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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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cyprus with several passengers still being held hostage. >> john huddy is live for us with new information about the hijacker. what can you tell us? >> well, heather and has been bee it has been reported and we are getting information it he is a 27-year-old egyptian national. his name is ibrahim samaha. we are getting information that he is, and this according to alexandria university in egypt that he is a professor of veterinary medicine at the university posted on the university's web site. let's get to the latest on this. we are getting a lot of information. basically every couple of minutes, it is very fluid, obviously. egyptian officials, the last report that came from him most of the 81 passengers aboard flight ms 181 have been released except the crew and four foreigners. we do know that several americans were on the flight, but we don't know if they were among those that have been led
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off. we have seen the images. we have seen the pictures and videos of passengers really calmly exiting the aircraft on to the tarmac and walking towards the terminal. the director, again we are getting more information wiabou the passengers, this from the airport where the plane took off from alexandria, egypt said the flight included 8 americans, 4 brits, 4 dutch citizens 1 italian and 30 egyptians. we are waiting for confirmation on a lot of these this information. it remains very fluid. 27-year-old egyptian national is the hijacker. an ee gepgs government said he demanded to go to istanbul but the captain said there was not enough fuel so it landed in cyprus. that's where it remains. it took off from a small airport
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in alexandria egypt bound for cairo about 8:15 local time on the ground there. about midway into the flighted the plan threatened he had an explosive belt on. it is unclear at this point what his demands specifically are, why he has hijacked the plane. but the president of cyprus coming out in the last 20 minutes or so said it is not related to terrorism. local media in cyprus is reporting it may be personal in that the man asked to speak with his ex-wife. but again, this is not confirmed. the details remain very fluid, heather and abby. we continue to follow all of the information. as it develops, we will have it for you. >> john huddy live for us in jerusalem. >> an airport bomber is on.
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they sus respects the man of being the man in white. they did that because of lack of evidence. greg palkot has the latest for us. >> heather and abby, good morning. one week after the terrible attacks in brussels, believe it or not therere more questions and there are more concerns with issuing the new video of the bombers at the airport. they are seeking the man on the right, the man in the hat or man in white. police had arrested and charged someone they thought was him. turned out not to be him. the government getting a lot of heat for that. the manhunt is revived for the possibly very dangerous person in brussels. police are following one new lead two black gloves with explosive traces were found on the bus which left the airport right after the attack. they are similar to the ones the bombers wore. the thinking is perhaps the
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fugitive might have used that bus to get away. >> we spoke to the health ministry that the casualty toll had to bounce around a little bit. we are now learning 32 people are victims of the attack without the bombers included. apparently there was a miscounting of bodies. the important number is 55 people remain in critical condition and intensive care. along with four americans dead we know that 12 americans were injured some of themrely. we know that one american in the past day was flown back to the states for further treatment. last night at the city's grand cathedral at ecumenical memorial service in honor of the victims the one who are injured, included in that ceremony were survivors, were first responders were staff from bomb targets the metro station and the airport.
