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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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around. a partial list and for your reaction to all that is going on in cuba today. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep.ßsá;v >> breaking news. "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> what an extraordinary hour we have just witnessed on national and international television around the world. what you were seeing here was being played on networks across this nation, and we are told, with simulcast, without censorship,ed in communist nation. that has never happened. never has an american president and a communist cube began president stood next to each other for a joint statement, much less for a news conference, we were led to believe there would be no questions and raul castro who said, we will take a couple of questions and it sounds from the words they used that president obama said he would take two, president castro
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said he would take one, and what a question from jim from. cnn. we'll get to that. president castro extraordinarily, i thought, did not hold back on taking shots at the united states today. were you listening closely during what is know doubt a historic meeting with the united states president? the said the -- president obama said the united states and cuba had a frank discussion about academy decrees and human rights built in cuban president went on to say that the united states -- that the united states has its own issues with race relations andg;bpísq poverty, with univerl access to health care and education. he defended his own country's human rights record and accused the united states of a double standard over the issue. and we'll replay the sound from that news conference in just a moment. as it was, one of the more extraordinary news conferences i've seen. the cuban president criticized the united states to some degree
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and then president obama said the united states should be neither immune to nor afraid of criticism. president obama said he welcomes the comments. he admits that cuba and the united states have profound differences but he said both countries continue to move toward normalizing relations. president obama's trip to cuba marks thepfxj5 first time a sitg united states president has visited the island nation in 88 years. of course there's no question on everybody is happy about this as you have heard but the president has made the case, has made so succinctly and not quietly for quite some time now, and did today, when you try something over and over and over for 50-plus years and it does not work, it's time to try something else. so now the president is trying something else. he is trying discussions with. trying normalizinggoç to some degree travel between the two countries. you still cannot go to cuba as a
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tourist, for educational purposes and others. the 10% tax on u.s. dollars to be used in cuba has been lifted and the president thank the cuban dictator for that today. g.o.p. leaders say they'll block president obama's attempt to end the trade embargo but for now at least the trade embargo remains in place and you heard the representative cuban television -- don't forget. every media operation in cuba is at the control of the cuban government, and it was the cuban press which asked president obama about lifting the embargo, and you heard president obama's response there. as for the matters of differences of opinion, listen to the cuban president >> interpreter: did you ask if we had political prisoners? did you ask if we had political prisoners? i want to tell if you have cuban prisoners and why you give me a
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list of these political prisoners and i will -- just mention what political prisoners. give me meeting is over you can give me a list of political prisoners and if we have those political prisoners they will be released. >> what we're in the mid ol' semantics here, and worse. the cubans deny they have political prisoners but there's no question. cubans have political prisoners. human rights watch identifies 53 political prisoners, people being held for political speech or thought in, as it's been described variously by cuban dissidents and others, including for that matter ted cruz who is running for president on the republican side, people in dungeons across cuba who will not be allowed -- with president
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obama, quote from ted cruz. there is no doubt at all that cuba holds political prisoners. on tuesday last week, the cubanç released four cuban dissidents back to the united states as a sort of goodwill gesture, and this has been a matter of course for the cubans over the history of the relationship, when they're getting a little something they want, they often release a dissident or political prisoner or something to that effect, but otherwise, they deny the existence thereof. don't overthink this but it was matter of historic significance, the changes made, as who worked in south florida and came to know and love cubans who came over to see this sort of thing was something that unimaginable, just two years ago, completely unimaginable 20 years ago when i was working there. i worked at the local fox station there and one of the promotions they ran all the time, where we say this is fox
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news channel, fair and balanced. they would say, this is channel 7 news. when it all comes crashing down in cuba, the big news will be on 7 news. the think was we would have to take our satellite truck on a barge across cube back and we had a plan for that so when the communist dictatorship fell the only way to get news back would be to take a satellite truck over there and speak to people who were suddenly part of freedom. that never happened, and instead, after all these many decade, cubans and americans talking another stage together. it's up to the beholder how far they've gotten but change is afoot. a new day has dawned. whether you agree with it or not or whether i do for that matter is inconsequential. it has happened. and the beginning is here. z here frome journal. there are varying opinions whether this this right#b thingr wrong thing to do. as a matter of historical significance, this was up there with anything i've ever seen.
