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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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leaders. big day for him tomorrow. >> anything else? >> i'm watching media. this is a media campaign. i'm looking at ted cruz's ability to capitalize and hillary clinton. >> all right. >> ed stole my answer. >> i'll be back tomorrow morning. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> hello, everyone. topping the news this hour, donald trump preparing to give a keynote speech later tonight at the gop lincoln day dinner in palm beach, florida. what we can expect. president obama arriving in havana, cuba, for his historic trip to that country. we are live in havana with the latest. authorities in istanbul identifying the bomber who killed five people in yesterday's attack as a militant who has links to isis. coming up, what it means in the fight against that radical terrorist group and for us.
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but we begin with donald trump getting ready to give a keynote speech at the gop lincoln day dinner in florida. this after a weekend of protests surrounding his event as the frontrunner campaigned in arizona and utah. at the same time, john kasich and ted cruz are trying to gain ground on donald trump. peter doosey live wicy live wit. >> reporter: the main part of his argument is that just that he is the only conservative alternative to donald trump that can actually win the nomination. in fact, at cruz's final rally
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yesterday in provo, utah, cruz rattled off the names of some of the folks that are in the cycle like carson and huckabee and bush. and said now that they're gone, their supporters should gravitate towards him. >> we welcome you to our team. with open arms. if you want to stop donald trump, stand and vote with cruz. >> reporter: ted cruz has mitt romney's vote, utah's own mitt romney, which could be big in a state with such a big mormon population. but trump thinks the mormon voters are going to take issue with attacks that cruz has made against him and trump is not shy in explaining why. >> i call them the leftovers, right? two left. we have two people left. you have lying ted cruz. he's a liar. lying ted cruz. he holds that bible high.
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that's why the mormons are not going to give ted cruz a victory. because the mormons like people that don't lie. >> and then there's john kasich, who was candid today talking about how his only real chance to win the nomination is for there to be a drawn out fight that splits delegates three ways before a convention floor showdown. >> i know this is kind of a crazy one. but who actually could be president of the united states? i think that kind of matters, too. so i see the convention as nothing more than an extension of this process. i'm comfortable heading there with more delegates and we'll let the people there make a choice. >> reporter: everywhere we've been in utah, voters are telling us they're really excited to have the eyes on the entire country on them in their republican primary. but something we're not seeing
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is a lot of undecided voters. here, at the rallies, it seems like just about everybody is already a fan of the person they're thanks, peter. meanwhile, the trump campaign denying accusations that his campaign manager grabbed the collar of a protester at the presidential candidate's rally in tucson yesterday, claiming it was another man who grabbed the protester. cbs news is releasing video of that incident. before we roll the video, we should tell you to keep an eye on the lower corner of your screen. the protester in the plaid shirt. watch the right-hand side and see what you can see. see that? we're going to show it to you again in slow motion. and we'll spotlight that. and you can judge for yourself what may have happened.
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well, the trump campaign in a statement saying "the video clearly shows the protester reacting to the man who pulled h him." mr. trump does not condone violence in his rallies, the statement says, which are private events paid for. he's already under fire for accusations by journalist michelle fields thatted a an earlier event he forcefully grabbed her. she's filed a police report on that. the trump campaign is testing those allegations saying the they are made up. >> the democratic presidential candidates are gearing up for some big contests of their own this tuesday. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders preparing to go head-to-head. also in arizona and utah with the addition of idaho as well. dan springer is live in tucson with more. dan?
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>> the biggest prize right here. they will be dolled out proportionally based on vote percentages in the individual congressional districts. hillary clinton has a big lead in the polls, all the polls, in fact. 24 points in the latest one that i saw. and today she called in her personal closer bill clinton to seal the deal. he hasveevents. he'll address a group of supporters in tucson and phoenix. secretary clinton leads bernie sanders by nearly 300 delegates and more than halfway to the number needed to win the nomination. sanders needs 2/3 of all the remaining delegates, but he's showing no signs of giving up. the first event was along the mexican border where he promised even more pro-illegal immigration policies than president obama. he has drawn big crowds.