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this as we know a dry run was conducted today at the airport to try to test out the operations there. this morning according to airport officials the damage is so bad they think it will be months before the airport is fully functional. that's another win for the terrorists unfortunately. >> lives changed forever. greg palkot, thank you. the fbi breaking into one of the san bernardino terrorist's e iphones without the help of apple. kelly wright is live with what it means for the controversy. >> here it is. in a sunny new development the u.s. justice department managed to break into the iphone belonging to syed farook. they have long been hoping data from that phone will give insight into the december terror attack that took 14 lives. they say it may hold information on another possible terror plot
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and suspects in the united states. apple has refused to help the fbi break into the phone citing privacy concerns. it made a debate between national security and personal rights to privacy. last week the feds announced they were trying to third party method to break through the phone's inscription -- encryption software. the government dropped the lawsuit against the apple company. apple ceo tim cook reacted to the news saying quote apple believes deeply that people in the united states and around the world deserve data protection, security and privacy. sacrificing one for the other only puts people and countries at greater risk. this case raised issues which deserved a national conversation about our civil liberties and collective security and privacy. apple will continue to
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participate in that discussion. they will continue to help law enforcement anyway they can. the fbi says it is reviewing information from farook's iphone and it will explore every lead to make sure all evidence in the san bernardino terror attack is collected. >> kelly wright live for us. a convicted murderer a back behind bars after escaping prison. authorities say john modi was reported missing from the ohio prison sunday night during inmate count. he is currently serving 15 years to life in prison for murder, robbery and escaping back in 2003. a nearby college closed the campus during the manhunt and advised to stay indoors. a pilot who failed a breathalyzer test is charged
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with being drunk. he was arrested for being drunk. a passenger tipped off the flight crew after smelling alcohol and odd behavior. tensions already running high ahead of donald trump's rally planned tonight in janesville, wisconsin. chanting.) >> protestors wasted no time trying to silence the frontrunner with demonstrations inside the hotel near the venue yesterday. six people arrested and more protests are planned for today. meanwhile the trump campaign is planning to fight the outcome of the louisiana primary. he won the state by 4 percentage points but will get fewer delegates than ted cruz. they amaintain everything was conducted fairly based on the state's rules. >> wisconsin governor scott
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walker is expected to announce this morning who he will endorse. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in wisconsin this morning. after a weekend sweep winning alaska, hawaii and washington bernie is feeling the love from his supporters. he raised $4 million. it makes clinton campaign nervous they sent out an e-mail saying donate another money to help secure nominations. donors are promised a free sticker. >> geraldo rivera making dancing great again but not great enough. >> could you hold on for a second? >> geraldo donald trump brought in the lowest scores on "dancing with the stars. he was eliminated.
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>> and don't miss geraldo and his dancing partner on "fox & friends" in the 8:00 hour. >> he's a good sport. >> well a messy tuesday ahead. heavy rain and possible severe storms. maria molina joins us. she has the latest for us. >> a massive storm system is bringing in heavy snow out across the west in places like nevada we have been dealing with a lot of heavy snow out there and winter weather in effect. it is from colorado extending north to places like wyoming where strong gusts produce the white out conditions and some areas could be looking at feet of snowfall accumulation. it will have possible severe storms tomorrow and also thursday in parts of the plains and eventually in the southeastern u.s. and same areas
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as well to watch out for flooding coming up the next couple of days. maria molina joining us. we will check back with her as always. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. it is sky high fire, the massive building that went up in flames. >> carry your pistol with you on any occasion. the ideal concealed gun that will soon be hitting the market. >> everybody screams for ice cream. why one of the most upon layer flavors could soon be causing a meltdown with ice cream lovers. {off-lin {off-line} it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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make sure it's ano make a intelligent one. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. lanarka >> acoulchaos in the heart of washington. police were forced to fire at a person in the capitol building
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sending panic with visitors right out the door. what authorities already knew about this man. >> some very tense moments on capitol hill. the only person seriously injured was the gunman himself. he has been identified as a 66-year-old pastor from tennessee. he allegedly drew a weapon in the middle of the busy visitor center. he pointed a weapon at capitol police officers who shot him. he is in critical condition. no officers were injured but the incident sent the entire capital white house and the offices into lock down. >> it was a scramble with people yelling and screaming and officers coming out from every direction with guns drawn saying shots have been fired. >> most stressful thing i have had in my life. >> dawson has been accused of causing trouble on capitol hill. it was from back in october. he was arrested for disturbing
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the house chamber by shouting bible verses from the gallery. he violated the stay away order. he has been charged with assault of a police officer while armed. they don't think it was nowing more than a criminal act and not an act of terror. the capitol hill visitor complex should reopen later this morning. kristin, thank you. we want to talk more about the breaking news alert. the egyptian plane that was held hijacked by someone. it was rerouted. the person who hijacked the plane has been identified as 27-year-old ibrahim sglam how. he -- samaha. >> most of the world is feeling unsettled. the president said this is not terrorism related. that being said i heard an
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expert on fox early this morning when you have someone hijacked with a plane filled with so many people that itself is an act of terrorism. >> there were more americans on board reports anywhere between 10-11. they were saying this was personal reasons this person wanted the plane to be rerouted so he could get to his ex-wife. that was the original thing. it was originally going to istanbul instead it was rerouted and landed in cyprus. >> from what we know everyone is safe on the ground. he tried to held foreigners specifically hostage as well as the crew of the plane. so still a fluid situation. we don't have all of the details but hopefully the press confer lens a-- conference will clear everything up. >> 81 people were on board that flight. first he let off the women and children so that was a good sign that at least there were negotiations going on. there were about 30 or 40 women or children on board.