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>> 0 no underestimating the power of the press constance, speaking to an international audience and saying and showing and by taking questions that things are little different in cuba these days. >> live pictures from us now, raul castro and president obama with a meet and greet outside. let's see if there's national sound coming from there. there's not. yesterday it was extraordinarynñ as the president of the united states was meeting with raul castro -- the events blur together -- today actually -- the president was introducing john kerry, ben rhodes and others from his administration to raul castro, then raul castro returned the favor with members of his delegation. the cuban band, the military guard there played the united states national anthem after playing the cuban one. president obama stood with hand over heart. just never dreamed that anything like this would be possible. >> this is something that most people never expected to happen in their lifetime. we have this right in the middle
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of one of the craziess elections in the u.s. in a long time. you have the h the rest of the world shifting around us in front of our very eyes. >> other matters of significance substance-wise in the news conference. >> it was substantial that the cuban president took questions from the free press and was able to hold his own in that way. i think both of them were speaking to their own audiences with the criticisms they levied at each other. they wanted to speak to the folks back home but this is the beginning. you started to see the president came -- booth along some guests from google and starwood and others so announcements about the economic investments coming. as a foray, an initial change agent, will be through those financial services. >> if you wanted to, you could make the argument there's never been a reali$;i+ñ relationshipn the united states and cuba, not even prior to the revolution, the communist refer luigs there. prior to that the united states, when hi dad was little, it was
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treated as our playground. we have never spoken diplomatically or otherwise on a level playing field and appears that is something toward which the president is working belieft said so himself, once you engage, that's when the process of change begins. and opposite you have these ties that are built, economic ties can you start to see the opening in -- that's where it all begins. so, this is the gamble he is making, that the changes will continue to -- at a pace that will allow the embargo to be lifted. it's pretty powerful eming into you heard raul castro saying this is still a big impediment. >> the idea behind he embargo always was to put pressure on the cuban government, to allow the people too rise up against it, and to make life very difficult for the cuban dictatorship there. that has not succeeded by anybody's definition. the castros don't seem to be
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wanting for anything. every observer who has ever been there, andrea mitchell from nbc news, has interviewed him and others -- they don't seem to want for anything. it's the people who want for things so they made a decision to try to new tactic. you wonder what would get in way. the criticism of the united states on human rights, on education, on universal health care, those criticisms, the president seemed to welcome. he said he welcomed them. whether he did north is another matter. he said he did. >> some will certainly criticize the president for that, but -- >> some willriticize the president for anything. >> i think the business side. if you look at our canadian companies that have been over there, that have been in cuba for many years. >> spanish as well. >> they have struggled. most of. the that went in there ten years ago aren't there now because the environment hasn't changed that much. so it's still a big gamble to go into the country like cuba and no guarantees. >> when you open a business in cuba, you have heard about the historic#bqtonl starwood deal.
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"star warswood" to manage four hotels. not national, which has fallen into disrepair. they're going to be managing hotels there. you don't have a private business in cuba. a its communist nation. the communist7k cube barcas str, will have 50% after all businesses as it does with all the rest, and it's hard to make the bottom line work. you can't have both things. can't hive a hybrid of been capitalism and communism. >> we're seeing the same that that helped in the soviet unionon on a smaller scale. the expect attention was you have to get in there in order to make change. that's the gamble the companies will take as well. but there's also a big price. >> there is. expanding the internet, our people talking to their people, exchange of cultural ideas, of sciences, nature, human rights. maybe this is awful. permanently i can't find the awful. but it's nothing else, just a
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beginning. also history unfolding before our eyes. that was extraordinary. thank you. really extraordinary day in cuba and on other news, donald trump is in washington today sitting down with d.c. insiders, ahead of tomorrow's primaries. we're led to believe we're going to get or have gotten now some policy matters, specific from donald trump about people and policies. you heard the raul castro, trump or clinton, as if it were down to just that, which i suppose we are but raul castro said i don't vote in the united states and managed to not answer any question asked, which is not new. that is old and unfortunate. maybe part of a process.(ob31 this is "shepard smith reporting" on fox news channel. so good to have you in. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind.
