a bomb, demanded the flight go to istanbul. the captain said, according to officials, he did not have enough fuel. so it landed in cypress, as mentioned. again, waiting for more information about the identity of this guy. >> thank you very much. let's bring in stuart baker, former nsa general counsel and assistant secretary for policy at the department of homeland security. thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> it's a pleasure. >> i want to touch on what brian had mentioned about security. i understand security there in egypt is extremely lax, at least for domestic flights. how does a passenger get on board with a bomb allegedly? >> that strikes me as pretty unlikely. it would be a real security lapse on the part of the
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egyptian authorities. one we haven't seen even for domestic flights in egypt. so it's a possibility that this is just a -- a scam, that the guy came on and then later insisted he had an explosive belt. so we shouldn't exclude that possibility. >> do you know what the security process is in egypt for domestic flights? >> i don't know what it is for domestic flights. in general, the processes are pretty startedized around the world because you can't get approved as an national airport if you don't follow tsa's procedures. >> sure. you know, this is a little different scenario because we've already heard it's being described as not being terrorism related. there's some suggestion that it is personal, and apparently the guy had an ex-wife on this island if it is that guy that we think it is. you know, our protocols are set up to screen for terrorism. but not the lovelorn. >> reporter: >> yeah. i think that's true. this does not have the same aura
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as the hijackings and bombings of airliners that we've seen in the past. so it's quite possible that he's just making it up. he got on the flight, distraught, decided to do something dramatic. >> we don't know who's left on board. we know there's seven left. at one point they said they had eight americans, four brits, two dutch, two belgians, french and italian, and two greeks and one syrian. so it looks like a real mix of nationalities. having said that, if you're running an american airport, in charge of security, do you do anything now as we start our flying day? >> i would say a little bit of additional caution is appropriate, but given the way this seems to have turned out, i'm not sure i'll be watching for another example of international terrorism, al
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qaeda-inspired. additional caution is appropriate. but my guess is this is going to turn out to be a domestic drama. >> stuart baker, thank you very much for joining us live now. eight minutes after the top of the hour. to recap if you're just waking up, this egypt air flight was mid flight. it was going from the northern city in egypt of alexandria to cairo, the capital city. mid flight, a guy tells the flight attendant, i've got a bomb. and i'd like to go istanbul. there's a conversation, and at one point, the captain says, well, we don't have enough gas to go istanbul. and the guy goes, well, how it cypress? we're learn -- how about cypress? we're learning more about perhaps why cypress. if it is the person we think it is, he had an ex-girlfriend on the island. as soon as they landed, he threw down a note through the window right there. it was in arabic, asked her to come to the airport, and apparently she was carted off to the airport. >> he asked for political asylum.
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he asked for a translator once he was on the ground. police vehicles, he asked for them to be moved away from the plane and for the letter to be delivered to his ex-wife. >> a couple of names, omar e el gamal. another name that we've been badgered about who this could be, is he a doctor of veterinary medicine? we're not sure. we know this, the best news to happen so far is out of the 80 on board, there are only seven left. to get all those new people off safely is fantastic news. now we've got to worry about the final set. >> you can see the passengers there on the ground. there were 55 passengers on board, five crew members. we're told the last report was that four foreigners were still on board, plus the three crew members. a total of seven people still on the plane. >> this is the first time i've ever seen the official notification that there's been a hijacking by an airline that tweeted it out. egypt air tweeted, yep, essentially, we've been
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hijacked. someone in the foreign ministry of egypt said he is not a terrorist, he's an idiot. anyway, it is a fluid situation, there are so many details we don't know right now. particularly the motivation. why would somebody in the era of isis hijack a plane if it wasn't for terrorism? i think we'll find out. >> the idiots pulled off a hijacking that lasted over four hours. what does that make egyptian airlines if they're calling him an idiot? >> if you look t -- if you look at the map, alexandria to cairo, not very far. they diverted and flew north to cypress. in those situations, as a pilot, do you listen to the demands of a terrorist? >> depends if he's got a bomb. >> we're not calling it terrorism, even though the act of hijacking a plane is considered terror. we don't know if he's affiliated with a terrorist organization. >> in the olden days in the united states before 9/11, if
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somebody said, okay, take me to havana, you went to havana. that was it. so -- if the guy says he's got a bomb on board. >> you do what he says. >> pretty much. that looks like what happened. we'll keep you post. it's a fluid situation. meantime, she's been covering it all morning. heather childers with more news. >> you mentioned the distance, egypt to cairo. only supposed to be a 30-minute flight. a lot of changes happening there. we have a new development for you. a stunning development with this. did you hear about this -- the fbi managed to break into the iphone belonging to san bernardino terrorist sayid farouk without the help of apple. the lawsuit was filed against the tech giant when apple refused to help citing privacy concerns. tim cook reiterates the company's stance is the same, "apple believes deeply that people in the united states and around the world deserve data protection, security and privacy. sacrificing one for the other only puts people and countries at greater risk."
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a manhunt reignited for the suspected accomplice two of suicide bombers at the brussels airport. after officials freed a man that they thought was that man in white, as he's become known. seen on the surveillance video here. faycal cheffou. he was released on lack of evidence. and chaos in the heart of washington. police forced to open fire on a man they say pulled a weapon inside the capitol, placing the entire building on lockdown and putting it into a state of panic. [ mussel awffled audio ] >> layer dawson, once disrupted a meeting by shouting bible verses from the gallery. officers say he pointed a pellet
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gun at officers who then shot at him. he's in critical condition. and he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon. police say that this was not an act of terror. and geraldo rivera making dancing great again? >> vladimir, hi, it's donald. that was huge! it was huge! it's like -- can you hold on for a second? melania? ♪ >> hilarious. geraldo's donald trump-themed salsa dance brought in the lowest scores on "dancing with the stars" last night. and he was eliminated. ♪ >> geraldo and edita. >> come on. giraldo and his partner will join us live in the 8:00 hour on "fox & friends." that was awesome! >> still lost, how does that happen? >> he did a great job.
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good try. >> absolutely. thanks. coming up on this tuesday, she knew this comment about foreign policy would be controversial -- >> hillary clinton, a lot of you might disagree with me, i'm going to put her in the positive category. >> your responses for jillian turner have been pouring in. she's here to defend her stance next. she's walking my direction. i recognize her.
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she knew yesterday at there time this comment about americorforeign policy might be controversial -- >> i think of all the republican candidates, john kasich has offered the most in-depth, comprehensive security plan. it's a toss-up me between neutral and negative because he's the wild card of this race. we have no idea what he's liable to do. i think that was all the candidates, i would feel perhaps most comfortable that he would take counsel of military advisers. hillary clinton, a light of you might disagree with me. i'm putting him in the positive to category. does he even have a plan to combat radical islam? >> bernie got burned yesterday. white house counsel staff more for the bush administration, jillian turner, has heard from a lot of you on social media and e-mail. she got stung pretty good by some of you. she's here to respond.
3:19 am
good morning. >> hi, good morning, steve. >> what do you think the veers who reached out to you good morning to you wrong? >> it's not a matter who've's right and who's e's wrong. we're all talk -- who's wrong. we're all talking about our perspectives. we share in common the national security interest of this wonderful country. i welcome the feedback. i welcome the criticism. on some of this, i knew i was sitting myself up a bit for some harsh words which i got. i knew a lot of people would take great issue with me putting hillary clinton in the positive category when it comes to fighting terrorism because of her record. i stand by that decision because i feel that she would be an improvement on president obama in some context. you gave positive comments to cruz and kasich and clinton, trump you gave a neutral score and bernie sanders you flunked. >> i did, unfortunately. >> let's look at the e-mail that you received. first up, gillian turner may
3:20 am
have a lot of experience in dealing with questionable candidates. but again, her experience comes into question when i hear her put hillary into the positive slot. >> again, i put her in the positive slot. it's not because i think she's a perfect candidate or ideal candidate. it's -- the context is that i believe her approach to counterterrorism would be a vast improvement upon president obama who has tended to recede in the face of the threat. whereas hillary clinton has advocated action from the get-go. >> many others, one in particular, donald trump has the most in-depth national security plan. kasich thinking in the past, according to robert watson. >> e-mail me. i have yet to see this in-depth national security plan. he released some stuff over the weekend. he was interviewed and said he has this new grand national security plan. 's not on paper anywhere. i would really challenge viewers to if they see something in the media, they read something in a newspaper, on line, tweet it at us. we'll take look at it. i'm very happy to provide
3:21 am
feedback. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. coming up, hackers crippling computer systems at a major hospital chain. so what did the hackers want, and how is this cyberattack affecting patient care? dr. samadi next. plus, paul ryan has a message for george clooney -- stop e-mailing me. what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what pain? advil. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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in a few hours, wisconsin governor scott walker will announce his endorsement for the republican presidential nomination. one week before the state's primary. walker signaled last week that he will endorse texas senator ted cruz but has yet to make it official. all three republican candidates are campaign flooding wisconsin today. that should be very close. house speaker paul ryan has a
3:25 am
message for george:y -- quit e-mailing me. he says he's demanded to pony up $33,000 for the hillary clinton fundraiser. i don't think he'll pay or go. one of two expensive dinners the hollywood star is throwing. one in southern california, one in northern california. here's ainsley. >> he's welcome to e-mail me. >> yes. >> please. >> take it. >> all right. hackers crippling computer systems at a major hospital chain. it's called medstar health. it's forcing patient records systems off line for thousands of doctors, for nurses, and for the administrators. what did the hackers want, and how is the cyberattack affecting you, the patient, and all of our care? joining us is dr. david samadi of the fox medical a-team, and cybersecurity analyst morgan wright. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. dr. samadi, i'll start with you. as a patient, should we be worried? >> there's a lot of concerns about the patients because what has happened over the last couple of years, a lot of hospitals have joined.
