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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 16, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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good morning to you. it is wednesday, march 16th, and super tuesday two, proving to be a big night for the front-runners, as the donald trump and hillary clinton move closer to securing the nomination. >> that's right. the gop field now down to three. as marco rubio suspends his campaign after a devastating loss in his home state. >> we're going to go forward, and we're going to win. but more importantly, we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination, and winning this election in november!
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>> it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever. my campaign is suspended. >> only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once, not twice, not three times, but nine times, all across the country. >> we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls. we have come a long way. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you is all i can say. >> here is where things stand right now. missouri still too close to call with cruz and trump locked in a tight battle. >> and donald trump declaring victory in the winner take all state of florida with a wide margin over rubio. >> john kasich beating trump to
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take his first win of the primary season in his home state of ohio. >> but trump came out on top in both illinois, and north carolina. with ted cruz coming in second in both of those states. >> so the current delegate count is trump 621, cruz 396, and kasich 138. >> and for the democrats, missouri also too close to call. hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck right now. >> but clinton did win the four other states. so that leaves her with 1,561 delegates, and sanders with an even 800. go we have fox news team coverage this morning. >> let's begin with phil keating who is live for us in miami. and a lethal blow that donald trump just delivered to marco rubio's campaign. good morning. >> yeah, good morning. absolutely crushing. record-setting turnout in florida's critical primary yesterday. 46% of registered republicans and democrats turned out and voted yesterday. and for trump, the polls were
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spot-on. a crushing victory. and for rubio, he is now done. an elated donald trump alongside his wife and campaign managers taking the stage at his mar-a-lago palm beach county resort last night, thanking everybody involved, and congratulating rubio on a tough fight. despite rubio's repeated promises that the polls were way off, they were not. and the state that handily elected rubio senator back in 2010 went decisively for trump, with trump pulling 45%, 18 points more than rubio. >> we have a great opportunity, and the people that are voting are democrats are coming, independents are coming in, and very, very importantly, people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. >> in miami, rubio took the stage with his wife and children, appearing not upset, but matter of fact about his year's unprecedented anti-establishment political climate.
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>> after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. while this may not have been the year for a hopeful and optimistic message about our future, i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. >> and there were signs all day long in florida that this, perhaps, was not to be a rubio shocker. this photo taken in rubio's hometown yesterday of west miami. as you can see, all trump. but, for trump, he clearly has a lot of americans still yet to convince according to fox news exit polling. six in ten voters say if this ends up being a donald trump versus hillary clinton race, they will seriously consider a third party candidate. back to you in new york. >> although there is no third party candidate right now. all right. >> that's right. >> phil, thank you so much. governor john kasich keeping his presidential hopes alive with a big win in his home state of
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ohio. >> molly lyne is live in columbus for what is next for governor kasich's campaign. molly, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you. great to be here this morning here in ohio. big win for john kasich, he needed to win his home state to continue moving forward. ohio was perceived as a must-win for the governor, who really would have struggled to justify continuing his campaign after a home state loss. and this was a winner take all contest, so kasich claimed all 66 delegates that were at stake on the gop side. finally racking up his first win. it was decisive. he ended up by more than 10%. his main rival in the buckeye state, donald trump, did well in coal country and steel country, the appalachian area of the state and the south and bordering west virginia but not enough for the victory. with some momentum, kasich is now vowing to go all the way to the republican convention in cleveland and beyond.
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>> we've got one more trip around ohio this coming fall, where we will beat hillary clinton, and i will become the president of the united states. >> kasich is now part of a three-man race, moving forward. and he is vowing to continue campaigning. in fact he's already out on the road on his way to pennsylvania, where he has a noon event slated at villa nova university. >> still an uphill battle for john kasich. molly, thank you. ted cruz now declaring this a two-man race, despite winning zero states in yesterday's contest. so where does he go from here? garrett tenney is following the campaign live from washington, d.c. garrett, good morning. >> abby, good morning. ted cruz came in to tuesday with a lot of momentum on the heels of beating donald trump in several states, and last night was almost a great night for him, as well. almost. in north carolina he narrowly lost to donald trump by about four points, and lost to trump
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among evangelical voters there by about the same margin. in illinois, it was also close for much of the night, before trump ended up winning by eight points. and in missouri, we've mentioned, it's still too close to call. trump is ahead by less than 2,000 votes and that race will likely come down to absentee ballots. the good news for cruz, second place does count for something in those states, since delegates are awarded proportionally. so no matter what, he will walk away with a decent number of delegates. an even bigger win for him, though, is marco rubio suspending his campaign, making this much more of the two-man race cruz has been calling for. a point he again hammered home last night in his victory speech, despite john kasich winning his home state of ohio. >> only two campaigns have a plausible path to the nomination. ours, and donald trump's. nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever.
