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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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it's going to be to see. don't forget, michelle fields on megyn kelly's show tonight. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. and right now giant protests outside the donald trump rally in chicago. and at any minute trump will speak to supporters at the university of illinois and outside a massive police presence and huge protests. fox business reporter network correspondent jeff locke is live in chicago. jeff? >> it is quite ad crowd here, greta. i will tell you, if they were expecting a small crowd, they have been surprised by extremely large crowd at very diverse crowd. this is not just students as it was first supposed to be. this is young, old, black, white, as perhaps you can see it is a raucous crowd but it is a nine violent crowd at the moment.
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as i said, a lot of people, a very diverse group of people out here. they say brought together by the kinds of hate that they have seen expressed at donald trump rallies so far in this campaign. that is whatñ9 has crystallized young and old black and white have been here. people with very different ideas. we will continue to watch this as the rally inside is about to get underway. greta? >> jeb, are they yelling anything or protesting anything in particular? do they have signs that say anything in particular? >> i will tell you the most prominent sign that i see and i don't know if able to see one. it is a lot about hate speech that they sees a being hate speech and, of course, a lot of people likening donald trump to hitler. a lot of that sort of thing out here as well. as i said, i'm just struck by the diversity of the crowd. this was supposed to be
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students. they tried to stop this rally. they tried to get the administration of-% the university of illinois and chicago to rescind the ability of mr. trump to have the rally. they were not successful. the administration said if you don't like the speech from donald trump, the remedy to that is more speech. that's what we are seeing here tonight. >> jeff, it's clear that they are vocal. do you have any idea how many there are? >> i have not been able to sir couple navigate the entire uic peaceful which is where the rally is taking place. clearly hundreds. i would say we are approaching a thousand. as i said, i haven't seen the other side. it is a bigger number than anybody expected. >> all right. are the people who want to go in and hear donald trump, are they able to get in and is there a strong police presence so that they will maintain order should anyone decide to break bad? [chanting] >> i'm sorry, greta, it is
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awfully loud here and i'm not sure can i make you out there. >> let me try one more time. are the people who want to go to the trump rally, are they able to get into the arena? >> yes. i got that one. indeed they are. there is a big police presence as can you imagine as well. they have not stopped anyone, the protesters that is, from goinginside the rallies. in fact, i have got to tell you. this a lot of people in the line were protesters as well who may have been keep ago low profile. you know, they opened this up to tickets to the public. a lot of people, in fact, there was a movement to have people who are anti-trump folks get tickets and get on the inside and get in there in a large group. and so, remains to be seen how that all turns out. but, certainly the people that want to do go to the rally that were trump supporters they have been able to. nobody has been barred from that. >> and a note to the viewers on the left side of the screen is obviously the inside the arena and on the
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right is the protest. jeff, from what i can see from here, it appears that this is a peaceful demonstration, meaning they are just exercising their first amendment right. there is no violence. there are no threats or anything like that. am i correct? >> you are absolutely correct. based on what we have seen -- i would say reasonable group of folks. and i will tell you, i talked to people, republicans in the crowd who say i'm a republican and))i actually came out here. a lot of bernie supporters, as you might guess as well. and, of course, this is a campus. a university campus. so you might guess that he would do pretty well out here as well. and, of course, chicago is a democratic town. but, as i said, even among this crowd, republicans that said they came out. they thought it was very important to come out here tonight and speak against hate, speak against violence, and speak against just a very negative turn that this campaign has taken. >> just a note to the viewers we are about to get
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some aerial photographs so you will get a better idea of the size of the crowd. there they are right there. can you see the size of this loud, but certainly peaceful protest. and exercising their first amendment rights. jeff, are there any people there who are supporting specifically supporting any other candidate with signs or even yelling on behalf of any candidate? >> well, yeah, there are a lot of bernie sander supporters in the crowd. if i just -- i don't know. i just grabbed somebody at random here. i just got to ask somebody what makes you come out here tonight? >> there are several reasons. one, i think, mr. trump's rhetoric that is basically fomenting. [no audio] >> appears to have lost the audio. we will try to pick this back up again. all right. let me go to the panel. well, what do you think? john mccormick awá betsy woodruff are both here and we are looking at these protests outside of this
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trump event in illinois, john? >> as you said, you know, that's a first amendment in action. people have a right to speak their minds, speak it loudly, speak it peacefully. there has been some talk over the last few days about instances of aggression or violence at donald trump rallies. this morning he said that some of those people they had it coming because they were swinging -- the protesters were instigating violence. i think needs to be said there is nogr that. we had a video from north carolina last week where a man was being loud. he was being escorted by the police officers and he got sucker punched in the face. >> and the person was arrested who did that. >> obviously. i do think the candidates have an obligation to say even if people interrupt we have a right to remove them. we will remove them peacefully and that is not the rhetoric donald trump has used on several occasions. >> betsy, as we look at this, i was in chicago this week doing a town hall with governor john kasich, great city by the way, chicago. it's peaceful. some of us are old enough to remember that there was a time in 1968 when it was not