3:26 am
now we see hospitals in the range of 10, 15, 20 hospitals have joined and become a mega health care system. and in the past two years, the federal government has pushed everyone to really go to the electronic medical records. unlike the financial system where they're well trained and the computer system is so savvy, a lot of doctors and health care workers are not really trained, and the computer system is old-fashioned. the hackers are getting in. and unfortunately, a lot of social security, medical information is at risk. 1.8 million americans have been exposed to this two years ago. this is just the beginning of this. >> wow. morgan, let me ask about the medical records that the hackers are taking. i understand they get more money for medical records y. is that, and who's buying it? why do they want it? >> absolutely. look, credit card records -- i teach a lot of this. i was in dallas here about a year ago talking with insurance companies. went to a black market internet site where -- where credit card records were 50 cents a record. medical records are worth $50 to
3:27 am
$70 because they have everything for identity theft. they have your name, your address, your social security number, your date of birth, your dependents. these things become the golden eggs that these geese are laying. i'll tell you, this is going to get far worse before it gets better. as the good doctor said, the security at hospitals is so lax. they're still playing with technology from 10 to 15 years ago. the hackers are using tools from today. they're at a distinct disadvantage. >> dr. samadi, if they did get our records, what do they do with it? >> they're using it for medicaid and medicare, to get a lot of medical equipment or make tons of money with that. as our expert explained, they will sell -- there's a major financial incentive. also, there are hospitals that are paying this in order to get their system back. so this is creating a big incentive for hackers out there. i think the message to a lot of people out there is to be careful, especially patients. be careful when you give your social security because once you
3:28 am
give that information to doctors and hospitals, you just don't have control over that. and make sure that you look at your eob or explanation of benefits and find out if there are things that is correct or not. did you go for the procedure? is it everything looks koesher? the labs, et cetera. so tons of information out there. and i think that because we have rushed as a result of this universal health care system and obamacare, hospitals have rushed to get into this electronic medical records. next week we'll have e-prescriptions, and a lot of doctors are confuse good what to do with this whole thing. there's gaps, and unfortunately, hackers are taking advantage of both the health care system and patients. we've got to be careful. >> morgan, what is ransomware? >> you guys have been covering the hijacking in egypt. it's almost the same thing. you hijack somebody's data. you hold it for ransom. it gets in, as dr. samadi was talking about, the health care industry's not well trained. they don't recognize
3:29 am
spearfishing, deceptive emails targeted, usually at specific people. you catholic a link like a pdf or word document. next thing you know, your computer is infected with ransom-ware. it encrypts data. this is so difficult to get rid of, the fbi said the best recourse which they did atbytery to get your records back. a hospital cannot run without the patient records. >> a lot of times, people are trained by administrators or people who come in and give you a technical part of how to use a software system. that's not good enough. we need to be trained by experts in the field who know about i.t. system, who know about security. by the people that can train us how to shut down your system in case there's a virus, et cetera. this is a complicated system, the health care system needs to jump on this quickly. >> too much at stake. thank you very much. thank you for being here this morning. >> you bet.
3:30 am
>> thank you. >> have a good day. we continue to follow our top story. the breaking news out of the middle east. a plan hijacked by a man who says he is strapped with explosives. the latest next.
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♪ take you wherever you go. ♪ we've got a fox news alert on this tuesday morning. a passenger jet has been hijacked while flying between two cities in egypt by a man who claimed that he was wearing an explosive vest. he ordered the fight change course, and they wound up on the island of cypress. >> that is where it made an emergency landing early this morning, and word now that another egypt air flight departing from here in new york city is being delayed. obviously it can't land there. facials say he forced the egyptian -- officials say he forced the egyptian plane to land after originally trying to go to istanbul. he was told by the captain there was not enough fuel for the journey. he has not made any concrete demands as of yet that we know of. he did have a letter for his
3:34 am
ex-wife who lives in cypress. there's confusion as to the hijack's identity. he was identified as a 25-year-old egyptian nation originally. but those claims are being refu refuted. >> the egyptian government is apologizing for releasing the wrong name. apparently they've released a new name, and it is saif eldin mustafa. the hijacker has released most of the hostages, at last check, seven souls remained on board. a mix of passengers and crew. it is unclear if any americans are still on board. we know that eight u.s. citizens were on the original flight. government officials i have the hijacking is not related to terrorism. but according to our urgent queue in the last two minutes, apparently the hijacker has asked for the release of female prisoners in the country of egypt. >> you always fear that somebody's going to do the same thing with americans on board. and as for the khalid sheikh
3:35 am
muhammad's of the world, that's the longer they say and they to get to gitmo. >> you see 500 passengers at the airport on the ground. they're safe, off the plane. let's bring in a pilot and aviation expert, sal legonia, on the phone. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, guys. >> we were asking, what do you do in a situation like this if you're a pilot? the plane was head being a 30-minute distance, and this guy who allegedly had the explosives says to the pilot -- >> said he had one. >> said he had one. says, i want to go. he wanted to go to istanbul. there wasn't enough fuel, as steve was sighing. they go to cypress instead. a totally different direction, it's north. much farther than 30 minutes. what do you do as a pilot? do you ghif to the demands? >> i think as entirely trying to be overcautious, you have no choice but to put the plane on the ground as quickly as you can. it probably shows especially in egypt where we've seen this
3:36 am
happen before that there's very little confidence in the fact that security is sufficient in egypt. the fact that someone could claim to be on it and make this believable that he has some type of a bomb vest on. it's much different from other parts of the world. >> what's different about this, though, is they've already identified the egyptian government. it's not terrorism related. apparently his ex-wife lives on cypress. now he's asking for the release of female prisoners in egypt. this is not exactly isis or al qaeda related at this point, it seems. >> i hate to say it, but this is an old-fashioned hijacking, it appears at least from what we've seen. the planning is lacking. first of all, you take a short haul aircraft which you know has less fuel than a long-haul aircraft. you take it from a small airport with this thing departed from. when you have a smaller airport, you have smaller runways, that means you have to put less fuel
3:37 am
on board. they didn't plan this out very well. >> well, if it's an old-fashioned hijacking, what are they trying to do, make a statement? >> it sounds like he's trying to make a personal statement, which was the first reports that we have, or now we're trying to change that -- trying to play a lone wolf. any connection with any of the terror groups would have been planned out more detail of. they have more detail than this guy is showing. >> i know they reinforced the cockpit doors. i know the flight attendants block off the cockpit if they have to step out or step away or if the pilot steps away. if you're in the cockpit and there's a guy on board claiming he has a bomb and wants to redirect the flight, what's the first thing you do? >> the first thing is you set the code on the trans ponder in the aircraft to a hijack code. the air traffic controllers know to clear the way and give you
3:38 am
all of the defenrence they can. the next thing, you make plans to put the aircraft on the ground. no matter what the situation going on back there, it is much safer to be on the ground than in the air at this point. >> my parents were on a flight with a guy who claimed to have a bomb. they did just that. put the plane down immediately. has this ever happened to you or your pilot friends? >> not me. i fly private aircraft. but pilots are trained for this from the time you take your first flight lesson to the time you that end up in a cockpit of an airliner. >> you never know. sal legonia, thank you very much for joining us to talk about this. >> always good to be with you. >> this ongoing hijacking in the island of cypress. >> very scary this morning. let's hand it ever to heather childers. she was reporting on this all morning for "fox & friends first." we have another story, crazy, scare oh a flight. an american airlines co-pilot who failed a breathalyzer tests
3:39 am
moments before takeoff. now charged with being drunk on the job. a tsa agent tipped off the flight crew about smelling alcohol on 50-year-old john francis mcgwire and his odd behavior before takeoff. the flight from detroit to philadelphia was canceled. the honeymoon is over for a mississippi woman who tried to disguise joining isis as a romantic getaway. that's right. 20-year-old jaylen young will plead guilty in federal court today to a terrorism charge. she and her fiance planned a trip to syria to join isis last summer. young faces up to 20 years in prison. her fiance pleaded guilty to similar charges earlier this month. and dramatic video that captures a good samaritan rescuing people trapped in a car after a fiery crash with a metro bus in los angeles. look. >> look, he's kicking handles -- he went in there. >> officials say the lapd police
3:40 am
officers and bystanders were able to pull a woman and man from a burning mercedes before fiber crews arrived. the group -- fire crews arrived. the group busted out windows with a hammer. unclear what caused the crash. look at this young kid. somehow slipping through court side security during the knicks and pelicans game in new orleans just to hug carmelo anthony. the knicks player says that he was shocked when he felt someone grasping at his thigh. the boy ran into the stands after he was shooed off the court by a game official. the knicks did lose the game 99-91. he got his hug. >> love. you know why, he want to make sure that carmelo anthony doesn't activate his trade clause. >> is that what it is? >> sent a child out there. can he talk him out of it? >> absolutely. i thought it was cool. instead of saying, get out of here, he put his arm around him. great. >> i thought that, too. i was waiting to see his reaction. in that moment, i'm sure there's
3:41 am
pressure. i wouldn't have blamed him if he was like, you've got to go. >> he moves to a team called the pelicans. two, i'm already out of the playoffs. i might as well hug the kid. >> this is just going to prompt more kids to hug -- >> any children who want to hug us? >> i wanted to see his dad or mom's reaction in the stands. >> were there any parents with him? who's watching the kid? all right. ahead on this tuesday telecast, two officers are accused of misconduct during a traffic stop. the driver never filed a complaint. why are they now being punished for doing their jobs? then, dust causing destruction, a huge mess on this highway. look at that. are you ready? are you ready? you've got to be ready. i mean, really ready. are you ready to open?