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>> while mathematically it's still a long climb for cruz to reach the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination outright, but with about 394 delegates right now, he's still more than 200 behind the front-runner, donald trump. heather? >> garrett tenney live for us, thank you garrett. well despite what ted cruz says, you heard him there, this is still technically a three-man race. so, what was the biggest surprise of the night? our political panel here to weigh in, senior political reporter ashley pratt, and republican strategist and former communications aide to the mccain/palin campaign, boris eckstein. thank you both for joining us. >> of course. >> very exciting night. we're still waiting for missouri. you heard ted cruz speaking there. he's already declaring that it is a two-man race, but there are three still in the race. so ashley, what's your biggest surprise? anything that surprised you?
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>> it's not surprising that marco rubio lost florida. i think it was upsetting more than anything the margin that he lost by. i do think the biggest surprise there, however, was that he did come out and suspend his campaign. something that no one was really expecting given the fact that he said he would be staying in this race until the convention, even if he lost his home state of florida. so i do think that was the biggest surprise out of the night. but again, i think very much this is a two-man race, even though kasich is still in, and won ohio. at this point, again, marco rubio i think biggest surprise of the night was that he dropped out because he did say that he would get in his pickup truck and drive around the country, even if his campaign was coasting on fumes. >> specifically that he was going to go straight to utah. >> yep. >> and he really did wrap it up very quickly this evening. he said, you know, he's out. boris, what was your biggest surprise? >> well, that was actually a good move by rubio. my biggest surprise, well and i think the biggest person who was most surprised was marco rubio. he did not expect to lose by as
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much as he did. and he got absolutely crushed in his home state of florida. what a turnaround from the election that he had in 2010 to the senatorial position. he was surprised. i was not surprised by much. i did expect for him to drop out once it was clear that he was going to lose by about 20. and there's not much path forward if you lose your home state. the way he dropped out was smart because now he can turn his sights on to his own future. he's only 44, 45 years old. he's got a lot to look forward to and americans do love a comeback story. so i believe the biggest surprise was on the part of marco rubio. not a huge surprise for knee however. >> the question is where do his delegates go? >> history so far, in this primary, has shown that most delegates go to donald trump. when jeb bush dropped out, hey, maybe the delegates will go to marco rubio, they did not. they went to donald trump. chris christie, again, donald trump. so i think you're going to see a lot of that support go to donald trump. again if you look at the numbers in florida, you're seeing support for donald trump across age, income, education, it is so
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widespread. >> ashley that goes to our next question. what is the key to the republican nomination now, or is it a done deal? >> it's not a done deal, i don't think yet. but i would say one thing in response to what boris said, last night rubio's policy director, one of his aides on the campaign, actually came out and tweeted that their support should now go to senator ted cruz if they wanted to stop donald trump. so i do think that delegates, if rubio still wants to remain in this somehow to take down donald trump, i think that would be convincing delegates to go for ted cruz. ted cruz is the only one who's still viable, i believe, in this election, to donald trump -- >> but he hasn't even won a state. he hasn't even won a state yet. >> the thing is ted cruz has been able to pick up a majority of delegates in four states so far, even though he's won eight. even though it's eight, so he has four. if he continues to go on and is able to win in utah the path is a little bit unclear for him going forward. but he does have enough
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delegates to continue on in this race, unlike john kasich who is only able to win one state. >> boris, final thought. >> two things. one, rubio's voters, rubio supporters are not necessarily going to listen to rubio's people about who to vote for. they've tended to buck the establishment so far -- and two, of course, if cruz wins all the states from here on out he'll be the nominee. it's not going to happen. donald trump is our nominee. we should be happy about that. >> ashley, boris, we will have you back. hold on. abby. >> very interesting. the time is currently 12 after the hour. so if it comes down to a trump/clinton ticket in november is there an appetite for a third party candidate? we are taking a closer look at brand-new exit polls just released overnight.