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peaceful. it's a democratic city and these people though have an salute right to exercise their first amendment. >> certainly, without a doubt. my colleague gideon from the daily beast was on the scene there and texted me they started removing folks from inside the peaceful where trump's event is going to be happening. >> not just removing. they are causing trouble. >> not just removing them for having signs or anything. i think we probably can't underestimate the emotion on both sides at this event. there is not enough presidential candidate at this cycle who genders so much emotion and commitment from his supporters and so much an gore an antagonism. no other candidate will have an event where people are so energetic both inside and outside the event. it's amazing to watch. >> what's a candidate to do in this instance? whether it's donald trump or anybody else? there is enormous amount ofq) passion about his or her convictions. if it upsets or enrages those who certainly have a right to protest, i mean,
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what's a candidate to do? >> the candidate should speak out and make his case. he should also make the case this should be done peacefully like i just said. there have been instances where maybe he didn't mean it but he did say i would like to punch that guy in the face from the stage. you can argue whether or not. >> do you think that's actually -- i mean, look, that's a stupid thing to say. it's a bully thing to say. but is that really sort of provocative to someone to be, you know; >> i think it would be irresponsible and i wouldn't say there is more responsibility for the actions of trump at his own campaign. worse that his own campaign manager according to eyewitness that he forcefully grabbed female reporter the other night soo: forcefully he left her bruised and shaken. there is video and audio corroborating that. >> i don't want to get back into the weeds on that. let me go to you, betsy, there is certainly is a disagreement, the campaign has denied it happened. i wasn't there, i don't know whether it did or didn't happen is the candidate responsible for what a staff does. >> to be clear for full
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disclosure mitchell spheeldz a close friend of mine. it's hard for me to be objective about this. that said, the candidate creates the campaign culture. i have no reason to not believe what ben said he saw. >> the "the washington post" reporter? >> correct. i have no reason to disbelieve ben, and assuming is he correct, then, of course. if your campaign manager does something wrong, you tell him to apologize. he apologizes. end of story. instead of trump campaign has circled the wagons has gone after my friend mitchell's integrity and said she is a bad journalist and bad human being. that is what we know about the trump campaign culture that they are willing to go that far to go after reporters rather than doing the normal thing that any other campaign would do which is to say i apolo,ujip &c@ i got carried away. for me as a female reporter watching my friend go through this, i see her go through this and i feel frightened and angered and deeply troubled. >> all right. we're looking, just in case anyone is tuning in. this is an event, donald trump rally in chicago on a
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college campus. and he has got an arena with a punch of his supporters outside gathered a lot of protesters who don't want him to speak, they say, because he is essentially the, i guess they think that he is provoking something. that's incredible though. it's incredible we have gotten to this. >> trump has said if you see this protester on the way out, he said rough them up. he said i will pay your legal fees. he said take them out on a stretcher. >> how does he fix this? >> what does he come out tonight to diffuse. this stays on message. he says my goal÷# is to make america great not to make protesters bloodied or supporters bruised. he gives a positive message. people loves had when he gives positive message and optimistic. he has to start taking the high road. he is the presidential frontrunner for goodness sakes. >> right now, this is a totally peaceful protest and the people inside are exercising their rights. you know, it always looks so volatile when you are looking at it. this may be just a great
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exercise of rights all the way around. but, if you will just stay with us right now, we're going to continue to monitor these protests outside the donald trump rally in chicago. we will keep live pictures up on your screen throughout the hour so you can monitor the situation with us. earlier today though, the donald and the doctor. donald trump teaming up with former rival dr. ben carson throwing his full endorsement to the billionaire businessman. during dr. carson's campaign donald trump took several swipes and attackedvcuñ dr. carson's character. why the change of heart? >> first of all, we buried the hatchet. that was political stuff. >> dr. ben carson special, special person. special man. >> i have come to know donald trump over the last few years. he is actually a very intelligent man who cares deeply about america. >> dr. ben carson was respected by everybody. everybody wanted his endorsement. >> it's not about me. it's not about mr. trump. it's about america. donald trump talked a lot
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about making america great. but it's not just talk. he means it. >>1, former 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate mike huckabee goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. a big moment for donald trump and, in fact, i think he would say it was yuge. >> huge! i want to ask you about that first of all i want to ask you about that and ask what your thoughts are as we have been watching live pictures outside the trump event. protesters out there. hard to know the number. estimates of a thousand. peaceful right now but your thoughts about this? >> well, it's america. i love america. i love the fact that people can exercise their freedom of speech. they can disagree with the speaker. and they are not going to be, you know, hauled off for it. as long as they are peaceful. and that's what we're seeing in america. people with very strong passions. and it's a good thing when americans are passionate about their convictions. i trust no one gets violent. that would be, you know, across the line.