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we've got quick tuesday morning headlines. first up, turns out cuba may not be so great after all. less than a week after president obama's trip to cuba, two dozen cuban migrants have been found in south florida. this comes less than 48 hours after another 26 people were picked up just south of key west. seven of them had gunshot wounds. the coast guard says most of the immigrants will likely be sent back to cuba. and a dust storm in southern california causes a major highway pileup, leaving 28 people hurt. look at that. as you see, people were literally driving blindly. more than a dozen vehicles crashed. one right into another, including two large trucks. you see one of them right this. brian? all right. let me paint the scenario. officers are under attack again. this year, 14 police officers have been killed by gunfire nationwide. tensions rising in many communities. a staggering 133% increase from
3:46 am
last march. that's not the only threat police are saying. they're also facing punishment for just doing their jobs in many cases. for example, two nypd officers are awaiting possible penalties after being accused of misconduct during a traffic stop. the couple in the car refused to issue the complaint. how does that happen? there was video. luis turko is president of the officers benevolent association of the nypd and sat in on the trials of the officers and represents one of them, correct? >> correct. >> paint the scenario which took place. >> back in 2014 in the 4-7 precinct in the bronx, there was a spike in shootings. the nypd decided to send extra officers in to curtail this condition. so they moved some officers from different parts of the bronx into this location. basically, a lieutenant and two officers assigned to the bureau, one patrol in the 4-7 precinct. these are highly experienced officers. the lieutenant has over 1,000
3:47 am
arrests to his credit. and the detective has over 1,000 arrests. these guys are experienced. they drove around at 3:00 in the afternoon. they see a car with a tilelight out, decide to -- taillight out, decide to pull over the car. a car stop is very dangerous. we don't know who or what's in the car. a dangerousuation to begin with. i've done -- dangerous situation to begin with. i've done stops myself. as they got out of the car, they saw the passenger decide to take his seat and recline it all the way. i think most new yorkers realize you shouldn't be putting your seat all the way down. i've never had that happen before. >> you're supposed to put your hands on the steering wheel or dashboard. >> exactly. the tension has moved up. we wonder why is the person doing this? it's not a normal reaction. >> this is the account from the officers? >> the account from the officers. the video doesn't pick it up yet. the officers get out, they walk to the door. the passenger and driver's door. they asked the occupants to come get out and come to the back of the car. >> the driver is? >> a female. female white. the passenger is a male black.
3:48 am
they get out voluntarily, they walk to the back of the car. there's no arguing, no confrontation. they get out of a car, a bystander decides to walk by and take a video. the bystander is videotaping this -- >> the cops know they're being taped? >> absolutely. and how they know they're being taped to be honest is as they bring the couple to the back of the car, the female is yelling to this gentleman videotaping her to stop videotaping me. i do not want you videotaping me. this comes out when crrb -- >> what does that stand for? >> the civilian complaint review board. a fatal force, abuse of authority, discouraging and obscene language. they're investigating in. they call the driver of the car, the female, and they asked the female, do you want to make a complaint? the female tells her, listen, these cops did nothing wrong. i don't want to make a complaint. to be honest, the female told ccrb, i asked this guy to stop videotaping -- >> they did not find a weapon in the car. the question is, were they allowed to search the car it to
3:49 am
that degree for a broken taillight. and your answer is when i see suspicious behavior and the seat reclients all the way back when i walk up to the car, that gives me reason to do it. >> i believe that gives us reason to do it. to be honest, if there was a gun in the car and the officers didn't search the car and decide that that night there's a shooting related to that car -- first of all, my officer's got to live with the fact that they could have stopped the shooting. i believe there might have been second guess whyy that didn't look into the car. >> the cchrb has the power to investigate complaints. they determined the respondents were guilty. what happened to the snoofrs. >> they were found -- officers? >> they were found guilty in the penalty phase. but the penaltiy thy y thathey'g crrb, the lieutenant loses a week's vacation, and the detective to lose three weeks vacation. >> thank you very much. outrageous how little respect nypd and many officers around the country are getting being
3:50 am
that they're in the line of fire every day. thank you very much. hopefully we'll see the video soon and make our own determination. when tim tebow exclusive interview, the first person he calls -- ainsley earhardt. the only interview on fox you will see coming up. and google tops the fortune 500 companies to work for. wait until you hear what they're doing to stop employees from jumping ship. cheryl casone has that coming up.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
work for for the seventh straight year. what is google's secret and what can we learn from the perks when we're on the job hunt? >> cheryl casone is here to break it down for us. great company to work for. >> 96% of google employees say they're completely happy. 95% love management at google. you can kind of see why. >> well, i know in addition to massage chairs and free lunch, they'll change the oil in your car. >> there's some crazy perks. i'm going to get to those in a second. let me give you the basics of what they're offering -- bonu s bonuses. this is coming back. here's why this is good to look for in any job, not just google. because if you do well, the company does well. so win-win. if you don't do well, you don't get your bonus. >> few companies do as well as google. >> parental leave they're for
3:55 am
it. >> definitely. they're getting more and more generous with maternity leave and paternity leave. it's leave in general. they're giving four weeks leading up to birth for the female workers so they get rest a month before -- >> an incentive to get pregnant. >> you get a month before and five months after? >> they extended it up to a year. you have to negotiate that. >> but does google have health care or do they just give you a personal doctor? >> they have very good health care, but they have -- they have on-site clinics. that something i'm seeing in a lot of companies. say you have a sinus infection, go down to the third floor versus taking the morning off and going to the doctor's office. plus if you're healthy, you're cheaper. >> maybe we can train the executive producers take our temperature. >> they're very capable. >> do they want to do that is a different thing? >> but the crazy perks, at google, you can get a nap --
3:56 am
they have nap pods. you can get your oil changed on your car. free food. >> they get lunch. >> and laundry. oddly enough, i think that would be great. >> sure. a lot of people looking in, they're jealous. it would be great if i could work for google, but what should you look for in a regular company when it comes to perks and things like that? >> well, my big thing is health care. i think parental leave as well. i think a lot of companies are really getting on the bandwagon about getting maternity leave. >> you can't say walk in the door, i want a job here, what are you doing for me for maternity leave? >> why not? i'm not sure that's -- >> all right. >> more on that. >> all right. get a message in the greenroom.
3:57 am
the plane hijacked by a man who says that he's strapped with explosives, we are live at the top of the hour with that. >> hello, is that on? bill clinton having trouble to get hillary on the phone. hello, pick up now. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant
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visit your john deere dealer to experience the new gator xuv590i, starting at just $9,799. welcome back. it's tuesday morning, march 29th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. an egyptian airline hijacked by a man claiming to a wear a bomb belt. no word of a possible motive and what we're learning about the suspect. and the fbi cracked the code without the help of apple breaking into the san bernardino terrorist's iphone on its own. what it means in the battle between privacy and security and when will they find something on the phone? ainsley, you should be reading this one. i have been trying for years to talk to tim tebow, but tim tebow just invited ainsley to play
4:01 am
golf. >> do you blame him? >> no. >> what does she have that i don't? it's for an amazing cause. this is the most self-absorbed -- >> he's the only person who likes me better than you. >> i think there's a lot. starting with joel. let me remind you that mornings are better with ainsley. got to hear more about this tim tebow thing. >> the center of the story. what's going on? >> this is fantastic. >> thanks, guys. doing so much for other people. we'll talk about that. >> meanwhile, speaking of now, now the big news is this. a guy a couple of hours ago hijacked an egyptair plane that was traveling from alexandria to cairo. he said he was wearing a suicide bomb belt. >> all right. that hijacker is demanding the release of female prisoners in egypt. that's the latest news. >> all right.
4:02 am
john huddy is live in jerusalem, following the breaking developments. that's new to us. he was asking for other demands earlier. a letter to his ex-wife. what are you hearing there on the ground? >> reporter: well, ainsley, brian and steve, that -- the latest reports from officials is that this guy is demanding the release of female prisoners in egypt. earlier, it was coming out from officials in cyprus that it had possibly something to do with the guy's ex-wife. he wanted to talk to his ex-wife. well now, it's shifting over to the demand about these female prisoners. one thing i talked about this earlier, as you guys know, in a fluid story like this often you get a lot of information coming out. some of it is accurate. some of it is inaccurate. and that's been the case here. and to be fair to the media some of the earlier information that has now turned out to be inaccurate was coming from egyptian and cypriot officials. that said, the latest as far as the hijacked plane, egypt's minister of civil aviation had a
4:03 am
press conference earlier. he said that four staff, three passengers remain on board. he would not disclose the identities or nationalities of those passengers. we do know as i have said that there were several americans and british citizens on board along with other foreigners on board that flight ms 181, the egyptair flight. guys, back to you. >> so john, apparently he did not have a gun, but he convinced a flight attendant or somebody on board the plane that whatever gizmo he had on him, near his chest, was a bomb belt, right? >> reporter: correct. correct. he threatened -- he demanded first of all about the plane rear re-divert to go to istanbul, and he said he was wearing an explosive belt. we are waiting for official confirmation about that.
4:04 am
but obviously that has to be taken seriously. that goes back to your earlier question, what they'd be looking into and how they'd deal with a situation like this. >> yeah, absolutely. >> john huddy reporting live from jerusalem. they have identified his name, seif eldin mustafa. >> as of now. >> they said earlier we had the wrong name. i think the pilot radioed ahead and said, okay, the guy was seated in a certain seat. they got the wrong name. >> right. right. that was the problem. >> thank you, john. >> eight americans on board. >> those are live pictures out of the island of cyprus. >> now you're looking at live pictures of us. there's some news to hear about. tim cook is on the cover of "new york times," where they herald him as a time who's standing up to the man, who is -- and the man in this case would be the fbi for not giving in and unlocking the terrorist phone that killed everybody in december in san bernardino.