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." it was a huge night for front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton, eve cementing their status as the candidate to beat. but how did they win? well, here to examine fox news exit polls released overnight is pollster and partner at mislansky and partners. >> good to be here, abby. >> i love these exit polls because it gives you a sense of how people were feeling going in to vote yesterday. let's start with florida. you look at the late deciders. normally donald trump doesn't do well with late deciding voters but in this case he won that won 37%. >> he won that 37%, but what's interesting is that rubio polled much better with late deciders than he did overall with the electorate and compared to his polling average going into the night. which just means that when he said he was closing the gap, maybe he was a little bit. it was just too little, too late, for sure. >> and here's one that really sticks out. a lot of people are talking about this. asked if it ends up being a trump/clinton match-up, four out
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of the five states almost half say that they would prefer potentially a third party candidate. >> well, i think what we're seeing is the percentage of people who are not yet comfortable with trump. on the one hand, this number always narrows as people get used to the fact that whoever the nominee is going to be is going to be the nominee. so you can expect a large number of people to move over to trump over time. i think the big question is that the margins, the people who want a third party candidate, do they stay home or do they vote for hillary clinton? i think it's clear at this point there's going to be no third party candidate who is really viable. so this is really focused on whether trump will be able to bring out the republicans in november. >> right. the area that trump does the best in, consecutively, is among angry voters. you look at the exit polls from last night, north carolina, 40% angry with the federal government, florida, same thing missouri and ohio. i mean that really says something the fact that donald trump did very well in all those states. >> i think in looking at this
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number, i was kind of surprised that the number was so low. because when you think about what the narrative has been about this election overall it has really been about the anger towards the federal government, and no one has captured that better on the republican side than donald trump. he gets more than half in every state and just about half in missouri. that's not surprising. i think the question is, how this anger translates into enthusiasm for whoever the republican nominee ultimately is, and probably is going to be trump. >> no surprise here, majority of democrats think clinton would beat donald trump in a general election. do you see, though, these numbers shifting if it ends up being trump and clinton and people really realize they have a choice between the two? >> well, i think first it's interesting here that hillary -- that more people say that hillary is the right choice to beat trump than voted for hillary in most of those four states. so, it may be the one place that hillary has found an enthusiastic audience. when you get in to the campaign, this is going to be a battle if
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it's hillary versus trump. there's going to be a lot of enthusiasm on both sides. the real question is going to be in the middle, do people move from trump to clinton? do they stay home? that's going to be -- >> donald trump says he hasn't even started with hillary clinton. michael, thanks for being with us. interesting stuff. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, heather. >> and we continue. the time now 4:19 in the morning on the east coast. donald trump, the clear front-runner with 19 wins so far. so, is the gop ready to rally around him and avoid a contested convention? why our next guest says, don't hold your breath.
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we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere
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in the world. everybody's writing about it. all over europe. all over the world they're talking about it. millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. many, many more people. i'm looking at the polling booths. i'm looking at different polling booths all around the country, where it's up and the lines are four, five, six blocks long. >> donald trump winning four out of five contests last night. so, is it time for the gop to stop the split and rally the front-runner? here to weigh in is ron meyer editor for red alert politics. ron, we're still waiting for missouri, still too close to call there. but is there time for the republican party to come together and just admit that trump is in the lead? >> whether or not it's what's best for the republican party, it's not likely to happen. we have to remember, just a couple weeks ago, never trump the hashtag was trending worldwide. there's a huge movement to stop donald trump but i don't see them going away.