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they were allowed to leave following that the rest of the passengers were allowed to leave. the last report i heard was there were still foreigners, 5 foreigners on board still. >> i believe five and eight crew on the plane. he was wear whatting they said a suicide vest or a bomb vest. this is still fluid. >> that was a big question. hopefully it can be reed quickly. it will be very difficult for him to have gotten his hands on something like that. >> when you think about the more than 80 people on board the flight, heather, how unsettling
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that must have been in mixed lights with all of this happening when we saw him leaving the plane. they looked reasonably calm since they have been through. >> we have right here a statement from the egyptian civil aviation ministry. foreigners on board including eight americans four britain, four dutch, four belgiums italian, greek and one syrian. badges on board the flight. >> we have john huddy who we will bring on following this very closely. press conference should be happening any moment now. as we have been saying, heather -- i think we have john huddy in jerusalem. john, are you with us? >> i am here abby and heather. we have been talking about this. the details continue to develop and change, seemingly every
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couple of minutes. there were reports and there's conflicting reports about if the passengers, if all of the passengers remain or if not all of them, but if all of them have been released or some of them and some remain on board. the latest that we saw officially was that egyptair officials said most of the 81 passengers on board flight ms 181 have been released except the crew and four foreigners. but again, we have heard conflicting reports that those passengers may have been released and that may be the crew members are the only ones that remain on board. again it is very fluid and developing. we are hoping to get more information in terms of that. the director as pfar as passengers aboard the flight. in the flight the airport in alexandria where the flight took off from that included eight americans four brits, four dutch
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citizens two belgiums one italian and 30 egyptians. as we have been saying a lot of passengers getting off the plane walking very calmly on the tarmac to the terminal. we are getting more information a clearer picture about the hijacker. heather and abby it is becoming more and more bizarre at this point. routers reported hijackers professors at veterinary medicine at alexandria university and egyptian officials say his name is ibrahim samaha. he has dual egyptian american citizenship, that he is 27 years old. there is also a picture that was taken aboard the flight of him presumably on somebody's cell phone. now an egyptian government spokesman said he initially demanded to go to istanbul. a flight took off from alexandria bound for cairo midway through. he had an explosive belt on
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demanded to go to cairo. the captain said he did not have enough fuel so they landed in l.a. rnaca cyprus instead. it is unclear what his demands at this point are. the president said it is not related to terrorism. it is bizarre. not only are we hearing he's a professor of veterinary medicine but apparently it may be a personal situation. there were reports he demanded to speak to his ex-wife. when this all started at 8:15 earlier this morning local time, the first thought that this was isis like we saw isis in thesinh the russian airliner, that was tick endown by a bomb along the red sea of that resort. now it does not look and does
2:23 am
not appear to be -- that appears to be the case. the president of cyprus saying this is not terrorism and again we are seeing reports that this may be personal that the guy is asking to speak with his wife. very fluid. continues to develop. we are waiting for confirmation. there has been a lot of conflicting reports. heather and abby, i don't want to speculate but it continues to get more and more bizarre as we are getting more of a picture about this guy, and also we are waiting for more reports about the passengers, if they have all been released or some remain on board. >> are you hearing any more about the possibility that he had this suicide bement on, this explosive belt? you mentioned the flight that went down recently five months ago took off from egypt and how
2:24 am
many people on board 220 people on board killed in that crash. it brings up the question of security. if in fact this gentlemen does have or did have this explosive belt on and then we know explosives brought down that plane as well. >> that's a great question. again, we have been hearing conflicting reports. again, he said that he had an explosive belt. we know that. that's according to officials. now there are reports that maybe he does not have an explosive belt. that said, if he does, of course that raises huge concerns once again about security, about airport security in egypt. we do know that isis militants were able to smuggle a bomb on board that russian airliner that was brought down over the sinai. so that's a great question. if this guy does have been a explosive belt, how was he able to get it on board fla flight on
2:25 am
board and 181 egyptair flight. we are waiting for more details. we are trying to confirm independently if this guy did indeed have an explosive belt. this is very fluid we are waiting for more information. >> there is a press conference going on. we will bring you the details as soon as we get it. they are reporting about four foreigners on the plane as well as the tliet crew. what are you hearing about how authorities have responded. seems like in cyprus they have gotten there. they have helped the people get off the plane. what do you image they are doing now on the plane to help walk this hijacker through it? >> negotiations certainly are underway. egyptair reported that on the negotiations helped get the passengers off.