4:05 am
so the fbi said, okay, we'll go to the courts, the courts said, fbi is right. cook said no we're going to the higher court and appeal it. this was going to end up in the supreme court, but there's been a break in the case. >> that was the old story. the new story is that the department of justice has abandoned forcing apple to unlock the iphone and apparently, we don't know the specific details, but apple -- rather, the fbi and the department of justice found a way to crack the code, the encryption, to get into it. it sounded like the department of justice was working with the israeli firm, famous for cracking the codes. >> i'm not -- they're not saying which company helped them or who it was. they're just saying it was a third party. they're reviewing all the information that they did find in that phone. they're exploring every lead. they said it was really hard to get into this phone because there was a password like most of us have on our phones. if you enter in your password
4:06 am
more than ten times it automatically locks the phone. you can't get in at all. that was the case -- that was the case with this phone as well. there was a time delay. so it made it very hard for the fbi to get into the phone because they only had ten tries. >> what is what apple said. it would take us ten engineers a full month to create the software to unlock it and therefore we have a back door to the iphone. making all of us who have that phone susceptible. now this private company gave them the back door. i'm sure they consider it a victory. stewart baker had joined us earlier about the hijacking situation but he's an expert on this. listen. >> in the end this is a victory for justice. i think apple needs to be more cooperative. they made bogus arguments about why they shouldn't have to let the government in using their open up access to the iphone. they have access to all our iphones just to update them. their unwillingness to use that
4:07 am
update capability to crack a terrorist case is irresponsible. >> they have a whole bunch of phones that need opened in new york for a terrorist investigation. yeah. and i know the nypd said we have 12 phones that we can't open. >> they haven't built a back door. they have simply cracked the code on the encryption, which is what this company does. >> which is what apple was asked to do -- >> no, apple was asked to create software to open it up. but these people cracked the code. >> what's the difference? >> there's a little difference. and now it's not out there for everybody to know. apple is claiming it a victory, but the bad news for apple, somebody is able to crack the code. >> the fbi said, we want you to release the program that allows us -- that shuts it down --
4:08 am
>> it's privacy versus national security. but this guy is no longer alive so why are we protecting his privacy? >> well, it's -- >> i understand that. but still this is -- it's a question for me, it's a question of national security. i think that's more important. >> well, the larger question s was, can the department of justice compel apple to create software that did not exist so that then if they crack into the one phone they can crack into all of then. apple saying this is a victory for your privacy. >> let's talk about some politics. donald trump and ted cruz they're headed over to wisconsin where we're getting word that the governor there, scott walker, is going to make an endorsement today on a milwaukee radio show. he has hinted around or signalled he did last week that he was going to endorse texas senator ted cruz. so we have to wait and hear that announcement. it's supposed to come this morning. >> as all eyes are on wisconsin, i believe the primary is week from today, there's a facebook page that's been established
4:09 am
with a petition to get the holiday inn in janesville to cancel a donald trump event which is supposed to be later today. the holiday inn people said, no, sorry, we're not going to do it. so what they're going to do is have a protest rally at 11:00 to show -- they're trying to make this the largest protest janesville has ever seen. they said we want this to be peaceful, don't be violent, let's just show that we don't like donald trump. >> jason reilly said last night of "the wall street journal," if donald trump takes wisconsin, forget about a contested convention he'll be unstoppable. governor walker said two things, number one, he was susceptible to attack about wisconsin, don't believe the hype about walker. the other thing that walker said, i'm dropping out. and if the other republicans are smart, and don't want donald trump to win, you'll follow me out the door.
4:10 am
because you're not going to able to stop him with 16 people there and it turns out for those who wanted to stop donald trump, walker was right. >> there's a ton of blue collar voters out there and there are not a lot of evangelicals so this is a rich prize for whoever ends up on with it. on another network which their call letters start with a "c" they'll have two town halls tonight. one with ted cruz, followed by donald trump. and what ted cruz is calling on donald trump to do is say, let's not do the two one hours. let's do a two-hour debate. so anyway, that's what ted cruz -- >> and donald trump has not responded yet to say whether or not he's going to do that. >> i think it will be a no. >> i think it will be a no too. >> heather what do you have for us? >> they'll probably talk about foreign policy. >> sure. >> speaking of that, over in brussels, we begin the headlines with this. and the manhunt re-ignited for
4:11 am
the suspected accomplice of the two suicide bombers in the brussels attacks. after officials freed the man they thought was that man in white, seen on this surveillance video. faycal cheffou was released for lack of evidence. the -- they have not said why he was originally suspected. washington police forced to open fire on a man they say pulled a weapon out in the capitol and placed the entire place in a state of panic. >> shelter in place. shelter in place. >> the gunman now identified as larry dawson a tennessee pastor who was once accused of disrupting a house chamber meet by shouting bible verses at the gallery. he pointed a weapon at officers who shot at him and he's now in critical condition. that weapon was reportedly a
4:12 am
pellet gun, but dawson was still charged with assault with a deadly weapon. police said this was not a terrorist attack. she has claimed to always be ready to answer the phone, always.u want answering the phone? >> i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> but maybe not. president bill clinton reportedly is not always able to get ahold of his wife on the phone. reports they the democratic candidate has been using her close aide huma abedin to screen calls from her husband and telling the former president she's sleeping when she doesn't want to talk with him. i'm not sure how we're getting that information, but there you have it. >> it's from orb magazine. he told that to john podesta. that was written up in "the new york post." >> who knew? >> send her an e-mail. they share the same server, don't they? >> i think he's only sent out
4:13 am
one e-mail in his wife. >> call your wife, she's sleeping. >> she has her assistant pick up. coming up, continuing coverage of the fox news alert, a passenger jet hijacked over the skies of egypt. it has landed but several hostages remain on board. hundreds of thousands of americans fly over that same air space every year. how safe are we when we're in that not so friendly sky. the most adorable traffic stop you will ever see. why she got busted. are you ready? are you ready? you've got to be ready. i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not?
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of course they do. everybody wants a piece of ready.
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4:17 am
get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. a fox news alert. an egyptian jetliner hijacked by a passenger claiming to be wearing a suicide bomb belt has diverted the flight and ordered it to be flown to the island country of cyprus a couple of hours ago. with egypt's aviation security under security and hundreds of thousands of americans fly willing to thank you egyptian air space every year, how is should we look at our presidential candidates to respond to this? let's talk to gillian turner, a former staff member under
4:18 am
presidents bush and obama. she is bipartisan. >> i am bipartisan. >> the news this morning regarding this is because of the volatile nature of that region the country of israel, our partner, immediately did what? >> immediately activated warplanes, reports said, over its own air space to protect territorial sovereignty as well they can be expected to do. we are vulnerable too as americans as you mentioned. hundreds of thousands of us flying in that air space every year. so american response is important here. >> okay, so now we'll talk about the five top candidates right now and how they handle national security issues regarding national security. first up, we have categorized them a plus, minus or neutral on things. where do you put ted cruz? >> i give ted cruz a positive ranking because this is a crisis type of situation. this can escalate into the major international incident. we want someone with a steady hand, whose judgment we trust on national security issues. >> he's got experience in that department? >> he's got not a terrible lot
4:19 am
of experience, but what he has been is very pragmatic in his approach to national security all along. i don't think he's liable to really escalate the situation n unnecessarily. >> john kasich -- >> i put him in the positive. some folks pointed out it's a long time ago, which is correct. he'll know how to calm down the israelis and how to mitigate this in the middle east -- >> and hillary clinton who has her aides screening her phone calls. >> neutral category. in the sense that she tends to be hawkish on national security. >> neutral? she has so much experience. >> no, she has lots of experience on this, but in terms of managing a crisis like this on her own she's a back bencher in meetings with obama. >> what does that mean? >> when the call is on, we don't know how she'll react. libya not so great.
4:20 am
obviously we know about the tragic events in benghazi that day. so the track record has some good things and some bad things. >> donald trump? >> i'm going to put donald trump in neutral as well. mainly because he's liable to be a little bit impetuous here. he might be a wild card and do something a little bit out there. >> well, that's one of the things that people love about him. you don't know. >> you don't know. so i think neutral kind of fairly hedges against both. >> bernie sanders? >> i don't know. let's just put him over there, where there's some space between neutral and negative. i don't know that he cares about this, to be honest. i don't know if it would merit -- make it up to him. >> all right. gillian is going to be back tomorrow to continue our foreign policy series. today she talked about breaking news in the security. >> thanks. coming up, watch what happens when this college kid does not get exactly what he wants. >> want to kick me out, kick me out you [ bleep ]. you're an uber driver you
4:21 am
[ bleep ]. >> great, i wonder who that guy is? you're about to find out. tim tebow known for using his faith on the field but wait until you see what he's doing with it off the field. ainsley caught up with him. we guarantee you will be inspired. ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be.
4:24 am
all right, time for your "news by the numbers." one out of five, that according to a new study that's -- that's how many people consider money more important than health. one-fifth willing to give up health care benefits for raise. next, 41 stories above the street. that's where the window washers got stuck when the power went out. they were helped to climb to safety. finally she's one. right. this pretty little princess got pulled over easter sunday for
4:25 am
driving while adorable. she got -- yeah, steve got two tickets for that over the weekend too. she was driving around the park and the officer gave her a fake citation. steve, how much is the fine for driving while adorable? >> $75. >> okay. so tim tebow is a fan favorite and household name. even though he hasn't played professional football for a couple of years now. he invited me down to florida to find out what he's up to. take a look. >> fantastic. >> why are you here today? >> well, i'm here to support tim. >> he's a once in a lifetime person and a -- he was a once in a generation player too. >> how did you meet tim? >> actually, through bible study. he's super inspiring. >> we have a common place and a common love for these kids. >> six years ago tim started the tebow foundation with a mission of bringing faith, hope and love
4:26 am
to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. and every year the foundation holds a celebrity gala auctioning golf classic. to date, more than $5.5 million has been raised for the foundation's charities, helping everyone from orphans in need to kids with life threatening illnesses. tim is inspired by his missionary parents and a strong faith in god. >> we want to fight for people that can't fight for themselves. this is my man, jayden. he overcame life threatening illness and now he's playing college football. he's in the middle of training and learning the playbook. we're going through the kno formation. >> how has tim's foundation helped you? >> it's helped me to overcome type i diabetes and helping me work for the lord. >> how do you know tim? >> when i was 18 months old, i was diagnosed with leukemia, and then i relapsed. the beginning of the sixth grade
4:27 am
year. i'm back in the eighth grade and i'm doing good. >> i want to do the naenae. >> show me how you do it. you got it. >> he clearly has a heart for these children and his -- he's made them his life message. blaine baxley and her family know all too well. when her leukemia came back, tim sent her and her mom to oxford, mississippi, for an ole miss game to hang out with tim and enjoy the game. she is one of thousands of children that tim has helped. >> what was it like when you met tim for the first final? >> good. >> it was good? exciting? when we got the wish granted, it renewed his fight. just encouraged him. >> what was the best part of your wish? >> the best part was just throwing the ball with tim and then afterwards having him give me some amazing, encouraging words that i'll never forget. i actually took that into my
4:28 am
transcript and he said whatever you put your mind to, you can just -- you can do it. never give up fighting. he gave me a 30% chance of living, and i'm here to -- i'm two years post transplant. >> who do you thank for that? >> i thank god most of all, but i really thank time. >> tim's goodness is rubbing off on the kids he's helped over the years. kelly fonen got a wish from tim and then started her own foundation, raising more than $80,000 to give back to tim's wish program. >> timmy is my -- >> tim seems to be thinking of others. before the golf tournament began he took time to stop and make someone else's day. >> how about this? after i get done playing, you want them? yeah? >> yeah.