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last night, more than 3,000 supporters heard his stump speech in phoenix. he said the only way he wins tuesday is with a big turnout. he criticized clinton for where she's gotten her campaign contributions. >> i don't have to worry about some billionaire or wall street guy calling me up, because we don't have their money. we don't want their money. we don't need their money. secretary clinton has chosen to go another route in terms of how she raises money. she has several super pacs. >> reporter: sanders has already moved on to washington state, which holds its caucuses on saturday. 118 delegates will be up for grabs next saturday. it should be a very favorable territory for sanders. he's had huge crowds and raised
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a ton of money in that state. >> thanks very much, dan. the first family making an historic trip to communist cuba. you're looking at the airport in havana. we're waiting for the president's plane, air force one, to land there. the trip to the country the first for a sitting vice president in nine decades. but there's a growing controversy surrounding this trip. president obama's policy of the thawing relations between the two countries, with questions about whether the castros can really change. cuban authorities arrested dozens of activists a few hours before the president is due to arrive and touch down at that airport. our correspondent is live in havana with more on the president's journey. >> reporter: always good to talk to you, my friend. and you're right. this is a very delicate dance for a president that's been so eager, dating back to the very beginning of his presidency to
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bridge the gap between two nations so close geographically and yet so far apart, especially politically and diplomatically. the president hoping to take the next step in restoration of relations with the cuban people. the first family expected to land within the hour. it's also an opportunity for the cuban government to try to reclaim what could be an enormous economic opportunity for the people here on the island. this week, we heard white house press secretary josh ernest saying it's critical to have the exchange of commerce and culture, but most of all, a people-to-people connection. the white house believes that will be the most lasting impact that this exchange might have, especially the cuban people, who feel like they've had their political views repressed by the government. >> it will be powerful for the president of the united states to land air force one in havana and get off the plane and spend
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a couple of days meeting with leaders of the cuban government, speaking to the cuban people, and speaking to people who have been victimized by the cuban government for their political views. >> so far, we've been lucky enough to get around here and get out and meet some of the cuban people. i can tell you they're very excited about the prospect of something happening in their lifetimes that they never perhaps could have dreamed and imagined a president from the united states coming here to speak directly to the cuban people, which by the way, the president is expected to do on tuesday. now, as you also know, there has been a great deal of pushback, especially on capitol hill. cuban americans there, needless to say, disappointed that the president, in their opinion, is lifting up the cuban castro government. >> president obama once upon a time said, as you unclench your fist, we will extend a helping
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hand. raul castro has not unclenched his fist. in fact, he's tightened it up. >> reporter: keep this in mind. you saw the pictures there. you're talking about massive protests in south florida. i have lived in miami and understand i think in a very small way, the angst. the concern among the cuban-american community that this will only enhance what in their minds has been a despotic regime. however, i think when you talk to young people, they feel very optimistic about it. it should make for a tremendous and fascinating trip by the president and first family. the exchange begins sometime within the hour, my friend. >> good to see you. we'll be monitoring your reports of when the president arrives. a very more emotional issue. nine more died as they were trying to escape rast rowcastro
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regime. fugitives are protected by the cast rows. coming up in about ten minutes, the son of a terrorist bombing victim that happened right here in new york city. he will be here weighing in on the president's visit. the u.s. is sending reinforcements to iraq a day after iraq caught up in isis killed one u.s. marine. officials not saying how many this involved. once they reach iraq, the marines will support local forces and ground operations for the u.s.-led coalition fighting isis. one sheriff's department is in mourning after a deputy was gunned down in the line of duty and another is fighting for his life. we'll have the latest now and what investigators are saying about the suspected killer. and the republican national committee is facing a range of
