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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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and before we go live twitter voting results on your screen right now senator rubio going on the attack against donald trump going to help or hurt his campaign. 69 say -- hurt. 69% say hurt. 31% say help. that's all. good night from washington. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> we don't need a guy who sweating and scared. >> i believe a first rate con artist is on the verge of taking over the party of lincoln and reagan. >> a super tuesday vote is less than 24 hours away. what are the implications of all the name-calling? senator john mccain and brit hume will weigh in. >> this year, in the in memo more yum package. black people shot by the cops on their way to the movies? >> comedian chris rock ultra provocative at the oscar telecast. was this offensive? or satirical? >> do you think we should build a wall on the border?
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>> i think building a wall on the border would be a total joke. >> also jesse watters going to the mexican border to sample opinion about a great wall that might be put up there. >> hey, mexico, you are going to have to pay for this wall. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the state of the republican party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. i have to say i'm a bit surprised that don rickles is apparently running for president as a republican. >> so so i'm looking at little marco and i say man, there is something that is happening with him. and he is like melting. >> he is always calling me little marco. i will admit the guy is taller than me like 6'2"
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which is why i don't understand why his hands is someone the size of 5'2". you know what they say about men with small hands. >> you ought to see him back stage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. >> he doesn't sweat because his poors are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. [ laughter ] >> now, that's not exactly the lincoln douglass debate is it? but here's why it's happening. in the beginning of the campaign donald trump did something very brilliant. he staked out two essential issues that he knew republican voters were angry about. the border, and the economy. rather than getting into policy mr. trump kept it simple. he will build a wall and deport illegal aliens. he will make deals that will turn the economy around and punish countries like china and mexico that he believes are treating the u.s.a. unfairly. that quickly got the new candidate a lot of attention
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and a lot of criticism. trump then immediately counter attacked using hot rhetoric that most politicians would never even consider using. that got him even more popularity. the more he insults folks, the higher his poll numbers climbed. so he is two for two. he chooses emotional issues simplifying them for potential voters. then scorches anyone that doesn't like it it even if you don't like mr. trump, you have to admit the strategy has been brilliant. and he would not be leading in the polls today he had not employed it the other republican candidates were taken by surprise as he hammered jeb bush and anybody else trump considered to be a rival. after months of watching trump's poll numbers go up. finally senators rubio and cruz began a counter attacked in the same way. the problem for both rubio and cruz is that americans really don't know them. and the media has attention to donald trump that getting well-known is almost
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impossible. unless, of course you hurl insults, which is rubio is now doing. for his part cruz is hammering trump in a different way. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported. >> now, i don't believe anyone's tax returns are going to give an insight into organized crime. mr. cruz obviously casting aspersions. word of the day aspersions on mr. trump. but all of this negative stuff hasn't really altered the race so far. recent polls say mr. trump is leading in all of the super tuesday states with the exception of texas. ted cruz's home state. so it looks like tomorrow trump will prevail again and it's how close cruz and rubio can keep the vote that is uncertain. the south, friendly territory for donald trump. but when the vote shifts to the northeast and midwest,
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the challenge might get more difficult. but, by that time he might have sown things up. if that happens. if trump is the republican nominee, we can expect a media assault on him that will be unprecedented in america. every sings gel day the press will hammer trump, e posing every part of his life. trump is getting ready. >> so that when the "new york times" writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace or when the "the washington post," which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they are totally protected. >> now, mr. trump talking about what he would do as president, attempt to change the libel laws. he can't do that now. believe me, the press is just waiting. a preview is this david duke stuff, a complete nonstory. i have spoken with trump hundreds of times.