4:29 am
>> they're yours. >> big word there. that's good. >> not the shirt off his back, but the shoes off his feet. >> that young man's name is travis birkheart. he was involved in a serious accident and he was not supposed to survive the first night. he had been going to school to become a teacher with hopes of becoming a football coach. he's admired tim tebow for years. we were walking out to the first tee and he saw travis. he said, ainsley, hold on, he walked over to travis, gave him a big hug. travis was in the wheelchair to watch him tee off. he said, tim, i like your shoe, and he said, you want them? i'll give them to you after we play golf. there he is, giving him the tennis shoes. tim is such a wonderful person. i was thinking more people need to be like this and we need athletes to step up to the plate and be heroes and to be these types of individuals. >> a cross-section showed up. you have gary sheffield, his
4:30 am
former college coach. >> that's right. so many famous people there, that were walking the red carpet. that had flown down there, taken time out of their busy schedules to be there for tim. >> people love tim tebow. >> they love him. he keeps up a relationship with the individuals throughout the years. they allyear. he knows their story, he visits them in the hospital. an incredible person. >> in the next hour what are you up to? >> we'll show you more of the gala, what he's doing behind the scenes. if he's going to go back to play ball. what his plans are for the future. that's coming up in the next hour. >> so you're telling me -- >> yeah, i'll interview -- he'll show me how to play golf. >> all right. yes. it was a challenge. >> meanwhile, this black lives matter activist is running for mayor. now netflix donated to his campaign. sheriff david clark is here to react to it.
4:31 am
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...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. a fox news alert still to tell you about this morning. the hostage situation is under way after a man hijacked an egyptair passenger plane ordering the pilot to change course and head to cyprus. >> look at this brand-new video just in. it shows people leaving the plane, then climbing out of the cockpit as well. it's still unclear who these people here. >> official says he forced the egyptair plane to land after he originally tried to go to
4:35 am
istanbul, but he was told by the captain there's not enough fuel for the journey. he is demanding that egyptian prisoners be released. wait a second. >> you can see the people climbing out of the left side of the cockpit. >> dozens got out. in fact, there was some confusion as to the hijacker's identity. he was identified as a 27-year-old egyptian. and that was untrue. >> the hijacker has released most of the hostages, at last check, seven people are on board. a mix of passengers and crew members. unclear if any americans are still on board. initially there were eight we believe on the original flight. officials say it's not related to terrorism, but it sounds like it has something to do with his ex-wife. apparently shortly after he landed there, along with the crew and the passengers in cyprus, he threw a letter
4:36 am
written in arabic down on the tarmac asking for his wife to come to the airport. apparently, she did and he ended up giving her a love letter. so it does appear there's a connection between him and his ex-wife. >> maybe it's plural. because he was going to go somewhere else at first. hey, how much gas do you have first, i want to visit my ex-wife. >> he wanted to go to istanbul, the captain said we don't have enough gas for that apparently he wants female prisoners released in egypt. he was asking for police vehicles to move away from the plane when it landed, asking for political asylum. >> this is an ongoing, it's a live fox news alert situation. we'll keep you posted on any developments out of the island of cyprus. >> well, if you want to solve that problem, i'd send over david clarke. >> the milwaukee county sheriff
4:37 am
david clarke is here now. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> this is the first time on the couch. this is most famous couch in television. >> take that, "the view." >> sheriff, let's talk about something in the news in the past couple of weeks and that's the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists, apparently there was a pass code thing on i. if they tried ten times and got it wrong, it would cook all the information on there. apple was asked to crack the code by the fbi, they said no, we can't, because everyone will know how to get in. it sounds like they got somebody else to crack the code and were able to get into it. what do you make of this? apple is claiming it's a victory for our privacy. >> well, i think it is too, but i don't think we're getting the whole story here. you have the fbi coming in and rattling sabres and the sky is falling rhetoric. a terrorist attack is imminent if we don't have apple give up these intellectual property
4:38 am
rights. and we find out now that that wasn't true. i think you lose credibility so the next time the fbi goes into court i think they'll lose anyway. i think a judge is going to be a little more dismissive of their claims. >> in what way, sheriff, is he going to be dismissive? >> you can't come in and sound all these alarms, you know, to get somebody -- a judge to grant the authority that they were looking for. under false pretenses. i'm not saying they're falling, but the sky is falling rhetoric. >> i don't get it. what do you think the fbi not candid about? >> they said if they didn't give apple to give up the back doors into this phone that there was potential information that could stop a terrorist attack. i mean, there's always the possibility of something. but what i -- what i like to point to is what's the probability? so you're going to ask apple to give up a lot -- a lot. and based on nothing tangible, just there might be something in this phone.
4:39 am
so they were able to get inside some other way. they realized they didn't have to force apple to do this. it's good this court case ended. but i don't think we're getting the whole story. >> what do you think this means for police departments going forward? >> i don't know what it will nicotine for police departments, but for the fbi they're the lead intelligence agency in the united states and i think we ought to revisit that, by the way. the federal bureau of investigations is just that -- investigative. no knock on the agents, okay, but you can't take the investigative agency that looks for evidence that a crime may have been committed or may about to be committed. intelligence work is used to disrupt and detect terror attacks before they happen. you're not collecting evidence and if an arrest can't be made, you back off. >> if it worked out for the fbi and the department of justice, they could have gotten apple to crack open, you know, through -- to create a back door, that
4:40 am
would have been helpful to a lot of law enforcement. but then again a lot of hackers too. >> well, we have to have balance here. all right, there's a sweet spot. that's what i look for. that's actually my field of study for my masters degree, balancing privacy and security. there are other national security experts that have been on this program and talked about leaning more toward apple because it sends everything out of whack. we can accomplish both. these things are not mutually exclusive. security and privacy. we're going to accomplish both in order to do that, though, you have to have some reasonableness and a lot of oversight, law enforcement. i'm in law enforcement, i have been here for 38 years. sure, i'd like all this stuff without warrants and -- that's not really what our democratic state is here in the united states. we have to have safeguards. you have to have oversight and as long as we have that, i think we can still -- >> i like what you're saying about balance though. i think a compromise would be good. if you're considered a
4:41 am
terrorist, then we can hack into your phone, then apple can release the records. >> i said this publicly at the time, director comey who i met, a great guy. what i mean by that, nobody has more integrity than he does. i think he should have picked up the phone or gone and called tim cook and had a conversation. checked all this stuff -- kept it out of the news and the courts. i'm sure cook -- they would have come to some resolution on this thing without all of this fanfare. but that didn't happen. >> people said it might be a business plan for apple. >> yep. let's change gears here, netflix and twitter are supporting a black lives matter candidate and they're encouraging people to use their vehicle to do this. are you surprised that netflix would write a check like this and twitter would be in support of it? >> no. sometimes politics is show business. this not surprising. i think it's kind of shameful what they're doing and with who they're backing and where they're sending their money. i think it sends the wrong message with the report that i saw, giving money to this guy running for mayor in baltimore i
4:42 am
think it is. and that's not the right guy. look, baltimore needs new leadership. i'm glad to see that in baltimore this guy is only getting 1% of the vote even though he has money coming in from across the country. but i think it sends the wrong message in terms of leadership. he's divisive. this deray -- >> deray mckesson. >> deray mckesson. he's divisive and caustic. he would not be good for the city of baltimore right now. this is what elitists do, all right? netflix and others. they try to send messages by where they send their money. but this is the wrong one. >> susan sarandon and rasheeda jones are two actors that are -- >> hollywood liberal elites. this is how they spend their money. this is how they deal with their guilt. they're trying to build up their stamp book so to speak that they're down with the struggle when they're not.
4:43 am
they're so far removed from life in the baltimore ghetto or any ghetto in the united states and that's what they feel guilty about so they're trying to flaunt their racial sensitivity and i think it's wrong. >> sheriff, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> good to have you on the curvy couch. >> can i put my feet up now? >> sit back, we'll give you a cold beer. >> we'll until noon for that. >> it's noon somewhere. let's change gears. straight ahead, hackers crippling computer systems at a major chain, and what do they want and how are the patients being affected? okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. welcome back. some quick headlines for you. insane cell phone video of a new york city millionaire son cursing at an uber driver and it has gone viral. >> want to kick me out, kick me
4:47 am
out you little piece of [ bleep ]. you're an uber driver you little minimum wage piece of [ bleep ]. >> wow. the driver refused to allow the students into his car and that is when crowman started to yell at him as you saw. it seems like in another story that can be kind of related to this. it seems like the millennials want the free lunch until they go out to get jobs. many opted out of bernie sanders' ideas until they found out it takes a big bite out of of their paychecks. hackers forced patient record systems offline for thousands of doctors and nurses. the fbi is now investigating and a ransom is involved. abby huntsman joins with us the latest on the fbi investigation.
4:48 am
abby? >> reporter: good morning. the fbi is launching an investigation after a computer virus paralyzes the significant parts of medstar health i.t. operation. now, the company posted this on facebook saying quote early this morning, medstar's i.t. system was affected by a virus that prevents certain users from logging in. medstar acted quickly with a decision to take down all system interfaces to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the organization. all clinical offices do remain open and so far, no information has been compromised. they moved to backup systems and is using paper documents when necessary. the hospital chain describes itself as the largest health care provider in the maryland and the washington, d.c., area and it's affected the georgetown university hospital. well, the fbi is assessing whether it's ransom ware. that's used to extort money.
4:49 am
hospitals have become the largest target until a ransom is paid. >> medical records are worth $50 to $70 because they have everything, your name, your address, social security number, date of birth and dependents. the security at hospital is so lax. they're playing with technology from 10 to 15 years and they're at a distinct disadvantage. >> the scale of the ransom ware threat was highlighted last month when a hospital paid $17,000 in bit coins to hackers who disabled the computer network. what's so scary is in the subjects they have so much 06 your information as you just heard. they have your social security, where you live. the year you were born and the technology is behind like 10 or 15 years. >> and then they can hold them up for ransom. >> thanks, abby. >> thanks. all right, coming up, the president scolds the press because they're not doing enough to stop donald trump?
4:50 am
wow. then our studio is turning into a jungle. we have sharks, we have snakes, we have sting rays. at one point we had an octopus. >> look at that. all right, in 2014, pharrell williams was topping the charts with this song which we love, because we're "happy" this morning. ♪ one can of bush's beans. homestyle sounds good. country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? helps preparey themng right for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ...