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but, i heard today when this news conference was going on, donald trump very clearly urging people not to get into violence with the protesters. and he also paid tribute to the police. that's who i feel for. because they have to sort this out. they have to dealas with it in a split second and it's a very tough job. i agree that we need to thank our police officers more and more every day. >> well, i may be one of the few in this whole business sitting at these -- behind these sets who has actually defended protesters and the first amendment. and, you know, it's what makes our country so profoundly different than any other nation. but the problem is that there is always one nut or horrible person in the crowd. and that's what we always fear. >> we never want that. i mean, i have spoken on college campuses and had protesters. i have actually gone over and shook their hand. i have said i want to do say thank you for coming out and screaming at me. they looked at me funny and they said look, you just reminded me what i love about this country is that
4:14 pm
you are going to be able to come and stand on the +ip &c @&c@ you can do all sorts of -- and you are not going to go to jail tonight. you will sleep in your dorm room. you're not going to be sent off to some, you know, go log somewhere. we all live in the united states of america. before it was over we were taking. the fact that people can have strong disagreements and do it peacefully. >> one quick question. what do you make of this endorsement? does it make a difference that dr. carson endorsement of donald trump? >> it does in two ways. first of all, it's a big endorsement because with some of the tough things that have been said, it shows that donald trump is able to reconcile with those whom w. whom he had had some differences. i thought it was an incredit i can -- incredibly big moment that everybody likes and adores and that's ben carson. the second thing i thought it was a very unfortunate
4:15 pm
moment for ted cruz because cruz has used as his argument that he is the candidate for the evangelicals. and he originally said that he would win south carolina, that he would win all the sec states, that the evangelicals would provide him with that firewall. well, the truth is donald evangelicals. donald trump won all of those states he wasn't supposed to win. this endorsement is further evidence that something is very unique happening, evangelicals are breaking for donald trump instead of for ted cruz. >> governor, nice to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you, greta. is two donald trumps and dr. ben carson agreeing and then disagreeing over whether or not we are getting the real donald trump. >> there are two different donald trumps. there is the one you see on the stage and there is the one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. you can have a very good conversation with him.
4:16 pm
and that's the donald trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of >> i probably do agree. i think there are two donald trumps. >> along the same line. why are there two donald trumps? did you at some point make a conscious decision to behave differently in public? >> i don't think there are two donald trumps. i think there is one donald trump. certainly you have, look, all of this and you have somebody else that sits and reads and thinks. and i'm a thinker. i have been a thinker. and perhaps people don't think of me that way because you don't see me in that forum but i am a thinker. i thought it was very nice what ben said actually. it is another side of me. i'm a very deep thinker. i know what's happening. okay? >> the "on the record" political panel is back. and john, you know, saying that there are two different donald trumps, i have to tell you that we meet all these candidates. i think that's true of every single one. you see what a lot of people say about secretary hillary clinton. i traveled with her to
4:17 pm
pakistan and she is sitting there talking to every general knows every general by name and does her homework and everything else but then she gets perceived a different way. they are all two. >> there may very well be two donald trumps. the problem for donald trump is that voters are going to make their judgments on the public donald trump not the one in private. and what we have seen. >> is that true of all of these candidates? >> sure. i'm saying the problem. beingz outlandished. campaign went on. last few weeks you have seen the general election donald trump get even worse more than 60% unfavorable rating. worse and worse numbers against hillary clinton. that's because is he not pappasing the commander and chief test for a lot of voters weatherw it's meager radiculopathy claims. conspiracy theories about 9/11 and iraq war. vulgar comments about his manhood and getting in the gutter with other people. that's the problem. that's the public donald trump. if the private donald trump is cerebral, they won't know that. >> last night at the debate we had a cerebral general
4:18 pm
election donald trump and he has been very successful in his business. he must know how to do something in that direction. >> exactly, for sure. i think it's interesting that this comment on the two trumps, the cerebral trump and sort of the rough and tumible trump came from ben carson because perhaps no other candidate is more acutely aware of how different those two trumps are, those alleged two trumps. ben carson. remember, it wasn't so long ago that trump suggested carson had a mental problem that predisposed him to pedestrian feel i can't. donald trump has made good with him and they have talked. he does have the authority to say this. >> i hear so many people say trump has such great kids. it's not like you have the one side where people are complaining about but they point to the fact he is a good father. anyway, both of you, do not go away. this is a fox news alert. some 17-year-olds will now be able to vote in ohio's presidential primary, this major court ruling could shift ohio to senator bernie sanders' favor.