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and i have never heard him run down anyone because of race. he doesn't care about that. the g.o.p. madness is, of course good news for hillary clinton, who has major problems of her own but hot american press will get behind. newspaper endorsements for president will run about 20 to 1, clinton. so the question becomes can donald trump bring in millions of new voters to overcome his deficit among the press, minorities and other groups that don't like him? trump says he can do it. and he has confounded his critics thus far. well, that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining for reaction senator john mccain. with the republican establishment get behind donald trump if he wins the nomination. >> i would assume that we the majority will support the nominee of the party. and could i just add into
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your -- i don't disagree with your commentary but i am saddened and upset about this level of discourse. just two weeks ago we had the director of national intelligence before the armed services committee and bill i wish every american could have seen it it there will be attacks on america. putin dismember ukraine. thanks to feckless failed policy of failed leadership of barack obama. what are we talking about? we are talking about the size of people's ears and throwing water around the stage and talking about the size of people's hands. that's not -- the american people deserve a lot better. and i'm saddened. i am saddened that we are not discussing these issues when we are facing the greatest threats the security of the united states in 70 years. >> okay. valid point. valid point. but you know that all of the invective and all of the back and forth is done for one reason by whoever is doing it and that's to win
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votes. and rubio and cruz and kasich and carson and jeb bush and everybody else tried for months to dent donald trump's lead. they could not do it talking about issues senator. they could not do it talking about issues. and, in your case some have criticized you for not bringing the fight to barack obama in a more personal way. maybe you would have won the election had you done that. so you can see why it's being done. >> well i can see it if you're willing to sacrifice your principles and what's best for america to only winning. yes, i have been criticized but i'm proud of the campaign that i ran. and i would not stoop those levels because my honor and my integrity is far more important than any election. the same way when i support this surge and they said it's going to kill you. i said i would rather lose an election than lose a war. everybody has their own
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standards. everybody decides what he this want it to do with their lives. i wouldn't do this kind of thing. >> okay. do you understand trump's appeal? >> oh yes. i think i do to it a large degree. millions of americans out of work. millions of americans who have seen no improvement in their lives in the longest recession in history since the great depression. students who are carrying student loans hundreds of thousands of dollars. obligations. actually shrinking middle class because of the economy, which didn't happen by accident. it happened on barack obama's watch. >> all right. but it's more than that. they are angry at their own party, not barack obama. they are angry with him but their own party. let me give you an example because you know what i'm talking about here because i talked to you about this. kate's law. number one we don't have a secure border because this alleged killer got in defied deportation five times and is he a low life drug
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addicted creep and he could get across the border five times. so don't tell me we have border security and everybody knows it it number two he shoots kate steinle. she dies she is 32. we, along with the steinle family bring a law called kate's law that would imprison any convicted foreign aggravated felon for five years. harry reid single-handedly kills the bill on the senate floor and the republican senators, led by mitch mcconnell look impotent and senator mcconnell wouldn't even take my call to discuss it. surely you know that a lot of republicans have had it up to here with the republican establishment. >> i fully understand that by the way, i didn't used to be known as the establishment. i was called a maf rhythm rick. but the point is you make a good point. and when we pass a omnibus appropriations bill that is filled with hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of pork and unnecessary spending that nobody has voted on that you a then indicates that dissatisfaction. i will say that we did get a
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bill to the president's desk to repeal obamacare. we are going to block his nominee for the supreme court. so there are some good things that have happened out of us gaining control of both houses of congress. >> i hope kate's law as a stand alone on the floor. >> i will continue to work on it. >> it's desperately needed. >> i will continue to work on it. >> desperately needed in this country. thanks as you as always a. brit hume on how he sees the super tuesday vote tomorrow and mr. trump's chances for the nomination. then chris rock rocks the oscar house with a big monologue on racism. we will analyze it upcoming.