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4:53 am
check out these incredible images. they are just a few from the web series dedicated to bringing us up close and personal with wild animals. >> that's right. here to show us some amazing images is the host of mutual of
4:54 am
omaha wild kingdom series. >> thank you so much for having me. >> should we get down low near the water? >> we brought different animals in today. probably ones you haven't had in studio. but we filmed a series on snakes and wolves so we wanted to bring in different animals to show you -- there's not just one type of shark, one type of sting ray. >> how many are there? >> like 500 plus sharks. >> what kind of -- >> actually, if we take a look here, these are babies -- >> don't put your head in there. >> these guys are totally safe. if you want one of -- >> what kind of shark is it? >> this is a bambi shark. it feels like sand paper. >> oh. >> there you go. give it a touch. >> that is a little rough. >> put him in. >> it's beautiful though. >> they get about two feet, three feet long. and they spend a lot of time around the coral reeves in the pacific. >> okay. >> they won't bite you? >> they won't bite you. like said, there are so many different kinds of sharks and
4:55 am
most of the purpose is to keep the ocean clean. keep all the species balanced. whether you're a three-feet bamboo shark or 13 meter whale shark -- they all have a purpose. >> what is this? >> same thing, a bamboo shark. they eat crustaceans. >> the coloring is amazing. >> this is a fresh water sting ray. they have sting ray that lives in the rivers of brazil. so they all have stingers. that is a type of protection. they have a venomous glandz at the bottom of it. it's to protect them. >> who's got the job with putting the cover on the stinger? >> one of my guys. but, a beautiful collaratiorati. that helps them to blend into the sand. this is a king crab. look at this thing. >> wow. >> so they spend a lot of time
4:56 am
in the deep ocean. they are -- >> this little guy. >> do you believe this thing is related to spiders? >> yes. actually. absolutely. >> you're in a restaurant and you order king crab legs, this is what it would look like under -- >> i'm not -- don't let him hear you. yeah. so obviously really important animal. they're like the vacuum cleaner in the ocean. they eat pretty much anything. this is a colombian red tailed boa. they're very smooth, they're not -- >> like linoleum. >> they're very beautiful animals. obviously same thing. they're balancing the ecosystem. even if you're nervous or afraid of them, that's okay. just please respect them. that's what we try to do with our series, animals are amazing. they have their own personality. >> like you. no one has a better personality than you. >> watch the web series and see the animals.
4:57 am
>> stephanie, thank you. thank you, handler. coming up, it's geraldo's last dance. he got eliminated from "dancing with the stars," but not before he could make dance great again. he and his partner will join us live. are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional? you've got to be ready. the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp, ready to produce. ready for the unexpected. are you ready to prosper, to grow? do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? to be ready is to anticipate. prepare. emergency lights, alarm panel. ready. ready? ready. ready is safe. you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. you, have anticipated, prepared, figured out, focused. you're ready. i'm ready! ready is the hero. a hero.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? good tuesday morning. if you're just waking up, thanks for joining us. march 29, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. the hijacking situation we have been talking all morning, it is now over. after a plane packed with people including americans was taken over by a hijacker, claiming to be strapped with a suicide belt. it has now ended, people getting so dperate, someone was seen crawling out of the come pit. look at that moments ago. jumping down and running. cracking the code, no thanks to apple. the fbi has apparently broken into the san bernardino's iphone. they had a third party help
5:01 am
them. what it means the battle twine privacy and security and when will they find something, if there's anything on the phone. and he gave it his all, but it wasn't good enough. geraldo rivera eliminated from "dancing with the stars," but not before showing america he could make everyone dance again. ♪ >> the first time we have seen him blond. he's got a lot of splaining to do. the dancing duo is here live, so stick around because hijackings is over, geraldo's here and your mornings are now better with "friends." a fox news alert. and this just in. the hostage situation in cyprus is now over. officials say the hijacker of the egyptair plane has been
5:02 am
arrested. overnight a man hijacked that plane in egypt and forced that pilot to change course. >> new video shows the hostages -- look over on the left portion, jumping from the plane's cockpit window to the land below. >> and kelly wright did a great job of bringing us through it as it unfolded. it was reported that 82 people were on board, thankfully dozens were allowed to leave, leaving about seven left on the plane. we do think there were americans -- eight americans in all we were told by the airline on board. so it seems as though at this hour we believe everybody is safe. >> that's right. so why exactly did they wind up in cyprus? apparently when this jet, this airbus a-320 was shortly after it had taken off from alexandria, egypt, bound for cairo, somebody who identified themselves as a hijacker noted to a flight attendant, hey, look, right here, i'm wearing a
5:03 am
bomb belt. nonetheless, they were able to divert the flight to the country of cyprus. then shortly thereafter, it was discovered that apparently he had an ex-wife on the island of cyprus. she arrived. he gave her a love letter. this is not the international terror. a foreign minister said he's not a terrorist, he's an idiot, but he hijacked the airliner. >> this idiot pulled off this hijacking for hours -- five or six hours. this is the same airline we believe that was blown out of the sky with russians on board, coming back from vacation a couple of months ago. so what does it say about egyptian security that he could pull this off? >> well, we don't know for sure that it was a real bomb. >> that's true. that's true. >> but he did pull it out. >> maryan o'toole, she did this for a living.
5:04 am
what do you think was going on over the last 30 minutes when they were negotiating with this guy and getting him to surrender and then arrest him? >> well, you could see as you were watching the hostages get off the plane that the hostage taker was really changing -- he was changing emotionally and he was changing tactically. and what that means is that he was letting people go. which is really a good thing. but it also would tell us that his plans are changing and he was becoming more impulsive. so when you have someone that's so -- in such a highly emotional situation and they're changing their plans, they can become even more dangerous. but particularly to themselves. so it really was good that he surrendered because he was at high risk for suicide at this point or hurting someone around him. >> it does sound like whoever he was negotiating with, he said that the police are too close to me. if you move the police back i'll release some people. they moved them back, he released the people. he asked to see the ex-girlfriend, she showed up. did the hostage negotiators in
5:05 am
cyprus do the right thing? >> it sounds like its, because it sounds like they're testing his ability to be compliant and to interact with them. the more you can get them to work with you, the more you can get them to do what you want. >> did you look for the hijacker to bomb with the hostages, and why? >> if they bond with the hostages that means there's an emotion that they have for the hostages. so some empathy and that's what you want in every human being. when you see an absence of empathy, no ability to bond with the hostages -- in other words, they could care less what happens to them or what they do to them, then you may be dealing with someone who has psyche pathic traits. that makes them even her -- more dangerous. >> what do we do, do we talk to the suspect -- the guy that's holding us or a woman who's
5:06 am
holding us i should say? what do we do in that situation? >> well, you want to test their ability to bond with you. you want to interact with them, but make it all about them. you don't want to talk about how you have children and they're going to be worried about you. you want to ask them questions and talk to them in a way that shows that you have feelings towards them. again it's done to test them to see if you can get them to interact and maybe bond with you, which is your goal. >> sure. what's different about this hijacking though, mary ellen is the fact that apparently not from isis, not from al qaeda, didn't try to crash the plane or blow anything up. it look like he was trying to make a statement or to show off to a girl. we don't know what the circumstances are at this point right now. how do you scare that with the mentality -- i mean, for the people on the plane, these days after 9/11 you figure we're going to die. whereas in this case, this has for the most part a happy ending. >> well, i'm sure the people on
5:07 am
the plane could care less what his motivations were. they were scared to death and you could very well have someone that was very melodramatic in a relationships going sideways and he's using a copycat behavior to try to reconnect with his wife. if that's the case, that in itself is very frightening because he was able to actually carry it out. so it does go to the security of the airline. >> yeah. speaking of the security of the airline, it is not believed he had a gun. we don't even know that he really had an explosive device. he may haved had something and showed it to the flight attendant. obviously the flight attendant probably did the right thing, right, telling the captain and then them diverting. >> absolutely. you don't know if that device, if he did have a device and it was active, just the idea that someone uses this kind of a situation to make it look like a terrorist event if in fact it
5:08 am
was far more personal. just the idea that now we have this sort of hybrid of copycat is very frightening. >> mary ellen o'toole, former hostage negotiator, bringing us up to date on the news. he's under arrest, all the hostages are fine. >> thanks, mary ellen. >> you're welcome. eight minutes after the top of the hour. heather has another fox news alert. >> some other news we're following on top of that. we begin with the fox news alert. the manhunt re-ignited now for the suspected accomplice of two suicide bombers in the brussels attacks after officials freed the man that they thought was the man in white seen on this surveillance video. faycal cheffou was arrested on thursday, but was released for lack of evidence. officials have not explained why the journalist was originally suspected and new images emerges
5:09 am
of the brothers el bakraoui partying in a belgium nightmare. this happened back in february. to washington, d.c., returning to a normal day after chaos unfolded on capitol hill. police forced to open fire on a man who pulled a weapon inside and then placed the entire place into a state of panic. >> shelter in place, shelter in place. shots reported at the capitol visitor's center. >> he's identified as larry dawson who was once accused of disrupting a house chamber meeting by shouting bible verses at the gallery. he pointed a weapon at officers who shot at him. and he now is in critical condition. that weapon reportedly a pellet gun, but dawson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. and another professional athlete pledging to donate his
5:10 am
brain to science. dale earnhardt jr. saying he wants to help with concussion research. earnhardt posted it along with this article about former oakland raiders stars pledging to do the same. in honor of one of the former teammates kenny stabler, the pro football hall of famer. he died last july. a disease linked to concussi concussions 'cuz found in his brain. earnhardt jr. suffered a pair of concussions in 2012 that caused him to miss two races. and the man behind one of the most beloved characters on tv is stepping into a brand-new role. ♪ ♪ lock the door drag your feet ♪ >> that is kiefer sutherland in a music video for his brand-new country song "not enough whiskey." it hits itunes on april 8th. you can expect an entire album
5:11 am
later this year. i know that you're waiting for it. >> not enough whiskey is the name of the album? >> right. >> the big decision -- singing about beer or whiskey, he chose whiskey. >> what would you choose? >> beer. i'd sing about that. >> whiskey is very risky. >> absolutely. >> hard to rhyme. >> hey, the president was at syracuse talking about the media. >> he was. >> and maybe we'll talk about this later. >> yeah. maybe i'll talk about it myself. that's what we'll be talking about an the break. coming up, the president as brian was referring to, ours, is home from cuba. one of the castro brothers already trash talking him. did our president get dumped? peter johnson jr. up next. and then ainsley and tim tebow go golfing and talk politics. >> have you thought about politics? you're such a good role model. >> thank you. >> a new career in his future? i have asthma...