2:26 am
81 passengers, most of the 81 passengers aboard the flight except the crew and four foreigners. we are hearering differing reports that maybe the passengers have been released. to answer your question, it is a great question, negotiations are underway with this guy. i am just getting information according to egypt's civil aviation minister four staff and three passengers remain on board. we are not sure if those passengers are foreigners. we know according to the officials on the ground or where the plane originated from eight americans four brits, two belgiums one italian 30 egyptians were on board. this just crossing the wires egypt civil aviation minister says four staff three passengers remain on board. again abby and heather this is very fluid and continues to develop really by the men
2:27 am
united. >> a news conference going on right now. i believe we are going to take a quick break. we will check back with you in just a moment after the break. stand by and we will continue to get the latest on this information. the news conference going on there one side of your screen also video, previously this morning passengers allowed to leave the plane. an airplane hijacked by an egyptian man. this is not believed to be terrorism in related in the sense that it is related to isis or anything like that. they believe this was personal reasons. but the plane has been hijacked forced to land in cairo. most of the passengers have been allowed to disembark at this point. wither going to take a quick break and we will be right back after this.
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hijacked a plane while strapped with ex mroifss. that plane now on the runway in cyprus with several passengers still being held. john, from what we are hearing from the wires here, the hijacker so far did not make any concrete demands. as it stands now most of the passengers have been let off the plane. four staff and three passengers that are there. >> right. according to egypt's civil aviation minister four staff, three passengers remain on board. we know there are a number of foreigners on board the flight including americans, british citizens dutch and italians. we don't know if the remaining passengers are americans or exactly what the nationality of
2:32 am
those people are. my producers have been handing me a lot of information. very fluid. chang changing by the minute. the hijacker has not made any concrete demands thus far. there have been reports coming out of the local media in cyprus that he was demanding to speak with his ex-wife, that it may be a personal situation not terrorism. but again, that has not been officially confirmed. egypt at this point and again i am getting a lot of this information. egypt is now according to officials on the ground sending a plane to cyprus to pick up the stranded passengers, that according to egypt's civil aviation minister. most of those passengers clearly have been led off the plane ms 181. we have seen the video of the people calmly getting off of the
2:33 am
plane walking on the car mac going back to the terminal. as far as the hijacker his name is ibrahim samaha. as i said earlier it is becoming more and more bizarre. officials on the ground have said that he is a professor of veterinary medicine at alexandria university, that he is 27 years old and he initially demanded to go to istanbul. a flight bound for cairo, about midway through the flight he took off around 8:15 a.m. local time. he demanded to redirect, go to istanbul. the captain said there was not enough fuel so the plane landed in cyprus. it is unclear exactly what the demands are. the president said it is not related to terrorism. abby and heather when this all started we thought perhaps it
2:34 am
could be another situation having to do with isis in the sign my peninsula in egypt lake we saw with the downed russian airliner but clearly that is not the case. the highlights to go over the headlines egypt civil aviation minister since four staff and passengers remain on board it is sending a plane to get those people at this point. very fluid. we will continue to update you as the information comes in. >> just to bring everybody into what is going on if you are turning on your television this morning a man is suspected of hijacking a plane, an egyptair plane. he has been identified as 27-year-old ibrahim samaha. egyptian national 27 years old. hijacked a plane that included 7 americans on board. all of those people, most of them i should saying about allowed off of the plane.
2:35 am
the plane rerouted from alexandria to cyprus. it is only supposed to be a 30 minute flight. this person wanted to take the flat instead to istanbul. his reasons remain a little bit unclear, but they believe it has something to do with personal reasons involving woman. there remains three passengers on board and four staff. >> we want to bring in bill kav von a former assistant general. the big story is there are still people on board the plane as john huddy told us four staff, three passengers. from what we are hearing they haven't made any concrete demands. he asked to make a call to his ex-wife. seems like this is more personal than anybody anything else. how do you negotiate in situations like this?