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brit hume. heart senator mccain. >> did i. >> i will support the republican no, ma'am he knee. clearly he doesn't want trump to be the republican nominee. in your context and in your thing is that the prevailing wisdom among the elected republican -- >> -- i don't think there is any doubt about it they don't want this guy and don't want him for two reasons. one is they don't think he would be a good president. probably more than that they are terrified of an enormous hillary clinton landslide if trump is the nominee. >> all the polls say that trump is running very competitive with the secretary. sometimes beating her head to head. yes, polls say other things as well that are revealing. for example, trump's negatives. in other words the number of people, the percentage of the people that view him unfavorably, it's plus 24. 24% favorable with republicans. he is minus 27% with independents and minus 70%, bill, with democrats. now this is -- we are now about, what less than a week into the beginning of a
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real attack on him by his republican competitors. and by full out advertising campaign this is just the beginning. when you think about what is he like and the things he has said and the positions he has shifted and the business ventures he has been in that didn't turn out very well and the bankruptcies and all of that he is a target-rich environment. i think that by the time the media and the democrats, not to mention the republican attack finish with him his numbers won't be anywhere near like that. >> i don't know about that. because i have to say that i looked at the new polling today state-by-state polling he didn't get hurt by the last debated, doesn't seem. ahead in every single state except texas and behind by one point in the polls in exit i thought like you, that maybe he would take a hit in the last debate because rubio went at him so hard and cruz went at him but he doesn't seem to. >> sometimes it takes a while. >> sometimes. but here is is the unique thing about donald trump. and i think everybody should understand. this his supporters are going to wane no matter what
5:17 pm
the press or politicians say. he is going to stay at 35% in the presix. >> take 35% from the republican party. more it will go higher. when others drop out he will get a share. >> 42349 one poll. >> right. he goal higher. but whether he can ever get to anything like a majority seems to me is a very dubious proposition. >> maybe. he has defied every expert up to this point. and i know his strategy because i have talked to him about it look i know i'm not going to get blacks and liberal women, soccer moms or whatever. i'm going to bring in people who have never voted before. they are going to come to me. and, everybody who is teed off is going to come to me. and he is counting on the fact that he will just rip up hillary clinton. he will just destroy her on the trail. >> well that might work. republicans can hope for that but, the numbers on how well he does in terms of percentage of people who would support him in the republican party if he were the nominee.
5:18 pm
it's about three quarters. when romney ran it was about 93%. >> i expect him to lose. and i don't expect the republican establishment to get behind him that much. he is going to have trouble -- he doesn't take pack money. all right. he doesn't have that he is going to have trouble galvanizing other people and he can't self-finance a presidential glun that's too much. >> he has to go out. >> i think at that point a pac might be just the thing for him. >> he will set one up. you saw how mccain well i will support the republican nominee. >> you could hear the enthusiasm in that answer. >> that's what i'm talking about. so it reminds me of the taft, teddy roosevelt race. you and i covered that. >> right. >> so much bitterness between taft and ted roosevelt the two republicans, woodrow wilson flew right in -- i know what you are saying. this trump phenomenon is like something we snrefer seen in our lifetime. we have covered a lot of campaigns. nobody has ever seen anything like this. to make that linear
5:19 pm
pronouncement. >> bill, you are not even saying to me here that trump has the support of the majority of republicans. >> he will if he gets the nomination. >> i you think he will. >> they hate hillary clinton too much. >> even so, i mean his negatives are that high, is he is going to need independents and democrats in considerable numbers. not just partial share but really big numbers. >> particularly independents. >> right. remember are romney won the republicans, overwhelmingly. he won the independents. >> but he still lost. >> he lost the election. gives you any any any the idea of the hill that any republican nominee has to climb although hillary won't do minorities but against trump she might because he gets nothing from those precincts. >> brit hume everybody, thank you. a reminder fnc super tuesday coverage begins at 6:00 tomorrow evening. chris rock race monologue at the oscars. what did you think about that? later watters going to the mexican border to see about the wall. those reports after these messages.
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>> i'm sure there were no black nominees some of those years. '62, '63. black people did not protest, why? because we had real things to protest at the time. you know? [cheers and applause] we it real things to protest. you know too busy being raped and linked to care about who won best cinemaing toographer. when your grandmother is swinging from a tree it's really hard to care about
5:24 pm
best documentary foreign short. things are going to be different at the oscars. this year in the in memo memo more yum package black people shot on think way to the movies. >> katie pavlich here in new york city juan williams. >> what did you think about that. >> he did a great job. explosive territory. easily could have taken one side and easily decide he was being pushed towards people that didn't want him appear and say he wouldn't come. >> say you are a police officer and on the very night that he said this three police officers were killed in virginia. i mean one was killed. the woman was killed and two were wounded, right? by a black army sergeant. >> right. >> so say you know those people and then you hear rock say on the oscars memo more yum is going to be the cops shooting back people on the way to the movies. funny? would that strike you as funny? >> look, you have to take it in context. at the end he even said black lives matter.