4:19 pm
fox news ed henry is live in cleveland, ohio. ed, 17-year-olds? >> greta, very interesting, you are right. he had sued, bernie sanders, to get 17-year-olds to vote in tuesday's primary if they turn 18 by november. now, the key is that a state judge has just ordered moments ago that that go forward. the secretary of state is already objecting. it's going to be appealed we think and a federal court has not ruled it was waiting for the state court. the bottom line, if it goes forward, yes, all of a sudden these college students that bernie sanders is counting on to beat hillary clinton in this battleground state more of them will be able to go to the polls on tuesday. did i an interview with bernie sanders and he says he believes he can win this race. >> we are going to take this to the convention. we have real momentum behind us. and last i heard, there are 50 states in the united states of america and we're going to compete in every one of them. >> i have won by far more votes than anybody on either side.
4:20 pm
votes. i'm way ahead of senator sanders in votes. obviously, i lead in pledged delegates. so we're going to be just working as hard as we can. >> hillary clinton is right there. she certainly has the math. sanders has money. he has momentum. we will see what happens on tuesday. greta? >> ed, thank you. it isn't just donald trump getting a big endorsement, senator ted cruz is also getting one. senator mike lee is here next. also, breaking news right protests in chicago.
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senator ted cruz who donald trump has attacked for not having any friends in the senate just picked up a senator's endorsement. utah senator now ted cruz endorser senator mike lee goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hello. so, senator, you have endorsed senator ted cruz. but, any thoughts on why you are the only senator to endorse him? at least at this point? >> yeah. i'm the only one at this point. i'm the first one. but i expect that i will be the first of many. look, this field has narrowed. it's narrowed significantly. just in the last few days, greta. and i think what we are going to see is a coalescing of support behind senator the only republican n race who can beat donald trump and who can also beat hillaryt[ clinton. there has been a lot of criticism in president obama that he didn't have any friends in the senate or capitol hill as a
4:25 pm
to get things worked out and get things moving in the. if senator ted cruz doesn't have friends in the senate and that's what he is criticized for. doesn't he have the same sort of impediment that president obama has? >> all right. first of all, i want to dispense with this myth that ted cruz doesn't have any friends in the senate. i'm here to tell you that isn't true. i am his friend. i'm his good friend. i'm certainly not his only friend there will be others who will come out to endorse. >> like? can you give us a hint? >> i can't give you any names because they have to identify themselves when they are ready secondly, the obama comparison, it doesn't really work here the concerns people have with president obama have nothing to boo with his lack of effectiveness. they have far more to do with his policies, with the fact that hisoc policies have failed america's poor and middle class. and that's the problem with him. i think senator ted cruz, you kroncke, sort sort ---you correct me if i
4:26 pm
am wrong; on the stump he doesn't have any friends in washington. that's what he has been running on. at least that's sort of the general impression i have. >> there is no question that if you come to washington as an avowed conservative reformer, the washington establishment is going to push back against you. and that has happened to ted cruz. there is absolutely no question about that. and, frankly, it's one of the reasons why people identify him as a leader. they can tell that is he different. they can tell that is he not about spin. is he about substance. he is not about platitudes. is he about a plan. and that's one of the reasons why i support him. one of the reasons why i like him so much. and one of the reasons why i'm proud to endorse him in his candidacy for the white house. >> why do you think dr. ben carson chose to endorse trump over cruz? >> i really don't know. well. i don't know what went into his analysis there. i was a little surprised by that but, again, i don't know him well. so, i guess nothing should surprise me that much. >> senator, always nice to see you.
4:27 pm
thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and there are protests underway right now in chicago outside a donald trump rally. "on the record" will take you back to chicago next. plus, a special encore presentation of "on the record" town hall with governor john kasich. don't miss the incredible event sunday night at 10 chock p.m. eastern. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy?