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issues surrounding a possible donald trump nomination. what chairman priebus is saying and what it could mean for the party going forward. and he's not the only one on the campaign trail. bernie sanders hitting the trail with his wife this weekend. what difference could that make with the voters? not a lot of people know much about sanders. we'll have a profile of mrs. sanders as fox news channel rolls on this afternoon. >> we're staying in until the convention. i mean, there are a lot of large states coming in the future. and as i said, the more people know him, the more they support his ideas. so time is on our side. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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see that airplane? it's a boeing 747. it's air force one. it's been on a journey that's taken 90 years. that's the last time a president of the united states while in office visited cuba. the president, the first family, and other dignitaries onboard air force one right now, it is slowly approaching the airport in havana. we will, of course, bring you further live coverage as the plane touches down, and the president arrives for this very controversial trip that comes on the heels of several human rights demonstrators arrested, and the security apparatus in cuba has things locked down on that island, awaiting this two or three-day visit by the
1:19 pm
president. we'll get back to you when the president emerges. meanwhile, students clash, killing at least 14 people and injuring more than 30 issues. students were returning from a fireworks festival on their way to bars. investigators are looking for the cause. back home at home, an indiana sheriff's deputy died of his wounds after being shot while serving an arrest warrant in the trailer park. his partner was also shot, but is now in stable condition. the suspected gunman was found dead in the mobile home hours after that incident. pope francis kicking off a holy week ceremony. he blessed palm leaves and olive
1:20 pm
branches. republican national committee chairman priebus is walking a fine line concerning donald trump in the lead-up to the gop convention in july. though the billionaire businessman is clearly in the lead, he's reportedly facing a concerted effort by party leaders to prevent him from getting the necessary delegates to secure the nomination outright. if that fails, trump is also facing the possible of a third party conservative candidate, as well as a contested convention, which chairman priebus talked about earlier this morning on "sunday morning futures." >> i would imagine any number of scenarios could happen at the convention. our job is to make sure that we take the mystery out of what an open convention would look like, if we should go that direction. i'm trying very hard to make sure that people understand that
1:21 pm
a majority of delegates empowered by the votes in the states choose the nominee of our party, and there's nothing nefarious about that. >> okay, let's bring in the senior political correspondent for the washington examiner. it's apparent that they find themselves in a conundrum. can they recork the champagne -- and before we even get there, how did the republican party end up here? can it be fixed, and will they have to demolish the building and rebuild again? you see where i'm going with this. >> i think the republican party finds itself it hasn't been in in 40 years, since 1976. since then, you haven't had any contested conventions. the presumptive nominee has always wrapped up the nomination essentially before the convention. so the convention turned into nothing more than a formality for delegates to vote. and it was really a made for tv
1:22 pm
pep rally. if this year is different, what everybody is learning and remembering, in case they forgot, is that actually according to party rules, and this is true in the democratic party as well as the republican party, it's the delegates that elect the nominee. the delegates are earned in part by all of these primaries and caucuses that we are still in the midst of going through. but really, it's the delegates. so if donald trump doesn't win 1,237 delegates before the last primary in june, we will go into a contested convention and after the first ballot, delegates are want, and in fact, some delegates are free to do what they want on first ballot, which could make this thing real interesting. >> as we were discussing, who wants to be the next president? we're going to take a focus on live pictures, as the current president has landed there in havana, cuba, for this historic visit, and once the president and first family emerges from that plane, we'll have to excuse you. in the meantime, we'll keep going here about the gop. how does this fracture in the
1:23 pm
party affect the business and welfare of the american people? >> well, look. i think we're going to elect a president one way or the other and it's going to go the way it's always gone. for the republicans, they'll nominate somebody. it's just a a matter of whether the party itself can recover. if it goes towards trump, you'll see a number of republicans not want to vote for him and look for other avenues. if it goes for somebody other than trump, there are a lot of people he at least brought into the process to vote for him that are going to be upset and might sit it out. but the election is going to go the way it's always gone. it's the nomination process on the republican side that might go a little bit different this time around. >> what stops donald trump from deciding, guess what, i'll be a third party candidate, i'll go as an independent? >> right, but if he's the nominee, he won't do that. >> i'm saying if not. we're talking about if not. >> right.