5:25 pm
so i think there is a larger movement. >> you said it was great. was that a great performance. >> hits performance was terrific on this issue of the oscars and the lack of diversity in the nomination. >> what do you say, katie? >> i certainly did not like his piece about the police. and as you said young woman on first day on the job killed here in virginia right across from d.c. it's a tragedy. there were a lot of police officers last night protecting all those holiday actors and actresses so they could have a peaceful night getting their swag bags and all the other things. the reasonable did i like part of chris rock's performance is i think he took jabs at all the right people. talked about liberal hollywood. talked about the hypocrisy. the absurdity of people being offended over what was going on. important to point out that oscar nominations are earned based on performance. they are not given out based on skin color. and i think that's something that we saw last night in his performance. >> number one, the people who vote on the oscars are overwhelmingly white an elderly they have to change that to be fair, i think.
5:26 pm
number two, i think rock is a brilliant comedian, a satirist probably the bestes as work right now. i thought his remarks were i'm not going to say they i-i didn't like the cop thing. i would have taken my pen and said no cop things. the other what disturbed me is feed into grievance industry. they feed into that. okay. our ancestors got lynched and raped by black people. every group is can say that not to the extent african-americans can say that did it do any good? >> you know what? it's so interesting. so i watched it and my feeling is a little bit more like katie's, that i thought he secured skewered people on both sides of this. this is what you have to complain about? complaining about
5:27 pm
nominations. he said to jada pinkett that's like me saying i can't go out with rihanna. guess what? she is a tv actress and rihanna didn't invite me to her party. he was making fun of both sides. >> he did make fun of both sides. i just worry that younger people who don't have your frame of reference say, you know what? whitey's. they do, this they do that. it just feeds into that, you know, historical grievance industry. i think we have to get past. last word indicatey. >> we have come a long way. the fact and chris rock talked about. the fact we are talking about this problem in boycotting over, you know nominations really shows the progress in america has had. i think it's important, bill, to point out final numbers here. population of african-americans in the united states is 13.2%. the number of african-americans proportionally to the hollywood actor its and actresses in the film is 12.5%. they represent the population of the u.s. inside hollywood in terms of african-americans very well. and if they want more leading roles, they should
5:28 pm
take it up with liberal hollywood, which is supposed to be utopia of diversity and progress. >> well, look, i can tell you all day long about liberal hollywood since i'm a movie mogul now. >> is that right? >> it's not a grand place in many, many areas. but i do sympathize with the black entertainment folks. this oscar thing, they got to change this thing. because this is way, way too white and way, way, you know, senior citizens. >> i think a lot of people would be thrilled to hear you say that. >> i don't care if they are thrilled or not. i'm trying to be fair. good discussion plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. insult politics new trend in america. will other politicians follow trump-rubio? we have a special report on it watters on the southern border. >> are you concerned about illegal immigration? >> not at all. >> why not? >> because it's not that unsafe. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. uf
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5:33 pm
from atlanta georgia state senator vincent ford a former hillary clinton supporter who is now backing bernie sanders. you have to go back to hillary, senator, i think. i have the numbers here. on the national level, cnn poll out today has hillary up 17 %. and super tuesday, the polls say only in vermont does bernie sanders leading. all the other states hillary is leading. what say you? >> well, you know that's why we have the elections. we will see what happens bernie's message is why i switched from hillary to bernie. reigning in wall street. $15 minimum wage. medicare for all a. those are the issues that attracted me. and i think those are ultimately the issues that attract voters. >> okay. and we respect that. but you can't think bernie is going to win unless hillary is indicted she just not. blacks voted 90% for her in south carolina and in georgia do the same.