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well, that was the way they were, president obama cozying up to raul castro in cuba, trying to create a diplomatic spark. but another problem? well, raul's brother fidel not buying i. the elder castro taking aim at obama in an op-ed saying nobody should be under the illusion that anyone in this selfless country would renounce the glory or the rights or the spiritual wealth they have ga gained. we do not need the empire, that's us, to give us anything. >> the way we were barbra streisand, come on. the romance gone by. well, there never was a romance. they didn't want a romance. the president was the dupe, he was the eager suitor, the overeager young man wooing cubc,
5:17 am
saying we want to love you. fidel castro saying we don't love you, we hate you. we remember the bay of pigs and unless you suck up to us and recognize the revolution, brother obama, he calls him, we won't take it anymore. it's the latest smackdown of this president who begins with an apology tour and then ends with lavish gifts like iran. >> yeah. >> so here's $50 billion or $100 billion. do what you want, basically, in terms of nuclear technology and so iran's response is well, we'll take one of your ships. and humiliate your sailors, and hold them captive for 12 hours and make them cry. and humiliate them in a way we haven't seen in a long time in the united states. time and time again, an eager suitor president, apologizing, wooing nations like cuba, like iran, like nations in the middle east. remember at the beginning of the presidency, it was going to be a whole new thing? we apologize for all of our sins
5:18 am
in the past. you're going to really like us now. and then, zippo. we see what we see. >> i don't know what planet you're living on peter johnson jr., because josh earnest heard -- >> yeah. >> this is all good. >> this is a laugh. laugh hard. >> the fact that the former president felt compelled to respond so fortunately to the president's visit i think is an indication of the significant impact of president obama's visit to cuba. >> it's a significant impact. not jilted -- >> i think he's a great press secretary but even he can't contain the laugh on that. so fidel castro really likes what the president was saying. he's really -- he thinks it's impactful so that's why he responds in this disrespectful, communist screed way in the communist newspaper. so he kicks the president in the head. he kicks the brothers in the head, remember the revolution. i guess diplomacy is working.
5:19 am
as long as we get some baseball players from down there. i mean, that seems to be the whole point. let's get some baseball players, maybe up here in the united states, we can do that. people want some trip, we can have all beverages included down there. i mean, come on! so the president, again, on the i'm sorry tour. remember brenda lee -- ♪ i'm sorry, i'm sorry again, mr. president, let's get out of the top 40 -- unfortunately he's in the bottom 40 at this point. fidel doesn't like it. does not like it at all. >> look, he's in the legacy stage. he needs something for the walls of his library. >> not a good legacy today. >> all right. peter johnson jr., looking back at the way they were. good morning. thank you. all right, coming up, cracking the code, no thanks to apple. the fbi apparently broke into the san bernardino terrorist phone with the help of a third party. the developing details straight ahead. then tim tebow and our own ainsley go golfing and talk politics. is there a new career in tim's
5:20 am
5:21 am
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5:23 am
some quick terror related headlines this morning. a shocking new report shows just how sick isis terror plots can be. they're planning to murder jewish children in turkey, targeting kindergartens and youth centers. the security measures are being raised there. well, the honeymoon is over for this woman who tried to join isis during a romantic get way. jaelyn young, she and her fiance
5:24 am
planned to join isis last summer. she faces up to 20 years in prison. crowded -- >> last hour we told you about tim tebow's foundation, helping thousands of children in need all over the world. >> part of the fund raising effort is an annual golf tournament and december who wound up going? >> he invited me to hit the course with him. tim and his family, we were playing golf together with a lot of the kids. i asked him about his future on the football field and if he'll consider running for political office. take a look. >> hit the ball. >> thanks for doing this. >> thank you. >> how do you guys feel getting to play golf with tim tebow? >> he's my brother. so i play golf with him a lot. >> you taught him everything he knows, right? >> oh, get the first one out of the way.
5:25 am
>> tim,r than playing football? >> making a difference is always better than football. yeah. golfing -- i don't know about that. but being able to put a smile on a kid's face, yeah. being able to give a kid hope, yeah. being able to love someone and telling them that god has a plan four their life and they're worth something and they're special, yeah, that's better than a game every day. >> what is this like for your family? >> pretty awesome. my parents set the example a long time ago and, you know, it's cool just to see tim's foundation grow and, you know, based on the example that my parents set. >> aren't you so impressed with what your boys are doing and what your family is doing and making a difference in the lives of so many people? what is that like for a mom? >> i'm so overwhelmed and so grateful to impact so many kids all over the world. so we're really thankful. >> going to teach me how to play golf? >> i don't know if i'm qualified to do that. basically, that's how we're hitting. like this. >> okay. >> perfect.
5:26 am
get in a little bit of a balanced stance. >> okay. >> then, okay, the best technique is just close your eyes and swing as hard as possible. >> no, seriously? >> no. >> so go back how far, like that? >> yeah, looks good. >> then hit the ball. >> hit the ball. >> why am i nervous? >> because there's people watching you. >> yes! >> that was terrible. >> shortstop. >> i know. can i do one more? >> there you go. >> nice. that was great. >> going to play again? >> i don't know if it's going to happen. >> there's some rumors. >> there's doors open. >> like the top quarterback -- how many years has it been since you play? >> three years. >> there's a poll, you're the top favorite quarterback for kids. >> we'll see. >> you're such a great role model. >> it's such a whirlwind
5:27 am
watching everything. i don't know, at this time in my life, any way -- >> you're saying there's hope. >> if there's a chance you can make a difference in something, then that would be intriguing. >> all right. >> yeah. >> so good to see you. >> let mget this straight. so you wind up with a golf lesson and a hug? >> he's the greatest guy. he's so nice. he really sees these children as god's children. and he says i'm giving a chance, giving hope to kids who can't fight for themselves. he's fighting for them. such a nice individual. you know, 100% of all the proceeds for his foundation goes back to the kids. >> 100%? >> 100%. >> you have private donors that help with the administrative costs. >> love to see him give it a shot in canada, prove himself like warren moon, doug flutie and come back. joe theismann. they did it, they came back. >> how about politics? >> i'm just saying he's got
5:28 am
athletic ability left. i mean -- >> i think one of the owners needs to pick him up. >> how about jacksonville. >> that's where you were at the event. >> right. he'd pack the stands, everyone would go to see him. thank you. i appreciate what you do for the kids. >> right. he's probably answering, we can't hear him. coming up straight ahead, the fbi broke into the san bernardino killer's iphone, no thanks to apple. is privacy negotiable? >> arthur aidala and keith ablow are up next. and our friend got eliminated from "dancing with the stars" but not before he made america great dance wise. he and his partner will join us live from l.a., coming up. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas
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we're also phasing out orca theatrical shows. they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do. this is a fox news alert.
5:32 am
incredible video showing look at that in the spot shadow right there, a person jumping from the front window of a hijacked jetliner as escaped passengers run down the tarmac for their lives. >> the hostage situation in egypt now over and the suspect has been arrested. the suspect claiming to be wearing a suicide vest when he boarded that airplane, ordering the pilot to change course and to head off to cyprus instead of over to cairo. there are conflicting reporting over the hijacker's identity. he was first identified as a 27-year-old egyptian national but those claims were untrue. an egyptian cabinet member apologized for all the confusion. government officials say the hijacking was not related to terrorism. >> it sounds like he wanted to impress a woman. believe it or not. here's another fox news alert. the fbi cracking the code and breaking into the san bernardino
5:33 am
terrorist iphone. to no. thanks to apple. how will this affect americans? joining us is dr. keith ablow and arthur aidala. don't need to go through the courts, arthur. we no long -- judge, don't worry about it. they go to the outside company that apple wasn't willing to do. who wins? >> for the law students out there, the issue is no moot. it has no impact, taken out of the courts. because they were able to resolve it on their own. who wins? i think ultimately apple is going to come off looking like, oh, we beat the government. but ultimately, ultimately, ultimately, do you know what the lesson is? we have no privacy. in other words, the government can find what they want. here they went through the back door, but if government had gone to the judge and ordered apple to do what they needed to do -- >> they did. >> apple has to do what they've got to. >> they appealed.
5:34 am
>> they're allowed to appeal. it became moot. >> but the clock is ticking on the next attacker, perhaps. >> as they say, the law is made for men, not the men for the law. john d. rockefeller. >> nice. >> if i want to make a safe that i sell to the public and i say, listen, it's so secure i don't even know how to get into it, don't lose the combination because this is the most safe safe you'll ever have, the government can't tell me i can't sell that. >> well, okay. >> that's literally what the government was saying, you must not sell something we can't open. guess what? we won't broker away our freedom. >> and maybe the next attack is going to downtown los angeles, a sleeper cell that was there, maybe the answer is in phone when he pulled off this phone from the cloud. so apple claims they needed ten engineers to work for a full month in order to create the software in order to unlock the phone. bottom line is -- outside company did the same thing and now the back door is open thanks
5:35 am
to the outside company so don't tell me apple won. >> look, tim cook son the cover of "time" magazine. he looks like -- my point is this. it's irrelevant it would take them to do it. how much power does the government have? does the government say i want to see brian's facebook account? >> they have to get a warrant, you know that. >> exactly. what apple is saying before we give up our technology, before we give up the secrets we'll make you go to the appeals and to the united states supreme court and make the highest level of government force us to do that. >> listen, there have been journalists who having told release your sources and they have said, good, we're not doing. >> i good analogy. >> there's the higher court, the court of the truth, right, and sometimes you have to stand up for that. listen, another quote, when you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you. kafka. we're not going to broker our way away our freedoms completely and cannibalize ourself because
5:36 am
we're so scared. >> i don't think the government said to tim cook, listen, we know they're going to kill 20 more people and the answer is in the phone. we need to do it right now! >> arthur, is that from 1988, this is a series of putting steps together -- >> bottom line -- >> but the fear is, they're going to go in your phone and his phone and my phone, they don't want to crack that door open. >> very simple. >> who doesn't want to do to that? >> are you allowed to proffer something to the public which cannot be opened? are you or aren't you? if we're at a place where people cannot create privacy enabled devices that are seemingly undefeatable, then we're in a very bad place. >> if i'm a war correspondent, i meet with the other side and i leave american troops susceptible because of what i know, am i really american? >> that may be questionable but you're not breaking the law. in other words, keeping your mouth shut -- it's not a crime. you may be un-american.