1:24 pm
>> if donald trump is not the nominee, he still has some third party choices. it will be hard for him to get on the ballot at that point. so it's a problem because it helps the democrats win the election from that perspective. but i think first things first, you go to the convention, follow the rule, see who wins, and then you take it from there. >> david, have you ever seen anything like this? >> you know, in 1976, i was 5 years old. i just wasn't paying too close attention. >> that's my point. it's been a long time. >> and that's the thing. ronald reagan challenged a sitting president, although one that hadn't been elected. gerald ford won the contested convention over reagan. so we'll see how this goes. it used to be how things were done. it's just because we're not used to this that everybody is scrambling and trying to figure out what it means. but most of these rules have
1:25 pm
been in place for several years and this is the way it actually works. it's just that it's always been a formality, so it's something different. >> we leave it there. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> take care. >> air force one just landed a few moments ago. president obama's trip to the country causing some controversy, but a chance to highlight his policy of normalizing relations with cuba. he is not expected to meet with fidel castro. he has a full schedule in the upcoming days. later on this afternoon, he's going to -- after meeting members of the u.s. embassy there, having reception, there will be a tour. he is scheduled to meet some dissidents tomorrow. some dissidents were arrested earlier today, about 50 protesters demonstrating for human rights in cuba. we're told were surrounded by members of the cuban authorities and carted away.
1:26 pm
all these issues expected to be raised as the president meets with raul castro. kevin, your thoughts as we see air force one there taxiing into position, waiting for the first family to debark from the plane? >> very interesting opportunity, as we talked about all day long. they're trying to do all they can for the daily lives of the citizens. they feel they have been devastatingly impacted by the long-standing embargo. not just to build a bridge between two nations with a history. it's a gigantic chance for the administration to have a chance to try to build bridges economically, commercially, culturally. you mentioned that the president
1:27 pm
is going to be out and about. also he has a baseball game he's going to be attending. talking to the cuban people, i'm sure it will be set up, as we would expect it to happen anywhere. but the fact that he's interested in meeting the people in the community i think speaks to the larger issue here. how can you bridge the gap people to people? take the government angle away from it. ultimately, we're talking about people, and that's what the government at least of the united states is hoping to really reach out and connect with. i should also add the fact that the president will be talking at length about human rights. you've made a very good point that the administration has long felt like dissidents. people who disagree with the government here are routinely punished even for thinking or speaking their mind against the ru regime. that is inconsistent with american values.
1:28 pm
the key is making sure that the people here understand. it's not about imposing an american idea on the cuban people. this is simply about saying we recognize there are universal truths, and that humanity should move and rise above, not just the differences between our two countries, but in particular, differences of thought that shouldn't be grounds to have someone imprisoned and killed, as has certainly been the case it has been alleged for quite some time. that said, i don't want to give you the wrong impression here. an historic day here and a day of positivity. they're very excited about president obama. you should know that this visit is being viewed with a great deal of interest, and i dare say even a great deal of excitement as something is happening that a great many of them never thought
1:29 pm
they would see in their lifetimes. >> you mentioned that. there are reports that the security forces have basically locked down downtown havana. most cubans were told to stay inside their homes. what about the fugitives? convicted cop killers. terrorists. we'll be talking to the son of a man who was a victim in a few moments on this program. what about the fact that there are 70 or so criminals who have hidden out for decades in some cases under the protection and guidance of the castros? >> very good question. you mentioned something we spoke about in the press briefing with josh ernest. there's a case of a cop killer in new jersey that has been on the island for decades.
1:30 pm
listen, you don't want to have an actionable that doesn't have any teeth in it. so clearly part of the interest in coming here for the white house and for the u.s. government broadly speaking is figuring out a way to bring those who are fugitives of justice to justice back in the united states. will that happen? highly unlikely. however, we were assured that that is indeed part of the conversation. and there will be many conversations. difficult conversations like that, eric. you take a look at the pictures there. you may be able to tell, it is raining here for the first time all day. if you want to use an example at a wedding, i hear that's good luck. hopefully that will bode well for the president and his visit with the first family here to havana. but clearly, that issue that you raise is an important one, both for the white house and i think fairly for the cuban government, because they reserve the right to treat those who are here in a matter that's consistent with their values.