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what donald trump needs to do the last two weeks is have a unifying message. instead it's been the protests, his manager manhandling a reporter. it's hasn't been good narrative for him as far as unifying the party and i don't see it getting much better from here. when people in the mainstream republicans are looking at who to pick between ted cruz and trump they have a tough choice, because here's the problem, trump's losing to hillary clinton in the latest major poll by 13%. on average he's losing by 7% to her. then you have ted cruz who is struggling in swing states like florida and virginia. so for people who want to beat hillary clinton it's really actually a very tough choice between trump and cruz but obviously cruz, among conservatives, would be the more popular choice. >> ron, what about kasich? kasich won his home state of ohio. trump, i should say, won three states last night. what about kasich? >> i think kasich is just a little bit more than a spoiler at this point. i mean it was good that he stayed in to win ohio, as far as keeping a contested convention possibility going. he needed to stay in. but i'm not really sure what his path is here. he can't actually get to the
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total he needs, the delegate total he needs so he's staying in as a spoiler. he should stay in to hold his delegates but he shouldn't run actively. >> speaking after a contested convention, is that the only way forward for the gop? >> people who want to beat hillary clinton would argue that. because right now, the two leading contenders who are left really statistically, if you look at polls and believe the data, and donald trump loves polls and data, neither of these two candidates are viable in november. now, something could change. ted cruz could become viable in virginia and florida somehow, and trump could magically erase this 13-point deficit he has to hillary clinton. but something big has to change. i think it's going to be more than just trump attacking clinton. he's going to have to unify this country and bring us together. and right now the problem is yes, donald trump is adding voters but he's losing more than he's bringing in. millennials have a 73% disapproval rating for donald trump. >> hillary clinton has a problem with millennials, as well. as does she with, you know, the honesty factor. the personality factor. >> right. well here's the thing, heather,
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a poll just released yesterday shows that hillary clinton, even being as unpopular as she is, is still beating donald trump among voters under 35 by 33%. a 33% gap. that's bigger than obama beat romney. so donald trump's getting trounced among younger voters and here's the thing, unless he finds some magical way to make up the deficit, hillary clinton, or the democratic nominee, will be president. >> all right. we will see. thank you so much for joining us. we will check back with you later ron meyer, thanks. abby? >> the time is currently 26 after the hour. hillary clinton winning four states so far yesterday, with missouri still too close to call. 33 does bernie sanders still stand a chance? we'll ask as our panel weighs in. plus we are serving up pancakes with a side of politics in florida this morning. diners in palm pitch dissing to anna kooiman about how they voted. that's coming up. >> this new poll found that the majority of millennials would vote hillary clinton over donald trump.
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then millennials sent out that you can't vote by texting and said oh, never mind. too hard for me, man. i'm voting for philip.
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good morning. it is wednesday, march 16th. super tuesday, too, proving to be a big night from the front-runners as both donald trump and hillary clinton move closer to securing the nomination. >> it was a big day tuesday. the gop field now down to three as marco rubio suspends his campaign after a devastating loss in his home state. >> we're going to win. but more importantly, we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination, and winning this election in november.
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>> we've got one more trip around ohio this coming fall, where we will beat hillary clinton, and i will become the president of the united states. >> only two campaigns have a plausible path to the nomination. ours, and donald trump's. >> are you tired of a handful of billionaires running our economy? well, if you are, you've come to the right place. >> but after tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. today my campaign is suspended. >> here is where things stand. missouri still too close to call. but donald trump coming out on top in florida, north carolina, and illinois. john kasich fending off trump in his home state of ohio. and the current delegate count, trump 621, cruz 396, and kasich
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with 138. >> as for the democrats, missouri, again, still too close to call for them, as well. but it proved to be a victorious night for hillary clinton. she has won all of the announced contests. and so that leaves clinton with 1,561 delegates. and sanders with an even 800. >> we have fox news team coverage for you this morning. >> and let's begin. in miami with phil keating on how trump knocked rubio out of the race. and it was a knockout, phil. >> decisive, heather. turns out the polls were spot-on in florida. trump crushed and rubio quit. last night at the mar-a-lago, donald trump's resort there in palm beach county, he congratulated rubio and committed his future after the home state smackdown. the state of florida which handily elected rubio senator in 2010 instead went big for trump, 18 points ahead of rubio. >> i just want to say, we're going to go forward. and we're going to win.