5:34 pm
he won in new hampshire. they tied. >> no black people in new hampshire. there is only 6. >> well in nevada you have a latino population. and he lost by only 3 points. barack obama lost by 6 points in 2008. but it's the issues that attracted me to bernie. >> you still have hope. nomiki do you have hope? >> absolutely. >> how can you looking at these polls? >> one thing to keep in mind is that most of these states have poor polling. >> does south carolina have poor polling. >> it did. not in our favor. to be fair here, this is about 22383 delegates. >> yes. >> the democratic delegates different than republicans. it's not winner take all. it's proportional. it all comes down to the margins, even if he loses in some of these states most likely won't be by a large number. some of them is what separates. >> i don't even think bernie thinks he is going to win.
5:35 pm
>> i don't going to win. i think he knows he hanging n case of the indictment. >> he has enough money. he is about to pull in $40 million this month alone. >> he has the money, people giving him money. you know why they are giving him money, because they are just rehearsing after he wins. he will take the money. so they might as well give to him. >> according to educational. >> senator, if bernie sanders doesn't win in your state. he has no shot. you are going to go back to hillary clinton. so it doesn't really matter right? it matters quite a bit. what bernie sanders has done is change democratic politics forever. i don't think the democratic party will ever be the same. it's progressive party. the people are progressive. and i think their leadership is going to be progressive. >> he has griffin the that's right to the left. you never know.
5:36 pm
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hey joanne want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the factor follow-up segment tent. as we told you in the talking points memo both donald trump and marco rubio are using invective against each other. in both cases they have strong reasons for doing so. and i explained them. the question now is this new trend going to stick in american politics? here in new york city kennedy and bernard mcguirk. you must love this because you and your boss imus he is still alive, right?
5:41 pm
>> and thriving. >> we have to check day to day. >> he ran a half marathon last weekend. >> dave pagoda god rest his soul. >> you perfected the insult. the dog with the cigar. >> we're mr. trump perpetuating it. >> do you think it's good for the country. >> i do. it gets people involved. republican turnout is way up. the democratic turnout is way down because it's so boring because bernie sanders doesn't have the onions who go after the woman who calls him a sexist. this is between rubio and trump is like dean martin roast meets west side story. it's fantastic. don rickles vs. george lopez. you can't pay for better. >> i think it diminishes the country a little bit. do you agree with that kennedy? >> i think what happens is donald trump shifted the mayor dime wrote the rules of the game. smacking everybody down. a bit of a bully doing it. >> wait why would obe a
5:42 pm
bully these republican nominees are men. >> they're men but they haven't stood up for themselves. >> don, be a man. why is he a bully? >> he is bully because he -- if you are upset about the invective -- >> i didn't say i was upset about it i'm pointing it out o. >> i'm pointing it out as well. he has been bullying other candidates. >> i don't think he has bull idea. >> that's what democrats say. they call names like bully. >> why would he be a bully. >> calling names and people not responding. weak. if he is calling people names and people finally start responding in humorous way that's effective. >> if you want to say it's wrong for him to call people attack people personally, he is not a bully. they can do the same thing. >> is he bullying. that's what a bully do. >> lack the fortitude to waited this long to attack him on this level. >> maybe they don't want to. you heard mccain say at the at the top of the program. >> you can beat jeb bush and sit around knitting an of a
5:43 pm
if afagan. >> -- i know why they are doing it. but i don't know if it justifies it. let's get back to whether you see this as ongoing trend. you have got to say if trump is going to get the nomination. is he going to go after hillary clinton with everything he has got. does hillary clinton come back at him? >> yes. here is how it will be ongoing trend. if marco rubio somehow snatches the nomination from him. yes, it will be ongoing trend. people will see going negative being funny, attacking people for personal physical flaws that's effective. if trump actually wins the presidency, yes, this will continue. if trump gets the nomination and loses the presidency no i think you are going to see the end of that trend. >> the democrats engaging in personal attacks for a long long time. >> using surrogates. >> more sinister attacks. they call people bigots racist and sexist based on policy alone. nothing else. that's the worst personal attack is worse than big
5:44 pm
ears or small hands or wet pants. >> here is what is going to harassment i will make a prediction on the factor tonight. if trump gets the nomination, all right, we all believe that he goal after hillary clinton and it won't be any rules. he dual what trump does. >> look what he did already. he neutered the big dog bill clinton. >> i don't know about any dogs. but he is going to go after hillary clinton. you know what hillary clinton is going to do if she is smart? >> what's that? >> and i know she is watching tonight. i wouldn't debate donald trump. i wouldn't debate him. i would say, you know what? i'm not going to get in there and throw this kind of stuff. and i'm not going to sit there and take it? >> it looks weak. >> it doesn't matter. >> do you think there is one hillary clinton supporter one who would change his or her vote because she doesn't want to get in there and debate. >> like you said it's the hillary clinton supporter's mind she doesn't have to change. she has those on lock. it's independents and republicans who hate him that she has to court. if she can't play with the big boys she is not going to win. >> how you play. i mean, if i were hillary clinton i would not.