1:31 pm
however, is it inconsistent with a family that can come here and hide out for decades. >> you mentioned the president's speech on tuesday. you know he's going to be addressing the cuban-american community in the states as well. do you know about his message, as well as do we know if that speech is going to be broadcast inside of cuba? >> we do know the speech is expected to be broadcast live here on state tv in cuba. which i think speaks volumes to the relationship that you've witnessed over the last 15 months between president obama and cuban leader raul castro. i was struck by it when i first saw the two men publicly together in panama about a little over a year ago, and i could tell right there there was an affection and affinity for the young mr. obama from the cuban leader. i would only imagine that understanding the sensitivity of
1:32 pm
the issue, both on the island and south florida, for example, where you know i spent many years. i suspect the speech tuesday will address not just their feelings, which, let's be blunt, can be raw. i great many of them had their belongings taken by the government, as we continue to watch air force one as we await the president to descend the stairs there shortly. they may need to get a few umbrellas up as it's coming down here pretty hard in havana. by the way, it's all over america, not just in south florida. they feel very much so that this is an issue where they had their belongings taken, some $8 billion in property. in goods and individual items stolen. how do you navigate that delicate issue as a president? i suspect we'll hear a great deal, but i also expect he'll be
1:33 pm
careful not to overstate what would be a difficult message for the cuban government to hear. it's one i'll be looking forward to, as we all will on tuesday. the wind is picking up. as you watch the first family's vehicle pull up. it's going to be slick coming down those stairs. we can all hope they'll have them properly covered as they try to make their way down. i suspect the president will stop at the top of the stairs as we watch carefully, and simply wave to the people before making his way down. >> an american president has not breathed cuban air in 90 years. so you can expect a president to maybe pause for a moment and survey what lies before him, which is not only the crowded dignitaries, that does not include raul castro, but does include the cuban foreign minister, as well as our ambassador, jesse de laurentiis.
1:34 pm
perhaps surveying the triumph of diplomacy that has made this moment possible in the first place. what do we expect to come from this visit? this is called a protocol visit. can you walk us through what that means? here comes the president about to emerge from the doorway of air force one. >> reporter: yep, i see the president. the folks at home can enjoy the moment. i would say -- as we see the first lady here, the president and first lady. first daughters. sasha and malia. part of the reason that you won't see the cuban leader, raul
1:35 pm
castro here, is this is a sort of moment i think for, like ministers to meet, meaning you'll have the representative of the government there. trying to see what pictures i can see here of the folks who are down there on the bottom. it's difficult to tell from my vantage point. exchanging pleasantries. >> the gentleman with the glasses is the prime minister, a longtime cuban diplomat and politician, and has been a chairman -- a minister of foreign affairs, is his exact
1:36 pm
title, since 2009. this is one of those moments that is steeped in diplomacy, protocol, the type of scripted international diplomacy and protocol. the president in a moment will greet our ambassador, who is standing there welcome his boss to his foreign post. >> and the first lady michelle obama has business there. >> first lady michelle obama has business there in cuba in havana, as she's going to be holding a couple of events focusing on women's education issues. the president making sure to greet the dignitaries there is his main duty in havana for this historic event. he is also making sure that his wife is well-covered as well.