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this is a fox news alert. anti-donald trump protests are growing outside a trump rally in chicago. "on the record" is monitoring. we will take you back there live straight ahead inside a trump rally is about to begin. and donald trump and senator ted cruz are the two leading g.o.p. presidential candidates. and last night's debate the two went at it over who can win the nomination. >> if two of us get up there if marco, if the governor, if ted had moreãvotes than me in the form of delegates i think whoever gets to that top position as opposed to solving that artificial number set by somebody that saran dom number. i think whoever gets the most delegates should win. that's what i think. >> senator cruz, if you overtake donald trump at the convention, what will you do to take his very passionate supporters and keep them from bolting the convention and sabotaging the fall election? >> well, look, there is some folks.
4:32 pm
donald, you are welcome to be president of the smithsonian. >> i have roughly 306 delegates. he has about 100 more than i have. we have at this point beaten donald in 8 separate states all over thei/ country, geographically from maine to alaska, from kansas to texas, all over this country. we have beaten him and so, for the people at home, if you are one of the 65%, 70% of republicans who recognizes that if we nominate donald trump, hillary wins. that's why the media wants him to be the nominee so much. if you recognize that, then i want to invite i, if you have supported other candidates, come and join us. we are seeing candidates coming together and uniting. it's why carly fiorina. >> senator. >> endorse me today. i ask everyone to come together, let's stand together and let's beat hillary clinton in november. [chanting] >> mr. trump then to senator rubio. >> you know, i listen and i watch ted on television and
4:33 pm
when he speaks and he is always saying i'm the only one that beat donald in six contests and i beat him. but i beat him in 13 contests. he never mentions that. >> the "on the record" political panel is back with the daily beast betsy woodruff and from the "weekly standard" john woodruff. looking at the demonstrations in chicago right now going on against a donald trump event. it's hard to miss the eye ron any. in the late 60's, the people were protesting the war. here the irony ofv("á that the protesters are protesting donald trump's speech. protesting speech. it'sot protesting war. because they are trying to stop donald trump from speaking. >> i think that said, they are also ying to counter act trump's message. trump has through this entire election cycle been the loudest voice in the room. there hasn't been someone as loud and will to roll up their sleeves and counter act him as we are seeing right now. most of his critics have stayed fairly polite with the exception of rubio who
4:34 pm
got a little bit pj 13 rated when he went after him. what we are see something protesters actually try to weigh his voice out. it's not just about silencing trump. chicago has a long history of having active, organized mobile protesters whether it's laborvy protesters in the early part of the 20th century or as recently as protesting rahm immanuel's decision to withhold the video of a teenager getting shot in front of a mcdonald's by police. it's not surprising that this is politicized. it's part of the city's political history. if anything, protesting trump's speech is kind of understandable. >> john, illinois has 69 delegates up for grabs for the democrats. it's an open convention. but i don't expect people to cross over. do you? >> you never know. i think there are a small number of democrats who might think that hillary has got this thing. there vote doesn't match matter if you want to stop donald trump. you will probably go to the candidate most likely to stop him. illinois has messy picture. in missouri it's ted cruz in ohio it's john kasich in florida it's marco rubio.
4:35 pm
so, you have a bit of an awkward situation for those opposed to trump decide hog you want to back. they are going to need to coalesce around those three cap democrats in three different states if they don't want trump to get a big win on tuesday night. >> betsy, john, thank you both. anti-trump protests are growing outside that trump rally in chicago. and just moments, donald trump will take the stage and we'll take you there next. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar?
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this is a fox news alert. due to security concerns with protesters outside a donald trump rally in chicago, trump's event has now been cancelled. fox business network reporter jeff flock is live in the middle of those protests where cheers are brethren out. jeff, tell me what's going on. >> as can you hear, greta. just spontaneous -- this young lady here, 80 years old just came over and asked me is it true? and, yes, it is.