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dock politics now. the republican front-runner who brags about being a washington outsider is rubbing elbows in was. donald trump is set to give what his campaign suggests is a major policy speech, and this afternoon he met with republican lawmakers on capitol hill. among those who met with trump, the senator from. alabama, jeff sessions who has lined up side-by-side with him. donald trump today told the "washington post" newspaper that senator sessions will lead his team of foreign policy advisers. other lawmaked of the so-called
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trump lunch include self members of congress and the senator from arkansas, tom coton. the meeting did not include any members of the republican leadership. analysts say the events are set to show a presidential side of donald trump. >> this is all presidential kind of stuff. you'll have a picture of him around a table meeting with lawmakers and then meet the press and then gives a speech which is being billed as a serious policy speech and reports trump has written the speech down which is untrump like. >> that would be a first. 5:45 eastern daylight time, and we'll have coverage as he speaks to aipac. gave ah that same pro-israel group earlier today. the other g.o.p. candidates, ted cruz, and john kashich, also set to address the group this evening. but it's donald trump's speech that is no doubt getting the most attention, after he faced criticism for saying he would would be neutral in trying to hammer out a deal win at the
12:17 pm
israelis and the palestinians. this speech this afternoon comes on the eve of to the next primkdgk contest in arizona and utah. poll shows donald trump leading double digits in arizona where immigration is a top issue, if not the top issue in utah surveys show ted cruz is topping donald trump by double digits. >> heidi is with us, senior political reporter for "usa today" newspaper. he held an event while we were listening to castro and obama there, but he talked about some of his products. i'm told he gave somebody a job in a media scrum there wasn't much policy or substance to that. we're expecting something different this afternoon, right? >> right. the goal here is really twofold and you hit on the first one, that this is all an effort to show that donald trump, while he is the outsider, he can come to washington and he can work with people and he can be presidential in terms of his audience tonight, i think you should expect this to be one of the most critical forms that
12:18 pm
trump has ever spoken before. in the past hisfç rallies are mostly a lot of eager supporters with some protesters but this group is going to be a lot more skeptical. and the reason why is because trump has basically a black box to them, inherent contradiction in many ways because he has said i want to remain neutral on the issue of israel. but at the same time, more recently he said i'm totally pro israel. so, what does that mean? this constituency come into this very skeptical of him for a number of ropes, but that being chief among them. >> it's not lost on the politics of the day. hillary clinton used this on the stump forcefully, saying first he was -- for being neutral and then pro-israel but you don't know what you're getting, is her point, and people on his side of the aisle, many of them are saying the same thing. do you anticipate something that is written down and maybe read from a teleprompter this
12:19 pm
afternoon for aipac or what do you anticipate? >> i think first of all, he has to get into the weeds a bit on israel policy because he has -- it's not just like on these specific questions i outlined but he had had more of an isolationist cast to him from the very beginning, and many people want to see that he is not neutral. that he is a strongly pro-israel and they're not going to give hem a good reception unless he is specification. he has not answered questions like whether he supports moving the embassy to jerusalem. he was booed in from of a g.o.p. audience so a lot of skepticism on that. and then also, before that same audience, he was skeptical about whether israel even wants a peace deal. so, it's going to take a lot for him to win over this audience, and he may have to speak from a teleprompter because as you know, it's not his typical style
12:20 pm
of speaking to get really into the weeds on policy, but that's what they're going do want. >> one of the things about which everybody has to have comment is matter of the two-state solution. it has been suggested some will say one thing on a two-state solution and believe something else. but what you say does matter as part of the daily discourse, where is he on a two-state solution? >> you got me. >> i don't know, either. >> he is kind of -- actually, shep, when you go on his web site, there's not even the thinnest reed of a clue as to whether he stands on israel policy, and of course, during the debates, he is not given much indication on this when he talks about the middle east, for example, he has raised concerns as well about talking about$ridn putin and assad to work it out in syria. so, there's just many, many more questions than answers that he has provided. >> heidi, serb political report for "usa today." thank you.
12:21 pm
>> thank you. >> again, donald trump this afternoon, 5:45 eastern, 4:45 we'll have coverage of that and the other candidates later in at the day. tomorrow, presidential primaries. we take you to out and arizona as the campaign trail continues. stay with us.