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but more importantly, we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. we're going to have great victories for our country. >> in miami, rubio gave an optimistic speech. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. >> turnout yesterday in florida, record-setting. 46% of registered voters voted in this florida primary, showing voters out there on both sides of the aisle are very enthusiastic this year. heather and abby? >> all right, phil keating live for us in miami. thanks so much. and governor john kasich keeping his presidential hopes alive with a big win in his home
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state of ohio. >> molly line is live for us in columbus with what is next for the kasich campaign. good morning, molly. >> good morning, heather and abby. you are absolutely right, john kasich got that must-win that he really needed here in ohio. it was a decisive win, as well. take a look at the numbers. a ten-point victory. kasich at 46.8. trump at 35.7. the ohio governor avoided the home state loss that would have likely marked the end of his white house run. and in this winner take all contest he claimed all 66 delegates at stake on the gop side. he really needed this win to up his delegate count, and finally racked up this being his first win of the election. >> to have people believe in you, and to believe that you can bring people together, and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you.
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>> kasich's win denied donald trump yet another victory and made it tougher for the businessman who holds a significant lead in the delegate count to clinch the nomination outright. now, with some momentum in his corner, kasich is vowing to move forward, to go all the way on to the republican convention in cleveland. he is out campaigning today. he has moved on to pennsylvania. his native state. where he has an event at villanova university today. >> and it continues. molly line live for us. thank you, molly. ted cruz, meantime, did not win any states on super tuesday 2. but he is still calling it a two-man race. so where does he go from here? garrett tenney is following the campaign for us live from washington, and he joins us with more on that. good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning. it was almost a great night for ted cruz, but lucky for him elections can be like horseshoes and hand grenades where almost does count for something. north carolina, illinois, and missouri award delegates proportionally. so while cruz lost to trump by four points in the tar heel
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state, he'll still walk away with at least 24 delegates. the same goes for illinois, where he lost to trump by eight points but will still get a share of the 69 delegates. and in missouri, where trump is ahead by less than 2,000 votes, the breakup of the state's 52 delegates will likely come down to absentee ballots. so despite not winning a single state last night, cruz still called it a win for his campaign going forward. >> tonight we continue to gain delegates and continue our march to 1237. and after tonight, america now has a clear choice going forward. >> and after last night ted cruz has at least 394 delegates. that's still 200 fewer than donald trump, and a long ways from the 1237 required to secure the nomination. outright. heather and abby? >> all right garrett tenney live for us. thanks so much, garrett.
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>> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination. >> we should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. >> this is a huge crowd. i say to those cowardly republican governors, if you are afraid of a free and fair election, get out of politics, get another job. >> in bernie sanders' own words it was a huge night for hillary clinton securing her spot as the democratic front-runner. is it now a done deal for her. let's ask our democratic panel. a democratic strategist and taryn rosencrantz is the former managing director of the democratic national campaign committee. good morning to you guys. thanks for waking up for us this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, abby. >> let's start with that, chuck. even if sanders had won all of the states yesterday, he would still have very much an uphill
1:38 am