5:45 pm
>> then she loses. if she looks weak and ineffective and charismatic alpha male take it to the rest of the world. >> all right. thennnobody knows this but mcguirk is going to be the press secretary for the white house. got to get new glasses on top of your head if do you that. >> look like ben franklin sometimes. i like that. watters on deck. sent him to the mexican border to find out about the big wall donald trump wants to build. watters is next.
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it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. back of the book segment tonight, watters world, there are some places on the mexican border that have fences one place near bisbee arizona. we sent watters down there to sample an opinion about a respected wall. >> reporter: do you think we should build a wall on the board er border? >> i think building a wall on the border would be a joke. >> i ain't laughing. how about you, billy? >> hell no. >> what do you think of trump's border plan? >> anything to secure the border i'm totally for. >> do you think illegal immigration is a problem these
5:50 pm
days? >> not to me the border patrol do a good job and keep it under control. >> how do illegals get over, hop the fence, go underneath? >> they climb is here. they have ladders. they got rope. whatever it is. >> hey mexico you're going to have to pay for this wall. >> why don't you shut the hell up? >> is the fence effective? >> if the border patrol patrols it. >> does the border patrol patrol the fence? >> no. >> how has illegal immigration affected your problem? >> it's worth a third of what it was in 1986. >> what do you think about that? a wall on the southern border. >> i think that it's [ bleep ]. and that people should be able to go wherever they want. >> do you have a plan for mexico when you go there? >> no. no. not ever. >> just nomad. >> jesus was a manomad. >> jesus.
5:51 pm
>> are you concerned about illegal immigration? >> not at all. >> why not? >> it's not that unsafe. >> nobody gets across this border illegally unless the cartel wants them to. they cut the wall drive trucks through, go cross country, get to the highway to the safe house. then from there they distribute it all over. >> is illegal immigration a problem here? >> yes. >> it is. it's crime, drugs, ranchers getting shot on their own land. >> they took our jobs. >> they took our job! >> do you want to go and dig ditches for $7 an hour? kind of a tradeoff. >> so do you live in the van? >> i'm a gypsy, yeah so -- >> i'm sick and tired of living in a van down by the river! >> do you believe in borders? >> not particularly. i think they're just kind of arbitrary. >> do you think walls work? >> yes. i know walls work. >> the american army built this in 2006. that's vietnam-era landing mat and they had a lot of that left
5:52 pm
over. >> what do you guys think about the wall? >> do it. definitely. >> i'll be there to help build it. >> i love donald trump. >> going to make america great again? >> not me he is. >> well, you tell your friends in mexico they're going to have to start paying if trump's elected. >> i don't think so. >> hostility. i like that. >> i feel very regal. >> you know where i can get some nice mexican dope? >> mexican goat? >> no. >> i'm a professional guitarist and singer. ♪ >> do you guys know where i can get some pharmaceuticals? >> mexico? >> bill o'reilly you tell him that he's the greatest guy. got you on his team. >> thank you. >> you're watters. and this is your world. >> i don't have to do it
5:53 pm
anymore. >> that's the gooda newsa. >> i'm not italian. >> watters, that fence where you were is it easy to cut through that and climb over it? >> you saw he climb. i had trouble because my jeans were tight. i was able to scale it. >> did you have a ladder? >> no they have vietnam-era plates so they have places for your toe to go. you can notch there, hop over it. the way they get the drugs over they use catapults and catapult packages of drugs. >> there's other guys on the other side waiting to catch them. >> yeah. >> the consensus in bisbee arizona, a little bit off the border but it's a fairly lively town. >> yeah, lively is one way to say it. >> it's lively. >> lot of characters there. consensus down there, they want the wall no? >> i think it's 50/50. the people that are national want the wall then the artist they don't care because -- >> i felt sorry for that little girl, though. she's going to mexico in that
5:54 pm
condition? >> oh, i know. it's trouble. >> right. >> it's trouble. >> they ought to have people also on our side of the wall stopping people -- >> that's right. >> all right, watters, thank you. factor tip of the day, big shakeup at fox news in the morning. tip moments away.