5:37 am
but not a crime. >> the fbi gets what they want and who is the real winner? something to discuss at your dinner table. thanks, arthur and keith ablow. >> we have no privacy. there is no privacy. don't assume anything you put on your phone or e-mail -- privacy. >> in ten minutes we'll go through your text messages. >> no problem. i have nothing to hide. >> heather childers, you have something to talk about. yeah, a concealed pistol that folds up to look like a smartphone. it's small enough to fit in your front pocket. the ceo of the company nakes the gun says he got the idea after getting his permit to carry and quickly realized he would like to be more concealed. it will go on sale later this year. it costs about $400. well, remember when emory university students were calling this trump 2016 graffiti traumatizing? well, brace yourself syracuse university, it looks like on that campus doing the same.
5:38 am
one day after celebrating cruz' -- syracuse's final four victory, trump's name was found scrawled all over a resident hall steps. the student says he thinks the whole situation is funny. and house speaker paul ryan has a special message for george clooney -- quit e-mailing me. ryan saying he has received e-mails from the actor demanding he pony up the cash for a $33,000 a plate hillary clinton fund-raiser. it is just one of two swanky parties that he's throwing for the democratic front-runner. ryan says he wants off that e-mail list. and finally, a wheelchair bound girl blessed by the pope is showing signs of recovery from lyme disease. the story went viral after pope francis placed his hand on her head during his trip to new york. that was back in september. well ever since then she's received an outpouring of support from many. months later, she is making huge
5:39 am
strides. >> >> the night before my dad's birthday i was able to -- i started feeling the top of my feet and the ankles. >> and julia says looking 59 the pope, she says it was like looking at the face of god. so a blessed little girl. >> little angel. >> working through that. she's healed, that's incredible. thank you. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. on a tuesday, let's go out to the streets of new york city. there we final maria molina. maria, it is windy. >> yeah, it's windy and chilly. and we could actually see the temperatures dipping down even colder as we head into the latter half of this weekend and next week. it won't be an april fool's joke. more on that coming up later over the next few days because i want to start off with your pollen levels. look at this. because it's spring. a lot of people are going to start having problems with this, and as a matter of fact, in atlanta, georgia, other areas in the southeast, you will be having issues with that. and those levels will stay
5:40 am
elevated here coming up over the next several days. and in washington, d.c., by friday, you could be seeing the levels improving and this is because we'll have a system swinging through, bringing some rain. that lowers the levels so that's going to be some welcome news for some of you who suffer with allergies. it's very busy across parts of new england around maine, heavy snow and out west, a massive storm system bringing in feet of snow across some of the higher elevations out there. we have winter storm warnings in effect and blizzard warnings for for parts of wyoming. feet of snow out there across the state of wyoming. severe weather across the plains because of the same storm system. that's a quick look at your current temperatures. chilly right there in new york city. 44 degrees. and you're only in the 30s across parts of the midwest. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. first time we ever had a pollen count.
5:41 am
>> there's so much pollen, i was down in florida over the weekend, i got a shnoz full, believe me. >> good for visine sales. >> gets all over your porch and cars. >> it's a big surprise. >> you brought it up. >> well, maria started it. >> it's talk show. >> all eyes are on wisconsin, right ahead of the big primary. coming up next, governor scott walker is set to make a big endorsement. we're live in milwaukee after the break to hear what he'll say. it's geraldo's last dance. our friend just got eliminated from "dancing with the stars" but not before he could make dance great again. >> he and his partner are here live in new york city. they're going to tango on into the studio. >> and then say good-bye. i've been claritin clear for 14 days. when your allergy symptoms start...
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we have got some quick tuesday morning headlines right now. don't tell the president, but cuba may not be so great after all. two dozen cuban migrants have been found in south florida. this comes less than 48 hours after another 26 were picked up near key west. seven of them had gunshot wounds. the u.s. coast guard says most of the migrants will likely be sent back to cuba. and a driver survives this crash, but into not -- not into but up a power line. look at that. i was watching it. the woman rounded a bend too fast in medina, tennessee, and ended up dangling for two hours while crews worked to get her down. >> what in the world? how did she get up there? >> good question. a big endorsement is about to come down the political pike. scott walker is about to reveal which of the candidate he's
5:46 am
backing in a matter of minutes. this as the remaining candidates sprint through the badger state ahead of the primary. jeff flock is joining us live from milwaukee. so jeff, scott walker has a couple of republicans to choose from. and any idea who he will? >> reporter: well, i can't tell you who he's going to endorse, but see that bus back behind me, i put my money on that man right there. scott walker not so popular after in the state after he ran for president, but his popularity is returning. in an hour's time, on conservative talk radio he'll make that endorsement. a further hint perhaps, this is a guy who had something to say about scott walker yesterday. maybe that tells you where the endorsement is going. take a listen. >> i am a big, big fan of scott walker's. he's a terrific governor. he's a strong conservative. when millions of men and women
5:47 am
rallied behind governor walker it inspired millions and inspired me. >> reporter: if donald trump was thinking maybe he had a shot at it, i don't think he had a shot at it. protesters are here, and trump arrives shortly. at janesville, they conducted a sit in at the hotel where trump will be holding the rally tonight. if the protesters are tough on him, talk radio, the most popular talk radio host called donald trump a giant fraud. another talk radio host, trump got treated so badly, he hung up on him. >> whoa. >> oh. >> so we'll see what happens. >> all right. jeff, interesting. really could be the difference. i mean, ted cruz, be because it's trump at two percentage points and it's within the
5:48 am
error -- >> reporter: they said ted cruz is their man. >> not the trump train behind you, but the cruz bus. jeff flock, thank you. > we'll be covering you next week. and geraldo just got eliminated from "dancing with the stars" but not before he could make dance great again. geraldo and his partner, edyta, they'll join us live in a few minutes. let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up on his show. maybe one day you'll be on "dancing with the stars." >> we'll see about that. i want to use the wig. yes, we are -- they want to use if they can use your wig? [ laughter ] >> he says yes. >> had to be the hair. good effort, man. hey, we are learning more about this hijacked plane. we'll bring you the latest out of egypt. the terror strikes in last week alone, they have been earth
5:49 am
shattering. and wisconsin is the next big prize -- senator ron johnson will tell us what is important in his home state. a fast moving morning. martha and i will see you in 11 minutes, top of the hour. want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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5:52 am
donald, that was huge, it was huge. hey, can you hold on for a second? melania. ♪ >> geraldo is making dancing great again, but unfortunately, geraldo, not great enough. last night he was eliminated from "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> geraldo and edyta. >> fox news senior dance
5:53 am
correspondent geraldo rivera and professional dance edyta sliwinska join us live. i thought you're in l.a. this morning but you flew out to be with us this morning. what happened? >> we had a wonderful, professional, talented, charismatic dancer teamed with a 72-year-old one-legged man. >> you can't feel one of your feet, correct? >> doesn't make me a bad person. [ laughter ] >> edyta, how do you feel? >> you know, i feel like he did so great on the show. i'm a little bit sad because i think geraldo brings so much more to the show. but, you know, being eliminated is not a bad thing. now we get to hang out, not in a dance studio. but outside. >> something that geraldo brings because he's in the news business, last week he made fun of himself with the opening of al capone's vault. something historical. last night you made fun of the donald trump thing with the red phone and everything. >> we came up with the idea together. we wanted to be donald and melania. then as the news broke and ted cruz and heidi cruz and melania
5:54 am
and donald, we just said that this is something we should make fun of. because the dialogue in the american person public discourse has gone from size of someone's private parts to whose wife is hotter. she was a stunning melania. >> you never stopped smiling the whole time. when you get eliminated is it relief or are you crestfallen? >> you know what, it's both. because as i'm saying, it would be great next week they do the most memorable week. most memorable year of your life. and with geraldo we were going to do the year when you were -- >> 2001. >> 2001. it would be so emotional and so beautiful and i think -- >> so that's sad. >> i think people would really enjoy it. but at the same time, yes, i'm missing terribly my boys. my 3-year-old toddler and husband and -- what can i say? we'll be back for the finale. >> where do you go home?
5:55 am
>> los angeles is my home. but i was born in poland. >> so when you were filming this you had to be away from your family? >> for most of the time. we have training and costume fittings and it -- >> it takes a lot out of you. so now you get to hang with the baby? >> yes. >> unfortunately because you're not going to make it to the end of the season, although you'll be back you didn't get to do the last dance. would you like to do a last dance for us? >> oh, all right. >> cue the music, joel. >> any music. >> a beat box? >> don't break my leg now. all right. ready? you sing it. >> step, step, step -- ♪ >> who's leading who? ♪ >> very nice. >> this is what americans could have had. this could have been yours. instead, we're stuck with doug
5:56 am
flutie. i can't believe it. >> he's great. >> so -- wow. >> the cast is a bunch of nice people. >> what was the best part of the whole thing, geraldo? besides edyta. >> my 10-year-old was sobbing at the end. because she was the only one that really took it very, very seriously. she cried when i got eliminated in the finals of "celebrity apprentice." von miller the mvp of the super bowl, a giant man, he comes walking over with me. she's such a fan, and she calmed right down. the tears were wiped. >> your daughter is a football fan? >> more "fox & friends" in a moment. my school reunion's coming fast.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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raises your rates. maybe you should have done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. r insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. this is a fox news alert. the u.s. capitol is on lockdown again after reports that someone abandoned a suspicious package
6:00 am
outside the visitor's center. these are live images east of the capitol, looking to the east face. this coming a day after a man pulled a pellet gun, triggering a lockdown of the police and the capitol. >> see you tomorrow morning. bill: a plane hijacked by a man who claimed to have a suicide belt. the man is under arrest. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. >> this frightening information unfolding overnight. this egyptair flight was forced to land in cyprus. we don't know who the hijacker is or what his demands are. there are reports


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