battle. is it a done deal now for hillary clinton? >> i don't think it's completely done. on the democratic side, as you know, all the delegates are proportional. and we still have half the delegates to go. is it an uphill battle? it is. but bernie sanders has changed the way that we do politics. he's even changed the way that we play politics with 1.5 million new donors, and raising all the money that he needs to, he's got the support and the momentum to go all the way to the convention, and there's one thing that hillary clinton knows beyond all else in brooklyn this morning, is that she can't win the nomination without most of all of senator sanders' votes. so it's going to be interesting to watch this play out in big states coming up like california, new york, pennsylvania, and so on. >> taryn, do you agree with that? because i mean you look at the numbers, look at the math, you look at sort of the momentum, isn't the writing sort of on the wall here? i mean, the fact that bernie sanders is not likely going to be the nominee. or are we missing something? >> no, i think that's right. it was a super night for hillary. and i think she proved that she's got all the momentum going in to this. and winning, you know, which is
1:39 am
likely to be all five and kind of having a sweep tonight just sort of made michigan and bernie's win there look like a little blip on the radar and maybe more of a fluke than than really any kind of game changing or tide turning. i think she's really got a lot of momentum and it was a super night for her and she really proved that even with all the money that he's raising and all the financial support that's coming in from the small dollar donations it's not really translating at the ballot box. >> i want to ask both of you this, who do you think ultimately would give hillary clinton, if she is the nominee, the biggest challenge? because there's been a debate about that, is donald trump probably the person she's most secretly concerned about? or do you think someone like ted cruz or john kasich would give her more run for her money? chuck? >> i've been doing politics for 20 years and donald trump scares me on that fact for a couple reasons. one he brings a lot of blue collar democrats because of his message on trade. when you talk to a blue collar democrat about trade they say one name, they say bill clinton and they say nafta. i think you can see that playing
1:40 am
out with bernie sanders. so i think that will change the way that we do politics and that's why it scares me. the good news for us, the way he talks about race, talks about latinos like me, i think gives her an opportunity. but i think the trade battle will be where ohio and pennsylvania will come into play. >> all right, taryn, quickly. >> yeah, i think that he's right. i think trump's going to have a run for her money but at the same time i don't underestimate ted cruz or even kasich if they were the nominee. there's a hard road ahead either way but i know she can win. >> all right we'll leave it there. thank you both for being with us. we appreciate it. >> heather? >> still to come the time is about 20 minutes till the top of the hour. and we have some brand-new exit polls released overnight that show democrats are voting republican? our next guest explains why.
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ohio's republican primary
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not just for gop members. democrats and independents showing up at the polls to support republican candidates. so the question is, why. let's ask ohio state senator, a democrat we should say. >> indeed. >> why is this happening? specifically in ohio because we've heard about this happening in other states. >> right. well in the instance of ohio, and particularly eastern ohio, it has been about the issue of trade and the economy. and to a lesser extent the issue of immigration. and this really was all about donald trump's message. while donald trump obviously was not victorious yesterday evening it really was basically, john kasich obviously a very popular governor in the state of ohio over the last five years. but in the areas where democrats crossed over, my district, okay, in northeastern ohio, trumbell and ashtabula county, right on the pennsylvania border, donald trump won over 50% of the republican vote. and that is not because of republicans. it is because of democrats. and that is on the entire
1:45 am
eastern corridor from lake erie all the way down to the west virginia border, all the way down the river, this is coal country, this is steel country, and these folks all went out and voted for donald trump. obviously this didn't happen all across the state. but it's because these folks in particular, may are my constituents. >> they need jobs. >> they are frustrated. they have been hearing for 25 years that someone is going to actually come back and bring jobs to the community. donald trump finally was that person that expressed that frustration, and the plain talk that they're used to. and if it was not for those democrats, frankly, i think that kasich probably would have blown it out last night. but, donald trump i think shows that his message in regards to trade does resonate with those blue collar voters. >> and let's take a look at the numbers that people see exactly what we're talking about in terms of the gop primary in ohio. democrats, 8% of democrats voted. republicans 64%, and independents 28%.