5:55 pm
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most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. "factor" tip of the day, big shamic shakeup in the morning on fnc. first a couple notes. in los angeles at the microsoft theater less than two weeks away. more than 6,000 tickets have been sold. going to be a blast. 150 seats left. may 7th fairfax, virginia outside d.c. another huge crowd. some seats still available. billo' for both shows. also big sale on our website, 25% off all my books plus a free copy of the constitution if you buy one. become a billo' premium member you get any book free of charge. the mail dr. george duncan
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ontario, canada donald trump called all the other candidates stupid dishonest, incompetent occurs to me we might have to build a wall to keep americans out if he's elected president. d. lloyd knowles, fox news and the other media are partly responsible for what the candidates say. these are not arguments. i suggest turning off the microphones. garry watkins, the idea that the republican debate was entertaining is ludicrous. bill, i see why "the factor" has been the top rated cable news program for so long. talking points are interesting, insightful and objective. thanks for cutting through all the news. february we came out on top big and appreciate you guys watching of course. linda, gaithersburg, maryland if trump is voted i'll seriously consider voting democrat for the first time in my life. richard, martinez colorado mr. o. ronald reagan was always my favorite president and your phenomenal book has solidified that for me.
5:58 pm
the good mail running 10-1 over the bad mail. richard, pennsylvania my favorite part of being a billo' premium member is the no-spin news. thanks for explaining the electoral college, bill. thanks very much. i design it every day to give premium members insights into why i say what i say on television. i give you background to deal with topics like the electoral college i can't on a fast-paced tv show. i'm glad you like what you are hearing. and a quick happy 100th birthday to edith lives out on long island in woodbury. all right, edith, way to go. the "factor" tip of the day, brand new co-host on "fox & friends" a program very successful for 20 years on the
5:59 pm
fox news channel. today veteran journalist took over for elizabeth hasselbeck on a permanent basis and she had a fun first day. >> it' crazy, it's surreal. heather is laughing over there because we worked together for so long all of us. i started on the weekend overnights. did that for seven years and now i'm sitting on the curvy couch with you. this is so unbelievable. thank you, all, for all the support, for the promos fox has really rolled out for me roger ailes for giving me this job. >> i predict she's going to do very well, smart optimistic most importantly, she's a very nice person who's worked very hard for the shot. "factor" tip of the day, check out "fox & friends." that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news "factor" website different from billo' spout off about "factor" from anywhere in the world, o' name and town. word of the day, do not be a miscreant when writing to "the
6:00 pm
factor." again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn isle toing inging inging -- is coming up next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. just hours away from the most consequential day of this election thus far and republican front-runner donald trump is in the middle of an ugly new controversy. good evening, and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. tomorrow morning, super tuesday, five republican contenders are on the ballot in nearly a dozen states. 595 delegates are at stake. that's nearly half the number needed to clinch the gop nomination for president. and dominating the headlines today, donald trump and his refusal on sunday to condemn the ku klux klan. it started last week when former klan grand wizard and white supremacist david duke said he supported trum


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