1:37 pm
nice to see personal moments. doesn't matter who you are. got to take care of the wife. >> hold the umbrella. the second most important thing he is doing perhaps for today. from here, the president will go to a hotel, where he will greet members of the u.s. embassy staff and talk to them, and then th first family along with mrs. robinson, his mother-in-law. talk about a gentleman. not only do you hold the umbrella for your wife, but you take your mother-in-law along on the spring break trip with daughters. they'll be walking in old havana later on this afternoon before the official events start. and it's sadly for him, raining in cuba at the moment. we're going to transition now. we want to thank kevin cork. he'll be standing by for us. and we'll continue with this newscast as planned for the moment. the president's visit comes amid a history of cold war antagonism between the u.s. and
1:38 pm
the hard line marxist communist country, including the castro regime, as we have been reporting this afternoon, providing refuge and protection to an estimated 70 american fugitives who fled our country. they include convicted terrorists, cop killers, hijackers, and others. notably convicted terrorist bomber willie morales. he was considered the chief bomb maker and one of the leaders of the puerto rican terrorist group the faln. it was the faln that claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing of new york city's historic francis tavern in downtown manhattan back in 1975. dozens of innocent lunch goers were injured. four people were killed, including 33-year-old frank connor. frank was a young banker. his son was only 9 years old on that day. his son joins us now. joe connor has dedicated his life to bringing willie morales and the other wanted fugitives in cuba to justice.
1:39 pm
our sympathy, as always, to the loss of your father so many decades ago. your thoughts as you see the president of the united states and the justice department, they're talking, but not doing much more, about those 70 fugitives including willie morales and the faln. the faln responsible for the murder of your father in cold blood in this city. >> as i watch the president come down the stairs, i'm hoping he can be a statesman like reagan and stand before as he stood before the berlin wall, and said tear down this wall. i hope mr. obama is able to stand there and demand that the cubans, that we want justice. we want justice for frank connor's life. bringing william morales back to the united states. and for the other fugitives. this is the time to do it.
1:40 pm
there is no other time. let's hope this president has the wherewithal and the toughness and the righteousness to demand justice. >> do you feel that your issue, the murder of your father and the other victims, the new jersey state trooper that you mentioned, and so many others, that they've been kind of swept under the rug and ignored? >> yes. we've gotten some lip service. the president is going to talk about it. you know, talk is cheap. he's going to have an audience in cuba. he's already opening up with cuba. and unless you set conditions in any negotiation, it fails to be a negotiation. it's a capitulation. and this president, he considers this an historic meeting. well, peopleg things away forever. so there's nothing historic about capitulating and giving things away. there is something historic about bringing justice and being a statesman and doing what's right for your citizens, including my father. >> during the soviet union time, we saw american presidents go
1:41 pm
there when they had their issues. and people in prison. some would say they'll get to this. they understand it is such an emotional heartfelt issue. what do you say about that? >> well, i think that we need to demand -- back in the soef jet union, this was almost an inequality between us between super power status goes.viet union, this was almost an inequality between us between super power status goes. for us to open the borders and allow $10 billion to be poured in through tourism and getting nothing in return is horrendous. the comparison to the soviet union is not valid, and we have to get something for what we're giving. >> what would you like to see the president say? >> i'd like to see the president stand before the cuban people and say we want to bring justice to this island. to stop tracking down on the dissidents. and to allow the terrorists, who
1:42 pm
have been arrested, convicted, and escaped to cuba to be returned. that's justice. all we've asked for is justice for my father. if our president can't do that, i don't think he's doing his job. >> joe connor, heartfelt, from the heart this afternoon on this historic day in cuba. we thank you on behalf of your father, frank. >> thank you. take care, eric. >> absolutely. president obama arriving in cuba just moments ago on a historic trip to the communist regime. next, how u.s. firms are already taking advantage of the warming trade relations and what it possibly means with jobs for american workers. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that
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1:47 pm
pat, good to see you. >> good to see you here. >> as we know right now, starwood hotels and resorts based in stanford, connecticut, they're doing business -- >> first one to have a deal signed, sealed, and delivered. >> tell us about the deal and how does this affect the cuban economy? >> the deal is small. we're talking about them managing two hotels. the hotels in havana, not up to american standards. it's a lot of tourists who were wanting to go there. there's a lot of talk about tourism reviving the economy. they need hotels. they need flights. a cruise ship coming in and doing a day excursion is not going to do it for the economy. so this is a first step. and it's a baby step. >> a baby step for them, but china is looking to take huge steps. >> china is already in there. >> in fact, china's trade with cuba grew by 57% in the first three quarters of last year. >> second largest trading partner. >> absolutely. >> next to venezuela. but the chinese are already in there. they're after the telecommunications business. they're after the infrastructure.