1:46 am
you had democrats 8%, independents 28%, and then if we can go ahead and take a look at the democratic vote, where they went, they did end up going to kasich, 55% across the board. across the state. trump came in with 39% of those democratic votes, and then the independent voters, kasich winning that, as well, across the state, 44% and trump with 35%. so, as you were just saying, i mean it went to both of them then. >> it did go to both of them. and i think some of the crossover by democrats that i know, for example, to go vote for john kasich in order to stop donald trump, so that did happen. i think those were the late breakers. those folks were, you know, going because they were in a panic -- >> and hillary clinton had her gaffe about coal. >> that's right. that is absolutely correct. and i think that that turned a lot of people off in eastern ohio because it is coal country. in my area, as i was mentioning, we were running out of republican ballots in the communities surrounding youngstown, in particular, in
1:47 am
trumbell county, in warren, all of these areas again have been known for the industrial fiber of our country. the crossover was huge. we're talking about one out of 15 in my home county of republican ballots cast were democrats. >> capri, thank you so much for joining us. you are great. you have such energy this morning. >> it's because i haven't slept. >> you love your constituents. >> i do, indeed. >> thank you so much for joining us. abby. >> love that energy. all right. heather thanks so much. the time is currently 4:47 in the morning. coffee and conversation, our own anna kooiman talking live with diners in florida about how they voted and why. that's next. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight
1:48 am
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test after the florida senator suffers a huge loss to donald trump in his own state. so what are the voters thinking there this morning? let's ask anna kooiman. she's live in palm beach. say hi to everybody for us. >> hey, everybody. come on down to this is a fixture in palm beach. we love for diners to come in and start chatting with us. it's a little bit early but it's opened the doors early for us. here in the sunshine state, donald trump with the big "w" in his column in the winner take all state of florida. 99 delegates going to him. and he did nudge out senator marco rubio, which many had seen
1:52 am
as his last stand. and it was do or die for him to win his home state. on the democratic side, hillary clinton won, with overwhelming support, and many of the columns, except with young supporters. those went to bernie sanders. let's take a look at the race boards for you now. on the gop side, 45.8% went to donald trump. 27% went to rubio. 17.1% to cruz. 6.8% to kasich. and the democrats, 64.5% to clinton, 33.3% to sanders. and as far as the exit polls go, the late deciders seem to go to donald trump, which obviously helped him and hurt senator rubio. also, folks are wanting a political outsider, as has been the theme throughout this election season so far and they're angry with the federal government. here at testa's we were here yesterday talking to some diners and they said their biggest issues, seems to be jobs and immigration. so we'll see what they say when they start flowing in to eat their blueberry pancakes.
1:53 am
>> yeah. how are those blueberry pancakes, anna, are they good? >> oh, delicious! there must be about a pound of butter in each one. but they're fantastic. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. we'll check back in with you for sure. well, if you are just waking up, stay with us. we are breaking down the wins and the losses on super tuesday 2. >> we will be here. more live coverage ands expert analysis, just moments away. >> according to a new report dr. ben carson was not planning to endorse any of the candidates but changed his mind after being offered a position in trump's white house. he would run the department of no energy.
1:54 am
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief it is wednesday, march 16th, another super night for front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump. >> as the gop field narrows to three. with marco rubio suspending his campaign after a crushing loss in florida. >> we're going to go forward, and we're going to win, but more importantly we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november.
1:58 am
>> it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever. my campaign is suspended. >> only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once, not twice, not three times, but nine times, all across the country. >> we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls. we have come a long way. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. is all i can say, i love you. >> in missouri, it is still too close to call, with cruz and trump locked in a tight battle. donald trump pulling off the upset in florida, though, putting an end to marco rubio's campaign. john kasich winning his home state taking all 66 delegates in ohio, and trump also coming out
1:59 am
on top in illinois and north carolina. >> so, here is the delegate count so far. trump leads with 621. cruz has 396. and kasich with 138 delegates. >> and on the democratic side, missouri is also still too close to call. but hillary clinton coming out on top in florida, illinois, north carolina, and ohio. now, she's nearly doubled the delegates 1561 to bernie sanders' 800. >> it is all about the numbers now. everybody trying to figure out how can still win. we have fox team coverage for you on this post election day. molly line is in columbus, garrett tenney is in washington, but we start with phil keating, who is in miami. good morning, phil. >> good morning. despite marco rubio's repeated promises that florida polls were way off, they were not. trump was expected to win by 19 points. he ended up winning by 18 points. crushing the competition, and rubio's campaign.
2:00 am
up in palm beach county last night, an elated and confident donald trump thanking everyone, and congratulating rubio on a hard-fought battle. the state that handily elected rubio senator in 2010 abandoned going decisively for trump. trump pulling 45 percent to rubio's 27. >> we have a great opportunity. the people that are voting. democrats are coming in, independents are coming in and very important people that never voted before. it is incredible. >> in miami rubio officially suspended his campaign but smiling as a matter of factually he talked about this year's unprecedented political climate. >> it is clear while we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side. this may not have been the year for a hopeful and optimistic es


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