2:36 am
two things going on with this situation. number one, i am sure that they have total control of the violence they were able to relay to the people negotiators critical information that we are also getting from a the passengers. the purpose of the whole thing is to find out where it is on the plane, whether or not he really has this suicide belt on. i am sure the negotiators will talk, but at the same time the operators, there has to be attack cal part of this whole operation it will have all of the information to the best
2:37 am
possible to get on the plane and maybe take him off. maybe that's what has to happen. hopefully it will end with him walking out the door with handcuffs on and it will be all over. he is not add dangerous as one might think in a situation like this. it is a personal thing. the only thing i can say (indiscernible). >> regardless of whether he has a real explosive belt on or not, we were just discussing this with john huddy, it was just five months ago that the egyptair liner went down isis claiming responsibility for that. they were able to get explosives on board. it took off from an airport in egypt. if it turns out this individual ooul does have a real explosive belt, the question of security comes to mind and how he was able to get explosives through
2:38 am
security once again there in egypt. >> that is true. it would be a real game changer with the folks in alexandria. i think we don't have enough real concrete information to form a conclusion at this point in time. you have to look at all of the possibilities of it happening in a particular case. >> we were showing earlier of the passengers walking off the plane looking calm for what they experienced. give us a sense of what authority ies would be doing no to figure out if he has any explosives on him to figure out how to get the passengers on the plane. we have four staff three passengers on the plane. how would they resolve the information?
2:39 am
>> the point is i don't know why he choose -- he could have chosen the additional passengers at random. maybe it was something else to keep these particular people on and that's where there would be negotiators talking to the pilot or the crew across the radio i am sure of asking those kinds of questions. in particular they are saying anything untoward at the passengers on it or with the crew in any way. i suspect the individual who had a little snap here and has caused a bust up in the security industry right now. the egyptians as well. >> i am sure you were watching the pictures as they unfolded this morning talking about the
2:40 am
passengers disembarking from the plane in such an orderly fashion it appears. they did appear to be very calm. did that tell you anything about what may be transpiring on board the plane they weren't running out frantically. they seem to be very calm in this demeanor. >> they had them with them and everybody for themselves. no other doors open, no he other slide, nothing like that. there was people taken in walking calmly to the transport that tells me they weren't panicked and threatened by this individual on the plane. you just don't know, and the authorities will have a much better picture out of further interviews of all of the
2:41 am
passengers on plane. >> even had their carry on luggage they were able to get their luggage and get off the plane. >> the egyptians are sending a plane to pick up the passengers. there were 81 passengers on board this plane. bill gavin former assistant director of the fbi is on the phone. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. thank you. have a great day. >> we will bring you the latest from cyprus where negotiations are underway with a hijacker on the egyptian airplane. we will bring that right when we get back. price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> we are back with the fox news alert. an egyptian airflight was hijacked by a 27-year-old egyptian nationalist. we are getting all of the information in the past hour. from what we are hearing the flight was going from alexandria to cairo. he wanted to go to istanbul. there wasn't enough fuel. they stopped midway through the
2:45 am
flight in cyprus. 81 passengers on board this flight heather. for the most part they have gotten off the plane safely. from what we heard from john huddy in jerusalem who was live for us four staff, three passengers still on this plane. at the moment i am assuming negotiations are probably going on. >> 7 people total remain on the plane in addition to the hijacker himself who has been identified as 27-year-old ibrahim samaha. this flight once again we want to let you know if you are just waking up originally there were concerns possibly it had to do with terrorism, isis related. this appears to be a personal matter. in fact an issue of it being a woman, one individual there on the plane saying the man quote seems to be in love. that's what happens what caused all of this. we hope it resolves peacefully. there are still 7 people on the plane with him. he joins us to provide a little
2:46 am
bit more insight. good morning first of all. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. good morning. >> as this continues to unfold the gentlemen 27-year-old old board the plane with an explosive device and belt on p him or at least he's claiming to have one. the flight rerouted to cyprus and there are seven passengers on board. >> a love sick kid or something, but he got something on the airplane that works or is credible to the crew. therefore there was a security failure here big time. >> regardless of whether it is in fact a real explosive device or authentic there was some type of security failure? >> it was something when the crew had any doubt about it, you never take chances on this. this many hours in he must have something with him that looks to be credible in terms of being