4:40 pm
she said what you have lived through through. >> second world war. i was a child second world war i know what mussolini and adolf hitler said and did. it's too similar. he was quoting mussolini the other day. >> this maybe gives you some sense, greta, of the diversity of this crowd. you know, it was originally students who were upset that their campus was going to be home to donald trump rally. the administration saying hey, if you don't like the speech, the remedy for that is more speech. and that's what they have done here tonight: even though i think it's important to know, greta. that there have been no violence. there have been no threats to my knowledge. no one was prohibited from getting inside the event tonight. police did a pretty good job of keeping protesters and rally goers separate. apparently, despite that apparently somebody thought it wasn't a good idea to go forward with it. >> jeff, the viewers are looking at aa::reen on the
4:41 pm
left, inside. of course on the right hand side of the screen is outside. we would love to talk to people inside but we don't have the reporter inside like we do jeff outside. jeff, you can grab somebody else and talk to other people and find out what they are thinking outside? >> yeah,e happy to do that you know, i will tell you, they are just having a heck of a celebration right now. but, let me see if i can get#&c@ ahold of somebody to get their sense. >> hi. >> you are pretty happy that the event got cancelled? >> oh my god, i'm so happy. chicago came out. we showed him exactly how we feel about him. >> what crystallized it for tour come out in such a large group? what did it for you? >> >> it's for the people. we are fighting for equality. we are fighting for everything. this is history. we are all a part of it. i think it's beautiful that we shut it down. >> i was going to ask you, what is it about mr. trump that most upsets you? >> definitely his message of hate and his message of racism. >> jeff, let me cut you off
4:42 pm
because we have john roberts on the phone inside john roberts, what's going on. donald trump airplane. and landed here in chicago a little more than an hour ago. weighs at a big rally at the university of illinois in chicago in the big peaceful here. he had told me on the plane on the way out that he had heard that, perhaps, there was going to be some trouble, that perhaps this was going to be nasty. he also heard that there was as many as 30,000 people were going to attend: the buildingc itself was nearly full. and there were thousands of people who were wrapped around the block. protesters on one side of the street. people who want to do come and see donald trump on the other. so, it's obvious that trump for safety reasons believed that it was better if he did not hold the rally. there was an announcement lspj"á$rq had decided foro
4:43 pm
safety reasons that he was going to postpone this rally. and the place literally it absolutely, greta, erupted in chaos. there were many protesters who were in the crowd. who were obviously waiting for their chance protest against donald trump. there are thousands of supporters here in the building as well. but it was announced that he was not going to participate in the rally. the protesters decided they good morning make themselves heard. started running around the floor of the arena. they are now getting flooded by reporters. so far it seems fairly peaceful. though awfully noisy. chicago police have moved in here to the floor. we are watching this, greta, as a all unfolds. >> if i have this correct, john, there were actually protesters inside the arena with the supporters; is that right? >> oh, yeah. and there always are just about e4s# trump rally there are plenty of supporters who are inside the building. certainly at his event there were a number of protesters
4:44 pm
at the peabody opera house. they actually interrupted his event for about 10, almost 15 minutes. some of them 25 -- refusing -- donald trump admonished the crowd. instructed the police to come and remove them. it took a while but finally did get the protesters out of the building. that was done peacefully. what's happening right now here on the floor in the peaceful and at the university of illinois, chicago really is quite interesting as everybody, whether they are protesting donald trump or whether they are supporting donald trump making themselves heard simultaneously. slogans to chants that we are hearing here, greta. again, so far everything is! peaceful. we hope it stays that way. >> john, are people starting to leave the arena now that it's cancelled? it's hard to tell from here looking at these live pictures. looks like people are remaining in place. >> certainly a lot of people who were in their seats are now down on the floor there are some people that seem to
4:45 pm
be making their waying that wayt he their way to the exit. at the moment, people are just kind of participating watching from their seats to see how this is going to unfold. on the way up here he heard that there was perhaps going to be some difficulty here. he was weary of this coming. in it's a shock that he has cancelled an event given the intel that he had coming into this. not exactly surprising, greta. >> well now we are seeing pushing and shoving inside the arena. outside it actually looks relatively peaceful. are you seeing this pushing and shoving inside. >> yeah. that's in front of the stage. back to the arena. go around to the front of the stage and see what i can see. clearly passions run very high on4kc# both sides when you are talking about donald trump little bit of pushing and shoving as people trying to make themselves heard. get above the noise the other crowd is making.