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big primary day tomorrow in the united states. arizona is the biggest g.o.p. prize and it could be a big test for donald trump's proposals on immigration. the voters state has some of the toughest immigration laws in the country. donald trump campaigned hard there over the weekend. recent polls show he leads in arizona by double digits over his closest competitor, ted cruz. we have team fox coverage this afternoon, petey doesy -- peter
12:25 pm
doocy is live in utah. >> reporter: and 58 delegates up for grabs in arizona and winner take all. this is such a big prize. and you mentioned immigration reform and illegal immigration the big issue here so no surprise donald trump has been leading in the polls here because that is his signature issue, but the opposition to here has been intense. protesters taking their protests up to a whole new level here over the weekend, blocking traffic on the route to one of his campaign rallies here, and then also at a second rally, one of his supporters getting so angry at the protests, he hauled off and socked the protester. you probably have seen some of that video. police arrested half a dozen people in connection with the instant denses over the -- incidents over the weeky. at the same time donald trump ken husband criticism of ted cruz and john kashich. listen. >> now i'm down to two leftovers. i have two leftovers.
12:26 pm
i have lying ted. and i have john. okay? and i think we'll be in great shape. but here's the thing. look. in all seriousness. we -- you have to beat your enemy, right? >> reporter: trump hopes to get a lift from high profile endorsements among illegal immigration critics, including a sheriff joe arpaio and former governor japan brewer. >> it's my understanding that ted cruz is going after john kashich. >> reporter: that's right. cruz has been out here campaigning hard also on the immigration issue. recent,[ç polls showed that 30%f the voters here were still up decided going into the contest. so cruz has been here. he went to the border. he also made a surprise visit to a church yesterday, but he has been trying to bump off john
12:27 pm
kashich, who has not campaigned here at all, frankly, to try to make this a two-man race between him and trump. he has even gotten some help from former republican candidate for president in 2012, mitt romney, who has been doing robocalls on behalf of cruz, saying a vote for keswick be a vote for trump, and romney says he is going to be voting for cruz in utah primary tomorrow. >> you mentioned tempe. the polls showed ted cruz with a big lead, and things could get interesting chance folks cast ballots. republican voters unable to attend neighborhood caucuses they'll have the objection of having somebody else deliver their ballots. also, for the first ever time, i'm told, republican voters in utah can now vote online, using computer, smartphones and tablets tomorrow fox coverage continues, peter doocy is live
12:28 pm
in salt lake city. mitt romney has been active in pushing for ted cruz. right? >> reporter: more and more active by the day. utah's own mitt romney lending his own voice to a brand new robocall urging conservatives in utah to coalesce hence letted cruz and knocking john kashich while he makes his argue amount week after he campaigned with john kashich in ohio. >> this is a time for republicans across the spectrum to unite behind ted. he is the only republican candidate who can defeat donald trump. at this point, vote for john kashich is a vote for donald trump. >> reporter: so, the question becomes, how much weight do utah voters put into mitt romney's opinionsenbullet things these days -- about things these days, and sounds like maybe not so much. >> voters are taking note of that also and taking note of the fact that our former governor is backing john kashich. so it's certainly an interesting
12:29 pm
dynamic. voters ultimately will make up their own minds based on what the think is most important to them. >> reporter: most important them toes the economy here in utah but a lot of folks say, just as important, putting a supreme court justice who is a conservative on the bench next. >> thank you. the road to the white house is paved with hundred dollar bills. that is you can't become president unless you come up with a lot of hundred dollar bills. word that terror suspects whom cops captured in belgium had been planning new attacks. investigators say they're trying to find more of his accomplices. that and how a pizza delivery may have led investigators n that's coming as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the0óokç news. you're late for work.