2:47 am
some kind of device. >> all of us mentioning the passengers walking off the plane look calm for what they potentially had to go through. what does that tell you about what may have happened on the flight with the hijacker. they set up a plane to take the passengers to where they needed to go. the fact that they look so calm after that. what did that tell but the hijacker? >> the hijacker and the crusade we are going to cyprus. we will get you there. that was clear passengers were not going to be held as hostages. >> what we have here in the wires they are saying the hij k
2:48 am
hijacker has not made any concrete demands. he was demanding to speak to his ex-wife. the passengers still on the plane got off safely. how do you think they are going through the negotiations with him? >> i think they will be putting him and his ex-wife together or whatever. if he is in love you don't have to worry about this any more. the point of the matter is this is something where they are probably trying to hit his personal side, ahmed whatever your name is come off the airplane we will make this work. that's probably at approach to it. looks like he's not a violent person. who knows. >> appreciate your added insight this morning as this continues to develop. thank you. and once again for everyone at home just to let you know, a plane has been hijacked in egypt forced to land in cyprus, a
2:49 am
27-year-old individual man has been claimed to be the suspect. his name is ibrahim samaha. but authorities believing this was a personal issue not related in any way to isis. there are still seven passengers on board the plane. originally there were 81. those passengers were able to disembark. no injuries reported, either, at this hour. the story continues to develop. >> next we want to go to steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." will a busy morning. >> ladies, good morning to you. we will have the latest on the hijacked egyptair plane. why cyprus says it is not terrorism. as we have heard probably personal. who knew. meanwhile the fbi breaks into the san bernardino terrorist's iphone. how did they do that? what is the federal government obligated to tell apple? tim tebow talks about the power of faith and healing.
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geraldo rivera will bring his dance partner on the show. how did it work out for him? not so much. we have a busy three hours from right now on the channel you trust for your morning news. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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now back to our fox news alert. we possibly know the identity of an egyptian national who has hijacked a plane while strapped possibly with explosives. that plane now on the runway in cypress. several passengers, seven, still being held hostage. >> yeah. we have more live from jerusalem following the breaking developments this morning. obviously this is still an ongoing situation. 81 passengers on board this plane. we were showing some of the
2:54 am
passengers leaving the plane earlier, seemingly calm, carrying their luggage. as we said, still four staff, three passengers board the flight. what are you hearing? >> reporter: egypt's civil aviation minister has been giving a press conference. he released some information. as you said, seven people remain on board the flight, four staff, the pilots, flight attendants, an air marshal. again, according to the civil aviation minister in egypt. three passenger. he would not disclose the nationalities of the passengers. we know a number of americans and british citizens are on board or were on board the flight, among all the passengers. again, we don't know the nationalities of those three passengers and why this person continues to hold those passengers, who they are and why he picked them in particular.
2:55 am
his name is ibrahim, at least the reports have said his name is ibrahim samaha. a 26-year-old national who has dual american/egyptian citizenship. i want to be careful and emphasize that there's been some conflicting information coming out about this guy's identity. so again, we're being very careful about that. this is an ongoing situation. he initially wanted to go to istanbul. now the plane is in cypress. abby, heather, back to you guys. >> thank you, john. to add to that, apparently what has transpired is the wife of ibrahim samaha who has been named as possibly the hijacker on board the plane. she saw his picture, her husband with the same name, she says he's not the hijacker, in fact. that's why there's confusion. we'll be right back. are you ready? are you ready? you've got to be ready. i mean, really ready.
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3:00 am
related. it does appear to be a personal issue with an individual, the hijacker, who does remain on board. as abby said, along with seven other passengers still on board. "fox & friends" will continue to follow the story as it develops throughout the day. thank you for joining us. >> bye. excellent job, ladies. this is a fox news alert. a man hijackings an egypt airplane from alexandria to cairo claiming to be wearing a suicide bomb belt. >> that plane now on the runway in cypress with several to four passengers and three crew on board. seven overall, four passengers and three crew on board. there are a lot more when this thing started. >> exactly why was the plane hijacked? we're starting to put some of the details together. john huddy is live in jerusalem. john, the president of the country of cypress says that it's not terrorism. sounds like a personal issue.


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