4:46 pm
you can imagine there would be a little bit of physical contact. but, again, from my vantage point. even though there is a little bit of pushing and shoving. it does seem to beo(.ruz altercations of any kind have broken out yet. and they are just moving around the floor here. trying to gain position. trying to make themselves heard. no evidence of any kind of violent disturbance at this point, greta. >> wow, i just saw a punch being thrown right now. you may not see violence but we got a camera shot of a punch. there is a police officer there on the scene who is very case numberrably moving in there. good for that police officer to diffuse that situation. >> if you saw a punch being thrown, that's more than i have seen. i don't exactly have 360-degree vantage point from where i am, greta. forgive me if i missed that punch being thrown. >> i saw the punch being thrown. obviously it didn't look like it connected which was the good news. john, do you have any sense of who the protesters are? do they have a particular beef or is it just
4:47 pm
anti-donald trump? >> a lot of it is general anti-donald trump people holding up signs trump fascist, obviously a lot of representatives from black lives matters ashg well. there are far more people on the pro-trump side who are facing off with these protesters. i have seen vets for trump. people from all walks of life, all ages one racist trump sign. again, he is such a polarizing figure, greta. people from both sides are suggesting that they want their views heard and do whatever it takes to get on't know if i can remember a donald trump event that hasn't been interrupted by protesters. >> well, just to tell viewers who may be tuning in. this is in chicago. we have a split screen on the right. it's outside the venue at
4:48 pm
the university of illinois, chicago, where donald trump was supposed to have an event tonight. on the other side of the screen is inside. our john roberts is in there. he has been traveling with donald trump. the event has now been cancelled for security reasons. it looks -- i mean, for the most part it looks pretty peaceful. john, what's the police presence there? >> there are probably a few hundred police. we actually -- we made our way to the airport ourselves because donald trump had to go conduct some business in his hotel. and as we rolled up, we were stopped by a road block the remaining couple of blocks to get here to the peaceful at the university of illinois. there were thousands of people out in the streets. there was a significant police presence. that was out in the streets as well. they have a mounted unit for mounted reserve outside. clearly they were expecting that there could potentially be trouble. i imagine,v7 greta, the
4:49 pm
combination of donald trump, the university crowd being in such a racially mixed city as chicago. of -- violent at this point, other -- i'm sorry, greta, i missed the pa announcement. if he are encouraging people to leave the building. the police thus far have remained in a stand offish posture. they are watching the crowd. i believe they are obviously ready at a moments notice to move in. >> john, what is sort of frightening a little bit from our perspective watching this is that when the crowd inside for the most part donald trump supporters leave the building, they are going to run to the people who are protesting donald trump. they have got>t to walk right
4:50 pm
past each other. >> and they have already. [broken audio] >> they are saying that the venue is closed and they are asking people to leave the building. many people are leaving the building. i have got to tell you, greta, as i was coming, in walking along the streets to get into the peaceful tonight, there were thousands of people who were wrapped around the block waiting to get in. but there was a large group of protesters who were camped out across the street making a lot of noise. waiving -- waving signs. these two have already been in proximity to each other. it's possible as they all exit the building at the same time that they there could potentially be some confrontation on the street. see if we can get a better vantage point. >> certainly, look, right now, the good news is we haven't seen anything horrible. the bad news is that, you know, we all fear the worst that it will get volatile. someone will start something and cause problems. where is donald trump now, john? >> i'm sorry, greta? say it again. >> where is donald trump
4:51 pm
now? >> he is at his hotel he is at the trump hotel. >> what are his plans? obviously he is not going to do this event tonight. where does he go from here? >> he is leaving from here to goqt to ohio tomorrow. the five big contests coming up on tuesday he wants to hit as many states as possible. i can't pull up his full schedule off the top of my head, but i do know that this week is he going to ohio tomorrow, is he going to illinois. he will be in florida, i for a rally in boca rotan. that's all i can remember at this point. clearly, greta, he wants to hit as many of these five states in closing hours before winner take all contest on tuesday. >> how does this compare to other venues where you have seen protests in donald trump. >> there are more here than i have seen. i have to be honest to say i have not been to every donald trump event but i
4:52 pm
have been to plenty. usually there are a handful depending on the size of the venue from 25 to 50. but, tonight it seemed like there was literally hundreds. the chicago police now moving on to the floor to try to clear everybody out who are just standing back. coming down the stairs here from the seats. here. now showily making their way on to the floor. try to clear people out. really remarkable that as noisy as the protests have been, greta, that they have remained for the most part peaceful. you had real pot-ñwju& here with the passions running as high as they do on either side of this trump campaign. could be confrontation turn violent. so far that has not happened. now as people -- what happened outside though as you mentioned, greta, may be another matter. >> we have an official statement from the trump campaign. i will read it to you, jo:. statement regarding trump campaign chicago rally
4:53 pm
postponement. mr. trump just arrived in chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight's rally will be postpone to do another date. thank you very much forép your attendance and please go in peace. rather short announcement from the campaign. but, obviously trying a little bit to put the lid on it. go in peace was the he wanted of the -- was the end of the note. >> can i understand as full as this building was, they were still letting people. in there were thousands of people who were out on the streets who were not going to get in. i don't have an accurate count. i don't know if it was 3,000 or 5,000 or 10,000. because they were rushing to get in here to the venue. can i tell you that the line of people waiting to get into this peaceful tonight at the university of illinois, chicago, was wrapped around the block. and that would group several
4:54 pm
thousand people trying to get into the venue who likely would not have been able to get in because this building holds a little more than 9900. a little more than 9,000. it holds somewhere between 9,000 and 10,000. you put another couple of thousand people on the" floor, you have got about 11,000 there was no way all those people who were outside were ever going to get in. so then you had the potential that they would be upset and angry and protesters, maybe there was an opportunity there for some sort of confrontation. i think the police probably made the wise choice but i have got it tell you, greta, in all the times that i have been covering politics, and i will tell you that i have not seen every rally that has ever happened, but i have never seen this happen before. i have never seen a candidate cancel an event. >> john, two questions. one it looks like on the left-hand side of the screen looking at the arena a lot of original seats are empty. people are getting out. what percentage of the arena has now emptied.