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more headlines. investigators in russia say they're now trying to fix a damaged voice recorder from the jet that crash and killed more than 60 people(w,4$w onboard. the recorder would allow them to listen to the pilots' last conversationful they were trying to lan the jet in hurricane strength wind gusts. officials say a retired trooper robbed an armored truck
12:33 pm
at a toll plaza and then killed two people in pennsylvania. police there say he killed a toll collector and a security guard before driving off with that armored car full of money from a toll plaza. a state trooper shot and killed him. court documents show the gunman filed for bankruptcy. a big shipment of plutonium on ships from japan to storage in south carolina. better believe there's lots of security with all that blew tonum could make dozens of nuclear bombs. villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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ted cruz raised more money than his fellow republicans last month. according to the federal elections officials, ted cruz raised some $12 million in the month of february alone. trump, who boasted about funding his own campaign, took in $9 million so he did take in $9 million in campaign funds. 7 million of which he loaned to the campaign. and kashich, a distant lead to with 3.35 million bucks. the numbers don't tell the whole
12:36 pm
story. cruz and kashich are taking in million from super pacs and trumps loan to himself totals some $25 million. his campaign manager says he has no intention to raise donor money to pay bar himself. bernie sanders is trailing by hundreds of delegate us but the numbers show he was well ahead last month when it came to raising money. they report they raised more than $43 million in february. that is about $13 million more than hillary clinton's campaign reported to the feds. senator sanders needs the dollars to translate into voice as -- as votes. arizona, idaho, and utah are on the table for democrats. the newspaper does not factor in the super delegates. party leaders who get a say and can change their minds as they wish. when you factor in the super delegates into the overall count-"associated press" reports sect of secretary clinton is
12:37 pm
ahead by more than 100, more than two-thirds away from the nation, and sanders advicers say if the vermont senator can close the game they may try to convince super delegates to change sides. ed henrys is in phoenix. sect clinton seems to be focused on trump, not sanders. >> reporter: that's right. trying to look past him and has speech to aipac in washington, on her way now here to phoenix for a campaign event, get back out here on the trail. but her speech was all about attacking donald trump. never naming him directly but making it clear she doesn't believe he has the temperment to be president, making clear that the fact that hey had said at middle east peace know,s is something israel doesn't like. they want the u.s. president to lean towards israel'sy5(q against the palestinians. clinton hitting the points and making &,btswp she would be a stronger commander-in-chief. watch. >> some things aren't
12:38 pm
negotiable. and anyone who doesn't understand that has no business being our president. [applause] >> reporter: now, trump has been hitting clinton for weeks now, saying she does not have the stamina to be president. he is going to have a chance to give his side of the story in terms of actual policy later tonight as you mention when he gives a speech to aipac. >> what is senator sanders saying about his chances tomorrow? >> reporter: they think he will do really well in the west. energize progressives, not just here in arizona but think about this coming saturday, you have washington state, state he was visitingj)í.sjñ&ast night. a lot of people on the left. he wants to get them excited. we're seeing big crowds again. but remember, we heard that same story from the sanders camp about how he was energizing people in the midwest, and he fell flat last tuesday. he has been out here insisting he is still around and can beat
12:39 pm
clinton. watch. >> when we began this campaign we had to make a very important decision, and that is, do we have a super pac or not? >> no! >> we agreed with you. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and he is now outraising clinton for two straight months but also basically outspending her because heo7kç is spending so mh on tv ads that helped to win michigan. didn't help him win ohio or other mid-western battleground last week so what is coming up this week, he is spending the money but it is not translating into enough delegates to overtake clinton's lead. >> ed henry is live. thank you. the top suspect in the coordinated bomb examination shootings across paris was planning more attacks in that area. that's the word from belgium's foreign minister. police capture salah abdeslam in a raid in brussels last week.
12:40 pm
multiple news agencies report a delivery of several beats saturday helped cops confirm he was height ought at a friend's home. he was a top fugitive in the paris attack which killed 130 people in november and now facing terrorist murder charges. investigator says the paris investigation is far from over. they say there's still searching for other suspects, including specifically two who played major roles in the attacks. both of them accomplices of salah abdeslam. ben gentleman man hall is live in london. what's happening with the investigation now? >> reporter: the investigation is take only two different fronts. one side you have what happened in paris, how was that allowed to happen and more pressingly, are there attacks to happen in the planning stage and how can those be stopped? today, belgium authorities announced they were on high alert in anticipation of another attack and it appears that abdeslam may have2k been plannig mortgage bloodshed. police found a large cache of
12:41 pm
weapons in the apartment used by the fugitive. and there is video showing a map rung out of the apartment before being shot, and belgium special police suggested abdeslam may have been trying to commit suicide. investigators have him alive and are hoping he can help them identify other isis networks in at the country. >> any details about the suspects? >> reporter: so far police identified 30 suspects directly connected to the paris attacks. today, new lead suspect, as dna came out of -- seen here in a picture of his fake i.d. cards and his dna was found on the paris explosive as well as the apartment used by abdeslam last week where the weapons were fouled. phone calls were interceptedded in the leadup to the attacks and there are suggests he was a ring leader and now still at large. says is shocked by the amount of
12:42 pm
support abdeslam received on the run. so it's clear they're -- now it's about trying to capture them and see if another attack can be thwarted. >> thank you. u.s. military base in iraq where the islamic state killed an american marine over the weekend. much more on that marine and what is the very first u.s. military base dedicated to helping fight isis. that's coming up. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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lamb islamic state fighters open fire at a u.s. military because in iraq two days after a rocket strike killed an american marine there. word from aíkj
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
s began raving. it's a recent i stabbed base. it's just outside mosul.