1:48 pm
it makes sense. one repressed government does not want freedom, does not want their people to get to the internet. they're very concerned about communication. very suspicious of the united states. and guess what. china has the same issues. china is going in there saying we have figured it out. so they are right in there. it's going to be very tough, although at&t is fighting for the job. >> right. and that would make it easier as american travelers -- >> i would be very suspicious of internet used by someone else. >> no, i just meant in terms of phone service. you're right that china is trying to get the internet action there. >> and they're in debt. >> can they trust the chinese to not get information? >> well, it's one repressive government talking to another repressive government. and keep in mind that cuba is in deep trouble with credit. they are in deep debt. and one of their biggest creditors, china. >> yes. >> not the u.s. china. >> so how do we do it?
1:49 pm
how does president -- or not necessarily the president, yes, him, too, but all the u.s. business people, how do they make sure they get their hands in there and get some answers to profitable businesses? >> i'm not sure that they can make sure, and i'm not sure how profitable it's going to be, because the cuban government doesn't want to release the control of anything. but it's a start. >> some people would say why didn't the president have all that lined up before he had an agreement with cuba in the first place? >> it's a baby step. it's a baby step. this is not like nixon opening china up. this is a baby step ending a 55-year history of them being a pariah. >> pat powell, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you very much. and we will be right back. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered,
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authorities in turk wecy link the suspect yesterday in the bombing in istanbul to isis. that explosion killed five including three israelis who have american and israeli citizens. and we have author of "voices from the bottom of the south china sea." bob, good to see you. this is exactly what they warn about, terrorist striking a busy tourist packed shopping street
1:54 pm
in europe. this is what the european authorities have said will happen, this, really, isis' new strategy. >> it is a continuation of their strategy if you look where turkey is, it is the minister of interior said is concerned with regard to the isis connection but there are a lot of connections regarding the network in turkey. it is in between turkey, in between iraq and in between europe. it is strategic. >> and the 33-year-old suspect is not from abroad but is turkish, showing the radicalization we have seen in belgium and in france during paris attack. >> absolute i. very concerning. he was born in 1992. he is young. from that southern region. that abouts the syrian border. that is where a lot of the activity has been regarding financing of isis through oil sales. looking at the transport of foreign fighter that come
1:55 pm
through istanbul and to the border and last week the american from my home area here in virginia came through istanbul and turkey. it is concerning. the young man from southern turkey, it should be concerning to the turks. >> and abdeslam hid in brussels five blocks from the town square and city hall is the last four months with a network and a family. how is it possible to infiltrate the networks with the community protecting them? >> they have to continue to try to infiltrate with better intelligence regarding people coming and going. there has to be a concerted effort by the authorities to build trust with communities as there is potential for the end game get, closer and closer in syria as well as in iraq. one day isis will be defeated and turkey is right in the
1:56 pm
center of everything. >> would you say that one more time. you think one day will be defeated, isis will be defeated? >> i do if you look at good things happening on the ground regarding united states coordination with the iraqi government. you look what is happening outside of raqqa and with regard to the kurdish forces, the special forces, the 3,000 americans on the ground supporting and defeating and disrupting the network. >> i will leave you on that optimistic note. >> that does it for us. take care. [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you?
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the john deere ztrak z535m with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to >> i'll be back tomorrow morning on the fox business network. >> on the buzz beater, donald trump rolling toward the nomination after another super tuesday. the pundits are obsessing on delegate mass and whether that could stop him. >> you do not by the contested convention where you go to a second ballot, a third battle and settling the person who brings the party together is one of those two? >> it is insane. >> do you deny the nomination to donald trump? that is a very difficult case to make. >> i don't think trump will have enough to give in the nomination. >> more than 60% of republicans do not want him their nominee. that is the math. i don't see how he overcomes that with less than the needed


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