4:55 pm
that's the first question. the second question, what's the weather like outside for the protesters? because protesters if it's really cold and rainy are less likely to stay than if it is really nice. >> it's actually very nice weather outside, greta. there would be nothing that would prevent protesters from hanging around for probably for the rest of the night. here is the thing though, is that they came here to express their displeasure with trump, not necessarily each other. and while people on either side of this campaign and, you know, the donald trump candidacy definitely would have reason to state their views, there is no real reason for them to get any kind of serious mixup with each other. if you are protesting a person and that person doesn't show up, there is really no reap to hang around. i would expect that, you know, there may be some jaunts thrown back and forth outside but eventually they will probably disperse and go about their business and finish off their friday
4:56 pm
night albeit with kind of a raucous sendoff to the evening. >> it does look and you grant see the outside. but from the aerials it looks like people are starting to thin out. they are moving. it doesn't look s;q much from my viewpoint that they are -- that they are staying around to cause problems. sure looks like an awful lot of people outside that venue. now that the inside is beginning to empty, that obviously contributes to the crowded look outside. >> greta, i think we9are trying to actually get our camera up and i don't know if we have it up yet or not, maybe your producers can tell me if they see our shot. we have been trying to get this up. sending a signal out of here is difficult because there were so many people blasting the cell. i don't know if you can see me on camera yet or not. >> i can't see you on camera yet, john. john, is the arena empty now? >> the floor is for the most part empty. the seats are for the most part empty. there is a few straggler and, again, the chicago police right in front of me
4:57 pm
urging people to leave. it really does look like this is settling down, greta. at this point there is a few handlers down. most people left here are still donald trump fans. so, most of the protesters are out in the street at this point. it looks like they have avoided anything ugly here at this peaceful here this evening. >> all right, john. if you will stay with us. we will go outside to fox business network's jeff flock is outside. jeff, tell me what you see out there. >> yeah. we are seeing people celebrating the cancellation of this event. i just important to say because, you know, some people have speculated there was some violence from the protesters that caused this to be shut down. not the case. and, in fact, the police have done a very good job of keeping protesters and rally goers separate. if you walk over to your left a little and follow me back this way maybe you will see -- you can see chicago police have set up a cordon and a line of police
4:58 pm
officers on horseback. they have also got fences up. they did a real good job of keeping people separated and there was absolutely no violence or, to my -- in my sight any intimidation. in fact, the people that are comingoh out of the rally are coming out, you know, some people exchange pleasantries on occasion. but, beyond that nothing that would have caused this to be shut down in terms of any kind of violence. just to make that clear. >> tell me what people are saying, the one celebrating and what are the things they areñk saying? >> i just talked to a lady who is 80 years old, and she said i lived through the second world war and mussolini and i feel the same sort of ting of that. and that's what caused her to come out and be part of this crowd. i think we have said this before. but i think it's important to make clear this isn't just a group of students. this isn't just a group of, you know, african-americans
4:59 pm
or hispanic americans or white folks. it's an extremely diverse crowd. if i had to guess i would say there is more bernie sanders out here than anybody else. democratic town that chicago is, it's probably not the most friendly place for donald trump anywaya diverse enough crowd that see. i take it those donald trump supporters though. >> >> you know, it's funny. there was a guy. and he walked past now. there was a gentleman and he looked like a construction worker he carried a sign saying trump for jobs. he walked through the crowdlr and as i said this is important to note that the crowd wasn't intimidating anyone. he was able to walk through the crowd exchanged discussion with some people but nobody harassed him or anything else. he just simply had a
5:00 pm
different viewpoint and he walked through people allowed him to express it as they expressed theirs. >> stay with us, jeff. we have got more. this is chicago. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. donald trump canceling a rally in chicago because of growing anti-trump protests outside the trump campaign. meeting with law enforcement deciding to cancel the event because of security concerns. now, after the event was cancelled, protesters have got inside the event began to clash with donald trump's supporters. and outside those protesters erupted into cheers when they learned that it had been cancelled. right now the crowds inside are thinning out but back outside the protests appear to be growing. jeff flock is outside with the protesters. our john roberts is inside the arena. we go live first to jeff. jeff, people protests, is there any


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