12:48 pm
the larger bases on which the marines are stationed apeshmerga facility. the kurdish person margay are expected to lead any charge to retake the city of mosul from isis, and the marines are there to train those peshmerga for that operation. we're also just getting word from reuters that an iranian, backed militia based in iraq is calling the u.s. marines, quote, forces of occupation and threatening to, quote, deal with them. it is a good reminder that whether or not they are officially called combat troops, those marines and other u.s. service members are facing danger every day that boots are on the ground in iraq. >> jonathan hunt, thank you. recently we have seen cell phones get bigger and bigger. but now apple's going smaller and faster. ahead, a look at its brand new iphone. plus, researcher says they've
12:49 pm
poked holes in apple's encryption. what does that mean? that's coming up live from san francisco. hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. with extraordinary offersmance on the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx.
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jurors in st. pete, florida, are set to decide whether hulk hogan should get even mere money from gawker media. hogan sued gawker after is post e posted a video of him having section with a friend's wife him was awarded $115 million in compensatory damage. you can see hem celebrating. but the judgment only covered this)uxge emotional distress and financial losses north punitive damages which are essentially a punishment. the florida supreme court has ruled that punitive damages can go as high as two to three times compensatory damages. gawker's lawyer argued that hulk
12:53 pm
hogan's sex life was fair game but jurors determined posting the video was a violation of privacy. gawker media promises to appeal. further, its founder said large judgment would but gawker out of
12:54 pm
we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. >> reporter: he unveiled two new products an iphone se, the smaller for, four inches, faster, bulletterodvoç camera, a refresh of the 5s and the idea here is to get more people to buy an iphone for the first time. it's only $399, cheaper than expected. he also unveiled a new ipad
12:55 pm
pro, cheaper and lighter. you can see apple, instead of going bigger very much went smaller, but all eyes are on riverside, california, tomorrow,ing for the hearing against the department of justice. >> i understand somebody found a bug in apple encryption. what's the story there? >> reporter: yes. encrisping engineers at johns hopkins university said they're able to decrepit photos and videos you send on the instant messaging platform of facebook, saying it is very hackable so there are some holes in the system that apple says they haven't been able to create. so, a little skepticism. >> thank you. news continues in a moment. with a look back on what happened in this day in history.
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the world's largest aircraft is a cross between an airplane and a helicopter. the first time we have seen this? >> the first time we're seeing it fully akim belled. they just unveiled it for the
12:59 pm
first time. 300 feet long and 60 feet longer than the world's biggest airliners. british company spent the past nine years developing it. it has enough helium to fill 15 olympic size swimming pools. it can take off vertically and land on almost any surface, including ice, the desert and water, and is set to take a test flight this year. >> where is it? >> the u.k. >> all right. thank you, chris. >> welcome. >> on this day in 1999, two pilots completed the first nonstop trip around the globe in a balloon. it had been tried many times before but without any success. in fact two american pilots had died just a couple years earlier when a helicopter from bell areduce shot down their balloon. this time a swiss and british pilot covered nearly 30,000 miles in their trip around the world which took three weeks and reached speeds up to 130-miles-an-hour. the pilots floated their way back into the hoyt books -- the
1:00 pm
history books, 17 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavort to is coming up right now. >> looks like we're doing very well in arizona, and very well pretty much everyplace elsegoçn( i think maybe that number of the 1237. we should make it pretty easily based on what i'm seeing. so we won't have to worry about fighting at a convention. >> ahead of utah and arizona couple, trump sounding very confident. he is just about got this in the bag and is very close to securing the 1237 delegates he will need to be the next republican nominee for president of the united states. but just in case there are


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